Women In The Word - OT: Day 2



Today's Text: Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:18-25, Genesis 3:1-24, Joel 2:26-27, Isaiah 53:11-12

What would it be like to live free from shame? Not in a way that denies the existence of the Lord’s commands, but in a way that receives the freedom of His mercy?

When I read those precious chapters at the very beginning of the Bible where the world and all its inhabitants were as they were meant to be, a little piece of me wants to pretend that the Bible only has two chapters. Ever.

God hung the stars, separated the waters, and created things so cool and intricate and beautiful our eyes can hardly make sense of them. I want to stay in that story—the part where God made Eve from the rib He had taken out of Adam and brought her to him as a helper… “and they felt no shame” (Genesis 2:25).

Not a stitch of shame. What a glorious time! In Genesis 2, Eve—”the mother of all the living”—was created in the image of God. Shame wasn’t even on her radar.

She wasn’t afraid to sing for fear someone might hear her. She wasn’t ashamed of her teeth or her accent or the shape of her toes. She may have been a size 2 or 22, with green eyes and curly hair or brown eyes and straight hair. However Eve looked, she certainly wasn’t ashamed of it! Eve liked her smile and her nose and her forehead. She loved her voice and her jokes, and she walked around Eden with Adam, unashamed and at peace with her Maker.

Then along comes Chapter 3, and it takes all the air out of my balloon. We know it’s coming. We know it’s not a surprise to God. But we also know it’s the chapter in the story of God and Man where sin makes its debut. In disobedience, Adam and Eve sought to become like God. They made the decision that who they were was not enough—they wanted more. With their sin came shame. And when shame moved in, it brought all its baggage with it.

Genesis 3:7 says, “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked,” so they made a covering for themselves to hide their nakedness. But all the fig leaves in Eden wouldn’t hide the sin in their souls. Adam and Eve were ashamed to be seen by God—they were ashamed of their sin.

Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting: Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).

When we face the world, we are ashamed of our image, God-given though it is.

And when we face God, we are ashamed of our sin.

Shame is a double-headed monster from which there seems to be no escape. No wonder Eve wanted to hide!

But God has such good news for us today: There is a cure! A cure for shame of all kinds and for all time! We can call off the impossible search for a fig leaf large enough to hide our sin and shame from God. Adam and Eve let shame in the door, but Jesus bore the shame of the whole world—including our Eve’s!—on the cross and took it to the grave with Him. He defeated sin and shame and death itself so we can be presented blameless and unashamed to the Father.

The prophet Joel told of a time when God’s people would never again be put to shame. Isaiah promised a sinless and shameless Man who would come to bear our iniquities and transgressions. Jesus closed the door on shame and opened the door to repentance and freedom!

Yes, yes—we still absolutely need to cover our bodies in modesty—so everyone keep your clothes on! But sisters, hear this and never forget it: The door has been closed on shame for good. You never need to hide from God. Repent and believe and be free from all the lies the world will tell you about not being smart enough or pretty enough, good enough or clean enough. No sin or even a lifetime of sin excludes us from the freedom the Cross of Jesus affords. Yes, we are undeserving of God’s rich mercy, but Jesus makes us deserving. His goodness alone makes us good enough.

Eve was the mother of all the living. And Jesus freed Eve from shame, along with all her sons and daughters. Let’s live as people who are FREE!

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free;
stand firm therefore,
and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”
Galatians 5:1


  • Freedom in Christ is a challenging concept to embrace. We feel guilt & shame when we sin but as a disciple we have the opportunity to repent, receive grace & forgiveness- praise God! There’s freedom to deny ourselves & choose to obey & honor God in every area of our lives. Like Eve I know that feeling of wanting to run from the shame, the consequences of my sin. Fearing God will not extend mercy but punishment- there’s no fear in love… knowing the unconditional perfect love of Christ is the only thing that turns my fear into freedom. Freedom to change, to be vulnerable, confident and freedom to trust in someone greater than myself! Freedom to be unashamed!

  • Amanda Yancey

    Jesus took away sins, yes, but I never considered that he also took away SHAME.

  • Allie Pletcher

    To live a life free of shame without denying God looks like knowing what good from bad is. It is knowing that when we make a mistake or sin, we repent our actions and lay it down before the Lord asking for forgiveness.

  • Hollie Coombes

    Brilliant devo I got loads out of this. May have known the story for years but this devo brought out some new and really thought provoking encouraging points!

  • MacKenzie Lee


  • Shame is nothing new to me. I feel it over and over again in my life. I rest assured in the fact that Jesus died for my sins and that I am truly free. (I just need to meditate on this some days more than others!)

  • Great perspective! And so that is why 2 Cor. 10:5b is so incredibly important “take every thought captive to obey Christ.” When I take my thoughts to Christ, Who is my safe place, He will show me which thoughts are lies and which ones are true. I can believe that He will sort them out for me and walk me through the grief of my sin, so as not be ashamed of myself to the world.

  • Janet Thompson

    Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting: Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him). Wow what a powerful statement! And so very true!

  • Victoria Roberson

    My two main takeaways: 1. We are made in Gods own image (Genesis 1:27)
    2. Jesus died to take away our shame (Isaiah 53:5)

    Rejoicing today and every day in such sweet news!

  • Becky Thompson

    “They made the decision that who they were was not enough….”
    Never thought of that before.

    • Jessie

      I found that part interesting to. How often does that drive our own decisions? Makes me think I’ll probably need to evaluate my motives more often

  • Heather Franzone

    I have felt shame for many things in my life. My new walk with God has helped me get past those feelings. I still struggle with certain things about myself, but I know where to go now for help. I pray for strength with each new day living in the world, knowing that God loves me for who I am. Praise God!!!

  • Tiphanie

    powerful words right as I read!!! i needed to hear that Eve struggled too!

  • This has helped me as I have been put down by people I though cared about me. It’s great to see I was created to be who I am.

  • Christian Petris

    feeling blessed with the reminder that I am made in God’s own image and I am set free from my shame. I woke up feeling shameful, but Jesus loves and showed me He is right there with this devotional this morning.

  • How true is this!! We sinned and were shameful about it but that is why he sent Jesus to cure all of it! We have no reason to be ashamed whether it’s about what you wear or about what your friends think about your faith

    Listen to the song: Simple Pursuit (feat. Melodie Malone) by Passion

    • Dri

      Just listened to the song.. amazing thank you… if you know anymore great songs please don’t hesitate to share

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  • Glory be to God that I can cast my shame away in return of His forgiveness. I’m a born again Christian who has been running from my sin for years.. What a relief to know that God loves me anyway and wants a relationship with me. I can stand firm knowing that Jesus died to free me from my shame, one of my biggest life battles. I delight myself in You, unashamed because of mercy. <3

  • Ah to be the Eve who was free!!! When we are made new in Christ we are that
    Eve, free and without shame, what a blessing!!!!!

  • I am grateful for this app. Reading the comments even from months ago really helps give me a fresh perspective of the story. When I crave read this in the past I often got to caught up in the blame game. Eve(woman) was responsible for the downfall of man, and I struggled with that thought. But reading the comments have really helped me see that this is more about overcoming shame. The comment from 9 months ago about God’s purpose for sending Adam and Eve out of the garden for their own benefit was a real eye opener. This app is such a blessing!

  • Loving this devotional & reading plan ! Thank you Jesus for your unwavering mercy, grace, & love !

  • Jennifer

    So thankful God sent his son to rid my shame. Such a powerful understanding! I am the daughter of the King!!! It’s so hard to wrap my head around that. I fail daily, I fail as a wife, mom, friend, and Pastors wife and yet God loves me for me. He loves all my imperfections and for that I’m eternally grateful. What a blessing this passage was. So glad God gave me the reassurance that He has me and takes away that shame! “God is so good, God is so good He’s so good to me!”

  • My point of weakness in being ashamed is in prayer. I wouldn’t pray daily and simply tell God “thank you” for even the smallest blessings in my life and then I would find myself wanting/needing something and immediately thinking I had to pray and ask for whatever it might have been. After catching myself I realized “you don’t pray every single day for even the smallest things that you SHOULD pray for because God can take those things away from you if you aren’t careful, yet you wanna kneel and ask Him for something major in your life or for something to go in your favor?” At this point I felt too ashamed to even think about bowing my head to ask forgiveness for all the times that I’ve failed Him. But the beauty in God is that no matter how many times you fail Him all you have to do is simply ask for forgiveness and you’ve got it! There is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of anything because our God is SO merciful and faithful and loving and all he wants for us to do is trust and obey.

  • Andrea Z.

    Love this word! We do not have to deal with shame anymore! This can be a hard thing, even for believers, because we want to impress sometimes others more than God. But the beautiful thing is that God knows so much more about us than we know ourselves and he’s never been ashamed of us!

  • Vicki Goldbach

    Wow. When we are appropriately ashamed of our sin and NOT ourselves, we can be freed and stop letting the world aka satan effect & dictate our choices and decisions. We will grow closer to Him
    When we are ashamed of ourselves and looks, body, lack of education or accomplishments ect.. satan wins and we are distancing ourselves from God, unknowingly.

  • Lillian Gochee

    Praise the Lord Jesus that he has taken my shane away

  • Great devotional. Definitely good food for thought!

  • Santana Rico

    totally loving this devotional! thank God for His unfailing grace & love!

  • Marlaena

    Sorry, I couldn’t see the text as I wrote! **Garden of Eden

  • Marlaena

    Anyone have any idea what happened to the Gradeb of Eden? the Gardebd of

    • Kateybell

      Not really but there is a place between the tigress and Euphrates rivers that is said to have the most fertile soil in the world

  • Day 2!

  • Olivia Bateman

    I’m not a bible scholar but I think it had to do with the free choice God gives us to sin. Also the cherubim not only guarded the tree but blocked Adam and Eve from the garden and prevented them from ever returning.

  • My question is why was a cherubim with a flaming sword placed in front of the tree of life AFTER Adam and Eve ate from it? Why wasn’t it guarded before?

    • April

      Hey! So a short answer to this question would be that God, just as He gives you and I, gave Adam and Eve choice and free will. Does that make sense? I’d love to get deeper into it if you have more questions :)

      • Beth

        They did not eat of the tree of life, they ate of the tree of good and evil. So that they would not eat of the tree of life and live in a state of sin eternally, God put the angel.

  • Colleen Morehead

    Amen! We are free in Christ! Showing us who we truly are without Him

  • I have never really thought about the fact that when we face the world, we are ashamed of our image, even though we are made in HIS image. But when we face God, we are ashamed of our sin. There is such a HUGE difference there and the way we view ourselves in light of God’s grace and mercy. The Lord wants us to view ourselves in light of the grace that covers us through the blood of Jesus; where there is no shame and judgment. We’re still to look at our sin, but because of what Jesus did for us, that’s no longer our identity. Loved this reminder this morning!

  • I was struck by the the fact that sending Adam and Eve out of the garden wasn’t a punishment like I often thought. But it was in His mercy that He didn’t want them to live forver as sinful people. He knew His plan was to redeem them so He couldn’t leave them there, He needed to protect them from eating the tree of life and living forever distanced from Him. But I bet Adam and Eve had no idea! They probably thought God was sending them away from Him as a punishment. What beauty in this!

    • Mandy

      Amen!! I didn’t realize that till now either and it definitely warms my heart! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Ashleigh Gyatt

      wow, I hadn’t realised that either. thank you for that.

    • Sophie

      That is amazing, thank you for pointing that out! I would never have seen it that way. Just amazing. ❤️

    • Laura Jean

      This is so powerful! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Cynthia

      Wow! I had never thought of that. How often do we view God’s protection as a punishment because we can’t see the whole picture? Thanks for sharing!

  • This is very refreshing to read to know that we have a Savior that took all our same away! What love!

  • This was so great to read on New Years Eve! We don’t have to feel shame with our selves because Christ has already taken that on when he went to the cross. Happy New Year! Remember you have freedom from sin and slavery because of Christ’s work for us!

  • I just read this on shame at a very fitting day since I once again have fallen into a pace of sin that I have struggled with for so long and it difficult to talk about with anyone because it has to do with my sexuality as a woman and feeling fulfilled in this area as a single divorced woman. I don’t know where to turn for help but ask anyone who reads this and if they feel led to pray for me that o would find the answers and put this in the ground once and for all by His grace, mercy and love.

    • Sharon

      I will be praying for you :)

    • Teresa


    • Nikravesous

      Praying for you Julie! Sexual sin is so difficult to over come and so difficult to talk about because of the weight of shame it carries. I hope you can find a trusted friend who can mentor you, pray for you, and help hold you accountable. I have found an accountability partner to be of great help in situations like this. God is our strength and He will equip you to stand firm against this temptation! Take heart, sister!

  • Abigail Stafford

    I think I am really going to like this study. I love rereading stories and seeing different pieces. As I was reading the story and it started talking about how there was hope,I got excited, even though I knew what was coming. I’ve been saved for 17 years the stored never get old. Thank you Lord for dying for every sin that will ever happen ion this earth. Thank you for the Bible and all the stories.

