Daniel: Day 19

Go On Your Way


Today's Text: Daniel 12:4-13, 2 Peter 3:8-13, Revelation 1:4-8

I’m a hopeless lyric geek. Nearly everything reminds me of a song.

“Go on your way, Daniel,” the angel says (in verse 9 and again in verse 13). And I immediately start singing Fleetwood Mac. You can go your own way (Go your own wa-aaa-ay). And because I’m always up for a distraction, Frank Sinatra and a whole host of random musical characters continue the game in my head.

I’ll do it my way. Are you gonna go my way? Love will find a way. She’s got a way about her. Oooo, baby I love your way.

I attribute my lyrical obsession to my endless hours spent singing along to cassette tapes in the car with my brother and friends growing up. We lived in a small Alabama town where “riding around” was the coolest thing a teenager could do, and the pastime was exactly as glamorous as it sounds. But make no mistake—we cruised that single stretch of highway like our life depended on it. I think sometimes we actually thought it did.

I was a good girl (loved my mama, loved Jesus, and America too. Tom Petty, anyone?). I did well in school and followed more rules than I broke, especially in the light of day. But underneath, I was trying to find my way just like we all were. It was acceptance and significance we were after. Our goal was our glory, be it in the form of a beer and a cigarette or youth group council and extracurricular accolades.

Many days I find myself back there, desperately trying to build my own kingdom.

Staring at the aftermath of these 12 chapters of Daniel—all the egos and kingdoms that have crumbled in both dreams and real life—I see it as clearly as when I look back on my high school self. So much effort for things that matter so little, so many idols built up just to watch them fall. Perspective might come easily enough with 20 years or 12 chapters, but not so much when you’re in the thick of the struggle and the waiting.

It’s no surprise that Daniel (by this time an old man who’s spent years in exile) stands here at the close of the book feeling pretty awful. He is utterly confused by all he has witnessed and heard, and he has one question: How and when is this finally going to end? Daniel—the man we have praised for his faithfulness, and rightly so—is just ready for this insanity to be over already.

The angel does not answer Daniel’s question but points him to the answer, in two parts: “for the words are secret and sealed until the time of the end” (Daniel 12:9). The word “sealed” here (also in Daniel 8:26) means to close up for safekeeping, to preserve as-is. The truths Daniel heard and witnessed are everlasting, unchanging truths.

The earth and all its works will burn up, but the Word of God will last forever (see 2 Peter 3:10 & Isaiah 40:8).

The angel also says this: “None of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand” (Daniel 12:10). Wisdom is not knowing the answer, it is knowing the God who IS the answer. Daniel’s question of the “how long?” is a valid one (one echoed throughout Scripture—see Psalm 13). It’s a hard thing to be held captive in a place that’s not your home. We fret and wring our hands, with so many questions about what tomorrow holds, what next year will bring and 30 years after that. Daniel wondered, too. But our God is infinitely bigger than our confusion.

Our view is limited to hindsight, but our God sees from beginning to end because He is the beginning and the end (Revelation 1:8). The only true kingdom is His Kingdom. The only true way is His Way.

Friend, the way for the wisdom and the waiting lies in God’s Word. His Word is where He meets us, day after day, in our place of earthly exile, and fills our hearts and minds with His truth. It is where we find Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, the Life (John 14:6). True wisdom starts here, prayerfully reading the pages of His Word.

So get up and go on your way today, sister. Be free of building your own kingdom. Take heart knowing that your way is not your own. The God of Daniel leads you.




  • So thankful for this guidance through the Book of Daniel. “Our place of earthly exile” especially sticks out to me. We have to find a way to function in this place that glorifies our ultimate end and the King over it. Looking forward to more Bible studies with you all.

  • This study was incredible! I could hear God speaking straight to my soul with His words. Thank you!

  • jennifer

    coming in late on the Daniel study, but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed/appreciated it. Thank you for leaving past studies up and available. Your ministry is very impactful.. keep it up!

