1&2 Timothy: Day 9

Fighting For What Matters


Today's Text: 1 Timothy 6:3-21, Ephesians 1:3-14

Text: 1 Timothy 6:3-21, Ephesians 1:3-14

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.
- 1 Timothy 6:6-7, HCSB

I was 20 when I traveled across the world for the first time on a mission trip to India. What I saw in the month I lived there changed my life forever— the poverty, the sickness, the hollow worship of false idols. I came home torn apart over how little this developing country had while, in America, our norm was choosing from 50 varieties of cereal. My heart wasn’t stirred by the desolate state of so many lost souls, it was stirred by the disparity between the material items I had and they didn’t. I couldn’t understand how sharing Jesus mattered if they would still starve to death.

Eleven years later in 2014, I traveled to Zimbabwe, Africa, on a vision trip with a child sponsorship organization. I saw up close the critical need for maternal and infant health interventions, both those accomplished and those yet to be. One in ten children in the community die before their 5th birthday. Clean births and skilled doctors are desperately needed.

I better prepared myself this time for things I might see and how I might feel when I returned home. What I didn’t prepare for was standing in the midst of a Sunday service, three churches gathered under a large tree to welcome us, everyone singing and dancing with joy. At that moment a feeling that had been with me the entire trip took firm hold of my soul: Jesus was everywhere here. Among devastating poverty, great sorrow and heartbreaking stories—Jesus was right there.

The Holy Spirit’s presence in that place was so overwhelming I began to cry.

I felt so, so sad… sad for us.

I can’t remember the last time I’d ever felt such an incredible sense of peace and hope. I nearly envied them, their love for Jesus and the way they seemed to radiate the Gospel. It seemed so simple for them. Why wasn’t it the same for me?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of needing “more” in our everyday lives. Keeping up with our neighbors, and even the strangers we follow online, leaves us looking around with discontented eyes and unhappy hearts. We are urged to do, to be, to strive for the next thing that seems to promise, “This will be it. This will be happiness.” Yet it never is. The Illustrated Bible Survey says it this way: “Thus, it is the burden of excess that humans can not handle. All that life offers eludes any sense of meaning and purpose without God.”

This passage in 1 Timothy isn’t about comparing our material blessings with someone else and feeling guilt for what we or they do or don’t have. Oh, no, the Gospel is much richer than that.

Paul is calling us to our own fight for faith. We don’t often recognize our battles in this life that offers instant gratification at every turn. We are constantly being lured away from recognizing our need for a Savior because we’ve grown comfortable with the lie that our needs can be met with earthly comforts. Our lives may look vastly different from those of our faith family around the world, but our desperation for the grace of Jesus is the same.

Friends, we must keep fighting for what matters. Like my dancing brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe, let’s turn from the false security of our comforts and “take hold of that which is truly life”—life found only in the knowledge of Jesus Christ (v19, ESV).

We have redemption in Him through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace that He lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding.
- Ephesians 1:7-8, HCSB


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  • Hi sisters, this speaks to the core of my heart! This begs me to ask the question, “Would I find satisfaction apart from Jesus?” The answer is definitely not. The money, clothes, the success, the status, it’s all part of the tempting trap of life to get as sidetracked from living real life that God intended for our enjoyment. May we take our gifts, blessings, status and use them to fight the good fight of faith!

  • Sandra Carter

    I am going to India and Nepal this summer for a year and I have heard about this strong faith. right up front in their lives. And how easy it is to talk about Jesus because the so want to know!!!!

  • This was truly amazing to read! I went on a mission trip to Belize this winter for the first time and felt exactly how she originally felt. But it was also there that I saw Jesus everywhere I looked. In the school I was at, the graffiti, the people I met. There love of God was truly inspiring and something I could not wrap my head around for some time. I could not believe that these people were so thankful to God for all they had when they barely had anything at all. Those people are truly amazing and I will never forget that experience and the children I worked with.

