Fruit of the Spirit: Day 1

The Fruit Of The Spirit


Today's Text: Galatians 5:16-26, John 14:15-26, Acts 1:4-8, Acts 2:37-39

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

- Galatians 5:19-23 -

Haircut days are some of the best days.

I love sitting in the chair, making small talk with my stylist-turned-friend and knowing that, when I stand to leave, my hair will be better for the time I spent with her. I have no problem showing up with a dirty bun piled high on my head, no issue relinquishing creative control while we chat. I am perfectly willing to come as I am and let her do the work. We have a relationship, she and I, and I trust her to do magical things with my wayward locks. Seeing as how she is the professional and I am not, barging into our appointment and taking control of the scissors would be a bad move on my part. Trying to commandeer a process I don’t fully understand would not only be silly, it would have unfortunate and unsightly consequences. (My one and only attempt at a self bang-trim was sufficient proof of this.)

My hair stylist, though lovely, is not the Holy Spirit, so the metaphor only goes so far. But as I read today’s text, it’s clear the Me who seeks to be a fruit-bearer for the Kingdom could stand to take a few tips from the Me who sat in the salon chair two days ago. I don’t want to insist on creating my own goodness; I want to learn the art of trusting the only One who is truly good.  

In his letter to the Galatians, the Apostle Paul states the clear contrast between our rotten, self-made fruit and the good, God-made and God-pleasing fruit of the Holy Spirit:

Now the works of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, moral impurity, promiscuity, idolatry, sorcery, hatreds, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambitions, dissensions, factions, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and anything similar. I tell you about these things in advance—as I told you before—that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.
(Galatians 5:19-23, HCSB)

Until we repent of our sinfulness and lean wholly on the perfection of Jesus, we humans remain stuck in the cycle of that first list, powerless to break free. Even works of flesh we believers call “good” cannot gain us entrance to the Kingdom of God. But when we call out to Christ for salvation, we receive mercy, forgiveness, and freedom—and we receive the Holy Spirit, a gift promised by Christ Himself.

Take a look at John 14:15, when Jesus issues His disciples a tall yet serious order: “If you love Me, you will keep My commands.” Easier said than done, they may have thought. But Jesus doesn’t stop there; He explains how they are to keep His commands. This is more than a to-do—this is His Spirit at work in them!

“I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever.

He is the Spirit of truth… I have spoken these things to you while I remain with you. But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit—the Father will send Him in My name—will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have told you.”
(John 14:16-17, 26)

Jesus knows us all the way through. He knows our forgetful hearts. And in His grace He leaves His very Spirit to be our helper, our comforter, our advocate. This is Christ’s gift to us, the far-off ones, bringing and keeping us close to God—not a “reach out and touch you” kind of close, but closer still. As close as our own breath is the Spirit of Christ to us. That is not mere hope or speculation, that is a promise from God’s Word! (See Romans 8:9-11.)  

Friends, those good things Paul lists in Galatians 5:22-23 are not borne of our best efforts. The fruit of the Spirit is borne only of the Spirit. Only by abiding in Him, resting in His goodness and trusting Him to do the hard work of redemption on our behalf, can we bear fruit.

As we begin these 12 days of discovering the Spirit’s fruit as presented in Scripture, let’s repent of every bit of goodness we’ve tried to squeeze out on our own. Let’s lay down the fruit we’ve tried to produce with good intention, self improvement and striving, and let’s see God as the source of everything good. May we hide and abide in the perfect life and love of Christ.


  • Caitlin O’Malley

    Totally with you here. Well said – like reading from my own heart. The gift of surrender.

  • Brittany DiIorio

    I really need this. I’ve been trying too hard to do it on my own. Can’t wait to see how God uses this study in my life!

  • Jocelyn Shapiro

    My prayer is to lean into the goodness that God creates and not try to create something “good” outside of Him or His intentions.

  • Starling Jones

    I am extremely excited for this study. Just day one has spoken to my heart in a way that I know God loves me and he’s working on me walking in purpose. Life right now is rough for me and everything seemed to present itself at one time and I was trying so hard to have control I was being/acting in all those horrible manners that happens when you try to force God’s had. The joy I have to let go and let God direct me gives me so much hope for my future. I am ready to be at peace and full of love and happiness again. I miss that girl I use to be.

  • Briquel Wagoner

    I can’t wait to get some money and do this one along with so many more!!! Thank you She Reads Truth for this great place to go.

  • Gretchen Anne

    I’m really excited for this study! I have seen no fruit in my life recently after graduating collage and starting my career. Particularly the fruit of self-control/discipline. I had been trying so hard to create it from my own being and not from the spirit. It would be like trying to plant something with no seeds and then expecting something to grow. We have no power to create the fruit of the spirit as they can only come from the Lord himself. That is why he sent us the Spirit to be our counselor in walking with him and not the flesh. I also really liked her metaphor of the hair stylist. Coming in and telling them you have control and are going to do the work and they will just sit and watch. That is what having a relationship with God is like yet not giving any control to him or trying to do it all in our own. So stoked for what God has in the this study!

  • Katie Giancola

    Recently, I haven’t seen any fruit in my life and it is hard to for me to let go of the reigns and allow God to work through me! Today’s readings pushed me to really allow god to take over and reminded me that the fruit that I produce on my own doesn’t even begin to compare to the fruit god has planned for me!

  • Omnia Koumi

    I’m currently in a place of a lot fear, unease and depression. I find myself wanting to get out of this rut I’m in but I am unable to get enough courage. I realized last night that I can’t get myself out because I don’t have the strength. But God has all the strength and courage that I need. I only need to go to Him to find the things I need. So I’m on a journey to find the strength and courage that I need in Him.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Omnia, thanks for sharing this! We are praying for you now, for strength, healing and encouragement. If you haven’t already, we would also encourage you to reach out and seek spiritual counsel and community from a local church, spiritual leader or a trusted mentor. Having those real life relationships and additional community support can often make such a difference as you’re facing a struggle like this. So glad to have you here! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Loren Dixon

      Omnia, I’ve been where you are. He will give you the strength to persevere, and you will make it through the bad times because the good times with Him are so, so worth it. Just hold on and remember that He will use us and our suffering in Mighty ways! Praying for you xx

  • Christian Ortiz

    My church is currently going through Hebrews on Sunday mornings and our lesson yesterday was on backsliding and apostasy. My heart has definitely not been as it should be in Christ, but I can return to his flock thanks to his Holy Spirit and His promise to never lose one given to Him by the Father. Thank you, SRT, for providing such deep and meaningful studies that are always accessible!

    • She Reads Truth

      We’re so glad to hear that, and are so grateful that you’re a part of our community Christian! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • As I have been seeking counsel, through all sources except the bible and prayer, on self-improvement, this really spoke to me. That’s not to say I haven’t been praying or stopped believing, but I haven’t turned this part of me over to God. Let it all go and Let God, through the Holy Spirit ALIVE in me, guide and show me the way. This is just the message I was needing to start my New Year…again!

  • Jenna Harris

    The thing that stuck out to me the most, and I paraphrase: When we took up His cross… the flesh (worldly desires, etc) were crucified. When we chose Christ, all of our old self fell away. Why then do I constantly feel like I fail to act in the fruit of the spirit? Well, because after reading this… I have to choose Christ over and over again. But if I remember that Holy Spirit dwells in me, I know I have the strength to choose to be Christlike when those hard choices and situations bombard me.

  • Sarah Stumbo

    My husband just preached on the the fruit of the spirit as being something that isn’t only given by the Holy Spirit, but it’s something that the Holy Spirit empowers us to be able to do – like self control. It’d be strange if the Holy Spirit just made us be self controlled- but to be empowered by the Holy Spirit and to submit to His ways leads to growth and receiving the abilities to actually have self control. I think there is a lot of work we need to do- and have the honor of doing. He calls us to action and that is so exciting!

  • Lisa Shelton

    As I ponder a New Year Resolution in the past I always wanted to be a better me in the New Year.. but as I read through these scriptures I see that I need to be a better Him..

  • Lisa Shelton

    As I ponder on my New Years

  • Katie Ferguson

    Praise the Lord. It’s not us it’s Him. Father forgive me for all the “goodness” I’ve tried to show on my own behalf. Lord let my fruit be bared in your Holy name.

  • Sami McDonald

    I am so happy that I found this study! I feel like God is putting it on my heart to let go of the material and put Him first, and I feel like this is the perfect thing to help me understand what He wants for me.

  • This brought me so much clarity! I think that we strive to do “good” works of the flesh to “earn” God’s forgiveness and be closer to Him, yet the only way that we can truly be good is by following His word and allowing Him to His work through us. A laundry list of good works of the flesh will not gain you eternal life; only accepting Him into our hearts and following His commands will.

  • Sarah Gilitwala

    My takeaway: Wow! Not only did God give us the gift of eternal life but he gave us our own personal counselor to take with us whenever & wherever! The Holy Spirit is truly a gift from God who is an advocate awaiting to help us and be with us forever. If we seek the fruit of the Spirit, we will not want to create our own “goodness” in fact we will not even desire the fruit of the flesh. The Holy Spirit helps us to ultimately trust the “only One who is truly good.”

  • That last paragraph is the perfect prayer! For everyday! Can’t wait to begin this study

  • Lily Noone

    I am so thankful that we have a King that guides us through our everyday lives. He knows us and our every thought. He loves us unconditionally and is full of grace.

  • I am so happy downloaded this app and found this reading to read first. I have been really struggling with getting back into my bible. Not knowing where to start and maybe subconsciously being lazy about it and using it as an excuse I have been so angry with my self for not being in the word. When I know it’s exactly where I need to be!! I know this app is going to really help me. And I’m so eager to read the rest of the days ahead but I know I shouldn’t. I have always strived to be a better Christian. And it’s hit me I need to abide not strive. Those words couldn’t be more perfect for me. And the fruits of the spirit, I have wanted to have them all my whole life, I’ve been in church off and on since 6 years old! But I have struggled through the years and I’m noticing why. It’s when I’m not in the word. So I only can pray that god lets the Holt spirit help me every day to stay in his word and also read these teachings. I feel great about it right now. I just hope I don’t slack off and find reasons to be too busy. If anyone reads this please I’m begging for prayers to help me stay disciplined in reading God’s word, where I need to be to be the Christian I want to be and that Jesus wants me to be. Thanks. And thank to the people who made the app and put in all the work in the devotions. You are truly a blessing.

    • Stephanie T.

      Shannon- I am praying for you as well as myself. I have been struggling for awhile to get consistent with Bible reading. But I know that God says “He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” And every time I set time aside to meet Him, He is so faithful and gives the perfect words my heart needs to hear. He is worth the time we set aside to meet with Him. But He also gives us grace as we struggle to learn how to consistently carve out the time to meet with Him. It’s always so worth it! He is worth it. And by His strength we can do this! Be blessed Sister!

  • 26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

  • Sabrina Hallmark

    This is actually quite a relief when you really think about it, striving on our own on the leaves as exhausted and prideful. I’m just so thankful we have the Holy Spirit to guide us and help us to walk in his ways and bear the fruit of his Spirit, which brings glory to him! It’s really comforting to know that all we need to do is trust him :-)
    It’s so obvious to me when I look back at my life the times that I was walking in the flesh as opposed to walking in the Spirit. How much more peace and joy is there when you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you!

