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Hey there, friends!

We’d like to interrupt your poolside popsicle for a fun announcement. (Or maybe you’re in an office like me wishing you were poolside!)

As we’ve been reading the incredible and redemptive stories of Women In The Word, we can’t help but look around and thank the Lord for the other “women in the Word”—YOU! We continue to savor the images you submitted for our Women In The Word books and love the layer of beauty they add to our Truth-reading experience. What a gift it is to look around and see we really are in this together! 

The stories of the Women In The Word have served to remind us of the greater Gospel Story each day, which brings us to our exciting announcement…

On August 3, following Women In The New Testament, we’ll begin a new, 14-day reading plan titled This Is The Gospel.

If you’re a veteran “She,” this may sound familiar! We did a plan 18 months ago by the same name because so many of you requested a reading plan for yourselves and your friends that outlined the Gospel in an understandable and repeatable way. It quickly became one of our—and your!—favorite plans, and we’ve decided the only appropriate way to bookend the stories of women in the Bible is to join them in shouting, “THIS is The Gospel!”

We have updated and enhanced that original plan to make it even clearer, more understandable, and more repeatable than the first. We pray it will be a tool for sharing the truth of the Gospel with others—a way for seekers to learn more about our faith, and a needed “refresher” for all of us to get back to the basics of Christ and Him crucified, the Rescuer of sinners. Because this is the perfect opportunity to invite a new “She” along, This Is The Gospel will be free on the app! Confetti! Applause!

Now, it wouldn’t feel right to revamp and relaunch this beautiful plan without a brand-spanking-new study pack, would it? We agree! Allow us to introduce you to the This Is The Gospel study packs, which are now LIVE in the shop! 

It was our true joy to collaborate with two super talented people, Megan Wells and Cymone Wilder, to create the gorgeous artwork for this plan. The only acceptable reaction to their artwork is the heart-eyed emoji, because we’re in love. Take a peek:

srt-titg-studybundle srt-titg_savedbygrace_8x10

You know how much we love to give you special launch-day freebies, so here you go!

For orders placed now thru 7/17, we’ll include a free SRT decal with each This Is The Gospel study pack! 


Remember, the study journals are beautiful but optional. As always, content for both plans will be published online and you can follow along at SheReadsTruth.comthe She Reads Truth app, or via email.

We can’t wait to read more of God’s Word together with you!

  • Stay inrvematiof, San Diego, yeah boy!

  • Paula Talmelli

    How i love to had know you!!! Im from Brazil and uger for some studies like this. You are doing an amazing job! So did you send the studies and books to Brazil!?
    With love,

  • Hi , I’m new to SRT and would love to study Daniel but I would like to know if you need the study package or can just do it in his app

  • Marysue Fussell

    This will be my first study as well. I’m joining you from Tallahassee, Florida. How exciting to study God’s word with sisters in Christ as far as India.

  • This will be my first study to do WITH you girls! I’ll be joining you all the way from Varanasi, India, where my family and I live! I can’t wait!

  • Braionna

    I did a couple of studies on the app, but normally use the website. I thought I’d try the app again, but when did you start charging for the studies?

  • Kristi Daum

    Is the “This is the Gospel” reading plan still available for the ap? I can’t seem to find it in the available plans…

  • Chandler

    I just finished This Is The Bible a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to This Is The Gospel!!!

  • Debbie Madison

    I purchased the Open Your Bible study guide and was unable to finish it – got through day 8 of 14. I’m wanting to finish it now and can’t find the study anywhere on the app or the site. Is it no longer available?

  • Ahlaischa

    I’m brand new to the SRT community! I love the heart and vision behind it and can’t wait to start the This is the Gospel bible study with all of you ladies :) I’m a 23 year old college student in Houston, TX. Any other Houston SRT girls out there??

  • I seem to be having trouble purchasing this packet. Is this just me?

  • I'm new to SET, will This is the Gospel be on the app soon? Thanks!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Cynthia! Welcome! The plan will be available for download on August 3rd! So glad you are joining us!


  • KatSmith1026

    Oh I loved this study and am so eager to do it again, re-vamped! Love you ladies, thank you for your faithfulness and diligence in doing the Lord's work!

  • Is this specifically for woman only? If it is, can you recommend a good men's study for a new believer?

  • So excited!!!

  • Adore the watercolors!

  • So beautiful! I missed this one last time, so really looking forward to it!

  • Stationed in Japan, and am looking forward to starting this study with a few friends! It makes my heart smile to see the word being shared across the world. Love the app!!

  • Alexis Hazen

    Have you guys ever thought about doing e-books or pdfs of your books? They are so pretty. But those of us who can’t buy them, this can be an option.

    • Dee

      That's a great idea Alexis. I would love to see that happen as well. It certainly would make it more affordable for some. I pray that this will be something that will be doable for SRT in the near future!

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