This is the Gospel: Day 4



Today's Text: Romans 8:19-25, Ephesians 2:12-13, Ecclesiastes 3:11

Longing is just the name of my story and my song. We long for peace, for concert tickets, and for chicken dinner. We wake up longing for coffee and we sit in airports longing for sleep; we long for that one special person and we long for that one special place.

C.S. Lewis famously said, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

Made for another world! Yes! And we feel that longing because we know our salvation is complete but our sanctification and glorification are incomplete, and we are not yet in our final home. The Church has felt this yearning for centuries. In the Old Testament, Israel longed for the Messiah, and now, along with the New Testament church, we long for our Savior to rescue us from evil and bring us to heaven.

Look how God’s people have cried out “How long?” throughout scripture:

How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? (Psalm 13:1)

How long, O Lord, will you look on? Rescue me from their destruction, my precious life from the lions! (Psalm 35:17)

O Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked exult? (Psalm 94:3, ESV)

How long will the land mourn and the grass of every field wither? Because of the evil of its residents …” (Jeremiah 12:4)

They cried out with a loud voice, “O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before you will judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” (Revelation 6:10)

We have been calling out for a long time! But our God doesn’t rush, and He doesn’t make mistakes.

God knew before the beginning of time exactly how long. He knew even while the world lay in darkness. He sent Jesus as the Messiah “in the fullness of time,” and He will rescue us “in the fullness of time” (Ephesians 1:10). While we wait for this fullness of time to arrive, we live in an in-between time. We live in the time of the “already, but not yet”: Christ’s redemption is real, here and now, but we still await the fulfillment of His coming Kingdom. We are waiting for the end of suffering and consummation of our hope.

Paul says “the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now” (Romans 8:22). Because just like Job, and David, and Paul, our suffering is real. We see evil in the world. We see the murderous atrocities of our time, and we cry out to God, “How long?”

God reaches out forwards and backwards in all of eternity and provides a mercy for our souls and a justice for evil. He gives us Jesus as an answer to all our longings.

But what can we do with this in-between time? Even at the Ascension, the disciples were asking this question, and Jesus tells them: “stay awake” and “be ready” (Matthew 24:36-44).

God has set eternity in our hearts and we long to see His kingdom come. While we wait for Him to right all wrongs, don’t give up: stay awake and ready!


  • Kendra Schmidt

    Longing. What am I longing for? Something in this world? or for that which is to come? Where is my hope?

  • Elizabeth

    stay awake to me means that we must see God in everything and wait for God for as long as it takes. stay awake and be mindful of God and His coming

  • This is hard for me. Really hard. I am not going to lie, I like my life and the longings I have are for things that are in this world, i.e. a house, kids, financial security, cute boots, good friends etc. but heaven freaks me out. Am I still married? What will I do all the time? Will I get bored of just praising God? I know it sounds ridiculous, but it makes me almost not long for heaven. It is going to take Jesus moving in my heart to make me truly long for things that are not of this world.

    • Tiff

      Alecia, this is not ridiculous. Eternity used to terrify me, thinking about how it would never end. What helped me was a conversation in an old children’s book called Sylvie and Bruno. One of the characters worries about being bored in heaven, and another responds by saying that just like a kid can’t appreciate the intricacies of all the things adults enjoy, we can’t imagine or understand right now all the excitement that heaven will offer.
      Another thing to remember is that God created this earth, and it isn’t inherently evil, just broken by the fall. If we can enjoy this earth so much despite its fallen state, think how much more we’ll enjoy living in the new heaven and earth God will create, which won’t be broken by sin! Life won’t suddenly become boring when the worst parts of it are removed, we’ll just be more free to enjoy the best parts!

      • Brittany

        Wow this is beautiful Tiff! I too have struggle of what the next life will be like and will It be easier to be obedient to God then? Thank you for sharing this!

    • Jennifer

      And for Alecia, Tiff & Brittany, there is an amazing book simply called Heaven, by Randy Alcorn. He bases his conclusions on the Bible and on glimpses of heaven and paradise that we see in the pages of scripture… but he goes further… drawing logical conclusions to project such an amazing picture of what Heaven will be like! For example, he refers to earth as the Shadowland… where everything is a mere shadow of the True Reality of Eternity (I Corinthians 13:12) and he gives examples of all the things we will be doing! Were you created by God with musical talent? With artistic creativity? Then isn’t it logical to assume that God will want you to continue to use those God-given abilities, but unhampered by this sinful world, in majestic ways that glorify Him for eternity? When I read this book and saw eternity through these eyes, I began to understand the thrill of longing for it! Blessings!

    • Sharon

      Hi Alecia. The desires we have as we live in our present state are because we are human and have not been made perfect. In Heaven, whatever that turns out to look like, sin will be no more and we will be forever changed, not having the same desires as before (I, too, love great boots!).

    • Mindy Upton

      I second Jennifer’s recommendation of Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven! Growing up in the church I had such a lame vision of Heaven, thinking that we would literally just be at a church service nonstop for all eternity. Satan has succeeded in perverting the glorious realities of Heaven, both in the eyes of Christians and non-Christians. He wants us to believe that it’ll pale in comparison to our lives on this present earth. But what a farce!! Another amazing book that’ll challenge this skewed view is Why the Universe Is The Way It Is by Hugh Ross (astronomer and pastor). It’s loaded with science, if that interests you, but the last chapter in particular will make your heart swell!!!

  • Tessa Souffrant

    I have been “raised in church” but am recently really finding myself creating a real relationship with Jesus. As I am navigating this new chapter of my life, I am filled with anxiety. As that anxiety hits, I have a question: how do you know that you are truly saved? What exactly does that mean. If I accept Jesus into my heart, know that he has died for me and loves me through my flaws, try my best to live for him, and learn more about him.. is that what will save me and grant me into eternal life in Heaven? Do you feel that simply having Jesus come and die for us is somewhat the “enough” part? I don’t know if this even makes sense, but I find myself constantly worrying, “am I going to heaven?” I have never doubted god, but I doubt myself.

    • Chiara

      I’m in the same situation: I was raised in the Church but I never truly had a relationship with God. I decided to ignore him for years and live “by myself” because I thought it was better for me… Only now I realize how wrong I was, and how I let the devil separate me from the real Truth. I had your same questions, but for me the answer was: less of me, more of God. There’s no “me” or “myself”: we are made in Christ through Him, and we can only live with and thanks to Him. Of course we can part: God gave us free Will. We are not chained. But the Truth is, God is the best way to live. He’s the only Life we are supposed to live, and because of this, it’s the only right Life: the only way to be fully Happy and satisfied is to live for and with God. We may not realize the fullness nor the importance of this, but it’s the most powerful thing, and YES, it’s enough to save us, because He IS enough. We are saved by grace through Faith. This means that God decided to save us by grace, meaning because He is Good and cares about us, not because of our works. We don’t deserve this, yet He gave us grace abundantly. Salvation is a gift from God, and that is enough because of His Grace! What I do is trying to think less about me, and more about Him, because He’s the only source and answer… We can do NOTHING by ourselves. We don’t deserve relationship with God, yet we have one because it’s a GIFT from Him. He’s our Father and He is Good… How could this not be enough? More of Him, less of me: this is my motto, what’s helping me and reminding me this great Truth I’ll never be able to fully understand in this life. Hope this helps :)

    • Abigail Wilson

      The whole idea of religion today is completely different than how it was in biblical times, I feel like it’s also a large part of why people are scared to have a relationship with Christ. While I’m not saying that religion is entirely bad, most people view it as a VERY sacred and specific set of rules, and if you don’t follow them you’re going to hell. I myself am a 16 year old baptist and my father is the pastor of my church. I know that might raise a few eyebrows but don’t worry, I was raised to love the lord and I long to have a further relationship, I’m not entirely “rebellious”. ;) But I have seen how churches that try to be nothing but religious lack the one thing that the first church was even made for, God. They don’t put an effort to welcome new things and new people, (back to what I was saying earlier about people being pushed away). Do you think that God wants us to stay the EXACT same as long as we pray before every. single. meal. or we will surely choke. (Of course it’s still important to pray before a meal) But God needs to be the main, no, ONLY factor in religion and in faith. Religion is a teaching and a practice, the rest is how you use those teachings and have faith in Jesus Christ. It’s not complicated. Strive to grow closer to him and put your faith into practice. It might seem hard/time consuming, but it’s not impossible. He is so worth it!

