John 2015: Day 10

Audacious Grace


Today's Text: John 9:1-41

Text: John 9:1-41 

He answered, “Whether he is a sinner I do not know. One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”
- John 9:25, ESV

It’s been a hard two and a half years in our home. There are times I’ve wondered, “What did I do to deserve this? Why me? Did I not pray hard enough, do the right things?”

As I read this familiar passage in John, I am struck by the same attitude in Jesus’ disciples as they encounter a man who is blind. They don’t ask how he is, if he is suffering—they don’t even ask Jesus to heal him. Instead, their only question is if he or his parents had sinned to make him blind.

Jesus gives a perfect answer: “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him” (John 9:3, emphasis mine).

In a world where we are constantly trying to get it right—to please others, to appease our inner voice, to obey God—we can feel like giant failures when things go wrong. “If only I had…” Jesus’ radical statement shifts our gaze off of our “shoulds” and onto His grace.

Imagine how often this man, born blind and spending his life as an outcast, must have had those same thoughts. If everyone around him assumed he or his family were in sin, who would care? It’s easy to justify a casual attitude about pain and suffering when we equate it as something that was deserved.

Jesus crushes the assumptions of both his disciples and the Pharisees, who were always watching and following him. He doesn’t urge the man to repent first. He isn’t even interested in hearing from his family or what kind of lifestyle they have. Jesus simply bends down, spits in the dust we were created from, and uses the mud to restore the blind man’s sight. How astounding the moment must have been when the man walked out of the pool of Siloam, looking at—and seeing!—the stunned faces of those around him!

But the Pharisees, they are incensed instead of amazed. They can’t even muster a congratulations before they pounce on him with questions and accusations, which the newly-sighted man promptly deflects back onto them. It’s very simple to him. “One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see” (John 9:25).

Jesus healed him, and the man didn’t do anything to make it happen. It was grace through and through. Even the Pharisees, master manipulators though they were, could not make this into something it wasn’t. There was nothing they could do or say to undo the mercy and grace Jesus imparted to the man—grace wholly undeserved yet lavishly given.

Are we so intent on turning the Gospel into a rational equation that we miss out on the wonder of God’s audacious grace being given right before our very eyes?

Grace for the sinner.
Grace on the Sabbath.
Grace for the broken and the blind.
Grace for everyone who will receive it.

Like the man healed by the pool that day, may we be a canvas for displaying God’s powerful works of grace.


  • I needed this so much right now

  • Love this last quote so much! Amen!!

  • Amazing Grace how sweet the sound,thank you Jesus.

  • Mrs.Walton

    I am a huge example of God powerful loving grace. And I can never express how thankful I am for Him and for His forgiveness. My earthly parents may have abandoned me, but He never did. He was there with His hand out ready to pick me back up and ready to forgive me when I asked for it. On my knees thanking Him. I love you Lord!

  • shamekamichelle

    I'm learning that when I seek God for direction, I need to be prepared to following His instruction regardless of how I feel about it or if the outcome is not what I initially desired. God's honor and glory will always prevail in every situation. For the past few years, I have been questioning why I am in the situation I am in and blaming myself for disobedience and poor decision. As I seek God more, I am realizing that although the situation may not feel good it is for my good. A lesson is being learned from it and God will ultimately receive all the honor, glory, and praise when it is done. I know that I am in the mist of walking through the storm and God is with me; He would not put more on me than I can bare. I have to keep holding God's unchanging hand and walking with Him through every aspect of my life and know that it is molding me for Him to continue to do a good work in an through me.

  • Laura Warden

    Gods grace is present in all things and he uses all circumstances for HIS glory.

  • I love that the blind man doesn't even question Jesus. He doesn't ask why He is rubbing mud on his eyes or even why he should believe Jesus when He tells the man to wash his eyes in the river and he will see. The man just obeys Jesus, no questions asked, and has faith that he will indeed be able to see again. I want to be like the man in this story. I want to obey the Lord, no questions asked, and be able to show the mighty works of His hands in my life so that others are amazed and what to follow the Lord.

    • Julie

      Wow Keana! That is a great desire and I want to do the same thing…obey without question. Even if the thing he asks me to do is strange so that my faith in Him is strengthened and others can follow Him too!

  • This almost brought me to tears at work… I'm one of those people who constantly worries about not pleasing God. I get so frustrated when I do something wrong. I go into this depressive state and feel so bad about myself. I try to pray and study the word. I pray to bind generational curses. I sometimes feel condemned thinking that my parents or ancestors did something and it has caused me some turmoil so I try extra hard to please God. This passage hears reminds me that it's not about what was done or what I do wrong. It's all about God's grace. It's undeserving yet awesome and humbling. I'm learning that some things we go through are just to bring God glory. To be a testimony to those who need it. God is so awesome man…

  • LaurenC_

    “Jesus healed him, and the man didn’t do anything to make it happen. It was grace through and through.” Thanks Diana. Your devotions are always so meaningful. Grace not just for the righteous and holy, the do-gooders, the least of these, the heartbroken, the grieving and suffering. Grace not just for the ones who ask and repent. Grace for all. All. A much-needed reminder and example for me. This is who I want to be, how I want to live. Grace for all.

