Colossians: Day 3

Through Him and For Him


Today's Text: Colossians 1:15-23, 1 Corinthians 8:5-6, Jude 1:24-25

For everything was created by Him, in heaven and on earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him.

- Colossians 1:16 -

Every Tuesday I meet my mentor for a walk in the woods, where a dry dirt path meanders through pine and California oak trees. Wild flowers change with the season and dry shrubbery reminds us of the drought. The path takes us to a picnic bench with a stunning backdrop of the Cleveland National Forest, majestic mountains reaching to the sky.

There we sit for an hour, in deep conversation about God. Recently our dialogue was directed by this multi-part question: Who do you believe God is? Who or what has influenced that belief? Is that belief true?

In all honesty, our conversation made me realize how easy it is to be influenced by the world’s view of God. Culture can all too easily distract and misguide us unless we know, really know, who God is by reading His Word and believing its truth (Colossians 2:7).

Paul knew well the need to understand the truth of who Christ is, and he emphasized this vital truth as he evangelized and ministered the good news of redemption to others. At the time of this particular writing Paul was in prison, likely in Rome. A man named Epaphras, who is believed to be the founder and leader of the Colossian church, visited Paul and requested his help in dealing with the false teaching confronting the church. Having never been to Colossae himself, Paul wrote this compelling letter. It includes, in verses 15-20, a hymn thought to have been sung by the very early church—a statement of faith exalting the supremacy of Christ in both creation and redemption.

According to God’s Word—and this old hymn of the church as “sung” here by Paul— this is who Christ is:

He is the image of the invisible God.
He is the firstborn over all creation.
He is the creator of everything in heaven and on earth.
He is before all things.
He is the One who holds all things together.
He is the head of the church.
He is the beginning.
He is the One in whom all the fullness of God dwells.
He is the reconciler of all things.
He is the ultimate peacemaker.

Take a moment to soak in these words today. Go back and read Colossians 1:15-20, and give thanks for a Savior who is indeed all these incredible things. Read these verses silently, shout them aloud, or even sing them with joy! Ask God for fresh eyes to see the divine nature of Christ.

He is the one who created you and called you, who holds all things together even now, even today. He is the beginning and the end. He is the loving God who took on flesh and made peace with His children through the blood of His cross.

Paul’s hymn of adoration is a reminder for us today that Christ is alive! He is alive and present in our world, in our community, and in us, that we may be rescued, redeemed, and resurrected in new life. Who Christ is does not change, no matter the view from where we sit today. May these beautiful words from Paul’s letter direct our hearts to worship Him.

…yet for us there is one God, the Father.
All things are from Him,
and we exist for Him.
And there is one Lord, Jesus Christ.
All things are through Him,
and we exist through Him.
-1 Corinthians 8:6


  • Kristen Elizabeth

    Jesus is the head, the leader, the beginning, first place in everything. How great is it that we serve the only true God and I don’t have to worry about doing it solo, I’m doing life with the first!

  • Whitney Tingle

    It’s really easy for me to get caught up and think that my life is about me. Colossians 1 is a great reminder that it’s not. I was created by and FOR Christ!! I have been dealing with some unforeseen hurt in my life, and as a result, I am tempted to make things all about me and how I am so hurt. I was created, not for the American dream, but to serve God!!

  • Rachael S

    I feel very small when I read these verses. Also – when reviewing these verses…it’s sobering to think that this God wants anything to do with me. He created me. He loves me and wants me to come to Him.

  • Nicolekirby26

    Paul’s letter has found me as I’m coming back to the church and it’s been difficult to develop sensitivity to what God is saying, and to try to posture myself to receive Gods wisdom and truth. I’m finding a lot of encouragement and joy in Paul’s letter to this new church at Collosae, especially thinking of Paul proclaiming God’s supremacy even in prison.

  • I’m loving this study too!

  • Amen. Loving this study. The Supremacy of Christ. Amen!

  • I am going to study about principalities and powers. This
    Is what we wrestle with (according to Ephesians 6:12). These are unseen forces and not flesh and blood. There is a spiritual battle fought in the unseen world. That is also something we should prayer about. That’s why we need our armor!

  • Andie Walton

    God holds all things together. I needed this.

  • In the midst of the current events these are grounding, encouraging words. We may not know the future but we know to Whom we belong and for Him we were made.

