Colossians: Day 1

Greetings To The Saints at Colossae


Today's Text: Colossians 1:1-2, Romans 1:7, 2 Corinthians 1:1, 1 John 3:1-2

To the saints in Christ at Colossae, who are faithful brothers. Grace to you and peace from God our Father.

- Colossians 1:2 -

Text: Colossians 1:1-2, Romans 1:7, 2 Corinthians 1:1, 1 John 3:1-2

There’s a monster in my closet named Anxiety. He’s been hanging around for about five years now, long enough that his presence no longer surprises me but not quite long enough for me to predict exactly when he’ll burst out the door, let alone what it will take to put him back in.

He appeared a few days ago when my husband and I were talking about a big, vague possibility that tore my stomach in knots for reasons I couldn’t quite identify. Anxiety kicked open the closet door and came out roaring, taunting me and tossing out lies faster than I could dodge them. My husband started taking aim at those lie grenades, knocking them out of the sky, one by one. He told me true things until I started to hear them, and eventually, Anxiety went sulking back to his closet and closed the door, defeated.

Lies are toxic. The only sure antidote is Truth.

The people in the newly-founded church at Colossae were under fire. They were a Christ-believing, gospel-professing people in a world that refuted the basic tenets of their faith. They worshipped God in a society that worshipped angels; they believed Jesus was the Son of God in a culture that believed all flesh and matter were evil. In the midst of a lie-shouting world, the church struggled to hold fast to faith and grow in the gospel. Sound familiar?

Paul, from prison, put pen to paper to speak truth into the hearts and minds of this church family he had never met, but nevertheless held close at heart. His letter to the Colossian believers is a gospel antidote—an injection of truth to counter the heresy that confronted them.

To catch Paul’s vision and heart for this short, heartfelt letter, let’s take a moment to digest the opening verses:

“To the saints in Christ at Colossae…”
Straightaway, Paul identifies his audience, and boldly so. The word “saints” is no haphazardly applied label— this is gospel truth! The believers at Colossae were holy and set apart before God in Christ Jesus. (And friends, if we are in Christ, this bold label applies to us too! See Romans 8:16-17.)

“…who are faithful brothers.”
As he often did, Paul used familial terms to reiterate his relationship to the men and women of the church, as well as their relationship to one another. The Body of Christ is created to live and serve with one another, modeling the gospel in how we love. [And don’t let the “brothers” throw you; Paul may have addressed his letter to the men in the room, but his sentiments applied to the women too! Remember how he appealed to Euodia and Syntyche in his letter to the Philippians (Phil. 4:2-3)? Our brother Paul was mindful of his sisters. We are all one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28).]

“Grace to you…”
If anyone knows the boundlessness of grace, it was the apostle Paul (1 Timothy 1:15). Grace was the foundation of the Colossians’ faith—and it’s ours too. Paul consistently reminds us in his letters of this incredible truth: When it comes to grace, we can’t have too much, and we will always have enough.

“…and peace from God our Father.”
A prison cell is not the place you’d expect to find peace. Yet, Paul not only displayed peace, he prayed peace for his brothers and sisters. Paul knew the false teaching the Colossians were fighting, and he knew the fight was not easy. But he also knew where true peace comes from (John 14:27). As he begins this letter of bold truth and unabashed gospel teaching, Paul sends “peace from God our Father,” demonstrating his sincere love for his fellow believers.

As we prepare to read this letter together over the course of the next two weeks, let’s join Paul in pushing back the lies by giving thanks for what is true. Let’s give thanks to God for our fully undeserved, yet fully secure, standing in Christ Jesus, and for our place in this broad, beautiful family of faith. Let’s remember God’s grace, accepting a fresh dose of it anew and resting in the peace that is ours from God our Father.

Let’s ask the Lord to prepare our hearts to hear the good news of the gospel once again. It is the truth that defeats all the lies, the only antidote for our ailing souls. 


  • Rachael S

    In two days it will be a full month since my older brother took his life. None of us saw it coming or even had an inkling. I’d say anxiety is pretty high and am looking forward to embracing truth. I too like the “in a prison cell. Paul had peace” and was able to extend it to his beloved fellow saints.

  • Stephanie Baldwin

    Sometimes I feel like I can’t grasp onto my faith. It’s like it’s there but I have to hold onto it so tightly. I want to become more like Paul and have the faith to overcome anything I can even imagine! I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and I will be blessed by believing this even in hard times!!

  • Abigail

    Sometimes it’s incredibly hard to read that God has Grace for me too. It’s my little thing that I will always be always close but not completely covered. I am thankful that God is trying to teach me that HE alone is Truth, (nothing of this world) and that in Him, through the glories of His grace, I can find Peace. After all, once I rest in His Grace alone, I will have Peace. Oh Lord, help me to rest in the fact that your Grace is Boundless and You Love me despite me!

  • Amazing how *in a prison cell* Paul not only found peace – but displayed and prayed for it. Incredible.

  • His grace and truth truly set us free.

  • Jeanna Vance

    Standing against anxiety here, too. Great app, and I’m thankful for the open sharing happening here, as well.

  • Mary Beth

    Thankful for grace!

  • Ellie Kate


  • Kimberly Barlow Cook

    I am starting this Bible study with a group of young women who stayed at my house for a retreat this weekend. I thankful for Phil. 4:6-7 promises and will use this to keep the anxiety monster in the closet.

  • This is my first time commenting on this app and the comments are really encouraging! Thank you everyone for sharing. I didn’t realize when I was reading this devotional that I also struggled with anxiety-but diving into the comments the stories sounded all too familiar. I am very anxious about a big project at work and only being there a few months I have much to prove and a new boss who I am still trying to figure out. I have been praying that God help me with the task not my anxiety-now I know to restructure my prayers to ask for peace in these times.