    • Lisa Dittman


    • Sarah

      Grace is for all! But I think it’s important to note that the man had to do something, he had to go and wash, there had to be action and obedience on our part. That really stuck out at me when she said ‘the man didn’t have to do anything’, but he did – he had to believe enough to take action. The grace is for all, but grace without works is dead. (James 2) :)

      • Lizbeth

        I think the scripture referred to is about faith without works is dead. In John, the blind man had faith in Jesus and obeyed what Jesus told him to go do. Jesus chose to give this man his sight otherwise the blind man would have no reason to go wash. There is nothing we can do to get grace for it is a gift. This is what is so amazing about God that He chooses to give us grace- “But from His fullness we have all recieved grace upon grace.”

    • Alexavia

      Ppl like you get all the bransi. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

  • I love how Jesus turns this around. We always think that God punishes us through our circumstances but that is not true! He uses our circumstances to bring glory to God and make his name known!!!

  • Hi everyone my name is Rebecca I am new to and absolutely have been blessed I started during the advent bible study and have been keeping up with the John study daily so blessed by it, its such a fun way to study Gods word. I found the website off another great website especially for single christian women .

    Also when the disciples asked Jesus if the blind man or his family sins I love jesus' response he humbly yet radically answers I sense a humble tone without hearing an audiable voice yet his answer is radical aswell, the disciples questions reminded me of Jobs friends Jobs friends had the same attitude towards Job judgmental, doubting/questioning Job telling him all the things happening to him was because he had sinned and in the end God corrected/rebuked them for it.

    Todays study made me take inventory how many time have I questioned Gods plan for my life? his faithfulness? I have not always focused on the truth that his ways are higher than mine Isaiah 55:8 I do not always know what he is doing, things dont always make sense but its ok I can leave it with God knowing that he is faithfull abd renewing my mind to that until the lies and doubts have been dispelled by the truth of Gods word.

    Thank you Jesus! :-)

  • I ended up here "on accident" (ha ha, Jesus) today – I've been doing the Justice study but thought I would take a look at John since today's Justice entry was short. This Scripture was very moving for me, and the commentary was stunning. This line really stuck out to me: "It's easy to justify a casual attitude about pain and suffering when we equate it to something deserved." As an urban school teacher I see this a lot in discussions about the neighborhood I teach in – compassion exits the arena as soon as someone can explain how the injustice was deserved in some way by the person experiencing it. But in "audacious grace," blame, well-placed or not, is meaningless. I love the way it fit in to what I've been reading about Justice in the other study.

    That said, it's easy (for me) to acknowledge suffering on a global or even national scale – it's when I turn to the mirror that I find the most fear and judgment. I tend to justify suffering or pain that comes to my heart, be it through anxiety or depression – feeling like my choices have brought me to this place and that I'm stuck here until I figure out how to get control again. Even if my choices brought me here, though, there's no room for such blame in the Kingdom of God. I've been wandering desolate for months now, trying to rationalize the love, the grace, the justice of Jesus so I can avoid the darkness in me and the healing that needs to happen. I am the Pharisee in my own life!
    Jesus: You're hurt. I love you.
    Me: Yeah, but… because I need to be hurt, right?
    Jesus: I love you. I can heal you.
    Me: Right, but, how exactly do you explain why and when and what I need to do to…
    Jesus: I love you. I grace you.
    Me: Okay, I know, I but…

    This post was the Spirit shaking me gently by the shoulders and saying, "Love, it's time to wash off the mud and accept that you can see."

    Audacious grace indeed. Wonderful words.

  • Really Loved this one…

  • loveHimso

    If only I had…” Jesus’ radical statement shifts our gaze off of our “shoulds” and onto His grace…. If only I had is a daily occurrence for me. The enemy wants me to feel condemned for my short comings (they are many). How many opportunities have I missed to share my faith? How many times have I failed to show others this unbelievable faith that I have? I am unable to share my promises of God with my friend because it is so outrageous (She will think I’m crazy). But at the end of the day I vow to do better the next day. God’ s grace shoulders me and I feel brand new.

  • Wow – somehow all the times I’ve heard that song (vespers better now^^^) I have never tied it with this story. I love this story because there is no logic or education or reasoning or threatening that can take away this man’s experience. In times in my life that were dark and doubtful, I’ve been able to remember an experience of my own that I couldn’t argue with. God is real and Jesus loves me even when I don’t know why. No one can argue that away from me.

