Esther 2015: Day 6

For Such A Time As This


Today's Text: Esther 4:1-17, Jeremiah 29:10-14, Isaiah 41:10-13

Text: Esther 4:1-17, Jeremiah 29:10-14, Isaiah 41:10-13

For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”
– Esther 4:14, ESV

 The story of Esther fascinates me. I can read it hundreds of times over and still be in complete awe of her obedience. God’s hand was so evident in the orchestration of this beautiful journey, and her silent following of God’s will was met with favor and influence. Yet, her journey came down to a single moment that could have changed the course of her story forever.

Esther had the opportunity to help save her people, and she could have easily walked away, scared of the risk she would need to take. But Mordecai saw God’s purpose in Esther’s life. In this moment—this crossroads in the book of Esther—Mordecai’s words proclaim truth, leaping off the page and stirring our hearts.

And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?
(Esther 4:14b, ESV)

Sometimes I sit and wonder how Esther felt —away from everything she knew, in a place she never could have imagined being. She was called away from her home and people to follow a path the Lord so clearly laid out for her. She could have fought her calling, refusing to admit that she was created for such a time as this.

If I’m being honest, this is so often how I respond to my own circumstances. I would rather run kicking and screaming the other way or stick up my nose, pretending not to notice that this place is exactly where He has me.

We all have different “kingdoms.” Each of us has been lead to a different destination, by a different path, journeying through unique circumstances to get where we are today. Where you are right now—where He has you in each moment—that is your kingdom. That very place is the piece of God’s Kingdom that He has entrusted to you. Whether you believe your kingdom is substantial or completely irrelevant, it is still yours and it is still His. You are still His. He has brought you here on your journey for such a time as this. .

We are like Esther in many ways, trying to make sense of what the Lord’s will is in our lives.

It is only with His strength that we make the decision to say “yes” right where He’s called us. Esther could have, without thinking twice, decided she was too scared or anxious to take her request before the King—but she said yes.

I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you.
I said, ‘You are my servant’; I have
chosen you and have not rejected you.
So do not fear, for
I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
(Isaiah 41:9,10a NIV, emphasis mine)

God chose us—we did not end up where are are on our own. Yet, we are still given a choice. Will we walk away, or will we accept the task that He has placed before us?

God gives us purpose in this very moment, in this kingdom.

Let’s seek Him—with our whole hearts—in this very place He has lead us to. With His help, let’s dare to say yes to “such a time as this.”

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
(Jeremiah 29:12-13)

What is your kingdom?


Elisabeth Steckle (or “Lis”) has been living and working in Uganda for the last year as Sole Hope’s International Coordinator. She processes her journey – the struggles and joys – on her blog, seeking to better understand Father’s heart. She loves writing, photography, and aims to always have a cup of coffee in her hand.



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  • noemi knutson

    this was wonderful and perfectly times for me. thank you so much! it touched a deep place in my Spirit .

  • Flourish Benson

    A analysis on the person of Esther, connecting the book of Isaiah 41:9-10, is a the true picture of a true believer. Who is called by the Lord must go through in the world that is filled with oppositions and challenges of life day after day. But holding tight with risk, trusting God will have victory like Jews had through Esther.

  • Amanda C.

    I would love very much to reach the author of this piece, bc there is some uncanny resemblance in this and something I’ve been given by God. I stumbled upon this now-3-year-old written piece, and I have no idea how.

  • Your kingdom come – your will be done on earth as it is in heaven .
    What God is building on in our lives is the work that He has started – each day He offers us ‘daily bread’ for our soul hunger in the journey He leads us on. Fasting and praying to hear our Lord and to take all circumstances to him is harder than brushing off the worries and trifles we face. Yet if I truly want him – I will choose Him over apathy and complacency. God help me.

    • stephanie

      Yes! That is so true! love how cousin Mordecai tells Esther that, if the thought crossed her mind, just because she is living in a palace and the queen, doesn’t change her identity as t jew. also, it really amazes me, that in the palace life, Esther had no idea the reason for the turmoil and confusion that mordecia and the nation were feeling. The eunuch had to explain that to her. Love how they enter into fasting together. The Queen in her palace along with Mordecia on the streets of the city. in those moments of weakness, the good news is that “I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” For us righteousness works its way out through faith! Faith in action sisters! love and prayers to walk in obedience today!

  • Wow just wow is all I can say after reading this. Hotrue Howtrue

  • Ellington

    Lord, please give me wisdom and strength and peace. Your will be done.Let

  • Holy moly!!!! this story/devotion is incredible!!!

  • Kiersten Nicole

    Let it sink in. God called you to the place you are right now. To this very moment, in this very spot, with these very people. God chose YOU to be here out of all his children. There is a task, a mission, a purpose for you in the place God has put you. How could you fear? Why would you hand yourself over to the anxiety and fear? God has used every events in your life to get you to this moment. God has a plan. You are here for such a time as this, and the Lord is your help. You’ve nothing to fear.

  • God is so faithful in fulfilling His promises!!!

  • I love this because you know that you’re always in God’s kingdom and He always knows the plan that you will take. We just have to ask ourselves if we’re going to follow the one He wants you to…the one that brings you closer to Him.
    Also, when Esther hesitated and then made the decision to help the Jews (saying yes to God’s plan) it reminded me A LOT about Mary, especially since we just went through the Christmas season talking about when the angel came to Mary. I just thought that was kind of cool

  • Savannah

    I have a decision to make, and it’s not that I’m afraid to say yes, it’s that this has been my dream for a long time and I want to make sure I’m listening to God and not just to my dreams. If you read this will you pray for clarity and peace in my decision making process?

    • Kat

      Praying for you.

    • Leonetta

      Hey Savannah. Praying you have peace about the decision you made. In my experience, even if I take a misstep- the Lord is the ultimate GPS and is always “rerouting” our journey. There are no missteps that the Lord won’t redeem when we move by faith and entrust our decisions to the Lord.

