This is the Gospel: Day 2

In His Image


Today's Text: Genesis 1:1-31, Psalm 8:1-9

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Atlantic Ocean.

It was the summer after first grade, and we’d gone to the beach over a long weekend. The ocean was the biggest thing I had ever seen, and I felt small and awed all at once.

I remember feeling that way again as a teenager, sitting at the end of a pier on Lake Michigan late one summer evening. I stared out at the sky, counting stars and remaining still and quiet long enough to take in the enormity of the expanse above me.

And finally in adulthood, with my forehead pressed against the cool plastic of the airplane window, I watched from a bird’s-eye view as the mountains, canyons and deserts of the western states passed slowly beneath me. It was almost too marvelous to be real. I felt small, I felt awed—these were impressive moments.

But none of these—not the ocean, not the sky, not the snow-capped mountains or the God-carved gorges—bear the image of the Creator Himself. Indeed, the Bible tells us “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1) and the rocks will cry out to praise Him if we will not (Luke 19:40). But that’s the thing: we get first dibs. When God created the world, He saved the best for last.

There is so much to say and study about what being made in God’s image means, but foremost for us today is this:

Being an image-bearer is our greatest calling.

It’s a call to an ever-deeper relationship with our Creator. As humans, we have the unique capacity to know God and to have relationship with Him. (And do not be mistaken, every man and every woman has some kind of relationship with God.)

It’s a calling to see worth, value, and dignity in every human, no matter how sinful or distorted or far from God. To devalue any human being—even yourself— is to deny her intrinsic worth as an image-bearer of the Creator.

It’s a call to reflect Him. Mankind has the unique capacity to reflect God like nothing else in all creation. Though our sin defaces us, we were originally created to see God Himself in each other. We are called daily to our God-reflecting potential.

It’s a call to accountability to the One whose image we bear. God gave both man and animals the task of being fruitful and multiplying, but He charged man with dominion over every living thing and gave them a law to obey (Genesis 1:28, Genesis 2:16-17, Psalm 8:6-8).

As we will learn tomorrow when our original glory is diminished by original sin, being an image bearer is a call back to humanness in its purest form. God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness,” and His creation was complete and good (Genesis 1:26, 31). In a sense, these same words are spoken over us every day of our lives because of who we are in Christ. We are “being renewed in knowledge according to the image of [our] Creator,” day by day (Colossians 3:9-10).

This is what salvation is. God is making us ever new, ever more complete—today, on this 4th day of August, just like He did on the sixth day of creation. He is restoring His likeness in us.

He is making us a new creation!


  • Amanda Elvy

    This gave me chills and was so great to read the day after MLK day. To look down on someone based on the color of their skin is so hurtful to God. He made humans in HIS image! Even someone with a mutation looks exactly how God wanted them to look. We must find beauty in humans the way we do in mountains and oceans.

  • Sheila Busch

    Beautiful calling, to be like God!

  • Kendra Schmidt

    I find it so hard to believe something that I cannot understand, but being the daughter of the God Who knows all things is definitely better than knowing/understanding those things and ideas personally. I know that I am in good hands! Praise God! My Father!

  • Amanda Nicole

    Wow, what a responsibility! What an honor. This is something I hardly think about. We are made in His image, and we are called to reflect His character. So beautiful.

  • Elizabeth

    loved this

  • I’m always in awe whenever I travel new somewhere. I look outside the window and think how beautiful it is and how beautiful God made the earth. Each and everything on this earth has a purpose from ants to big elephants. Being created in his image is hard for me because I sin and I sin a lot. I don’t feel like I am worthy or even was created in his image but I know I was and I know God loves me but it’s something I have to work on with him, coming to terms with sin. This earth is full of it but Jesus came and made our souls pure for it.

  • Creation and re-creation. Maybe this is why play is so good for our souls; because we can join our Creator in recreation, living out part of His image in us.

  • He makes us new every morning. We get the opportunity every day to be His light – what a beautiful gift!

  • “Oh to be like You, give all I have just to know You. Jesus there’s no one besides You.”

  • We get first dibs! Beautiful. Love it!

  • I just pray that I will do a better job of serving in His image, that I will seek to bring glory to Him and not look to receive glory from this world. Today may I remember that we are ALL in His image . His grace be yours.

  • I have to question myself…. Is my outward image reflecting God, I think sometimes I keep God hidden away….This was truly eye opening for me!

  • “We get first dibs” is what stuck out to me! LOVE THAT!

  • I loved reading the creation story with new eyes this morning! Feeling so loved by God and awed by the responsibility given to us to love others as we have been created in His image.

  • A calling to see worth, value and dignity in every human being. When I read this, I thought wow! In some ways that seems easy and in some ways very difficult. Especially when I know I often do not see the worth in myself. I feel like, challenge accepted! :) ♡

  • Epiphany Smith

    To devalue others is to deny their reflection or image of Christ. Great words. :)

  • Beautiful. We are intended to be a picture of Him, but He knows we cannot with out him. He makes us new every morning and has never stoped being the creator of our hearts.

  • Isabella Grace

    this is beautiful

  • I’ve never thought of it in that way: that I am called to be His image-bearer. What a great, new perspective that I want to live up to

  • We were just learning about this stuff at my church the past week! Such a wonderful reminder ❤

  • What TRUTH! In college, we had “Insta-Mass” (before Instagram existed! We were trailblazers.), which was weekday Mass in the dorms every Wednesday night. One night our campus minister gave a homily instead of our priest. In his homily he challenged us: “I challenge you to see a piece of Jesus Christ in every single person you meet.” Woah. It’s hard to do! But it makes so much sense to do so since WE are image-bearers of CHRIST! Because we are made in His image it should be our greatest pleasure to see Him in one another.

    • Chris S

      Thank you for that challenge. I also wonder how much or how little of Jesus I show the world too.

  • word candy

    Thank you for sharing that Marley…just beautiful!

  • We are His masterpieces. His beautifully broken and hopefully saved masterpieces. We break and crumble over and over again. Any other sculptor, any other artist would count his loses and go. Not Him. Because He sees what we could be, what we were created to be-and that’s simply too precious to give up on.

  • Caitlyn

    Living in the Adirondacks of NY, I get a beautiful view of Gods creation wherever I go. Majority of the time now, I drive right by it not even looking twice, because I’m so used to the scenery. But when I do get that good look, like on a beautiful fall day with all the pretty colors, I get that reminder that God created all of it. But yet, just like that post said, WE are that ones that are created in His image. Just mind blowing.

  • I remember going to a camp in the mountains for three days it was o fun,but one night the counsellors took me and other campers to the peak of a mountain at midnight. Pitch black. But when I looked into the sky I saw the stars covering the whole sky the Milky Way across stretching across the stars and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I felt gods presence that night and it was awesome!!!

  • Always reflect the lord and praise his works as you’d praise him.

  • Katherine Elena

    God created it all; He spoke everything in to existence and motion. This is our God. He is the one who can command existence INTO existence, and call forth something out of nothing. Powerful and mighty are weak words in comparison to His immeasurable strength. And He is our Sovereign King, our God. He Himself is glorious….yet He poured His glory into us when He built us out of the the earth (His own creation). I have recently been struggling with the idea of “glorifying God” and trying to understand how that can even be when I am so wretched, arrogant, broken, and unseeing. But to remember this—He is glorified in His creation (me) because He made me after His own reflection—oh my God, how can I say that you are not glorified? I fail, I know, to BRING Him glory, which is good because He doesn’t ask me to do that. Jesus said to GIVE glory to God, give Him what He already has, give Him what is already His…render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, give unto God what is God’s. He has shown me His glory in the face of Jesus Christ, and through the blood of my Brother, Savior, and Prince of Peace, I come to glorify Him in image AND in heart, soul, mind, and strength. Praise the Living God, the King of Glory! May He ever come into the gates of our hearts as we lift up our heads and enter His gates with thanksgiving!!!!

  • I love the image bearer part being our greatest calling. I had never looked at it that way.

  • Whitney

    I really enjoyed reading about how not only was I created in Gods image but every human was. It’s not my job to be judgmental or to put other people down because they are created the same way I was. “It’s a calling to see worth, value, and dignity in every human, no matter how sinful or distorted or far from God. To devalue any human being—even yourself— is to deny her intrinsic worth as an image-bearer of the Creator.”

    This part of the reading has just really stuck with me!

  • I was literally just talking to God about how my responsibility here on earth is to reflect Jesus. What an amazing feeling to be confirmed in your prayers and to know God is listening.

  • Danielle

    Youversion’s verse of the day resonates SO MUCH with me after reading this–“So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.”
    ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭3:18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    His perfect timing in the little details of my life amazes me time and time again.

  • Rachel Coget

    So basically we are all amaze balls and we should strive to be more amaze balls like Jesus. I love it!

  • This is a great reminder that as we are created in God’s image, we need to be more conscious of how we treat others. Too often, I judge, or act quickly without thinking first.. I need to make an effort to reflect Him.
    Thankful that He renews us everyday.

  • It is so easy to look at a mountain and say “wow God you are beautiful” but I should look at people and say that

  • I’ve always look at myself and thought “how am I created in the image of God?” I’m so used to seeing my flaws and faults. I’m just glad that God doesn’t see me that way. Knowing the time and effort that he put into creating the world, I should be sure that he put time and effort into creating man in his image. It’s living it out that is the challenge for us, and it’s a challenge in willing to take on.

  • TSBoynton

    Day 2 This is the Gospel

    What does this teach me about God?

    God is infinitely powerful, creative, thoughtful as we witness Him going about creating the universe. Interesting that as vast and majestic and beautiful is that universe with its untold stars and far-flung galaxies, it is simply the background of the painting, the backdrop of the Artist’s real intention, the Creator’s true focus. The object that captivates Him and draws Him to create is Earth with its teeming life, but even that is merely the cradle of His affection. It is Man, male and female that is the reason for His creative work. Into Man He poured Himself and made male and female in His image.