  • Nicole Contreras

    This was well put commentary. And this story always reminds me of The Vespers, “Better Now”. In essence it’s a song about this exact event, the chorus goes, ‘ O but I’m better now. Why do you shake your head no. O but I’m better now. O and he saved my soul. ‘

  • This. I needed these words today. Because I am the one trying to make the Gospel a rational equation. I am the one who struggles with feelings of failure when things don't go the way I thought they would. I don't want to miss another opportunity to be a canvas to show God's grace.

  • So glad that Jesus makes the difference needed in this twisted world. I too was blind and now I see and only want to see things through Jesus and His great, great love. I am thrilled to be the blank canvas, or piece of clay, for Jesus' skillful, artistry.

  • I love that the man who was once blind and now see's defends Jesus, stands up for Jesus to the Pharisees, even though he truly did not know he was in the midst of the Savior. vs 33 "If this Man were not from God, He could do nothing." Amen! Then when Jesus approaches him after he was cast away and ask him, vs 35 "Do you believe in the Son of God," and the man states "I believe" right away once Jesus tells him "You have both seen Him and it is He who is talking with you." Praise God! I can imagine how awesome that was to have Jesus just steps away…how comforting. This opens my eyes to know everyone is privileged to God's grace, no matter the circumstance, but we have a choice to believe or not believe. I thank God today that I am a believer and cherish His grace. And on that note it reminds me of a wonderful song we sing often in church…Jesus grace is enough

    Be blessed ladies : )

  • Boymama3

    Wow! Isn’t it amazing how you can read the same scripture a hundred times and never really “hear” what you just read! Years ago we had a son born with a major congenital heart defect. We found out while he was still in utero so we had some time to prepare ourselves (that in and of itself was a miracle). Our doctors gave us little to know hope that he’d make it and one of our options was to bring him home and let “nature” take its course once he was born. We prayed our hearts out, and had a HUGE family of believers praying with us that he would be healed of this terrible thing. That wasn’t the case but we chose to give him a chance at life. Still through all the support and prayer that we had, during my pregnancy, and even for some time after, I secretly agonized with the thoughts that I had possibly done something to cause this. That I somehow hadn’t been good enough. Verse 3, even though I have read that so many times before just completely spoke to my heart today! My sweet boy will be 17 soon and is a complete miracle (literally you’d never know he only has half a heart!) and today I can say I am so thankful for the trials we went through with him (it took me a long time to be able to get to that place) and that it was all for the Glory of God and that His Marvelous Grace has been show through this affliction. God Bless!

    • Beth Warner

      Wonderful story, God Bless you all.

    • Casey Meserve

      A picture of the canvas…and God, your Son’s painter… And ours as well! Praise God He paints us and makes us His masterpiece, no matter what the world says we are or will become. Thanks for sharing Boymama3

  • Jesus makes it clear once again in this chapter that He came for the sick, the broken, the blind, and the sinner. They are the chosen vessels of God’s grace. I marvel at this! How can it be???

    Christianity is the only religion that targets

    • Jess

      Oops! To continue…

      The low, outcasts and weak ones. Jesus is just so amazing! How merciful and tender he is!

      There is hope for you desperate sinner! Christ looks at you with unending love and mercy. Your sin qualifies you for audacious grace. Come to Him. He will never cast you away!

  • I have often questioned, but everything works for HIS good.

  • Even on the days I don’t feel like His canvas I will remember I AM says I am in John 9:3. May we be a canvas for displaying God’s powerful works of GRACE.” Life in Christ requires that you enroll in Unlearning 101. I have come to find it my favorite. And “Siloam,” oh how rawly I understand this name with the meaning behind it “Sent.” I was blind and now I see. Washed in Siloam since the age of 18! ! I love the comedy in this story. Why do you ask me again? Do you want to become His disciples too? You are His canvas for displaying His grace!

  • I appreciate your comments. Recently, I am coming to see that there is a “formula” of sorts.
    Infinite Grace plus musterdseed faith equals Glory to God. What do you think?

  • Julie Maybee

    I didn't focus on the grace of God when I read through John 9, but now I'm inspired to go back and look in depth at this quality of Jesus that is shown in this chapter. It's truly a beautiful and indescribable glory of God!

  • Amen, Morgan.

  • Morgan B

    (John 9:2-3) When we ask “why?”, the answer is always “so that the power of God may be seen”.

  • Amazing GRACE! How sweet the sound… was blind, but now I SEE! The blind man was a wretch…lost, over-looked, forgotten, misunderstood, assumed to be afflicted because of sin in his life or the life of his parents, and he was the unlikely and perfect recipient of amazing grace. He was GIVEN literal and, more importantly, spiritual sight. AMAZING.

  • Antimony

    As a nurse I see so much suffering – injuries, illnesses, cancer, broken people. We live in a broken world! There is sorrow, suffering, pain, and grief all around us. Yet as a nurse I have the privilege of being there for people when they hit those rough times. As a Christian nurse I have the joy of reaching out to them – comforting, praying, loving, talking, crying, rejoicing. I can help give physical relief, but also the emotional support. The “just being there”. It can be incredibly hard sometimes. But it is so worth it. I love seeing the compassion that Christ had for broken people. It challenges me everyday!