    • Molly

      Yes! Seriously. So good. It is such a relief.

      I love it that the Holy Spirit is here to remind us all we’ve learned about God- continuing to help us in every moment.

      • Molly

        26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

  • Rebecca

    This is great. All to often I think or even say, “I’ve got this” when really I need to be giving my worries and thoughts over to God and allow the Holy Spirit to work in my heart and soul.

  • Sharon Russell

    Thank you for this sight. I found it from Victoria Osborn, from the Creative Home Keeper. She wrote about writing out scripture and she gets her daily devotion from this sight. It truly was a life saver for me. My husband and I had gotten into a fight today and it looked like it was going to continue into the night. But after finding this site, and studying about the Fruit of the Spirit, I have a different attitude now, thanks to the Holy Spirit and my repentant heart. I will definitely be using this devotional each day, I need it. Blessings to you.

  • For years I was going through the motions of being a Christian. But it wasn’t until recently that God opened my eyes to His truth that I needed to follow Him wholeheartedly. Just reading this devotion makes me realize how much He has already changed me! Lord, continue to work through me and all of the lovely ladies here at SRT for you. Only through you can we bear fruit and I pray that you would tune our hearts to you and your grace.

  • Isabella

    Thank you God for sending this Counselor to us! Trust on Him and He will bring you peace. Believe in Him and He will give you everlasting life. Bear these fruit and happiness will fill your life.

  • I have been thinking about the fruits of the spirit in the past few days; sort of a spiritual check-up if you like. It is not about..oh dear I seriously lack here, or there, rather “Lord, you really do have YOUR work cut out with me”
    I am unable to produce fruit from my own strength, it is down to the working of His Holy Spirit, and this is very freeing as I rest in the love of Father. Yet, there is that desire to please Father, to help cultivate my spirit through obedience, surrender. Father doesn’t need me to, but there is increased joy in relationship and relationship is reciprocal. Father will complete his good work in us, and as he does His work alongside our loving devotion..those fruits we desire will blossom and grow, we won’t necessarily notice but others will, bringing glory and praise to Father.

  • Adelle Shain

    What better counselor to have, but the Holy Spirit! He lives within me and I can call on Him always! Just like any fruit, we have to nourish and feed it in order for it to grow, so the Holy Spirit grows stronger within us. When our hearts, and minds become conformed to living life with the fruits of the spirit it shines through to others so that my may share these fruits. Excited to continue this session.


    The hair stylist story pulled me in. And I thought that was such a great analogy, that this would be what stayed with me through the day. Then I got to the paragraph that starts with “Jesus knows us all the way through. He knows our forgetful hearts. And in His grace He leaves his very Spirit to be our helper, our comforter, our advocate….As close as our own breath is the Spirit of Christ to us.” Brought tears to my eyes as I realized again I am so loved. How can I not ask for forgiveness and want to please my Heavenly Father?

  • It’s amazing how timely and spirit-led this was! Let the Holy Spirit produce its own fruit in us!

  • Lacey White

    What an amazing message that I myself needed to hear. Growing up the fruits of the spirit were always something my parents taught us. And going thru the motions of learning the fruits of the spirits sometimes you can forget that these are vital components. I’m so excited to dive into the fruits of the spirits into a deeper bible study.

  • Tiffany L

    I’m so ready for this study! I was discussing this with my husband last night and was so excited to see this today and add it to my bookshelf. Laying down my strived-for goodness and fruit…

  • jessiechatchat

    Doing this one second time thru. Grateful that I think I understand abiding a tiny bit better (thanks in part to SRT). Thank you!

  • I especially love “Jesus knows us all the way through. He knows our forgetful hearts. And in His grace He leaves His very Spirit to be our helper, our comforter, our advocate.” I’m always so hard on myself and it’s a good reminder that we serve a graceful and forgiving God. No matter how many times we turn our back on Him, He never turns His back on us.

  • Heather

    The last part really spoke to me – about letting go of our own striving to be good , and our good intentions and letting Him and His spirit do the work . I’ve tried to change on my own and become a more godly women , but it’s only through Him and His Spirit in us that brings the fruit of the spirit into our lives .

  • More of you Lord and less of me! I truly desire Gods goodness in the fruits of the spirit! ❤

  • Chrystal

    It is a great reminder that the Holy Spirit is available to help us make the right choices that we are called to make. God knew that we would fail on our own, what an amazing gift!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Something I have to remember is that the fruit of the spirit only comes from the Spirit! It’s only through him that i can be what i ought to be. That means I must spend time with him and communion with him each day… and stop trying to do it on my own!

  • I have not read the Bible or spoken to God in a prayer for a very long time. I recently became a nurse and every single day I walk into work I have recently begun to pray again. It is a daily struggle for positivity, Patience, energy, and knowing the “right” thing to say to patients who are sick and sometimes dying. I feel like having tools specifically from these readings and this bible study will be of great help.

    • Lindsey

      I love that you are open to saying this. I am a nursing student and I already know how hard it is to keep this up and maintain a daily habit. I also love that you have found yourself praying as you go in and again in general. I am amazed at the circumstances that God places us in that draw us back to Him. I would encourage you to say a prayer before you do talk to your patients, He will give you the words to say. They will be God-breathed and you and your patients will feel that there is something different about you. I will be keeping you in my prayers!

  • Victoria NZ

    Great first teaching. I’m looking forward to this journey.

  • Cecily Gold

    I’m excited to start my first she reads truth devotional! This one stood out to me; I’ve felt the Lord’s tug towards my heart to set my eyes on Him. This past month of my life has been so busy, and I’ve been so caught up in controlling the outcome that I’ve forgotten to look to HIM for guidance. Eyes on the Lord and the outcome will be fruitful.

  • This is my first study with this app! I loved it! Thanks Tera for sharing this app ! Curling up in my comfy chair with his word… No better place to be than at His feet!

  • Thankful to my daughter-in-law Ariel for showing me this app so we can do the study together. Glad to be reminded to open my eyes and reminded of His grace and gifts He has for me.

  • Stefanie

    I am so excited to start this with my daughter. We are miles away from each other this study will help us in our daily walk with Jesus and each other.

  • This is my first bible study with this app. Excited to get back into a bible study!

  • Change my heart, Jesus, and fill me with your spirit. Open my eyes to your powers and your love…help me to have a grateful heart full of life and joy in you…help me to exhibit the fruits of your spirit daily with my husband, children, and others I come in contact with.

  • dominique1938

    I don’t agree, look at Best regards, Dominique

  • Caroline

    Lord, help my heart to be open to letting you take control. You have given me the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the spirit as proof, as an Ebenezer. Help me to cling to that in times of need!

  • Grace Brady

    This is my first time using this app to do a bible study and it is truly amazing! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring through reading this study!!

  • Man – a few things– abiding in the spirit couldn’t be more aligned with what Gods been teaching me this month. Two- I totally forgot what the “fruits of the flesh against such things you won’t inherit the kingdom of heaven” include. I mean – in this day and age I think sensuality has become so common place I almost forgot to consider in wrong let alone sinful. Good reminder! Excited to read more!

  • Jana Landerz

    Coming back from a summer camp into the craziness of college is difficult. You go from always being selfless to self centered. Lord, help my heart not to be hardened to transition. Help me to remember the things I’ve learned but now put them in practice. Transform my heart to desire the things of you. Amen.

  • God,
    Be in my heart as I try not to hate.
    Hold on to my fists as I grasp at your word.
    Breath into my chest and let me feel life.
    Touch my soul so my eyes can finally see.

  • Brooke York

    Lord, help me to take a step back and realize that I truly need you and your help. Help me to crucify myself and worldly things and instead of walking on the line to completely sell out to you. I want people to see the fruits of the spirit in me and for them to see the light of you shine through me. Lord help me to realize I can’t do everything by myself. Help me to lean and trust in you. Lord thank you for this study and for opening my eyes. I love you.

  • I disagree

    Best regards, Glory

  • This really spoke to me !

  • Allison Moore

    I have the hardest time trusting God or anyone for that matter based on worldly disappointments and pain. I desire to lean on Christ, but I just don’t know how to let go.

  • May my today be breathed by You, Father God.

  • Kiersten Nicole

    Dear Lord, help me see that my love, joy, peace, and patience are not even in the same ball park as the love, joy, peace, and patience that come with being in you and following your word. Help me seek you instead of trying to “be good” or “be patient.” Help me seek you first.

  • I’m starting this today, as I feel like a Christian that isn’t fully devoted to God. I battle my thoughts of what is the right thing to do and what God wants me to do, as so many of us do. I’m at the point of reaching out and gaining a whole new understanding of Him. I think this is the place to start for me.

    • Julienne

      It’s been three months since you wrote this. Where are you at now?

  • There are so many times in my life when I’ve tried to “be good” or “do good” on my own. I fail every time and yet I still keep trying to do it on my own. My prayer for this study is that I learn to give it to God to trust the one who is good to work in and through me as I lean on him and learn more from his word. Lord I beg you to change me.

  • Shaqwanna Stokes

    I’ve always thought that I could stand on my own and try but only to fall… I know I have a good heart but I need God to step in and lead me

  • Change my heart God, that your fruit may be borne in me, all for your glory, and for your praise.

  • Yes, I read truth, 36 years now. Every day since 5/26/1980. I am new to this sight and just this fruit of the spirit reading has been so summery…so Holy Spirit timely. Pausing to repent of my flesh fruit vs. Holy Spirit led empowered fruit. Nice analogy She Reads Truth writer. Thank you.

  • Wow , the scriptures and the devotional really touched me.

  • I know the more I immerse myself in your word Lord the more my heart and mind will change. Change me! What a great read and reminder to allow God to be the one who changes us and not our selfs!

  • I know as a believer I failed at abiding in the Lord and more of trying to bear fruit from my own efforts. Yet each and everytime I have tried to do that I have failed miserably and I realize that I do not have the ability from within to do it on my own. Abiding in the Spirit is the only way to bear good fruit and I have learned that over and over in church and campus ministry. But honestly reading this devotional is making it hit home like never before and now I truly understand. Its something I feel I need to pray over myself everyday “Father, help me to abide in your spirit today in order to bear good fruit for you glory.”

  • Christianna

    Amen…. I have to really trust that God is the truth. The Holy Spirit will direct me…. Oh I need you lord.

  • I have struggled and fought, kicked and Lord you are always there. Guide me, I am ready to follow. Teach me, I am ready to learn. mealwaysLorsscreamed…and

  • Marie Quin

    I needed to be directed to the Lord and focus more on hihim! Him

  • I’m a shameful sinner who has needed to redirect my focus to the lord. Please God, forgive me for not always focusing on you and give me a clean heart to start this next 12 day series.

  • Shelly Barnes

    This is my first She Reads Truth study! I am so excited
    What God has I. Store for us !!

  • Marcia Hall

    As a college student, I have been trying to do everything alone. God is there with me through each thing I do and I don’t have to pretend anymore. I am a sinner but he takes my brokenness aside and makes me beautiful!