  • I struggle with procrastination and waiting for someone else to do it, I battle with my flesh by telling myself I can sin YHWH will forgive me. I fear and I doubt and 2nd guess. I’m a rape survivor and a recovered drug addict, among other things. My desire is to start over, fresh new beginnings.

    • Linnea

      Thanks for sharing your struggles. I will pray for you along with my daughter who has a similar story.

    • Sylvia

      God has renewed you. Bathe in that.

  • Sophia Beyda

    I was actually raised Jewish in a fairly unfaithful community and I am struggling with trying to connect and stand up for Christ when I am surrounded with unfaithful people. I connect so well with the people to whom Paul is speaking. I cannot wait to hear the rest of Paul’s word and learn how to stick with my inner Truth and portray that to those around me. <3

  • Paul declaring himself an apostle by the will of God while in prison energizes me. Implied means I can be the parent, the educator, the person God intended, by His will even when things don’t seem to be going well.

  • I am in the midst of a lot of anxiety and shame and as always I find SRT and God meets me here right where I am AS I AM. It’s a scary time emotionally but God gives us grace to pass through the storm. Thanks for this great truth! It keeps me going!

  • S. Marie

    In an inconsistent world, God is our only steadfast truth. This is what we need to rely on, and actively participate in (the reading of the Word) to fill our hearts with truth as a defense against the lies that are constantly around us. I struggle with anxiety too, as I’m sure so many do with all we’re confronted with on the daily. And it’s human nature to have that laser focus causing you to harp on one thing, one negative, fixating and elaborating on all the ways in which that one thing is bad ore negative, or could end badly. But God. To shift our focus on Him is to shift it to truth, grace and peace. What a great message, and what a great role model in the apostle Paul. #faith #truth

  • As we know, fear is not of God. We all will be faced with trials and temptations in life. But God is still faithful. This study today helped me to refocus on who I am “a child of God, his royal priesthood” and my purpose “a servant of God”. That no matter what I may face, God is greater. I can have peace in understanding and believing in his unfailing love and Word. Which will help me in the midst of my storm, to be a blessing to someone else in their storm (as the Apostle Paul did, being in prison yet giving instruction and encouragement to his fellow believers). When we take care of God’s business, he will take care of our business.

  • I am struggling with helping my spouse with his anxiety. His anxiety is based on the fear of dying. It is easy to fight the lies when he worries about his health. With logic, I can prove to him that he worries are unfounded. The pains he feels are from worry and not any other medical condition. But lately his worries have turned to terrorism. I’m struggling with how to combat the lies, when there is truth in his worry. There is evil in the world. How do I help with his anxiety?

    • Rebekah

      He’s externalizing some deep root of fear in his heart. Focusing on the outward part ( health, terrorism) just causes him to shift it to something else. Ask him to ask God to reveal to him where this fear comes from; ask him about his earliest memories of fear.
      God can walk with him right into the very place in his heart from which the fear springs, and heal that place. Invite Christ into that place of fear, to dispel it and heal the wound it made.
      God bless.

  • It’s so important to remember the devil is a liar. Today reminded me that I need to speak truth as soon as I recognize the lies.

    • Desia

      This is very important and true. I have learned to do this for over awhile now. Because the devil will attack your mind and your thoughts to have have you thinking things against the Will of God for your life. We must continue to protect our minds and hearts through the Word of God daily.

  • Jovanna Torres

    With anxiety I always feel so alone. I’m so blessed to know that I’m not alone in this and that God will sustain us with his truth, grace, and peace.

  • I am also just starting today. I really loved the devotional this morning, my husband and I are going to be relocating to a bigger city early next year (we now live in a very small town in Georgia). There are things that have to happen in a timely manner for things to go smoothly, selling our house, me finding a job.. So please keep us in prayer over the next several months that God will work everything in his timing.

    • Nikki Falvey

      I will be praying for you and your husband Jamie! If this move is God’s will then it will all work out according to His good timing and purposes.

  • God always has PERFECT Timing!! I’ve had this app on my phone for awhile now & this is the first time opening it. I leave for Europe in 18days and have been so filled with anxiety because money problems. Flight & cruise all paid for yet not a penny for emergency, etc. I know God is in control & me opening this up today and it spoke Straight to me on my anxiety. Thank You Lord for Always being there & for such an Abundance of Never Ending Grace ~R

  • My anxiety increases during the holiday season, so this was so refreshing to read. Thank you for sharing!


  • Lanya St Clair

    I needed to read this today. Anxiety has been a constant struggle for me. even my boyfriend not preheating the oven was enough to send me spiraling. or my son talking after I wanted quiet. praise God for knowing what I needed when I needed it.

  • This was my favorite read by far! It combined personal experience with pure Gospel truth. We need the word of God DAILY!

  • The fact that Paul who considers himself the worst of sinners(1 Timothy 1:15-17)offers the unbound less grace of God in his opening takes me back to a place of peace with God, which he also offers in his opening. Grace and peace go hand and hand and they are the truth I need to remind myself of when the lies of shame and guilt over my past come at me. They can be so incapacitating.

  • Heather Dawn

    I got to the grace and peace line of the beginning and just had to stop. Why is it so hard to remember that simple astonishing truth, that God has grace and peace for us right now. Grace- unmerited favor and peace- Freedom from violence and war. I can’t help but think that peace is for the war on our soul. For the violence we put ourselves through on a daily basis. I am so violent and harsh to myself when all the lord offers me is grace and peace for every situation. So simple, so easily forgotten. God makes it so simple for me I miss it.

