In Everything Give Thanks: Day 1

In Everything, Give Thanks


Today's Text: Psalm 105:1-45, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.

- Psalm 105:1, NLT

What is God’s will for my life?

Oh, the many anxious hours I have spent with this question on repeat, searching for a spiritual formula to solve life’s riddles. My college years especially were a mishmash of trusting the Lord with newfound abandon yet agonizing over every decision. What am I supposed to study? Am I supposed to go on this mission trip or that one? Should I break up with this boy? Should we get back together?

The weight of my young world balanced precariously on so many question marks. Sometimes it still does.

It isn’t that College Amanda’s questions were not legitimate or important. They absolutely were. The questions were big and I felt small, and life seemed like the sum of a million puzzles, most missing a piece (or ten). Sometimes it still does. But as the years pass and draw me closer the Lord, a surprising truth has become apparent: God’s will is not a problem to be solved.

God’s Word tells me His faithfulness does not depend on my wisdom. (Lamentations 3:22-24)
God’s Word tells me His grace does not depend on my performance. (Ephesians 2:8-9)
God’s Word tells me that whatever shape my life takes, His steadfastness and goodness trump whatever is going on around me. (Psalm 136)

And if all that is true? It changes how I view every single circumstance in my life.

Sisters, our circumstances are big, but our God is bigger. As we learn to trust the bigness of our God and the sureness of His sovereignty, we find His will is not as much a path as it is a way of walking. Paul says as much in his letter to the church at Thessalonica, when He reduces all our agonizing life questions to a non-formula so simple it makes the perfectionists among us a little crazy:

Rejoice always.
Pray without ceasing.
Give thanks in all circumstances.
THIS is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus.
(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

No hoops to jump through.
No tests to pass.
No situational tidiness required.
Only actively resting in the goodness of our God.

Why an active resting? Because rejoicing is not a passive pursuit. Thanksgiving is not just an emotion. We are to declare God’s goodness in every circumstance! We are to let the world know what He has done and what He is doing! We are to pray to Him, seek Him, give Him thanks with an expectant, joyful heart. This is God’s will for us in Jesus! Exclamation point!

Oh, friends, there are so many heartaches among us today. So many question marks, so much waiting, so many puzzles missing a piece. But He is good. In everything, He is good.

His love for you is steadfast, no matter the path you’re walking.
His promises hold fast, even when your world is crumbling.
It is not up to you to be the god of your circumstances. It is for you to give thanks to the One who is larger than your circumstances.

Over the next 12 days, let’s practice the art of active rejoicing. Let’s learn from God’s Word what it looks like to give Him thanks in all things. May we trust His goodness and tell of His works for a thousand generations.

“Has God done so much for us, and yet does he expect so little from us? Praise you the Lord.”
- Matthew Henry


  • Liza Shade

    I feel so lost. I have a disease called Pulmonary Hypertension and I suffer greatly. I have cried almost everyday for 7 years. I am here to try and find Him. I am here to learn to say, Thank You. I am here because I am not my own god.
    Jesus, I am yours. Save me.

  • reading this now. so overwhelmed with storms in this season, but I’m here to learn how to have joy and thanksgiving even when I can’t see how good will come out of this.

  • The statement “a mishmash of trusting the Lord with newfound abandon yet agonizing over every decision” hit home for me. I am someone who has always had big faith, yet I have just as well struggled with insecurities and anxiety resulting in so many moments of frustration that cause me to second guess most things and often feel like I fall short. This lesson was a great reminder about God’s faithfulness and grace despite my shortcomings. I am praying for wholeness in this area.

  • My husband was recently diagnosed with a fatal disease-caught us completely by surprise. I am struggling to let go of my anger and find my joy in Christ. I am positive God lead me here to remind me of His love and help me find a way to be thankful in the midst of this pain.

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying for you in this, Goni. Thank you for sharing.

      – Stormye

  • Sitting here reading day one and it has totally spoke to me. I lost my 3 child at 20 weeks on January 18… but I am not mad at God… but I haven’t been very thankful either .

    • She Reads Truth

      Sam, praying for you in this time of loss and sadness. Asking the Lord for peace and comfort as you grieve the loss of this sweet little one.

      – Stormye

  • This was so helpful to ready but hard to take in. My husband & I are newly married and it feels like our world is literally crumbling around us. Prayers welcome!

  • Besides God and family, FARMING is our life. Recently there have been some circumstances that have threatened our ability to continue farming. That’s all we know, what would we do if it was taken away? We could loose everything…..except God. :) He has used sermons, scripture, friends and strangers to remind me that He is still in control and I have nothing to fear. He is faithful and He is good. He doesn’t promise us an easy pain-free life, but He does promise us He will always be with us and we can lean on Him and He will carry our burdens. Turning this over to Him is often an hourly thing for me, but I am so thankful that in this trial, He is giving me peace. Thank you for a timely devotional and reminder!

  • Finding it difficult to keep going through pain and anguish of multiple losses, a 40 weeks still birth and 3 miscarriages. I am a nurse in labor and delivery and my job that I have loved and wanted most of my life has become a source of great pain. Not sure of what to do because I know this is the career I’ve always wanted. Giving thanks for the opportunity to care for these women and praying for wisdom in taking care of myself as well.

    • She Reads Truth

      Oh, sweet Nicole. Praying for you in this incredible trying and devastating time. I’m so grateful you would share such a raw prayer request with us. Know that you are on our hearts.

      – Stormye

    • Amy Ruth

      I’m so sorry to hear of your struggle, Nicole! I am praying that these scriptures bring you peace in this extremely difficult time.

  • I am almost 16 weeks pregnant and our unborn son currently has some health issues. We had a procedure done yesterday that has forced me to stay home today and rest and I am so thankful for that! Because I am home today I found this study. I have found myself asking “why us” or “this isn’t fair” or “how can this be part of a plan?” I need the reminder that God is in control and that it is not up to me to “fix” our current situation, but it is up to me to let go and rejoice in Gods plan and the work he is doing.

  • Amen! Praise be to God!!!

  • Catherine

    This was the perfect devotion for the stresses that I have been unwilling to surrender to God today. I am so glad that it was perfectly placed here to remind me that God’s will for my life does not depend on me!

  • I am so thankful for this app that I was referred to. I am a 16 year old girl going through the stresses of high school and I just need people that I do not know to speak into my life. Without any biased opinions. I’m looking forward to digging more into Gods word because high school can get so busy I forget to ackowledge him and then I lose my joy

    • Maegan

      Good luck to you!!! Praying that you’ll find the joy of the Lord and hold tight to it :) high school is tough- but Jesus is the best thing to combat high school with!!

    • Sara

      High school was so rough for me; I can put myself in your shoes and imagine exactly how you’re feeling! One phrase I always loved was a phrase from a song and it went “I’ve got Jesus, and that’s enough!” He is the one true friend you’ll always have and He is there for you in your darkest time and in your shiniest moments. Your self worth has nothing to do with how much others approve of you. We are here to learn to love. It’s as simple as that. If high school is more of a battleground for you (as it was for me), let your light shine where you can – maybe get involved with a local non profit doing something you’re interested in, rather than trying to prove your self-worth at your school. :) I promise things will get better after you graduate! Hang in there girl. :)

  • Chelsea Ridenour

    I have always struggled with taking a negative situation and praising the Lord and can’t wait to work on it with this

  • JoHannah Schmidt

    Love that song !! I have been through a lot of heart ache this year and have recently been struggling with depression because of it. But reading this reminds me that even in this dark world God still shines brighter. Always remember ladies that God is, “A Good, Good Father. It’s who He is and we are loved by Him, it’s who we are. He is perfect in All of His ways to us.”

    “…Tell your heart to beat again, close your eyes and breath it in. Let the shadows fall away, step into the light of grace. Yesterday is closed and gone you don’t love there anymore; so day goodbye to where you’ve been and tell your heart to beat again!!”

  • I am so glad I found this devotional because I just started my first semester of college at a non-Christian based college out of state and there has been so many life changes. This transition has been rough for me and my faith has been suffering in result of that. It has been a very lonely and stressful month and it’s so difficult to trust god that he has put me in this situation for a reason, but today’s devotional has reminded me of what a faithful, powerful and loving God I serve and I am so grateful!

  • God is so very good. He is always at my side.

  • Praying for a friend in pain and guidance for her life.

  • All I want is to get married and have a family. It’s so hard but I want to learn how to let go and let God.

  • Rachel G Bass

    I am trying to allow God to lift me out of depression and bitterness that I have allowed to be planted in my heart since my Dad passed. I cling to my bitterness bc it’s easier than saying God is just and I trust Him. I started this bible study to put the thankful spirit back inside me bc I’m truly blessed by God on a daily basis. Thank you for these words.

  • His will is not as much a path as it is a way of walking. Love this!

  • sslovespink

    Can’t wait to get into this!

  • Dominique

    I am so happy to have found this devotion. I have been excited about my future and have been dreaming big for the past 6 months. Things are not exactly going according to plan but this devotion is just a ONE of many reasons why God is our creator. He knows every single detail, He knows what is best for me and He is there to give me strength to continue. Thank you Heavenly Father, for placing this desire in my heart and continuously lifting me up. I’m so blessed to be the daughter of the MOST high God!

  • Author X

    This spoke to me. It wasn’t just the author. I could hear God speaking as I read this. Thank you.

  • Wow literally exactly what I needed at this moment! Just got to learn to give control to God and that he is bigger than my problems.

  • This has brought so much relief to me. I have been struggling with wanting so badly to know His will for me.. But to think of His will as a way of walking instead of a path makes me feel so relieved. I am so thankful for this community and this app!

  • Olivia Leigh

    I’m in college, and was weeping in my Church’s chapel with so many questions last night. So much order and purpose in opening up this devotion today. Praise God and love to you sisters :)

  • To keep focusing on our God who is sovereign, who is good, who is faithful, who is larger than my circumstances, brings Joy to my heart!!

  • So glad I found this. I am struggling through separation from my husband and am trying to remain committed to our marriage of 16 years. I have been struggling to fully trust God and let Him work in our circumstances. I am praying daily for God’s peace and strength not to worry, and for His hand to move mightily to bring healing. I am someone who is used to being able to “fix” things/problems, so letting go and truly trusting God (instead of my own self) and being thankful during this difficult time has been hard for me. Thank you for this plan to help me to look at the big picture and know God’s plan is good always. Amen

  • This came at such a perfect time for me. I’m such a control freak and perfectionist and am currently in the middle of a long waiting period in which I have absolutely no control over. I’ve been struggling the past few weeks with my anxiety and trying to give it up to God but nothing seemed to be working, until today. The reminder that “His grace does not depend on my performance” absolutely wrecked me. I’m so grateful for a God that loves with reckless abandon no matter what we’re going through, and for a community of strong woman such as this to share my struggle with. I can’t tell you how much I needed this and how excited I am for this study!!

  • Wow. Life changing. Absolutely life changing.

  • Katie Ferren

    My goodness, Jesus is good. And He is ours. Read this post through tears and confusion and big circumstances, but praise the Lord that, as she said, I am not to be the god of my circumstances but to praise the God who is bigger than all of them.

  • So here I was at work struggling with anxiety and decided to pull up an old study from my SRT app and this is what I come to. Thank you Lord for my struggles because they lead me closer to you.

  • Desperately wishing for a house to sell to make sense of my financial world. Just as desperately waiting for my professional world to right itself. And personally struggling with issues of worth. How I need to know and believe and live the words of this study! He is good and it is not up to me to make Him that way. He always is.

  • Lacey Simpson

    it’s so cool how God works. I needed to hear this!

  • This is going to be such a good study; one that I think will bring true rest and trust in our Maker.

  • Katie Dellinger

    Learning to give thanks in the good and bad times. Learning to trust God’s will for for my post grad life and I know he’s got a plan up his sleeve.

  • I love this so much! I think I find myself so often in times of waiting. I have learned that even through the waiting of life God is so actively present and with me and most importantly good. Sometimes its hard because it feels like nothing is moving, but I think it allows for us to press further into Christ and to trust that whatever He is doing is good. I am so thankful for the Lord and I love that in every situation we can find joy in Him because He is that awesome and great.

  • This is an awesome reminder of how faithful God is!

  • I love the reframing of the God’s will for my life. ‘His will is not so much a path as a way of walking’.
    It’s not the what or where, but how I am living. God desires for me to live a way that brings glory to him.

  • Mrs. Sara White

    I think whenever I’ve heard “give thanks in all circumstances,” I’ve gotten the impression that were supposed to be like, “well this is bad, but this is good, so praise God! And my husband lost his job, but I got a raised, so praise God!” Like, I’ve always had the feeling that for every bad thing that happens or bad circumstance were supposed to FIND something good in our lives so we can PROVE that God is still good.

    But for the first time I got the feeling that we’re just supposed to be thankful and praise God always because HE is always good. We don’t need to find something good in our bad circumstances to “prove” God’s goodness. We’re supposed to praise Him always because even if EVERYTHING in our life is bad and crappy and awful everywhere we look, HE doesn’t change. HE is still good. And THAT is enough to warrant our praise and thanksgiving. Because even as our circumstances change for better or worse, He never does and that’s what important to remember.

