Women In The Word - NT: Day 4

The Samaritan Woman


Today's Text: John 4:1-45

I wonder if she spotted Him from a distance, a man sitting at the well alone—her well that she visited daily to fill the buckets and then haul them home. I wonder if, as she drew closer, she could make out Jesus’ face and recognize His nationality. A man, a Jewish man, sitting at her well?

She gets closer and closer, probably confused. Probably a bit afraid. Then, Jesus speaks to her.

An amazing thing is happening here in John 4. Jesus is breaking through at least three cultural and social barriers of His time:

  1. He is speaking to a woman, and traditionally, Jewish men were not to be seen conversing with women.
  2. He is speaking to a Samaritan, and as the scripture says, Jews had no dealings with Samaritans at the time (v.9).
  3. He is speaking to a woman He knows is an “adulteress”— a woman who has had more than one husband and was now with a man she wasn’t married to.

Yet, Jesus speaks to her. A woman. A Samaritan. A sinner.

Not only does He say hello, but over the course of their brief and profound conversation, He offers her the gift of a lifetime: living water, eternal life. “Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (v.14).

And then, my favorite part of the story happens—the part where she just doesn’t get it.

“Sir,” she says, “give me this water, so that I will not be thirsty or have to come here to draw water” (v.15). There she is, standing beside the Messiah in flesh, and she doesn’t fully understand what He is telling her. She takes His offer of living water literally. She doesn’t get it—not yet.

I think I love this part so much because it paints such a real and beautiful picture of grace. You don’t have to fully “get it” to receive it.

That is hard for me, a good church girl, to accept. Unlike the Samaritan woman, I have the knowledge. I know Jesus and His story, I know the right answers, and I know my theology. But what this story says is, the gift of Christ is for anyone who wants to receive it—no matter how little you know, no matter how little you have been taught or understand.

Grace levels the playing field each and every time.

The Samaritan woman wanted what Jesus was offering. She knew this if she knew nothing else. “Give me this water,” she says. And that’s all she has to say.

That is all we have to say, too. From the church girl who is fruitlessly checking her boxes to the woman buried under the weight of past sin and shame, this promise is for all of us. Because we are all thirsty. We are all weary. We are all desperate for our Jesus who stands at the well offering the exact and only thing we need.

Give me water, we say, breathless and tired. And He does. And when He does, we are never thirsty again.


  • Stephanie Garcia

    What I love about this story is that Jesus empowers this woman— she serves as a messenger, bringing the men of the town to hear God’s word. It’s a reminder that we all have a role to play.

    • Gerda Stelpstra

      Yes I agree! And I’m in awe that it seems to come so natural. She has just experienced something amazing and without hesitance she shares.

  • The samaritan women story gives me a better understanding of Gods grace. I learned that God wants everyone to live a life for him and no matter if your broken lost or empty hes waiting for you to jump in his arms and they are always open. This encourages me to tell everyone that Gods love is unconditional & never ending. Its such an amazing thing to know that i am loved by a greater king

  • What I really like about the Samaritan woman not quite understanding what Jesus is talking about is that not only do we not have to totally get it to receive Christ’s salvation and grace, but we also don’t totally have to get it when God calls us to action or when God places a desire in our heart. So often, I think He actually wants us to go without getting it or do without getting it, just because you know it’s what He wants. As someone who struggles to relinquish control of my life entirely over to God, this passage really spoke to me because of that.

  • I love this passage so much because I am the Samaritan woman. But why I can’t seem to reconcile is that he tells her of her past mistakes. I’ve been trying to walk with the Lord for a long time now and I keep stumbling and falling into the same mistakes over and over and over again. How can the Lord give mercy when it’s a constant battle just to get out of the same ditch? Could the Lord still give mercy to the woman who say “I want living water” but yet goes back to the same man and commits the same sin?

    I’m kind of at a loss. Guidance and prayer would be helpful and so welcomed.

    • Katie W

      Praying for you. Jesus is in constant pursuit of you! Grace and forgiveness is not something you create but has been created by Him to enter in to. I believe he recounts her past doings to show that he fully knows her and yet He a Jewish man is offering her eternity in spite of her sin or wrong doings.

      I was speaking with my grandmother last night about how there is so much freedom in Christ because he doesn’t take away your freedom to choose. The Lord will always love you and give grace in spite of your sin. Like with any decision there are consequences that can be positive or negative. Choosing sin will always lead to hurt and darkness yet still He is there to pull you out. The battle was one when Jesus died on the cross and rose again. If there are certain things and relationships in your life that are causing or leading you to sin you need to remove them. The Bible says FLEE from sin. Don’t give it the chance to enter into your heart to try and separate you from Jesus.

      Are you apart of a local church? Do you have a community of women you can share your burdens with? If not, I encourage you to seek that relationship so that you do not feel alone, can be held accountable, and can encourage you to be in the Word with your Father.

    • Lea

      I love how Jesus offers us “everlasting life” before our lifestyle is ever brought up❤️ we need to confess our sins but that’s it! He’s already willing to give us everlasting life.