      • Amanda H

        This blessed me Abigail! I think a big factor as to why some people are reluctant or against the idea of going and joining a church is because us christians have done a poor job of showing them the transformation that is possible with Jesus and yes I agree than there are a number or religious churches that like the Pharisees, are focused on rules and traditions rather than the heart of worship, and the principles that Jesus taught. Pray for the church!

      • Amanda H

        I think we sometimes forget that are only hope is in JESUS. We can’t have a relationship with God without him. He is the reason why we have been reconciled. Jesus changed everything and I’m so thankful that he did. His blood made it possible for all who believe, to been seen once again. as perfect through Gods eyes!

      • Amanda H

        It is by faith that we are saved. Not what we do, not how “good” we are, not how big our church is or how many things we volunteer for, not for how we look or what we have… but faith in the one who died on Calvary and rose again! Thank you Jesus!!!!!! Forever worthy of praise

        • Josilyn H.

          When I learned two words that Jesus said who is he , He told the disciple say I AM. Those 2 words touched me strongly.

    • Liz Rice

      Hey Tessa. I struggled with worrying if I was really saved or not for a long time so know that you are not alone. What helped me was focusing on scripture. Scripture is the word of God and what you need and what I needed was for God to speak to my heart that I was really His. I needed to hear it from Him. Keep mediating and reading scripture and I promise you will have that beautiful moment with the Lord where He speaks to your heart about whether you are His or not. He doesn’t want you to sit in doubt about your salvation He wants you to walk in freedom. So, you can be confident that He will speak to you if you seek Him on this.

    • Sharon

      Hi Tessa. I, too, was raised in the church and only in the last 3 years have formed a,personal relationship with Christ. For many years, I also struggled with your question and finally understood that, yes, accepting Christ into my heart is all it takes to be saved and go to Heaven. Salvation is given to us by grace. There is nothing we can do to “earn” forgiveness. Once we accept Christ, we grow in our experience with Him by spending time with Him, praying and reading His word. We are not saved by good works, but our transformed life will be the manifestation of His saving grace.

  • This is exactly what I needed to read today. Praise God!

  • I need to be reminded to stay awake and ready because I have so much going on in my life that sometimes I get distracted so today’s devotion was a very good reminder of what I need to do and what I need to keep in focus!

  • I am made for another world! What an important thing to remember when I get wrapped up in things in this world.

  • I think too often we forget to stay awake and be ready. We get so distracted with the earthly wants and forget about our heavenly eternity that we long so much for. It’s a great reminder that we are made for one thing and one place and it’s okay that nothing here will satisfy!

  • Our King is alive and reigning! We are heirs of His Kingdom. It’s up to us to live like royalty of this kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.
    Being intentional, having HOPE which means waiting expectantly, is our nature as royalty. Our longings are already provided so we live knowing we already have it!!!!
    Praise our mighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords our conquering Lion. GREAT YOU ARE Father!

  • I needed this desperately today. I feel such a deep longing for God that sometimes I just want to quit living in this world. Jesus’ call to “stay awake and be ready” assures me that taking my life is not the answer. I fight with depression so this was good for my soul.

    • Kate

      Leslie, I just wanted to encourage you and remind you that God has a purpose and a plan for you! Though there is turmoil in this world God is here with us and can work through us to bring love and healing

  • You guys all sound like amazing godly women and it is wonderful to read what you think!

  • I appreciate the honesty here…so here is mine; I don’t “long” for God or the things of His kingdom. I just don’t have a heartfelt desire for Him. I still keep his commandments because I’m a “good girl,” but I just feel that I’ve lost my connection. I’m doubting that my years of following Him have been a hoax.

    • Nicole

      Hi Jamie! I love your honesty. I think we forget sometimes that doubt is a pretty natural part of faith. We all have it or do it at some point. You might be feeling that disconnect because, while keeping Gods commandments are a good thing, they can’t take the place of a relationship with him. If you’re feeling a disconnect with him, and doubting your faith, talk to him about it! Spend time with him wrestling with this. If true, Christianity is the most important thing in the world and if false, of no importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important. I’ll be praying for you as you wrestle with this. And you’re not alone in this struggle. I’ve struggled with doubt before and it’s ok.

  • Ana Liquete

    I have the same situation as Kyla. And yes I know in my heart that prayer and reading the bible is the answer for that deep yearning. But I just hate myself for not being consistent at it…

    • Alli

      Hey Ana! Just remember that guilt and shame are not from God! God is over joyed that you would even take the time to think about doing a quiet time. He is a God of love and mercy, and doesn’t want you to hate yourself or be guilty over not consistently reading. Praying that he fills the gap in your heart!

  • Whitney

    I agree with JH Kyla. Continue to pray and read the bible and remember that Gods answer isn’t always what we want to hear but it is an answer <3 hoping you find it soon!

  • Kyla, reading God’s Word and praying are two of the most important things you can do as you wait for God to answer, and He will! Only He can fill our deepest longings. Those “waiting” times can be hard, but God can and does use them for our good and for His perfect purposes!

  • Everyone help. I’m longing for something I don’t know. I don’t feel satisfied with how I am right now, I have the feel of longing for something but I do not know what that ‘something’ is. I’m always praying for God to give me an answer. I hope He does give me one soon as I continue to read the scriptures.

  • I spend so much of my life longing for something else, especially longing for someone who I can spend my life with forever. Instead of longing for a spouse, I should realize that I just need to be patient. God has a plan for me and I need to remember the only thing I need is Him.

  • I want to be saved . I don’t know how . When I was younger, I accepted Christ as my savior but i have grown apart and I have a problem with sexual addiction . I try fasting and prayer . I don’t know what to do. I can’t seem to obtain the peace and joy that only Jesus gives . I feel so guilty and I’m scared that Jesus will leave with out me . I just keep asking for mercy and letting it all be God’s will. What do you think ? I’m also a pastors daughter, I go to church 2-3 times a week and prayer service

    • Becca

      Gaby, you are not alone in your struggle. I too struggle with sexual addiction and have grown up in church my whole life. I think it is always good to remember that no matter what we’ve done and no matter how guilty we feel, God can ALWAYS redeem us. His glory is shown all the more in making the most broken vessel beautiful again. Hope this helps.

    • Becca

      Continue seeking God and tell someone you know and trust about what you are stuffing with. I KNOW it will be difficult but it will be one of the best decisions you ever make. Remember that God is called “wonderful counselor” and he is the great overcomer (John 16:3). Hope this helps!

    • Lauren

      Hi Gaby, we all struggle with sin, but that is what Jesus came to us for. Throughout the New Testament, Jesus intentionally seeks out and pursues and extends extra mercy to the ones who the culture said were the “worst sinners.” If you believe in Jesus for the free gift of eternal life and that he can never go back on his promise then you ARE saved and no matter what you do, that can never be taken from you! It’s not by your works, not by what you do or do not do that saves you (Eph 2:8-9) – it’s by Jesus upholding his promise of salvation to you! Jesus seeks you out relentlessly! I have hope for you Gaby for Christ to give you victory from this sin. Will be praying for you!

    • Jayme

      Gaby, thank you for being so open. I believe that is something that this world neglects to do because we are fearful that people will see the “real us,” and it’s so counterintuitive to the way Jesus taught us to live. He frees us up to be authentic and vulnerable so that people can speak into our lives and not give us advice, but point us back to him. So thank you, it is refreshing. I just want to encourage you and let you know Jesus, ONCE AND FOR ALL, died for our present, past and future sins. Our human hearts are so naturally wicked, selfish and broken when we compare ourselves to the perfection of God. If they weren’t Jesus wouldn’t have had to bear the cross, but in this story he was not only willing but glad to so that we could have a relationship with him. He KNEW we couldn’t do this on our own which is why we need a savior. You can now walk in the freedom that God looks at you and sees Jesus which is NOTHING that any of us could have done to earn or even deserve. It doesn’t make sense, and that’s grace. I can identify with the desires that you are wrestling with and I know it’s a hard place to be in. We so easily condemn ourselves and walk in shame and guilt that we feel defines us. Up until a few years ago I couldn’t even imagine being in a relationship that didn’t have sex involved. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it! I know for me, it was deeper than what the surface showed, I was a girl who just wanted to be loved and desired. I don’t know if that’s the exact case for you, but just know even when we are walking with Jesus that desire and temptation will still be there and it still is for me today. As I hear and read more about who Jesus is and am reminded of him, there is a desire for him that outweighs the desire to want sex. Again, the desire is still there, but when something else grew to be greater I found myself wanting Jesus more. It can be very hard at times, but please don’t let this discourage you. Instead, let it spark a desire to want Jesus more. And if you’re not wanting him more pray that you would. He loves so much girl. More than anything you can imagine and you can’t do anything to change that. Let those words be true.

