Advent 2015: Born Is The King: Day 2

Jesus Is The True & Better Adam


Today's Text: Genesis 2:8-9, Genesis 2:15-17; Genesis 3:1-8, Matthew 26:36-46, Romans 5:12-21

Text: Genesis 2:8-9, 15-17; Genesis 3:1-8, Matthew 26:36-46, Romans 5:12-21

He was foreknown before the foundation of the world…”
1 Peter 1:20

It’s difficult to grasp the reality of “before the foundation of the world,” but there was indeed a time before the Earth existed. And it’s even wilder to realize that before “In the beginning God created…” (Genesis 1:1) ever happened, “Surely I am coming soon,” (Revelation 22:20) had already been set into motion.

“In the beginning was the Word.”
John 1:1

The Word was Jesus—He was God and He was with God in the beginning. Jesus was never Plan B. He was always Plan A. Jesus is, as Sally Lloyd-Jones says, “the piece that makes all the other pieces fit together.”

All of Scripture points to Jesus. Every word.

While the whole of the Old Testament world groaned under the weight of its own imperfection—unfaithful, unbelieving, and incomplete—we, the Church, now see with clearer eyes that “all the promises of God find their ‘Yes’ in Christ” (2 Corinthians 1:20). The world would always be incomplete without Jesus.

And so, beginning with Adam, we will spend the first three weeks of Advent studying the Scriptures together to find Jesus in the Old Testament. We will seek to understand in a fresh and clearer way how, while many men and women were mere models of the already-coming One, Jesus would be the truest and best version of every one of them. He would be complete where they were incomplete. God’s promises to these prophets, priests, and kings would indeed find their “yes” in Jesus.

Just look at the parallels and important differences we see with Jesus and the very first man:

-Adam was from the earth, a man of dust (Genesis 2:7).
-Jesus is from Heaven, not of this world (1 Corinthians 15:47).

-Adam lived in his true home—a garden in the east of Eden (Genesis 2:8). He was not a stranger. Not an alien. His home was not temporary—until his sin made things wrong.
-Jesus left His true home in Heaven to become a stranger in a foreign land in order to make things right again (John 3:16).

-Adam was tested in the Garden of Eden and disobeyed. His disobedience introduced death and condemnation to the entire world (Romans 5:15).
-Jesus, too, faced a decision in a garden—in Gethsemane. His obedience unto death introduced grace and life to those who receive it (Matthew 26:36-39).

-When Adam disobeyed, God made him leave his home. He would never get to go back ever again (Genesis 3:23-24).
-When Jesus obeyed and fulfilled His work, He ascended into Heaven to return to His home with the Father for eternity, and to prepare a place for us there (John 14:2, Acts 1:11).

-Sin and death entered the world through Adam by one act. Now everyone dies because everyone sins (Romans 5:17).
-Life-giving justification, was made available by Jesus through one truly righteous act because He was the One righteous man (Romans 5:18).

Do you see? If Jesus was “foreknown before the foundation of the world,” even the very first man was an on-purpose prototype of the One who was already coming.

Many of us celebrate these four weeks of Advent leading up to Christmas because we are remembering the awaited arrival of our King. But the Old Testament is, in a sense, the first Advent. It was a thousands-of-years-long season, where the weary world awaited the very real, truest and best “thrill of hope” we sing about today.

Jesus is the true and better Adam—the One whose obedience brought forgiveness and life where disobedience once brought condemnation and death. Let’s study the Scriptures together this season to see that we can find our “Yes!” to every one of God’s promises in Christ Jesus. Amen.


  • Gabrielle

    Amen! Thank you Jesus for giving us a love we don’t deserve!

  • Shawna Whitaker

    Was wondering if anybody had ever considered what Jesus took Peter and the others with him to Gethsemane for. I mean, the scripture says to pray and keep watch with him. But, I’d always thought they were suppose to be praying for their own flesh, to avoid temptations, however, it was Christ who was being so strongly tempted during this time. So, was he saying that his spirit was willing, but his flesh was weak? Am I on the right track here? He seemed so upset that they couldn’t keep watch without sleeping and it makes more sense that he’s hurt that they couldn’t stay awake and pray for his sake. Any thoughts? Am I dumb for only now considering this?

    • Jen Thompson

      Shawna, these are all very good thoughts! I think like you said, that Jesus wanted them to be awake to pray with him because they were about to be tested themselves. The disciples flesh was so weak because they kept falling asleep but their spirit was willing because they were there with Jesus. Peter had said earlier that he would never forsake Jesus and would even die for Him…yet he couldn’t stay awake to pray.

  • My worship leaders wife did a ladies bible study on this once. She was using Mark Driscoll’s book “Who Do You Think You Are?”

    Here are some of the comparisons from my notes.

    The first Adam turned from the Father in the garden, the last Adam turned to the Father in a garden

    The first Adam was naked and unashamed; the last Adam was naked and bore our shame.

    The first Adam sinned at a tree; the last Adam bore our sin on a tree.

    The first Adam died as a sinner; the last Adam died for sinners.

    In Adam there is condemnation; in Christ there is salvation

    In Adam we receive a sin nature; in Christ we receive a new nature

    In Adam we are cursed; in Christ we are blessed

    In Adam there is wrath & death; in Christ there is love and life.

