Women In The Word - OT: Day 5



Today's Text: Genesis 16:1-16, Genesis 21:8-21

Have you ever felt like Hagar?

Trapped. Desperate for a break. Definitely not the one calling the shots. Wondering if God even sees you.

Hagar was a servant to Sarai, and Sarai was working through some serious trust issues with the Lord. And because Sarai was in charge of her slave Hagar, Hagar one day found herself involuntarily married to Abram, and—before she knew it—carrying his child.

I don’t suppose Hagar had elaborate dreams for her humble life, but I also suspect an unwanted marriage was not her first choice. In fact, the Bible tells us that when she learned she was pregnant, she looked with contempt on Sarai.

Well, Sarai wasn’t particularly fond of Hagar either. Goodness, what a twisted web we short-sighted humans weave!

Fourteen years later, Sarai, now called Sarah, finally bore the child God promised her. And by the time Isaac was weaned, Sarah was ready to eliminate the threat of Ishmael to her son’s inheritance once and for all.

Just like that, Hagar and her son were cast into the wilderness. Things had gone from good, to bad, to so bad that Hagar walked the “distance of a bowshot” away from her dehydrated and starving son because she couldn’t bear to watch him die.

“And as she sat opposite him, she lifted up her voice and wept.” (Genesis 21:16, ESV)

Have you been here, friends? Just completely out of options, not even sure where you went wrong in the first place? In desperate, desperate need of the Lord, but not sure if He even sees you? Or, is it hard for you to look on Hagar’s wilderness with anything but kind pity? You don’t understand it, because your circumstances have never been quite that dire.

The truth is, no matter our circumstances, Hagar’s desperation for the Lord is exactly where every one of us ought to find ourselves every day of our lives.

“Good morning, Lord. I lift up my voice in desperate need of your mercy right now—this day! My only option is You. My life is a wilderness without you.”

What if we saw our need for God as clearly as Hagar saw hers?

Hagar’s situation is rock-bottom awful with nowhere to go but up. But do you see what happens when she cries out?

God is right there. He sees her. Even in the driest desert, God sees Hagar.

Sit still in that truth for a second, right where you are. Do you believe God sees you, too? We don’t have to wait for rock bottom to cry out in desperate need of Christ. We are in desperate need of Him every hour of every day, and we don’t have to wonder if we’re alone—because we aren’t!

Whether you’ve been unjustly knocked down and drug out into the wilderness, or you are waking up in your warm bed with a thirst only He can satisfy—God hears our pleas, He meets our needs.

God sees you wherever you are today—call out to Him!


  • doreen pratt

    I always felt that Hagar looked on Sarah with contempt because she felt once pregnant, she was better than Sarah , because she could give Abraham a child and Sarah could not. However, now I feel that Hagar probably looked on Sarah with Contempt because Sarah forced her to be in a situation that she had no desires to be in. Therefore, finding herself pregnant by a man she probably didn’t even like.

  • Caitlin Urban

    Wow I needed this today of all days ♥️ God is always there, even more so in our hours if need. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Marushca Van Noordwyk

    God works in AMAZING ways, yesterday and this morning I was reading about Sarah and Hagar in Genesis 16. This evening in another Bible Study, God guided me to Galatians 4:21-31 – the spirtual meaning between Sarah and Hagar.

  • Marushca Van Noordwyk

    Hagar’s story is certainly overlooked by many, but it is such a beautiful story. I never gave a second thought to her or her situation when I have read Genesis 16, but today made me think about her, the situation she was in and her walk of faith with God.

    LOVED the reading for today!

  • Trusting God’s sovereignty is a constant struggle. Intellectually I know he’s got me, sees me, hears me.But many times my fear drowns out my faith! Like Hagar I feel at a crossroads in my trust level w/ God & man! I pray for courage to call out to the one who sees me! For strength to see beyond my doubts & frustrations. To move the knowledge from head to heart to deep within my soul! Hagar returned to Sarah with a surrendered spirit to trust God’s sovereign plan for her life- may I do the same!

  • Fredye Winbush

    Learning do give God my problems & struggles instead of trying to work it out myself which leads to me building my trust in him & adapting to his ways.

  • MacKenzie Lee

    wow!! I loved this story of Hagar!

  • Hagar’s obedience to God is so encouraging. I don’t know if I could have survived if I went thru what she did. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with things that are out of my control- things I want to be able to control. I pray that God meets me there. I want to be obedient to the Lord so badly- I just have trouble in trusting that he will guide me through this. I know he already knows the plan for me life, I just struggle with trusting he knows best. I really want to become more trusting like Hagar.

  • Megan Sushi

    Woah. So cool- The same imagery (a bow shot) is used to both describe our lack of trust in Gods provision and ultimately God keeping true to his promise (when Ishmael later becomes a skillful archer).

  • Andrea Z.

    Hagar was dealt some hard cards in life, but she did her best to be obedient. And I think because of her obedience to go back after Sarai wanted them to leave, God saw that. She was willing to submit to authority that God had put over her, even if she was being mistreated. And when she was in the desert, God heard the cries of her son. Obedience will always lead to God’s honoring and then faithfulness.

  • How often do we forget the promise God has for us? How quickly we are to take matters into our own hands, when if we would just simply wait on the promise the hardships we endure may not even occur!

  • What struck me in the scriptural reading was their distrust of God. God had promised Abram & Sarai they would have a son. But they didn’t believe. It’s like they forgot that the God of the universe made them a promise. Hagar was promised that her son would have many descendants and become a nation. She seems to have forgotten it too. She thinks her son will die.

    I had to ask myself the question: how often do I forget God’s promises to me? Is it that I forget, or that I don’t believe them?

  • My friend did weed

  • Lyndee Talbitzer

    Wow Michaela, I’m so sorry to hear that this is happening. As someone who has been the topic of hurtful gossip, I know exactly how you feel. Naturally in this situation when you hear of her gossiping from your other friends, you want to defend yourself and maybe say some negative things about her (which you feel she may or may not deserve) but I would recommend you not. It sounds like she is really jealous and wants to be a close friend but since she isn’t, she is lashing out instead. It may not make any sense, but she is dealing with some serious issues and seems unhappy. I think if God was here, he would tell you to love her through it. Be kind to her, give her compliments to make her feel less insecure and include her in more things. That being said, she has done a lot of hurtful things to you and your friend, and maybe you don’t feel able to do that yet. So I would recommend at least avoiding saying anything negative about her to your friends. Rise above and don’t retaliate with gossip. If nothing else, your friends will respect you more and they’ll see you as the Godly woman you are. And more than anything, pray. Ask for love and forgiveness, and ask God to be with her and help her work through her issues. God can do amazing things, things we can’t do alone. Keep your head up! I’ll be praying for you.

  • Michaela Ann

    One of my best friends has created so many circles of gossip against of me and another friend. She has been hurt/insecure by how close me and that friend are and have trashed our names and reputations and made up stories about what we did to her that are completely untrue. She has taken the gossip to many different church circles that are apart of all our lives. We have honestly never done anything to hurt her. The gossip has been going on for 6 months. And it’s all apart of different Christian woman groups. We continue to hear about our friends or church woman saying horrid things about us due to nothing we did. I feel like Hagar- we have turned our cheeks and not engaged. We tried to confront her many times but she won’t talk. We’re exhausted of letting this happen and turning out cheek. This is so unjust and wrong of Christian woman. As woman of God how would you handle this? What would you do?

    • Emily

      Live in such a way that people know right away that her gossip is untrue. Confront her. Alone, with witnesses, and then with the leaders of your church if needed. She is causing dissension in the church through lies and that should not be tolerated. Overcome evil with good…don’t be tempted to stoop to her level.

    • Bridgette

      Pray for her.

  • Lyndee Talbitzer

    I have a question that maybe someone here knows.. In Genesis 16:16 it said that Abram was 86years old when Ishmael was born. In genesis it also says that Abram was 100 when Isaac was born so Ishmael would have been around 14. In the reading today, Isaac was weaned so he was a toddler and Ishmael would have been around 16, maybe. When Hagar is cast out into the wilderness, the scripture calls Ishmael a child and Hagar puts him under a bush because she doesn’t want to watch him die from dehydration. The scripture in the reading today never says specifically says his age but makes it sound like he is a little boy. Did anyone else pick up on that or know why that is? Just curious :)

  • Why do I try and wait for that rock-bottom moment before I cry out to God? Instead, I must remind myself daily, that I need to cry out to God no matter what the circumstances. He is there, waiting to answer my cry, waiting to hear my prayer, constantly watching.
    “Sit still in that truth for a second, right where you are. Do you believe God sees you, too? We don’t have to wait for rock bottom to cry out in desperate need of Christ. We are in desperate need of Him every hour of every day, and we don’t have to wonder if we’re alone—because we aren’t!”