  • Nikki Falvey

    I am reading this while sitting in the waiting room at my neurologist’s office. These were just the Words I needed to settle me and remind me that God is the creator and reconciler of all things, even my sometimes faulty brain. Thanks

  • I am grateful for a God who holds all things together! My husband has been without work for 8 months and everyday I see God hold this little life of ours together. He is providing beyond what I can imagine and stretching and growing me in my faith. We have big days ahead of us as we embark on a move to a new and unknown city, for a job God has provided! I rest in complete peace knowing that all things are from Him and through Him. I believe that God is in each thing that happens to me and for purposes bigger than me we walk through trials. Knowing who God is gives me the hope to trust Him and know there is a God-given reason we are walking in this place. There is ONE God and He is a good God! Thank you for SRT, it is a blessing to me every day :-)

  • I am grateful for a God who holds all things together! My husband has been with pout work for 8 months and everyday I see God ho,font this little life of our together. He is providing beyond what I can imagine and stretching and growing me in my faith. We have big days ahead of us as we embark on a move to a new and unknown city for a job God has provided! I rest in complete peace knowing that all things are from Him and through Him. I believe that God is in each thing that happens to me and that for purposes bigger than me we walk through trials. Knowing who God is gives me the hope to trust Him and know there is a God-given reason we are walking in this place. There is ONE God and He is a good God! Thank you for SRT, it is a blessing to me every day :-)

  • I think I need to just camp on this one for a while. Thank you.

  • I really enjoyed all these posts regarding the book of Colossians. Thank you, Jesus, for the confirmation that I am at the right place with you. Not for what I can do, but simply for what you did on the cross for me. Glory to God.

  • Caroline Suneson

    God has been revealing himself to me in such an amazing way recently. it’s almost magical how God is taking all these random puzzle pieces in my life and making a beautiful picture out of them. he is sovereign and he is holding you in His hands! he has an incredible plan for you and dreams for you! BE ENCOURAGED!

  • I am so quick to make God into someone other than who He is. His word is a gift and a treasure and it speaks the truth that we too quickly forget. Thankful for His word and how He never changes, letting us know Him more and more

  • Needed this today. If you all wouldn’t mind, please be praying for my and my family, there are ,any things going on and I know God is sovereign but I am really struggling right now.

  • I felt this message today was quite powerful. I mean, look at all God truly is! What a great read!

  • Stephanie

    Such beauty here: After yesterday’s passage, I found myself praying that God would help me to see him more truly as he is–I think I get caught up in the tenderness, the humility, the way that he pays attention to small details–all of which are true. But I forget sometimes the other side of that: the mystery, the bigness, phrases like “firstborn of all creation” and, as it says in v. 19, “in him the fullness of God was pleased to dwell.” I forget that majesty and power that allows us to pray big. Praying that, just as you wrote today, Debbie, that my heart would be opened to truth when I’m confronted with the question, “Who do you think God is?”

    Blessings, friends. :)

  • AMEN is all I can say!

  • Such an encouragement. distractions come so easy, and really tear down the strength we need to focus. I love this blog, and it has really opened up my journey at how I view myself, my life, and my self- worth!

  • This is so beautifully presented. Thank you

  • Thank you for this reminder today. All things in Him and for Him. Oh how I need this truth to resonate as I so often am distracted by my own wiles. I don’t want to lose the wonder of seeing the big picture, of knowing that it really is all His.

  • Caroline @ In Due Time

    Amen! He created all things and He continues to create new things! Praise Him!

  • Oh to hear the tune of this timeless hymn as it was originally sung!! To join in a chorus of praise with all the early saints at the church in Colossae, lifting up our God — the only God who seeks to redeem and resurrect our lives from darkness! What a SOUND.

    Yes the world is full of answers about “who” God is and it sure does offer a lot of shiny distractions for us to worship, but here in plain-as-day text is the answer our hearts have been seeking — who is this Christ? He is the image of the invisible God! The firstborn over all creation! He is the creator of everything in heaven and on earth! He is before all things! He is the one who holds all things together! He is the head of the church! He is the beginning! He is the one in whom all the fullness of God dwells! He is the reconciler of all things! He is the ultimate peacemaker! LORD, let these words permeate our consciousness, clear up any confusion in our hearts about who you are, and lead us into a lifetime of loving and living for YOU, the beginning and the end❤️

    • katie

      “shiny distractions for us to worship” So very true. I’m embarrassed and humbled by how easily my heart can go astray, but thankful for this truth, this re-alignment this today. <3

  • So grateful that He does not change… no matter where I sit.