  • Lord I thank you for this time together in your word as you reveal yourself more and more. I thank you for your son Jesus who bore the shame of the world, including Eve’s and my own, so that we may have freedom! I pray that I will be able to silence the lies of Satan who makes me feel as though my sins are acceptable that I as a person am not. I recognize and repent my sins of pride, ego, and self doubt and know that I am wholly worthy simply because YOU love me and that alone is enough! I thank you for your never ending abundance of grace, forgiveness and mercy and for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me. Thank you Lord…I love you! Amen!

  • It’s amazing to know that in the eyes of God, we will never be viewed as worthless! We are as precious in God’s eyes as His own son and therefore there is no need to hide in shame!

  • Annelle Marie

    So so good!

  • I’ve read a good number of she reads truth devos. None have hit me so hard and wonderfully as this one. Perfect and bright truth on a cold rainy morning. Thank you Jesus.

  • Wow. Just what I needed to hear. Refreshed my soul!

  • Elizabeth Rucker

    Thank you Jesus!!!!! I love this devotional! It has been my favorite so far because it relates so mug to what we/me are going through today! I know this is a lot to ask, but if any of you could pray for me and my family, we just lost my uncles mom, and we are just going through a really hard time. The funeral is today, if you could, just please pray! I just keep wondering: why does it have to be her, but I know deep down that God has it all under control. Thanks!!!

  • The song “Jesus Paid It All” comes to mind. Here are some lyrics in case you aren’t familiar: Jesus paid it all / all to him I owe / Sin had left a crimson stain / He washed it white as snow :)

  • Hannah Brown

    This spoke to me on so many levels. Exactly what I needed to read at exactly the perfect time. :)

  • Mohamed Holloway

    Nice sharing. Have no comments about your lord of the rings article

  • Sarah Borjon

    “Jesus closed the door on shame and opened the door to repentance and freedom!” Yes! That is so powerful and beautiful that we are loved so much. Thank you Yahweh! We praise your name!

  • Anna Hocutt

    hi I’m Anna and I am 12 years old. my old bus driver introduced me to this app and I could not be more thankful for that. this is only my second day to be in a plan and I already find myself hungry for more and more everyday. I find myself going to sleep faster to wake up and start fresh with new scripture everyday. thank you to all the people who make this app possible because I have a feeling that it will change my life forever.

    with love,

  • I was reminded of the fact that like the serpent, eve wanted to know what God knew. She wanted to be wise and know the things God did. How often do I hurt myself when I dig into things that I shouldn’t be? How often do I find out information, only to realize it would have been better to have never known? God is all knowing and sovereign, so why can’t I just trust in Him and that He is taking care of everything? Like Eve, when we try to take matters into our own hands, we end up hurting ourselves and others… Which causes the shame. What a great passage in Joel, so thankful that we are set free from the bondage of shame by Christ on the cross! What a great reminder this morning.

  • This encouraged and reminded me how loving our God is to take all my sin and look at me as though I have never defiled myself in the world.
    True peace can only come in this world from our Jesus!

  • Reminds me of Romans 1:16 , I shouldn’t be ashamed of myself or the gospel because of the freedom that I’ve been blessed with by Jesus

  • One day we will once again live in perfect peace and harmony with no shame, ever. That’s the promise I hold on to- and for now, I know that in my weakness HE is strong and His love has overcome my shame.

  • when I think about my shame. my hardness of heart. my hardness on myself I often forget this is not a feeling that came from God, but from sin. tonight was a good reminder

  • Caitlin Williamson

    A joy to read this morning. Last night I was talking to my husband about ways in which I feel shame. He was quick to remind of who I am in Jesus and this morning’s passages reaffirmed it!

  • Perfect message for any woman! Reminds me I dont need to be sorry for who I am for I am unique and made in the image of God!

  • I’m watching a marriage being wrecked by shame but seeking redemption in Jesus. We don’t have to hide from God! He already paid for our shame! Thank you, Jesus!!!!!!

  • I love that I am starting this plan at this time. I got a lot of insight on marriage from Genesis 2:18-25, and I am getting married in a little under a year!

  • jackie clark

    I have read the fall of man many times, but what a fresh perspective you have presented! For over 10 years, I lived a life of hidden shame in belief that my sin was “exempt” from His grace and freedom only granted from Him! Being set free from that, there is still temptation to be bonded in shame in so many other ways, as mentioned by SRT. Not being “pretty enough” in the eyes of the world. Not being “theologically wise enough” in the eyes of other believers. Seeking the approval of both nonbeliever and believer can be so exhausting. Grateful for the freedom from shame that only God can provide! Renewed this morning in this Truth!

  • SamWeber2011

    “Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).” — wow!

  • So what I will pray for is Gods vision. His eyes, thoughts and action.

  • I too wonder what it would be like to not live in a world that makes you feel ashamed of who you truly are in Gods eyes

  • “they made the decision that who they were was not enough, they wanted more…when we face the world, we are ashamed of our image, God given though it is…and when we face God we are ashamed of our sin.”

    These words hit me today. I have been single for many years and in November I am getting married to an amazing Godly man. but for the majority of my life i decided I wasnt enough. I have lived for so long proving myself and perfecting myself. In the past few months I have been hit hard with burn out and have been tryibg to learn this lesson and truth and who I am is more than enough.
    Its so hard not to compare myself to others or try and be the perfect Thea to everyone, including my fiance.

    I want to experience this true freedom through Jesus and not feel shame for the sin of my life.

  • An eye opener. I never have looked at Eve so deeply before. It’s shocking how shame can over ride us. Loved this read, thank you!

  • 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 (MSG) my grace is enough, it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness.

    I’m not ashamed of sin because it keeps me in the presence of God. It’s my reason to stay in prayer and to stay in God’s word because He’s made strong in my weakness. Every time I mess up or think about doing something I shouldn’t I turn to God.

  • hikinghails

    This is deep truth I have been searching for! I find myself always hiding and being ashamed of my sin to The Lord. The truth is we don't have to hide and be ashamed because Jesus died on the cross for us! We are truly free! "His goodness alone makes us good enough." We don't even have to try to be good because we are already good enough. We humans are always searching for more because we never think there is enough or that we are good enough for this world. We are all trying to be better in this world when really we are already enough because of Him. Praying about how grateful I am for Jesus and Him freeing me from all sin!

  • Satan makes us feel less ashamed of our sin that separates us from God and more ashamed of our bodies and our selves, which bonds us to God. Those are powerful words of truth that are really speaking to me today. Christ took away sin and shame, and now we can be free. I’ve known that my whole life, but it is just starting to sink in. I’m starting to see the peace that those words really bring.

  • Beria Charles

    I have never looked at Eve this way, and the way Adam and her where hiding with shame from the naked bodies but not ashamed of the sin they just had committed. What a blessing to see God’s grace being present since the beginning of this world!! He is faithful!

  • I love love love Joel 2:26…”And my people shall never again be put to shame.” Praise be to God for giving us this Scripture to tell us there is no shame for those who are found in Jesus! We are redeemed and set free from shame forever. Now to pray this truth into my heart and know that I am set free!

  • Christina

    “What would it be like to live free from shame? Not in a way that denies the existence of the Lord’s commands, but in a way that receives the freedom of His mercy?”

    That truth. So difficult to get right. Too often I’m either ashamed of myself, or unashamed because I deny I’ve done anything wrong.

  • Kristen Gregory

    I missed several days at the first of this study, so now I'm skipping around and trying to let God pick the woman I read about. Thank you so much for this study. I love reading about how God uses women yo accomplish His work, or yo teach us a lesson that will I pack our lives. I read the scripture and pray. Sometimes God leads my thoughts and prayers in the same direction as the comintary and sometimes He leads me in another directions. Today the direction was focusing on the word 'helper'. God made woman to be a helper to her husband the first time she tried to take over, look what happened 'fruit'. I'm a control freak. Even in my house and God has been convicting me of this. This was a great reminder from the word of God to let my husband take the lead more often. I'm not saying ALL the time cause I believe that God said 'helper' not 'slave'. But sometimes a word not said is better than a spoken word.

    • Abby Bedson

      Thanks for sharing what God showed you in this Scripture! That didn’t speak to me when I read the Scripture but was a great reminder as I read your comment.

  • Ryan Wester

    LOVE the comparison of shame when we look at the world (ashamed of ourselves) and when we look at God (ashamed of our sin). Definitely something to pray through and ask the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to the lies I have believed in.

  • Day 2 for me and I am brand new to this book study. I have loved the first 2 days and I wake up excited about reading each day and learning something new. For me, this study is about taking more away of what the Bible actually says and not what people want it to say. Sometimes I feel like people take a “clip” from the Bible and twist it to meet their circumstances. I feel like this book does a great job balancing fact (verses) and opinions (blog). Awesome job and thank you for this learning opportunity!

  • Emilyann

    My take away…shame is not of God. If we feel shame we are not of doing things of God.
    So shame is actually a tool of God which we should use to know we are doing wrong and draw closer to Him. God wants us to live shame free!!

  • Erexroth

    Such a great, new perspective Rachel! “Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting: Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).”


  • Chelsea Ridley

    This is my first SRT study to start too. I have been really struggling with insecurity lately and am so grateful for today’s teaching. I loved the lines about how Satan causes us to be more concerned with and ashamed of ourselves, although we’re made in God’s image, than with our sin. This really called out what I’ve been battling at an even deeper level than I realized. So excited to journey along with you all!

  • I was watching a speech about vulnerability yesterday, and then read this today, and wow. God weaves everything together! The video talked about shame, and how shame is really fear or guilt of something you believe will cause disconnect with people-or in this case, God. Sin causes us shame because we know it disconnects us from God, but it doesn’t have to anymore, because we have been set free from sin, and are allowed to be real and vulnerable in Christ, because we are worthy of love and belonging through his sacrifice!

    • Claire

      Elyse, thank you so much for sharing this. I have never heard that definition of shame before, but it makes so much sense! Thank you for helping light my way today!

    • lissy

      Thanks Elyse that’s really, really helpful. Was is a Brene Brown video? I’d love the link to the video you watched! Thanks!

  • Day 2 for me as well….so glad there are so many others starting too!!

  • I just finished day 2 as well!! Let’s continue together, ladies!!

  • This was a really good one today I’m pretty new to SRT so I’m a little Behind because I’m supposed to be on day 29 I just finished day 2 today so I don’t read my bible everyday but most times I do because I just feel so much closer to God an it makes me feel good about myself to take time to just read the bible once I heard about SRT I was really excited because I loved the pictures they put on there and pretty pictures why not so I started reading it and fell in love with SRT thank you SRT!

    • Kayla Clay

      No worries! I am new too and only on day 2 today. I don’t think it matters so much the when and where just the fact that you’re doing it at all. :)

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Olivia,
      Welcome to our community! Please know there is so much grace here! While Day 29 is the new post that went up today, there are so many of us in other places and our prayer is simply that you would engage with God's Word each day and He would meet you here. So glad you are here, friend!


  • One of the things I struggle with most often is the feeling of not being good enough. Sometimes Satan brings up the sins of the past that I know in my heart I have already repented and been forgiven and set free from and plants doubt in my heart. I’m so thankful for a God who loved us so much He sent His Son to die for the sins of the world. There is no need to be ashamed, but I can come into His presence daily with everything I have.

  • i know I am a little late posting, but I was just told about this and was intrigued. I love the statement, "Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting: Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him)." So often I feel ashamed of myself for allowing myself to sin, not so much conviction for the action itself. As I am already unworthy of the wonderful mercies of God, when I feel guilty about myself I push myself away from God because I feel even more 'Unworthy". The reminder that I am free { and Forgiven} in Christ is so invigorating. Guilt and Shame are not of the Lord, but conviction and repentance and grace are.
    Your sister in Christ

  • Hayley Lemmons

    I still struggle with shame from sin! It’s easy for me to believe that Jesus took away the punishment for sin, which is death, but I somehow still believe that I deserve to carry the emotional weight of my sin. This was so encouraging! I needed to hear that Jesus has carried that shame away for me!

  • Woow so b much truth! I was also stopped in my tracks at how Satan tries to water down sin and wants us to think that it’s a normal part of us.So good! Learnt so much today. All I want to say in thank you.Felt o convicted by the Holy Spirit :)

    • Emilyanne

      Amen. Praise the Lord for the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us

  • Chelsea Smith

    I love when the Spirit shows us how different parts of scripture tie together, esp. OT minor prophets to the gospels. The passage from Joel really connected Genesis to God’s redemption for us. The Lord is sweet and always working things together for good.

    Loving this study and community of women! :)

  • I just started this last night and I’m so glad I did. For years I carried around the shame of my past choices and when I found freedom from it, my life was changed. Looking forward to the tomorrows reading.

  • This story shows me that my God ALWAYS provides and always makes a way! Thank you, my Savior, Jesus for the blood- covering for all my sins and shame so that I can walk with you unashamed! And this morning I am thankful for the gems of truth in the SRT Bible study that I have found and praying it is blessing millions of people just like me!

  • Cynthia S.

    Ok ladies so I am extremely late in starting this study. But I’m glad I did! God is so good, and I praise Him for having placed in the hearts of the SRT leaders to write these studies. God bless you richly!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Cynthia, I am so glad you are joining us! Welcome!