  • “Hagar’s situation is rock-bottom awful with nowhere to go but up. But do you see what happens when she cries out?

    God is right there. He sees her. Even in the driest desert, God sees Hagar.”

    Thank you lord for meeting me in the lowest of lows, for being there for me, always. Thank you for my amazing husband- For his wisdom and his calm spirit. My hope is that our marriage can be a light onto you. By learning how to continue to love each other more each day, through this often joyful, but certainly chaotic Earth. We love you Lord. Thank you for not quitting us and not letting us quit each other!

  • One thing that sticks out to me here is that God commanded Abraham to send Hagar and her son into the dessert. What does this tell us about Him? Sometimes God allows, or even orchestrates, pain and suffering in our lives so that we turn to him. That’s a hard pill to swallow. We don’t know what Hagar’s thoughts on God were exactly, but maybe she needed to be desperate to see her need for him.

    There is also a much bigger plan for Israel that God is working out here. These characters effect on the world was very great. It’s amazing how God sees the whole picture and we get to be a part of it.

  • I can always relate ALOT more to Hagar than Sarah… May I always turn to the Lord when I am in need.

  • I have loved this. Knowing all we have to do is cry out, he is there.

  • Stephanie Rivera

    It’s amazing that regardless of what was thrown at Hagar she always looked to God and he was always ready with a response. God sees the situation, he sees the tears, and the pain. Lord you are good!

  • Victoria


  • Elizabeth

    Just thinking how Hagar’s situation would have seen so hopeless. Without a home and out to fend for herself and her child. It may have been unlikely that she would have found a husband already having a child With no father, who would have wanted her? How would she have a future? Yet the “problem” is the solution, God provided her with a son. He could have chosen to give her a daughter but this man would grow up to protect his mother and provide for her. God sees the bigger picture.

  • Stephanie Scheib

    This was a tough read today…I feel the emotions of both of these women in different ways. My husband and I are experiencing a lot of changes in our life and in the lives of others close to us. It’s a very long story but it is a wonderful feeling to be reminded that God is with is in every circumstance of our life. We may not see where we are headed right now or why we are having to go through certain things but there is a bigger picture that we do not see yet. We just have to be patient and obedient during our time of unknowing. I have issues with control and knowing what is to come next. So not knowing really makes me have to put my faith in God. I don’t always like it but God knows what he is doing. And I trust that.

  • Katie H.

    So thankful that we have a God who sees us.

  • Can I be honest here? I always read this story with a tiny bit of disdain for Hagar. I simply could not relate to her. Esp having once been married to a cheater. Not that Abrahm was cheating, but my mind could not see past the multiple wives. I felt badly for Sarah as I too had struggled to conceive. So that disdain (right or wrong) fuzzied the lessons I could actually take from this beautiful story. This reading today has opened my eyes. Thank you SRT for hitting the nail on the head. Every. Time. And question for you religion nerds, was Hagar and Ishmael the family roots of islam?? Just curious. TY. Blessings to you all

    • Victoria

      That what I’ve always been told. Don’t know how true it is, but yeah.

  • Michelle


  • Coco Gavenwood

    I listened to a sermon on this recently and learned that the words that God uses when speaking to Hagar (“You are now pregnant
    and you will give birth to a son. You shall name him Ishmael") is the same type of word for seed that God gave Adam. He is promising Hagar that she will have generations. A lowly servant girl is getting the same promise as the Father of Faith. It is amazing that God sees us, the tiniest, the smallest, and has great plans regardless of how the world sees us.

  • Jennifer

    You know what’s interesting about everything that this bible study encourages you to study and think about?
    That all of the verses and scripture references point the reader to Christ. It doesn’t matter what the actual topic is. Whatever “woman of God” the writer is trying to teach about. When the reader reads the scripture references, it shows more about God–not those specific people. I love that. It is wonderful. I love reading these scripture references. God is so merciful. We should read scripture to learn more about Christ. The book is written about Him after all. Thank you God for giving us your word. Praise Him forever.

  • Beatrice

    I need prayer. I’m suffering with some depression issues and this particular story was so nourishing. It obviously doesn’t make everything better but I know the Lord is putting these small reminders of his protection in my everyday life. Just pray he helps me through it all.

    • Bethany

      Praying for you, Beatrice!

    • Emily Parsons

      Your vulnerability is beautiful, Beatrice. You are deeply loved beyond measure. Praying for you!

    • Taylyn Welsh

      Beatrice, I’m praying for you! I went through many years of depression that was rooted in anger and frustration. Like in this story of Hagar, GOD HEARS YOU. GOD SEES YOU. Do not give up on yourself. Keep pushing forward your strength in this time will be what can push you forward and build your character from this hard time. Romans 5:5-8!

  • Thank you Lord that you are so near! I am struggling with post partum depression and after some REALY dark days, I finally got some help- but the meds are causing insomnia. Boo! I need The Lord more than ever just to make it through the days with my babies!

    • Taylyn Welsh

      I’m praying for you, you can do this!! Don’t be discouraged for God is right there next to you, and right with you already at the end of this mess.

  • Sara M H

    Going through a tough transition right now. Definitely not a bad situation, just some big changes. Moving is hard and I really believe God sees me, but I just need some prayers.

  • kathryn.regina

    this reading hit home for me. my boyfriend of over a year and a half broke up with me yesterday out of the blue. we had talked about getting married but all of a sudden, without warning, he was just gone. I need God more than ever in this dry wilderness I’m facing. I don’t understand God’s plan or his will. but I need Him more than ever. He’s the only one I can cling to.

    • Lindsey Steele

      Praying for you!

    • Abby

      Yes. Praying for you, Kathryn.

    • Abby

      Hagars situation makes mine seem so small! But God doesn’t see any need as too small. Thankful for a God who is with me always.

    • Sandy

      Kathryn, last year about this time I had a similar experience. My boyfriend of 4 years and I decided that God was calling us to break up. It was devastating. I thought we were going to end up married but God had other plans. It was heartbreaking and one of the hardest transitions I have ever experienced, but also with that trial was loads of grace. I met the Lord in new ways and saw the profound love he has for me. He took the broken pieces of me and put them back together into a something more beautiful than my human mind could imagine. Sometimes j still have moments or days that are hard but I know that He is with me through it Alex I’m praying for you in this heartbreak, that you may see the One who see you and be unashamed to share the depths of your pain, heartbreak and maybe even anger with Him. He will respond with such love and care.

  • MollyORiley88

    Declaring that His peace that passes all of our understanding would just envelope you, Caroline, that you’d know beyond any doubt that He loves your mom, that He loves you, and that He is a Good Father.

  • Praying for you Caroline! It’s such a reassuring realization to know that God sees us and He loves us. We are so undeserving but His grace is sufficient. Please keep me in prayer family as I am awaiting a teaching job. I know God is in control and I am daily trusting in Him.

  • Praying for God’s peace, Caroline.

  • I will pray for you! I’m so sorry for your mom. Are you pretty new to SRT?

  • Caroline Gardner

    My mom is extremely sick with stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her spine. I believe in gods goodness and the power of prayer. Please pray for my family! During this time it’s easy to feel as though I’m in the woods and crying out and I must remind my self that God is right hear and hears ME.

  • Kendra Moses

    Man I love Hagar! She was so faithful.. He knows our downsitting and our uprising. He understands our thoughts. I pray everyday that I will be ever so mindful of his still small voice because in this crazy world we live it is so easy to get lost in mindless matters, but he sees me. In the book of Ruth, God used Boaz as a restorer of life. I can’t help but see the similarities of the two stories as Ishamel will be the beginning of a great nation and Ruth’s child Obed being a descendant of King David and through whom also came Jesus.

  • This has give me a whole new insight on Hagar and her relationship w/ God… So, so amazing how the word makes itself new for us every time we open it.