  • I just started this devotional today and have been really looking for a community to do a study with as my living and work schedule does not allow for a regular church group. The Devo today is eye opening and encouraging. I have been having anxiety attacks the past couple months which is uncommon for me. I’m waiting upon an answer for being accepted into training for policing and it has been exactly one year now in the application process and in at the tail end. The timing is unknown and that gives me anxiety as I am a type A planning type person. I also would just like to get into a career finally! Thank you for being available and to reading and listening. I look forward to this study with you!

    • Angie

      I also applied for law enforcement academy and have been anxious about a career. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone and there are others experiencing something so similar to what I’m currently going through.

  • It’s so beautiful to know that God is our source, we don’t have to question and experiment with how to rid ourselves of anxiety, God spells it out for us he lays the answers out for us to find but its funny because whenever I have anxiety, I seem to forget that God is my cure and my healer, only he can bring peace, anyone have any ideas on how to remember God in the middle of an anxiety attack?

  • I just stumbled across this today, and I am so glad I did! Exactly what I needed. We are expecting our 4th baby in March and I have been struggling with anxiety lately. All the lies of not being a good enough mother, not being strong enough, etc. But it IS with truth that these are defeated. I am good enough, because I have Christ. I am strong enough, because I have Christ. I can do this (and all thing) through Christ Jesus! Thank you for sharing your struggles as well and reminding me that I am not alone. So glad to have found your site, and looking forward to reading more!

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Carissa! So glad you are here! Praying for you today!


  • Jenae Ruth

    Thanks for shattered about your anxiety, Amanda. I’ve been struggling with severe anxiety for several months now. In the search for peace and rest, I haven’t been going to the source: God our Father. Thank you for the reminder that only truth fights the lies of anxiety!

  • I started a new job this year, and though I vowed to let God Be in control of all things, I have let the voices of others get into my head. I am thoroughly needing a fresh encounter with God. Last weekend I had an anxiety attack of mass proportions for me. I felt overly hot and my heart was racing. All of this because I have let other things come before my relationship with God. I hope this study will get on the right track.

    • Cindy

      Hi Ashley, I am in a new job too and I also had a bit of a meltdown yesterday. It takes a lot of discipline to tune out the other voices… I work with people who swear like sailors and this in a school of all places. May God touch your heart, mind, and body this weekend. I will pray for you.

  • For years I struggled with anxiety. My mind tends to run for miles on endless crisis’s. But thankfully and by Gods unfailing love and support, each time I face a new storm I hand it over to God. Rooted in peace and the hope I have in Christ to once again show up and show off in my life. With God by my side there is no room for anxiety, only expectancy. X

  • Kasey Summers

    So thankful for God’s peace and His grace that we so do not deserve! Excited about this study!

  • Hi SRT, and thank you for this wonderful app and the devotions to bring God’s word right into the heart of so many lives. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to buy the Colossians plan – every time I try, it says it’s under modification, then not currently available for purchase. Thanks in advance for anything you can do to get it up again.
    God bless you!

  • “He told me true things until I started to hear them…” I love this, that’s exactly what I need too sometimes. So thankful for wise husbands.

  • Cassidy Fetner

    I had an anxiety attack of sorts just yesterday. I am a nanny of a six month old and a three year old. They are amazing little boys, and I am seeing this time as “mommy training”, as my husband and I hope to start our family in the next couple years. Well, lately I’ve felt this anxiety creeping up inside me that I don’t have what it takes emotionally or spiritually to be the kind of mommy I want to be. A mom who is always patient and kind and accepting and gentle. A mom who radiates the fruits of the spirit. I’ve been feeling defeated and insufficient but this reminds me that I am HIS and he STRIKES DOWN these lies from the enemy. He brings me peace as I thank him for this preparation period.

    • Helen

      I’m a mom of four now. My youngest is not even three weeks old. It’s hard and I don’t know if any of us are that perfect mom. Certainly not all the time. I think as long as you’re able to see your shortcomings with gentle honesty and humility, you gave what it takes. :) Just the fact that you’re thinking about this seems like you’ll be a great mom! Hah the sleeping baby in my lap just made a really cute baby sound when I typed that. He knows it’s true.

    • Shannon

      A few days late, but someone just gave me a quote that said “there is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good mother”

  • In the quiet stillness of night, when the crazy day has winded down, my brain starts to bring all the worries in. Anxiety keeps me up at night… worrying about everything little… to not so little. You name it, I’ve worried about it. Some are downright irrational… but they’re there. I’m ready to turn it over to God.

    • Rosalie

      My anxiety is very similar. I’ll be praying for you and I Jen throughout this study. God is with us, He knows us and wants to be our Help.

  • Tiffany K

    Anxiety is usually my “normal” friends and family know me as the worrier, all I do is worry and stress about things. Just last night I was so worried about if I could have children or not, and I was just being thrown one lie after another. “Like I probably can’t even have kids, and if I could how can I afford it” I am so excited for this study! I am ready to receive the antidote for my ailing soul!!

  • I am so looking forward to this study! Anxiety has been a major struggle for me with so many different circumstances that have happened especially in the past 4 years. From coming down with a chronic illness, to college, to a failed relationship that was supposed to last forever (at least that was my plan. Praise God that He is in control and a l w a y s knows what’s best) I tend to let anxiety take over. And I’m done. I’m excited to see what God is going to do!!

  • Anxiety has either been a daily or weekly thing in my life for the past 4 months or so. I’ve learned more about anxiety and more about peace, joy, and love than I ever would have imagined. I’m in no way “over” my anxiety, but I’m learning how to control it a little, I know when it starts to creep in to take a deep breath and pray for peace. For God to help me get over my irrational fear, and for me to be filled with the Fruits of the Spirit. It’s so amazing how God can take something like anxiety that makes you feel like you’ll never be “normal” again, and be uses it to being us closer to Him.