    • Hilary S E

      Cynthia, there are a few of us late to this party. But I’m glad I’m here no matter what. We have so much to learn from these women.

  • 21 And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.
    I have never paid a lot of attention to this part of Adam and Eve’s story. After they were both cursed by God, God’s love did not lessen. He still crafted clothing and provided for them. What a forgiving and loving God, who in our moments of sin and shame, covers us with His love.

  • Karielys

    This spoke most to me:

    Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting: Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).

    So good!

  • I don’t know that I have ever thought much about how powerful of a force shame can be… But what a gift this devotional is to realize that the effects of it are there regardless… And to take the time to reflect and be able to honestly see where we have fallen short or outright failed – so that we can have the burden lifted forever through Christ Jesus. To feel light again as Eve felt in the garden!!!

  • Markia Hearst

    The Lord is so gracious!! We are forgiven and can live free of shame. What an incredible Savior!!!

  • Beautiful words. I just love reading words of wisdom and uplifting spirit. Thank you! I needed to hear this. I need to not be ashamed but repent and move forward. Free!

  • This example of Eve’s story
    and how Jesus redemmed it, it is coforting me right now.

  • Simoné Hamman

    I have never thought of the passages, you used in the study, that way. What an extremely good reminder for everyone! How our salvation story is completed with Christ, taking all shame away. And we can come to Him in humbleness and thankfulness to ask forgiveness. I’m awed again, what a Redeemer!

  • I needed to learn about this today, though I am not yet able to say that I feel no shame. I'm not quite there yet, but I believe and trust it to be possible. As women, in particular, we are primed to feel shame, inadequacy, and doubt by society. Even worse, we are asked to constantly compare ourselves, especially with other women. It is far easier to find a substantial amount of resources begging us to compare ourselves, tear each other down, find weaknesses within ourselves and each other. Yet, here, in our hands is a profound book that has lasted the span of time which never wavers. Never asking us to compare or to tear down or to find doubt, weakness, and shame. Instead, we find support, reassurance, and the warmth of love, compassion, peace, and truth that our sins are already forgiven, even before we have committed them! What a wonderful, powerful truth! We are not asked to look at ourselves (or others!) and see what could be changed, what we should feel shameful of. Instead, we are TOLD that we are perfectly, intentionally, and irreversibly made in His image. We are asked to not only know this to be true, but to look at ourselves as worthy of acceptance exactly as we are in this moment. Sin or no sin, there is no shame.

  • crownoflaurels2014

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this!

  • Reading through this study this morning I couldn’t help but think to all the moments in my life where I thought things were “perfect”. I wanted time to stand still and those are memories that bring a smile to my face when the thoughts come back. In Eve’s case, her life was more perfect than anything we could ever imagine. She walked with God in this amazing garden and was free from everything. Except the temptation of the serpent. I’m comforted knowing that even she fell into that trap, but that it also set into motion a series of events that would ultimately bring our savior and redeemer! Praise The Lord!

  • Laura Kate

    This was such a wonderful read on my way to work this morning. As someone who struggles with mental health issues and hiding the truth about myself as an LGBT person from my family who I fear won’t accept me, I regularly struggle with feelings of shame and doubt. There can never be too many reminders to look to Christ and find my identity in the One who has taken my shame so I don’t need to bear it any longer.

    • Mary Beth

      Beautiful! We have an everlasting promise no matter what life brings…our God is always for us and not against us. We have everything in Him that we need! And, there is nothing on this earth or in this life that He cannot restore. Thank you for sharing!

  • I’m so envious of Eve as she walks in the garden, free of shame before she eats the forbidden fruit. The thought of being so free and accepting of oneself is hard for me to imagine. I feel I’m always striving for improvement, never quite satisfied where I am, whether it’s with my job or my body or my relationships. This post hit me hard because lately I’ve become obsessed with I improving my body. I gained quite a bit of weight since graduating college and in December I started to eat healthier and workout more. I’ve become addicted to improving, but still have not been able to truly accept my body.

    I think this is something I need to work on and I need to remind myself that God loves me regardless and my shape, size, weight is irrelevant.

    • Mary Beth

      Me too! I feel your pain, sister! It hit me anew that woman was the last thing for God to create: his crowning jewel, his final touch to His masterpiece. We are His final touch! And, that was on purpose. Praying that we will diligently remind ourselves of this always. Beautiful as we are. We cannot be more beautiful to God than we already are.

  • This was a great read and I feel like I got so much out of it. Not only rejoicing in no shame through the blood of Christ but also wondering what was the tipping point for eve? What made her think that her disobedience to God through eating the fruit would be better than the sweet setup she had in the garden? Why ruin a good thing? Doubt. Satan aimed low and got her on doubt. How many times as a wife/mother have I said to myself “is there more? Am I doing the best I can do?” Satan uses our insecurities (and lack of biblical knowledge) to cripple us and tear us away from our creator through sin ( and after sin comes shame). But we have a book! We can go to genesis 2:17 and read exactly what God said. The only way to combat satan with his seeds of doubt is to be in the word and know it’s truth.

    • Juliefay

      That is a beautiful point Esther! We have to know the truth to be set free from his lies! Jesus calls us friends and brothers and heirs with Him because of His blood! We can commune with God in radiance and not be ashamed because we look to Him and listen to His voice!!!

    • Anna

      Thank you for your words, Esther.

  • So encouraging and reassuring!:) really needed this!

  • Veronica

    Oh I loved this, soooo much! Can you imagine a life of no fear and shame?

  • It was so encouraging to read those passages in Genesis and think about them in a way I never have before. I don’t think I ever thought about how Eve was not only ashamed of her nakedness, but also her sin. I’m so thankful Jesus has taken away our need for metaphorical fig leaves!

  • Kmomberger

    Tara, I have walked your road. It was tough but brought all that could harm “us” to the surface as it was bathed in mercy and forgiveness and trying to understand. I pray this will bring you closer to the Lord as a couple and protection over your marriage as you pursue truth and transparency over covering up and falsehood. God will honor your pure heart. Love, your sister in Christ Kimberly

  • God just lifted a burden from my shoulders as I confessed a stinking, know-it-all, self-righteous, judgemental, suspicious attitude. It was exactly as has been said, He hated the sin, but showed His incredible love. For all of yesterday, I was in condemnation space, hating myself(just what the enemy wanted) but taking it to my Abba was such a beautiful healing.

  • Just what I needed today, struggling with shame as I have messed up our finances and not been forthcoming to my husband regarding them. Need to feel free from this burden & shame and let God bring good out of this situation I’ve made such a mess of! Please pray for peace tonight!

  • upshawsg

    This post spoke to me like crazy!! Personally I struggle with sexual sin, feelings of lust and masturbating. Every time I would slip up (like I did today) I would try to avoid what happened, I would pretend like God wasn't there. And I was trying to hide behind my shame, covering myself up with fig leaves (metaphorically). There are times when, like Whitney said below, where I "eat the apple". And the apple is so delicious, but I knew I shouldn't have eaten it. But Galatians 5:1 just spoke to me so much. How we are set free by Jesus! How we no longer have to give in to the enticement of the shiny red apple, but our Father is right there holding out something much better: the whole rest of the garden! Oh how he loves his children so much! This is going to be a power verse for me for the time being, a verse of encouragement and sweet truth!

  • What a wonderful message! Praising him for no shame!

  • Ashleigh

    This was a beautiful passage. I would love to keep reading more about eve. I’ve needed to read this because lately I’ve felt so unhappy with myself and I need to learn that I need to be happy and trust that I’m made how God wanted me.

  • Giorgina

    This is so beautiful!

  • Kasie Hodges

    Thank you God for freedom from sin. I needed to read this, this morning. Lately I’ve felt so ashamed and unloved because of my mistakes. But I KNOW that is not the case.

  • Gosh this was good!

  • thelittlelaurents

    This post was beautiful written. Thanks!

  • Caroline

    What a timely message for my life…I have been in a very shameful place recently, exhausted by recurring sins, feeling stuck in a rut that I know leads to death…slowly but surely I know I am on a better road now. God’s grace and mercy is new every single morning!

  • Amanda Raschel

    What a great and refreshing view on this passage..much needed for me today!


    I’ve been dealing with shame a lot these past few weeks. Being convicted of sin & seeing how far off track I was with my life & relationship with God. Coming to terms with the bad decisions I’ve made & not wanting them to negatively affect my children or how they view me later in life. I’m learning the decisions are life lessons I can share with them & I’m free in Christ!

    • April

      Take heart friend! I just shared some very shameful parts of my past with my teenage daughter. My goal in doing so was to point to the beautiful mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus. The conversation was beautiful. My daughter cried with me, forgave me and later in the evening changed her Instagram bio to say “Jesus is good.” Praise God!
      Use your sin and your shameful past to point others to JESUS! ❤️

    • Portia Marie

      You’re in the right place! His word!! When we are lost or off His path, his word will guide you back to Him. LOVE YOU MY SISTER!

  • PatriciaAnn

    I came across this really fun blog series yesterday and thought I’d share since the author is starting her latest story with Adam & Eve! (I’ve read some of her previous stories around religious holidays and really loved them!) (blog.evangelinehopkins.com) Such a great narrative take on well known biblical stories! :)

  • Jennifer

    "Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn't it interesting: Satan has a way of making us less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God) and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him)."

    This statement is whoa. Huge. So powerful for me.

  • Rachael Colvin

    I love this. Hadn’t ever heard this. Praise God for freedom from shame!

  • We feel shame at all the wrong times. We should worry less about our looks and seek Him more. I know I will meditate on this reading for a while.

  • SarahMarieT

    LOVED reading thru these comments and gleaning new perspectives and precious truths. Praise God for community and for creating us! I loved the message of "standing firm" in this message of salvation and of the door being slammed on shame. I praise the Lord that He slammed that door so hard that it is reverbarating through our whole hearts — breaking off our chains and crumbling our self-constructed walls!

  • Bridgett

    Sometimes I wish there was more about Adam & Eve. I wonder things like how did their punishment from God affect their marriage? Or the death of one of their children from the fault of another? … I suppose it is none of my business in the end… but I still wonder sometimes.

    • Tamara

      I also wondered about the full outcome of their life, what did happen later? I’m glad they are doing woman of the bible because it does show you more of their roll and their true faith.

  • I struggle every day with my complexion and marks on my face and wether to wear makeup or not- and I usually feel better wearing makeup- but I should remind myself that I am made perfectly in His image. And that if men wore makeup I would think it’s ridiculous! It’s so fake but I can’t seem to overcome it and be brave enough.

  • Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting: Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him)….I have to do a double take on this! It’s so true that the enemy would attack the person, in which the integrity of who we are in Christ than our actions or deeds! Thank God that I am made righteous in Christ Jesus (2Cor5:12) and knowing this truth helps me not to be hard on myself whenever I stumble.

  • I love that Galatians 5 says to STAND FIRM. Want to live free? Choose to stand and accept the freedom he offers us every single stinking day.

    TODAY, I am free in Christ. No more bondage. RIGHT NOW, I am choosing freedom.

  • “Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting: Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).”

    I find it so easy to get so caught up in things I didn’t do right. I forget that it is He who frees me, He who restores my thoughts and He who guides me to teach me the way of his path.
    What a love He has for us that even in our darkest he is there to restore, with arms open wide!

  • Kay Tallman

    Thank you for another beautiful study and beautiful truth. Created in His image. At age 71 I struggle with wrinkles and being old. Created in God's image. That puts inestimable value on me, a sacred thing and I need to value myself as such and offer that same gift to others

  • Whoa! What a great reminder that we are free from shame! As a Mother, that phrase brought me such peace today. I am enough, my children love me, and I do my best. Its amazing how shame can associate itself with so many other emotions, and mentalities. Praise God for winning it and defeating sin and shame. What a great devotional!

  • Beth Ann

    I am spending my third summer working at a domestic violence and human trafficking shelter. Our women often feel ashamed for what has been done to them or by them, or they feel as if God could never forgive them for what they have done. How beautiful it is to share with them that their shame can be taken away by Christ! That they are a new creation in Christ, and He cherishes them and will redeem them and wipe away guilt from what has happened to them. How wonderful it is to tell them (and remind myself) that Christ’s blood covers all sin. Thank you for this message today!

  • I am a college student and this passage hit home for me. Last semester I got into a lot of things I shouldn’t have been doing like drinking, sleeping around, and it got me into a whole lot of trouble…I became so ashamed to hang around my Christian friends or to even pray for forgiveness from God. Then I read the story of His love and how nothing I can do can separate me from His love…although I felt dirty and tainted at one point I could just pray to Him to heal, and forgive me of those sins….it wasn’t at all easy to get over my shame and guilt but eventually I did!!! But now I feel compelled to tell my story with others and be open about it and more transparent being that I have a blog but I am so scared of how others including my parents might take it…but i know for a fact that my story would help other young girls in college struggling…so I guess the shame isn’t completely gone but I would love prayer and advice from anyone on this!! Thanks!!