  • Christine

    Reading this in the wake of yet more fatal shootings in the States this week. I’ve had a hard time putting into words how I’m feeling, but this is exactly it – a longing. An aching longing for wholeness in this world. And how to respond as someone indirectly involved… and yet directly involved as a human being?? Stay awake to the times. Stay awake to how Jesus wants each of us to be His voice in this hurting world. Be ready for His return and encourage others to do the same. Thank you for this!!

  • Love that this was my devotion for today. With all of the shootings and protests going on, it’s hard to not think “how long until you come back, Lord?” While America is going through this horrible and dark time, and we know it will only get worse from here on out, we need to hang onto Jesus and cling to Him for hope and peace. This is not our eternal home. We have a home in heaven with Jesus, and while things may be tough now, don’t forget that we have an eternal home with Jesus where there are no protests and fights and shootings. This world needs Jesus. Let’s send a message of love to others who don’t know Christ. In this time of chaos let’s tell them that Jesus can heal all of our troubles and problems and bring us eternal hope and happiness.

  • Claire Bond

    I am always longing for things, friends, better relationships, and new stuff. I need to focus on the important and only long for Jesus to come back.

  • Stay awake and ready

  • Such a wonderful message. The in-between time (and what we do with it) is an important thing to remember when I find myself longing for my eternal home, or getting lost in the world. Thank you for this❤️

  • I long for a closer relationship with God but see how my own efforts constantly fail.

  • Maggie Jasper

    I always find myself longing for more. Longing for better grades, longing for a relationship, longing for consistent happiness, longing for more always. I forget that what I should be longing for most is God and how much more satisfaction he can give me regardless of my other wants. This has reminded me to be patient and kind and know that God has a plan.

    • Claudia Hodges

      AMEN!! You are not alone!! I’m longing for a lot of the same things. God holds our future in his mighty hands! I’m praying for you Maggie!

  • Thank you God for reminding me that my lack of satisfaction any longing are there because I wasn’t made for this world. Thank you for holding me and staying with me until your plan comes to completion!

  • Hayley Tancak

    we mare children of the in-between. waiting for God say come quick but not too quick. we have loved ones struggling to reach for Jesus. take that time waiting for God to reach all the people around you

  • Krista Bethany ❤️

    It’s amazing how when you feel lost and alone and longing for something that you don’t even know what it is, you can be comforted by studying gods word and praying. He fulfills that longing not only temporarily.

  • Shaun Maree

    I never realized how long we have been longing….but it showed that Jesus is here to fill our longing hearts!

  • Is Jesus really what im longing for? My indescribable longings, I thought they were for a husband

    • Kristina

      All of our hearts have a God shaped hole in them, and only God can fill that hole anonlonly God

    • Katie

      Jodi, Psalm 145:16 says, “You (God) open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.” God has created us in His image with the ultimate purpose of having a personal relationship with each one of us for His glory. It is only natural to desire a husband because marriage is the most intimate human relationship we can have. again and again in Scripture God compares His relationship with the Church with a marriage. Ultimately, the only One who can truly satisfy our every longing is Christ. Having a husband is a wonderful blessing, but we are all only human, after all, and in the end, even our husbands will fail us in one way or another…and we’ll fail them as well. Every longing of our heart points us to our All-fulfilling Lord of Lords. He is a good good God and will never fail us. I hope you find true, complete satisfaction in an intimate relationship with Jesus. He is all we ever need. :)

  • I never realized how much hope is the action to take when in seasons of longing.

  • This is such a blessing to me right now. Staying awake and being ready. These passages really helped me recognize that when I struggle through times of depression there is actually a loss of that longing. I don’t long for anything. Least of all God’s Kingdom to come. But I must stay awake and be mindful of all that He is orchestrating to bring about His Kingdom. Thank you for this post. It’s not uncommon that God ordains just what we need as the proper time.

    • Hannah Miller

      This is good to read Alissa, thanks for sharing. I’ve been feeling similarly – sometimes it’s not even that I’m longing like crazy for something unsatisfying, but instead I don’t seem to long for anything at all. I’ve not found a solution to that yet but I’m going to pray that both of us work out how to get over that block!

  • BlessedandFavored

    In all that I long for j must remember to stay awake and be

  • Be ready at all times to share the gospel! Sometimes I get so caught up in being ready for Jesus to make all things new, I lose focus that there are those that don’t know Him yet. I should be ready to share His name at all times because without Christ my longing for justice and truths would be exhausting! People are weary for a savior!

  • I long for the complaining and hateful, insensitive agendas of this world to be over. All I have to do is turn on the news or log into Facebook to be reminded that I don’t belong here. Thank you, God, for those reminders to long for deliverance!

  • Brooke Moses

    I love this! Stay awake and be ready, we all need to be preparing for the coming of the Lord and longing for the day we are face to face!

    • Stacey

      Exactly what stood out for me too, Brooke. I realised today how I long for so many other things that I forget to see past them and look to Jesus… Time to get ready!

  • Lisa Wiggins

    In the fullness of time…God has been pointing me to that phrase all month long. As we wait for the adoption of our first child, I can trust in HIS timing because He has a plan and a purpose for our lives. And though the world and all believers are groaning for the finale, God is still working out beautiful stories among the broken. Hallelujah!

  • Anastasia

    How I needed this! There is always something I’m longing for and I come to realization that it’s Jesus I long for! The only best friend I need is Him, someone who can fulfill all my desires and give me exactly what I need.. He can only fill that longing gap in our hearts and truly make us joyful

  • a little bit embarrassing to say that I started this short 14 day reading and never made it past day 3. and at my lowest point in life I opened up to the most inspirational reading yet! maybe the hiatus was a lesson and I needed this reading now. I’m back , I’m ready , I’m awake ! pray for me , pray with me!

    • Nadja

      With you sister! I’ll pray for and with you!

    • Marli

      I am with you on this. I have let discontentment eat away at me and push me from God and today I read this. How we long for him. How we should wait on Him and nothing else because nothing else will satisfy our longings. Ugh. Needed it.

  • This is especially relevant with all the recent tragedies that are going on around the world today. So important to remember that God is in control and his timing is perfect.

  • Rebeckah

    And while we are staying awake and being ready, lets let Him source us to advance His kingdom!

  • “Stay awake” and “Be ready”

  • jaydincampbell

    lord, help me to rest in you yet be awake. I want to be ready, in my longing, remind me of your promises. you are the fulfillment, you are the one my heart truly longs for. help me to remember that.

  • maddi miller

    loved the thing she said here, “and we feel that longing because we know our salvation is complete but out sanctification and glorification are incomplete.” I love that!!

  • Sharon Emory

    A song I leaned when I was little:
    “In His time, In His time.
    He makes all things beautiful
    In His time.
    Lord, please show me everyday
    As You’re teaching me Your ways
    That You do just what you say
    In Your time.”

  • Kesha Kikaya

    What a powerful message! This is not our home! While we wait we must be ready and prepared. We must pack our spiritual luggage with all the essentials we need out of this life so we can know and tell others about Jesus! We are foreigners to this land God has eternity in our hearts and that’s where I want to be. We must be proactive in all we do! This devotional is so powerful!

  • This has been one of my favorite scriptures thus far. It’s so true. While we wait, we must remember to that God has a perfect plan for each of us and we must be willing and open to follow it. This is not our forever home, but we must remember to walk by Gods side with dignity and grace throughout this journey.

  • God has bless our family in so many ways I love reading his word and knowing that he has a place for us in heaven that is far greater then the blessing he has given to us :)

  • A lovely lady in our church died unexpectedly last week. In her final moments, she told her children, “Be ready. . . I want to see you again someday.” It gives another perspective on how important it is to “be ready” as quoted from Matthew. We never know when that time will come.

  • Sarah Polleys

    what a great one. I will remember to be more open to the Spirit right inside of me.

