Daniel: Day 1

Daniel: Introduction


Today's Text: Jeremiah 36:3, 2 Kings 23:36-25:30, 2 Kings 17:23

The king of Babylon took him prisoner in the eighth year of his reign and carried off all the treasures of the house of the Lord and the treasures of the king's house, and cut in pieces all the vessels of gold in the temple of the Lord, which Solomon king of Israel had made, as the Lord had foretold.

- 2 Kings 24:12-13 ESV -

I like to think of myself as the Domestic Empress of my home. Seven of us live here, but deep down I know this old place never truly lights up and sings unless I’m here. This house is my kingdom, and I preside with varying degrees of justice, mercy, and basil-scented floor cleaner. We each feel like we are the center of our own world, and I’m sure my husband has some equally-exalted secret title for himself.

It’s like the children’s game “King of the Mountain”—each child clamors and grasps to be the one at the top of the heap. We want to build our tower to heaven to prove that we are the best, and we’ve been doing it for all of human history.

Long ago, before the flood, before Joseph’s coat, and before Abraham’s covenant, Nimrod— “the first powerful man on earth”— established Babel (Genesis 10:8-10). “Now the whole earth had one language and one speech… and they found a plain in the land of Shinar” (Genesis 11:1-2). There they built a tower, a stairway to heaven, but God confused their languages and they scattered before it could be completed. The Tower of Babel fell into ruins until many years later, when King Nebuchadnezzar used that very place to build his city of Babylon, symbolically putting on the old tyrannical culture of Nimrod: whatever they saw, they took (Genesis 6:2).

Babylon was founded amidst this culture of usurpation. Even their mythology relied on one god usurping another god in a fruitless chain of hostile takeovers. The Mesopotamian culture promised no hope of an afterlife, so their only consolation lay in achieving lasting fame through conquest and exploit.

God’s chosen people, Judah, found themselves a tiny pawn in this Mesopotamian world of usurpation. In 606 BC, the Babylonians captured Judah, and Daniel was included in this first captivity. Afterward, the Medo-Persians toppled the Babylonians, but they were later destroyed by the Greeks under Alexander the Great. Finally, the Greek empire fizzled out and gave way to Rome.

God’s people were tossed back and forth under enemy rulers and in camps of exile. They struggled to obey God’s laws and maintain their Jewish heritage while living like strangers in strange lands. Obedience and preservation of culture in exile are the big themes for the book of Daniel.

As we dig into this book and read familiar stories (Daniel in the Lion’s Den! I’m so excited!) and strange unfamiliar passages (What in the world are the seventy sevens?), bear in mind that these people were struggling to hold on to their identity in a world where the rulers seemed both petty and all-powerful. Reading scripture on our smartphones in coffee shops, it’s possible to overlook our connection with the people of Israel in the 6th century BC. But the lion’s dens of the 21st century are very real.  

The reality is that you and I are exiles too. Even though we know who wins all the wars and who triumphs over all the kingdoms, the here and now can get pretty hairy. We live in a climate that is hostile to the culture of the Gospel (1 Peter 1:1). The reason Daniel is so remarkable is that he held firm and didn’t give way to eating the king’s food and submitting to the ban on prayer. He is remarkable because his heart, like ours, was naturally hostile to the way of the Gospel. It is easy to give way to pagan culture when we are at war within our own selves, and our sinful nature loves to let the difficult work of following God slip away.

When we are faithful and when we are faithless, our God reigns. Whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in, He is the one true King. “For His dominion is an everlasting dominion, and His kingdom is from generation to generation” (Daniel 4:34b).

As we study this book, may we, like Daniel, yield our hearts to God’s Word instead of giving way to the temptation and persecution of our world.


  • “It is easy to give way to pagan culture when we are at war within our own selves…When we are faithful and when we are faithless, our God reigns. “ I have been fighting some spiritual battles since suffering a loss and I have much guilt over not feeling that I’m living the Christian life the way I should be because of these internal struggles. These lines really spoke to me. So maybe I can fight these internal battles and still be a “real Christian”. I just needed this today.

  • Emily Everling

    We’re going through Daniel at Church and thought this would be a good supplement to the message.

  • Marisol S

    I just finished reading Daniel and didn’t see it the way Rebecca introduced it. I saw it a book getting us ready for Revelation with the prophecies. I’m so glad I decided to do this plan to see it in a different light! I am an exile too!!! Lord help me not to conform but to stand true to who you are!