  • This series through Timothy has so far been humbling and has reminded me of the core truth of my faith that I’ve forgotten about this past school year. Going into the school year, I felt strong enough to tackle some specific topics that challenged what I believe and why I believe. I’m quickly realizing that these issues are definitely worth being passionate about if God puts those passions on our hearts, but my daily thoughts should be focused on remaining content in God and the beautiful gospel. I felt like I was going down a path of chasing self-righteousness and constant desire for knowledge. Thanks for this reminder.

  • Sarabeth

    Very beautiful devotion. Thank you for your words of “calling us to our own fight for faith”. It is very different than others around the globe, but still very real. God calls us to be good stewards of what he has in trusted us. I usually fail miserably, but God’s grace continues to try to teach me the lesson. Having the focus on Him instead of the daily “needs” is what is important. I need to remember this. HE is life. And in Him I have everything I need.

  • Antimony

    1 T6:7-8 “For we have brought nothing into the world, so we cannot take anything out of it either. If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content”. One thing I’m planning to do this summer is simplify. I have so much STUFF. I want to get to the point that I have basics. And I use the “extra” money on more important things. Disgusted by my constant thirst for more and newer things. Doesn’t fill the emptiness of my life anyways. Just makes it worse. Oh, it’s fun to shop and buy stuff. But then I get it home and I’m overwhelmed by guilt for spending money on more STUFF.

  • Rexshell

    Needed this!!! I’ve been doing browsing online stores a lot as if I need more clothes. My closet and dressers can nearly contain the clothes and shoes I have and there are people out there who go without shoes or with 1 pair of shoes for life and are content. Personally I pray to be content with what I have and the life I have in general. I mean it’s good to dream of a “better life”, but when that cloud your contentment with what God has currently blessed you with, it can be bad. I’m so grateful for this app and this community. The two have been wonderful vessels of blessings in the form of spiritual growth in my life since I’ve joined. Thanks for listening to me blab on ladies :)

  • I am completely blown away at this moment. I just met the Lord here today. I have been perfectly on time with each day of this study, but yesterday I fell off the wagon a bit. My plan of resolve was to double up today. Well, That was my intention sitting down this morning, but I am so overwhelmed right now with Day 9 that I can’t go on to Day 10. As I began reading the text for Day 9 the Lord immediately began reminding me about a trip to India that I made in 2012 as a 22 year old. When I read the first sentence of the devotion I could not believe my eyes. I had to pause for about 5 minutes, as a felt the Holy Spirit just sweep me up. The beautiful thing about all do this is that He has been encouraging me to follow him into a two-year journey overseas for mission work. I have had a hard time accepting this. But this morning the Lord made it clear.

  • "Our lives may look vastly different from those of our faith family around the world, but our desperation for the grace of Jesus is the same."

    And sometimes we have no idea how desperate we are. Lord, may I understand my need for You every day, so that gratitude will bubble up in response.

    Contentment usually sneaks in behind gratitude…

  • stinav96

    Father, give me fewer things and more Jesus! In Jesus' Name.

  • Such a beautiful reminder, this morning. I am 17 years old and just got back from a trip to Haiti a couple weeks ago. I had similar heart wrenching experiences. But also the inspiring joy of how truly they worship and how genuinely they love. I know I am being called to full time ministry on the mission field, which I praise God for, but it is also terrifying. So thankful for the reminder that the riches of this world will never compare to the riches of the Lord and the grace which He lavishes upon me, which will be sufficient in any circumstance, in any country, in any lifestyle. Prayers would be so appreciated as I continue to seek what He has for me.

    • Sonya C.

      Bri, are not the Haitian people lovely. My brother, Will McGinniss founder of the Hands and Feet Project serve the Haiti people daily. Haitian Christians get it. They love back with so little! It is difficult to do that in America with so much abundance and with all the distractions. Praying to keep God first today and everyday! You go girl! May God use you with MIGHT!!

  • This is so wonderful and reminds me so much of why I love missions! When I returned from my last trip to Nicaragua this is exactly how I felt. I didn't feel guilty or compare our materials, but rather I was envious of how in love with Jesus my new friends were. I want so bad to have that, but the distractions here are hard to overcome daily. I love our Jesus, I love that we each get to have a relationship with him and I love that we are all connected despite cultural differences or language barriers!

