Open Your Bible Launch-Week Sampler: Day 5

Rest in Truth


Today's Text: Isaiah 40:28-31, Psalm 119:114, Matthew 11:28-30, Luke 10:38-42

Text: Isaiah 40:28-31, Psalm 119:114, Matthew 11:28-30, Luke 10:38-42

The following is an excerpt from Week 5 of Open Your Bible: God’s Word is for You and for Now, a 7-session group Bible study written by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams of She Reads Truth, in partnership with LifeWay.

My mom used to wake us up with pots and pans.

My brother and I would be sleeping soundly in our respective rooms, ignoring our alarms and Mom’s best efforts to lure us out of bed to get dressed for school. Eventually, up the stairs she’d come, banging a wooden spoon on a steel pot or metal pan or whatever was handy in the kitchen, a big grin on her face. She knew to relish moments like those.

Evidently rest was not a challenge for me when I was younger, no matter how loud life got. It came more naturally and more soundly, regularly and effectively pushing aside the activities and cares of life to make space for quiet and being.

Tack on twenty years and rest has taken on unicorn status. It is glorious and beautiful, but rare (almost fictional!). When it finds me, I know it in an instant. Like seeing a stranger walk into a family reunion, moments of true rest are recognizable not because they are familiar but precisely because they aren’t. In our days packed to the brim with running and doing and striving, pockets of rest feel so out of place they can make us—runners and doers and strivers that we are—feel out of sorts. It’s those moments of rest that jar us awake to the good stuff, that allow our hearts to come up for air and stir our curiosity toward God and our questions of faith.

>>>OPEN YOUR BIBLE and read Matthew 11:28-30. Rest doesn’t have to have unicorn status. Jesus promises to give it to us! What instructions does Jesus give for finding rest?

Speaking as the girl who still struggles to wake in the morning (though now from sleeping too little instead of too soundly), I’m uncomfortable with rest because it means loosening my grip. It means slowing my feet and temporarily, or even permanently, forfeiting my plans. Rest begs me to relinquish control—to cease striving and commence trusting. These reasons are precisely why rest is so key to our call to abide in God and His Word.

Mary of Bethany is my favorite example of a rest-er in Scripture. While her sister Martha (bless her!) was scurrying around the house, doing what needed to be done, Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet. She ceased readying her home, readying herself, she even ceased serving Jesus for the opportunity to sit with Jesus.

>>>OPEN YOUR BIBLE to Luke 10:38-42 and read the story for yourself. Do you see yourself more in Mary or Martha? Why so?

What does Jesus say to Martha? See verses 41-42.

Those things Martha busied herself with were good, even commendable, but only one thing was truly necessary—to sit at the feet of the Savior. Those other things were important, but listening to Jesus’ words was urgent.

When I need written permission to rest in the presence of the Lord, I go to the Psalms. Those poems are like a permanent hall pass when I’m overwhelmed, a doctor’s note to skip class when all my papers are overdue.

>>> OPEN YOUR BIBLE and read Psalm 119:114:

You are my shelter and my shield; I put my hope in Your word.

The Hebrew words here for “shelter” and “shield” mean exactly that—a covering, a defense. The Psalmist runs to Scripture for cover! It is his best defense! God’s Word calls us to trust Him by setting our striving aside and acknowledging Him as our haven. Psalm 91 follows suit, calling the Lord a refuge and fortress: “He will cover you with His feathers; you will take refuge under His wings” (v. 4).

Be still. Stop. Sit with me awhile, we hear the Father say. And when we do? “He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength” (Isaiah 40:29). When we rest in Him, our rest becomes our strength.

Friends, there is nothing we can do with our efforts that our almighty God cannot do by His Word. Likewise, there is nothing you or I can do to negate the truth of His Word. We cannot make it more true, we cannot make it less true. No, our job is to rest here in its truth.

Tonight my mom came to visit (I haven’t seen her bang any pots or pans lately, but she’s still a champ at relishing). When it came time for her to leave, I watched as the taillights of her car meandered down our gravel driveway. A flicker in the distance caught my eye—countless fireflies dotting the dark treeline along the creek. They looked choreographed yet whimsical, like strings of Christmas lights in July.

I stopped to watch, and I stayed awhile—no running, no doing, no striving. Just resting. It was one of the most beautiful and productive parts of my day.

This is an excerpt from Open Your Bible: God’s Word is for You and for Now, a 7-session group Bible study written by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams of She Reads Truth, in partnership with LifeWay. To purchase Open Your Bible for individual or group study, visit



  • Jennifer Bryngelson

    So often I find myself busy with tasks or worked up about what needs to be done that I made no place or time to sit with Christ. Thank you for reminding me of His words on what is NECESSARY.

  • Fumiko Jibiki

    Thank you for reminding me of when I was totally a Martha: I was busy serving, was even praying and asking for more ways to do something for God. One day while praying God told me, “Daughter, you pray for many things and you don’t know what you really want. I tell you what you are really asking for. That is my Word.” Since then God has changed my lifestyle drastically to allow me to take much time to rest in his Word. Thank you Lord, let me receive your mercy with gratitude and joyfully rest in your truth.

    • Anne

      I’m sometimes a Martha (a doer and even one who resents the family member who isn’t helping) and sometimes a Mary (one who wants to be with the guest and can forget what needs to be done.) This entry was a lovely reminder to check my true motivation and attitude. It was also a great reminder to rest.