  • I get overwhelmed at the goodness of the Father. I have crippling anxiety and what I have found to be true is that always He cares. He cares about the myriad of things that keep me up at night and make me frantic, He cares about my worry and He quiets my fears with His love and kindness. Jesus is so very good. I am thankful for my anxiety. I hate my anxiety, but I am thankful for this thing I hate, because it makes me press into Jesus in fully dependent ways and I get to watch Him be amazingly faithful.

  • Mommynoffy

    Peace from the father. As someone who suffers from anxiety this passage really spoke to my heart. I have felt more and more anxiety creeping into my life, but today every time I felt it I stopped to pray for peace. Now at the day’s end, I am still feeling that peace. God is good!

  • Michell W

    Today my husband and were called liers. I don’t know how anyone gets use to that. In the past when something like this would have happened it would have sent me into an emotional tail spin (like it did two weeks ago). Today after the dust settled I opened Gods word and filled my mind with today’s timely truth of God. You see me God! You knew! I’ve been asking the Lord to help me walk better through conflict today was a peaceful step in the right direction. Thank you God for directing my soul to you The squisher of lies! Tomorrow will be a new day so help me tomorrow too.

  • Rochelle

    This is great :) thanks!

  • Boy do we need more truth! And boy do I know all about anxiety. The truth of God prayed/spoken in anxious moments really does help!! Praise God for His truth!

  • Thank you so much for this study. SRT Bible studies have been such a blessing to me.
    I just wanted to give a little feedback on the new look. I’m finding that it now difficult to navigate around on my phone. I had a hard time getting to todays devotion. Also it doesn’t come across formatted correctly. Please don’t take these thoughts as criticisms.. just wanted to let you know. Have a blessed day.

  • Paulette

    I’m excited to do this study with my husband as he goes through HeReadsTruth. In our 7 years of marriage we’ve never done a study together just the two of us. I can’t wait to have more gospel-centered conversations with my husband as we dive into His truth and this study.

    • She Reads Truth

      So excited to hear you and your husband are reading together, Paulette! Praying for you both!

      Grace and Peace,

  • I was just thinking about my current struggle with anxiety, and how it seems to be my “issue” during this season of my life. In past seasons, when I have dealt with a particular sin, I have wished that I could struggle with something else, something “easier.” Now I see that, easier or not, this struggle with worry is still hard. But this devotional met me where I’m at today, and I’m excited to keep reading Colossians. :)

    • Brittany

      I am right there with you. Anxiety was never a real issue for me until the past couple of years, and boy, has it hit hard this year. It always seemed like an “easier” thing to get past to me, too, and now that I’m struggling with it, I realize how wrong I was!

      • Caroline

        I feel you both there! I’ve been struggling with crazy anxiety just for the past year, and boy what a battle it is! It’s always seems so easy when it’s talked about finding peace- but when I get bogged down in anxiety it’s so much harder to find that peace. The Lords slowly teaching me that true peace can ONLY be found in Him, praying for you ladies struggling with the same kinda thing!

  • Sara Richard

    This devotional blessed my heart

  • Danielle

    Anxiety indeed is a monster and because you can’t see it, it is the unknown that grips me into paralysis. I have to be reminded that my heavenly Father is also unseen but so much stronger then the lies and fear that seek to leave me shaken and not forwarding my own walk with Christ and thus his Kingdom message. I have to remind myself to breath when I am in these moments so thankful and encouraged by all the other women who seek to stand firm against these attacks and trust in the One who is the Overcomer. Thanks for this message today!

  • Wow- I love the new website and this piece was so encouraging. As a college student anxiety is always looming, wanting to grab ahold to anything it can get its grip on. God is peace though. Just the reminder of that is something everyone needs to hear over an over again. God has the ulitmate power to take complete care of us and give us the constant peace we ask for. Mmm good things, good things. Praise to him

    Also, I would love it if you checked out my blog :

    Thank you SRT for being so impacting! :)

  • I have an anxiety monster too! I feel like mine is just out of the closet, hanging around my head ALL DAY LONG.I’m starting to get fed up enough to fight back and walk through whatever situation that God places before, with anxiety and fear walking alongside me. I just wish they weren’t my constant companions ya know?
    It kinda reminds of of the book Hinds Feet in High Places by Hannah Hubbard.In the book Much-Afraid has Suffering and Sorrow as her companions as she takes her journey from the Valley of Humiliation to the High places. In the end of her long journey, she receives a new name from the Shepard “Grace and Joy” and her companions become Joy and Peace. It’s a really good book that demonstrates our walk with the Lord. How I long to receive my new name from the Lord and finally shake off anxiety and fear as my companions!

    With all of that being said, I am so grateful for this study. I know it well help. Thank you SRT!

  • Rhonda Church

    Thank you for speaking truth into me this morning..Keeping God’s Word (this Word).. tucked and hidden in my heart though the day..Yesterday was full of heartache..Thank God His mercies are new every morning and his Grace is sufficient for me. She (Rhonda) reads Truth…

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Rhonda! Thank you so much for joining us today and sharing your heart. Praying for you now, asking God to be present in the midst of your heartache and to provide His inexplicable love and peace. Blessings to you, friend!

  • When reading a bit about the background of Colossians ( this statement jumped out at me. It was a reflection on how, when the epistle was written, ideas were under attack because it was at a time of significant change. Much like today. “As in the past, this is a day where, duped by the age-old lie of Satan, man still continues to believe in himself and his ability to solve his problems apart from God as He is revealed in Scripture.” Goodness! In the very big and very little ways — like, as in how I hold on to stress, instead of just praying for peace and trusting in Him. I can’t wait to dive in to this.

