Something Big!


Girls, we have great news!

We’ve been back and forth about how to make our big announcement (should we write a post? handwrite letters? carrier pigeons?), and we think it’s most fun if we get to tell you our news in a way that is as in-person as we can manage! So. Please watch our video below and then let’s celebrate new things together as a community!

God is at work—we knew this all along! And we are so excited to take the next step forward, knowing our job is simply to lift our heads, thank Him, and ask Him to use us for His glory.

Let’s continue to follow His leading!
Let’s continue faithfully seeking Him in His Word every day.
And let’s ask Him to make us fruit-producing vines, un-dimmable lamps and un-hideable cities on a hill!
And let’s dream BIG together now!

Lord, your Kingdom come.


  • elevator access cont

    Proximity cards, like those used in elevator access control systems, fill both the voids left by magnetic stripe cards.They contain a microchip holding encoded identity and authorization data and an antenna to transmit it at the point of entry. When the employee approaches the door, he presents his proximity card, activating and so-called wake up field that powers up the electronics in the microchip so it can send the encoded identity data to the reader via the antenna.

  • Is the survey still available? Somehow I missed this WONDERFUL ANNOUNCEMENT when it came out! Praying and expecting HUGE things from our Lord and Savior!!!

  • Sarah Ball

    God blessed all of y’all!

  • Lauren Forde
  • Mary Trenda

    God is so good! Love you ladies!

  • Enjoli Deleon

    I’m a little slow sometimes but I can’t find the survey! Did I miss it?
    Praying for you girls!! ❤️❤️

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Enjoli! The survey is closed now, but we are so thankful for your prayers and your place in our community!


  • Bruna Godoy Reis

    Hey, girls. My name is Bruna and I’m kinda new in here, but I’m loving She Reads Truth. I’m from Brazil and if there’s anything I could do for the group, even if I’m not part of it yet.. Congrats for the great news.. God bless you all
    Bruna G. Reis

  • I took the survey also and the coupon code was blank. I love She Reads Truth , thank you for your ministry to women.

    Stephanie B.

  • Hurrah! For you and Glory to God! I am relatively new to your community. I did fill out a survey. Every morning when I turn on my computer/ pick up my smart phone/ what ever, I try to turn to your devotion first to start my day. My day is off on the best possible start. But where do I spend SO much of my day and my time???? What affects my life? MY CALENDAR! I used to use the Microsoft office calendar years ago, but then the Android smart phone makes that difficult. I am not thrilled with the google calendar, it is not intuitive. I currently use COZI a LOT! It is on my laptop, on my smart phone, sending me reminders and keeping my grocery list etc. It's pretty good, easy to learn and very helpful. But if this could be a Christian product, oh my goodness, think of all of the daily reminders that could be layered with God's word.
    Whatever you do, I am sure it will be fantastic with God's grace. Sending up a prayer in thanks and for wisdom and guidance.

  • I’m excited to see what God does through this new partnership. I also didn’t get the coupon code at the end of my survey. It was just a blank page at the end.

  • Will you be publishing the results of the study? I think some type of info graphic would be really cool to visualize how women (and men) responded to some of the questions.

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Jo! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll absolutely pass it along to the rest of our team! We are so grateful for your input!


  • I’m so excited!!! Congrats on the big news! God is answering and helping us grow. So excited for our group of women. I look forward to spending time in God’s word with you ladies each day. Thank you for all you do. You’ve been such a blessing to me when I really needed it. I’ll be praying.

  • praise the Lord! So glad to hear God is blessing SRT! Excited to hear the next steps

  • Congrats! Will be praying! Just wanted to thank y'all for what you do. I'm 18 and have been in and out of church all my life..(even though I was in and out of church my whole life I knew of God but the relationship just was never there). This time last year God really had His hand on me because He kept me out of some things that could have torn my life up. This past September I felt God tugging on my heart out of the blue so I sat down and looked at my bible with absolutely no clue where to go.. I remembered seeing SRT on my Pinterest so I started with the Open Your Bible Plan.. and I just tear up thinking about it but my relationship with God has grown more in this past 6 months than it has in my whole life.. God took me from a very low place and changed my whole entire life… I can't go about my day without getting into His word. Man, I can't even put into words all He's got me through. I really don't know how I did it before without Him.

