Daniel: Day 12

Prayer in the Face of Lions


Today's Text: Daniel 6:1-28, 1 Peter 5:8-9, 2 Timothy 3:12-15, Philippians 4:6-7

Long before he was ever thrown into the lions’ den, Daniel’s enemies had been on the prowl, circling him (1 Peter 5:8). The local leaders and high officials, whom the king had given Daniel authority over, were thirsty for his blood. These “devouring lions” were evil men who sought to destroy Daniel and the growing success he’d found, though they could find no fault in his character or person (Daniel 6:4-5).

But Daniel’s faith was steadfast and reflected the character of his God, so much so, the evil men believed it to be a snare. Dizzy with jealousy and afraid of losing power, they plotted to bring him down because of his dedication to the Lord.

Sometimes our faithfulness brings us promotion in the world, just as Daniel found increasing favor with the king (Daniel 6:3). Other times, our faithfulness makes us public enemy number one. As Paul notes in his first letter to Timothy, “Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (1 Timothy 3:12).

But God does not abandon us in our battles. He invites us into prayer. Prayer intersects our humanity with His holiness; it’s where we ask courageously, wait patiently, and surrender faithfully to the roar of God’s goodness. So it was with Daniel. He remained faithful to God in prayer even as the king signed an ordinance condemning those who would petition (pray) to any other “god” but himself for 30 days.

Thirty days—not forever, but long enough for Daniel’s enemies to hang him by a spiritual loophole. But Daniel’s faith, the very faith they were hoping would bring about his demise, had been strengthened through years of a daily rhythm of prayer and thanksgiving. So when the king’s edict went out, Daniel was utterly unrattled.

When Daniel learned that the document had been signed, he went into his house. The windows in its upper room opened toward Jerusalem, and three times a day he got down on his knees, prayed, and gave thanks to his God, just as he had done before.
(Daniel 6:10)

For Daniel, it was business as usual. He knew his God was greater than any earthly king and, ultimately, victorious in every situation. So, turning his face toward home, he did what he’d always done: Daniel got down on his knees to pray and thank the Lord.

As for those actual lions in the pit with Daniel, they were turned into lambs—gentle, tamed, and silenced in the presence of God’s power and protection. Daniel’s God had delivered His faithful servant and made His glory known to an unbelieving nation. But make no mistake: it was God’s power that prevailed, His power closed their mouths.

The God who rescued Daniel is the same God who rescues us. Scripture tells us that Jesus is the Lion of Judah who becomes the Lamb of God (Revelation 5:5-6). He took our pain and suffering upon Himself, “was pierced for our transgressions, and crushed for our iniquities” (Isaiah 53:4-5). And then He arose from the pit victorious!

Friends, when we suffer in the name of Jesus, we do not suffer alone. Jesus assures us this world will bring trouble, but He comes to bring us peace (John 16:33). We will never face a lion’s den without the Lion of Judah by our side.


  • This is such a great passage in the Bible! I love how it challenges my own prayer life and daily dedication and devotion to the King of kings and Lord of lords! Thank you!

    (PS; one of the scriptures is listed as 1 Timothy 3:12 and it should be 2 Timothy 3:12)

  • shamekamichelle

    Our Women's Ministry's theme surrounded being strong, courageous, and prayer. I'm learning the true benefits of prayer and I'm eager to pray daily. My desire to pray has grown to more than once a day. I see God working in my life and changing me. He is giving me joy and assisting me in unloading my baggage to be a better person for my children. I understand what a person means when they say they fall in love with Jesus over and over again. I cannot help but to be drawn to God the more I study His word.

  • I love this, and how true; "We will never face a lion’s den without the Lion of Judah by our side."

  • Who wrote this one? I can’t see the name under the title…

  • Thanks for a great post SRT. I just finished reading Corrie Ten Boom's story called the "Hiding Place". It is a story about a woman, Corrie, who survives some of the worst concentration camps during the Nazi reign. I am not one to pick up a book like this but God basically put it in my lap, so I devoured it. It is AMAZING, their is a reason 6 million readers have read it. Corrie, her sister and her father display the most phenomenal faith. Her sister is beaten by a gaurd but tells her sister 'no hate and to pray for that guard". If you need help understanding why sometimes bad things are permitted to happen in this world, read this book! It has helped me with so many doubts and completely solidified by faith in Christ. He is always in control, he is always by our side, and we are meant to live not by bread alone but by every word of God. Much love