    • Bailey

      Yes exactly what Katie said & know you are loved by a greater King and his arms are ALWAYS open!!! I believe you can push through your struggles with faith & talking to the Lord is essential! He will heal you & your story may later inspire others. God has a plan for you & his good plan will help you through this YOU GOT THIS

  • This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. Jesus, defying social and cultural norms, moved by love, acknowledges and offers grace and salvation to this woman. I love His gentleness, yet truthfulness with her. Reminds me of all the times He has been truthful, showing me areas of my life that I need to hand over to Him. Yet He does this with such grace and gentleness and love. My Jesus. What a gift You are.

  • This story today really spoke to me. I’m 19 years old and for my whole life I have believed that I can’t fully commit my life to God until I know everything. I couldn’t be more wrong. I realize that God wants us to feel him speaking to us, but we most definitely do not have to understand him. I am a very logical thinker, I am someone who likes being told exactly what to do and how to think. Jesus has challenged that side of me this past year. I don’t have to know how these miracles happen. I don’t have to know all of the Bible stories. I don’t have to have the answers. As long as I know that Jesus loves me for who He has made me to be, everything is okay. He will reveal everything I need to know in perfect timing. Today was a step in the right direction and thank you Jesus!!

  • Elizabeth

    The part of these verses that jumped out at me in reading these verses this time was where it talks about Jesus being weary. It was a good reminder to me of his humanness. In the midst of this profound interaction with the Samaritan woman, Jesus was still human.

  • ❣❣❣❣❣ God levels the playing field❣❣❣❣

  • Miyarae Lei Chelle Payton

    Can anyone tell me why she left her waterpot?

    • Rae Godwin

      I think that she left her water pot because she realized that sharing what/ who she had learned about and who she had met was much more important than only having to make one trip to the well to get water. She didn’t care that she was doing a task before she came. She was so moved that she immediately ran to go tell others. (Which if you think of her as an adulteress, she probably wasn’t well liked by the rest of the people, but she ran to them anyway.) That is just my thoughts on why she would have left the waterpot at the well instead of taking it.

  • Brittany Perez

    I always enjoy watching the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman, simply because it’s entirely how I think God wants us to have conversations with people. Totally non-revered and practically bare. And Jesus talked to her with love and compassion but let her know of her past but gave her an option of her future. It reminds me of my first conversation with God, it wasn’t dialogue like this, but it was God showing me his grace and me going “Okay God I get it now”

  • Rachel Perez

    I really liked this devotion today. I think typically when we think of Gods grace we think it is something rare and special that we have to receive. In a way it is but not we initially think. Like the women at the well, we as believers want something from Jesus. His grace is rare and special but not so rare or special that we have to dive into oceans or climb mountains to obtain it. His grace is readily and freely available. All we have to do is ask with our hearts. His grace is what brings us closer to him and because of that compassion we are all able to be loved and seen equally no matter our past or even current actions. :)

  • After a long year of a failed marriage, after 7 years, i became so depressed and I lost touch with the Lord. I started this devotion and this so spoke to me. I am doing a major reevaluation of my life- what’s my well? What am I constantly running to, to fill up on? God knows my heart. I love that no matter what our past is or whatever bad things we’ve been through Jesus loves us and WANTS us. Oh how reassuring that is? The king of kings wants ME!

  • Oh I love this! “You don’t have to ‘get it’ (grace) to receive it.” Love love love love

  • Holly Freeman

    I am reminded that I don’t have to have it all together to come to him. The devil tries to down play the power God has given us through him. We have access to the Father at all times. But the question is do we really use it?

  • Very well written and encouraging to all walks of life. What a perfect painting of God’s love for us!

  • Jesus knew the darkest secrets of this woman. He could have thought “I’ll wait for someone to come who is trying hard to do the right things”, but he didn’t. He pursued her, fully knowing her sin. He gave her grace – his rich, undeserved favour.
    “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans‬ ‭5:8‬
    Then, when she received his grace, he not only saved her, he worked out his purposes through her. He didn’t wait until she had all knowledge and understanding. He used her right where she was at. Through her, he drew many Samaritans to himself.
    This is a beautiful story of how Jesus does everything- all I can do is receive… drink.

  • Darla L. Isaak

    I so appreciate reading how Jesus spoke to her and loved her before she. Was a picture perfect Christian!

  • “The gift of Christ is for anyone who wants to receive it-no matter how little you know, no matter how little you have been taught or understand.”
    I have always known this and have told it to new and old Christians alike but it has just clicked in my head that this applies to me too. After falling away about 7 or 8 years ago and fighting and wrestling with God I have finally submitted and am seeking a relationship with Him. I don’t have to rush to gather a bunch of knowledge and make up for lost time. What matters is that I’m actively seeking Him. If I’m doing that, the relationship will grow and the knowledge will come. My knowledge and understanding of Gods word does not determine weather or not I get the gift of Christ.

  • Loretta Hall

    This touched me. So many times during bible studies I was told we had to be so Bible smart to receive Gods grace. This passage reminds me that God makes the rules, not people, and His grace is given freely! God is so good!!!

    • Corinne

      Hi Loretta, I am so sorry that you were told that in your bible study, that is so false and it pains me to hear that. God is beautiful and he wants us no matter what our knowledge is as long as our heart truly desires to be with him that’s all that matters! I am sorry that you were told something that was not truth.

  • Heather Timmons

    Grace levels the playing field for everyone. Needed to hear this today!

  • Loved this:)

  • God’s grace should cause us to pursue His holiness all the more because of having been given the privilege of a pure heart

  • Cheryl Durham, Ph.D.