    • She Reads Truth

      So glad you’re in our community, Jennifer! Blessings to you!


  • Heather M

    I was singing Fleetwood Mac, too, when I read the title!! :)
    Loved this study. Thanks ladies for your hard work!

  • All we have to do is SHOW UP.
    Jesus does the rest ❤️

  • Wow, this ended in such a profound and awesome way of encouragement! May I remember the simple truth of wisdom, God is the answer! Thankful for this study of Daniel!

  • “Be free of building your own kingdom”
    You have been placed in a kingdom. Jesus is Lord , you don’t have to figure out what to do, how to respond, or how to handle situations that arise. Your King has already given you a manual to follow.

  • Love love love the lyrics!. I do that too! And I also spend too much time and effort on what should not be important. Prayers today that we,as women, do not let the world tell us what has value.

  • Just what I needed to hear today! God is the answer – He holds the truth. My mind and heart can find their answers in His peace. Amen!

  • Claudia Pannetti

    Great devotional today!! God bless you all as we go our way today.

  • Katherine

    This morning when I started reading today’s devotion I had no idea what God was sending my way. My Grandmother has lung cancer and in the difficulties that come with cancer treatment she’s suffered some complications. This morning her spleen ruptured and she’s now being supported on a ventilator while the anesthesia wears off (we hope it will). Tonight as I finally am able to finish this reading I know why I wasn’t supposed to finish it this morning. We’re in a waiting place, waiting for her to wake up, waiting for the miracles that God often works through modern medicine. Daniel asked how long, we ask that too, how long? I’m comforted tonight that her captivity in ill-health is only as long as the creator says it is. And I’m strangely (though it shouldn’t be strange) comforted that the outcome is completely reliant on the power of God, its not my responsibility, I can’t screw it up.

    • Angela

      What a wonderful perspective!! Praying for you and your grandmother, as well as your family and her caretakers. And sending hugs from WV!!

    • tina

      Katherine,sorry to hear about your grandma…..I pray the Lord keep her comfortable, give her peace, and be with and hold her hand through this time..

      Katherine, you are an amazing child/woman of God….keep looking upwards, keep looking to Him…we all too often, and probably flipantly, too, say 'only God knows' but what truth…He knows the beginning and the end….He knows your nana, and He loves her very much, as He does you…He draws near to the hurting, and He will draw near to you and your family in this time…hold fast….to Him.
      Your are in my prayers…xx

  • Speaking of being reminded of and distracted by lyrics, I couldn’t help humming some Boney M during our August 18th reading on the Rivers of Babylon!

  • Stephanie K.

    I absolutely love how sad I get when a study comes to an end. Learning about Daniel has been an amazing experience, and I wish that his story didn’t end where it did. I have learned so much, and it is quite reassuring that someone who was so loved by God, was just as confused about some things like I am. God reveals what he wants you to know, and sometimes he tells us to just “seal it up” because it’s one of those things that we don’t need to understand or worry about. Daniel’s faith is truly an amazing testament of beauty! Thank you for this study. God bless you all!

  • Chidimma

    I can't believe its the end of the study. I had my moments of fear and peace..was a real rollercoaster (especially with the terrifying visions) but all in all as always, the study was also a blessing. I have grown so much from it and from reading the comments. All glory be to God who owns my (our) hearts!

    Thank you everyone.

  • Not gonna lie .. I've found the last few chapters have made me a little nervous … okay … scared. BUT God has opened my heart to that it's all about Him. I've been seeing this in so many places that my life is not about me but about God.
    This has been the start of transformation for me b/c I've been focused on Jesus loves ME, Jesus forgives ME, Jesus knows ME and cares about MY struggles and joys. This is true and awesome! However, in MY sinfulness I have taken this and thought how do I get what I want out of this relationship without realizing that there is bigger purpose to this relationship.
    I'm here for GOD's purpose. I'm here to do GOD's will. I'm here to serve GOD. I'm here due to GOD's good pleasure and that any discomfort and trials I experience are part of GOD shaping my heart into the tool that HE needs. Praying today that I surrender my skewed perceptions and expectations to seek first the kingdom of GOD! Happy weekend everyone!

