John 2015: Day 2

His Glory is Revealed


Today's Text: John 2:1-25

Text: John 2:1-25

This, the first of his signs, Jesus did at Cana in Galilee, and manifested his glory. And his disciples believed in him.
– John 2:11

I like doing things backwards—it’s a quirk of mine. I love dinners that start with dessert. I often begin a book by reading the last chapter. I like to launch projects with the end in mind and I thrive on dreaming big with others.

It’s no wonder I was first drawn to the end of John Chapter 2, as it painfully points out the importance and significance of our need for a Savior.

“But Jesus didn’t trust them, because he knew all about people. No one needed to tell him  about human nature, for he knew what was in each person’s heart.”
- John 2:24-25, NLT

God knows the condition of our human hearts. He knows we live in the tension of worldly desires and how easily we can be seduced into believing we are in control. He knows our pride, our arrogance, and the way we worship our own success—and He knows it will never be enough. At our deepest heart-level, we are left discontent and lonely, with a hard heart of stone instead of a tender heart of flesh.

Only Jesus can turn a sick, hard heart into one that is alive and vibrant.

To bring life to our dead hearts, Christ first entered our darkness and began to flood it with His light. The time had come for Him to turn the world upside-down, to challenge religious norms and bring awareness to the poor, the orphans and widows, to turn the focus off our doing and onto His glory. The key word here is turn.

It was at a wedding that Jesus’ divine glory was revealed through his first miracle, turning water to wine. He did so without much fuss —only the servants and disciples witnessed the miracle and came to believe. Our God still performs these quiet miracles today, working behind the scenes to turn the impossible into possible. How has Jesus revealed His divine glory to you?

Next Jesus goes to the temple, where He reveals His divine authority in the turning over of tables. He is angry that His Father’s house has been turned from a place of worship into a place of consumer transactions. We, too, so easily turn from worshipping our Creator into worshipping what we ourselves create, but God’s divine authority will always reign.  “You shall have no other gods before me,” God says to His people in Exodus 20:3. What takes the place of God in your life?

Jesus’ glory and authority are revealed in Scripture in the turning of turning water to wine and hate to love, war to peace and cruelty to kindness. Only our Savior can turn over the tables of evil to uncover the promise of the Gospel—a Gospel that brings gentleness from hardness, patience from frustration, self-control from instability.

He miraculously takes our sinful human nature and turns us to Christ-likeness. All praise and glory to HIM.



  • Today I have prayed for my husbands heart to be softened by Christ. For him to hear God speak through me, for it to be ONLY God he sees and hears. That my words would not be my own. Now waiting and trusting that God WILL intervene and touch his life in a mighty and power for way!!!

    • Rebecca

      Christ can do all things! Keep praying and don’t lose heart if it doesn’t happen in your timing. Our God is a God who works behind the scenes not just in the big picture! Praying for you and your husband Bobbi x

  • “Jesus works behind the scenes.” Boy, did that ever speak to me! I’m pretty new in finding my faith, after 20 years without any form of religion in my life. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to remember that Jesus is always with me because for so long I was surrounded by people who didn’t believe (which is okay! To each his own!) and weren’t thinking about how God was working in their lives.

    In theory, I know that He is always there and by my side and knows my heart. But sometimes it’s difficult for me to see that. This reminder that sometimes we’re not going to see the ways Jesus works through us is one that I most definitely needed this morning.

    And how has Jesus revealed His divine glory to me? By bringing me to a community that allowed me to explore my faith and encouraged my curiosity. It brought me to Him and I’ll continue working on my faith for the rest of my life.

  • Jennifer

    Vs. 3-5 in John was a huge reveal to me. After just celebrating mother’s day it seems fitting too. My oldest young adult son is about to finish college, and he’s ready to step into his giftedness, and God given talents. The verses today showed that the mother of Jesus gently pushed him into his (not so small) giftedness of miracles. Mary knew He was ready even though he didn’t think he was. His mother believed in him! She was his encourager! She’s my example today, and I’m excited to tell my son that he’s ready and I believe in him!

  • All praise am glory to Him for turning the world upside down so we can only focus on Him

  • The last part of this chapter caught my attention the most, Jesus didn’t trust the people cause he knew their hearts. I can relate…although, I can only see from the outside of a person but He sees it all.

  • brittney

    learning a lot with these plans. love this app.

  • Juli Anna

    Amen! Jesus meets us in our dirtiness and turns our ashes into beauty! Daily, He interrupts my life and reminds me Who He is, and who I am supposed to be.

  • I love how he uses the ceremonial water jars for ritual cleansing to cast a vision for the complete cleansing by his blood through the symbol of wine…and just the whole idea of Jesus’ ministry starting by keeping the party going. The servants seemed to be the only ones besides Jesus’ mother and brothers who witnessed what happened…it doesn’t seem like other guests knew about what he had done. It’s neat to think that Jesus intentionally revealed Himself to them first.

    • Jenny Pauline

      This is an awesome perspective. I didn’t even think about the water to wine. And that he revealed himself to family first.

  • Yes! That’s a beautiful prayer!

  • Mary Lebeau

    I pray that Jesus turns me in the same way….from ordinary to desired, like water to wine, and from wickedness to worship, like in the temple. You know my heart, Lord. Break it and make it one pleasing to you.

  • Mrs.Walton

    What takes the place of God in my heart? My want compared to my needs. Anytime I make a purchase I ask myself difference between the two on the items I want. I just finished the series in Peter which was wonderful and it appears as if John is going to equal up and go further for me. Being a Christian is not suppose to be comfortable, it’s challenging because it’s suppose to be, but the rewards for this lifestyle we live and path we follow will be breathtaking.