  • Reylena List

    I have heard this comparison before, but I never saw the comparison of the garden. In these verses I love to see that Jesus triumphed! I know I would have failed, just like I do each day. Yet I’m so thankful for his obedience because it brought me life. Although I can’t reach Jesus perfect life I can honor and reflect him through obedience. Just like Jesus I will have to sacrifice my own desires to follow what he is calling me to. Jesus’ Obedience brought so much goodness! It’s a beautiful reminder that our obedience can bring light and glory to God as well. On the flip side it shows when we sin, how much destruction and pain is brought..
    Thankful for Jesus’ obedience and his gift of the spirit to help me obey.

  • I am so moved by the importance that God places on our HOME… In the midst of the Big story, God is focused on where we belong, where we find our rest and meaning and shelter. It’s so powerful to recognize how important our needs are to Him, and always have been, since before He created!

  • Lauren Alleva

    I love the foreshadowing we see throughout the Old Testament. Everything always pointed to Jesus! I want my life to always point to Him.

  • Alecia – I couldn’t agree more! I struggle with the same thing: knowing that God doesn’t do Plan B. That God’s timeline doesn’t reflect my goals or anxiety in achieving them …. But that God’s perfect plan A is always better.

  • When I was younger, I thought the sacrifice of Jesus was a correction from Adam’s mistake. But, with God, there is no mistake. He knew Adam and Eve would sin unlocking a series of events to Jesus’s coming. God’s timing is not like our own. His plan is perfectly timed. It’s a concept I struggle with all the time. We are on an age timeline so we feel like we should obtain goals in a certain manner, but God’s plan for us doesn’t reflect that same timeline. Having full trust in His plan is something I need to work on.

  • I also was blessed by the fact that Jesus was Plan A and not Plan B. God didn’t have to scramble and find something to fix his mistake of creating humanity. I am not a mistake. Even when I was still in sin God loved me and had Plan A in motion!

  • I really the descriptions and parallels between Jesus and Adam. It was a really helpful description that helped me better understand the story. I also love that it was pointed out that Jesus was never a Plan B, he was always the Plan A. Thank you Jesus for coming to Earth to save us! By following God’s plan you have given us the greatest gift of all: eternal life in Heaven!

  • Kaitlyn Mae Galowitch

    thank you I loved it

  • “all the promises of God find their ‘Yes’ in Christ” …I love this phrase! I have heard other descriptions of the fulfillment of God’s promises through Christ, but this is such a great way of thinking about it. Jesus put the exclamation point on God’s promises. He put the Amen on on them. He said YES because he sacrificed himself to make all of God’s promises a reality.

  • A great read recommendation if you want to see more how the blood of Christ is woven throughout the whole bible is The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread

  • Kasey Summers

    “Jesus is the true and better Adam—the One whose obedience brought forgiveness and life where disobedience once brought condemnation and death” Love this!!! So thankful for Jesus being everything that we couldn’t be! Love the comparison of Adam vs Jesus. So so thankful for Jesus!!

  • Wow. The comparison of the disobedience in Eden to Christ’s obedience in Gethsemane blew me away. The Lord continued to pray his Father’s will even given the agony he knew he would endure.

    So thankful. Our hearts can rejoice because we no longer have to live under the law but Christ’s love and grace abounds if we are His!

  • Trish Cloud

    Those “treasured nuggets” of wisdom and insight are revealed in the intensity of the search….search for me with all your heart…

  • Morgan I.

    This is qoute that I read online “so many girls want a man to save them, a man did save you 2000 years ago on a cross”.❤

  • Mellowed_Mel

    I hope to find grounding in that like Christ, we are to be obedient to bearing our cross and dying to ourselves – so we can experience the life that is only found in Him.

  • Goal for 1st three weeks of #SRTAdvent: ‘We will spend the first three weeks of Advent studying the Scriptures together to find Jesus in the Old Testament. We will seek to understand in a fresh and clearer way how, while many men and women were mere models of the already-coming One, Jesus would be the truest and best version of every one of them. He would be complete where they were incomplete. God’s promises to these prophets, priests, and kings would indeed find their “yes” in Jesus. ‘

  • Romans 5: 20-21. Love.

  • I loved that call of the old testament is waiting for Jesus, in the first advent

  • Check out Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery by Matt Papa for more on the True and Better Adam!

  • The Adam and Jesus comparison has left me with thankful chills. God is so good and I love that the things he works out for us are so brilliant.

    • Rachel

      Yes! I was in tears at this comparison.

    • Brittany

      Me too! So, so good.

    • Sarah

      Me as well! I had heard of this before, of Jesus being mentioned throughout the entire bible, but never quite understood until now! It’s amazing! Praise God!

  • Helen

    My prayer today is that we can hear what God is asking of us so we can add our resounding yes! Sometimes discerning the question is one of the hard parts. I want to say yes, dear Lord, but I need to know what you are asking of me. Please speak clearly to my heart and to all of our hearts!

  • No one could make up this story of redemption… So beautiful

  • Stephanie

    I would have never thought about the Old Testament and gospel this way on my own. God is great, but also sometimes complicated and difficult to understand! Praying for wisdom.

    • Brittany

      It truly is amazing when you start digging into it. My small group from church is going through Hebrews right now and it is chock full of this sort of stuff. It definitely takes some effort, but I would highly recommend it! :)

    • Sarah


  • Nichole Clark

    Isaiah 55:11 His word never returns void.
    He framed the heavens and the earth by His word.
    In the beginning there was the word… He spoke of Jesus’ coming. God has been speaking to me about the power of obedience as well today. Jesus prayed 3x and despite his divinity he struggled with the weight of the world’s sin. Through His obedience & sacrifice of His life, we are forgiven!!

