Ephesians: Day 8

Established In Love


Today's Text: Ephesians 3:14-21, Philippians 4:12-13, 1 Corinthians 13:1-7, 13, 2 Corinthians 9:8

A word to the wise: do not prank call my parents today to ask if their refrigerator is running.

That is, of course, unless you’d like to trigger their post-traumatic stress involving a certain recent refrigerator leak… turned flood… turned home renovation. It was a rough time, you guys.        

In all seriousness, this Whirlpool really lived up to its name, creating a lagoon of lettuce water beneath the wooden floorboards, which curled up like soggy noodles. After clearing out all of the furniture and listening for weeks to the hum of many vacuums, my parents were relieved to make it to the simplest part of the process: choosing a replacement refrigerator. They ordered the model closest in appearance to its predecessor, measuring the length and width of the cabinet opening, checking and rechecking its size.

If you know anything about my dad, it’s that his yellow measuring tape is a force to be reckoned with. It’s always precise, down to the milli-est of meters. So it was with utmost confidence that my parents declared the dimensions of the new fridge’s home.

But when the delivery man placed the refrigerator in its compartment, there was a slight problem. Now, if you’re afraid I’m going to tell you the precious, yellow measuring tape was wrong, do not fear! Oh, it was correct. The length and width of the new Whirlpool slid snugly into the pocket where the former fridge once stood, but… it stuck out about 6 inches too far. While the length and width had been calculated to the exact millimeter, no one had considered the depth.

Each time my parents step foot in the kitchen, they are stonewalled by the refrigerator’s annoying edge, an ever-present reminder of their miscalculation.

When I read Paul’s words in Ephesians 3, I imagine they are the kind he’d like us to place in a conspicuous spot in our homes, maybe with magnets on the refrigerator:

“I pray that you, being rooted and firmly established in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the length and width, height and depth of God’s love…”
- Ephesians 3:17-18

We can guess that Paul, being the energetic guy we all know and love, didn’t intend these words to be admired only during our late-night cookie-dough raids. No, I think he was calling us out on our own miscalculations about God’s love.

If we, as Christ’s followers, understand and proclaim one thing about God, shouldn’t it be His love?

Since love is the currency and cornerstone of our faith, and others will know we are Christians by that love (John 13:35), we’d like to think we have that part all figured out. But what if we don’t? Are we doing love wrong?

Paul gives us this assurance: God’s love cannot be constrained by our own lack of understanding. God guarantees that His love will always obnoxiously stick out further than we think, bumping into our warm, fuzzy expectations with a reminder of Himself.

Its length embraces us in a wingspan of Alpha to Omega.
Its width includes us in the family tree of all believers.
Its depth reaches us buried beneath the wages of sin.
Its height draws us to eternal heavenly glory.

Love establishes and anchors us in the gospel. It is longer, wider, deeper and higher than any dimensions we can muster. We can spend our days settling for a comfortable, comprehendible love, or we can seek to be stretched by the true fullness of His love.

Today, may we make a space for Him to surprise us without limitation, so that we may see the true length, width, depth and height of the Father’s love. Amen.


  • This was such an awesome metaphor! Thank you for this.

  • Praying to love beyond emotion; praying to love with God’s love!

  • “Love establishes and anchors us in the gospel”. Gods love is incredible, and I can’t believe I was in the darkness for so long.

  • Andie Walton

    Many of us forget that being a Christian is about love. Let’s put our love shoes on and go show the world.

  • Kasey Summers

    Praying to be ANCHORED in LOVE!!!

  • stupennebaker

    Reading this from Columbia, SC during the most insane, heartbreaking flooding. Such a sweet, encouraging reminder of God's love. Feeling lucky to know this love and hopeful for my city! Thank you, Kaitlin!!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi friend! I went to USC, so Columbia has a special place in my heart. So heartbroken by this disaster. Praying and trusting that even in this, God’s love will be more than you can imagine. Prayers and love to you!