  • thekholtz

    AMEN! I remember my first trip to Juarez, Mexico and I had these exact thoughts. The family we built a home for was already so happy and thankful for what they did have, they were almost overwhelmed by such a blessing of a home too. And I remember my first reaction being that "If they are so happy with nothing, why is it that I am always so discontented with what feels like everything?"

    Even as of late, I've been making some major life adjustments. If I'm being honest, I used to be very well-known on my college campus, and not always for the best reasons. Graduating this past year and being "forgotten" by those who were still in college was really difficult for me just after graduation. I was so selfish and made sure to continue to do things that would get these people to notice me. It wasn't until about 2 months ago that I finally rejoined the SRT family and I stopped focusing on all of those shallow things and began to re-focus my life on God. And I can completely re-affirm everything said in the passages above – the riches of this earth are NOTHING. We may feel satiated and full at the time, but give it a few days and we're left yearning for more. Focusing my eyes on God I have felt nothing but full every day I have woken up. It is in these times of re-kickstarting my faith from messy times that I remember the greatness of God and why it's worth it to fight the good fight and spread his love!

  • carlybenson

    This is so challenging! At first I thought I'm fine because I don't really have an issue with wanting money etc. Then I realised that while I may not compare myself to others in terms of finances and possessions, too often I compare myself in other ways and it does leave me discontent with what I have, with what God has given me. "We are constantly being lured away from recognising our need for a Saviour because we've grown comfortable with the lie that our needs can be met with earthly comforts." For me this is not just about money. I'm challenged by Paul's advice to Timothy- run, pursue, fight, hold tightly, guard. It's all proactive. It's not just about drifting along- that's not likely to work out well- but it's about actively seeking God and pursuing godliness. I want to seek that today- "true godliness with contentment is in itself great wealth."

  • This speaks volumes to me today. How I seek the instant gratification of satisfying my feelings/needs right now, filling my self with earthly needs instead of preparing when I return home. Believing his words are true for me, fighting the good fight!

    Grace be with you!

  • Kelly Ann

    “Fight the good fight of faith”

    This is everything to me right now. I have been feeling so lost and defeated in almost every aspect of my life, including my faith. I need to remember that He has a plan for me and I need to take the leap and trust in it. As scary as it may be to make drastic changes in my life, I am doing it because I have faith and trust in God. I am trying daily to fight the good fight of faith and praying that I am on the right path.

  • Oh this post was so humbling. Just last night I had a meltdown with my husband. At the time it felt justified, we just moved to a tiny town on the opposite coast as our families. I haven’t found work and have been feeling antsy and lonely while my husband is in full time school for the military. But what it comes down to is a lack of contentment! And a lack of trust in the Lord and His plans for me. He spoke to me this morning about having a heart of gratitude even when im in a tough season. This devotion gave beautiful perspective! Especially the verse “there is great gain in godliness with contentment”. We have so much. Blessed by SRT!

    • Gema Muniz

      Hold on sister God always has a plan for us don’t ever doubt that. I myself just passed through a session of discontent, my husband and I were dealing with some financial problems and we were unhappy at the apt we were living in, since there were so many things wrong with it and the landlord refused to fix it. During this time I became pregnant and became even more unhappy, since our apt was falling apart and I could imagine having to raise our baby there. During the same time my husband was offered a job two hours away from our home town.I was devastate to think about leaving my family. We prayed on it and God guided us to make the move. we now live in a beautiful apt, I’m a stay at home mom and I love our new neighborhood. Sister it won’t take a day or a week, it might even take years but God will lead you to your Happy ever after. God bless you.