  • VictoriousOne

    God still performs these quiet miracles today!! Thank you Lord for these quiet miracles where you reveal your glory

  • Good words to help keep my eyes in the prize which is bringing people to the saving knowledge of our Lord.

  • Kaz Williamson

    Only our savior can turn over the tables of evil and use them for good!

  • Bailey Schmid

    This gave me such a great perspective on my life and priorities especially! Thank you so much for the new realization of God’s glory first!

  • What takes the place of God in my life?

    I wrote that question down in my prayer journal today and listed a few. My answers weren’t so much people or material things, but at the same time my answers can be attached to material things. Here are a few:

    -The need to be in control
    -Giving others the control of my hope and future

    These are abstract issues but they show themselves in tangible ways. Like procrastination. It causes me to miss out on blessings and lag behind. Vanity. I’m not some pageant girl, but I do strive to be on top with fashion and style. That’s not important! It leads to frustration and just plain emptiness. And worry. It goes along with the need to control. If I’m worried then I’m expending unnecessary energy, and I feel productive because I’m focusing on an issue. But really, I’m not productive. I’m focusing in a negative way.

    It’s as if all my answers are constantly overlapping and point to one another. And the way to fix that is give my heart and desires solely to God. There should be nothing separating me from Him. He should be the center of it all. He is the center of it all. I will strive to make that evident in my life!

  • Love this Bible study! Love reading all the posts. I was in the Sermon on the Mount one and God has been saying read John. So I just clicked over to today’s verse and there was John!! So I bought this plan. I have been growing so much closer to The Lord thru these studies. Thank you SRT!! I keep telling my friends about it.
    Praying so much these days for God to soften not just my heart but my 14 year old daughters too. Knowing he works miracles in all our lives. Xo

    • Stephanie

      This just lines out what I’ve been thinking reading this study! Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Heather Giles

    Amen! God is so good. He takes our brokenness and makes us new! He flips our tables and turns us away from our flaws and sin. God is so good!

  • Jackie Boylhart

    To God be the glory! I pray to remember that it’s not my will, but THY will be done.

  • Laura Warden

    I’m thankful that he meets us where we are turns us to Him. He doesn’t wait for us to call on him to intercede on our behalf, but he is constantly walking with us and going ahead of us to prepare for what is to come.

  • I love this! It’s amazing to see the quiet miracles that God performs even today!

  • I loved this: “Our God still performs these quiet miracles today, working behind the scenes to turn the impossible into possible. How has Jesus revealed His divine glory to you?” This is especially significant today today. I’m getting a huge promotion that I’ve worked so hard for but have needed and wanted God every step of it. I have been humiliated and hurt at times, almost lost my life once because of a sick gunman– so many things but Christ has been there with me EVERY step of the way. Every day He reveals His glory to me with miracles behind the scene that some consider coincidences yet I see at the work of God guiding me and protecting me. Ultimately who I am is all for His glory… even if sometimes I forget it.

    • Angelina

      Me too, Maria. Quiet miracles is so powerful isn’t it? When I look back on certain circumstances, God has taken such good care of me. He has covered me and my family in his armor and plowed right though things. I so easily get swept up in life. I let things take the place of God on a day to day basis. I’m humbled by this reading. Lots of prayers for you Maria!

  • PaisleyJade


  • Annabell Jennings


  • Lisa Dittman

    One of the first things I noticed is Mary sharing with Jesus the lack of wine, and His response…

    3 When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”

    4 “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

    5 His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

    Okay, Mary (His mother) aware of the situation, and the shame that would befall this family prompted Jesus to resolve the situation. There are many things going on here, but I love the fact that she (His Mama) prompted, and trusted. Maybe even pushed Him to perform the miracle she believed in Him for possessing. Oh…a mother’s love.

    But, look what happened next. Despite that it wasn’t thought to be the right hour in time; she knew He would respond (belief in Him). Furthermore, she didn’t debate it with Him. She proceeded to instruct the servants (you and me) “Do whatever He tells you.”

    Mary led the prompting of Jesus’ first miracle by creating aged wine. Not a little grape juice…aged wine. The best. At a tremendous occasion. (She knew her son, shared a need, and nodded with affirmation -a plea to help.)

    Think about it. How many times are you in the throes of a party, you need something, you grab your one child (you trust to do anything), and say look…We are out of this. Run and get me this, or that. They stare at you slightly dismayed and with slumped shoulders, and say “mom, I can’t do that.” With a little nudge (and loving pat of assurance in the right direction), they go ahead to perform the task at hand. Simultaneously; you turn confidently to others and say go help, “do whatever he says” to do.

    I just loved the roles of a mother and her son being played out here. As mothers, we recognize amazing talents and gifts in our children, and often lead them (sometimes against their own desires) to do things they wouldn’t normally do – or haven’t done yet.

    I admire the respect, and trust Mary and Jesus had in one another. Not only did Jesus mind His Mama, she believed in Him, and she also gave proper instruction to the servants around to be obedient to His request of them. Mutual love, respect, trust, and obedience demonstrates a beautiful and healthy relationship.

    As mothers, it is important to give a healthy nudge to our children to go out and be who they are designed to be. Even Mary knew the importance of her role as Mother to The King.

    Simply put, Mamas matter.

    • Suzanne

      Loved reading your thoughts on those verses.