    • Haley

      How is everything going, Savannah? I’m hoping you for bed simd clarity in your decision!

  • Savannah

    14 For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”
    I love this – God doesn’t require us, but he wants to use us. In every trial we have to remember, there is a reason God has placed us there.

  • Karis Fogt

    This study was such a beautiful reminder that where you are NOW is your kingdom! Jesus gives each of us such a unique opportunity to love the people around us in this moment! I often think.” Well I will love better in the future or when this circumstance gets better” Jesus called us to love NOW even in our messy, tired, everyday lives! Jesus uses who we are to love and care for others! Ester did not become queen for her own glory, it was to save the Jews from their enemy. In the same way Jesus interceded for you and I and saved us from death! It’s beautiful!

  • I love Esther’s obedience and PATIENCE. She not only says yes but shows patience in her obedience. She does not rush, but rather fasts and carries out God’s purpose in HIS timing. It’s so easy to want to rush and complain “well why isn’t this happening NOW?” It’s all in God’s timing. It’s a reminder to not rush and push things towards my time frame…I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything that is part of God’s plan.

  • Just what I needed this morning. Struggling with infertility, but keeping the faith that Gods plans are much bigger than mine! His timing and this journey all have a purpose!

    • Chels

      Holy Spirit, touch K McFry’s body right now in Jesus’ name. Heal her body and make it ready to be a place for a child to grow. Thank you Papa God that you heal us and you care about our desires. Shower her with peace right now. May it guard her mind and heart in you. In Jesus’ name!!

      You are so loved!

  • I’m obsessed with the book of Esther. Something about today’s devotion is so amazing. I know His purpose for me and I will not be distracted or shaken.

  • Verse 14

  • Managed IT Services

    If I perish, I perish. When I hear his calling may this be my response!

  • WOW, I love this studu. Thank you STR!

  • Gods precious Gift❤️

    I find it so amazing that ANY and EVERY TIME I return to this App. Particularly the Study of Esther. God has the VERY message I need to hear , waiting for me. Im seeking the Kingdom God has prepared for me.

  • Grecia Ana Jimenez

    This devotion brings me a lot of hope and peace in this time of uncertainty and choice making. I am a junior in high school and am making a lot of choices in my life regarding what I want to do with my life. Knowing God is putting me where I need to be takes the fear away.

    • Megan

      I’m so happy that you’re putting a God into your decisions! I’ll be praying for you and your difficult decisions. Just remember that people may try to pull you in different directions, but God will give you peace in your heart when you are where he wants you to be.

  • Tricia Baptiste

    For I am the Lord your God
    who takes hold of your right hand
    and says to you, Do not fear;
    I will help you.

    This warms my heart.

  • WorkInProgress

    This truly hit home for me.
    “I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.” -Isaiah 41:9,10
    I am single and six months pregnant, my child’s father was my fiancé several months ago, but I brine it off due to closer BPD and severe addictions… The entire situation was beyond heart breaking, I felt like a complete and utter failure to God, this child, myself and my family.
    But through this journey, God has given me strength and faith I never knew I had to push forward and trust Him and his plan.
    I know I am full of mistakes, but reading the books of Ruth and now Esther and feeling deeply connected, reminds me that He works in amazing ways and He will provide for His obedient children… Even if we do not understand how. His love is boundless, for which I am not worthy, but so grateful.

    • Spencer

      Wow, Thanks for being so vulnerable. I am full of mistakes as well, but can look back and see how god used those mistakes for the good of his plan. I like how you put that in your comment

  • While putting our son to bed last night, we read about Esther out of his little Bible Story Book. The story was about this very moment in Esther; how she was obedient and trusted God, even though she was scared. On such a young level, this story is so useful and our obedience to God is so vital in our relationship with Him, our husbands, children, family, friends, etc. We are called to be exactly where we are – believe that! Believe that we can make a difference in the lives of others around us, whether we are living "normal, ordinary" lives, we are involved in ministry, missions, etc. God is using us now to build His kingdom and teach us more about His character, so that He can use us in others. We are simply planting seeds…God is the sower.

  • Selenafred

    Timing of this devotion is (as always) spot on. Dealing with some family issues and not sure how to handle them. All claim to be believers but it’s causing frustration and division – this Devo has literally been exactly what we have been dealing with – and I’m a fee days behind :) love God’s timing! Thank you for sharing this wisdom — loving this study. Thank you.

  • Such providential timing for me to read this. Feeling my kingdom right now is in advocating for the hearts/minds/sexual integrity of my sons and a neighbor boy who I learned exposed my boys to pornography. Praying The Lord leads me in helping these boys, and that he would restore and build in them a right and healthy understanding of their bodies and sex, and what He made them for. I believe what the enemy would use to harm them, God can use to help us arm these boys for successfully navigating our culture drenched in a twisted view of sex. I would love your prayers!

    • Hope M

      Praying that the Lord covers and delivers your family during this time, Barbara. I love your view in this situation–truly seeing it through the Lord’s eyes. Pray without ceasing, He is so faithful! ❤️

  • Hannah Acosta

    I think life would look radically different if we chose to live by this truth every day. wow.

  • I teach middle school, and a few of my students have been struggling.. Today’s reading has been a wonderful and true reminder that God put these children in my classes for a reason; I could be the only Christ that they ever see! Thank you for this devotion; the reminder was needed.

  • I just started reading through "She Reads Truth". I've been struggling emotionally and spiritually, but I actually feel joy and excited to read the next posting. I wanted to share that God has been using this to teach me deeply.. and I haven't had that in so long.. Thank you, and God Bless!

