This is the Gospel: Day 7

Weekly Truth


Today's Text: Ephesians 2:4-5

We believe memorizing scripture is one of the best ways to carry the Word of our God with us wherever we go—to have God-breathed truth, instruction and reproof in our hearts and minds as we live unto Him each day.

This week we’ve chosen a reminder of the gift of grace we have been given.

“But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love that He had for us, made us alive with the Messiah even though we were dead in trespasses. You are saved by grace!”
-Ephesians 2:4-5, HCSB

Write this verse down—copy it twenty times if that helps! Post it on your mirror or at your desk, in your car or on the fridge—anywhere you’ll see it often. Save the image below as your phone’s lock screen so you can read these words of truth throughout the day.

We want to be a community that is intentional about scripture memorization. Will you join us?



  • Mindy Upton

    Yes! Dead people can’t choose to love or serve or submit to God! God himself gave us his life and placed us spiritually into Christ, unifying us with him in all things. That truly is GREAT love and RICH mercy! ❤️

  • Sheila Busch

    His grace! Thank you, God, for loving me and for your grace that saves me.

  • Kendra Schmidt

    Being intentional about memorizing Scripture is extremely hard, but from my own experience it is definitely worth it!

  • Amanda H.

    Jesus is our only hope. ♥️ the way the truth and the light

  • Amen! What I needed to hear right now. Thank you God for seeing me through Christ, not seeing my sins. Thank you for having mercy on me even though I don’t deserve it. Thank you for saving me and changing me. I will praise you in the storm. Words can’t describe how blessed I feel. Thank you for surrounding me with your presence and blessing me with this life. Amen. You are a God of second chances. You are the only God and I will praise and worship you forever. Hallelujah.

  • Christina

    Let us never lose sight of the truth of the Gospel. Nothing else matters if God did not love us and desire a relationship with Him.

  • Now*

  • When we part to God for forgiveness is what we did in the past noe

  • Latoya Irving

    Praise God

  • Whitney

    What an absolutely amazing thing grace is. It’s one of my favorite things in the Bible to learn and hear about

  • Maggy James

    I loved this scripture and devotional! This was perfect for me to hear!!

  • I plan to post this verse in my car. Amazing grace…

  • Writing it down as much as possible today!

  • God is good, all the time

  • Candice Cassandra

    Thankful for His unchanging love, mercy and grace! To God be the glory!

  • Thank you Jesus!

  • Love this verse…

  • I am saved by grace.

  • God is good

  • Shaun Maree

    I study other religions and I see the gods others worship and what those people have to do to achieve grace by their religion or to gain acceptance from their gods….and I think….wow of all the religions in the world….Christianity is the only one filled with love. Our God loves us before we loved Him. How crazy is that?? He loved us first and all we had to do believe in Him and to live a Godly life. He even loves those who don’t love Him!! How compassionate is that??? It’s amazes me!

  • I’m actually in the middle of memorizing the whole first chapter of John! One verse at a time! One verse a day! So perfect!

  • I love the challenge to memorize scripture. When I was growing up my mom held us kids accountable but I don’t have a whole lot of that in my adult life. Thank you, SRT!

  • Jessica Cain

    What an amazing and loving God we serve!

  • A new year to be thankful for God’s abundant love, and a chance to see His work all around us and through us. Bless all of you!! Today I’m thankful for this app because we can come together as sisters in Christ and help guide each other with loving words and prayers.

  • Our God is a loving and forgiving God. The fact that he loves us even if we sin, but we too must ask forgiveness for those sins, and try our best to walk with God. But we all are human and far from perfect

  • maddi miller

    hello my name is maddi and I have Down syndrome and I was wondering what transgression means thank you

    • Sharni

      Hi Maddi, I didn’t know what it meant either so I looked it up. The dictionary says it’s an act that goes against a law, rule, or code of conduct; an offence. So I guess in this it means even though we sin, God still loves us. I hope that makes sense:)

  • Meagan, I completely agree. It is hard to believe sometimes but then when you need to remember it most, there He is! Proving His love time and time again.

  • Meagan Rattai

    It’s just So Crazy to me ghat that he can love us so much to blot out our transgressions and show us mercy when we least deserve it.

  • Courtney Nichols


  • amen!

  • What a wonderful gift God has given us! Everyday His mercies are new and we get just the right amount of grace to get through each day. Thank you heavenly Father for your great Love!

  • Hannah Grace


  • I must be careful not to forget the weight of this verse. Hearing it over and over shouldn’t make it sound like a broken record losing its meaning but something that the more I hear it’s the truth the more loved and humbled I should feel. Lord help me feel the significance and weight of the most incredible gift you have given us.

    • Anna Crowley

      I love how you related the repetition to more and more significance! I feel like I often repeat verses over and over and forget the realness and truth to them!! Help us to feel the significance and weight of these words

  • Alejandra Nieto Hz

    Beautiful true!!! It’s by grace, by the eternal grace of our great God!!!

  • Thank you for the sweet reminder :)

  • Amen! God Bless you ladies!

  • That is all we need. The end!

  • Our church does the AWANA program and that’s where I memorized a lot of Scripture. It is so important to memorize Scripture!!

  • Saved by grace the undeserved gift of God. Even in my mess. Even in my craziness God said I love you more than enough to cover all of it.