  • it’s interesting to me as my husband and I have waited for a child for the last 5 years how I find myself identifying with both Hagar and sarah. I can see how Sarah’s desire for a child launched her into a vicious cycle of not trusting the Lord’s plan for her life and then taking matters into her own hands- only to make things worse. and I long to be like Hagar in the sense that even in her darkest hour, God saw her and was merciful to her, and provided all she needed. it’s so easy for me to feel forgotten during this time. and to be reminded today of how God sees me- even in my darkest hour- has brought sweet joy to my heart.

  • Chelsea Smith

    This imagery reminds me of Hosea 2:14-23. God meets us in the wilderness and draws us close to him. I’ve always connected more to Hagar than Sarah. It’s sweet how gentle God interacts with her and is her source of comfort during and after such a difficult time.

  • Just wondering if anyone could tell me where a quote is from that was in this reading: “Good morning, Lord. I lift up my voice in desperate need of Your mercy right now – this day! My only option is You. My life is a wilderness without You.” Loved this!

  • Mary Beth

    The Lord cares for us all. He knows us all. Hagar lived a completely humble life and a life that I would not want: a slave, at the mercy of a Master, and at the mercy of their decisions for her. But, Hagar submitted. She had to wait a long time before God freed her and her son Ishmael. And, the Lord showed her His grace was sufficient. Hagar had the privilege of giving an intimate name to the Lord: the God who sees me. Though many, many years pass, though my circumstances don’t seem in my favor, I can rest assuredly in the God who sees me…because He has a plan. And, His glory is greater than my own ideas.

  • His intimacy really is a beautiful thing. When God touches us we are never the same. We can trust his love and goodness.

  • crownoflaurels2014

    I think I fell more in love with God when I read these passages. I love how much He shows His goodness, faithfulness, and intimacy. It's so beautiful!

  • Anna Flynn

    Definitely need prayers, I’ve hit a rough point in my life, which even though is my fault, I don’t know how to get out of it.

    • Hannah Sneed

      Praying for you! God doesn’t leave you to figure it out even when you know it’s your fault. I’ve been there! Proverbs says he disciplines (and disciples) those He counts as His own children. So rejoice that He loves you enough to convict you of what put something between you and Him and that He will lead you out of it!

    • Amy C.

      Praying for you right now, Anna. I’ve been there – May you know the peace that only He can give you…

    • Amy C.

      This has give me a whole new insight on Hagar and her relationship w/ God… So, so amazing how the word makes itself new for us every time we open it.

  • Juliefay

    O Lord, all my longing is before you; my sighing is not hidden from you. Psalm 38:9

    He sees us! ❤️

  • Courtneyekema

    I wouldn’t say I’m at rock bottom currently, but I have been in the past and I understand that feeling of limitation. The story of Hagar is a beautiful one, and an important one. God takes an Egyptian servant and makes her the mother of a great nation. He protects her and stays along side her the whole way.
    You are never to plain or seemingly unimportant to be used by God. Such a great message!

  • Jennifer

    Did y’all notice both H and Ish prayed but God heard and answered the boy’s prayer? I wonder what the significance of that is?

    • BB

      I did! It’s interesting…It also confuses me how God chooses which people to bless…I guess I don’t understand the OT times very well, but I’d very much rather be Sarah than Hagar…

  • I can’t help but think of the book of Hosea“Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her. There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope. There she will respond as in the days of her youth, as in the day she came up out of Egypt. (Hosea‬ ‭2‬:‭14-15‬
    God uses the season of “nothing” to be some of our greatest “something’s ” with Him. He uses the tragedy to show us He is more, always more. He is Our God on whom we can rely completely in all things through every season.

  • Courtney

    This was a really interesting perspective for me. As a woman who has suffered through miscarriages and always felt inferior to women who could easily conceive, I naturally read this passage and hear Hagar's contempt for Sarai as thinking she was better than her. Almost as if Hagar was saying, "Ha! I was able to have a child, but not you. Look how much better I am than you." But this reading gave me a whole new perspective and even compassion for Hagar. I never realized that she was probably put in a situation that she didn't want to be; that this relationship or pregnancy might not have been something that she desired; that she despised Sarai for putting her in this situation. It is helpful for me to think about and even convicting as I see that even my bible reading has been filtered through a lens of past hurt and wounds regarding my losses. Thanks for this.

  • The thing I love about Hagar’s story is that many can relate to her life. Never in control. More often than not reacting to life and never getting your head above water.

    • Esther

      Yet the moment she cries out God is there. How many times have I been through a trial ready to scream “where are you God?” Only to realize He was with me the whole time.

  • Katrina Alison

    We so need to cling to God in our wilderness and cry out to him. Yet, Hagar never actually cried out to God, never does it say that she called out to him, it says that he came to her, he found her in by the well, in the wilderness. God loves the hurting, the broken hearted. God loves the widows, the orphans and the least of these. God loves us and seeks after us. How beautiful and humbling is that.

  • Regina Marie

    This devotional is so comforting! God sees us no matter what situation we’re in…even if we did it to ourselves, God is there.❤

  • God has brought this plan to me at the exact time of need. I am crying out to him to help my siblings. They are all in various stages of life and are having tough times. I am unable to help but wish I could take their troubles on myself for them to see happiness. All I am able to do is pray and with that have FAITH that God has a larger purpose for all of us. I know he does, I can feel it. I will wait patiently for him and pour my faith and trust into all he does. Even when I am in the wilderness, I am comforted by his presence and will. He sees me.

  • Thank you for this. In a way, I could relate to Hagar. I was married for about 9 years and my husband left my kids and me for another woman. I am left away from family (middle of the US) who are in California. I am so thankful God is always there during my desperate times to help us to think clearly. Thank you for this. It is a great reminder of what God can do in our lives!

  • The story of Sarah and Hagar so me how pressing my plan into action without God can make a tangled web of disasters! But even in the deepest of messed situation, God works for the good for those who love and trust Him. Turing messes into blessings!

  • Rachel L.

    I have heard two separate messages preached on the story of Hagar, both delivered by wonderful women and I was so touched both times by the message that we have a God who sees us, and that no trial of life is greater than Him. Sharing this today with my friends who are struggling through the circumstances of life and remembering how desperately I need Him even when all is calm and well.

  • I started this study a couple days late so I just read this today. I am thankful for these words and the reminder because I am in that wilderness right now. It seems like it’s been forever and I don’t know where God is in all of the chaos of my life. I know that He’s present, but so often it feels like He’s not. I’ve struggled to stay connected to Him or anyone because I can’t figure out which way is up and it’s just easier to wander at this point. I’d pretty much given up crying out to God because I’ve felt like a lost cause. Reading this today gave me a bit of hope again.

    • Monique

      Lin, praying for you! I too have been there and even when I know better I still tell myself it’s okay to wander. But I know that couldn’t be farther than truth. Draw closer to Him! So thankful for the hope you found in the reading today.

      • Lin

        Thank you, Monique! Just knowing someone else is praying when I feel like I can’t seem to is a huge comfort. I know the only way out is to ask God to break down the enemy’s lies and praying for the ability to trust God.

    • Julie

      Lin, I’ve been there as well. The Lord is always faithful. I seem to have to learn the hard way now and again. Im praying for you today!

    • Lins Rankin

      Lin- You are not alone. Trust that The Lord as a wonderful and Devine plan for you and know that myself and other biblical woman across our country and keeping you close in prayer.

  • Sesalieg

    This lesson is so relatable! I thank God for showing me that I am not alone!

  • A friend of mine is dying of cancer right now. In the midst of the questioning and crying out to God of the unfairness … I desperately needed to be reminded that He sees me. And he knows. And he’s here.

  • every single day these devotions speak to my heart!

  • it really opened my eyes

  • Kasey Summers

    I NEED Jesus every moment of every day! He alone satisfies my soul!! The days when I don’t spend time in the Word or don’t stay in constant communication with the One who made me are the worse days. I need Jesus because He alone makes me whole. He fills me up with joy and a reason for living. He is my Anchor and Satisfier!!

  • Antimony

    In some ways I feel like this is where I am. Not physically, of course. But emotionally and spiritually. Not sure which way is up … Or if there even is a way up. Not sure how I feel about the thought that God sees me …

    • elizabeth hosford

      Praying for you Antimony.
      I know it’s hardest to see God at work when we see nothing but our pain and despair.
      Thanks for being honest about where you’re at; and I pray that He gives you the dogged faith to believe His words are true even when it feels the opposite is happening.
      Nothing distracts His gaze from resting on your heart. When it comes to you, nothing else exists for Him. He sees you and He knows you and His heart’s work is always to bring about your best. And He has promised that He will never leave you, even if you can’t feel Him or sense Him: He is always with you.
      I pray that you are wrapped in His love and that you will find rest in the embrace of His great heart. He loves you passionately!!!