  • Regina Marie

    This devotional has me almost in tears! I have been struggling with the job I have now b/c i want move forward so bad. I know the Lord is telling not yet, and not to just settle for another job just because I’m anxious…but wait until he presents the perfect one for me. But i know see why the Lord has me there. I see how he has used me to be light to my coworkers and I see how He has a purpose for me even right now in my “kingdom”. I pray we have the same beautiful obedience as Esther, to do what our father is telling us…no matter how difficult or scary the task or season. I pray we remember He will uphold us by His right hand. Thank you Jesus.

  • Kasey Tuggle

    Wow! This is study is speaking so much truth into my life! God has entrusted me with where he has put me and i just think that is amazing!! God is sovereign! He is righteous! And he has so much love for us!

  • meetthedawn

    Esther is truly the epitome of a Godly women with such grace and obedience. Today's study tied into the topic my home group is discussing this evening: Work & Faith. Work is a point of frustration for so many of us, partly because we are asked to work alongside of non-believers, and also because it may not be exactly where we want to be. Keeping in mind every single day that He orchestrated our lives in a way that put us in the current job, He has us there for this season for such a time as this, helps us stay focused on Him. Work is just one more area of our lives where we can glorify Him and be such a light in this dark world. We are called to exhort one another & the Gospel has redeemed work in a way that it is NOT our identity and the Lord loves us so much no matter what our job title, education level, or position in the company. Such a sweet Father and so much peace in that!

  • For such a time as this, I was placed upon the earth. To hear the voice of God and do His will… I was really encouraged by today’s post. This place, these kids, my marriage, this neighborhood, the people around me – it’s not the kingdom of Susa, but it is the most important and perfect place for me, because GOD has placed me here. And goshdarnit, I want to say yes to Him and obey His call to be His light and love to this little corner of His vast and glorious Kingdom.
    #SheReadsTruth #SRTesther Day 6

  • adailydoseofhisgrace

    I'm in a very difficult season of my life to include undergoing a horrific divorce after 16 years of marriage. But this verse encouraged me today to remember that God has orchestrated my life and ordered my steps for such a time as this and he will not give up on me and my boys

    • Diane Huntsman

      I pray for you at this moment that you don’t allow your divorce to define you, because you are dearly loved by Jesus and your life has great meaning, value and purpose.. Your wounds are real and the scares you will wear are real as well, but there is still amazing plans before you and God will not waste any of your pain through all of this. He sees you, He is aware of everything you are enduring and He will never leave you nor forsake you! Pray you are encouraged in the midst of hardship today!! Ephesians 3:20 <3

    • Lisa O.

      I was right where you are 17 years ago- going through a horrendous unwanted divorce. God was with me and my 2 children during those dark days. I was so worried that my kids would be damaged emotionally and spiritually. He protected all of us and they are fine young adults now who love the Lord- my daughter is serving as a missionary in India. I clung to Jeremiah 29:11- “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.” I will be praying for you, sister in Christ.

    • Dear a daily dose of his grace,
      I recently read the story of Abigail and her marrige to Nabal. 1 Sam 25. It was a comfort to me to know that even when men make foolish decisions or can’t take care of us, God is always there with our best interests in mind.

  • I ran out of room in the spaces of my Bible today, where I write the little gems of wisdom I find here. There was so much to soak in from this reading today. Thank you SRT and to my wonderful sisters in Christ for continuing to help me grow in my faith. <3

  • Christine

    Wow what a great message today! Really spoke to me! Thanks so much!

  • "Whether you believe your kingdom is substantial or completely irrelevant, it is still yours and it is still His." Wow.

    This message just saw right through me today. He sees right through me, every day.

    When I moved away from my family, my community, my bubble 3 years ago I had no idea what was to come, but I knew I was called. I knew I would be healed here, sustained here. But it has been slow, dripping, painful. Even now days pass and I wonder if I have achieved anything meaningful, if I have helped build anything. It seems like brokenness is all around me.

    Being fatherless is such a part of my story. When my biological father chose not to be in my life upon my birth, I took in the lie that I was unwanted. When my mom married my stepdad a few years later, God began annihilating that lie in me. My stepdad was my Dad in every way that matters. He, too, adopted me.

    When he suddenly passed away a few weeks ago, I was floored by the fact that I was fatherless again at age 25. Twice in such a time? And the Father only gives good gifts? I was (I am) sliced through to my deepest fears and pains. Sackcloth and ashes on. Not only that, but here I am, still away from family, still away from community, doing hard work that feels thankless on the day to day. Dry desert here.

    Can I dare? Can I "dare to say yes to 'such a time as this'"? Can I believe that this fasting will lead to the grace of God? Can I believe this is a kingdom that matters?

    My Everlasting Father, the Author of stories unbelievable. Yes.

  • Caitlyn Richardson

    From the time I was eight years old, I felt the call from God to become a physician. I’m so passionate about medicine and science and healing people through Him. I know this is a journey He wants me to pursue in order to serve Him. As a 23 year old single mom and recent college graduate, I feel that I’m going against all odds applying to medical school. I’ve had so many nay-Sayers throughout my undergraduate education that told me I’m not good enough or smart enough. I doubt my decision often, worrying about the time it will take away from my daughter. I look at the daunting journey of medical school and residency and think to myself “how on earth will this be possible, given my circumstances?”. I’m guilty of doubting God’s plan for me. I let fear of failure stand in my way of pursuing the calling He chose for me. But I need to stop this nonsensical thinking. I will pray and allow myself to trust in Him that things will be okay and allow His plans to unfold and guide my life where He wants me to me. I’m an avid believer in purpose. God has called each and every one of us to serve Him in a special way. Are you seeking out His calling?

    • Caitlyn-
      I struggled with your same situation, although I was not a single mom at the time of pursuing higher education to work in a field that helps heal those in need. I became a Physician Assistant and was able to live my dream with little time sacrificed and I am so thankful for this path I have chosen. I realized that my dreams of becoming a doctor weren’t lost. I had put this title on a pedistal and thought I would regret it if I chose a different path. Having a career in healthcare is amazing, but remember it’s just a job. Your family and God are far more important. I’ll be praying for you and your family that God leads you down the right path and you are able to cherish every moment with your family!

