Daniel: Day 4

Godly Determination


Today's Text: Daniel 1:8-16, Proverbs 21:2-3, 1 Peter 2:15-16

I have two main types of sin in my life. One is the white-knuckle kind of sin that requires gritting my teeth through every second of the temptation, and still, I often fall victim to it in the end. Because if I’m honest, deep down I don’t want to not do this type of sin.

The other type of sin is the kind I sort of breeze by, compared to the white-knuckle version. This is the kind of sin I hate most. I’ve been there, done that! I know what it does to my relationship with God, and I simply don’t want it this time. God has entered my heart on this issue and given me motive to obey. I have a conviction stronger than my own resolve—I have godly determination.

This is what Daniel had when King Nebuchadnezzar ordered him to eat a diet that went against Jewish law, including non-Kosher meats and wine that was used as an offering to Babylonian gods.

Scripture says, “Daniel determined that he would not defile himself” (Daniel 1:8). So he asked a guard watching over him and his three pals to feed them vegetables and water instead, and the guard agreed. After only ten days, it was apparent that Daniel and his friends were stronger and in better shape than the men who had fed on the king’s rich diet.

Let’s not get side-tracked here. These verses in scripture are not a diet plan for you. They are not an argument for vegetarianism. They are much richer than that. So before you clean out your fridge, let’s feed off of some deeper truth found here.

Verse eight says Daniel was “determined.” The translation of “determined” in this context means “set upon his heart.” This was not a white-knuckle resolve. This determination of Daniel’s was a godly conviction. It was not Daniel’s remarkable willpower (I mean, I would take a burger over vegetables any day) that allowed him to stand strong; it was God working in him and through him.

This is good news for us. I think we can often look at the story of Daniel and compare ourselves to him. Wow, I would never be brave enough to stand up for my convictions like that. I wish I could be as strong as he was. Then we hang our heads and sulk away.

But Daniel is not the point of the book of Daniel. Look at verse nine: “God had granted Daniel favor and compassion from the guard.”

Who granted Daniel favor and compassion from the guard? God. God did!

And that is the point. God had a plan that he accomplished through his faithful servant Daniel. Because of God, Daniel remained true to his faith and was set apart in the kingdom, even in captivity.

I don’t think Daniel would have ever survived Babylon if he had tried to white-knuckle his way through those years. And I don’t think our souls can survive if we’re trying to white-knuckle our way through own lives. Just as Daniel lived, so do we: by God’s strength, by God’s grace and for God’s plan.


  • Emily Everling

    The story is not about Daniel. So true! Daniel’s example is that he trusted God and wanted to please Him and God granted him favor. When we seek to please God it’s not what can we get out of Him it’s to honor our King.

  • I pray that I can be more purposeful in my daily life – in what I say, in how I respond – and set my heart completely on the things of God. I deeply and whole heartedly want to “live as people that are free” so that the world may see and know the goodness of God, and that like Daniel who influenced kings and nations, God may grant me favor to reflect His glory wherever I may be found – even if it’s in Babylon.

    • Kylee

      Amen Brandie, what a sincere and beautiful prayer! I’m going to copy and paste it into my phone so I can pray this over both of us whenever I feel overwhelmed in the “Babylon” I find myself living in.

  • I was impressed by the verse that says Daniel asked permission not to eat the kings food. Even though he had purposed in his heart not to, he still acted out of respect and submission. I think our human nature is to push our obedience onto others instead of trusting God in the process of convicting our hearts on a matter. In the end God made a way for Daniel to obey His convictions.

  • Fierce convictions. Compelled by love.

  • Claudia Pannetti

    I will keep determining into heart not sin. As hard as it is sometimes. I will determine over and over until I learn it’s Gods strength alone that can help me overcome it.