  • God is using this for healing in my heart. I needed to read this one today.

  • Krystyne Harris

    This is so true right now! Sometimes I feel I’m in the midst of a storm and thinking God why? Do you hear my cries to you? It’s so awesome to have things put into perspective and know God sees us. God sees me. He hears me. Right in the midst of my storm, leaning his ear towards me, showing me grace and love even when I don’t deserve it!

  • Jenna Christine

    This is something I needed to hear. Oh how quick we are to forgot that we NEED God every hour of every day! “As a deer pants for water, so my soul pants for you.”

  • It causes me to reflect on the times in my past where I have rushed forward with my own plans instead of waiting upon God. In relationships, this has ended up in pain & betrayal. I have found myself wondering why I’ve been treated so poorly by men. But as I have grown & looked back, I have recognized that it has been due to rushing forward impatiently, not waiting on all the goodness God has for me, & thus suffering the consequences of settling for less. In this single season of my life, I refuse to make the same mistakes again. I refuse to settle. I will wait upon God this time so I can experience the fullness of His goodness!!

  • Braionna

    So quick logistics question. Hagar was Egyptian. Ishmael married an Egyptian. What are the odds or how did he become the father of Islam? Or am I off on that too?

    Anyway, I loved the light shed on Hagar. I didn’t really get that she was in an unwanted marriage, pregnant with an unwanted child. I just assumed she was ok with all of that. No wonder she was bitter toward Sarai. Things went from bad to a lot worse for her.

    • Emily

      His people are the Islamic people. He himself did not form those ideas. God ordained that he would live to the east and be at war with his brother. Genesis 16:12.
      When you read more about Isaac and Ishmael and how God prophesied regarding the two it makes today’s wars make so much sense! And also shows us that we can try to win this war but it is not a fleshy and blood battle. It is spiritual!

  • What amazes me is the time between Ishmael’s birth and Isaacs. 14 years! That’s a lot of time for resentment. That’s a lot of waiting for Gods promise to be fulfilled. It must have been so difficult for BOTH women. I don’t really blame either of them for what they did because I can see myself doing the same things, on both sides. It challenges me to practice the discipline of waiting well and trusting him no matter what, and laying down my own plans for God’s.

  • Megan Shaffer

    Waking up with that thirst and NEED for The Lord is a way in which I pray I can begin to start my days with. I don’t have to be in the dessert to thirst for Him. Every hour, every minute, every second I need to have the thirst for Him. A thirst only He can satisfy. Then and only then can I be fulfilled and live life the way God has intended for me to!

  • I have read this story about Hagar many times and I felt her pain when she was in the dessert with her son who was dying, and with her dying too. I heard her plea and I saw how the Lord brought her out of the depth of her misery to touch and revive her and her son. I felt the strength of her that she knew where her help came from God, but I don't think I gave it much thought that we/I need Him desperately ALL the time!! That was a revelation to me. He wants us to need him in ALL times, not just only when we feel helpless.

  • I am so thankful for this community of women. I love reading these comments and uplifting replies:)

    My husband and I both have a strong faith. However, God is always at work in our lives making it stronger each day. Right now my husband’s future employment is unknown, and even as the ” sole bread winner” he has been so calm through it all – believing that God will see us through and put us on the path that we need to be on. Today especially I had worry and fear and needed this reminder that God is with me (and us!) every moment of every day.

    Thank you ladies (and the She Reads Truth team) for being such a wonderful place to turn to and to find peace in my day:)

  • How interesting that both times Hagar hears from God involve water/a well. That has to be significant!!

  • Is there away to change the photo that appears when I comment? It seems like it was some how set automatically.

  • Every day I need to be reminded that He is with me. Even though I slip and make the same mistakes, He forgives me if I ask. Thank you, Lord! Thank you that when we are at our lowest you comfort us, and have a great plan for each of us. Help us to remember that you never give us more than we can overcome with you by our sides, because you have overcome sin. Thank you, Father!

  • Wow, this was a need to read for me today. Thank you Lord for this, I know you see me even right now. I may not be in the lowest of lowest but you still see me. Thank you.

  • Oh I so needed to hear this today. I am feeling very much like Hagar right now, tapped in circumstances that I did not foresee or intend and I needed to hear that I am seen and loved.

  • O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You In a dry and thirsty land Where there is no water.

    Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips shall praise You.

    My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness, And my mouth shall praise You with joyful lips. (‭Psalms‬ ‭63‬:‭1, 3, 5‬ NKJV)

  • Amen Ashley “we should also be aware of those who, at the present time, are “Hagar” , trapped by their current circumstances or trials, and embrace them in prayer and love” .

  • thekholtz

    Sometimes it is so easy to just focus on the tangible & seen that I often forget that God ALWAYS sees me, in my highest points and lowest points. I've been struggling with work recently and my immediate solution is to turn to people when instead I should say a little prayer. Though I know God has blessed me with these amazing people so I do have others to turn to, he doesn't want me to forget about him either!

  • Why won’t it let me go on to day 6?

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Jessica! We post the current community plans one day at a time, so Day 6 will be posted tomorrow! So glad you are here!


  • Ashley A

    I feel we can all relate to this passage to some extent. Feeling burdened by the weight of the world and at times – trapped! What’s beautiful is that we are never alone. “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. (‭John‬ ‭14‬:‭18‬ ESV) He is with us always!! As Christians I think we should also be aware of those who, at the present time, are “Hagar” , trapped by their current circumstances or trials, and embrace them in prayer and love.

  • One of the first things I noticed is that we were reading the same initial passage as yesterday. Funny how the same story, even told in exactly the same words, can sound so different when you take the other person’s point of view. Both of these women faced some challenges and it’s not for us to takes sides, but to recognise that there’s always more than one and God has plans for every one of us.

  • Michelle

    Hagar’s story, and each one of the little truths about God’s character revealed in Ishmael’s story, absolutely impacted me way more than I expected they would.
    The truth that got me the most this morning is that God is a covenant keeper. It’s so beautiful and comforting to me to be reminded of God’s absolute faithfulness, as illustrated in His covenant to Abraham, and displayed in Abraham’s son, Ishmael. God knew salvation was not going to come about through Ishmael, yet He continued to care and watch over the boy- almost as if it was indeed through him that God would enact His heavenly plans for reconciliation. God didn’t just ‘discard’ the boy as useless to Him; He didn’t just push him aside in order to focus on Isaac and the Abrahamic line.
    No- God took care of Hagar and Ishmael; He provided for them and He saved their lives in the dessert and even blessed them.
    God is merciful and loving. And He is close to all.

  • JferLynne

    This morning I woke up and I was out of sorts. Not good, not bad but out of sorts and then this! This comes in and floods my soul and once again brings tears to my eyes. He sees me! He doesn't just see me when I am "good" and he doesn't just see me when I am "bad", He SEES ME! This fills my soul like the rain does in a desert. It brings me to a place of knowing that no matter what He sees me and every day when I wake up I can meet him and know that He is there. It makes my heart sing and makes me want to dance in that rain in the desert that has brought relief because I am not alone. I am loved at all times in all things. He Sees me and He Sees you what a glorious, wonderful God we serve!

  • I needed this today! Currently praying for my sister who is battling severe mental illness. God sees my family and I and he sees my precious sister!

  • I guess I always viewed Hagar a little differently. I thought she despised Sarah not because she became pregnant, but because she was ABLE to become pregnant while Sarah couldn't–kind of a hahaha- look at what I can do and you can't, bringing on Sarah's jealousy & hàrsh treatment. Not that Sarah is justified in treating her that way. Then Ishmael is making fun of Isaac–perhaps learned behavior from his mother?–bringing on the
    final banishment. The overriding story of course is God's great compassion on both women (& us) when neither Sarah nor Hagar had compassion for each other. Perhaps I have not had enough compassion for Hagar…as I have been in the desperate, desert place many times in my life, not of my choosing mostly, and God IS always there.

  • Emma McKay

    So true. Let’s wake up with a thirst for the Lord and only let Him satisfiy

  • Awesome. We ought to understand that delay is not denial and God is always on time. Taking things in our own hands only create misery however that doesnt stop Him from fulfilling His promise. And even in our misery He rescues us.