      • Sonya C.

        Pam, I too am a PA! May God use you with might sister.

        • Pam

          Yay for Christian PAs and Physicians! Prayers your way Sonya for continued healing of patients and always looking to God for guidance.

    • Barbara

      God bless you Caitlin. You go girl We need Christian physicians! I hope you stay in touch and let us know the path Our God is taking you. That God only opens and shuts doors that you need to or not to go through, that you would not be confused.

      That your daughter gets the care she needs through this time.

    • Sonya C.

      In today’s reading the part about fasting, praying, and others fasting and praying really jumped out at me. So often I move on a decision and never seek his or any one else’s counsel for that matter. If you did this very thing perhaps clarity and peace will come?

  • Samantha

    It is so much easier to love "my kingdom" when the dishes are done and the laundry is folded and the kids have had baths and life is going smoothly and…and…and…

    But, it is for such a time as this, when nothing is as I want it to be, when I'm feeling unfulfilled, when uncertainty is the headline on the kingdom's newspaper…it is for THIS TIME that I am here.

    Deliverance will come. Solutions will come. But maybe, just maybe, it's supposed to come through me.
    Thank you Lord for my kingdom. Help me to tend it faithfully and remember that it is an assignment and a gift from You.

  • Beth Warner

    Once again sitting in a hospital bed reading this, I so need it!! Thank you. This IS my kingdom for now,and I know God had his hand in it all. How I want to run away sometimes “kicking and screaming”,,, but I hear him say,I’m not done yet Beth. Your prayers are not completely answered yet. Delay is not denial. Xo

  • MGuziewicz

    I was blessed equally by the open hearted comments as I was by the devotion itself. Thank you everyone for your transparency.

  • Needed this!!!

  • Antimony

    Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope”. His plan gives hope, not despair. A future, not destruction.

  • I constantly need this reminder. I often feel forgotten. it is stupid, because I have an amazing Godly husband and many blessings, but I let my discontent with my current work drag me down. I know God has me there for a reason…even though it is hard to remember. (James tells me why…the testing of my faith develops perseverance) Esther is such an amazing example of humble submission even when we don’t understand why!

  • Monique Brown

    This was amazing, and so on time.. Wow I’m speechless. Again, every time I read the book of Esther I get something new out of it.

  • This is such confirmation, yet again, that He has placed us right where we are supposed to be. Our extended family is preparing a cross-country move, & all we want to do is pack up & follow them. However, it’s not our time. It’s our time to stay where we are & work for the Kingdom.

  • Caroline

    We think it’s amazing how they obeyed and listened to God. Yet the most amazing thing is how we we have the whole story and we know the ending. Yet they didn’t, they followed God and listened to Him even without knowing the ending


    "For such a time as this."
    Todays study brings me to tears. Not tears of sadness, but of joy. To see how God has careful placed and arranged all the details of my life has been a beautiful process. There were moments of pain and struggle that I did not understand and felt that God had left me. But when I look at where I am now, I see that those trials helped me get to where I am today. God is amazing. I love the book of Esther. She pushes me to have courage. Thank you for this study.

  • I don’t know about you, but often times I look at people in the Bible and think, “Duh, of course they obeyed.” I view them as some sort of super hero with the power of obedience. What I forget is that they’re ordinary people like you and me. If they can face what they did, trust in God and obey Him then why can’t I?

  • veritas1201

    A verse that I cling to that shares a similar sentiment is from Ephesians…
    "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God
    prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." – Ephesians 2:10

  • I write letters to God in my journal app, May Diary.

    I write like this:

    The Greeting “Dear God, My Beloved Savior.”

    Then I write the body. Where I make prayer requests, read His Word, and share my heart with Him.

    Then the signature: “Amen From Your Cherished Precious Beloved Angela.”

    Feel closer to God when I write to Him.

  • The book of Esther and this study are amazing :) So much truth to meditate upon and digest I can scarcely take it all in. Thank you for doing this study!

  • I am struck by two things in this chapter:

    1) Mordechai tells Esther that relief and deliverance WILL come. God’s plan is the plan. Even if we chose disobedience, the plan doesn’t change – it will be carried out through some other means. We can obey, filling the part we have been brought to this time and place to fulfil… or we can perish.

    2) “And if I perish, I perish.” Esther chooses obedience. Knowing it could cost her everything – even her life. Am I willing to step out and risk so much in faith?


    • Sarah

      Amen sister! I would only add to your comment that our choice should be informed by the confidence that He is with us (Isaiah 41:13) and that His plans are for our good, our future, and our hope (Jer 29:13). Why do we let Satan tempt us away from obedience with fear and doubt when we have such *amazing* promises? My prayer is that I too would be willing to perish, to sacrifice my comfort and security, to live out His plan. Amen.

  • MNmomma (heather)

    Where I am right now – where He has me in this moment – this is my kingdom that He has entrusted to me…..So very powerful.

    I struggled this fall with saying yes….I was scared, I pushed back….but yet I was still led forward. God had a great plan, but I was terrified. I was certain I wasn't "good enough". I have never taught a class. Let alone a class for all of my peers/community members…. and yet I was being led to teach a circuit training class. Seriously, every excuse my little brain could come up with was tossed to the side….One example: "I can't commit, the boys' basketball schedules….." (ended up that my youngest had practice every T/Th at exactly the same time they wanted me to teach the class)….the list goes on and on….

    Finally I relented…..I said YES.

    And WOW! It turns out that it is one of the greatest things that I have ever done. It turns out I have a passion for teaching these classes that I can not put into words. I LOVE it! I have 13-15 women/session who are committing to change their lives….I am getting to share my God given passion for preparing and enjoying REAL food. These women are doing things today they never imagined that they could a couple months ago! I pray as I set up the sessions for God to use me….and each time, He does. It is truly HIS work being done………

    He uses me during my "day job" with all of the kiddos (school nurse)….and He is using me after work too…..pretty cool to feel Him leading and directing me….and sometimes even shoving me! LOL!! I swear He has to be sitting there sometimes smacking His forehead, shaking His head saying, "Seriously Heather……would you just LISTEN to me…..the FIRST time! Ugggggg!"