    • SusieT

      Juliet, I've been in your shoes, having moved across country for my husband's USAF service. The powerful thing I eventually learned…(and relearned…and relearned!) is that our loving Lord really has moved you and your husband so that *both* of you will benefit. God truly does have specific plans to bless you by this move, too. You likely don't see it yet, but that's OK. I think you will. And, years later, when a new assignment of duty required another move – this time to San Antonio – and with two teenagers in tow, we all four discovered that God had "arranged" things so that each and every one of us benefitted from that move, too (even though it meant our eldest daughter ended up attending three high schools in four years! Admittedly, thait seemed almost cruel at the time – but we four prayerfully decided to do what we felt God ask…and He has, of course, been entirely faithful. (Why, oh why, should that every surprise me?) So, Juliet, may this be an encouragment to you, dear Sister: our Lord has something special in store for you, too! Hugs to you!! :)

  • churchmouse

    I read these passages with the following in mind : vs. 6-8 speaks to those who are not rich = be content. You have Jesus. Vs. 9-10 speaks to those who want to get rich = be careful. You have Jesus. Vs. 17-19 speaks to those who are rich = be generous. You have Jesus.
    Whatever our economic circumstances, we have Jesus. And if we do, then we are rich. We have more than enough. We will be ok if we keep our focus on Him who is our only hope!

  • Chelsea B

    My husband and I have been praying against a spirit of poverty. Against having the mindset that we are in poverty. When a starving child suddenly has endless food at his table, he will hoard it and eat and eat and eat, fearful of never seeing such a banquet again. We have realized this is how we act with our money and possessions. When we get some extra provisions, we spend and spend, thinking we will never see an excess again. It is an eye-opening thing to figure out that what I was doing was living in fear that God would never provide again. This devotional gave me many things to pour over and pray through. The Illustrated Bible Survey version really struck me: “Thus, it is the burden of excess that humans can not handle. All that life offers eludes any sense of meaning and purpose without God.” Join me in praying against a spirit of poverty, trusting God to provide again and again all the things we need, and that the Gospel will drive us to live with contentment for what really matters- Jesus Christ.

    • jgilbertdesigns

      CHBarrett – I am praying this with you! I am SO blessed, let I live as though I am not. I'm in graduate school, and working full time at a wonderful job, and am eating 3 (or more) solid meals a day, and paying my bills on time. THAT is not struggling. I look at my closet full of clothes and think I have nothing to wear, that is not struggling. God is so good. I am praying with you against this, practicing patience, and learning to be content.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE how God directs me to certain places right when I need it!!!

    I have been feeling heavy with possessions and occupied with wants in my heart. Just one more new purse then I’ll stop spending. I “need” one more pair of shoes then I’ll make a budget. And I just continue to buy and buy searching for happiness and fulfillment through things and not God!

    I haven’t been following this study but today thought, I’ll just check today’s reading out- BAM!

    God speaks to my heart through your devotional and my consumerism focus!!!!

    Thank you SRT!

  • Sarah Martin

    I love that phrase…"desperation for the grace of Jesus." Oh let us not allow complacency in our heart or the word grace become cliche. Thank you for this today, Diana!

  • I needed this.

  • He lavishes his grace on me, how much more should I sing his praises and be about his will.

  • Shannon H

    Yes, our desperation for Jesus is the same! As is the great storehouse of rich grace that the family of believers shares and that we have to pour out to others! O Lord, give us boldness in sharing the treasure of the Gospel with those still in darkness! Candacejo, praying for God’s grace to go with you and your husband as you give your time and talents for His glory! How exciting!

  • Candacejo

    Timing is everything. I paused my blog post this morning to come here and glean. In a few hours we board a plane in Chicago for the island country of Malta in the Mediterranean. We will be there for a month teaching, training and working with the missionaries. Excited to be going overseas again, yes, admittedly a little anxious for this one with all the unrest in the world. (Malta is right above Libya…yikes!) But God. God is all in all, in control over all and with us all. No matter what comes our way we have this Hope.

    And Diana said it all, I haven't been in the third world countries, I have mostly been in Eastern European countries for our trips but God is the same! I am also always amazed at their zeal and love for God. They don't seem to take things for granted like we do, we've always had it, it will always be here…we think. In Eastern Europe so many of them have only been "free" for a short period of time. To be able to worship freely without fear of someone busting through the doors? Huge. Very huge.