  • GracenJoy

    Beautiful. Thank you Diana. I had a tough time health wise in 2014 and was doing exactly what you were doing questioning what I did to bring it on, it was a problem from birth that wasn't detected until recently so I really made the connection with this story but not until you wrote about it. I got chills because I constantly told my Christian friends that I was going to be sure my experience showed people who God is. I gave Him all the glory through all of it and proclaimed it even with friends and family I knew are uncomfortable with it because if just one person had there eyes open due to watching what I went through and how God was always present then that it was a good thing. Now in recovery mode on my own it is easy to forget that and dwell on the why me. Thank you for these beautiful words. I will keep them near to remind me that it is all His grace all the time. My prayers are with you Diana.

  • Dr Avery

    The mystery of faith is the real challenge for me, because stories like this is a great example of Jesus being the light of the world and through him God's work are made visible. However, not ALL stories end up this way, despite the person's strong faith or lack thereof, hence, the mystery of faith. During those times, when God doesn't seem to answer our preferred outcome, we simply have to trust His will and go in peace.

  • Beth Warner

    I truly needed to hear this particular passage this morning. Went to bed last night very tired and sore, woke up the same way…the effects of chemo. Good days,bad days. There are times when that thought of ” what did I do to deserve this?”, wants to creep in. But, as tired as I get of all of the “stuff” that comes with cancer, I know in my heart, God has “allowed” this, not “caused” it to glorify Him. I pray that I can continue to shine for him through this. Thank you Lord for your audacious grace!! Let me have audacious hope in you. God Bless you ladies,xo

  • Connie Tramel

    Listened to Audrey Assads rendition of ” Come thou fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing thy grace. Looking for Grace in all today’s sufferings, and wanting to see God glorified!

  • I am blind to so much but self. I see myself-sometimes, I see only my wants, my rationalizations, my desires. Other times, I see others-their faults, their shortcomings, their lack. I pray to see what matters. I pray to see God. I pray to see that I am a recipient of grace abounding and to feel the weight and joy of that reality. I pray to see others-to see the reflection of Christ in the love of a friend, to see the needs of others which I could meet, to see opportunities for grace to be shared and to give thanks for the grace that I receive from others. I pray that my heart be attuned to seeing what matters.

  • I think John 9:25 may be one of the most powerful verses in the Bible. We spend a lot of time questioning and debating suffering instead of heeding Jesus' words here. He has the answers and He is worth listening to! Thank you for this beautiful commentary, as always.

  • carolekeegan

    What does verse 41 mean…Jesus said to them, "if you were blind you would have no sin; but now you say, 'We see.' Therefore your sin remains.? I am confused by it.

    • Linda

      Hi, I think my understanding if this verse is this: The Pharisees were blinded by their spiritual pride. They had The Lord all figured out and in their blindness they could not “see” Jesus as the Christ. God was contained in their legalistic box so to speak. Jesus did not follow their preconceived ideas of what the Christ would look like. Notice, the blind man is not even named. It is all about Jesus, and the blind man was humble and thankful and graciously accepted his new sight! This is a picture of being made new in Christ. Everything becomes clearer once we die to ourself and receive the gift of a new life from Jesus. The Pharisees were not looking for a new life, they were seeking a Messiah that would validate their self-righteousness, so their sin remains in them. This is a picture so to speak in the physical so that we can better understand what happens to us when we receive Christ in the spiritual. This unnamed blind man knew he was blind and understood he needed sight, therefore willingly and humbly accepted and received his new sight. The Pharisees remained blind in their self righteous, self seeking sin. Thank you Lord for seeking and saving those you are lost!

    • Jessie A.

      That one tripped me up too!

    • Kara

      In the previous verse 39: “Then Jesus told him “I have come to judge the world. “I have come to GIVE SIGHT TO THE BLIND AND TO SHOW THOSE WHO THINK THEY CAN SEE THAT THEY ARE BLIND.” 40: “the Pharisees who were standing there heard him and asked, “are you saying we are blind?”
      V 41:”If you were blind, you wouldn’t be guilty,” Jesus replied. “But you remain guilty because you claim you can see.”

      Verse 39 correlates to verse 41 in that they think they can see but they are truly blind. So Jesus is saying you remain guilty because you are fooled by yourself.

    • Connie Tramel

      I take this as once The Lord gives us sight and we know him he says to us, ” sin no more”. As saints in Christ we are held at a higher standard, although we are forgiven.