  • This morning, I was struck by Jesus’ great love for us. While He was in the Garden of Gethsemane He told His disciples, “My soul is swallowed up in sorrow — to the point of death. Remain here and stay awake with Me.” His soul was swallowed up in sorrow! I have felt that way before. Many of us have. But to feel that much anguish and distress over something and to still go through with it! That is love–true love♥️

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Never compared Jesus and Adam before today but I loved the parallels! what a blessing to have true and best savior in Jesus whose obedience brought us justification, grace and life.

  • Through one man sin entered the world and through one man salvation for all. God is good and I am enjoying walking through the study in anticipation of celebrating Jesus birth!

    • Erica

      When Jesus promises Abraham of his lineage. Since Jesus is of Abraham’s line, he has indeed increased Abraham’s descendants because we inherit the Holy Spirit as Christians and thus, become Abraham’s family. O

  • Jennifer

    Paul’s point in Romans indicates that the OT law, given after the entrance of sin into humanity (courtesy of Adam), did nothing to improve the situation. Only God’s super-abounding grace proffers sufficient power to grant eternal life to those who believe in Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • I’m grateful that, like the models we’ll read about in this series, Jesus is the best version of me, not me, myself and I. What a load off. I am incapable of “best.”

  • Lindsey Spence

    Really encouraging. Have not spent time in the word in a while. It is so refreshing.

  • Julie C.

    I am doing this plan with my family, and my mom just asked me a great question that I don’t know the answer to. When was it noted in the Bible that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, would be coming to save us?

    • Ellie

      It’s pretty amazing- the first time God alludes to a coming Savior is Genesis 3:9. “He shall bruise you on the head” refers to how Christ will destroy Satan. “And you shall bruise Him on the heel” refers to how Satan will see Jesus crucified because it’s only an injury to the heel, one which Jesus was not stopped by. You can look up commentaries for a more thorough description :) Hope that helps! It’s so unbelievable that God was determined to redeem us from the very beginning.

    • Kelsi

      It is in the Old Testament Covenant; just off the top of my head I want say in the Abrahamic covenant, but I’m not 100% certain. Pretty early on though, there are scriptures that point to His coming. In Gen. 17:19 God explains he covenant through Isaac, which is ultimately speaking of Jesus coming. Do a covenant study sometime. It is interesting to see how God uses all those events/people/lives of the OT to facilitate Christ’s coming: the fulfillment of the OT Covenant and the establishment of the New Covenant. ❤️

  • AshleyAylsworth

    Such a wonderful comparison! I am so excited for this study!

  • Jesus was never plan B. He was always plan A. So powerful. God never fails.

  • I loved the parallels between Adam and Jesus. I have never studied it that way before. It’s also just awe-inspiring to come to the realization of the first advent being thousands of years in the making for Jesus’ coming. I can’t imagine the evil, sin, and hurt all around without having Jesus as my savior to fall back on and provide me with hope in his unfailing love and grace. It makes me realize my fault in not truly relying on Him always and saying “yes” every day. I think this advent season I plan on trying to say “yes” more to Him and spending more time with Him to take away the troubles that surround me.

  • I loved that last paragraph. The realization that the Old Testament was the first advent–even then waiting for God’s plan to be fulfilled. And as the song goes, the thrill of hope should induce a response of us falling on our knees before Him–the fulfillment of every promise and hope.

  • Savanna Jackson

    that is seriously awesome

  • So beautiful. I’ve never realized it before!

  • Very interesting, I know that God always has a plan, but I never stopped to think that God already knew that Adam and Eve were going to disobey him. Since He knew that was going to happen, then He also already knew that He would be sending his Son Jesus to save us.

  • I think my very favorite part is the fact that Jesus went to Gethsemane and prayed without ceasing. He was scared, he was honest, He poured it all out before God… but He was still obedient. He could have run, He could have avoided it all but He chose to continue on God’s righteous path so I could have eternal life… What crazy love.

  • A very powerful message. I’ve read Romans 5:17 and 5:18 before but never really dived deep into the parallel of Adam and Jesus. I wrote Romans 5:17 on my hand to remember the scripture tomorrow as I’m at work.

  • I look forward to our journey through the Old Testament. I love putting the pieces together. Tonight I am reminded of the chasm between man and Jesus. Putting Adam and Jesus beside one another only magnifies the holiness of Christ. It leads me to worship the King who came to earth to save me from myself.

  • tara lynn

    Loved this and super excited to spend some time in the Old Testament as part of this study (love the New Testament but I find the OT fascinating). Encouraging word, beautifully written. :)

  • Where sin increases, Grace increased all the more. That’s our God!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Amen!

  • I am doing the study online, but will be meeting w friends each week to discuss. We will be lighting our Advent wreath each week as we progress. I know the candles can take on other meanings from year to year based on your devotional focus – does anyone know if there is a specific theme for each candle according to this study?

  • It is so wonderful that we are able to experience Advent with Jesus and to celebrate him every day.

  • Jami Lynn

    This is so beautifully true. ❤️

  • This brings a whole new meaning to the Old Testament, and I couldn’t be more excited to look at this unique and profound Advent season with fresh eyes

  • Life was given in the Garden so that the life lost there in a garden might be redeemed. Beautiful viewpoint of redemption assured.