    So that was a good take away for me. That was something new I felt I got from day one. Just that I don’t need to look for something good in a bad circumstance. It helps! It’s nice to do. But sometimes it seems phony and shallow to me. It was really freeing to think I don’t have to search for or pretend that something is good when I’m feeling like life or a circumstance is awful. It’s a weight off my shoulders. It frees me to focus on just remembering God’s goodness instead of desperately trying to find goodness in bad situations.

    • Jess Tullos

      Love this!!! You said exactly what I couldn’t put into words!! Thank you ❤️

    • Alexis

      Needed to hear that. Thank you for this wonderful post

    • Mrs. Lydia Gifford

      I never looked at the way you have expressed youe thoughts. You have given me a new way to look at things. I am always looking for the good to come out of something bad and sometimes it seems like forever before I see it. Thank you for letting me see it a different way.

  • Pray for my family unsaved but Gods working pray I trust in him with brhjswill

  • Though we all I’m sure are quick to give God the praise He deserves when things are going good in our lives, it’s when the things are going bad that it shows who we really are in Christ. That’s something I want to get stronger and stronger at.

  • Emily Paulus

    Kelly Ann and Maria… Thank you both for sharing your stories. It amazes me the strength that God can give us, that He has given you both. Myself being engaged and hearing these things is difficult, but I am reminded by His word and your words, that He is bigger than anything we could imagine. I’m praying for both of you and your children! You will be taken care of, rest assure in that!

  • Looking forward to working through this series. Fiancé told me yesterday that he isn’t in love with me anymore and can’t be the father to my daughter like he thought he could. After a difficult marriage and divorce years before, I thought I finally found that solid loving man of God. Only to have this happen. I feel like my life is falling apart but more than that I know there’s a purpose and God can put me back together better than I was before all this.

  • Kelly Ann

    I am so glad I felt led to download this series tonight… I am a newly single mother to my beautiful 19 month old twin boys. My husband, who was a fellow Believer when we met, decided he no longer wants to follow Christ, nor be a husband or a father, and he abandoned us completely out of the blue back in July. I’ve tried to keep the faith and know that He has something so wonderful for us, and that in all circumstances He has us in His hands, but it’s not always easy in a situation like this. Especially when I felt my husband had been chosen by God for me. Now I hold faith that there is someone out there waiting for us who will love us more than my husband ever could, and I already pray for him every day. I’m really excited to dive into this series… I have a feeling it’s going to make my wavering faith so much stronger. Xx

  • Just downloaded this App tonight and already I’m looking forward to opening it and growing with the Lord everyday. I’m in college and I’ve had my share of roommates and scrambling for places to live. Recently I agreed to sign a lease in an apartment with my grandparents (snow birds from upstate New York) it’s been three weeks and I feel nothing but regret and frustration. I find myself hiding in my room not wanting to come out or being out around town and not wanting to return home. When I first moved into our place in August I had it to myself and grew very accustomed to being on my own. Now that they are here and staying until June/July I find myself not being able to breathe comfortably. I cringe when I hear their footsteps in the kitchen or whenever they walk the house. How completely awful I feel admitting this out loud :/ They’ve said some really nasty and hurtful things to me since they’ve been here. We’ve argued. We’ve avoided each other.. and I really don’t know if I can last until the summer time under one roof with them. I’m praying for peace in the midst of the chaos but my heart is heavy and I am overwhelmed.

  • I love the phrase actively resting in God. To think walking with God is not some mysterious formula is so freeing. I’m looking forward to this study!

  • God is so much bigger than my silly woes and stresses in life. He is faithful and ever present in the midst of joy and sorrow. Thank you for this series. This is my first time here and I am hungry to grow closer to Him!

  • So glad I found this study & on an app! It’s perfect for late nights up with my newborn second child.
    Understanding that “His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts higher than our thoughts.” Helps me to remember to praise Him in all circumstances. And to remember that “in all things, God works for the good of those who live Him & who have been called according to His purpose.”
    Difficulties in my life have brought me to see that sometimes, that is His way of pulling me close. To strip me of everything else I was depending on instead of Him. The process is hard but it has made me see how much He truly loves me. I remember that He is a jealous God, nothing should take His place in my life.

  • I will be honest. I am struggling to praise the Lord today. I am struggling to see his goodness. I really want to see it, but my heart hurts so terribly and it feels like God did nothing stop it. I am suffering my 4th miscarriage in a row. I prayed so desperately for Him to allow this baby to survive. Every day I was on my knees praying that this time would be different. That this time we would rejoice. But yet again, at the ultrasound I was told that our baby has no heartbeat. I want to scream and break things. I want God to know just how angry I am. I trusted Him implicitly with each my precious babies’ lives and he took each from me any way. I know I’m supposed to say well “praise God any way. He is still good.” That’s not how I feel though. I feel completely abandoned. It seems he answers others prayers but not mine. I’m so lost…

    • Jonnie

      Bethany, it’s hard to understand God’s will. I know I certainly don’t understand it most of the time. I’m praying for you and your family. I believe God does hear the desires of your heart. Please know your are not alone in your sorrow. Not only am I here to share it with you, but God is to.

    • Sharon

      God is in the midst of every circumstance of our lives. He uses each of these circumstances to shape us and to grow us closer to Him. I understand where you are coming from. I miscarried twice, the second time I was almost 20 weeks. I went through the angry stage and asked where was God in all of this, but I know He was there. I have seen how the circumstance made me rely on Him during my pain, and my relationship has grown with Him so much! Continue to pray and continue to lean to God! He loves you and will help you!! I still miss that precious baby we lost, but I know He/She is in Heaven and we will see it one day!

      • Beth

        Bethany, I’m so sorry for your loss. I, too, have miscarried, and I remember thinking that God couldn’t possibly know what I was going through because He’s never miscarried. That’s when it really hit me – that He does know the pain of losing a child – and I know His heart breaks with ours. He is our perfect Comforter even when we don’t feel like it. I am praying for you in this time of grieving and encourage you to dwell on truth – that you are deeply loved by your Creator and He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. <3

    • Crystal

      Bethany, my heart breaks for you. Virtual ((hugs)) to you right now. Anger is understandable, and God can handle it! He can take whatever you can dish out. Be honest, be real.

      • Sarah

        Bethany, my heart also breaks for you. I can’t imagine how painful this may feel. I appreciate your honesty…and am blown away that you would still choose this study. That says so much about your heart! Praying for you right now!

    • Jerrica Lindsey

      Bethany, I’m so sorry for the suffering of your miscarriages. I just suffered one, and I am praying the FEAR of more will be suffocated as it is stealing my joy. I think your anger is natural. I was just reading in John 11: Jesus was angry in His spirit over the sorrow of death and Jesus wept. I found so much comfort in knowing that He shares in our sorrow. But we can have hope! The same hope Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the Israelites had, even through the suffering, their grumbling, and what seemed like defeat, God was faithful and kept His promises.
      I encourage you to look into it’s a community of Christian women who suffered loss. Their blogs have really encouraged me with Truth.
      You are loved.

  • This reminds me of that song, “Praise The Lord” by The City Harmonic

    Praise the Lord when it comes out easy
    Praise the Lord on top of the world
    Praise the Lord ‘cause in every moment Jesus Christ is Lord
    Even in the middle of the joys of life
    There is always grace enough today to
    Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Won’t you praise the Lord?
    Praise the Lord with the world on your shoulders
    Praise the Lord when it seems too hard
    Praise the Lord ‘cause in every moment Jesus Christ is Lord
    Even in the middle of the long, dark night
    There is always grace enough today to
    Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Won’t you praise the Lord?
    Praise the Lord if you can sing it at the top of your lungs
    Praise the Lord like every moment is a song to be sung
    Praise the Lord: though it might take blood, sweat and tears in your eyes
    There is grace for today so praise the Lord
    There is grace for today so praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Won’t you praise the Lord?
    There is grace for today so praise the Lord

  • I needed to learn to stop trying to Control my own faith and just let it go. I put my current sickness and all of my circumstances and situations into Gods hands. He will bring me out of this storm and he will also work miracles into everyone’s life who is reading this. Be bless Angels!

  • Madeleine Grace

    Seek His presence ‘continually’. Not just when it suits me, or when I’m going through a hard time. Always.

    Rejoicing is such a beautiful gift, isn’t it? How amazing that we have a God who WANTS us to be filled with his joy!

  • I agree. Really needed to be reminded of this today

  • “It is not up to you to be the god of your circumstances. It is for you to give thanks to the One who is larger than your circumstances.” If words have ever rang true, these are them. I’ve been so lost and caught up in feeling like how am I supposed to handle it all and what if I make a wrong choice? I don’t feel like I’m hearing from God. But I think bringing it back to the basics is going to be incredible. Really looking forward to this.

  • I finished college this past spring and am having trouble adjusting to life outside of school. I am so used to being constantly stressed by upcoming due dates, grades, and trying to keep up in my very competative program. I am very much a type-A person, therefore, it is extremely difficult to just “be.” I have been very unhappy since graduation and I believe it is because during my crazy 4 years at school, I forgot what it felt like to just relax and be happy. I’m hoping that this daily bible study puts me back on track to be able to experience the joy that is found in our Almighty Father and finding restoration for my weary soul. I love the scripture today! “Praise the Lord always!” “Pray continually without ceasing” I will meditate on these words and begin my journey in learning how to just “be.”

  • Katie T.

    God’s will= Rejoice x Pray x Thankfulness

  • Grace Knight

    This is so encouraging to me. I have been struggling with joy and having a study focused on thankfulness and the beautiful and glorious promises of our Father and the selfless rescuing of our sweet savior is just what my heart needs!

  • “Let’s learn from God’s Word what it looks like to give Him thanks in all things.” Looking forward to this! A thankful, positive & grateful outlook lifts the heart, no matter the circumstance ❤️ thank you Jesus!

  • God’s will is not a problem to be solved. Yes! It’s not a path, it’s a way of walking. Lord, let your will be done in my life. What an awesome word!

  • I am encouraged by the fact that my bad days have no effect on how GOOD my God is! As a wife and mama I often ask myself if what I am doing is good enough. The simple truth is…He makes me good enough. All I am tasked to do is “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in ALL circumstances” and my Lord comes in and takes care of the rest. Thank you Lord!

  • I’ve been having such a hard time giving all of my trust to God, the every day world just seems to consume me with death and worry but death is only sleeping (Thessalonians 4:13) and worrying is not going to change the fact that God has his hands on me everyday, watching over me and helping me to do my best in every situation. Thank you Lord!

  • This is such a beautiful reminder, I’m currently finishing my last year of college and I am asking “is this Gods will? Is that God will?” And it’s comforting to know that His will for our lives aren’t based on our knowledge or wisdom because honestly, what do we know!? Haha I’m excited to start this study!

  • Kelsie B.

    Ironically I’ve been asking myself what God’s will is for my life on repeat for about the past month. This came at the perfect timing, especially because I’ve decided to get off my anxiety and depression medications and have been feeling generally lower than normal. GOD IS SO GOOD. Thank you for reminding me I have a purpose: spreading the love of my Father.

    • Mary Ann

      I just recently went off antidepressants and am feeling the same way. It’s so hard to fight those thoughts when your brain is chemically imbalanced. But I know God will help us through it ❤️

  • Danielle Wagasky

    I love knowing God is truly bigger than any problems we face. What a beautiful reminder that is today :)

  • This is a wonderful principal to be learned in the bible …to praise Him in ALL things. We went through some really trying years in the past and I stumbled onto a book called Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers.. It was such a profound paradigm shift! When we praise Him through even the toughest circumstances it allows Him to then move on our behalf. I highly recommend reading the book if you are struggling.

  • new to this app but excited about the women fellowship and studying together!

  • Praise God Always!

  • Madeline Sengson

    Going through a hard time now it is comforting to here that God is there through it all.

  • Casey Kaufmann

    Wow, it is so nice to read and be reassured that God has your back no matter what

  • Rebecca Gill

    I completely struggle with giving myself and my problems to the Lord, as a self claimed control freak this kind of devotional is perfect :)

  • Thank you Jesus

  • I’m excited for this series. My family is going through such a struggle, and I personally am struggling (going from one kid to two!). I’m happy for the reminder today to rejoice, pray, and give thanks.

  • I definitely needed this today. I am excited for this series!

  • I love this, really needed to read this today. My family is undergoing so many changes and there is so much uncertainty, but God is good!

  • What a blessing this devotional is for me today. When work seems like a confusing mess, I can rest assured that God is good. In everything, He is good.

  • Just what I needed as I woke up at 3am and could not get back to sleep due to concerns from my job and the Uncertainty we are going through.

  • I couldn’t have needed anything more than this today. My husband was laid off a few weeks ago and I stay home with our one year old daughter and things have felt so dark and heavy. In reading this I realize that in our lives we really have so much more positive than negative. I know God has a plan for us!

  • Rachel Thompson

    Again God knows what I need and lead me to what He wanted me to hear thru this app. Thank you so much for all your guys work!

  • I am so grateful to have come across this application. Thank you all for being the support each one of us needs, sisters in Christ we are indeed. Thank you God for your love.

  • This is such a gift. Thank you God for this way to connect with Your word and your people .