    • Ifi

      Hi Carol, the Message bible puts it this way: Jesus said, “If you were really blind, you would be blameless, but since you claim to see everything so well, you’re accountable for every fault and failure.” (‭John‬ ‭9‬:‭41‬ MSG).
      So I think He meant that they were pretending to have spiritual sight and felt like they ‘knew it all’…and because of that they were, of their own will, blind to the fact that The Messiah was right there with them the whole time!

  • ajschoch

    I've never intentionally read the bible. I've read it in bible school. I've listened to it in church. But I've never opened the book to really listen. Today's reading reminds me so much of a season in my life. My mom had recently passed away, I had two small babies and my dad was financially strained and not coping well. We needed to sell his house and get him on a path that would ease both his and our burden. He lived 5 hours away. I was working, tending to a new family and utterly exhausted. I tried so hard to keep it together, to get it all done, to have all the answers to all the problems and I was failing miserably. I was depleted of everything. I remember sitting in the car one day, in the grocery store parking lot, and just crying. Crying that I didn't know how to do it any more. That I didn't have all the answers. I couldn't do all of the things. And I remember just saying over and over again "please help, please help, please help." I don't even know who I was saying it to. My mom, lost to death. God? I don't know. I was struggling with faith (still am) so I wasn't intentionally praying. Here's what I know. I woke up the next day with a feeling of peace that I had not had before. A confidence that it was going to be OK. That all I needed to do was worry about the first next step. All the pieces didn't perfectly fall into place but where there was helplessness there was now hope. Something had shifted. I experienced grace. It was the first next step to rediscovering faith.

    • GracenJoy

      Thank you for sharing your story. That is how I have felt it before too and yet I know even before I reach that point his grace is there. It always feels like a giant bear hug to me when I experience as you described.

    • TammyR

      Beautiful! I had a similar experience of asking God to intervene in a situation that I could no longer handle. I had such a peace about it. The road want perfect after that but it led me back into church after many years. Thanks for sharing!

  • Morgan B

    inconvinces/struggles/failures in our humanness are just and opportunity for God to be God. And to be glorified. And opportunity for him to give “grace upon grace”. “All things work together for GOOD”. I have a head knowledge of this and have EXPERIENCED it in my own life so many times, but I seem to drift back to my human way of thinking so often. My prayer today: Lord, give me your perception…spiritual eyes.

  • So we don’t have to do anything “right” to receive grace from The Lord. He just wants to use us as examples for all the wonderful things he does.

  • Smacked me right between the eyes…I constantly ask, Lord, where did I fail that this or that happened knowing in my head it just WAS or IS. Let’s all pray for forgiveness in thinking we have that much control. That our eyes be open to seeing beyond ourselves to the message God is sending and be thankful for the abounding Grace he gives us that we surely don’t deserve. Once again this shows how “worldly” we are.

  • DaughteroftheKing

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can explain to me what exactly is grace and how are we too display it? Thanks!

    • ClaireB

      I see Grace from God as we see in John 3:16 – He loved us through the ages and we failed to follow so He sent His Son to atone for our sins upon our acceptance of Him. His Grace surrounds us daily if we look around our goings and comings in His safety and guidance in our lives when we acknowledge Him and meditate on His working in our life.
      I am sure there are more scholarly versions. This is my little Methodist heart version. I could probably fill a book on the Grace in my life and that of my family.

      • Melinda

        Grace is sufficient! It is our gift of life. It rescues us time after time and gives us the very best example to follow. It can be costly, but I can’t think of a better way to “spend” my time! It frees us from the bondage of fear, shame and self-centeredness and trying to figure it all out on our own. It needs no addition or deletion. Only trust! I thank God for grace every day! Blessings to you, sisters :-)

    • JessicaLoves___

      It's easiest for me to understand grace in contrast to mercy and justice. Justice is receiving what (punishment) we deserve. Mercy is when we don't receive what (punishment) we deserve. And grace is when we receive what (forgiveness) we don't deserve. There is absolutely nothing we can do to earn grace – we will never ever deserve it. It's a free gift from God, saving us from ourselves. We best display it by recognizing it as the gift that it is, being grateful for it and offering it to others through everything we do by putting others ahead of ourselves.

    • Kellye329

      Grace is the undeserved gift that Jesus freely gives to all who trust in Him for their salvation. It is most marvelous because we could never earn it, so we dont have to try to. We just open our hands and say yes to whatever He sends our way….good
      Or bad….knowing that it is all grace. All things are purposed for our good and His glory. And that is grace….that He would think so much of us to purpose to save us and to keep us for His own for all eternity. And we cant explain it. Like the blind man, we only know that “I was blind but now I see.” What a great read this morning!!

    • Carole

      Grace is not something you do, it is what God does for you when you least deserve it and least expect it. Just like salvation which we didn’t deserve and did nothing to earn it….all we could do was receive it ….so as His children now our Heavenly Father blesses us in unexpected ways all the time and our grateful hearts thank Him and cannot help but tell of all His wonderful works to others. When in gratitude for His grace extended to us, we bless others who do not deserve, we display His grace.