    • She Reads Truth

      YES! So thankful for this truth, Amy! Thanks for joining us today!


  • These verses make me think of Kari Jobe’s song Forever featuring Isaac Wimberley.

    • Kylee

      I love that song, K!!

    • Tina

      Thank you K…beautiful song…beautiful words…beautiful and very announced voice…
      Thank you…xx

  • I never, can thank GOD enough for His love and mercy. If I truly believe all that is written in His word, I would be changed and glorious day, I am. Little by little I am that new creation He has promised. By the washing of the blood and the renewing of the mind in His word. You created all things to glorify Yourself, praise you Father! In you all things are restored, trust and obey and I will see it come to pass. What an honor and privilege.
    So I say to each of you who follow SRT I will see you in heaven and then we will rejoice in person together.
    Love to each of you to the glory of God.

    • Helen

      This is such a flippin’ beautiful prayer!!!

  • ” Who Christ is does not change” AMEN! I have to remind myslef of this daily. No matter what I am going through, good or bad.. God’s love , power and plan for our lives is unchanging. Thank you Jesus!

    • Kylee

      So true! My emotions may be haywire, but that doesn’t change who Jesus is. Aren’t you glad for that? I sure am. ❤️

  • “He is before all things, he is the one who holds all things together.” I’ve been sitting in sadness and grief over the loss of my marriage and trying to keep myself and my children “all together” mentally. But this is such a good reminder that in my grief and sadness I’m being held together by HIM. “He is the reconciler of all things, he is the ultimate peacemaker. ” If you had a moment and it crosses your mind to pray, please lift up my family and reconciliation and peace between my husband and I.

    • Sharon

      So sorry for your pain and loss. Praying for strength and healing.

    • Amy R

      Praying for you, Briony.

      • Sarah

        Praying for you, Briony. May the Holy Spirit guide you through the Word, so you may hear the Lord speak to you today. If you have a chance today, listen to “Praise you in this storm” by Casting Crowns.

    • ~ B ~

      Briony – I am prayerful over you and your family. Prayerful that you find peace in this place, that God restore what He brought together and that whatever the circumstance you two are able to meet Christ in this place, to peel back the layers and extend grace. I have been where you are and my heart hurts that it is such a prevalent place for marriages, hopeful that as I walked through those seasons growing closer to Christ, you will too. That your husband will as well. ~ B

    • Kim

      Briony – I know that pain and fear. KNOW without a doubt that HE is walking beside you. HE knows and feels your fear, your heartache, your shame. Your tears are not forgotten. I am praying for you and your family and your marriage. I pray that God alone can break through the chaos, the hurt, the history, the hard hearts and bring the kind of reconciliation and peace that ONLY He can bring. He loves you!

    • Kylee

      Praying for you, Briony — for peace to overcome the chaos, for reconciliation of hearts, for strength to endure the hard times along the way. But can I just tell you, you are loved even (and especially) right now? He holds you now, His hands around your heart. Let Him mend you because what He offers is so much deeper than what we can do to “fix” ourselves!! I don’t know your specifics but I know where I’ve been in my marriage, and I can stand with you in prayer for a total restoration of what was lost. Love to you from crisp Minnesota ❤️❤️

    • LP

      Praying that you feel the peace that only He can give, the great Comforter, King of Kings and Lord of lords who sees us where we are at to do a miracle in your life and the lives of your family. We honor a big God and no problem is to big or to small for Him ~ praise Jesus xo

    • Alexis

      Praying for peace and feeling God’s overwhelming love for you during this time of loss.

    • She Reads Truth

      Briony, I’m so sorry for your grief, friend. Asking God to cover you in His peace and presence. You are not alone!


