Advent 2015: Born Is The King: Day 9

Jesus Is The True & Better Jacob


Today's Text: Genesis 32:22-32, Isaiah 53:5, Hebrews 12:5-11

Text: Genesis 32:22-32, Isaiah 53:5, Hebrews 12:5-11

I reached for my phone. The screen came to life, illuminating the dark room. It was 2:17 AM, and my mind was racing. As I turned over I felt the Spirit’s prompting. So, instead of reaching for the bottle of melatonin, I reached for my Bible and journal.

I needed to wrestle. Earlier that day, I had been on a date that left me confused and restless. My heart wanted one thing and my head wanted another. Or maybe it was my sinful insecurities convincing me of my want while the Spirit of God in me reminded me of what I already knew to be true. Was I going to choose what I deeply desired, which was now right in front of me, or was I going to humble myself and wait for God’s best? Regardless, I needed to struggle with my Lord.

Jacob, too, was alone with God that night at the Jabbok River. He wrestled with a man, struggling until daybreak. As the sun rose, Jacob asked for a blessing before he would let the man go (Genesis 32:24-26). But he received more than a simple blessing. Jacob—whose name meant “he grasps the heel,” a Hebrew idiom for “he deceives”—was renamed. He was given the name Israel “because he struggled with God and with men and prevailed” (Genesis 32:28).

Centuries later, one of Jacob’s descendants had His own midnight encounter with the Father. The night before His crucifixion, Jesus struggled with God in the Garden of Gethsemane. He pleaded with the Father to spare Him from the suffering He was about to endure. Yet, even in His great anguish, He humbled Himself before the Father and uttered these remarkable words of surrender:

“…not my will, but Yours, be done.”
- Luke 22:42

Both Jesus and Jacob struggled with God, and both were wounded.

Both presented requests to the Father. Jacob demanded a blessing, and God granted his request. Jesus, in humility, asked the Father to remove His suffering, but yielded to God’s greater purpose.

Both struggles birthed a new identity. Jacob received a new identity in his new name. Jesus allowed the blessing of a new identity to fall to us.

Through Jesus’s sacrifice, we are granted redemption. He took the wounds we deserve, and we receive the blessing that was rightfully His. Christ overcame for us, and we are renamed “Redeemed.”

Our struggles become defining moments in our lives. In Christ, even the struggle becomes a blessing because it draws us closer to our Savior. Jesus is the true and better Jacob, wrestling with God and sustaining the blow that was due us, so that we might receive the blessing of grace.

“But he was pierced for our transgressions,
he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
and by his wounds we are healed.”
- Isaiah 53:5

Oh, dear sisters, I pray we would struggle, too. I pray we would find comfort as we wrestle with our Lord and hold on for the blessing that is ours in Christ Jesus. Let us wrestle with the One who has overcome the greatest struggle of all, and all for us.


  • Tocnodhwu! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

  • My soul, my spirit is fed this morning ! Sisters I’ve been going through many changes in the past couple of months, I’ve been wrestling with God. Not understanding his will, bargaining for my wants and what I want. And yet he still blesses me with grace.
    My walk with Christ was renewed a year ago, and it’s is the best thing I’ve ever done! But it has its own challenges.
    But I realize everything happens for a reason, let it not be my will but our father’s❤️

  • Yes, I’m going still going through this study and enjoying it even though the advent season has passed. However, this post was so timely as I am waiting on the Lord for marriage and “wrestling” through this same scenario. I know the Lord has called me to put a pause on dating until He says “go”. But even last night before I read this, I had the opportunity to give in to what is available right now instead of waiting on the Lord. Thank you for this post and the encouragement that God knows and sees and is speaking into this area of my life!

  • I needed this today as I e bee struggling with some disobedience in my life. The hardship I am facing is just a reminder to me that my God is with me. Thankful to be able to wrestle with Him.

  • Kasey Summers

    Wow this has been my favorite day. It spoke directly to me. I rely on myself way too much. I need to surrender to Christ everyday. Surrender to my true identity. I am His and He is mine and that is who I am. I am not defined by my job, my marriage, my school or my personality. I am His daughter and that is where my confidence and joy for life comes from. I am HIS.