  • Madeline

    I love the CS Lewis quote. It really helped me to better understand the scripture that I read today and to just open my eyes to see that God is coming and this isn’t our home and this is not where we belong

  • I’ve always loved the idea in Psalm that tells us we are just pilgrims on a pilgrimage! This devotions reminds me of that and the hope I had when studying those verses in pslam. This world is not my home and I am ever so thankful to have a new home waiting for me! I pray that I do remember that while his is not my forever home it is where God has me now and pray that I will serve in a way that is pleasing and glorifying to Him!

  • How encouraging! I have felt so bogged down by the world around me especially lately-all the death, destruction, broken families, drug addictions, sometimes seems too much to handle! I long to be in the place where all things are beautiful and perfect-the place I was created to enjoy! Keep watch and wait-if Jesus is asking that of me-I will do it! Who’s with me?! Praise God for His promises and word!

  • Lately, I’ve been reminding myself that Jesus is enough. He is sufficient and all of this world’s desires are nothing compared to what he did and is continuing to do for me.

  • “The already but not yet” so true

  • “Now hope that is seen is not hope… ” I love that. Longing and hoping gets tiring sometimes, but what we long for will come in its time. in God’s time.

  • praying for the longings of my heart to be a reminder to long for Jesus more.

  • Longing. Is a beautiful thing to be. Longing for His love and acceptance, His arrival, our reunion with loved ones, and most importantly Him.

  • Beautiful! Helpful to remind me to long for Him to come and not get swept up in earthly happiness.

  • Come soon Lord Jesus; come soon.

  • This was a beautiful reminder that we are only on this Earth to please God

  • This was a beaui

  • Elisa Best

    I read a book recently that referred to the time we are living in now as Saturday. Jesus died on Friday and before his followers got to experience the joy of Sunday, his resurrection, they had to endure Saturday. A time of mourning and waiting for his return. I was also thinking about what a blessing it is that our hope is not seen. If our hope was something we could see, it would be something of this world that is tainted by sin. So because our hope is not seen it is a more glorious hope than any hope we could ever have on earth.

  • Haley Cynthia

    Wow that’s amazing. Praying!!!

  • Amen

  • I love this!

  • I prayed for him this morning!

  • Anna Katherine

    Asking for some serious prayer for a friend of mine this morning. He recently told me that he feels as if something is missing in his life, and one of our other friends told him that maybe he is missing Jesus. He was very open to that idea and wants to start coming to church with us, but his parents are hesitant about letting him come. (We are in high school.) Please pray that his parents will have open minds about this and allow him to come to our church.

  • Praying for Gods will as we long and wait for the blessing of a child. God is faithful and I have to be patient in this journey. Some days are harder than others.

    • Marissa Garlitz


    • Angie

      Praying for you Liz. I know that longing all too well. The Bible lists a barren womb in the list of things that cannot be quenched. May God draw you close and teach you amazing things during your time of longing. I pray for a little one to fill your arms.

  • Awake and ready! :) I pray that all of us girls will continue to walk in God's love. May we become awake that He is with us, He sees us, He knows us, He will rescue us, He will come to our aid and we will see Him face to face. Be ready, ready your heart for the Kingdom, ready your heart for loving others just as He commanded us to love, ready your heart daily for his word for his presence, ready your heart for forgiveness! Ready your heart for mercy! Ready your heart to forgive! Awake and be ready! He has come and He will come again! :)

  • Brittany

    Somehow I missed this day, and I’m so glad I found it. The Lord knew I needed to hear this. His plan and timing are perfect and I need to wait patiently for Him, because my plan and timing (aka RIGHT NOW) are not b

  • Megan LeVan

    Perhaps it’s silly, but repetition of “How long” reminded me of a child whining “Are we there yet?!” :-D I know most of those were sincere heart-cries, not obnoxious whines, but I like the image of Jesus as father/driver, ultimately in control, and confident that we WILL get there.

  • Karen Garifo

    I am loving the spiritual journey the gospel is taking me on. I’m brought to tears most days as I dive into these scriptures.

  • Becky Woodall

    There are a lot of times in life, esp more recently where I have asked God WHEN? And although it’s easier said then done, giving it to God and finding joy in walking in His will is possible. Everyday is not great, but if you remember it is His steps you’re walking in and not your own; that Gods plan is so magnificent that we can’t even taste a glimpse of it, that it is beyond our most precious moments, that He ALREADY KNOWS, and has it laid out ahead of us… That CAN give you peace, if you allow it to.

    • Christine

      Beautifully stated and wonderfully and blessedly true ☺️ In the daily grind it’s easy to forget that the path we are walking is exactly where we are meant to be. When life feels monotonous or we question “when” it’s so powerful to reflect on the truth that we are walking HIS path, thus where we are is perfect!

  • I long for the day to be freed from SELF to purely love and worship the One worthy of all praise! JESUS CHRIST!!! ❤️

  • Antimony

    “God reaches out … [and] He gives us Jesus as an answer to all our longings”. All of my longings? Satisfied by God?

  • Nicole Vaughn

    This is one of the best I have ever read! How encouraging is it to know that people, since the time of Jesus, have wanted to know how long.

  • Oh my heart longs so so so desperately for home! Anxiety, depression and bulimia have been a seven year struggle and the fight seems endless. I’ve never accepted this lying down and have fought my guts out the whole time, but I’m still here between the ok and the not…

    My heart, any dreams, any plans are absolutely shattered and destroyed in this place of mental illness. I pray daily that God would take me home.

    • Charlotte

      Psalm 139:14 has been really helpful for me in living as a Christian with a mental illness. God made me this way intentionally and with/for a purpose in mind even before the creation of the world

    • Carissa

      I’m so sorry, Jess. Please know you are not alone in these struggles. I battle with depression, anxiety and ptsd from my 3 car wrecks and 2 scooter wrecks. I have panic attacks daily when driving that plague me every day. I have no control over them right now. I am going to start EMDR therapy as soon as I get back to work. I had a tumor removed a few weeks ago and just had two biopsies done on my back on two moles. My roommate stole my identity earlier this summer and I had to file a police report and have her arrested and I had to find a place with 3 weeks notice. I have no family to help me and rely completely on the mercy of my friends. God has been my only source of security and my only constant. Even when I have left Him, He ways brings me back and never lets me go. Hang in there. Life is a battle with mental illness, sickness, pain, heartache, loss and fear pushing the buttons. Keep your head lifted up to the One who saves us from our sins and from ourselves. Stay connected with your people and know the sun will shine again even in the darkest seasons.

      • Christy W.

        I like you Carissa. You’re in a bad place yet know the Truth and God is using you to share the Truth with others. Keep trusting and believing!

    • Christy W.

      Praying for you, Jess. Keep fighting! God is on your side! Fight to enter into the rest of Jesus. Read scripture daily regarding trials and anxiety. Hold on to Jesus. Who knows- God may use you to reach out and help others. In His time. Keep the faith <3

    • Jordyn

      God is with you Jess!

  • Hannah_brooke

    This was so encouraging!!

  • Loved this writing. Tears are in my eyes as I think about meeting Jesus one day. I mean, when you sit down and just sink that in how awesome will it be to face Jesus and praise Him and know that he is our Savior. While we are here on Earth, I pray that we would make it heavenly and pleasing to God’s eyes. I pray for a longing in Christ Jesus and that we would stay awake, encourage others & be ready for that great day of judgement that is coming.

  • michelle of LA CA

    I loved your writing today thank you

  • To everything in this post… Yes. For me it is a struggle to accept that the final resolution to all things will never happen on this side of heaven. And for a girl who loves check lists, a game plan, and order in chaos… This is so so hard.

    The things I long for… A husband, home, a family, reconciliation in my own family — they’re all holy and good, but Jesus is the trump card. Now and forever onward. It’s comforting to know the cry of “how long” is a question Christiandom has been asking for a really long time. Because the loneliness of the question is sometimes what makes it so hard.

  • Wow. Wonderful reminder to keep our eye heavenward. I’m reminded by God that we can bring His Kingdom to Earth, that He trusts us as His daughters to recognize where Creation is broken and like Jesus, help make things right, to serve and love and heal and restore with the power He has given us by His Spirit. Though we won’t ever see or experience the fullness of it until Heaven, our longing and groaning for Him to set things beautiful and right in creation can be used for more than just giving us peace in our hearts. His purposes of drawing the lost near by His blood can be acted out through us loving people serving them, sharing with others the truths of how God desires us. I feel empowered and emboldened to use my longing for Heaven before I ever get there

    • Lilah Higgins

      Thank you for this! I find it such a struggle to be focused on Heaven and also do my part to make Heaven come to earth. They feel in opposition sometimes. I love the “emboldened to use my longing for Heaven before I ever get there.”