    What does this teach me about man?
    As His image-bearers we are more than the masterpiece of the Great Artist. We are the children of Almighty, All-Creative and All-Knowing-and-Wise God. He is our Good Dad and we bear a family resemblance to Him, So what we see in Him, we want to imitate. What He does, we want to do. Where He goes, we want to tag along. And what He tells us to do, we want to pay attention to and then do what He says. And right from the start, our Dad, the Great King, called us to fill the Earth and rule in His name with His authority. This filling the Earth and ruling it with His authority is about one thing (love) expressed in two dimensions: filling the Earth with His glory and blessing all the nations of the Earth. It’s declaring all that God is to all that He has made. It’s filling the Earth with praise for the Creator and love for our Father. It’s bringing His image into brokenness, His influence into darkness and His authority into places where chaos and confusion run rampant. It’s finding and restoring God’s wayward children–that’s the blessing we bear. Jesus is the blessing the Father promised and gave. He restores the true and untarnished image of God in us, and brings us back to the Father. He is the blessing the world needs. So we fill the Earth with His glory and we bear the blessing to the ends of the Earth so that through Christ, everything is redeemed and presented back to the Father as a precious love-gift from His eternal Son.

    How will I respond?
    Embrace who God is: He is the Creator of everything and therefore owns and has the right to rule over everything. He is my Creator and My King so my life is His and I will live for Him. He is also my Father so all I do, I want it to be out of love for Him. I want to more fully bear His image wherever I go and bless people by bringing them the good news of Jesus. I want the freshness and the fragrance and the beauty of God to invade the places I go so that people fall in love with Him too.

    Embrace who I am in Christ: I am God’s work of art, His masterpiece, His image.bearer. I am His beloved child and I get to hang out with Daddy and the more I do, the more I look like Him, talk like Him, feel, think and act like Him. As the heir of the King, I am infinitely wealthy and need not worry as I am about my Father’s business which is bringing His glory wherever I tread, blessing people by inviting them into this abundant life with Jesus, and bringing God’s Kingdom rule where it is not recognized.

    How will I pray?
    Your creation, what little I can see of it, takes my breath away. That you have given me five senses to take it in fills me with gratitude and wonder: to see billowy white clouds framed against a brilliantly blue sky; the varied shades of green in tree, bush and grass; the scattering of countless stars like diamonds upon black velvet, the glint of sun off snow covered peaks; to hear the roar of waves crashing against a rugged shore; the song of the chickadee; the rustle of leaves by a gentle breeze; the rolling of thunder: the laughter of children; to smell the damp earth a after freshly fallen rain; the faint scent of rosemary as I brush against it in my garden, or the strong scent of grated lemon peel as Tracey bakes; to feel the warmth of a crackling fire on a cold winter night or the cooling ocean breeze on a hot summer day; a baby’s soft skin, the brush of my wife’s lips upon mine, the crunch of a crisp apple, or the smoothness of water; to taste salty and sweet, subtle and savory. All that You made, You made for Your glory, but you also made it all to share with us. In this, You share Yourself with us and You brought that home when You gave us Your Son. If You did not withhold Your own Son from us but gave Him freely and completely to us, how much more will You give us all things! Father, You are so good to me. How can I withhold anything from You? By Your Spirit, help me to give You my all even as I learn to give you all of me. I want to be a part of filling this Earth wth Your glory and I want everyone to fall in love with Your Son, Jesus.

  • Janna Laubscher

    I love the reminder that others are image bearers too. Even our enemies. I think we can become so haughty and think “Wow how amazing is it that I am an image bearer!!” But then we turn our nose up at others, we judge, we gossip, we hurt other image bearers!

  • Maddie Mayer

    this is so important to everyone to know that he created us with a purpose and knew that we ARE good!!

  • So that we may be good image-bearers… of the earth…walk with me…. Amen

  • Ella DeMore

    Being called to see God Himself in each other is such a powerful statement.

  • Felicity

    Wow, that was amazing. It was good to here this again with fresh eyes:)

  • Love this!

  • It is so easy to forget that we were made specifically to reflect and glorify God, since we were made in his image. It is so easy to go about our daily lives trying to reach our own short-sighted goals and deny ourselves the full potential of the life God intended. Thank you God for still remaining faithful to us even when we forget you!

  • This is a good reminder to love everyone, no matter how they hurt you. It is important to find a way to pray for them & then this in itself helps you to let go and return to light.

  • Haley Flowe

    This just reminds me to never judge each other or be disappointed or in other words be embarrassed of yourself because God created all of us for a reason! Always trust god because he knows what best & in store for us! NEVER DOUBT OR JUDGE ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE & AND BE KIND, AS GOD WOULD DO TO YOU!

  • It is so wonderful to realize we are made in His image. I know sometimes we all can get caught up by jealousy and wanting to look a different way. But girls. We are ALL beautiful in our own way. God did such a fantastic job making everyone unique. It blows my mind. I pray everyone realizes this and continues to show Christ to everyone they meet!

  • It is such a great reminder, that although we have accepted Christ in our hearts, there is still so much work to be done in us and through him! My prayer is that we will each flood our minds with the word He so desperately wants us to seek, so that we can be forever changed and walk more like Him and more in His image than we did the day before. What a gift!

  • Amen❤️

  • 27 So God created man in his own image,
    in the image of God he created him;
    male and female he created them.

  • Erin Casey

    Being an image bearer of the Lord is our greatest calling. Wow. It’s something I know but can let other things take importance. God made us in HIS image to reflect who he is! What a gift that is

    is to be able to show His glory to others.oftcForfo

  • Renee K.

    To be a bearer of God image — what a responsibility we hold. What an honor we have to wear that badge. I feel as if humanity forgets how valuable we are to our Savior. We should hold ourselves to a high standard and value the grace and mercy we receive everyday from God. On that same note, strive to provide others who were build as we were with grace and mercy. What a great plan so far!

  • Maya Wuertz

    sometimes I think I tend to forget that I have been made in God’s image and that I have been made perfect and flawless in his image. He could’ve chosen anything else in the whole earth to have dominion over everything else and to be created in his image, but he chose us. He chose humans. I would rather be what God created me to be rather than the most glorious thing on this whole earth, because to have been thought about, and then created in his image is the most amazing gift I will ever be given.

  • Isabella

    “Being an image-bearer is our greatest call” I believe this is one of the most important things I need to be working on but I do think this is very true! I also need to appreciate everything God created including myself. I know this plan will be very good for me.

  • “To devalue any human being—even yourself— is to deny her intrinsic worth as an image-bearer of the Creator.” This line did it for me. With all the race relations and social injustice that’s occurring now, this brings us full circle to the truth.

  • Denae Andrea

    Bearing his image and reflecting him is a calling I need to work on and strive for but I’m ready for it! I feel like this plan is exactly what I needed in my life right now and it feels so good to be filled with the word I need!

  • In the image of God he created me! I get to much peace and confidence in that. No matter how lost or abandoned I feel that I am created in his image. That’s alllll I could ever ask for! God is so good ❤️

  • Feeling the love

  • This was much needed.

  • On Thursday, I moved to Colorado Springs, CO. It is amazing to see the mountains every day! They are so beautiful and they are a constant reminder of how great and beautiful God is. I am so thankful for the privilege we’ve been given to have an intimate relationship with the one who created them.

  • The cost of sin is allowing God’s light to dim. The more we choose him over our sin, the more we will shine for him and the rest of creation.

    • Lyndsey

      Yes! Love this :) the more we choose him the more we make Satan our footstool

  • “Being an image-bearer is our greatest calling.” How true! I have been struggling to find my life calling over the past couple years and this is a great reminder to follow in the Almighty’s footsteps. In order to find my calling, I need to draw closer to Him.

    • Julie

      Someone told me once that we shouldn’t seek God’s will but should seek God. I think that’s a truth – the closer we are to Him, the more our wills and desires will be in alignment with his.

  • I loved this! it made me think about how I felt when I went on a missions trip to Montana. The mountains of glacier national park were the most incredible part of God’s creation I have experienced in my life so far. Being thousands of feet up and still not being at the top. Just how HUGE God is to fit the whole world in his hands is infallible.

  • I feel so blessed that God created some of my favorite places and I can admire my father’s artwork in the things/places I enjoy most.

  • That is so true. We need to live up to the standards and expectations that God has created us in!

  • Tessa Marie

    I’m so humbled by the honor of reflecting God to others. This meditation has given me quite a bit to think about today. We have a responsibility to love everyone because they have the image of God just by being human. I always let the “sin that defaces us” define how I approach and talk to others, especially if they do not profess to know Christ. But praise be to God that I am in Christ and renewed day by day to understand and live out the callings he has given me. He is good. Thank you, God, for pouring out grace.

  • Jennifer

    This was fabulous. I assumed that unredeemed people didn’t have a relations with God, and they don’t have one like we do, but they have one. It’s one of a person who knows God exists but doesn’t have the hope and freedom of running to him and knowing he will answer. How sad. I never thought about that hopelessness and sad relationship.

    • Jennifer

      Jennifer, I had the exact same thoughts when reading today’s passage! Thanks for sharing your post.

  • I really need to listen to this passage. Haven’t been treating myself like I am one of Gods daughters lately

  • Agyzabelle

    I’m sorry if this doesn’t really have to do with anything But what bible version do they use when they cite God’s word?

  • Stephanie

    Knowing this really does hold us to a higher standard. It makes us more accountable for our thoughts and actions because we want to honour God and His image. I agree this is a great privilege, and with such a privilege comes great responsibility. I can’t do it on my own, but with Gods help He can teach us how to reflect His love to a dying world.