  • Stephanie

    I love this story, because it’s a very true depiction of real relationships. When I fight with my husband, and am honest about how I am feeling, we wrestle with it, but come out of it stronger and with a better understanding and love for one another. This is also true of God! He wants us to be honest with him and wrestle with him, because he is true and right and real so we will always come out of that closer to Him.

  • Sarah Lawrence

    How can I contact Missy Fuller?

  • Katie Scarlett

    Hi ladies – today im not posting in relation to the message but for help. My cousin who is 22 like me just got married to her husband in October. They got married quickly because he had cancer and now it looks like he’ll pass before The new year- if you could pray for her and for her husband, that they’re surrounded by Gods peace and that he doesn’t lose heart/faith. I’d love that, I have hope for a miracle….

  • BAMcCormick

    “Our struggles become defining moments in our lives.” I hate struggles, especially the struggles that have characterized my semester. In the moment, I don’t want to hear that God can and is using them for good or to help me become more like Him. But I know that is true. And I know He never leads us down a path He is unwilling to walk with us. Or carry us down. He’s been doing a lot of carrying in my life lately.

    • Mel

      Praying for you as I completely understand what you are saying. Sometimes I struggle to trust God has something better planned or needs to teach me. I want to scream and shout and wallow in my own self pity even when I know that’s not the answer. God loves us and desires us to be faithful not perfect!

  • Keep waiting for God’s best! Don’t settle for some “ok” guy! I waited and waited after somewhat ok dates and guys, and finally the Lord brought me His best! I am so thankful that I waited! We have been married now for 6 months, and it has been wonderful! No settling allowed :)

  • I am so thankful for the blessings I have seen over my life through struggles and The faithfulness of Jesus through it all. Redeemed!

  • Scarlett

    I have felt guilty before about struggling with God, because He is God and I am a sinful human. This was encouraging to think sometimes I need to wrestle through things with God- it was encouraging!

  • I thank God for speaking to us all, and to me personally through today’s devotional.

  • Another parallel I had never realized before – how Jesus wrestled with God, similar to Jacob. I had never made the mental connections before that these OT characters aren’t just standalone stories in our Bibles!

  • i have been struggling for the desire of my heart which is goes against what His will is. this has been going on longer than i care to admit but waiting is hard. it harder when you don’t know why you want to understand but understanding is driving you crazy. so i am waiting for a breakthrough i guess trying not to count the years but trying endure and perservere.

  • Ashley Teague

    “Was I going to choose what I deeply desired, which was now right in front of me, or was I going to humble myself and wait for God’s best?” This section really stood out to me and was a much needed reminder. There’s a guy that I’ve dated before I moved and I keep praying that God would open doors for us to get back together vs. praying for God’s will. This got me thinking that if all I’m praying for is what I think I want what if I’m depriving myself of God’s best? It was very thought provoking and a much needed reminder to pray more for God’s will.

    • Katey

      I’ve been going through the exact same thing and I find myself trying to convince God that it is His will for my ex and I to get back together, but like you, I realize that I’m probably depriving myself of God’s best for my life. Why settle for less than God’s perfect plan?

  • D.Anunda

    This study is so eye-opening! I thank God for SRT

  • Tammy Wong

    In scripture it says, when the man saw that he could not be defeated…Genesis 32:25. Does this mean that Jacob would not give up? Because God could have defeated him. Please give feedback. Thank you.

    • Churchmouse

      God is wrestling with Jacob and Jacob is persistently hanging on to God, as in a wrestling hold. Jacob wanted something from God and nothing was going to stop him from trying to obtain it. One translation says the man (God) saw that he could not overpower Jacob and thereby wounded Jacob. Jacob was not going to let go so, in a manner of speaking, God did not play ‘fair’. He wounded Jacob in his thigh so that Jacob would let go. Jacob proved that he was more than Jacob the deceiver. He was Israel, an overcomer who struggled with God. Oh that we would be willing to wrestle with God over our estrangement from family (think Jacob vs. Esau) until we receive God’s blessing. God will do whatever it takes to bless us – even if it’s having us let go so that we might see Who it is we wrestle with. Could God have chosen to overpower Jacob to make His point and have Jacob relent? Sure. But God
      chose this way… So that we might see the value of wrestling through our issues til we have the blessing God intends to be their consequence. Hope this helps.

