Women In The Word - OT: Day 30



Today's Text: 2 Samuel 11:2-5, 2 Samuel 11:14-17, 2 Samuel 11:26-27, 2 Samuel 12:13-14, 2 Samuel 12:24-25, 1 Kings 1:15-21, Kings 1:28-31, Psalm 51:1-10

One of our Christmas traditions involves tying six or seven strands of thick red and gold ribbon along our staircase like rappelling ropes. A big shoelace bow at the top secures the ribbon as it falls over the side and lightly touches the ground below. Our family reads the notes and letters received that day and prays for each card sender during dinner, and after the meal we staple the Christmas cards to the ribbons. Every time we walk through the front door we are reminded of the people who make life meaningful and rich.

A closer look at any of the pictures on those cards shows everyone with their eyes open, all smiles. Photographs are taken on scenic sunset beaches, in clean homes and beside lovely landscapes, and no one has broccoli in their teeth. The lighting is just so and even the pets seem to smile for the camera. But looking at a single photo misses the bigger picture. Each person in those photos has walked through victory, loss, conflict, disappointment, joy, celebration, frustration, delight, and confusion. Those stories are not seen by merely looking at one moment, in one picture.

I often wonder about Bathsheba. Most of us probably refer to her by the one snapshot of the Bathing Beauty. During the writing of the Old Testament, the culture didn’t allow legal rights for women. Bathsheba did not have the option to call her lawyer when King David summoned her. I doubt her refusal would have been an option.

Did she knowingly bathe when David was out on the roof? Did she seduce him? Or did she simply show up at the wrong place at the wrong time?

The Scriptures do not give us insight into what Bathsheba thought or how she felt. We do know she married Uriah, a man of character. The people closest to us help shape us, and we presume the same was true for Bathsheba and her husband. Uriah’s name means, “The Lord is light,” and he is listed as one of David’s Mighty Men (2 Samuel 24:39). An elite military leader, Uriah acted honorably and showed loyalty to the men who reported to him in the army. In the end, he was murdered by the king he faithfully served.

Bathsheba not only grieved the unjust death of her husband, she also grieved the death of the baby conceived during David’s disobedience and sin. I’ve walked the painful path of miscarriage personally and I’ve walked alongside friends who have lost infant children—I can imagine Bathsheba’s pain felt unbearable.

How often do we write off people who have sinned? How often do we write off ourselves when we sin? Do we allow one story to define the entire person? When we see a blatant act of sin, like the one between David and Bathsheba, do we tend to assume their path of redemption stops there?

Sin is not the end of the great Gospel Story, and the sin committed to and by Bathsheba was not the end of her story either. We go on to read how she grew in strength, character, and influence as she became the mother of Solomon, the wisest king (1 King 4:29-30). She negotiates later with David to ensure her son was given his rightful place on the throne (1 Kings 1:15-21). And joining a long list of men and women who are sinners just like us, Bathsheba’s greatest honor was being listed in the genealogy of the Messiah, Jesus (Matthew 1:6).

Sisters, our past does not define us. The sin committed by us or to us is not the end of the story. Our God is able to redeem and restore!

David pens an incredible poem of repentance in Psalm 51. He acknowledges and turns from his sin and prays for God to renew him from within—a renewal that for us has been sealed by Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf.

Believing that, let us also join David in praying:

“Create in me a clean heart, O God.
And renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (v10)

You and I are not limited to our past mistakes. Keep showing up. Be steadfast. Not for your sake, but for the sake of Jesus. He is worth everything.

Vivian Mabuni is an author and speaker, and a sushi, white Christmas lights, coffee-with-friends-lover. She has been on staff with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) for 26 years and serves with Epic Movement, the Asian-American ministry of Cru. Vivian is the author of Warrior In Pink: A Story of Cancer, Community and the God Who Comforts.



  • Tears. “Sisters, our past does not define us. The sin committed by us or to us is not the end of the story. Our God is able to redeem and restore!”
    Sometimes a truth we know, when we are reminded so concisely, can strike us again, anew. Thank you.

  • Mary Beth

    Needed to hear this one today for sure. I’d been struggling with the guilt of my own failings today in terms of sexual sin. Bathsheba is a good reminder of how God can work wonders through sinners. We are not our failures but an opportunity for God’s mercy and grace to be revealed in us through the gift of forgiveness.

  • Loved this one. Our past/sin does not define us; we are forgiven, and God can renew the right spirit in us. Also, sin does not have to define someone else; there is hope for that person. May we look at sinners with the perspective that they need our Savior so they can be made new as well.