    • Eleanor

      I love this! But I think more so we should be more like Mary here. We must recognise our need, urge God through prayer, and trust that he is greater. In doing so we won’t just pull through, we will excel! Philippians 4:16- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Mary knew his love and trusted in him, we should to.

      • Olivia

        I love this. I hadn’t thought about that before – thanks for pointing that out!

    • Hollie

      These were my thoughts as well!!!

    • Kylee

      Lisa, what a beautiful observation. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  • KayArely

    He knows us and yet loves us anyways ❤️

  • Isabel N.

    That part where Jesus went to the temple struck me. When He saw it turned into a marketplace and He got angry and said in verse 16, “Get these out of here! Stop turning my Father’s house into a market!” It just reminds me of how our bodies, every part of it, even our minds (with all our thoughts and opinions) and our hearts (with all its desires) are like God’s house. The temple of the Holy Spirit. And instead of using our bodies to glorify Him, instead of devoting our hearts, minds, and strength to Him, it becomes a marketplace. Where we bargain our faith, our devotion, our worship to Him with things not pleasing to Him. We trade our worship to Him for the temporary. It could be in our thoughts, our desires, and the center of our worship. And God just opened my eyes to this. That there are a lot of things in my mind and heart that have taken His place. My self-centeredness, materialism, and sinful thoughts and desires. He’s calling out to me asking me to let these go. To cast these out. And Jesus alone can turn all of these into something beautiful. Only He can turn my selfishness into compassion for others, only He can turn my imprisonment in sin into freedom in Him.

  • Kelsi, I’m right there with you. I become overwhelmed with my responsibilities and what I need and want to accomplish. I need this reminder more often than I’d like to admit. Nothing matters without him. We’re already enough in his eyes and that’s so powerful and such a blessing. Praise him!

  • Love this! This was a part of the message at church on Sunday. How awesome the coincidence. How often have I not placed God in the center of all and let other things take his place. Hard truth to face, but I so appreciate the double message I have received both here and at Church. I've been so wrapped up in school, work, and family, that I have not been focusing on what has made my life possible. Everything I do and everything I have received is through him.

  • Kelsey, the best is ahead! I pray for you and your husband, but God knows when the timing is right.

  • Kelsey.H

    Ladies, His first miracle is so telling. Jesus didn’t just make “ok” wine for the wedding, but the BEST wine! I never caught that before. He desires the BEST for each of us, not just “better than nothing.” Believe He is working behind the scenes and on the front lines on our behalf.. For the best. My struggle is my husband and I are trying to have our first baby- and it’s been over a year. Feels like eternity but Jesus is telling me that the Best is ahead!

    • Amanda

      I too was drawn to that part of the miracle story – the best wine, not OK wine. My husband and I are also trying for a baby (going on three years now). I will be praying for you and your husband. :-) Thanks for reminding me that though I wait, the best is still ahead!

    • Melissa husband and have been doing IVF for over a year. Having God by our side gives us the strength to move forward. He knows when the time is right for everything. Will be praying for y’all

      • Kelsey.H

        I’ll be praying for you both as well… Gods timing is the best …. Believing alongside you!

  • Kasey Tuggle

    TURN!!! Jesus turning the water into wine. Jesus turning the tables in the temple over. And we, I, need to turn to Christ! Focusing on what Christ has done, is doing, and will do for me. His work is the focus, not mine. Because he deserves all the glory!! Love.. “Only Jesus can turn a sick, hard heart into one that is alive and vibrant.”

  • Symone Brown

    I am glad that Jesus shows and tells us what is truly important, and that is not ourselves or our selfish desires. After reading Genesis chapters 4-6, I see that I want to walk before God and live for and obey Him. I no longer have to be sad that our hearts have been evil from the beginning (Genesis 6:5-6) because our hearts have changed. Thank You Lord for this new heart within us! New beginnings, new desires, new pursuits.

  • This eats to the center of my hard heart. Jesus you know me. You are just waiting for me to stopping spinning in circles trying to control my life and turn to you hold out my arms and say hold me Jesus. Let me live my life for the glory of God not myself.

    • Carrie Beth

      I tend to spin in those same circles, Kallie. I be praying for you!

    • kaylajoy

      Have you ever seen a little girl spin and spin and spin so they could feel dizzy? Then when the effects of spinning has them careening dangerously close to fireplaces, coffee tables and other objects with sharp corners, their giggles turn quickly into screams for help. They can’t stop! That’s when the mama swoops in, scoops up that little girl and holds her tight into her chest to make her feel secure while the world spins around her.
      I have spent a lot of time in my life spinning. And not on accident. I really thought I wanted to feel the dizzying effects of a life lived on my terms and direction. I giggled through and enjoyed the first bit of uncontrolled movement and silliness. And then, the giggles turned to fear. The feeling of exhilaration in carefree freeness turned to terror in impending, uncontrollable danger. We flail around, trying to stop the madness and regain control of ourselves. Sometimes we realize our danger and yell out for help. And sometimes, we can barely squeak out His name.
      That’s when our Father swoops in and scoops us up. He pulls us in close to his chest and holds us tightly and securely while
      The world spins around us. Only in that embrace can our balance return.

      Don’t wait for the crazy to pass before you squeak out His name. He can handle a few flailing arms.

  • Lauren M

    Isn't it incredible that Jesus knew of his death and resurrection and he still chose to live his life to die for me? That is love. A man whom I never had the chance to meet lived a perfect, sinless life so that I may be saved. God is so good.