  • Having been under teaching that basically said, “enough with God’s love already, God is HOLY, righteous, and just” these verses make me shudder both with sadness and excitement that that is indeed a gross miscalculation of who the Bible really says God is. Of course He is those other things, but as I’ve grown to KNOW him more, I find I actually understand those things BETTER when my roots “grow down into God’s love” rather than when I fear him (not in the good way). I pray he continues to heal my heart from those years of skipping over his love and also continues to surprise those folks, my old friends and church family, with the width and length and height and depth of his love.

    • Brittany

      Yes, absolutely. I still hear those words so often, and while I do understand where they’re coming from (to an extent), it also saddens me deeply. YES, God is all of those things, but first and foremost, He is love! Everything He does and is has to be understood through that lens, which is not always something we can wrap our minds around.

  • As a Christian at a very liberal American university, I struggle with showing love to the multitude of sinners I encounter everyday, who deny and actively work against God. My prayer is that God will show me how to love these people the way Christ loved. I want to show these lost sinners God's love without seeming like I accept or support their sinful lifestyles.

    • Lucy

      God bless you and give you strength, wisdom and patience as you walk that tightrope. I pray you enjoy this time of needing to seek His closeness all the time.

  • I’m reading Ephesians along with our study…. Read chapter 1, verse 7 out of the New Living, and allow God to lavish His love and riches in kindness and mercy on you today….. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Courtney C.

    “We can spend our days settling for a comfortable, comprehendible love, or we can seek to be stretched by the true fullness of His love.”

    On most days, I feel like I settle. I want to be stretched. I so want to make a difference in the world in some way. I pray for direction, but I am unsure of what it is I am meant to do. Does anyone else feel this way?

    • Jessica

      I totally understand the feeling of being unsure of what I am meant to do. So often feel like I am “settling” and I have prayed that God would lead me to carry out His will. One part of me feels like I should be patient and wait for His timing, while the other part wonders if I am still only obeying my own will in fear of taking any chances. Praying today for clarity to know what the next step is to glorify Him!

    • Dana

      All the time!!

    • Lindsey

      I’m currently in that state as well! Though this morning as my worship music is blaring & I’m laying on the floor asking God what he wants me to do, he said “you’re exactly where I want you to be.” Sometimes it’s hard for me to be still until it’s time to move. But sometimes that’s what he wants from me. I hope & pray that God will speak clearly to you on what he wants you to do to bring him glory!! <3

  • Courtney C.

    “We can spend our days settling for a comfortable, comprehendible love, or we can seek to be stretched by the true fullness of His love.”

  • We’ll never fully know God’s love. It’s more we can fathom. How blessed we are this is true.

    The Crowder Band song “How He Loves Us” came to mind!

    So, so much love!

  • it can be so easy to turn the whole "God is Love" theme into something trite (even magnet worthy ;) ) – but it's one of those things that when it hits you – IT HITS YOU. who am i, that Christ should love me so wholly? despite, in spite, of everything i cannot do or be, and despite, in spite, of my mistakes? it's humbling. yesterday, our pastor talked about the difference between being worthless and worthy. satan likes for us to think we are worthless – when in reality Christ sees us as worthy! His love for us is so unfathomably deep and wide and tall that He gave Himself for us.

    there's so much to learn…it's easy to forget that it all boils down to love.

    great devo today. thanks, ladies.

  • Unfathomable riches truly are ours as God's children. It is nearly unbelievable to me how much He loves us, and how gently and lovingly He reveals just HOW much that is in His own unique, perfect, and personalized ways catered to each one of us. A world crying out in desperate pain needs to know and feel this love! Thank you SRT for this reminder of how good He is — which not only soothes our individual aching worlds today, wherever we may find ourselves, but simultaneously propels us to draw others near to Him to taste and see of His goodness, love and peace as well.

  • I've been side-tracked by my own limitations lately. Extrovert versus introvert, talents versus weaknesses – but this was such a good reminder that, while we have certain spiritual gifts, God's love abounds in and through it all. I don't need to try to be more extroverted to show His love, He meets me right where I'm at and covers it all. And in that, knowing my own weaknesses, I'm able to see Him like never before.