  • How precious this part of the study is to ‘eme…

  • Mary Beth

    I love this: “How often do we write off people who have sinned? How often do we write off ourselves?” Jesus never writes people off. Sin is never the end of the story with Jesus. Thanking Jesus that He is enough and that forever my story is redemption in Him–no matter past, present, or future sin. He is Big. ❤️

  • Amoreena

    Love this perspective on Bathsheba and David! Thanks for this.

  • Juliefay

    Gods forgiveness Is amazing. ❤️

  • Erica Posey

    I just discovered that if you slide right that there is a devotional and a comment section! I’m so happy right now! Lol

  • To start I rarely open my Bible. So I do not know every word or verse just one or two but when I’m reading everyone’s blog I feel a since of overwhelming feelings because I can relate to being trapped by the past and letting it consume you. It’s got me down, made me depressed, confused, not so good relationships in the past, and almost took my life. But thank God for being God because I look at she reads truth.com and it’s more easier for me to understand the stories in the Bible. It makes me want to read and learn about God more so I can further my relationship. Past will no longer be my story.

    • carlybenson

      Hi Jay, I'm so glad God led you to She Reads Truth and that you're finding it helpful. Praying for you that, as you read, you get to know God more and more, and understand and experience just how much he loves you- with a love that never fails and does not depend on anything you do. I know what it's like to be trapped by the past, but it is not the end of my story, or yours. Psalm 18:19 says "He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me." This has been my experience. Praying that you will know freedom from the past and know just how much God delights in you. xxx

  • Glad I'm not the only one here that seems to think that Bathsheba was more of a victim of circumstance than a seducer of men. Also, I was shocked in my perspective of David almost planning to kill her husband, just so he could take Bathsheba as his own. Although these definitely just could be the perspectives I had while reading this story.

  • “You and I are not limited to our past mistakes. Keep showing up. Be steadfast. Not for your sake, but for the sake of Jesus. He is worth everything.” Well said.

  • I’m not seeing a 2 Samuel 24:39. Do you know the correct reference regarding Uriah being one of David’s mighty men? Thanks!

  • Destiny M.

    Wow! it’s amazing how and through whom and when God speaks to us. I think I have lied to myself for quite sometime about what God has for me because I have been too stuck on the sins from my past. He can see past them ; so should I! This week seems to be the beginnings of that process.

  • Bathsheba lost her husband and her baby through the sins of David. I don't see how she was involved in the sins that are in this story. She was called by David to his bed, and at that time she had no rights since she was a woman. She obeyed.
    David did make things right with God and repented. He also took Bathsheba for his wife and God gave them Solomon. What a mighty man of God was he!!! God does forgive and replenishes our lives even when we have a "past". Yes, we all have a "past:. David did and I'm sure even Bathsheba did.
    Thank the Lord, that He forgives us for our wrong doings if only we ask.

  • Day 30 – Bathsheba – letting the little we know about her story bounce around my mind and heart all day… I keep coming back to a few simple thoughts: sin complicates! Our gracious God redeems even the biggest messes! Only God could judge and hold sinners accountable and still offer forgiveness and redemption, a new day on the other side of that self-induced mess! – but I also can’t help but ponder the difference between Abigail’s interaction with David yesterday and the interaction between David and several people in today’s story who might have respectfully, yet boldly questioned his decided course of action… the messengers sent to bring Bathsheba to him, Bathsheba herself, Joab receiving alarming orders from his king… concent to the kings wishes on each of their counts (admittedly we are not told if they felt they had any real opportunity to disagree or question him) caused sin to compound from a lust filled glance to adultery, to deception, to murder, to loss & lament for Bathsheba when she lost her husband who was a man of integrity and called to be the wife of a man she probably struggled to respect. But GOD. Our God loves His children, especially those who have a heart for Him and fear Him, He loves them too much to leave their sin unchecked. Through His prophet, He confronts David’s sin and does not spare him the deadly consequences. His own son must die. Bathsheba’s son must die. The woman David had taken to be his wife must enter a new marriage grieving her late husband and now her baby son. But, praise God, David is humbled before God. He responds to God’s chasening. He repents and cries out to God to cleanse him and renew a right spirit within him. Now that is a man God can rebuild and use…that is a man Bathsheba can respect and love and build a life with, bare another son to, and trust enough to claim his promises that Solomon would be king after him. Only God could bring about such a beautiful conclusion to such brokenness! Praise God He continues to do the same for us today! No mess is beyond His touch! If we will but humble our hearts before Him, what wondrous new beginnings He can orchestrate!