  • Marcia Hall

    It’s amazing how God breaks us down to build us up. AsAs a college student, I

  • I love the metaphor of the hair stylist. Of course we should completely trust the one who knows all things. Help me to bear your fruit Amazing God.

  • Not my good, but Yours, Lord.

  • Lashon Blackwell

    I’m reading this at a hard time in life
    I think it’s just what I needed to hear
    I think it’s

  • Adryna Roberson

    I need to get back on track with you Lord. Guide me through.

  • Shanyl G.

    Praying and striving to bear at times this God given fruit

  • There is so much freedom in letting go of the control.

  • Manimore Makri

    Love it… ♡

  • I’m hoping this study will take me deeper and reconnect me to the Holy Spirit within me!

  • Lately I have felt as though my life is just monotonous and I’m just existing it living

  • Christiane

    It’s a pleasure to find such raotlnaiity in an answer. Welcome to the debate.

  • Passionsmosaic

    Amen! Lord I’m ready!! Strip and be d me for Your will!!!

  • Destinique Brown

    I am very grateful for this study. Everything mentioned about creating our own fruit with our best efforts describes my life right now. I thank God that it was pointed out so clearly, so now He’ll correct it. It’s a peace conclusion! I’m excited for the rest to come! Thank you for the anointed plan!

  • I am new to this but I’m ready to learn

  • Hey guys in new to this but I am very interested ilearning

  • D by His own authority.” It just reminds me that it’s not my business to question and that he is in control.

    • Imaservant

      Sweetheart it’s okay to question just be content and follow His answer

  • I loved the part that said “it is not for us to know the t imestimes or seasons that God has fixe

  • Rhonda Preston

    My constant prayer…that I will love the Lord and trust Him enough to rest in Him, walk with Him, listen for His voice over the noise of the world. That calm, resting in Him takes us to a beautiful place. Eyes on the Savior. He is in charge of dealing with the world, the flesh and the devil. Thank you, Lord.

  • Great reminder that I don’t know best! God who is all loving and all good knows best.
    How utterly relieving!!

  • Steviemarie

    I finally downloaded the app and this plan called out to me immediately! I am so excited to see how God moves while reading this. Every day and every message is a new adventure.

  • This is a beautiful message. I think we should all take more comfort in knowing the Holy Spirit is so close to us.

  • Lindsay Schiller

    I’m starting this study today and I’m excited! I’ve heard of SheReadsTruth in the past, but God lead me to this site today after church. I can’t wait to learn more of the fruits of the Spirit. He is good and only through Christ can I bear fruit.
    Oh and repenting of the bad fruit will be tough, but I need to be pruned.

  • allisonhedgepeth

    Thank you!

  • Amy Gillett

    Beautifully put.

  • Yes!!

  • We can’t go through life without God it’s impossible

  • Quick question- does anyone know of a good teen devo that can be listened through your phone?

  • Samantha

    We can not do this life on our own ! I am learning that I can not govern my own life ! Even if I wanted to id only be hurting my self and others this world does and will not offer any growth or value to who God wants me to be.! I’m excited to be spiritually fed by this devotional and I’m very happy to see others sharing their words of wisdom !

  • Olivia Baker

    God is so good!

  • Chelsea Swecker

    How wrong I am for the many times I’ve thought my greatest efforts would produce the fruit of the spirit. Abiding in Him, spending time with Christ, being alone with Him….that’s what produces the fruit of the spirit.

    • Erica

      I think this is what hit me the hardest today. I am so quick to realize my great efforts and believe it is me who accomplished them. Resting in Christ in His spirit are the only ways I can produce goodness. It is NOT from me. I am looking forward to growing into the holy spirit more through this study!

  • Brittany

    As our flesh alone our fruits, even if “good,” can’t compare to those produced through Christ. Fruit of the Spirit not ‘fruit of the Christian.’ I think this is another prime example of how important it is to die daily, not just have the Holy Ghost but to be in the Holy Ghost, constantly.

  • Karinna Victoria

    read this on the perfect day.
    “Trying to commandeer a process I don’t fully understand would not only be silly, it would have unfortunate and unsightly consequences.”

    so much needed in the situation I’m in now.

  • I now see studying the fruit of the Spirit in a different light- we must abide in Him and He will produce the good spirit in us.

  • Laura Roberts

    “…Let’s lay down the fruit we’ve tried to produce with good intention, self improvement and striving, and let’s see God as the source of everything good. May we hide and abide in the perfect life and love of Christ.”
    As a social worker, these past few weeks have broken me down so much as my caseload grows and I never seem to catch up. It’s my prayer today that I am able to throw off all of my efforts at let the Holy Spirit lead me and strengthen me beyond my own understanding and willpower. Christ is my source and He can do immeasurable more than I could ask or imagine. Truly thankful for this word this morning!

    • Traci

      Hi, Laura. I, too, am a social worker, and I completely understand your feeling overwhelmed with a large caseload. I am praying that God with give you wisdom with your clients. I have to trust in Him each time I go to work. I literally imagine myself holding my hand out to Him and trusting that He will take hold of me and grant me the right words to say to people who are often broken and in need of the healing that only Christ can bring. May you and your work be blessed with all the He offers!

  • Lord, please do the work in my heart and life that I cannot do myself. I attempt to change and grow through my own effort and I cannot. I need You so desperately to work in me. Thank you! In Your Name. Amen.

  • Making a conscious effort o relinquish control and give God the reins!

  • Kimberly Craddock

    Excited to start this bible study!!

  • Shelbs_lord

    I have never thought of it this way! Needed this today so badly

  • Holy Spirit I need you in every aspect of my life. To see, to hear, to feel, to walk and to know all truth. God the Father himself is allowing us to share in a part of His divine nature by allowing His Holy Spirit to transit and impact these nine divine qualities right up into our soul and personality!!

  • love this!!!!

  • Amen!!

  • 38 And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. This truly spoke to me! I have not repented, I ask God to help with with forgiveness but I have truly not repented myself. Omg! Duh! Now, after repenting for my own bad thoughts and feelings, I can truly find forgiveness through the Holy Spirit! Praise!

  • I’m so thankful for this study so far! I will truly repent and make up my mind to go in a different direction. My goodness only comes from Him and I’ve been trying to do it on my own. Our Father is covered in grace and mercy, and continues to walk with us even when we fall. What a great God!

  • Bayleigh Carlisle

    excited for this study!

  • RebeccaGift

    That passage really kicks your butt, doesn’t it? Sometimes you don’t even realize that you’re trying so hard to be everything God wants you to be, that you forget you need the Holy Spirit to do it.

  • It’s truly awesome that God calls us individually to something in a study and that everyone’s comments are the encouragement and confirmation that He points to in fellowship.
    I had to read the part in the commentary about repenting of our own accomplishment and attempts to produce the fruit on our own three times to fully digest what is at hand. Striving within our own painstaking movements to capture the fruit is in the way of staying present with the Spirit and allowing it to move through us to produce fruit in us. When we surrender, and the fruit comes, the Spirit is displayed in our own awe and radiates for the world to take in- and those around us do not see us but Him!

  • Lauren Richards

    I just wrote in my prayer journal today about the fruits of the Spirit and then I get on here to find a new plan and I see fruits of the spirit! Coincidence? I think not I take that as a sign from God that this is what I need to reading about right now❤️

  • Morgan Allen

    The past couple weeks I’ve been striving to create my own goodness, and here I have stumbled across this new app and devotional. God’s timing is always perfect. He is so faithful.

  • BlessedandFavored

    I’m excited that this study is exactly what I need at this time.. God is always right on time!

  • Yay!! I am excited to dig deeper into the fruit of the spirit!

  • ALexis Shawan

    New to the app & loved this post. the metaphor was perfect

  • I get married in 14 days and I’m excited to mediate on the Fruits of the Spirit here.

  • This post completely spoke to me. It’s clear to me at this moment that God is trying to get a message through to me: stop and trust in me. I’ve read three different devotionals today and they all had the exact same message. Coincidence? I don’t think so. God is so amazing and is speaking to us through this devotional! Can’t wait to see what else he wants me to hear in the next twelve days! Gives me goosebumps!

  • Wow wow wow. That John reading was a balm to my soul. It felt like a love letter.

  • Erika Romero

    Giving up my independence has been a personal challenge. This devotional reminds me that I must seek God earnestly and with an open heart so that he may plant seeds in me that will grow fruits of the spirit. I yearn for understanding and am finally allowing God to work in me.

  • Kameryn Johnson

    This will be my first time experiencing SheReadsTruth and I love it so far! Can’t wait to see what God has to show me in these next 12 days!

    • Gussie Gaston

      Kameryn, same with me! I just got back from a youth retreat, and the guest speaker there was so inspiring and I came back home with this mission to get as close to God as I possibly can, because sometimes I feel like I’m not close at all. I’m so glad I found this app and a place for girls and women to learn more about Christ and how to share his amazing word. Can’t wait for these next twelve days xD

    • SheReadsTruth

      Welcome, Kameryn! So glad you are here!


  • Mckayla Tomlinson

    I never really sat there and broke down the fruit of the spirit, it was always just something I memorized in Sunday school. I’m excited for this reading plan :) I’m new to this devotional and I already love it!

  • Nikki Falvey

    I have read through this main passage before and tried to do a study on my own of the Fruits of the Spirit, but it is so much more helpful to have a community with which I can corporately study! While we are called to “abide” in the Spirit and allow Him to produce fruit within us, I don’t think that means we are just to be on neutral. “Abide” doesn’t necessarily imply inactivity. It seems to me that an important aspect of abiding is listening. As I go through my days this coming week I will try to still my own inner voice and listen to that of the Spirit. I pray that I hear His promptings and obey them. That is how the Spirit produces fruit within us. When we let Him drive, we become the vessel for His good works. All glory to God!

  • Lauren Snedden

    Reading through the fleshly ways we act without the Spirit is so convicting. Praying the Spirit will rise up in me and help me not do what my flesh would have me do. Less of me and more of Him.

  • mrshannahpeters

    So fitting. I have been thinking through so many of these points the past few days. I've been trying to do everything alone and "make my works good." I know that my works won't get me to Heaven, but I've been relying on myself instead of turning to the Holy Spirit to help me. I need to trust in the One who loves us perfectly. Praying to relinquish control this week.

  • Kristin Cherie

    Praying for a dramatic spiritual transformation in my daughter as she enters her senior year in HS. Jesus, send your Spirit to her that she may open her heart to know you fully as her counselor and helper. May she accept you Spirit and transform her life to live holy & wholly for you. In your name of Jesus I ask this!

  • Sally Mitzner

    Living with a toddler helps me to realize I need the Holy Spirit in every aspect of my life. I need to know and learn to embrace these teachings so I can pass them on to our son and his friends! Little ones hearts can impress such an eagerness to drive ourselves into being a better Christian, therefore a better parent.

  • Shawn Marie

    Not only can I not achieve goodness on my own, but I also cannot stop sinning on my own. Praise Jesus for such a gift of the Holy Spirit who reminds my of truth when my fleshly mind persists in forgetting.