  • Tonight is my first night doing a devotion and my goal is to stick with it and become closer to christ. I love the introduction to this and I can’t wait for many things to come

  • Coleen McLaughlin-Moore

    I am doing the Daniel Plan Diet Program (or I would rename Journey!) I am excited about following this as I also work on my 40 days of the Daniel Plan. Which is working really well! 37 pounds are gone already in two months! Just to say that I am extending my Daniel Plan to a forever plan.

  • Ashley H

    Just beginning this series. Your words ring so true to what we are facing these days. It’s so hard knowing I’m raising daughters in such a hostile environment. Can’t wait to hear more of what you have to say on Daniel. I’ve felt drawn to this book for quite awhile.

  • Connie Betts

    Lord God Almighty, if it be your will, in the name of Jesus, grant me power by your Spirit within me to walk in your truth obediently, not arrogantly. In the name of Jesus, if it be your will guide my heart, mind, soul, tongue and actions to live as a resident of your kingdom here on earth today! ln Jesus name! Amen

  • I am just starting this series today. I am excited for it as Daniel has always been one of my favorite books.

    While reading the scripture, I was overcome with emotion. What is going on in the world with ISIS demonstrates a contemporary visual of persecution and destruction and an empire growing. Though these kings did not follow God, it was painful to see the consequences lay out on God’s people.

    • Missy Egan

      I agree with you 100%. You are right, and it puts in prospective what was at first very overwhelming to me. We are now in an evil world and need God more than ever. I have always wanted to study Daniel and am very excited to have gotten started today. God Bless us all.

  • Molly Baldwin

    A few months late to the study but am excited to get started.

  • Lisa Faith-Gregg

    That was a L O N G amount of scripture and I have read and re read it a 1000 times. There is a great deal of information I do not feel uber pertinent to the study, but none the less your words are pertinent to our day and I thank you for them.

  • Kayla-Jean

    In a new transition starting 2016. I revamped my families finances and starting with Dave Ramsey’s envelope system! I am so scared and so excited but debt free 2016 is our goal. Here’s to prayers and not giving into this world of debt and money ruling over us. Digging in deep for the Lord this year and I know He will help overcome. So excited to read Daniel! One of my favorite books in the bible!!!

  • The tower of babel happened after the flood not before…please refer to Genesis 8 and 9.

  • Yes! I’m trailing in the dust. But let’s get this party started. This is action packed so much so that we can barely sit down to read it : ) the word is alive. Sharper than a double edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Word.

  • Heather Brownlie McCuaig

    So excited!!!! Daniel is an amazing book. I watched a John Haggee sermon earlier on the fiery furnace, and oh my word, it was amazing!!! When I saw this study on Daniel tonight, I had to get it! Day 1 did not disappoint!

  • Ashley Banks

    This is going to be awesome!

  • Juliefay

    So excited to read with you Stephanie!

  • Michelle

    Really excited to start this! Entering a season where a God has called me to really dig into his word and form that solid habit!

  • Never mind it took two purchases to finally get it.

  • I bought it hours ago and it still won’t show that I have purchased it. Any suggestions?

  • I was really freaking out earlier and feeling a bit under siege. I think the book of daniel is exactly what i needed right now.

  • Amazing study!..Praise God for all the tools that he provides so we may learn his word!!! I love you Jesus

  • emma freeze

    it’s really funny that God has a way of putting people and things in your life for a reason. this devotion happened to be exactly what i needed today!

  • Heather Panter

    I just started She Reads Truth today… It’s SO weird though because God has been really tugging at my heart to seek him more.. And He keeps putting the book of Daniel everywhere in my life!! Just yesterday I was flipping through the radio and ALMOST flipped it to a different station until all of a sudden a preacher came on and taught we in the book of Daniel… Then last night as I opened my bible… ” Daniel ” and then here I am finding Daniel again! God is definitely trying to show me something! :)

  • Why does he reads truth not have a commentary section like the women’s? Will it always be scripture and questions?

    • Christina

      It does – there’s a little bubbly icon on the scripture page they can click

    • Christina

      It’s the lightbulb icon :)

  • I’m new here and I’m a little confused. On the app it says I have to buy the Daniel bible study that you are currently on. But if I go to the Facebook page and click on each day’s link I can view it. So is it necessary that I have the app at all if I don’t want to buy it versus just going to the Facebook page everyday…?

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Jordan!
      Great question! You are absolutely welcome to continue reading the plans for free via email or on the web site. The app is quite costly to update and maintain, so while most all of the features are free (including some reading plans – yay!), there will be a small fee for the current community reading plans. In other words, the fee is not for the content itself but for the convenience of reading it within the feature-rich app — and it is completely optional! Whichever method you choose, we hope you\’ll continue reading along!

