Daniel: Day 15

The Son of Man


Today's Text: Daniel 7:1-28, Psalm 104:1-5

Growing up as a pastor’s daughter, my church was like my own personal playground. My sisters and I spent many hours there and we knew each hallway, back staircase, and classroom. We used to play in the closet where the felt figures and flannel boards were kept for Sunday school. I remember sticking felt Daniel to the board with the felt lions. I remember Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and the little felt fire.

However, I do not recall there being a felt version of the bear-like beast holding three ribs between his teeth or a beast with ten little horns, one of which had little eyes. Those were mysteriously missing from our church’s felt-figure collection.

This is probably because the felt-figure manufacturing company knew that no Sunday school teacher in his right mind would be teaching on the prophecies of Daniel to small children. Daniel himself was afraid of the visions he saw (Daniel 7:15).

Can you imagine what a five-year-old would tell her mom after being picked up from class? “Mommy! We learned about beasts and rivers of fire and giants who stepped on everybody and HORNS!”

Chapter 7 of Daniel marks a notable shift in this book, a shift from historical account to end-times prophecy, or, what theologian types call “apocalyptic literature.” Sounds fun, right? Ok, I know, I know. There’s no way around it—chapter seven is when the book of Daniel gets weird.

Weird, but not un-interpretable and not impossible. Scripture does not include dreams and visions to throw us off or confuse us. The prophecies of Daniel are purposeful and, ultimately, hopeful.

We can break down Daniel’s dream in this chapter into three parts:

  1. The four beasts
  2. The Ancient of Days
  3. The Son of Man

The Ancient of Days is God, and He is holding the book of judgment, which makes me squirm a little. The Son of Man is Jesus. And the four beasts symbolize four kingdoms: Babylon and Medo-Persia (who both ruled during Daniel’s day), Greece, and the last beast, which represents a more general kind of evil, an evil that has been present throughout all of history and continues to reign today. (I encourage you dig into that last one on your own, because it is really, really interesting!)

The part when Jesus arrives on the scene gives me chills. Until He shows up, everything in the vision is terrifying and warlike and confusing. The beasts, the horns—utter chaos. Then, the scene quiets down, the Son of Man arrives on a cloud and approaches the throne of the Ancient of Days. All eyes turn toward Him. The narrative focuses on Christ.

Jesus interrupts a world gone awry.

He did this with His birth, and He will do it again in the Second Coming. This is why Daniel 7 and the chapters that follow matter so much for us. The prophecy, friends, is not over. We live in the midst of it. Jesus came once, and He is coming again, to do away with the fourth beast once and for all.

For now, we live in the tension of prophecy yet to be fulfilled but eagerly anticipated.

What we see in this vision is not meant to scare us; it is meant to give us hope for victory. It promises that despite the chaos, violence, pain, and suffering, the Kingdom of our Christ is coming. And when it does, He will reign.

Forever and ever, He will reign.

“His dominion is an everlasting dominion
 that will not pass away,
and His kingdom is one 
that will not be destroyed” (Daniel 7:14).


  • ed sheeran x album

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  • I’m reading this the day after the Paris attacks with tears streaming down my face because I feel so heartbroken. I had skipped a couple days reading this plan and I know it’s no coincidence that I read this today. God was saving it for when I needed to hear it. I know the truth of the Gospel but I admit that I am afraid. I’m afraid of ISIS and I’m afraid for my family and the love of my life, all of whom live on different continents than I do. But God doesn’t call us to be afraid- he calls us to trust and believe. He promises to wipe every tear from our eyes and his words are trustworthy and true. I pray for peace and renewal for all the family and friends of the victims in Paris, and I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to speak the truth of God’s victory to me as well.

  • lorinicole33

    in my study bible there is a sentence that reads "The bigger the tyrant, the more statues littler the landscape". and it goes on to ask, What Images litter the landscape of our time, and are they symbols of power. If so, how does that power affect you. REPLY with your answers.

    • Alice

      This devo made me think about the evil present in our world, and how it seems appealing or fun of just feels good, like for me, trying to do everything on my own, believing that lie that I can control everything in my life and then believing all the lies that come after telling me I’m a failure because obviously I can’t control everything in my life. As for in general in the world there is evil that affects so many people- poverty, substance abuse, rotten governments, evil social norms. All things that don’t come from God, but that he wants to redeem.

  • Andie Walton

    Praise His holy name!! While reading Chapter 7 I could not help but relate it back to our world today. Everything is so scary but I am reminded that Christ is coming back too. He will fix and making everything better. This gives me so much comfort and hope.