    • Tamisha

      I prayed for your family

    • Tina

      Briony, I am sorry for your loss and pain…lifting you and your children up in prayer…Praying you each know Gods peace and that He will minister to each of you where you need Him most…in your hearts, in your lives, minds, as you move forward….
      Will continue to lift your family up in prayer
      Sending you all love wrapped hugs…x

  • Jennifer

    It’s so interesting . . . based on the comments so far . . . it seems like the line that resonates with us the most is this: “by Him all things hold together.” It’s one of my favorite verses – and this whole section is one of my favorite passages. It may be indicative of our world today. Do we all feel like we’re being torn apart? Separated? Spread too thin? Um . . . .yes. I feel like that a lot of days. But when we look at the “holding stuff together” verse in context, it explodes with encouragement. We see WHO Christ is. Yes, He holds us together. But He is also the beginning. He is all God. He is PREEMINENT. This Jesus who loves us, died for us, rose from the dead…He is fully God, He created us, and keeps us going. This Jesus is the one true God. And He is no wimpy God. He is able to reconcile the vilest to Himself. He made a way for me to come before His throne and He invited me there. Yes, He holds things together-and for that, I’m SO grateful. But He is so much more! He is everything to me. This God we worship. This Jesus we accept. This Holy Spirit we invite to live inside of us. This God is beyond words. And Jesus is supreme – above all other things. Wow!

    Incidentally, there is a phenomenal video (6min) about “holding things together” that you MUST see if you haven’t already. Louis Giglio uses the Colossians passage and talks about Laminin – it’s inside human cells. Here’s a link: Mindblowing.
    I hope it’s okay to share…

    • Carolyn

      Thanks for sharing that video. WOW!

    • Janelle

      Thank you for sharing that. That wrecked me. I needed to hear that this week!

    • Kylee

      Jennifer, your comment was an explosion of encouragement for me!!! Yes our Jesus is no wimpy God! He is strong enough to hold all our junk together no matter where we are at. Thank you for commenting today!! & now I want to invite you to my dance party in heaven, just sayin :)

    • Miranda

      i’m so glad i clicked to watch the video — powerful! thanks for sharing :).

    • Sarah

      Jennifer, thank you thank you thank you for sharing that Laminin video. I was feeling so run down this morning and came here searching for encouragement in God’s word. I fully believe the Spirit led me to your comment and spoke Truth into my heart that I am held together in Christ. The Laminin image nearly brought me to tears. Thank you for your comment, you are a blessing to this community!
      Peace in Christ,

    • Alexis

      Thank you so much for sharing this; sharing with others now. That was amazing!

    • Trisha C

      Jennifer, thank you for sharing this video!!! It brought me to tears and drove home in a powerful visual the scripture for today. Hallelujah to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!! All praise and glory and honor to Him who holds all things together!!! Amen and Amen!

    • Kelly S

      Wow. Just WOW! Thanks for sharing that video!!

  • What gets me is verse 16: “For everything was created by Him, in heaven and on earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him.” Let that sink in…
    The unseen – the invisible, and what *is* visible, is through Him and for Him – even the rulers and authorities are *for* God. And they have been created *through* Him. It just strikes me as my country has just come through a federal election and it seems everyone has such strong opinions on the political parties and their leaders… And I wouldn’t really say that any of the leaders are “Godly”… But yet, God in his infinite wisdom and sovereignty, has created these things for Himself. I may not fully grasp it all, as no one can know all that God knows or see all that He sees, but I feel that I can be at peace as I pray for wisdom for the new leaders of my country because I know like Bethany mentioned in a previous comment, that truly “He is the ONE that holds ALL things together!” – Amen! This includes everything! What I can see and what I cannot see, all things have been created through Him and for Him.

    Thanks for this devotional Debbie – it was so good. <3

    • Sylvia Reeve

      My thoughts as well Rebecca. I must say I was disappointed with the election outcome but like you know that it is God who sets rulers into place and removes them for His purposes. We as Christians aught to pray for our rulers that they rule wisely .

    • Miranda

      Those were exactly my thoughts Rebecca, as a fellow Canadian :). Through all the government and all the the different leaders, we can rest assured that God is still in control.

    • Kim

      Thank you for this perspective! And for the reminder to lift our leaders up, be they internationally or local, in our churches or even our homes.

  • Missy CM

    Is it only Wednesday? I had to take some time to focus before reading the Scripture this morning since my mind kept flitting to the things written on my hand, in emails, and on the to-do list board. But when I got to Debbie´s paraphrase, I just made space and doodled around truth:

    You created me.
    You called me.
    You hold all things together.

    Writing out what´s contained in those truths has me just about ready to jump up and get at this day armed with Truth and much mercy.