  • Kaitlyn cooper

    Awesome! I’m so excited to get started. God has been really calling me toward him

  • Absolutely @Kaitlyn Cooper! The hubby just started the He Reads Truth app in Daniel today… And this I waited for him and started Daniel today as well. :) Late is great, better than never

  • Kaitlyn cooper

    Is it okay if I start this late?

  • Same

  • Se'era Spragley

    I just found She Reads Truth last weekend and I couldn’t resist joining this community. I received my study packets this week (Daniel and John) and it’s a great addition to my devotional time with God. Starting Day 1 in Daniel I am already blessed by it and I’m excited to see the things teach me through this study. I truly believe God honors a heart who seeks him. Thank you She Reads Truth for being obedient to God and aiding us in delving deeper into God’s word! ❤️

  • Just started, can’t wait to see how God works through this.

  • I just found she reads truth and I am so excited for this! I love the book of Daniel and am excited to read it yet again with another perspective and to also dig in to God’s Word each day!

    I know it’s hard to live like Daniel in today’s culture, so I hope this can spur me on to be more like Daniel!

  • Kasey Summers

    We too are exiles in this fallen world we live in. We should stick out. We should not be fitting in! We should be bright lights pointing all those we come into contact with to the One True God!! Our God is always on His throne!!

  • I am so mad at God that I can’t even contain my anger. I’m mad at the world. Every piece of me swells up in anger. God has screwed me over! How can I even begin to believe that He is good. I would really love to talk this out with someone. Please, if anyone is willing, may you please contact me [email protected] . I can’t take this life anymore. Please, I’m begging for some answers and some help. Please help me. – Kiera

    • Kiera

      To add, this is not spam. This is real and I’m a real person, with real feelings, real emotions and real pain. It’s been a year and I still haven’t been able to fully process things. I’ve been churched up and Christianesed down. Will someone please have an actual conversation with me at the email I provided above. Please.

      • Kasey Summers

        Kiera praying for you right now!! God is so very real and loves you so much! No matter what is going on God still loves you and is with you right now!! Please check out some Psalms, Matt Chandler’s sermons, or keep reading on here or anywhere in the Bible!

    • Carrie

      Emailing you

  • Colleen Cordero

    I’m late to the study. But loving it. I’ll catch up :)

  • Challenged by the first study! My takeaways:

    1. God is faithful when we are faithful. God is faithful when we are unfaithful.

    2. You and I, we are all exiles

  • I thought how cool it is that we are a virtual church doing a virtual Bible study. I loved the length of Scripture today–challenges me to read, study and love the word of God like I say I do.

  • Sarah_Olsen

    I am interested as well!

  • trishav12886

    Love the timing of this! God's word is always on time. I feel like I've been experiencing this lately, especially at work. That feeling of being a stranger in a strange land, at work, let alone the world, is tough sometimes. But knowing how Daniel remains steadfast in his faith, is such an encouragement.

  • Praying for you Elizabeth as you start this new season off life!! So glad u know ab this app & can jump on anytime, anywhere for a Good Word!! Enjoy!!

  • Elizabeth

    This post is speaking to me on another level! I'm about to start college in 2 days! A large public university) with all types of belief systems and things… please pray for me…. It's the first time I'm away for a long period of time from my parents and my brother (6 hours!!!!) and I have been crying a lot, just thinking that I'll miss the everyday little things going at my house, the stress level of college work, not making any friends, etc. But God is so faithful… He has been giving me tiny little signs everyday that everything is going to be okay, but my sinner heart still finds reasons to worry and stress. Thank you so much sister Rebecca and the SRT team! xxx

    • Shannon Tyson

      Elizabeth – praying for you! I’m not sure where you’re attending school but there is an amazing Christian sorority called Sigma Alpha Omega. Check and see if there’s a chapter at your school … They are not a typical sorority – very Christ-centered. I actually started the chapter at the university I attended and that fellowship and community of ladies was what God used to get me through college!

    • Donna

      Praying for you Elizabeth that you will feel God's peace and know that all Will be well.

  • Sarah York

    I am excited to begin this study with you all from day one. :) way cool!!

  • ChristiB.

    I am so excited for this series. Sometimes I get so caught up in the names and history of the scripture that it’s not as blatantly obvious how it could apply but Rebecca’s reading helped me to delve deeper and connect it to my daily life.

