HE Reads Truth, too!


It’s been a long time coming, and yet, it feels like it’s right on time.

Isn’t the Lord good like that? Isn’t His timing great like that?

Dear ones, it’s time. It’s time to actually, officially invite our brothers in Christ to join us in reading Truth together daily.

Many of them are already doing that—of course! BUT, now we have this amazing opportunity to study in tandem—each in our own way, but all in the same book.


What made He Reads Truth worth the wait:

  • HRT will be under the direction of Britton Sharp, former director of CRU on the University of Tennessee campus. Britton was on staff with CRU for 16 years and ministered in Slovakia for three of those years where he met his wife Brooks (a South Carolina girl). They now live in Knoxville, TN with their daughters, Annaliegh (3) and Vivian (18 months). Of course, we hired Britton for his facial hair.

britton sharp

  • With a few exceptions, HRT + SRT will study scripture in tandem. When we work through books of the Bible, we will work on pace with the guys so that households, friend groups and best buddies can share their experiences in God’s Word together.
  • The HRT app will launch for iOS first. For men who don’t use iPhones, it will also be available by email delivery until it becomes available for Android as well.


He Reads Truth Launch Schedule:

  • Currently: HeReadsTruth.com is in beta mode.
  • Today: HRT app beta testing begins!
  • Monday, August 17th: HeReadsTruth.com and the HRT app are launching with SRT in a 3-week study of the book of Daniel.

He Reads Truth Legacy Series:

We are beyond excited about this resource the guys have come up with! The “Legacy Series” is to guys as “study packs” are to girls. Of course, they’ve got their own unique features because they’re made for men!

Read more about The Legacy Series in the HRT shop.


Speaking of resources, the SRT Daniel Study packs just made their appearance in the SRT shop today! Our study of the book of Daniel begins Monday, August 17th, so be sure to grab yours in plenty of time!

Have a “He” you’d like to study Daniel with? Look for the She & He Study Bundle in the SRT shop!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.39.17 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.39.35 PM

Get a free #shereadstruth highlighter with every She Reads Truth Daniel Study Pack ordered by Wednesday, 8/5*! 
*No code necessary! Offer good through midnight PST on 8/5/15, while supplies last.

Friends, will you pray with our team as we approach the launch of this long-awaited ministry to men? Pray with us for the men on the HE side who are leading the charge for men all over the world to pursue God and His Word every day.

With worship and gratitude,

Raechel + Amanda

  • Can’t we just evolve to a “We Read Truth” app? The gender segregation seems unnecessary… And a bit discouraging to be honest. Isn’t the bible meant for every one? I understand having lessons specific for men or women but not the whole app… But I guess I should count my blessings that srt isn’t pretty in pink…

  • This is great! I can’t wait til it come out for android for my hubby!

  • I know I’m a bit late to the game, but my husband and I were looking forward to this. We are disappointed to see there is no devotional with the HRT plans; is this going to be the norm? Is there a plan to include devotionals with the readings in the future? We hope so! He was looking forward to that.

  • I am so excited for this. My husband was just searching for an online devotional and I was raving how much I have liked SRT. The timing couldn't have been more perfect for us. Thank you!!

  • Is it out?

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Olivia!
      We were anticipating a launch of the He Reads Truth app this week, but we\’re encountering some delays getting the app in the App Store. We\’re just waiting for the go-ahead from Apple. In the meantime, the posts are now live at HeReadsTruth.com. We appreciate your prayers as we work toward launching as soon as possible.

      Grace and Peace,

  • has the app come out yet? I’m trying to get it on my phone with no luck thus far.

  • Gretchen Jacobs

    I’m only seeing scripture. Is that the only component?

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Gretchen!

      The content is now available at HeReadsTruth.com. Grateful for your prayers and patience!


  • Deniese Geery

    Not finding the He Reads Truth app, was it available today or is HRT and SRT using the same app?

  • Gloria Mendoza

    Hi ladies, I know this is a total different subject but I just really need some prayer. I am 21 yrs old. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 17 and the Lord broke away the chains that I was being help by addiction. Now the addiction is back not because the lord has failed me but because I MYSELF have open doors to it to sort of speak. Please keep me in your prayers ladies. Thank you very much and may GOD BLESS you all!

    • Moah

      I will keep you in my prayers Gloria. know that The Lord will surely finish the good work he has started in you. set your eyes on him and let peace rule in your heart. God bless you sister!

      • Gloria Mendoza

        Thank you very much Moah. May our Lord bless you so much!!

  • Jeri Taira

    My husband will be so happy. I know I am truly grateful for this new gift of HRT and for you all.

  • elisabeth

    when will android be available?

  • Oh one more question~ will you be working on apps for Windows Phones at any time in the near future? Thanks!

  • Really thankful for the coming of HRT! My husband travels for work, this will be a great way for us to study the same scripture "together", even while we're apart. We are excited to start Daniel together next week. Thank you SRT!!!!

  • I'm confused about HRT. So, currently, I follow along with the currently plan on the SRT site, I don't use the app. I was thinking that the Daniel study would be the currently plan for both SRT and HRT, but are they just available for purchase only and not available on the current plan? Will there ever be a SRT and HRT going on at the same time under current plan? Thanks!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Taylor!

      The Daniel reading plan begins on August 17th for both HRT and SRT. We launched the study packs in advance so they will arrive before the plan begins. Sorry for the confusion and glad you\’ll be joining us!