    As Diana said so beautifully, "Our lives may look vastly different from those of our faith family around the world, but our desperation for the grace of Jesus is the same."

    Our desperation is the same. We need Jesus.

    I would appreciate your prayers for me and The Sweetheart that we will be a blessing and God would anoint us and give us wisdom for this journey. I will be updating on the blog while we are gone if you want to follow along. Love to you all. ♥♥♥ http://www.hopeinthehealing.com/2015/04/30/apostl

    • Valanne

      Praying for this trip, that you would lead well and soak up Jesus anew with each day in this foreign land. Blessing to you both.

    • Kendall_S

      praying for travel mercies! may God's faithfulness and protection abound!

    • Ioneem

      May your trip be filled with good things for Jesus and my prayer for you is safety in your journey. At one time you posted about your Mom's concern. So as a mom I am praying for her, that she will feel peace about your travels.. A big hug for you as you go.. Jeanine in Oregon..

    • Candacejo

      Thank you ladies! We are flying out shortly. Appreciate your prayers. ♥

    • tina

      Ah friend I hope you get this …praying for you and the Sweetheart….God go with you and may He be ever present in all you do…biggest hug to share…xxxxxxxxxx

      • Candacejo

        Dear Tina, we are on the plane ready to depart and your message popped up in my email. I am blessed to have you pray over me. Thank you so much. We go in Jesus' name! ❤️

  • KendallS

    may we all guard the deposit entrusted to us

    may we do this well

    may we be generous and ready to share

  • Boy did I need this. The right perspective. I need Him.

  • Wow I love how you totally turned that around from what I expected. I thought you were going to continue with the whole "we have a lot and they have so little" message and then I got sideswiped . . . but in a very needed way. What a great reminder. I've never been to another country but I often hear from others who have how amazing it is that in the midst of their poverty and struggles they praise Jesus so hard . . . and that we should not pity them but crave what they have and know that we too can have that same offering of worship, regardless of what material items we have or don't. Oh this was such a good reminder. Thank you for this.

  • Kelly_Smith

    I give a hearty "Amen!" to Diana's commentary today. My trip to Ghana taught me two things: 1. I am financially rich and 2. I am faith poor. It crushed my pride to see men, women, and children praising God in a wall-less, floor-less church with more enthusiasm and gratitude than I have ever seen in our multi-million dollar facilities. The prayers from their one room home were full of faith beyond anything I could manufacture from my modest house in the suburbs. Something about depending on God for your next meal brings a person into deeper intimacy with the Savior. My Ghanaian friends embodied "godliness with contentment." It wasn't until that trip that I really understood that concept. (If you ever have the opportunity to travel outside of your context, please prayerfully consider it. It is worth every minute, ever dollar, and every heartache it costs.)

  • Maybe these were supposed to be called Letters to Whitney! This word has been so good and relevant to my life. I love reading truth with you ladies!

  • So much truth in this post. The riches of this world! They have us so incredibly confused. It makes me think to some things I've been hearing recently. My eldest has determined what she feels she is made to do. She has connected in a very emotional way, and it's been progressive for years, to the very area she believes she is to study. As she has been thinking to it, my husband and I have been persistent in reminding her to go to God with it. Explaining that God created her, He knows what will fulfill her more than we ever could and if she chooses to go the route of His will for her life, she will always be ok. She's taken us seriously here and has chosen a route of study for college that I could agree her very nature is constructed for. She's thrilled and we are for her. BUT as she is asked by others what she will study, as is a regular and steadfast question for a 17 year old (I remember be exasperated by this), the response she gets, nearly every time from adults is, "You know there is no money in that?". It grieves me. My girl, nods her head and just responds politely with an affirmation, but acknowledgement that it is what she is to do and she is ok with that. Sometimes, she seems to feel the need to further explain. To share her full plan, as if kind of justifying her position. Most often, the person she is speaking with nods and moves on…..but I'm left frustrated for her.