      • Corey

        Did God come down as an actual man that wrestled with God? I’m confused whether Jacob literally wrestled with him physically…

  • I thank you all for all these: the website and bible studies and comments.
    This community is an answer to my prayers.
    God bless you

  • Wrestle. This could have been my word for 2015. I have wrestled with God, with the world, and with myself. Fighting for or against the “should haves” and “should wants” of this world has left me bruised and broken. This struggle of demanding my own way or the way of the world, of bouncing between unworthiness and entitlement has shown me so clearly that the empty things I chase will *never* satisfy. Only God fulfills. Only God perfects and completes. Only He gives in fullness, in abundance.
    And I am grateful. Because each and every struggle or failed attempt to get things right has led me closer to Him. My heart is being refined and humbled. Continually giving up the fight for my way in exchange for His ways, to receive daily His blessings of grace. Grateful He doesn’t give up on me. That He wants to bless me – to grow and teach me through the struggles – because of His great love over me. That He wants to be my God of peace in the midst of confusion. That maybe my anxious heart is being drawn to Him, to listen and to receive, and this is not a “bad” thing. To flee from decisions made in desperation. To hold firmly to hope and patience for His better plan, for decisions arising from wisdom and faithful intention. To trust that I am – at this very moment – where He knew I would be. And that He has a plan in it all. A beautiful plan, full of His love and goodness.

  • Christina D.

    It is such a beautiful, humbling, and precious thing when we can both wrestle with God and still completely submit to His will. The truest example of this is Jesus in the garden. There have been times when I have been afraid to ask for what I want and wrestle with God, assuming that submission is equal to passively watching things happen to me. But God desires relationship. I am so thankful today for the comments that have helped me internalize the sweet growth and intimacy that happens when we wrestle with God. I do want His will and He in turn wants my heart…even the desires and questions that don’t align with His will. Sometimes it is only through the wrestling that I can finally see that what I want is so much less than what He wants for me. And that makes submission to His will all the sweeter and more profound.

    • Hannah

      This comment made me better understand what wrestling with God is and what it really means. For what you say is true; God wants our heart. But oftentimes I don’t want to tell God how it is. I don’t want to report the truly broken state of my heart either to myself or to God. But I see now that wrestling is not just a battle but an act of surrender! For we are actively surrendering what is contrary to God in our hearts while putting all our hope in this new identity He’s given us!

      Thank you for this comment!

    • Jessie

      I agree with Hannah–this comment is such a helpful perspective of wrestling. Thanks for the line differentiating between submitting and passively watching. Thank you!

  • Don’t look at struggles as something God is doing TO you, but instead, something Hod is doing IN you. Hard lesson to learn- and a lifelong one at that.

  • What an excellent post today. So many great thoughts here in the comments. Thank you so much to all who contribute. ❤️

  • Churchmouse

    Lord, help me to appreciate the wrestling struggle, to see it as Your instrument to mold me into a better likeness of Yourself. Help me to rest in the fact that You know what You’re doing. Amen.

  • Annmarie

    This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Please pray for my heart, God’s will is so hard to understand and the pain of a heartbreak won’t seem to go away.. Working on trusting Him. Thank you!

  • This came just at the right time! I am struggling exactly with the same thing – my desires to have a husband and the holy spirit prompting me to wait on the Lord for the one he is preparing for me. However, I have learnt so much through this struggle and it is true, ” a new identity is birthed”. I have learnt to trust God for all my needs. I have learnt to trust God even when I can’t see or feel what is coming next. I am a care taker and co-dependent yet God is freeing me to live my life according to his will, and to put mine aside. It is definitely a struggle – a struggle of the flesh and the lies that the evil one plants in my head and heart. Yet, God is our Lord and savior and he will deliver me from it all and fulfill his promise of a hope and a future. Thank you!