  • shamekamichelle

    I loved the fact that I can study the word and know that when I need it most the word/Jesus' voice will come up. Jesus knows me better than anyone. I can truly confide in Him :D

  • Courtney

    One thing that stood out to me was not only the obedience and trust in Him shown by Mary and the servants but also submission. They submit to His way and trust that He will fix their problem. That is one thing I truly struggle with being a type A control freak. :)

  • Very insightful!! If it were me in that situation, I can imagine that I would have made apologies to the master “just in case Jesus didn’t come through

    • Jessie

      And I have already seen the glory of Jesus revealed so many times! This makes me want to be bolder with my trust in him.

  • It is comforting to know that Jesus knows how we work. He knows we will failed yet he still loves us!! Praying today for the Lord to open my eyes and heart to Him. Keep my faith strong. More of You, less of me! Keep my focus on You because you deserve all the glory!

  • Oh how many times I start to focus on worldly consumer things. And oh how thankful I am to have Jesus come in to turn my tables upside down. Thank you for the reminder that He has the power to change my heart.

  • Thinking about the quiet miracles of Jesus reminds me that He is not always found in the loud, obvious parts of life. Rather, He sometimes makes the "impossible possible" in small ways, revealing His glory only to those who are looking. I pray that I am ever watching.

    • Leslie

      Yes Myranda! I wonder how many quiet miracles I haven’t realized because my focus wasn’t on Him.

  • katelynlydia

    I love reading how many women have a desire for their heart to be bound closer to Him.
    I have an ugly side. I judge other people, I assume people are doing things for selfish gain & attention, and I don't realize in the moment that I am doing exactly what I accuse them of. I think my thoughts are so incredibly impoortant sometimes. Humanity has not changed in the 2000 years, yet Jesus still loves and came to us. The last 2 verses cut me deep because I only know the surface of humanity and Jesus still chose to come. We were worth that much,I need to remember this. I need to leave me negativity and " I told you so" attitude away and focus on His people.

  • Love this reading! So happy to have found this site ! Cannot wait to dig in. Any suggestions for a great Bible that is easier to read?

  • dn_neely

    There's something amazing going on here. My women's study group talked about it months ago, but how incredible is it the parallels that run between the book of John and the book of Genesis? Even here in the second chapter of John, we see the union of man and woman in a wedding. And not only that, that Christ created aged wine! Not just wine, but aged, the best wine that could possibly be had out of water. How amazing our God is! And the faith of Mary who believed in Him to solve the problem of the wedding (which if they had run out of wine would greatly shame the couple and the family).

    • Lisa Dittman

      Very insightful. I’m with you. He created the best, and kept them protected from shame by the cover of His love.

  • Christine

    I have lived a life defined by the word ‘instability’. I have been called unstable – at best. To know my hope in Christ replaces my instability with self control, my frustration for patience, my hardness with gentleness… It’s everything. It means everything. The world says people like me don’t change, are beyond help. The gospel of Jesus says ‘Come, and you will see’!

  • Sisters, I want so badly to get rid of this heart of stone I have. I push and push to try and get rid of selfish and prideful ways, but am disappointed when I fail my expectations. Lord, help us to draw closer to you and to know there is no perfect person or decision. You make all things good for your glory!

    • Tammy

      Dear Jaren,
      One day… and some times, one MOMENT at a time. Don't worry about tomorrow. God will take care of it. Take care of today only, for it has enough concerns of its own. Just seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these other things will be taken care of. (Matthew 6: 31-34, my paraphrase :) ) We never get rid of prideful sinful ways by "pushing and trying". If we were able to succeed through human effort, God would not get the glory. We would. :) Rather, confess, repent, ask for strength and wisdom and then, if need be… Confess, repent and ask for strength and wisdom again. And then again! For there is no end to God's mercy and grace. We have not because we ask not… Keep asking. HE is your source. In OUR weakness He is made strong. Not by our might, but by HIS Spirit do we overcome. Ask and seek with a sincere heart and He will not leave you forsaken. And KNOW… please know, that you aren't alone in your struggles. We all fall. We all sin. AND we all at times try to look as if we've got it all dialed in! haha… we don't. Victory comes through HIM though, not through human effort. :) Be real with God. He can handle it. Walk in Truth… the Truth of who YOU are, and the Truth of who He IS. Hang in there, Sister. 3 John 1:4 Tammy

      • Caroline

        Great words, Tammy. Though not directed at me, they really spoke to me – thanks!

  • Susie McLain

    I found this website through a friend towards the end of last year. I had strayed from my relationship with Jesus realized how dark and depressing and hard life was becoming. I picked up my bible and started reading again and returned to the One who gives me light and hope. I struggle to be a what He created me to be, but work at it everyday. My life is now full of light and happiness again, and being able to hear the music, feel His presence, and feel my heart full of Him…there is nothing like it. I love being a part of this community. Any chance for retreats in the future?

  • Just what I needed to hear today! That Jesus is the One who shakes things up and turns upside down what looks hopeless to us. He hasn’t finished with me yet and I am so thankful! Oh Lord, keep turning things around in my life I pray. Not that circumstances would get easier, but that I would know you more and that my eyes would be opened to trace your glory in the little things each day.

    • Terry

      Jess, your post really spoke to me; I am going through a time of trials that have been difficult and even though I know God is using it for my benefit I often struggle to keep my mind and eyes on God. I too needed this reminder. I’m glad to be able to see how others are touched by the Word, I can’t go out to attend a fellowship, this brings one right to me!

  • I wish I had the words to explain – but please know that God used today’s passage AND devo mightily in my life. #ConfirmationOfHisVoice
    Thank you!!