  • I agree Reine, exactly what I needed to end my day.

  • This was just what I needed today

  • The past month has been rough, my husband and I celebrated 5 years of marriage and the following Tuesday he was fired. In an instant I felt like I was catapulted into a whirlwind of crippling anxiety and worrying. I’m trying so hard to trust God which is something I’ve never been good at. I’m also trying to recognize the joy in the mess that is currently my life. I’m so happy to have found this study, so encouraging to be reminded of how great God is and the same God who created the world lives in me and cares about my life!

    • Shelly

      Wow Summer. I am going through the same thing right now. My husband was just fired this past Thursday and my anxiety has been so bad. This reading touched my heart in so many ways!

  • I have been in quite a rut recently, experiencing lack of support and value in the missions organization where I work. This study is just what I need. After Day 1 I already feel a change in my own attitude. It hasn’t taken the hard things away, but focused me on what other gifts God may be putting around me. So many! It doesn’t take away the difficulty of what is longed for, but in the waiting, I am encouraged to recognize God still at work! Thank you, Jesus!

  • Jenna Batch

    I decided to take a week off from social media. I wanted to replace the time I would normally spend on it, praying instead. I made this decision because I wanted to spend a week asking God what He SPECIFICALLY wants me to do with my life. I was tired of just living day by day, I wanted a specific goal. Well, the first day and I already found it! Haha. I still don’t know what my future holds but this devotional reminded me that I don’t need to know. I’m just going to choose whatever paths feel right and soak up God’s goodness along the way.

  • Noelle Lowery

    It has been a long time since I committed to a daily devotional. Between business, children, marriage, housework (I am sure you get the picture), I had a litany of excuses, but in the past year, my life has changed dramatically with the (surprise) addition of another child, my husband changing careers and now a major move. At times, it has been difficult to give thanks with any kind of joy in my heart, and that is why I began my journey back into the Bible with this series. I have been yearning to be thankful, especially in times of challenge. I need my God to know that I do give thanks in everything. So, thank you, Lord God, for the beautiful baby girl who woke me up at 6:30 on this amazingly beautiful Saturday morning with a whimper for help because she was having trouble rolling back over. Thank you, God, for the phone call that followed from someone in a timezone four hours ahead of us to relay a glitch in a much needed financial transaction. All is not lost; we jut have a hurdle or two more before we get to the finish line. Thank you, Sweet Savior, for my husband’s frustrated outburst in response to these wake-up calls because it made me realize that with blessings come challenges and that while human nature wants to bog us down in the details, there are ALWAYS reasons to rejoice. Finally, thank you, Lord, for the opportunity this morning gave me to finally plunge into a daily devotional. My spirit has been nourished to tackle whatever the day may bring. Blessings!

  • The other day my home was burglarized and some very sentimental pieces were taken. I found myself frustrated and in constant thought of why God would test me like this and what lesson could I possibly learn. I later realized neither of those thoughts are going to provide me comfort. And this reading really helped for me to sit back and just take a moment for the larger picture of my life to resonate. Gods path for me and His will will always lift me up and provide that strength.

  • I’m in a constant state of anxiety with college approaching, moving out, a new job, it’s so hard to not be anxious. This is beautiful and really takes away the fear and worry because GOD IS IN CONTROL.

  • God IS!!!

  • I am a marriage and family therapist who is really struggling these last few weeks with anxiety…what could I have done better? What if I made a mistake? What if I have to go to court about a case? There’s been so much worry and my instinct is just to ask Him to take my anxiety away. This isn’t wrong, but His will is that I remember that he is good, just, kind, faithful, and that His grace is sufficient. I often take the burden on myself to deal with cases. God is bigger, He has overcome everything…and it does not matter how wise or how well I do–He IS. Being able to remember that and praise Him inevitably leads to relief of my anxieties. He is good, all the time.

  • I really needed to hear and finally begin to rely upon these words …”God’s Word tells me His faithfulness does not depend on my wisdom. (Lamentations 3:22-24)
God’s Word tells me His grace does not depend on my performance. (Ephesians 2:8-9)”

    It’s not about my knowledge or my actions… I can never be smart enough or good enough…. I am saved and a child of God because He loves me and died for me …’s because of HIS knowledge and HIS actions !!

  • I love this…In all situations PRAISE HIM!!!

  • Having just graduated from my undergrad and no prospects of a job I was just beginning to feel the chronic panic set in. I struggle with anxiety and it sneaks in without me even noticing sometimes. Taking the morning to focus on the one in control was the best decision. He knows my worries and fears and deepest desires and trusting in him is a daily exercise. Having a thankful heart and being at peace is a daily task not a one time thing to be grasp. I’m learning to pattern my life in a way that makes me into the woman I am striking to be and not just excepting it to happen all at once.

  • “God’s will is not a problem to be solved.”
    This quote in particular really stood out to me. I think something I struggle a lot with is thinking that God put me on this path and through these hard times just so I can get through them. Through this study and mostly through this text alone I began to open my mind to an entirely new concept that I had not explored before. God’s will is not just a game for me to figure out, but the life that he has planned out for me. I am not just supposed to get though one thing and simply move on to the next.

    A simple thought but a moving one for me in particular tonight. So thankful to have found this app and this devotional. God is so good all the time and he sticks with me even in the times when I mess up. I’m still learning how to be closer with him and grow with him but he is there by my side through it all. :)

  • E. Becks

    Today I was overwhelmed with defeat and loneliness. So thankful I was drawn to this study! His promises are good. :)

  • “It is not up to you to be the god of your circumstances.” This really spoke to me. I have the urge to figure out what’s next but it’s not really up to me. So thankful to have found this app (recommend from my small group) and these studies!

  • Nichole Wermer

    I am going through some very tough circumstances right now and all because of a Drug Addiction that has progressed over the last 16 years of my adult life. God saw I was living life entirely too fast without concern for myself or my 7 year old sons life, and he snatched me up and I was ARRESTED while driving… And in Kansas of all places!!

    I was traveling cross country from California moving back home to Indiana – but I never made it. I had been driving without really sleeping for almost three days. stopping to relax at rest areas or to take pictures of the beautiful ace nice areas in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming an even Denver. The USA is an amazing place to drive and see the beauty of Gods creation and I was just in complete awe. By the time I made it to KAnsas I should have probably taken a little siesta but kept pushing myself to keep driving. I was driving in the left hand lane without passing on I70 and also happened to have brought several small amounts of home grown marijuana from California and had about 5 grams of meth left from what I started with when I left California.

    I was very cooperative and surrendered to the officer and gave him the pot, but when he found the meth in my purse, he immediately placed me in handcuffs and then they seized my car. My car! The one thing I actually owned!! GONE in the blink of an eye! I found out I had been carrying more meth than typical people carry for personal use in the eyes of the law. So I was initially facing drug trafficking charges, even though I was not intending to sell anything I had on me. However, those types of drug charges carry hefty prison sentences. My attorney worked out two feeling possession charges with probation for a year but underlying prison sentencing that could be anywhere from 10 to 42 months for EACH charge. So I am taken in to the local county jail and end up being there for 44 days before being released on bond supervision.

    This story is much longer but my point here is that thanks to God and his marvelous plans for my life, I was able to sit down in a place an get to know him on a more intimate level! I lost everything, my car, all my belongings and clothing and had te clothes I wore into jail when I left – but I felt absolutely at peace and blessed That in itself was something I had strayed so far away from. Meth had me questioning the idea of there even being a God. It had me doing crazy things sexually, and unhealthy all around. The day I accepted Christ into my heart again in jail Was an intensely emotional feeling like I had finally found something I had been searching for and missing for so long. It was amazing.

    I thank God for pulling me into jail and essentially saving me from rape or murder or who knows what else. Now I’m out of jail on very restrictive rules, drug testing weekly, weekly fines to pay, can leave Kansas… Etc. I’m a drug addict in in a small drug infested town where I don’t have any friends and the only acquaintances I have met are very bad people for my sobriety. And I am dealing with ending a six year toxic relationship. However, I cannot help but smile because I realized just today that God is wanting me to draw near to him and to let all my anxiety and fear be lifted up to Him. I have been sitting here worrying about all kinds of issues and the future when I really just needed to sit down and read thru scriptures and the anxiety of life just melts away. I am so thankful for God and all the bumps in the road I’m experiencing because I have faith that each and every one is going to make me a much stronger woman and mother and person. And to think that this is only the beginning of this lifelong journey too so I am extremely grateful to have a Father who loves me so much! I look towards tomorrow without fear because I know he is always near.

    • Mary

      Thanks for sharing this; your story is beautiful. I spend so much of my life being anxious in trying to avoid pain and suffering and forget that God uses bumps in the road to teach us that He Is wonderful and is there regardless. Look what he’s taught you! My purpose is to praise Him and He will lead me out of the darkness.

  • BlessedandFavored

    This study is so relevant in my life, I’m interviewing for a new job and the nervousness almost took over. I am reminded to let go, let God do his work and simply stand on my faith.

  • Wow. This is exactly what I needed. I’ll be starting my freshman year in college this year. The school that I dreamed of going to for all 4 years of high school denied me so I went with my last resort, plan b. I’ve been taking classes and over stressing trying to do everything in my power to transfer in a year….but I’ve suddenly found myself questioning my motives. It’s almost as if I have this small still voice in the back of my head asking me to step back and breathe. I feel like I’m having trouble accepting that this path really could be God’s plan for me because it wasn’t what I was planning at all. And then I found this. Wow. He really is in control. Praises.

    • Becky Smith

      I can totally relate- Im going to be a freshman in college with a similar story. I’m praying for you in your pursuit of a godly attitude. We can do it :)

  • My 20 year marriage is crumbling and my family is at the brink of falling apart. After a very bad fight with my husband I began to pray, Embarrassingly, for the first time in a very long time. My son had just reminded me that bad things happen in our lives but God is always there and in control. “He doesn’t like things like war, sin, or even broken marriages. But they still happen. “”Remember He is still the God of all and is in control if you let Him,” my son said. So I started praying and thanking God for everything. Including our disagreements, our very rough times as well as the good, and especially for being in control of whatever way the situation turns out. I just really want to feel thankful even though I hurt. And by the grace of God, I have a peace right now that I didn’t have before everything started, even though I still don’t know the end. This study came at the perfect time!

    • Tasha Rayes

      Praying for you sister! I’ve been there…only without the “my son reminding me” part! I look back and I have no idea how I got through it! Only by the grace of God! And you will too! Only God knows the outcome, but you continue to do the things your doing…thanking Him, resting in Him, believing what HE says about your life….and you will be ok! You will come out on the other side, sharper than you were before! Closer to God than you ever imagined! Be blessed and encouraged!

  • Courtney

    This study was right on time. I’ve been worrying about career decisions and I’ve got to let go and let God. No matter what the outcome, he is in control, and I got to realize that whatever is his will, it will be so : ) Praise God!

  • I decided to read this study because I have found myself in a phase of just going through the motions, and wanting things in my life to go the way I plan them (which they’re not), and I realized I need to relearn to be patient, and thankful with whatever God is doing in my life. I am thankful that he is patient and ever loving, even when I don’t seek him daily. I want to reignite my fire for him. Thank you Jesus for for your love.

  • Kambrie Phillips

    This really spoke to my heart. I recently went through a break up with my boyfriend of 4 years and it was one of the hardest things I have gone through. Several times I have asked God why and this passage and devotional gave me some peace. God’s plan becomes a little more evident every day and and the hard times get easier. I know he has an amazing future for me.

  • Kayla Bush

    I love this passage. Struggling with deciding if I should end a long term relationship and also wording about a big test I am taking has had me stressed and anxious. I know that whatever happens is in God’s plan for me and I may not know why, but He does.

    • Jessica

      Hi Kayla! I just want to know that I know exactly what you’re going through.. Only a few steps ahead. I just ended a relationship of 2.5 years and it was probably one of the most hardest things I’ve done-also considering that I’m in college and feel like I’m already losing “prime time” to find my husband. However, I have been blessed with peace and confidence that God knows exactly what my life will look like; who I’ll marry, what career I’ll have, etc. I encourage you to rest in peace knowing that God has a plan that is better than anything you or me could ever dream. He adores you, and he wants the very best for you. I’ll be praying that You will have confidence in that, and that you will have discernment on whether or not to stay in the relationship. I know it’s so hard, but take it from a girl who’s on the other side. You can do it! :)

  • Haley Morgan

    I just got this app as a recommendation from my boss and I’ve recently went thru a relationship where the guy after four months just stopped talking to my for no reason and won’t tell me what’s going on. While it’s hard to understand why he’s done this, I’m blessed God put him in my life bc I was in a series of unhealthy relationships and this guy came along and showed me respect, kindness, and how a real woman should be treated. After reading this, God opened my heart bc He wants me to know He has a special man out there for me and gave me a glimpse of how I should be treated and to respect my self and my body. It’s hard to move forward from a guy I’ve grown to love but I know I’m in God’s hands and He won’t let me fall. A great reminder to be thankful through good times and bad! :)

  • Oh, how much I need this. Thank you, God, for She Reads Truth. Thank you for your word. Thank you for my beautiful life. My husband moved out one week ago. My parents don’t even know. I have just begged and prayed he will come home. I’m not the perfect wife by any stretch of the imagination. He didn’t get to this point alone. Satan has attacked us slowly but intentionally, and now he is rejoicing in our failure. But satan will NOT win. God has already won the war. This is only a battle. I am believing this is not the end. My God heals! My God can mend ANY heartache. My God is not confined to my circumstances or emotions. Thank you God for being you. For mercy and grace and healing, thank you. I love you, God. I’m sorry for where I have failed.