  • Sounded so depressing, until the Son of Man came on the scene. And He will have dominion over all. And He will put things right. That gives me hope, keeps me sane in this crazy world!

  • Sarah_Joy

    Such a hopeful reminder in the midst of this sinful and depraved world. Jesus has defeated sin and death once, and He will come again to bring His everlasting kingdom. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!

  • Although this part of Daniel is challenging, overall I find it brimming with hope and victory. I believe that the body of Christ will suffer immensely under the antichrist before we are raptured. “His horn (the anitchrist) waged war against the holy ones and was prevailing over them UNTIL the ancient of days arrived and judgement was given in favor of the holy ones.” What victory. I used to be so afraid of end times because it meant suffering but God is good and he does everything according to his purpose. We will be saved in the end. We will suffer for a short time just as Christ suffered for a short time for us. God doesn’t keep us from all suffering but he makes our suffering serve a purpose. It will all be SO worth it in the end. God wins and his kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom. What tremendous hope!

  • Please come back Jesus! Amen

  • Rochelle

    I enjoy “apocalyptic literature” :) even as I find it confusing at times. It certainly takes patience, discernment and concentration..but it’s so fascinating. I love it. Thanks for always going deeper, SRT. Always learning. The more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know!

  • Sarah_Olsen

    I'm amazed by Daniel's visions, his dreams. It was so clear to him, yet he needed someone to interpret for him. Was he not previously interpreting visions. I think this is worthy to mention because often times we are put in place to help others, to guide them, minister to them, be a light unto them, but then other times we need other people to help us. I think it is important to remember that even the ones who are able to teach, preach, and guide often need teaching, preaching and guidance. God is so great to allow us all to rely on Him.
    I also can't get past the fact that God's throne has wheels. I don't know why I can't get past this. But my Spirit is telling me there is more to this. I must dig deeper!

  • HelenWalksinAwe

    I'm glad we all get to go through this freakier part of Daniel together because it's all too easy for me to kind of gloss over these parts in my own study. One thing I noticed was how this dream is so similar to Nebuchadnezzar's with the statue, but in his version it all seems so much more manageable. It's more convenient to think of things the way he did– simpler and tidier– than to see them with the sweeping gravity in the vision God gave to Daniel. In the last year of my life, I've seen how sin can be like this. Sometimes we think our sin is isolated and small, but sometimes we're confronted with the way our transgressions have impacted others we didn't even think it would in ways we didn't imagine. It's motivation to keep my feet on a path of light and goodness, no doubt!

    It's also a good reminder that I don't have God's vision; I can't conceive of the scope of things like He can, so it's all the more important to be obedient, and put my trust in him. Who am I to think I know the beginning or the end of anything?

    And, to look at things a little more optimistically, while this can apply to sin, it can also apply to the far-reaching scope of the good things we do–things that may seem insignificant to us.

  • I love the book of Daniel. I never found it “weird,” it’s fascinating. I think by allowing ourselves to be turned off or need a bullet point explanation of things which are ethereal, we are missing so much of the awe-inspiring majesty of the Lord. The Word isn’t all practical application, like we in America try to mold it to be. The Bible is epic and mysterious. It’s symbolism as well as literal instruction. Also, not all children appreciated being condescended to in Sunday school.

    • Rochelle

      I think the Scriptures can maintain their awe inspiring, ethereal beauty while being explained. As a lover of words, both in and out of the Bible or holy things, I appreciate going beneath the surface to this extent…

    • jessiechatchat

      I wholeheartedly agree! Bring back the mystery and awe!!! Except for the condescension in Sunday School–I’ll gladly accept the role of helping my kids wade through the denser bits of text, rather than a church volunteer who may not feel comfortable doing so in a group of kids with varying degrees of comprehension. I’ll feel more comfortable because at least I’ll know where the nightmares are coming from! :)

  • Sometimes I think we like to water down The Word. We like to wrap it up in nice packages and tidy stories, making in more consumable to the masses. But there is so much power in this "less tidy", we might say, part of Daniel!

    The battle is real and I don't want to forget that by feasting solely on quotes that fit nicely on a Pinterest image. There is so much more to the story. Thank you for going there, SRT. May we never forget the awesome power in ALL of God's word!

  • Every time I think about how we belong to an indestructible, unshakable kingdom, it adds so much fuel to my fire. The battle is already one! Praise the Ancient of Days!

