Introducing the 2015 Lent study & book!


It’s Monday! A new morning with new mercies, a new week with new opportunities to lean on Jesus and lean into the gospel of grace. (I say that so nonchalantly, but goodness! What if we did?!) A gospel-filled week—that’s what I’m praying for you today, and for all of us on this side of the screen, too.

We had so much fun announcing our next two reading plans last week—a week of Hymns, followed by two weeks in the book of Esther. (We’re so excited about both!) And, believe it or not, it’s time for another BIG announcement! It’s literally the biggest plan and book we’ve ever assembled, and we are so exhausted-slash-excited! (All the best stuff takes the most work, doesn’t it?)


Introducing the She Reads Truth study for Lent 2015:

“Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross”

It’s hard to put into words how much this year’s Lent reading plan already means to us as a team. I have actual tears in my eyes as I type this! We have worked for weeks putting together a thoughtful, challenging and Gospel-focused journey for the 47 days of the Lenten season, and the process itself has been amazing (dare I say “Spirit-filled”?).

We have prayed and wept, and we’ve laughed and we’ve sung! We’ve poured back and forth and back and forth through pages of Scripture and marveled at the heartache, beauty and redemption of the Cross. We’ve dug through hymnals and old sermons, and scribbled pages of notes so we wouldn’t forget the incredible lyrics and quotable words of the men and women of God who have gone before us.

What God created through this time of worship and study (and looooottss of rounds of editing and design!) is something we truly cannot wait to share with you.

Many of you may be unfamiliar with Lent, and that is okay! Lent is a season on the Church calendar which sets aside time for believers to focus on the sacrifice and salvation of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Traditionally, Lent is 47 days long—40 days of fasting and repentance beginning on Ash Wednesday, plus 7 “feast days” on the 7 Sundays leading up to, and including, Easter Sunday. Different cultures and congregations observe Lent in various ways. We at She Reads Truth have one simple, prayerful desire as we approach and walk through this upcoming study together: come to the Scriptures and ask the Holy Spirit to help us grasp the weight of our sin and the wealth of Christ’s salvation.

“Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross” is a 47-day study that will begin on February 18 and end April 5. Individually and as a community, we will engage in three separate but related phases of Scripture reading and prayer:

1. Return: Come to the Cross // Twelve days of invitation and reflection on the history and purpose of Lent, the heart of fasting and repentance, and the example of Jesus.

2. Repent: The Book of Lamentations // Fourteen days of prayer and repentance as we read through the book of Lamentations, Psalms of repentance and forgiveness, and words of restoration from the prophet Isaiah.

3. Remember: Christ’s Path to the Cross // Twenty-one days of gospel stories and fulfilled prophecies chronicling Jesus’ journey to the Crucifixion and finally—gloriously!—the Resurrection.

We will take a long, hard look at our sin, and we will grieve at the sight of it. (You guys, this is real stuff. It is THE stuff.) And we will lock our gaze on Jesus, the One who rescues us from death and despair! As individuals and as a community,we will put into practice these instructions from 18th century Scottish minister Robert Murray M’Cheyne:

“For every look at yourself, take ten looks at Christ. He is altogether lovely.”


As with every She Reads Truth study, you are invited to participate completely free of charge on our site or by email every single day! We want you to join us without hinderance! Additionally, if you’d prefer the convenience of our iOS or Android app, join us there with all of the scriptures right there in front of you (we are adding a couple of new translations this month!)—it’s just a few dollars to join us that way, only enough to keep the app maintained, and it breaks down to about $.06/day.

The third–super optional, but also super special—way to join us is with the resource we’ve created: a 140-page, full-color book that includes all of the Scripture for each day, hymns with lyrics or sheet music, gorgeous artwork (including hand lettering by Bekah Wertz of High Fancy Paper), fantastic quotes, and plenty of space to journal or write out prayers every day. There’s even a great Hot Cross Buns recipe in there for Easter morning!


For those of you who used the “O, Come Let Us Adore Him” book for Advent, think that, but bigger! We’ve printed more copies this time in hopes that we won’t sell out quite so quickly—we want it to be available to everyone who wants it!