  • Susie McLain

    I totally forgot to mention why today's reading meant so much. The last two years, I feel like I turned my back on my religion and fell into the hands of the enemy by being attracted to the wrong things that only temporarily brought me pleasure. I saw fault in the true things that I was blessed with in my life. To this day I am not sure what happened, it wasn't like me at all. I couldn't even hear the beautiful christian music I once enjoyed. It was so strange, I can't explain it except to say I am sure it was the enemy. However, I have now "turned" back to Jesus and think I will recognize them enemy next time he tries to get me to turn against Jesus. Is there a place to have dialogue like this on the smartphone applications? I haven't found it yet….help!

    • Beth Warner

      So glad you’ve come back to The Lord Susie. I will be praying that you stay strong in him. :)

  • Susie McLain

    I found this website through a friend towards the end of last year. I had strayed from my relationship with Jesus realized how dark and depressing and hard life was becoming. I picked up my bible and started reading again and returned to the One who gives me light and hope. I struggle to be a what He created me to be, but work at it everyday. My life is now full of light and happiness again, and being able to hear the music, feel His presence, and feel my heart full of Him…there is nothing like it. I love being a part of this community. Any chance for retreats in the future?

  • Antimony

    Reminds me of Ezekiel 36:25-27 “I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean from all your uncleannesses, and from all your idols I will cleanse you. And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes and be careful to obey my rules”. (ESV). Only God can do this radical transformation!

    • Traci84

      Amen! This is a clear message from God how He can turn your life around. A true transformation indeed! Praise Jesus!

  • The power and faithfulness of our Savior is AMAZING! Time and time again He has shown me how He can turn struggle, hurt, worry, fear, and weakness into GOOD if I just turn to Him and allow Him to be the eternal Light of my path. How precious it is that we have the ability to walk intimately with our Creator and continue to witness His longing to create that which is GOOD!!

  • All glory to Him. I love the book of John.

  • Connie Tramel

    Deut 30:6 The Lord your God will circumcise your hearts and the hearts of your children, so that you may love Him with all your heart and with all your soul and LIVE!

  • Antimony

    (2:5) Her faith, though! She knew that He could solve her problem. And she believed that He would. Oh that I would trust this much!

    • Melinda

      And those were Mary’s last recorded words. Powerful. Can you say “enough said” :-)

  • God created it all, Jesus performed it all, but man's heart was not for the Creator but what he created. Wanting or needing things isn't bad, for God wants us to be blessed and in fact, we are already blessed because we have been saved and loved, but he checks our hearts to see if we want him or just the blessing. As a college student, this is a struggle for me. I can sometimes be blinded by all the deadlines and grades that I need to accumulate, and forget the mighty power of God who makes all things possible. I believe the most important change I am making this year is reading my bible before I study rather than after.

    • Lisa Dittman

      That’s awesome! Very insightful. I pray The Lord blesses your endeavors, and multiplies His glory in your life. Do well Sofia. You matter to The Kingdom. ❤️

  • Peace2015

    Lord, take this heart of mine and do some turning. Whatever tables need to be turned over, whatever miracles need to be performed, whatever cob webs needs swept and corners need examined. Create in me a clean heart. A Christ-like heart filled with your Spirit and leaving room for nothing else. I raise my white flag, I surrender, all to You! I want to be in reckless pursuit of Your heart!

  • LaurenC_

    All too often, Jesus has to turn my little world upside down before I pay attention. Lord, may this new year finally be the time where I KNOW you, without needing all the signs, drama, or fearful moments.

  • Jennifer

    this one really made me think about my own priorities in life and something I can work on to change.

  • I like that emphasis was placed on turning. It’s a very manual and aware choice you have to make to turn. So many people (me included) think that when you’re a Christian choosing the right should be easy. But doing right and focusing on good and remembering Jesus are specific choices we have to make every single minute of every single day. And turning to something that’s not natural is not easy. It’s a good reminder for me – when I get caught up in thoughts or actions that are easy but not right – TURN. When I assume the praise for something – TURN. When I start focusing on the negative – TURN.

    • LaurenC_

      Great points!

    • Ada Rouse

      You’re right. Every minute of every day…it is constant as we are human. I love your plan to TURN. :)

    • C

      Really like your thought on this devotional. 2015 is the year to #TURN

    • Martha Peyton

      This is a great perspective. It’s a simple one-word reminder to keep you focused on what is truly important and the reason for it all. Thanks for the uplifting words!

  • Emily W.

    I had never thought about how Jesus’s miracle of turning water to wine was only seen by a few people. I love how quietly he performed the miracle. It makes me realize how many “quiet” miracles happen everyday. I need to look for these things and praise Him for everything He does, especially the quiet day to day things!

  • Emily Kate

    I loved today’s message about turning. I’m going to turn towards hope and be so thankful for all the fresh starts he blesses us with.

  • This study reminded me that just as the people in the temple had become so consumed with money, sacrifice and the things of this world that they pushed themselves further away from Gods glory, I am also guilty of doing the same. It's so easy to get caught up in the new promotion, the nice house, the new car and box Gods glory into mere "things". Gods glory is bigger than we could ever imagine and we restrict our experience of his glory when we base it off of the things of this world. Jesus glory healed the lame, restored life and gave the blind sight. I pray that God TURNS my heart from the things of this world and towards his true glory.

  • "Access to God is Not for Sale" – I have always loved the verses in John where Jesus showed his anger in the temple. The people were actually putting a price on access to God, and he let them know in no uncertain terms that the access was free . . . All we have to do is believe.