  • So powerful. Please pray. My 80 year old mother who is very active was in a car wreck. She should have died according to doctors. Each day is a miracle and if she survives the injuries are so severe her life will be altered to being more homebound with little indepence. Such a fitting devotional . Our life has gone awry. Today the critical issue is for her kidneys to start working. Her chest is crushed breaking every rib….so dyalisis is not an option . Thanks!

  • Ksaunders

    Is anyone else confused by the time line? I know we started with Nebuchadnezzar and then belshazzer. Then last chapter was King Darius and now back to Belshazzar. I’m assuming this is just due to the shift to prophecy? It’s not in order?

    • Jenny R

      Daniel is not in order, it bounces around a good bit!

    • HelenWalksinAwe

      I was reading a commentary about this and it said that this dream probably came somewhere between Chapters 4 and 5 if we were to look at things chronologically.

  • Do I allow Jesus to interrupt my world gone awry?

  • Michelle of LA CA

    Thank you

  • Caroline @ In due time

    There is so much hope when we know how the story ends!!!!! What a victorious life we get to live here!


  • It was so good to laugh first thing in the morning !! What an intro !! Thank you. :)

  • I live less than a mile away from where the Constablevwas shot in Northwest Houston/Cypress, Tx. I praise God for winning yet again where the devil thought he had won. God’s Kingdom surely does reign over ALL principalities!! Where His followers are, there He will be also. Thank you for your dvotiinals. The one last Thursday was just perfect to read after the event had originally occurred.

  • This may be a little besides the point of today's message but I am really interested in what the fourth beast is/represents. Did a Google search and there seem to be sooooo many views on the representations. Just wanted to have an idea of what it may be.

    • Natalia Rivera

      I dont’ know if I’m right but I thinks is the Antichrist . I could be wrong .

    • Esther

      I am new to this and find this a bit confusing. I was wondering the same. I am assuming it represents evil. Can anyone explain? Thanks and blessings as you each start a new week,

  • There is so much here that I don't understand, and I'm honestly afraid to understand. I don't want to think about terrifying beasts! Especially disturbing to me is Dan 7:21, where it says that the little horn was waging war against Gods people and was defeating them until the Ancient of Days came. BUT GOD. (There it is again!) He is there. He takes away the power from the beast and rules forever. No matter what this world throws at me I have to keep my eyes fixed on the end of the story. God wins. In the midst of terrifying things, the Ancient of Days is the judge. And when the books are opened, my name will be there because of Jesus. Praise Him! No matter how terrifying the visions may be, I'm thankful we know the end of the story, and our God wins.

  • sweetdes2014

    Living in the tension of prophecy. This statement stands out to me and helps me understand the position I'm in regarding my love, my husband. I'm waiting for what yet will be fulfilled, but eagerly anticipated. I know that this entire journey is for His glory and as I sit in this tension of watching my husband slowly deteriorating I eagerly await the impact this journey will have on me, our children, our immediate family and our friends. This test will surely have a resounding testimony. We are trusting God with Darryl's life. I love him so much.

    • MS

      Praying for you!!

    • Brooke

      Praying that God strengthen you, your husband and your family! May the hope of ultimate victory bring peace through darkness. But I also hope you all have space and friends to lean on because sickness and death, despite hope, are incredibly hard and painful to deal with. Praying you all have courage to be honest and that you take your burdens to Him. Sending love!

    • Amy J

      Praying for you.

    • Carrie

      Praying for you and your loved ones. God is at work in your story.

    • tina

      Sweetdes, you are still in my prayers, dear heart…God be with you…xx

    • Beverly

      Prayerful over you, Darryl, and your family. God is with you, and I pray that He continues to wrap you up in His tender love. Hugs to you, sweetdes.

  • He interrupts a world gone awry. He will triumph. Such wonderful reminders.

  • I will be praying for you today Debbie! I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that this may be a time that you and your family are able to draw together and become stronger than you've ever been. May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ rest upon you and may His Peace that surpasses all understanding be yours today and forever. I pray that souls would come to Jesus and see Him for who He truly is in this time. Mourning can turn to dancing. May joy be ever yours. ~R.

  • Glory hallelujah! Our God reigns supreme over the evil one of the world!

  • rachel marie

    this is the point in daniel where i usually stop reading. Biblical prophecies have always been a bit confusing for me, but especially when they include beasts like lions but with wings, or with ribs in their mouths. while i know there weren't/aren't actual horrifying beasts lurking about, it's still sometimes hard to comprehend the imagery used. in v.15, even daniel admits that he is troubled by this vision. it's hard to digest, but i'm thankful for SRT's help!
    one thing i'm sure of: i won't be looking over my shoulder in fear of that fourth beast who's ready to pounce. no, i'm looking ahead. my focus is on my Jesus, Who is coming again someday. the story's not over, but i already know it will be a happy ending for me.