  • Wow. I am so excited for this and if I’m honest a little nervous. This truth – “It is easy to give way to pagan culture when we are at war within our own selves, and our sinful nature loves to let the difficult work of following God slip away.” Punched me in the face today.

  • Rachael Hardison

    New to SRT & very excited for this study!! :)

  • How do you know that Babylon was built were the Tower of Babel was? Is this assumption or is there Biblical evidence? I would love to the scriptural references that clarify this point. It's really interesting and something I had never been aware of, but I would love to read it for myself in scripture. Thanks! I'm excited for this series! :)

    • Sarah

      I had to look because I was unsure! My concordance app shows “Babel (I.e. Babylon)”. So I figure it just is also Babylon. We learned something new!

  • I'm sorry, but have to repost as I forgot to hit subscribe…

  • Will we be doing a fast as well, or after our studies?

  • Alisha Nicole Branch

    Wow this couldn’t have been more timely we are exiles struggling to maintain our identity just as the Jews were Lord my God show us who we are again help me to remember who I am in you and not get caught up in the things a emotions of this world.

  • God reigns! Isn’t that just thrilling? The evil and the good are all as a part in His Kingdom’s purposes. God’s plan for the World will go on whether we choose to be Daniels in our generation or not. But oh, the blessings and the joy in being HIS. I want to stand on the side of the faithful! Leaving the results in His hand, believing that HE reigns, and walking and living in faith. Lord help me to be one of the Faithful. Thank you that your work does not depend on my faithfulness. But at the same time oh Lord thank you for using little ME in your plan for the world. I want to stand on the side of the faithful.

  • Does anyone know if the He reads truth study is only going to have Scripture for their daily posts?

    • Diana

      I was wondering the same thing! My husband read the SRT devotional today since there wasn’t one on he reads truth :)

      • Natalie

        It’s up now! Theirs is laid out different: each day has 2 entries (scripture and devotional). To get to the devotional click the three bars on the upper side (on a phone). Had to help my husband fond it this morning :)

    • Gema Muniz

      Im wondering the same thing. My husband was excited to do the study, but ended up confused.

      • SheReadsTruth

        Hi friends!

        The content is now available at HeReadsTruth.com. Thanks for your prayers and patience!


  • Keiana P.

    Very excited about this study. Just the book I needed to get back on track with studying daily. Thank you SRT.

  • We are doing Angie Smith's Seamless study in our women's group and last week we discuss living out God's promise. There is something so exhilarating and challenging knowing that in the things we are witnessing today, that this is the perfect time to live out God's promise. Just like Daniel.

  • Diane Huntsman

    And with the reality that the followers of Christ are in perilous times, despised more every day, I lift up the srt app and servants of this ministry and ask You God to cover it, protect it from those that hate You and everyone that proclaims Your name, I pray that every message is led by Your Spirit and that every reader is met with astounding life altering truths.. I pray that the he reads truth app would get any glitches worked out and that apple would approve its release so that men can devour Your word and become leaders in their homes and workplaces.. Thank you for This ministry that has touched countless lives and is causing us to fall more in love with You, Lord Jesus. Empower each writer and all those involved with this outreach to not grow weary while in well doing, for in due time they will reap the benefits of they do not lose heart.. Those benefits may not be fully revealed until heaven, but there is so much good coming from all the blood sweat and tears! Thank you Lord, in Your life giving name I pray, Amen. Thank you srt, you are blessing us every. Single. Day. Your are appreciated immensely! ❤️j

  • I have studied Daniel before, and am thrilled to be studying the book of Daniel again! From the start, I am already learning new truth.

    I had never heard the translation of the name changes for Daniel's three 'associates'. Thank you for that, Sister Sarah Olsen!

    Blessings to all my Sisters, and my deep heartfelt thanks for all of the SheReads Truth staff!!! You all bless us day by day.

    In Christ,

    • Sarah

      You’re so welcome! I’m looking forward to this study and the fellowship it brings

  • Dan Taylor

    As a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus), this study is off to an amazingly accurate start. Very impressed and excited for this study!

  • Victoria Rae

    So excited!

  • Danielle A

    This is gonna be an amazing study. I've never studied this book before. My name is the feminine version of Daniel. And I've always known it meant "God is my judge." Exciting. Especially with the culture now in which we live.

  • Sarah! .. very good to add that about the names, I find that very cool… so can’t wait to see and hear what we all will be graced with from this study. I’ve read Daniel several times and during Lent a few years back it was part of a group study. so very good to look at my old journal then and now… can’t wait to dig deeper.. I so pray that the Lord would open our hearts to his words and that we would be receptive to his voice.. Jesus will have the glory and all that we hear will be for his glory and purposes! less of us Lord, more of you!