  • I loved this message! I’ve said this before…because it is a work in progress…that I struggle with doing things in my own strength. In particular, feeling like I’ve got to do A, B, and C to get my blessing and that if I somehow miss out on said blessing it must’ve been that I somehow missed a step in my plan. But I’ve learned that nothing great I’ve ever received or experienced was because I caused it to happen. My masters degree didn’t cause me to get my job or my great cooking bring my husband into my life…even though I’m sure it didn’t hurt lol…but it was God’s plan and His perfect timing that led to my life’s events. Then I started to wonder, was I actually disrespecting my Father by not giving him the credit and glory for all the wonderful things in my life, even credit for the obstacles I face because from those trials come triumph? Sure when amazing things happen in my life I thank God but by thinking I had something to do with it, I was diminishing His power. I even took the thought a step further and thought “had I been blocking my blessings by trying to obtain them in my own strength”? Like the blind man, he could never do enough of anything, say the right anything and gain sight if it wasn’t for the power and healing Jesus provided for him to see. Do we spend months of our lives trying to start a business, trying to mend relationships, or trying to break a bad habit ending up with no results when we could just trust God? Today I realized that if we indeed give our blindness to God, surely He would cause us to see. Going forward, I refuse to put hope in my accolades, in my network, even in myself but to trust the One who holds the world in the palm of His hands. I thank you Father that once I was blind but now I see!

  • I find great hope in this chapter in so many areas, but the word that the Lord really had for me today is that I don't need to worry about having an answer for everything. I've had a lot of people asking me questions about Jesus lately (praise God!) and I often feel like I don't give a good enough answer and then I fear that I've failed in my test to share the gospel.

    This man stood in front of the Pharisees, being grilled over and over again and could not give an answer that would satisfy them. I will not be able to answer every question posed to me about Jesus. But…."One thing I do know, that thought I was blind, now I see."

    May I boldly declare that truth and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

  • Shawna Brinsfield

    This passage was an answer to prayer. My kids were born with a genetic disease and having felt a little guilt for that and not knowing what God says I stumbled across this passage and it has given me great peace!

  • We attended a church for a short period of time that preached only good things are from The Lord. That God only wants blessings, health and wealth for all his people. The problem is we are ALL his people. Jesus died for the sins of ALL. Just as the blind man did nothing to cause his blindness, our heartaches and trials are not “payback” for sin. They are a chance to grow in faith and for God to be glorified through us. God is in the good and the bad on our lives. He has the power to change any situation. I have meditated on these verses many nights as I lay awake in pain and asking God to heal my endometriosis and infertility.
    James 1:2-4
    2 Dear brothers and sisters,[a] when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. 3 For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. 4 So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.

    I recognize that my “endurance” may not be fully developed this side of heaven. God may never heal me here, but someday I will sit in the most beautiful nursery rocking a perfect baby with heavens sunshine streaming in the window. Until then, I choose to glorify him in my trials.

    • Emily

      I'm so sorry that you were a part of a church that hurt you by preaching that at a time when you experiencing so many bad things. I truly believe that God has promised us the abundant life – but I think people get confused because they equate the abundant life with THEIR idea of abundance. In God's economy, I think abundance often means lack – not because he enjoys us suffering, but because he knows that the richest thing in the world is to be as close to Him as possible.

      I often wonder what churches that preach that kind of theology make of the suffering of people like Peter, Paul, and the rest of the apostles?

  • This story always gets me. I heard a missionary speak who had worked for years in Papua New Guinea. She worked with Wycliffe and had commissioned several villagers to help in the translating process. They got to this story and were absolutely amazed! They went off talking to each other excitedly in their language, running about and telling everyone they could. She asked what had everyone so excited and they told her that their own witch doctors frequently used dirt, herbs, etc mixed with their spit to heal wounds and illnesses. The one thing they could never heal, though, was blindness! And then they began shouting, “Jesus! The great Doctor with the powerful Spit!” Unreal to think of Jesus being known for His spit, but because that peculiar little story is included in Scripture, many in that tiny village came to believe. They were spiritually blind, but now they can see and WE will get to see them someday in glory. I’m so excited to meet them! (Missionary: Marilyn Laszlo – she has a book published about her experiences, probably on Amazon) :)

  • Thanking God for all my sufferings or struggles, so I can used them to give Him the glory in a world without light. Our problems today can be God’s glory tomorrow.

  • A while back I ran into a man I had known several years ago. He was telling me that he was divorced and remarried; that he had children but his youngest was severely handicapped. He said something like, “Guess that’s payback for what a jerk I used to be.” Hearing this broke my heart, and now reading John 9:3 brings it right back. I wish I would have had that text in my heart back then so I could share it!

    • Sereta

      Bonnie I had a similar experience once and I have learned that we can asked the Holy Spirit to reveal the text we need to share and he will.