  • Tune My Heart To Sing Thy Grace

    Tune My Heart to Sing thy Grace

    Guide me daily by Your Holy light

    Keep, my heart forever, in Your peace

    Mediating on Your precepts which are true and right

    Tune my heart to sing thy grace

    Keep my eyes on eternity above

    Walk daily, forever, by my side

    Never let me forget You, my first love

    Tune my heart to sing thy grace

    Give me sight through Your eternal eyes

    Seeing the world in a different light

    Think of Your mercy How my heart flies

    Tune my heart to sing thy grace

    Shed Your precious blood for me

    Upon that cross at Calvary

    Your grace and love my spirit sees

    Tune my heart to sing thy grace

    “I’ll never forsake you,” You sweetly promise

    With You I’m never ever alone

    Your very presence chases away all the darkness and You

    Tune my heart to sing thy grace

    Keeping me daily by Your Word

    The Gospel the sweetest news I’ve ever heard

    Night and day, always forever,

    Tune my heart to sing thy grace

    • Rachel

      That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. The words made my heart sing!

  • Diana Anunda

    Needed this!

  • Sarah Martin

    Whew! I love this study more and more each day. I'm guilty of stopping at Bathsheba's snapshot on the roof. Thank you for enlightening me of the redemption in her story that points to our own redemption. His mercy never fails, never ends, never runs dry. I'm working on making this a heart-knowing thing not just a head-knowing thing. Love it!

  • This was SO RELEVANT for today because lately I have fallen into a great sin against God and it manifested last night! I need to not write myself off or anyone else affected by my sin but to just lean ever more so to my God that forgives, forgets, heals, and shows us his majesty through endless grace and mercy! All I have to do is repent like David and Bathsheba did and cling to God! Thanks for this read!!

  • As much as I have read this story to look at it more deeply through the eyes of Bathsheba is so heartbreaking and at the same time revealing! Such a strong women to the end. I wish we knew more about her but seeing her courage as a mother to come to David and remind him of his promise to Salomon is very telling of her character and strength. God’s redemptive power is also very exciting to see in this story.

  • DiaJohnso

    Bathsheba's experience brings into play so many elements and dimensions. She did not create the situation in which she found herself. Yet, the enemy of our soul would gladly use it to destroy her. Can you image the grief, shame, guilt, and torture she endured? Can you imagine the gossip and backbiting, the jealousy and resentment from those around her? Who were her BFF's and to whom could she trust and confide the deepest parts of her heart? How much comfort could David, alone, really provide as the originator of her personal pain? Yet, God must have done a great work in her heart. What strength and serenity of character she had to accept what could not alter, fight for the things she could change, and the wisdom to work in God's grace as she struggled to sort out the difference. Wow.

  • I’m having a hard time understanding this one–how did Bathsheba sin? I see her going through a lot of pain and was the victim of David’s wrongdoing, but how did she sin?

    • BennyB

      We don’t know. However, in a situation like hers, infidelity, everyone suffers and reaps the consequences. Sad indeed.

      • Lynda FB

        It wasn’t infidelity, David essentially raped her. She had no choice in the matter- David used his position as King to rape a married woman. It’s sickening. I can’t understand why God punished her by taking the child born as a result. I am happy this story has a (sort of?) happy ending, in that her son Solomon became King, but wow, she really suffered.

      • Phylicia

        Agreed. As the lesson points out, we are not defined by our sin and I believe this is part of why God shares the details of this story. There is a lot we don’t know. Did Bathsheba know why David called her? Did she have a choice? Did she choose her life instead of refusing to come before the king? I think we jump to conclusions quickly and forget the real point of both the lesson and the Bible texts. Yes, there was infidelity. Yes, adultery was committed. Willingly? The Bible doesn’t state Bathsheba’s personal experience. But, I can say, adultery wreaks havoc in all the lives involved. No matter how involved they were, willing or unwilling. Let’s remember the point of the story! What GRACE! What FORGIVENESS! What a RENEWED life! Tremendous BLESSINGS from the One who created us and LOVES us! Amen to NOT being defined by sin! “Then I don’t find you guilty either,” Jesus said. “Go now and leave your life of sin.” John‬ ‭8:11‬ ‭Redemption!

  • Thanks for the reminder that God's grace is truly amazing!

  • Adrienna

    I spent some time journaling over Psalm 51 this morning. David’s poem of repentance is something we can all be praying daily! We are sinful and we sin every day against a mighty God who is “justified in your words and blameless in your judgement.” I am so, so sinful. Yet God continues to cleanse me and is faithful to forgive. So often I think that God has forgiven my past, the sins I committed before coming to know Him, but have a hard time recognizing that He continues to forgive me for the sins I commit now. As long as I continue to repent and to look to the cross for my justification, God will forgive.