  • Does anyone ever fear or get scared of going to Heaven? I’m a firm believer but embarrassed to admit that there are times I am more scared that longing….

    • Andrea

      Not to sound patronizing, what is that you are scared of? The actual death can be hard for me to think about, but I have read revelations enough to look forward to heaven. Trust is the biggest, and you can pray and ask God to take those feelings and replace them with contentment:)

    • Melissa

      Perhaps it’s not heaven that you are scared of as much as the unknowns of heaven. Heaven described in Scripture is beautiful and glorious and beyond comprehension. If His ways are higher than ours and His thoughts are greater than ours, it’s right to expect that the home He has waiting for us goes far beyond our human capacity to understand. I pray that any fear you have of heaven will fade and be replaced with a holy fear (reverence) of God and that you would know the love of your Savior so intimately that the thought of eternity with Him will become a joy and delight for you. Xoxoxo

    • Christy W.

      As a child I feared heaven because it was unfamiliar. But as I matured and became closer to God the fear turned into longing. <3

  • Love this so much. It really spoke to me

  • I love simply daydreaming about what Heaven will be like, reunited with Jesus. Nothing morbid. Nothing else to it, just simply the moment where we will meet Jesus face to face. It brings so much joy to me to realize that yes, there are times of uncertainty, moments where everything around us does not make sense, when our loved ones are suffering or we see injustice around… but we have a hope in knowing that God's plans will be fulfilled. We struggle here but we have the hope of knowing that the Lord is good and he loves his people and knows that we are longing for him. One day, we will have him. For now, let's joyfully long for our eternity with our Maker, knowing fully well in our hearts that our trials here are temporary

  • What a beautiful reminder as I begin a new relationship! I had spent a year seeking God and praying to hear His voice. After times of uncertainty and questioning, I finally put my trust in him. (The verse, “he takes care of the birds in the trees, how much more important are you?”

    I met the most God fearing, loving, respectful and genuine man. Right after we announced we were officially dating, he got a job 11 hours from me. God is showing me how to be patient and listen to Him. I long for the Lord to show me his will, but as I’m reminded, His timing is never late…& it definitely wasn’t here.

  • Amy Krause

    I love the C.S. Lewis quote! What a beautiful reminder that our longing here on earth is a blessing that fixes our eyes on what is greater. My brother was murdered when I was young. While it the single most tragic and horrific experience of my life, it is also the one that has strengthened my relationship with Christ. We were not meant for this world but for the one that is everlasting. My brother just got to go a little sooner.

  • Ashley Hendrickson

    Being at the age I am and still single, the waiting is hard. I know Gods timing is perfect. I know he will give me the desires of my heart. Knowing these things and living them out are two very different things. Please pray with me to live in the here and now. Focus on where The Lord has me now! I just recently moved to NYC, I’m still single so why not right? This may be the city of millions but honestly I feel so alone. I have been earnestly praying for a community of believers to encourage and support me while I’m here but it seems that other things are getting in the way. Please pray that I will be patient and wait for his perfect timing to help find me the perfect community of friends here in this city :)

  • "Stay awake and be ready"

  • Haley Michelle

    will say a small prayer for you tonight, persevere- love conquers all

  • I long for healing! I gave been crying out for two years now , seen countless specialists, had a handful of awful tests, and have just now received a diagnosis and a planning forward. I have a rare form or migraines that make you dizzy constantly. Constantly! I am newly married and this is totally robbing me of enjoying my new life. My new home, my new job, my new husband, and my new chronic medical condition. lord deliver me and set me free into healing ao I can live LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

    • Katie Jo

      Meg, I long with you! I’ve been sick with an active autoimmune disease for six and a half years. In the beginning I had just gotten engaged and then married (20-21 years old at the time). It’s especially difficult to be young and sick! I think our experience of more acutely-felt longing for redemption creates space in our hearts to really want God and his Kingdom above all else. Our longing can be the very thing that keeps stirring the Church to love the weak and hold Christ as our dearest Treasure. Know that you are not alone in your longing, and from someone a few more years into a medical-waiting-process (a disease I’ll always have in this life) that life can be good even when it’s very painful and that God will meet you in your weakness. You are loved by him, sister. Loved so much that Jesus took on a human body–he personally knows our pangs of physical pain and mental anguish. I blog about chronic illness & faith at if you wanna stay in touch!

  • Longing…for my marriage to not fail ( it’s really close), for a better walk with the Lord, to be a better mother, to become a better wife despite an extremely difficult and rebellious husband. So many things I long for. I could go on and on. Reading the scriptures above was a great reminder that it’s not on my time but it’s in God’s timing. So for now I will continue to pray for healing, hope, patience, and a heart like Christ.

    • Justine Fern

      oh Candice, my heart is longing with you for your marriage and your heart – such beautiful honesty. you are in my prayers.

      • Candice

        Thanks Justine. I really appreciate it. Seeking out someone I can really be counseled by in hopes that I can at least see a change in myself and maybe then my husband will want to join.

    • Maz

      You are in my prayers love xx

    • Sarah

      My marriage was on the rocks last year as well, my husband had actually filed for divorce. Keep praying, it works! I am still happy to be still married today. Try reading Stormie Omertian's Powers of a Praying Wife. It can be hard to pray for your husband and admit that you are not perfect either, but that book and the amazing support of several Christian women that I shared my weakness with did wonders to heal me and my marriage. Good luck, you are in my prayers.

      • Candice

        Sarah, This is my fear. We are headed straight for divorce, like I would not be surprised if at any day he leaves. I am not trying to stop it, in fact I am pushing him away because he has hurt me so bad in the past and I am so full of resentment and anger for all he’s done. Yet deep down I long for reconciliation. We’ve tried counseling and he just doesn’t participate and won’t go back now. I have calls in to several
        Places to try and get myself some counseling. I am not sure what else to do. I wish it was that easy to just let it all go, but it just isn’t for me.

        Thanks everyone for the prayers, it means a lot.

    • BennyB

      Praying for you!! Where there is life and breath there is hope!! Believe His promises and act on them! He is right there with you and want you to follow His will which is with your husband. He will be sanctified through you!!

  • especially as a mom, you quite often find yourself longing. longing for a break, for more sleep, less chores – sometimes I’m so dang tired of being dang tired… and then I remind myself that I was made to glorify God and not complain about the little things. I remind myself to keep my eyes on the prize of God’s glorious and eternal resting place for us.

    • Justine Fern

      oh man, I needed this reminder! I have a nine month old who has robbed me of more hours of sleep than I can count, but I must remember that truth – while I long for a good nights rest I must stay awake, be alert, and turn my son toward the heart of Christ!

  • Ecclesiastes 3:11 11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.
    So thankful that the Lord is taking the ugly things in my past and making them beautiful. Praying that I am strong to witness to others and share my past with them to bring them to Christ. Worthy is the Lamb

  • Stephanie

    I've gone through years of waiting and longing for a specific thing in my life to work out. Each time I think I'm finally close to things falling into place, they fall apart instead. I know it's all in God's hands and His timing is perfect, but I can't help but feel frustration and anger at God for making me wait and wait and wait. As I watch everyone around me seemingly receive things on a silver platter while I'm stuck waiting for God to work this out for me, I shamefully feel the sting envy. It's so difficult to wait for God to work when I feel like I should be able to do something, anything to work this out myself, but I'm learning more and more each day how important it is to leave this thing with Him. Only He can satisfy the longing I have and only He can know when the perfect time to end my waiting period is. Romans 8:24 really struck me today, and that's what I've been clinging to as I wait again today.

  • I loved this reminder today, power of the gospel lies within Jesus himself, on the cross, dying a death for sins he never committed, for us, a sinful people who were being sentenced to an eternal death. But, Death had no victory, Jesus is alive and we have a hope. As the Bible states “henceforth their is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which The Lord the righteous judge will award to me on that day and not only to me but to all who have loved his appearing.” 2 Timothy 4:8

  • My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for 3 years now. There hasn't been a day when I haven't experienced longing and grief for the life I always thought would include children. I was struck by the phrase "our God doesn't rush and he doesn't make mistakes." So often I find myself trying to figure it all out. We've been diagnosed with "unexplained" fertility so part of me wants a reason, something that can be fixed or worked on but this reminded me that God knows the reason. The past three years have not been a mistake and have not been a surprise to God. That gives me such comfort and peace.