  • Thank you for these words, every one of you. Have a wonderful day!

  • Yanderi Saravia

    I am in awe with today’s reading! So grateful for this journey! ❤️

  • I’m praying for the little girl that has been given three years. May God provide peace to that family and may they submit fully to the will of God whatever it may be. And I pray that He wills to save her from this disease. What a wonderful God we serve. He is trustworthy, He tells us to never worry, His will is perfect. I pray that I can also say yes and if I perish, I perish.

  • I love Esther and it has been a great reminder to me this year. I have a successful career that I am leaving to follow God’s call to be a wife and stepmom. Many of my friends are in awe that I am doing this. But my true close friends and family are so thrilled. They comment that I look at peace with my decision. That my friends, is me saying YES. I never knew I would hear from God about his plans for me but when I did, it was overwhelming and I was overcame with emotion. This where I am is my kingdom and while it may be small to many, to me it is the most precious.

  • Fari Fabara

    Needed this so much! I can feel a lil more calmed knowing that even tho I feel unequipped to be in this current circumstance in my life God sees me and entrusted me with it because He sees my true potential! I don’t know where He is taking me but I’m sure excited to see the end result :)

  • I think this is one of those sections of scripture that everyone can relate to. We all have a purpose and a kingdom. That purpose and kingdom can change as the seasons of life change.

    Right now my purpose is to teach and train the 4 little boys God has blessed me with, to love my husband like he's the best thing on earth, to make my home a haven for my family, and to teach and point younger ladies to God.

    If I'm honest, I struggle with being content in this kingdom I've been given. I feel like there's more I should be doing. More meaningful work. But when I get my perspective back in line with God's word I can see that the work He has for me RIGHT NOW is meaningful. The purpose He has for me AT THIS MOMENT will make more of a difference 20 years from now than other things I could be doing. I'm constantly reminding myself of that. I'm constantly having to reign myself back in… go back to the Word for reassurance that He has placed me here now to minister to my children. This kingdom won't last long, and I want to be wise enough to make the most of it and not waste it. Other kingdoms will come and my purpose will change. I don't want to wish this one away in hopes of something bigger and better. It reminds me of Matthew 25:23 which talks about those who are faithful with a few things will be put in charge of more things.

    • Jennifer M

      Thank you for sharing! Wonderfully put!

    • Brandi

      Amen and amen!

    • Niki Z

      This is so beautifully put. Thank you for sharing. I too often struggle as a SAHM (to 1 little boy- look at you rocking it with 4!), and feeling like I'm missing a greater purpose here. Like I should be doing something meaningful or substantial. Thank you for reminding me that what I am doing now, is meaningful and substantial. We often overlook the daily little things as purposeful. I think reminding myself of this each day, will help carry me through another load of laundry, another dinner fixed, another restless child who doesn't want to sleep at bedtime….

    • Lea

      Thank you for sharing your heart.. I can totally relate and your words gave me hope and strength knowing that this stay-at-home mom business is "my kingdom" right now :)

  • Sometimes I focus on the big things. The big “such a time as this” things. This morning God reminded me that our kingdom is in the small things too.
    “I don’t feel like washing dishes again.”
    “For such a time as this.”
    “Great. I hear the cat scratching the door. That means I get to clean pee out of the carpet again!”
    “For such a time as this.”
    My prayer this morning is that I do everything, even the little things, as to the Lord. If I’m doing it for Him, then I know it is appreciated!

    • Maria C

      Miranda, this is so true. I tend to do the same and forget that the little things are also part of this journey.

  • This hurts a little today. I've always been so in love with this Chapter, with her obedience. But today, my lack of obedience feels like a heavy weight. Prior to God saving my husband life was a terribly rocky road. Each year having some terrible upset and near daily my trying to determine if he was staying or going. I can't begin to explain the heartache and the things endured over those years. Those at the hand of my husband and those as a result of his actions and insecurities. I always believed that God would save my marriage, my husband. I prayed greatly for it, but it was so incredibly hard. I worked hard, 14 years. Then came a season I was beyond exhausted and began to feel I couldn't do it anymore. I wanted to rest and was preparing to give up. Everyone in my life supported that, so I mostly did. It doesn't surprise me that that is the time God chose to save my husband in a big way, nearly unbelievable (which is of course God) …. and when my husband "came to" and sought me, what did I do? I cried, I screamed, I yelled, I ran. Like a flipping toddler. I didn't want to hear "For such a time as this". The first couple months, there was only this little flicker that had hope illuminated in me. I didn't say "Yes God" like Esther. I was so afraid, so angry. I screwed up. And it hurt! Big! And it still hurts! BUT God did not forsake me. He didn't leave me where I was, kicking and screaming. My father put His loving hand on me, calmed me, picked me up and rocked me. He still does over that situation, over every situation. He knew my heart, my hurt, my pain, my fear. I know it hurt Him for me, all that I carried. I can't change that I didn't jump up and down and say "yes, yes yes" – but I am humbled by my faltering steps, by the great love Christ has for me. That He didn't leave me or my husband where we were as a couple, as individuals. That He continues to seek and grow us. My marriage exists today because of God's intervention on my life. Moving forward, if saying "yes" is all He asks of me, my biggest prayer is that my heart has already said it! ~ B

    • Katie K

      Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel as if I’m living in your past if that makes any sense… I know each story is different, but I too believe God will save my marriage and turn my husband to Him. It’s encouraging to see a story like yours. And how wonderful that God brought you back even in your disobedience. Sometimes I’m scared that if I fail it will all be lost. I know that’s never true with the wonderful God that we have. May God continue to bless you and the family He has given you!