    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks for sharing your encouragement today, Zeydi! So grateful for the story God’s writing in your life.


  • Oh, how I wrestled last night. So tempted and falling into an old habit of the flesh to stroke my ego and fill loneliness that’s essentially really not even there. Lord, please do not these desires drive me. I am waiting on the one you have chosen for me, but still do stumble sometimes. Please continue to believe my heart is pure and don’t let me beat myself up for having humanly thoughts.

  • Yes he knows our hearts cry. To wrestle with God!! To come out it with a new identity and a limp. Constant reminder of how God has touched his life. Let’s not forget! If nothing else tattoos on our heart, children, scars, visible reminders of how God has touched our lives. We are blessed abundantly. Praise God for the blood of his son which covers us so we no longer slaves to our past.

  • I love that, ‘through our struggle a new identity is birthed’! May that be forever true when we give in to the Lord and let Him mold us into the person He desires for us to be! The old is gone and the new is come! I don’t want to be the person I am right now, I want to be continually put through His refiners fire. Which is terrifying to say because I know God will answer my prayer, in fact I believe He already is in this current moment. And it is so hard and emotionally draining but I know the end reward will be completely with it! Praise Jesus!

  • Oh, that struggle with flesh we all know too well. I love how this study pushes us to look at the struggle Jesus faced in the garden before being crucified and that He denies Himself. Thank you Jesus for denying yourself! Thank you for being that perfect example, that there will be sacrifice in this life for the truth and kingdom, but it is so worth it. Last week, I was really struggling and felt stuck, and Jesus led me to John 12:27 – “Now is my soul troubled, and what shall I say? Father save me from this hour but for this cause came I unto this hour.” I wanted to be delivered or taken out of a situation, and Jesus was showing me that there was purpose for it. I am so thankful for His word, it frees me and allows me to continue to choose His will over mine, and His amazing grace catches me and carries me every time I don’t understand or get it right. He’s awesome.

  • I am thankful for this reading today. I have been wrestling with God for years. I have been wrestling with control. We have had many trials – health issues, my son’s bought of major depression, etc. Through these things I have wrestled with God. It has only been in the past few months that I have been able to see the lessons and begin to turn to God and listen.

    • She Reads Truth

      What a beautiful picture of redemption, Toni. Grateful for the ways God has opened your eyes to His goodness and praying He will continue to do so!


  • This is so relevant to what people go through today. The battle between our flesh-like desires and God-like desires is something that I devote my time to work on. I find myself battling this daily. I am an organizational freak, and I long to know what my future holds. I long to know where God will take me as a teacher, who God has been molding to be my future husband, and how He will heal my mother of cancer. However, my future is not in my hands; God will ensure that His plan will be done even if I try to fight it. I see God teaching me that I need to let go of the control that I desire for my future. Every time this battle comes into play, I remind myself that His plan is greater than mine. I do not know what is best for me, but He desires to bless me more than I can imagine, and he has. It takes faith, endurance, patience, and hope to allow God to do what He has planned for us. It is so easy to fall into what we desire in life, but God’s desire’s are far greater than my own.

  • Don’t settle….wait for Mr Right! It is SO worth it!!! I almost married when I was younger….he was what I wanted. Thankfully, I gave up my will and waited. I married at 36 and have 2 beautiful babies. My husband loves God and is perfect for me. Struggle, pray, fast if necessary….. but wait on the Giver of all good gifts.

  • I never really took any ownership or gave much thought to us being named “Redeemed.” But reading that today filled my heart with appreciation and pride in our Lord and Savior. Thank you, Jesus, for saving me!

  • Caroline @ In Due Time

    Not my will, but yours Lord!