  • Snowsbeloved

    I’m sorry for the loss of your baby. Your hopefulness is inspiring as you you trust in God’s promise of eternity.

  • I found out I was pregnant for the first time last week, and had an early miscarriage this week. I’ve been reflecting on how sometimes God uses situations to remind you to look forward to eternity. I now have a child that I long to see in heaven and that is helping me every day to remember that this world isn’t all there is, and I shouldn’t live like it’s all there is.

    • Justine Fern

      amazing perspective! praying for you Katelyn…

    • Katrina

      We lost our baby at 9 weeks in March- I feel for you as it was a very hard time for us. I felt a bit guilty that I hadn’t felt this way before in anticipation to meet Jesus, but knowing I have a little one up there made me truly homesick for heaven. Not in a morbid way or wanting to die, but just a real longing to meet that little one. To joyous reunions in heaven…

      • Katelyn

        Katrina I completely understand! It’s not morbid, it’s joyful. I’m so sorry for your loss as well and I’m imagining our little ones up there playing together ❤️

  • Victoria Rae

    A friend recently lost a husband and while I want to be the human symbol of God’s strength for her I am so sad! But reading today that we are NOT OF THIS WORLD. Makes me so happy. Prayers to all you fab ladies!

  • Mackenzie Ryan

    24 For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? 25 But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.
    I love theses two verses in Romans!

  • “Don’t give up. Stay awake and ready.” Such a jarring conviction. How do we stay awake and ready in this day and age? Distractions abound and our culture is more than happy to supply every list and desire, all while continually sowing further seeds of discontent. Sisters, how do we stay so close to Jesus that the world holds no appeal for us?? My constant struggle has been distraction and a desire for worldly things- as simple as coming home and night and feeding my mind with Netflix instead of His word, and wanting things like a keurig for my birthday more so than desiring more of Jesus. Simple and small but SO insidious and so detrimental. This culture chips away at us. How do we keep ourselves longing for His appearing in a world that wants to keep us distracted?

    • EllenMR

      Totally agree with you on this – soooo insidious is the truth, and never ending!!

    • Jess

      So true! I’m still trying to find the answer to this.

    • Erin

      Reminds me of the verse “I will set no worthless thing before my eyes.” -ps 101

  • I needed this today. Feeling like those in the old testament lately! “Take us home Lord. How long?” In the in between time the devil is tempting me to sink into a depression. But I do not have to succumb to it. It’s been a daily grind, but I’m putting on my spiritual weapons each morning and going to battle!

  • Not of this world! ❤️

  • "God has set eternity in our hearts and we long to see His kingdom come. While we wait for Him to right all wrongs, don’t give up: stay awake and ready!"

    I needed to hear this today, with my situation. Yesterday, I was reminded that sin equals anger, malace, bitterness, gossip, doubt and worry. I was headed in that direction this morning but was rescued by these words of encouragement. We can do this ladies….stay awake and ready!

  • Whew, this really hits home. I find myself closer and closer to my life’s calling, but at times still feel so far away. Longing for the path to clear and the loneliness in my heart to be filled by a partner who I feel I’ve been waiting for my entire life. Waiting patiently to start a family as my parents continue to age and I fear being left alone in this world after they are gone. Sometimes this fear becomes so great it blinds me and I struggle to have hope. Depression and anxiety kick in, and I start to wonder why I’m even here in the first place. They are hard to control, and I know the devil feasts on these insecurities. God, I look to you for clarity and ask you to protect me so that I remember I am not alone, but covered in your love.

  • Thank you, Lord! I needed this today. God bless you, Rebecca, for encouraging others with your words and ministry. ❤️

  • Danielle A

    Wow, just what I needed today during a bad week with my daughter’s epilepsy. Listening to my longing today ans fighting the entangling sin of self sufficiency and false hope.

  • Lord, the scriptures You have been leading me to have been ones to prepare me for hardship. I trust you and I trust Your timing. Continue to prepare me for whatever is to come, whenever it happens, and give me strength and courage to press on in the struggles of this world. It is nothing compared to the knowledge that You are coming back for Your children, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Your word is good and Your love is great, and I will wait patiently for You, Savior. IN Your name, Amen.

  • Nikki Ticzon

    After reflecting on the scripture and devotional, I realized how much time I spend waiting for greater things. I spend so much time wishing for something more fulfilling. My son has fulfilled my heart, my life, and my soul. I didn’t think I could want more. But I do…and that’s okay. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this in-between time of waiting and hoping and praying for God to fulfill us. It’s happening…on God’s time. He alone knows when His second coming will be. He along knows when He will fulfill those are righteous in Him.


    "Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? 25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we await for it with patience." Romans 8: 24b

    I didn't realize how true this verse was until I entered this season of waiting/ longing. Through waiting and hope it has really helped build my trust in the Lord. There are times I get weary of waiting and my patience starts to wear thin, bits and pieces of the promises that the Lord has made start to materialize. When they do, it is always at the right time, in the right measure. God knows what I can handle and I find myself thankful for the waiting at the end. All that waiting, hoping and longing for the unknown gives birth to so many beautiful things: patience, perseverance, love, trust, wisdom.
    God thank you for making me wait and teaching me to rely on my hope in You!

  • Right now I am 28 weeks pregnant and I feel like I’m in this in between place – where I am fulfilled in the desire my heart had to conceive, but now anxiously awaiting the arrival of this new life. I am fulfilled yet still yearning…and right now in this moment, the explanation given of creation moaning in child pains makes so much sense. This is a sacred time, when we learn most how to trust and lean on our Lord for peace and comfort. When we praise and pray simultaneously. May we take the time to cherish every moment – staying awake and alert as our Savior told us to.

  • Diane Huntsman

    My daughter Taylor, may be in the process of a second miscarriage.. Will whomever reads this pray for her? Not only for the saving of the baby, but for her and her husbands faith to increase no matter what the outcome, that they would sing his praise during another possible loss and not lose sight of His goodness in the sorrow.. Loving and trusting Him in the midst of gross disappointments.. It’s taken her 16 mos to be able to conceive again after her last miscarriage at 4 mos pregnant.. This pregnancy is very new, but it’s not looking promising.. But I know prayer changes things! Thank you so much!

  • Amen!

  • He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end. Ecc. 3:11

    Eternity is in my heart and God has a glorious plan to reveal His love and salvation to the world – and we are apart of His plan!! How amazing and incredible! It comes in time and God continually tells my heart to 'wait' and 'rest' and 'be still.' When I rush I find that I try to fill my sense of longing with things or people instead of coming to God to cry out and also be silent and awed in His presence. Thinking on His brilliance and master plan that will bring glory to Him and His children to Him.

    Thank you, Lord, for reminding me to come to you and seek you in my need. Because I long for your presence and the hope I have in salvation and a future with You. Help me come to you to fill this longing and draw strength and courage from Your Word. Amen.

  • This is a song I often refer to when I’m waiting on the Lord.

  • Erin Plemon

    Just last night my husband and I had a talk about having another child. It’s a desire of MY heart but not so much his. We’ve been having this same talk for almost a year now. I so needed to read this today! I fully believe that all our aches and longings are spotlights being shown on the places we need him the most to invade. Does that make sense? Anyway, I’m thankful for this study and all of you ladies!

    • Kristy

      Totally makes sense! I’ve been there, too sister! May your faith and trust increase as you draw nearer and nearer to Him ❤️
      “Let the morning bring me word of your Unfailing Love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.” Ps 143:8 grace and peace and Unfailing Love to you!

  • Jennifer C

    Waiting. Many times I’ve thought the waiting would be easier if only I knew how it would eventually turn out. “Eventually” I’d be married. “Eventually ” there would be a baby….on and on. “Eventually” He will make all things new once again, and we won’t struggle, with sin or sickness or loneliness or disappointment. If only I knew how this would all turn out, the waiting would be so much easier. But hang on, I DO know how it will turn out! He has told us…maybe not when, or exactly how, but we know it WILL come to pass. Could my impatience over waiting be actually lack of trust? Lord forgive me and help me to wait with righteous longing today.