  • Monisola

    I have just joined the Daniel wagon, i keep missing days …Christ have mercy,but i determined in my heart that whatever it takes, i will finish this study. Today’s passage is all about me, i recently moved from my country in Africa to the Uk. This seems to me like I’m Daniel, you see where i come from, i think service to God is quite easy, a large bunch of the people I meet are mostly Christians…everyone has like minds, similar goals, fellowship is compulsory, but here I find myself being TOO FREE, it is different and it takes the grace of God to stay focused. I am in babylon where I have heard of religions that i didn’t even know existed in my life, where it is so hard to voice out where you stand in Christ because you don’t know who might get hurt. Where sin seems like nothing compared to what you see others do. At the end of the day, just like 1peter 2.16 says even though I am free, i am a slave to God. I choose today in my heart to follow God, to live like Christ despite my freedom from my heritage. SO HELP ME God.

    • Criswithcurls

      Praying over you (and myself)! I, too, live in a country not my own. I am no longer surrounded by my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. But God is with us-He has promised that. Stay strong-you are not alone, nor never will be.

    • Agnes

      I can relate to you too, Monisola. I recently moved from the U.S. to Chile to do ministry, and even though it seems like being in ministry would make it “easy” not to sin (ha), it definitely doesn’t. Everything is different and the things I take for granted daily, like being able to speak in my own language, aren’t an option anymore. I feel ashamed because I’m surrounded by such loving people and yet I feel bitter about my discomfort. I keep thinking about how hard it is to praise God in a foreign land in a foreign language, but then I see Daniel’s unfailing faith and God’s power in him and I realize that God has no boundaries and He speaks every language. He put Daniel in Babylon so he could demonstrate his limitless power, just as he put you in the UK and me in Chile. It’s not easy to be surrounded by sin and idolatry in an unfamiliar place, but God knows our hearts and our temptations and he’s for us and with us. I pray that you feel Godly determination and peace.

  • Kasey Summers

    Praying God would fill me up with His strength and determination so I further His Kingdom! Bc I can do nothing without Him working inside of me!!!!

  • my version states “but daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies” i love that this was not a passive resistance. he had to literally purpose his heart to resist. i think two assumptions can be made from the daniel passage read today and they are: 1. that daniel had a focused life and 2. he had a history of prayer. what would happen to our faith if we were taken away from our community and were carried to a foreign land with foreign gods? i think daniel was spiritually sharp-he knew the prophecies of jeremiah and thus refused to join in with the eating delicacies of a wicked ruler. it’s clear that there is a correlation between our eating and our sharpness. a popular fast is the “daniel fast” and fasting overall reminds us that one’s spirit, soul & body is connected and cannot be separated. this makes us spiritually sharp- fasting is a detox of our soul.

  • Lauren Potts

    “Our obedience is not driven by lack, but by joy in the Giver.” Just yes. Thank you for unpacking this wonderful book of the Bible in a fresh and relevant way

  • I love this study! I have experienced both sins as well. Today, for example I was tempted and didn't want to not do this sin, charge on a charge card, but really wanted the stuff, so I did and then afterwards, hated the way it made me feel. The other sin was being afraid of what others might think if I share a spiritual experience, but seemed to have had the strength , not my own, to share anyway because of the work Jesus has done in me. So, anyway, I see that God has a purpose for me and is using His strength in me to accomplish it! As for the "other" sin that I failed at, I know He is working in me to strengthen me there too. Blessings to you all!

  • As I read the blog and comments, in particular, “But Daniel is not the point of the book of Daniel.” Although, I understand the point being made with this statement, I disagree. I think the book of Daniel IS about him as well as God. The same with all of the other stories and people we read about in the Bible. God gives us free will to choose whether we want to walk with Him or not. Obey or not. DANIEL CHOSE! He chose to listen to God right then and there and did not hesitate or question his faith in God. Yes, God granted Daniel favor because God’s plan was at work but, if Daniel did not chose to walk/obey with God, there would not be a book in the Bible named Daniel :)
    God gives us all the same opportunity as he did Daniel but, the lesson is that when God promises to reward those who stay true, He is faithful to carry out what He has promised. Second, a person of integrity is a powerful instrument in the hand of God.

    • Sarah_Olsen

      The book “crazy love” explains this concept well. I’ll attempt.
      It’s like being an extra in a movie. The movie is not about you, you simply play a part in it. Everything in creation is about God. We simply play a part in his creation.

