New Plan + Brand New Books!


There should be a parallel between our supplications and our thanksgivings.
We ought not to leap in prayer, and limp in praise.
- C.H. Spurgeon

Do you ever find yourself limping when it comes to praise and thanksgiving? It’s simple to agree that we theoretically should be grateful (to the grocery store clerk, to our teachers, for red leaves on trees), but why is that posture of gratitude so difficult to remember? Why do our tired legs and arms drag when it comes to giving thanks?

November is coming, friends. And November faithfully reminds us to pause in thanks—not just thanks for family and good fortune, but for who God is, what He has done from the beginning of time, and what He promises He will do!

We’re so pleased to invite you to join us the last two weeks of November for a brand new reading plan called Psalms of Gratitude. The plan covers ten Psalms that were written to give praise to our Maker and to thank Him for His active presence in our lives. Will you join us?


Some truly exciting news?

(this is BIG, you guys!)

We’ve been doing Study Packs one way for nearly a year and a half. They’ve been awesome (we still love them!), but here at #SRThq, we noticed we all enjoy working through the “big books” (like Advent and Women in the Word) best because they’re so nice and colorful and have all of the assigned Scripture readings printed right there in the book. So we figured—why not do all reading plans like that??

Going forward, your She Reads Truth books are going to be more functional, more beautiful, and even more inviting. Our mission is Women in the Word of God every day, and we believe this presses us closer to that goal!

A bit about the upgrades:

Messages Image(1975034140)

We believe we can make She Reads Truth Books better!
We believe good design matters.
We believe Truth deserves to be beautiful.
And we are thrilled to get to put these beliefs into action…

…starting with our Thanksgiving Plan!

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For a treat, through Monday night (10/19), we’ll include 2 gratitude cards with envelopes with every book ordered. No code necessary!


Looking forward to enjoying these newer, nicer books with you all! And truly eager to walk through these ten Psalms of Gratitude with you. We have so much to be thankful for!


Grace + Peace,
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  • No v. ⛄️

  • I JFK kvbhgyhhyy a family and you are the only man ☃️☃️

  • I’m trying to find…. Is there an app for my iPad?

  • Hi all,

    I’m new to the site and looking at some of the plans in the app. I see they’re much less expensive than buying them via the study pack website. Is this simply because they’re digital? Or are they not as inclusive?

  • tinadnewman

    I got the Psalms of Gratitude devotion plan that says it is 13 days, but once I got it, there are only 4 days of readings. Does anyone know anything about this?

    • Ashley

      They are posted each day :) right now we are on day 4, and the rest haven’t been published yet. Every day a new day is published, and by the end you will see all 13 days posted on the app!

  • I just can find the devotionals in the new study

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Josie! For Psalms of Gratitude, we’re doing things a little differently. Rather than provide a written response to each Psalm, we have offered a simple yet meaningful activity designed to help us recall God’s mercies to us and through time. The usual devotional responses will be back for the beginning of the Advent plan on Nov. 29.


  • The new website design has me a little confuse. As well as where are the devotionals? I love hearing the smart women interpreted the word in such open truth way. Please bring back!

  • Claudia Pannetti

    Help! Does anyone know how to restored my plans I’ve already bought on a new device? I recently got a tablet and I can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks!

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Hi Claudia! Go to “settings” in the app, and select “restore in-app purchases.” That should do it! xo

  • Taryn Lyons

    When does the Thanksgiving study start??

  • Nicole Kurtz

    Hello all ! My name is Nicole . Im 19 years old , I’m not new to following Jesus but I’m new to here. I want to get more tuned with believers. I’m not quite sure how any of this works. Could someone help?

    • In Christ I'm Found

      You download the app or go to the website so you can read the devotionals every day along with the rest of us, you can also get them sent to your email if you would like.
      Then you post here if you have something to share :) glad ur on board, the more the merrier :)
      P.s. I love that you are only 19! So young and wanting to be in the Word. I wish I had been as wise when I was your age. Would have saved me a lot of hurt and brokenness from getting myself into a lot of mess.

  • I purchased the Women in the Word book. I loved the design and scriptures printed right in the book. However, what would be perfect is if the devotional reading were also printed in the book, even if you had to charge a little more. Then everything would be together.