    When we will get it? When will we see that the money isn't important? We rely too desperately on our own good works and think to our futures in our own sense of what we will have, how we will get by. Sisters, I fall to this as well, but If having financial struggles my entire life has taught me one thing; it's that we can't rely on man, we can only rely on God's steadfast mercy and grace…..HIS provision. I recently spoke with someone regards retirement. As they spoke I heard a great deal of "I", not so much, in fact, not even one, "God". This individual is a sweet and wonderful person who has worked really hard. They've earnestly saved and had opportunity to advance and grow their retirement with ease. They are ready and as I felt a trite envious, I felt more sad. I wondered about this person's reliance on Christ, the relationship with Him. I know that my "lack of" has refined my faith in a way that I believe it wouldn't be with "an abundance of". I'm thankful for that, beyond words. The same goes for any difficulty. They have all grown my dependence on God, not myself, not man, not earthly things. So as I support my girl as she moves into her life, her future, I pray that she continue to look to God. That her walk be one that is rooted in Christ and her reliance on His design of her. That she not let the naysayers, the financial focused, the worriers steal her joy, but that she shine a light in what she is to do and know with her core that because of Jesus, all will always be well. She may encounter difficulties and she may never have huge wealth, but I pray her heart will be good and her focus eternal, not earthly. I am prayerful that God shower her with supporters of her heart, her spirit, her design. That with each of us He gift us a community of folk that will encourage and grow our need for God, not our need for things. May we find peace in the simple, the less, and have contentedness in our Lord. ~ B

    • Kelly_Smith

      My kids are years from this decision, but we are trying to teach them this principle even now. My husband is adamant that they follow that thing that God has created them for, even if the money isn't there. I think he feels trapped by his career. Maybe "trapped" is not the best word; more like "distracted." He comments often how the worries of his job (one part healthcare, one part corporate) steal his focus from those things that really matter (faith, family). I see this value we want to teach them in verse 20: guard the deposit entrusted to you. That may mean a less-than-spectacular career choice. But in the end, we brought nothing, we take nothing. It sounds like your daughter is a young Timothy, and you are her Paul.

      • ~ B ~

        What a kind statement Kelly….I am still learning so much as I mother. Something I figure will not end until I am face to face with my Savior! Prayerful that any burden your husband feels is lessened. That is a painful place to be … I understand it from achieving all I had wanted career wise and realizing it wasn't at all what was FOR me….it was a tough and hard road, but God is good and it's come full circle. Prayerful it will for your family as well. ~ B

    • Candacejo

      Can so relate to this B. When my husband walked away from a successful career to go full time in the ministry he was five years away from retirement (air traffic control retires them young, lol). Our friends and family (many of them) thought we were crazy. I was apprehensive yet excited. And admittedly, down through the years it has been scary at times. BUT…just as you said, it has grown my dependence on Him. When we made good money we spent good money :) and we didn't live a lavish lifestyle by any means! My point is that as everyone has said, money isn't everything but reliance on Him IS. Your sweet daughter will be blessed by God all the days of her life. ♥

      • ~ B ~

        I love your story N! You guys made such a bold move on God's behalf! I love what you're doing and can't wait to see where this all really takes you. Continued prayers for you friend! ~ B

    • Barbara

      Wow… ~B~…

      You have so much wisdom gained through – I assume here – your 'lean' years. I, too, have encouraged my children to follow God's Will for them, not just "what would provide a good living." (While also living on a shoestring… very slim means… technically it has been years of poverty.)

      Don't have much time to write, but I wanted to tell you that your comment encouraged me so very much!!

      I will be reading it to my 21 year-old son later today. He has chosen to use the teaching gift that God gave him, and his Martial Arts talents, to become a head instructor at our local Dojang. He has been training under a godly man – a "senior Master" – for a good 6 years now, and does sometimes struggle with those same questions from 'well meaning' folks about how he will 'support a family'.

      My son has already made a great impact for and with and through Jesus Christ in this career, and he finds DAILY that God is right there, working with him.