    • Rochelle

      Amazing perspective! This happens to me, too. Thank you for sharing :)

  • Lizzieb85

    This Daniel study has been so timely with the happenings of my life this week. Long story short, we have an infestation of Yellowjackets that have been getting inside the house for the last 2 weeks. We’ve had the exterminators come out 3 times! I have 8 month old twins & the anxiety I have had in trying to kill all the wasps & keep the boys safe was making me sick to my stomach. Literally, I lost 4 pounds this week as I could barely eat, keeping my eyes ever-roaming for rogue wasps. What’s more, there has been a manhunt for cop-killers in my area & we have been urged to stay inside our houses. So here are my timely applications through the week:
    1) In reading about the lions den, I was reminded that God is in control of the creatures He has created. He has kept the wasps from stinging us, & the bedrooms have been a safe haven for us. Praising God for His protection!
    2) The day we read about Daniel’s prayer of repentance, the devo mentioned he thought he was at the end, but it is was only to get worse. That day I had killed more wasps than any other day, by far! I even cried out “How long?!” I was reminded that God’s timing is perfect & he will give me what I need to get through it.
    3) Yesterday we think we finally figured out how the wasps have been getting in & have closed it up. So far, no more wasps. I feel such relief as it is so hard to feel captive in your own home! Hindsight. What a tough week! But God has been with me through it. I had to pause & & praise God for this statement in today’s devo, “The earth and all its works will burn up, but the Word of God will last forever (see 2 Peter 3:10 & Isaiah 40:8).” He is eternal, everlasting, absolute Truth! Now that is Someone I can put my hope in!!

    • Angela

      Praying for peace and safety for your family… and the manhunt, the officer's friends and family, and your entire community!

  • I am in the midst of waiting. I am feeling the anxiety of not knowing. My foster daughter is here with me, and my heart aches for her. Thankfully she is only 21 months so she doesn't fully understand what is happening. When will she have a permanent home? Will we be able to adopt her? Will she be returned home? She's been with us for 19 months and these months of waiting and wondering have been so hard. Thankful that God knows the "beginning and the end." Praying for His Will to prevail in this, and that my family will be able to lean on His Strength through this time of waiting. Thank you for this devotion and thank you all for your comments that are encouraging and remind us that we are not alone in our struggles.

    • HelenWalksinAwe

      Sarah, I know you will have blessings heaped upon you for taking your foster daughter in, despite the uncertainty and waiting, and that God is working through you in these months! Blessings!!!!

    • Candace Ann

      We roo have a foster baby! It is the most amazing thing! Knowing you are being the hands and feet of Jesus !
      But it is also on of the hardest things
      The waiting and the not knowing! Being in the word everyday reinforces the reasons why us as family are doing this!!
      Thank goodness he knows the end!
      May the Lord be with every step of the way!!

  • "So get up and go on your way today, sister. Be free of building your own kingdom. Take heart knowing that your way is not your own. The God of Daniel leads"

    God gives us what we need when we need it. God bless you Amanda. It's like you wrote this lesson with me in mind.

  • Danielle A.

    It’s true. God does meet us in his word. Just like Daniel is experiencing confusion so am I in this current season of life. It is an up and down journey currently with lots of uncertain things to it. I am happy to have a God who goes before me making a path, and Him being my comfort in the midst of it.

  • Laura Loewen

    Good stuff today! If I'm honest, I always need to reminder to not build my own kingdom, but rather to humbly contribute to the Lord's. The God of Daniel CAN be trusted. He is so, so faithful.

    What a relief that we don't have to know it all, be it all or do it all.

    We can rest in His big, loving arms.

    He is with us.

  • Two weeks ago, I had no idea I was "desperately trying to build my own kingdom." I was 45 years old, and still searching for acceptance and significance. I know this confusion is not over, but I can't put into words how grateful I am for this realization. I'm grateful that the God of Daniel leads me. Thank you, SRT, for this study.