  • This was such a good one I haven’t been able to keep up with the rest of the ones I have done so it’s nice for me to keep up with everyone! Once I heard they were making a new plan I’m like I’m ready to start but it’s just amazing how these woman make an app that has the best story’s and stuff! Thank you SRT!

  • Sarah_Olsen

    This is such a great message! I am excited to explore the meanings of the book of Daniel. At church yesterday, we began to disuss the opening chapter of Daniel and what exactly the book means. It seems many people are concerned with the history and prophetic-ness of the book but it was clearly revealed to me by the Holy Spirit through our church message that the book of Daniel shows how to live a godly life in a world that has turned from God. It is so difficult today to manage the battle of the flesh vs the spirit when the entire word is upside down from God's truth. God is unchanging. He is what He has always been and what He will always be. When Daniel, Hanariah, Mishael, and Azariah were renamed their names signified that the world was trying to change them.
    Daniel means "God is my judge" but his new name, Belteshazzar means "Lady, protect the king". Society renamed him a female attempting to confuse his basis as a man who follows God.
    Hanariah means "Yahweh has been gracious" but his new name, Shadrach means "I am afraid of God". Society renamed him in attempt to have him fear a judgmental God.
    Mishael means "Who is what God is?" but his new name, Meshach means "I am despised, contemptible and humiliated" Society renamed him attempting to mark him as a victim and insecure.
    Azariah means "Yahweh has helped" but his new name Abednego means "Slave of Nebo". Society tried to mark him as a slave, NOT set free by God.
    Although Daniel has amazing history, it is important to remember the lesson that still stands today! Society and culture are shifting, and trying to get followers of Christ to shift with the trend. Instead, let us remember, God is unchanging.

  • Becky Kaunitz

    This app is a blessing! A sister in Christ told me about it. I look forward to a word from the Lord each day

  • Andie Walton

    I am thrilled for this study! We have so much in common today with Daniel and those who were exiled trying to keep their faith. We will have so much to learn!

  • KatSmith1026

    This is an exciting time for this study in my life – my husband & I are expecting our first, a boy, due on September 3, which I just figured out falls at the very end of this study. It’s thrilling to think that he could arrive any time during our study of Daniel, or he may not come until our next study! Sisters, I ask that you would keep my husband & myself in your prayers over these next several weeks of anticipation & stepping into brand new roles. We’re doing the Daniel study together & I couldn’t be more thankful for the community here with SRT. Thank you!

  • And the fight over Israel’s land continues to this day

  • I have home schooled my boys since kindergarten. Today my oldest leaves for his first college class as a concurrent senior. In all the busyness of getting ready for school I had forgotten the Daniel study started today. What a blessing to sit at the table and read truth to him before he left. Daniel was 15 or 16 when he was taken into exile, my son is 17. So glad to be reminded today that it is possible to live a holy life. Daniel's life is one of a truly remarkable, devoted, follower. In spite of the world around him he was connected to the only thing that sustains. Today my baby is going out into world that desperately needs a savior. I am so grateful to have been on this journey with him.

    • Jenni

      This is so encouraging to me! We are on year three of our homeschooling journey. So thankful for sweet moms like you who have gone before!

  • It’s interesting to think that times aren’t much different now than in the exile of the people in these verses. Excited to read all about the story of Daniel and how God was working all along!

  • So excited for this study on Daniel. I feel like I know a little here and there about Daniel, but really want to dig into the word of God. Lord, I pray that you would bless this study for myself and the other women on this site. It is such a profound blessing to be able to come together in fellowship and learn more about You and draw closer to You. Thank you Jesus!

  • Hannah_brooke

    Soooooooo excited to explore the book of Daniel through this study!!!!!!

  • Prayed for all sisters reading today – that our hearts would yield and surrender to God, that we would give our even the littlest compromises and let JESUS rule our identity! May we no longer conform to the patterns of this world. Excited to dig in! :) (and excited that the men get to join us now!)

  • MNmomma (heather)

    Figured out what the corresponding verses were…..the only time I haven't bought a study pack!!! (go figure!) Not sure if anyone else was searching for them or not, so thought I'd share :) Have an amazing Monday! For the web version I just hovered my mouse on the day 1 square and the verses were there:

    Jeremiah 36:3
    2 Kings 23:36-25:30
    2 Kings 17:23

  • Caroline @ In due time

    So thankful it’s already been won! It is finished!!!! Thankful we get to live in a place of victory!