  • Ellen Ashton

    I love reading this passage and seeing it in a totally different light then before.

  • Dianna Link

    This was powerful. I need to let go and trust more. I try to take things into my own hands too much. Let go and let God, right?

  • How true that it is not of our own striving that will “squeeze out” any fruit. Nor our efforts of self improvement. I can often approach God in that good-intentioned mindset to self improve, but that idea is still grounded in myself. Praise God that only by His efforts and His work in us that His glory is displayed.
    Repenting of this to allow the Holy Spirit to do His work.

  • The thought that God sent someone to be so close to us but he’s actually inside us spiritually it’s just so amazing to me. He’s always there and he tells you the difference between right and wrong, and that is a beautiful thing.

  • I love this devotional… And I’m struggling with what “letting the Spirit produce fruit” looks like. I want to fruit and now I just have to “abide” and let the spirit produce it? This is interesting to me and a challenge to sit back and abide. What does abiding look like? ❤️

    • Lynne Max

      I’ve been wanting that answer too. I’m more of the type that likes to be intentional and in control but I keep getting this message about “allowing God” to take control and the spirit to develop the things I want my life and character to be. Interestingly I’ve been trying to test this out with my health and diet; and one of the fruits of the spirits is self control. So am I to sit back and trust and allow the spirit to teach me self control or is it something I develop/master through discipline?

  • Charl Young

    Started following ShereadsTruth on Instagram and then saw there was an app. I was exploring and tried the 1st day of Fruits of the Spirit. Love it.

    Lord, help me to give You your Glory. It is all to you I owe everything I have a receive throughout the day. Glory to God! Be with me when jealousy and temptation are near and give me the strength to stay close to Your Grace. Amen

  • DaisydarlingRN

    What an amazing reminder that even though we may bear bad fruit we are called to greater things! Lord, help me be a vessel for the fruits of the spirit..mold me and guide me and make your will known to me. Amen.

  • Lord, may I seek to be as near to your Spirit as you are to me. May I truly walk by the Spirit, shedding my own desires to go my own way and to make rotten fruit on my own. Help me to listen to the Spirit over flesh and to bring you glory. Amen.

  • I needed this today! Thanks

  • Day 1. A blessing to be part of this group with amazing women all seeking the same purpose! Believing for transformation through this study, encouragement from sisters in Christ and the ability to fully surrender ! God Bless each and everyone of you ladies !!

  • Hannah B.

    Day 1 was a true eye opener to me. My husband and I just welcomed our baby girl Emmalene into the world last week. I find myself pushing everyone away not wanting others (especially those I am not fond of) holding her or being a part of her life. I know this is a battle I can no longer face alone.

  • Recently I haven’t been able to hear the Spirit. I’ve been experiencing so much anxiety about how the Lord wants me to go further in my relationship with my boyfriend and if God wants us to be together. Everyone around us says that they think God is calling us together but my anxiety won’t let me believe it. We recently broke up because I thought I would give my relationship to God with open hands and I still feel just as anxious as before as well as alone in trying to handle my confusion. I’m so lost and confused and each time I cry out to God to show me what he has planned, I hear nothing from the Spirit. Any tips on how to hear Gods voice speaking to me amongst all of my anxiety?

    • Lisa

      I just added this app and will begin this study. I read your comment and had to reply since i am struggling with the same thing! I get desperate and so confused trying to figure it out. How are you managing it?

    • Kimberly

      I have experienced the same issues in my times of anxiety; however, I have discovers that God is usually whispering to me when I want him to yell. It is that still small voice that speaks life into Us. We have to come to a quiet still moment with God to hear this whisper. I find that it is can be a real challenge during my seasons of anxiety to calm my thoughts and prayers enough to hear a word from God. I try to make it a priority to have as much quiet time as possible, which can be a huge challenge, when I am in the midst of a storm. I pray that you will hear God speak to you about this situation; and that clear answers will come soon.

    • Kawe

      I relate to what you are going through right now! My boyfriend and I are currently going through our break up. We had a big fight this past weekend and while we still are living ‘together’ I’ve been praying to hear Gods plan for me in this next stage. I don’t know where to go or what path the Lord wants me to go down. I don’t have any tips in being able to hear or feel the Holy Spirit but know that you’re not the only one out there feeling what you’re feeling. I do know however, being on here and reading daily devotionals and continuing to pray is part of the answer. You’ll be in my prayers tonight Mikaela!

  • Great lesson! Excited to read more!

  • This is a brand new app for me and I cannot tell you how excited I am about it! I have been lost for a while and now my mind has started mentally craving bible study and The Lord. I came here for guidance and I think this is just the app to help. Thank you for offering such an amazing lifeline.

  • Kendall Hough

    This is my first time with this app and I’m already loving it! So excited to see what the Lord will do (:

  • New! First time sitting to read in months after a lot of struggle/resistance. This is good stuff–nothing like reading on obedience after weeks of avoidance :)

  • Maryllyn Zessin

    New and loving this app!

  • So encouraging today- new here to SRT and so excited and thankful for this app.

  • Ale Mostajo

    I’m new aswell

  • I’m new to SRT

  • great reading I always enjoyed reading the fruits but I want to read and study one at a time

  • Courtney

    This is my first SRT devotional and I am excited. I am always drawn to this passage regarding the fruits of the spirit because our preacher used this as the basis of our wedding ceremony. He gave us little bags to open something that would remind us of each fruit. Very happy yo have found this community.

  • Savannah

    Being in college, there are so many temptations, struggles, and constant fear of failure. I rarely ask for help with anything, let alone let someone take the burden. My prayer for this study is to get out of this “rut” and mindset that I have been in and to start this school year with a refreshed outlook. I’m so thankful for a God who loves us despite our insecurities, failures, and downfalls. So ready to dig deeper into His word and to let God carry the burdens.

    • Katie Ploscar

      Savannah- there is a song by Bethel called no longer slaves. Look it up on YouTube – it goes with this devotion perfectly and what you say your are struggling with. Gods plan for your life is greater than waking in fear of failure. That’s the enemy. Confess, repent and walk in freedom!! You are not a slave to fear. God Bless

    • Ameeil

      Artilces like this make life so much simpler.

  • JaymeJeanne

    Its interesting how easy it is to lose sight of some fruits of the Spirit. Some that I used to embody so effortlessly seem to be a battle now just to try to squeeze it in. I’m thankful that Jesus always keeps us in His sight and brings us back to wholeness whenever we ask. This study is going to be challenging but so refreshing!

  • I’m at a point in my life where there’s more change than consistency, and that is something a control freak like myself fears most. A new job, a wedding, house hunting, and a bevy of family issues make for one whopper of an overwhelming situation. For so long, I’ve told myself that if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Well, the last thing I’m going to do is choose to give it to God; He’s gracious enough to take my burdens and equip me with the right tools to handle them, and I would be foolish not to accept his offering. It’s all for Him now.

  • This. “let’s repent of every bit of goodness we’ve tried to squeeze out on our own. Let’s lay down the fruit we’ve tried to produce with good intention, self improvement and striving, and let’s see God as the source of everything good. ”

    • autumn

      This struck a chord with me too. I try to be good too often. I need God’s hand.

  • I have also tried to fix things on my own and have been stuck in a rut. I am ready to trust in God and start this journey

  • Lauren Nielsen

    I know that left to myself, I will fall and sin over and over again, but resting in His truths and with the help of the Holy Spirit which He has given me counsel and knowledge of right and wrong, I can follow after Him and live through Him and by Him. it is so encouraging to be reminded that I am not alone and have help to do what is right whenever I need.

  • 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. 24 Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. 25 Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. 26 Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.
    These verses meant much to me also. Lately I have been trying to communicate the concept of verse 25 to others and to live it myself. The reality of the power of our behavior to bring others to Faith is incredible! For me it is the greatest form of evangelism. How many doors are opened for dialogue when you portray a person ready to share your love of God and all the beauty and peace that brings to your life.
    God’s ways are truly perfect!

  • 18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
    20 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.
    23 Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.
    Even in my darkest hour, when I feel most alone, “orphaned”, I am not. To God be the glory!

  • Kayla Perez

    I recently decided to put all my trust into Gods hands again, I tried and tried for months fixing things in my life in my own ways. Digging for areas in my life that I thought needed to be changed. I was going through the same cycle repeatedly that would never work out. Finally realizing it could not be done on my own but I needed and will forever need His help. I know it will take some time for it all but I am already so excited for this read and getting started on this devotional with you all!

    • Chantel Jones

      Hey Kayla! I am with you on this journey. I’ve tried for so long to fix things and it has not worked out. So I’m giving it all to God: my life, my husband, my children, my photography business, life as a military spouse, all of it. I’m tired of dealing with things on my own and it’s eating away at my joy.

  • I’m very excited to be starting this devotional as one of many this summer preparing me for my senior year of high school. I’m excited to see what the lord has to tell me through his word about fighting off the desires of flesh and seeking after the God-pleasing fruits of the spirit!

  • A small group of high schoolers is starting this study together :) God is good, and I commonly forget that he is the source of ALL things good. I often think of how could all this crap in life be part of His plan. I think if I stopped to think of all the good He gives I wouldn’t have time to dwell on the crap. Glad to be starting this study, and for the reminder that He is good.

    • Faith Hunt

      Yay Whitney! I’m actually sooo excited to start this and discuss it with you on Wednesday!

  • Me too!

  • I’ve been going through a dry spell in my reading and this was my first day back and I am hungry. His words are life and I am already encouraged!

  • Look at all these women who have a heart to seek and find the Lord! It makes my soul sing praises to the Lord for how he has moved in us through sweet words from his servant. I pray that through these next 12 days we may dive deeper into learning about the love of Christ and how we may learn to forever call upon the Holy Spirit to guide us in our lives. May we rest in the Lord’s never-failing arms of love as carriers of his light in this world.

  • Thank you so much for creating this I can totally feel God is going to use this so thank you for being a vessel

  • My first read and first day with this community of believers!

  • What a convicting truth. So often I am trying to fulfill the list of the fruit of the spirit out of my own strength, like I can strong-arm myself into holiness. What a complete lie. The truth of His grace and His Spirit wash over my soul. It’s His strength, not mine. It’s His goodness, not mine, that makes living out these fruits possible. What an immense peace to rest in His works, not mine.

    • Morgan

      Your words touched my heart. Thank you so much for letting God speak through you!

  • what an easy yet frightening concept! to truly allow your life and your heart to be in Gods hands! I hope that reading more of this will allow me to rest comfortably in his hands and let go of my human tendency to try and control everything.

  • I have been in the lowest spot in my relationship with Christ. I have sinned and His seed has fallen on rocky ground. Oh how I want to get right with him again. I want to produce his fruit… with the help of the Holy Spirit and not of my own effort. Lord, show me how.

    • Alexis

      Prayer, time each day in His word and the knowledge that He has never left you. Our Father has been right beside you ready to catch you in His arms as soon as you fell in. Now you are there, weak and tired, give everything to Him and He will make it all good. Welcome home.