  • Amen!

  • Looking forward to this! Cool to think about Old Testament as the very very advent. Here we go!

  • SRT family -Jesus knew before time began that he would be obedient and come to earth. It was promised to us before Christ. Jesus is our YES. So since he is our Yes and he had brought truth and prophecy to life . So why is it so hard for us…for me to say yes to Him?

  • Amen. Such an encouraging devotional. God’s grace and promises never cease to amaze me.

  • Very powerful!!! Thanks for sharing

  • We are studying this at our church! Amazing parallels!!

    Adam – cursed by the tree of life
    Jesus – cursed on the tree that brings life

    Adam – gave an inheritance that leads to the grave
    Jesus – gave an inheritance that never spoils or fades away
    Check out my post on another hidden gem in Genesis!


  • I have never paralleled Adam and Jesus. I am so looking forward to exploring this more in depth. I played the hymn (Of the Father’s Love Begotten) in the background while studying scripture. My daughter and I are doing this study together–me in Charlotte, NC and her in Baltimore, MD. Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Bridgette

    So thankful to be a part of this study .

  • Courtney C.

    I love this devotional today. So glad to be focused on the reason for the season this year.

  • Laine Smith

    I love the depths of your studies and the fact that you get theological. My husband is a pastor so I knew the parallels of Adam and Jesus, but it is rare to have the connections made outside of theology books. Thank you for taking it deeper!

  • A gift that was given to all in the form of a baby. A baby that would save the world from their sins, and a world that awaited a savior.

  • When I was in high school, we talked briefly about the connections between Adam and Jesus in several of our Bible courses. But this is the best explanation I have heard yet. I love the parallel between the results of their actions – when Adam disobeyed, he had to leave his home; when Jesus obeyed, He was able to return to His home. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of this study, and I can’t wait to go through it with a group of women as desperate to soak up the Word as I am!

  • Kahoilien

    Is there a way to print out the devotional for today? I’d love to share it with my family tonight and let them have a copy.

    • Miranda

      I just copied to bullet points into a word document and printed from there. i wanted to hang it on my bulletin board :).

      • Amanda

        Great idea! Its always good to have reminders of who Jesus is and what He has done for us!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Kahoilien! You can print this page from your browser if you’d like!


  • Amy Sawyer

    New to this forum and just loving it already. I will be sharing this with all of my church sisters

  • I have never made the connection between Adam and Jesus. SO POWERFUL!

  • Wow. Just wow. I had never made or heard of the parallel between Adam and Jesus before

  • So happy to be part of this study! And what better place to start than the beginning! Such a great wait to come back to god this advent season

  • Thinking about Jesus coming to earth in human form reminded me of “How Many Kings” by Downhere. It’s so beautiful and prompts me to really think about the incarnation. I love the chorus:

    How many kings stepped down from their thrones?
    How many lords have abandoned their homes?
    How many greats have become the least for me?
    How many gods have poured out their hearts
    To romance a world that is torn all apart?
    How many fathers gave up their sons for me?
    Only One did that for me.

    All for me.
    All for you.
    All for me.
    All for you.

    Wow. Thank You, Jesus!!

  • So stinkin good. I love all the parallels that are drawn today. It’s so incredible that we have the ability to see the interworking of Christ throughout all of time!

  • Katherine Anne

    “Christ’s obedience unto death introduced grace and life to those who receive it.” Obedience to DEATH!

    Whereas Adam’s disobedience INTRODUCED death and condemnation.

    Oh Lord, help us to die to ourselves in obedience instead of putting our comfort or preferences above obedience. (“Watch and pray, so that you won’t enter into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”)
    May we bring grace and life through Christ to those who we live life with.

  • Caroline Ransom

    “My soul is very sorrowful, even to death; remain here, and watch with me.”
    matthew 26:38

    Holy moly….
    This made me pause & tear up. Thinking about how the savior of the world is waiting with us, comforting our in my sorrow, in the victories through the Holy Spirit. Awestruck. He has mourned, He has rejoiced and He is asking for us to boldly wait with Him, FOR Him. What a peace that surpasses my understanding.

  • Just as Jesus was always Plan A, God is never surprised by the events or circumstances of our lives. Even when things seem to go horribly awry, there is great hope and comfort in knowing this. We may be surprised or shocked, but He never is. He’s always there, He already knew, and He is ever faithful.

  • Brooklyn Jolley

    I love the truth that the Old Testament was one long advent! They were awaiting the very thing we are celebrating. Jesus Christ. What a beautiful book of scripture & I can’t wait to continue to study it!

  • Ali Marchetti

    Super sick and in bed today but this promise of God has lifted my spirits!

  • Elizabeth

    Thankful for this wonderful devotional this morning!

  • I love this truth.
    Before “In the beginning God created…” EVER HAPPENED, “Surely I am coming soon…” HAD ALREADY BEEN SET IN MOTION!!!

  • It is so wonderful knowing that behind it all there is the Purpose of JESUS CHRIST. That even where our sin increased GRACE ABOUNDED all the more. Wonderful promises.

    • Kiley

      this was also my favorite part! grace abounded all the more – we are so, so lucky!