    Thanks for this fabulous reminder today!

  • Courtney

    These are the very verses the Lord used to bring me to Him and establish my own relationship with him apart from my parents. I had doubted that God really wanted to save me. I had doubted that I had any hope. I had feared that my family would spend and eternity together in glory and I would be separated to spend it alone in judgment. But these words were the assurance I needed that God’s love for me was and is so beyond imagination, I had not become undesirable to Him. I was and is His precious creation whom He has loved from eternity past, who His only Son died to rescue! Praise the Lord for His indescribable gift!

  • KLeighWilson

    God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. -John Piper

    I've realized that I am enjoying God the most when I am aware of His immense love. Joy overflows when we rest in His love. When I am enjoying God's love, He is glorified! If only that cycle could continue 24/7 for the rest of my life…When my side falters, when I am distracted, when I bow down to other idols in my heart, who steps in to kick start this love cycle again? Not me. God. God's continual, unchanging love.

  • Shirley Burkenpas

    Thank God , we are not God….He know's everything,etc….I can't even remember the simplest…resting totally in His Arms…confident & assurance in His unlimited love….PTL!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0FW–zidYA

    A perfect song to go along with this.

  • Caroline

    If we all only knew God's love for what it really was…. there is power in His love and there is freedom in His love!!!! More of your love Lord! Fresh revelations for ALL of us! http://www.in-due-time.com

  • Someone just shared these verses with me and here they are again. I love it when God highlights things

    • Lucy

      Ashley, thank you for the idea of highlighting. In our house, we call those instances 'winks from God' but I like the concept of things being highlighted by Him, too.

    • Lindsey

      LOVE the idea of God highlighting things!

  • I don´t usually write comments…but I think, what happened this morning, with today devotions is worth telling.

    I´ve had the kind of week (may I say a little more?) in which my prayers and times with the Lord had not been what they should. You know, quick prayers, full of thoughts of "to do" lists, etc. Along with it, that sense of guilt of knowing that my walk with God should be so much more.

    Woke up early to prepare breakfast for my toddler boy and baby girl, and between bananas and pancakes, began to sing "Yes, Jesus loves me…the Bible tells me so" to them , when suddenly I found tears coming from my eyes, as I felt the assurance of God´s love in such a special way….and when I less deserve it .

    And…oh surprise…today´s devotion is "Established in love". May his love abound in us in every way. And may I be established on it. Amen.

  • We can spend our days settling for a comfortable, comprehendible love, or we can seek to be stretched by the true fullness of His love.

    -this is were I have been for a long time just comfortable. Pray for me as I challenge myself and seemed to be stretched.

    • shereadstruth

      Jolien, I find myself settling for comfortable love more often than not, so I'm praying for both of us today!

      Asking God to surpass your expectations and surprise you with His goodness today.

      Love to you, friend!


  • Beautifully written thank you!

  • It seems that I am in a season to learn (believe) more about how much God loves me. My women’s retreat theme was “Because He Loves Me”. I have a feeling when I fully comprehend the depth of His love for me then I will be the one gushing out my love for Him and His people. To have such love that we in turn love others as ourselves is of course what Christ wants rooted in our hearts.

    “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness.” Jeremiah 31:3

    It is so exciting to to be perused by our Lord and to REALLY know that there is NO END to His love for us.

    • Valanne

      And this is, what I really needed: “God’s love cannot be constrained by our own lack of understanding.” Just because I don’t always FEEL it, SEE it, BELIEVE it — I am 100% love by God. Not 99.9% on what I thought was a good God day, and not only 10% on the day I really messed up. His love is 100% constant.

    • shereadstruth

      It truly is, Valanne! Thanks for sharing encouragement today! Love to you!


  • Lovely message and reminder.

  • Doodling has never been my thing… until I got to chemistry class in high school. I don´t mean that the class was boring, it was actually fascinating. However, it taught me that there´s an academic way to doodle with symbols for "therefore" and "change", etc. Since I didn´t turn out to be much of a chemist, I apply them to Bible study.