  • Apetersonx3

    So many times I feel unsettled and discontent with life. Jesus is the only one that can fill us until we are in our true home. Great reminders today!

  • God knew before the beginning of time exactly how long. Love this!

  • Caroline @ In due time

    Such a good and timely word! He had not forgetting! He hears our cries of, “how long”!!!!

  • Kasey Summers

    Made for another world… Eternity set in our hearts… Brought near by the blood of Christ! Just so many beautiful truths to be reminded of today!! So thankful for our Sovereign Lord!!

  • Sarabeth

    Waiting… Is really hard. One area of my life seems to have taken all my longings and rolled them into one. I prayed, pleaded, and cried out so many time. Each time God just seems to say … “Wait.” Of course I really don’t want to wait, I want to stamp my feet and point at others saying “they didn’t wait , why do I have to?” But ultimately it is good, He is Good. His timing is perfect.
    In another area of my life (my job), I was told to wait. It was difficult, and there were several days that were agonizing due to the stress and uncertainty. Then the time came to decide and I did with much prayer. Yesterday during orientation to the job, another person told me about another job that were in the area. She told me how unfairly the employees were being treated and how much strife there is. I am so thankful I waited. That I listened to the tiny tugging in my heart saying “wait”. God is good. And he does have a plan.
    I listened to “Blessings in Disguise” yesterday while the longing became so painful. Trying to sing the words but getting choked up and listening instead. He is Good and merciful. And the longing and waiting will be worthwhile.

    • Sharma W.

      Thank you for your words Sarabeth. They resonated with me at a very deep level. Through your insights, God spoke to me. I am glad that through the midst of the waiting, the limbo, and the in-between we draw that much more closer to Him. And, yes. The waiting will be so worthwhile… and then some :)

  • I don't often read the news or keep up with current events…usually the day to day struggles in my little corner of the world are overwhelming enough for my heart. But there have been several times in the past few weeks and months that it's been impossible to ignore the blatant evil in our world. My only prayer when it feels overwhelming is, "Lord Jesus, come back". Someday He will make it all right. Evil will be destroyed…how I long for that day! In the waiting I trust Him, I do what I can to be a light, but oh how wonderful that day will be!

    • Christy

      Good prayer!!

    • Marcia

      I know how you feel Jess. I’ve been consumed by the Planned Parenthood media attention lately. It has made me so sad that we live in such a broken world. Todays devotion helped me to refocus.

  • So thankful for this reminder this morning! I work at a summer camp and in the last week before heading back to “real life”. I’ve been longing to go back home for awhile, but now I see that God has some great things to do for the kingdom this week here and I am ready to be Jesus to my campers this morning!

    • Becky

      Praying for you as you serve those kids- just give away what He’s given you! I was a camp employee for years and know the weariness of this time of summer well. I am so encouraged that you are staying in the Word, refueling from the best power source ever for an arduous job!!

  • don’t give up: stay awake and ready!

    Oh how I haven’t given up! Staying awake and ready has been difficult for me! Please sisters place me in your prayers that God is first in my life, that my praying time multiply, that I seek God 1st before all. I make Him my center!!! I turn to Him in prayer…more than I turn to my own strengths. Instead of giving into worldly ways…pray that I will ready myself by staying in the Holy ways of God.
    I want to be the wife who protects her husband through prayer…with God’s protection.
    Pray that in the mornings I instantly reach for my bible and phone(to read SRT) instead of looking up irrelevant products or Facebook!
    The Sunday school teacher who prays for the children in her classroom that have hearts and minds of sponges, that I can speak to them and help them turn towards God and away from the “norm” of the world.
    The woman who prays for ones who have and are negative towards her.
    The woman who prays when she feels like being that negative one!
    The woman who prays for the person ( instead of going back and forth with someone)who wants to argue about the littlest of things or always has to get that last word in!
    Help me to sit in my prayer closet for hours oh Lord!
    Thank you SRT

    Let this song be my prayer!
    Lauren Daigle – First (Lyric Video):

    • Rachel

      Amen! Thank you for posting those prayerful words. Also my prayer. Thank you sister!

  • Jesus lives in me- so the Kingdom is here. I am a light in the darkness, because He is he light. I am love, because He is love. Knowing our identity in Jesus gives us authority to be the Kingdom. We must stay focused on Him.

  • Lana Rice

    Great reminder and comforter as to were we belong. Even though we are saved, at times our eyes cause us to allow our heart to attach to worldy things. Before we know it we become discontent overlooking all the blessings we already have.

  • Kelly_Smith

    It can be tempting to feed the longing we have for Home with other things. Some choose rebellion, others religion. We want a place to belong, to feel our brokenness come together. Trying to glue together our cracks with anything other than the Gospel will lead to continued restlessness and longing. Only in Christ can we know the peace and contentment of Kingdom come. I know this in my heart, yet I still fall into the old habit of trying to find home everywhere but in God. It is a struggle that will tangle this traveler's feet until I step onto the Holy Ground in the presence of Jesus.

  • Often times our children long for that toy in the store or a piece of candy. But once it has been received (often purchased to keep them quite) they lose interest or the taste leaves quickly. What we can take away from this is lesson is , our longings do not always result in fulfillment. Things that are acquired quickly lose its value and attractiveness. Therefore, we must desire a relationship with the Lord but we have to know that he wants our desire to last a lifetime. So, we receive according to his will and not our own.

  • Tomorrow, 7/8/15, is not a longing…I am not longing for it to arrive any sooner then it need to…I am not looking forward to it…at all…to be honest I would rather it didn't come, but come it will, and I will have to travel home to say goodbye to my beloved dad……No, tomorrow and the days that follow are not a longing…

    The eager anticipation in days gone by, when tickets were booked, excitement flowing in the veins, clothes packed, unpacked, repacked…Longing, for that day to arrive to fly or travel, that feeling of 'can't wait'.. that feeling of days counting… That longing to be there yesterday….is so far removed from what I am feeling right now…as the psalms say…as far as the east is from the west…And yet, this journey is necessary…

    Daddy is finally home, this I know, and understand…but the sadness and ache I feel for his no longer being here in 'my world' , leaves me feeling lost and scared…and yet…God, God..whilst.I long for more of Him…He is with me…He walks with me in my in between times, my limbo, and while I wait till we meet again in eternity….I have Jesus…God gives me Jesus. ..Thank you Lord God, thank you..

    For now I will, stay 'awake', leaning on my God, holding fast to the One, whose word is a lamp to guide me, and a light for my path, and, who knows….so i prepare for that day, when God's kingdom comes…

    Morning Sisters… Praying God turns His face to shine on you, most favourably….Happy Thursday…x xxx

    For those who have journeyed with me thus far, might I ask for prayer over these next days, a safe journey, that preparation through the week will all fall into place…in peace, wisdom and love…that the Holy Spirit be present in all things, all words, all actions….and for the family, a time of togetherness in this sad time…and finally for the journey back home …. Thank you so much for your words of Love and encouragement throughout this time, Dearests…bless you …xxxx

    • Triciae

      Praying for you Tina! That our Lord God be with you and the Holy Spirit settle on you and give you peace. In Christ’s love, Tricia :)

    • carlybenson

      Praying for you Tina, and for your family, that you know God's peace and comfort and presence with you.
      Isaiah 41:10- "Don't be afraid for I am with you. Don't be discouraged for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand."
      Will continue to pray for you over the coming days. Xxx

    • Kelly_Smith

      Tina, I am praying for you as you travel and spend time with your family during this period of sadness. May you be a reflection of the light of Christ in the middle of this dark time, drawing others to Him.

    • JennyBC

      Praying for safe travels but also for a safe place to rest your heart in the coming days. I always take comfort in knowing that He knows.

    • Annie

      praying peace and comfort to you.

    • Candacejo

      We are all binding together in prayer for you. You are so right, He IS with you, all around you, beneath you, before you and He will carry you through this difficult time. I know the Lord will be present in every room you enter because you will bring Him with you and be a blessing to your entire family. The love of the Lord shines through you! Be blessed and strengthened my far-away friend. ♥ Don't know if you have heard Mercy Me's song, Homesick…pray it brings you comfort if you have time to listen. ♥

    • ~ B ~

      Oh T! I will be very prayerful over you. That you are surrounded by a great peace in these coming days. That you are comforted by those around you and the many stories you may share about your Dad. I know that knowing he's home, doesn't ease the burden of missing him and the chasm that is felt in his absence. I will be praying those moments there is a growing steady, calm to aid in the new awareness. Prayerful that God gift you great visions of your Dad for your heart. Many hugs & prayers to you friend! ~ B

    • Deb Black

      Praying for you and your family. May you find a peace that surpasses all understanding during this difficult season of life. Praying for safe travels for you as well.
      Your sister in Christ, Deb.