    • Candacejo

      That's the key Rachel Marie! I think the enemy loves to get our focus on all the "scary" endtime prophecies that we are so overwhelmed with worry and dread over what will be that we lose our focus…and our focus is souls! We have a job to do and a mission God has given us and even in the last days we need to bring HOPE to others through Jesus Christ. Share with them the Good News of His death, burial and resurrection. His promise of the Comforter to carry us through difficult seasons and His promise of returning for His Bride, The Church! We must be ready but we need not live in fear. ♥

    • Amy J

      I'm having a difficult time this morning not looking over my shoulder. My mind and heart are unsettled as I head into week two of teaching. Your words remind me to look ahead, keeping my focus on Jesus.

      Thank you, Rachel Marie.

  • I'm traveling to WV today for my Mom's funeral. She passed early Saturday morning after a long battle with Alzheimer's. There are four of us kids, I am the only girl. Our family is somewhat dysfunctional, each brother is very distant from the other and from myself. Their choosing. I ask for your prayers as the four of us lay our Mom to rest tomorrow morning. To keep my emotions in check and let God be in control. SRT and my SRT sister have become a huge part of my life and feel so blessed that God guided me to this group.

    • Janny

      Praying for you Debbie!

    • Maya

      Praying, Debbie!

    • Candacejo

      Oh praying for peace, comfort and even unity among the siblings. God is so able to bring you all together for this time and heal all wounds in Jesus' name. Calm Debbie's heart, Lord and give her that peace that passes understanding even in the midst of chaos. Amen. Blessings for safe travels and sweet memories. ♥

    • JessHH

      I'm so sorry for your loss, Debbie. And prayerful that your time together as a family might bring healing to relationships instead of added division.

    • sweetdes2014

      Praying for you!

    • Joanna

      I’m so sorry for your loss Debbie. Praying for you this morning.

    • Brooke

      Praying for you and your family, Debbie. For peace, comfort, strength, mercy, grace… Jesus is with you every step of the way.

    • scootermae

      Praying safe travels, healing for you and your brothers in whatever way that comes (hard conversations, etc) and for your heart to be flooded with wonderful sweet memories!

    • Pam

      I am the only girl with 3 brothers distanced from each other as well. I'm so sorry for your loss, Debbie, but have also been there. Lost my mother 3 years ago. Will especially be lifting you up today.

    • Amy J

      I'm sorry for your loss, Debbie. I am praying for you.

    • Doris


    • GracenJoy

      So sorry for your family's loss. Praying for you and your brothers and the rest of your family that you may feel His peace and guidance during this difficult time.

    • Lynda

      Praying for you and your family today Debbie. The Great Comforter will be with you and hold you

    • tina

      Debbie, I am so truly sorry for your loss….I ache with you….Lord I pray your loving, protective arms around Debbie as she walks this sad journey….Lord, give her your peace, in this time…and Lord, I pray these next few days be days of re-acquaintance with her brothers, .for holding strong together each other, and grieving the loss of mum..Lord be with them all as they come together to say Good bye….help them to comfort and be there for one another,…in these next days…Lord in your mercy and in the mighty name of Jesus…Amen..xx

    • Beverly

      Praying for you, your brothers, and your family, Debbie. God is near to the broken-hearted. Praying you feel His presence today and in the days to come. That He gives you and your family comfort and peace.

    • Sarabeth

      Praying for you Debbie.

  • This feels a little like a parent conversation. I'm sure you're familiar with those ones. The ones parents have with their little people about situations they have to endure. The first one comes to mind for me with my eldest. When she was younger she endured many different tests. As we prepared for these tests, I didn't want to leave her emotionally ill-prepared for the procedures, so I would share what was going to happen. What the offices would look like, smell like, feel like. What would happen, what the physicians would be like, how long it should last and what each test would tell us. I didn't want her little, fearful brain to dream up something worse than what it would be and though I know she would be afraid, leaving her without any information, I felt was both unfair and left room for more fear than if I were open and honest. Ultimately, she was still nervous, very, but the open dialogue allowed her to ask questions and gave her a little peace in feeling that she had a little control in her situation, at least in the understanding of it. It allowed us to pray before the procedures and redirect our attention and fears.

