The Risen Christ (new plan starts tomorrow!)


Good morning, friends! I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend, celebrating the glory and truth of the Resurrection.

We attended a Sunday morning service as a family, and my 7-year-old proudly marched to the front of the sanctuary with a line of other children to place bright yellow daisies on an upright wooden cross. A somber symbol of execution and death—the Cross—was transformed into something beautiful that day when Jesus walked out of the tomb: a sign of God’s relentless love and our merciful and full redemption.

It’s almost unfathomable, isn’t it?

The Gospel challenges everything we ever thought we knew; it operates outside the boundaries of our human comfort zones. I like the way Tim Keller defines the bottom line of the Gospel of Jesus: “We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.”

The empty grave is the assurance that our hope and our Savior are very much alive. Thanks be to God!

We’ve just wrapped up a long and rather intense 47-day study for Lent here at She Reads Truth—a time of Returning, Repenting, and Remembering. It was not an easy road but it was a rich one, and we have been unbelievably blessed to walk it alongside you. Tomorrow, we will start a new reading plan that focuses on the life of Jesus from resurrection to ascension. The empty tomb is not the end of the story—it is the beginning of all things being made new in Christ!

Our next study—The Risen Christ—begins tomorrow, April 7, here on and on the She Reads Truth appWe hope you’ll join us as we seek to be women in the Word of God, every day.

Meanwhile, keep celebrating, friends! Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed!






  • Christine

    thanks for sharing


    great post thnakyu

  • Thanks Kit!!

  • Thanks soooo much Karolayn!!

  • Need prayer. Had my first panic attack today. Seems my symptoms are getting worse. Flashbacks nightmares feelings of unease, dread, guardedness. And now my first panic attack. To explain it in short, I was at a church member’s house for a fish fry. Saw the name of his address on his mailbox. Cartwright. Which brought to my memory Carters Ferry Rd the street where I used to live.

    And then pow! Flashback. The worst one I’ve ever experienced: a feeling of unreality like part of me was still at that house of abuse. Pounding heart. Shortness of breath trembling. Like for example I noticed my hand shaking when I drank my cup of tea.

    Surprised no one noticed. And thank God for that. Got a reputation to uphold here: the strong, happy girl. The panic attack didn’t last long. Only a few minutes. Pray for me. That this doesn’t happen again. I refuse to see a doctor and go on meds.

    • Nicole

      Sending prayers for strength and peace for you. I'm coming to realize that I need to let go of or leave behind the things of my past in order to move forward to where God wants me to be. The pain and panic don't have to come with me be used I am His child and He is my father…nothing is beyond His healing hand and He has shown Himself to be loving forgiving and merciful beyond measure if I can only let go and lean in to Him. I pray this for you and I and every other woman who is striving for God from a history wrapped in His enemy. In Christ's love

    • Kelly O

      Praying for you!

    • Diane

      Angela, I am sorry to hear that you experienced your first panic attack and the pain and abuse you’ve endured. I have suffered PTSD and panic attacks and know how terrifying it can be when something triggers a painful memory and you feel as though you are right there again. My councelor had me make a list to “Inventory my losses” that was caused by my trauma. Then one painful memory at a time, speak out loud the truth that God was right there with me in that painful moment, faithful to hold me through it even if I didn’t feel Him there. There was power in releasing the memory to Him with a new perspective. Please know though that God never intended us to do this on our own strength and letting others see what you are going through and help, is a beautiful thing. God has used prayer, people, are pills (meds for a time) to help me.

    • Samantha

      Praying for Jesus, our Prince of Peace, to guard your heart and mind and protect you from this overwhelming panic (been there a couple times). Praying you feel His comfort and rest now and going forward.

  • So excited about the new study!

  • Pamela Kaczmarczyk

    Looking forward to this !!

  • churchmouse

    Yes! Looking forward to opening my Bible and studying with all of you! So great to follow up the Lenten study with The Risen Christ. She Reads Truth is such a blessing!

  • auntsandee

    Thank y'all for such a beautiful journey during Lent,
    So excited to start on our new journey tomorrow!!

  • Looking forward to this…I loved the lent study!!! Thank you!!!

  • Marilyn Kaucher

    So this study on the app has no cost?

    • HealingMatthew

      The app itself is free, but generally the plans cost $1.99. You can read for free on their site, but I like the app because the bible verses are right there for me and I don't have to open any other pages to find them. (I often read while rocking my little boy, so the less movement I'm making the better.. When I'm up early and reading, I just open my Bible)

  • Ana Brooks

    It will be my first study with you guys as well! (I went all out and purchased the study pack.) I am so excited.

  • I appreciated the study of "LENT" and look forward to The Risen Christmas daily plan.

  • Looking forward to the new study…with its challenges, tugs of the heart, and shifting of one's mind to see the truth that is Jesus Christ…

    Love you guys and thank you for the journeying together..x xxx

    See you tomorrow…xxxxx

  • I'm excited for new truths about Jesus! I love the encouragement and challenges that I find here straight from God's word!

  • Stephanie

    I’m so exited! This will be my first study with you guys. I started looking for a summer study and found your website. I can’t wait to start!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Yay, Stephanie! So glad you will be joining us!


    • Maderia

      Welcome Stephanie!

    • Samantha

      Welcome! You'll love it. The studied are superb and the community of women is pretty fantastic as well. The amount of support that you get is exactly the amount that you look for…reach out and there's always women who reach back. :)

  • Hi! where can I purchase The Risen Christ? I know you mentioned it….forgive me. I’m a scatter brained, lacking sleep Mama.

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