    • She Reads Truth

      Love this, Shannon! Thanks for providing additional insight. Excited to read through the rest of Colossians with you!


    • DAH

      Thank you so much for that link Shannon! It definitely provided some unknown background details for me and makes me look at this book with a new perspective. Excited to begin this study!

    • Cindy J

      Wow… Thanks for that! Amen, Amen and Amen! Writing it down and posting it for memorization!

  • I’m so excited for this study! This devotion resonated with me because I have struggled with anxiety my whole life. I’ve learned to rely on God through every circumstance and He’s the only solution to calming my anxiety. When I went to a psychologist, the only thing that helped me was to pray during those moments. I think that’s amazing that God is there with me through those moments. I also love John 14:27. God’s peace is so comforting.

  • Excited for this study in Colossians! I have never commented before but just had to join in this morning! I have also struggled with anxiety for years and it has reared its ugly head yet again after having a baby and worrying about every little thing that encompasses. Today’s study was an encouraging reminder to hold fast to Truth as that is the ONLY antidote. It is also strangely encouraging to see how many of us struggle with anxiety to know that we are not alone! Grateful for this resource to point us back to Truth and for this community that encourages one another. Oh how I need grace today and how poignant that I can never have too much (I feel that way every day!) but yet we always have enough!

    • She Reads Truth

      Kori, I’m SO glad you decided to comment today! Joining you in holding fast to Truth! Blessings to you!


  • Caroline @ In Due Time

    God’s grace truly is overwhelming! Grace upon grace!

  • Something as simple as change to my beloved SRT website stirs up anxiety in me. That dreaded anxiety calls me to, once again, run for the hills.

    God reminds me not to run. God reminds me that I am not alone. I can face this challenge (and all other challenges) because He is with me. He is my truth, and that brings me peace.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Amy! Thanks for sharing! We’ve had a little anxiety over launching the new site, too! We want it to be just so for our favorite Shes! Grateful for the reminder that He sticks with us, even in doubt and fear. Praying peace over you today, friend!


  • I started visiting this page about a week ago. I always had every intention of becoming involved in the study and drawing nearer to God. I had came to the haunting realization that while I might attend every church service and enjoy it, beyond that, my relationship with My Heavenly Father was nonexistent. Today’s lesson stopped me in my tracks. For the past 5 years, I have dealt with anxiety that seemed to appear out of nowhere and completely changed who I am because of the ridiculous lies and fears that I always gave into. But it wasn’t until this today that I saw it as lies or even the Devil. I’m sad thinking of the opportunities I have missed to bring others to Christ and shine my light, but didn’t because I have let the Master of Lies control so much of my life. Please, pray for me. I will no doubt be repeating John 14:27 to myself all day. “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

    • Emily

      You are not alone in this, sweet sister. Praying peace from God our Father over you.

    • MissM.R.

      Dear Alicia
      Know that you are being prayed for today…
      Lord Jesus,
      Thank you for revealing your truth to us through your Word. Thank you moreover that you do not want us to stay the way we were but want us to be come like you through the renewing of our minds and the transformation of our hearts. Be with Alicia today Lord… as she grasps that you do not want her to live bound by anxiety and lies. Holy Spirit open her mind to the truth and to new scriptures that will provide true freedom. Help her to take capture any thougtht that is not consistent with scripture and replace it with truth. Lord today keep Alicia’s lamp burning… O GOD turn her darkness into LIGHT.
      In Jesus’ Name

    • She Reads Truth

      Alicia, I am so glad we are in this together! Praying God’s peace over you today, friend. We are so happy you’re in the SRT community!


    • Alexis

      I have been in your shoes, and let fears and anxiety keep me from Gods promises, yet God restores and he has brought them back. He will redeem things for you too. My prayer for you (me too) is that you will hold on to Truth revealed in Gods word as anxiety and fear rears its ugly head.

    • Kelly S

      I am so glad you decided to jump in and get involved. Someone needs to hear about your struggle. It will encourage them to know they are not alone. When the enemy silences us, he takes away the power of connection. Keep talking, keep sharing, and keep walking!

  • The new website looks amazing! I am so happy SRT continues to grow and evolve. My only suggestion is adding social icons in the nav, footer, or in a sticky on the side of the browser. I think y’all are such an amazing voice to women (and men!) and social sharing is such a great way to continue to grow this beautiful community <3

    • She Reads Truth

      Brooke, thanks for your sweet words! I’m passing your suggestion along to our web developer. Thank you!


  • Angelica

    I absolutely needed this before going to class this morning. Being in a program that is heavily weighted on the science side of the conversation leaves me deflated at the end of the day. To know that God’s truth IS significant and evident in my life was greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    • Good morning my sister. I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Caroline Leaf speak this weekend. She is a scientist who boldly proclaims her fait in God and our Lord Jesus Christ! Check her out!


    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks for joining us today, Angelica! Yes, God’s Truth IS significant, and I’m praying He continues to encourage you with this reminder all day long!

      Grace and Peace,

  • This website is wonderful! I look forward to reading it daily and it truly encourages me!

    Thank you

    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks for your sweet words, Amanda! So glad you joined us today!


  • This reminds me of an awesome song written by Brett Stannfill called “Sons and Daughters.” The bridge has these beautiful lyrics,
    “We are the sons, we are the daughters of God
    No matter where we go we’re close to the Father’s heart
    And though we stumble He will not let us fall
    We are the Lord’s and He will never forsake His own
    We are the sons, we are the daughters of God”
    and the bridge speaks even more truth…
    “When the lies speak louder than the truth
    Remind me I belong to You
    When I can’t see past the dark of night
    Remind me You’re always by my side.”
    Such an encouragment as we walk through this world. To know and be reminded that God will never leave us. We are His. <3
    Here's a link to Sons and Daughters if anyone wants to listen..pull out the tissues!