    These prophecies are a little like that. God letting us know it's a pretty beastly and horrid future, both before Christ's second coming and in His second coming. It is not all rainbows and roses. It seems scary and frightening and so much will be beyond us and there may be pain, but He is gifting us the knowledge in it and reminding us that in His sharing these visions, there is love. His desire to fight for us, for our eternal souls, for our placement in His heaven. We may not know when this will be, if it will be in our life times, but we know that God is supreme and that because of this, all will be right….we need not worry about the pain or the ugly parts, our focus needs to be on the end result of God's greatness and love over us. His great Kingdom and our place in it. ~ B

    • Candacejo

      Amen, B! And the Good News is WE WIN! He that endures to the end the same shall be saved. Blessed week, friend ♥

    • melindawatters

      I really like this analogy B! Thanks for sharing!

    • Beverly

      …in His sharing these visions, there is love. Yes! What a great comfort and glorious hope He offers us! Thanks, B.

    • Sarabeth

      I love this analogy. He is in control and has us in His hands.

    • jessiechatchat

      This is a perfect analogy! Prophesy helps give us a map but was never meant to be a 3D, full-sensory description nor the focus of a believer’s life.

  • Megan LeVan

    Praying, Carly

  • carlybenson

    After a difficult night trying to help my friend who is struggling with depression, anxiety and anorexia, I really needed this reminder that God is in charge. Right now her illness seems like the fourth beast, crushing and devouring her BUT Jesus is stronger. He is the one who can bring order and peace into the chaos. He is the one with true authority and who reigns above it all. I'd appreciate it if you could pray for my friend today.

    • ~ B ~

      Prayerful over your sweet friend Carly. She is so blessed by you in her life, I am sure. Prayerful over your heart and weariness as well! ~ B

    • Chris

      I pray for healing for you friend and wisdom and strength for you! Lord please bless Carly. I pray her friend would be washed in your love for her right now. Holy Spirit open her eyes to see how much you love and cherish her.

    • Amy

      Praying for you and your friend right now carleybenson

    • Kelly_Smith

      Praying the power of Jesus overcomes the darkness surrounding her!

    • sweetdes2014

      Praying for your friend Carly!

    • Amy J

      Praying, Carly, for your friend.

    • MNmomma (heather)

      prayers lifted for both of you <3

    • tina

      Oh Carly, praying for your friend, that this enemy.. BE GONE IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS…and for you dear friend, God give you the right tools to walk alongside your friend, and to bless you with wisdom and words that will be encouraging and helpful..you are a truly good friend…Bless you…xx

    • Beverly

      Praying for you and your friend, Carly. That He will give you continued strength to be a light to and share truth with your friend. He is greater – so much greater – than that fourth beast.

    • - M -

      Praying for you and your friend Carly <3

  • If I had had a dream like that…I would have called it a nightmare…woken up in a sweat and slept with the light on after that!!!!l lol…

    But, check it out…it is a dream of a promise to come…a Hope of/in victory …the second coming of The Son of man…the Kingdom Come…Amen…

    No matter how chaotic, frightening, unprepared, we are in life, there is a HOPE that is coming, a hope that makes/renders the nightmares of life , nul and void, and I for one, am shouting Hallelujah whilst still sleeping with the light on….!
    I do trust you God, I have every faith in YOU Lord God…Thank you for this great and wonderful promise to look forward to, Heavenly Father…Thank you ….Looking forward, looking upwards Lord…to YOU…in the name above all names, the mighty name of Jesus I pray in gratitude, Amen…

    Bank holiday here….and wet…

    Still a day the Lord has made…rejoicing and being glad in it. .be blessed my Sisters whatever your day looks like…God be with you…xxxxx

    • carlybenson

      Joining you in "shouting "Hallelujah" whilst sleeping with the light on"- that's a great way of putting it! Have a lovely day, Tina. Xxx

    • Amy J

      I, too, love your idea of "shouting Hallelujah whilst sleeping with the light on." Your words remind me that I can have my anxiety and, at the same time, thank and praise God.

    • Beverly

      Your words are such an encouragement to joyous hope in Him and jubilant celebration to Him! Looking forward, looking upwards right along with you :) thank you, Tina!

  • Kelly Lynn

    I have a random question for any of the theologians on this site. Does anyone have an answer as to whether or not believers get swept up to Heaven before or after all the apocalyptic happenings in Revelation? I’ve always wondered whether or not we’ll still be here for all the crazy weather and war and, well, terrifying things. A lot in the Bible scares me. A lot a lot. Sometimes I wonder how I’ll handle dying, but then I force myself to remember that once I’m in Heaven, I won’t be afraid anymore.