    Also God is covenant keeping. Despite Ishmael not being the promised son, He still promised to make a nation out of him. We just need to get to that place where we trust God without a doubt and know that no matter the timing or what life looks like, He will come through for us even if we are in a desert. He sees us!

    Good morning. Have a great weekend. Gid bless.

  • michelle of LA, CA

    I loved your post today , thank you . I love these devotions & stories on the women of the bible . Thank you STR

  • This spoke to me much differently than it did to you ladies, and it’s because I wasn’t born a Christian. My immediate family is Muslim, so Hagar as the mother of Ishmael is important because in Islam Ishmael was the chosen son. So to read about Hagar in the context of the Bible and to see how God was faithful to her and loved her and was there for her and her family when they needed him most…in this context I almost see myself as Hagar…lost and spiritually yearning for the love of God and here he is! He’s calling me and saving me even though I did not think I could be saved!!!

    • Crystal

      Sarah, just think, the “God who sees me” is the same always, and sees you just as He saw Hagar… Precious, and loved and able to share in and receive his promises!

    • Diane Huntsman

      Awesome!!! Thank you for sharing this, blessed me more than the study even did!!!

    • Manda

      So incredible Sarah! I’m thankful God is ministering to you and loving on you!

    • Kristin

      Thank you for sharing, Sarah. As someone who has always had a heart for the “outsider” or the “banished”, reading this story can be quite difficult for me. I find myself being angry at Sarah for her lack of compassion. Instead of hurting for Sarah, I hurt for Hagar: a lowly slave, bid the deed of sleeping with a man and bearing his son, everything completely out of her control. It comforts me that even after Sarah (the chosen mother of this new nation) throws Hagar out, God does not abandon her. I am thankful that we have a God who loves the outcasts, who pours out grace on those “outside” of this nation. For He is the King of Kings – God and savior of all. I think in this western “Christian” culture we forget how diverse and transcendent His love really is. Thankful for His reaching you, and anyone else who isn’t what one may describe as a “typical” Christian. My hearts yearns to be with and learn from the “Hagars” in my life. May the Lord give me eyes to see.

  • I find it interesting that when God opened her eyes she saw a well. As amazing as that was, there was probably still a ton of mileage between that and the very next verse (20) when Ishmael appears to be a strapping lad marching through the wilderness.

    A drink was awesome, life giving even, but there was still a restoration process I'm guessing. This is critical to me because God's richest blessings don't always feel like magic pills, yet he give us just what we need, when we need it, if we will call on Him.

    Could God have opened Hagar's eye to a full on feast? Surely, but maybe He gave Ishmael and her just enough for sustenance, yet not so much that they wouldn't need to rely on Him for complete restoration.

    Just a thought. Love studying these women with you!

  • Amanda Anderson


  • I can relate to Hagar because she was robbed into the mess that Sarah created in the first place. And with no voice or authority of her own, she hopes for someone to stand on her side until God stepped in. The story of Hagar are for those of us, me included, who have been unfairly treated and have relied on God’s grace and mercy to get us through. And in the midst of it all, find forgiveness for those who wronged us. Sometimes I wonder did Hagar find forgiveness for Sarah and Abraham since she experienced God’s mercy for herself. Hmm…

  • What a perfect passage for me right now! I have literally felt like I’ve been walking in the wilderness for the last year. I’m on a path that few before me have walked and it can feel incredibly isolating and lonely. My life looks soooo different from others around me. How wonderful to read and know that He sees me and is with me in this wilderness. I am not alone, thank you Jesus!

  • Judy Oyhenart

    For me, the core of this is Hagar’s need to be known. Certainly Hagar was not known by Sarai (or anyone else in her life) except as the value of her labor. Sarai did not value Hagar as a person; she only valued what Hagar could do for her – even to the use of Hagar’s body against her will. No wonder Hagar looked upon Sarai with contempt; I would, too! I cannot even imagine the deep soul joy that Hagar must have felt at the well to go from the depths of not being known and seen by anyone to having confirmation that God sees and knows her, and that he has a future for her. The very core of our human psych-social need is to be known and valued by ourselves and others. As we are wonderfully and purposefully (Psalm 139:13-16), God created us to have this need. This need to be known and seen drives us on Earth to find a mate, form a community, and to connect with others. But, I feel, the true purpose of this need is Eternal – to turn us towards God. To fill that Earthly unquenchable need with Him. He made us need to be known and seen by Him – a huge “God hole” that only He can fill. We may think we are known by others (and we are, to a point), we may think we have a “soul mate” or some other being that we are “one” with, but there is really, truly only ONE who absolutely KNOWS and SEES us (Luke 12:7, Jeremiah 29:11). His love is like no other love (Romans 5:8, John 3:16). I will forever be humbled and thankful that He knows and sees me, that He loves me despite myself, and that He knows me claims me as His own. (Psalm 139:1-6).

  • “Good morning, Lord. I lift up my voice in desperate need of your mercy right now—this day! My only option is You. My life is a wilderness without you.”
    I love this prayer…I think I need to pray this daily regardless of whether I’m facing difficulties or not because I need Him every hour of every day!

    • Karen

      I agree!! I’m sure our lives will be different starting each day with a prayer of surrender and hunger for God!

  • Reading about Hagar makes me think of people who get used in this life-people who`s decisions and power are robbed. And big life events happen TO them. I love to see how Hagar still answers God and lives out a simple, obedient faith in the face of complexities I cannot comprehend. She reminds me to sift through my privilege and selfishness to walk humbly with God in order to be truly SEEN.

  • This is a very needed reminder for my life right now. “You are a God who sees me.” He is less than a prayer away.

    • CJ

      Amen amen. Less than a prayer. .. within our very hearts. Listen. . Praise God. . Amen.

  • Kimberly Martinson

    I wonder if it is possible to have elements of God’s blessing to Sarah and to Hagar in the same life. Right now I am stuck in a situation I feel I should never have signed up for that I chose out of panic instead of

    • Kimberly Martinson

      Oops posted that early by accident. Kind of like how I jumped the gun getting into this project. I just wonder if even though it’s not really how he intended to be glorified in my life, if he would still prosper it. Hmm. Musings of the morning.

  • Thank you Lord for seeing us! This is my prayer too: “Good morning, Lord. I lift up my voice in desperate need of your mercy right now—this day! My only option is You. My life is a wilderness without you.”

  • I really love your prayer to the Lord at the bottom of your comment! Your prayer is my prayer as well, to be thankful for my blessings, content in my circumstances and not "always looking for something better." Your words touched my heart. Thank you!

  • Katie Moorefield

    Even though I’m not out in a desert desperate for food and water, I still wake up in the morning longing and hungry for more. I’m realizing that that “more” I’m thirsty for is God’s presence and his peace.

  • @graspingwhimsy on IG.

    One of my fav verses. I love the take on this how it needs to be our every day moments. We are nothing without Him who sees us!! My outside life may not seem wilderness but my inside life is…I need that verse I need to remember that He sees me. I want so desperately to do His kingdom work and right now He is teaching me that work is also my girls, my homeschool life with them, serving my husband. It won’t always be kidney donation and safe families and adoptions and missionaries and…. the day to day is the mission too. Hagard had a huge hole in her heart and her life alone was the sacrafice, she didn’t choose it. The day to day as it was back then…she poured out to God who saw her. He sees me too here now in the comfortable life but in the struggle inside to want to forgo it all by choice and serve undaunted. But I am serving. These girls and this husband and this neighborhood and these friends need me. I am signifacant in the kingdom because of He who is in me and He who sees me. What I do matters not. Lord Lord thank you for your gift of words through shereadstruth. You know just how to reach me because I am your beloved. Amen.

  • I just downloaded the SRT app and am loving it!

  • The theme of feeling like I am alone is so strong right now…theses words are so comforting to me.

    • Steph

      Carmen I wrote these words (and a few more) on my mirror. Christ is within me. I am beloved. I am significant. I am useful. I am never alone. I am who God says I am. He sees me. Read them outloud many times a day…day 3 of this and I feel His presence and His words flowing over me more than my own or what others have said ♡

  • In our despair we don't find Christ, He finds us! Gen 16:7.

    This is His grace, and then in His righteousness He will teach us what we must do to be in a right relationship with Him. In this case it appears to be a lesson in submission vs. 9.