    • Stephanie

      thank you for sharing this song

    • Kay

      Thanks, Amanda, for posting the link to this song. What a good way to begin my morning, along with the Bible study. I’m away from home, feeling fearful, and needed to be reminded that even in the dark (literally, lying in bed last night), God is near.

  • Jennifer C.

    “Lies are toxic. The only sure antidote is Truth.” I love this, on a Monday morning, in a world that is shouting lies All. Day. Long. Thanks ladies!

  • Stephanie

    The last few days, my anxiety has been so high because of a family issue, it has left me feeling like I’m gasping for air. So imagine how it stopped me in my tracks to read the first line of today’s devotion. My mind has been spinning and feeding me lies about the unknown in an effort to help me be in control. After today’s reading, I will repeat Grace & Peace over and over today. I will try my best to seek and rely on God’s truth in the matter I am facing and not in the lies running away in my head. If you feel so inclined, please pray for clarity and peace for my mind and heart.

    • Kylee

      Praying for you right now Stephanie, and may the peace of God flood your heart and clear your mind!

    • She Reads Truth

      Stephanie, I’m praying for grace and peace for you today. Asking God to help you rely on His Truth! Thanks for joining us today, friend!


  • churchmouse

    When unsettling circumstances arise, my husband and I give ourselves 10 minutes of panic, if you will. Then we pray. And we ask the Lord, “Ok, what is real about this situation? (not speculation, or what if) and” what is true about this situation?” (not imagination gone wild). Once we acknowledge what God reveals as real and true, then we know better what, if anything, we are to do about the situation. Good is faithful to lead. This little exercise seems to keep that anxiety monster at bay.

    • Kylee

      That’s such a good idea churchmouse. I’m going to try that method with my husband, too!

    • Amy R

      This is something I must try… 10 minutes of panic, then prayer. Love it.

    • Helenwalksinawe

      This is so helpful in any situation! I think it would be a good approach to use to get through an argument or misunderstanding, too. Definitely copying this down in my journal! Thanks, Churchmouse!

  • Coming from a region where fewer than 4% of the people go to evangelical churches, I am in a very gospel parched area. May the rereading of Colossians spur me on in good faith, so that I may be used in bringing Christ to ailing souls.

    • Katie Westenberg

      What a bold and beautiful challenge, Valance. Praying that for you this morning!

    • Kylee

      Praying for that with you Valanne! May your presence be as a light that shines in a dark place. I’m excited to reread these truths with you! ❤️

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying with you, Valanne! Excited to read the rest of Colossians with you!


  • I so love the contrast of lie vs truth. Thank you for calling out the role of truth in defeating lies. I find it difficult in certain seasons (namely when I’m tired and going-going-going through life) to separate the two. Sitting down to read this morning is evidence of God’s grace in the midst of all the busy-ness of life.

  • Heather (MNmomma)

    Very much looking forward to diving into this new study with you ladies……and figuring out the new format – how on earth do I get it to save my name/pict, edit comments……LOL! :) Spent about 6 miles in prayers yesterday while on a run…..was not planning on that far, but had a lot of “unsettledness” in my heart/mind. His truth shone thru and by the time I sprinted up my driveway, I was filled with peace.

  • Jennifer Fromke

    Lies are toxic, the only sure antidote is truth. This resonates so much with me – especially lately. I seem to be up against lies everywhere I go lately. And I’m so disappointed every time I realize I’ve been lied to. There is one person who cannot lie and I need to feed on HIS words every day – they are weapons to combat the lies. The Word of God is like a flaming sword . . . piercing to bone and marrow . . .We live in a lying world, but we can take heart – God’s Word tells us that HE has overcome the world. He IS truth and when I cling to Him, the lies fall away.

  • Missy CM

    I like guidelines. Projects, sports, meals, etc. If you tell me what you want, that´s what you´ll get. However some things in life aren´t spelled out to a T… including kiddos.

    I can´t think of anything much more anxiety-inducing for me than raising kids. The spectrum of things that can go wrong, or can take a turn you didn´t realize was wrong until years down the road makes me cringe. However, knowing (as so many have pointed out!) that we´ll never have too much grace, it´s given me peace to lean heavily on the Word in this and not give in to the Anxiety Monster. In particular, I like using Philippians 4:8 as a filter for whatever situation is happening (play dates, media, holidays, book content…). My mental paraphrase: “Whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, if it´s excellent or praiseworthy. Think about these things.” Let´s use that double-edged sword to put the monster back in his place.

  • Anxiety is awful. I have spent many a morning in the bathroom having debilitating panic attacks. It is there (among other places) I try to focus on Jesus. He is the truth and He is setting me free from the lies! Looking forward to reading Colossians with you wonderful ladies. Have a blessed day!

  • Lisa Cour

    Love the new format! Thank you for your faithfulness to provide the Word and Truth to us daily. What a treasure!!

    • She Reads Truth

      Lisa, thanks for your kind words! Excited to meet you here each day!


  • Wrote many notes this morning!

    “Let’s join Paul in pushing back the lies by giving thanks for what is true!”

    “The truth defeats all the lies!”

    “When it comes to grace, we can’t have too much and we will always have enough!”

  • What a wonderful word picture of anxiety as a roaring, accusing bully that can only be silenced by truth. How true this is and true also that we often need the relationships of community, to effectively engage in the warfare of “casting down imaginations and every high thing that seeks to exalt itself against the knowledge of God.”