    For me Ephesians 3:14-21 required some doodling today. Beautiful, "magnet-worthy" words, but seemingly smooshed together into so much goodness I couldn´t separate them. That said, my chemistry class doodling took over. Arrows, deltas, the little three dots that signify "therefore". They´re all diagrammed and I feel like I got a better grip on them. However, looking back, I see one thing that stands out in my notebook… a tree. I didn´t draw little trees with scraggly roots in chemistry class. This one goes doesn´t fit into chemistry annotation- it goes deeper- just like the love we´re talking about.

    Then I got to 2 Corinthians 9:8 and it gave me another angle on the depth of His love in just one verse. The word "all". So abundant. All grace. All sufficiency. All things. All times. Forreal? These are the tree roots that go so deep there´s no running out of water. No worrying about the seasons. Stretch so wide that no infestation can topple this tree.

    Thanks, Kaitlin for your challenge: "May we make a space for Him to surprise us without limitation" .

    • Sylvia Reeve


    • Shannon H

      I wish I could see your doodle :)

    • Lucy

      Amen, Missy.

      “May we make a space for Him to surprise us without limitation” .

      I LOVE this. God has recently showed up big in our lives by relieving us of some impossible medical bills, so I was already pretty aware of His capacity to surprise. Kaitlin’s beautiful sentence this morning makes me realize I’m not capable of understanding just how big His ‘no limitations’ is. Yowsa.

    • melindawatters

      Yes, i was wanting to see those doodles too! Thanks for the word picture!

  • HelenWalksinAwe

    When Paul prays that, after being rooted and grounded in love, we have the strength to comprehend its vastness, the word that stands out to me is "strength." Being loved deeply and accepting that love does indeed require strength. I never really thought about that before, but even in our earthly relationships, it's true. I was trying to figure out why this is and I think maybe because when you are deeply loved, it necessarily moves and calls you. Then you have a choice: How do you respond to that love?

    Here's where the strength comes in– responding to a love so deep (and wide, and high, and broad) requires something of us. Not works — I think we've established that– but humility, openness, and, well, everything that came up in Corinthians. That can be scary and unfamiliar. I'm starting to discover that this completely heart-open loving is one of the hardest things to do in human relationships as time goes by and pain piles up. Thankfully, our Father's love is perfect, His plans for us are perfect, and even the hardships He puts in our path are part of His perfect design for us. What better place could there be to begin living out as perfect a love as we can than with Him? And His love will always cover us when we fall short.

  • His love is greater than I could ever comprehend. (Grateful!) On the days that I feel unlovable, His love gives me comfort and hope. And on the days that I just fail at loving well, His love never fails.
    When I insert God’s name in the place of ‘love’ in 1 Corinthians 13, I see more clearly that His character trumps any list of love to-dos I assign myself. Because God IS love. And I want to rest in verses 4 & 7: “{God} is patient and kind. {God} never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”
    These beautiful truths change everything! Because it is no longer about my love not measuring up, and all about His love being more than enough. On my own, my love will always fall short. It is only because of God’s perfect love and Christ’s gift of love that I can even hope to know love at all. And it is only through Christ that I have strength to persevere through any circumstance. I feel tossed about, but His faith and His hope never change for even a moment. He is my anchor.
    To continually receive, savor, and share His great love is the desire of my heart. In order to receive, I need to posture my heart and make room for Him to work in me. To savor, I need to slow down and be in His presence. To give, I need to keep walking with Him as He works through me. It is only by being rooted in His love and abiding in Him – focused on Him – that I can fully receive and give His love. Praying that the roots of His great love will grow down deep into my soul, keeping me strong through Him. Because only He can root, establish, and make love grow.

    • Sarah_Joy

      So lovely. Thank you for expanding on this concept. I certainly struggle with receiving and savoring. When I’m not receiving (maybe even believing!) God’s love, I’m sharing out of my own wells. How long will I last before I’m a clanging gong? I think my family could answer that question!