  • Shannon Maher

    I am so excited I started this devotional! In my spiritual walk as well as my every day walk through life, I find myself struggling with the different temptations of our flesh and I pray through this devotional, God will strengthen my faith and trust in him.

  • Angela McKee

    So I can’t help but pay attention to one tiny detail in the scripture on “The Fruit of the Spirit,” and that is the fact that Fruit is singular. It is an all or nothing message to me. I wonder if I will continue to nibble at the fruit or decide to devour it all for Him. I also think of the list of the man-made rotten fruit and wonder even if I don’t eat the whole thing is my nibbling any better? The clear answer to me is, No! I want to give God all of me, the best of me and let His perfect Fruit satisfy me, leaving me so full there is no room or desire for even the smallest bite of the man-made fruit. I pray for the sweetness of God’s goodness to resonate on my tongue for all to hear and the goodness to pour out of my every action for all to see. After all words w/o action is just lip service anyway. May God’s nourishment give me strength to go out and make disciples. I pray this for us all…Lord, let us consume the whole Fruit you offer. Let us fill ourselves with all of You, not us. May we be preparers of your table for You to offer up your nourishment to others. May their hearts be open and willing to eat at Your table filled with Your good fruit. Amen.

  • So glad I found this devotional. I think it’s so wonderful and I’m excited about how it will help me in the long run. I struggle with sticking with devotionals or daily readings but I pray I continue to keep my commitment with this Devo because I believe it will help me with some things I struggle with.

  • Samantha

    I’m so happy I’ve found this devotional. Since beginning a brand new chapter in my life I’ve felt extremely isolated and have been craving the nearness of a friend. What better friend than our Father who loves us. It’s been a personal conviction of mine for some time now to read my Bible more. Even after just 1 day my heart feels lighter.

  • I’m so excited to know the Holy Spirit better! I pray He grows all His fruits to full fruition in my life!

  • Love the conclusion to this devo. I’ve been wrestling lately trying to understand why my life isn’t so evident of the fruits of the spirit. Trying to understand why my behavior doesn’t reflect the fruits and what and how I can change to have those fruits be more evident. Then POW! The truth is revealed, the fruits I seek cannot be earned by even my best intentions. They must be given by the spirit by abiding in him. As a result of my commitment to Him and not anything else.

  • I’m so excited to dive into this study! I just want to surround myself with godliness and have my heart and thoughts obsessed with Him so that I can be fruitful.

  • Kasey Summers

    “The fruit of the Spirit is borne only of the Spirit. Only by abiding in Him, resting in His goodness and trusting Him to do the hard work of redemption on our behalf, can we bear fruit.” LOVE that!!! There is no way we can create our own goodness. God is the source of every thing good! He deserves the praise for true goodness. If we think that we are good, all that is is pride and pride is sin. All good in me is Christ. All the bad in me… now that’s me. Thankful to have the Holy Spirit as my Comforter, Helper, and Advocate!!!

  • What a powerful message. My body has been craving scripture. I have been getting so used to being busy that not reading my bible has become a part of me. I try and try to fill my heart with anything else to make me feel fulfilled and nothing measures up. I’m extremely excited to start this study plan because after reading this passage I finally feel what I’ve been craving-God’s presence.

    • Kerry Johnson

      Sarah, you took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you for your vulnerability it is always so encouraging to know I am not alone!

  • I’ve really been slacking on my time with God and it’s true I haven’t been giving the control over to Him and I’m ready to do that because things are so much better when He’s in control.

  • I am so eager and nervous all at the same time to better know how to abide in the Spirit and let go of my own ambitions and good intentions. I have felt so convicted about changing the way I have allowed the Spirit to lead my life.

    • Melissa

      I can relate exactly to what you said. I have felt the same way. I’m eager to start this study!!

  • I loved the opening analogy. How is it that we women are so comfortable to let another human have control of what we look like, but we are unwilling to allow the God of the Universe make us into his image? Very challenging thought for me today.

  • joannawaller

    i needed this and am so looking forward to diving into the fruit of the Spirit and living them more and more everyday.

  • I want to learn how to abide in Christ. I’m having a hard time understanding how to obtain the fruits of the spirit without worrying on being more patient, loving, good… etc. I hope to grow in my understanding of this with this study. looking forward to growth!

    • Kathryn

      Jenn, I hope and pray that the Lord brings you wisdom and understanding through the devotion of reading and studying His word. May you be blessed because of your faithfulness and may God be glorified by your devotion to Him.

  • Alma Duran

    I have recently felt an awakening in my soul to reconnect with Him after denying Him for so long. I am learning how to create a strong relationship with God and this is my first study plan. I truly hope this will open the door to a deeper connection than I have ever felt. Any advice for someone seeking God?

    • ForeverHis

      Alma, so happy to hear that your heart’s desire is to be close to the Lord!! The best way we can know God (His character, his purpose for us, His promises…) is to read His Word daily. These devotionals are a great start. As you seek Him, and His truth, He will reveal Himself to you, and your faith and closeness to Him will grow. James 4:8, “Come near to God and he will come near to you”. (NIV)

    • Kathryn

      Alma, I’m am truly excited for you and your journey in trusting God and learning to live in Him and like Him. God has given you this desire in your heart and will bless you for acting on what your faith has prompted you to do. Always be joyful and never stop praying!

  • Katy Hornaday

    Such a perfect place to begin my daily devotionals. Thank you.

  • Sarah Ball

    I love this study! God has blessed all of you!

  • Kassie Sigmon

    thanks for sharing this!

  • 23 Jesus answered him, “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.”
    This verse stuck out to me. In a world that can be so topsy turvy and unsettling many times one can feel the need for stability, familiarity, and security. That’s usually what one seeks when they are homesick. It’s a beautiful thought of our God coming to us and making His home with no matter where we are, in whatever situation He dwells with us until we go to Him.

  • I’m so thankful I was shown this devotion. God sure does love us! Each and everyone of us!

  • Kourtney Jo

    It’s amazing how things come to you right when you need them! I’ve been struggling lately with giving too much power to a family member and letting her control my happiness. I’ve been caught up in her “moods” and really am eager for her to like me. It’s made me angry, resentful and other emotions that I’m not proud of. I’m going to meditate on this message and pray for her, rather than feel negative towards her. Great message today!

    • Jenna

      I really enjoyed this today & reading your comment. I’m going through the EXACT same thing.

  • Carly Rae

    There is a freedom I sense in this study. Thankful this morning for that in the season I find myself in.

  • Courtney Welch

    This is the second time today the Fruits of the Spirit have been revealed to me. He’s trying to tell me something!

  • I was recently trying to learn about fruits of the spirit when I saw your blog… Thanks a lot she reads truth..

  • Chelsea Bills

    I needed to start afresh today. What better way that God would re-open the Fruits of the Spirit to me. Love this devotion, so happy that God led me here.

  • Sapphire

    This devotion was so meant for me today. I always ask the Holy Spirit to take things out of me that’s not of him. Lately I’ve been getting tested in some areas that’s not good about my character, like my anger. I don’t want to be quick tempered and lash out all the time. The Holy Spirit has been really dealing with me. So when I saw this devotion I knew this was God speaking because this devotion could have been about ANYTHING ELSE but it was about the fruits of the spirit and that’s what I’ve been asking for. This was amazing! God is good <3

  • I am excited as well and this is my first study plan. I love the Lord God and his word is my guide forever!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Welcome, Rain! (What a beautiful name!) So glad you are here!


  • I’m super excited for this study. I just Dl’d the app yesterday and this is my first plan!

  • Ashley Prendergast

    The hairstylist analogy was absolutely perfect!

  • lydiarose06

    I need this. I desire perfection and when I cannot attain it I fall apart. I try to live for others expectations way too often. I cannot do this on my own– Abba, Father work Your will in me. Let me give you the "scissors" and allow You to work in my life– change me. Make my heart tender to you and your Spirit.

    • Kathryn

      Beautifully written, Lydia. Praying for your journey and that the Lord’s spirit will abide in you because of your faithfulness.

  • Bethany Yates

    Please help me to lay aside my own silly fruits and works. Please keep your will first on my mind and first on my tongue all day, everyday. Amen.

  • Mrs.Walton

    My absolute favorite Bible verse.

  • Aliyah Carmichael

    Thank you Lord for loving me, & living within me. Please help me to bear much fruit in your name, & do to good works through you!

  • Such a blessing to read this today. All good in me is HIM. All good acts I do is HIM working through me by the power of the Holy Spirit. Such a great reminder that He is ALL good! Praise God.

  • Thank you so much for reminding us to lay down every bit of “goodness” we have tried to produce on our own. I am so guilty of relying on my own efforts! I want to rest and abide in Him and allow Him to work in me.


  • Christ is all and in all!! Love these words from Him!!!

  • Kasey Summers

    “Only by abiding in Him, resting in His goodness and trusting Him to do the hard work of redemption on our behalf, can we bear fruit.” Love this! I must rely on God always because He is the only true good in me! Any good in me is all Christ!!

  • I really needed this today. I’m struggling at the moment My daughter has had a breakdown and been in a psychiatric facility for the last 7 weeks. My church family hasn’t given up on me but I’ve pushed people away and tried to get through this on my own I haven’t been to church since she’s been in because I’m with her and today I’m realising I NEED CHURCH. I need GOD and I need to put HIM first. Thank you for being here to remind me of that.

    • Kasey Summers

      Praying for you Donna!!!

    • Katie

      You & your daughter are in my prayers xo

    • barbara roberson

      God is with. U where u are. Hedoesnt st in church waiting for people to t show p. He is where u are.. Is he with you?

    • Nancy Tuggle

      Praying for you & your precious daughter Donna!!! Nothing is too hard for our great God!!!

  • I needed this devotion. So thankful to have found it.

  • I needed to read this! At this time, feeling like I’ve failed God and His call on my life, thinking I’ll never be able to do or accomplish all that He is asking of me, I read this. This word embraces me back to the place of Grace that is all in Christ. I am reminded, it is Jesus that does the work! It is His Spirit that is and will be producing the good fruit and the good works in me. A weight has been lifted off of self condemnation and peace instantly took over as I read this devotional. As God told Zechariah, “Not by your own might, not by your own power but by my Spirit says the Lord.”

  • I just finished a mentoring program through my church that takes you through the baby steps of becoming a Christian and what it all really means. It’s a great program to do regardless of where you are in your walk with Christ because we can always be reminded of the basics. One of the biggest things that stuck out to me was about the fruit of the spirit. As I opened she reads truth today, I had no idea what I was looking for, just knew I wanted to start a reading plan to help keep myself in the word on a regular basis. And there it was. This reading plan meant to help learn and understand the fruit of the spirit! I am just so overwhelmed with joy and feel so incredibly blessed for this community and how God is using it in my life! Isn’t it amazing how he is always providing and working in us?! I am so excited to dive into this study :) thank you for all that you do and praise be to Jesus!!

  • Literally sat in my bed and prayed that God would re teach me how to have fruit of the spirit. This morning I opened this app for the first time in over a week and this was the study. There are no coincidences with my God. Praying this not only permeates and tattoos itself on my heart, but also for all of the ladies who read.