  • Often I feel like I’ve made a mistake. I married my husband, full of hope that I could be the helper he needs (in addition to Christ, of course) and that the lord would use our marriage in mighty ways in our lives and the lives of those around us…especially in the lives of my family, who is riddled with divorce after divorce. Now I wonder what he’s doing. I have not been a helper, I feel like a failure. Despite prayer and encouragement, my husband is much further from the Lord than he was when we married 4 years ago. He’s not reading his bible anymore, or praying, and is so bitter and sad. He lost his father–our wonderful pastor–to cancer, we’ve been unable to conceive after years of trying and he generally feels unfulfilled in life..,so unfulfilled he often doesn’t want to live anymore. My faith is strong, but as I read that 1 Thessalonians verse I can’t help but cry out to God and ask him “how?” How can I do these things, how is this your will for us ? For me? So I ask for prayer, dear sisters. Prayer to trust in God’s word and will for me and for thanksgiving in the midst of these trials that have not let up for over three years now. Prayer for my husband to get the help he needs, that he would find joy in life despite how difficult it can be, and that the Lord would continue to do a good work in him, in us and in our marriage, until the day of completion!

    • Renée

      Praying for you now to continue to trust God in the struggles. He will walk with you every step. Even when you don’t see fruit keep living out God’s word and you’ll be blessed.

  • I have been really sick for the past 6 months, and this is such a wonderful reminder to just trust in God ❤️

  • I really enjoyed this because of the fact that I am going to be starting college soon!

  • Been stressing about going to college and trying to figure out Gods plans for my life.. Where do I even begin? I know everything is in his hands. What does God have planned for me? That question runs through my head every day!

    • Libbylamarrjones

      If you are seeking God, know that in
      His goodness he will guide you. I was where you were 15 years ago and today I look back at how God led me to my Alma Mater and stand amazed. Then it seemed chaotic and not the right choice but God knew what he was doing. Blessings!

  • I’ve been really tired lately. Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder over 3 years ago, and now freshly out of college, I was so blessed to be able to work for a Christian organisation and I thought things would be great. But the longer I work the more tired and exhausted I am physically and emotionally. Being around mostly men at my organisation I find it a lonely road and I can’t connect with them. My lack of energy has turned into pessimism and selfishness when spending time with my fiancé and I have questioned whether marriage will be for me. But I am reminded of Gods goodness. I will continue trusting in Gods plan for me no matter how hard or easy the road. I will count my blessings each and every day and be thankful for the little things in life. I’ll continue to rejoice in the Lord always and dedicate each and everyday to Him.

    • Miranda

      Hi Rachel! I am so sorry for your diagnosis and exhaustion.

      I finished chemo almost two years ago. It took a really big toll on my body. Now, I know it’s not the same thing as your diagnosis but I understand where you are coming from. I know what it feels like to be so exhausted that you can barely hold your head up and not just for one day but the few days that follow.

      During these past two years, I would question God. Was I supposed to be pursuing what I thought was his calling in such and such ministry? If so, then why was I so tired all the time? I am a young mother of 4 girls and I homeschool. I questioned everything. Was I homeschooling, because I felt called? Was I serving in different ministries for a pat on the back from somebody?

      One day, my answer to all my questioning came while reading psalm 46:10. “Be still, and know that I am God”. Sometimes, God’s calling for us is not to do anything, but “be still”. God sees that his people who are serving him need a rest. Maybe he is trying to use your body to tell you that?

      As far as marriage, don’t let the devil get the better of you. The highest calling a person can have is to be married. Marriage is the reflection of the love Christ has for his church. And he has called you to share that with the world!

      Dear sister in Christ, lean on Him. I will pray that you feel God’s love surround you. I pray he helps guide you on your path, and gives you strength in whatever you are called to do.

  • Transferring to a new school my senior year of college has not been easy. I’ve felt lonely and lost. Today I started this devotional and one thing that really stood out to me was that “His love for you is steadfast, no matter the path you’re walking.”

  • Sitting on my sofa this morning. Drinking my necessary cup of coffee. It is basically
    cold. My almost two year old is next to me watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My three week old is sleeping in my lap. This is where he spent most of the night because he was just not having the rocknplay. It made for a long night. There is so much laundry to do. And I didn’t manage to make my bed between brushing my teeth, making breakfast, and breastfeeding. And the floors. Oh. My. Goodness. The floors are in need of some attention. My husband has inventory this weekend so it is just me and the boys. I woke up feeling overwhelmed. And amazed. Amazed at how well Satan knows me, knows exactly how to mount his attack on this weary mama who is really feeling like she underestimated how difficult it would be to have two children under two. The Evil One knows that if he can get me to focus on all these chores that need to be done then I will feel inadequate. He knows that if he can get me to focus on the fact that my toddler is getting way too much “screen time” these days then I will feel like a failure. He knows. But I know that my God is greater. So even though I am reading my devotional while my child is watching TV, I will not let Satan put his hands on me. He will not drag me down. My God is good. And I will choose to rejoice and give thanks. I will give thanks that he fulfilled the longing in my heart to be a mom. I will give thanks that he granted our family the opportunity for me to stay home with my little a while they are young. I will rebuke Satan and the unnecessary expectations that he forced upon me to make me feel defeated. Satan, you have no power over me! I will rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in ALL circumstances! Thank you Lord for your great truth this morning. Thank you for the mission you have placed in the heart of the women at SRT. They are a blessing to me.

    • Tracee


      Your comment is a devotional in and of itself. Thank you for taking the time to share your heart; it was a real encouragement to me.


  • Even when I don’t understand, I’ll choose Him. Even when I’m in a holding place, I know He sees the way through. Even when I’m discouraged, I will wait & trust Him and Him alone. God, I need You.

  • The past year for me has been full of rejection, regret, and resentment. I just graduated from college and my last semester in college was one of the hardest semesters I had to endure. I felt like a failure. I doubted myself and my career path. I was in a unhealthy relationship which ended this past month. The end to this relationship has been incredibly hard for me. Realizing that I was being used for his own benefit, to get him through a tough time. I was his emotional crutch and nothing more. I do not know how to accept the fact that the relationship wasn’t what I thought it was, but I know that the Lord is sparing me much more heartache in the long run. I was lied to, betrayed, and rejected, and overcoming it is difficult and a process. I am doing my very best to praise God that this is finished, because I know He has a better plan for me. However it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that if I can find my way through the dark by allowing God to be my light, that I will get through this and will praise him.

    • Melissa Garcia

      Melissa, I too just graduated from college in May and am now faced with real world decisions on what career path I should take. I also just ended my relationship with my longtime boyfriend about 2 weeks ago. Not to mention, my name is Melissa as well! Reading your post made me realize that I am not alone and there are so many other women fighting for God’s grace and presence in their life. Romans 8:18 has been so powerful for me through this tough time. Know that I am praying for you and encourage you to keep your head high and eyes on the cross! God keeps his promises to those who follow him and I know we will be rewarded for our faith.

  • The past several months have been a whirlwind for me. I am currently in graduate school and living in a city far from family and friends to do so. I am surrounded by academia professionals who often don’t have a place for religion and/or spiritually. I’m very much in a different world than what I was used to before. I have little Christian community around me and often find myself struggling to connect. I’m thankful I heard of she reads truth and I’m hoping this will help me with structure and give some stability to my prayer life.

  • Amy Murphy

    I’m a stay at home mom and I feel I need something for me but what is that something? I want so much for my kids and my husband that question everything I do! What is my path and have I made or making the right decisions?

    • Jenna Christine

      You’re a mother…that in itself is the most amazing gift you could ever receive and you’re already their superhero! Your identity is in Christ :)

  • “Sisters, our circumstances are big, but OUR GOD is bigger!” This is such happy news. I loved reading how God’s will for our life is laid out as a way of being rather than a set path. What a burden it lifts to think its not up to me to choose the right way, but to be guided by the principles God teaches and has shown us through His Son. There is something within me that has been deeply affected through the practice of giving thanks and expressing gratitude both in my mind and outwardly during some of the most trying times in my life- the healing power of gratitude is amazing.

  • erica hoffman

    “He is good, in EVERYTHING, He is good.” Amen. Always remember that no matter the season of life.

  • Dena Whipple

    Loved the reminder that “His faithfulness does NOT depend on my wisdom.”! Thankful for She Reads Truth!

  • Alexandra

    Thank you Lord for leading me to this study. The words speak directly to my spirit, and I am overwhelmed by your greatness and guidance.

  • Gods will and love is so much bigger than our greatest hopes and our greatest fears. Wow.

  • “Actively resting in God’s goodness.” Love that!!!

  • Going through this crazy season that my husband and I are in right now, this devotion is just what God ordered! Thank God for His GOODNESS and his ability to love through and pass every human flaw!

  • I have been going through such an intense transition in life and I find my self always being anxious when decision making thinking is this what God wants for me? is this is plan? his will is not a problem to be solved, I love that line!

  • With anxiety being a huge issue in my heart, this was a great reminder of what my job is as a daughter of God. He is in control and I need to let go of my need to want to control. Dwelling on the what ifs and future causes me to put my focus on the wrong things. Especially when the what ifs are scary. But God IS bigger than the what ifs and I am so grateful for His presence daily in my life!

  • This is exactly what I needed. It’s a little frustrating that I always lose sight of the fact that God has already figured this out. I’m kind of wasting my time agonizing over the question marks. I always tell people we need to be mindful of how we choose to distribute our time, emotion and energy. I need to follow my own advice and funnel these things to Him.

  • Kelsey DeMull

    I appreciated the reminder that thanksgiving isn’t an emotion. I struggle with anxiety and sometimes my emotions tell me things that aren’t true. I’m all too quick to think of the ‘what if’ questions which are followed by a flood of emotions. Today, I’m thankful that God is bigger than my emotions and how I feel. I pray that I would holdfast to the truth of God even when my emotions say otherwise.

  • beauty4ashes

    This has been such a struggle for me as well…being a natural perfectionist and wanting to figure out God’s purpose and will for my life so I can do it. But messing up and feeling terrible. I’ll admit it is going to take some getting used to not striving for perfection but resting in his BIGness and SOVEREIGNTY. But it is a breath of fresh air.

  • Right now going through college this is what I need. I’ve been stressed about what I’m doing or what I will do. I loved to read “God’s will is not a problem to be solved.” and “the Word tells me His grace does not depend on my performance. (Ephesians 2:8-9)”. It’s so comforting to know. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this study!

  • I am at my whits end with my life lately… My kids and their health and I struggle from excessive anxiety . I feel farther away from God then I ever have … I need to find my way back .

    • Tara

      Alise, I am praying for you right now. Proclaiming, God’s grace and mercy over you. Keep seeking Him, Mama!

    • Jennifer

      Isaiah 41:10 be anxious for nothing. God has this. Rest in Him and draw close to Him. He will cover you and protect you and your children.

    • Jennifer

      I like that He said to give thanks “IN”all things, but not necessarily “FOR” all things. When we are going through a hard time, we still need to be thankful. I’m trusting He will see me through.

  • I have a massive decision to make of where my life is heading. It’s a decision that might mean I’ll be in a different country in two weeks but seriously, I’m so blown away by what God has done and how God has opened doors and awakened dreams that I thought had died. God is SO good. He hears the burning desires of our hearts and he gracefully steers us towards them in His timing. Ah ma, He deserves all of our praise. Always.

  • I needed this today. My life has been falling apart, I have been turning to sin instead of to God. I have been losing faith in the fact that He is good even when I’m hurting. I’m turning back. So thankful for a God who has open arms and waits for me to come running to Him.

  • sschiffer

    What a beautiful message!! In everything, give thanks to God!

  • I think I just copied that entire passage into notes! It was a random pick for me tonight, but definitely the right one. I need to remember I am not the God of my circumstances, and that all I need to do is trust and give thanks to the God that is!

    • Candis Hickman

      Yes! Couldn’t agree more. This was a copy and paste type of morning for me too!

  • This passage couldn’t have been more spot on for what I am going through right now. I am always trying to plan the “what does God want game” and asking myself “how do I know this is right” like I’m waiting on some big sign to occur. Sometimes I wish life was like that, that we could just know if we are doing what’s right. I think as a Christian we all love God soooo much that we all ultimately want to follow his will and it is the one thing that tears us apart! It is what starts this “is it right” game! Because we all focus so much on trying to please God but in reality, he loved us when we were sinners and there is nothing we could do to make God love us more than he already does! He loves us so much that he is guiding us through this life. When we try to take control of the situation and make decisions that we think reflects god’s will is where we mess up because our God knows our circumstances and he will always act without us acting! We just have to trust in him.