  • As simple as it sounds, the idea of focusing our hearts and eyes on the WHY behind this season is so crucial. It’s so easy to get swept up, even lost, in the worldly look at Christmas. I don’t want to lose sight of WHY we celebrate during this amazing season.

  • I’ve been a follower of Jesus my entire life of 37 years. I have never before made this connection between Adam and Jesus. Praising God for His LIVING, ACTIVE word this morning as I study!! Thankful that he is patient and loving and continues to reveal His true nature bit by bit when and how I can understand it. So so thankful.

  • Emely Reyes

    I sometimes struggle with believing that God is good and that his plans for me are for good. It’s amazing to think that before the first man even sinned, God had already provided a plan to redeem my sin and grant me eternal life. What an amazing God we serve that before we even voice our needs he provides for them and even then, abundantly.

  • Yes there’s power in the Story!!! Cannot have the New without the Old! Loving this devotional!

    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks for joining us, Breanne! Excited to spend the Advent season with you.


  • Gabrielle

    Crazy to think of the OT as an entire season of Advent. Now we have a month. What must it been like to live without knowing Jesus and his resurrection? There is power in knowing the story in full… With much more responsibility.

  • Lyndsey D

    Sometimes it’s hard to understand why God even allowed sin to enter the world to begin with. But while people ask “Why would God put the tree there when He knew we’d end up sinning and dying?” what God has shown me is we should wonder “Why would God put the tree there when He knew His Son would end up dying and suffering to save us?” The tree didn’t only effect us by being there, but also even more so effected God.
    I don’t have an answer. But we must trust there is a wonderful purpose for Him to have made us anyway, knowing He would have to die for us.
    He is such a wonderful awesome God. So thankful for this study :)

    • Elizabeth

      Love that insight! Never thought of it that way before.

    • Lauren S

      I’ve been reading John Milton’s Paradise Lost in my British Lit class. One of the lines talks about God having to justify himself by keeping Satan around when he could have just as well gotten rid of him, and then the temptation in the garden story couldn’t have happened. Having sin in this world just shows us how much we are not God and how desperate we are for a savior. I mean could you imagine what our lives would be like if we only knew good? It would be so much easier to convince ourselves that there isn’t a great divide between us and God. There’s no hope in sin, but with evil and sin in the world, we can marvel so much more at God! Jesus is the manifested goodness of God that we couldn’t comprehend or understand if there was no sin there.

    • Laura Thorpe

      Lyndsey I read your comment this morning and I’ve been thinking about it all day. Thank you so much for writing it. I think it’s such an interesting insight. I plan to share it with my Bible study of college women tonight. God is incredibly good and I’m so glad we can’t possibly understand all of His ways but we can always trust that they are good because He is good.

  • Brookej2012

    God, I am Adam everyday. Grace upon grace, giving me grace before this world existed, even before Adam you had grace in mind for me through Christ Jesus. Open my heart and soul more so that I can give thanks to an O so deserving King. So that I can give proper thanks for always having me (all of us) in mind.

  • Jesus will always be the hope of every weary soul.
    “Jesus…the one whose obedience brought forgiveness and life.”

  • “A Thrill of Hope” — My grandfather, who passed in early December several years ago, was an intelligent man. His devotion to seeking the truth in the scripture and dedication to instilling a sense of the same in me, I think, is what landed me in religious studies classrooms in college nearly a decade ago only to go on to pursue graduate studies. Not one to be fettered by the lack of rigor so frequently infused in Sunday sermons, Daddy Moore had his own way of studying scripture, and on occasion, I’d bring myself to ask him his thoughts on this or that verse or story, only to be pressed to reflect on canonical history, his elegant way of discussing what I’d quickly come to recognize as the sausage factory that is the piecing together of the text that we call the Bible. As a little girl, this slightly concerned me, but as a young student, it brought a certain thrill. This man, having studied the darkest corners of church history, threw himself mercilessly still at this text, savored it, and shared it weekly in fellowship with his small group in a small Alabama town, which I would visit on occasion in the years before he passed.

    Growing up in his southern protestant church, with whitewashed pews and heavy-handed hymns, I often wax nostalgic about the boom of his deep base, but no memory of him singing quite fills me with the same sense of joy as that first midnight mass he accompanied me to when I flirted with joining a local Catholic Church during college. I had never attended a church that celebrated the season of Advent, and here I was at the pinnacle, surrounded by the hymns heralding the joyful sound of the first coming of Christ, the church glittered and perfumed in its Christmas Eve best, under the blanket of the Alabama midnight sky. We sang the well-known Christmas hymns under the lead of a sparser-than-usual choir, Daddy Moore’s comforting hums filling the spaces of the lesser known verses, and headed home afterward in my car. I brought up the last song we sang, “O Holy Night”, mentioning that there was no other song that sent shivers down my spine in the same way, and he agreed, concluding it was also his before moving to talk about his mother’s vibrant soprano and how he remembered it perfectly handled that delicate transition that swings between the “thrill” and “hope”.

    This time of year, every year, I am left remembering him and his place in my faith. The man who taught me it was more than okay to push at the walls, to see where seams split and where they were left indestructible. And in doing so, feeling the bold reality of the promises of God less the thin pronouncements of man.

    So thankful for having found this study and joining all of you in this vibrant, thrilling season of hope and wonder.

  • Caroline @ In Due Time

    Thank you JESUS! Thank you for coming and paying for our sin! Thank you that you are the better Adam!