 The 8×10, soft (super-soft!) cover book can be purchased alone, or as a study pack. A “study pack” is simply the book plus 2- 8×10 art prints, and 3 mini scripture cards for sharing, memorizing, or bookmarking (the cards are soft-coated like the cover, so they will last and stay nice for a long time!).


And for those of you who read all the way to the end, we’d love to offer you $5 off while we are still in pre-order mode! Just use code “NearTheCross” at checkout for $5 off Lent study packs through Wednesday. (It’s your best chance to claim one this week, for sure.)


We look forward to doing the good, hard work of seeking the Lord while He may be found—and we’re so so grateful to get to do it together!


  • Thanks for shngiar. Always good to find a real expert.

  • Have they all shipped? I have not received mine yet.

  • Tiffy_jack

    Please please print more! Oh it would be so great. I can’t believe how fast they sold out. :((

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi friend! Sadly, we are unable to print more! I hope you will still join us for the study at or on the SRT app!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Amy Merritt

    I am also interested in the study pack! Let me know if you get more printed!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Amy! I am so sad to tell you we are completely sold out! I hope you will still join us for the study at or on the SRT app!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • The study pack is sold out, when will it be available again?

  • How do we purchase the plan? I don’t see it on the app.

  • Brittany

    I’m new to this. So are the new studies available on this app on the day it comes out or can you get it sooner?

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Brittany! Welcome to our community! The new study will be posted one day at a time, beginning on the start day! Lent will begin this Wednesday. So glad you will be joining us!!!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Thank you for making more available… I hope everyone can get one.

  • Brigetta

    I received mine in the mail today and I am so excited to begin! I will be traveling to Europe in the middle of the study and I can’t wait to experience God’s while overseas amidst the gothic cathedrals and biblical history!

  • Would love to see more printed.

  • Christina Johnson


  • Jamie Timmons

    I am so ready for this study!!! You have no idea how timing is perfect for my life in this season. I’m looking forward to hearing God’s voice and instructions direct and intentional. Thank you for being led to provide such a study at this appointed time. Be blessed.

    • Yaneli

      Yes! Me too!

    • Yaneli

      Got mine in the mail. It’s so beautiful I can’t wait to mark it all up. I even ordered colored pens to do so. So excited, I know the Lord will be faithful to speak. I pray I can make the time each day to listen. No distractions.

  • Why not print more study packs for the Lent Study? You have so many beautiful resources & great studies… Yet they sell out so fast… I can’t be the only one who missed getting the Lent Study Pack! You put so much work into them, for just a select few? This has gotten more frustrating & aggravating to participate in. Yes, I could use my own journal… But then why do you bother to make such beautiful ones? I know… This is my problem not your’s, so I’ll move on to more reliable study materials, thanks for listening.

  • Beckie Potterfield

    Can't wait to receive my book and begin studying with everyone online. Never done that before with you. Will the books come in before Ash Wednesday?

  • Have the pre-ordered books been shipped already?? I’m in Canada and an really hoping it will make it here in time for the first day! Thanks bunches!!

  • Emily Bryan

    Will you be printing any more? Just discovered she reads truth and would love to order one!

  • Tried to order it this morning but all sold out! Any chance more will become available?

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Lauren!

      I am so sad to tell you that we are completely sold out! I hope you will join us for the study at or on the SRT app!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I just tried to use my card to buy and it would not work, however all information was correct-tried multiple times. Any way I can get help with this?

  • Ditto! When will this study be added to the “study” tab on this app?? Or do we have to but the book??

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Ari! This study will be posted one day at a time here beginning February 18! So glad you\’ll be joining us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • When will this study be added to the “study” tab on this app? Or do I access it another way??? Sorry- new to this app. Just downloaded it because of a recommendation from the Jeff & Alyssa Bethke podcast!!!!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi friend! It will be added one day at a time, beginning Feb. 18! So glad you\’ll be joining us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Caroline

    I just ordered mine! Cannot wait to get it in the mail!!!!