    • Savannah Painter

      Thank you, Sara! This really spoke to me. I am always playing that game too, waiting for “signs” to know I’m doing what God wants and it can be exhausting! Thanks for reminding me that God’s will will always shine through, not because of what we do, but because of what He does:)

    • Terri-Lee

      Sara, your comments have totally tied this needed message to my heart. I’ve recently got so tangled up in the “where does God want me” that I forget to just serve and praise him right where I am and simply trust Him.

  • Jaclyn Benson

    I cannot even begin to tell you how fitting this passage was for where I am in life today. Thank you much for sharing this truth!

  • So thankful for this–love what you said about “actively resting in the goodness of our God.” Amen!

  • It is so easy to play the game of comparison, but I acknowledge that actions of this sort are not telling of a grateful heart.

    Jesus, YOU are more than enough today and everyday. You are worth more than any potential relationship, more than any career success, and more than the sum of all my parts. Give me eyes to see You when You are not the first place I look. Keep my head from turning to the right and to the left. Give me a heart of thanksgiving and praise. Sweet Jesus, grant me peace that transcends my limited understanding. Amen.

  • In everything He is good. I am struggling with letting go of control over miscarriage 3 weeks ago. I feel alone and hurt by God. I know he is good, I am praying that He will heal my heart.

    • Deearn

      Hi Alyssa, I’m so sorry your heart has to go through such a struggle as this one. My heart truly breaks for you.
      I have been through that struggle, though I am not saying at all I know how you feel as your heart break is one that belongs only to you. I felt like I had finally done everything right by God, and that he had finally blessed us with a baby. And then, our baby was gone.
      I fought with God for a long long time with this, “why God, would you take my baby?”
      “In all my joy, God, you put death in my whole being and great grief”

      In my journey of being so real with God in my grief, he showed me in extreme gentleness, even as I offered only anger, that his will for us was never death. That his will for our baby was never death. But sin of this earth, in all it’s decay, had taken my baby. As it takes us all.
      And though I know God has healing, his ultimate healing is in eternity.
      I know in all my sorrow, now looking back, his heart broke with mine. That I would have to suffer the world before I can be with him in perfect peace. That my suffering he knew and his desire is not for us to have that. But while we are on this earth, the only sure this we have, is to know, his plan was always good, was never death, was never sorrow. His heart is broken for you.

  • “God’s will is not a problem to be solved” Amen, sister. I must remember to trust. to pray. to give thanks as my heart heals from yet another failed relationship. I need to remember as I watch my best friend marry the love of her life next weekend, and as I wonder when will it be my turn? I’m 27 tomorrow. But God is good. through it all <3

  • Daliacristina

    God will get me through this rough time.

  • I’m a new mom and wife and today my I let my husband leave for his week on angry. We had had a fight, he had hurt my feelings and I wouldn’t let it go. This just made me realize their are bigger things than just my problems and God solves them. I just needed to give my anger to God.

  • Cornelia

    Just what I need to read. I’m a nursing major who is now having to face personal health issues that could keep me from becoming a nurse. This was a great reminder that God’s hand is in everything.

  • Laura reed

    I couldn’t have read this devotional at a more perfect time! I’m going through heartbreak, disappointment and a season decision making at the moment and it is amazing to remember that God is right there beside me; moulding me to be the soldier he needs to fight these earthly battles.

  • Please pray for me, friends. My heart has become hardened and bitter, and I do not trust anyone. I have forgotten how to be vulnerable. I cannot tell people what I have been through. I am struggling to feel loved and I do not know how to form friendships any more because of what I have been through. I am hardened and chained and I want to be free

    • SheReadsTruth

      Anna, sweet friend, please know that I am praying for you now. Asking God to hold you close and reveal Himself to you! Love to you, dear one!


    • Kelli

      Praying for you dear Anna!

    • Elizabeth

      I too have often felt this way and believe me your not alone.. But remembering to never trust your own understanding but instead rely on God he will be the lamp the guides your footsteps out of the darkness praying for you

  • I have recently been struggling with big decisions & a friend pointed out that I needed to trust God’s plan for me. I hadn’t even realized that I’d stopped trusting Him, which made me panic a little because I wasn’t sure how to learn to trust Him again. It was no accident I found this study plan today & was given the exact instructions I was looking for:
    Rejoice always.
Pray without ceasing.
Give thanks in all circumstances.
THIS is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus.
(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)
    So grateful for this message today!

  • I’m a college student and I’m constantly struggling with trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my life after I graduate, along with the many other questions I have about what’s going on in my life right now. This devotional brings me such joy. It is a reminder to step back, focus on the Lord through prayer and thanksgiving, and his will for me will happen. I don’t need to worry. He is a good good father.

  • There’s so much heartache around me and I’m struggling with seeing it and feeling completely overwhelmed to the point of having panic attacks. And it’s not even happening to my family or close friends right now. I’ve not experienced anything like this before. It’s just all Very strange. Anyways, I’m praying that focusing on thankfulness I can get my heart and mind steady on the hope that we have in Christ. ❤️

  • Olivia Mode

    I’m a college student seeking and desiring God’s will for my life. It’s so hard waiting for Him and not acting on what I want sometimes, but being reminded of His faithfulness and steadfastness encouraged me to hold fast to Him because He is enough. Super excited for this study!

  • It never ceases to amaze me how perfect Gods timing is! This devotional was exactly what I needed tonight. Adulthood is so full of question marks and you truly need to just let go and let God. The closer I draw to Him, the less the question marks overpower my heart.

  • Taylor Myers

    I’m a first year college student and I feel so lost. Reading this made me feel like I belong to someone someone bigger than me and someone with a plan for my life all I have to do is be faithful and he will do the rest. Thank you, Amanda. Thank you God!

  • This was the perfect devotional for me to read today and I am excited to actively give thanks in all circumstances the next 12 days! God is so good!

  • This devotional reminds me of a quote that has always stuck with me:
    “The real issue in life is not the search for God’s will, it is the search for God. The issue in faith is not knowing what God is doing, rather it is knowing that God know what He is doing. The issue of faith is seeking God’s presence, not God’s plan for my life, because there is no plan outside of my knowing Him. We don’t need ot know the will of God, we only need to know God…which is, strangely enough, His will. ”

    – Mike Yaconelli

  • Leah Epstein

    This gave me goosebumps I always find myself asking what is Gods will and how will I know if it’s right!

  • Michelle P

    My life seems to overflow with question marks. I really needed this❤️

  • I am about to be a college student & this devotional was just what I’ve been needing to hear. I keep searching for some big answer from God as to where I should attend college & what I should study. I keep stressing about it. But God is good & I should not fret because His faithfulness DOES NOT depend on my wisdom!! Thank the Lord for that! :)

    • Michelle Grimaud

      Dear Hannah, I am about to graduate college and I know exactly how you feel stressing about which college to pick but just know that the Lords will for your life is your sanctification and when we are walking closely with him and seeking him first, we have so much freedom to choose things like where to go to college and what degree to major in! Plus don’t worry, almost everyone changes their major at least once ;) My advice to you would be GET PLUGGED IN ASAP to a college ministry wherever you go! It’s so hard to walk the Christian life alone in college. There’s so much temptation everywhere you look so allow yourself to be a little bit uncomfortable and reach out to a body of believers at your college!
      May God bless you as you enter this new exciting stage of life,
      –Michelle G.

  • Wow this fed my spirit. This has brought so much clarity.

  • This devotion came right on time! Learning how to give thanks no matter of the circumstance.

  • Clarissa

    Exactly something I need to read right now. I’ve been going through so much and I know God’s plan is bigger than any of my worries and I can rejoice in all that he has given me and continues to provide for me

  • Callie Anne Adams

    Thankful for this tonight.

  • Michelle Bowen

    It is so easy to focus on the bad because it seems to out weight the good. I’m at a cross road in my marriage do I stay strong and try to save it or accept that things will never be the same and move on? I pray everyday that God will show me the right path and bring people in my life that will help support me and encourage my relationship with Him.

  • This is exactly what I needed to hear.

  • Arianna Miskowski

    So excited to start this devotional today, and hope that through the next 12 days I learn more of God’s love for me and though in times my work may be crumbling that he is still standing right here with me.

  • I am so excited to start this devo! I want to learn to give thanks when I am hurting to know its ok to hurt but God still loves me.

  • Elizabeth

    I always worry despite having faith. This reminds me that GOD has it all under control and if I TRUST him everything will be alright. I’ve always felt like I needed to do something for people in order for them to like me… Luckily, I’ve discovered through prayer GOD loves me because despite what other people or even I think of myself in his eyes I’m still his creation and he loves me!

  • It’s crazy how God brings to me exactly what I need to hear

  • This has been a reminder that no matter what, God is in control!

  • My fiancé is always praying thanks to God even if we’ve had a horrible day or struggled with sin or had a normal, nothing special day. And for some reason though in life I’m an optimist, my faith is more about perfection than it should be, and so I become the pessimistic believer saying “thank you?? Do you know what just happened?” How can he keep saying thank you to God. These words were just what was needed and God’s going to do some serious tweaking of my perfectionist heart

  • Akayla Gutteridge

    Exactly what I needed to hear!

  • Lisa Mehrtens

    Just listened to a message from Joel Osteen on Living Content, this is exactly the devotion I was looking for to continue to encourage me!

  • Looking forward to this and the blessings this app brings!

  • It’s hard. I’m a freshman in high school and its hard to remember that God is good. But he is. I have friends who are wearing me down and I don’t know how long I can keep up with this. But God put these people in my life. I’m waiting for God to show me why. I want God to show me what he has in store for me.

    • Lindsay Gingerich

      Hi Sahara my name is lindsay and I’m a freshman in college! If I can give to any type of advise about high school is to never let go of God or fade away from him, i get this from personal experience. In high school people came into m life and I got distracted by the evil desires of this world and not what God has planed for me, I have now come to relize in college I need God so much and my hope and trust is in him! But what happened in high school happened for a reason! God put those people in your life for a reason but don’t be afraid to just say no and walk away let God shine in your life abundantly and never let go or fade from who he is because he is truly amazing! God bless!!:)

  • It’s so easy to forget to give thanks, yet so easy to be negative and worrisome. I have struggled with chronic pain for 6 years and it has slowly but surely changed my life. I have lost my joy, become so negative, so anxious, so exhausted because of pain. I have let it take over my life. I try to be positive, but when I feel a twinge of pain, I fall back. Most days I feel defeated, and I have definitely fallen away from my relationship with the Lord. I’m so excited to find this app and am truly feeling blessed with this new beginning . I’m going to try my hardest to always give thanks and to find my joy again. For this world I cannot control, though my anxiety wants to control everything… I must trust and give it to God and just give thanks for my beautiful family and the fact I’m alive. I might be in pain most days, but I’m alive for one more day. I must give praise and thanks always. So simple… So why is it so easy to make it hard? Today is a new day to be thankful and I plan on trying everyday. Awesome app, awesome devotion. Many thanks from a healing heart and soul.

  • Farmgirl4

    I have needed to read this for so long. I have been dealing with illness for a long time. Scary test results, decisions to make about surgery and how to care for my family and homeschool my children at the same time. I’ve become so negative, so grumpy and forgot to pray and have joy in my situation. For the first time in a long time I feel at peace.

  • I feel like this was exactly what I need to read today. My husband and I have been going through fertility treatments and are now waiting, saving enough to try ivf. I really feel lost and don’t quite know how to be thankful when every time I hear stories about someone not expecting a baby, or they just conceived, I get really angry at everything. I am really trying to work on that, and hopefully learn how to give thanks for everything.

    • K

      Oh Julie, I have infertility too and know exactly how you feel. We have been struggling for 3 years and it is still painful every time someone shares their pregnancy news. It really is a battle to push aside the anger and jealousy and try to have joy. No one understands this unless they’ve gone through infertility, there is no pain like it. I’m going to say a prayer for you, but I wanted you to know that you are not alone!

    • Kelley

      I too went through 5 agonizing years of infertility. I know exactly how devastating it can be; emotionally, physically and financially. Through my pain I have learned the understanding of “Some of Gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers”. My will was to conceive a child and I drove my self crazy trying to make that happen. I couldn’t understand why God wouldn’t grant me that prayer, yet the teenage girl scanning my groceries was having her 2nd. When I surrendered to Him, he placed 2 of the most Amazing boys into my arms through adoption. I want you to know that every time I look into either of my 2 sons eyes now I tear up and THANK GOD for not answering my prayers. Trust in Him and know that whatever you are going through right now is not to punish you, but rather to mold you into the person God wants you to be. Wait on His timing and keep praying.

  • Awesome.

  • Lennon lowery

    I’ve always wanted to read a devotion every day but never could really get into it and so far I love doing this because I can write down my thoughts and actually think about the word of God! I love this app already!

  • We have been going through infertility struggles for the past 3 years. Last summer we were chosen to adopt a baby girl and she was born 3 months later, but the birth parents changed their minds after she was home with us for 9 days. It has been a very difficult season of life and our faith has been tested beyond what we could ever imagine. I am striving to give thanks because God is good. This Bible study is exactly what my heart needs.