  • So profound. I am a busy college student who is getting ready to graduate. I needed this! Thanks for this great reminder to “Cease striving and know that He is God…” Psalms 46:10

    • Kristie Sanchez

      I needed this, too! Ive been lying awake at night worrying about graduating on time and the application process and affordability of Pharmacy School! Praying for you!!

  • Kenzie Montagna

    Rest is a usual cause of stress and anxiety in me, and I need to hear this reminder sometimes. I need to learn that my time with God is my rest and recharge.

  • about to go out on a quick vacation. needed this! :)

  • Elle Roberts

    God has called out to me about peace and this is the perfect example! He has taught me to just come and rest at his feet and I should take my time with everything. Thank you so much for this message I am very thankful for it.

  • Emmy Datema

    this is my filth day doing this and i am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH IT!!! thank you so much for the wonderful words you used to help a lot of girls understand the bible!!

  • Rest. This is so needed. Yet to me, I feel like it is laziness, no rest. Now, I won’t lie, I’m usually on my phone or sitting in front of the TV when I “rest” (aka hide from the dirty kitchen or the laundry that needs to be folded). I pray that I can learn to rest in Jesus and shut out everything!

  • I love this comment on rest, resting in the truth of the Word. I think it is just too easy these days to forget about the importance of rest or, if we do recognise it, to almost find ourselves timetabling it in, squeezed in before breakfast or rushed into a busy schedule.
    Can I recommend a wonderful book for anyone who really wants to rediscover the renewing strength of rest – of ‘sabbath’ time? – “Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight in Our Busy Lives” by Wayne Muller. I am from the UK and had to source this, second hand, from the States but it was well worth the effort and expense. It’s all about making those ‘ordinary’ moments of our lives into something special, ‘sabbath’ moments. I am a lone Christian in my household, but have managed to draw in other family members into nominating a meal, a coffee, a walk, a companionable silence into an opportunity to rest and reflect, to give thanks for what we have together and in the Lord. I would highly recommend it – it’s a really easy read and, at the end of each chapter, there are suggestions as to how to create ‘sabbath’ moments for yourself and your loved ones. Jx

  • This was just what I needed today. I woke up and began rushing around in my morning routine and quickly lost sight of what my main focus should be. Had my alert not reminded me of a verse of the day I would have forgot my time with the Lord in His word today. Oh how busy I get! This reminder in His word to find rest was the gentle yet stern reminder from my Savior to stay still and quiet. Beautiful.

  • I remember one of our pastirs talking about yolks. how they are used for training purposes. the tamed and gentle ox is teamed up in a time with one who needs training, then the trainer/master works the team of oxen together. I wasn’t getting this before when I heard it but now I wonder if when Jesus says take my yolk …. if he is the gentle ox teaching us how to behave for the master.

  • Rosella

    Out of all the days for this devotional, this one brought me to tears. I have been dealing with anxiety for some years now, and thought “I” had it under control. However recently I feel as if I have become attacked, the control I thought I had no longer being applied. Just reading about how Mary was resting by God, made me see it’s one of the things I don’t do. I read the word, I pray, but very rarely do I just rest in him, waiting to see his will. I was feeling anxious before I read this and now I feel at peace. I hope others out there found peace in this as well.

  • Brittany Ann Goodrich

    “I stopped to watch, and I stayed awhile—no running, no doing, no striving. Just resting. It was one of the most beautiful and productive parts of my day.”

    Doing this right now.. I was feeling stressed and I’m moving and I couldn’t seem to channel my mind to prioritize.. so I finally decided I’d come spend some time with God. :)

  • I struggle with being a Martha. I love to control situations and get anxiety over a lot of things in my life. If I could just readjust and spend time in God’s word- scripture would become my best defense. I love how this entry today made me really look at myself in the mirror and admit I need to “be still and rest in His truths”.

  • Heather

    The firefly comment reminds me of why, at the end of the day, when I’ve tucked my kids in bed and convinced my spouse to start his wind-down routine while I take out the garbage – that part of the reason I want to take on that one chore is it gets me outside in the moonlight with the fireflies and the frog song and away from the hustle and bustle of the day with a long walk up and then back down the driveway and only God for company. It’s a perfect time to settle and be at peace while just absorbing the creations He put, right outside my door, that are there every evening if I just s..l..o..w d..o..w..n.

  • GracieLou

    Wow I needed this today! I just got home from the gym and was overwhelmed by my to do list! Laundry, dishes, meal prep, applying for a new job, etc etc etc. I almost didn’t take time to read the word because I didn’t think I “had time.” A great reminder that this time is the most important and sets the tone for everything else!

  • These past few months, God has been trying to teach me to be more like Mary, but I still keep striving to be Martha. But He is patient and loves me still, all the while reminding me that I should sit and rest in Him.

  • Kelsey Mae

    I am finding more and more comfort and peace by simply spending time in His Word. It is amazing the sense of calm it has given me in such a short time. God is good

  • Victoria

    I am a Martha, but it’s the perfect time of the season to work on becoming Mary♡ blessings be

  • These days I’ve found myself staying up all night..fear, worry…thank God for His word; reminding me that He is a safe resting place…that I need to Rest in Him.