    • Courtney

      I felt the same way in college. I didn’t think any of my Christian friends would still like me the same way if they found out “who I really was.” I think being vulnerable with a really close friend would help you feel not so alone. It would help you see that even though we all may sin in different ways, there’s also people who have gone through similar circumstances too. I think sharing your story would also help SO many women and girls! I’ve been praying for you this morning and will continue to do so!

    • MrsWalton88

      I committed adultery in my last marriage. And I still feel so much guilt about because I did love my then husband and I still love him. We are still good friends. When I come back to my hometown all I feel is shame. I feel that I have a big sign over head that says “cheater” I’m not perfect, never will be, and Jesus closes that door of shame for me and opens ones of forgiveness. Thank you Lord for your mercy on me and my failure.

    • Tracy

      Erin, I recently felt Gods tug on my heart to start a blog and be completely transparent about my past. I am 48 years old and am just revealing some things for the first time and to the world at that! My parents were not happy about my decision as they are from the mindset to keep things private but the freedom that I have experienced from unlocking the chain of silence from my life is indescribable! I am truly free for the first time and not only am I free but others can find the opportunity to be free also!! I would suggest talking to your parents before posting the blog. Pray for God to soften their hearts and be open to hear about your redemption. Our testimony defeats the enemy and gives God glory!
      “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death” Revelation 12:11

    • Stephanie

      You are incredibly brave to share your story. Getting back to the God in college is il terribly hard when there are so many temptations around you. Something that has helped me is a friend who told me that everything we search for in partying, boys, etc. We can find in Jesus Christ. The acceptance, the love, the freedom, the adventure… All those temptations are posing as solutions to a problem Jesus has already solved. So glad pulled you back into his arms! Praise Jesus!

  • laniejoy

    This freedom, that's truly about love, and because of love, essentially sets me free to serve others. How cool is that! Other women who are still living in shame, I can freely love and serve, because I have been set completely free. I love that.

  • Tiffany Jewel

    I couldn’t help but think of my children. Born unashamed to run around as they are, unclothed, messy, yet we all grow to feel shame in ourselves as we become more aware of ourselves. We are his children.

  • I believe shame is the one thing that holds so many (women AND men) from moving forward in their walk with the Lord. So many of us have done or been a part of that ONE thing that we believe we could never be forgiven for. That ONE thing keeps our heads hung low because Satan continually reminds us of it. This study on shame should have reminded us, o e more time, that once we ask for forgiveness and truly repent from said sin, we no longer need to carry that burden! Jesus took it all! I speak for myself as I'm sure many of you as well. We need to learn to rebuke Satan immediately when he tries to sneak up on us, slithering through the branches of our busy lives, and tell him " oh no you don't!". Jesus died on the cross for that one too" and move on service g Him with all of our guts. This study really spoke to me today and I SO thank you for it. Have a blessed day ladies!! <3

  • As I was reading the devotional this morning, the Holy Spirit brought Chris Tomlin’s – At The Cross song to me….
    “there is a place where sin and shame are powerless,
    where my heart has peace with God and forgiveness…at The Cross”.

    Praise the Lord!! For His Forgiveness and Peace. I’m in Awww of You God. We owe all to You. At the Cross I surrender my life.

  • “His goodness alone makes us good enough.” How awesome

  • JulieC21

    The most amazing thing about sin is that even though it is dirty and evil, God uses it to bring us closer to him. He could have easily been furious at Eve for her disobedience, yet he asked her what happened and gave her a chance to be honest and receive a fair consequence. He never uses shame to force us into asking forgiveness; he simply highlights places in our life will bring more joy, yet only after the sin has been brought to light.

  • Just had “a Jesus talk” with my father who isn’t a believer right before I opened the study for today. I am so thankful for this good news and that I am free from my past shame so that I can exclaim that love and mercy Jesus displayed on the cross. What a Savior we serve, sisters!!

  • Shame is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I worry endlessly about being enough…in every area of my life. I needed to read this today.

    • Melisa

      Dear Jess, isn’t it great that the word of God has just what we need when we need it. Whenever I find myself struggling with shame I like to read Romans 8 “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death. “(‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭1-2‬) I would post the whole chapter, because there is so much truth in it, but instead I encourage you to read it daily if you have to and let these words of life permeate your thoughts and life. There is no condemnation for us who are in Christ!

  • Ashley Burt

    “Jesus closed the door on shame and opened the door to repentance and freedom!”
    Knowing we have a Father who can take anything we’ve done and just forget about it because THATS how much He loves us is just one of the infinite reasons I’ll never be able to wrap my head around. He is continuously amazing!

  • Patty Harding

    And praise the name of the Lord your God,
    Who has dealt wondrously with you… He does day in and day out.

  • Annie Erickson

    The cross broke shame off of us. We don’t live with that any longer. Yes!

  • LouieSue

    What a blessing to know I no longer have to search for a PLUS size fig leaf. We / I get so caught up in our self image…. What a blessing to be reminded today that I am created in the Image of God and there is certainly NO SHAME in that.
    And my people shall never again be put to shame. Wow, remember when your mother or grandmother said "shame on you" or "shame on him or her for behaving like that". "What is wrong with them to act like that?" Creating shame. NO MORE SHAME .
    I am the Bride of Christ, I have a purpose according to HIS sovereign plan and need to continue to trust HIM .

  • Deborah Stockwell

    I struggle all the time with feeling guilty over small things that aren’t even necessarily sin. I have practically made a legalist of myself and feel trapped in this sin. What a beautiful reminder that I’m not!

  • I want my young daughter to grow up much more confident in herself and in the Lord than I ever was. I love His response of, "Who told you that?!" A simple line…yet it can be used so constructively to build not only a strong thought process but also a connection to the Word in knowing, "She was created in HIS image…He makes no mistakes." Yes! she will fall. Yes, she will fail. Yes, she will doubt and have rough days…BUT what has God told and promised her? She IS Enough just by trusting and obeying.

  • Wonderful words and a peaceful feeling as I drift to sleep. Thank you, God, for seeing me without any imperfections!!!

  • Taylor Puckett

    Such a great read before I fall asleep! I love being reminded of how awesome our God is!

  • Thank you Lord for FREEDOM

  • The door has been closed on shame for good. You never need to hide from God !

  • Eve – created in the image (and likeness) of God; called to be a suitable helper for Adam, and ultimately, for all of creation. In Eve, I see a woman with a divine purpose, but she was desperately in need of the help of her Heavenly Father to walk in it.

    Like Eve, I’ve heard the truth, but in my weakness, I’ve fallen for half-truths and flat-out lies. I’ve received instructions from God, but in my will to disobey, I’ve created my own rules and I’ve chosen my own way, only to be met with the consequences. In those moments, I’ve found a false sense of security in shifting the blame to others or my present circumstances, but over the years, I’ve grown to know better.

    God has called me to obey Him, regardless of what’s going on around me. Because I am His, I am able to hear the sound of His voice, to find His word hidden in my heart, and to respond by walking in His way. By the grace of God, I am able to escape the punishment I surely deserve when I choose to disobey.

    I thoroughly enjoyed today's readings! The rest of my reflection is on my blog!

  • Unashamed. Thank You x

  • I am struck by Gen 3:21 “The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them.” What compassion He shows His children. They were ashamed and tried to hide themselves and cover up all the shameful places. Before removing them from His presence He took an animal, a sacrifice (the first thing to ever die in the history of the world, mind you) and used its skin to cover their shame. He knew that he had a bigger plan in place, that his Son would come and be sacrifed for ALL sin, covering the shame of so many more. It’s the first foreshadow of our great redeemer and it is just beautiful. in spite of our sin, our big mess ups that we try to fix on our own, he comes along side still with righteousness and justice in mind and covers our shame.

    • Christine

      Yes. So good, thank you!

    • Brooke Heidi

      What a great insight! Thanks for sharing, that really made me think and praise Him for both his comfort and provision.

  • Jenniwrengirl

    Great devotion thank you

  • Christina

    It’s a wonderful and freeing thing to know that I don’t have to live with the shame of my past. That because of Jesus I can be free and bask in His grace and mercy every single day. Thank you Lord for loving me so much!

    • Kasey Summers

      Amen! Love being so free because of Christ!! Reminds me of that old song called Shackles… Says take my shackles off my feet so I can dance… I just want to praise You. I just want to praise You! That’s what the freedom feels like… Just dancing! Having that anchored joy in Christ! Oh His grace is so good!!

  • Wow. This one of the best I’ve read. This perspective of Eve being unashamed of her appearance, forced me to remember that God doesn’t make mistakes, and everything he creates is perfection. What does that make me?

  • katrina evans

    i feel shame at the moment.
    i was saved the day after i was married. that was 15 years ago.
    i feel ashamed because i dont really know the bible
    because i dont really know God
    because i dont know how to be a Christian woman.

    • Sarah

      Why not focus on the beautiful opportunity you have to learn now? I wasn’t born a Christian and am just beginning my research and learning. It’s never too late!!

    • Kasey Summers

      Well Katrina you are in the right place!! We are all just seeking to know Jesus more!! Don’t worry about the past, but be excited that you get to live today to know our Savior more!! The more you learn of him, the more you love him and want to live for him!!

    • Christy Reeson

      Katrina…you’re starting in the right place:) I learn something new all the time by doing these studies and reading the bible. Praying for you!

    • katrina evans

      thank you ladies for the words og encouragrment xx

  • “Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting: Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).”

    So true!!

  • God’s heart for us is so beautiful! His desire to free us from all shame and brokenness is wonderful.

  • Isabella Strafaci

    What a beautiful and loving God we serve that calls out to US in the midst of our sin and shame. And when we hide behind those fig leaves, He makes His own clothing for us … (Genesis 3:21). His love covers us. It covers our sin and all of our shame. Praise Him!

  • I love this study so far. Beautiful words to ponder.

  • Lauren Alexander

    What a beautiful thought that one day when we’re the Father, we will feel no shame and everything will be wonderful and as it should.

  • This is exactly what my thoughts were. I even sent my husband a text today when this hit me to tell him what I learned. I couldn’t wait for him to get off work to share it with him!

  • PatriciaAnn

    Gen. 3:11-13 is a tough one for me. It’s so hard when we are directly confronted with our own wrong doing to take responsibly — it’s so much easier to say “Oh, yeah, but it’s actually X’s fault. They made me do it!”

    This is such a reminder for me to stop and really consider my own role when faced with mistakes I made. Sometimes the best way I could honor myself is by simply saying, “Yes, I did that. And it was my fault. And I’m sorry.”

    Much harder said than done, though, most days.

    • Cari

      I completely agree! I often talk to my children and my students about taking responsibility for their own actions but I catch myself doing the same thing as Eve & Adam in these verses – Yes, but… or Well, so and so…

  • Samantha

    Growing up I never felt scared or ashamed to talk, sing, dance or smile a ridiculous smile, but as I got older all of those feelings disappeared. I was embarrassed to talk to people and scared to sing in front of anyone, let alone our God. but how wondrous is it that we have a God, and Savior who gave us no shame. After all that we have done as a human race, all of the sin we have committed and all the wrong – doings yet to be done he still grants us no shame. I have a new found courage in that alone. So thank you, Jesus. Thank you

  • “Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting: Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).” Wow. Satan wants us to think of ourselves and focus on the shame we feel when others see what we’ve done or where we’ve been. Today I was struggling with shame and concerned what others think of me. Now I sit here amazed at God’s grace pointing to repentance and focusing on His mercy and freedom. His grace forever and always amazes me.

  • I love that God did not cast Eve aside as ruined after she sinned, but it was at that very point that His plan for her redemption kicked into gear! He determined that she would not be defined by shame, but rather would be redeemed and known as His. And the same is true for me – and for every one of us who will receive the redemption offered us! Joel 2:26 sums it up: "Praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you!"

  • Desiree Fowler

    It’s crazy how God knows exactly what you need at the moment you need it. What a merciful Savior He is.

  • Wow…God is so good…I know, duh!

    You see, I woke up this morning with the lyrics to an "All Sons and Daughters" song ringing in my head. "It is for FREEDOM that I am set FREE…." and then, just like the good Daddy He is, God wraps up today lesson with Galatians 5:1, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”

    SO GOOD, right?! I was walking in some shame and defeat and feeling downright overlooked, but God let me know otherwise. I am free. I am free. I AM free! Shame must go! It was taken care of a long time ago by Love Himself!

    He is so faithful, and loves so well!

  • mimikarenb

    For me shame and guilt come as I evaluate my performance. I can never measure up to the taskmaster in my head. The key for me is to turn away from all thoughts about my performance, all questions of "how am I doing?" and look into His eyes. The eyes of the One who says, My steadfast love shall not depart from you!

  • mysecondplana

    What I love here is that, even in His anger towards Adam and Eve, He lovingly cared for them. Gen 3:21
    Anger doesn't preclude love. I think we sometimes forget that. Or maybe that's just me. : )

  • Nadine Hall

    I think we have all been Eve; I have felt shame time and again for past and present sins, and fear of shame for future sins. What a wonderful reminder that Christ has freed us and loves us. There is no shame because when Christ looks at me, all he sees is his Son’s precious blood which relabels me redeemed, forgiven, pure, pure righteous.