  • Going into this season I was definitely questioning the weight of sin placed on that one man Adam who himself had just been created by our all powerful God. With sin being so large in our day and age it can be a challenge to see why it was ever even allowed here to begin with. I am so thankful to have landed on this study today and that it kicks right off here, exactly where I am, exactly the questions I’ve been asking our God to answer for me. I just love when He answers me as badly as this!!! Jesus was not plan B… We are living at the end. Everyone needs Jesus

  • The parallel of Adam and Jesus is so poignant. And I’ve never thought of the entire Old Testament as a giant season of Advent. But whoa! It was! Praising God this morning for His promises and plan!

    • She Reads Truth

      Yes, yes, yes! So excited to spend Advent with you, Julia!


  • “Jesus was never Plan B. He was always Plan A.” Love the comfort that comes with that statement. Our God is not reacting to a world that has fallen, He always had and still has a plan!

    • Andrea

      Yes!! Such hope in this statement, Cari! He is not surprised at the world around us. He’s not ruffled or ruined by it. He is in control and we can rest in that.

  • So much good this morning!! I very much enjoy this side by side comparison of old and new, and am in awe that really, the whole Old Testament is a big giant Advent!

    Can I share two tidbits of scripture that really stood out to me this morning. One is in Matthew 26:39 – “Yet not as I will, but as you will.” How often do I struggle putting my will before His. And “Where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” Romans 5:20. Despite all this trouble, this weary world throws at us, we see so many moments of grace. This has been on my heart a lot lately, to be graceful. Jesus is and was. I’ll be praying these two verses today, as I prepare my heart for His coming!

  • Caitlin A

    Oh how Old Testament Israel grumbled for their Savior to come and the promises of a new Israel, yet here we are still grumbling after we get to experience and study God’s promises through Christ. Praise God for his Grace!

  • Christina Hargrove

    “Jesus was always plan A…” God rescues us and gives us the best of all that He has, despite our unfaithfulness. Praising God, His grace is greater than all my sin!

  • Caroline J

    This is the proper basis for that warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling. Encouraged this morning that where sin abounds, his salvation and righteousness increase.

    • She Reads Truth

      So thankful for that encouragement, Caroline! Thanks for sharing it with us!


  • Jennifer

    Wow! Can I just declare, WoW! Thank you so much for this break down and explanation. I am printing it out, highlighting and underlining and taking notes! God is for us, no doubt! I am so thankful for you ladies. She Reads Truth has changed the way I read the bible, so helpful and encouraging and well done.

    • She Reads Truth

      Jennifer, it’s such a joy to see you here! So glad you’re joining us for Advent.


  • I am Adam every single day… I chose the forbidden fruit over all that God has provided. So thankful for the grace that is Jesus.

  • The description about Jesus being known before the foundation of the world hit me afresh this morning. I know this theology but hadn’t thought about the implications of if that’s true, and it is, then…Adam was an on purpose prototype of Jesus the True and Only one! The phrase “on-purpose” is comforting because it shows God is, was, will always be in charge of what happens here. We can rest today in that knowledge. Nothing is out of His grasp.

    • Diana Graham

      Christa, that is so good!! God will always be in charge of what happens here! In a fallen world it’s easy to forget that He is still in charge, but He is! Thank you for writing that, it energized me this morning!

  • Jeannette

    The comparison of Adam and Jesus was great. I read it over a few times to totally grasp it. Great study today! Thank you

  • Marian McCown

    Lord, you are good when we don’t deserve it. I pray for this season of advent, you would be evident in our lives and that we praise you and bring your name glory all the while. When sin increases, your grace increases more. I am honored to be a daughter of the king, and I pray because of that, we are different. Lord, we praise you, for you, are indeed good.

  • Haileyblackmer

    I have not done a lot of studying of the Old Testament. Therefor I can not wait to see what the next 28 days bring.

    Jesus help me to see what this amazing love letter is telling me. Help me to have a heart of grace and forgiveness this holiday season and forever. Help me to always see the “yes”. Help me to feel your waterfall of love falling over me each and every day, each and every minute, each and every second! I love you father with all my heart and I thank you for giving me life, not only here on earth but for eternity. Amen ❤️

  • Shannon H

    Just meditating on the Old Testament as the first advent. I never thought of it that way, but yes, from the beginning of creation and after sin entered, all creation groaned waiting for redemption. And Christ was the YES to all God’s promises! Wow! And now, even as we celebrate the advent season before Christmas, we are in the midst of a greater advent, longing for Christ’s return and the coming of a new heaven and a new earth. Oh Lord come quickly! For our imaginations cannot even conceive of the return of our King! Help us to remain always in hopeful expectation of the final fulfillment of all your promises!

  • Stacey H.

    Looking forward to experiencing all that our Lord and Savior reveal during this Christmas season! Day 2 was a wonderful comparison and something I’ve never seen written in this way.

  • Sarah_Joy

    Advent is one of my favorite seasons. We as a family follow the Jesse tree through the stories of the Old Testament too. Seeing the divine plan being worked through men and women over hundreds of years shows God’s infinite love and deep desire for us. He has made a way for us! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  • Sarah Schulze

    Jesus, please reveal yourself to us this Christmas season and always. Stir our hearts to fall in love w you- in awe and wonder of who you are and will always be.

  • Jennifer

    love this comparison. I never really stopped and thought about it before.