    • hesaved83


      Amen! We have to be willing and obedient faithful servants for Holy Spirit to work tnrough us. I also understand that the author wants us to focus on God working through Daniel and not for us to compare ourselves as Daniel as a hold. There’s no Book of Daniel without God, The Holy Spirit who inspired the Bible. :) I totally see the balance of what, NaNa and the author is saying.

  • Sarah_Olsen

    These lessons in Daniel are so very real to us too! Let me recap:
    We are exiles, just like they were.
    Society has attempted to label (rename us) just as Daniel and the others were.
    And today I learned, Daniel and the others led a godly life in an ungodly kingdom, just like we are too. The most moving part in all of this is that Daniel did not do it by the grace of Daniel. He did not thrive off of vegetables and water because Daniel is so much more great than anyone else. Daniel did all of it because of GOD!!! How absolutely amazing is that. It takes nothing more than the grace of God to live a godly life in an ungodly world.
    I pray that Jesus can work through me. That the Spirit would comfort me and guide me into the Father's will. I pray that I am able to thrive and prosper by doing God's will, not by any special doing on my part but by the grace of God, our gracious God. Amen.

  • smile1lady

    I see this from a different angle than the commentator, The bible says that Daniel had resolved,,,,,he was committed, who knows when on this particular situation, was it as soon as he saw the food? Was it as soon as he came into captivity? I believe Daniel already had been obeying the Lord, feeding upon his word,, spending time in prayer, walking with God long before he was tested in this trial. Sometimes I ask the Lord for help, all the while holding back just enough so that I am not totally committed, be it to go to bed early enough so I can get up the next day for bible study,to have a daily prayer time, to obey in the small things as well as the big , Daniel already practiced christian disciplines of obedience, reading the word, BEING with God This is why there was no question in his mind or heart, as to what he was going to do.. and because of this God gave Daniel favor And compassion in the sight of the chief eunuchs. 2 chronicles 16:9 For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to Strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. I have to wonder,, if it seems that God is not answering us for help is it because we are not fully committed? It doesnt say that Daniel prayed to be fully committed, he already was, and the lord helped him, Are we fully committed or do we hold back,, are we lazy, do we make compromises in our lives, are we in love with the Lord? if so we should not hold back, do you need to go to bed earlier in order to get up earlier, eat better for more energy, what is it that you are allowing to be in the way of a closer walk, tv, sports, crafts, work, fear? Lord help us to be fully committed to you, help us to love you more and more, give us the resolve that nothing compares to you and nothing is worth more. I know I am guilty, Thank God for the Daniels that God uses to hold us to a higher standard, we so easily settle for less thank our awesome God

    • Cortina

      Loved this. Really spoke to me. Thank you. I just prayed this morning that God would help me get up in the morning 1- so I can do my bible study, 2- so my kids are on time to school and learn that punctuality is a form if respect!

  • I am reading this devotion as I prepare to help my oldest child move into college for his Freshman year. Not only is this a new chapter in his life but mine as well. With a heavy yet grateful heart I am praying that he and I both will remember "we are not the point of our story, God is." Thank you SRT for your amazing and Godly ministry, you are a blessing to this mama hen watching her chick fly!

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Lynn,

      Praying for you and your child today, trusting that God has big things in store during these college years. Asking Him to comfort your mama heart today!


  • I love that Andrea pointed out that the point of Daniel’s godliness wasn’t his diet, but God’s favor acting on him. I do think it’s ironic, though, that after emphasizing that it wasn’t Daniel’s willpower but God’s grace that made Daniel successful, our key graphic emphasizes Daniel’s willpower :)

  • Something stands out to me about Daniel's resolve, his determination – it's the way in which he went about it. Yes, God did the work, but Daniel as His vessel, went about it humbly. He did not put his foot down in angry determination and say "I will not eat that!". He did not rally his friends for a protest. He simply "requested of the chief of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself".

    And when the eunuch said something to the effect of – I don't think that's a good idea because the king will notice you wasting away and he'll have my head. Daniel responded with "please test your servant…"

    Determination does not have to mean stomping our foot and demanding. It does not have to mean drawing lines in the sand and waving our flag of righteousness. Determination can just mean bravely, kindly requesting and allowing God to do the work with our humble request.

    I think this is a beautiful example to us as Christians as we fight cultural shift. Sometimes our delivery damages our message. May we seek God determinedly, humbly following His truth and trusting Him to do the rest!