    • Loral

      I will be praying for you!!!! My husband and I went through infertility as well and I understand the discouragement and unknowns. We ended up being lead to adopt as well and seeing the blessing in adoption has been pretty amazing ! I have a friend who had three babies taken away from her before they got her little girl. I always say adoption is not for the faint of heart ! I could truly go on and on but please know your not alone in this struggle and darkness! Praying for you!!! Loral

  • There are so many question marks in my life right now. I pray every day that the Lord will rescue me from them, that He will provide a way out. When ever I grow anxious or downhearted about my life now, and at this continuance what it would be like in the future, He always brings me back to this truth… Give thanks in all circumstances. When he whispers this to me I am reminded that this time in my life, what I consider to be a dry spell, is on the contrary quite fruitful. I believe that giving true thanks is the key to making it through the rough seasons. In being able to praise God in the bad, he is teaching me so much about patience and a nonstop humility. One day, I know that these questions of mine will be answered, and because I learned to praise him in the rough seasons I will recognize the great seasons when they happen and will be able to praise him then, too!

  • Karyn Joy

    I have sought, and I have found. This was EXACTLY what my heart was searching for. I love when He speaks so clearly.

  • Gia's Miracle

    God is amazing. In the craziest of times He has my full attention. When my world is falling, He reminds me there is a plan a bigger picture, so I Give Thanks and wait for the turning point. Thank you

  • Really stoked to get into this series I found it so so relevant to have quoted Lamentations and Ephesians! I’ve already shared that section with a friend! Much love sisters!

  • Love this!

  • Victoria

    Just discovered this app! So Awesome! Can’t wait to dig in every study.

  • Georgie Mallins

    Can you make the app say complete once you’ve read day 1, etc.
    Or does that only work on the yearly bible reading??

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Georgie! Currently, this function is only available for the Bible In A Year plan, but it is on our wish list to add it to the others in the future! We love having you in our community!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • This has been a struggle lately as I’ve gone through what feels like a prolonged wilderness but I’m hopeful and looking forward to doing this study!

  • Wow I needed this. Thank you God for speaking to me through your word. I am thankful!

  • Brittany

    I pulled up a devotional because I am in between plans at the moment. This one was just what I needed. How great our God is that he asks for so little and wants to have a relationship with us so much.

  • Gratitude tip: think to yourself “I get to” as opposed to “I have to” For me it helps me to rejoice and praise God in situations when thanking God isn’t my first instinct.

  • Lauren F

    So great to read this after feeling like there are so many puzzle pieces missing.

  • I needed this reminder today. My husband and I are starting an IVF cycle, and definitely needed this encouragement. Perfect timing getting this app… God always has His hand in our lives, even down to the smallest details.

    • Jen

      My husband and I are going through infertility at the moment as well. We are not at the point you are, but I will be praying for you. I just read this to my husband and we thought how perfect timing it was that I downloaded this app. God Bless You!

  • This devotional reminds me of something I heard at an RUF retreat in college—“God’s will isn’t a dot on a map; it’s a framework in which to operate.”

    Thanks for such a beautiful word! I am so often thinking that my life would be better if _____. If I keep this mindset up, I’ll live in a constant state of longing and emptiness! I pray that I’ll know (in my heart, not just my mind) that God is all I need! May I give thanks for his goodness and mercy each day.

  • A beautiful reminder to just “let go and let God”. It is wonderful to be reminded that I not only don’t have to have control over my circumstances, but I shouldn’t try to be in control. I just need to step back and remember that the Creator of the Universe has it all under control, and I have to do NOTHING. Wow, what have I to worry about?

  • Megan Hartman

    This was really helpful. My life since high school has felt like a wild goose chase. Consisting of going to a discipleship school, getting an associates in psychology,finishing an ultrasound program with no jobs in the area, and to top it all, I’m trying to figure out if I should marry my boyfriend of 9 months. I don’t know what is ahead, and I’ve been waiting in frustration for a clear-cut answer. But I am amazed by how simple the first step is: giving thanks.

  • Such simple, great words of wisdom for all of us, but especially those on the edge of making big life decisions. His will is greater than any choice I make- so refreshing!

  • Janine Bithell

    I love reminders like these. I forget it all the time and catch myself trying to play God.
    Thankful for his mercy and freedom!

  • Kenady Shope

    Wow I am in college and so I spend many a day wondering what Gods will of my life…satan spends many a day trying to convince me on the right path…but if God is in control and not me this gives me comfort for a perfectionist like me. I now know Gods will is a way of walking not necessarily the path we are walking on.

  • What an a-ma-zing word and what a great God that we serve! May we meditate on His word in good times, bad times, sad times and great times!

  • This is great! A community of women rejoicing together in the LORD. I lost my first job out of college and it was a little traumatic…. These words were exactly what I needed to hear!

  • Sarah Allison

    Wow. All things I know & hold to be true. But what a difference reading it when I’ve been unable to live it.
    Loosing my little baby was the hardest thing I’ve ever suffered, yet he is good. I want to be able to praise my Lord for taking my baby to be with him, praise him earnestly, without regret.
    Let the journey begin X

    • Ruthie Schulz

      I too lost a baby 3 years ago, and with her went my prayer life. I feel like giving thanks is nearly impossible. I barely pray and hardly praise God. My husband and I joined a support group and went for a year and are extremely close to the friends that we met there. We survived because of that group but there weren’t any Bible believing Christians in that group and so our wounds have healed in some ways but there’s still a Spiritual infection. I downloaded this app because I need to find a way to reconnect with a God who loves me and who I need to find a way to get my heart right. Let me know if you ever want to talk and heal together. Either way, I’ll say a prayer for you and your family as you endure this heartache.

  • Give thanks to The Lord! For He is good! Praying that my husband and I will seek The Lord together

  • This is exactly what I’ve needed! I’ve been dealing with anxiety for about a year but it just in the last few months got extremely bad. I know the Lord is working in my life and I know he is up to something great. It’s just so hard to wait and in this world we all want things to happen right when we ask The Lord but that’s not how he works.

  • I’m going through a heartbreak and I’ve been so upset. I’ve tried to be string, but it’s hard. Reading Day 1 has motivated me to still give thanks and that God is still good. I’m excited to continue this plan.

    • Mandi


      • Cara

        I agree, Mandi. It is so difficult to give thanks in the midst of struggling, but I know that God is bigger than all of our circumstances. I will pray that God heals your broken heart because I know He is able

  • Caitlin Martin

    Going through a lot right now, to start my new year I have had heart problems ..but I know it’s in his will that whatever the out come is I am to give thanks so glad my God gives me trials that I can be reminded to give him thanks in any and everything that happens in my life!

  • Rejoice, pray, give thanks….this is God’s will for me and my life. May it always be so, Lord. As I read Psalms 136, and its repetitious nature, I realized how, despite situations I find myself in, I need to remember that my Father’s lovingkindness is everlasting. Amen, Lord.

  • I am a new mom of a 6 month old; still adjusting to my new role as a stay at home mom. Having a rough week but praising God through it!

  • This devotion today is exactly what I needed! Time to stop worrying so much about “am I making the right choices?” And time to start trusting that no matter what God is bigger than my circumstances and his goodness will prevail no matter what! Thank you so much for this wonderful devotion!

  • Julia Morton

    Enjoying this devotional to begin 2015! I lost my mother to breast cancer in May, and I am still struggling with those emotions and battles regarding the goodness of God. However, my mom had a deep connection spiritually and even through the toughest times she found gratitude. He strength and faith has kept me from being angry at God, and her daily practice of finding good in all things has helped me remain positive. I am so thankful that I stumbled over this devotional because it is the perfect way to carry on my mothers traditions of gratefulness as well as reconnect myself with God. I have to remind myself to trust Him!

    • Sharina

      This is awesome! I’ll definitely pray your strength during your time of grievance.

    • Sambyington

      My dad has cancer… It’s stage four and one with horrible “statistics.” Trying to remember that God is bigger than statistics… And praise him through this journey even when it is difficult… Cancer is the worst.

  • Rachel Phalan

    What a perfect way to start my year and day. This is exactly what I needed and I am so excited to see how God speaks to me and transforms my heart through this study.

  • Mikaela Johnson

    God knows when his daughter needs something to build her faith. God is good all the time, all the time God is good! #thereisnomeasurmentofGodspower

  • This is the perfect way to start the new year! I love that God is bigger than anything we may be experiencing right now. Feeling loved and empowered!

  • Avery Burton

    Being thankful in every single circumstance is a big challenge for me. This devotional will help me through everything.

  • Being thankful in all circumstances has been hard for me… As a family of 5 who just became homeless it’s hard to be thankful. Hoping this 12 day devotional can help me threw this..

  • Jessica Moore

    Love this…what a perfect view on God’s will for our lives.

  • Shamilah

    Needed this, especially as a junior in college with all these questions about my future. It’s great to know that God is in control and He is with me in every step and turn that I make.

  • Samantha Kobs

    I’ve needed this study more than I could have imagined. My husband lost his job for the third time this year. I know that I’m guilty of having lots of questions about God’s will. But I know that in every circumstance, I should be thankful for what He is doing in our lives. Thank you for creating this study.

  • Wow, what an awesome word!

  • I’m so excited about this study, God is moving in my life in ways I never imagined and the ways in which I’m thankful for his goodness and his mercy grow more each day! I so want my life to be a reflection of him.

  • Heidi J.

    Oh how I have needed this!! Thank you.

  • Anna Merritt

    This is a verse that I cling to. I’m so glad that I can be a part of a plan that goes deeper into this verse and give thanks IN ALL circumstances! I’m so excited about what God will reveal about himself through this study! It’s so neat how we can encourage each other with this app. Thankful for my sisters in Christ! He is good!

  • Sisters I pray with you all that we all remember to praise him in good and in bad. Thank you God for this app and help me to begin to put you first in my life as I should. AMEN

  • Shellysue

    Wonderful app thank you and god bless

  • What blessings He provides at each needed time. I am so ashamed that I spent most of Christmas Eve Mass complaining about my children’s misbehaviors. Like a good parent, the Lord guides me to choose the Joy of Christmas, not just on December 25, but every day!

  • Kehaulani

    Love this and I love this app. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless.

  • Aimee Bennett

    WOW this is good. Just what I needed in my life at the moment, as a college freshman struggling with some big questions about God’s plan for my life. How comforting to be reminded of His goodness and faithfulness in all of our circumstances! He is so so good!

  • CaitlinK

    “As we learn to trust the bigness of our God and the sureness of His sovereignty, we find His will is not as much a path as it is a way of walking. ”

    This is my first study and I am blown away by how God brought me right to what I needed to hear today. I have so many questions about the future and such a big hurt in the present that it can be very difficult to rest in the steadfast love of the Lord. But we know that He is good. We know that He is bigger than our problems.

  • Sophie Semeniuk

    This has just made my day. God is sooooo good! Praise his name!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Sophie, we are so grateful you joined us today! We love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • This is exactly what I needed. In the midst of these trials and conflicts, even so, God is good!

  • “Gods Word tells me his faithfulness doesn’t depend on my wisdom.” This was so comforting today. Having just graduated from college, I am facing many life changing decisions. Decisions that I sometimes feel too inadequate to make. “His will is not so much a path as it is a way of walking.” He doesn’t care if I’m right or wrong, if my performance is excellent or not, as long as I stayed connected with him through rejoicing, praying, and giving thanks. Grateful that we serve such a patient, kind, and compassionate Lord!

  • Rejoice, pray, give thanks. Wow how wonderfully simple. Why have I been making my life so complicated for all these years?

  • You are all loved by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my sisters!

  • Chelsea Taylor

    I have been experiencing some of the most challenging months of my young life recently. I’m a 22 year old, will be graduating college in less than 6 months, had a wonderful life and what I thought would be a promising future ahead of me. But within the last two months, my relationship fell apart and I couldn’t do anything about it and it seems that everything else in my life is beginning to fall apart as well. Needless to say, this devotional came at such a needed time in my life. I’m so excited to begin this journey.

  • such a great reminder! just what I needed to hear right now :)

  • loving this so much. ♡ as a 14 year old girl I struggle with doubts and hormones which make it hard to be thankful. But reading this put a smile on my face and I realized just how blessed I am. Glory to God, he is so wonderful. SO wonderful. He’s a pretty nice man.

  • Taylor Layne

    This really spoke to me. I’m going through some similar college troubles. God is so great. All glory to Him.

  • Ashley M

    Thank you for these words. I have been experience severe insomnia now for the past three months. Many days feeling discouraged and overwhelmed… Wanting answers and not getting them. Then having a 2 year old to take care of on top of it all… Trusting God through this circumstance is a daily battle for me again my flesh. I don’t understand why this is happening but I am so encouraged that He is bigger than this and I need to keep praising Him through this storm.

  • Carrie M.

    Thank you Lord for these amazing, inspiring, and godly women. Finding this devotional couldn’t have come at a better time. Before I read the first day of the devotional, I wrote in my prayer journal about giving thanks to The Lord in all circumstances and to seeking Him in all things. And then I open this up to find encouragement for both of those things!! How great is Our God y’all!? So much greater than we could ever imagine. And we are oh so lucky he loves us like he does!! Excited to dig deeper into giving thanks to God in all we do!

  • I have had a day full of anxiety. Today I have been struggling with Gods plan for my life and wondering if i am doing anything right. This devotional spoke to me in so many ways. I look forward to continuing this with you all

    • Katie

      Amanda, you wrote exactly what is on my heart & mind as well. You’ll be in my prayers!