  • Stephanie

    1Co 6:19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

  • Carla West

    Oh my goodness. I needed this word this morning. I had a big fight yesterday and am ashamed of how much I lost my temper. This then becomes me condemning myself because I think I should be able to control my temper better. And there God is, in the middle of it all, making all things new. He is making me new, each day, in His image. I just never thought of the continuity of his work. My western brain wants to “finish tasks” and go on to the next thing. I’m thankful for this beautiful devotional and for God’s willingness to restore his likeness in us.

  • We were made in his image, and should follow him and live by him. I think if the world could honor this we will live peacefully, and stop all the hurt in this world

  • Amazing!

  • ‘mankind had the capacity to reflect God like nothing else in all creation.’ – loved that..really made me think and reconsider why we were made in His image.

  • I read this days after the terror attacks in Paris and in light of this, how we should respond to jihadists changes radically. They too are image bearers of God. Their sin is right in everyone’s faces and affects most everyone in the world, so much more than most of ours does, but they are image bearers who have been blinded by Satan. Let’s pray for our enemies for they too are precious and God wants them to turn to Him also. In a similar way to Saul becoming Paul, I pray Lord for a complete change of heart and u-turn in these terrorists’ lives. They are in need of a saviour, just as we all are. Reveal yourself to them and bring about repentance I pray.

    • Cathryn

      I completely agree with this! Thanks for bringing this thought to the discussion! Amen to your prayer!

  • Amen!!!

  • Rebeckah

    We are His children, He is our Father (our good, good Father). When we act outside of that it is not who we really are and when others act outside of that it is not who they really are. Lord Jesus, help us all to step in to who we really are!

  • I love how Christianity forces us to change how we look at people. We must remember that each and every human being was created in God’s image. He knows us all intimately. He knit us together in the womb and before the foundations of the earth He knew us, every one. I love that. That because of Him, the work of His Son, and the Holy Spirit we have infinite value. He tirelessly seeks to make us His own. To quote Saint Augustine, “Our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in You.”

  • Merianne Jackson


  • Same

  • Courtney

    Let everything I do, everything I say, everything I touch, reflect God. Let people see God in me!

  • Christie

    I’ve never heard salvation stated so simply and clearly. “This is what salvation is…He is restoring His likeness in us”. Of course He is! We are separated from Him by sin, but in Jesus we are renewed, restored. Thank you SRT!

  • To reflect on who we are; we are & were created as his image. Such a blessing!

  • It’s really easy to skim over the whole sin part of the bible, but it’s true! We don’t like being reminded that we are imperfect, but that’s what makes God so amazing. He is perfect for us and tells us we are beautiful even though we have many imperfections.

  • So blessed to be created in His image! It’s only my 2nd day and I’m already so happy I chose to be apart of, “She Reads Truth”!!

  • Judi Robinson

    Such awesome truth! Thanking the Lord today for His word. I’m also thanking Him for you ladies who are following His leading and preparing these studies. You are a blessing! Thank you!!

  • Delanie Dignan

    This devotional has inspired me to start my own faith blog and I just love all of the messages that I have been hearing. Such a wonderful devo!

  • Loved this!

  • Kishani Banks

    This is the best decision I have ever made to be apart of She Reads Truth! So refreshing an enlightening

  • It’s often hard to imagine through all the sins and detours I’ve made in life that God still loves and admires me regardless of past faults. He’s a pretty awesome God.

  • Hey I’m new to she reads truth and I can not wait to get more in depth with God and have more people to talk about his word! :)

  • A beautiful reminder to seek God’s love in everybody. & what a beautiful world we get to live in by His creation.

  • Kesha Kikaya

    Amen! God saved the best for last! He made us so we can reflect his goodness and his love to all people!

  • What a wonderful thing to be created in His image! This devotion reminded me that I am glorious, just like all others, because I was created in His image. It also reminded me that since I was created in such a wonderful image, I am to walk and live my life in such a way not to tarnish this image, but to show it and enlighten those around me. Amen!!

  • I have a huge love for sunsets. Every evening in reminded by God’s beautiful painting of all that he’s created. But somehow I always manage to glance over that we are His creations as well. It’s overwhelming!

    • Rachel Williford

      Yes it is hard to remember that we are also full of his glory and love as long as we follow in his word. his love can be overwhelming

  • As I sit back and reflect over those passages, I can’t help but be in awe of His glory. When the scripture talks about the stars, how He placed them in their unique spots and knows them by name- how marvelous is the God we serve. How incredible to read that and then look at us, He knows every single one of us. As I think more on this, I think about Christ’s unconditional love for us. Christ gave His son to die for OUR sins. How incredible that our God loves us that much. Great devotion today!

  • Amen!!

  • Gabrielle Doraisamy

    What a great reminder to try to always see people as a creation of God.

  • Right to the heart. Amen.

  • Anna Trofimchuk

    We dont need to make up an image – we have to honor the one God gave us.

  • What a great reminder that we have a call to reflect God! One way to reflect God is to show respect and dignity to each person from those who are lovable to the unloveable. God didn’t call us to himself, send His son to save us, for us to pick and choose and deem who is worthy of His love. All were created in His image! Great reminder!!

  • Elizabeth Pickens


  • love this one. :)

  • Justine R

    I love the line, “To devalue any human being- even yourself- is to deny their intrinsic worth as an image-bearer of the Creator.” I lead a high school youthgroup and see all the time how much the devalue themselves especially. It’s so sad because they are all such fantastic kids.

    • Chgodrmr

      Justine- I’m not a youth in fact I’m an old lady! (6 years young and an amazing woman, friend, sponsor, Jesus loving , God fearing woman last night shared with me from the depths of her heart how it hurts her when I put myself down (she stated I do it constantly and gave me the reason why she thinks it happens but that’s for another day). She was trying to help me see treating myself like past “abusers” was doing the same thing they had done. She desires so strongly for me to be free in the HS to realize I have value and worth and I’m someone God created with a purpose. Love those teens. Some might just be having normal teen awkwardness self image issues but others. Well you never ever know what someone currently endures day in and day out unless you live with them. Not the preachers kids, not the deacons or the elders, or children’s minister or … You get the picture. Someone(s) from somewhere are or have crippled the hope of some of those precious teens from experiencing any positive self worth or self esteem. Kudos to you! If it weren’t for people from my church taking an interest in me I honestly believe I’d be dead at my own hands by now. They might not ever say a word but they are soaking up every oz of love you give them.

  • Julie Makley

    I love this quote “Being an image-bearer is our greatest calling” it really puts things I perspective and it’s a good thing to remember when our problems seem so huge

  • Caleigh Rebecca

    I love how you say he saved the best for last and how we received first dibs. It warms my heart to know that the God that created all the beautiful things of the earth, thought about me and formed me in HIS OWN likeness. No other influence but how HE thought I should look and be. I’m perfect the way I am because of him, and that’s enough for me. I loved this devotion, thank you so much for writing it.

  • I feel so lucky to be a child of God

  • That I am a walking, talking, living, breathing, creating act of Creation is a great gift. That I am in His image despite my experience is an act of mercy. That He loves, covers me and still offers and grants salvation a gorgeous act of Grace. Thank you for the reminders.

  • Victoria

    Thankful to made in the image of the great and good God! I needed to be reminded of who I was and what I’m needing to do every day, in light of that knowledge. What a way to have things drop into perspective!

  • Psalm 8:3-4
    When I consider your heavens,
    the work of your fingers,
    the moon and the stars,
    which you have set in place,
    what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
    human beings that you care for them?

    Thinking about the beauty in Gods creation that are the literal work of His hands amazes me! And to know that He – such an amazing, powerful God – cares so much for us and loves us like He does totally blows my mind. Love these verses!!

  • I teared up reading this because it’s so powerful and such an honor to be made in the image of God

  • Stephanie

    I tend to dwell on things that are not going right in my life. What a great reminder that I am what and who He intends me to be. I am His image!

  • What an amazing grace-filled moment every time I am reminded that He created me and calls me His. I am His creation and I am His image.

  • After many failed attempts, I am returning to daily scripture reading and am so thankful to have discovered this app :-) I love today’s verses from 1 Corinthians and was delighted that God chose for me to read them again today. I really want to begin a wonderful, life-giving journey with Him!

  • I love this. God is so amazing!

  • So thankful for God’s creation. I can see his beauty everywhere . The coolest thing I have ever experienced was on a mission trip we drove up a huge hill in South Dakota and it overlooked the rivers meeting and rolling hills and we just watched the amazing sunset and enjoyed each other’s presence. God’s so very good and i just want to live my life for him.

  • Thankful for this app :)

  • Aysha Drakeford

    Yes! We are the image bearer for all mankind not just our children , but all living creatures.

  • Lisa Preston

    Loved this

  • I heard this right when I needed it. I love the Lord’s divine timing.

  • I think this is a fresh perspective on these verses and a great thing to learn. He is restoring daily and Lord knows I need it.

  • It blows my mind to think of it this way-we get dibs on praising God, we get dibs on His image, and we get dibs on His new mercies everyday… Wow

  • Thank you for this!

  • So grateful and touched by the Lords beautiful creations. God is good!!

  • Being myself covered in Christ’s blood is what He calls me to be! Not perfect, but covered in grace and love!! Thank you :)

  • Taylor Kelley

    I definitely needed to read this today! I constantly complain about myself. But who am I to criticize God’s creation? He loved me enough to make me in His own image. That’s AMAZING.

  • Yana Vasilenko

    Just thinking about how He made us the most special part of His creation. How of all the stunning different parts of nature you and I are His greatest creation makes me think about how I shouldn’t have bad self esteem. Humans bear the likeliness of God yet when you look down on yourself you are almost looking down on God as well.

  • Elizabeth Marie

    thinking about all that he’s done for us. and how he has made us great and how we are perfect in his eyes.. great full for all his creations.