  • I'm thankful for this beautiful reminder of how Jesus is the only one who can truly "turn" things around. If it was as simple as a decision that we could make in our minds or our hearts, there would be no need for him at all. I'm praying this "turn" for someone I love so much. Praying for all of you who may have this person too. Lord, Jesus, you do what only you can do!!

  • So Jesus knows our human ways, yet still performs miracles for us all the time! We just have to be on the look out for his grace and timing!

  • “What takes the place of God in your life?”

    A question we should each ask ourselves everyday! A false god can be anything which distracts us from the one true God, His holy Son, and His will for us.

    When we get distracted by the earthly things we forget to look for the “water into wine” moments in our lives. The everyday miracles. The quiet blessings which constantly reveal His glory to us.


  • “What takes the place of God in your life?”

    A question we should each ask ourselves everyday! A false god can be anything which distracts us from the one true God, His holy Son, and His will for us.

    When we get distracted by the earthly things we forget to look for the “water into wine” moments in our lives. The everyday miracles. The quiet blessings which constantly reveal His glory to us.


  • Mary Elizabeth

    I loved the reminder that only Jesus can change a heart of stone! I have a person in my life that I’m praying for currently, and it’s so important to remember that I can not change their heart, only God can. It’s just our job to live in a Christlike way and try to represent the gospel through our lives!

  • Beth Warner

    Dear Lord, even though I’ve seen your glory through my life, please help me to have that courage that the servants did. They filled the jars used for cleansing, and served their master, kinda scary for them I’m sure. But you filled it with something much better, you always do. Even though you know what’s in our hearts..thank you so much for your love.Let me remember this as I go through 2015. Bless you ladies,xo.

    • Emily Kate

      Love the thought that he fills up our empty jars with something better. Very applicable to my life right now. Thanks for sharing.

  • From a bird’s-eye of this wonderful study, I was intrigued how Mary saw a problem at the wedding and persistently wanted to help the groom’s family. She knew and BELIEVED her son, could help. There was no mention of Him touching the water pots, He just desired the miracle to happen. Mary, the disciples, and the servants were the only people that knew of His manifestation. And I love how the wedding host could taste a difference in the original wine and Jesus’ miracle wine! (“Best for last”) John was the only one to record His first miracle.
    Reading Truth,

  • God has shown His glory in my life by bringing me out of a really bad lifestyle by giving me a Godly husband. He has made my life new! I know that the past 8 years have been full of God’s glory, all I have to do is look at my family and see!

  • Draw some out and take their filth to the master. Sound familiar? He drew us out and put on our filth so we may be seen righteous in the eyes of our Father. Ceremonial washing is like saying, “Here drink this I bathed in it and so sorry but I ran out of cleaner so everyone including Larry Leper did too.” I strive to never neglect to remember the filth Jesus put on and we won’t even sit next to the stinky kid in class as kids or in church as adults. I can’t imagine Jesus smelled like a bouquet of roses born in a manger later working as a carpenter. He sought out filth and called it His. Who are we to not follow His example in love?

  • How has He revealed His glory in my life? Most recently (last 7 years or so)… saving my marriage, walking with me through diagnoses and infertility, giving me two precious children, holding me as I mourn the loss of two more.

    What takes the place of God in me life? Fear. At our annual conference this past week I heard it said this way: “We make an alliance with fear, agreeing for it to be our protection instead of God.” Ultimately, all my controlling ways come down to fear. God help!

    • Yaneli

      Thank u for sharing, Its an eye opener how much fear runs my life as well. Praying God changes that for both of us.

    • laurabernice

      Thanks for sharing that quote from your conference. It really resonates with me. So often I let fear hold me back because I think that if I don't take the risk or step out of my comfort zone, I will be safe. But that is not the truth. The truth is that God protects me and has his perfect plan. I'm praying for the courage to step out in faith for us all.
      Say no to fear. Say yes to faith!

    • shereadstruth

      Thank you so much for sharing this, AJ! Such a convicting and encouraging truths. It's such a joy to have you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • BDBell44

    Jesus shows in these passages that He cares about others, their lives – the wedding feast, and the ordinary or lowly – the servants, and His mother. He also shows that He cares about the "things" of God – the temple, and how it was not being respected as a holy place. Most importantly to me, He shows our need for Him – that without Him we aren't able. Thank you Lord Jesus!

  • When God desired to rescue the world from sin, He made the first move. He showed Himself to us. AND… When I was lost, alone, and basking in sin, He, again, made the first move. WHILE I was yet still a sinner, He sought me out. HE called ME… over and over again, and in His perfect timing, He equipped me to hear and to respond. Today He continues to speak, gently reveal, rebuke, equip and strengthen me for His tasks… sometimes those tasks are just overcoming on the inside. Sometimes overcoming AGAIN what I struggled with yesterday or last week, or last month. Sometimes the tasks that He calls me to and equips me for is an outward work. I just love that it's ALL Him. While this is seemingly so elementary to Christians, how quickly we loose this focus. How often are we offended and judgmental toward the lost? How often do we heap condemnation on ourselves and other Christians for not "measuring up"? I love His Grace. I fall. I miss it… often. But He never does. Thank you, God, that you are always there. Help me to hear you more clearly, see your hand of mercy and grace working around me more obviously, and move more accurately and swiftly to join You in that work.

  • Sonya C.

    We must take some time to really think about and answer the questions? Hard truths for me for sure. I will this day meditate on the word TURN.