  • Genesis 3:21 jumped out to me. The Lord made garments for them and He clothes them. Even when He’s making clear that there will be terrible consequences for their actions, He is showing mercy by clothing them properly. He loves through the discipline!

  • EXCEPT BLASPHEMING THE HOLY SPIRIT…”No sin or even a lifetime of sin excludes us from the freedom the Cross of Jesus affords.”

  • I am choked up trying to submit my comment here. I really needed this word, this encouragement,this TRUTH today! I am filled with gratitude because I know what Christ has saved, delivered me from. Thank you SRT!

    • let

      I too needed thus word sister! I pray in Jesus name that whatever guilt & Shane you feel, that god will give you peace! I have done things that have ruined my marriage & brought grate Shame but God has been my only comfort! Clings to him as I have. He loves you.

      • Racheal

        Amen, thank you! I pray that you also be filled with His peace and joy. I thank God that His grace is poured out with out measure! Your encouragement has blessed me!

  • I feel like the juxtaposition of this passage in Genesis is an excellent example of who God is: his wrath and discipline towards sin, and not but a moment later we see his mercy when he creates clothes for Adam and Eve.

  • Already LOVING this series!

    • Kayla

      Love the reminder of Galatians 5:1 that because Jesus finished shame and sin, we don’t have to return to old ways.

  • Maybe this was just my interpretation but Genesis 3:12 rubbed me the wrong way when I read it… It seems like Adam was more than ready to throw Eve under the bus when confronted about his sin. I understand that it's part of our sinful nature to shift blame, Eve did the same thing in blaming the serpent, but man and woman are supposed to be partners and it seems like Adam was more than ready to jump ship. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

    • Foey

      I agree! I felt that when I read it as well. Eve did convince Adam to take the forbidden fruit, but Adam made the decision to take it.
      At the same time, I can’t imagine the amount of shame I would feel in that moment with my God. I’d probably shift the blame to anyone to make it stop.

    • cindy

      Hey Emma! I have totally thought about this…and experienced it. You ARE right; we are supposed to be partners. However, shame separates us from each other as much as it separates us from God. In realizing our nakedness and vulnerability, we want to protect ourselves from others rather than feeling safe with one another. I'm guilty of blaming my fiancé in times where we've crossed our God given boundaries, when the decision was both of ours.

      • Anne W.

        I really like how you explained that shame pulls us from one another, just as it pulls us from God. I really enjoyed your perspective and it will give me something to think about throughout the day.

      • Emma

        I know I'm definitely guilty of this too!

    • Taylor

      I thought the same thing. Would love to hear some other perspective on this.

    • Katie

      That's exactly what sin does. It makes us so ashamed that we're willing to throw others under the proverbial bus. Notice that both Eve and Adam talk about what God gave them — "the woman you gave me" and "the serpent you put in the garden." They're blaming God. It's a self defense thing. So, we get not only shame but blame.

    • Andrea


      Adam was obviously right there not saying a word nor defending Eve against the serpent. He could have chose not to eat the FRUIT (don’t no where people get apple from). As the leader/priest of his home, Adam failed to protect his wife. Adam received the information directly from the Lord so he knew better! Eve, was the weaker and deceived one. (1 Tim 2:14, 1 Peter 3:7)

    • kkmoua

      Hello Emma! I have read this passage many times and I didn't get it. Actually, in all honesty, I didn't get any of this whole section. However, today, I have a completely different outlook on it. Keep in mind that at this point, Adam and Eve have already sinned. To me, the sin isn't the actual consumption of the fruit, but it begins as soon as Eve looks at the fruit of the tree and sees it as something God is with holding from her. Now we know Adam is with her because it says so. Therefore, I infer that not only does Eve have that thought but that thought extends to Adam as well. In this, he has already failed twice. Adam is taught responsibility before God created Eve as we can see in Gen 2:19 because God allows Adam to name all the animals. So his silence means he neglected his responsibility as a leader. And then he fails to protect Eve, although the serpent is addressing Eve specifically, Adam is just as responsible because he is there, so why didn't he speak up? Well, logically, because the same thoughts are running through Adam's mind. He fails to lead spiritually and to protect what God has given him to look after since a synonym of husband is steward. This is why when God addresses Adam in Gen 3, it's not a curse on Adam, but God is actually just telling him simply how it is. Because means for this reason or since, so God is essentially saying since you disobeyed me, the ground is cursed. Which I take to mean that because Adam failed to be responsible and to protect, it will be hard for Adam to be fruitful in his life because once you know sin, it's hard not to not know it. It will always be there. And like Rachel mentioned, when we face God, we are ashamed of our sin, so I don't think that Adam was jumping to throw Eve under the bus, but I think Adam wanted to say, look, Eve did it too because he was fully aware of his shortcomings. So I don't think it's about whose fault it was, but I think it's about owning up to responsibilities. I hope this helps!

      • Emma

        Thank you for sharing an alternate perspective, it definitely helped me interpret the passage differently! :)

  • As a child, I can remember not understanding why Eve would eat the apple from the tree after God told her not to. At that time I could not understand the power Satan has when we let him in. I think we all have experienced that moment when we chose to do something because we want to, even though we know God would not want us to. We have all felt the shame of our sins.

  • vraben77

    Such a eye-opening way to look at how Satan makes us less ashamed of our sin and more ashamed of ourselves but when we face God we feel more ashamed of our sin. I'm so thankful that God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross, so we don't have to be ashamed of our sin or ourselves. That we are enough the way we are.

  • i can’t stop smiling because of the truths that are in the study today! They come at a time when I am filled with shame for so many things- but none of them are sin, rather who I am (like that quote that so many people have referenced). Jesus, give me the perseverance to change my view of myself from this shameful one to a view of love. “The door has been closed on shame for good. Instead, Jesus opened the door to repentance and freedom!” thank you Jesus! And thank you, SRT, for an excellent start to this community time of Scripture soaking :)

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful study this morning! Something that stood out to me for the first time was when God said: "I will put enmity between you and the woman…" I realized fully that this means Satan hates women in particular. Am I wrong to see this? It makes so much sense though, given how women have alway been persecuted through out time. Even today, how media tells us we are all wrong in every way; physically, emotionally, etc.. Which is exactly what Rachael so beautifully highlighted to us when speaking about shame. xo

    • Hesaved


      I don’t believe satan hates women more; he hates all believers, anyone serving God. There’s no need for him to worry over the unsaved because he’s already their father/master. I’ve understood this interpretation to mean the seed (Jesus’ & believers = seed of woman which Jesus came through & satan’s seed = fallen angels – the war against flesh/spirit. (Gal 5:16-18, Rom 7:7-25 & many other Scriptures)

      • Michele

        Thank you, Hesaved, that makes perfect sense. I appreciate the clarification!

  • Liz Walker

    I haven't read day 2 yet but I am so thrilled that I get to read about Eve. I absolutely love the book and being able to put my thoughts right in the book. You must do this again!

  • By kicking Adam & Eve out of the garden, and therefore away from the Tree of Life, God spared us from eternity in this life in this body here on this Earth and laid the groundwork for Jesus to be our redemption to ultimately bring us back to Him. It was a punishment, but it was also a very loving action.

    • Lauren

      I never thought about it like that but I like this way of positive thinking on a shameful act.

    • Andrea


      Yes for protection and also so they would suffer the consequences for their sins…vs 22 key… They would have found and eaten from the true of life and remained immortal…they had to be held accountable. Now we die physically!

      22) “Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put out his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever”— 23) therefore the LORD God sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken. 24) So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life.” (Genesis‬ ‭3‬:‭22-24‬ NKJV)

  • Brittany

    This is perfect, I think we all need to be reminded of repentance. I loved the part, where she was talking of how Eve loved herself, she felt no shame. As women I think we need to remind ourselves that we are exactly what Heavenly Father wanted us to be.

    • Anne W.

      I agree, Brittany! We should all be happy with our bodies just they way they are. God made each and every one of us by hand and we are perfect!

  • "They made the decision that who they were was't enough, they wanted more" . A great reminder to me of when I am not content with God's design and his perfect plan for my life, I will be tempted to be dissatisfied and sin. At the core, I will worship myself, instead of Him, which is Pride!
    "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart". My desires will become his desires and ultimately I will desire HIM!
    Jesus is enough! I pray we all truly believe this.

    • Brenda K

      Thank-you for the emphasis on that first quote… Seems I -and probably most women- struggle with not being enough. …good enough, smart enough, hard-working enough, fit enough, pretty enough, young enough or old enough… It is endless. I want to be more, or better. Why is it so difficult to be content with who we are?
      I think it is because we have fallen into the mindset of comparison. We compare ourselves to the celebrities on TV or in the magazines or the woman next door or even at church or in the Bible. And we always seem to find ourselves ‘less’ in some way. Or possibly worse is that we might find ourselves ‘better than’ in other ways…. It is so hard to just look in the mirror of God’s love and accept the person He created us to be and continue to polish that image in His image. We need to stop looking around at the other women we encounter and think we should match.

      Sorry to ramble on, but you really got me thinking. Gonna go look in the mirror…. And smile!

      • LTW

        Brenda, when you look in that mirror, SEE WHAT GOD SEES. When he looks at you he ALWAYS sees JESUS his son and his perfect righteousness! That's a beautiful truth!

  • It's so wonderful how the Lord works! Was just talking to one of my sisters yesterday about walking in Christs forgiveness and placing our identity in Him rather than shame. Such a powerful lesson that I pray would become more prevalent within girls mind sets! We serve a God you sees our sin, knew we were going to turn away from him, continued to die for us, and STILL pursues use me when we kick and scream at him. How wonderful is his patience. How faithful is he to the unfaithful! We mess up all the time… Everyday. But God still calls us by name. He knit us all by hand in our mothers womb. He knows us all my name. He created us with the purpose of worshipping him, although we don't deserve such an honor. He knew that we would mess up, get angry at him, and spit in his face… But God sent his son anyways to die in our place. Jesus thought of all of us children while he hung on the cross and died. We are so undeserving! Praise be to God for redemption, and his constant pursuit! Without the work of his Holy Spirit we would be trying to constantly be finding fig leafs…. And that seems pretty exhausting!

    • mimikarenb

      Em I loved this comment, especially the part about how without the Holy Spirit we would be trying to find fig leaves . . . I think I do this a LOT, forgetting that I'm already covered and accepted.

  • Nalini Rhea

    The part I found so insightful is this: "Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him)."

    This is key to asking the Lord for forgiveness. We must repent of the sin first. And to do that we have to be ashamed of it. This is truly an eye-opener for me.

    • Heather Wing

      So many piercing insights in today’s readings! I too was convicted by this Nalini!

      Someone else posted about listening to the voice of Satan and the world instead of the voice of God, and how it contributes to our shame of self instead of shame of sin. Moreover, I think this also helps us justify our sin, whether we realize it or not! I am so guilty of aligning myself with the way of the world, seeking acceptance from other HUMANS instead of from my CREATOR, that many times I don’t even realize my sin. And how can I repent of something I am unaware of?

      I pray that as we (me especially!) set our sights on Jesus, and keep God on our radar, our hearts will align with God’s will and desires for our lives so that we feel the shame of sin and can then fully, and honestly repent!

      Love this SRT community for making me think about my faith and dig deeper :)

  • “So God created MANKIND in his own image”. Neither sex is exalted, and neither is depreciated. And He saw that it was VERY good and He took a well-deserved rest. And by His compassion our sins have been stripped away and we are now clothed in Christ’s goodness, closing the door on shame once and for all. There is no flaw in you:)

  • What struck me is how inadequate the fig leaves were as covering for the shame of their sin, but God’s covering, the skin of an animal, was adequate. And what a wonderful foreshadowing of Jesus death to cover my son and make me righteous before God.

    • Lise

      Cover my sin. When will I learn to catch mistakes before I press post.

  • Whitley Griffiths

    Not only is Shame a power force but it can be disguised in so many ways. Shame creates doubt and insecurities, confusion, loss of identity, loss of passion. If Eve’s shame can be forgiven and she can be loved in despite of it, how much more NOW can we walk in the assurance that we too are forgiven and loved.

    Such a great example and demonstration of God’s pure love.

    Perfect word for today! Thank you SRT

  • Kasey Summers

    Galatians 5:1 is one of my favorite verses!! We have no shame because Jesus took our shame!!! Freedom! Joy! Thank you Jesus for taking my punishment! He guaranteed my salvation!!

  • “Shame is a powerful force. Like Satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting: Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).”
    Wow..so true!

    • Felicity

      When reading the devotional this was the exact passage that made me stop, re-read and think! And then I got to the comments and yours was the first comment I see. Definitely a point to ponder.

    • Yes! Committing to seeing that shame, those lies for what they are today!

  • Julie Wilson

    “The door has been closed on shame for good!” So thankful I don’t have to hide from God!!

  • It is for FREEDOM that Christ had set us free…..! Amen!

  • Amen Kylee! My prayer as well.

  • This was just what I needed today! THANK YOU SRT!

  • I love the support role that we as women were born to give. We were created from man to "help" man. To be their lifelong partners and their influencers. God created both man and women so intricately that we were both crafted in different ways. Women have such a special role in life!