  • This is challenging me to to make prayer a higher priority in my life. Daniel thought it was so important that it was worth breaking the "law" for and risking death! There are not many things in my life that I'd risk death for…

  • jessiechatchat

    As I read this, I’m afraid I feel most like Darius here. Someone who knows God’s sovereignty but casually makes decisions without consulting, without dipping into that pool of certain wisdom. I behave and walk around reacting to things (mostly, my 5 year old, 2 year old, and newborn), losing my cool and making rash judgements. Then I stay up all night, grieving my mistakes. I FEEL for Darius, who knows instantly that he made a crap call. He worked till sundown to make it right. How many times have I felt that feeling (just this week?!). And then he fasted, lost sleep, meditating on Daniel and his predicament and his God.

    Instead, may I be like Daniel, Lord. For the first time, I see that he went back to his upper room not out of defiance to the unholy law, nor out of mere obligation to you, Lord. He went because he needed to tap into the source that guarded his heart. The only source of peace and anti-worry in a moment where there was much to be anxious about. He went to pray three times a day because he knew that it was throwing the door open to You, allowing You to flood him through with peace. That’s the whole reason he had an “excellent spirit in him.” Lord, hear my prayer!

    • betsyahart

      Yes! Thank you Jessie, from one mom of crazy littles to another! May we find, no, may we CHOOSE, those moments to go to our God, our Source who provides exactly what we need to break the pattern of self dependency and self guidance. Love & prayers to all the moms of littles out there pressing in and pushing through for the power of God to be revealed in and through our lives.

  • KLeighWilson

    As I read about Daniel, I wondered if anyone would have wanted to throw me in the Lion's den. I know that sounds funny, but would my faith have been noticed, seen as a threat to the "world's kingdom" or would I blend in with the other kings, the other citizens? I love how Helen noticed earlier, Daniel wasn't showy, but obviously he made enough of an impression that caused others to notice his difference. I want others to be curious about how my strange contentment and peace with life, my genuine heart attitude toward those who can't "do" anything for me, and my prayerful walk with Jesus. God, make me us noticeably different.

  • saraswelland

    "Do not be anxious about anything (big or small! doesn't matter!), but in every (you hear that? EVERY) situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." THAT is a verse I needed to be reminded of this evening. God heals my anxiety with His perfect peace which is not of this world. He makes my cup overflow and gives me everything that I need. He is faithful to hear my requests and give me just what I need. So thankful.

  • Bethany Prestridge

    Thank you God for delivering me.

  • HelenWalksinAwe

    I really like some of the subtleties in this chapter. Among them, that Darius didn't get defensive when he realized he foolishly caved to peer pressure. Instead, he was disappointed in himself.

    Also, I like that Verse 10 : “he went home.” Daniel hears about this decree and instead of confronting anyone, he just keeps to himself and does his own thing. This reminds me of the opposite of the showy, name brand Christians that sometimes get under my skin. When Daniel realizes his society has turned against him again and tried to get between him and his God, he just goes along slow and steady like always. Yeah, he could have flaunted his piety and prayed in public, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t try to make a point or stand his ground in some kind of show-down with the king and officials. I really respect that. That’s how we know it’s really about Daniel’s devotion to God and not any claim to fame or political posturing. It’s important for us to examine our pious actions and be aware of when they are externally driven and when they come from a true yearning and devotion to God

    This part of Daniel is also a reminder of the power of habit and how important it is for us to build dedicated prayer time into our lives. He doesn't seem to have to think very hard about whether to pray or where or when. On SheReadsTruth, one of the companion scriptures was 2 Tim 3: 15 “and that afrom childhood you have known bthe sacred writings which are able to cgive you the wisdom that leads to dsalvation through faith which is in eChrist Jesus.” If our prayer lives are ingrained in us, it’s harder to falter when that steadiness is under attack.

    I'll keep it short here, but if you're interested in more thoughts, they're on the ol' blog.

    I'm still working on getting my prayer schedule back in order as we transition into the school year. It's funny because baby number four is on his way in three weeks and I know that as soon as I get my prayer schedule recalibrated, there will be another cog in the works. But hey, that's how life is, right. It's all part of the adventure.

    xoxo sisters!

  • I"m reading a book called, "Through the Eyes of a Lion" and Levi references Daniel 12:3 which says: Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever. I just keep thinking what an amazing man Daniel was because Nebuchadnezzar and now Darius acknowledges the One True God, the God of Daniel. Daniel was wise and did shine as bright as the sky. Oh may we all shine as bright as the sky all to the glory of God.