  • If God would have given Jesus what he asked for, what would have been the alternative? Would we have been given redemption through another act of sacrifice through Jesus?
    It’s hard to fathom that we are loved so much and deemed worthy enough in the eyes of Jesus to die for. Thank you Jesus for what you have done for me, my family, my SRT sisters, and everyone in this world. We are redeemed and we are blessed.

  • “Through Jesus’s sacrifice, we are granted redemption. He took the wounds we deserve, and we receive the blessing that was rightfully His. Christ overcame for us, and we are renamed “Redeemed.” ” This devotion was so powerful today. I’m in tears, thanking and praising Jesus for wrestling on my behalf. Sometimes I feel complacent in my salvation. Knowing in my head what Jesus has done for me, I sometimes take it for granted. Lord, let the gravity of your sacrifice, of your wrestling and victory, be ever present in my heart!!!

  • Sonja Cox

    Lord, thank you for being The One that wrestled the most! You wrestled God for me. You took the wound for me. You’ve been pierced for me & I am blessed b/c of what you did for me! I’m your redeemed daughter – hallelujah ❤️

  • I don’t know if I need to wrestle with God per se, or simply have a deep straightforward talk with him. I feel like I’ve been rolling with the punches of life, but not really accepting them, or solving the problems they are revealing. But how powerful was today on my soul. I look forward to the other side of these struggles for the grace that will be revealed. I look forward to my wrestle, to the straightforward talk, and that Isaiah verse is one of my favorites. Today, a new light was shined upon it. Thanks SRT! Praise be to HIM!

  • Challenged today, deeply about my need to have it out with the Lord and get my desires straight, under him. Thank you xx

  • Haileyblackmer

    I have struggled with my relationship with my father and brother for years. Today I realized that all I can do is pray for that relationship and ask Jesus Christ for grace towards these two men in my life. I often try to avoid these relationship and just hope that somehow, some day, they will be healed. But the truth is I need to PRAY, to work for that grace I have been reaching for for so long . Today, in this very moment, I realized that I am in the season of wrestle with God!

    Jesus this morning I am thankful for your constant love and patiences you have with me! This struggle I have with my father and brother are very present in my life right now! Please Lord guide me to scripture and prayers that I know I need. Help my relationship to have kindness and love. Most of all father help the judgement that often goes back and forth to be taken away! In your name, Jesus name, Amen ❤️

    • Kylee

      Hailey, I can really relate to where you’re at in the relationships with your dad & brother — It IS so easy to avoid these difficult relationships & just pray they will get better somehow, someway. I pray your struggle with God on this one results in restoration and a beautiful season of blessing for you!

  • I too was awakened by the Lord in the middle of the night because we needed to wrestle. How precious it is to know that He will fight for our hearts, He will let us work out our faith with Him and change us in the process. This was just what I needed at 3:30 in the morning!

  • Hannah Estes

    I loved the part about our struggles being defining moments that can bless us by leading us closer to Christ. That has been so true for me. I had a season of wrestling through some anger with God after my last miscarriage, and He turned it into the sweetest season of surrender and intimacy with him. Completely life-changing. I always love the reminder to stop and remember what he did for my heart in that place of wrestling.

    • McKenna

      Hannah, thank you for sharing. I know those struggles very well myself. After being told we would not be able to conveive naturally, I wresteled with God is a deep way. He was so sweet to press his truths on my heart, to be near, and to remind me of Psalm 30:11 “I will turn your mourning into dancing and surrond you with joy”. Praying for you today Hannah.

    • Kylee

      Hannah that is beautiful, and so encouraging. Thank you for sharing your testimony!

  • rachel marie

    i’ve been struggling the last few days. this time of year is usually my favorite, filled with such hope of good tidings and the extras of pretty twinkling lights and decorations, but i don’t feel like celebrating all that much. something happened that was not in my plan – i lost a gift i received 7 years ago this Christmas. but every day, these words: “…not my will, but Yours, be done” pop up and i remember that great things always come out of surrendering to His plan. i’m so grateful that these words were whispered in the garden long ago and now in my heart each morning. this struggle is bringing me ever closer to my Jesus.