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  • Amy Kenter

    We are all thirsty, all even in Gods eyes. This truly shows me that I need to get over myself when sharing Gods love and grace bc it isn’t me, it is God in me.

  • From these verses, you can see she is slowly gaining a testimony of him: first she calls him a Jew v. 9; second, Sir v. 11; then a prophet v. 19; and finally, Christ v. 29 ♡

    • Alexis Lytle

      Thank you for sharing! I didn’t notice that right away on my own. Too cool!

  • Thank you so much for explaining these stories, both new and Old Testament women. I have felt emotionally far from The Lord but hearing how my Jesus responds to these women (who are so like me!) just makes me fall in love with Him all over again. It’s a reminder that this is my Jesus. This is the God who loves me and pursues me and desires my heart. What a beautiful and undeserved gift. I get excited every time I read one of these stories. Thank you, SRT.

    • Emily Baxter

      So true, thanks for putting into words what I was thinking!thinthinking

  • Nadia Aldaco

    Grace! What a wonderful gift God has given to us. Grace brought us to Jesus and Grace sustains us in Jesus. I know I would be lost and desperate without it, busy trying to fix things and getting no where. What a wonderful gift!

  • Andie Walton

    This is one of many favorite Bible stories. She had all the odds stacked against her and she knew it. She probably felt hated, but just like Jesus being the amazing man He is He speaks. He sees that no one is better but we are all capable of redemption. That is amazing.

  • I grew up hearing this story but I never really “got” it until recently. I love that Jesus knew everything about this woman-including her sins- and still offered her living water. We all receive that offer from him. He knows our sins but offers us living water anyway!

  • God is amazing!! He calls us out of our darkness into His light!! Praise God that He is the one who fills us up and uses us for His glory!!

  • Wakeji Kamore

    God used this woman who was downcast by the society because of her pas and her shame.. she was the one who led the whole of Samaritan to Jesus… what an important role!

  • This story is so often interpreted that the Samaritan woman was a sinner. I did a really good study on this sweet story and learned that this woman was not an adulteress woman; she was a rejected woman. In these days, if she had been an adulteress sinner; no other man would have married her, and she would’ve been shunned. Women weren’t allowed to marry, divorce & remarry. She had multiple husbands who used her & then, to keep at least her social standing somewhat intact, divorced her. Had she been the sinner that she is referred to as, when she came back to tell of what Jesus had said, nobody would have listened to her.
    I love that Jesus met this woman who had been tossed aside, and spoke to her heart “I know what has happened to you, I know that you have felt unloved & unwanted. I see you. I LOVE YOU. I want to give you life & life abundant!”

    • Julianne

      Exactly!!! I was hoping someone would shed light on this part of the story! She was most likely living as a concubine so that she wouldn’t die, not because she wanted to….

      Jesus said to her “You have been hurt, and I know and still love you anyway!”

      NOT adulteress.

    • Nadja

      Wow! So interesting! I would love to know the name of the study!!

    • Cortney

      What study did you do? I would love to learn more. Thanks.

  • Cindi Jarrett

    Thank you for sharing this story of grace today. I so need to be reminded daily of this precious gift.

  • Kasey Summers

    Never thirsty again = Eternally satisfied! Changes everything! An eternal perspective makes life not about me and my wants, but about Christ- THE Life Giver and Transformer! The less our life if about us, the more freedom & joy we have!!!

  • Ashley Aylsworth

    Grace. Isn’t this one of the most beautiful attributes of our Heavenly Father? When we feel we are struggling in our circumstances or shamed by our sins, we go to Christ. We receive resilience from Him and embrace his supplies of divine strength and grace.

  • Day 4 – the Samaritan woman – I have found myself pondering two different things about her story: (1) once Jesus has her attention by offering her living water, He cuts right to the chase, “go call your husband.” Jesus meets us in the middle of our messes. No mess of ours is big enough to deter Him. He is saying “I know your story and My offer still stands… your story is *why* My offer stands.” (2) she is a Samaritan who has no dealings with the Jews and yet she talks about her father Jacob and confidently says that she knows Messiah is coming who will tell her all things. She is watching for the Messiah! She may be on the wrong side of town with a whole host of bad life choices, but Jesus sees beyond all of the exterior details and knows her heart! She is watching for Him and although she doesn’t “get it” all, she knows there is something wondrous about this Man and she can’t wait to tell anyone who will listen that she believes the Messiah is here!

    • Angela

      “Your story is *why* My offer stands…” Such a great statement. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

    • Glorya

      How very true…
      I was that samaritan woman… Waist deep in sin…hating what my life had become, what I had become. There I sat in a Church one night, only because I had to be there, not because I wanted to be…. And in walked Jesus – straight into my heart. I went back to meet him night after night, finding myself drinking in this most amazing water and finding out that no matter what a wretch I had become, Jesus loved me…ME!!! He loved me no matter what. Praise the Lord I will NEVER be thirsty again!!

      You are so right Sister, our life is EXACTLY why He sits down to talk at just the right time. He knows our story better than we do.

    • AngeLa

      Thank you all for such inspiring comments. I lost my Dad two weeks ago and have been struggling to get into God’s Word again. When I read it seems to have lost its “living.” Having this study and reading this morning and the comments is kindling my desire to get back on track with my Saviour. God bless, everyone.