  • Caroline

    YES! So much goodness. God is SO good. SO GOOD!

  • Would y’all pray for me? I’m struggling with my Identity

    • Sarah_Olsen

      I will definitely pray for you!

    • Alexis C.

      Prayers for clarity.

    • sweetdes2014

      Praying that God speaks to your heart!

    • Brandi

      My sweet sister, I am lifting you up. You are a daughter of the King!

    • cjtrexler

      I always look forward to reading your responses. God has given you a gift of making deep connections to his word that encourage and empower others. I am a few weeks behind and just read this today. I will be praying for you. He will go before you and make a way where there is no way. Jesus he loves you. You are in my prayers.

  • To be praising God at all times and not just when you think he is doing good for you. This is key for me.

    • Tasha

      YES!! I have been a Christian for most of my life, and I’m just now starting to understand this. I know God is always good; but sometimes feel “fake” if I say it without “feeling” it at the moment. I’m slowly beginning to think otherwise.;)

  • It is so humbling when I think about how powerful and perfect our God is and that He WANTS to be in relation with me. He wants me to pray to Him, to talk to Him, to rest in Him, to confess to Him, to rejoice in & with Him, to trust Him. He wants me to bring Him the big and the small (my perception – I wonder if the small things are actually the big things?!). I can get so focused on what I want God to do for me (like He's a vending machine) that I can miss out on the relationship with God. Being with Him regardless of what's happening in my life.

  • karen mcgovern

    Two things really hit me from this today. First, "Those who seeks to live a godly life will be persecuted." Makes me wonder if my minimal to non-existent persecution in my life right now means I need to do be more bold in my faith, almost looking to be persecuted. What an honor it would be to share in the sufferings of Daniel and Christ for his name's sake. Second, "Why didn't Daniel shut the windows?" If it were me, I would, just to be safer. Did he know God wanted him to leave them open, was he looking to make a public statement? Oh to have a faith like Daniel…

  • Lizzieb85

    My observations of this well known story that I never noticed before:

    Vs 3 says “an excellent spirit was in him”. Was Daniel on OT person with whom the Holy Spirit dwelled??

    Vs 24 says that Daniel’s accusers’ children were thrown in the lions den as well. I read this story aloud just now with my 7 month son on my lap & this verse just broke my heart. Another weird thing in God’s word I just have to give up & trust Him with.

    • Lizzieb85

      Whoops, posted before I had one last thing:

      Vs 28 says Daniel prospered during the reign of Darius & Cyrus. Adding Belshazzar & Nebuchadnezzar, that’s FOUR kings Daniel out-lived/out-reigned!! God is faithful!!

    • Emily

      When I saw that the accusers children and wives were thrown into the lion’s den too, it reminded me of how important it is to choose a Godly man for marriage. Those women and children were killed because of a decision that their husbands made against God! Prayerfully consider this before marrying a man who does not have the same beliefs as you do!

  • This study has been continually reminding me that my life is not about me and my comfort, but I have a better purpose, my purpose in life is to glorify God no matter my circumstances, emotions, or disconfort. My life is not about me!

  • Michelle

    WOW! This is great!

  • Danielle A.

    He invites us to prayer in our battles. This study has been assigned to me by God, I just know it. I need so much courage right now. And everyday in this study, God is speaking into my life courage, and trust in him in difficult circumstances. And prayer, it’s been sustaining me. I am so thankful for the invitation to have conversations with God, and receive his peace and comfort. His stability.

  • Love digging into this community of Godly women daily. We must learn to put on our lenses of faith daily because it's so true that once we start following Jesus, the world will hate us, just as the world hated Jesus. “Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” . Also, I think the scripture quoted from this passage is from (2 Timothy 3:12) not (1 Timothy 3:12).

  • Sarah_Olsen

    I love this reminder to stay in constant prayer with God. After all, prayer is never ceasing. I often times find myself thinking, "Ill pray in just a minute" or "I need to go pray", but it is important to know that we can always be in communion with God and that we can always be praying. Even if it is a thought or action, we can pray without ceasing. Daniel instinctively and naturally turned to God, communed with God, and prayed with God. Daniel was a great example of praying without ceasing. I pray that I can naturally communicate with God and that I do not postpone my communion with our Lord and Savior.
    "The God who rescued Daniel is the same God who rescues us." This statement really touches home with me. When I read the Bible and the stories and history from it, I often times find myself thinking, wow God was really amazing and great to them. But God is never changing, he is ever lasting, the very same God that rescued Daniel, rescues us. This is such a powerful statement. We no longer need to look to these examples in the Bible as dreams and hopes, we can look at these examples of God in the Bible as PROOF that He is there for us. Thank you, once again SRT for bringing forth a great message.