  • I am thankful to have found this devotion! Blown away good!! I so many times try to move ahead of God instead of waiting for him..waiting for his plan…wanting to make decisions and run ahead thinking I am to do it this way..instead of being patient and waiting in his timing…thank you Lord for the fruits of the spirit and your timing and amazing plan.

  • Alice Swearingen

    Thank you for this devotion! I often find myself trying to do the work I think God needs me to do… And become frustrated. I know better! To “hide and abide” in the perfect life of Christ is where the fruit is!

  • Jessie Grimmett

    Kayla, by Helper, Jesus is referring to the Spirit. The spirit guides us to live like Jesus. Before Christ died for us, Jesus was the teacher, the helper. But now that he has risen to heaven, our Helper is the Spirit which God has given to us. The spirit actually dwells inside of you! I think that is so neat to think about!

  • Kayla Gwyneth

    I love these lessons and have been seeking something that is more my style in trying to learn the word….I do want to know by helper/counselor in John 14:16, does that mean a person? or the word? …I would love some more insight if possible. :)

  • Anise Daniel

    This is a word I truly needed as I have been moving on my own words and acting out on a little to no faith. I love my father but I was blind to his spirit and word. This brought tons of clarity and I realize that I need to allow him to work in my life and give him the space to lead rather than creating my own agenda with God, for there is no entry in his kingdom if I do that. I loved this!

  • This is the best devotional on sanctification by faith that I have read on here!! Way to go!! Something all of us overacheiving, do gooders struggle with. In the world we are praised for our strivings and efforts and pulling ourselves up by our bootstrap. In Christ? Abiding. Resting in his goodness, none but his alone!! Every time I have the struggle where I really really have been trying to prove myself, Philippians 3, especially in the Message, causes me to rejoice! Trading my puny rags of righteousness for his solid, robust, can’t be earned or taken away righteousness!

  • Samantha Peacock

    26But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. Father thank you for this promise. You are a God that keeps his promises. You are faithful God. You are not a man that You should lie. I come before you with bold confidence in your word. Thank you for your Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Thank you that he is reminding of Jesus teachings that I can be more like him. Thank you for leading and guiding me in the way of truth. I am receptive to your voice and have a desire to be obedient and please you. Grant me the desires of my heart as I delight myself in you. In Jesus name. Amen #SheReadsTruth

  • Struck by the sentence to keep in step with the spirit.. Presumably this means we can be out of step too? How do we keep in step?

    • Shannon Siegrist

      I feel that keeping in step with the spirit is one of those simple things that are difficult to begin. First of all it reminds me of when Jesus talks about how he and his father are one. He goes on to say he only does what the father does and says what the father says. I think this is a picture of what being in step with the Spirit looks like. And it begins with the practice of hearing his voice. Simply by talking to Him and taking time to listen. I started off with just talking to Him about his word. Then that grew to talking to him about everything and learning to have this internal dialog with Him always. I hope that helps. I would recommend the book The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.

    • Mandy

      I started thinking this way too… Works of the flesh=DO! Fruit of the Spirit=BE! In Galatians 5:24 it says “and they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh…” We may have done this when we accepted Jesus as our Savior but we are reminded to “Die daily!” Galatians 2:20, Luke 9:23

  • Glory is to my Lord!

  • In Christ I'm Found

    Disgusted by how deceitful and disgusting my heart is. God is shining a light on things in my heart I don’t want to see and wish weren’t there. How complacent I have been, just thinking I am doing just fine. No, I am not. Yes, I am sinful. Lord, help me to keep holding on and trust you to change me. To not despair of what I see but to know that my hope is in you and your love for me. Your promise to transform and make me new.

    • Angela D

      I too get disgusted when I think about all the times I fail God, daily if I’m to be honest. But every time I pick myself back up and remind myself all Jesus did for us. He knew we were incapable of being sinless. I am so grateful for his grace, patience and love that he has for his children!

  • Leanette

    Lord our Father I Thank You that your Love and Grace is enough. I Thank you for sending us your very Help the Holy Spirit. I pray in your name Jesus, that you may fill my heart, our hearts with your Holy Spirit and that you may help us to wait upon you to be filled and receive your good and perfect help. May I hunger for your presence in my life, may you bless us with open ears to hear You, Open heart to love You and open mind to know You and You alone. Thank you Lord, I love you and pray this all in the name of Jesus. Amen

  • Chelsea Smith

    This is a theme that keeps reappearing for me: trying to break the cycle of living in flesh on my own and creating fruit on my own to present to God. Today is such a great reminder that both of these are a distrust in God’s love and forgiveness towards us. God wants to help us break that cycle because it’s impossible on our own; we will continually fail. & Fruit is not for presenting to God to earn favor; it’s how we live fully and love God & others well.

    Can’t wait to see what this study brings.

  • Sarah_Joy

    I've been looking forward to this study as I have been praying that God would increase the fruits of the Spirit in our girls. I pray that every night when I pray with them. Today I realized I've been leaving out FAITH of the list. What does that say other than I have a poor memory? I think that maybe it's a gentle reminder by the Spirit that I have to have faith that God has provided my goodness. Often I can get into the striving instead of trusting Jesus' finished work to cover my sin. Looking forward to this study challenging me to dig into these words I say every day.

    I have a feeling that one of the two littles are going to notice when I add to the list tonight.

  • shamekamichelle

    I am studying to become a counselor. As I am reading a book entitled, Effective Biblical Counseling, I am convicted by on of the diagrams. Crabb (1977) expresses in order to change effectively, one must change the behavior and the behavior only changes if one changes their wrong assumption/belief about the situation. I hear the Holy Spirit speak to me saying that until I change my belief about marriage, children, and family I will continue to live in sin with a "boyfriend" who does not treat me like Jesus treated the church. Once I change my belief to the correct standard God has then my behavior will modify effectively causing change in how I live my life. I have gone around this mountain with my boyfriend so many times and could not understand why I was having problems. I initial ignored what I read in the book thinking that God gave my a promise and He wouldn't lie to me. I have been trying to make the relationship and turn it into marriage for too long & I'm now realizing that it is not upon my authority to make that decision.

    • shamekamichelle

      During service yesterday, First Lady discussed the importance of Mothers living Godly lives for ourselves and children. She stated "For the single woman who is living with a man who is not legally your husband, you need to get him out of there and return to living the Godly life God has called you to live." I felt the Spirit hit me on the head as if to say, "Maybe you heard Me this time?" God has been answering your prayers; however, are you willing to be obedient? So now, as hard as this is for me, I am now seeking God's guidance in doing what He wants me to do and all things will fall into place according to His will for my life.

      • Tabitha

        Praying for you today! God will honor your obedience to him, and He will Honor His Word and promises to you! Sounds like this is a time of you leaning to trust and depend on Him more, and have faith that his plan works far better for your life than your own plan. So proud of you for doing what is difficult but what is right!

  • Lisa Chavez

    ” The fruit of the Spirit is borne only of the Spirit.” How is it that I can know this in my heart and still go about my day to day trying to produce fruit on my own? Thank you for these simple words that are such a powerful reminder that He produces the fruit in me.

  • Amen Meg. I’ve been struggling with an emotional roller coaster lately & it’s because I’ve been leaning on my own sufficiency. Tonight in my yoga class, I surrendered for the umpteenth time to God. Asking for guidance, for grace. Tonight after reading this I now lean into the Holy Spirit and ask for mercy. I can do this alone, I’m so thankful I have Christ in me.

  • Meg Gorman

    Such peace knowing the Holy Spirit lives inside me fighting for me and guiding me.

  • Fits of anger, selfish ambitions … yep that’s me. It overwhelms to think of the fruits of the spirit and how to be a “new” me but I can’t do it in and of myself! I need to lean on the Holy Spirit and relenquish all control. He is able!

  • Our sermon on Sunday was about the John passage. Our pastor spoke about how we are called to trust the Lord and allow Jesus to work in us through the Holy Spirit. We don’t have to understand everything…just trust.

  • I’ve been struggling with trying to be good enough and I just need prayers for His guidance and that I will just trust the Spirit!

    • Vanessa Matonis

      I can totally relate! Being a people-pleaser and perfectionist, I have to remind myself that it’s not people that I need to please but God. Accepting that truth is a weight off the shoulders. I am not responsible for the satisfaction of others. And know that Jesus Christ is more than satisfied with you, just as you are: an imperfect human in the flesh! He sees our hearts and loves us for what we are, not what we do. I read the other day in my devotion that Jesus can love us and hate what we do at the same time. He has no trouble keeping the two separate. Meaning, we are sinners and not everything we do pleases The Lord, but he still loves us regardless. I am so thankful for She Reads Truth and I am so excited for this series!!! God bless!

  • I’ve been struggling lately with reoccurring sins and trying to create my own goodness. I look forward to this bible study with hope that God reminds me of His true goodness.

  • Lauren Anderson

    I am the world’s worst at being independent and down right stubborn that I can do everything myself. I’ve got to learn and apply to my life that I need to rely on Jesus and give him my burdens for him to carry and share with me. I am not alone.

  • So what I have been needing to get a hold of lately!

  • I’m all new to this. I was raised Roman Catholic and now have a family of my own and I’ve found myself interested in studying the bible and finding my path. A friend recommended SRT and so far I really like it. I’m following along with my own very first tiny bible and an open mind. I’m excited to learn and improve my faith and my family.

    • Lauren Anderson

      You are amazing! I know and feel the need to learn the Bible for what it is and have its words live in my heart and soul. I will be thinking about you throughout this Bible study

    • Kaitlin

      This is awesome!! Praying for your walk with our Father, Paula! Praying you grow deeper in your love and need for Him and that your faith grows as you learn more about Him and His character!

  • I think it's important to remember that none of these passages are saying we aren't to bear fruit or accomplish things. Jesus did the works he saw the Father doing, and we are also to do the works the Father has prepared for us. We don't do them from a place of fear or a desire to perform , we do them out of love and delight.

  • Molly Faith Basnicki

    Loving this plan so far and just asking for prayer for those in my life That need this message that need to be reminded of our need for our saviour

  • Shelby McGregor

    It’s not about me, it’s not about me and what I can do. It’s about Him, it’s about
    Him and what He can do through me!

  • Samantha

    "When God lives and breathes in you (as He does and surely He did in Jesus), you are delivered from that dead life. With His Spirit living in you, your body will be as alive as Christ's!" Romans 8:11 MSG

    Amen!! Delivered from that dead life. Dead, rotten, stinking fruit that I created myself… I am delivered from that life and embraced into a new one with fresh, life-giving, healthy aromatic fruit. I want to be nothing like the list that Paul made of our self-made fruits (immorality, impurity, hate, jealousy, anger, selfishness)…those sound like the type of woman I want nothing to do with…I surely don't want that to be me. I want to be love, joy, peace, patience…all the good and perfect gifts that come from a life full of the Spirit…and not full of myself.

    This study is exciting…and life-giving. I'm excited to begin it with all of you.

  • I didn't realize 1&2 Timothy study was over when I came on and saw Fruit of the Spirit – Day 1. It was exactly what I needed, and right on time. I can't wait to dig further into this study. Very excited on where the spirit is leading me.

