New Reading Plan: The Risen Christ


Hey there, friends!

I hope you all caught the happy announcement/open call we posted last night—we’ve already received tons of images and they just keep rolling in! Also, I think every one of us has shed tears of joy and awe at the faces of YOU, the Shes that Read Truth. We know you’re out there, but your faces reflect your Maker so beautifully and we hope you’ll join us in our happy summer project!

Summer fun aside, we also have a more immediate reading plan just around the corner after Easter! It always feels a little funny after Lent/Easter to turn the page on Christ’s resurrection without reading on to find out what happens next! So, it’s our SRT tradition to take a week or two following Easter Sunday to focus on reading through the Gospel accounts of what happened in that precious time between Christ’s resurrection from death and his ascension into Heaven with the Father. (Where He waits for us even now!)

Our new study is simply titled The Risen Christ, and it will begin Tuesday, April 7th and run through the 19th. Gather your people, mark your calendars, and if you’re a Study Pack lover, the Risen Christ Study Packs just went live in the shop about an hour ago, so definitely order in plenty of time for them to arrive before the plan starts!

SRT-RisenChrist-StudyBundle SRT-RisenChrist_IamWithYourAlways SRT-RisenChrist_benediction_8x10

Yes, that’s gold foil. I can’t even—it’s so pretty!


Use the code ‘RISENCHRIST’ to receive $4 off study packs through Monday, March 23th!


So excited to spend time in this portion of the Word with you all!


Grace and Peace,

Raechel and the She Reads Truth team!


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