  • This morning I got up and went straight to my well of shame to draw water. I stepped on those scales that define me to see whether it would be a good or bad day. The number was good. But I didn’t feel good. I felt empty.

    Bulimia has been a 7 year struggle for me. I’ve fluctuated from overweight to underweight. I’ve tried everything I can to surrender this idol to God. But I keep coming back to it. No matter how hard I work at breaking the behaviours, my heart remains the same.

    So many tears in the shower. So much desire to surrender my body to God, but discouragement knowing that I’ve done that time and time again in the past, but my heart remains unchanged. I can’t surrender in myself. I’ve tried it doesn’t work. I’m tired of drawing water here, but I don’t know what to do. My lists of strategies for overcoming this disorder have been powerless against that need to draw water. To fill that thirst.

    And before I even read this devotion, Jesus met me at my well of shame. He reminded me that I AM powerless to change, but He is mighty to save. He offered me rest by handing it all over to Him. He invited me Into His presence to find rest from the struggle, even while Im still dirty. He offered me another well: that would give me living water.

    And then I read this… Another thirsty sister who had been drinking from wells that couldn’t satisfy. But the very SAME Jesus meeting her in her shame and offering her hope- the promise of never thirsting again.

    He is so patient with us. Just like my Samaritan sister I don’t get it all either! But I know I long for that living water. I know that He alone can quench my thirst. He alone can help me turn away from these other wells that cannot satisfy.

    But it’s not a matter of working and striving. These sinful wells are there. I cannot remove them. But I can CHOOSE each day to drink from the living water. I can choose which well I draw from.

    In His time, I will be completely free. I believe it! I trust in Him. ❤️

    • Meg

      You brave, sweet girl. I think all any of us can do is to consciously choose, every single day, what well we want to drink from. I don’t always have the will or courage to choose from the right well. Thank God for His grace and His patience with me in those moments where I just don’t “get it.”

      I admire you for facing that struggle every single day and still being able to praise God in the midst of it.

    • Kotuttle

      Wow! Just what I needed to hear. I have struggled similarly with an eating disorder for many years – some in recovery and strength and some in shackles to this monster. Thank you for your transparency and encouragement. God has reminded me of his strength to overcome by reading your comment today. ❤️

  • Leslie Olson

    He says to her I am the Messiah I don’t think He says that a lot I think she may be the first What privilege he gave to her Something so special that along with her salvation she received his secret Did it make him feel good to say it Relief to let someone know who he really was I don’t think so I don’t think he told her for his own benefit I know that’s not right He told her for her Everything he did – for someone else Never self serving Never self promoting Never once did he say “excuse me, do you know who I am? “

  • I've heard a teaching that spoke about how this woman came to the well at an odd hour of the day (the heat of the day perhaps? – forgive me for not having the exact details!) most likely to avoid all the other people that would be coming to the well.
    She says in verse 15 "The woman said to him, “Sir, give me this water, so that I will not be thirsty or have to come here to draw water.”

    What jumped out to me was so I won't have to come HERE to draw water. She may have meant the physical well but I also wonder if it was an emotional "well". I won't have to come to this place of shame, this place that defines who I am in my community, this place I've created from my choices. And what joy that we don't need to continue to visit those places within our selves either. Jesus has offered us living water, offered us Himself and not as a place to come to now and then or when we need but that dwells WITHIN us! It's an ever constant, limitless supply of grace and mercy and love. Praise be to Him forever and ever!!!!!

    • Sarah Avery

      I love that so much. It also made me think, about how the Lord meets us at our most shameful places. Not to condemn us but to meet us exactly where we are. To come down and sit with us. To show us that he Ioves us regardless of our sins.

    • Kimberly Martinson


  • “It becomes and fresh bubbling spring WITHIN them, giving them eternal life”!!! How amazing does that sound! The Holy Spirit within me is a fresh bubbly spring of eternal life! Amen!

  • And there were no words of condemnation from His mouth!

    • Norma

      I am a little behind in the readings, but I love your comment: there were no no words of condemnation, Jesus did not come to condemn the world but to save those who believe on His name. What a wonderful promise.

  • I am that woman, the one Jesus knew all about before I’d said a word. The one wearing shame and trying to hide, but He wasn’t fooled by the mask I put on. His offer -unbelievable- but oh so irresistible! I didn’t know the depth of what I was getting when I said yes to that offer but I’m so glad I did. How great is the glory and love of our God!❤️

  • What I feel like God is saying through this is that Jesus breaks through all cultural, social and spiritual barriers to reach us. This woman was an adulteress, but that didn't keep Him away from her. That didn't stop Him from pursuing her.

    I have several loved ones in my life who have spiritual barriers that keep them from Jesus. This reading today encouraged me that the truth doesn't have to be super-spiritual to reach people. The truth can be something so simple that tears down those barriers. And my Jesus can break through those barriers, no matter the circumstance!

  • So many good things here this morning! One reminder that struck me is that the Good News, grace, a blessing, etc can come from the most unlikely of people; church leader vs. Samaritan woman. Jesus can and will use anyone He chooses to advance His good plan and I need to be aware of when I put Him in a box or take a narrow view of how I think He works. Not only to others but also those He puts in my path too!