  • Sarah, I pray for you and that Gods grace covers you. Just cry out to him

  • I have been dealing with a lot of sin that I can’t get to go away no matter how much I pray. It just won’t leave. I feel I’m losing hope. I feel like I’m a terrible person because of this sin consuming me. I’m saved but I’m struggling. Please, pray for me

    • Brittany

      Life can be so overwhelming. I will pray for you Sarah. God loves us. He will never leave you no matter what sin we commit. Give it to God

  • Much needed!

  • I love the reminder that Gods will for our lives is not some thing hidden that we need to discover, but a state of mind!

  • Truly amazing❤️

  • Kimberly

    So many good truths in this study. Amen

  • So glad I just this app and I already love it. I started this plan this morning and the first day is exactly what I need. My husband and I are going through hard times but God is so big and I loved being reminded of that!

    • Samantha

      I am excited for this same reason Katie! I hope we can both learn to walk in joy and gladness despite the circumstances revolving around our husbands. Praying for you too!

    • Kim

      It’s comforting to read comments from people who are also struggling in their marriages and knowing that I’m not alone. My husband and I have been separated for a month but I am holding on that we will reconcile and this devotional was full of things I needed to hear. This has been the hardest month of my life and I have felt so alone. God is bigger than this circumstance and He is bigger than the problems in our marriage. I pray it is His will to restore us. Praying for you and your husband.

  • I am on to a late start! But this first day has been EVERYTHING I’ve needed to hear!

  • Kasey Tuggle

    “Look to the Lord and his strength;
    seek his face always. ” Psalm 105:4
    Love this verse! No matter the circumstances, we have Jesus and he is all we need!

  • serenasnead

    Exactly what I needed to hear today. It’s not a path it’s an art of walking. Active rejoicing. Praise God for his sovereignty!

  • loving all the encouragement from the comments section of this plan. I just started today and this is exactly what I need.

  • Lonita Thiessen

    It is so easy to get caught up in our circumstance and forget that God is with us, for us, and bigger than our situation!! Thank you God, for loving us so much and wanting to help us in ALL things!

  • Barbra Summers

    It is so hard to remember this sometimes!! Help me Jesus always remember that you are more than enough and you are ALL I NEED!

    • Kasey Tuggle

      Amen!!! Me and Anna were just checking this app out and saw your post! We feel the same way! Lord, remind us you are all we need!!

  • Ashley Shiver

    Needed this! In every circumstance, He is GOOD!

  • Jasmine Morgan

    Needed this – this week I lost my first pet. He went missing on Monday. 13 years old and police found remains of a cat that pretty much matched his description. My heart aches because that was such a large part of my life and I had lost my other pet not too long ago (they were brothers). It left opened wounds. I have been grieving and it took this study to remind me to trust in Him. He is GOOD. My pet lived longer than most do, I am thankful for the time I spent with both of them. But I am thankful that this study cleared my mind and caught a grip on my heart. I am thankful that my eyes caught a glimpse of this study.

  • Does anyone else feel
    Like they are having to get up every day and fight for their joy? I’m in a season where waking up and recalling who God says I am is essential. I’m finding I can’t function without going to Him and His word first. My usual way of relating to God is to fit Him into my busy schedule, but in the past couple months of heartbreak and struggle, He is my lifeline. Being reminded of and thankful for what He’s done in the lives of generations before and in my own life helps me to remember that He has always been faithful. He doesn’t change. And for that, we have every reason to be grateful, even when we have to fight for it!

    • HilaryRushford

      E, I haven’t felt that + almost wish that I did. I wish I craved him more bc then it wouldn’t be so hard to carve out time. I feel like I’m on the remedial SRT plan as I read day 1 + now 8 days later came back to re-read it again. But I’m grateful the desire is on my heart even if not as deep as I wish it was to cut through the busyness of life.

  • Praying for you Jess.

  • On this, my second thanksgiving week in a marriage that is crumbling, I am exhausted, overwhelmed and so unsure of how to proceed. But in EVERYTHING He is good…I’ll cling to this today and this week as my aching heart actively rests in Christ. Thank you for this reminder.

    • Anastasia

      We do giving videos at church to see what God has done in people’s lives. This past Sunday there was the story of a wan who was unfaithful in her marriage. After a spiritual retreat, He gave her thr strength to share with her husband what had happened. In the 2 years that followed, it was a very bumpy road as they worked to rebuild their foundation but Hod has transformed their marriage beyond what she ever imagined it could be!

      Not to say you’ve been unfaithful, obviously, but have courage! Keep pursuing Him in everything! He’s working in your favour :)

    • HilaryRushford

      I’m not sure if we get alerts here somehow on replies to our posts but I just wanted to say I’m so sorry to hear about this heartbreak + as a stranger am praying peace that surpasses understanding on your heart right now.

  • Priscila

    A few months back, I lost a baby at 12 weeks gestation. It was a baby that was prayed for, prophecied over & the fulfillment of a promise. Walking through the fire and coming out declaring that God is still good and He is still sovereign is one challenging task! It was not easy and there were many raw moments of truth. But His nearness and comfort and unconditional love wrapped me in a safety bubble. Sisters, life happens and with it many tragedies, but God is here to embrace us, love on us, and show us that this life is but a breath! I’m thankful for such a loving Father that did not cause my misfortune (after all, sin runs in our DNAs) but is faithful to redeem it!

  • I am sitting here in tears. How ungrateful I can be and how wrapped up so tight in my own self that I can’t even be thankful for the millions of ways I am so very blessed by God. Thank you so much for this. I needed this.

  • Really spoke to me!!

  • Man I needed to read this right now. I’m in the process of making a huge life decision and moving to Sydney, Australia to attend Hillsong’s worship and leadership college. I’m so excited but I am crazy scared to. This really made me see though that if I genuinely think that’s Gods plan for me then he will take care of me. #MindBlown

  • I need to read all of this devotion EVERY day!! Loved it!! Thank you!! I am a very black and white person, so to have Gods word tell me exactly what Gods will is for me, is awesome!!! I will carry this with me daily!! Xo

  • Samantha

    I'm literally in tears as I write this, I needed this so badly, and I just happen to come across this site when scrolling through my instagram.

  • Christina

    In everything he is good. That definitely hit me the most. He is always faithful. Always!

  • Mollie Ozanne

    “How great is out God, sing with me, how great is our God”

  • Oh Heidi, my prayers are with you in this difficult time.

  • I hope I’m not too late to join because this seems like a wonderful devotional and community! This couldn’t have come in my life at a better time. A few weeks ago, I had a miscarriage, and although the it was much more emotionally difficult than I would have ever imagined, it has brought me closer to the Lord. I will CHOOSE to praise him during all circumstances even when times are tough and the pain is real. God is good all the time!

  • Jennifer Kocan

    “Actively resting in the goodness of our God”…a good reminder that “resting” is an intentional act. I sometimes need to work at resting. :)

  • Beautiful and very timely reminder for me today. ❤️

  • Julia Brooke Blythe

    It’s hard being thankful sometimes, when things are really stressful in life, but this was a great reminder, that in all things, I need to be thankful for what God has done and what He is doing! All praise goes to Him :)

  • Meaghan T

    This was so refreshing. Being a 20yr old college student I wrestle with gods will. “Does pursuing this degree make me selfish?” “Am I supposed to be single forever” lol. How nice it is to know that God’s grace doesn’t change based on my performance.

  • Rejoicing is an active pursuit, thanksgiving is more than a feeling- YES! Needed this reminder today. I will tell the nations what He done!

  • Sometimes I feel as if, because wisdom comes from a knowledge of the Bible and a thorough understanding of His precepts, that I need to have this kind of "unfailing" wisdom in order to truly walk along-side's God and His plan. When I read the Bible, sometimes it can seem as if the people God and Jesus are closest to are full of the most wisdom. Paul, Peter, Abraham, David, Solomon. It was so refreshing to read the verse "God’s Word tells me His faithfulness does not depend on my wisdom. (Lamentations 3:22-24)." When I think about these people, yes, they had a great knowledge of Christ and His will for us. But they were granted this wisdom and this relationship with Christ through simple acts: praying, giving thanks, and rejoicing in Christ in every circumstance! (Think of how many times you read about David just playing his instruments and dancing for God!) This next point was something I really held on to from my most recent community group: To worry, question, or stress are just things that I do when I don't have complete understanding of a situation, and it reveals a lack of faith in God and His plan for me. The faithfulness, the goodness, and the perfect path that God has for us does not depend on our knowledge of this world or this life- God is all of those things no matter the condition. All He asks in return is for a RELATIONSHIP.

  • Stephanie

    I needed this encouragement, reminder, and even rebuke this morning. I’m in a tough situation in ministry with a lot of question marks in my and my husband’s path!! I’ve been overwhelmed by my circumstances and have tried to be the God over them and what a reminder that I’m not and I can’t be! My circumstances are big but my God is bigger! What a rebuke and encouragement! I’ve also allowed my joy to be dampened by this time of trials and yet scripture reminds me to even still rejoice and be thankful!! This definitely gets you focused off of self and onto God! So thankful for this season to reflect on thankfulness!

  • Nicole Prince

    My sister was telling about this app and I’m glad that I took the time this morning to read. I am lost and trying to found the right way back. It’s a refreshing way to read god’s word…

  • KandisKorner

    I am so grateful to have found She Reads Truth! I have been searching for so long. Searching for a place that feeds my deepest parts. And I found it in SRT. I just finished Hymns and Now today started this study. I am excited to dig deeper into God's book of LIFE. For so many years I listened to the lies that I didn't need to study God's word. That my "surface" relationship was enough. But I have felt so empty and alone. This past week something has come alive in me again. A joy and peace I can't explain. An eagerness to find the next nugget of truth. I have forgotten all the amazing promises God has for me in the Bible. In this study, Day 1, I keep returning to Psalm 136…. "Give thanks to the Lord, for his steadfast love endures FOREVER!" 26 times we are told that God's love is forever in Psalm 136. Today I hear you God. Thank you for always being there for me.

  • Elisabeth

    "His will is not so much a path as it is a way of walking." What a wonderful thought. It takes all the pressure off of me- the responsibility that is God's alone to guide my path, and focuses me again on what I am responsible for- my hearts position before the Lord.

  • This is so perfect! Just what my heart needed! I've really been searching lately for what does God hold for the rest of my life. What are my next steps? BUT wow what beauty in knowing the only thing I need to do is give thanks and sing praises! It's a lil scary for myself, who wants to know everything, but how beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow. Just what I needed today. Praise the Lord!

  • Claire Bear Sabino

    This is the jackpot. I will hold on to this, as I go into school!!

  • Great word. So many truth bombs in this first day!

  • I’m late but this first day was exactly what I needed to hear, of course, I feel that way every time I do one of these studies. Bless you girls for getting this started and assisting me in finding my way back to God.

  • Heather Chaney

    I’m jumping in late. but wow this first day is inspiring.

  • Lexi Mullen

    I was a day late starting this so doing two days in one but I already adore this bible study, this app, this community!!!! I’m so excited for this, I’ve already told all my girlfriends that they have to join me!

  • Love it!

  • Carrie Buell

    It’s not up to me. It’s always been Him:) that in itself has turned my cold heart to a thankful rhythm. Praying it can always beat that way.

  • Brittany

    Our situations may be big, but our God is BIGGER. :) Amen

  • God is larger than your circumstances!

  • Really excited for this study!

  • Alexis King

    Beautiful – so small and so insignificant those black thunderous clouds seem when this STEADFAST GRACE GIVING GOD loves and protects us so unsparingly.

  • Beautiful reminders. Thank you!

  • Lauren M.

    Needed this reminder today in a big way. As a 5th year college student about to graduate and (attempt) to move across the country to do collegiate ministry in New England, my anxiety and worry level has grown immensely as May comes closer. All the questions you asked yourself as a college student is essentially what I am asking now. Am I truly in God’s will by moving across the country on my own? I’ve been so consumed with what comes next that I’ve forgotten to simply do as we are told in 1 Thessalonians- to rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances. So thank you so much for this devo today! How I so needed it.

    • EliseJ125

      Praying for your next step in life, Lauren! Your post made me think of Philippians 4:7, that the peace of God that surpasses all of our understanding (or our lack of understanding) would guard your heart and mind. Best wishes on your big move and work at this ministry :)

  • I love the line: Thanksgiving is not just an emotion. I knew/know that, but oh how often I need to be reminded of that. Stop and just think on that! I’m excited for this study! :)

  • Anna Petitfils

    I loved today’s study. What I took from it was that God keeps his promises- he doesn’t fail us. Therefore we can have joy in hHm, we can pray to Him and we can give thanks to Him.

  • Good words for me to hear today.

  • I know I’m with everyone else here when I say I felt like this was written directly for me! Every day over the last few weeks I’ve been praying for God to reveal His will to me. It was a relief to read that my wisdom and performance have nothing to do with His faithfulness and grace. I also liked when she said His will is less of a path and more of a way of walking. I need to start walking in His will instead of asking him to show me the oath! Love this! Thank you!

  • Regina Marie

    I just thank the Lord for always being good and never changing. Our situations and emotions change daily, but God always stays the same. I’m just so thankful for His patience and faithfulness in my life.