    • Kylee

      Rachel Marie. You are in my prayers this morning. ❤️

    • She Reads Truth

      Friend, I’m praying for you today as you feel the Advent ache—feeling the tension between the King’s birth and His coming again. You’re not alone! Grateful for your heart and His grace. Thanks for joining us today!


  • My husband just taught on struggling with the flesh and Satan’s distractions to keep our mind off of God, especially during the season where Christ is being lifted up. The war between submitting to the will of the Father and ours is a true battle. I have many examples in my own life…and I struggle even today. The battle is so real…I am so thankful for the grace we have through Christ. So thankful for this today, as I struggle.

  • Jacob, I’m guessing felt pretty raw at this point in his life. Despite gaining Esau’s birthright, Jacob had struggles; His brother vowed to kill him, His father-in-law ongoingly mistreated and took advantage of him. Add to that, Jacob made mistakes in how he handled these, his wives and likely his children as well. And here, he knew he was about to come face to face with the brother he’d avoided. He sent everyone ahead of him hoping that they would somehow soften his brother’s heart. At this point, he was a pretty vulnerable guy. I know in the hard seasons I’ve dealt with; I’ve felt alone and in harboring the weight of my burdens, even pretty desperate, tired and unworthy of anything. I can imagine this must have been a time of quiet exhaustion for an aged Jacob. He must have been overcome with fear and worried that he wouldn’t be able to endure what lie ahead. Perhaps, his failures, his shortcomings, his fears were staring him down that night as he sat alone in a desert place. And surely we all know what it feels like to wrestle with those things. And in those times, sometimes we are our own enemy. God is right before us ready to walk out our seasons with us, but we sit in our own pitiful places listening to the enemy name us; alone, desperate, failure, wretched, deciever … We become overwhelmed by the pain of our sin and decisions and weaken ourselves. Many times, I am sure God wants to physically shake us from our self pity and personal defeat and rile up our energy so that we can press on. I believe that, to some degree, what He did for Jacob. He forced Jacob to see that he was able, he was strong, he was new. With God, he could endure whatever was before him. I think this was an incredibly humbling battle for Jacob … affirming who he was IN God. What he could do as he walked this out with God by his side. I think that his hip would serve to remind him, ironically, of his strength through God. That when we humble ourselves to His will and not our own we are capable of great things and that He will ensure we are not named by our failures, but instead HIS victories. God in all HIS vast goodness will not leave us to face anything alone and He will even go to great lengths to wrestle us from ourselves, to shake us from our own pity and wrile us up and ready us for whatever we should endure. ~ B

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      YES!!!!!!!!!!! Love your insight (as always!!)!!

    • Shelia

      The last 2 sentences of your response this morning spoke volumes to me.

    • Helen

      B, Your point about Jacob’s hip reminding him of his strength through God makes so much sense! Our battle scars shows us what we’ve endured and remind us of our weakness and our resilience with God.

    • Donna

      so incredibly encouraged by this B. how often I am dependant on my own victories instead of resting in His. and how awesome is it that he would allow me to wrestle with Him to get there. He is a good God.

    • Kylee

      Love this, B!! Your comments speak to me often but this one…wow. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Chevaleresse

      Thank you. The spirit was truly speaking through you. I, and I’m sure others, needed to hear this and be reminded “That when we humble ourselves to His will and not our own we are capable of great things and that He will ensure we are not named by our failures, but instead HIS victories” Thank you

    • Kristi

      Oh those last words! “and wrile us up and ready us for whatever we should endure”. I, like many others are in the midst of wrestling with God. But those words speak volumes to me. I’m wrestling with Him while He is preparing me. I can’t imagine the wrestling I’ll be doing when He leads me to the actual “whatever we should endure” part.

      I hate the wrestling. It’s hard. It hurts. It’s exhausting. And it seems like it is never going to end. But oh how I am so grateful that He wrestles with me. That He doesn’t allow me to stay the same. That He grows me. That He prepares me for what He has planned for me.