  • Hi Ladies, anyone know how to add a profile picture to your comments? Thanks! Xoxo

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Yezi! The easiest way to add a profile picture is to register your email address at Gravatar.com. When you do so, your picture will appear anytime you comment online with that address. I hope this helps! Excited to see your new profile picture!


  • This reminds me of the song “out of hiding” that I love. Because of Jesus there is nothing that can hold us back from intimacy with our God.

  • “Shame is a powerful force. Like satan himself, it tells us all kinds of lies. But isn’t it interesting, Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God) and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).” Woah! All this time I’ve been beating myself up about things, I’m misdirecting my anger! Lord, let me become so frustrated with sin that I reject it, rather than being so disgusted with myself that I reject YOU. Help me remember YOU are the source of my freedom, not “getting it right the first time” or even “fixing my mistakes”. Only YOU, not a spotless record, can promise freedom – help me remember to draw near when I feel far! All this time I’ve gotten it all reversed & wrong…thank you SRT for setting me straight this morning ❤️

    • Maggie

      Amen! Right there with you on this!

    • Kasey Summers

      Amen! God is our joy! It’s not about self-improvement. It’s about resting in what Christ has done for us!

    • Lynda

      Shame! Ugh I let satan use it to keep me down and feeling unworthy. I praying to feel unashamed

  • Shame – what a powerful feeling and to explore the root of that emotion through scripture is eye opening to me today! Too often I am ashamed of my stomach, my wrinkles, my back fat. But I remember I am the daughter of the King of the World who created me on purpose with a purpose! Jesus saved me from my own self inflicted shame thoughts! Today I am blessed.

  • God provides what is lacking and necessary! God’s plan after the fall of man was Jesus. All along it was Jesus! Sin separates us from God! The law could not save, an animal sacrifice couldn’t save, we can’t save ourselves! We need a Savior! Jesus, thank you for taking my sin and shame. Thank you for your work on the cross and that you offered the atonement to me. Praise the Lord.. You are my Savior!

  • Shannon Tyson

    “Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).”

    This was SUCH an aha moment for me! It reminded me of this scripture…

    For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death. 2 Cor. 7:10

    God wants us to be grieved over our sin so that we can experience life through salvation! But He absolutely does not intend for shame to cause us to doubt His love for us! When we are grieved by our sin, it makes the cross that much more necessary in our lives. When we are ashamed of ourselves we live in despair without the hope of the Savior and that only leads to pursuing hope in the things of the world and ultimately, to death.

    • Kasey Summers

      You said it perfectly! When we waller in our sin we become even more self-focused. We must focus, re-focus, and focus our heart and minds again and again on our Redeemer. On all of His grace and mercy that he has showered all over us and continuously does ever day! His grace makes this rebellious heart eternally grateful!

  • Raechel Myers ! Sheesh, your words, along with this morning coffee, are the exact thing I needed to read. I recently suffered a huge blow in my family and for the last few months I have felt I’ve fallen from ‘fairy tale’ grace. I’ve occasionally been more concerned with what others may be saying or thinking of me instead of recognizing the shameless beauty that God believes me to have, even in my struggles. I tend to compare myself into a panic that results in feeling inadequate and ashamed. Ashamed of what happened to us, ashamed of my life since and ashamed to sing Gods praises from the highest roof top. I know now Jesus is everywhere, he is my best friend, holding my hand and cheering me on every moment of my every day. My stormy season has taught me truly believe and feel this to be true and for that I’m so grateful. I’m so appreciative for this App and for this study and for all the thought provoking writing you ladies put into each plan. I’m addicted to ‘SRT’ and have made it my morning and before bed reading habit. Thank you so very much. God bless.

    • Jen

      Wow!! I feel the same way. I have recently gone through a stormy time and have been real ashamed. I have felt others shame as well. But after reading this passage I need to shut the door on shame!

    • Kasey Summers

      Praying for you! I know for me that although the valleys of my life have been so hard, they were some of the sweetest times I spent with my Savior. He was more real to me then than ever before. I learned how to cling so tightly to him and his truths. Learning through the lows and the highs I must hold tightly to the truths of the gospel!

  • I loved this message and all the wonderful insight with the comments. I do have on question though. The last paragraph stated that "Jesus freed Eve…from shame". I guess I'm wondering if Adam and Eve will be in heaven?

    • Maggie

      Hey Tracy,
      I believe they will. There is no concrete scripture to answer that question, but there is a passage where God himself states that Abel offered a pleasing sacrifice that showed his deep faith in the Lord. Abel was the son of Adam and Eve, and likely learned and grew in faith through the guidance of his parents. Before Jesus came as the Savior, there was more of a general revelation and faith in God. Beyond that, Adam and Eve got to see and know God the Father first hand..how cool is that?! Once they ate of the forbidden fruit their eyes were opened. They knew they had done wrong, and the concept of sin was made clear to them. It hurt their hearts and God’s heart as well. They suffered consequences, but still loved and truly knew the Lord. I believe they went to heaven and God’s mercy was there. Jesus was the answer to completely reconcile the sin of the world that came before him and the sin yet to come. Hope this helps a little :) Have a blessed day!

  • JferLynne

    As I sat down this morning to dive into to Eve, my heart was overwhelmed with tears. Tears because of what was and tears for the gift that we have been given as daughters of the King. I am with Raechel, I would like to stop with those first chapters because all was good and right but it wouldn't be the full picture. My heart aches for Eve because she choose the lesser way. But my heart also aches because I am like Eve. I can sometimes choose the sinful path. And if the story ended there what hopelessness would befall us. The greatest news is it doesn't and I weep again because, my sisters, we all need to believe this and get this message. God, through Jesus, has defeated our sin and rescued our hearts. Lord, knows that means I am still a mess but I am a daughter who is loved and cherished. I am a daughter whose heart has been restored and I don't have to be afraid of my Father and King. He sees me as precious and beloved. We are FREE indeed! My prayer for all of us is that we would believe that and walk in it!! Let it be.

  • Sarah_Joy

    Trying to make it through a comment with kids running around. :)

    One thing that I think is incredible is thread of redemption throughout the Bible. The more I see it revealed the more I am blown away by how God had a plan from the beginning. A plan to create humans to share in the relationship of the Trinity and then a plan to bring us BACK into that relationship. He's got a plan. He's always had a plan.

    In the story of the fall God covers them with skins – sacrifice – the first blood sacrifice to cover their sin and shame. "…Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins." (Hebrews 9:22) From the beginning there was blood to cover sins. Praise the Lord that JESUS was the ultimate and final blood sacrifice, the perfect lamb, whose body and blood provides forgiveness for all sin. May I release my sin and shame at the foot of the cross and remember WHO I AM in Christ. I am a daughter whose Father delights over her with singing. (Zeph. 3:17) May I unashamedly sing with Him today.

    • Andrea

      Amen, Sarah_Joy! I thank God for His grace & mercy! Adam & Eve started Spiritual life to physical death; then restored (I believe). Now us believers redeemed by faith/grace through Jesus Christ start from physical death to Spiritual life…Hallelujah! He declared the end from the beginning & will finish what he begun. (Is 46:10, Philippians 1:6)

  • I love that we are being shown how Christ can restore all things, all people. No sin can be too big for him to hear and conquer. I have such compassion for Eve…she's so gullible to the wiles of Satan, and how easily I too fall into his traps, thinking I'm a terrible person, that I deserve more, that things should go my way, that I'll never be good or pretty enough. In Christ, I can see that I am worthy of his love, that forgiveness is ready when I confess and repent.

  • Never before have I thought about the difference between being ashamed of my sin compared to being ashamed of my image. Powerful insight!!!

  • This spirit-filled community blesses my heart and soul so much. I am constantly sharing with others the pieces of goodness and wisdom I have gained from SRT. So excited to dive into this study this summer!

  • I can't help but think how many times I've acted like Eve and believed Satan over Jesus. Satan's voice can be so loud, unless we keep Jesus close to our hearts. Especially as a woman in college, it's so easy to believe the lies: I'm not skinny enough, my friends are prettier, I'm not smart enough, what I'm studying doesn't matter… But God created me PERFECTLY in His image… and the coolest thing is, He created ME to ADD to HIS story!!! Without each and every one of us pursuing Christ and looking to His Kingdom, God's story wouldn't be told.

  • cherylmccain

    I would like to say first that I'm so excited to have found SRT!
    I believe God, through his Word, gives us what we need when we need it. I prayed this morning before beginning the readings that God would give me what he wants me to have from the readings.
    Two things actually stuck with me after reading and taking notes. First, Adam and Eve's "marriage" and the 3 aspects of a marriage…how a marriage begins to breakdown. (Maybe because there has been a struggle in my own marriage for some time now.)
    Another important lesson I got was about the results of sin and God's judgement to come….how He made it possible by Christ's suffering on the cross for us to turn from our sin, repent, and have a personal and intimate relationship with Him.

  • Let's face it, Women of God, we have all dealt with shame in our lives. It is called being "human". BUT now we are HIS and HE is ours. We can dust off that shame and put on HIS righteousness! No, it is not easy and we might have to work at it each day, however, I feel that in this study we will see HIS grace and mercy for us, so that we can move more freely in HIS love. The "shame" becomes less and less, and HIS glory in us becomes more and more.
    Thank you, Lord, for living in me and for making me in Your image. Now show me how to walk in it.

  • Becca Swain

    Praise the Lord! I am so unworthy, but through Him I am made worthy!

  • So thankful for the truth that we no longer have to be bogged down by shame! Praise the Lord for his love for us!

  • Words cannot express how excited I was for this study and SRT is delivering! It’s beautiful! Praise be to God that we are not ashamed of the gospel!

  • A rhymed version of Isaiah 53 reads:
    “Our sufferings and infirmities he bore
    Our sorrows he was willing to endure
    But he was pierced because of our transgression
    Bruised for our sin: his punishments and passion
    Procured our peace; his scourgings and oppression
    Healed us again”

  • Sometimes i think, How dare i hate something God created. I do not know the end from the beginning of anything. Nothing ever just happens with God. Shame steals our joy. It is time to draw near to God and let him take charge of any shame we feel. I love Jeremiah 1:5.

  • Traci Kersey

    Wow! What a breath of fresh air!

  • Gennette

    How awesome is our God, knowing that we will fall short! Before the foundation of world He had a wonderful plan provided for us. The guilt offering! PRAISE THE LORD! We don’t have to live with shame. What a beautiful gift.

  • erikachamberland

    Praise Praise Praise God!!!! Christ has interceded for us! We were created to be shameless and with Christ, we have been restored to shamelessness! Hallelujiah!

  • I can’t count the number of times that I’ve read Genesis and I didn’t get this out of it. Today’s devotion really spoke to me. I always feel like I’m not enough but this showed me that in Christ Jesus we are all enough!

  • Just like many of you, I needed to hear this message today. I needed to read God's words in Galatians 5:1. Over and over again. "Stand fast….do not be entangled again". So often it seems I can stand fast for a while and then without knowing what happened my heart is back to where it started. "Christ has made us free!" That's the part I need to keep reading. Christ has made us free!

  • lauraloewen1221

    It really is incredible to even fathom living in a time where being ashamed of yourself wouldn't even be on the radar. I love how Raechael talks in specifics: Eve wasn't ashamed of her nose, her hair, her jokes.

    I can't even imagine a DAY like that, hardly even a moment. We're so bombarded with images of what we're SUPPOSE to be, the girl, non-existent as she is, that we're suppose to "live up to."

    I take God at His Word. I know that what He says is true, but if I'm honest? Sometimes it's hard to believe the parts about me.

    Made in His image.

    His beloved.

    His daughter.

    I want to live into the fullness God has for me, throwing off the condemnation of the enemy and the impossible and toxic standards of this world.

    I long for a day of acceptance of myself and freedom from the rat race. Good reminders this morning, and ones that I honestly wasn't expecting from looking at the life of Eve. May we all press into what the Lord says is true about us and continue to shake off the rest.

    • Kim

      Thank you for sharing this! This is an area I am currently really seeking God about. Accepting who I am, who God has created me to be. To stop comparing myself to others. To have the courage to be the woman God wants me to be. To open my heart and spirit to the Truth He has to shape me into that person and obey fearlessly.

  • “Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).”
    Such truth! I never thought this way before.

  • "However Eve looked, she certainly wasn’t ashamed of it! Eve liked her smile and her nose and her forehead. " No–the real beauty of it is–she was UNAWARE and didn't have a concern about her 'self'–she was focused only on her husband and God. She focused on them and reflected God's Image–THAT was the only beauty she sought or cared about…… We need to get our focus OFF our 'selves" and onto our GOD, and only be concerned as to whether or not we reflect HIS Image….

    • Aimee

      This rings true Joann! We don’t know what Eve liked or didn’t like, but we do know that she reflected Gods image!

  • churchmouse

    This study is just getting out of the gate… And all I can say is WOW and thank you SRT for this!

  • Miranda H

    One of my favorite parts of the fall is when God takes care of them after the curses- even then His compassion, His heart to make clothes for them so that they could walk around without shame! It’s so easy to glide over that part, but from the beginning and even after the fall, God has taken care of us. And yet, He goes even further to bring redemption and for Jesus to take on the weight of sin. It’s so humbling.