  • I love the fact that Jesus doesn't see "culture" ,"male" nor "female" ,nor race of ppl .but he sees the heart of the person, he didnt care that he wasn't "by culture" not to speak with her. she must have been in search of something more in her heart and Jesus knew what she needed. He knows what we need ,he sees our heart of hearts and he meets us right where we are ,on the road to "nowhere" and offers us something that no one else can give "water " ,refreshment , that cant be quenched by anything or anyone .I love him and the way he loves us " without condition"

  • jenncain

    "But what this story says is, the gift of Christ is for anyone who wants to receive it—no matter how little you know, no matter how little you have been taught or understand."

    I am in the middle between the church girl and the Samaritan woman. As someone who was brought up not going to church, reading and studying the Bible, only praying over Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, I don't have that Sunday School knowledge as a child, or the knowledge of someone who has attended a Bible college, or has been reading and studying Jesus for longer than I have. I started seeking Jesus and was baptized just before I turned 17, then spent two years after fully engaged in who Jesus was and what He had done for my life. Some unfortunate events happened and as a result I fell away from church and God for almost 10 years before a deep, almost nagging stirring in my heart started happening and I found myself sitting in the third row at a church service (our now church home) one Sunday, and honestly have not looked back since. I still don't have that deep knowledge and understanding of Jesus' time here on earth because I am only two years in to truly studying and reading the Bible and actively seeking Him again. I am blessed to be surrounded by others who are so deep rooted in their faith, so knowledgeable. I feel like a constant sponge around them, just soaking it all in. Studies such as this one have also been such a huge blessing in having that daily encouragement and inspiration that has done nothing but helped me along in becoming deeper in my relationship with Jesus.

    I do often times find myself wishing I were as educated or as knowledgeable as those around me, especially because I have the desire and the want to be learn more about who Jesus is and who He was during His time here on earth, but I also remind myself, as does God, that it is all in His time and to just be patient. He is preparing me. That that deep understanding, knowledge and wisdom comes with time, and I am only just beginning. Honestly, I have up until recently, viewed my lack of knowledge and deep understanding from a theological standpoint as a weakness, a big weakness, and saw it as not being good enough for me to share with others who Jesus is. I may not be able to right now in this moment share the stories in John or the majority of the gospels from memory, or even think to use them as a reference when sharing Jesus with others, but what I do have are my own experiences of what Jesus has done for me and done in my life, and that is good enough. Because of how my life has played out so far and where I am at now in my faith and in my life, I can share from experience with others who Jesus is and how He can touch their lives. The gift of the Spirit that I received at 16 is a very useful thing that until recently, I have failed to really acknowledge when it comes to sharing Jesus with others.

    I really felt inspired by this message this morning, and related to both the "good church girl" and the Samaritan woman. The idea of being "good enough, knowledgeable enough" has been something on my mind for months now, and something I have been praying about almost daily. I'm really grateful to have read this today. :)

    • Angela

      Your comment really spoke to me. I am much more drawn to people who speak Jesus from the perspective of their own personal experience with Him vs. those who only have knowledge that comes from years of formal education within the church. God can and will use your life experiences to bring Him glory. That is why He makes each of us different. It makes me think of the blind man in John 9. He did not have many answers when the Pharisees questioned him about Jesus. All he could speak of is what Jesus did for him. And God was able to use him in a mighty way just because he was willing to share his story. Praying the same for you, jenncain!

    • Glorya

      Oh Sister… What Jesus has done for you and you alone is going to touch more people you tell them to than the stories in Mathew, Mark, Luke and John combined. Jesus wants all of us to share OUR stories. I was told (& I believe it) that it takes approximately 12 people telling you about Jesus before you “get it” and go to the well and talk with Him. We don’t have to worry about trying to convince an unbeliever about the grace and love available through Jesus…they have several other people that need to share with them!!! Your story… Your life… Your experiences are more important than you know!!! And one day, you might be that 12th person!!!
      Blessings Sister….

    • Stephanie

      I am just beginning this study and am behind but I keep hoping people return to the studies to read the comments. You know what is funny, I had those things you say you didn’t have, Sunday school, and times of great learning and teaching and yet I still fell away, again and again. I allowed the attractiveness of sin pull me away but that is another story… You know exactly what you should know and your humility is wisedom. I, if you can believe it after what I have just told you, think more highly of myself than I ought to because of knowledge and yet I am the Samaritan woman. All I stand on is His marvelous grace that lasts through years of sin, causes havoc and death in my life, even while I knew Him. Still his grace is enough. That is all I need to know, Christ died for me and He offers me living water, true life every day, in spite of my weaknesses and failures.

  • Jesus "had to" pass through Samaria. Geographically, sure, but also it was a divine necessity. Samaria needed Jesus. Logically, bringing truth to a people group you'd imagine the best contacts would be the leaders the well spoken and influential persons. So who does Jesus chose? The Samaritan woman! The woman who has to draw water alone because she is immoral. This is who Jesus loves on, offers salvation and reveals himself to. Then it is through her testimony that many Samaritans come to believe. So many times I think I need to fix myself, be a better christian then I'll be good enough for God to use me…in reality God delights in using the weak the unlikely and the unlovely. It is a beautiful picture of His grace.

    • Elisabeth

      Your words really spoke to me today…God will use me in all my imperfections and I just need to open my heart and allow him to lead me. I can continue to work on me while allowing him to lead me where I can be of service.

    • Marissa

      Amen! Thanks be to God that He can and chooses to use us as we are, while still shaping us into the women He has called us to be.