  • Jennifer C

    I’m so excited for this study! Daniel is not just a collection of moral stories that tell us how to live. It’s a powerful demonstration of how God preserved his people in exile (and, hello, ultimately you and I through them!) How do we live as people of God while exiled in a foreign land? As relevant a question today as it was 2700 years ago.

  • Jennifer

    Is Daniel supposed to show up in the SRT app our is it just web only?

  • I love how Daniel and his 3 buddies were purposeful and intentional to be followers of God. This was not left up to chance…for example their plan to eat the right foods instead of the king’s diet. This challenges me to not only think of following God’s ways but to purposefully take steps to do so!!

  • Sara Robinson

    “When we are faithful, and when we are faithless, our God reigns!” AMEN! I’m incredibly excited to jump in this study with some girlfriends I don’t yet know! :) Praying our hearts find new, solid ground in rich, eternal truth.

    • BFinch

      I saved that line too! Thankful it’s true…He is always King.

      • Leslie Warnick

        me too!!! It totally jumped out at me..Love It…Our God Reigns!!

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Sara! Welcome to our community! So glad you are here!


    • Christi Henderson

      Just finished my daily reading and am so excited to be on this journey into Daniel with you:) Makes me feel like your home! Thanks for still reaching even from the Ville

  • Sarah_Joy

    In the mobile web version the scriptures are showing. It seemed weird, but I thought it was because it was the intro day. However, I wanted to check out the He Reads Truth site and found the scriptures for today. Looks like the “Hes” website is still in progress.

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Sarah! Thanks for writing. The issue should be resolved now. Let us know if not! Grateful to have you here!


  • I am so excited about this study! I love the book of Daniel!!

  • It occurs to me that just as humans were striving for world domination during the days of Babel, so also we have "humans" striving for world domination today by whatever means they can use. We couldn't be studying Daniel at a better time.

  • I’ve always been in awe of Daniel and his character. I’ve never read the entire book before, so excited to be doing so with this amazing community.

  • I've finished reading the book of 2 Kings a few weeks ago, and was really amazed by the last few verses closing the book! How God preserved the Line of David! I got really emotional as I was reading it, and I wrote a blog about it…

    Excited to study the Book of Daniel again with you all! Happy Monday! God bless your week! :)

    • Carolyn

      Thank you for sharing the link to your blog post and for sharing your heart there. What a blessing it was to me this morning!

  • Oh, Lord, let mw yield my heart to You. So looking forward to this study!

  • Jeremiah 36:3 It may be that the house of Judah will hear all the disaster that I intend to do to them, so that every one may turn from his evil way, and that I may forgive their iniquity and their sin.”

    This spoke to me so strongly this morning! The Lord’s purpose was (and still is) to forgive! It wasn’t just punishment for punishment’s sake because Israel had sinned. It was punishment for the purpose of leading people to repentance SO THAT God could forgive. That is the heart of God – and that is the heart I so desperately need to have.

  • Kelly_Smith

    "We live in a climate that is hostile to the culture of the Gospel." It is easy to get discouraged about current events. It seems wrong inches it's way over into right. With news streaming 24/7 and global information is available with the click of a mouse, you do not have to look very far to find that mankind is hostile to the Gospel. It is so important to be grounded in the Gospel, to know what we believe and why. Without the clear picture of truth, we will not be able to recognize deception. I am so excited to dig deep in Daniel with you, sisters!

    • Amen! Sometimes we find current events to be unthinkable – and they are – but at the same time there is nothing new under the sun. I find so much encouragement, so much hope in seeing God's provision through some equally disturbing times in the past. His word gives me confidence and hope that He is with us through these messes. Excited to dig deep with you as well!

  • I’m in awe of God’s perfect timing. I can’t wait to study Daniel. I’m struggling with Admin and staff members and praying to not mess up my witness by my fleshly responses. Please keep my campus, admin, teachers, staff and students in prayer. I know God will show Himself faithful, strong, and mighty. God bless you all!

  • I’m so excited that this is the kickoff plan for He Reads Truth. Looking forward to digging into the word with my husband!

  • When we are faithful, and when we are faithless, our God reigns! Amen!

  • I’m really looking forward to diving into the parallels that have already been drawn between the exiles of Daniel and the nation of Judah, and us today as God’s people. To also being going through this study with my husband so we can spur each other on. Praying for everyone diving in this morning!