    • Chris

      At one time this was a popular discussion in some church circles ( may still be). It also confused and worried me. Then I attended a seminar at the church I was attending at the time. The speaker carefully went through scripture for the various schools of thinking. He ended with what Jesus said "no one know the hour or the day…" What he said next I found to resonate with me – Jesus will come in
      God's timing and the promise to us of that we will stand. "I know who I have believed in". He then encouraged us to focus on now, building our faith and growing in Jesus. I found it helpful. I pray for your to have peace in Jesus!

    • Kelly_Smith

      Kelly Lynn, my pastor is currently doing an End Times study on Wednesday nights. He goes into great detail about your question and, I think, answers some of your fears with truth from God's word. Follow this link –> http://fcffamily.com/#/media/misc-video –>and click Launch Media Player." Once the video player launches, you can watch End Times and End Times 2 (I think they are the 2nd and third video). Part 2 talks about a pre-tribulation rapture (the church is caught up before the tribulation).

      I think you have focused on the important thing: remembering in Christ, there is no need to fear. Perfect love casts out all fear. He loved us perfectly and completely on the cross. He did not die and defeat sin and death so that we would live in fear. He came so that we may have LIFE and have it full and abundant. Praying Pastor Steve can answer some of your questions and the Holy Spirit uses God's word to calm your fears!

    • Deb Black

      I don’t have an answer to your question but I completely understand where you are coming from! There are many things in scripture that scare me too!
      The best answer that I can give you is one that a friend gave me several years ago when I was really struggling with this same issue – God, the creator of the universe, the Lord of all creation, my Savior – He knows every breath we take and every trial we face. Even if we are still here for all or part of the great tribulation (and I’m not saying that we will be!) that very same God already knows what we will face and He will provide a way. If He can be trusted with our eternity, He can surely be trusted with our life here. He doesn’t ask us to have a plan for every possibility, He already has it taken care of – we only have to trust Him (but, of course, that is sometimes harder than anything else because we like to be in control of our future and our present!)
      Psalm 104:7-9 reminds me that even the oceans obey His voice and stay within the boundaries He set for them… That tells me that if He sets the boundaries for the coming tribulation, nothing will happen that He has not allowed. We can trust Him even when it is scary – He is our Father, tell Him your fears and He will calm them.
      Hope this is encouraging to you, even if it leaves questions unanswered. :-)

    • jjfro

      Like the others, I cannot say for sure when the rapture occurs. However, in recents studies of mine, I've become very certain about WHY God is going to judge the world and allow it to be shaken. Put simply, it's God's mercy. Jesus could come again in all of His glory and just destroy the world with a single word, and then recreate everything new in a second. But he chooses a 7 year tribulation instead. And that time will be filled with judgements and trials that sound very scary. But each scary thing that happens will do one of two things: send people running for Jesus or running away from Him. And as the judgments increase in intensity, I believe they will serve to separate the "sheep from the goats," in other words, to force people to make a choice between following God or fighting against Him. He's giving people one last chance – because He doesn't want anyone to perish. When I look at the end times from the perspective of a loving, merciful God who just wants to give everyone a last chance to come to Him, the scary stuff looks less scary. If I worry about it happening to me, it scares me. If I see it as a way to draw people into an eternity with Christ, then I am comforted that we have a God who wants ALL to be saved, and I see how ultimately trustworthy He is. We have nothing to fear from God – as long as we are clinging to Him.

    • TAndersen

      1Thessalonians 4:13 – 5:11. Note 5:9-10 particularly. Christ does not beat His Bride up. Trials and tribulations that He allows in our lives are very different from His wrath, from which we have have been saved, rescued. The world will know His wrath in the end times. If you study carefully God's Word, you will find there is a difference between His coming for His Bride and the Second Coming. May He richly bless your seeking heart and mind, let Him cover you in His wisdom and grace, you do not have to fear. He will give us everything we need for the days to come. God Bless!

    • Doris

      It’s possible that the time is now, look at all the crazy weather and murderous happenings,we notice but perhaps are not as shocked because it is escalating slowly

  • saraswelland

    Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

  • Just got home from work and have to be back up in four hours to work again. Thought I’d read His word while I still had my wits about me. This is rather interesting. I am so grateful to know that someday all this chaotic world will be over and it will be a glorious life with my King! Thank you for the reminder!

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