  • When I think about all that God has done, all the marvelous and unbelievable things I am awed by the fact that I was The most special out of all of His creations. Who am I that God is mindful of me? I thank you Lord for your love and kindness towards me. You owe me nothing yet you give me everything. Lord I cheerfully give you my life. Blessed be you Holy name Jesus!!!!!

  • May I experience this same wonder as I look in the mirror and realize I too am a part of that creation, the cap of it on fact!

  • How awesome is this, to be the very mirror image of Christ to all those our lives touch daily!! Please Lord don’t leave me as I am but make me to be you with skin on every moment of my day and life.

    Check out this video image of Genesis 1:27 — so cool!

  • Nina Locatell

    That was amazing!

  • I love the fact that out of all the beauty in Creation, nothing bears the image of the Creator Himself other than humans. This amazes me. I tend to enjoy solitude and the beauty of nature more than the company of others, and I know that lately God has been calling me to become more involved and grow in my love for the people around me. Thank you for sharing this message :)

  • This is definitely something I struggle with. I care way too much of people opinions of me and sometimes stray from what I believe in order to be liked. I know that I’m stronger then that. It is hard though. Haha I feel like a teenager again sometimes just wanting people to like me. Prayers of encouragement would be much appreciated

    • Emily Paulus

      Lexy, I often feel the same way! Don’t feel alone in this… Especially when conforming to others generally appears to work in our favor, I am comforted to know that the Lord never hesitates to show us who He is and draw us back to him. Thank you for sharing this and helping me realize how much I want to prioritize God’s image! Prayers to you, girl :)

  • It was a good reminder that “all have sinned.” No one is exempt from that fact. Sometimes we may look at someone and think they are perfect. Well, the Bible clearly states they are not. I’m thankful for my imperfections because in those I can allow God to shine.

  • At the beginning of verse 28 we see that the first thing God did for man was bless him. As believers we must remember that God(our creator himself) knew what we would need to walk in the dominion he gave us. We needed his blessing. In whatever season God is calling you to, whatever “creation” He is calling you to, make sure you first have his blessing. Like a groom asks a father for his blessing to marry his daughter seek God for approval to being committed to something new.

  • Deon Wilkins

    Talking about how we are made in Gods image really hits home. For a while I struggled with body image, and remembering that I am made carefully in the Lords image and likeness, tells me my body is not my own, and I should be treating it with sooo much love and care, because I am a work of the creator himself.

  • Haley Campbell

    It made me remember how God has created everything and how magnificent that is. The part of image bearing is a good reminder to look at who a person is and not what they look like.

  • Jessica Cain

    So good! The image bearer part I wrote down in my devotional book!

  • What a great reminder! I really struggle with comparing myself to other women and mothers within my church. So glad to be reminded of the truth that we are all image barriers of Christ, and he has made each and everyone of us unique!

  • I liked the part about our purpose being an image bearer of God! So true!

  • Haley Deeds

    I love the reminder that we are all equal in God’s sight and He loves us more than all he created

  • I love that passage from Psalms. Had tears rimmed to my eyes as I reflected on the truth that the same Creator who formed the stars in the skies, set motion into the vast ocean, sees me and finds me more precious.

  • Laura Byerly

    This was a great reminder! Especially as I am heading off to college in a few weeks. Can wait to see what the Lord has in store for me!

  • Gabi Rosellini

    This is awesome! So eyeopening

    • Mary Ann Deeds

      So good to be reminded that we are made in God’s image!! Many times we see ourselves as something less. We look at ourselves with all our flaws, shortcomings, and we even comparing ourselves to others. All the while forgetting that He made us in His likeness. I sure hope I can make Him proud as I reflect Him in my life.

  • Tamara Blatny

    I’m encouraging my girlfriends by telling them they are image-bearers.

  • These are such good truths to be reminded of. I’m not what I am to the world- I’m an image-bearer of the Almighty God!

  • Desiree Thompson

    Beautifully written.

  • LindsayA

    Grateful for this text today and the small nugget of reminder that we are given dominion over all living things. We had to let go of our dog yesterday and our hearts are heavy. Thankful for the reminder that we are responsible for their living and their dying.

  • Ashlyn Sisco

    I’m Ashlyn, and I’m 12. I’ve always had a very hard time with self-esteem. I always thought I was too ugly, too fat, too everything. There was a time in my life a gave up on God because of I’m created in his image why would he make me fat or ugly. Last year I realized I’m not fat or ugly, I’m just different, everyone is. I still have a very hard time with self-esteem though, so if anyone has any advice I would be happy to hear it.

    • Avery

      Read God’s Word, pray about it, praise Him in all things, and grow in a relationship with Him. Make an effort to have a strong relationship with Him. We are created in His image, but we are not His equal because sin defaces us. He still loves you!! Looks and popularity do not matter, but fearing God does. If you love Him and live a life for Him, it will transform your heart, and your face will shine with His light. People will see you for the joy, patience, kindness, and hope you have. You do not need approval from any other human on earth because you already have God’s approval. He really loves you. :)

    • Dani

      Ashlyn, take a moment to think about your favorite flower, animal or even person. God created that! Just like He created you. Everything He makes is beautiful. Whenever I am struggling with self esteem I remind myself that God does not make junk. He has a plan for me that is far greater than I could ever imagine. I encourage you to remind yourself of the same everyday. You are treasured in Gods eyes.

  • Very interesting I have never given much thought to what it means to be an image bearer before

  • Love this!

  • Antimony

    “And do not be mistaken, every man and every woman has some kind of relationship with God”. Either friend of God … Or enemy of God. There really isn’t a third option, is there? You can’t really live in the absence of God ..,

  • We bear His image…. That’s enough to give us all self worth. Thank you Father

  • For some reason, instead of being silent and in awe I tend to feel small and overwhelmed with mystery. My prayer today is for peace in knowing that God already has everything taken care of. That I can take in His beauty and see His work and details with appreciation and awe. I loved going back to read Genesis; to see the reason we need to stay accountable to God.. being made in His image is a true gift.

  • Cristy Marshall

    This devotion resonated with me this morning – to say that sin is when we think that we can get something for ourselves faster or in a better way than God – it makes it so clear. Oftentimes, you might feel like something is a “little sin,” but if you think of it as putting yourself before God, it puts the weight of it in a more clear light.

  • I needed to hear these comments here today. For me this has been an answer to prayer as I have felt a real disconnect lately in my spirit. I'm glad that I found SRT and it wasn't by coincidence, I'm sure of that. God is amazing! He puts people in your path when you need someone to lift your spirit and He knows exactly what you need. I have come to realize that I'm here for a purpose and God's got a bigger plan for my life. I am grateful and thankful that He loves me so very much. I am amazed at His handiwork and even today as I was praising and worshipping Him in my car driving home, I was drawn to look up at the beautiful sky to see His glory all around me. And then to come on here tonight and to be a part of this wonderful site. God you are amazing! Thank you again for lifting me up to that place where I am drawn into your presence and reminded once again of how wonderfully made we are in Christ Jesus!

  • Society has made image something to be scrutinized, perfected, ashamed, and picked apart- not something to be loved, accepted and proud of. I think rebelling against society’s views of image is a way of saying “God, I see You. I accept Your gift to me. I will honor it and take care of it and love it when others (or myself) tell me not to.” My image was made to reflect His love and do His work, not to be judged be earthly expectations.

    • Mary Jo


    • Val

      What a beautiful answer to the distorted voices telling us we have to be this or that to be loved and accepted. All we have to be is God’s.

  • I love how she broke down what an image bearer truly means. The greatest calling, I like that

  • What a great call, to be an image bearer. Such a difference of accountability. Reflecting the Lord. Thank you for this thought.

  • This is just amazing!! This is the first time in a while that I read the first chapter of Genesis since like 2nd grade so I was just in awe of how amazing God is!!!

  • I love that he is constantly at work in me!

  • Christine

    How powerful to know God created us in His perfect image. We are blessed!

  • What an amazing though!!! I live in the mountains. I just got back from a trip to Maine! I see God’s handiwork in nature everyday but it can’t compare to his people!! Such a blessing and honor that we should all respect more
    Also, what a great argument to use for the protection of the unborn! If we can work to save a tree, let’s wrk doubly hard to save a life!

  • Liz Carlock

    What an awesome responsibility to bear the image of my Lord. May I be a right reflection of His love for me.

  • Create in me a clean heart.

  • Wow so blessed to have come across this app and this reading plan because this exactly what I will be preaching about this weekend at a youth service. What a confirmation.

  • Ana Pryor

    I am so quick to ignore the God in others and only see the human. There is dignity and value in every one because He placed it there in His image. I pray to remember this better everyday

  • Amy Krause

    I struggle to remember that I am an image bearer, but the reminder that I really needed today was that others are image-bearers as well. My goal for tomorrow is to seek to find His image in as many others as I can.

  • Jes Smith

    God gave us such a beautiful illustration in creation when He made the moon. We are to reflect Him and in doing so luminate the dark, not by our own power but by the glory of His Sun.

    Just started this study with a friend and am really enjoying the light found through your lessons, super stoked to take it to the HRT. As a man this may not mean much but this is the greatest women’s study I’ve ever read :P

  • We are called to bear HIS image. What a privilege, sisters!

  • Julia B.

    This is amazing. What a great reminder. I have always subconsciously known that we were created in His image. But to be able to step back and revisit this in a different lens and to be reminded on why we must value and Love others as image bearers is, very refreshing. I have been feeling very spiritually dry for quite some time but just haven’t felt enough hunger or yearning to dig into the word and find out who God is to me. I’m glad I stumbled upon SRT and am excited to see how God reveals himself to me through these devotionals.

  • Karielys

    This was awesome.