  • I think we forget that we are exiles. And that's kind of what happened to many israelites in Babylon. They got caught up in their surroundings – their "own" way. God told Daniel to go "on your way." But I don't think He meant – go your own way (as awesome as that song is). :-) I think God meant – follow the path I've laid out for you. Live the life I've given you. Daniel did not get to go home. Many of the Israelites could have chosen to go home, but Babylon had become more like home after 70 yrs and they didn't want to leave the comforts of a beautiful city for the ruins of Jerusalem. We would do well to remember where home is. God has laid out a different path for each of us. Some of us get to go home sooner than others. But like we read a couple days ago, no matter when we get to go to our true home, we are to "go on your way" and be "about the King's business" every day.

    • Amy J

      I appreciate your words. I get easily caught up in my surroundings and lose track of His way for me. Praying I go about His business today.

  • The waiting lies in God’s Word …. His word is where He meets us. How true it is! May his love invade us while we wait! May we surrender to Him and His way in the time of waiting! We must allow His words to penetrate our beings so He can fulfill the purpose for His Kingdom! He is so good to His children and loves us so intricately! For His wisdom starts in the prayfully reading the pages of His word…//

  • Caroline @ In due time

    Sooooo good! He knows! He is faithful! His ways are always better!


  • Perspective. It’s something I have been mindful of in my own wait and struggle. In the sense of who God is in light of my circumstances. That He is greater, His Kingdom is greater, His favor is greater.
    Yet today, I find myself sitting with this idea of perspective from a different angle. My former thoughts were good, but very isolating. Meaning I now don’t feel they really connected me to Him in a personal, relational way. I want to revere Him, honor Him, but also draw closer to Him, to His heart. And I feel I’ve been ‘playing it safe’ with good intentions.
    So today, my perspective is taking a more meaningful direction. It is not so much rooted in what He can do for me (be greater than all those things in my life, even though I know that He is) BUT how does knowing this change my perceptions of my wait and my struggle, my actions in spite of my circumstances. If I know who He is through my struggle, then how can I move more faithfully toward pursuing His kingdom, His favor. The action behind my words.

    Because if I’m honest, am I really seeking His Kingdom over my own kingdom? Am I really just looking for the end of the struggle, the answer/outcome of the wait instead of His hand in the right here, right now? Yes, I am. It may be unconscious, but when I think of what i really want from God, it’s just that – what I want. This is self seeking. But I know that with His help and guidance and a refreshed perspective, I can really & truly follow His way, walk in His truth.
    As Amanda says, He is the answer and I can be free from building my own kingdom. These are very good things because seeking the answer and wanting what I want is exhausting and pointless. My little kingdoms topple quickly and easily.
    And so, (not sure how much this has even made sense but…) today I choose – more thoughtfully, intentionally, and with repentance – to seek His Kingdom, His leading, His way. Getting up and going on my way, His way today!

    • Amy J

      Your words make sense to me, Beverly. In fact, I started this morning with a similar awareness. I realized that I very easily fall back into focusing on me and my needs, and not on Him and His plan.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • CJ

      I get it too Beverly. I am once again right there with ya. Praying we all can seek first, want most, his kingdom and will be done in our lives. Also praying that those little strongholds of distracting self-fish bugs of desire or wants, no longer have authority in our lives in Jesus holy righteous and Victorious name.
      Thank you for the study SRT! Praising God for you all!
      Much love to all my sisters! Have a good weekend!

    • HelenWalksinAwe

      Your words are speaking to me today, too! I struggle to find the balance and discern the fine line between taking care of my family's needs and being responsible and then getting caught up in all that and building my own kingdom instead of God's. I'm grateful for your key word: Perspective! I think that will be helpful on my journey.
      Peace! Strength!

    • Kendra

      One of the many things I love about SRT is that there is always a sister here who takes the words and thoughts rolling around in my head and turns them into words- that make sense! Thank you, Beverly!! Yes, yes, yes.