    • Kylee

      Thank you for commenting! I think sometimes I use my lack of spiritual expertise or inadequate words as a “pass” to shrug it off when I could share my faith, like “Who am I, & what could I say that they haven’t already heard about God?” And of course, the answer is EVERYTHING! I can share my heart and what we’ve gone through as a family since we all became Christians and how we’ve endured it all because of faith. I can share how lost I felt without Him and how full my life is WITH Him! I don’t have to be eloquently versed in scripture for my testimony to have an impact – I just need to share it.

  • cjackson924

    Like many others have said in their comments, John 4:39 and 4:41 stuck out to me today. When Jesus is talking to his disciples in verses 35-36, he talks about a harvest that is ready to reap. The woman took advantage of this and spread the good news to the rest of her town. Sometimes I find myself waiting, thinking it is not my time yet. But God can use us every day to share his good news and our testimony. Anytime is a good time to spread God's word and do his good work. The Samaratin woman shared her experience (despite her low social position) and showed the townspeople Christ. I love the connection with the devotion that everyone can receive God's gift and God's grace, but I have to be willing to share my testimony with others too.

  • michelle of LA CA

    I needed this today ………. powerful devotion
    Michelle of Los Angeles

  • Beautiful! After reading this today my heart is full and rejoices as I remember when I was so much like the Samaritan woman. Clueless, but oh so thirsty. Thankful for living water that he extends to anyone who will drink. Praise the Lord!

  • I love how she didn’t even ask for the Living Water. She was like “unlimited water? score! I’ll never have to walk back here again!” she’s thinking she won the lottery. then Jesus, patient and understand as he is, makes it more clear that he is offering something BETTER. this sounds a lot like me, not fully understanding but getting excited anyway. I’d like to think Jesus smiled and thought it was funny that she wasn’t quite getting it :) “No, no…I’m offering you LIVING water”. “Oh! Even better!”

    Hope y’all understood that. This is how my brain works sometimes ;)

  • Sonja Cox


    • Sonja Cox

      Just love how this reminds me that Jesus said all who hunger & thirst for righteousness- will be satisfied- In Him we are satisfied!

  • Kristi Daum

    Jesus broke through cultural and social boundaries to bring one women to himself. Are we willing to do the same? To move outside of our comfort zone in order to offer some else the gift of life? Be uncomfortable today and live as Jesus did…

    • Hayley Lemmons

      I’ve never seen the story from that angle before! I definitely become fearful when the Holy Spirit tugs on my heart to talk to someone I barely know about Jesus and grace. Thanks Kristi!

    • Missa

      Thank you for this! This is something I have been struggling with.

  • I too love the way Jesus approached a sinner and showed His love for her. Not a man or woman of God. Not a rich person. Not a person who is a ruler, but a poor, lowly sinner. A sinner who needs grace. That is the kind of God we are serving.

  • “Grace levels the playing field…..

    That is all we have to say, too. From the church girl who is fruitlessly checking her boxes to the woman buried under the weight of past sin and shame, this promise is for all of us. Because we are all thirsty. We are all weary. We are all desperate for our Jesus who stands at the well offering the exact and only thing we need.

    Give me water, we say, breathless and tired. And He does. And when He does, we are never thirsty again.”

    Who are you?

    We can be both – the sinner and the church girl – weighed down by mistakes form yesterday. Trying to put on our jean skirt. Straighten our hair. Living in guilt and shame.

    Why are we still thirsty?

    We need His water. The living water. His Word. His presence. Don’t run to your books, your music, your food, your coffee. This morning, run to Him. Pour out your tears. Pray. Seek Him in your heart. He is found. He is waiting.

  • JeniaMarie

    The question that I’ve been pondering since reading this short story is “what has become my well that I go to each day to fill me up?” It could be anything. There are thing-at least for me- that become so ritualistic that we don’t realize that we may be doing them out of an emptiness we don’t recognize. But I love how Jesus met her with truth right where she was and offered the Samaritan woman some new and lasting. She probably went back to that well but with a whole new perspective.

    • Mandee

      “What has become my well that I go to each day?” — wow. This hit me hard and brought me to tears and repentance this morning. Thank you for challenging me with this ever important question.

  • Carolyn J

    Rebekah has pointed out what I came to comment on. A part of the story that stood out to me. That the woman believed in the Scripture that said there was a Messiah coming and she was obedient. And obviously thirsty for more… for salvation… to know this Messiah. THen she goes and tells everyone in the town and says "Come see what he did for me." And many people in the town believed because of her testimony.

    THIS. THIS is our calling. To go spread the good news. To tell others about the Love of Jesus and the salvation and peace he brings. How often do we miss this opportunity?

    This passage is also an excellent example of Jesus's love toward others. How he came in and shattered all the rules. Because every soul matters. He didn't care about political lines or gender barriers. He sought the heart of people. And He got right to the heart of people he came in contact with. He loved despite flaws. He loved despite rules or what might make someone uncomfortable – because of grace.

    May we all love others the way Jesus loved. May we all show others grace despite their sins or transgressions against us. May others see the example of Jesus in how we behave toward others.

    • Olivia

      I agree Carolyn! As we spend time with Christ and allow Him to cleanse our heart, fill us up, and do the miracles He wants to do in our lives – our proclamation of His good works and our praise to Him will draw those around us to His love.