    • Trisha

      You are not alone in your worry. Thanks for reaffirming this reminder from the Lord.

  • Madeline

    This short study has been exactly what I’ve needed to get back into the word! Thank you!

  • Truly, truly needed this reminder today. Thank you, and thank you LORD for being my everlasting resting place.

  • Loved this. I often rest but now, I want to rest in the Lord.

  • Courtney

    This was a timely devotional for a Monday!

  • Christine Dooley

    I’m still trying to learn how to rest in him but I can still feel the Martha in me beating down, but I am trying.

  • Chelsea Star

    needed this today! amen!

  • I feel as though I have been Martha in my life always worrying about the “important” things of the day. I am trying to be more like Mary, like today for example I’ve had to push the idea of getting the laundry done out of my head because it is URGENT that I need to spend my time with Him to find my peace for the day. I believe that this is a wonderful time, I just have to let myself rest with the Lord.

  • Jennifer

    This is exactly what I prayed about minutes ago, asking God to give this moment to people that need it. Wow, I asked and he provided. Amazing.

  • I needed this right now, at a busy time in my life, I crave the rest that Jesus provides. Amen

  • Jess Henrys

    The perfect timing to hear this message. Everything has felt overwhelming lately – thank you for reminding me that God is in control and offers us all the time to rest x

  • Thank you Lord for being my hiding place!

  • needed this today!

  • I really enjoyed this 5 day devotional, nice way to start my way back into the Bible reading.

  • Oh Love that does not give up on me, I rest “my weary soul in thee”

  • Mimi Murray

    loved this

  • I have enjoyed this little 5 day devotional so so so much. I have told everyone about this app and this devotional just to try it all out. Thank you for sharing.

  • In Matthew 11:28-30, when Jesus mentions his ‘yolk,’ does He mean his authority and/or leadership in our lives? If not, what exactly does He mean? Also, in Luke 10:38-42, Jesus says that Martha was ‘upset about many things.’ What was she upset about other than the fact that her sister wasn’t helping her serve? Did she see Jesus & His disciples as an inconvenience?

    • Amanda

      Hi Portia, taking Christ’s yolk is putting ourselves as servants to him. And then conducting ourselves in obedience to him. obedience

  • Gah!!! This was so good! Be still my soul and know, you are God alone. Stop thinking so much and just let go.

  • Just what I needed to read as Monday approaches. I work in a resettlement agency and work has become life. not gonna lie that God has been placed in the back burner and boy have I noticed this. I pray the Holy Spirit guides ans brings awareness of my need to rest and run to Jesus.

  • I just love those precious times when God encourages me to stop and “smell the roses.” I am so blessed by them every time. We can afford a lot more rest in our busy lives than we realize. Rest helps us be more productive, also!

  • elizabeth grace

    I’m a teen and I have problems with asking why. My parents are great and so is my sister. The rest of my family leaves me emotionally scared. Why would God do that? Why would my step grandma die of breast cancer? Why would the girls at church stop talking to me, and don’t care anymore? I also have problems with me doubting my appearance. I look in the mirror and question if I am as pretty as that girl. I wonder do I still look good even though I have red hair. My parents don’t let me wear tights. I wonder is it actually a sin or bad to wear tights? Does anyone have anything encouraging? Please!!! I know I’m a young teen and starting high school, so I have along ways to go; but does anyone have anything encouraging? Or an answer?

    • Holly

      Hey, elizabeth grace! I’m sorry, but I don’t have any answers to any of your questions. One way that God has answered my doubts and questions is through Scripture. For me, reading His words helps me to see things through His eyes (2 Timothy 3:16-17 has been on my mind lately). I’m praying that God will help you to see things from His perspective!

    • Elizabeth

      Hey Elizabeth Grace! I have no place to answer in God’s place, but I have had some hard things happen in my life too, and I found peace in Bible passages like John 9:1-3 and John 11:3-6. I bet Mary and Martha in John 11 were asking the same questions of why Jesus waited two days before heading their way to heal their brother. But Jesus gives us an answer in verse 4…this was to bring glory to God. It isn’t always clear to us how…but I like to think of it in stages. So like right now you are like Mary and Martha before they saw how God was going to be brought glory through it. Like Holly said, God answers a lot of these questions in His word (2 Timothy 3:16). Keep searching, asking, and knocking! Doubts are rough because they bring confusion. Try reading Ecclesiastes. Also try reading the Bible with a different mindset. Instead of reading it with the intention of finding answers, read it with the intention of seeking God and learning about God. The more you learn about God, the more things will begin to click and make sense. As for your appearance, don’t look at yourself through your own eyes, look at yourself through God’s eyes like in Psalm 139. Also the enemy uses two things to attack us girls a lot: 1) lies and 2) comparison. Kick those out of your mind by meditating on God’s promises and His truth. I don’t have an answer for the tight situation but there are plenty of verses on modesty. However, people do interpret them differently. As you get older, and as you get closer to God, you will find that you will have your own interpretation of these kinds of verses…just remember to keep an open mind to all opinions as long as they are biblical and Christ-centered. Now, for encouragement, you are a daughter and princess of The One True King. He is your perfect Father, Savior, Friend, Lord, etc. Confide in Him and seek Him because He loves you and cares for you…it is written all over the Bible :).