  • Hi, I am so looking forward to this plan. I was just wondering if a coinciding 8×10 will still be offered to go with the plans because I love hanging them in my room? :)

  • I’ve been studying with you guys for a long time and love it so much, I just noticed that after Colossians the open your bible plan seems to be an excerpt of the real thing? Do the studies cost money now? Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Rachel! I’m so happy to help. Open Your Bible was a separate study we created with Lifeway Christian Resources apart from the traditional SRT reading plans. Last week, we did have a fun sneak preview of the book, but now we’re back to the regular reading plans , which are always free on the site! We love having you in our community!

  • I’ve been wondering the same! I guess we’ll find out tomorrow… :)

  • Jennifer

    I was wondering what we will be studying between Colossians and Psalms of Gratitude?

    I joined you all for Daniel, and I have been studying with y’all ever since! I love so many things about SRT! Thank you for all you are doing to encourage women to be in God’s word every day. Truly life changing!

  • YoGurlJenny

    Hel Im NEW!: how do I highlight a verse in the android app?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi friend! Tap and drag to highlight. A toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen to allow you to copy, share, bookmark or make notes. The ability to permanently highlight will be added in a future update!


  • I’m so excited about the new books! I can’t wait to do the psalms study too. Is the HRT going to be doing the psalms study as well? I’m wanting to get it from my husband and waiting until I can both at the same time if they are. Thanks in advanced!

  • Caroline

    Can’t wait to get these!!!

  • Casondra

    THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! I was actually getting jealous of the men’s he reads truth study packs :-) but now we will be equal!! How kewl!

    • She Reads Truth

      We can’t wait for you to see them, Casondra! Glad to have you in the SRT community!


  • Will the prints still be included? (Sorry if that was already asked and answered)

  • Love the new book style. Where can I find a calendar of upcoming plans?

  • Michelle

    The new books are beautiful! Just wish there was a more budget friendly option.

    • Trisha C

      I agree! These study packs are soooo beautiful and elegant! Someday I hope to be able to afford them! It’s just not that season in our lives right now. I’m so thankful I can still go through the studies via the website! Thank you SRT!

  • Love this idea, but I am a KJV only girl and wish you would make the books in a variety of versions!

  • Marianne

    I like that you planned a time of gratitude for November. Unlike in the States, here in Germany Thanksgivings already is at the beginning of October. November is a rather “sad” month however, as we have such feast days as the National Day of Mourning or the Sunday where we commemorate the dead. So I am looking forward to join you in praise and thanksgiving instead. :)

    • Marianne

      … btw I like the new layout of your site – it´s modern and clear to navigate :)

  • Will journals still be available? I prefer the simple journals, room to sketch, and reading from my own Bible (which has notes in the margins from years of study). I do enjoy the big books, but prefer the simplicity of the journal and will miss them greatly.

  • Hi, as someone who is a few months along in the SRT community along and hasn’t purchased a book yet, can you speak about the benefits it has in addition to the app? Thank you <3

  • Ruthie Moore

    This is amazing!!!!

  • It appears that there will be less artwork included in these new packs (no print or inside the cover artwork), which is a bummer, but I really love having the scripture printed in the book. For everything a trade-off, I suppose!

  • So excited for this! I love the convenience of having the scripture readings in the study books as well as interactive questions! You ladies do an amazing job, thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us!

  • Elisabeth

    I like this idea very much. I always enjoyed reading the books the most. As an international reader, I couldn’t really order the study packs if I wanted to read the plans at the same time as everybody else, but the big books were announced earlier and arrived (almost) on time. Would it be possible that in the future, the books were announced earlier so that international readers had the chance to order them early enough for them to arrive on time? That would be so great, because I really love the beautiful design and having something “real” in my hands.

    • Raechel Myers

      That’s a great question, Elisabeth! We are definitely working in that direction! Love to hear that you enjoy that “hold it in your hands” experience as much as we do ;)

  • I love it! I can’t wait to get this new style. I always store my finished books on my selves and this will make it look and stand up so much better. Bless you all for the hard work you have done and prayers for the future to have joy and peace!

  • So so beautiful. I can’t wait to see these in my mailbox!

  • Pretty! I miss the book only option; I’m guessing that’s gone since I didn’t see it. What does it look like on the inside? Can we get a flip tour or pics of the content layout?

  • These look great- are they included in your black envelope program?

  • churchmouse

    Love that SRT is always trying to present the Gospel in an attractive way! I’ve had strangers approach me in coffee shops asking about the study book because it catches their eye . This will be even more effective. Thank you SRT!

  • any chance y'all would consider a large print version? i know some older ladies that would enjoy the books (not into the tech version of SRT) but also need a little assist in the font area :)

    thanks for your faithfulness to The Call.

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