  • Prayer request- This was awesome and how the Pharisees treat Jesus is how my spouse and I treat each other. Please pray that we would go back to seeing the gifts that brought us together and that God wanted to use with us collectively. And just joy for each other. Super hard being stagnant in ministry since I got married but I desire for us to work together.

    • Elizabeth S

      Dear Lord,

      I lift Tiff and her spouse up to you today in Thanksgiving for bringing them together in your love. May you be magnified as they continue to grow together in your grace and mercy. Allow them to speak openly about past hurts and disgressions and forgive each other, as you have forgiven us. Also, just as we are made new in your love moment by moment, I ask that you refresh the bond that you have blessed in this marriage and allow the respective eyes of their hearts be open to the glory you have given to them in each other and your Son. When we turn to the cross, all is grace. So Lord, let their focus never waiver from you. Allow them to believe so they might understand. Amen.

  • "It was not that this man sinned, or his parents but that the works of God might be displayed in him" …ahh for me, this is it . Everything that happens
    in my life is so God can display His grace. Whether it is hard or a blessing, it is my actions (if I let it), that allow Christ to be seen in me. May I live a little higher today that I might be the Light in my world. Thank you Jesus.

  • "Jesus’ radical statement shifts our gaze off of our “shoulds” and onto His grace."

    How freeing! Freeing as I look at my own life and when I consider any one else's plight.

    "…this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life." (John 9:3) Earlier in chapter 6 Jesus said, "The work of God is this: to believe in the one He has sent." The display of God's power and his outpouring of grace always points back to the One He has sent and an invitation to believe. All present on that day….as well as all reading it today…have opportunity to believe in Jesus.

    And after all the discussion, the questioning, the accusations, the Pharisaical hoopla, Jesus found the man again and asked, "Do you believe in the Son of Man?"

  • My goodness, how in this world, that assumption still exists. "They/he/she must have done something to deserve what has happened." We easily forget that we ALL live in a fallen world. The happenings in the Garden ensured that what is "fair" no longer truly exists. If it did, there would be no need for God's audacious Grace (love that). We are all guilty of wondering sometimes, what sorts of things may have transpired to cause circumstances. It seems to be a natural human, fallen way of thinking. But we are missing the bigger picture. We aren't looking beyond the here and the now. We are forgetting that we all exist entirely for God's glory. EVERYTHING is about that, about God's glory. Nothing else. What is fair doesn't exist. Was it fair that Jesus hung on the cross, was it fair that God gave His SON? No. We *know* this. Yes, there are circumstances where our sin choices bring about consequences. And still, those choices allow God's glory to come through. Only God, only relationship with Christ, can alter what our sin choices have done, only this relationship can change our apparent lot, only this love, this grace can offer complete healing – physically, spiritually, emotionally. All things possible with God. I love the once blind man's response to them….. it really is that simple, that profound, that beautiful ! "I know one thing for sure: I was blind ….. I now see." (The Message)

    I can vehemently say – I too was blind, I too did not see …. but now I do. Now I see clearly Christ in front of me. The elation I feel in that gift is beyond words. ~ B

  • BDBell44

    Amen and Praise the Lord for his bountiful GRACE! All of us who are followers of Christ, were once blind and now we see – by the GRACE of God. I love the Blind Man's simple testimony, "…I was blind, now I see." I find that sometimes I try to make it too complicated, thinking that I need all the answers (which I will never have), but this is the only answer I need. I love your prayer, "May we be a canvas for displaying God's powerful works of GRACE" – what a beautiful picture!

  • missphysiciansassistant

    One of the many things that strikes me about this chapter is that in verse 22, "The Jews had decided that anyone who acknowledged that Jesus was the Christ would be put out of the synagogue." They were looking so hard for "THE Christ" that they missed Jesus when He was right in front of them. They were so bent on looking forward to the Christ coming, that they were oblivious to Him and the miracles He was performing right before their very eyes. It is so sad to me, that they lived in a time with Jesus walking the same earth they were, spitting in the dirt they walked on to heal a blind man's sight, yet they completely missed Him. I can only hope I would not have been the same way, but honestly, I probably would have been, because how many times do I miss Jesus in my life on a daily basis? How do I miss Jesus?

  • Courtney

    Wonderful,wonderful commentary. I try to rationalize and explain everything which often leaves me confused and frustrated. It's just grace. And God's will. ANd I don't have to explain it all!

  • Gina Nelson

    What stood out to me… “What do you say about Him, since He has opened your eyes?” vs. 17.
    What do I (we) say about HIM, since He has opened my (our) eyes?