    • Lala

      Elizabeth, I hope you get the messages people are replying to your post. What they have said are exactly what I think you need to hear.
      I want to add a little because I have see myself in your post. When I was your age, I lost my grandmother to lung cancer. I didn’t know why she was taken from me, the pain you feel is dreadful, but it does get better. You will miss her, but trying to forget about my grandmothers death helped me and gave me peace when I remembered the nicer things about her and the memories. Try to see the good and keep doing your devotionals to hear from God.
      Also, red hair is beautiful. I have always had the prettiest blond hair according to my dad , but I have always thought red hair is so much more beautiful, no matter the intensity. It gives you a step up from other blond brown and black haired girls. Being different from other girls is the best thing that could ever happen to you. I remember going into high school, I had braces and acne and I was awkward and felt like people didn’t like me because of the way I looked. And sometimes it was true. But fast forward to my
      Senior year of college and the girls that everyone loved for their looks, sadly haven’t gone very far. So find confidence in yourself and find rest in Jesus. And be straight up with your friends. Confrontation sucks but it is worth it.
      Also tights or leggings or whatever, I don’t think are a sin or bad as long as your goodies are well covered. I always wear a big tshirt if I go in public with tights.
      Thank you for sharing, good luck with high school and remember to stay strong. High school is when I lost my faith to grades and popularity. None of that stuff matters now. Anyway, I am rambling now. Hopefully my experiences can help you see that you are definitely not alone. Keep your head up beautiful!!!!

  • Isaiah 40:29

  • Rest. Sweet.

  • Elisa Best

    I have been so much like Martha. I have to admit. I started this five day devotion weeks ago and gave myself every excuse not to do it. Yet even in the weeks that I was ignoring Him and trying to do things on my own, he was trying to get me to notice Him. At every turn, he provided for me in the most incredible ways so I couldn’t help but admit that it was Him. I feel like I deserve punishment for being unfaithful but all he has provided is mercy. How undeserving I am of His love! He truly never grows weary.

  • BlessedandFavored

    I will rest in his arms and find peace .

  • Kamijojayhawk

    I love resting.

  • I’m a teen and sometimes I wonder what my purpose is. I so desperately try to put my faith in God, but sometimes I still question what God has in store for me. It seems like my friends have a journey and a path for college and everything and I have no idea. How can I learn to trust God more? How can I be a shining light and an example of Gods daughter when I’m so young. Any good bible verses? Also, one of my family members died last year and he never was a Christian, if God loved him so much, then did he go to hell, or can I be assured that he is ok in heaven? What are your guys’a favorite encouraging bible verses?Thanks!

    • Ashley Anne

      Bri, the fact that you are taking time to be here, to read a daily devotion and ask God questions makes you a leader amongst your peers. As a teenagers I found a million things to distract me from time in the bible, and after college and pharmacy school I feel as if I’m only just now coming up for air and spending the time I always should have been with the Lord. I’m 28 and my husband is 30. While I’m now settled in my career, my husband is still searching for what career will make him happy long-term. The point is, you will always be searching and wondering what God has in store for you. Whether it’s your job, children, or place in your community. I’ve only just learned that securing my job or building my family wasn’t and isn’t the goal. The goal is to spend time with God. Pray and pray specifically so that you know when God has answered. He may not answer immediately or with the answer you expected, but he’ll answer and then you’ll know he’s there, he’s present in your life and his purpose for you doesn’t lie somewhere in the future. His purpose for you is now. He’s working in you now whether you know it or not. Don’t worry about what he has in store. Enjoy everyday in the present. As long as you put faith in him, he’ll lead you where you need to go.

    • elizabeth grace

      Bri I’m in the same boat as you. I’m a teen and I wonder that to, but I wonder more than that. Sometimes me wondering almost gets me into trouble:/ Ashley Anne that helped me a lot!!! Bri it’s good to know I’m not the teen who thinks these things. I often wonder why my life is the way it is, I have great parents and a great sister. The rest of my family leaves me emotionally scared. Why would God do that? My church helps a lot, but now all the girls in my grade won’t talk to me. I feel like I am alone. I have learned to cope with it, all I need is God. I wonder though, God said its not good for man to be alone. Then I start to wonder, why?

      I just heard a very encouraging verse today though, it is 1 Timothy 4:12. Please look it up!!! I have heard this from the our girls assistant at church, God will lead you on your path for you are on it now, but don’t stray. Yes people will come and go but your roots must be God. Also none of us know if anyone is a true Christian. Yes usually you can tell by there actions, but no one knows there heart. Your Uncle may have accepted Christ before he died, we don’t know. If he didn’t well it is sad to say and no one what’s to hear this but he is in hell. God gave us free will from the start. It is not true love to make some say you love them. He gave angels and humans free will. I believe from many different reasons throughout the Bible that Satan was the head angel of music/praise to God in heaven. He started taking some of that praise for him self. The fall of 1/3 of the angels. Then the fall of man came, God right then started working on the redemption of man. He loves us all so much. When Jesus died and came back to life man got a second chance. God loves us all, and he gives us chances to accept him. Some do not and some do, but he wants us all to. Again he doesn’t want to tell them what to do or it’s not true. We are blessed, the angels didn’t get this chance. Remember though, he could have accepted Christ no one knows, but him an God. I hope that all helps!!!