  • We can learn so much from the way Jesus loved and dealt with people. He keeps things so beautifully simple. Truth with love. I love reading the stories where he interacts with sinners or the social outcasts. We are all broken in some way and need a savior. Now that we’ve been found and have that amazing living water, we are called to have a heart for people like He did.

    • Kelly_Smith

      Amen, Juliet! I am challenged to share the Living Water today, to love like Jesus loves.

    • Pamcakes

      I felt the same after today's lesson. The Samaritan woman's story reminds me to be Christ like to everyone, regardless of differences. Just like it did back then for Jesus, this unconditional love is what will spread the Word in today's chaotic world.

  • One thing that struck me, that really I have always known but wow today it was bold in my face. The townspeople had to get filled with the living water themselves. The woman told them but they asked Jesus to stay so they could experience the living water too. Right now I am struggling. I just realized that I am trying to force my dose of living water down my daughter’s throat It can’t work that way she has to ask Him to stay a while with her and experience the living water herself. She believes in God because of my testimony but I can’t give her the ” never thirst again” she has to do that.

    • lynne

      Thanks Kassie for sharing that. I have been trying to force feed my daughter the living water too. It is so hard to sit back as a parent and see your children live in a way that is contrary to what you believe, but Christ is in control. His arm is not to short that it cannot save. I keep telling myself these things and that's why I wanted to share it with you. He is in control. Thanks again for sharing your heart. I will be praying for you and your daughter.

  • The Samaritan woman asks Jesus "Are you greater than our father Jacob?". Did this strike anyone as an interesting way to refer to Jacob since she is not a Jew?

    • Marianna

      Double check me…but the Samaritans descended from Jacob. In that sense, they claim him as their father, and trace their ancestors to Ephraim and Manasseh, the sons of Joseph. Hope that helps!

    • Maya

      From my understanding, Samaritans were half Jews so perhaps that’s why she considered Jacob as a father, Amanda.

  • A different line stood out in my heart from today’s passage : “Many of the Samaritans from the town believed in him because of the women’s testimony.” John 3:39

    Isn’t that what our Jobs our as followers? We are to spread His word and lead others to follow Him! God used a sinner, an outcast of the town to bring many of them to Jesus. No matter what our past, each of us are enough. Each of us can show God’s love and spread His word.

    • Kelly_Smith

      Rebekah, that stood out for me, too. It's not enough to drink the Living Water. We must share. If I could capture her astonishment at God's grace, I might be compelled to run into town sharing the Good News. Instead, I fall into the rhythm of the Christain life, forgetting just how amazing grace is. Today is a reminder of that grace that levels the playing field.

    • Dee

      "Each of us are enough ". Thank you Rebekah.

  • John 4:42 jumped out at me this morning, "They said to the woman, 'It is no longer because of what you said that we believe, for we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this is indeed the Savior of the world.'"

    Can you please pray for me and our youth group? Our youth pastor is out of town, and I will be speaking to the youth this Sunday. Like the woman at the well speaking to the townspeople, I pray that hearts are opened to believe, and ears are opened so that they would hear for themselves and know that Jesus is the Savior of the world.

    Thanks, ladies! Love and blessings to you all! May you go out today in the power and Spirit of the Lord and change lives!


    • Brandi

      Praying for you and the youth group. Right now He is preparing their hearts for what He has to say thru you! Such an awesome opportunity, blessing to get to be used as His instrument!

    • Rachelskirts

      Praying that God’s name will be glorified and that the gospel message will be boldly proclaimed—and heard!

    • Karen

      Be at peace. Just do what the woman at the well did. She encountered Jesus, she shared what that was like, the others were drawn to Jesus because of who He is, and because of her passion for Him. The youth will want to experience Him for themselves, too.

    • Dee


    • Candacejo

      I will be praying for you Zuri!! Go in Jesus' name ♥

  • Caroline @ In due time

    More of you Lord! Thankful you desire to fill us up!


  • From ages 10 – 13 my family had a little land. My parent's called that home a hobby farm, because it wasn't a working one. We had a variety of animals and it was a fun place, truly good memories. On that property, right behind the house was an old pump with a spigot. We loved it, especialy in those roasting days of summers. The water was so incredibly cold and clear and oh was it ever tasty. I still remember it like yesterday. We would pump and pump and then throw our faces under the spigot. The water would pour, full speed onto us and we would giggle because of the incredible chill, but we would repeat incessantly. It was like magic, the water never ceased and it was always perfect. Truly, it was a simple pleasure. The last year we were there, we didn't know it would be our last year, my parent' s built an addition. The only location for the addition was over the old well, so out the old well came and that was the end of that. That last summer wasn't quite the same. We were kids, of course, we had fun, but we missed the well….the endless supply of delectable water, the unending relief from the heat, the replenishing drink readily available right in the middle of our play. We barely had to stop to get it. I think to it often, in fact, last year we went to a park we'd never been to before and a huge smile came over my face when we turned a corner, there was a well and many memories and warm fuzzies came rushing back.