  • And isn't it something that Daniel's consistent habit of praying was so well known –even to his enemies — that they schemed that way, and in a lie to the king, said ALL had agreed the king should sign a rule that outlawed prayer & praise to any other than he. You'd have thought that the king would have immediately realized that it didn't sound right — Daniel certainly wouldn't have gone along with such an idea — but the king apparently was so greatly flattered that all reason left him. …it makes me wonder: are our own identities in Christ known as well to those around us?

  • Today, as I read this story, I am immediately burdened to pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American pastor held in one of the worst prisons in Iran. Even in severe persecution because of his faith, he has remained faithful to the Lord. I pray that the Lord would protect Pastor Saeed today in his "den of lions" and that he would be rescued from the hands of his enemies. Amen.

  • sweetdes2014

    Thank you for sharing, "Just Be Held." … What a blessing!!

  • My fav so far!!! I just love this story and Daniels ability to remind faithful regardless of his culture’s mandates! Amazing testimony!

  • Brendasan01

    "Prayer intersects our humanity with His holiness" This is powerful and spoke to me today. Thank you Lord for meeting with us when we pray! Our prayers just don't go up to the heavens but they go to Him! I praise His holy name.

    Blessings to you all SRT ladies this beautiful Friday morning.

  • I’ve been reminded lately that my perspective *changes* everything! This is a choice. So, I can choose to have a perspective of gratitude or of comparison. Either choice will affect – joyfully or begrudgingly – my whole perspective toward my feelings, my attitude toward others and myself, and my reactions to my circumstances. To visualize and remember this, I’ve been making notes of “God is greater than [earthly struggle]”
    God > my circumstances
    God’s Kingdom > my kingdom
    God’s favor > the world’s approval
    And so on.
    Grateful that today’s reading gave me an ampersand to add.
    “God > [earthly struggle] & He is always victorious!”
    He IS always victorious. And remembering this along with His greatness, gives me so much hope for the future.
    Praying for God’s help to continue remembering to choose a right perspective and a steadfast hope. “He IS the living God… He rescues and delivers” and He is with me in all things, in all seasons He is present.

    • sharijune

      Oh, Beverly, I love your list. I'm writing it down in my journal. Thanks and {{HUGS}} to you.

  • Leenda324

    Did anyone notice that Daniel is now called Daniel again at this point of the narrative. How interesting that after Darius became king, that old nonsense name Belteshazzar, went away.

    • HelenWalksinAwe

      Yeah! And even the queen at the feast differentiated between his two names. I'd love to dig into what that gradual return of his given name means. Maybe it came back as he grew in his relationship with God. It would make sense that he gradually shed the name Babylon (a metaphor for the world) gave him as he came back to his true identity in God.

  • scootermae

    I also like how the king was greatly troubled when he realized what this new law meant. The king said to Daniel before putting him in the pit, 'may your God whom you serve continually, rescue you'. Then it says the king could not sleep all night. I wonder if the king prayed too after watching Daniels life for a while. When the king walked to the den the next morning, the king asked 'has your God whom you serve continually saved you'.. How Daniels life impacted the king!! Then in verse 26 the king issues a decree that everyone will worship Daniel's God

    • HelenWalksinAwe

      It's funny– this is the first time the king starts to "get it" before being scared or humbled. At the same time, he doesn't really understand God because he orders that the people worship Daniel's God rather than encouraging them to go to God of their own free will. He still seems to think he's got power over people's spirituality, so it's still kind of like the king has a God-complex.

  • Daniel was faithful! So faithful. He had no idea what the outcome would be of his night in the Lion's Den, but he was faithful. He knew that whatever happened, God was with him, and that God's will for his life, whatever that was, would come.

    Oh, to be this faithful!