  • Reading the story of how Jesus flipped tables at the temple so close after Christmas makes me think how we have so commercialized a holiday that should be all about God. We get so wrapped up in getting the right gifts, the right tree, the right food that we forget why we’re celebrating in the first place.

  • My marriage was in shambles and I was ready to give up everything and start over. One Sunday we went to church service together, and that message saved us. It opened a door to a path that we are still trying to walk through. Although we still have many questions and so much room to grow and learn, we are trying to put the pieces back together the RIGHT way. With Jesus.

    • Katie

      Amen! He is the only thing that can sustain marriage. In HIM all things hold together (Colossians 1:17). Love the encouragement from today that He can make anything new and that He knows our hearts. Praying for fruitful growth in your marriage today!

  • Anna Eaves

    As an artist and maker, I so often get caught up in the “look what I made!” mentality. It’s so easy to do. So subtle and it creeps in without notice. Thank you for this reminder. The gift of creativity and art and making is from our Lord. We, made in His image (the ultimate Creator and Maker) can and do make beautiful things. My heart’s desire is that my art would reflect His glory, His creativity, and His hand at work in my life. Soften and continually renew and change my heart each day, Father!

  • One thing I love about this passage is that when their own wine ran out, Jesus not only provided more, but provided better.

    Jesus is always more and better than anything we could attempt to provide for ourselves.

    • shereadstruth

      Yes!! Love that truth, Kathryn! It's such a joy to have you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Bridgett

    I relate so well to the disciples in this passage! They see Jesus turn the water into wine but then (vs.18) they ask what other sign can He show them to prove His authority to them. He then gives them an answer but they didn’t fully understand it until he rose again. I am thankful that God sometimes gives us answers to our deepest questions so that when we face our deepest hurts we can hold fast to His promises… Hallelujah, what a Savior!!!

  • Morgan B

    I love two themes from today’s passage/devotion: 1) he knows/accepts me (v. 24) 2) he transforms me. Gentleness for hardness, patience for frustration, self-control for instability, beauty for ashes– yes Lord, change me!

    • shereadstruth

      Amen! Love these truths, Morgan! Thanks for the encouragement today.

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Kelly_Smith

    After Jesus reveals his glory at the wedding, "the disciples put their faith in him." That wasn't the last time their faith was increased through one of Jesus' miracles. After he walked on the water they said, "truly you are the Son of God!" I often wonder to myself how they could ever doubt after all they saw. Even the one miracle is enough to hold their faith for life. Yet I struggle with belief just as these disciples did. My faith is increased through the miracles I have experienced (healing from disease, having babies, soul transformations) and then I doubt when I stand on the precipice of the next uncertainty. I love the prompt to remember how Jesus has revealed his divine glory to me. Remembering is the mortar that holds together the stones of belief in my wall of faith.

    • Kathryn

      Yes! How many miracles have I experienced only to doubt again in the next breath? I can definitely relate to the disciples in that way.

    • Becky

      “Remembering is the mortar that holds together the stones of belief in my wall of faith.”
      Thank you for such a perfect word picture, Kelly Smith!

  • John 2:24-25…"But Jesus would not entrust Himself to them, for he knew all men…He knew what was in a man."

    Oh, Father. You know the depths and murk of my heart. Cleanse my heart and make it a place You can entrust Yourself. i want You to be at home in me so that i can live through You.

  • Verse 24 gave me new compassion for Jesus during his ministry. So often he seems so bold and strong but here I am reminded that probably, quite often, he was lonely. The verse encourages me to keep on amidst loneliness, to remain faithful to and reliant on only the Lord.

    • shereadstruth

      Oh, I just love this, Nadine! Such encouragement. Thanks for sharing, friend!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • LaurenC_

      Wonderful insight, something I’ve never thought of before. Thank you for sharing!

    • Traci84

      Nadine, I never thought of it this way. Now that I re-read the verse I completely see your point. Love this thought and it does encourage me to persevere even in loneliness because Jesus did it. Thank you.

  • I love Jesus’ relationship with Mary in this passage. Although “His time did not yet come,” I love the beautiful submission that He shows to His mama. More & more I am moved by Jesus intentionality of doing everything out of love over all else.

    And then He turns around and rocks the world with zeal for the house of His Father! Oh, how I love Him!

  • I have just lost all I had written….so here is my prayer…

    Only Jesus can turn a sick, hard heart into one that is alive and vibrant….

    Lord Jesus, thank you that you came to turn my world upside down, to bring Light to an otherwise dark life, to turn my focus off what I was/am doing and onto the Glory of you….

    I can only imagine being one of those servants, that witnessed the first miracle…having been asked to fill the empty jars with water, and seeing the best wine pour out from self same jars….I can only imagine….

    I have book knowledge, I have head knowledge, I have a heart knowledge…Lord God, I pray you turn all these and more into a deep in my soul knowledge, please Lord God, turn me, the impossible, with the sick hard heart into one, with an alive and vibrant in YOU…..

    The servants and disciples must have had a wake up call, that day…something bigger than they had ever known was going on, and aside from seeing it, they witnessed it and it changed them…enough to make them BELIEVE….

    Lord Jesus, I believe….help me in my unbelief…open the eyes of my heart Lord Jesus….I want to see you…as the early folk did…filled with awe, excitement, wonder….soften this broken, sad and protected from all heart…that it might be alive again…in you…I do BELIEVE…help me in my unbelief….Thank you Lord Jesus for everything….Thank you…Amen..x

    Sisters, May your day be filled with awe and wonder….with love…Tina xxx

  • Jesus took what was used for ceremonial cleansing and transformed it to wine for rejoicing and celebrating.