  • Heather (MNmomma)

    HELP!!! Trying to post comments and not very successful….
    I can’t figure out how to “log in” and establish my profile/username, etc….ALSO….everytime I comment, it brings me right back to the top of the study……and then I have to scroll back down, keep clicking the “more comments” button to reload the comments….
    Thanks sooooo much for your help!

    • Amy R

      I’m stuck, too, Heather. I’d also love to know how to establish a profile (how is it that some have pictures?) and to read all thoughts without having to constantly reload comments. I wish, too, that I were notified if someone replied to my comment.

    • ~ B ~

      Haven’t a clue how to help, but just saying Hi friend. Hope all is well your way! :) ~ B

    • Kylee

      Use the phone app, it’s way easy to do all of that — That’s my advice :)

      • Alexis

        When I post, I use the email that works with my WordPress account. Now my picture shows up when I post. Hope that helps :)

  • “He is the ONE that holds ALL things together!” That means you and me, even on our roughest days- praise be to God! He holds together the stories of our lives that are troubling us and we give Him thanks that he will present us before the gates of Heaven “without blemish” if we only continue in our faith. Praise be to God!

  • Thank you… Deep breath of release. All IS right. :)

  • Anna Buchanan

    How encouraging the truth, “And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” Amidst parent/teacher conferences, a family visit, a new unit coming up and a show opening in 3 weeks I can’t hold it all together. Praise God I don’t have to! My Father does.

    I also love that this section in Colossians may have been a hymn! We used to read it as a corporate prayer at my home church and in the middle of homesickness that fact brings me a lot of joy.

  • So thankful that Jesus is holding everything together and I can trust Him! I would appreciate prayers today as we lay my grandfather to rest. He was a believer, so I am thankful for knowing he’s with Jesus now. But it’s a very large family with a wide variety of personalities and lifestyles…quite the motley crew when everyone is together…so I’m praying for peace and that I might have a good testimony among the family.

    • candacejo

      Praying peace, strength and comfort for you and your family today. Jesus will be with you ♥

    • churchmouse

      Yes will pray the same right along with you. Families can be… something else lol! So wonderful for you to know your grandfather is with Jesus, enjoying heaven!

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Prayers lifted for you this morning <3

    • Missy CM

      Praying for your words, thoughts, and actions to reflect Truth today.

    • Tina

      Prayers bring lifted for you and your family, jess…God be with you all, attending to each in their need…
      Sending you a

  • The Message version of Colossians 1:18-20 always speaks to me. “So spacious is he, so roomy, that everything of God finds its proper place in him without crowding. Not only that, but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe—people and things, animals and atoms—get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of his death, his blood that poured down from the cross”

    When I was a kid my Mom loved doing puzzles and so did I. We would look for unique ones that we knew would take awhile, but would be beautiful in the end. Mom would empty the box and we’d go to town flipping and sorting the pieces. We would spend hours over days and weeks putting them together. There were times I was certain we’d lost a piece because none I’d try would work, but sure enough Mom would locate it and put it perfectly in its spot. Occasionally when we were finished, she’d grab some modge podge and lather the puzzle with it so that our masterpiece would remain intact forever. I was always amazed. Some of the pieces were odd shaped, or the tops of them were slightly pulled from the cardboard, but every time there was a place for them and they were always part of a bigger, beautiful, unique picture. It was such a pleasure running my hand over the finished puzzle. A great sense of satisfaction. :)

    There are times it is so easy to feel like we are a wily little piece destined to remain sidelined because we just don’t fit, but this scripture reminds us that we were CREATED by God with purpose … we fit. And we not only fit, we are part of the whole picture, connected to everything in some capacity. It hurts sometimes not seeing the whole picture, but we should have faith that as we were created by God, so was every other piece/person and that in the end, the picture will be modge podge touch-worthy, entirely for God’s glory. ~ B

    • Kelly S

      Beautifully said! Love starting my mornings with a little coffee “talk” over Scripture with my sisters!

    • candacejo

      Love! Don’t love puzzles so much though, never had the patience :) But my mother loved working them too. Modge Podge. Wow. Thanks for the memory and the great words today, B!

      • ~ B ~

        Patience was not something I realized I had, perhaps the years of puzzle work help refine me! :) ~ B

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      This hit me in my heart this morning……thank you! Love & hugs!!