  • Abigail Cox

    Everyday it seems I get busier and busier with tasks and daily errands (I’m only 20 but work as hard as a mother of 4 children), I always wish I could have more times of rest. This devotion was such an encouragement to me tonight! Thank you!

  • It’s hard for me to find time to rest and when I do, I fill it with silly things, God, help me to find peace in this insanity!

    • Lonicia

      I’m the exact same way, I fill my free time with earthly “junk.” I need to stop and smell the roses

  • Rebeckah

    Good stuff! If Holy Spirit isn’t sourcing us then it really isn’t worth doing anyways. Just had a conversation with someone yesterday about Christianity not being a doing religion but being a being relationship.

  • I read this on a Monday, immediately following the Sabbath, which I have historically always ignored as a day of rest. As a mother of three, guardian of one, and one more on the way how could I possibly rest? Sunday became a day of rest – the rest of my chores and errands. I love to work hard, to have a task at hand, but after my ruminations yesterday about honoring the Sabbath this is a timely devotion. I renew my devotion to resting IN the Lord. I pray the Lord will continue to convict me to spend a day of rest to relish, reflect and rejoice in His presence in my life.

    • She Reads Truth

      Chay, so thankful for this reminder of truth! Grateful for you!


    • Chevaleresse

      Amen. I pray that I may do the same as well

  • This morning it feels like I’m in the middle of chaos. But to God, my storm is nothing more a breeze blowing up some leaves for a moment.

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying for you today, sweet friend. Asking God to wrap you in His peace and presence.


  • This was so needed on a Monday. I have the tendency to rush into the week, wanting to get all the things done, but there is no reason to do so. There’s no reason to busy my mind and body, and neglect slowing down and connecting with The Lord. I almost didn’t slow down this morning to do bible study. My heart is now full, and I am well with The Lord.

  • Jacqueline B.

    Thank you!

  • What a truly beautiful devotion as we prepare our hearts for the busiest season of the year. I want to rest, to relish, to enjoy do the one thing that is needed – to honor and celebrate the birth of our Savior. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I am so looking forward to doing the study!

  • With having stress at my full time job and then creating an “exit strategy” building my part time business I often FILL my days with a huge list of “to-dos”. I am reminded here that the real transition, magic if you will, will come from God. His rest and the trust I have in Him will guide me to enjoy the process. We cannot trust in Him if we don’t give Him that space in us no one else can fill as we rest. Appreciate the support.

    • Tomi

      Melissa I completely agree. Sometimes I get so caught up in life that even when I build in moments to rest I’m not truly resting in him, thank you for the reminder to fill that space with His presence.

  • All this week I’ve come across scripture and devotionals regarding rest. It seems that I’m always busy, with work, school, family, and everything else that I have no time for self. No time to rest, and honestly no real time given to God. I’ve prayed to be closer to God. I’ve prayed for rest too. I’m learning that the too go hand in hand. We must be more like Mary. Stop and give our time to the Lord.

  • What struck me was the Mary even ceased to serve Jesus, and just sat there in His presence. What an eye-opener! Coming from a conservative, religious background/childhood a lot of focus was always put on doing the right thing rather than having the right heart behind it. We can outwardly “serve” Jesus and go through the motions but if we’re not finding rest and just being in His presence, it doesn’t do us much good.

  • Bethany K.F. J

    “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me, yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life.” – Today’s reminded me of this verse from yesterday. “she ceased readying her home, readying herself, she even ceased serving Jesus for the opportunity to sit with Jesus.” Both of these statements are richly offering me a reminder/review to seek Him, above all else.

  • This spoke loudly this morning about the difference between Mary & Martha’s actions in a way I’ve not thought about before, “she even ceased serving Jesus for the opportunity to sit with Jesus.”

    Just think, the Savior of my soul WANTS to sit with me, not just be served by me.

  • My church is currently doing a sermon series on the Ten Commandments and we recently covered keeping the sabbath. It was weird that the Lord commanded us to rest but there it is-written by the hand of God on stone tablets. God knows we need rest, spiritually, emotionally and physically and he also knows how difficult it is for us to do it, which is why it’s a command. Today’s devotional goes right along with that. There are many things for us to be doing but often times, as Jesus said, only one is necessary. Without rest in him we do ourselves a disservice and most likely a disservice to others (when we get burnt out, cranky etc).

    Praying that we will all take time daily and weekly. To rest in his presence knowing He is the one thing we need, everything else is secondary and he will equip us for everything else we need to do. Let us trust him with our lives and with our time.

    Have a great…and restful weekend ladies ;)

  • CJ Today's devotion was an answered prayer before I had a chance to pray for it! Thank you. Rest in His word today, sisters.

    Today’s devotion was an answered prayer before I had a chance to pray for it! Thank you. Rest in His word today, sisters.

  • Rest feels so strange to us. But its when we sit and wait in silence that we are exercising the most faith. He wants to be our strength, our satisfaction, deliverer. Its easy to just do something ourselves to “fix” things or make things happen but God wants us to rest and wait and show us how awesome he is. We often miss miracles because we want to do instead of sit and watch. God bless everyone and have a restful day waiting on God to move !!

