Open Call (for photos of YOU!)


Friends! We have a super fun summer project in the works!

This summer, we’ll dedicate two months to studying the women who appear in the pages of God’s Word.

These are ordinary women whom God used for extraordinary purposes—women the Heavenly Father redeemed and used for His glory, one by one, each in His time. This 8-week reading plan will be titled, appropriately, “Women in the Word.”

As we’ve brainstormed and planned here at SRT headquarters about this summer study, we can’t help but hear “Women in the Word” and think, We want to be THAT! We think of you—women from around the country and the world who long to be “in the Word” every day — and we marvel at how reading Scripture alongside you as sisters in Christ is such a privilege. Your names and ours may not be written in the Bible, but as daughters of God and students of the Gospel, the title of “Women in the Word” can apply to all of us, too!

Which brings us back to that super fun project…

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For this 8-week summer study, we’ll create a special book called Women in the Word… featuring oh-so-beautiful YOU!

In addition to the lovely scripture art we always include in our optional study journals, we want to decorate the pages of this book with photos of you—the amazing women who make up the “Shes” of She Reads Truth! We have so many big (and fun!) dreams for this very special book, but we need your photos to bring it to life!

Here’s how this will work:

1. We’re looking for high-resolution photos of YOU—the faces of SRT!
(Photos from your mobile device will work! So go ahead & scour Instagram and your camera roll for your favorites!)

2. Each SRT gal may submit up to 5 photos. (We need lots of great photos to choose from, y’all! Please be sure you own any photos you submit!)

3. Send 1-5 full-size photos, along with your name, to [email protected] (Optional: include your city, state or country, if you’d like to share where you’re from!)

4. IMPORTANT: In order for your photos to be considered, the following statement MUST appear in the body of your email (just do a quick copy/paste, and you’re all set!) —

By emailing these photos to [email protected], I acknowledge and affirm that I am the person in the photo(s) and am over 18 years of age. I affirm that I am the copyright owner of the photo(s), and I hereby grant permission to She Reads Truth to publish my photo(s), along with my first name (and location, if submitted) in the book “Women In The Word”.

5. Deadline to submit photos is Tuesday, March 31, 2015, at midnight PST. We’re going to try to include as many photos as possible, but we have a feeling it will be impossible to squeeze them all in! Thanks for understanding and sharing and for being one of the Shes that Read Truth!

That’s it! Easy peasy, right?

Now – hear us when we say, this is NOT a beauty competition, or a clean house competition, or a fancy life competition. This is us wanting to see you in your normal, everyday life. Send us posed portraits or casual selfies, you on your porch or on a mountain, you in the office or your living room, in the streets of your city or in your backyard. We just want to see YOU! Some part of you—your face, your hands, your shoes, your ears, your smile, you far away or you close up—whatever you feel like represents YOU. (Have we emphasized the “you” enough yet? We just really like you guys!)

Sending you so much love from Tennessee, and prayers for a beautiful Spring and Summer of studying God’s Word together, side by side.

your She Reads Truth team



A Few Practical Tips!

  • Turn off artificial lighting. Let the day light you—it’s super flattering and will keep lighting consistent throughout the book!
  • Play with different angles and be creative! This should be fun!
  • Know that you are lovely just as you are! Being a “Woman in the Word” is beautiful in the sight of your Maker—never believe anything different!
  • When will the summer study begin?

  • Will we be notified beforehand if our pictures are chosen?

  • Do we need to put the name and city ON our photo, or just in the email we send?

  • Do we need to put the name and city ON our photo, or just in the email we send?

  • This is really exciting!! Even though i am not yet 18 is this still possible?

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Jen! We can currently only accept submissions from members of our community who are 18 years or older, but I hope you\’ll still join us for the study! We love having you here!


  • Can’t wait to see the finished product! God bless :)

  • Great project!

  • Regina Marie

    Are black and white photos okay?

  • Maya Kennedy

    Is this book going to be for sale? Or like an E-reader type book?

  • Sonja Cox

    I’m having trouble with the email address:

  • idaplougpahus

    What if I'm only 17 now, but I have my parents permission to submit some pictures. Can I email you then and join the project? I would really love to!

  • I really wish I didn’t have to be 18 :(

  • I’m 16. If I were to be in a photo with my mom could she submit it?

  • Is it okay to have other people in the pictures. I have some with a friend and my daughters.

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Pamela! As long as you express permission from those included in the pictures, you're welcome to submit them!


  • I’m a fourteen-year-old follower of SRT so I cannot participate in this. :( sounds neat, though.

  • What if my 17 year old friend has taken amazing photos of the awesome women in her life? She can’t truthfully copy and paste the statement and I wouldn’t want to take credit for her work…

    • shereadstruth

      Great question, Sarah! In that case, she'll need to include some language from her parent/guardian, giving us permission. We just want to do this the right way!

      By emailing these photos to [email protected], I acknowledge and affirm that I am the parent/guardian of the person in the photo(s) and am over 18 years of age. I affirm that these photo(s) are not bound by copyright, and I hereby grant permission to She Reads Truth to publish the photo(s), along with the first name (and location, if submitted) of the person(s) in the book “Women In The Word”.

  • Brilliant!

  • Are we the ones who's going to put our names and locations in the photo? or are we just going to put those info in the email?

  • What a fabulous idea! Can the pictures have others in it? I’ve just looked thru my photos & any of me all have either my kids in it with me or my sisters/friends! I might have to go & take some new ones so you can share in the Aussie sunshine!

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Kate! As long as you express permission from the others in the photo, send away!


  • Courtney Dean

    What a great way to once again just “keep it real! “

  • Elizabeth Bordeaux

    So neat!! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Thanks for letting us take part!!

  • Stephanie

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Looking forward to filling this series into my summer!!! When will Women in the Word start?

  • What an amazing, fun tribute to SRT women. I will see what I can find. :)

  • mamalacroix

    Hmm…the only photos I have of myself are the ones I was tagged in on Facebook,lol. Will have to do some digging.

  • What a fun project! I can’t wait to see the finished work!!!

  • What an awesome way to honor the women who love your ministry! Thank you!

  • Just send photos? Or do we “introduce” ourselves too?

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Katy! Send your name and location if you'd like! We're excited to receive them!


  • Alison Harden

    Can they be photos of a group of women?

  • Sylvia P

    How excited cant wair

  • Alyssa Rose

    This is such a neat idea! Love it!!

  • Rachel Nordgren

    Oh my! How exciting!

  • lizbethjoy

    YAY! I hope I sent some photos that will work well!

  • Morgan Blake

    Will photos from iPhone 5 be high res enough? LOVE this idea

  • yay cannot wait !

  • Mallory Kirk

    So awesome!!

  • Raegan Brenna Peluso

    So excited for this!! :)

  • Jenny Raymond

    What a cool project!!

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