    • Amy R

      For years, B, I felt that I didn’t belong. I wasn’t ever cool enough, or healthiest enough, or smart enough, or _____ enough. I always felt that I just didn’t fit. After reading your thoughts, I realized I haven’t felt that way in months. I realized that, because of my relationship with Him, I do belong. I do fit. I am part of His bigger picture, created by Him with purpose.

      I’m so grateful for your words, B. <3

      • ~ B ~

        Amy, you are not alone here. Never fully felt like I fit in anywhere, the moving around hindered any improvement made also. It wasn’t until I really grasped relationship with Christ that I no longer worried about my fit. Love you A! ~ B

    • M

      B, I started reading She Reads Truth a few months ago. Every time I finish the day’s reading, I search the comments for your response. I always find them very helpful and encouraging. But today, your words really stuck with me. I needed the reminder that I was created by a gracious God for a specific purpose. I am almost halfway through my sophomore year of college and I am really struggling with this. I don’t know what major to choose, or even whether I am at the right school right now. However, despite this, I DO have a purpose. Blessings to you, friend. -M

      • ~ B ~

        M, your words are humbling and I am so grateful that what God lays on my heart serves some purpose. This season you are in is a trying one, but God has such plans for you and I will be prayerful that He guide you the way He needs you to go, with great clarity. Can’t wait to hear what He’s going to do for you! ~ B

    • Tols

      Your gift of translating scripture into relatable scenarios continues to astound and bless me B. Bless you!

      • ~ B ~

        You are a great encourager Tols, something that you shouldn’t take lightly, THAT is a gift. Thank you so much for your kindness over my words. ~ B

    • SarahMarieT

      This was wonderful. Thanks for sharing this, B!

    • Tina

      I love puzzles…so I totally love this analogy…and I love you for the words God gives you to share…amazing, awesome words that so touch the heart, and reach the soul in ways that help us to see things a little clearer…
      I love this…
      Blessings abundant to you my friend….and yours..xxxx

      • ~ B ~

        I, too, still love puzzles, although time and place seems to get the best of this love of mine these days. Maybe one day, you and I could do the same puzzle together across the waters. :) Love you greatly my sweet & beautiful friend! ~ B

    • Sarabeth

      I really needed to hear this right now. Thank you.

  • Heather C

    Ever feel like your world is falling apart? Like YOU are falling apart? Then this is for you. One short verse — just thirteen words — but they contain a world of truth, and the key to keeping it together when everything around you seems to be crumbling into pieces. Check it out…

    “And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17)

    Jesus Christ – the One who existed before there was time – is the glue that holds everything together. If you doubt that (and I think we all either doubt or forget it from time to time), let these truths serve as a reminder…

    -The sun has a surface temperature of twelve thousand degrees Fahrenheit. If it were any closer to earth, we’d burn, and if it were any further away, we’d freeze.

    -Our globe is tilted on an exact angle of 23 degrees, which enables us to have four seasons. If it weren’t tilted, vapors from the ocean would move north and south, eventually piling up monstrous continents of ice.

    -If the moon did not remain a specific distance from the earth, the ocean tide would completely inundate the land twice a day.

    -If the ocean floor merely slipped a few feet deeper, the carbon dioxide and oxygen balance in the earth’s atmosphere would be completely upset, and no vegetable or animal life could exist on earth.

    -If our atmosphere suddenly thinned out, many of the meteors that now harmlessly burn up when they hit our atmosphere would constantly bombard us.

    Do you seriously think that all these conditions happen by accident? I don’t… I can’t. There has to be a hand keeping it all together… and if Christ can manage all of this? Surely He can handle whatever it is that has you tied up in knots today. If things seem to be falling apart for you, I pray that you will find peace in the One who is sovereign over it all. <3

    • Julia Hall

      Thank you for this, I have been struggling trying to find balance between being a full time working woman and a mom to 2 small girls (2 years and 5 months). Some days I feel like I am barely able to keep my head above water. Going to try to remember that He’s got this today and all days.

      • Kelly S

        And know that we are struggling right along with you! The rush you live in can feel lonely, like you are the only one who doesn’t have it all together. I know because I feel it, too. Just hearing that someone else needs to know Jesus is holding it together makes it a little easier. I hope your day is full of God’s amazing providence and strength!