    • Kim

      My heart understood every word!!! Thanks for this.

  • Did we skip chapter 11? Did I miss it somehow?

  • Reading this devotional this morning hit home. It made me look back at my own life and see that as a college student, I've been building my own kingdom around my extracurricular activities, school and work. I feel that my difficult circumstances are just holding me down and instead of just trusting God, I decided to do my own thing and put my hopes in that. Not a good idea. God has showed me over time how I have put these idols before Him, instead of just allowing Him to lead me. I pray that in everything that I do, even when I don't understand it, that I will put God first. Because at the end of the day, as the Bible tells us, all the these things will pass away but God's Word will always remain. I love what 2 Peter 3:11 says – "Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conduct and godliness,". This verse just stood out to me. Knowing what's to come and that these things are temporary, I should have a different mindset. A mindset that is focused on the "blessed hope and glorious appearance of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ" (Titus 2:13).

    "Our view is limited to hindsight, but our God sees from beginning to end because HE IS the beginning and the end". I love that. Thank you SRT for this study.

    • Cindy

      Prayers for you, Angela…. I have a daughter that is 2nd year in college, and she stands where you are. Trying to find Christian friends, but also wanting to enjoy her God-given talents (where she hasn't found may like-minded people)… You guys face a fight every day that forces you in to a place of worldliness and "me"-ness… Prayers for you to find that happy place that allows you to have supportive Christian friends and fulfill your dreams, too. God did not give us our talents to hide them under a bushel, but He did give them to us to glorify Him! Happy day!

  • I think more of lines from books than songs, and today I am thinking of Dr Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go when he describes the “waiting place.” Our family is in the waiting place as we wait to move. Again. My husband’s job–the one we moved here less than two years ago for him to start–is awful and needs to change for his health and the benefit of our family. But I find myself fearful and resistant to more change, to starting over. What to do in the waiting place? “The way for the wisdom and for the waiting lies in God’s Word. His Word is where He meets us…in our place of earthly exile and fills our minds with truth.” Thank you for this encouragement to fill my mind with truth and remember that this world is not my home. I can let go of my home here, knowing I should be about the King’s business and not my own kingdom of comfort and ease.

    • SusieT

      Oh, Lyle, I know exactly how you feel! Thanks for sharing. I've been in that precise spot a number of times, and my husband & I are currently in the process of putting our house up for sale in anticipation of a move necessitated by a job change. Through the years, I have learned in important truth: you can be assured that in each and every move, our all-wise God has GOOD in store for you and your children, too. You mentioned that a change in your husband's job is needed for the benefit of your family, and while that's undoubtedly true, I think our Lord also has other good things…important lessons…wonderful blessings…awaiting each and every one of you, wherever He sends you. I admit, moving wasn't always easy for our two daughters, but they knew that *God* was leading our family to move, so those experiences also left them with good life lessons. The benefits of those moves have proven overwhelmingly greater than the inconveniences — and if you asked them (they're now in their 20s), they'd say the same things. (I used to encourage my little girls with: "Iimagine if Laura Ingalls Wilder had never moved!! We would then likely have only her one book, instead of her entire wonderful series!") :)
      Moving is a lot of work [UGH!], so hang in there, dear Sister! I'm praying that you'll feel our Lord give you comfort and peace throughout the process and that you'll find a wonderful place to call your next home!

  • anne jones

    “None of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand” (Daniel 12:10). Wisdom is not knowing the answer, it is knowing the God who IS the answer………..
    Wow, God just put it to me in this verse this morning that the WHY, that I am always so concerned about, is not important and is taking up too much of my energy. Thank you Amanda this was so convicting to me that I need to let go of the why and focus on knowing I have the answer in GOD.

  • “Take heart knowing that your way is not your own. The God of Daniel leads you!” Such an encouraging way to lead this day.

  • I like how it says “our view is limited to hindsight.” It’s true because everything makes sense once it has happened but God knows what is to be before it even happens.

