Coming Soon: Paul’s Letters


Hey there, friends!

It’s been a busy season here at SRT headquarters.

For the first time ever, the He’s have been reading Daniel alongside the She’s on the brand-spanking-new (And they’re expecting exciting app news any minute now! — update: the app in now LIVE and available for download!) We couldn’t be more thrilled about the ways God is shepherding this new community and continues to be faithful in our own.

Watching all of this makes us cheerleader toe-touch in anticipation of what’s next, so today we’re going to let you in on it so you can raise your pompoms too!

Following Daniel, we’re going to read through Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians. That’s right, all four!

We’re excited to read these four letters from Paul in succession so that we may learn from them individually and as a whole. As we learn about the biblical and historical context throughout, we’ll compare the unique themes and notice His goodness recorded in each book. There is so much of it, you guys!

This 8-week series of reading plans, which we lovingly refer to as “Go Eat PopCorn,” (Did anyone else use this mnemonic as a kid to remember the order? Our office is divided!) begins with Galatians on September 7.

We’ll spend 14 days on each book, which means Ephesians will begin on September 21, Philippians on October 5 and Colossians on October 19.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, the study packs are now LIVE in the shop, available individually or as a set!

Here are a few peeks (the timelines in the books are super cool and involve interactive layers of vellum!):

SRT-Store-Galatians_HisHers SRT-GEPC-storebundle


  • Ruby Pittman

    so thankful for all of this encouragement tonight. excited about next week.

  • Misan Robbins

    GEPC…General Electric Power Co. Was our mnemonic device

  • Sheena Sopchak

    Can we request prayer on here and ask questions about the Bible and Jesus?

  • Meg Dean

    Gentiles Eat Pork Chops for me! I had no idea there were other phrases to remember it by! :)

    So thankful for SRT AND HRT!

  • I only knew the books.. Nothing mnemonic! Lol I’m excited… I love the epistles!

  • Also is the app just iPhone or android too? My husband is Android and says he can’t find HRT there.

  • Go every puppy cuddle

  • My husband and I have been looking for a good way to share a devotional reading time. He is all set up on the He Reads Truth app and we will be going through the next study together. It would be awesome to have the same discussion questions worked into SRT that HRT uses. The guided questions really help to read the scripture more relationally – to dig in on your own and hear from the Lord before reading the devotional and hearing how God spoke to someone else. I love the devotional and I think it’s helpful, but more importantly is allowing God to speak to each of us that way, and the HRT reflection questions really facilitate that very well. Thank you for this app! Even without any changes, it’s huge blessing!!

  • God's Electric Power Company

  • Commenting on hereadstruth (as well)- I have a several guy friends that are loving being able to go through these studies too. So thankful for it. However, just some feedback that they've given me. I know this may be petty but just wanted to give some constructive feedback so you can be most effective in this ministry. Apparently there are quite a few typos in the daily posts. One guy friend finds it extremely distracting and was telling me about it the other day. These were his words, "It's such a professional website and done so well. And then there are a bunch of typos that completely throw off my concentration and make me think, "where is the professionalism now"? MIND YOU- He is a writer himself so this is something that sticks out to him a lot. But, just thought I would pass it along.

  • Commenting on hereadstruth – husband found a bit frustrating because the app works different then shereadstruth. The light bulb and question set up not intuitive and kind of bothersome. Expected to work more similarly to shereadstruth. Glad to have it but just sharing some feedback.

  • abbeymcgee

    God Eats Pizza Cold. :)

  • Ida Pahus

    Wish the plans would be free!! :)

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Ida! Thanks for writing! We never want cost to prevent anyone from reading truth, which is why the plans are always free via email subscription and on our website!


  • Jackie H

    General Electric Power Company

  • Ashley Barefield

    My husband and I are loving that we are both reading the same thing. But he wishes that there was a devotion to go along after just like ours.

  • Girls eat potato chips!

  • My question is…will the men's and women's be linked, if we are married…so if I buy these studies thru the app, will he then have to buy the study? Or since we use the same iTunes account can he just download mine? Just curious how this would work.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Jacqi! The HRT and SRT purchases are separate since they are using separate apps, but you are welcome to follow along at and for free!


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  • Yes! I am so excited for all of this. Hoping my fiancé will use He Reads Truth and we can talk through our quiet times together. Also, LOVE this next study! We are going to be hit in the face with a whole lot of truth!

  • General Electric Power Company is the one I heard growing up. :-)

  • Can we buy the journals individually? $80 at one time is way out of my financial ability. Just wondering and hoping. Love She Reads Truth.

    • Pam B

      Yes you can buy them individually. They are $24 each, so the bundle for $80 is actually a good deal. :-) But you have the option of bundle or individual in the shop.

    • Kristi

      If you purchase the 4 journals alone it is only $54 instead of $80. They don't include the Scripture Prints or Scripture memory cards but they are just the books. That's what I've been doing since quite honestly, I have too many of the prints to hang up anymore. I love them but don't really need anymore at this point.

  • Janine Smith

    I learnt Go Eat Pork Chops at my church haha!!

  • Yes, I was a Go Eat Pop Corn child… in Malaysia in the 80s! See, Scripture is universal ;o)

  • Is there a coupon code?

  • Go Everywhere Preach Christ!

  • God’s Eternal Power Company!

  • I always remembered them in order because the first vowel in each of those books are in alphabetical order . . . weird, I know!

  • Go Eat Peach ice Cream!

  • catherine

    I am so stoked!!!

  • This is a God sent. Thank you!

  • General Electric Power Company:)

  • Just a question, are the "He Reads Truth", creators going to include a message board? My husband and son will be jumping on board and live in different countries, it would be great if they could share their journey of bible reading with each other and other brothers in Christ. I know what a blessing is to have this community with the She read truth community. Thanks for all your faithfullness to build up the body!

    • Sarah

      My husband would love the message board as well as a devotional to read after completing the daily reading for the Daniel study. We were so excited to read alongside one another, but then was bummed when he didn't have the same opportunity to share in a community as I do with my sisters in Christ and SheReadsTruth. Thank you for SheReadsTruth and how it helps me start my day off right!

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