  • Thank you so much for this. I’ve been so weary and burnt out, lately. The hustle and bustle of life has worn me out. Thanks for the reminder to rest in Him, our shield and refuge. A place of peace. Lord, I give you my burden, I take your yoke and I’ll follow you.

  • Lately I’ve been kicking myself for not being more of a Martha. My tendency towards resting & thinking & processing can result in feeling like a loser for not accomplishing more with my days, so thank you for this beautiful reminder that the best IS in the rest! And in the quiet moments of our day when we do, God can speak into our hearts without the noise of our day overpowering Him. Thank you for this encouragement!

    • Elisabeth

      I understand what you mean…I look around and I see a messy house, paperwork to organize, leaves to be raked….and then my Mom calls with news of illness…suddenly those things aren’t as important. After spending time together yesterday I really needed this rest time with Him. I needed to cease striving and commence trusting.

    • She Reads Truth

      Kylee, you are absolutely not alone in feeling this way! (AND you’re not a loser, of course!)

      Praying that we both trust Him enough to rest today. Grateful for His promises!

      Grace and Peace,

  • Caroline @ In Due Time

    So good! Rest!!! Rest! Rest in Him!!!! I love that in the middle of a trial we can experience HIS rest!

  • “When I need written permission to rest in the presence of the Lord, I go to the Psalms.” One of my go-to psalms is Psalm 46–specifically verse 10. Most know this as beginning with “Be still…” But in the New American Standard, it reads, “Cease striving and know that I am God…” Striving and being still. Both require our full attention. Yet only one brings ultimate Truth. How I need to remember this.

  • My comments won’t post! Anyone else?

  • Thank you Heather C for the analogy of “flapping and working”, it actually made me chuckle a bit because I can see myself doing that very thing and it does not work well at all. I pray for the courage to trust and soar. To feel God’s wind beneath my wings.

  • Sarabeth

    So very tired. These words and verses were exactly what I needed. He is the restorer of souls and the hope I can rest in. Thank you for reminding me when I woke up thinking my strength would fail me.

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying you find rest in Him today, Sarabeth! Sending hugs your way, friend!


  • I so enjoy starting my day in the Word instead of starting my mental to-do list. Rest seems illusion to me during the daytime. I sleep well but the endless stream of chores constantly calls my name. The ability to stop and savor a moment, gain a needed insight, truly listen to a friend (or be heard myself) is a gift. Lord, today let me practice resting in You instead forging ahead with the busyness that distracts me from more important things.

  • Heather C

    This life can be exhausting, can’t it? We spend so much time “doing” that we forget we are human “beings”. Let this be your invitation to rest…

    “Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not grow weary; His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might He increases strength.

    Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:28-31)

    Here’s the thing about eagles… as birds go, eagles’ wings are big, but the muscles that make them flap aren’t. Pound for pound, an eagle’s strength is no match for the strength of a hummingbird. The strength of eagles is not in their flapping but in their soaring. An eagle will perch high atop a canyon below. When the rising wind is just right, the eagle will fold its wings to its sides, literally cast itself into the chasm and plummet into the abyss. Then… when the speed is just right… the bird will spread its wings, catch the thermals, rise up into the sky and soar.

    What a beautiful picture of hoping in God! Through no strength of our own, we cast ourselves upon Him, fall into His mercy and soar on His promises. Our strength comes from trusting and soaring, not flapping and working. It takes courage to just let go. Our temptation is to frantically beat our wings and try to keep ourselves from falling when it seems like the bottom has dropped out from under us… but if we will wait on the Lord, our weakness (which honestly, is all our efforts amount to) will be exchanged for His strength, and He will become the wind beneath our wings, help us to rise above the circumstances that threaten to keep us grounded.

    I don’t know about you, but I want to soar. Here’s to the wind beneath our wings – Jesus. Have a great day! <3

  • This was perfect for me today. Upon waking each day, I feel as if I could have slept for many more hours and often immediately think to going to bed early in the coming evening. Today was one of those mornings, but as I sit here taking in each word, I listen to the rain hitting the tin cover on a window, the steady beat of the clock to my side and the quiet of a dark morning. These words make me stop and appreciate the symphony that is upon me this morning as all others still sleep. And it softens my heart to a request my teen daughter had yesterday and reminds me of what is most important. I’ll start by saying her best friend attends college about three hours from here and my Bella was missing her so after asking first, she booked her own bus ticket and headed north to see her. When my girl came home, not only did I hear all about the time with her friend, but I also heard her say multiple times how nice the bus ride was. She stated that she got to see so much of the state while listening to her favorite music and that the forced down time was really good for her. An understanding that I don’t think many teens connect with. Back to her request. Saturdays are, of late, really busy days for me and there is no real flexibility with them. This Saturday among the busiest. Yesterday my Bella asked, “Mom, could we wake early together and go somewhere to watch the sunrise?”, but my head was stuck in tasks and I reminded her that there was much to do that day, immediately her head nodded and she said, “You’re right. It’s too much” and she gave a disappointed smirk and walked away. My heart hurts to recall her expression and this has an idea brewing for me because these ideas valuable to encourage. Just the other day we were in the car and I was admiring the amazing sunset and said, “Bella, no matter how many sunsets you see, there are two that”, “are never the same” she chimed in. She finished my sentence. The girl gets it and I need to share that with her. Thank you for reminding me that resting in God’s word, God’s creation and in our days is imperative. That if I’m not doing that, I’m not teaching my children to do that and then we are all missing the cross. We are fluttering about looking for relief when it’s always right in front of us. Our resting place, no matter how tired, how worn or how stressed is the feet of Jesus.