  • Yes yes YES! So many gems here to remember. Thank you, Amanda (and i am a lyrics girl as well – though not quite as … Um … Passionately as you are).

  • America has become a different place since Jefferson and Adams worked on writing our constitution. Adams stated that the constitution would only work as the baseline of our behavior. He supposed our better selves would be based on the higher guide of the Bible. Praying for Kim Davis who has become a captive in what use to be a Christian nation, America. Kim Davis. A modern Daniel? Come Lord Jesus.

  • Thank you so much. The pain of watching her suffer and yet thd feeling of loss of losing her is almost unbearable. God is in control and she is a precious Christian. I covet your prayers. Again, thank you!A * U R !

    • MS

      Praying for you and your family Laura!

    • lauraloewen1221

      Lifting you and your family up, Laura.

    • Rochelle

      Only seeing this today. Praying for you, your mother, and your family, Laura. Praying for the peace that passes all understanding!

  • Sitting in an ICU waiting room having to make decisions for my precious 80 year old mother who is critically injured in a car accident. 16 broken ribs, damaged lungs and neck, broken hip, femur and knee cap. 4 in the morning here and struggling with confusion and looking for answers. This reading really spoke to me. Thank you.

    • Brittney

      Praying for your mother, you & your family Laura!

    • Candacejo

      Oh Laura, I am so sorry. Jesus, wrap Your arms around Laura, her mother, the family as they struggle today. You are an ever-present God who hears and understands. Let Your presence be their comfort and give wisdom to Laura in this most difficult hour. All we need we find in You, Lord and we trust You know what is best. In Jesus' name. ♥

    • ~ B ~

      Oh Laura, I am so very sorry. I will be prayerful today over your sweet mom. That God will cover you as you both sit in the hospital. That both of you know he is there, that you feel His guiding as you go through this and that you know beyond a doubt that He is walking it out with you. Prayerful that He guides the hands and minds of the physicians over her care and that you are surrounded by community as the two of you endure this, cloaking you in friendship, rest and prayer. Prayerful that she feel unimaginable strength and courage and comfort in the midst of such pain. Praying that your time together is blessed and that you share beautiful moments and that you are less overwhelmed by circumstance than love Laura. My heart hurts for you both … I will continue to lift the two of you up moving forward. ~ B

      • MNmomma (heather)


      • CJ

        Amen.. Surrounding you with love Jesus is.. Praying for you Laura.

      • tina

        Lord, you say where two or more are in agreement…you will hear our prayer…Praying this along side you -B…

        God be with you and your mom, Laura…xx

    • Kelly_Smith

      Laura, I pray that the God of peace and wisdom would hold you close today. I ask that His heavenly angels come minister to you and surround you with protection. I pray healing and peace for your mother. Lord, give Laura and her medical team divine wisdom as they move forward with her care. Cast aside confusion and doubt and replace it with the assurance that comes only through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    • Maya

      Praying for you, your mom and your family fervently this morning! It’s going to be ok, Laura.

    • anne jones

      Laura I will pray for your mother and your family. I pray God is merciful to your mother and gives you and your family grace and peace. He is with you as always in this painful time.

    • Shelia

      Praying for you and your family Laura.

    • Lyle

      I am so sorry, Laura! Praying for you and your mother, for comfort and wisdom, for a constant sense of God’s presence with you.

    • KC Blessed

      Laura, Praying for you and your family. I pray that God will guide you in all the decisions you have to make.

    • Brenda Eby

      Laura, my prayers go out to you, your mom, your family right now. I truly understand. I was in the same situation about 19 years ago. I can’t believe it has been that long ago. My parents (ages early 70’s) were in a car accident. Dad was killed and mom was critical for several days. You feel like you are in a world all your own and just going through the motions of life. May you feel the Lord’s loving arms around you and strengthening you. You will continue to be in my prayers. Brenda

    • JessHH

      Praying for you and your mother, Laura. So sorry you have to go through this.