    • Amber

      That’s one of my favorite parts as well Miranda…how even in the beginning God took one animal to cover the sins of one man…then, God used one lamb to save one family ( during Passover)….then, God gave instructions in the wilderness to sacrifice one lamb for a nation…. then, God sent THE LAMB, Jesus, to be sacrificed and take away the sins of the world…how amazing from the beginning God was setting up redemption!! His compassion and love towards us is Amazing! Great study today!

    • Angela

      I also picked up on this as well, Miranda. It made me immediately think of Romans 5:8, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. I'm so grateful for the love, compassion, and provision He gives even though we're undeserving of it. Thank you for sharing!

    • Kim

      That's what jumped out at me this morning too! NOTHING can separate us from the love of God – even though the small whisper of the serpent wants us to believe otherwise (and sometimes not always a whisper!). Despite our sin, God has provided covering for us, has removed our shame to bring us back to Him through Jesus – wow! I share your feelings of being humbled Miranda – thank you!

    • Brandy

      That stood out to me today too. Even though there were consequences for what they had done, God still 'covered their shame' by making clothes for them. He still loved them, and He showed them kindness and compassion, just as He does for us when we blow it. This study is starting off with a bang, and I'm super excited for the rest! :)

  • I love this reading, I've never looked at eve's story this way. Women especially feel so much shame about themselves, there was so much in reading this passage that I honestly feel like I haven't seen before it was great! To feel no shame about yourself and to know that Jesus has wiped it all away just gives such a cleansing feeling.

  • After just completing the Fruit of the Spirit study, it is amazing to me to see how quickly self-control was lost. If the first women so closely connected to God could slip into sin so quickly, how can we ever think that we can do life alone without being plugged into Christ daily. Count the seconds…the hand reaches for the apple, bites into it, chews, and swallows. Just like that in under 10 seconds our actions forever change our relationship with the Creator, unless we acknowledge our sin, repent from it and belief that Christ is the remedy.

    The downhill spiral of sin is quick and there is no going back. We can either move forward on our own living a life of sin, or be broken, humbled and repentant calling out to Jesus and living a life victoriously forgiven.

    • Yes, forgiveness! Redemption is truly our only hope. As hard as I try, my own self-control is embarrassingly short sided when it comes to sin. But I'm incredibly thankful, "humbled and repentant calling out to Jesus and living a life victoriously forgiven". Love those words!

  • Two things- the second scripture from Gen. 2 isn’t showing up for me. Also, I’ve discovered that since the app update from last week, I haven’t been able to copy text from the devos and create notes. I like to save quotes from the devos that speak to me so I can dive deeper into them. is anyone else having this issue?

  • Oh and those blessings that come thru me, perfect example…my husband and I are youth pastors and work with all the children, and having 5 boys, it always seems that the whole neighborhood ends up in my house or around my house and we always feed them snacks and such! And God ALWAYS provides!!!!

  • Tammster


  • Tammster

    Lord you promised if I keep my mind on thee you’d keep me in perfect peace. God wants us to be at peace with him. Sat and trick is to divide us from Gods agape love. This is the importance of staying in Gods word and staying in prayer (communication) with our Heavenly Father! There’s nothing but freedom in his word.

  • My first reaction, truthfully , had nothing to do with Eve…it had to do with realizing and thanking God that because He came for us, that we no longer live under these curses because of Adam and Eves sin. So I started praying and thanking God for my bountifully blessed garden, increase in income to provide and blessings…not just for me but thru me. You see, I have 5 growing boys- ages 16 and under- and they eat ALOT! So my initial reaction was thanking God, because Summer Break has just begun and that means stressing to have enough! BUT GOD! He always makes a way where there seems to be no way in our sight. And these verse reminded me that God has everything figured out for me! It’s called TRUST and FAITH

  • How easy is it to distort God's word. I'm reminded how many times I so easily & readily compromise and twist the Lord's clear instructions over my life because of the enticement of the world. Yet because of the Lord's never ending love of our souls we aren't called to live in shame because of His clothing of righteousness provided by death & resurrection.

  • This is great to read before work and the stress of the day!

  • I love reading all your posts! Shame is a very real struggle that seems to be inherent in us ladies through the fall and eves actions- but how beautiful and wonderful is it to know that through Jesus, it doesn’t have to stay this way! -F

    • Hannah

      Through Jesus we have real freedom. The price has been paid, the victory won… how can we not but sing for joy?!

  • And we have this living hope! Yes. Yes. I loved the point that Satan shames us to hurt our relationship with God. That’s not something I had thought of before. But God… nothing disrupts His relationship with US! Oh, how He loves us… so undeserved, so measureless and strong.

  • So my mind does a weird thing….sometimes it draws a parallel to something so completely not the Bible that I wonder what type of mind my head is housing, but I will admit that when trying to ground my little people in this world it comes in handy. This part of Genesis makes me think to a discussion on Snow White. I know, I know, just bare with me. I become frustrated with what modern day fairy tales romance our kiddos, especially our girls with, so I'll often try to find something about each story I can liken to Christ for my people. Snow was a clueless beauty, just enjoying life. No shame, no despair, no desperation … until she was run out by her evil stepmother….naive to eat of the apple, that would be her doom, her sentence for a crime of appearance, her physical body. The poisoned apple would entrance her in a state different than the norm and she would awaken to a new life with a prince and new kingdom. It's a stretch, but it works with my littles. That said, I've envied the Snow White trance portion or this story versus Eve's. She slept through shame, heartache and loss. Carrying shame is heavy, one that can lull us into a depression worthy of a comatose kind of life, like Snow's. One that wraps itself so tightly around who we *think* we are, what we *think* we are versus who we actually are, WHAT we actually are. Causing us, too, to hide from our Maker. The eye opening bite of that apple is bitter to taste, but we don't live in the same way that Adam and Eve have to. We may not live in Eden, but we can wake, after our dreadful taste of shame and disappointment, take our eyes off of our pain and see our Prince waiting for us, ready to provide new life and new freedom…. to paraphrase … Closing the door on shame in that life and turning to open that new door to freedom AND repentance in a newness of life with Christ! So incredibly thankful for my Prince. That I can remember who I am in Him and that I don't have to be burdened with baggage and the weight of despair. My hope is in Christ. ~ B

    • churchmouse

      I enjoyed re-thinking Snow White through your perspective! Thank you for sharing and thank God for the creativity He has given you!

      • ~ B ~

        Thanks churchmouse. Fortunately, my eldest especially appreciates it. I've found she does the same thing these days. I love hearing her insight! ~ B

    • MNmomma (heather)

      What a powerful perspective! LOVE it!!!

    • Jillanna

      Loved reading your post! Oh how heavy shame can be, thankful for the One who holds the shame off of our shoulders! He is The perfect Prince of Peace!

    • Candacejo

      Awesome analogy…makes me wish my kids were little again, lol. I could learn Disney all over again with you B :)

      Thankful for the Prince. Amen. ♥

      • ~ B ~

        Ha! Now on my third run with these movies and their original stories, I am thankful to see it in a different light. :) ~ B

    • Kylee

      I loved your Snow White analogy! Great visual. Let us not sleep through the shame of sin but RUN, towards our prince and throw ourselves at his mercy! I’m going to watch that movie with my daughter& draw some parallels- thank you, B!!

      • ~ B ~

        There are so many parallels in each of these fairytales, especially if you go back to their original stories. The Grimm brother's version of Snow White would have me going for days! :) ~ B

    • Kathi

      I never thought of Snow White in that way, amazing. Thanks for a new perspective. Loved your words! Kathi

  • I love the image of Adam and Eve walking around completely clueless of any shame or worry. I know that God knew the plans would soon change and he would redirect their paths regardless. Today I want to walk around like these first few verses. Where everything I see today will be beautiful and make me amazed and to know that God created all of these things for me.

    • Karla

      Yes! I plan on walking around this way too! I’ll join you today! God is soo Good!

  • Kristin Smith

    My book has Elizabeth as Day 2. Am I missing something (which is entirely possible).

    • Michelle

      I think you may be looking at the New Testament book.

    • Lisa

      Flip your book over and start with the Old Testament…youll find Eve on day 2:-)

    • Lori B

      My word, thank you for asking this question!?! I was wondering the same thing, and scouring the comments for someone else who was as confused as I was! Whew! Have a blessed day!

  • For me, a different lesson stood out today: Eve was deceived because she listened to the wrong voice. She and Adam had been given a clear, loving message from God. And then one from the serpent. And she chose to listen to the serpent instead of her creator! How often in life do we listen to the wrong messages — from media, from our loved ones, from society — and end up on the wrong path?

    The *right* message is there if we’re willing to listen, even if the other messages sound tempting; we need to know and trust that listening to those will only end in heartache.

    I do love the message about freedom from shame and what a paradise that would be. And can be! But I also love the similarities from this and modern life. Ladies, how often have you felt not good enough the way you are, the way God created you?

    You don’t need to eat the apple. Just listen to God’s voice.

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Ohhhhhhh! Love this insight…..listening to God's voice….not everyone else's!

    • Amanda

      Beautiful insight! Thank you!

    • Bridget

      The wrong voice! Yes! It is so easy to listen to the wrong voice.

    • Jenn

      YES!!! We are called to be different so we need to remember to listen for God and not this world.
      Thank you for sharing this! Great reminder!!

  • Candacejo

    I loved that part too Kristy. Reminded me of my MIL who used to push-mow about two acres of her seven acre farm, just because she LIKED to do it. And as she would walk and push and mow she would sing gospel songs at the top of her lungs to be able to hear herself over the roar of the lawnmower. She didn't realize that anyone around could hear HER as well as they could hear the mower.

    One day her next-door neighbor said, "I sure enjoy listening to you sing when you mow the lawn! We can hear you all over the neighborhood." Instead of taking it as a compliment she never sang again, she was embarrassed not realizing how loud she was. But we don't have to be ashamed when talking (or singing) about Jesus, He took our shame away!! We can sing at the top of our lungs if we want, "Free!"

    • ~ B ~

      Oh, that story makes me sad for your MIL, but I understand exactly the embarrassment you speak of. I think we all do. I would love the freedom of not overthinking my voice and just love to find humor in myself even if I'm entirely off key. i tell my kids all the time, "learn to laugh at yourself" … Our moments of just "being" does bring joy to others and is a reflection of how we should live, more in love with how God made us, than thinking of how we wish we were made. Hope all is well with your MIL. ~ B

      • Andrea J

        I love the idea of being in love with how God MADE us! We are His workmanship, His masterpiece! Can you imagine if a loved one made for us their best work and presented it to us beaming with pride and delight, and we proceeded to pick out every single thing that was not our preference?! "This probably could have been done better… I don't know why you didn't add more of this…" Wow! Yet we do it all the time, forgetting that we have been FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY made! Praying that we may live a life IN LOVE & wonder of every part of creation, ourselves included. <3 Thanks, B!

    • MNmomma (heather)

      What a powerful vision and story……thank you so much for sharing. …

  • Bukky Bulks

    Praise God for his word! These passages revealed to me how much time I spend “covering up” who God made me to be. Thank God through Jesus I have nothing to be ashamed off, not my skin, not my teeth, not my feet and certainly not my faith! He LOVES us so! There is no shame in his image!

  • Oh! My! Word! Love this! Never looked at shame quite this way before. And Jesus frees us from it all! Amen!

  • Kendall_S

    what i learned about God by studying eve:

    God is creative
    He knows my needs and meets them
    He pursues me even in my rebellion
    He is holy and i am not
    His judgements are righteous
    He provides even in my sinful state
    He protects even after i've blown it
    He deals wondrously with me
    He alone is God – there is no other
    He was willing to bear my iniquities

  • Cara Mae

    My confidence has been so bolstered by addressing shame head on – I am so thankful for this post because of the truth contained in it. Beautifully written and remarkably powerful. So in awe of the Word, and excited for these 9 weeks!

    • Hannah

      I know! To think that we get to meditate on this stufd for nine weeks… amazing!

  • Sheila M.

    As a woman in today’s society it is hard to not feel shame in what we do, how we dress, what we believe,… but through God we can leave the shackles of shame behind us. We can find live and forgiveness through Him.

  • I love the LORD’s question in response to their shame: “who told you that(…)?” I so often believe the lies and questions of the enemy about myself. I must constantly go back to Gen 1 and remind myself that I am created in the image of the Creator and when He stepped back and looked at me He said, “now that’s VERY good.” The stars were good. The flowers were good. The animals and mountains, and sunsets were good. But it was only once He created us that creation was very good. (Gen 1:31)

    • Hannah

      what a dishonor we do to our Maker when we allow the shame to overcome us… Thanks for this.

    • MNmomma (heather)

      VERY good……I need to remember this :)

  • This was so good today. Not just good but GOOOOOOD! I have never looked at these passages and Eve this way but I feel so connected to this. The bit that got me was
    “She wasn’t afraid to sing for fear someone might hear her. She wasn’t ashamed of her teeth or her accent or the shape of her toes. She may have been a size 2 or 22, with green eyes and curly hair or brown eyes and straight hair. However Eve looked, she certainly wasn’t ashamed of it! Eve liked her smile and her nose and her forehead. She loved her voice and her jokes, and she walked around Eden with Adam, unashamed and at peace with her Maker.”