    Father, help me to give it all to you. I don't want control over my life… I mess it up, every time! Help me to be faithful in You, letting go of my desire to control and to "fix" all the problems I see. I want Your will, not mine. Your timing, not mine. Your solutions to my troubles, whatever they look like, not mine. Thank you God, for always being faithful and loving me despite my times of unfaithfulness to you. Amen

  • Amazed by Daniel’s unwavering trust in God. I agree that the day to day challenges to remain steadfast in faith can be difficult, especially when people look at you sideways for accepting Jesus into your life. It’s almost as if you have to arm yourself with the Word. Praying to be more like Daniel this morning.

  • "We will never face a Lion's Den without the Lion of Judah by our side." What a great comfort! In today's uncertainty, knowing that even if we end up near that den, we have the Lion of Judah beside us . . . this emboldens me. But remember, Daniel DID spend the night in a Lion's den. Maybe he was afraid. Maybe not. But he was in the dark. With hungry LIONS! The old Sunday School pictures show him petting the lions with a smile on his face. I'm not so sure he wasn't sitting in a corner – or kneeling in a corner, praying his head off. Just so, we may be asked to spend a night with lions. We may have to get uncomfortable before we can see God's rescuing hand. But how great it will be to experience His supernatural rescue! Because He does rescue. He will always save, tho' not always the way we want to be saved. The Lion of Judah . . . He is not a tame lion…(favorite quote from CS Lewis). Maybe not tame, but ultimately, SO GOOD.

  • sweetdes2014

    As I struggle with my husband's health issues and how he has now been placed in hospice care… I feel like I'm in the lion's den about to be devoured…but I thank God that, his Son…The Lion of Judah is walking this journey with me protecting me and showering me with the peace of His presence. This is the hardest journey I've traveled, watching my love of almost 35 years deteriorating before my eyes…but I determined to trust God and believe that He knows what's best.

    • scootermae

      I will be praying for you! I can't imagine the heartache but remember you don't journey alone! God will hem you in and give you strength and perseverance to simply do the next thing!

    • Molly W

      Praying for you in this time. God is by your side.

    • Amy J

      Keeping you in prayer…

    • Maya

      Praying for you during this unimaginably difficult time!

    • Beverly

      Praying for you and your husband, sweetdes.

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Sweetdes2014 – you and your husband are in my prayers…..may God's peace and comfort be with you during this time…

    • Frances

      Dear sister in Christ,
      Remember God's arms are wide enough and God's shoulders broad enough to hold all the questions, grief and anger you may experience along the way. May God's love support you and your family every step of this difficult journey. Love and blessings.

    • sharijune

      I am so sorry you have this painfulness right now. I'm praying for you and sending you love and hugs today.

    • aprilmcwhite

      Praying for you and your husband!

    • tina

      Sweetdes, praying for both yourself and your husband….hold fast to Him who sees and knows the bigger picture….God walks with you…and is near to you…May God continue to be with you through this difficult time…x

    • Kristin

      Sister, praying for you and your husband

  • Daniel prays to God consistently. He lets God fight the battles for him. There is no record of him trying to get out of the sentence…as far as we know, he went willingly to the lion's den, another "my God can save me, but if not…He is still good" situation. I appreciate the way Daniel seems unflappable, his trust in God so complete. Praying today that I would become more like him in that way.

  • Daniel’s faithfulness has always amazed me. But it is God’s faithfulness that outshines it. All God. Amazing.

  • Sarah_Joy

    I want to have a lifestyle of prayer like Daniel! When the lions of life attack, my hope is built on the Maker of the lions.

  • “Prayer intersects our humanity with His holiness.” So powerful! Challenged today to more intentional times of prayer, that my ordinary days would be infused with His holiness so whatever challenges lie ahead, I am prepared.

  • Daniel was faithful to God. God was faithful to him. May I be found faithful to my faithful God.

    • Anna

      "if we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself."

      • Ariadne

        Amen!! So grateful for His faithfulness to His word…what He says He will do!!

  • Candacejo

    Jealousy is ugly. The satraps (government officials, some say they were a sort of prince or lieutenant) were all under Daniel's authority and obviously extremely jealous of his rapid rise in the ranks. The scripture says Daniel and two others were over the 120 satraps so that the king "might not suffer loss". Little did they know that the one thing they thought he could trick him with was the one thing that saved him! His commitment to prayer, to communion with God, was his salvation. He KNEW the Lord and the Lord KNEW Daniel!

    Praying today that we all would gain a deeper understanding of the importance of time with God. It's our strength and comfort in this world and will take us on to the next. Blessings on this beautiful Friday! ♥

    • Amy J

      I've been going to church for many years, but only recently began daily prayer (through the readings of SRT). I'm amazed by how important my time with God has become, in such a short amount of time. My time with God is my strength and comfort.