    • andrea

      It is so easy it to”sit in our own pitiful places” and listen to the enemy name us, it’s a down hill slide, and it almost feels better than to fight. It is something I struggle with daily. I am so thankful that God doesn’t leave me to myself but wrestles with me, and on my behalf. I always look forward to your insights. Thank you for sharing, B! but seriously, when are they hiring you on as a SRT writer?

    • Beverly

      Grateful for your words, B.
      Especially this: “He forced Jacob to see that he was able, he was strong, he was new. With God, he could endure whatever was before him. I think this was an incredibly humbling battle for Jacob … affirming who he was IN God.” Praying my own wrestle will ultimately affirm who I am IN God. That I will draw nearer to my Savior particularly on the days I want to give up the fight. He is so unbelievably patient with me. His love never leaves me. Thankful for His blessing of grace, abundant & amazing grace.

  • tjordanmom

    I love this reminder that the wrestle is a healthy – and VITAL – part of our relationship with God. It’s His Spirit vs. our flesh. Needed that reminder. I have grown tired of the fight… Thank you, God, that you never give up on me. Give me your strength to continue to press on toward the prize and to continue to seek You, Your ways, Your wisdom, Your perspective, and balance in a world that is teeming with opposition to all of these things… give us, Your children, Your wisdom, and help us to use it in a way that brings you glory.

  • Jacob’s reminder was his limp, what is our reminder when we wrestle with God? Do we hold on or do we let go and let him WIN? When He wins we definitely win, really we have already won through his grace. Our daily battles are now for teaching and reproof, some days are easy and some are knock down drag outs, but in all we have Jesus to rely on. I am blessed and thankful that Jesus is the better , no not the better, He is the answer in all my struggles.

  • Does anyone know why I can’t share these posts on Facebook anymore?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Emily! If you’re viewing on the website, there’s a Facebook icon on the upper left side that should allow you to share. If the icon isn’t appearing on the app, you may need to check your settings to allow Facebook sharing. Let me know if I can help with anything else!


  • I had a encounter with someone/family that is so angry and God right now because of loss. I knew people all over the world are angry with him but i have never felt that angry pushed towards me for being a christian. I thought to myself this is just two people that are angry and I am so deeply sad for them, I cry. How can our God not be so deeply sadden ? I worried because i was struggling and wrestling with him, I felt quilty for questioning him and his ways.. then i read this! I realize that Jesus , our redeemer struggled with Gods plan for him but yet he said “not my will, but yours be done” Even though he was going to die a death he did not deserve he knew that it was for a great cause. This morning while writing in my journal, God overwhelmed me with clarity. I realize this people are angry with God because they do not no God. They dont know thay he does not cause evil, but i with every hardship he places a window.. for us to climb to Jesus, to be made white as snow and carry Gods yolk which is light.

    All glory to our God!

  • “Christ overcame for us and we are renamed REDEEMED.” What sweet, precious words those are to me. I often need the reminder that Christ understands my struggles. He knows them. I think the evil one uses the guilt we feel when we take our struggles to God as an arrow to keep us from going further with God~ to wrestle this thing out WITH GOD instead of soldiering through on our own. I need to remember the next time I start backing down from a struggle that I keep bringing to God that He knows me, He knows how my heart struggles and He knows the pain or frustration that the struggle has brought me. I also need to stay with God and not just dump my frustration at His feet like He owes it to me to fix it or that He even owes me an answer. I want to stay with Him in the struggle and learn the greater thing He has for me. I want to walk in the fullness of my redemption. Praise Him!

    • Kat

      I love that you realize none of us can make it through any struggle without clinging to God for our lives. He loves us so much and every struggle helps us!
      Ill be praying for you Jenny!

    • Christina D.