    Oh that truth! That love! That freedom.

  • drshanwalks

    How beautiful that this passage focuses on shame. We know the story of Eve and most of the time when presented it focuses just on the sin. As a woman I have felt shame too many times to count. We love in a society where you can be shamed based on looks or just being different. And when we sin we are filled with shame and guilt, BUT JESUS! He paid for our sins on the cross. Ladies and gentlemen we have to repent of our sins and actively lay down shame and guilt. I say actively because our flesh and the world wants us to keep it. We are free because Jesus died for us. Let’s walk with our heads held high knowing we no longer have to carry shame and guilt. We are free!

    • Jen

      Amen Sister! Satan loves it when we live our lives shrouded in shame, Jesus gave and gives us the ultimate gift of freedom through repentance and forgiveness. Giving thanks and praise to our Saviour today and everyday.

  • I wanted to share that I read the scriptures before I read the "devotion" part of this study. So I take notes so I can try to hear what The Lord lights up for me as I read. So when I read Isaiah 53:11-12 I wrote God WILL (a promise) turn everything beautiful. After I had finished the reading for today I went back to look over what I had written to help and pray in the chaos of today it will sink in! When I read this part it hit me. His promise has been fulfilled. In Jesus and through his sacrifice and resurrections He has made everything beautiful. Every situation, every part of our lives He has already turned beautiful. Thank you Father!

  • Patti Altimari

    when I feel ashamed I need to remember the sacrifice Jesus made to walk my sins away. The enemy is full of lies and shame is not of God.

  • Well, Good Morning to you all Dear hearts….and what a start..

    Starting At the beginning….right there in Genesis…where life was as we would dream it would be for us ..free, no shame, hope…wasn't even necessary…life was good…, what we strive for now….and never get to…because of our shame… and all the things we cannot get right, right with God..
    .But God….and yet God…has thrown us this lifeline….an undeserved lifeline, by the name of Jesus, that affords us, our past, present and future..freedom…redemption…a.hope that is now so needed…Praise God..

    How powerful was this study….Rachael, THANK you…

    Jesus closed the door on shame and opened the door to repentance and freedom…..! If I hear nothing else today, Lord God, May these words ring in my ears, heart and soul this day….Thank you Lord….thank you…

    Blessings dear sister's today in all you do and say…xx

    • Candacejo

      If I hear nothing else today…Jesus closed the door on shame and opened the door to repentance and freedom. Amen. ♥

    • ~ B ~

      That portion "closing the door on shame" spoke to me too! It's a beautiful reality and image! ~ B

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Jesus closed the door on shame and opened the door to repentance and freedom…..! If I hear nothing else today, Lord God, May these words ring in my ears, heart and soul this day….Thank you Lord….thank you…

      Oh wow, does this ring true with me this morning! <3

    • Lynda

      Amen! Closing the door to shame!!

  • We were made in God’s image! Awesome!

  • I can’t count how many times I’ve thought, “What were you thinking, Eve?!” It is hard to imagine what extraordinary lives we’d be living if it weren’t for her. I suffer with anxiety, panic and depression and in my darkest moments I find so little forgiveness in myself for Eve. I pray longingly for peace, joy and self control. I am truly hopeful Christ has a place for me in eternity free from the pains of this world! They say, “misery loves company”. Too bad we are all in the company of such heavy burdens. But, with Jesus Christ we have the chance to close that door and open another that lets us into a world of love.

    • Lynne

      Diane, I pray for you today, and for me. I have anxiety as well. and I am often inward, and I am really working on going to God first with my burdens before I go back to me head full of loudness and stuff like it is. I pray for peace, too, and I know that it is hard to find. I pray that you find some taste of it here on earth as well. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kylee

      Diane, I struggle too. If you ever want to chat, find me on my blog at filmstripsandfairytales.wordpress.com // I just wrote about my anxiety & I want to write about depression next. Misery may love company, but misery is no match for mercy! Love to you. I’m praying for you. ❤️

  • carlybenson

    I'm struck by the fact that Satan tempted Eve to eat the fruit by telling her it would make her like God, when actually she was already like God- she was made in his image. It shows how Satan deceives us and blinds us to what we already have, making us feel that we need more than God is giving or that we need to be more than we are. I was also struck by the part about him making us less ashamed of our sin and more ashamed of ourselves. That is so true. Praying that we will be alert to his schemes today and resist him. Again I'm amazed at God's grace and how easily he could have just given up on us but he chose to save us. I feel I'm understanding this in a new way and the knowledge of it is somehow moving from my head to my heart.

    • Lynne

      THIS. This all day long. Eve already had everything she needed. Praise God for His grace and His reminders in His Word and from the Holy Spirit that He is all we need.

    • Barbara C

      I'm also struck at how readily she believed the lie and acted on it. Never once did she question him. How often do we…do I… Do the same!?

    • Kylee

      Yes CarlyBenson! I needed to hear that! What a liar satan is. We are ALREADY made in His image. We just need to walk forth in that image and carry out His work – & there’s no shame in that!! Thank you!

    • Kendra

      Yes!! Thanks, Carly!

    • Karen Bradley

      Carly thanks so much for what you said. I copied it down I my notebook… He makes us feel we need more!

    • Natalie

      This is beautiful. I wrote your comment in my journal today… because THIS!! You had great insight that I needed to meditate on today.

    • Jen L

      Wow, as a life-long Christian, I've never seen it that way before. SO true! (This is why the Bible is the LIVING word!)
      Like several other ladies, I wrote some of this in my notebook. Thanks for sharing that! This is why I'm glad I did this study – to learn from others. :)

    • Heydi

      Hi Carly: This reminds me of the saying, "You are enough." I believe it's important to know who you are because the world will try to convince you otherwise.

  • Having done ministry amongst Muslims this really impacted me when it spoke of shame. In Muslim culture everything is so wrapped up in a shame and honour tradition….
    So, awesome then, that what Jesus offers is freedom from shame.
    Food for thought as our family prepares to move back to live amongst a Muslim community again – praying we take "Isa" (Muslim name for Jesus) with us.

    • aprilmcwhite

      I will be praying for you today Jenny! Your comment touched my heart because my husband and I just moved our family overseas to spread the Gospel among a large population of atheists. Whether Muslim or atheist, Buddhist or Hindu, all need to hear that message of freedom from sin and shame! Thanks for what you and your family are doing!

    • Hannah

      I have spent the last five years overseas in a shame-based culture as well. It’s pervasive, only God’s love can redeem.

    • MCE

      "For I am with you to the end of the age…" In all his power and grace he goes with you as you move to make disciples of all nations. Lean in!

    • KrisB

      Praying for you Jenny!

  • In the commentary I was stopped in my tracks by “Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin (the thing that separates us from God), and more ashamed of ourselves (the thing that links us to Him).” my prayer is that we remember this,this morning, as we get ready and ignore that nagging whisper that tells us we don’t know what we are doing!

    • Patti Altimari

      I loved that part too Cari!

    • Kelly_Smith

      This got me, too. I have never separated the shame I feel over sin and being ashamed of myself. Praise the Lord, we are free from both types of shame through Christ!

    • Normaeck

      That was my thought too. We need to be ashamed of our sin and repent of it.

    • MNmomma (heather)

      This really hit me too Cari……I wrote it in big font in my book…..need to remember this!

    • Caitlin Anderson

      That got me too.

    • Jennifer Mae

      Yes! Hit me like a ton of bricks! Then, my study Bible noted that in shame and fear we try to hide our sin “as though God doesn’t know what we are doing”. Recognizing that He loves us, is always willing to forgive us, and desires to have a relationship with us is such a saving grace!

    • aolani

      Me too! Sure stopped me in my tracks too. Reread that part a couple times, slowly even, to let it sink in. In our fallen-ness, we tend to rationalize our sin and then feel crappy about ourselves for our sin. Conviction – good. Condemnation – no good. Hallelujah for the freedom that repentance & redemption that Christ gives us. We must must must know our identity in Christ — we are the daughters (& sons)/of the One True King!! :) We have the mind of Christ. May we walk in His freedom! <3

    • Datha

      This also struck me today!

    • sbpershall

      I also stopped when I read this part of the study! It's so amazing how we can ask (or scream to) ourselves "what am I doing wrong? how can I fix myself!?!?" when all we really need is to turn to God and ask for that shame to be taken away. I just need to remember that Satan wants that reaction instead of embracing who I am as a woman of God. This will become a new part of clarity in my daily prayer for my day to day life. Great thoughts!

  • Today’s study really brings forgiveness to the fore. It’s not always easy, even to forgive a small annoyance, so how wonderful and awe inspiring the forgiveness of God for all of us through Jesus! I’m pretty sure I dream of the beauty of Eden too sometimes – we are all beautiful in God’s eyes! x

  • melindawatters

    When we face the world, we are ashamed of our image, God-given though it is.
    And when we face God, we are ashamed of our sin.

    Yea shame is double headed, not sure if I have ever thought of itthis way. Hallelujah for His freedom!

  • I wanted to write a long and more elaborate comment, but it is not possible with kids awake, so – thank you. This gives me a lot to think about. Especially how I try to ignore sin (guess that is a kind of “fig leaf” I create) and and live with shame (of not being enough in pretty much everything) and pain it brings. May He show us who we really are! Have a blessed day!

  • Mashell Baker

    Amen! Such a great start to another study! Jesus thank you for closing that door to shame, and opening our hearts to our one true King. The King makes me and all deserving and enough.

  • Antimony

    Genesis 3:10 “And he said, “I heard the sound of you in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself.” Shame, yes. But also fear. Fear of walking and talking with God. This had been normal for them. But not anymore. With sin came shame and fear. But now sin is the natural state. Shame and fear are the “new normal”. Something has to change. To “rescue” us, as it were from the shame and fear and (even) despair!

    • Kelly_Smith

      In Christ, there is no fear! Perfect love casts out all fear. Rejoicing over this truth this morning :)

  • There's so much beauty packed into Gen. 1:27 "So God created man in his own image,in the image of God he created him; male and female He created them."
    I think as women we need to hear these words and be reminded that we all (male and female) reflect God's image. So often femininity has been portrayed as less than in some way, but that's not God's attitude. This verse shows you can be fully feminine and fully display whatever facet of God's image He created you to display.

    • Crystal

      Right on, Hannah! :)

    • April

      I remember having my eyes opened to this in college. I was a religion major and was part of a small group of women who felt called into ministry among a denomination that struggles mightily with women in ministry (Southern Baptist). There was so much talk of God being mighty and manly and strong — and to realize that God wanted us to take this to heart that we are BOTH created in His image (why else would He reiterate in 3 times in 3 different ways) and that the unique characteristics that abide in so many women are God's characteristics! Yes, God is warrior, but He is also a life-giver, a nurturer, compassionate, etc. Those things that were strong in me weren't my weaknesses because I was female, they were God-given and needed to bring Him glory. Praise God!

      • hannah

        April, I can relate so much to the way you described you struggle, and I'm so glad He's revealing Himself to you and through you as a woman!

      • Laura

        And, who is to even say that God is a "he?" If we are all created in God's image, I think the doors are open to interpretation!

        • hannah

          Jesus teaches us to call God our Father, so I think there is a sound Biblical basis for that, but God certainly isn't limited to masculine traits, and we can display His image in our femininity, as April so beautifully said.

        • Alne Hartog

          Hi, Laura! :-) That's a good question. God doesn't have a physical body in his essence, so "gender" isn't a bodily issue per se with him. And, as a corollary, when both Adam and Eve were made in God's image it isn't talking about a physical image. On the other hand, God has revealed himself in both the Old and New Testaments using masculine language in a generally consistent way ("he," "his," "him"), etc. Also, he has consistently revealed himself as and is called "Father" (which is why we don't pray to God as "Mother"). And when the Son became a human (and at that point took on a physical body), he specifically became incarnate as a man (Jesus) to become the Second Adam.

          I'm afraid if we just become open to talking about God in ways he has not revealed himself (calling God "she," "her," or "Mother," etc.), we will not be in line with biblical expression.

          If you have more questions about this, Laura, I would love to continue the conversation! :-)

      • Karen Bradley

        April I really relate to your struggle. I belong to a church that does recognize women in leadership and many times as I have seen the leaders working together on a problem or giving counsel, I have seen how necessary it is to have more than one point of view. God is much too big to be represented by just one gender, or race, or personality! I think part of “no shame” is realizing not just that I’m “good enough” but Needed to reflect who He is!

      • Heydi

        Hi April: Amen

    • montanaqueen91

      As a woman I often find myself being too much and not enough all at the same time. How good it is to be reminded that God created me in His perfect image.

      • hannah

        I totally relate to that! As women we're basically taught to be double-minded, being told that we're too much and not enough. The truth is that WE aren't enough, but Him in us is enough, and never too much.

    • Emily Louise

      I have heard and read this passage so many times but have not fully grasped this nugget of truth before. Thank you for sharing this Hannah!

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