      • Onfaith

        Oh Katie, my heart hurts for suffering marriages. It is, I believe, the most sought after thing by the enemy. I hope you have a community to support you here, a believing community. Society, these days, isn't for those who decide to stay and having people rally around you is of huge importance for YOU. I will include you in my prayers Katie. I know the road is a hard one. Keep pressing, with God, you got this! And feel free, if you ever have a moment you just need prayer, leave a comment, it'll makes it way to me and I will surely lift you up! ~ B

    • victoryicdesigns

      Oh, sweet one! thank you for sharing, but let me encourage you to not be so hard on yourself! You are 'just a girl', not perfect, not having arrived, just a girl doing her best to follow her God. He knows we are but dust, and guess what? He can handle that. He is NOT disappointed that you did not jump up and down with yes, yes. He knows your weaknesses, and His grace is sufficient. He knows your heart, He knows you love Him, He knows, all, and loves you with a crazy love. He is pleased with you because of what Christ did. Thank God it will never be because we 'did it right' or handled it perfectly. Never, it is always and only Christ.

      We experienced our own '10 years of hell' in our family, and I used to look back in shame that I wasn't stronger or wondered, did I praise Him in that darkness, on and on I would wonder and beat myself up for not being more mature and faith filled. God has showed me that I am 'just a girl', it is okay. He does not expect perfection from me, Christ provided that. He knew I would flounder and struggle and try so hard but fail and fail. I cried out to Him, I clung to Him when I could and felt completely hopeless and buried when I couldn't take it anymore. It is all okay, it's all part of who we are and how He made us. He loves us just the same! Even if you or I could go back, we would still not do it perfectly. Even with all we know now. He is pleased with you. Say it, He is pleased with me. He chose you, He loves you, He made you holy and blameless before Him, that's what He sees.

      • Onfaith

        Thank you for your beautiful words! I'm so thankful God knows I'm not perfect and doesn't expect that of me. The pain came for me before I learned that, before I really understood grace and I still struggle with that a bit. I don't like messing up….it's definitely a cross for me. I am beyond words thankful for my righteousness through Christ. Love that you've understood this too and you know that despite being "just a girl"…..God loves you greatly! Thank you again! ~ B

      • Brandi

        Thank you for this! Just what I needed today!

    • Allison

      Thank you for this testimony. It is so very much like what I’m going thru for the past 18 yrs. So often I say I’m done and I cannot take anymore then God shows me I can. I want to be brave like Vashti and refuse my husbands commands yet at the same time I want to be brave and faithful like Esther and speak up and save my family. So many emotions are dealt with daily to the point that I’m on a tilt a whirl up and down filled with hate, disgust and failure. God is working on me I just feel like He hasn’t let me leave for a purpose. I have cried and prayed this morning because I know this devotion was meant for me and I know He will guide my words and actions… Thank you for sharing and your prayers!

      • Onfaith

        Allison, I will be continuing to pray for you as well. God always has so much more confidence in us then we do ourselves. And if He thinks we can do it, then who are we to think we can't? It really is such a season. I remember waking happy, feeling strong and in a few shorts hours feeling the exact opposite. Hardest thing to cope with, the constant emotional change. I will be so prayerful over your family. Know that you aren't alone and that God has a plan for you. Keep your eyes focused on you and Christ…..things with your husband will follow suit! Happy to pray for you anytime you find you need it! ~ B

    • Lynn

      Thank you so much for sharing this. I, too, feel as if I'm living your past. I'm twenty years into my marriage and live on a daily roller coaster of hope in God and despair in my circumstances. I pray to remain obedient to God while also praying for the heartache to end. I love my husband and believe that God will bring beauty from these ashes – but it's a lonely, lonely road. I am so appreciative of your honesty so as to know I'm not alone.

      • Onfaith

        Lynn – I will be prayerful over you just as the others this week. I know the heartwrenching pain in it and I will stand on the faith with you that God will bring beauty. Prayerful that your heartache will end soon and that in the midst you will feel God boldly. You are not alone. My husband and I are 20 years into this marriage now too…..I look forward to celebrating your marriage each year with ours as well! Standing the gap with you sister! ~ B

  • ” I would rather run kicking and screaming the other way or stick up my nose, pretending not to notice that this place is exactly where He has me.” Oh my how this very thought crossed my mind this morning. Thinking “why do I have to be the strong one? Why can’t I just run from this?”. But even in that instant God’s hold on me is too strong and I know I can’t, I know I must cling to Him and let Him fight this battle for me. These passages are all so uplifting today. God has a plan for us all. He is always with us. Oh how He loves us. Today I’m prayerful that He gives us all the strength we need for our individual circumstances and that we can recognize His hand in our lives, even when it may be hard to see.

  • I woke up this morning repeating "for such a time as this" over and over in my mind. I open SRT and see this devotional – oh, how awesome our God is! I am in a place right now that scares me; a place where I feel overwhelmed and incompetent at times. I took this job because I felt God lead me there, yet I still wonder if I didn't make a mistake. However, I also know the enemy will do anything to thwart God's people doing His will. So, I will hold onto this bit of Scripture and trust God has me there "for such a time as this."

  • Ashley Sauls Worley

    Amen, it was just for me today too! I love how God knows His girls!

  • I couldn’t help but think of the parallel between Esther and Joseph. Both are examples of submission to and faith in the Lord. I really needed this reminder today as I begin what is going to be an incredibly busy day. “For such a time as this”. Amen.