  • Anna Buchanan

    I’m in my first year of teaching and I just moved to a new city to start my career. There’s a lot of change and some days I feel so overwhelmed and anxious it’s like I’m paralyzed by fear. Paul starts off his letters to the Colossians reminding us that life as a believer does not need to be lived this way!
    “When it comes to grace, we can’t have too much, and we will always have enough.”
    I’m changing my standard from perfection to grace. Not every lesson or day is gonna be perfect and I’ve been challenged to constantly show grace to myself. What an encouragement to know that I cannot extend to much grace to myself. There are lies galore that taunt me and tell me I will not make it, it won’t work out and failure is sure. My God is on my side and He will not let me be destroyed. He calls me into His family and says, “My daughter, I am protecting you. Listen to my truth and be at peace.” Oh how I long to hear that voice over all others!!

    • Kat

      “I am changing my standard from perfection to grace.” Amen! What a beautiful post and cry of your heart, Anna, and one I definitely resonate with. I also am in my first year of my teaching and ministry career and living in a state away from where I grew up and it is HARD. Relying on God’s grace is definitely something I need to do more often! I mess up frequently, but God doesn’t care. The truth is we are both surrounded in grace and can rely on the call God gave us!

      • Leslie

        Anna and Kat, I lift you both to our Father today. As a teacher who is getting closer to the end of my career I cheer you on! You are needed desperately and God will equip you with just what you need for each new day. Starting with TRUTH each morning is the antidote. I pray you encounter joy overflowing this day.

    • Kylee

      Anna your words are beautiful. Praying His voice pierces through the noise of anxiety and rings clearly in your heart & mind; His grace is all you need– His power is strongest when you are weak ❤️

    • Kelly S

      “I’m changing my standard from perfection to grace.” Yes! I may quote you sometime in the near future! I love this :)

  • Please forgive me because I don’t want to seem rude. The Bible study is awesome and I love it but the new format won’t let me read the scriptures when I stick my mouse on it. I have ailing eyes so I read my Bible online anyways but it used to be so easy. I don’t know what happened.

    • Keri

      Hey Lynne, you may have already tried this, but try using the links that are still on the colorful part of the screen, right below the title. I don’t think the scripture listings that are right above the devotional are live, but the ones above worked! Not sure if my description made sense, ha!

    • Deb

      I too wish that the Scripture within the body of the study could be seen by “touching” them (I do the study on my IPad), but am relieved that I can still access the main Scriptures at the very top (in the colorful part of the screen) this way.

      • She Reads Truth

        Hi Deb! Just wanted to let you know we hear you and we’re on it! Grateful for your grace as we launch the new site!


    • Beth

      FYI- On my iPad the references in the “colorful part” don’t show up in portrait (vertical) orientation. It wasn’t until I turned the screen to landscape (horizontal) layout that I was able to see what Keri and Deb were talking about.

      • She Reads Truth

        Hi Beth! Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m passing it along to our web developer now. Grateful for your grace in the growing pains of our new site!


    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Lynne! We are so grateful for your grace and patience as we launch our new site! We’ve noted this is a hiccup in the new format and are on it! As Keri mentioned, the references at the top of the screen should work! Thanks for joining us, friend!


  • Heather C

    Excited to begin a study in Colossians with #shereadstruth today!

    As a little background, the believers of the church in Colossae were being assaulted with lies. False teachers were spewing all kinds of philosophies and these people were losing sight of what was true. With all of that noise, it was easy for them to feel unsure of what to believe. Sounds a little like our world today, doesn’t it? There is no shortage of “leaders” clamoring for our attention – and they’re not all giving sound (and biblical) advice.

    I wonder if that’s why Paul begins his letter to them by reminding them of who they are…

    “Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother, to the saints and faithful brothers in Christ at Colossae: Grace to you and peace from God our Father.” (Col. 1:1-2)

    Saints… “called out ones”. They were chosen by God to be set apart. Unique. Holy. Paul also calls them “faithful”. I don’t know about you, but something interesting happens when another person puts a label like that on me. When they express appreciation for a certain character trait they see in me, it creates this desire in me to live up to what they’ve noticed… to be worthy of it.

    I remember a time when I had filled our linen closet with towels, and Joel mentioned it. He thanked me and told me how much he appreciated that I kept it stocked. I have to tell you, it was not my usual practice to even pay attention to how many towels were in that closet… but his comment made such an impression on me that for the next several months, I made it a point to ensure that there were towels on those shelves. I enjoyed feeling appreciated and wanted to please him even more. Even if it hadn’t been my habit to bring a stack of towels up every couple of days, after his comments, I was motivated to pay attention and live up to his expectations of me.

    Sometimes we need to be reminded of who we are. In a world that is quick to call us all sorts of rubbish, God reminds us that we are HIS. It’s important that we don’t lose sight of that when we’re assaulted by lies and half truths. He has called us to be set apart, and faithful. Now that’s truth.

    • Anna Buchanan

      Amen! We are HIS and nothing and no one can change that!!

    • Tricia

      Amen. Thank you for that take Heather.

    • Kylee

      Heather that’s an incredible parallel you’ve drawn! I, too, feel a specific sense of purpose when I’m called out on something — seems Paul knew that & was calling US, the church he’d never meet, to LIVE like saints in a world of constant distraction & dissuasion. That’s such a powerful truth! Thank you for sharing!

    • Helenwalksinawe

      I love that: sometimes we need to be reminded of who we are. For me, that also applies to times when I am not on my best behavior. I need to remember who I am, that I am God’s and that I should behave as someone worthy of what that means.

  • I love the new look! More than that, I love when you (or anyone) takes a text from Scripture and dissects it. When I read the scripture first, I thought, “Oh, this doesn’t really say much today….” Thank you for clearing that up for me.