  • Tricia Wright

    Loved this read. I’m working on remembering everyday that made in His image.

  • Kasey Summers

    How majestic and amazing the God would make us in His own image is! He is worthy of all praise and glory!! We do not deserve anything but death, yet because of Christ we are granted eternal life!!

  • Jennifer

    Love this and need this! Struggling with hope and confidence these days and the enemy knows it. The future scares me and it shouldn’t. Please join me in praying for strength and trusting in my salvation from the Lord and being confident in it.

  • Gabriella

    “31 And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.” This is why I still push through my day, because God saw everything he had made and it was very good! Just like each and everyone of us!!

  • It's always like springtime with Jesus, He is making all things new and breaking through our darkness. He gives us new life!

  • Phyllis Derrick

    Praise God that He provided a way for us to have our sins forgiven and be loved and accepted into His family.

  • Loved this! ❤️ I am new to SRT and this is my first plan. So happy to have found this group!

  • I love knowing that no matter how big anything on earth is, concrete or abstract, the grandness of our Lord is so much greater & more powerful. Thank You, Lord, for your never ending mercy & Grace.

  • Haley Michelle

    I can tell this devotional plan is going to work miracles in my life, keep up the fantastic work :)

  • Praise God what an AWE-some devotional today!!!!! I think I want to read this one every day and meditate on it until it is so engraved in me and my mind is so renewed to this AWEsome AWE-some TRUTH!

  • What a reminder! Every time I read Genesis 1:27 I am reminded of how beautiful I am in Christ. I wish all women (especially college aged girls like myself) would understand this concept, if they did self worth/esteem would never be an issue. For if you are created in the image of God (who created EVERYTHING) how can you not be beautiful?

  • What a beautiful reminder to so many women, young and aged, that we are each loved completely and fully by God, and that even failing to see our own value is denying our “intrinsic worth as an image-bearer of the Creator”. Sometimes self-value and appreciation comes very last because God’s love is so humbling, and it should not!

  • Today’s devo reminded me of a quote (that I believe was from another She Reads Truth devo) — “If man really is fashioned, more than anything else, in the image of God, then clearly it follows that there is nothing on earth so near to God as a human being. The conclusion is inescapable, that to be in the presence of even the meanest, lowest, most repulsive specimen of humanity in the world is still to be closer to God than when looking up into a starry sky or at a beautiful sunset.” — Mike Mason

    • Alisha Nicole Branch

      Wow deep

    • Kate

      Thank you! I’m a healthcare provider and too often I feel disgusted and cold hearted towards patients who make terrible life choices that ultimately affect their health and wellbeing. I need to remember that quote!

    • Emily

      I copied that quote as well and have always remembered it! Every human bears God’s image! So with that knowledge, how should I react differently in the way I treat people?

  • Love this. This reminder of every human’s “imago Dei” is so timely for our current cultural climate. This “imago Dei” is what should inform a consistently “pro-life” ethic towards ALL of humanity… In womb or out of it, black or white, innocent or criminal, deserving or not, whether from the US or from Iraq, whether democrats or republicans… Christians should distinguish themselves by how they view & treat & talk about every single human life – valued because of their inherent “imago Dei”. And yes, all in need of Christ’s redemption… But all worth treating with honor.

  • I am made in God’s image. The people I meet and/or read about are also made in God’s image. That fact keeps me humble and incapable of judging myself better than another. This knowledge is new every day. It gives me a reason to seek to be a blessing to someone else every day.

  • Hannah Zimmerly

    If you ever feel like you are not beautiful enough just remind yourself you are made in the image of God! So amazing <3 i need to remember this more in my life right now.

  • I needed this today. ❤️

  • God has hit me with the beauty of being an image bearer but also the responsibility. As God restores His likeness in me, others will hopefully see Christ and allow Him to begin restoring His likeness in them. We/I desperately need the Spirit to guide our lives.

  • This is my first SRT reading plan and I am so excited to see how God speaks to me through this. My daily prayer is to be a vessel for His love so others can see His light in me. What a special calling to be an image bearer of His great love!

  • EmmafromFrance

    Bonjour from France ! I'm so happy to start my 1st study with SRT and to learn more about God's purpose for me… and you !

    • churchmouse

      Welcome! Pull up a chair and make yourself at home. There are friends here just waiting to get to know you! And they will introduce you to the very best Friend of all! And oh the stories you’ll hear. And the encouragement. And laughter. Oh and a few tears. Followed by hugs and tons of prayers. Come on in. You’ll be so glad you did!

  • lorinicole33

    reading this today, I wondered mkwhy God didn't just create everything instantly. why didn't He just BAM, one day, one earth, all of it done. Because He doesn't work like that. You can accept him into your heart in one day, but it takes a lifetime of lessons and learning to make you who He wants you to be, to make you new. Isreal was freed from slavery overnight but it took them 40 years to reach the promise land.

  • Stephanie

    The song- Canticle of the Sun comes to my mind, and although I have heard and sung it for years, I have new appreciation for the lyrics. "The heavens are telling the glory of God, and all creation is shouting for joy."

    • Joanna

      I love that song and get bummed when my church doesn’t go through all the verses! :)

  • Having just completed my Emmaus walk Sunday evening, I truly have a deeper sense of God’s love and creation. I love this!

  • LauraRenne

    It’s a calling to see worth, value, and dignity in every human, no matter how sinful or distorted or far from God. To devalue any human being—even yourself— is to deny her intrinsic worth as an image-bearer of the Creator.

    I struggle with constantly devaluing myself, so this was a little wake up call. So good!!

  • I definitely needed this today! I am going for lunch with a difficult co-worker, I pray that God will provide for me the strength and grace to hear her out. “It is out calling to see worth, value and dignity in every human” “it’s a calling to reflect him”. I am so thankful that God is making us new everyday. I pray that I can reflect that grace and love that our Lord Jesus Christ has done for me today and everyday!

  • Every interaction should be a reflection of our Creator! He created us in His image. Our words, actions, & attitudes should mirror His grace throughout our day!

  • Ashley Barefield

    I love knowing that we are being renewed everyday in his image.

  • God is restoring his likeness in us!! I pray that I would look to Jesus each and every day, for my identity is in Him and ONLY Him!

  • We are made in His image. This reminds me of how our children look like us and “bear our image”. It speaks to me of us being children of God.

  • H Turner

    Fantastic study for my birthday!

  • Rebecca Hankla

    Friends, I ask for prayers. I struggle daily with anxiety and I have never felt more far away from God. I feel as though He’s not around to listen to me and at the same time, I feel as though I’m not doing enough to be with Him through His Word, my prayers, and communing with the Spirit. Father, I ask that you be with me. Help me to know You are near. Help me to run towards you instead of waiting for You to find me.

    • Angela

      Dear Rebecca, He has promised never to leave you nor forsake you. You don’t hv to “do enough”. While we were still sinners, He reached out to us, came to us and died for us. Remember His love!

    • Sarah

      Praying right now for you Rebecca. Remember, God will never leave you or forsake you. Philippians 4:6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ” We are not perfect, and I have learned that there is nothing we can do to be enough, except fall into Jesus’ arms and accept his grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness. He is right with to you, carrying you. Every day is another chance for us to celebrate what he did for us. He died so we could have life in Him. I struggle with putting my focus on him and not on worldly things, but I know that my time is better spent looking to Him for joy and strength, because he is the one who gives me a second chance! I hope these words help you to step out of anxious thoughts and into God’s joy and peace. <3

    • Chelsea

      I will pray for you Rebecca! (And I urge you to check out Brennan Manning’s The Furious Longing of God)

    • Amy

      I’ll be praying for you Rebecca! In the past I have dealt with anxiety. It was a constant battlefield of the mind and God got me through it and he will get you through it too! God is right there with you and has you in his loving arms, let scripture speak truth to you every day, you will win this battle!

    • Abbey Carmen

      Praying for you Rebecca! Have you heard the song “All This Time” by Britt Nicole? Love this song, reminds me how He is always there. Sometimes He feels far but He really is with us in all moments.

    • Anna

      Rebecca, I struggle with anxiety as well. Taking medication has helped a TON- but so has pointing myself back to psalm 91, 139, and 108. His grace is greater still. Praying for you!

  • Beautiful!

  • Abbey Carmen

    Loved these readings today! The part that really stuck out to me this morning was in Psalm “You have given them rule over the works of your hands, put all things at their feet.” Wow! Reminds me of how not only did He create us in His image, but He gave us “rule over the works of His hands.” Makes me want to be better and work harder at helping others and also to take care of His land. To strive to be my best each day and be more like Him. Not complaining when people need me, but instead seek opportunities to help others. To not look and see their flaws and wonder why they do what they do, but instead be there to listen and help where needed. Reminded me how we are all here for a bigger reason, to fulfill His purpose. If we all work together and truly see Him in each person and take care of what he “put at our feet”, we could accomplish what He put us here for. That would be amazing. That is what I will strive to do each day, look for ways to help where I can.

    • Bridget

      Your words hit my heart! I hope it is ok if I share your words with people. There would be a revival if we all actually lived this way or aleast try too. Everyone posts things on social media about all these different social issues, but are any of us actually going out into the world and volunteering, etc.? God’s word is so moving and I hope I can spread his word in deed.

      • Abbey Carmen

        Hi Bridget, I am new to this so I’m not sure if you were sending this to me, but if you did send it to me then thank you and yes you can use whatever! :) Loving this thread and hearing what everyone took away from the reading. So nice to see the way God speaks to us through His word.

  • I am absolutely sold and committed to Jesus, so I hope my questions aren’t threatening here. I don’t mean them to be.
    As I was reading the creation story this morning, I was filled with questions.
    1) how do we know the creation account laid out in Genesis is accurate? Where did it come from? No one was there, so where did we get the story?
    2) it says He created male and female on the 6th day, but later we find adam alone in the garden before God created Eve. How do these fit together? Has anyone else wondered this?