  • Alexandra Hart

    “How often do we write off people who have sinned? Do we assume their path to redemption stops there?” I had to just shout PREACH!!! this morning. How beautiful it is to know our past sins do not define me anymore than someone else’s past sin defines them. Even their current sin does not define them. The Lord is willing and able to redeem.

  • JferLynne

    Tears again!!

    I am struggling myself this morning with my sin and this wonderful beautiful devotion greets me this morning and floods my soul that has felt soiled is beginning to see that hope is never lost when we turn to our Savior. I am so grateful that I am not limited to my past mistakes and YES, Jesus is worth everything. I feel like sometimes our enemy likes to whisper to our hearts that when we sin (and I am responsible for my own choices, the devil did not make me do it, I gave in to flesh) that we have messed up and we can't enter into the holy of holies. But that isn't true and I have had shared that with so many others but I forget so thank you for reminding me that I can always enter in and there is forgiveness, grace, redemption and love to meet me as soon as I do enter in. Our God is so great!! Thank you Vivian for your thoughtful devotion on this! It was timely but God always is, isn't HE?!?

  • michelle of LA CA

    From your writing '
    "Sisters, our past does not define us. The sin committed by us or to us is not the end of the story. Our God is able to redeem and restore!"
    I don't have a past like Bathsheba but I have say and done dump things . And I have prayed the Psalm 51 , give me a clean heart .
    But from your writing I received not to judge . Yes all of us women have wondered why was Bathsheba bathing on the rooftop . The bible said David was good looking and he was the king of Israel , not a bad catch . However Jesus came from that linkage and David was remorseful when he sinned against God . God restores not us whenever we ask for forgiveness . When we cry out in pain that we have sin, when we make the wrong choices . We all have a past and have made mistakes and we are on our journey .

  • Laura White

    How beautiful, to know our past mistakes do not define us. We serve an amazing God whose mercy and grace allows us to tell others of his love. If He can extend His grace and mercy to us, we need to continuously work on doing the same. Have a blessed day bathing in our Savior’s love!

  • Thankful for a forgiving Father!

  • I love the reminder that we are not defined by our sin and that God can redeem anything, and anyone. What a beautiful gift from our father. Yet at the same time, I am also reminded of how I am guilty of writing people off and defining them by their sin, specifically when there is no repentance. But I know that God is in control of changing the heart, that's why David prayed, "create in me a lean heart oh God". And instead of writing people off, I need to LOVE hem and PRAY Davids prayer for them, for the Lord to create in them a clean heart. To have mercy and pour his grace into their hearts, to bring glory to himself! I pray that for me too!!!

  • Sin brings death to King David, but Solomon “who God loved” is how God responds to David’s repentance. The Lord is never far from the broken hearted, and His forgiveness is as eternal as His judgements.

    Gods forgiveness is clearly demonstrated by the naming of Solomon, calling him Jedidiah-“because of the Lord” through the prophet Nathan. God does not withhold His blessings or recall your sin, why do we.

  • “Sisters, our past does not define us. The sin committed by us or to us is not the end of the story. Our God is able to redeem and restore!” I love that! Am so grateful for God’s Grace!

  • Kimberly Martinson

    Renew a steadfast spirit in me. This is how I feel.

  • Amen! Awesome and wonderful! That passage of Scripture is my daily prayer. Sometimes it is not even our actions, but it could be our very thoughts, and stuff that we have hidden within our hearts. So even if I am not acutely aware of my sin, I say this as a part of my prayers. What a blessing it is to get renewed, and receive forgiveness for our sins. Our God is an Awesome God! Have a blessed day sisters!

  • TXPamcakes

    "You and I are not limited to our past mistakes."

    So easy to find comfort in this, but it can be a challenge to give this same grace to someone who has wronged you. In my journey to be more Christ-like, my prayer is that I can start to see beyond past mistakes and actively forgive.

  • "Our past does not define us. The sin committed by us or to us is not the end of the story. Our God is able to redeem and restore!"

    The devotion didn't refer back to this verse from the reading, but when I read that line I thought of Nathan's words from 2 Samuel 12:13 "The Lord also has put away your sin, you shall not die." When we feel like our sinful acts are labels blatantly visible, we are negating the cleansing power of God. God looks at Bathsheba as His loved and treasured wonderfully-made daughter. God looks at me the same. Will I allow the burdens to take that away? If I proudly let that label shine: Marcie, daughter of the King, loved and treasured, wonderfully made – how much more will I be able to accomplish for Him? He has redeemed and restored and wants us to live life abundantly for His glory.

  • I loved reading this new perspective on Bathsheba. It’s so encouraging to truly know He’s a God who doesn’t “write us off.”