    Hebrews 4:12- For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

    • Yana

      God is good! So glad you opened your heart to Him . So glad your life is blessed by His word.

  • Awesome!

  • Omgosh!!!!! I'm so excited for y'all and us. Such wonderful news. God is working in this community of women. I would love to see a SRT jewelry line. So we can wear SRT necklaces or bracelets. Another way to share the word and spark conversations about God and salvation. Congrats!

  • Paprika Jackson

    Yay, this is so exciting!!!

  • We’re all so excited to see what God is going to do though this!

  • Rubys N Purls

    Congrats!!! So excited to see what this opportunity brings for you guys and for the readers. I have loved going through these studies wtih you guys, but I have to say the Lent devotionals have done exactly what you set out to accomplish with them in my life and it sounds like in so many others. I have been convicted in so many ways and have felt many of the same things discussed by the Lent devotional writers. Thank you! I have drawn closer to God and seen so many areas where I was struggling emotionally, spiritually, and in family relationships healed through my repentance. I'm still working though my sins but I know that God loves me and is faithful to forgive!

    Thank you again so much and I'm really excited for you and this wonderful opportunity. I will be praying for you guys!

  • This is SO exciting! I've been following along since Summer 2012 and am continuing to love this tool. Thanks ladies!

  • Hooray!!! That’s so exciting! :) this is one of the things I had thought would be a great next step for SRT (and shared about in the survey!) I can’t wait to see what will result!

  • Praise God for this partnership! God will do amazing works with SRT through Lifeway,. What a great resource to be connected with. I can't wait to see how this all unfolds and will be praying for all your sisters at SRT and the folks at Lifeway and God reveals HIS masterplan in all this.

    "Commit your works to the LORD, and your plans will be established." Proverbs 16:3 ESV

  • I am brand new to SRT. Just found y'all this week. Congrats on your big news, I am so excited to be with you for the beginning of this. Lifeway is so wonderful. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  • Jess Polhamus

    Anyone that did the survey… What was the coupon code…? My phone messed up and I didn’t get it – and I don’t want to mess up the results by taking it again! Thanks!

  • That's so exciting!!! Congrats, ladies! :)

  • Jessica Pickett

    Congratulations! Very excited for the community and really looking forward to some of our sisters’ out of the box ideas to take root!

  • I have a question, may i change the language of this app?? Please tell me how! I am Latin American & i don’t speak English at all

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Valeria! We don't currently have this feature, but thank you so much for the suggestion! We love to hear your ideas as we continue to update and improve the app!


  • milkandhoneycounseling

    such wonderful news to have a "buddy" to help share shereadstruth with more women (and maybe men!) down the road. i have been so blessed by the ease & beauty of the site since the get-go when my oldest of 3 was a baby & balancing work, motherhood, life attempting to keep Jesus as center. just finished the survey + loved the questions. very intentional. i enjoyed the process of thinking through.

  • I am VERY new to this community…less than 1 week, in fact! But I am listening to this news and celebrating with you as if I've been a part of this family for years. It is very exciting and encouraging to hear about how faithful God is when you commit your ways to Him. Thank you for sharing this great news…it has encouraged me in a way that you can't imagine. Be blessed on this new journey!

  • Liz Handel

    SO excited for you ladies!! And to be a part of it with you!! Thank you for including us and making us feel so special!

  • Can’t wait to see all Gods got in store!

  • Congrats! So excited for this next step in the great adventure!