    • Candacejo

      Because it is no longer about my love not measuring up, and all about His love being more than enough. ♥

    • Lyle

      Beautiful! “In order to receive, I need to posture my heart and make room for Him to work in me.” So needed this today! Thank you, Beverly!

    • Amy J

      I will hold tight to your words, Beverly, as I head into the classroom today. I'm learning to receive, savor and share in the gift I've been given, the gift of working with children. I sometimes get caught up in the chaos of rushing around – there's always something else to do – but know in my heart that my best days, and probably the best days of my students, as well, are when I make room for Him, slow down, and walk with Him.

  • Kelly_Smith

    I needed to feel deeply, truly, completely loved today. Thank you, God, for you perfect, unconditional love. Thank you for sharing God's love this morning, SRT Team <3

    • Lucy

      Kelly, I’m praying for extra awareness of His love to surround and enfold you today, that you see Him seeing you in a thousand little ways, that you wear His love like a comfy blanket all day.

    • melindawatters

      Saying a prayer for you also this a.m.

    • ~ B ~

      I love you Kelly and that pales so significantly to God's love over you. Ever thankful for your beautiful words and heart. You are a pillar in faith and I am so grateful for you in this community! Prayerful that you continue to feel deeply and truly loved today and every day moving forward! ~ B

  • Praying these verses for our ten-year-old son today. We are so grieved and burdened because, after being in our home his whole life, going to church, being taught God’s Word at home, trying as parents to train him up in the way he should go, he is doubting the existence of God. My heart aches that he can’t fathom the reality of the Father’s love right now, that maybe it’s all been head knowledge? I don’t know…but I cling to these verses today, that he would be “strengthened with power through the Spirit in [his] inner being, so that Christ may dwell in [his] heart through faith…being rooted and grounded in love.” If any of you sweet sisters would take a minute to pray for our son, I would be so grateful.

    • Courtney


    • Michelle

      Definitely praying!Jesus open his eyes to your love.shower him with your love.Give his parents peace in this time!

    • Brittan

      Lyle- sorry to hear that; that must be hard. But take heart! Be glad that he is asking questions and wrestling with this now, at 10 years old, rather than later at, say, 18 years old. Embrace his questions and let him know it’s okay that he ask them and feel this way. This is a great opportunity for him to find out who God is to HIM and not just to his parents. His relationship will be much deeper when he forms his own one with the Lord, and not just holding on to the relationship mom and dad have with the Creator; I say all of this from experience. Praying for you. <3

      • Lyle

        Thank you so much, Brittan! You have really encouraged me today with your perspective and your prayers.

        • scootermae

          I was thinking the same thing as Britan. Be so thankful that he is younger, still under your authority and roof and impressionable. What an amazing mind God has given him to have such deep thoughts as his tender young age. it just means his parents have so filled his life with god's teaching, word, example, everything.

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Prayers lifted

    • Sylvia Reeve

      Done <3

    • Candacejo

      Praying for your sweet son. God is right there with him and we join in prayer for the Lord to reveal Himself in a special way, his own special relationship that will never leave him! This struggle could well be for much bigger things and when God gives them that revelation then NO ONE can take it away from them ♥

    • Carolyn

      Praying today's verses for your son. Also praying that this crisis of faith will result in a growth spurt of knowledge of and trust in God.

    • drea

      Prayed for your dear son, Lyle<3

    • Jennifer

      Lifting up your son in Ephesians 1:17!

    • tina

      Lyle, lifting your son up in prayers…God is with him and you….He is love, and he loves us all, even little people who are struggling with the concept…of God…trust God that He will lead you son to just the point to believe, and never doubt again…..xxx