    • Sandy

      True, ceremonial cleansing = legalism, wine= rejoicing in Gods provision through Christ! Never thought of it that way before, I love it!

    • shereadstruth

      Love that, Laurie! Thanks for sharing, friend!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Sereta

      Wow that a really great point Laurie.

  • I love the deeper meaning of these verses. There are so many little gems in them. The utmost respect He showed Mary, the graciousness of allowing the servants to be among the first to know, why He used water, the stone jugs, how and why He referred to Mary, the list goes on. Just like all other things, it's easy to think that this was a quick decision to provide a miracle here, but in reality it was very purposeful. This just further reminds us that although the things that occur for us seem to be spontaneous effects of this world, God is fully aware of them before they are even on our radar, just as the Wedding. My prayer over this is that I remember I am a beloved Woman of God, that I empty myself, like the jugs, so that I may be filled daily to the brim with the wisdom of Christ and that I may pour myself out in Christ's love to others. ~ B

  • Kendall_S

    i love reading the same text in different translations to get a richer meaning…..

    john 2: 23-25

    Amplified Bible –

    23 But when He was in Jerusalem during the Passover Feast, many believed in His name [identified themselves with His party] after seeing His signs (wonders, miracles) which He was doing.
    24 But Jesus [for His part] did not trust Himself to them, because He knew all [men];
    25 And He did not need anyone to bear witness concerning man [needed no evidence from anyone about men], for He Himself knew what was in human nature. [He could read men’s hearts.]

    The Message –

    23-25 During the time he was in Jerusalem, those days of the Passover Feast, many people noticed the signs he was displaying and, seeing they pointed straight to God, entrusted their lives to him. But Jesus didn’t entrust his life to them. He knew them inside and out, knew how untrustworthy they were. He didn’t need any help in seeing right through them.

    Father, cleanse my heart and make it a place you can entrust Yourself. i want my belief to be true belief. amen.

  • Can someone post the 365 references for today for those of us Androiders waiting for the repairs? Thanks!

  • Danielle

    Praying for eyes that believe without seeing. For faith in his power without needing a sign to “prove [his] authority”. To be still and know that he is God.

  • Johna Sereg

    Jesus, let Your gentle touch, and quiet way turn our eyes towards You. Let Your ZEAL for Your people be marked on our heart and our very souls.

  • The devotion won’t load for me this morning, but I was struck by two things. Mary knew Jesus would help even though, to me, he kinda blew her off. What a special relationship they must have had that we only see glimpses of. And Verse 50. I’ve lost my zeal for Gods house, for Him and I want it back!! Working through this study and 365 hoping it will re-instill in me my love and passion for The Lord.

    • Bethany MacDonald

      It wouldn’t load for me either; wonder whether there is a problem? X

      • Fefe

        Me either. Wasn’t sure if it didn’t load or if there isn’t one today.

        • shereadstruth

          Hi friend! The site is back up now, and prayerfully the app won't be far behind! Thankful for your grace!

          xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

      • Tricia

        My 365 won’t load

        • shereadstruth

          Hi Tricia!
          We are just waiting for the go-ahead from Apple, which will prayerfully be soon! Thanks for your grace!

          xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Kelly_Smith

      The SRT server is overloaded by Truth seekers ☺️ They sent out an email asking for patience as they work behind the scenes to correct it. Hopefully it will be up and running again soon.

      • Deb H

        Praise God for this amazing evidence of hungry hearts seeking His Truth!! We thank You in advance for Your resolution of this glitch Father. This temporary problem is revealing eternal glory and our deep hunger for You! Praise Your matchless holy Name!

    • Sarah Curry

      Polly, I had the same thought! How confidently she asked! It’s clear she knew not only that He would help, but also that He could!

    • Kimberly

      Hi Polly, and others having this problem. I know it's a bit of a hassle for you but go to through your web browser and you'll be able to get in that way. Blessings on your day.

      PS: Polly, good for you! Ask, seek, and knock – He will give you the zeal you desire!

    • Abbie

      Mary stood out to me here too. She was so confident of him that she told the servants to do whatever He asked them to do. She KNEW what he was capable of. How often does my heart have that kind of faith, to say to others watch and see what my God will do?!

  • taylorvanderwell

    It is so comforting to let this sink in: that Jesus knows. He gets it. He understands the context I live in even better than I do. He knows what makes me weary and where I'm prone to wander. Jesus, take hold of my heart when it grows hard. Reveal your glory in my every day.

  • thisgalsjourney

    Oh Lord, let me have eyes to see when you reveal yourself, a soft, brave heart to obey when you speak and a tender spirit ready to grow at your touch. Amen.

  • julesinschools

    Amidst all that Jesus did within this passage there's the obedience of the servants which is very striking and easy to miss. Knowing what was in the jars, to do as Jesus commanded and serve the contents to the Master was a brave move! Yet their courage (let's be honest, they needed a lot of that) and obedience, though most likely full of fear themselves, led others to the miracle of Jesus. What do I learn? Have courage and do what He asks in order to bring glory to God even if it fills me with fear because He is able.

  • So very happy to have found this website. I know my heart is not the greatest, but I am giving it to God with everything that I am. Going to take this day by day.

  • Lacey Geiger

    I believe His Glory is revealed to us daily!! What a wonderful blessing and how grateful I am to receive His wonderful gifts of Grace and Mercy! It’s all about Jesus and his never ending LOVE!

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