  • I took the survey and wanted to thank you for including children in heaven. I have children here on earth, and in heaven. Also, in the responses that included such choices as Protestant and Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox which is one of the three main branches of Christianity, wasn't an option! Thanks for all you do, and congrats on your news! I've been blessed to be part of the studies this year. I loved the hymns playlist and would enjoy one with the lent hymns as well! Blessings…

  • Betty McB

    I'm also another one who doesn't know what the BIG announcement was. The captions weren't that good. Do you mind typing out the BIG announcement? Not the whole transcript

    • Nicole Renee

      They are partnering with Lifeway but there isn’t much detail on what that will look like yet. So they are asking for prayer for wisdom and guidance as things develop.

  • This is HUGE!! I am so excited for everyone involved with SRT and can’t wait to see how God uses this!! BIG ((HUGS))


  • I am so blessed by what you ladies are doing and by all that She Reads Truth is! Thank you. God has used this community to grow my faith and challenge me, and encourage me so much. I love your humble spirits, your sweet honesty, your desire to whole-heartedly be in the Word of God daily and seek His truth for our lives, and follow it. I have dear friends all over the country who are doing the SRT studies too! What an awesome sisterhood. Thank you and God bless you (and all of us!) in all of the goodness to come.

  • MNmomma (heather)

    Congratulations! Can't wait to see what the future holds!!!

  • stinav96

    Oh, wow, ladies! First, I just love seeing you "in person"! I'd love to give you both hugs! (And the other ladies I haven't seen, too…. all because you posted this sweet video!) Second, just wow! What a partnership! I'm about to go fill out the survey, but I'm excited for you all…. and for the rest of us!

  • Kaz Williamson

    Congratulations and so excited to be apart of this with you all! Please let me know if I can assist in the works! Id be honored! Praying and sending love to you all!

  • Kelly_Smith

    Congratulations, friends! Obedience brings blessing! I am thrilled to see what lies ahead for SRT!

  • Thank you SheReadsTruth! :)

  • Love this group…praise the Lord for all the beautiful things to come!

  • Hesaved83

    Hallelujah all praise, glory & honor to God! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  • I wanna be part of this team!!!!!!

  • So excited for all the new things to come!

  • I think it would be great if you have 2 different sections or studies. One for single ladies and one for married ladies, since what we struggle with and come across on a daily basis is so different.

    • shereadstruth

      Hi Yaneli! Thanks so much for your thoughtful suggestion. I hope you shared it with us in the survey (and get to enjoy the discount code! Yay!) We love having you in our community!


    • Caitlin

      I with you in this one

  • h.biersner

    Congrats! Just finished the survey and I forgot one thing! Please re-add access to older studies like 1,2,3 John! Also a HE Reads Truth would be nice for the hubby or a WE Read Truth for couples!!! Love your work – these studies are making a huge impact on my life (spiritually, emotionally, physically, and over all health!) Thank you for what you do!

    • Jenn

      I totally agree!! My husband often says that he wishes there was something like the SRT app for guys. The depth of the study in such a short amount of invested time is perfect for busy guys – especially if they have kids! Plus, the fact that it uses technology on the go is a huge attraction to the guys.

    • Trish

      I second the He reads truth idea!!! My hubby is jealous. !!! Trish in Tampa

    • shereadstruth

      Hi friend! Thank you so much for your thoughtful suggestion. We are praying for the He Reads Truth ministry and would love it if you'd join us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for SheReadsTruth

    • Abbie

      HE reads truth. What a great idea!!!!?

  • Congrats! I just started here at SRT (Lenten Study) and I love it! At night I get excited because when I wake up another devotion will be in my mailbox. Also I hope you keep it FREE, that is one reason I liked this site.

  • drshanwalks

    I am so excited!!!!!! I don't even remember how I got connected to you all, but it has been so beneficial for my life! I have added on what God has revealed to me to others and it is blessing them. I can't wait to see what the future holds, maybe even getting to meet you all in person. Continuing to pray!

  • This is SO exciting! I've been following along since Summer 2012 and am continuing to love this tool. Thanks ladies!