    • ~ B ~

      Oh, Lyle. My heart hurts for you. I, too, have a ten-year-old and if she came to me with the same, I'd be stumped and yet I know that she is more God's than mine. As much as I desire relationship for her between she and Christ, He does even more. God knows your struggles here, He knows the questions your son has and He can best address them. These pesky doubts the Enemy tosses at us are hard, even as adults, but the sweet thing for your son is that he has you in his life to be used an instrument for God, to play out God in sweet tune for him. So that even in seasons he questions, he hears the love of God in his life through you, even if he doesn't know it. Prayerful that God brings peace to you over this, that He encourages you and provides the words when you feel lacking, that He calms any fear or worry you have over this, knowing that the enemy would love to toy with Mommas here. That God knows your son even better than you and that He can reset his footing. Prayerful that your son grows closer, through this, to Christ and that His testimony be used to draw other young people to Christ in a big way! ~ B

  • Love reading about love! ESP as I measure myself up against gods perfect love

  • Candacejo

    "God’s love cannot be constrained by our own lack of understanding." Amen! So thankful for the love of God that I truly do not always comprehend but so blessed that He gave, He loved and He continues to love us in spite of ourselves.

    I sat and watched the lunar eclipse last night and marveled at the infinite Almighty God that flung it all into space and is STILL in control of it all so many thousands of years later. Watching, waiting and anticipating His return. May we reach for those that do not know Him today and share that love!

    Lincoln Brewster's song seems appropriate today, Lord, I'm amazed by You! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEaD8NTrLJQ

    • livewithloveandgrace

      I wasn't able to see the lunar eclipse in person here since it was raining, but while watching it through NASA's live stream I felt the same way. I am continually amazed by God and how big He truly is. I can't even wrap my brain around it! The way He intricately designed creation to work together in the way it does and the purpose each thing has on this earth. It just amazes me! Thank you for sharing the song too :) It is PERFECT!

    • Lucy

      What a beautiful post! Thank you, Candacejo.

    • tina

      Candacejo, gutted, I knew nothing of this lunar eclipse until I got to work this morning…I'm sad I missed it…My amazement is that you mention it too, from the other side of the earth….How great is our God and all He gives to us…
      Wow, is all I can say…
      Blessings dear heart…Love to all…xxx

  • When I was little one of my favorite things to do at the beach was to sit in the sand near the water and let the ocean roll over my legs. I would stay in the same place because I loved the feeling of the sand shifting and enjoyed seeing how largely the water would impact where I sat. Over time, my body would shift its placement, being carried by the water as the earth washed out from under me. The process enamored me. The ground, hard and heavy to dig, yet with the slightest swell of water it softened and transformed. The biggest part of the practice that astounded me was that the sand seemed immeasurable. Picking up a handful of it, I would notice how teeny each individual piece was, miniscule in size, unnoticeable alone. Paired with an inestimable amount of other pieces and it was a force of support. The thing is, no matter how much sand was swept out from under me, there was always more. What the ocean would carry out into itself, it would pour back out in another location. There never came a day that the beach ran out of sand. It was always there ebbing and flowing with the tide. And even if I came to a spot where the earth seemed to collapse and degrade over time, the sand still existed, it just wasn't in a visible place. Today I look at the sand and realize that God's love is even more numerous, more abundant than the individual grains of sands that used to carry my weight. That just as I would notice the swirling grains in the water around me, just as I knew, without question, that the ocean was brimming with them; God's love is even more ever-present, ever vast, ever abounding, ever sufficient and ever providing. Praising God for His exorbitant love over us; for the depth of it, the flow of it and the overwhelming amount of it. That when we feel spent here as if the earth is being pulled out from under us, that God's love will always be our support, it will never run out. ~ B

    • Denise

      Please, please write a book. What a beautiful, eloquent and meaningful post. I will keep your thoughts about the grains of sand with me today. Bless you!!! xo

      • MissyCM

        Um… I´d buy it.

      • MNmomma (heather)

        I agree! A book would be amazing!

      • Drea

        i was thinking the exact same thing! she has a gift.

      • ~ B ~

        You guys are among the greatest of encouragers. I am genuinely humbled by your kindness and am so thankful God saw fit to bring us together with SRT. Thank you, Denise, very much for your words over me. ~ B

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Amen! Amen! Amen!

    • Christy

      Yes I wholeheartedly support the book idea!