  • SRT’s obedience is changing my life and the lives of others daily. Thank you so much! So excited to break down the book of Daniel!

  • I'm SO excited for this study. I, too, have felt like an "exile" at times, and I'm looking forward to diving deeper into this Word. :)

  • Lindsay Gore

    As far as He Reads Truth, is there not a devotional that goes along with it? All we see is scripture. :) just didn’t know if it was like ours!

    • JessHH

      We were wondering the same thing at our house :)

    • Amy

      I was curious about that also!

    • scootermae

      I pulled it up on my iPad. I had to hit the icon on the top right, the one with three horizontal lines to find the intro.

    • Jami

      Sadly, it seems it's not the same as SRT. There are intros, but the daily readings are only scripture (obviously not bad, just the same as hundreds of other reading plans and not what makes SRT unique)- check out their version of This Is The Gospel plan. It's only scripture readings. :(

    • JillB

      I was also wondering about the this. When I pulled up the other devotional on there, it is only scripture as well for each of the days. In the intro to Daniel it gives questions to ask with every reading but I was hoping it would be more similiar to ours.

      • Megan Shoe

        That’s sad… My husband is reading right now, but I think it’s odd that there’s not a devotional to parallel ours…

      • Amanda Lee

        I am curious about the same thing. Curious why they would structure a coordinating program so differently? I was really looking forward to my husband and I reading together but today it was completely different :(

    • Skwilli

      I also only see the scripture for my husband. No devotion to go with it.

    • Mandy

      My husband and I were also wondering about this. It seems like there is only devotional text for the "Introduction" in both the Daniel plan and This is the Gospel plan, but no devotional text for the rest, unless I'm missing it… :(

      • Chrisy

        I was so excited to order the study for my husband too. Confused this morning that it was only the scripture and not a devotion to help process through like the SRT does for me. Hoping this comes along quickly. I can always read the scripture on my own but the things I've always loved about SRT is the writer's insight and the community and wisdom among the comments. :/

        • SheReadsTruth

          Hi Chrisy!

          Thanks for your prayers and patience as we launch HRT. The posts are now available at HeReadsTruth.com.


    • shereadstruth

      Hi friends! Great question. Our heart is toread scripture first and foremost. Daily scripture readings can be read at HeReadsTruth.com, on the He Reads Truth iOS app, or via email subscription. An added layer of reflection with further insight, questions and space to record thoughts will be available on the He Reads Truth app. As soon as we get the go-ahead from Apple, it will be released! Regardless of method, we've created a HRT guideline of questions to focus on during your time in God's Word:
      1. What does this teach me about God?
      2. What does this teach me about man?
      3. What does this teach me about the Gospel?
      4. How will I respond?
      5. How will I pray?
      We’re grateful for your prayers as we launch this ministry and pray the "He's" time in God’s Word would be richly enhanced with this tool.


      • michelle

        Why not post the further insight online? My boyfriend doesn't have an iPhone so even when the iOS app does come out he won't be able to do it.

      • JessHH

        Looking forward to the He Reads Truth app release for those extra, very much needed features! Another question though… Will our He's have to buy each study in the app to have access to the devotion content? Or will it be available free online like She Reads Truth?

        • SheReadsTruth

          Hi Jess! The posts are now available at HeReadsTruth.com. Thanks for your patience!


    • shereadstruth

      Hi, sweet friends! Thanks for your patience and prayers in the HRT launch process. The daily commentary is now available at HeReadsTruth.com.

      Grace and Peace,

  • I’m so excited about this. Excited that my husband will be doing the study at the same time with the he reads truth app.

    • Katie

      There’s a he reads truth app? I couldn’t find it in the App Store!

      • Jenna S

        They’re still working on the app. They just have the website up right now. :)

      • MomOfBoys

        If you pull up she reads truth and scroll down just under it you will see it. My husband just got it but it’s not as complete as this app yet

  • carlybenson

    It's great to understand more of the background to the story of Daniel and I'm looking forward to finding out more about the less familiar parts of the book as we go through the study. I think it's also good timing for me- I'm struggling with my boss right now and facing a lot of temptation to respond badly. I really want to follow Daniel's example in this and to respect authority but also to know when to stand up for myself. Above all I want to honour God, and this is a great reminder that he is king- he reigns whatever the circumstances.

  • Wow, so interesting and so good. There are so many things I didn’t know. I love it. Thank You Lord and thank you SRT and Rebecca.