      I run on…
      Again, thank you for your words of wisdom and insight.
      And GOD BLESS!

      • ~ B ~

        Babs, woohoo that you son has discovered his path in life. I hope that he continues to be surrounded by a supportive and loving community. What a wonderful Momma to come and care for him through this. It's such a big responsibility that God gives us. I hope there isn't a season I take it too lightly. And 21 years! I am stuck thinking that 17 has whisked their way by, what must 21 feel like?! :) ~ B

    • Mary

      Good for her! As a potter and former art major – trust in the Lord and she will be ok :)

  • My post lost again…Ah, I hate that…

    Not enough time to rewrite…So will just say Good morning to you my Sister s…May the Lord God Almighty turn His face to shine on you today in all you do and say…with love..Tina xxx

    • ~ B ~

      Oh T. I feel your pain. This has happened on occasion with me also. I will tell you that since, I have learned to copy my comment before I hit submit. I always love to see your beautiful words, to hear the truth you speak.

      I hope your day moves very well and with great ease and joy! ~ B

    • Kelly_Smith

      Come share when you have time :) Your words are welcome, dare I say, anticipated! Hope you have a great day!

  • Diana, I remember that similar feeling when I went home, some 20 years ago now, for my grandmas funeral…of JOY, as we drove through the villages and towns…I don't even believe green was part of their vocabulary, everything was brown, and yet there was a smile, a hello, a joy filled welcome at every stop…I remember thinking 'This is home'

    I have since learned, and been changed a lot, (work still in progress) , but like you have stated, Diana, these visits, these missions, change you, they give you perspective, they align your thinking to what matters, to God, and should do to us too…godly, cheery, joy- filled hearts, that are holding so tight to the Lord God, you can feel the closeness of Him…in that place…
    You know, as I was being driven, and my eyes were opened to the beauty of this place, YES even in its brownness, I saw beauty, it was an inward, upward all around beauty, of a faithful Father lavishing on and being with His children…they seemed to have nothing, and yet…Oh and yet they had EVERYTHING…
    I love the message version of verse 6-8 …'A devout life does bring wealth, ..but, it's the rich simplicity of being yourself before God…Since we entered the world penniless and am leave it penniless, if we have bread on the table and shoes on our feet, that's enough…' A hard one to swallow with all these things, trappings and temptations around us, keeping up with the Jones, has gone global…
    ..But, us my SRT Sisters, women of God: let us run for our lives from all this, let us pursue a righteous life- a life of wonder, Faith,love, steadiness, courtesy…Run hard and fast in the faith…( The message verse11-12, I inserted us in place of Timothy, and woman, instead of man).
    Lord God, open our eyes and our hearts to see and know, that You and YOU alone are our JOY, and it is in YOU that we will know what really matters…Thank you Lord God, thank you for everything…in the mighty and all I need name of Jesus I pray…Amen…

    May the Lord God Almighty turn His face to shine on you today in all you do and say….with love, Tina..xxx

    • Kelly_Smith

      Look, Tina! It showed up! It is a SRT miracle! Thank you for your cheerleading!

  • Wow! This message is so timely for me as I have been mulling over what it means and looks like to live life with an eternal perspective. I am a RN and flooded with constant reminders that we are here on earth for such a short period of time. I am 29-years-old and I want, no I NEED to spend more energy planning, preparing, and focusing on the next life…the eternal one. It’s so easy to get tangled up in situations that ultimately have little value or purpose. I recently read Lysa Terkheurst’s “The Best Yes” and I loved this quote: “Remember the decisions you make determine the schedule you keep. The schedule you keep determines the life you live. And how you live your life determines how you spend your soul.” I earnestly pray that I spend my soul honoring and serving the Lord above all else. Thank you for this encouraging message sister!!!

    • Carol

      I have been struggling too. Trying to live in the Spirit but being pulled constantly by my flesh and materialism. I don' t want them to be idols but I spend a lot of time thinking and doing all of this nonsense when I should be lemon starting the fruit of the Spirit and living in it daily!

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