Our album drops Monday! (no, really…)


Hey there, sweet friends!

We get to take this Saturday between plans to finally spill all the beans about this big announcement we’ve been hinting at for you!

First, a little background…
Twice in the last year, She Reads Truth has paused from our typical Bible-reading plans to take a week to focus on favorite old hymns and the Scriptures that inspired them. Just a slightly different approach from the norm, but one that has resonated (see what I did there?) with our readers big-time!

Next week begins our third hymns reading plan—Hymns III. Only this time, instead of digging through Spotify for examples of the hymns we are writing about, we decided to take a big leap of faith and have some very talented friends help us record a 5-song EP to accompany the study! Woo!!

A rundown of the songs/artists…
Amazing Grace (Ellie Holcomb)
Great is Thy Faithfulness (Sandra McCracken/Thad Cockrell)
Be Thou My Vision (Mandy Mann)
What Wondrous Love Is This (Stacy Lantz)
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (Sandra McCracken/Thad Cockrell)

I know – it’s a ridiculously talented little roster. Sandra, Ellie and Mandy are also guest-writing the days for “their” hymns in the reading plan! So fun.

Why this project is so important to us…
You probably know by now how stuck-like-glue we are to the SRT mission: Women in the Word of God every day. We love what an invitation to the Word these hymns have been and continue to be. They are so worshipful and steeped in solid theology—a beautiful way to meet with the Lord. We love how in-line with our mission this new endeavor truly is!

A few “behind the scenes” shots of the artists, musicians, producers and more! 

The She Reads Truth Hymns EP launches MONDAY, MAY 25th on iTunes and anywhere digital music is sold.
 The Hymns reading plan launches the same day, free on the shereadstruth.com site and the SRT app! Yep, it’s free both places! It’s a perfect time to try the app if you haven’t before, and invite your friends to try it, too!

We are so looking forward to this big, fun toe-dip into the music industry all together as a community! (And please laugh out loud with us at how hilarious it is that we get to collectively say in all seriousness, “Our album drops May 25th”!)

See you Monday, friends!

Love and hymns,
Raechel & Amanda

(and please, share this graphic below with us to invite your people to join us!!)


  • Really loving these plans! Paul was used by God so incredibly and has the ability to inspire us today still with his words of motivation.
    I want to continue on with Ephesians, but I have a slight hiccup. I am unable to purchase the Ephesians android App Plan. :/
    Is this just me or is anyone else having this problem?

  • Heidijoyhope

    Loved this series!

  • PLEASE DO THIS AGAIN. The songs. It’s such a beautiful way to worship and to remind yourself of amazing truth!! PERFECT

  • I’m so sad it is over. Can’t wait for the next plan on Monday and for the next hymn series! :D
    Tis exciting days! <3
    And THANK YOU for doing everything in excellence!!!

  • Emerylynn

    Can y’all do another hymns plan with “one day” in it. I love this song and it gives the story of the gospel throughout all the verses. Please do all the verses I remember singing this song at my grandfather’s funeral about 1 1/2 years ago and it really means a lot to me.

  • Brandi S

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thank you for doing something scary because it’s a blessing to me and to many others, I’m sure.

  • I just saw it there.

  • I JUST downloaded it from iTunes. Search under She Reads Truth!

  • Now it says not available in U.S. Stores ha

  • I can’t find it on iTunes

  • I can’t find it either!

  • Shannon H

    I see the music bar in the app, but it won’t play. Any ideas on how to get it to work?

  • Elaine Quintanilla

    Hi everyone im new to this app can someone help me figure it all out please or where can i go introduce myself

  • Hi. Um, so I’m trying to update the app and it’s asking for my billing information. What’s that about?

  • Just looked on iTunes but I can’t find it. How do I search for it?

  • Hi ladies! You need to update your app!! There’s a new music feature on the tool bar and when you read the daily devotional the music for that day’s hymn will be at the bottom. Hope that helps!

  • Elisabeth

    I can't find it either, it tells me it's not available in the German iTunes-Store… :(

  • Violet Lapineg

    Can’t find it in the iTunes Store !!! Help

  • I can’t find it on iTunes either. Bummer.

  • Glad I’m not the only one who cannot access the hymns!

  • Can’t find it anywhere! Help a sister out! Can y’all provide a direct link to iTunes?

  • Kimberly

    I’d love to buy this but can’t find it

  • I can’t find it either :(

  • Sonja Cox

    We cant find the music on itunes. :(

  • I can't find it either, not sure how it is titled.

  • I can’t find it either

  • Debbie Madison

    How do I find the music on iTunes? I've tried and can't seem to find it?

  • This is amazing. I cannot wait!

  • So excited to listen!!

  • Very excited! A friend of mine just introduced me to your website. So perfect for my busy lifestyle!

  • Congrats!!!!! Can not wait to get back into the word as I have missed being here!!!!!

  • Teresa Hayes

    I finally can use the app on my new phone and I’m super excited that a free plan is starting this week!!!

  • Love. Love. Love. I love hymns! I cannot wait. Congratulations to SRT on the drop of your album!!!

  • Can’t wait to share this with my friends!

  • Hannah Samuels

    cannot wait for this!

  • when i listen it.. i remember that in this world i have so many memories…

  • caktekno

    actually what iam waiting for has come true….

  • My fave hymn is Nothing But the Blood.

  • Paprika Jackson

    So excited for Monday!!!

  • Pam Blum

    I’m so excited for this! I absolutely loved the past 2 hymns plans!! :-D

  • This is lovely!! I didn’t grow up learning hymns so I really appreciate these studies.

    Will these songs be available on Rhapsody, by chance?

  • LaurieEW

    Excited! Just heard Ellie last week at WJTL Junction Tent sing Amazing Grace. Love these series of Hymns. Did I say Excited?!

  • I grew up all my life with hymns but never understood nor appreciated them as I do now. They are more a part of me than I ever could have known then. Although I have been re-transformed in my faith from years of drifting along in a lukewarm sea of ignorance in a well-intentioned but “stuck” traditional denomination, I will never forget my roots and the beautiful hymns that helped shape me and that make perfect sense to me now. The music of today is great and makes me cry and lift my hands in worship but it will be the hymns of old played when I depart from this world. Holy, holy, holy is our Lord God Almighty!!

  • Excited with you! I love the old hymns; beautiful words and truth penned ages ago, yet still just as relevant today. It's important to me that my kids get the benefit of growing up with these songs as well, so I can't wait to share the soundtrack in our home.

    Thanks for continually pouring out Truth and beauty for His glory!

  • Joyfullmom

    I love old hymns containing so much sound theology! So glad a new generation of women will learn them here too.

  • Took a small break from studies but am excited and ready to jump into Hymns III! :)

  • So very cool! Absolutely cant wait!

  • Candacejo

    Resonating…around the world! I love hymns and the stories behind them. Thankful for the Word of God today. This will be awesome. Blessings! ♥

  • Bring me a song..and ilk sing it.. I am so excited…God meets me in all areas and places of my life, but for me my thing is music, through song…His presence is most felt in my worship and my surrender…So, so Looking forward to a week of my 'knowingly' conecting with God, although, I know He is always with me…It is going to be an awesome week….
    Thank you in advance, you guys…
    God bless your weekend with all things amazing and His presence and hand on it all… Love you….xx

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