  • Our pastor explained that bathtubs were placed on the roofs of each of the homes, and that they bathed at the end of the day so that the water could warm up in the sunshine. The homes were the same size and the tubs were privatized, so no one could see anyone else bathing… except the king, who had the highest spot on which to look. Which further removes the feeling that Bathsheba was trying to seduce David, but rather a victim of his power. I felt like that explanation helped me to understand the full context of the scenario.

    • Sara

      Wow. I never knew that. What a great insight to how the story of both David and Bathsheba played out

  • I never knew Bathsheba is listed in Jesus’s lineage! I have never dwelt on the fact that she was mother to the wisest king ( we all know mothers influence and teach their children greatly) in Sunday school we always focused on David, on sin, on the bad bad bad that they did ( which is true.. But!) but there is a longer life! There is more to these two, there is beautiful redemption, why do we ever focus as much on the aftermath of grace? Thanks for the reminder. I got pregnant with my first daughter out of wedlock in a small , southern baptist town. I thought it would and let it define me for a long time. But six years later, it’s barely a passing thought in my mind, because of Grace and redemption.

  • I've never seen this sin of David's as anything other than rape*.

    The lesson I see through Bathsheba is that when we are the Lords we do not remain a victim of our circumstances. The Lord is able to move us through our trials, even as we experience the pain, disappointments, and losses.

    *One of the reasons I've seen this as rape is that Amnon (David's son in chapter 13) repeats this sin with his half-sister Tamar. And many times in scripture we see repeating sins within the family line and how God works His sovereignty despite man's sinful nature. I could be wrong. I see another digging deeper coming on :)

  • “As far as the East is from the West so far does he remove our sins from us” psalm 103:12. God promises to forgive us fully, make us whole and clean before Him. We just have to bring those things to light and stop striving to hide them or make excuses. Thank you God!

  • onerebelheart

    How often do we look at ourselves or someone else and all we can see if their/our sin or mistakes? Yet God doesn't see us that way at all. If we are obedient to confess and turn away from our sin He is faithful to forgive it. It's that "turning away" part I sometimes have trouble with.

    Our past does not define us. His mercies are new every morning, and every day is a new day. What a relief that I do not have to suffocate under the weight of all my prior mistakes!

    I loved this closer look at Bathsheba and her story!

  • I love this post! God is forgiving. I love Psalm 51:8 that says, “Let me hear joy and gladness;
    let the bones that you have broken rejoice.” God is willing and able to heal and redeem sinners and restore us to full joy.

  • Leslie Olson

    Have just been reading ‘Gods and Kings’ and the first thing that struck me in today’s reading, was that Bathsheba would have had no choice but to obey and come when the king called. It shattered my old “Hollywood” way of seeing this story – it opens the door that God in His wisdom allows us only a part of these stories—that at different times we can relate in different ways – with the same ending! He is amongst so many other things the creative God , artistic God, amazing storyteller God! What a great challenge todAy is to THINK DIFFERENTLY. Look deeper or at someone else in the story….break free and use fresh eyes.

  • So very thankful that sin is not the end of the story!

  • The story of David and Bathsheba has always reminded me of the type of script that could be found on one of my Mom's old soap operas. Each turn of the page and there is a new shocking revelation of the story and that's only what we know. David's story here has always given me peace over God's perception of me, not man's. In our world, it often is as you say Vivian, we elect leaders we feel "unscathed", we listen to righteous clergy and we select friends who have it all together. If a family member, friend or leader makes a bad choice we discount them, to some extent, moving forward. I have found this in my own life. I have also carried shame, but I have also found that I, personally, crave discussion with folk who have struggled, because I know the pain involved in making wrong decisions. It's comforting to know that I am not alone in my shame and continues to strengthen my faith in God to see that He continues to redeem. David and Bathsheba were both intelligent people, after all, they produced the wisest king and his reign was as rich in culture as it was political savvy, I'm sure greatly influenced by growing up with a wise mother, who aided in teaching things outside of himself, not to mention her ability to maneuver her son's seat as King, that alone shows her intellectual capability and a unique confidence. In addition, her relationship with Nathan was a firm one, from the beginning, despite her transgressions. Short of all of this is, that just as God forgives us, we are to forgive others and ourselves. There is so much sin in David's house, what we do does directly affect those closest to us, whether by influence or heartbreak, we must look at our transgressions and acknowledge them, but we must turn them over. We know that in order to live productive lives for Christ, there needs to be redemption and there can't be redemption if we are working hard to hide our sin OR carry it. God is after our hearts as well. He can redeem anything we put ourselves through and will often allow the pain through our sin to realign us with His will and Himself. The story of David and Bathsheba is so much like the story of us, the paths we choose for ourselves, but our stories can also produce a rich history like theirs. God didn't dismiss Bathsheba because of her sin, He put her in the genealogy of Christ and just like her, He wants to use us in great ways and include us in His lineage. We are royalty as well, daughter's of a great king, brides of our Lord and we can walk hand in hand with Him, knowing that our futures are secure and our lives and hearts redeemed. ~ B

  • Kasey Summers

    Praying God would take a hold of the situation. Convict and reconcile. Speak truth. If we don’t confront with love we don’t love at all. Praying for you and for your sister!