      JennyBC this was profound for me today. I have definitely fallen prey to the guilt of bringing my struggles to God and walked away to “deal with them on my own” rather than struggling WITH him. Likewise, I have been the entitled child casting my frustrations at Him feeling like I am owed an explanation and the problem to be fixed how I want. Thank you so much for sharing and this truly pierced to the middle of my heart. I love feeling encouraged that it’s ok to struggle with God. In truth, it brings us closer to Him, deepens our relationship, builds intimacy with Him. I think of times I have struggled through issues with my husband. The only thing that ever truly fixed the issue and helps us grow in our marriage is to struggle TOGETHER, without giving up, without walking away. Thank you Lord that you have called us REDEEMED. Thank you that you allow us to struggle WITH You. Thank you for overcoming. Thank you for desiring a deep and intimate relationship with each of us. Keep my heart humble today.

  • My grandchildren and I have a game we play….well actually is it a game..? AnywAy ..I’ll let you decide….Each week, doesn’t matter which day, we present/ compare wounds, theirs from the school playground or park or wherever, mine usually from the garden, rose thorn or Bush attack, or, kitchen burns or cut…we then decide who is the winner of the most ‘awie’ prize, based on how ‘awie’ it looks…The funny thing, is sometimes the little people have turned up with nothing, not a scratch, and yet plead they have something, even sometimes encode and resurrect an old wound….
    We play this game of ‘find the wound’, Jacob, had that reminder, every day for the rest of his life, his limp was a reminder that He had wrestled with God…that he had held on, that he had persisted even when he probably was tired, he had not given up….the interesting part is did he know He was wrestling with God, or was it only at daybreak that He realized who his opponent was….I suspect the story would be different had Jacob known before…I totally love how after all that tossing, turning, struggling God not only renames him, but grants him his request too…He blesses him..
    Those of you who have walked with me a while, will know one of my struggles is not having another to do life with…for a lo.o.on.n.ngg.g time I prayed and wrestled…I prayed and wrestled….I gave up praying and wrestling in the end( how do I know that was the end..has God said its over….), oh how easily, how fickle my mind, my thinking, my heart…..
    But God…praising Him for His mercy and Grace towards me, still sees the silent struggle, the quiet desire, the not so verbal now dream in me…I may have given up, but God still has that blessing for me….Amen…
    Looking forward to more wrestling, more connections, communication, and contact with my God…
    Thank you Missy for the reminder that God is God…that he wants to bless me/us …I just need to hold on, and tight through the wrestle for the blessing…
    Change gonna come…BECAUSE Jesus did …and changed my sorrow and sadness into a joy-filled dance…
    Thank you Lord, thank you Lord God for everything..everything…Amen..Amen.x

    More waffling…sorry SIsters…
    Praying abundant Blessings for each and everyone…

    • Abby


    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Amen! Amen!!! Huge hugs for you this morning Tina!

    • Amanda Wilson

      I pray that your blessing does come, Tina. but at the same time, we have to see how God blessed Jacob…it probably wasn’t the blessing he was hoping for. Sometimes our blessings come through struggle and heartache. And for Jesus…He asked God to change the outcome, but He said “not my will but yours”. He trusted God that even if life didn’t turn out the way He hoped, God’s blessing was still there. My biggest prayer is that my husband is not a believer. I pray daily for his salvation. I’ve wrestled God for a few years now on this. But what I have found is that my blessing has been in the waiting. Trust and growth have developed over the waiting that couldn’t have formed any other way. I am still believing God has a plan for my husband, but TRUST is what I cling to…that no matter what the outcome God is still good.

      • Marianne

        I can totally relate to this Amanda. My husband isn’t a believer either, but over the years my faith has grown and God has been so gracious. I trust God has great plans. x

    • Beverly

      Grateful He knows our deepest heart desires, He doesn’t give up even when we feel fickle, and His timing is perfect & complete. Hugs to you today, sweet Tina!

  • This is a reminder that a relationship with Jesus should not be passive but active. Wrestling demands a physical determination to be involved. without effort on my part I remain loved by God but stagnant!

  • “11 For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”

    Speaking loud and clear in my heart tonight.

  • AshleyAylsworth

    I love this passage. No matter what we are going through, trials or failures or hardships, God’s discipline is given in love. The discipline we receive are lessons accompanied by the incredible blessings of grace and freedom.

    Good Monday message.

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