    That well was special and it was just a well. The literal image stuck in the mind of the Samaritan woman. It brought joy to my sisters and I and our friends and yet it was temporal. It still brings joy and I'll never taste of it again. It is no wonder Jesus spoke of living water to her. My well reminds me so much of how life giving, joy sustaining and endless the love of Christ is. Just as I was enamored with a ceaseless flow of water, Jesus just oozes limitless love and grace and mercy. The comfort and refreshement I received from that cold and incredible water is nothing in comparison to Jesus. While it would sustain my play and give me more energy for the afternoon, Jesus is the source of life. I can find refreshement in Him. Nothing will ever happen that will take Him away and I don't have to pine away for a season He was in, He is in every season. No matter what changes around me, He is constant and just like the memories of that old well, I can feel joy rise when I think to His perpetual love over me. His constant soothing of me and His never ending grace over my life. ~ B

    • Lyle

      Beautiful! Your thoughts are such an encouragement to me. Our summer is much busier than I would like, and I keep wistfully thinking of other slower, quieter seasons. Thank you for reminding me that Jesus’ life-giving refreshment is overflowing in every season.

      • ~ B ~

        I need to recall this daily myself Lyle. The summer is flying by and I am burdened, myself, by the impending school year approaching and the missing of my kiddos, as one will be a senior and my last leaves for kindergarten … so thankful that as I long for and reminisce Jesus sits with me and provides the nourishment I need in all of these seasons! Prayerful that your seasons slows and the days become ones that you can rest in! ~ B

    • Andrea J

      Beautiful! Girl, you need to write a book! <3

    • PH413mama

      I love your stories B!

      • ~ B ~

        Thank you for being willing to hear them. I know my kids must tire of my droning on. :) ~ B

    • Angela

      Thank you for sharing your story! It really encouraged me today!!

    • Candacejo

      I loved this story B!! I felt like I was right there, you have such a way with words. I didn't have a well like that but I could see the neighborhood kids gathered around the "hose" fighting over a drink…I loved this part: "The comfort and refreshment I received from that cold and incredible water is nothing in comparison to Jesus." He is life-giving water, never to thirst again, we are so blessed to know the Giver of that living water! Thank you for reminding us He is constant even when everything around us is changing. ♥

    • DeniseSam

      Your words are beautiful and blessed. Seriously, you need to write a book!

      • ~ B ~

        I am so incredibly thankful to see how encouraging you ladies are. What I wouldn't give for coffee with the group of you! Thank you DeniseSam, very much! ~ B

  • Your last line reminded me of a song Mum used to sing when I was a child….only thing is I can only remember these words….." …so that I may never be thirsty again…." I think they may have been in the chorus…lol..

    Seriously though, we need water to survive…we need water to sustain us…we can go without food for considerable time but water….we need… FACT..in our physical life….let alone spiritually…
    I want…I need, the Living water of Jesus to survive, to get through my day, to get through my life, to sustain me…i need the Living water running through my body, my brain, my heart…I need it to fill me to overflowing…I need the Living water of the Man by the well…..so that I may never ever be thirst again…
    Lord Jesus, thank you that you are always there at the well, ready to fill us up…Lord, may I always know who you are, in my heart and soul, accepting your Living water as all I will ever need for my life…."..Sir…give me that water….then, I will never be thirsty again…"
    Thank you Lord Jesus, that you sought us…by the 'well' of our lives…that your desire is to give us life giving water…Thank you Lord Jesus..Thank you…
    Accepting the offer every day Lord Jesus…Fill me up…fill me up…. Amen…

    Happy Friday….Love across the pond to you all….xxx

  • When we thirst for God, He fills us up… always! But how much do I want to be filled? Am I happy with a drop or two to get through the day? Do I need a cupful to get through a situation I'm currently struggling with? Am I looking to get my jar filled to the brim, so I have enough for myself and my family? Or do I wait in His presence, fill myself up with His Word, His grace, His Spirit… until I overflow? I want to be so filled with the Living Water that it overflows into the lives of those around me.

    • german_janne

      What a beautiful illustration, Sheena! Often enough I am content with a drop or two to get through my day … Yes, this woman was overflowing, indeed. She had the habit to draw her water in the heat of the day, so that she would´t have to stand the looks and whispers of her townspeople. But the encounter with Jesus was so impressive, that she didn´t mind meeting them all and actually talk about her past and the difference Jesus made! What an example for us …

    • janellecole

      Gosh – that is such a good reminder – good questions to ponder – is my rush to get something from him and go, is that keeping me from getting fully filled! Thanks for sharing – I'm going to really spend some time thinking about those things….

    • Stacy

      Great point Sheena. I want my living water to be overflowing daily so it spills into my marriage, work and the people I encounter everyday. I want to be Jesus to those around me and need to be filled with the spirit and truth every moment. I usually feel great in the morning right after my time with God but then things get busy and messy during the day. I try to pray throughout the day and remember the one liners from the devotional to help me stay on track. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!

    • Maxine_R

      Amen! Beautiful!

    • Bek

      wow. powerful…. thank you!!!

  • 42 They said to the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.” Now they have faith, they believe without evidence.
    I wonder how often I am that Samaritan woman, missing the obvious? How many times am I letting the daily mundane, repetitive task of “drawing water” get in the way of hearing the Words being sent to me? I think I need to be more attentive, like the townspeople, so I can truly hear the teachings of my Father.

    • Dee

      Amen Alexis. The Father has so much to say to us, yet during my daily routine , I sometimes am so focused on completion of the tasks at hand that I have to wonder, am I missing the sound of his still small voice? As you have stated, I Must be more attentive. Thank you for for pointing that out!

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