Some fun Saturday news!


Happy Saturday to you!

Three fun (& quick!) announcements for you as you head into your weekend…

SRT Hymns cover

The She Reads Truth Hymns EP is available on iTunes!

The new Hymns III reading plan launched on Monday along with our very own record—the Hymns EP!! We LOVED meditating on the Scripture behind these favorite old songs of the church with you and worshiping in our homes and cars and offices, knowing you were worshipping to the same songs in yours. So great!

You’ll be excited to know our “little EP that could” climbed all the way to #2 on the  iTunes Christian chart, and #12 across ALL genres! These songs are spreading hope in some pretty unlikely places. Let’s keep it going! If you haven’t already, share news of the EP with your friends. Let’s keep Hymns on the iTunes charts a while longer!

summer pop up shop

Summer Pop-Up Shop!

We’re so excited for summer! And we want to celebrate with you!

Our first-ever, virtual Summer Pop-Up Shop will be live to the public June 8th, with a whole line of pretty new SRT products and some of the best deals ever on our existing products. There are limited quantities of each new item and when they’re gone, they’re gone!


Sign up HERE for our brand new #SRTCommunity emails and get exclusive access to the limited-quantity items in the Pop-Up shop a full week before it goes public! #SRTCommunity is an occasional delivery of news, announcements, and offers we know you’ll love.  *GOOD NEWS: If you’re already receiving our daily emails, then you’re already in!


Messages Image(1328424249)

Women in the Word begins MONDAY!!!

Grab your girlfriends, your sisters, your daughters and plan to join us in TWO DAYS for the great big She Reads Truth summer study! We’ll be covering the stories of 44 women in the Old and New Testament. Grab a book to follow along, or just show up on Monday and you’ll fit right in—no problem! It’s going to be an incredible summer of Bible reading, you guys!

Have a restful, grace-filled weekend, friends! 

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  • Siobhan Milburn


  • Jennifer

    Wish I could afford the book. I am excited to get started even though I am going to have to catch up.

  • Documentary Films

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Gennette

    Shereadstruth is such a blessing, thank you. I love all the different perspectives on the women from the bible. It open my eyes to a greater understanding of the matchless God we serve. How unsearchable are all His ways.
    Thank you and may God blessings continue to pour out on you.

  • You should have some plans that are free. I was really excited about this app. But you have to pay to read plans. Ehhh /:

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Anna! Thanks for writing! Good news: we do have some plans that are free, including This Is The Bible, This Is The Gospel and the Hymns plans. I hope you will join us!


      • Whitney

        In an earlier post you did comment that the Women In The Word would be free all summer, has that changed?

  • Ah! I love this new plan!

  • KatSmith1026

    This shop is JUST in time for my birthday later this month … yipee!! I know what I'll be getting for myself :)

  • Hi All! I am wondering, are the online posts and the book contents the same? I would like to follow along online but I don't want to "miss out."

  • where did “this is the gospel” go?! I had it in my plans but now its gone :-(

  • Dear Raechel, Kaitlin & Laura of SRT,

    You girls are awesome & right on top of things! Thank you for all of your hard work.
    I'm quite curious to how many books have been sold for this study!?

  • Dear Sisters in the Risen Christ! I am SO excited to being part of this wonderful summer reading plan of Women in the Word! I pray that all of us will grow in wisdom and love for the Word of our Lord and make changes in each of our homes, communities and work place as we should be Women of Faith!!
    {Be blessed}

  • Got my pre order women in the word book last week! They are beautiful, but I was a little disappointed at the condition. The spine is all torn up. (Doesn’t look like something that happened during shipping.) Was hoping to leave it out on the coffee table when study was over.

    Love the 8×10 print! Looking forward to the study!

    • Angie

      I’m surprised! Mine came in perfect condition.

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Candice,
      Oh no! I'm so sad to hear that! Email Laura at [email protected] (including photos will help!) and she'll take great care of you! We're thankful for your grace and absolutely want you to have a book in perfect condition!


  • Katie Bajorek

    Thank you for the hope this little post brought to me. Work has been so stressful lately and as I read this to prepare to go in, I found some peace. So thank you.

  • Rhonda Rhoades

    I was so excited to return from some Church meetings to find my Women of the Word books on my desk. However, I ordered 3 books and only received 2! Help please. It's going to be the basis for my summer Ladies Bible Study, and I'm very excited to get the women involved in the WORD.

  • Hi there! Does anyone know if we are starting with the OT or NT?

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Angie! We'll be starting with the Old Testament! Excited for you to join us!


  • I am looking forward to this intriguing Summer study. The book, scripture cards, & print are all quite lovely! I bought a WITW book set for my daughter and am looking forward to sharing our thoughts over our biblical ancestress’s.

  • Rhonda Barnhouse

    Got my copy of WITW and I love it! I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find my picture in it that I submitted, but it is very lovely.

  • Caelan Elliott

    I can't find the scripture wallet cards or the 8×10 print that was supposed to come with the book- where can I find the these?

  • Andrea Joy

    I have the book! One of my dear friends has a picture included!! I look forward with a grateful heart. It will be a challenge to make time, and I am praying that this will be a catalyst to being in the Word every day.

  • I received my Women in the Word book this week and I can’t keep my hands off of it. If I may be so honest…for the first time possibly ever, I’m looking at photos of strangers and I’m not seeing their clothes or their hair or their features. I am seeing stunning women of God, every single one, and it brings me tears of joy. (And also pangs of shame to realize this about myself, that seeing people as beloved children of God is not my initial reaction.) I thank God for using you ladies of SRT to open my eyes.

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