  • Delphinula777

    Spirit is ALIVE AND ACTIVE!!!!!

  • Reminding us of the things to not inherent the kingdom of God shows us just what the worlds is offering and why we cannot believe the lie.

  • LoveHimso

    The fruit of the Spirit is borne only of the Spirit. Only by abiding in Him, resting in His goodness and trusting Him to do the hard work of redemption on our behalf, can we bear fruit….enough said.

  • This is just what I need. From forgiveness to goodness, I have been struggling and know I need to be more trusting. I am so excited about this devotional.

  • Yes I’m psyched for this study too. Now is the time for harvest!!! And I’m thankful for sisters to labor in the Lord with. Reminded today that it’s not a striving effort to yield this fruit, rather it comes from our identity as daughters of God and keeping in step with Holy Spirit.

  • Gabrielle84

    All I've been doing lately is trying, trying, trying and becoming so disheartened and depressed. But the suffering is what draws me closer to Christ, and reminds me that I don't have to make my own good. I can let go, and let God. This post was so timely because today has been a particularly trying day and I came here looking for relief, and found it.

    • loveHimso

      So true that suffering brings us closer to the Cross. May you find peace in who He is to you…

  • Abby Dawn

    In Hebrews 11:6 it says, "And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him." We can choose the path of fervently trying to please God with good deeds or best efforts or we can choose the path of Trusting God. We see here in Hebrews, that having faith & trusting God ultimately pleases Him, therefore we must lean into Him and trust the Holy Spirit to guide our lives. I am looking forward to this series on the Fruit of the Spirit. Thank you!

  • Mona brundige

    I have been looking for a devotional like this!!!

  • Shirley Burkenpas

    Thank you for this study…..infinitely needed! To Thy Glory Lord Jesus.

  • I love how, when I take the time, the Bible proves again again it is the LIVING word. It comes alive and stirs my soul.

  • So excited for this study. Not too long ago i found myself realizing all the things that I wanted to grow in (peace, joy, kindness, patience) were fruits of the spirit and not anything I could do on my own!! And now this study! Perfect!!

  • Mandy Mox

    I’m so thrilled to be starting this study. I’m such an independent person that I often forget I’m not my own- that I’ve been bought at a precious price and everything I do should honor my God. Sometimes I get caught up in the moments of the present and I act out (not in the Spirit) and I think, I should not have acted in such a way. So I want to change, to make a lifestyle change and not try to act the best that I think is best but to do what God has called us to do and be reminded that as a follower of Christ, He has baptized us with His Spirit. I’m going to let the the Holy Spirit rule within me because it’s trusting in Christ and obeying His commandments that I will make those lifestyle changes and not of my own will.

  • let’s repent of every bit of goodness we’ve tried to squeeze out on our own. Let’s lay down the fruit we’ve tried to produce with good intention, self improvement and striving, and let’s see God as the source of everything good. May we hide and abide in the perfect life and love of Christ.

  • I feel like a failure. In pretty much everything – our home looks awful, like a tornado ran through it (sorry, not meaning to offend anyone who has real experience, this is what we say), stuff and mess everywhere…I feel I am not the mom I should be, spending time with the kids and teaching them stuff, I resent my MIL for reasons I cannot even explain, our marriage is…well, it is not bad, but I am battling hard to respect my husband, I am angry for a lot of things and I just feel distant…you know how people say their partner is their best friend? Well, if I am completely honest, I do not feel that way, and I feel I should do something and that it is a matter of my own heart but it just shows how much of a failure I am… I cannot help but feel he does not love me or feel I am important…he only remembered that it was mothers day because I mentioned it. He did buy some flowers, but how should I say it…because there was an opportunity on sunday to get out of the house? Like it is something that he should do, not that he wants to do. And do not even let me get started about my relationships and friendships, which pretty much do not exist, I feel so lonely it hurts…I feel like if I died there would not be many people who would be sad…I know there would be some, but not many. I envy everyone who says they met with their friends, that hardly happens to me, unless I initiate a meeting (which I am kind of tired of, always being the one to start and not even getting positive response).
    Today I was looking forward to having this quiet time, and when I finally sat down, the baby woke up in like 5 minutes. So nothing there, again, just like the past two weeks. I am so so so tired, with kids waking up at around 6 am or even earlier, not napping and when I finally have time in the evening it is almost time for me to go to bed too. Does God consider me so much of a failure too that He does not even care ot spend time with me?
    Sorry for this, I just have to write it somewhere…

    • PH413mama

      Sweet Lenka! I feel your burden – I know what it feels like to feel like a failure, to wonder if you're ever going to come above water…. And no sleep either makes the fog all the thicker. You will come out of this fog, though. Will you have a perfectly clean house? Maybe not now, but maybe that's not important. Will you and your husband always get along? No, but sometimes it matters more how quickly you make up than if you argue. God calls us to love him first. The reason? Because EVERYTHING else comes from this. So, if you wanted to build a relationship with Him (as if He were a friend or a lover), what would you do? What would it look like for you to build a feeling of love for Him? And then to show Him that love? Start there. See where it takes you. In the meantime, I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus that you have some peace and even a five minute break to yourself (and your coffee/tea?) this week and experience joy in that space.

    • Trisha

      Lenka, you are NOT a failure and God ALWAYS wants to spend time with you!! He says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” He rejoices over you with singing! He died on the cross and conquered sin and death for you! He has sent His Holy Spirit to be our Comforter, to be in us and with us always. Anything or anyone that tells you otherwise is from the enemy. God has a future and a hope for you. And even when we are not faithful, he remains faithful for he cannot deny himself! The promises that you find in Gods word and through these SRT studies are TRUTH. The truth will set you free. Highlight, write down, memorize, repeat these promises to yourself so that your mind is filled with the truth of how God sees you and loves you. Praying for you, my sister. May the Lord reveal himself to you today, may you know his presence, comfort, joy, peace, and love like never before. Amen.

    • Veronika

      Oh dear! That glorious “season” of babies with irregular sleeping schedules and that time in life where the babies are everything and our hubbies can tend to take the back burner of our time and affections. Our main relationship should be with Christ, then husband, then children. You might have to face the fact that there really isn’t much time for any other relationships right now- it’s just a season. Praying for you! Hang in there- you are not alone in all of these things! Sometimes i feel like i’m going to burst from tending to all my familys needs and all that needs to be done around the house…I totally feel like a failure of a Christian, but that’s where satan wants me to those thoughts…no! All we can do is keep pressing on…keep seeking Him through His word and in prayer, even if for only 2 mins…and believe in Him that He will satisfy our deepest needs xoxo

    • ️Roxanna Grimes

      Lenka your struggle is not your identity. Father God actually had the very idea of you and He delights in your person and presence whether or not you are in a struggle. His design and love and rejoicing over you is your identity and it is your vantage point. From the place of our true identity we are free to be empowered in the struggle. But if your view of the struggle does not pass through that identity with Him first it will only be white knuckling it. Be loved by Him first then you will see the struggle and other people differently. You are not alone. We all must pass through this a million times a minute.

  • Our comforter- the spirit if truth. He is our rock and deliverer. We can see that when we take a minute to notice him around us in other people who have this fruit. It’s encouraging to see his work and presence around us. Truth speaks and nothing can stand in its way.

  • I’m guilty of trying to do everything on my own. It’s the independent shell I’ve always felt I needed to protect me from people, problems, even the church at one point. I’ve always struggled with trusting God and allowing the Spirit to work in me. It’s my prayer this morning that the Lord can break through this shell and make me whole again.

    • McKenna Curlee

      I also am very independent! I’ve been let down so many times that it was my protection, but the Lord has softened my heart and allowed my reliance and dependability on Him to bring God-honoring relationships into my life. Once you rely on Him, He will take away the relationships that threaten your relationship with Him-the most important one of all! I am praying for you to heart to be opened to all of the possibilities that come from trusting God! Spirit be with Sarah today and everyday and reveal Your love and purpose to her. Bring people into her life that show how following You brings more protection that can ever come from the shell that we wrap ourselves in. Take down the fear and bring comfort so that Sarah may see You and find joy in following You daily. Amen! Be blessed by His presence today Sarah!

  • Erin Hillabrand

    Oh dear, I haven’t been focusing on abiding in Him as much as in doing life in my own strength lately. And the fruit is evident. Jealousy especially had been in my heart lately, and I’m repentant of my lack of gratitude! I’m so ready to reverse this and return to placing my life in my Saviors gentle hands, so that He fills me with His Spirit daily. I heard a teaching several weeks ago about the Holy Spirit and how one pastor was asked if he was filled with the Spirit. His reply, Yes, but I leak. Like a balloon that slowly leaks out the helium, I leak. It’s not enough to be filled once. I’m returning to abide in Him again and again, because I leak. Excited for this study!

  • Just thinking last night about studying the fruits of the spirit. Haven’t opened this app in a while until this morning and wow! Praising God for His loving kindness!

  • Amber_Ps139

    SO EXCITED for this study as it is in answer to my own frustration in striving to be better and failing miserably and then carrying guilt and condemnation to hopefully change me enough to do better next time. It is a very miserable and sin-sick way to live. In fact it’s death, not producing anything. Yesterday at church instead of trying to make myself better, I let go and let Him love me. More fruit appeared in my life yesterday than all the useless striving could do. God is so good!

  • I love how the message says it “live freely, animated and motivated by God’s Spirit”! His spirit is a gift to us, a privilege that He would live IN us! He is incompatible with selfishness and when we choose to partner with Him He helps us die to ourselves and bear good fruit. So thankful for the gift of the Holy Spirit…the spirit of truth!

  • I knew I needed this study. As I poured out my heart to God in prayer this morning, I realized I have been trying to overcome my faults and sins through my own sheer will power. And of course, I fail every day and feel worse and worse. This is not my job! My heart and its transformation belong to God, through Christ, and I cannot do the Holy Spirit's work for Him. I place myself entirely under His control, and trust that He will do the work of the Father.

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    Funny, I have a hard time not freaking out in the salon chair even though I’ve had the same hairdresser for years and she’s great. It always turns out ok, but I still stress. So, no surprise that I also struggle with anxiety and worry when it comes to trusting God. I know He is for me and works everything for good, but I still struggle. Praying that I would trust Him more. Holy Spirit, help me.

  • He does the hard work of redemption. What grace!

  • This is my second study with SRT, and I am already so looking forward to the days ahead in this study.The Fruits of the Spirit is one of my favorite passages in the Bible!! I think it reflects God's own character, while showing us the characteristics that He wants us to reflect to the world. As a new wife (our 1 year anniversary is on May 24th!!), I am always trying to be better and do better for my husband. But I need to start with my relationship with Jesus Christ first.

    • Kelly_Smith

      Claire, you are so right! We tend to put the pressure on our husbands to do what only God can do in our hearts. And happy anniversary!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Claire! So glad you are joining us for this study! It is such a joy to have you in our community!