    I'm thinking that God meeting our needs like this may not always seem like what we want or need, but because Hagar submitted and returned to her mistress it came with even more grace–God is going to multiply Hagar's descendants.

  • Lauren B

    We are never alone. We never have been. How cool is that? Satan tries to make us feel so alone at times. He tires to deceive us and take us away from blessing we already have and makes us feel so empty inside. God sees us always. There is no need to feel empty. What a comfort that is. Thankful for the word today. Beautiful story.

  • Reading again about Hagar, I found myself thinking over and over again: “That is so awful.”

    The distain in which she was treated with my Sarari was nothing short of a worst nightmare. If I had been Hagar, I know there would have been so many days I would’ve lifted my eyes to God pleading: “This can’t really be my life. This must be some kind of joke, right?”

    It’s pretty amazing that even in the most ugly situations where the human condition is fully on display, God can still move. He’s still on His throne and He’s forever good, in control.

  • I was hoping today would be about Hagar. This story changed how I saw God a couple of years ago. A God who sees me, not judges me or lord's over me, but sees my heart, my pain, my grief. Having grown up without a father, it can be difficult for me at times to understand who God is as a Father who loves me, sees me, and wants to spend time with me. I'm sure Hagar felt the same way. A God who sees ME, and loves me anyway!

    • Stephanie

      Thank you for sharing your story! What an awful time that must have been but what a redeeming God we have that He turns this low point into a reminder to trust Him.

  • Stephanie

    I can relate to Hagar but as I was reading yesterday’s an today’s readings I couldn’t help but think out of the five readings so far three of them speak of the influence of the women’s words to her husband.
    I am a firm believer in the head of the household being the male but as I look at the influence Eve and Sarah (both in yesterday’s and today’s reading) had over their husbands and think about the same for me I have this deep desire to be fully abiding in Christ before I say things to my husband lest as he listens to me, his helpmate, I lead him astray.

    • Lisa

      Wow! So well said. I needed those EXACT words this morning as I contemplate how to approach my husband about some things that he needs to ‘lovingly’ hear.

    • Kylee

      YES, Stephanie! You are spot on. Our words have huge influence over our husbands!

    • Steph

      That is profound! “Lest I lead him astray”. I’m an all in for kingdom work yet I forget the weight of responsibility my husband has for family finances and home and work, I must remember his hold back on my reigns is also a very very good thing for us. God will show us our next lovedoes and in meantime we lovedoes on those right smack in our everyday lives because that too is important! He sees it all. (@graspingwhimsy)

  • Carolyn J

    I have been in desperate situations before. In a time when I wasn't on the same spiritual walk that I am now, but I still trusted in God for "the big things" at least. I had finished my degree, I had my doctorate in Psychology and was ready to start working. We found ourselves in a new state, in a new town (but were familiar with the town since my sister lived there several years). I was 6 months pregnant and starting my first job as a doctor, provisionally licensed and working toward licensure. I had my job for 2 weeks when I heard from the licensing board – There was some hesitation with my licensing board and while they waited for all the necessary paperwork to begin my provisional licensure, I found myself immediately unemployed. Pregnant, unemployed, husband unemployed because we just moved to this new town and are looking for employment. Down and out. In those times in my life I always eventually turned to God, not making the decision to turn to Him daily for even the little stuff.

    But in that time of desperation, God reached out. Of course He did. We found ourselves in line at the food pantry, and on Medicaid for my pregnancy. My husband's parents paid our rent; my sister brought us food. God supplied our needs. I got a job as a substitute teacher until my licensure came through. We made do. God provided what we needed. Glory to God!

    Sometimes things just happen that way, that you find yourself down and out even when you had the best of intentions and thought you were doing all the right things – and then the rug was swept out from underneath me and I was pregnant and unemployed with a husband who was unemployed. Since we had just moved to a new town/new state, we didn't have a church home, so I/we were struggling spiritually too. But never once did I give up on God. I might not have given Him my full attention on a daily basis and call on Him regularly, but when I needed him, in desperation, I knew he would always be there.

    I'm still working on understanding that He's here with me even when I'm NOT in dire straights like that. That He's here with me all the time. This past year of studying the Word and reading, craving God, has transformed me so much, that I see Him at work in the everyday mundane.

    One thing that stands out to me, even recently as I've been in a not-so-great place — but NOT in dire straights — is that God has and is currently supplying my needs. He may not always give me the WANTS right away, but He supplies my NEEDS. I Have food, a job, bills are paid, a roof over our heads, beds to sleep in, my children are healthy and oh so loved. So what if my house is rented and it's not "ours?" It's OURS because it's where we live. The Lord has provided. The things I WANT aren't necessarily what I need right now.

    A couple years ago I found myself in a dire straights situation. My friend told me "God will provide. Even if it's Hot dogs, God will provide." I didn't know how we were going to make it through, but somehow we always have.

    Thank you GOD for your Provision. For your grace and mercy. You are wonderful to be praised! I Have everything I need; forgive me for not being more grateful. Forgive me for always looking for more and not being content with what I have. Help me Lord to enjoy what I have, and stop looking for something better. Thank you God that you are always here with us when we need you. Help me Lord today and every day to reach out to you in desperation for your peace and mercy, for the calmness and assurance you provide. Guide my every step Lord, and thank you for your provision, protection, and direction.

    • MNmomma (heather)


    • Stephanie

      Thank you for sharing your story! What an awful time that must have been but what a redeeming God we have that He turns this low point into a reminder to trust Him.

    • Kylee

      Carolyn thank you for sharing your story!! My husband & I endured a similar experience with our family this past winter. God will always provide, even if it’s just hot dogs- but it was always so much more than that!! Happy to hear your praise report & to join with you in praising a God who always sees us, no matter where we’re at.

  • Lauren A.

    I’m so enjoying these devotions. It’s incredible to think God sees me throughout all of my pain and weaknesses.

  • The thing that stood out to me this morning is how quickly we forget or doubt God’s promises to us. Having the angel of the Lord find Hagar in the desert (the 1st time) and speak directly to her should have been a life-changing experience that would stay with her forever. However, in her later point of desperation after putting Ishmael under the bush, she did not turn back to God and seek Him. She only began to sob and focus on her own limitations. In his mercy, God spoke to and comforted her anyway. But how much easier would her 2nd journey into the desert have been if she had looked to Him first?

    It’s easy to look at Hagar and see what she should have done, but I find myself doing similar things all the time. This story is a great reminder to always look to God first and trust Him through any situation.

  • I felt my heart breaking along with Hagar's this morning. Whenever I'm in a situation where I don't know what to do and I feel like I am not good enough for God, and there's no way He could see me, that's when I need to hit my knees and pray. Even when I have nothing, I have everything in Christ.

    Lord, please let me understand my need of you, every second, every hour every day.

  • I have surely felt like Hagar. Like most women, when I married my husband, I had great aspirations and love. Over the coming years, my hope diminished. My husband, wonderful as he is now, was not saved and struggled with a many emotional chain. This impacted our relationship greatly and while I won't go into detail, brought grave pain into our marriage and continually caused separation. I was worn to say the least. Each time, however, was a time I grew closer and closer to Christ. Each time, He would reveal parts of me and parts of my husband and each time, He would tell me, clearly, to go back and I would. Confused, hurt, frustrated, desperate aren't even words that cover how I felt. The last time we were separated God started a great work in both of us and I can't begin to tell you the changes. Just like Hagar, each time I have called out to God, He has met me. He has provided everything I've needed and lifted me up. When I didn't feel I had anyone to lean on, He was my lean. When the tick of tock of passing time clanged like a gong in my head, God covered my ears. When I chose to be obedient, God never ceased in revealing Himself to me. I may not have understood what was happening and the circumstances may have felt desperate to me. At times, such a physical ache took place, that I wondered if my heart would just give out in the pain. As if my life was Ishmael and I sat bow shot across from it, unable to watch that life die. But the truth is, it needed to. It couldn't remain the way it was and just like God opened Hagar's eyes, He opened both mine and my husband's as well. He provided a well that we would turn to for our daily, living water.

    When God's instruction doesn't make sense to us, when our lives feel a mess and out of control, when we are enduring something beyond comprehension and God asks us to do the unthinkable, we can find peace in knowing, believing with all of our heart that God knows what He is asking and will not fail to come through. Even if we feel that we are walking a tight rope over shark infested waters, if we keep our eyes on Christ, He will ensure our footing. We don't even need a netting below, God is our security.