    • Hannah

      He also created male and female animals on the sixth day as well.
      Later on, it does give the account of how Eve was formed-from Adam’s rib and it gives more detail surrounding that.

    • Sara

      Anna I thought the same thing…. I asked my pastor this years ago but today when reading I thought , “wait a minute”. If I am saying this right… I believe chap. 1 is like an overview or a summary of how and when everything was created. An abbreviated version of creation and then in chap. 2 it. Goes into the details of how God created us. I hope I am not wrong in this and that I explained what I think to be true clearly.

    • Lauren

      I don’t know all of the answers but it seems like when it talks about creating Eve that that is more of an in depth description of the sixth day. All of His creating was finished by the seventh day. The first part of Genesis talks about what happened on each day and then it goes on to focus specifically on the man and woman in the next part.

    • Brenda


      I believe that the bible is the infallible Word of God. Moses communed with the Lord and it could have been at that time the Lord gave him the accounts of Genesis to write it all accurately.

      Also when referring to the creation of man I am under the belief that the first creation in chapter one is telling a brief description. When we read later about Adam and Eve, it’s that same account only in detail. I could be wrong about this, so if any one else can add to this it would be greatly appreciated.

      God bless you Anna!

    • SB

      Such good discussion here!! Thanks for opening my mind and eyes to this!

  • Thank you for this reminder today of the calling on my life to reflect Him and value all people.

  • I love and look forward to each post everyday .it inspires me to be closer to my creator ,and to be the best I can be for him .thank you so much for the unique way you present his glorious goodness .his word .

  • Great Words for my faith today!
    P.S. Hi Sweet Niece! Love you, Aunt Becky

    • Anna

      Who is your niece?? I have an aunt becky too, and I think she would love this!

  • Brittany

    This is so, so good! We have such an important, and easily forgotten calling.

    • Sarah York

      it’s crazy how fast we forget, even after reading about it over and over!

  • We are created in HIS image, but we are also created IN His image. He gave nothing else in creation such uniqueness, he must have spent a lot of time on us specifically, surrounding us/ within Himself. I just never really read this passage with that emphasis before, and it makes me even more happy to be His daughter. :)

  • This devotional could not have come to me at a better time!!! I am struggling at home and at work with my worth and of those around me. I pray that I can remember I am workmanship of God and no one through hurtful comments, gossip or slander can take that away from. Nor can I take it away from myself with negative self talk and self loathing. God has created me on purpose with a purpose and I pray I can reflect that today and every day! Thank you SRT!

  • I love re-reading the Creation story! After I moved to the Pacific Northwest almost 3 years ago, I've fallen in love with hiking. I feel God's presence so strongly amidst his beautiful creation. However, today my introverted self is convicted to spend more time being intentional in relationships. PEOPLE are the image-bearers of God. "It’s a calling to see worth, value, and dignity in every human, no matter how sinful or distorted or far from God. To devalue any human being—even yourself— is to deny her intrinsic worth as an image-bearer of the Creator."

  • The part that says we have a call to see value in every human being really stuck out to me. Working on this today.

  • Who knew that me being made in his image meant I need to stop putting myself down just as much as I need to value others? I have a hard time not criticizing myself: the way I look, the ways I have failed, why I can be as good as others. He made me in his image (imago dei) which literally means in his likeness or shadow. We are creative because he is creative. We are relational because he is relational. We are loving because he is loving. How can I continue to put myself down when I know that I’m insulting his work? Praying I can stick to this truth and that many of you can as well because as women we tend to be quick to put ourselves down!

  • LauraBrown31

    "But none of these—not the ocean, not the sky, not the snow-capped mountains or the God-carved gorges—bear the image of the Creator Himself." That line filled me with such conviction. These beauties of God's creation worship him naturally by merely existing. I've been given the awesome privilege of bearing his image yet I abuse this gift daily by running to other things to fill me. Such a good reminder to keep coming back to the giver of my soul – to work every day toward loving him by bearing his image well.

  • The call to see value in every human. This statement stands out to me the most from today’s reading. We have a responsibility to not only view others as God’s handiwork, but we are still alive so that we can share this beautiful wonder with those who have not accepted Jesus as their savior. Thank you for reminding me to start my day with a kingdom perspective. To try and see others and myself how He sees us. That will change my attitude today.

    • Anna

      This was the part that stood out to me, too! I liked that it talked about seeing value in others but also in ourselves. And we did nothing to earn or deserve it, He simply chose to make us in His image, and I love the idea that Christ restores the “kingdom perspective” so we can know God and return to truly bear His image and live like Him.

  • Bekstone

    What a wonderful reminder that every human being we see is made in the image of our Creator! Makes me stop and think about how I think about and treat other people – for they are so precious to our King! Thanks SRT.

  • As a SRT newbie, I want to thank you all for your comments which add meaning and help my understanding of the daily readings. I am excited to spend my mornings being close to God as well as sharing the experience with you all.

  • What a Mighty Creator we serve and I’m so thankful we have a spirit to have a relationship with Him who is the giver of life! Thank you for the sweet reminders that He is my Creator, GIVER of LIfe, Foundation, and Supplier who will sustain me for each step He leads me into today.

  • Danielle A

    It reminds me of all the creation I’ve seen when I was younger. The beach, the sea, national parks, and even the grand canyon. I wish I had the awe for God like I do now in his creation. I hope to experience these things again with the new lenses than God has blessed me again. Looking forward hopefully to vacation in North country in Minnesota next summer. Until then, I choose to see God’s presence in today, in myself, my husband, my children, and others.

  • Nicole Vaughn

    I feel this is the greatest witness! To be able to show people God through our actions and daily lives. It is chilling to see how we can make an impact by just doing what we are called to do. And to think that God creates us to be in his image should chill our bones. He loves us so much that he chose us.

  • What a cool thought and an awesome responsibility…as a parent, my babies are image bearers too. Oh God, help me to RECOGNIZE your image when I see it in them and let me not be silent! Help me to CALL IT OUT–for them as much as for me, so that they are affirmed in their likeness of You! Help them to see their worth and value as image bearers…not as rule followers, or sweet kiddos, or part of the "in" crowd, or good students, or talented athletes…but as YOUR CREATION.

  • This truth should radically impact my thoughts, attitudes, and actions towards others. They are either being renewed (same as me) OR are in desperate need of knowing they can be renewed (like I was). There is no room here for arrogance or haughtiness. Just a common need for rescue.

  • Our first and greatest calling is to bear His image. It’s why He created us. Good word! Don’t stress about where God wants you or the timing of your life. Strive to reflect His image, enjoy the evening and the morning, and call it a good day.

    • Makayla

      I love this Kate. Encouragement for me today and I wonder “what’s next?”

  • Karen Gargon

    Alyssa, I am the same way.

    It’s nice to start the day off by remembering who we are created in the likeness of…our God!

    Praying for your struggles. Hoping today is smooth sailing.

  • We are called into a relationship with the God of the universe. The only God who was and will be. The Great I AM. Humbled and in awe again of how much he loves us and made us to look like Himself. “Created in his image. “

  • Wow. Struck home. We were created in HIS image…
    Time to start loving myself like god loves me and stop hating myself and telling myself I’m a failure. It’s a daily struggle

  • KatSmith1026

    I’m just under one month from my due date of September 3, & today’s reading has me singing praises that my son also bears the image of our Creator! His middle name will be Bear, coincidentally, after an old nickname for his father, & my heart rejoices when I see “bear” throughout Scripture … Luke 1:42, John 15:5, Romans 15:1, 1 Corinthians 13:7 … & now as an image-bearer or our Creator. Thank you for your words & encouragement this morning sisters!

  • Kara Gehret

    “You make me new. You are making me new.”

  • “To devalue any human being – even yourself – is to deny her intrinsic worth as an image bearer of the creator” this quote was huge to me this morning. I have been struggling lately with gossip and putting other women down. What does this accomplish? I just feel horrible about myself after. This hit home for me that when I say these things I’m putting God down as well. They were created in his image just as I was. Who am I to say those things about his creation?

    • Brittney Previe

      Yes! That absolutely stuck me hard as well! I have been struggling with friends putting themselves down and me feeling like I am failing consistently at something. This just hit me like a ton of bricks.

  • This is such a beautiful thought. That we all have the same call. God has blessed me with a special relationship with a coworker this summer, and one thing he’s talked about is “fulfilling your divine purpose” he needs more Jesus in his life, and somehow I think this is a nice thought to pour into him. It’s comforting that no matter where we are or what our job is, we haven’t made some life changing mistake. Because we can still reflect Him towards one another. I stand in awe at His creation, yet we’re the ones who can love and bring light into weary souls, and that’s more beautiful than any flower can bring.

  • When our view of God gets bigger, our view of ourselves gets smaller. We are made in HIS image to point back to HIM. It’s not about us, it’s all about Him. This truth helps me when I’m tempted to think poorly of myself. I need to forget myself and focus on Christ who made me to glorify him and who died so that I could be free. ☺️

  • “We were originally created to see God Himself in each other.” Wow! What an incredible note to start the day on.

  • This was beautiful! Thank you for that necessary daily reminder that we are created in the image of loving Father God and what that means for on a daily basis! Just what I needed before I even set foot out of bed!

  • “To devalue any human being—even yourself— is to deny her intrinsic worth as an image-bearer of the Creator.”

    I do this to myself every single day, many times a day. I have such a low value for myself. When I look in the mirror, I see someone who is fat, ugly, and can’t get herself together. I know in my head that I have worth and value in Christ, but it doesn’t translate to my heart. Lord, please renew my mind and my heart.

    • Brandi

      Praying for you my sweet sister! I pray that our Father would allow you to see what a treasure you are!