  • jenni_marie

    “When sin increases, grace increases all the more.” Meditating on this truth today– a precious promise fulfilled through Christ.

  • Caroline

    In humble awe after reading this…Jesus is worthy, Jesus is good.

    I’m returning to the Bible after a long while away…excited to learn more about the Christ that has brought so much hope.

    • Jennifer

      The one thing that I’m taking away from this today as my major point is that one act, regardless of how big or how small, affects many. Adam’s act of disobedience affected thousands upon thousands of people in the Old Testament. Jesus act of obedience has affected millions since the New Testament. We can think about that in our daily lives to, especially now at this Christmas season.

  • Markia Hearst

    How thoughtful and brilliant our God is!

  • I am so excited about this SRT series! I received my journal/study guide and the layout of study is absolutely compelling! :) I believe you guys have heard from God on where to focus in order to turn eyes and hearts to Him this Season. The parallels, comparisons, and important differences established BEFORE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE WORLD that point to Christ thousands of years BEFORE He arrived and completed/fulfilled them, are absolutely fascinating… and So like our Heavenly Father to establish in order to pique the depth of intrigue that HE created in our minds! Studying his Words is so fulfilling. I am thankful this morning for His gifts in you guys. :) AND… I’m praying for hearts to be bound to Him this Season through the power of His Spirit as others seek to know more of Him through SRT. (SRT Sisters… POST. POST. POST this Season to social media. :) )

  • In a world of chaos that most often defies comprehension it is so important to remember that God has always had a plan. He has known me and planned for my eternity from before time began. What a wonderful gift to be opened and treasured and shared every day. Thank you Lord!

  • rachel marie

    working at a retail store that sells greeting cards and gifts, it’s easy for me to get caught up in the busyness that comes this time of year and forget the true Reason for the season. this is my second SRT advent and i’m so grateful to be able to be still each morning and prepare myself for the day by being in His Word. with the stresses that come with my job, i often become a grouch. but because Jesus came and now lives in my heart, “when sin increases, grace abounds all the more.” so thankful.

  • Missy CM

    My university hosts an event every year where they light up one of the architectural gems on grounds. Just before the big moment different a capella groups lead the students in Christmas songs. My first year, I remember standing there with a small gaggle of Christian friends marveling at the fact that there were at least 5,000 college students singing about “the thrill of hope” and that silent night that Christ was born. This is a secular university, yet the Light penetrates the darkness in amazing ways and we get a front row seat if we´ve got eyes to see. Thank you, Father. (And thanks Raechel for pointing out who truly brings that thrill of hope!)

  • Thank God for plan A. Jesus is everything and we are so blessed to have that knowledge in our hearts. How freeing. Love the parallels. Love all the shares you ladies add. It helps me understand on so many levels. What always amazes me in the bible is the prophecies. How it has all been laid out. Our God is AMAZING! Love you all and appreciate you! xo

  • Really loved the comparison of the two gardens.

  • Victoria Bragg

    Adam failed but Jesus won!

  • candacejo

    “The Word was Jesus—He was God and He was with God in the beginning. Jesus was never Plan B. He was always Plan A.” In the beginning….He always has been and always will be. What hope and what comfort we have in a God who existed before the world began. He IS the beginning, the ending, the Alpha, Omega, everything is in JESUS. We are so blessed, friends, to know Him, to have His Word readily available to us 24/7 and to have His Spirit alive in us, living, breathing, guiding, comforting. Wow. Thanks for the reminder today of who He is. The Great I AM. ♥

  • Jesus was never plan B! Love this. It is a profound truth. I think about that tree in our human nature. How likely would it have been that we would have just kept taking from it. We would have realized it was good and tasty and revealing and in our arrogance, we would have just continued to take from it, just as we take from Christ. As I read through this and thought to the symbolism of the Tree of Life and Christ dying on a cross, made from a tree, I am reminded of Spurgeon’s amazing perspective on Christ as THE Tree of Life. He has a beautiful way of describing this in a seasonal perspective. He speaks of Christ’s death as the winter and encourages us to look to Christ on the cross as the tree without leaves; bare, cold and suffering in His obedience of that season. “There is life in a look at Him”, he says. Explaining that to truly understand what His life can do for us, we must first be willing to see His death fully. In all it’s wretchedness so that we may truly understand the mercy over us, to understand what it is to eat of the fruit of THIS Tree of Life….Christ, because in Him is all life. I desperately want the fruit from THIS Tree that I do not deserve to sit under. From my Christ who bled out a most horrible death, so that I would never be left out of the garden, but that I would have permanent residency in it despite my arrogance, despite my selfishness, despite my sin. I want to lean on that tree, find shade under it and rest from the weary days through it … “There is life in a look at Him” … I want my eyes on Christ! So incredibly thankful! ~ B

    • candacejo

      Despite all of my “yuck” I can have permanent residency….yes! Love your reflections this morning.

    • May

      Thank you! Your reflection really deepened this for me. God bless!

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Wow B…..this really touched me this morning…..thank you!!!

    • Kylee

      There is life in a look at Him, yes! …and how many times I WONT look at Him because I KNOW how awfully he died, but looking at it requires me to take ownership for my part in His suffering — not something that is easy to do. But when we do look, yes, we can fully accept His mercy and grace and love! Thank you for your thoughts this morning B!