    Prayerful that today I remember this. That today as I move through the day I desire to be a Mary, I want to see Jesus sitting, calling me to Him because only one thing is important and I want the good portion! ~ B

    • ~ B ~

      I have to add, I took “resting in truth” to a whole new level today, I literally forgot to wake my people up. 20 minutes later than normal. Whoops! :) ~ B

      • candacejo

        This is awesome! ♥ But I am sure it made for a hectic morning at your house.

    • heather (MNmomma)

      oh man Betsy……I sure can relate to this! I think back on all of the times I was just “too busy”……that all changed for me almost 4.5 years ago when I had my shoulder replaced. It was truly a gift from God. I was forced to STOP. For 3 months. STOP. Depend on others. Not do A. SINGLE. THING. I learned that life is beyond precious…..and that the world continues without me directing everything! God knew I needed a MAJOR wake up call….and it worked. So thankful! Have an awesome day B!

    • Kylee

      Your Bella sounds like a beautiful soul! Amazing the lessons we can learn from our daughters, no? Thanks for sharing this. I need to be more intentional about listening to my daughter’s requests and why she’s asking — I believe God uses our children to teach us how to slow down, so long as we don’t hurry them through life too much to notice! ❤️

    • Christi

      “We are fluttering about looking for relief when it’s always right in front of us. our resting place, no matter how tired, how worn or how stressed is the feet of Jesus.” so true… this was so good I wanted to share (@oberfamonhill) …. blessings!

  • I found a moment where my son is resting and I can sit alone. He is battling thrush this week. My “rest” has been a quick shower while he naps fitfully or reading SRT via email as I hold him. I am soul weary; “Rest in Truth” is like cold, refreshing water.

    Here is what I know after 4 days of giving myself for the health of another: fatigue invites lies. I am battling lies about myself, lies about my husband, lies about all sorts of things. Being so tired and weary lowers my defenses. I need to rest in TRUTH. I need to remember what the TRUTH is, especially when I am weak. I have used my words to hurt others. I let little offenses set me off. That is not living out of the Tree of Life. Truth must be gathered in moments of rest so it is available to use in the heat of the battle.

    Come to Me and I will give you rest. Oh, Lord! Here I am. Fill me with Your Truth once again. Help me, not just make it, but believe the Truths you speak over me. Restore me and I will lift my weary arms in praise.

    • ~ B ~

      “Fatigue invites lies….being so tired and weary lowers my defenses.” THIS Kelly! Yes! You have just explained what I’ve been feeling this season. I am overwhelmed with work I’ve been praying for, but was ill prepared with its impact on myself and the family, which has left me saying, even just last night to my husband….”I am not doing one thing well, what was I thinking?” ….. Thank you for reminding me that to be properly guarded involves rest! I will take this with me today K! Prayerful that your little guy is well on his way to better and that you find great rest today. That relief comes and connection with your son in the season will be a beautiful memory friend! ~ B

      • Heather (MNmomma)

        it is SO TRUE that being weary/fatigued invites lies……this has been happening at our house as well…..lots of prayers

    • Kellypowers

      Thanks for the reminder to “rest”. I had a situation two days ago where I got tired physically and spiritually and succumb to many lies of the enemy. I got good advice to go rest, take time for myself and be in God’s word. It helped so much to clear my head. Then the next day when I started worshiping and praising God, I was reminded that He is always with us. (We are not alone.)

  • Even reading the Bible can become another thing to DO, isn’t it. I need to constantly remind myself to take the posture of rest.

  • I constantly need to be reminded of this. It’s so easy to fall back into seeking control and feeling that I have to sort everything out by my own efforts. Like Martha, it’s hard for me to sit and rest if I feel there are things that need to be done. I’ m challenged by Mary’s example- “she even ceased serving Jesus for the opportunity to sit with Jesus”. If I think it all depends on me, it is taking on a burden that God does not intend me to have , and it reveals that I’m not really trusting him. Praying that we will lay these heavy burdens down today and know the rest God gives and remember that ” there is nothing we can do with our efforts that our almighty God cannot do by his Word.”

    • Kelly S

      Great insight, Carly. Taking on things we were not meant to bear can make a soul weary. I am going to think on that today; see what I can lay down. My soul is oh so weary.

  • Marianne

    The start of my day was so busy I was tempted to skip my quiet time. So glad I didn´t – what a great reminder that when we rest in Him, our rest becomes our strength … Thank you! :)

  • The title alone, had me well up….