  • Asking for prayer for my sister who is contemplating and taking steps down the road of adultery. I have seen the justifications many times and watched the enemy destroy families I love with lies. Please pray for her and for me, that I would be guided by the Holy Spirit and able to speak the truth in love.

    • Rachelskirts

      Praying for you both! <3

    • Stacy

      Praying for you both. I pray that your sister finds her joy and satisfaction from God. I pray that in Jesus name the bonds of sin and lies from Satan would be broken. I pray that God would give you wisdom and the words to say to encourage your sister to continue to follow the straight and narrow path and not veer to the left to the right.

    • Kay Tallman

      Prayers for you both

    • Becca

      Right there with you, sister! From my own personal experience, the advice that I would give in not to necessarily just "speak" truth into her life, but "show" her truth. I have a sister who is currently taking part in the sin of homosexuality. At the time I heard this news, I was too young to understand how important it is not just to live like Jesus, but to LOVE like Jesus. Instead, I felt the need to shove the bible down her throat, which subsequently pushed her further from the gospel. I've grown a lot in my faith since then, and there's no doubt in my mind that God will provide to me-and you-the perfect opportunity to speak truth into her life, but I've learned that if you are trying to speak truth without love, you aren't speaking the Christian truth. Everyone is tempted and everyone sins Just make her she knows you love her and do your best to let her see the way Jesus has changed your life and help her understand, through your actions, that He loves her just as much. (I'm preaching to myself too, trust me!) God bless, and I will definitely keep you both in my prayers :)

  • thelittlelaurents

    Really, really, really needed to read this this morning. Thanks!

  • Cara Mae

    It's so comforting to know that a steadfast spirit comes from the Lord. Comforting because it is possible. I lived a lot of my teen years and almost all my twenties unstable with only seasons or glimpses of a calm, steady, and sure spirit.

    Now, as we continue to process through the remodeling and settling of our new home, I have become so acquainted with the steadfast spirit that the Lord has given me (through years of intimacy with Him) that at the slightest sin in my mind or heart the unstable spirit is recognizable. And may it continue to be so, that as this process of sanctification continues I would grow to see my sin in it's earliest forms before the roots and fruits go deep. May I be fueled by deep love instead to teach others about the Lord and thereby guard my steadfast spirit.

  • Kelly_Smith

    The one-two punch of the passages in 2 Samuel and Psalm 51 are wedged deep in my own history. A little over a decade ago, I burned with the desire to become a mother. The enemy came close to my ear and whispered my history of sin and I succumbed to his lies. He covered my maternal flame with his wet blanket of blame. Each month, as the sign of infertility appeared, I went back to the dark places and knew it was my fault.

    In His mercy, God took me to Psalm 51. I soaked in its truth for days. God is merciful. He loves me. He forgives–not just a little, but completely. When He washes me, I am spotless. Even though my sin is forever in my memory, it is not in His. He does not hold it over my head like I do. I found that place where my sin had been thrown into the ocean and I let it go. I let go of the blame and watched it disappear in the waves of God's grace.

    Just as Bathsheba experienced redemption in the arms of David after his prayer in Psalm 51, my firstborn came to be the day I let go of the blame. The shadow of my sin was gone. It was replaced by Light, allowing new life to grow.

    Sin is not the end of your story, sisters. Our God IS able to redeem and restore!

    • Tina

      Amen Kelly. .Our God is able to redeem and restore..
      Thank you for sharing a bit of you and your journey. .

      Hugs to you, dear heart…xx

    • Kasey Summers

      Wow! Thanks for sharing Kelly! We serve a great Redeemer! Who is full of steadfast love and faithfulness!! I love praying psalms 51:10-12! So good!

    • kb

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m struggling very much with these same thoughts right now, this very morning in fact. Your words give new insight and are such an encouragement, Kelly. Praise God for leading me through all the comments this morning so I could find yours! :) He always knows just what is needed to comfort a heart in pain.