    • BarbaraKey

      “There is life in a look at Him.” A glorious truth! Another glorious truth…” You have ravished my heart, my sister, my bride; you have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes….”(Song of Solomon 4:9) Looking to Jesus brings life to every part of our lives and stirs HIS heart. How can this be, Lord of Love?
      Beginning this advent season with a prayer;
      “May I never look away from You, my Lord, but if I do, I thank You that You are the lifter of my head. Return my gaze to You. Help me focus my eyes and my heart on You, Your ways, Your word, Your will, Your ravished heart.”

    • Jodi


    • Kendra


  • Mariah VanCleave

    I would love to have done a bible study when I was younger so I can understand the bible more. I used to study scriptures as a kid in Awanas, but for me a student teacher aspect would have been wonderful! :) I love this app and I love learning more and more about God.

  • -Adam was tested in the Garden of Eden and disobeyed. His disobedience introduced death and condemnation to the entire world (Romans 5:15).
    -Jesus, too, faced a decision in a garden—in Gethsemane. His obedience unto death introduced grace and life to those who receive it (Matthew 26:36-39).
    Two gardens, two decisions, two different results. I praise God that Christ’s redeeming action at Gethsemane was planned before the foundation of the world. Thank you Jesus!

  • The world would always be incomplete without Jesus….
    My ‘world’…my life, my being, my soul, my actions, my words, will always, always be incomplete without Jesus…I could be a clanging gong..I could be the best, I could do my best, give my best, but without Jesus, apart from Jesus…I will always be incomplete….
    Remember that line in Jerry Maguire…when the character of Renee Zelwegger says…’ complete me..’ to Jerry when he realizes his life is empty without her and comes back to plead with her…In the film, those words in the right situation melted a few hearts…didn’t they?.
    But to say those words in any context in reference to Jesus….Wow…
    Jesus completes me..
    Jesus completes me..
    Jesus, You complete me…

    Thank you Jesus, that your coming was pre- planned, foreknown before the foundations of the world…Thank you that you were,never a plan B…You were and are the real deal, the true and bestest deal…Thank you that by your coming, and your obedience, condemnation and death, were forever changed, to forgiveness and life, what a gift, what a savior…
    Thank you, that apart from you, I am incomplete, But, that in your presence I am complete..Thank you Lord Jesus…Thank you…

    Jesus, You complete me…Amen…

    Sisters, Happy Monday…Be absolutely Blessed in all you do today and throughout this week…

    • Christy

      Amen and amen.

    • Churchmouse

      Have read through your post twice and will meditate on it even more. Beautifully captures how I feel also. Jesus completes me. Yes. Yes.

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Soooooo powerful Tina…..praying your prayer this morning…..thank you!!!!!xoxo

    • Kylee

      Wow Tina. So true & when we think of it that way — He completes us — it suddenly makes sense why we are such a mess on our own!! Thankful for a Father that doesn’t seek to point out our flaws but instead sends us the missing piece to completion! Love to you this morning!

      • Trinity

        “Thankful for a Father that doesn’t seek to point out our flaws but instead sends us the missing piece to completion” ❤️

    • Joanna

      Love the Jerry Maguire reference! Bless you Tina <3

    • Sheryl

      What a beautiful thought. Lord, I pray that I would meditate in the fact that “YOU Jesus complete me”. Not a Christmas tree, gifts, fancy lights, Lord, I pray that through this Advent study I would find my fulfillment in YOU♥️

    • Ana Pryor

      Amen. The empty hole, the rope that isn’t quite long enough, the words I don’t have for my husband. All complete with Jesus. Alone I am incomplete – In Jesus I am whole. The symptoms of being with out Jesus are painful; emotions of jealousy, unworthiness, competition take over. My strength to fight the battle against evil is no where near enough the keep going. My prayer this Monday morning for myself and you is that I will trust this week that Jesus is plan a for my life and when I turn to plan b – the world of things – I am incomplete. It is Jesus who knits all things together with hope, love and grace.

  • I just love the emphasis of it being just ONE act to bring death and ONE act that restores, redeems and frees. Yes!

    • Stephanie Cooper

      I love how this simplifies it to a child like understanding of Christ and what is Faith supposed to be if not child like? it’s a simple concept because God’s love for us isn’t complicated, nor is the path to Him!

  • Courtney

    Verse 19 in the last excerpt really stood out to me the most. So powerful and great ! It all clicked for me after I finished reading through it :)

  • Great to see so clearly how Adams disobedience lead to death how Jesus’ obedience defeated death!

  • Cari Spaulding

    It is so cool to see how the Old Testament points so much towards Jesus. I’d have to admit, up until the past few years, I didn’t completely see the connection. Obviously it was leading up to Jesus, but it seemed separated up to a point. But this isn’t the case! We can see Jesus time and time again through the Old Testament, and it gives us a greater understanding and love for Him. I’m super excited for this advent study!

    • Shannon H

      One of the best suggestions give to me by a Bible Study leader years ago was to always ask the question “where is Jesus in this passage” when studying the Old Testament. He is always there!!

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      me too!!!

    • Katye M.

      Agreed! In another bible study I am leaning this as Christ is weaved/connected from the very beginning to an Eternal end. A grand narrative pointing to Christ through every twist and turn…lightbulb moment for sure!

  • I love the imagery and parallel of the gardens. Such a great way to simply tell of the full story of Jesus through the Bible. I’m not sure I’ve ever reflected on that before. A really helpful point!

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