    • Holly Linquist

      I agree, phrase by phrase… it means so much more now. thank you She Reads Truth!!!

  • Kristine

    I’m inspired by the way Paul always spoke the Truth in Love. As I head into a week of parent-teacher conferences, I pray that I can also communicate truth, some of it difficult to hear, in love. I tend to err on the side of love, but there are some things I really need parents to hear, so I’m praying God helps me find that balance this week.

    • Anna Buchanan

      Kristine may God’s love and peace surround you in those conferences. I have the same going on this week. So may we find rest in God’s goodness to us.

  • Oh, anxiety. It’s been one of my hardest, crippling struggles. It’s so hard sometimes to overcome that disconnect between my mind (that knows better than to dwell in it) and my heart (that won’t stop feeding the stomach-churning). One day I will be free of all this… I wish the process wasn’t so slow-going for me.

    • Anna Buchanan

      I hear ya Beth! Some days it feels all too much. We may be reminded that we are children of a Father who longs for us to be at peace in His arms. He is sovereign even when we feel out of control. The truth of His grace overcomes all lies we have let ourselves believe.

    • Joanna

      Agreed! Right there with you, Beth. Praying for your strength and conviction through the Lord this morning. <3

  • “When it comes to grace, we can’t have too much, and we will always have enough.”
    THIS truth is beautiful, unshakeable and breathtaking. I have always loved dessert, especially because, as a kid, I rarely liked dinner. It was like a reward to me for enduring a long, healthy meal. I remember having to learn to limit it because I didn’t know what “enough” looked like, as is the way with most kids. I’d see a cake or brownies and feel like I had to have a lot of them immediately, lest the world ended of course. I knew it was a treat and I would typically take my time eating it, enjoying each bite, wanting it to last forever. Sure enough, though, there was and is always a last bite and my plate would go from full to empty. I’d immediately look forward to the next meal because I knew what was waiting and while I’d worry that someone would finish it off before I had another, I still hoped it would be there. Grace feels a little like dessert. When we are stuck with so much on our plates, it can be overwhelming. It can feel like Paul’s prison cell, but we can find unending peace in knowing that grace is always at the table. We don’t have to wait until we are done to receive it, we don’t have to slowly enjoy it anticipating it will go away, it never will. Each bite we take will be like feeding the 5000, it will never run out. It is ours to count on and enjoy forever! Looking forward to diving into Colossians and loving the new look! ~ B

  • candacejo

    Anxiety was my evil twin. As Amanda related, it would come out whenever it wanted to and rear its ugly head causing me to shrink back from any situation that threatened me. I was afraid of everything. The only way I ever overcame was by The Word. I spoke it, inserted my name in it, lived it, breathed it and digested it. Then with boldness I USED it to combat that ole enemy and it worked! Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!

    “It is the truth that defeats all the lies, the only antidote for our ailing souls.” Amen!

    P.S. I, too, love, love, love the new LOOK!

  • I like the idea of pushing back the lies by giving thanks for what is true. It can be easy to focus on the lies, even to come against them, but if we focus on the truth the lies will lose their power. I love how Paul always begins each letter reminding the recipients (and us) of the truth of their identity in Christ. Looking forward to studying Colossians with you all, and I like the new-look site!

    • Debbie Bakalar

      Thank you for your beautiful reminder of that precious tool we have to fight against the lies. To be thankful (actively pray and call out things that we are thankful for to Jesus) will push away the LIES. It works! Thankful for you today, Carly B.

  • germanjanne

    … as much as I like the new layout of your site, I do miss the daily verse with photo. It was always such a good reminder throughout the day and a perfect addition to go with birthday greetings . Please consider to endow us with this little gem again! :)

  • To the saints in Christ at SRT, who are faithful and faith- filled sister’s, Grace to you…and peace from God our Father…..
    Looking forward to sharing this ( new) space and time with you…looking forward to reading TRUTH with you…looking forward to journeying together…

    Looking forward…..

    God bless and be with you today in all you do…and are….Love Tina..xxxx

    • She Reads Truth

      Tina, so excited to be in this new space with you! Blessings to you today, friend!


  • Anxiety can be a monster! I have struggled with it since childhood. But, a couple months ago my husband and I decided to make some big decisions that would disrupt our lives for a little while. Knowing that a lot of uncertainty and some chaos could result we gave it all to the Lord and dove in. Fantastic things happened and some deep gorges too, but mostly in the clouds greatness! When I would normally be experiencing BIG anxiety I am experiencing small anxiety and BIG trust because I gave the timing of all this to my Heavenly Father. I spend my days in gratitude and thanksgiving as well as absolute trust. He’s got me and I can manage the valleys and gorges knowing I get to celebrate on the summits.

  • holding on to this ” When it comes to grace, we can’t have too much, and we will always have enough.”

    • Hannah

      Yes! I loved that too.

    • Tina

      Morning Claire….lovely to see you here…long time…
      Hope all is well with your beautiful family, and that Theo is just growing….perfectly…Sending you and yours some love, as always…Grace and peace…xxx

    • Krista

      I loved this as well.

  • Alex Marie Isbell

    Lately, I have been struggling with a lot of anxiety. It ranges in all different ways from not knowing what my future is, to not knowing how many hours I should put into work, but then realizing if I don’t work as much then I might not be making enough to support myself, and yet at the same time wanting to trust The Lord; and what I am finding is that worry and faith do not go hand in hand. But, what I LOVE about the book of Colossians is that it is literally about Paul explaining the relentless love that Christ has for us and how thankful he is that God is giving him provision in a tight, jail cell; and that’s how I feel right now, in a tight jail cell. Needless to say, I am SO looking forward to diving deep into this beautiful book that is all about Christ’s love!

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