  • Christina

    When are these shipping? I ordered around when it was announced :)

  • I would LOVE to join in on this bible study! I can order the book this Wednesday (3 days time) but am worried it won’t get here in time! I live in Australia so postage from the U.S. can take weeks. Is there express postage availbe? Do you know how long it roughly takes? :-) I don’t want to miss out!

  • Got mine !!!

  • Are we able to purchase the Lent book separately without the full study pack?

  • Tried to purchase this twice this morning with a credit card and both times said the number on back was not correct and it was correct both times. Kind of frustrating! Thanks anyways! The book looks beautiful!!

    • Lindy

      Just tried two more times, thinking I'm still asleep or something! Ha! Still will not accept it! Hopefully, it won't show up on my bill four times!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Lindy,
      Oh no! We use PayPal for checkout, so it may be something to ask them about! You are welcome to email Laura at [email protected] will take great care of you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Yes. Until Wednesday.

  • Polarstern

    Hey, somehow the discount code isn’t working – was it only valid for a certain time? Xx

  • Priscilla

    Great app

  • Order mine today can't wait to get started.

  • Brigetta

    I was so excited to have the Lent study as my first book I order! I can’t wait to have the Word, combined with hymn sheet music and beautiful cards. This speaks volumes to my ‘words of affirmation’ heart!

    • Emily

      I am elated as well! this ministry, God has used to bring back the love of His Word in my life!So excited to be studying in this community with you ! this is also my first study book as well!

  • Rosie Davies

    This looks like a brilliant resource. I'm going to use the email devotions as the price is a little high for a ministry trainee, but the print copy looks high quality, with beautiful images. I'll be passing on details to some of the girls I meet regularly to read the bible with. Keep up the good work!!

  • I really enjoyed last years lent study, and I'm so looking forward to this years. I especially like the theme. I've ordered my first study book for myself and a friend — doubly excited for this connection!

    duplicate post–Kindle never seems to log me in even though it shows me logged in ;}

  • I really enjoyed last years lent study, and I’m so looking forward to this years. I especially like the theme. I’ve ordered my first course materials for myself and a friend — doubly excited for this connection!

  • Just ordered my lent pack- I’m so excited and happy to help you girls out by ordering one!!!! :)

  • Hi. I’m from the Philippines. I’m wondering if you do international shipping…

    • Iz

      Oh, I just read that you can’t guarantee international delivery. Thanks, anyways.

  • Ordered mine today! Lent is my absolute favorite season in the church– SO excited!!

  • Will this amazing book be included in the Black Envelope?

  • Kendall_S

    thank you SRT Team for all of the tears, prayers, time, prayerful pouring over, and love that you show in all that you do….the study guides are such a blessing and always so beautiful. i am so thankful to have found this community and always so blessed by all of you. thank you again for just being you. :)

  • A little too expensive for this newlywed (but it looks AMAZING) but grateful that you sacrifice so much time to make a kingdom impact.

  • I just ordered too for daughter in college. I think she will drawn to the book by the art and be blown away by the truth!

  • I just ordered Lent! I am new to what it is and what it means. But I fully look forward to learning and growing closer to our heavenly father. Thank you ladies for working so hard and helping me and others grow stronger in our faith.

    ~~Thank you~~

  • I have never really participated in Lent, and felt like it wasn’t a ‘necessary’ activity, but now I see how rich this time can actually be. It’s not just about giving up chocolate or something surface-y; it’s about giving my heart and focus to the cross.

    Team, I thank you in advance. My heart is ready!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Jeannie, we are thrilled you'll be joining us! Anticipating a rich season of God's teaching! We love having you in our community!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Kelly_Smith

    Thank you for the blood, sweat, and tears you fabulous women pour into this ministry! This is beautiful!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thanks for your sweet encouragement, Kelly! It's such a joy to stand alongside you and be amazed by our God!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

      • Emily

        Yes! thank you! I am a missionary myself, and it is a joy to support you this way financially, and through prayer! Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Allisoin

    This is beautiful! I'm so excited.

  • This is awesome!

  • Caroline

    Praying it doesn’t sell out to quickly so I can get one! It’s simply gorgeous

  • Wow!!! This is O so Amazing!! I cannot wait to do this study and take a deep, long, and hard look at myself and my Jesus!!!

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