  • I feel compelled to write, but am speechless. I'm just beginning to understand the enormity of God's plan. I'm just beginning to understand that Amy is not the point of the book of Amy. I'm grateful for this new-found stirring in my heart, but at the same time, am riddled with worry. I'm riddled with worry because the busy-ness of life returned to my home this week – my husband and me to teaching, my children to learning. I worry that in our busy-ness, I will forget His purpose for me. I pray that Jesus gives me what I need to accomplish his purpose.

    • Eeleah

      I’m with ya! It’s definitely so hard to focus on things Above when life gets busy. But God is with you!

  • KLeighWilson

    After reading 1 peter 2:15-16, I feel like it is sometimes easy to use our freedom as a "cover up for evil." I think God's grace has covered me, he is forgiving, and it is no big deal- of course this is very futile thinking.

    Daniel didn't do this. He put silence to ignorant people by being faithful, and people noticed. I think when we take a step toward faithfulness in areas of our lives, God is faithful to help us complete those steps, and we reap the rewards of his favor and blessing. I love that the story is all about Him.

    • Hope

      I like what you wrote, “He put silence to ignorant people by being faithful.” We need to focus on our walk with God so we can be a good example of what being a Christian really means.

  • sharijune

    I pray that each one of us would have a respectful righteousness (and, yes I did peak at the He Reads Truth site -smile) and a deep, strong, godly determination leading us to a course of action.
    Love and Blessings to every single one of you. May we be sweet and strong!

  • scootermae

    I never realized the order…Daniel purposes in his heart then God granted favor. Most of us want it the other way around. Reminds me of the Israelites carrying the ark of the covenant across the Jordan River. The priests had to put their feet In the water before it parted. Joshua 3:14-17.

  • Caroline

    So thankful for God’s strength, God’s grace and God’s plan.

  • Reminds me of the verses that say God gives us both the desire And the power to do what pleases him. He worked the Godly conviction and desire in Daniel, and then through his power enabled him to stand strong, so God could use the situation to bring himself glory. So often I stop at the desire part – I feel the Godly conviction, but I sin when I doubt that God will also work his power – in me and in others – to follow through with it. I need faith that reveals itself in action, conviction with trust for God as the author And finisher of my faith :) Lord, give me the courage today through your holly spirit to walk by faith, for my good and your glory!

  • Only through Him.

  • katsulli

    Yes by God's grace, His strength and for God's plan. Amen I love how Tina personalized it by adding her name. It is so important do that at times. Apart from Him we can do nothing ! God Bless you all

  • Weigh my heart Lord. I don’t want to cover the evil of myself or others with my actions or thoughts. I desire righteousness and justice…

  • Couldn't help but think of Romans 7:15-25

    15 For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do. 16 If, then, I do what I will not to do, I agree with the law that it is good. 17 But now, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells in me. 18 For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells; for to will is present with me, but how to perform what is good I do not find. 19 For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I will not to do, that I practice. 20 Now if I do what I will not to do, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells in me.

    21 I find then a law, that evil is present with me, the one who wills to do good. 22 For I delight in the law of God according to the inward man. 23 But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. 24 O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? 25 I thank God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!

    Loved the reminder that it is not my strength, but the strength of the Lord that we depend on! Praying I can rest in His grace today!

    • Maria

      Thank you so much for this scripture connection. I was blessed to read this passage and then the corresponding passages that my study Bible connected: Romans 8:1-17, Galatians 5:17-18, 1 John 1:8-10. Through the grace of God we are able to daily fight sin and Satan and be more than conquerors through Christ Jesus! Praise Him!

  • Lfi- your prayer was so needed today. Thank you!

  • "Daniel is not the point of the book of Daniel". So true. It was God working in and through Daniel. Such a relief to know that everything doesn't depend solely on our own resolve.

  • “Live by God’s strength, grace, and plan!”

  • How often do I try to white-knuckle my way through this life? Daniel purposed, and God gave him favor. I want to stop trying to white-knuckle my way through difficult circumstances and rest in God’s ability to work and to act on my behalf. Because it’s about Him. Great word from Andrea today! So thankful for this study.