      Praying with you that we gain a deeper understanding of the importance of time with God.

    • ~ B ~

      "He Knew the Lord and the Lord KNEW Daniel." How beautiful is that! May I daily know God and daily KNOW that God KNOWS me! ~ B

  • Kelly_Smith

    Before the edict, before the persecution, before the lions' den, Daniel had a lifestyle of prayer. Daniel 6:11 tells us that he knelt by his widow to pray "as he had done previously." Daniel found the strength to stand against his persecutors in the practice of prayer–the very thing they planned to use against him. We drop to our knees when tragedy strikes but has it become a part of who we are? I certainly struggle with it. Today's passage encourages me with God's faithfulness. It also challenges me to remain faithful in the day-to-day so that I may find strength through the disciplines of discipleship if ever I find myself at the mouth of a lions' den.

    • Candacejo

      Ha, I was writing basically the same thing Kelly! The very thing they planned to use against him. They really stuck out to me too. But I pray, like you, that it will become a part of who I am. My struggle is the throughout the day part. I think of the Lord but have never been one to "pray without ceasing" or to just talk to Him throughout the day. I've always had it in my head for some silly reason that I had to "go to prayer". I've gotten better about it over the years but would really desire to keep the communication lines open with the Lord where I sit and talk to Him at a traffic light or while washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, etc. Blessings to you!

      • Amy J

        I also struggle with the "throughout the day" part. I love the idea of talking to Him at a traffic light, or while doing the dishes… :)

    • Lyle

      Love how you said Daniel had “a lifestyle of prayer”! It is easy to think the mundane, every day moments don’t matter, but they are what make up our lives. I am so challenged today to be more about the kingdom and prayer, to be found faithful in this season.

      • Amy J

        Thank you for reminding me that the mundane, every day moments do matter. Sometimes I forget.

    • scootermae

      I have always liked tHe analogy of what you learn in the light you do in the dark. When one walks into their house late at night and the electricity is off, you are able to navigate around the end table, the couch, through the kitchen and into the laundry room for a flashlight. That is because maneuvering through your house is something you did all the time during the light, when things were 'good' and 'normal'. If we immerse our selves in prayer when things are good and normal, it will be our automatic default when the lights go out.
      I had not really thought of it as the one way they wanted to get to him was he one way he got out of it….prayer.

    • Alexis C.

      For me prayer throughout the day has always been my habit. Focused prayer belonged to the evening before bed. Being the person I am I need His strength all day to get through challenges, and to praise and thank Him when I make it. I also just automatically thank Him for every beautiful thing He has given me to experience, because I am so in awe. He is the first thought when I see pain or ugliness. He is my confessor immediately when my thoughts have turned opposite His. I live in reality and can be too blunt,I need him to soften the edges sometimes. I am obsessive/compulsive and Type A, I need Him with me to talk to at all times.
      I can become anxious and frustrated and expect too much from others, I need Him to calm me. That being said in the last two years I have learned to stop where I am, close my eyes and have concentrated prayer where the situation calls for it. AMAZING, the feeling of relief and release! Prayer has many forms,all individual,all communication with Our Father.

    • ~ B ~

      "As it become a part of who we are? That I find strength through the disciplines of discipleship if I ever find myself at the mouth of a lion's den." Beautiful words Kelly! ~ B

  • lairozki

    “Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (1 Timothy 3:12)
    Yes, you can't really please everyone however with God grace and love to us, the more they persecuted us the more we become true disciple of Christ. I'm praying the time will come that all my friends and family will worship You Lord.
    Thanks for today words! Keep the faith! :)

  • Alexis C.

    “He is the living God, enduring forever.” Dear Father, thank you for loving us so much each day. Thank you for saving us from the jaws of our society and bringing us closer to you through faith in Jesus Our Savior and the grace of the Holy Spirit.

  • Recycled Sparks

    SRT Sisters: This is the day I’ve been eagerly awaiting for: Daniel in the Lions Den story. I’ve heard this one since I was a tot and yet scripture is alive and sharper than a double edged sword! The story still speaks to me just on a deeper level. Praise our God who rescued us from the pit!

    • Alexis C.

      Amen! Isn’t it awesome how alive His word is! The same exact phrases, but heard in a way that is relevant to that exact moment in our lives! God is good!

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