  • Ms. Davona


  • Not while we were perfect; not when we finally “figured it out”, NO: while we were still DEAD in our trespasses! And all because of the great love he had for us! Made alive together with Christ- how beautiful & undeserved – yet we will be together with Him forever because of this great love. There are no words!! What a gift! I’m so thankful to be living today, really alive, because of HIS LOVE. Indescribable!

  • Brittany

    This lock screen is STUNNING. I have loved looking at it the last few days!

  • I have saved by grace tattooed on my collar bone so it looks like it’s going across my heart. Ephesians 2:8 is my favorite scripture. For it is by grace you have been saved through faith and it is a gift from God.

  • Love this one!!

  • I love this devotion!

  • michelle of LA CA

    Thank God !!!!!
    Michelle of Los Angeles

  • This is a beautiful verse I’m going to memorize it and treasure it in my heart forever

  • I finally learned the true meaning of grace through SRT Bible studies. I am forever grateful for God moving through this team to push me closer to Jesus. I am forever grateful for His love, mercy, and Grace. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being You. The You who is so rich in mercy for a sinner like me! I am looking forward to the rest of this study. So thankful for His Word to help me (help us all) prepare for our eternity with Him. Blessings to all of you, ladies!!

    • Kylee

      He is so lovingly preparing His bride!! Happy to be here today with you! ❤️

  • Annette Scales-Gordon

    i thank God for reminding me through that scripture of how much he loves me. It’s very refreshing to be reminded of his unconditional love. Even though I miss the mark sometimes he still loves me and has put his plan in place for my life. His love is truly amazing and it has clearly rescued us. That’s so reassuring and a confidence builder that allows me to rest in him. Thank you for sharing.

  • Beautiful Lockscreen! Thank God for His Grace! As I read through the scripture and was meditating on it God leads me back to thinking of all others and sharing the same Grace He has given me, with everyone around me. Even though we were so clueless and our ways were so set on the ways of the world, He came in and was so Gracious and not annoyed or fed up or irritated with us. But instead, He rescued us, Graciously and Kindly and so Lovingly! Even now as a believer in Christ for years, I know I still do things that are far from His ways with my attitude and ways of relating to others but God does not isolate me or dismiss me or give up on me. God is so loving, who can compare to our God? In all the world, I Have found NONE! With this He is reminding me, as His Partner in this world, “you are living everyday in my Grace, comfortably and confidently, now BE GRACIOUS with everyone in your life and all that you meet! So many need my LOVE!”

  • This is so refreshing. I feel like this was sent for me had a rough week and weekend. Trying to meditate on this to start the week off right. Thank you!

  • Danielle A

    Going be reflecting on this tonight along with Proverbs 5 from church sermon today. It’s been a stressful month, and I feel I’ve been cranky and moody instead of loving and serving to my husband. Eyes open, heart open to change this week.

    • Racquel

      Prayers going up for you, Danielle! May this truth sound in your heart through those rough times… I pray this for myself too! Amen!

  • This weekly truth was a great reminder to humble myself before the Lord. I can be prideful often and feel that I deserve something when in fact I do not. I often let my problems take over my prayer request instead of thinking of all others who desperately need my prayers. This passage allowed me to take my time and really reflect on the beauty of God's word. It is so beautiful and loving that the Lord has saved us by his grace. I am so grateful that when I wake up every morning that his mercies begin new. His love will never end, his mercies will never cease, and his grace will always abide.

    • Lauren

      From one Lauren to another- I am right there with you. I am saying a special prayer for you, RIGHT NOW. I hope God’s new mercies never cease to resonate with you. You are loved!

      • Lauren

        You are so kind, thank you! I am saying the same for you right now. God bless!

  • So thankful for His grace and mercy and love! I am alive in Christ!

  • What a beautiful reminder for this Sunday morning. We are saved by grace!!!

  • Saved by grace so that the body of Christ will grow in unity and faith as we serve Him together, alive in His love and because of His mercy!

  • Thank you, Heavenly Father! For we are so blessed and You are so good.

  • Anna K. Murphy

    It is breath taking just to comprehend how deep our Father’s love is for us! So much so that He saved us by grace! Definitely need this on this Sunday morning!

  • MNmomma (heather)

    Beautiful start to my Sunday <3 thank you SRT!

  • Just so thankful!

  • …alive with the Messiah…

  • LuAnn Fischer

    Such a great reminder ona rainy Sunday morning!

  • churchmouse

    “But God” – how sweet and tender and strong and powerful and hopeful are those words! Resting in this reality we have through Christ Jesus our Lord.

  • Amen!

  • Kasey Summers

    God’s rich mercy, great love, amazing grace!! So thankful to be made alive through Christ! Jesus is our life!

  • Chelsie Everett

    Love it! AMEN!

  • This idea of being made alive with the Messiah is so captivating to me. We've been made alive with the most vibrantly alive person ever. He's THE life, and our life is hidden with His. Amazing!

    • Natalie Rothrock

      I just want to thank you for your comments! after I read the devotional I always swipe to see what others thought of the lesson and I often recognize your name. you mention things I hadn’t noticed or thought of and just make my study so much more in depth. thank you for sharing, because it really does mean a lot :)

  • onemindoneheart

    His love that surpasses ALL knowledge – Grace upon Grace!

  • Alexis C.

    But God—His great love—-we are saved ! Blessed Sunday to everyone.

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