    • Angela

      Praying for you and your family Laura!

    • Brooke

      Praying for you and your precious mom, Laura <3

    • KDF

      Praying for you and your family! May the Lord’s strength engulf your spirit today!

    • Beverly

      He is a God of peace and not confusion. Praying He comforts your heart and wraps you in His love this morning. Will be praying for you, Laura, and your mother.

    • Kirsten

      Prayers, Laura…

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Laura – I am lifting you all up in my prayers this morning…..

    • Alexis

      So many prayers for guidance, comfort and strength! Our Father has you all wrapped in His arms.


      Prayers for you and your mother Laura!

  • Candacejo

    Thank you ever-so-much Amanda for planting "Go. Your. Own. Waaaay." in my head for the rest of the day! :)

    So many great nuggets here today."Wisdom is not knowing the answer, it is knowing the God who IS the answer." So many things we do not understand here, especially with all the Crazy that is going on around us. And we know it isn't the end, this is only the beginning of sorrows.

    Yet we do NOT fear or spend our days wringing our hands either, that would be exactly what the enemy wants us to do and distract us from our purpose: To spread The Good News that not only is Jesus alive and well but that He can change the heart and life of ANYONE who calls on His name! Then there is not only JOY (not just happiness, but JOY) for each day but comfort and assurance that we have eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Thankful for revelation of who He is. ♥

  • carlybenson

    "God is infinitely bigger than our confusion." It's reassuring that Daniel was confused too, but I like the encouragement to him in v13 that in the midst of the confusion he has the certainty that his future is secure- he will die but rise again to receive his inheritance. It's the same for us in the 2 Peter passage- "we are looking forward to the new heaven and new earth he has promised, a world filled with God's righteousness." Although we don't understand a lot of what's going on, either today or in the future, we know how it ends and that our future is secure with God.

  • german_janne

    Living in Europe, I am currently very much concerned about the many refugees who come to our country, looking for a resting place and yet facing hopelessness and even hatred in the place they thought would become their home. The book of Daniel thus got a new and up-to-date meaning for me. I can relate to Daniels fears and his eagerness to know when all this will come to an end. God sees from beginning to end – I wonder how we can make this known to the multitudes of fugitives. Feeling clueless and sad …

    • Candacejo

      We spent the month of May in Malta and Sicily and saw firsthand some of this problem. We even met some refugees from Eritrea and were amazed to hear their journey to freedom. They were fortunate in the fact that they had come about a year ago but still suffered great persecution in their country for their faith and of course want to bring their family as well. I sure do not know the answer to this problem that is only getting worse. I join you in praying for those that must escape their homeland…God have mercy!

    • Alison

      I woke up praying for that three year old refugee who was washed ashore. He has a name and an older brother but he could very well be MY three year old too. May God show us the way to restoring humanity. That should be everyone’s way.

    • Amy J

      My eyes were opened to this only yesterday, but yesterday I listened. I will pray with you.

    • Beverly

      I am praying right along with you.

  • Exactly what I needed on this day loaded with all that confusion. Thank you!

  • "God sees from beginning to end because He is the beginning and the end." <– Loved this!

    Yes, I may be desperately stuck in the middle, but it's going to be okay. Philippians 1:6 – "And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ."

  • As we close the Daniel study, I feel as though I’ve left Daniel in exile. This prophet will remain stuck closer than a friend for awhile. Maybe that’s just what is needed. Great work SRT!

    • Ashley

      I, too, feel like I'm leaving Daniel behind. I pray that I will keep him close to my heart and remember his faithfulness and obedience in the coming days. As I'm going through my own trials in this season, I pray that I will be like Daniel and put my trust in God. I don't want to build my own kingdom.

      Lord, I pray you will be with me throughout the coming days and months. Help me to remember Who my life is for, and to work to adding to Your kingdom and to trust in You.

  • Alexis C.

    2Peter3:8-10 Wow! Such a good reminder. His timing is so different from ours. We like NOW – He likes when I decide. :-)

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