  • Taking my eyes off God, not seeking Him first. This is the root of the transgressions of my wayward heart. Last year, I moved 3,000 miles back to a place I considered home. I brought with me expectations which when unmet bred bitterness and more ugly expectation. I felt entitled to have things my way and when they didn’t work out, I was a mess. Oh, my selfish heart. But God didn’t give up. I fumbled along, desiring to seek His heart yet feeling so far off. He was working. He is working.
    In all of this, I have not had steady work since I’ve moved – nearly 14 months – mostly because I have stopped toiling and striving to make something happen. My best efforts were meaningless and left me miserable. And I believe God knew my heart needed rest. The burdens I carried of my own selfish making left me exhausted, joyless. The shame and guilt I heaped on myself have been heavy.
    “Create in me a clean heart, O God.”
    But God has been changing my heart. During this season, He has been my God of provision who sees me. Even when I don’t want to look at myself, my mess – He sees, He knows, He loves, He blesses. My faith might be the size of a mustard seed, but I seek Him still. Eternally grateful that He redeems and restores the messes we create. He makes us new. He is making my heart new again.
    (I had an interview yesterday. I’m thankful for the opportunity, but leaving it in His hands. His will, not my own.)

    • Tina

      Beverly. ..I love that he sees…He sees it all..and still He provides, loves, blesses. ..what an awesome God we have…

      Bless you sister
      .praying this interview is the start of a new season for you..hugs from afar..xx

      • Beverly

        Amen, Tina! He is a great and awesome God. Thanks so much for your prayers of hope for a new season. I'm clinging to that hope, in Him and His perfect plan. Hugs to you, sweet Tina!

    • Tammy

      What a sweet story of trust. Even in hard times He just wants us to trust Him. Believing with you that God will open the right doors for your future.

      • Beverly

        Thank you for your encouragement and hope, Tammy. I am grateful for your words.

    • ~ B ~

      I understand what you describe so beautifully Beverly. "He has been my God of provision who sees me." He sees the messes we put ourselves in and is always ready and willing to give us the hand out of them. Prayerful over your employment and your future right where you are today and moving forward, and that you continue to feel renewed and strengthened through Christ! ~ B

      • Beverly

        B, thanks so much for your prayers of hope and renewal, and your encouraging words. I am so grateful He helps us when we stumble. And draws us closer to Himself.

    • Kasey Summers

      Praying for God’s to fill you with his peace, comfort, and joy today Beverly! No matter what is going on you always have Jesus!! He is where our contentment and purpose come from!

      • Beverly

        Thanks for your prayers of peace, comfort and joy, Kasey. And the sweet reminder that Jesus is with me during this time (and always!) He is my contentment and I always need to align and re-align my heart and mind to Him. My purpose and joy are found in Him alone. Thank you!

    • Kay Tallman

      Praying for you Beverly. Thank you for your transparency

      • Beverly

        Thank you for your prayers, Kay. I'm so grateful we can lift each other up to our great God, and He hears us and answers us in His way, His time.

  • I am a sinner. I have wronged, I have hurt, I have been, done and probably continue to do…and yet…But God…, through the blood of Jesus, the death and resurrection of the One who gave it ALL…, I am not defined by the sins and things I have done…I AM STILL CALLED A CHILD OF GOD… Thank you Lord God, Thank you Jesus…Amen..

    My parents had a friend, who has since past…for 30 odd years….He visited often, and usually stayed with them when he was over…He was that good a friend he had his own keys to their house…On this one particular visit, he went out and forgot his keys so he called mum to see if they were in his holdall…while searching, mum found ladies underwear…that was it…she put his stuff out on the door step, and wouldn't let him back in, when he returned…a 30 odd year friendship had been defined by her find… needless to say the dynamics between them changed that day…what a shame, we kids would often say…

    The amazing thing in this story of Bathsheba and David, is that however we want to twist it, or read it…Bathsheba, for whatever great sin, she and David may have committed, was still chosen by God to be the mother of Solomon, the wisest king, but even more special, she is in that list of family of Jesus…her name is right there, in that lineage…I totally am alive to read that…God writes our stories, ….He has planned and purposed our lives, and no matter how far off course we go through sin…or write ourselves off, ……God, although "….He may not be pleased with what we have done..".(2 Samuel 11:27b).He does not define us by those things….those acts of foolishness, those acts of wrongdoing….He STILL, goes ahead with the plan ….He has for our lives…..I, for one am so thankful…thankful….this gives me Hope…

    In praise of a great and Awesome God today…Thank you Lord God, thank you…

    Sisters, happy Tuesday….Be Blessed..xxx

  • My past sin does not define me. That is an amazing gift. What an amazing God we serve. Praise His holy name!