  • This message I believe was meant for me. I still don’t understand my purpose yet in the kingdom God has placed me but I am seeking. There is a constant battle for me spiritual and mental and I am always torn that I’m making the wrong decision. Why does my kingdom include an alcoholic husband and constant turmoil? I’m not sure yet but Esther had faith and courage enough to save her people I am praying for the faith and courage to save my family. I get so much from these daily readings and am so blessed to have found this app and fellowship. Thank you to everyone who is lifting me and my family up in prayer, I want to follow His Will not mine …

    • Ashley Kay


    • Onfaith

      Allison, I will be lifting you up over the week. This message struck my heart because of past seasons for me. My husband is the adult son of an alcoholic. The first 14 years of our marriage were such a relfection of my husband's life prior to me. It wasn't until God saved him that things changed for us. I can't imagine how much more alcohol hurts to physically live with. I hate what it does to families, but I am so thankful God is with you and He has placed on your heart in some capacity that understanding. I will absolutely be prayerful over you Allison, over your family, your husband. ~ B

    • Katie K

      I understand your struggle all too well. I will be praying for you. May God give you the peace and the strength that you need to face these struggles.

  • A wonderful devotional to start my morning off. I just simply thank you. Thank you Abba for your word and thank you she reads truth for your hearts…. <}

  • I also live abroad in Ecuador… first as a missionary to teachers, now as a ministering wife, mom, and friend. I transitioned from a very crowded place of youth ministry and college/grad school to teaching, missions, marriage, and momhood all within two years. It was a very lonely place, in a foreign country, but with a man who has always pointed me toward the Lord. I can remember a night after one of those early marriage spats (and I´m sure some other frustrations pent up) going up on our roof and just letting out some gutteral sounds of pain, loneliness, and questioning I didn´t even know I had in me.

    My exterior is pretty calm and collected, and I think I even had myself fooled, because it was in that moment I realized that there´s got to be more to why He has brought me here… for such a time as this.

    Almost three years later, I sit 5 months pregnant in our living room typing quietly outside my 18 month olds room, anxiously awaiting the arrival of 10-15 friends who are coming for IF: Local (google that if you have a minute). I shake my head to think that He´s blessed us with beautiful children to shepherd in Him, and that he´s blessed me with a flock of friends who call Him Savior.

    May I put on my sackcloth today and lay down, get out of the way, for the Spirit to move in this time. God, move in the group of women, at SRT and IF. Your word in obedient hands is a very, very powerful thing. Equip and nudge us to take the steps you have in each of our "kingdoms" for such a time as this.

    • Lydia

      “Your word in obedient hands is a very very powerful thing.” Missy, that is beautiful. You are seen, and He honors your obedient heart today. I love following the IF gatherings! There is such power in binding hearts together! :)

    • Jamie Gee

      You going to the roof reminded me of Jesus healing the paralyzed man (in Mark 2/Luke 5)…whose friends couldn't find any other way to get him to Jesus than climbing on the roof and letting him down through a hole they created.

      May God continue to bless and protect you and your family!!!

  • Kelly_Smith

    It is good to be reminded that we are where we are ON purpose and FOR a purpose. I think of Paul's words in Colossians: "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men" (3:23). Mordecai and Paul speak from an eternal perspective. Living for the present will invite confusion and doubt. Living from an eternal perspective will keep our eyes focused on the prize set before us, causing our present circumstances to fade in the periphery.

    • MNmomma (heather)

      ON purpose….FOR a purpose….LOVE that!

    • Christina D.

      Thank you for the reminder of living from an eternal perspective like Paul and Mordecai. I usually pride myself in being able to look at the big picture but I am realizing that I often neglect the eternal perspective. Thank you!

  • Love love love this devotional – and this chapter of Esther. Lord, let me remember that You put me where I am – in my kingdom – on purpose, and You gave me work to do. Let me choose to do it, whatever the cost.

  • Kaitlin Kroner

    Wonderful devotional. Just what I needed this morning! “I took you from the ends of the Earth. From the furthest corners I called you.”

  • Off to speak at a breakfast club….for such a time as this…I wonder…Will call back on my return..


  • Lys_in_RO

    Also, for me this quote from the devo really hit me: “She was called away from her home and people to follow a path the Lord so clearly laid out for her. She could have fought her calling, refusing to admit that she was created for such a time as this.” I know God DID create me for such a time as this. He created me to serve Him in Romania RIGHT NOW! Though there are times I feel lik everything is such a struggle and ministry seems impossible. Yet, I have the God of the universe on my side! My God will never leave me nor forsake me! My God is all-powerful and victorious over every impossible situation! I trust Him! And if I perish, I perish for Him!

    • Allison

      Praying for you…

    • Allison

      Praying for God to shower these families with grace and comfort…

    • Candacejo

      Blessings to you friend in your service to a different culture. It's truly all about developing relationships, isn't it? Showing the love of God and His mercy in our every day lives by exampling Him. You will get there and the struggles will all be worth it, you are so right…He is on your side!! God is FOR YOU. ♥

  • Kylene Bak

    Thank you for sharing these words my journey living here in Denmark as a missionary has not always been easy but it is clear this is where God has called us whether i have embraced that or not. But thankfully God has been so gracious and has never given up and has given me the strength to joyfully say Yes I accept this call. And even in our current situation where He has to work out some details to keep us here He will and I do not have to fear. Thank your for this great encouragement Lis!

    • Lys_in_RO

      Taking a few moments to pray for you Kylene! Hold strong in The Lord and in His mighty hand! May He bless you today with encouragement moment by moment and reminders of why He chose YOU to serve Him in Denmark! – from a fellow European missionary, Allyssa in Romania

      • Debbie

        praying for Denmark and Romania this morning….God has you both in these places for His great purpose…. for this very time

        God bless you!

    • Candacejo

      We visited Copenhagen a couple of years ago on our way home from Latvia…such a beautiful city, and people. My heart understands your heart today and am praying God will encourage you and work out all the little "ifs" in your life right now. He always makes a way where there seems to be no way!! Bless you for serving and giving, in Jesus' name. Lives will be changed and eternities altered because you said, 'yes'. ♥

    • SMC

      My mom was born in Copenhagen and her 100yr old mother lives near Aalborg. Thank you for what you do. Denmark needs Jesus and you are an answer to many prayers. ❤️

  • it has been a long time since I’ve commented but have been reading all the srt studies and am so blessed by all the comments and reflection. I feel God is calling me to ask for prayer and share where I am at such a time as this!