      Grace and Peace,

  • Danielle A

    I am excited to have a way to study the word with my husband while having a female direction here online!

  • I would love to have the app in my phone but unfortunately I can’t coz its a windows phone…hopefully you will look into it..thanks..you really are a blessing

  • I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE if the scripture and the devotional content was in the books. or even just the devotional content!

  • HealingMatthew

    My husband and I are super excited about the launch of the HRT page and app. Are there plans to release the HRT journals independent of the memory cards? Our finances are too tight for the bundles with the cards. For now, we are just happy to study together through the apps.

  • I have to say how excited I am about this! I love that picture you included, I shared it with my husband who doesn't read his bible but sometimes lets me pray for him and he said he'd try it! Praise God. Thank you SRT and may God bring my husband and I closer together as we approach our very first study today, our very first time studying the Word of God with each other!!!!!!!

    • Elisabeth

      So exciting!!! I’m praying for you both that this leads to something deeper for your marriage, and for you husband to take hold of his own relationship with God.

    • deanna

      So exciting, praying this opens his heart to Christ!

  • I am loving SRT and thankful that you are launching HRT!! I’m wondering, can there be a highlighter in the app? many times i want to highlight something but the app doesn’t have that capability.

  • Hi so thankful for this I have been at night so exitedly sharing with my husband about what the Lord taught me in my daily dose of She reads truth , just one question do you mail to SOuth Africa as well

  • Exciting! Love how they will work along SRT.

  • I have tears as I read this because I've been praying for this! For a way to study with my husband. So that we are both in the Word together! I am so so SO excited and thankful!!!!

  • AWESOME! So excited for this! SRT has been such a good devotional tool for me, and super encouraging. I'm hoping HRT will be the same for my boyfriend. Yall are awesome, and the Lord is using your efforts in mighty ways!

  • I have been reading and studying SRT with my wife since the Lent Study. We like to refer to our time in study as “We Read Truth”. We will use HRT together also. Thank you! GOD is blessing your work and us as we study HIS Word together!

  • Awesome news! Praying that my husband and brother will look forward to a daily HRT as much as I love SRT. Let’s pray for all our men to be who God made them to be and to rely on God for their strength. Prayers for all for God to continue to use this ministry to transform our hearts TOGETHER and in unity. What joy that will be!

  • Shauna Long

    I’m curious: how will the studies differ? It seems like the books will be set up differently, but I couldn’t find anything that lined it out concretely. I have 2 study packs for SRT, so I know it’s general layout. But I’m very curious about how the men’s layout will differ and also how it will be similar.

  • Emily T.

    Very excited that it will be launching so soon. My husband and I have done a few of the SRT plans together but this will be even better!

  • Crafty Mamma

    This is great!

  • YAY! So excited. Been hoping for this over a year now! :)

  • So excited about this! Not sure if my husband will be excited in the beginning but I know he'll come to love HRT as much as I love SRT. Plus, this is great for my teen sons!

  • Kendall S

    An answer to prayer! So excited for the launch!! :)

  • Sarabeth

    So excited!!!

  • This is wonderful news! My husband has been looking online for something like SRT that I read only for men and he could never find anything. He will be so happy to hear about this! I often read some of SRT to him and he likes it. Praise the Lord!

  • Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  • mamajonk

    Sooo excited for this! My husband has been watching me reach for my Kindle every morning as I join with my sisters all over the world studying God's word on a daily basis. We've discussed the upcoming HRT and I know he will be blessed. Praying he finds as much joy and comfort as I have, and that he gains as much and more wisdom as he leads our family. Especially hope he connects with other godly men on HRT even though it's on th web. Have shared that I love and look forward to reading comments from Tina,Candacejo, B, Kelly Smith and others as much as I do the devotion! Thank you SRT for your commitment and vision of seeking the Lord and knowing Him so intimately.
    Happy Tuesday sisters, praying God's best for you today!

  • My 15 year old son keeps asking me when He Reads Truth will launch and we are both praying my very busy husband will make time in his day to join us. I am thrilled that we will study in tandem…what a great dinnertime discussion opportunity!

    • scootermae

      Oh, I never thought about going through it with one of my sons! I home school my oldest and had been thinking about what I could do alongside him to encourage him.

  • So, so, so very excited about this! We've had men in our church asking if there was anything like SRT out there specifically for them. Already an answer to prayer!

  • Kelly_Smith

    I am so excited for the HRT division to launch! Imagine–households studying the same thing, connecting spiritually. I can't wait to see what will happen when the children of God unite in intimacy with God and His word!

  • Candacejo

    Can't believe the dream is a reality! Kudos to Raechel, Amanda and the entire SRT team, those behind the scenes as well, that have helped to make it happen. ♥

  • I love the super cute designs of the SRT journal, but I wish that it also had the entire book of Daniel divided up for daily reading and the thematic verse! The guys have it lucky! I am very much looking forward to sharing the studies with more friends!

    • Lauren

      Yes, I agree! One of the things I love about the big study packs is having the passages typed out in the book for me to highlight and scribble around. :)

      Very excited – my husband has been watching me do these SRT studies and we’ve been slowly going through the Hospitality study together for a few weeks now, grabbing quiet mornings here and there when we can manage. Having a real tandem study sounds awesome.

    • Lisa

      I agree too! I LOVE the books with the Scripture printed in them!

  • Oh I am so excited for this. I don’t know that my husband will be willing to jump in (yet!), but I will be praying about it and for all the fellas who are making this happen.

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