  • This was so needed. I’m glad I found this. I just prayed that God would remove anything unlike Him and unpure from me- I want to be better but after reading this I discovered that I’m not on this journey alone that Ge is right there beside me leading me and reminding me of what to do. I want to be sensitive again to His holt spirit

  • LeighAnne

    I loved this post today. And going back even farther, how incredible that the whole relationship began with HIS love, HIS initiative! He sought us, and chose us out of the world (John 15:16). There was nothing good or worthy in us, yet God loved us so much that He had a plan for our redemption even from the beginning (the fall of man). Yet He waits for us to respond to His calling us, and then promises to always be with us as we struggle to overcome our sin nature. Amazing, incomprehensible love!

    • McKenna Curlee

      Loved your point of His seeking us always and seeking us first! Amen that His love is truly an incomprehensible thing.

  • I woke up with severe anxiety this morning…but God brought me to this study. I could have fallen for the old way of trying harder to fix my problems in my own strength but God is right here, offering me the only and BEST option: if I live in the Spirit, let me KEEP IN STEP with the Spirit.

    God, HELP!! This place I’m in is bringing out a lot of my own fruit. It is awful to see what junk is coming out! Let me walk in step with the Spirit! Let me see the fruit that you bring! God forgive my stinking fruit, do the pruning that I need and let me see the fruits that bless others.

    I am overwhelmed by your mercy and grace…it is too big for me!

  • This is my first bible study with you and I am so excited! Both my daughters are doing your studies and this was a Mother's Day gift to me with the book. So thrilled that what I have taught my daughters (to love the Word of God), they are now returning to me and others! God is so good! I am thrilled to be a part of "Women in the Word!"

  • Emily Caroline

    A lot of times I am trying to accomplish "things" for His approval. This is silly. I am loved as I am, but He sent me a Helper to transform me from the inside out and help guide my path. Thank you God for sending your Helper, as I certainly need help. No matter how hard we try, we are sinners, and I am so thankful for my Savior. I can't do it all. But I can trust in Him, and walk with Him. Help me to do that, Lord.

  • It’s the, “He will teach you all things” from John 14:26 that I’m clinging to. I don’t want to be in the Word and not getting it. I’m hungry for growth in my walk. I can’t do it on my own, and when scripture gets confusing or I’m just not seeing the connection the pastor is trying to make, or I just can seem to come up with the answer to this week’s bible study question…

    I must learn to draw close to my Helper. There is a promise — He will teach me!!!

  • This is just perfect timing once again! As I sat last night talking to my husband about how much I try to be better, to improve, and yet I don’t fell I succeed or find that peace. When all I need is to breath, trust, and let go. He is making me the exact person I need to be. So excited about this study!

    • Debra

      Love your comment. That’s exactly how I feel. Also a newbe to this study. So excited!

  • lauraloewen1221

    LOVED this. What a great reminder that the good fruit doesn't come from us – our striving and achieving, but simply from the Lord.

    This is a lesson I'm still very much learning: to lean on Him and not deceive myself that I can do it all or be it all (including somehow achieve my own sanctification!). Thankful for this study.

  • MNmomma (heather)

    What a power filled study this morning. This really has met me where I am at. Thank you SRT ladies!!! I can't wait for the upcoming mornings as we gather to dive in and study His word. Blessings sisters on this Monday!

  • My God is so amazing I am locked in today….not by choice but my Heavenly Father who just know what I need and this His way of putting a halt on my business…and oh how I need this study for these coming days and so I humble myself to be disciplined….a way overdue summission….so thankful for these coming days

  • Looking forward to digging in to the Word and finding out more about the fruit of the Spirit. Can't wait to see what the Lord does!

  • Cambrea Roy

    This study is so perfect for me right now, you can hardly understand! I was so excited to see a study on the fruits of the spirit; it’s such perfect timing that I know God is guiding me. Thank you, She Knows!

  • I have been anxiously anticipating this study without really knowing why. Now I know. I have been stuck on the hampster wheel of doing my own good deeds and self serving acts for a long time. I have been very prideful of “how good” I am. However, I have felt empty and alone. Now I am realizing that I was trying to make myself be something that I am truly unable to be. I was trying to control everything. Today I am giving it all to Him and trusting Him to do the good works He wants done through me. Not out of a sense of obligation but out of a pure love for my Savior, and all for His Glory alone.

  • gracey520

    I would go a step further back, Rebecca, and say that everything starts with His love for us, which is such good news, because we don't even have to produce the love that He requires of us. We get it from Him! He is so good!

  • Everything begins with love. Love for Christ. That's why love is the first and primary fruit.

  • This is definitely something The Lord has been pressing on my heart lately. This idea of motives behind my so called good deeds and striving to earn love or to please Him. I am so thankful that the cross is, was and will always be enough. I am praying that the Holy Spirit takes over every part of me as I trust him to do good things through me for His glory alone!

  • Not my fruit of the Spirit – His. Oh, did I need this reminder! So looking forward to this study!

  • Kendall_S


    full of good intentions
    self improvement
    striving in the flesh

    what God wants:

    abide in Him
    rest in His goodness
    trust in His method of working out my redemption

    Lord, forgive me for creating my own goodness rather than trusting in Your goodness. amen

  • All too often I make faulty attempts to manufacture my own goodness. (I say “manufacture” because it’s a forced, surface goodness rather than a soul-deep satisfying goodness.) Yet as I search my heart this morning looking for the root of this intention, I am made keenly aware of my driving desire for peace. My heart craves peace. But just as I cannot beautifully create my own goodness neither can I bring about my own peace. All this brings me back to Him. He is the only giver of good things to my wandering heart. Grateful for His grace, His love, His sweet goodness and peace.

    • Shannon H

      Amen Beverly! He is the only giver of good things to my wandering heart. That resonates and points me to our Savior yet again….thank you!

      • Clare

        This is just perfect timing once again! As I sat last night talking to my husband about how much I try to be better, to improve, and yet I don’t fell I succeed or find that peace. When all I need is to breath, trust, and let go. He is making me the exact person I need to be. So excited about this study!

  • Anne Gillian

    He gives us what we needs when we need it and He directs us to the place it may be found. Thank you, Lord. I've been struggling so much these past few months. I've been on a roller coaster of highs and lows. This morning I fell on my knees and just relinquished all the Him. I'm tired of the fight and the struggle and I realize that even though I entrusted things to Him, I was still worrying about them and trying to fix. Finding this word today centers me in the sense that it speaks to the issues I have been dealing with and presents solutions. I'm feeling even more strengthened to rest in Him and His ways.

  • This will be my first attempt at bible study using SheReadsTruth. I pray I may stay focussed for the next 12 days and adopt the fruits of God's Spirit as we live in a society, world-wide, which is steeped in sinful desires.
    I'm also using this verse to keep the focus alive: "Shout for joy to the Lord all the earth" Ps100:1.

    • auntsandee

      Dear Cath,
      Stick with it !! I promise these studies and the "sisters of the comments" will be life changing!!!

    • Kelly_Smith

      Welcome, Cath! This is a great place to hang out! So glad you are here!

  • Kelly_Smith

    I read the list of flesh fruits and feel pretty good. I don't struggle with some of those outward perversions. But the inside sins–the ones no one sees– nail me to the wall. I try to keep account of my soul like I do the checkbook ledger with it's credits and debits. I want to do more good than bad, to end up in the black by the day's end. I stink of rotting pride. Why do I think that I can do the work of righteousness?

    Today is a hard read for me because of my tendency to lean on my best efforts instead of the transforming work of the Spirit. The Lord and I need to have a good heart-to-heart. Not just confession, but an apology for trying to take the work and the glory of the cross in my own hands. The next 12 days will be a time for me to transition from striving to abiding; a much-needed journey for my prideful heart.

    • Alli

      I’m so with you there Kelly!!!!

    • Shannon H

      Yes, I too am convicted…I think I’m doing pretty well…not struggling with sorcery or drunkenness, etc, but then there is the catch all phrase “and things like these” and I look at the fruit of the spirit and think…so I’m not drunk, but I am impatient, unkind, I lack self control, etc. My life is rife with self effort and trying harder to do better and produce fruit. Even though I KNOW the work is finished by Christ on the cross. “I cannot create my own goodness but must learn the art of trusting the only one who is truly good.” That SO resonated with my heart this morning!

      Praying the I and all of you beautiful ladies will lean hard into Jesus this day, that we will abide in Him, and trust in His goodness alone!

    • AmyQ

      I'm with you also! I stink of rotting pride – so well said.

    • Beverly

      "…striving to abiding…" I love this 'goal' for the study. Thanks for sharing this, Kelly!

    • Amanda


    • PH413mama

      Yes, me too!

    • Leslie

      I can totally relate… I’m always trying to fix things on my own… And looking for quick check lists. I need to come clean with God. And apologize and lean in. Thank you God for still loving me when I am so imperfect.

  • Zsamil West

    I’m so excited to read this study! I’ll have a hard time not reading ahead.

  • melindawatters

    Only by abiding in Him, resting in His goodness and trusting Him to do the hard work of redemption on our behalf, can we bear fruit.
    Reating in His goodness – this meets me where I am today, int the middle of transitioning my family from life as expatriates in West Africa to a new chapter repatriating back to the US , Washington state. This rest is everything in keeping me sane. It's the key to living the fruits when life is intnse. Thank you for these words.

    • Candacejo

      Oh Melinda! How exciting for you! I pray you have peace in this busy time ♥

    • Mindy

      Welcome back Melinda! May our PNW be a place of renewal and nourishment for you and yours! May the Holy Spirit cover you here and bear good fruit in you!

      • melindawatters

        Thank you Mindy, if only I were back in the PNW. Unfortunately I am still living out my last month in West Africa which means life is full of selling, sorting, finishing of the school year (I am a teacher), and good-byes. A month from now I hope to be basking in all that you prayed. Thank you! I love hearing from current Northwesterners!

  • Candacejo

    Naught of good that I have done….
    Nothing but the blood of Jesus!

    He's already finished the WORK, we can't be good by ourselves anyway. We need His redemptive work of Calvary applied to our lives. As Acts so clearly points out; t repentance, baptism and the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the promised Comforter, all bring about that newness of life in Christ Jesus. When we have His Name applied to our lives, covered in His blood so to speak, we are new creatures! Old things are passed away, behold, all things are new.

    Praying I will allow the Holy Spirit to guide me and allow the fruits of the Spirit to be more evident as we delve into this study.

    Blessed Monday from the island of Malta!

  • Victoria Kay

    This study is going to be so incredible. I can't wait to dig further into this topic as I get back into regular bible study. I've been neglecting regular bible study for months, and I have realized how much I need it. Thank you SRT!

  • Tina Mulkey

    Wow. This devotional is so fitting for me today. Not only did I receive a haircut with a beautiful new look that only came by trusting my hairdresser’s expert opinion, but in church this morning our pastor taught on abiding in Christ. He challenged all of us to find the ways we connect to Jesus, hear His voice and spend time in those ways…”remaining, aka abiding” in right relationship with our lover and King, Jesus. Praise the Holy Spirit for His redemptive work and the good gifts that are the fruits of the Spirit manifested in our hearts. Love it.

  • This study is going to be awesome! I’m just so excited and expectant to see what the Holy Spirit will do in our hearts! Wahoo! :) Thank you, Father, for this opportunity to come before you to learn, listen, and act on Your teachings <3

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