  • carlybenson

    Like others I've always questioned how much Bathsheba was to blame in all of this. I wonder if she even knew about the plan to put Uriah at the front of the battle.
    David's behaviour was certainly awful. I can't quite get my head round the fact that this is the same guy that showed such faith in fighting Goliath and is described as "a man after God's own heart". I remember the first time I ever heard this story, how shocked I was by it (probably also to do with the fact that I was about 8 years old and it was covered in full detail!) But it's a warning that the temptation and possibility of sin are always there. We can never climb so high or go so far with God that we're immune to it. I guess it's actually the opposite- the more effective we are for God the more Satan will want to take us down.
    But it also highlights the amazingness of God's grace- that he can forgive anything and he can redeem any situation. " Our past does not define us. The sin committed by us or to us is not the end of the story. Our God is able to redeem and restore!"
    (In case anyone else is looking up the reference to Uriah being one of David's mighty men, it's actually 2 Samuel 23:39.)

    • Angela

      Thanks for clarifying the reference for David's mighty men. That was helpful.

    • BennyB

      Yes! The moment David acknowledges the awfulness of his sin true repentance shows up and grace takes over. May we be quick to repent as well!

  • I feel like Bathsheba gets a bad rap. She doesn’t seem to willingly seduce – she was serving God’s will and purifying herself. Plus it seems like the roof would be good vantage point should you want to peep at anyone.

    it has been and remains to be so easy for me to dismiss myself as beyond redemption, but God always speaks to me softly and says hey – I chose you, what the heck are you moping for!

    God calls us to be more than we ever thought we could and being a child of God and a mother calls me to keep moving. When I fall prey to sin, pick myself right back up and get back on the right path!
    After all when the lord blesses us we must bless others and we can do that by setting a good example and not letting sin win ; then the enemy has conquered us!

  • Psalm 51:6 Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb; you taught me wisdom in that secret place.

    How incredible is this verse! The absolute miracle of a child is awesome in itself but to think an unborn child is already equipped to be faithful and to be humbled by our Heavenly Father is mind blowing! But then why should it be? The child is God’s creation, there has to be a connection there we cannot even fathom. An intense love. I like the idea of having that relationship with my Creator from the very beginning of my being.

    • Viki

      That particular verse has ALWAYS blown me away! That He equips us while in the womb to be faithful…that the relationship with Him starts there…is such a comfort.

  • Thank God our past doesn’t define us. I battled depression all throughout high school and dealt with it in unhealthy ways. I ended up with multiple diseases and actually got pregnant my senior year, which nearly killed me. However, God has shown me that I’m not meant to wallow in my past sins. I beat myself up for things I’ve done and think, “No man could possibly want to ever marry me one day.” But God says otherwise. If we just sit in our mistakes, then Jesus’s act was basically meaningless. He died and rose for the sake of providing us a clean slate and fresh start through him. With God, I am strong, beautiful, courageous, and fearfully and wonderfully made. Because of Jesus, I AM worthy of love and I am delighted to be pursued by such a savior as Christ. Once again, thank God we are not defined by our mistakes. God is love.

    • Dee

      Praise God, and amen! Thank you for sharing your encouraging and uplifting story Annie!

    • ~ B ~

      God is so good Annie. And after all you've gone through I am so glad He has girded your heart to protect it from lies like "No man could possibly want to marry me…" You speak understanding of the Lord's love over you and He doesn't want anything behind you to define you. He has called you His and chosen you as His bride. Continue to keep your eyes on Christ and He won't disappoint you. Prayerful over you today Annie! Thank you for sharing some of your story! ~ B

    • Tina

      Thank God. .Indeed Annie, that our past does NOT define us…
      Blessings. .xx

    • Stacy

      Amen! I read part of a commentary on Bathsheba and loved what it said, "be assured of Gods forgiveness, when we agonize over sins God has said He will remember no more we actually doubt His mercy and rob ourselves of spiritual power and progress." Praying that we can all know the depth of Gods forgiveness and that we can also forgive ourselves so we can move forward in Christ! Have a blessed day!

    • Bethany

      You’re exactly right!

    • BennyB

      Amen!! What a great testimony!

  • I like your point about not writing ourselves off when we sin. It's often easier than the tedious work of rebuilding our lives, but makes the process even slower.
    And you're right, we don't know that she was guilty of adultery. Having lived in Jerusalem and visited the site of David's palace, what I can tell you is that nobody in the city had much privacy. David's palace was perched on a slope, so he had an unobstructed view of all the buildings below him. Also, the Bible says she was bathing in obedience to the command to purify herself after her period, another hint that she was innocent.

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