    12 days ago a close friend gave birth to her son and he was very very poorly. He spent nearly all his first week on a ventilator. But God is so good and this family have been covered in prayer. This little boy is doing really well and they hope to be home within the week. I went and visited yesterday and was so blown away by God’s goodness.

    And yet yesterday just as I was praising God I got some awful news. A close friend who has a 7 month old little girl (the same age as my son) found out she has a genetic disorder and has only 3 years to live. My friend’s and I are heartbroken for this family. Please pray that God will be at work in a miraculous healing for this little girl. Thanks for reading

    • tina

      Claire, Good morning…Great to see you here…how is little Theo? Can't believe it's been seven months…

      Oh Claire, I am thankful and praising God for His hand in the healing and joy giving for your friend whose little boy will be coming home soon…our God is amazing and has us all here, right now…for such a time as this…
      My heart hurts for your friend to whom this news has shattered her life and probably dream…but God…Claire, He is in every situation…He has arms and a heart so BIG they encircle us in our need of Him, whether we know it or not…He walks with us…
      Claire, praying your friend and her family…hold fast to our Great and awesome God…and that although this is not news we ever want to hear, it can also take away from the joy, the happy times, the memories, that could be, that God wants to give…I pray your friends not let what they have heard overtake their LIGHT, and find themselves in that dark place for the next 3 years ….waiting, …I pray that they LIVE these next year's, to the fullest, holding tightly God's great and awesome healing, loving, caring hand…
      This is not the best of situations, But God…God…He is …
      I am also praying for peace, real honest to God peace that only God can bring in these early days, whilst the news is fresh, and will consume ever waking and sleepless moment, God be with this family, in a real and tangible way…shower them with love .and , YES Lord, I dare to add HOPE…for you alone are the Lord and giver of hope…you are our HOPE…this families HOPE..
      Claire, will continue to hold this family up in prayer,…and yourself too, thank God for your "such a time as this " in calling your sister's to join in prayer for this family…Where two or more are gathered….says the Lord…

      God be with you all as you navigate through this news, and I pray, come out the other side praying God…xx

      • Claire

        Thanks Tina, I still read your comments and pray for you often. Theo is well a very strong willed little man who I love to pieces! thanks for your prayers x

    • Maderia

      Praying for this family Claire. He has already given one miraculous healing (of the little boy), let us join and pray for another on behalf of this little girl. For whose report shall we believe, but the report of The Lord! Psalm 27:13-14, Isaiah 53:1. He alone has the FINAL say. I join with you in prayer for peace for this family, and also that this little one shall live and not die, and proclaim the salvation of The Lord! Psalm 118:17. Blessings to you!

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Prayers lifted Claire…..Tina so perfectly put into words my thoughts and feelings…may God's peace be with you all….

    • Christina D.

      Oh Claire I have a daughter who is 7 months old too and this gripped my heart. Tina’s words expressed my thoughts so well and I’m echoing her prayers for your friend. I also pray that the Lord would continue to sustain you and strengthen your friendship with your friend and He would give you the words and direction to be a comfort and joy to their family.

  • If I perish, I perish. When I hear his calling may this be my response!

    • patricia

      Love this too! I pray for this to be our response and for us to find grace and peace

  • Kelly Lynn

    This seems so fitting for my life right now. I’m currently living at home (dropped out of college) battling mental illness (severe anxiety). It’s been almost a year and I have yet to figure out why God has me here, where I can’t do His work. Everyday it’s hard to wake up knowing I can’t be living in community with others or spreading his message around the world. I have to remember he has me in this low place for a purpose I have yet to understand. His will is still good, all the time.

    Sorry for ranting, it just had to come out!

    • BarbaraH

      Praying for you right now, Kelly Lynn. May you know God's strong and comforting arms around you, giving you peace. It's great that you can trust His goodness, even in the place you're in. I believe He will bring about a time when He will use your suffering to comfort others. May He bring you out of 'the slimy pit' (Psalm 40) and set your feet on the rock of His love! xx

    • MNmomma (heather)

      Prayers lifted for you Kelly Lynn…..<3

    • Holly

      I'm also praying for you. When I was younger, I too had severe anxiety. It is paralyzing. I remember my grandmother telling me you can't have fear and faith at the same time. Well, I did! It is a miserable place to be. It very possibly could be a medical issue. If you haven't already done so, please seek medical help. God uses doctors all the time.

    • Phoebe

      I am a 20 something who also battles sever anxiety. You are not alone, dear sister! God is ever with us, and we can believe what He says about us is true. That we are might princess warriors, and not condemned, but free! We have this hope, an anchor for our soul! Firm and secure!!! Hebrews 6:19. He will never fail us, he will never forsake us, even when we can't uphold ourselves, he holds us with his righteous right hand. He watches over us and keeps us from all harm, he sustains us, and carries us, he loves us perfectly, and wholly for exactly where we are! He will use this for His purpose! I stand with you. <3 <3 <3

    • Margriet

      Kelly Lynn, I’m in exactly the same situation as you are! only I am 28 now, still live with my parents and have been at home for four years because of a severe anxiety disorder. I often wonder what God’s plan is, if He can use even me. I think the purpose is in the waiting- the learning to totally trust Him and let go of what you think you should do, what society thinks you should do. And yes, you do have a purpose! You have just encouraged me, made me feel less lonely in my situation. If you want to talk, mail me at margrietvw at gmail dot com:) Blessings to you, and to you all!

  • What a beautiful truth: It doesn't matter where we are, what is our circumstances, He has created us with a purpose, just like Esther, we were created for such a time as this!! May we always say Yes!!!

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