  • I LOVE the Book of Daniel! It's all God. He called me. He delivered me. He gives me ears to hear His voice and the desire and strength to follow it. His glory, not mine. He is my Potter and I am the clay… made for His specific purpose in the time and place that He has placed me. Thank you, Father. Today I pray that you'll give me peace in the moment as I wait for your wisdom and leadership and continued direction to follow…

  • I rec'd a note from a friend I haven't spoken with in some time the other day whose marriage has taken a different route than mine. She remarked multiple times that she didn't know how I did it. How I managed to stay in a marriage that was riddled with all that it has been. At one point even using the words, you are a better woman than I. Her note spoke of bitterness and anger, hurt and frustration and I could tell that although the relationship had legally ended more than a year ago, she was still in a great deal of pain. It broke my heart to think of the hurt she is carrying and will carry as she moves on into her life. I have to add that she is not a faith-based person. She will tell you that she "tried it once and it didn't work". I responded to her note indicating that it was not me and never had been me, but that my staying, persevering and the triumph of my marriage was all Jesus. Her followup email didn't even touch on my words, which made my heart hurt more for her, because the reality is she is avoiding and missing the very relationship that can help her.

    In those seasons of trauma it was imperative to stay close to God so that I would know His will and commit myself to it. Just as Daniel had resolve here, I had to have resolve in the area of my relationship. Daniel's resolve was strengthened because of His ongoing communication to God, his continued walk with Him. For both Daniel and myself, without God there would have been no overcoming, no understanding and no victory. It was God in me, not me. The outcome of my marriage is ultimately for God to use, it's just my job to act according to His instruction and to do so faithfully….without an ongoing check of my kindred-ship with God, I wouldn't have the connection FOR the resolve needed to handle tough situations. My heart needs to be focused entirely on Christ and my direction in stress should be to run to Him, to His word in order to develop that resolve … because it isn't about me, it is entirely about God.

    Prayerful today that I resolve to commit myself entirely to God's will in all of my life. In my comings and goings, in all my interactions, my portion in this. That I realize daily my heart needs to be in check, in sync with Christ in my life to protect my resolve. That as I feel weak, I am strengthened by God in me. That my focus be 100% on Christ's work, not my own! ~ B

    • smartinunleashed

      In sync with Christ" I love that phrase. We want all of our devices to Sync-up so that they function fully and properly. What a great metaphor for our relationship with Christ. Each and every day we need to re-connect with the One who provides all that we need to live in His love, His Grace, and His Strength. Amen!

    • Erin

      Thank you for sharing this story. A close friend of mine who has strayed away from the Lord & gotten caught up in the mainstream “if it doesn’t feel good don’t do it” mentality is considering leaving her marriage while I sit here attempting to purposefully stay in my loveless marriage through the power of Jesus. Praying that our focus remains ( and for my friend becomes again) Christ and not our current emotions but how our lives can effect the Kingdom. I love Jeremiah 17:9a (AMP) “The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly perverse and corrupt and severely mortally sick!” It reminds me that like Daniel, I need to trust that God will use me for His glory no matter what I feel like as long as I am surrendering myself to Him.

    • Trisha

      Thank you -B- for your sweet words. In sync with Christ. Yes. That is so what I need this morning as I am in a hurry to get out of the house and have already snapped at my husband more than once… Jesus, here I am. Imperfect and broken when I try to white-knuckle it by myself. How desperately I need you! Holy Spirit, take control. Help me to purpose in my heart to wholeheartedly follow after you. Amen

    • smile1lady

      AMEN sista!

  • Kelly_Smith

    Daniel resolved . . . and God gave Daniel favor and compassion. I see this as a promise of God. As I resolve to follow His word and His commands, He blesses me with favor and compassion. This morning, it was a good exercise to recall times in my life when I stood firm on my convictions and God supported me. Just recently, I stood firm at work, protecting my hours so that I could preserve family time. I was met with unbelievable acceptance. I felt undeserved favor. "Whatever we need to do to make it work. You are doing an incredible job." It was a God moment. I knew that the favor I received was not because of anything I had done but because HE is great in me. Remembering a lifetime of these God moments helps me to stay resolved as I become overwhelmed with the faithfulness of God.