    • Sylvia Reeve

      Said so beautifully, thank you. I will never look at beach sand the same old way but will be reminded of God’s unfathomable love

    • Chrissy

      Thank you for painting such a beautiful imagery of the incalculable love of our incomparable God! What a staggering thought that no matter how full a beach might be with sand so numerous and deep, or how full a vast ocean might be as it stretches beyond what naked eye can see, fuller still is our God Whose very word spoke all of it into existence!
      Oh Father, open our eyes, hearts, and minds in Christ that we may even just begin to know Your deep, wide, long, and high love. We long for you to fill us today with the immeasurable fullness of God that alone can satisfy our deepest longing. And as You do, may all glory be to You in us, Your church – Your bride, by Christ Jesus (Eph. 3:21)!

    • kb

      I’m with these ladies – I don’t read a lot of books but would definitely read yours! God has given you a way with words… thank you for sharing them with us! ❤️

    • mamajonk

      Blessed by your words. Thank you!


      I love this illustration of God's love. I often go to the ocean to spend time with the Lord and do the same. Thank you for sharing this :)

    • tina

      Dearest friend…I love this!!!! Totally love this!!!

      No amount of 'to infinity and beyond''' could add up to the grains of sand….let alone God's love for us, and how vast, how deep, how wide, how long…that is a whole heap of love and then some!!!! Thank you Lord…Thank you-B…for this wonderful illustration …

      As for the book, I'm in Sis…hugs, xxxx

    • Andrea H

      I agree with Denise! You should write a book

    • Dee

      Thank you B, for such a beautiful illustration. Absolutely beautiful.

  • carlybenson

    V19 stood out to me: "May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God." I had heard about God's love for many years, and I believed it, but I didn't really understand it and I certainly didn't feel it. I had been taught that feelings don't matter, that it was all about what the Bible said, and I do believe God's truth is bigger and more reliable than how we feel, but I also think it is important to really know and experience God's love in our hearts, not just to have a theoretical head knowledge that doesn't really impact our lives. I remember the day I first properly experienced God's love. It actually felt like I was being physically filled up with it and for the first time I felt confident that it was really for me, and felt so much joy. People could tell there was something different as soon as they talked to me- and it brought real and lasting change.
    I'm rambling a bit here but agree that really grasping God's love can totally transform us. I'm not saying that I've completely got it but that experience changed a lot and also drives me on to know God more. Praying that all of us may know God's love for us today in a deeper way than we have before.

    • Judy


    • Amy J

      I think I experienced something similar just yesterday. The love and joy I feel in my heart this very moment is immense. I feel giddy – which is not at all who I am – and feel that I can't contain it. But, giddy, I am not. I'm pretty sure the giddiness will fade, but I feel more powerful than I've ever felt before. I'm amazed by, and also prompted to deepen, my relationship with God.

      Thank you for sharing.

      • carlybenson

        Thanks for sharing that, Amy. That's amazing, and it sounds very similar to how I felt- definitely giddy, and unable to contain it! I was sitting in a train station and suddenly realised I was singing a worship song out loud! Not very loud, but loud enough for people to notice- and that's not like me at all. I found the giddiness faded gradually over the next few days, but the sense of God's love and power continued. Praying for you as you go deeper with God.

  • We can never comprehend '..how wide ..how long..how high, .how deep…..how amazing…Not in our wildest dreams…