  • Great reminder to me today that I am an image bearer.

  • So glad I found this app as I desperately need it right now. My youngest baby, 8 precious years old, had a cancerous tumor removed and needs another surgery. We just moved across the country and have no support here. When I feel I’m drowning in sadness and anxiety, I try to pray for healing for our girl and peace. I’m going to need all the support I’ve been hearing that this community provides!

    • Sandy

      Jen, praying for you and your family, that God will supply all your needs!

    • Rebekah

      Jen, God is with you do not be afraid. Second, I helped start a non-profit called Adipsy for familes in need of emotional, physical and financial assistance! Go to and give them a call, they were formed by a family who has endured 12 cases of cancer and who loves the Lord.

      • Jen

        Rebekah, I’m going to check this out right now. Thank you for reaching out. I needed that.

    • Margaret

      Father God,
      You are good, so good. Even when we walk through the valley of that shadow of death, we will fear no evil. For you are with us. Your rod and staff comfort us. You prepare a table before us in the presence of the enemy. Our cup overflows. Lord, in the name of your son Jesus I ask for healing for Jen’s daughter. Restore her health completely to her and be incredibly glorified through it! You are our healer and we rest in the peace of knowing that we are in your hands. We love you abba. Amen.

    • JulieG

      Praying for you and your child, Jen!

    • Carolyn

      Prayers for you and your family, including for a local support network. Our daughter had a brain tumor at age 14, and we found great strength from the Lord. Praying that for you and healing for your sweet daughter.

      • Jen

        Carolyn, thank you for sharing that with me, and for your prayers. We just visited a new church and are hoping to try to build a support network there. It also helps to talk to other families who have experience with this. I’m wondering if you’d be willing to email with me? Thanks, Jen

    • scootermae

      Jen, praying for you and the transition and medical needs. Where did you all relocate to?

      • Jen

        Thanks, scootermae. We relocated to North Carolina. Very hard going through this scary time and not knowing anyone here.

        • Lynda

          I know a church in Raleigh NC if you are in that area. I’m praying for you and your family. It’s so hard to move to a new place and then add tough things to deal with….. Well I’m just praying for you to realize how strong you are With Jesus by your side every step of the way

          • Jen

            Hi Lynda, yes we are in the area. May I ask the name of the church?

          • Jen

            Lynda, I’m not sure why my previous reply didn’t post. If if double posts I apologize! Yes we are in the area. Would you mind sharing the name of the church? Thank you, jen

    • ~ B ~

      Prayerful over your sweet daughter and family this morning Jen. That God covers you in great peace and surrounds you with community in your new move. That as you face the coming surgery you and your babe know God is with you. That you feel His presence more in this than ever before and that He gifts your daughter a precious story about His love over her, His care over her and that at even 8, she genuinely know relationship with Him though this. Know, Jen, that He is on it. God is moving and that He sees and knows your girl even more than you do, I pray that He provide ample support and wonderful physicians that work through Him. ~ B

      • Jen

        B, thank you so much for your beautiful prayers and thoughts for my baby girl. What a great community here. I wish there was a way to connect with everyone as this support is so helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to reply, B.

    • Lisa

      Sweet Jen–praying today for you and your girl. I can't imagine what you are going through but I know that HE can. Cry out to Him…He has promised never to leave you or forsake you, and He is as close as a whisper. We will cry out with you…praying that you feel HIS presence today, and that your sweet girl is miraculously and forever healed. Amen and Amen!

      • Jen

        Lisa, I need to hear prayerful words like this. Thank you for reaching out with kindness. I can barely get out of bed, my heart is so heavy. But I need to and I will. Thank you again.

    • Alexis

      Prayer of love to you and yours. Prayers for comfort and peace and physicians guided by Our Father.

    • Debbie

      Jen I'm lifting you and your baby girl up in prayer this morning. God has a plan, please believe that. This is a beautiful group of ladies here that will be a huge support.

      • Jen

        Debbie, in just one morning here I have found such warm loving words of comfort from you wonderful ladies. Thank you for lifting up my sweet baby girl and me in prayer.

    • churchmouse

      Yes to all the other prayers lifted up for you and your daughter. Have added you to my daily prayer list.

    • carlybenson

      Praying for you Jen- for healing for your daughter, for peace for you and your family, that you know God closely with you, helping you through the difficult times and that God will provide people close to you who will support you and help you.

    • tina

      Jen, I have come to the table, a tad late….or maybe not….lifting you, your family and your sweet girl up in prayer, praying you know Gods peace in those moments of confusion and despair, God's arms around you, when you think you are alone, that God will bring someone alongside you, who will be a support to you, who will hold your hand, and be there to listen, but most of all I pray God's healing touch and hand on and over your baby girl…Will carry on holding g you and yours up in prayer…God be with you Jen…and yours.. He is good…Love and hugs..xx

      • Jen

        Not at all late, Tina. I’m so grateful for your tender reply. I am overwhelmed by the loving response here. Thank you for your prayers and taking the time to share such soothing words. God be with you as well.

    • Alisha

      I just started reading comments today. And I have never replied to any, but I wanted to write and tell you I’m finishing out my quiet time praying for you, your daughter, and the rest of your family. I think it’s amazing you sought out the Lord and He provided you with a FULL DAY of people lifting you up to the throne of grace. He provides. He provides. He provides. Continue to abide in Him. He will meet those deepest needs.
      With love,

      • Jen


        I’m so touched and thankful that you spent some of your quiet time praying for my family. You are right, what a blessing it has been to come back here throughout the day and read all of your uplifting thoughts and words of love. What a gift! I am so lonely here in this new place knowing nobody, so this sort of contact is good for my soul. Thank you for taking the time to think of us and send me your warm message.
        With love,

    • Brandi

      Jen, my daughter was born with a very rare tumor/cancer. I can remember being almost numb those first few weeks. The only thing I could pray was "thank you Father" I didn't feel thankful and I couldn't bring myself to utter any other thing to Him. He showed Himself so faithful! I have so many growing pains/memories/testimonies from that time. He is always good. Always in control. Always FOR us. And always at work! And still a God of awesome miracles! My baby is 14 now. If you ever need to talk or pray or cry or vent – email me! I'll give you my number! [email protected] Praying and expecting awesome things!

    • Angela

      Praying for you, your daughter, your family & all her doctors/caretakers, Jen. Praying you feel His constant presence, holding all of you in His hands. Sending lots of hugs from West Virginia.

    • Chris

      Praying for your family, peace,rest and support for all of you and healing for your precious girl. Lord would you lead them to the places that fit well, may this quickly become 'home'.

    • Viki

      Praying for you and your family, especially your precious little girl. God bless!

  • “God created [you] in His image, in the image of God He created [you]”
    “God created [those who have wronged you in any way] in His image, in the image of God He created them”

    One of the hardest lessons to learn and live out is that second part. It’s always hard to see the truth in situations where we’ve been hurt by others.

  • I am one that is continually in awe of the world around me. I feel all the feels from every flower petal or leaf to the moving clouds in the sky. Even the little bugs of this earth fascinate me. Yesterday was a lake day and when we arrived and picked our spot, I sat a few minutes to take it all in. Before I knew it I had a bee buzzing about my bright red tea and eventually hanging out for a bit on my sun block covered arm. It seemed content, despite the lack of pollen around, to hang about with me. It's sweet little, fragile wings taking in a rest and it's teeny little feet tickling my sensitive skin. I felt God even in that. I'll admit, I love those little guys and their mission. As I waited for the bugger to take off I looked about and was filled with an admiration of the beautiful place we were in. It was easy to see God's reflection on that beautiful lake yesterday … ALL parts of this great earth are God made, God breathed …. Even the people, even me!

    I have a choice to see God's image in me, and if I believe He knew what He was doing when He placed the trees just so and each beautiful flower in it's place, than I must believe that He knew what He was doing in me, as well, especially because He poured Himself into me, He made me in His actual image and each person around me. What beauty it is to look for God in those I encounter, to be in awe of God in them, just as I was my little bee friend yesterday. If I spent more time finding God's image in, even those that don't know Him, perhaps I would spend less time frustrated by those same folks. We are all uniquely made in the image of God and to see Him in others is no different than seeing the generations the came before us, passed down into my children….He is there, perhaps subtly to us, but He is there …. every part of every person and I need not travel to a beautiful place to draw close to that. ~ B

    • churchmouse

      Beautifully said

    • Kelly_Smith

      "If I spent more time finding God's image in, even those that don't know Him, perhaps I would spend less time frustrated by those same folks." Yes! Help me see with Your eyes, Lord!

  • Our greatest calling is to be His image bearer. And every human is the same. Needed that reminder. Amen.

  • Huge! It’s amazing how I can start off my day with these amazing few moments of truth but throughout the day the devil takes hold of my soul and makes my tongue sharp and my patience short. I have to remember as a mother my kids will reflect what I portray just as we portray as children what our father puts out. In order for my children to be more Christ-like and in His image, it must start with me. May God bless every new generation and being to see His image everywhere. We adults have become so blinded that we don’t see it as our kids do

    • MommaMindy

      Melanie that is my struggle too!!! Thank you for your honesty. I feel like a complete monster momma some days with the impatient words that I hear come from my own mouth – which James says is from the ugliness in our own hearts. :(. To remember that we represent Christ to our children, that is something that I am going to cling to and desperately pray to be a better image bearer.

      • MommaMindy

        I hit post too quickly! …the evaporation part of Gods water cycle inspires me. Just as He drew the waters up and separated water from from waters, He can draw the pure part of me upward, and leave the hard debris behind. That is my prayer today, to be lifted up.