  • But Daniel is not the point of the book of Daniel. ….

    Now, I think I will replace Daniel with Tina….and although there is not a book per se about me God has His book, His plan, His purpose for my life…right…

    …But Tina is not the POINT of the book of 'Tina' …God's Grace, Mercy, Love, Faithfulness, Goodness, LOVE… and all things good, that He continues to provide, walk through and give are…Amen…

    Determined today to live as Daniel did…by God's strength, by God's grace and in His plan…Amen..

    Good morning Sisters…with love….xxx

    • MNmomma (heather)


    • andrealucado

      Oh I love this! Yes, and Andrea is not the point of the book of Andrea. God is the point!

    • Amy

      Beautiful reminder, Tina. Thank you.

    • Sheena

      Beautiful words, Tina!! Sheena is not the point of the book of Sheena… The focus isn't on my life and what I want. The focus needs to be on Jesus!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Tina.

  • I also have had many a moment where I’ve felt so inadequate compared to bible stalwarts like Daniel and his friends. But, like Andrea said in the commentary, this is bound to happen when you focus on the individual rather than the one this book (and, indeed, the entire Bible) really is about – God. The revelation I had from those words is that we are all potential partners with God in accomplishing His plans on earth. All we need is a heart willing to take that step with Him and he gives us what we need – with Daniel, it was a strong will, integrity, strength of conviction, bravery, the gift of dream interpretation…that’s precisely what he needed in that environment, in that time, and that’s precisely what God gave him. With individuals like Samson in the book of Judges, it was brute strength (he could maybe have done with a bit more wisdom too though, haha!). But my point is, reading these words today really brought this home for me – when we put outburst completely in God, he gives us precisely what we need to join Him in accomplishing that particular purpose that He has created us for. I’m praying that as we go through each day, we will all remember to pray – Jesus, please give me what I need to accomplish your purpose today…whether it’s patience with my kids, a kind heart towards a stranger, peace in the midst of turmoil in my life, life-building words for a friend…whatever it is that I need, please grant me that for today, Amen!

  • carlybenson

    Thank you for your words of encouragement, Andrea. I was having the reaction you described as I read Daniel's story- thinking I could never be as strong as he was, thinking of times when I've wanted to stand firm and live for God but ended up caving in. I am so challenged by Daniel's whole-hearted determination. I am so divided- I want to follow God but also want to fit in with those around me and the result is a half-hearted attempt at a Christian life that looks good by the world's standards but is not honouring to God. I really want to change that. Thank you for the encouragement that it does not depend on my will-power but on God's strength.

    • MNmomma (heather)

      You just hit the nail on the head! I feel I live a "double life" sometimes….between what is right and honoring to God and what the world feels is right. I pray for strength this morning. That my resolve to follow Him be continually strengthened. That I lean on Him in times of temptation….deciding ahead of time where to "draw the line"…..

  • Bind My Wandering Heart

    Will be praying xx

  • Praying. The miracle may be in the heart of that baby girl or it could be in the heart of your sister in law or in the hearts of those who hear her testimony of grace. God will work miracles!

  • 30 years ago this happened to me. I went on to have three beautiful children. I’m praying for peace and Gods presence.

  • Elisabeth

    Hello SRT family! I wanted to reach out to you all. My sister in law at full term, has been told her baby girl’s heartbeat is unable to be found. I wanted to ask those of you who read this to be praying for a miracle, that this little one’s heartbeat would be beating strong!! she will be induced soon and we are hoping a lovely little miracle girl will be brought into the world. Love to you all.

    • aprilmcwhite

      Praying now!

    • Hope

      Praying for a miracle!

    • Dana

      Lifted them up and asking for a miracle. Lord, hear our prayers.

    • carlybenson

      Praying for your sister-in-law's baby, Elisabeth, and praying that you and the rest of the family know God close beside you, giving you strength and peace.