  • I love the parallel drawn between the age Daniel lived in and the world we live in now. Heaven is our home and we are just passing through this world. Can we live boldly like Daniel did and make an impact in our land now? Oh, I'm SO excited to begin the Daniel study!! There's gonna be a LOT of learning and growing involved! :)

    • hannah

      Actually Sheena, the Bible says we will live with God when He reigns here, on Earth. He will make all things new, but as believers we are more at home here in our Father's world than anyone!

      • Jessica


        Can you please provide scripture?

        • Catherine Garza

          The new a Heaven and new earth are described in Rev 21. After the events of the last days when Jesus returns, all the old will pass away and God will create a new home for us and all believers will live in community with Him in our glorified bodies.

    • Theresa

      Sheena, I too picked up on the parallel. Very thought provoking.

  • Michelle

    I loved this.. I’m really praying that God strengthens my sense of identity in Him through getting to know Daniel in this series as well as the other women reading this. This hits home because I honestly feel like I’m trying to hold onto my identity like God’s people in this passage, in a transition time where I’m becoming an adult and our culture is telling me that “whatever feels right is right”. Daniel’s strength is so encouraging.

    • Nicola L

      YES! So agree with you. Have a great day x

    • abby

      I am also in this transition time. post grad life… I agree and this is so encouraging to not be alone in that

    • Katie

      Hey gals! I too am in this strange transition period of the early 20s, where I feel conviction by the Lord to walk in His ways, yet at the same time I am constantly battling my sinful heart that desires the things of this world (i.e. sexual sin, desire for financial security, etc.). Each day my prayer is that the Lord in His mercy would draw me closer to him and convict me into truly believing that His way is the BEST and ONLY way.

      I can't wait to go through this book of Daniel with you all, especially focusing on His strength in turbulent and confusing times.

      • Janet

        Katie, I hear what you are saying. Thanks for your vulnerability. I am 60, but have worker with teens for 40 years. I have watched the world’s social issues pull on Christ’s Truth and Identity in Him; leaning into his promises for Your secure footing and struggle to choose Christ. The world will continue to pull on you. Maybe different but same Truths of Christ I live in; because God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I want to encourage and listen to you. Not be giving you a sermon. I will remember you and pray for you.

    • Ashley

      Love this – thank you Michelle

  • So glad this devotional pointed out that we are also exiles. The sermon at my church this morning pointed out how culture and popular opinions are constantly shifting around us, and although we as humans want so badly to be accepted and loved, there are times we have to stand up for truth. Daniel is the ultimate example of this, so I’m excited to learn more through this Bible study.

    • Ashley

      This is so exciting for me, as a woman in her mid 20s coping with recent heart break, to not feel alone by understanding some of the very same feelings you women share. I too am excited to learn from the book of Daniel and grow my relationship with God

  • Daniel's name means 'God is judge'. He lives this truth out throughout His life. Even when He's in grave danger and it would be so tempting to defend Himself, He obeys God and trusts God to defend Him.
    I'm so challenged by his example. I obey, but then worry is God really enough to take care of me? He display incredible humility, acknowledging that God is right even when everything goes wrong for Him, and equal humilty when He is exalted.

    • Candacejo

      I just made an image for my blog that said "If we can trust God with our salvation, isn't He big enough to handle today?" We are worriers by nature I think, we KNOW He is able, we SAY He is able but we ACT just the opposite (speaking from experience). Praying we can learn from Daniel's example of trust and faith in God!

      • Kelly_Smith

        So true! I know in my heart that God is in control, but that doesn't stop me from fighting to take control.

      • MNmomma (heather)

        Sooooo true!

      • Maya

        Amen, Candacejo! Love you, girl… So glad you’re doing this study too. *hugs*

      • hannah

        Candace, You're right, that IS a strange disconnect! I think the challenge is that we can be easily fooled into thinking we can manage today. God is calling me to unity between heart and action, so your words are helping me pinpoint the holes in my double-mindedness.Blessings to you!

      • Shannon

        I have never thought of it that way….but how smart. If we can trust God with our salvation, why can’t we trust God with today?! Love it!!!

    • melindawatters

      Hannah, i love that you pointed out Daniel's humility both when things went all wrong and when they went right. God is right and God is good and God is trst worthy no matter the immediate circumstance in my life. My prayer is that I might walk with such humility. Thaks for your insights Hannah!

    • Sandy

      Thank you, Hannah. I’m trying to decide on a study. I love the obedience of Daniel. It’s paramount in my life with Jesus. I often find I want to defend myself with family, but who better to go to than our God? You were an affirmation in your comment.

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