  • Yet again I am convicted again! I am always trying to make the gospel make sense in worldly terms & constantly trying to fit It in my little box when it’s impossible! And I’m so so thankful that it is impossible:)

  • Stephanie

    I just have to point out how amazing it is that the same man who was known for begging the day before is now preaching to the Pharisees. This once blind and begging man, who has probably never worked or had education, gets it! He’s like, guys I keep telling you and you don’t get it, God doesn’t work in sin, this mans real, yet the Pharisees still didn’t believe! I wish we had a name for this rockstar man lol

  • Yes! I was once blind, but now I see! What amazing, audacious grace!

  • Kelly_Smith

    Think about the first things this man saw. How he must have squinted and shielded his eyes from the brightness of the day! But then, after his eyes adjusted, he soaked in every detail. The drops of water as it fell from his brow. The ripples in The Pool of Siloam as those drops hit the water. This miracle, the Son of Man, became like a drop in his soul, creating ripples of belief and dedication. The Pharisees chose to shield their eyes from the Light. They chose to close their eyes and miss the ripples. Lord, help me to see the ripples in my day. Open my eyes to see all of the ways that you are moving me from blindness to sight. Help me to chose sight, to chose grace.

    • Jennifer


    • Kim

      I wondered this same thing. How this man reacted once he could see. Was he scared or excited? Did he shout or cry? Made me think of the song, " I can only imagine". Looking forward to one day meeting my Savior face to face!

  • “I only know that I was blind and now I see”
    I love this part! Is like saying “I don’t care about anything else, he is real and there’s nothing you can do for me to stop believing!”

    • Stephanie Ware

      Love this thought! :) thanks for sharing!

    • Antimony

      Yep. So true. Putting everything else aside, I was blind. But now I see. Such a simple yet profound testimony

  • I was blind

    but now I see!!!!!!

    thank you Father for removing the scales from my eyes so that I can see rightly and think rightly amidst worldly pervasiveness.

    thank you for giving me eyes to see.

    keep my eyes on You alone, Jesus. amen.

  • Hope your all have a great weekend :)

    One of the things that stood out to me that am not sure of was in John 9:4-5

    “4As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. 5While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

    Is this meaning that the disciples couldn’t work at night weren’t able to or were busy? I just feel that God’s work should be done at any time. There are street plasters that work at night, leaders and helpers working at Youth groups at night for camps and sleepovers and my friends and I went out at night to distripute leaflets to advertise our youth service Campfire.

    Just wanted others thoughts on this, thanks

    • Lee Howard

      I think Jesus is using an analogy when he speaks of not working in night. While He was in the world, the world was light. Without Him the world is dark and full of sin. You are right, Gods work should be done anytime. God bless you.

    • Kelly_Smith

      I agree with Lee. The night represents the absence of The Light (Jesus). 1 Thessalonians 5:4-5 tells us the believer is not in darkness because we are sons of light. We do not belong in the night, that is, we are to live a different kind of life because we are believers (1Thes. 5:6-9). Isaiah 58:10 also speaks to the way we can bring light into the night (the darkness around us): "If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like noonday sun."

      • Alicia C

        I think these verses might also be referencing a time when there will be no more opportunity to do God’s work on this earth because Jesus has come back in judgment. We do not know when that day will come so we must never stop doing the work of The Lord (ie. ministering to non-believers, sanctification, etc) in preparation for that day. We must seek The Lord while he may be found (Isaiah 55:6)

    • Onfaith

      As I see it, I believe it metaphoric. Jesus is speaking about the bigger picture, how we must always do God's work until Jesus' return. Jesus is the light of the world, His return will bring darkness (night) for unbelievers. We must remain active while we can, always working to bring others to Christ. Hope that helps. ~ B

    • Lisa Dittman

      Alison, I don’t believe that is what it is saying. I read this a couple of times myself. The approach mentioned in your post; I believe, is too literal. Remember, Jesus often spoke in parables. I believe this scripture references that He is the light and great works must be done while He is here because darkness is coming (His death/absence from the physical aspects of this world). My additional need for study comes in the place of no works in darkness…this may mean that we are to labor diligently for all to see the glory of His light. Not to see us and our performance, but rather to see Him even in the darkness of our world. Because… Darkness (end of time) is coming and in that time no further works can be performed in the dark, so the time to labor for The Kingdom is now. Thoughts??

  • "This poor man could not see Christ, but Christ saw him." — Matthew Henry

    — Like this blind man, I was also lost, once wandering in the dark. Like him, I never even asked God to heal me, to save me, to make me see.. but it was Jesus, who approached me first… I am forever grateful for that day when He opened my eyes to see Him for who He really is, and who I am in His sight… grateful for that day when I realized that He has been with me my whole life, hurting with me as I made decisions that led me away from His perfect plan for me.. I am down on my knees with gratitude for what He has done in my life! Thank you Jesus!

    This song brought me to tears just now:

    **BROKEN VESSELS** by Hillsong
    … Oh I can see You now… Oh I can see the love in Your eyes…
    … Laying yourself down… Raising up the broken to life…

  • Rosemary Sanchez

    I love this!!!!!!!

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