    That walk in the wilderness for Hagar must have been excruciating, both times. I can imagine, like myself, she must have been stunned the second time especially, to find herself there, especially after her obedience. Our walks through desperate times, are no different. God is not only just ear shot away, He never leaves our side. Whether we have the energy to call out or fall to our knees weeping without words, only tears, God is there. He is unfailing in His care over us and if we follow Him, no matter the number of years of trouble, no matter the kind of trouble, He will see us through and He will never leave us without what we need. In the dark, there is always light and in the wilderness, there is always a path and in the desert, there is always water. Isaiah 43:19 "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."

    So thankful for God's many mercies over me, over my husband, over my family. For the 21 years married we will celebrate next month. For the ongoing hope in my life and His many great promises. Thankful that His design is not of man and that His picture is always greater than mine. Prayerful that I remain obedient, even in turbulent seasons and that I grow with God daily! ~ B

    • Candacejo

      Beautifully said B. ♥

    • Whitney

      I encourage you, dear friend! May the Lord continue to pour out his love and blessings upon you and continue to speak to you each day.
      My prayers are for your marriage today :)
      Psalms 91:15-16

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Oh B, you story spoke to me so very strongly…..thank you for sharing this morning! I too, join in your prayer that I remain obedient to Him and grow with Him daily! xo

    • Kylee

      That was so encouraging!

    • Tori Randolph

      Thank you for this sharing of your heart. You have a gift of words that reach the aching soul. Amen. May your speech put forth like fountains of living water on those who thirst for refreshing. May god continue to bless you, that you may bless others through your life and marriage. Let it be so!

    • Amber

      B, thank you for being so transparent and so encouraging!

    • tina

      Oh -B What glory to God..

      .He sees us…He knows us..He is with us..no matter where our wilderness is….Amen…

      And your story -B, is as beautiful as can be…God is good …awesome…for us…xxxx

    • Katie_K

      Your words brought me to tears today. Thank you for sharing. Your words are always encouraging and something I needed to hear today.

    • Autumn

      I have also had many times of separation with my boyfriend, but God has called me back again (it definitely wasn't my will or in my plans again!). We trust in God knowing He is our safe haven, he has our steps and will not let us stumble. Praise Jesus! God has made changes in me through each time apart, and I know that it was necessary for my refinement and relationship with Christ. We learn so much in the times that we feel these things and even when we hit desperation. God has a plan for us, even though we might not understand why or what we went through until we cross over the bump in the road and look back on it afterwards.

  • Cara Mae

    I just read yesterday's "Sarah" and now "Hagar" back to back. I see myself in both as the overly "fired up" passionate about God's calling on my life, and then suddenly surprised by finding myself in the desert. I'm not sure if that even makes sense, but what has challenged me most in my relationship with the Lord is waiting not wilderness. When I find myself in the wilderness, I've experienced His faithfulness to me so many times that it now doesn't cause as much alarm as the first time. So when today's reading said "My life is a wilderness without you." I was convicted that in my present circumstances, even though I'm not in a desperate life situation, I need to be as conscious of my need for His presence as I am when I have nothing else.

    Even the little things, like leaving a comment, can be moments of trust and faith – marked by a prayerful decision to do or not do whatever He directs.

    • Kylee

      Makes total sense to me! I need the reminder also to crave him as He is the only thing that satisfies. I’ll pray for both of us!

    • Steph

      Very similar to what I posted above…the waiting is my wilderness. The hard tough stuff of life I am on fire in! both He sees and both are opportunities for kingdom work in me and for those around me. #lovedoes #peoplehelpingpeopleismyfavorite (@graspingwhimsy on IG)

  • This devotional message today has really hit home for me. I am at a cross-roads in life and I know that God has a perfect plan for me. I know He has seen me through good and bad times in my life and I will trust Him to show me what is next in my life's journey! This story along with yesterdays devotional reminds me to not t take matters into my own hands and try to fix/plan things so much and just let God be God!
    Sometimes we feel lost in not knowing where/what God's plan is for us….we need gentle reminders that He is in control of our lives and we just need to let go and let God!!!!
    Have the radio on right now and "How Great is Our God" by Chris Tomlin is playing…….perfect timing! :)

    • Karen Bradley

      That IS perfect Hita. One of my very favorite song lyrics is “age to age He stands, and time is in His hands”

  • So incredibly powerful! He sees. I need to cry out, because I AM in desperate need of Him, no matter my circumstances.

  • Being humble and obedient are important in receiving blessings, the Lord knows our needs and never abandons us. We do have to abandon pride though.

  • He loves us all!

  • I’ve been at a desperate, rock bottom place where I knew my every step was coming from the Lord. But it’s so true that when I don’t feel “desperate” for His help, I think I can go about my day alone. Wrong!! Thanks be to God that He is ALWAYS with me and he always hears my pleas, and always meets my needs!

  • rachel marie

    the first time hagar was in the wilderness, she had run away. but God saw her. the second time, with her son ishmael, she had been sent away. but God heard ishmael's cries. the stories of hagar and ishmael in the wilderness remind me of hosea 2:14: "but then i will win her back again. i will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there." hosea is talking about israel, but i think this is exactly what God did with hagar. and it's what He does with us. He waits until we're all alone, desperately in need of Him and His mercy. our only hope of return is through Him. i'm so thankful that He sees and hears me when i cry to Him!

  • drshanwalks

    Yes I have been there before. Desperate for God. Thinking I was abandoned. Abandoned like I unconsciously felt my biological father ,had abandoned me when he died. During those irrational thoughts is when I pressed forward and made myself conntinue reading the Bible and praying. Those were some dark days where I felt like giving up like Hagar, but something deep down would not let me. And finally one day I heard the Lord again. No matter how desperate you feel know that God has not abandoned you. He may go silent at times, but He nevers leaves. As I look back He continued to care for me and did not let me falter. He was that deep down something that would not let me give up.

    • LTW

      Amen! Like Paul said…I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith!.
      We too need to perservere by faith, even when we are not feeling like it, or sensing Gods presence, because we know the truth, that he will NEVER leave us or forsake us. And His purposes for us are good and perfect!
      God is so gracious and loving, he gave you understanding to know that He was that deep down something that kept you going. Praise Him.

  • Kelly_Smith

    I think rock bottom is often the place we cry out; it is the place where we are out of options and have nowhere else to turn. This got me: "Hagar’s desperation for the Lord is exactly where every one of us ought to find ourselves every day of our lives." I do not make a practice of sitting by Beerlahairoi to call on the God who sees me each day. I have a plan, short term and long term. I move forward, head down in determination. Only when I hit a roadblock or trip over my own two feet do I look up and cry out.

    God is faithful in those rock bottom moments. Hallelujah! He is faithful! He is also faithful in the ordinary moments. Crying out to Him and recognizing He is my only hope does two things: 1.) It shifts my dependence off of me and onto God, right where it should be and 2.) It clears my vision so that I can see His hand of providence. God opened Hagar's eyes to see the well after she lifted her eyes to Him.

    Today is an ordinary day for me. Even still, I choose to sit by Beerlahairoi and call out to the God who sees me. Lord, I need you. I can try in my own strength, but I am lost without you. Lead me to the places you want me to go. Provide in the dry areas. Open my eyes to your promises fulfilled all around me.

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Amen. Amen! AMEN!!!!

    • Amber


    • Love this, Kelly! "I choose to sit by Beerlahairoi". Choose is the key word; we always have the choice. I'm a bit of a head down in determination kind of girl, myself. :) Thanks for the reminder!

    • Autumn

      I love this! We make the choice. I also am the determined type… But God holds my life and I will follow His plans for me although they may not have been my original plans. He is a faithful God. Praise Jesus and all glory to Him forever!

  • He sees us. He does. The God who formed heaven and earth and man and woman and EVERYTHING! He sees me. He sees you.

  • Loved this reading this morning! God continued to reveal so much through the Scriptures. The first thing that really struck me was how Hagar had left Sarai because of her circumstance and being mistreated and that the angel of the Lord came and told her to return & submit. This reveals a lot about the Lord's heart and I believe can speak to our hearts today. Sometimes in situations that are difficult God will ask us to return & submit because of a bigger plan, as we see in the following verses. I can't imagine what that was like for Hagar to hear, to have to return and submit to someone who was absolutely mistreating her and being harsh. BUT it was for a bigger plan. The angel of the Lord says that "I WILL MULTIPLY your descendants…" God's plan was bigger than Hagar's, but she had to be obedient to God to receive the blessing/promise. Hagar's response is, "You are a God who sees…" she recognizes that God cares and has made her.