    • tina

      Praying right now….for peace and not stress or anxiety, because it is that calm that God can be heard….
      As I began to write Lazarus came to mind….when he's four days late, he's still on time as the song goes….but more importantly…the bible tells us so… great and wonderful miracles can happen..
      God be with your sister in law at this time..and the family as you walk with her….xx

    • Ifi

      Praying for you, for your family and for the little girl too – praying for God’s presence to never leave any of you as you walk through this tough period! xxx

    • Kelly_Smith

      Praying, Elisabeth!

    • Courtney

      Praying for this sweet baby and your sister.

    • ~ B ~

      Very prayerful Elisabeth. Will continue to be throughout the day! ~ B

    • Brandie

      Praying!! Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, A VERY PRESENT help in time of need.

    • Zuriel

      Praying for your precious family.

    • Tammy


    • Brandi

      Father, right now I lift up this family tomYou and I'm praising You because You are a God of miracles -still – always! I'm praising You because You are in control! I praying Your awesome comfort and peace in this family Father. I pray they would be able to feel Your presence and your love in an awesome and powerful way! Thank You for Your faithfulness Father! Thank you for always being with us! for never leaving us or forsaking us! Thank you for hearing our prayers and the cries of our hearts!

    • aggranberg

      This happened to me, 4 months ago today. We lost our son at full term and doctors have since been unable to find a reason. I cried out for a miracle as well, but it wasn't the Lord's will. I am praying this morning for your sister in law, that God will grant her that miracle, but if not, that she will feel His comforting presence in the very hard days to come.

      My email may link here through my wordpress account, feel free to reach out.

      • Rea


      • kelly

        Giving you a hug! 4 months today….so sorry sister! What is your son's name? My tears mingle with yours. I remember those early months so well. My first born son, Luke, was born without a heart beat at 39 weeks. We heard his heartbeat just 2 days earlier at my check up. Turns out I had a blood clotting disorder I never knew I had. My faith was rocked to it's core. From your post above, I praise God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and that you are experiencing His very real presence! May you continue to experience the many gifts of the Holy Spirit…Faith, peace, hope, comfort, companionship, grace….

      • Jess

        One of my dearest friends lost her baby girl three months ago full term. My prayers are with you sister!

    • Nancy

      Praying for a precious miracle.

    • Lyle

      Praying for this sweet little one and her family!

    • JessHH

      Elisabeth, praying for your entire family as they walk through this hard time. Praying that sweet baby is healthy and strong. Also praying that Gods strength will be your strength and that His presence and comfort will be felt regardless of the outcome.

    • Carrie

      Praying. God bless you all.

    • Doreen

      I'm reading this 7 hours after it was posted. Waiting to hear! Prayers for all who are touched by this no matter the outcome!


    • Djavs

      Keeping your sister in law in prayer!

    • Sarah_Olsen

      Paying for you all!

    • Brooke

      Praying for your SIL and her baby girl <3

    • lynne

      I will be praying!!

    • JulieG


    • Karen

      Elisabeth, with a heavy heart I pray that life will be with your niece and if that is not God's will, I pray for you all to lean on God for comfort, peace and strength.

      I was given a prayer shawl during a medical situation in my life and I like the symbolism of it so that even without the physical shawl to wrap oneself with the love and prayers that present but you can not see. We need to held up during this time. Peace and love.

    • Kirsten


    • Becky


    • MNmomma (heather)

      prayers lifted…..

    • Margaret Nissen

      Praying for the entire family.

    • Amber


    • Brittany

      Praying for you all.

    • Joining with you in prayer right now, Elisabeth!

    • journeytobalanced

      Praying for her right now…..

    • Sarah York


    • Trisha

      Praying for a miracle! Praying for peace and strength for your family! Praying for an overwhelming sense of Gods love.

    • Beth Buker


    • Elisabeth

      Thank you EVERYONE for your kind words and prayers. Currently we are waiting for my sister in-law to be induced, she is on a waiting list for a room to become available. She will be delivering naturally. Still praying for a miracle!

    • Megan LeVan

      a day late, but still praying!

    • jessiechatchat


    • Kay Tallman

      She's in my prayers

    • Lakeisha


    • Jenny

      I’m late too, but I pray that your niece and sister in law will both receive that miracle. If your niece is in God’s arms now I pray that your sister in law will find comfort,strength and courage in the Lord

    • margot

      we speak life into this baby girl in Jesus's name.

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