    I used to tell my children, when they were younger, that I loved them.'to infinity and beyond…beyond..beyond…( words stolen from Woody…Toy story, just added extra ' beyonds') I needed them to understand how so. Very much I loved them, how special, how loved, how important they were to me…i remember watching Toy Story with them, a d explaining I dignity to the younger child, and how vast, how deep, how long, how wide how it went on forever…..
    As youngsters, it was so important for them to understand that I was there for them, that I might not like, but would alwAys be for them, should they get into or find themselves in trouble, that my love for them does not change, will not change, whatever was going on in their lives, whatever they do, or don't do…I will be there for them..that the love I have for them, comes from deep within the womb they and from…that came with them, when they were born, but not a tidy upper of their mess y room or plates…lol.
    I have been here for a few years now and heard zillions talk of your Love for your children, your concerns….your worries…Our love for our children , though we k ow goes beyond,beyond infinity, would never come close to God's love for us….no matter how intense our love, we can never love as God loves us…
    I have had my share of life's ups and downs, but before this amazing journey with God, my dear daddy, was my go to…He was wise, comforting, provided, never turned me away for letting the side down, he loved without judging, he loved me no matter what….That, and the penny dropping, enabled me to grasp and understand the depth of the Heavenly Father s love…..If this was the 'no holds barred' love of an earthly father….then …my God , the love of The One who gave and continues to give it all…has got to be even more deeper, intense…
    I have loved these words since reading them the first time…
    “I pray that you, being rooted and firmly established in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the length and width, height and depth of God’s love…”
    So, so very thankful Lord God for the great example I have had, with daddy….for his unconditional love, and care, But God…Thank you that you are the author of our lives…that your love of this 'book of Tina' is set in love love love….your love, Lord God, that nothing, NOTHING can stop, take away, or call to question….I am blessed to know and receive this greater love…..and I am truly thankful…Lord God…Thank you Lord, thank you…Amen…

    Happy Monday my dears….be blessed..xxx

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Beautiful Tina….thanks for sharing this Monday! hugs and love to you!

    • Amy J

      I tell my children that I love them more than they'll ever know. It's hard for me to imagine a love any greater than the love I have for my children.

      But, Tina, you've helped me to see that God loves me more than I'll ever know.

      More than I'll ever know.

  • the story about your parents' fridge made me smile a lot!

    I enjoyed this devotion. He indeed loves us and now I have Stuart Townend's song 'playing' loudly in my head. :)

    "How deep the Father’s love for us,
    How vast beyond all measure,
    That He should give His only Son
    To make a wretch His treasure.
    How great the pain of searing loss –
    The Father turns His face away,
    As wounds which mar the Chosen One
    Bring many sons to glory.

    Behold the man upon a cross,
    My sin upon His shoulders;
    Ashamed, I hear my mocking voice
    Call out among the scoffers.
    It was my sin that held Him there
    Until it was accomplished;
    His dying breath has brought me life –
    I know that it is finished.

    I will not boast in anything,
    No gifts, no power, no wisdom;
    But I will boast in Jesus Christ,
    His death and resurrection.
    Why should I gain from His reward?
    I cannot give an answer;
    But this I know with all my heart –
    His wounds have paid my ransom."

    • Tricia

      That is beautiful!

    • Helen

      Thanks for the lyrics. I’ve been singing parts of this in my head for a few days. It will be great to learn it all now.

    • Kelly_Smith

      I love that song! Thank you for planting it in my head to play throughout the day!!

    • goldenretrieversandlabradoodles

      This song just popped into my head as well. I scrolled down, and here it is. :)

    • Kim

      Thank you! Love that song!

    • melindawatters

      Yes, ditto to what Kelly said! Thankyou!

    • tina

      I don't know this song, so thank you so much for these beautiful words from Stuart Townend…xxx

    • Jessica

      Thank you for this. I copied the whole thing down. It really speaks to me. So beautiful and so powerful. What an incredible Savior we have!

  • I’m in Eastern Europe right now on a mission trip. As I’m reading these verses, I’m praying that God who has blessed me and my team abundantly would give us more opportunities today to sharing His immeasurable love with the college students here. Thank you for the encouraging words.

    • Candacejo

      How exciting! I lived there for a year and a half helping to plant new churches. The people are amazing and hungry for God. I am certainly putting you and your team on my prayer list while you are there. May you reach many souls for Him! ♥

    • Anne

      I am a college student, and I can assure you your work does not go unnoticed. It's hard being a christian in college, and people like you and your team that reach out to us help us enormously. In a culture so broken, it is truly the few with the light of christ that keep those few going. Thank you for that you're doing across the globe!

    • shereadstruth

      Praying with and for you today, sister! Grateful for your obedience and for the ways God is using you!


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