  • Shelia maia

    this is so great. I remember those first days of diving into the Word with ladies on Twitter, doing Soul Detox, right? :) there were just a few who followed along. I think of the song lyrics “set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain, that I can’t control. I want more of you God.” I just see a huge community of women desperately wanting MORE of God. and SRT is being used by the Lord to meet that need. not to mention the community aspect. I just love this mission and love to see what God does. blessings on you guys and the whole team!

  • wiscogurl

    I've been on the SRT wave since YouVersion! Congratulations, ladies! The future is so bright, we'll need sunshades!

  • B. Eppele

    Rachel, you are a blessing to many! It was wonderful to see you at Chris's 40th. Congrats!

  • Yay!! yay!! Yay!! Go God!! LOVE this news!! I’m so very excited to see HIS kingdom expand!! :-) Thank you for following God in what He asks of you.

  • Technical question: is there any way to make this louder? had youtube and laptop at full blast, had to hold my computer to my ear to hear y'all. Y'all are quiet and I'm hard of hearing! Lol. I put captions on to read though- congrats!

    • Darcy

      Jordan, I was right there too. The volume was awful. I had my laptop next to my ear (with all the volume controls turned WAY UP) and nada. I still don't know what the heck the "big announcement" was. :(

  • This is such good news! I am from The Netherlands and even though She Reads Truth is in English every time I'm so excited to read and study God's Word. Thank you SRT for helping me seeking Him in His Word every day. Your job must be awesome!! I thank God for helping and protecting me everday and for helping me study His Word. I will pray for you and thank Him for bringing She Reads Truth into my life so I can grow closer to Him every day!

  • Yvonne Neilson

    I love what you do already and found it hard to suggest new ideas – maybe I just don’t dream big enough! It was a joy to complete the survey :) but I did not see a coupon code at the end :(

  • Y’all have been a huge blessing in my life, and I’m so excited for this news! I’ve become a little addicted to the SRT community…. It’s not wrong if it means I’m excited about getting in the Word every day, right?? Much love to all of you.

    • shereadstruth

      Haha! Love this, Bonnie. We are so excited, too! Can't wait to see what The Lord has planned!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for SheReadsTruth

  • Jessie G

    This is awesome!! GO GOD!!!!

  • sarah mae

    SO excited for this and you all and YOUR LIGHT IS SHINING!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Congratulations ladies! You create an amazing service for those of us who are BUSY in life, but want to make time to read God's word. Thank you for making following Christ daily easy.

  • Congratulations to you ladies and everyone!!! You ladies are a great encouragement out there to really dive into his word everyday and grow closer to him. Thank you so much for this community!!! You ladies are joy to be with, God's grace has blessed you all so much.

  • Such amazing news! Congratulations to you all!!! One thing I forgot to include in my survey responses is that I LOVED the on-line, live Christmas party. :) It was a huge encouragement to me and I loved that I could sit at home, in my pajamas, and be encouraged that evening. Thanks, ladies, for all you do!

    • shereadstruth

      Sarah, the Christmas party was one of our favorites, too! It's such a joy to have you in our community! Thanks for dreaming with us, friend!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for SheReadsTruth

  • So happy for the SRT community :) congratulations and I can’t wait to see where He leads!

  • Lisa Adams

    Oh wow, love your ministry (found you on Insta) and love Lifeway! Congratulations and blessings to you!

  • Pam Blum

    Exciting news! I’m looking forward to seeing what these projects will be.

  • Y'all are just too cute! I recently found about She Reads Truth and have been reading the lent devotionals. I love your heart and passion, and the resources you provide to help ensure that women are in the Word every day. Congratulations on your big news–can't wait to see how the Lord blesses this partnership.

  • Angela Smyth

    Such exciting news!! Congratulations! This community and all the studies have been a huge help getting me back in an active relationship with God. I love being a part of a community of women who actively seek the Lord everyday. It is a huge encouragement! Thank you for all you do! And thank you Lord for this global community.

  • Kara-Kae James

    Love you guys so much!!! So amazing seeing God work through you and SRT!

  • Symone Brown


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