    • Brittney

      Praying for you Tina!! So sorry for you loss <3

    • Gayle

      Our Dad leaving us is very hard. I know what you are feeling this day, and I will be praying for you my friend.

    • Jen

      Praying for you, Tina! Yes, lean on your God as you pack, travel, and do all the things that need to be done. I pray for you safe travels and peace and that the plans do all fall into place. You left a very prayerful and kind reply to my post from two days ago and I haven’t forgotten your words. Know that we are all here for you. God be with you,

    • Brooke

      Praying for you and your family, Tina <3 You are such a blessing to this community… thank you for all your words and prayers!

    • Shannon H

      May thenGod of comfort, who knows grief, comfort you dear Tina! Praying for your journey, for your time with family, that it would be sweet, though you mourn.

    • JessHH

      Adding my prayers to the others', Tina. Praying you feel God's presence as your strength during the next several days.

    • Pam

      Praying for you Tina.

    • Debbie

      May God comfort and guide you through this most difficult time. You will be in my thoughts and prayers Tina.

    • Beverly

      Tina, sending you prayers and hugs during this time. Praying for safe travels and words and actions of comfort, wisdom and peace. Your unwavering faith and hope are a beautiful. And He is going with you, will be with you to comfort and continue to fill you with His great love. Praying that in your sadness you find joy and celebrate a well-lived life of your father. Love to you, sweet sister.

    • Christy

      Tina. xxoo

    • Viki

      Praying for you during these difficult days. Pray you feel His Presence. For all the words of encouragement and praise you so willingly give every day to those you know only through the common bond of SRT, I pray that you will find the same today and all the tomorrows that follow.god bless!

    • Lynda

      Praying that you will feel the loving arms of our Heavenly Father, Tina , wrapping you up to comfort you and give you peace

    • Carrie

      I pray for God's peace to cover you the entire journey, Tina. May an awareness of God's overwhelming, relentless love for you continue to grow.

    • mamajonk

      Amen and Amen to all the replies to your post. May you feel the love of Jesus and your sisters as you make this difficult journey. My heart is heavy for you as I too have been down this road. Praying God floods your heart with His peace, comfort and joy in the knowledge that you will see your dad again.

    • sharijune

      Hi Tina, I cried when I read your post. My daddy is in heaven too. I have already started praying for you and I will pray and pray some more.
      Love and Hugs to you, sweet, sweet Tina

    • Jess

      I lost my dad about four months ago and your ache is still fresh in my heart. It happened so quickly and unexpectedly. Though we long for their presence here, what beauty in knowing that they are in the presence of the King! As we wait, stay awake, and be ready, we prepare our hearts to join them someday. What a glorious day to long for! I am praying for you and your family that you will have peace and strength to journey on.

    • churchmouse

      Wherever you are these next few days, God is already there. He has opened the windows, put fresh flowers in the vases, laundered clean sheets and towels and filled the pantry with your favorite foods. He knows you’re coming and He cherishes your arrival. He knows just what you need and He will be right there with you. He is your Provider. Need a shoulder to lean on? He’s right beside you. Go ahead and lean. Need a long loving hug? His arms are open wide. Feel His strength. Need a soft whisper in your ear? He knows exactly what to say. Look, dear Tina. Look and you will see. He is right there,loving you through.

    • MNmomma (heather)

      You and your family are in my prayers dear Tina….love and hugs….

    • Alexis C.

      Prayers for comfort and peace

    • Beth

      The loss of a parent is such a lonely grief. I’m so sorry Tina. When my mom passed away our family held tight to the verse that she had claimed during her illness. “Be not afraid, be not dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” Jeremiah 29:11. I pray that you will feel His presence and peace, trusting that He will carry you through this awful time of grief.

    • Andrea

      Prayers sent for you and your family

      • Aussie Grammie

        Praying for you, dear one, as you travel and as you are reunited with family. Praying that God wraps you in His arms of peace. You already stand strong on His promises and know that He is collecting every one of your tears in a bottle. May this be a time of closure, but also new beginnings for you. As we know Mary "pondered" such moments as this, may you also for YOU are a woman of God, one of His chosen ones and YOU are a source of insight and encouragement and hope to those of us who know you as a sister in Christ through SRT. Bless you!

    • Carol

      My prayers go with you. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit be with you and bring you peace.

    • Liz Carlock

      Lord, be with Tina and her family during this difficult time. Help her hold fast to your peace and find support for all that is ahead. Bring her safely there and home. Amen

    • Reggie

      Tina, I am praying for you.❤️

    • noellemoncrief

      I don't know you, but I commend you on being strong through your hardship and remaining implanted in your faith!

  • carlybenson

    It's hard to wait patiently and confidently, to maintain that "eager hope" but to be willing to wait for God's timing, to trust that he can, and will, make things right, but to have to wait when we just long to see it now. I've wrestled with that a lot over the last 4 years or so, supporting a friend struggling with an eating disorder as I long for her to know that "glorious freedom from death and decay".
    The temptation has been to get impatient, to suppress the longings and lose hope, or to look elsewhere and turn away from God- and I have done all of these things at times. It's not comfortable to sit and wait, but I think the longings can also turn us to God- when we realise that we have these longings because things are not how God ultimately wants them to be or how they ultimately will be. It reminds me of my dependence on him, that I can't sort this out by myself, but that there is hope because of Jesus and that one day things will be restored as God wants them to be.

    • katherine

      Absolutely Carly I agree with you. If we had everything wanted right now and our way we we would not have to trust him for anything and our trust and confidence would be in ourselves. Never seeking Him. It reminds me of a lot of people today who gain fame overnight. Its so sad to know that it won't last long ( I am making a point, I promise :) You gained all you wanted with no development. Intern you will not know how to appreciate it let alone how to keep it.

    • Jen

      Hi Carly, yes the waiting can be hard but how wonderful that you seek God and that

    • Jen

      Sorry Carly, I posted before finishing! How wonderful that you seek God and that the longings motivate you to seek God. Bless you for being a wonderful friend and trusting in God.

    • Danielle A

      I have circumstances in which I have felt just like you! God’s revealed my sin of self sufficiency through my longing for him. Hope comes now when we turn to Him during the in between.

  • katherine

    Good Morning, this mornings reading was a reminder of how even though we long for so many things continue to press forward towards the mark and long for those things he has placed on your heart and seek his Kingdom. Awake and ready ! God bless you all.

  • Alexis C.

    Awake and ready! Yes–each morning when I wash the sleep from my face and see my sticker on the mirror and when drinking my coffee —thank you SRT for morning reminders.
    I also liked CS Lewis’ comment about being of another world. Yes–of the Word not of the World. I will stay in the Word while I prepare to leave this world. Thank you Father for all your blessings.

  • I think part of staying awake is noticing where His kingdom has already come in our lives. God's kingdom has come where ever He is king, so even though we're still awaiting the establishment of His physical kingdom here on Earth, the kingdom is alive in Every heart that trusts in Him. Noticing glimpses of the kingdom doesn't numb the longing. If anything, it intensifies it. But it also sustains us in important ways in the in between.

    • Kelly_Smith

      You really have to be intentional to notice His kingdom now. It seems the shouts of the world, even our own self-talk, can drown out the whispers of the Spirit. When you start to see God at work in the smallest of ways, you see that He is active in our lives right now, right where we are.

      • Danielle A

        love this!

      • Brit H.

        This is so true! At times I can hear the voice of the Spirit loud and clear and other times it seems so difficult to make out His whisperings. It’s a daily struggle to keep ignoring the distractions of this life and stay focused on God. But I can do all things through Christ.

      • Sarita

        there is wisdom in your words, Kelly. Self-talk can only be silenced successfully with Scripture memory (in my life).

    • melindawatters

      Hannah, I really appreciate this added note and reminder. Kelly, I agree it does truly take intention to look for glimpses of His Kingdom in our lives. Oh that I look for His Kingdom in myself and in others.

    • Danielle A

      So true!

    • Sarah Lahoda

      Hannah, thank you for sharing your insights as well. I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • Sherry Kettner


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