    God does what HE promises. He will fulfill His promises and this is the perfect representation of this being shown through the lives of humans. God had made a promised to Abraham and even in the mess that was made by the conceiving of Ishmael God kept His promise to make descendants through Abraham. It's a beautiful picture of seeing who God is and how He moves.

    There was so much more that struck my heart this morning but don't want to take up too much space or time!
    I just love how I can remember God's purposes and promises are always greater than my circumstance. When I don't understand why He is asking me to return and submit to a frustrating/unfair situation I can look at the lives of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar and remember He is the same God!

    • Hita

      Love your response!

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Very powerful reminder!

    • cjackson924

      The same thing struck me this morning! I recently had a discussion about how God provides what we need always. Psalms 34 v.9 says "Fear the Lord, you holy people, for those who fear him lack nothing." If I really sit and think about this, it is amazing. If I abide in the Lord, I truly lack nothing. he provides every single thing that I really need and he always follows through on promises. God's plan is amazing compared to ours! Somebody said during that discussion that good things in God's eyes are the things that bring us closer to him. I have realized that those moments of desperation and sadness when I fell like I am lacking so much are really bringing me closer to God and helping me see how desperate I am for him. It is hard to remember this in those frustrating situations like you said, but he is always there!

    • aolani

      Awesome! Thanks for helping me to further, clearly process today’s devo. O Lord, help us to be desperate for You, to call out to You…not just a few times in our lives, but everyday, Lord. Thank You for being God who sees us. We are seen, by the God of the universe…crazy good! :)

  • What a thing it is that we all need to be desperate for God every day, and not like "It's okay. I got this." Help us Lord to be hungry for you like that in every situation.

  • I never fully appreciated this story until today. This feels very relatable to life and state of mind this morning and has definitely given me some food for thought.

  • Nathania Kalila Baldisimo


  • german_janne

    Did you note that we are only told that Hagar "lifted up her voice"? And then "God heard the voice of the boy"? It seems that that this time she is so fed up that she isn´t able to lift her voice to God. But Ishmael does. He must have heard enough about God in all those years that his faith isn´t shaken. And God answers to HIS cry and speaks to HAGAR. Interesting, isn´t it? It makes me think that even when my own faith isn´t strong enough to trust God in a certain situation, he might just get through to me because someone else prayed and didn´t give up hope …
    What makes me think though is v.20: "And God was with the boy." What about Hagar? I very much hope, that she was able to connect to God again and we´ll meet her in eternity. I´d so much like to hear the whole story from her own lips. :)

    • Kelly_Smith

      That is a great little piece of truth hidden in this passage. Thanks!

    • MCE

      Very true. I kept looking for more on Ishmael, and an interesting parallel popped up… he also had 12 sons with his Egyptian wife (like Isaac). A couple generations later when Joseph (son of Isaac) was in Egypt, God uses Ishmael´s Egyptian descendants to save Isaac´s sons during the famine. Cool circle I´d never put together before! I agree though, I´d love to hear more from Hagar…

    • Candacejo

      I had never noticed that either…thanks for sharing!

    • Brandy

      This is really insightful. Thank you for sharing this

    • Liz Rogers

      These verses jumped out at me too! But for the life of me I couldn't figure out what He was trying to show me… Hagar lifted her voice (to God?? maybe not??) but God heard Ishmael and then spoke to Hagar… I couldn't make sense of it. Thanks for sharing this. The verses read as if he is a small boy, but as we noted above, Ishmael is actually round-about 14 years old, so having a faith of his own is not out of the question. And I agree, I hope it is not because she hardened her heart towards God and we'll be able to meet her one day.

  • The truth is, no matter our circumstances, Hagar’s desperation for the Lord is exactly where every one of us ought to find ourselves every day of our lives…….
    A double AMEN…and a whoop whoop to that….

    Amen…Raechel Myers…Amen…and thank you for that eye opening sentence that has just 'boomed' my heart to submission…

    I have been in some dodgy, unrealistic, you'd never believe it if I told you situations….they have been part of my story, and I accept them as such…some of them were my choice, others I had no choice…but here's the thing, and what has me super excited this morning….I AM NOT ALONE…NEVER HAVE BEEN…to have gotten this far, to still be able to praise and glorify God as I do….I HAVE NEVER BEEN ALONE…He has been with me through thick and thin, the mess of it all, He has been right there….Thank you Lord…Thank you..

    I have cried out to the Lord…more often than I can recall or care to remember…many of those times,…..'though I walk through the valley of death…' comes to mind….yet here I am ….holding fast to Him…with Hope…and for that I will ever and forever praise Him who sees me..when I couldn't even see me… who hears me when my cry was but a faint noise…who knows me….who knows me and loves me no matter what my situation…..Rightly though as Raechel has said, my crying out should not only be in my Times of trouble or strife, but everyday….to cry out to Him,…that He is my God….My God…and that I need Him no matter what…
    The old gospel song came to mind as I wrote….I need thee …Oh I need thee…every hour I need thee…every hour, I need thee…( I will try and post a connection when I have posted this…

    Thanking God for His goodness to me, to include you guys…Thank you for journeying together and your chat along the way….big hug to all…xxxx

  • carlybenson

    The time when God met with me most powerfully was when I was at rock bottom, out of options and absolutely desperate for him. I felt like I was stuck and couldn't move forward even one step without him. Like Hagar I felt alone and abandoned and excluded from God's promises and God's care, that he worked things out for other people but not for me. Then suddenly he was there and while the circumstances hadn't changed, everything had changed. I could feel his love almost physically filling me, I knew he was there and I knew that he hadn't forgotten me. Over the next few days people kept noticing something different and asking what had happened. That was over 10 years ago now but it has been a lasting change. I was just reminded of that today as I read this devotion and prompted to praise God. Also to remember that while I may not always feel the same desperation I always need him just as much as that and I can't do anything without him.

  • After a crazy evening I knew today’s devotion was going to speak to my heart. Sure enough…I feel trapped and desperate myself. But thank you Jesus for calling me your own. I can’t imagine the downs of life without our God. I pray pray for the unbelievers. God bless! xoxo

  • I've never been in a situation that desperate, but I can relate to many of those feelings, especially the feeling of being out of options. and the feeling of being set up. My family and I took a bold step of faith, sold our possessions, and moved overseas as missionaries. We chose to accept a challenging assignment. But when we found ourselves homeless and unemployed as a family of seven in a foreign country, I confess I thought "This is definitely not what I signed up for".
    God sent us to the wilderness. Literally.Our family ended up living for a time in the same wilderness where Hagar wandered. And He saw us there, and met us there. It wasn't the adventure that any of us would have chosen, but we saw His provision so vividly, partly because we were SO desperate. My were wide eyed as they watched God make a way for us time and time again, often after the last minute.
    I love that God let Himself be known by Hagar, and that He not only provided for her in the short term, but promised her family blessing for the long term. If He was so faithful to her, even though she wasn't part of the family He had chosen, how can we who are grafted into his family tree doubt His promises?

    • Molly

      Hannah thank you for sharing your story, opening your heart

    • Candace

      God bless you and your family for your service and sacrifice. I admire your brave heart! Prayers for many blessing for you and your family

      • tina


      • hannah

        thank you!

      • Hannah

        Thank you for your prayers! We really need them right now as we try to discern where God wants us to go next. We will need to move sometime in the next few months and the decision has been really been weighing on my husband and I after everything that happened last time.

        • Candace

          I pray for discernment and guidance from the Spirit for Hannah and her family. Reveal your will and glory to them. In your Holy name, Jesus..Amen

        • Amy

          Almighty God,
          Please hear the cries of Hannah and her husband. Please give them clarity of Your will and make their paths straight. Please help them to discern Your plan and not be held back by fear of past experiences or what others may say/think of them and their decisions. Help them to boldly keep deeply into Your arms. God I pray this for all of us sisters. Help us to confidently and fearlessly follow You through Your Holy Spirit and nothing of ourselves.
          Thank You, Jesus, for your blood and mediation.

    • Kathi

      Hannah that is a powerful story and journey, thank you for sharing! Blessings to you and your family!

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