    • Anne

      Melanie- you are not alone :) my heart's cry this morning before I even read SRT was to better reflect Jesus to my family (be gentle, loving and kind)- ever aware of the impact of my influence on them. Phew- motherhood is humbling and hard, but that's because we are called by God, to an eternal work, and oh how we need God's tender mercies each new day! May we declare this truth: He loves us and He is for us- just like we love our kids, and He gives us grace for every need.

  • It’s our call to reflect Him…so important for me to remember as I’m stressed out at work and responding to situations.

    To devalue any human being- even yourself -is to deny her intrinsic worth as an image-bearer of the Creator. I so needed to hear this today. Failure has been haunting me daily- over little things, like dishes and bills.

    Lord, please help me today to silence the voice of lies with Your truth. May I live as Your image-bearer today!

  • Kristine

    So timely. I meet my new students today at open house. This year I’m blessed and terrified to be teaching the special needs class and I am way out of my element. May God give me His eyes to see all my kiddos in His image and love them as He loves them.

    • Ashley

      Kristine, I also have open house today and you are so right — each of our students and their parents are image bearers. What a great reminder for all of us teachers at the start of a new year. Praying for your day today.

    • Trinda

      I taught special needs kids for 5 years and it will change you…the good and the bad of it, will change you for the better! What an appropriate lesson taught today for you…even the "special" ones are image bearers of God! Praying for you and your year ahead!

    • Joanna

      Kristine, thank you. It takes a special spirit to find the grace and patience to teach these beautiful kids. I work with adults with special needs and they are every day reminders of how little effort it takes to make someone feel loved and special.
      Blessings to you!

  • smithwendy62

    I remember having the same impression when I flew over the Grand Canyon and being moved to tears at the wonder! How glorious is our creator to display his artwork there for all to enjoy and then I looked around the plane and realized his artwork in on display every day in the people of the world.

  • i will never tire of reading the account of creation! one thing i've always loved: after each day, when God looked at what He had created, He saw that it was "good." it wasn't until after He made man, in His image, that what He saw was "very good."

  • How refreshing it is to be reminded of the creation story this morning!

  • Wonderful reminder of our true identity and value. I love how Dan Mohler says it-

    “And just as God originally created man in His image, He also made me for His image. He loves me and never gave up on me and always saw me for who He created me to be – a son. I’m worth the blood of Jesus to God the Father.” – DM

  • Caroline @ In due time

    So glad we are always being made new in Him!!!

  • Kelly_Smith

    I am thankful for the reminder that I was created to reflect God's image. Here in these last few days of summer, I am 10 weeks deep in mothering 2 squabbling sisters and a toddler. I have not been a reflection of my patient, loving, and gracious Father. Lord, help me reflect you today, even in the middle of normal chaos. Let me look on your creation–my three children–and see it as good.

    • JessHH

      I am right there with you, Kelly! Just yesterday I was beating myself up for losing my patience yet again this summer…I haven't been the parent, the reflection of God, that I want to be to my children. Joining you in your prayer this morning.

    • Lauren

      I know you may never see this but I wanted to tell you that your comment basically just spelled out to me that God led me here. After putting my two squabbling, demanding, exhausting daughters to bed tonight I prayed through the tears of guilt and desperation for Him to lead me to words of comfort and encouragement. I felt it while reading this study. I knew it was for me. But reading your comment really hit me between the eyes. The creator of heaven and earth led little old me here to read this in answer to my prayer. I have not been a good reflection of God so far this summer. I have been impatient and I doubt my kids have seen much of Him in me. I feel so sad about that. But I feel encouraged by what I have just read and I pray that tomorrow I’ll remember that how I act should be a reflection of the image of God. Hoping for answered prayers for more patience also. Thank you Lord. And Kelly, I hope this summer is a good one for you. It is hard but we are blessed. God Bless.

  • Today, I pray for a greater understanding of what being an image-bearer is. It’s easy for me to see that others were created in God’s image. But I struggle more to see the value of His creation in myself. I am in awe of the intricacies in which He made each of us. I can appreciate the beauty and majesty of creation. Where I tend to fall short is seeing my part in it. This morning as I prepare to go teach my little kindergarteners, I pray that I can impart God’s worth and value in them. I pray over those littles that they will know deep and wide their part in this creation story.

    • Kalina

      Dear Jenny.
      “Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” 1 Timothy 6:12
      I believe that kindergarten teachers are very special. God has shaped your heart to do this job for Him and His glory. I know that the kids see Him in your smile and passion for learning. Being a light in the life of a child is personally one of my most treasured roles. I’m praying that light would flood out of you, and as you’re showing your kids how valued and loved they are, that the Truth would give rest to your soul and fill your heart.

  • It’s a calling to see worth, value, and dignity in every human – how powerful. As Christians we know this to be true, but how easy it is to forget. EVERY human despite differences because we are all made in his image. To devalue YOURSELF or anyone else is to deny your intrinsic worth as an image bearer – as women we are so quick to judge ourselves, to never feel good enough, never beautiful enough, never smart enough, etc.. He doesn’t see us this we, he made us perfect in HIS image, we have to find the value in that every day. I am valued, I am enough, I am made in HIS image.

    • Kelly_Smith

      Such an important point, Casie! We are sometimes harder on ourselves than we are on anyone else. I love your declaration! "I am valued, I am enough, I am made in HIS image!" Amen!

  • To devalue yourself or anyone else is to deny your intrinsic worth as an image bearer. Amen. Definitely something to meditate on today

  • I was smiling, and still am, as I read the creation story…my heart was singing!!
    All of that/this, I see around me, He created, so amazingly, so beautifully…How awesome…Then came day 6……, So God created man in His own image, in the image of God, He created him.., male and female, He created them….This information had to be told to us twice, so we truly grasped what was being told to us….WE WERE CREATED IN HIS IMAGE…
    And if that wasn't enough blessing to be 'in His own image'..,He Blessed His image bearers some more (verse 28), and again by telling His creations, what he had created day 1-5 was for them!!!!!!

    From where I sit right now, I can see a collection of beautiful faces, in pictures, of people I treasure in my life…my children, family, my parents, friends,( what can I say, I love pictures)…All individuals, yet..But God…, created each and every one in His image …Praising God right now with a thankful and joyful heart…..Out of the other eye, I can see trees, beautiful and colour filled flowers, I can see sky, patches of blue, a hint of grey, and even clouds of white in places…I can hear the birds, I have my dog lying next to me….these….I want to sing, all these are blessings to me,…., gifted to me, by the One who created me….

    All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small…All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all….is a great hymn, that I am sure is still sung at Sunday school, says it all…..'He gave us eyes to see them, and lips that we might tell, How great is God Almighty, who has made all things well…'

    Thankful for this reminder, 1) of who I am, and in whose image I am made, and 2) for every blessing that I take for granted…All Praise and Glory to God…..Amen and thank you Lord God, thank you for every, everything…

    Fellow image bearers, GOOD morning…praising and thanking God for you all…Go in PEACE today, whatever, wherever, and however your day looks like…Love,

  • Amen to this! Our greatest calling IS being the image of our Lord, it is our greatest and most amazing honour that he loves us that much that he made us like Him. Let us help each other to uphold the standard of living that God wants for us!

  • carlybenson

    Genesis 1:2 stood out to me- "the earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters." I love that picture of how it all seems dark and empty and confused but God's Spirit is there, he is hovering, just waiting to breathe life and bring light and to create something beautiful.
    I know some of us were coming to this study feeling dark and empty but I believe God is there, he is hovering, and I'm excited to see what he will do in bringing life and light and hope to these situations as we study his Word together.
    Praying that he will breathe new life into each of us and that he will restore his likeness in us today.

    • Meena

      Beautiful x

    • Kenesha

      Love this. Thank you Carly!

    • mandaleigh

      Love your insight on this verse. So beautifully put!!

    • Anne Tanner

      Thank you for sharing this. In our brokenness and helplessness we recognize our deep need for His breath within us and His resurrection power to recreate us again and again. Then our beauty is that which truly reflects our beautiful Saviour, which draws others to Him.

    • Christy

      That was beautiful put Carly! Amen!

    • Mollie

      Oh my word… That just spoke to my soul. That gave me one of those “holds the phone/book/bible to my chest with closed eyes- smiling as if to hope it will sink in deeper” moments. You have a beautiful mind and words!

    • Angela

      Wow, this was some good insight. Thank you for sharing. I love how the Holy Spirit just speaks to us through our study and show us a beautiful picture — a different perspective that our human minds cannot grasp without His guidance. Good word, sister.

    • cilla

      Yes, feeling a little dark and formless. ..but trusting God is hovering and working. .even though I am struggling to see it.

  • I just went to see the Seven Sisters in Sussex (I live in England), and I felt that same awed feeling! Feeling small, full of child-like wonder, invigorated…

  • Natalie Jonas

    I am God’s most precious creation. He made me, and all humans, in His image. I was made to have relationship with the All Knowing, All Creating, All Seeing God. He made this entire universe and then saw me. He chose me to be His image-bearer and so, today I will chose to draw nearer to Him so that I can live out the life that God destined me to have from the very beginning. Practically, I will read his word daily and I will remember that I am God’s image – so I will flee from sexual sin so as to glorify God and represent Him well. #dontdragthenameofjesusthroughthemud

    • Miriam

      Awesome!! I stand with you for the fight for purity, since that’s what we are worth as the daughters of the King!
      Let’s focus our minds to Him and Him only. <3

  • God’s intention in creation is awesome! Immensity and attention to minute detail, knowing the end from the beginning and still being prepared to create me! Wow!

  • “It’s a calling to see worth, value, and dignity in every human, no matter how sinful or distorted or far from God”. I love this, thank you SRT. God bless you all.

  • No matter how many times I hear or read the Creation story I am in awe. Our God is fearfully powerful!

    • Caitlin

      Me too!! It’s such a beautiful story that just reminds me to see God’s handiwork in everything around me

  • Loved that ♥

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