    Rest in truth…

    Sadly, I am a Martha…a doer…take yesterday…a Thursday, which means the day starts at work with staff prayers, an opportunity to, for sure rest, sit, at Jesus’ feet…to listen, worship, pray…what do I do ..I skip it, 1) because I was late ( a family emergency), and I didn’t want to enter the church, with all eyes on the late comer…so I busied myself with the numerous tasks I had ahead of me…getting packed to go away, making sure all necessary items were packed, and that for those left behind they had what they needed to see them through whilst I was away..then off to the office, for a few meetings, to finish notes and tidy my desk, then back to the church kitchen to cook a meal for the 80 people who are doing the Alpha course…I did not stop, I had my sandwich, whilst running around, felt if I did, the jobs would not get done, food would not be on time and I won’t get home early enough to get enough sleep to start this new day…Exhausted…I was ..i didn’t get home til gone 10pm…
    Now, I know I got those jobs done….but, here’s the thing…I also know I would have got those jobs done if I had gone to staff prayers.. if I had sat awhile with the Lord Jesus..if I had done business with Him..if I had rested in the TRUTH I already knew and should have put into practice….the day may have gone the same…but there would have been a peace, a ‘ whistle while you work’ kinda day, rather than ‘the won’t get it all done grip of fear’

    Jesus, forgive me, for not following my heart to go to staff prayers…forgive me for not including you in the things that needed to get done, and for not trusting you to make my ‘burden light,’…
    Thank you Lord Jesus for your presence in my life and in me.. this k you that all I needed to do, did get done….Thank you for the rest through the night and the welcome into this new day…
    Lord Jesus, May I as I go through today, when the ‘pockets of opportunity come for rest, May I grab the with both hands and just be in your presence, in your love, strength, goodness, Grace…Thank you Lord God that you are my shelter and my shield, remind me Lord, when I forget, to put my hope in YOU and your promises of ‘help in times of trouble’…
    I love you Lord .and thank you for everything..Thank the mighty and loving name of Jesus, from my heart, I pray..Amen..

    Praying SIsters, that you find the ‘pockets’ to rest and be in the Lord’s presence, no matter how busy …2 Peter3:8 says..’but do not forget one thing, my dear friends, there is no difference between one day and a thousand years…’.or a moment..stopping a while, however long is long enough in Gods time…and timing…He WILL give us rest…Amen..
    Sending love, always…xxx

    • Tina

      Amanda, thank you for this much needed reminder of where, in TRUTH, I will find my rest…
      Love you sis…xx

    • candacejo

      Beautiful, open, honest and raw. That’s what we love about your stories! Thank you for sharing what so many of us do regularly…thinking we had better “get busy” instead of “get God”. Blessings! ♥

    • Kelly S

      Praying that same thing with you, Tina!

    • ~ B ~

      I had to stop to say that this morning’s devotion and what it had me recalling made me think to you. And I wanted you to know that your experiences and words resonate with me often and especially this morning as I recall you in my prayer time here. My eldest daughter was laid on my heart this morning because she asked to watch the sunrise with me and I gently poo-poo-ed the idea on the day of request because of “stuff”, but this had me thinking to you as well as my girl. What you wouldn’t give to sit arm in arm watching a sunrise with your daughter T and so I will not take her request lightly, but instead hop on the chance because life doesn’t go the way we want and I want to take in the little moments. Prayerful over you, my friend. Over your day today, that you find rest at the cross and that you know your stories, your experiences are great testimonies and that although I am sure there are those stories you’d rather not have, they don’t fall lightly. They mean a great deal to those hearing them and that I am very thankful for you! ~ B

      • Tina

        ~B, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers ..They come at a time most needed as it’s julees anniversary tomorrow and although I didn’t mention it in my list of things yesterday, I also went of to the local newspaper office to place an ad in memory of her..its always hard, this time of year, but God has been, and continues to be good to this undeserving sinner,. Thank you Lord.
        Enjoy the sunrise, enjoy the moments sis, however small…I am so thankful for the memories of things, we got to be blessed to do…xxx

        • ~ B ~

          I’m just now coming back to these. I feel so out of touch these days. How are you T? I can not begin to imagine how this season feels to you. You’ve been on my heart since I first left comment and Saturday morning with my girl had you even more on my heart. We did enjoy the sunrise. I enjoyed getting to have the alone time with her and can’t wait to do it again. I’m prayerful over you Tina. That God allow you to feel His great presence with you as you move through these days, that He continue to give you peace and that the great memories you speak of bring a beautiful comfort to you. Love to you my friend! ~ B

    • missycm

      Thank you for this, Tina! I, too, have realized that the things will get done but in what heart condition? I´ve taken to obeying what I know to be good, pure, right, commendable, excellent, praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8) and just doing it (hopefully with a prayerful mindset, also). One small example was this past week when I was debating on whether to give a wedding gift to a couple who was visiting our city and coming over for dinner who we don´t really know well. As I raided our gift closet, I thought “Meh, this is right & pure. Let´s celebrate.” And wrapped something up. Lo and behold when the newlyweds opened it the girl started crying. It was a table runner in the exact design and colors she had looked for all over, and as a textile major (something I didn´t know about her) she was so bummed she hadn´t found it. She cried, thanked us, and they went on their way, but man! How beautiful was that. A dinky table runner + obedience. That lesson won´t leave me for a loooong time.

      With much joy.

  • Corinne Kauffman

    Definitely needed this! God is so good and will carry our burdens for us! He gives us rest in a world of busyness. Thank you God!

  • Beautiful and timely. On a restless night to come across this message is amazing. Thank you, God. We adore you.

  • Feeling so run down today and this was PERFECTION! Thank you <3

  • Oh deer would appeare I needed to hear that this morning. I definitely need to learn to rest.

  • Johanna G

    A perfect devotion at midnight. Just the reminder I needed

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