      • Amy R

        I know that feeling, too. I’ll also remember that with Him, I can do this.

      • Julia Hall

        Thank you Kelly s and Amy R. We can get thru this season… I know we can! Just gotta keep relying on and falling on the Lord for his guidance!

    • rachel marie

      love this, heather!! reminds me of the song “He’s got the whole world in His hands”!

    • candacejo

      My hubby just preached a message along these lines…our God is amazing! There are no accidents with Him. So thankful He holds my world! ♥

    • Kim Beech

      Heather! Thank you for all of those reminders of just a few of the ways He holds it all together for us.

    • Kristin

      Thanks for the reminder, Heather!

    • Alexis

      This was a beautiful reminder. Thank you so much for this :)

    • Angela

      Thank you heather. Those were very meaningful words to me tonight.

  • churchmouse

    I’m up before the sunrise here but my heart is shining brightly as I read these words from Colossians! How wonderful to be reminded of all He is and His great love for us. I’m going to bask in that while the sun comes up!

  • I am so blessed by our God who made all things and in Him (Christ), holds it all together. God is so amazing. My life at times feels like it is falling apart at the seems and yet God in His mercy holds it all together. We truly do serve and amazing God!!

  • Amy Coleman

    What a relief! Oh, the subsequent weight that was lifted off of our shoulders by the cross!! As an adoptive mom to 5 teenagers, I can easily get caught up in my attempt to “hold all things together”. Homework, housework, taking kids here and there… Not to mention working full time, then being diagnosed with cancer and adding to the list of to-do’s chemo treatments and doctors appointments… It can get overwhelming and exhausting! Then to read Colossians 1:17 “And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” It speaks to me, it takes the burden of my shoulders. Yes, I still have the list of “to-do’s” but I ultimately am not the One that “holds it all together”, I don’t have to carry that weight. Every morning, I come before our Heavenly Father, and I lay the day before Him, I surrender my list of “to-do’s” and I give the burden of trying to hold everything together over to Him. He is in control and He will lead me through my list giving me patience, understanding, peace and anything else I need, He holds it all together.

    • lynne

      Thanks for sharing you thoughts, Amy. I can relate to a lot of what you said except for the cancer part. I will be praying for you. I am a mom of 7 and I own a business with my hubby and home school my children but to have cancer and teenagers that is a hard combination. You have great faith. You are an encouragement to me. Have a blessed day sister!!

    • churchmouse

      Amy, praying for you and your family this morning. What focus and strength you share in the midst of trying circumstance! Oh that you feel God holding you as you hold on to Him. Blessings to you

    • candcejo

      The Ultimate Burden-Bearer: Jesus Christ! So encouraging to know you find your comfort in Him, truly where our strength lies. You are in my prayers today. ♥

  • Beautiful!! He has created everything for a purpose, including us. How amazing.

  • He is the one who created you and called you, who holds all things together even now, even today. He is the beginning and the end. He is the loving God who took on flesh and made peace with His children through the blood of His cross….
    These words right here are great words to wake up to….a great way to start the day…knowing who you are and most importantly who God is .. No matter the circumstance, no matter the journey, no matter the season, God …God..doesn’t change…
    Yesterday, today, forever…
    He was…, He is…, and is to come…for always.. never changing…
    And that my dear Sisters, is something I need to to remember, every day..
    Total praise and thanksgiving to our God, who gave us His son, Jesus…that through him, we would know the truth of who we are in Him, that loves us so very very much…
    Debbie Eaton, thank you…

    SIsters, happy Wednesday…Praying you see the blessings, love and Grace …this wet and windy day…

    • candacejo

      Sweet words as always! Blessings on this wet and windy day, we could use some of that rain ♥

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Hugs and blessings to you, friend!

  • Yessss!!! Up at 230 am and said I’m gonna read since I can’t sleep! If my awesome husband wasn’t enjoying sweet sleep I would be screaming about our God!!! I am so excited on the inside about the truth of our God! Praying that both myself and my husband grow in oneness towards this amazing God! That we would recognize in all things we were made by him and for him!

  • Colossians 1:17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
    Oh how wonderfully He holds us together. Prayers of praise and thanksgiving daily!

  • Love love love this

    He is the one who created you and called you, who holds all things together even now, even today.

    trusting in God to hold me together and know that he has a plan for today and every day!

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