  • Taylor Wilkerson

    This is exactly what I’m needing. I’m going through a time of medical issues where I’ve had to withdraw from college and hold off from my sport for the semester. God has really been teaching me a lot through this time, and this is just what I need to continue to truly grow during this.

    • Stephanie

      I love this! Over the last 2 years I’ve noticed my anxiety has almost consumed me. In reality I have lost a connection with God and need to rely solely on him. Give thanks! If I praise Him everything will work out as it should

    • Carrie

      Taylor–I was honestly in the EXACT same place 2 years ago…my college life got turned upside down when I had to take a medical leave. I still don’t had the best health and am still learning to give thanks

      • Carrie

        (Cut myself off woops!) but I can now see how much I have grown (and am still growing) through the pain…and that alone is a gift to be grateful for ;) email me if youd ever like to chat!

  • “God’s will is not a problem to be solved.” I love this. It is truly comforting.

    • Taylor Wilkerson

      This really stood out to me also!! I’m a “let me fix my situation” type. So I loved that!

  • I quit my job in April to stay home with our daughter and Friday (completely unexpected) my husband lost his job. I love how God shows up and reminds me that He loves us more than we can even fathom and I love the reminder “He is good in EVERYTHING and His promises hold fast”. Just what I needed to read today and that was designed by Him! Praise God!!

  • This post mirrored my current thoughts. I’ve been trying hard to remember to trust God’s plan and all will be well. It has been a tough year and half financially for my family, and now we are expecting the gift of life. We couldn’t be more happy to add to our family, but my trust in God is so important during this time.

  • I know there is a God and am am a true believer

  • All He wants is me. I do not have to perform and that’s such a relief.

    • Chelsea

      Amen my friend! Looks like we both needed to read this tonight! ❤️

  • loveHimso

    God’s Word tells me His grace does not depend on my performance…. I could just shout just on that statement alone. He alone is my Savior. There is absolutely no one like Him. When I think of all the years that I did my own thing…my soul cries out with joy over that Grace. He loved me when I didn't love me. Now my eyes are open and I see Him very clearly. What is God's will for my life? I thought I knew… had it all planned out but of course that was wishful thinking…I am thankful to a God whose plans far exceed my own. What more can I say but thank you to a Father who continues pour out His Grace on me.

  • In the midst of feeling “stuck in a rut” and insecure – warping emotions that often come along with November, with life – these reminders still my soul. I have been so consumed by my worries that I am not good enough to proclaim God’s Word, not motivated enough, not perfect enough. I get trapped in a cycle of anxieties, as so many of us do, that it has become difficult to rest on God. But this devotional is so soothing, so strengthening. We are not doing this alone, ladies. And our God doesn’t desire perfection. Actively rest in that, day in and day out.

  • Ashley Lynn

    I literally journaled directly before I read this about the pressure I have been putting on myself to do certain things and get certain things done to “rest with Jesus” that have only been causing me to stress. I started a new journal and vowed to do the things with The Lord that do bring me rest in Him. I then read this and I love how you said “rejoicing is not a passive pursuit. Actively rest in the goodness of our God.” I am thankful for the reassurance and confirmation The Lord has brought me through this. You makers of this are amazing and I am thrilled to come alongside for this. God bless you!

  • peculiarpearl

    So good! This is my first day on She Reads Truth and I must say that I needed this today. I am a control freak and I want to have that checklist ready to plow through in order to receive God's grace BUT that doesn't exist. "Active resting" is such a freeing concept. I don't hesitate to let people know how good He is to me. I am so blessed and know that even at my lowest He is there and has written this part into my story for a reason. I cry just thinking about His goodness. I've been built to take tests and to achieve but God isn't looking to give me a grade. His grace and goodness don't depend on my performance and in that I find so much peace. I've been working so hard to turn to Him when it gets rough. I know that He's got my back.

  • This couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s not up to me to be the God of my circumstances, it’s up to me to give thanks to the One who’s larger than my circumstances- WOW! I needed this today.

  • Samantha

    Definitely need this study in my life right now. I need a new frame of mind as mine is constant crowded with negativity. I have so much to be thankful for and yet I keep going back to negative patterns of thinking in new situations instead of seeing them as opportunities to show Him I think why ME with my sinful heart. His requirements of us are so simple, yet we choose to complicate things bc of our sinful nature. I’m planning on starting a gratitude journal, any suggestions?

  • Actively resting! So powerful!

  • This is awesome. Makes me feel not so alone.

  • This was just what I needed for today. I’ve been struggling with some of the circumstances in me & my family s lives.

  • LaurenC_

    "Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice…. Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always…. Remember the wonders he has done… He remembers his covenant forever." (from Psalm 105)

    "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." (1 Thess 5:16-18)

    When I read these words and take them in, there is really nothing more I need to know. The power and the glory in these words fill me so much that I can't deny their truth, despite my worries and my heartaches, despite my frustrations and my struggles. I just can't deny God's great love for me. Thank you Lord for your great love for me, in all times and all ways. Thank you for the hard lessons and the awareness you have taught me. Thank you for being the light in my darkness. Thank you for your friendship, comfort, strength, and protection. Thank you for giving me hope in you. Hope everlasting.

  • fitnessmomwinecountry

    I am looking forward to to this.

  • It's amazing how the Lord can truly speak to you through a passage. This – God’s Word tells me His faithfulness does not depend on my wisdom. (Lamentations 3:22-24) – is what I needed to hear today. Praise the Lord for He is good.

  • Stephanie

    It's so great to be able to read devotionals written by women who are wise enough to teach college girls like me how to get through the struggles of life, but also young enough to admit to mistakes and understand that its okay.

    I really needed this devotional. I have been praying for a few weeks now about God preparing an accountability partner for me and my life. I am at an awkward stage in my life where I am ready to be married to my boyfriend of a little over a year, but I still have at least another year and a half to look forward to actually being married because of school. This whole past week has been constantly reminding me of this, and its very hard for me to maintain emotionally and physically honoring to God as I deal with this. I still have yet to find someone to be my accountability partner which just makes me feel lost. Even then, I'm afraid to reach out and have one because I feel like I will be judged. I'm very lost right now. This devotional is perfect because it reminds me of God's ever encompassing love and care for me and my life.

    • Katy

      Stephanie, I am in the middle of an identical struggle. I find myself getting caught up in the waiting and the decision making.. And more waiting. But this truth from 1 Thessalonians is already a huge burden lifted and such an encouragement! All I have to do is actively rest in the goodness of my God, and He will take care of it all. ❤️

  • I think I was meant to start this Bible study today. It is my first study thru SRT. TOday, I had to take a certification exam that is required through my work. I studied and prayed. Well. I did not pass. I have one more time to take this exam within the next month or so. If I do not pass, I will no longer be able to do this specialty. I felt confident going in and taking the exam, but the results proved otherwise. I still am rejoicing in the Lord and giving HiM thanks, even through my tears. I know there is a reason this happened. I do not know what that reason is, but there is one. I will continue to thank God everyday for blessings. I look forward to learning about GOd thru this study. I am a baby Christian, so this is all very new to me.

  • Denise M

    Even in the midst of exams – praise Him! Thank Him! :)

  • This message came to me at a perfect time. I absolutely love when that happens! I am praying and trusting He is with me always. Thank you SRT!

  • Have come to this late, as I hadn't realised the study was starting today!!!!

    Amanda Bible beautifully written and so so true….and what TRUTH…..Thank you friend and rejoicing at being able to do thus study with y'all….

    I'll be ready tomorrow…lol.
    Love you

  • It is not up to you to be the god of your circumstances. It is for you to give thanks to the One who is larger than your circumstances – Just what I needed to hear. Lord, help me to trust you and find my rest in you.

  • Tracy Weiss

    This is just so good. Thank you for this, a timely reminder.

  • Resting in His goodness. My heart is thankful when I recognize that God is with me no matter what comes in life. This is the joy of being His child.

  • Mendy Thomas

    Finally got the app! Yay!!! Love Gods word!

  • Kate Noelle

    What a stark reminder. God’s faithfulness and grace isn’t determined by my understanding of it or even by when I do to deserve it. It comes and overflows into my life no matter what I do or understand. What an amazing gift!

  • Jordan Deep

    Such an amazing devotional, saw this at exactly the right time!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thrilled to have you, Jordan! Thanks for reading truth with us today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Jordan Deep

    Such an amazing demo timbal

  • Kendall_S





    give thanks


    His will for me

    Beauty and peace in this simplicity – His Word gives us all the answers. It never fails.

  • Such a good reminder today. I am thankful that God led me to the SRT community- it is a huge blessing in my life!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Jess, we love having you! Blessings to you today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Reminded of this wonderful truth today in addition to the current passages “Though the fig tree does not blossom and there is no fruit on the vines, [though] the product of the olive fails and the fields yield no food, though the flock is cut off from the fold and there are no cattle in the stalls, Yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will exult in the [victorious] God of my salvation! [Rom. 8:37.] The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds’ feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]! For the Chief Musician; with my stringed instruments. (‭Habakkuk‬ ‭3‬:‭17-19‬ AMP)” for those of us, like myself, who are walking through a difficult season of want and insecurity, be blessed by this passage today.

    • Amy Manning

      Thanks for this passage! It serves as a great reminder that God is with us despite our short comings and insecurities – which sometimes get the best of me!

  • Brittanie

    you have put into words so perfectly what the longing of my heart has been this month–to be active and diligent in showing the gratitude and joy God has so graciously given me. Especially as a current college student, who is wrestling with God’s plan for my semester and major and future, this is such an encouragement and reminder that He is GOOD in all things,and His will is for me to be walking with Him daily.

  • Jodie Wilt

    I try and praise God everyday it is hard sometimes because life can get complicated like last week we had very freezing temperatures and because of it being so cold our car would not start for three days. So my husband had to rely on others to get him back and forth to work. I was a little frustrated because I had to spent three days at home and couldn’t go anywhere but I thanked God everyday that me and my husband had a warm place to stay because there were others that were not so blessed and also friends and family that were willing to help us when we needed it. God is Good.

  • Katie Jean

    It’s my first SRT study and I can’t say enough how perfect the timing is. Giving thanks does NOT come naturally to us so much of the time- especially when we don’t understand why God allows an event or illness or trial. Psalms 105 doesn’t just record the happy times- it records God’s provision and goodness for his chosen people in times of desperation and fear. What a deep and beautiful truth that this is our God. He may bring us to frightening places but peace and joy in His presence are continually available. I need to experience more of this, and I am so grateful that He doesn’t leave me as I am, but is teaching me active dependence, active rejoicing, active thanksgiving. It isn’t natural but God is using scripture and His spirit to teach us and mature us and draw us into a fuller, richer life in Christ. Beautiful stuff! Can’t wait for day 2!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Katie, welcome to our community! We are so grateful to have you with us and love hearing what God is teaching you through this study!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • My reflections: It is not our call to decide when to give thanks and when not to. When we feel there is nothing to be thankful for, we should reflect on God's grace, trust in his plan, and be thankful regardless. Jesus told his disciples (John 16:10) "… You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy." And it is because Jesus tells us this, that I will give thanks even in my grief.

  • I logged on today to finish my Hospitality study I got behind on, but I instead chose to read this one. It has been a crappy Monday morning, but HE IS STILL GOOD!! Thank you, LORD!!

  • SarahRMerts

    This study could not come at a better time for me! It’s already hitting me with the truth I need to hear. I’m going through a season of messy transitions (oh the joys of being a twenty-something), but I’m realizing that thankfulness and resting in God’s bigness (I love that that’s a word!) is what I need to focus on – not the hard and complicated emotions. I may feel these emotions, but God is bigger than them.

  • bringbackhisgirls

    Hey guys, AnnaLee here! This verse stuck out to me among the passage in Psalms:

    "Seek the Lord and his strength;
    seek his presence continually!" (Psalm 105:4, ESV)

    The word says that the Lord inhabits our praise (Psalm 22:3). If we want to be continually seeking the presence of our Lord, praising Him in whatever situation we are in causes us to draw near to Him and His strength. I just love how praising Him goes hand in hand with being in His presence! We do not worship a far away God; if we ever feel that we do, praising Him reminds us of that comforting truth that we are never alone. May we praise the God who has never left us, and hears our voices as we praise His Holy name! Father God, I pray we'd all be seeking Your presence continually, seeking You and Your strength on a day by day basis, praising You for being so near to us always. Let our praises to You awaken us and show us just how near You are in our everyday, sometimes seemingly mundane lives. Show Yourself to us, Father God, for when we see You, we have all we could ever need or want! Praise You!! Be blessed, dear sisters. Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you (James 4:8 ESV). May we all experience deep, abiding, intimate time with the Lord today unlike anything else.

  • This is beautiful, so thankful to follow one who loves me so well. Blessed that He calls me His own.

  • I have chased God's Will like an elusive shadow…the idea that it is a "way of walking" – rather than a specific path that I have to find – is so amazing to me! Thank you Lord!!!

  • BethanyB

    Rejoice really stood out to me today. He brought his people out of Egypt with rejoicing. His chosen ones with shouts of joy.

    Rejoice always….

    We recently went through a lot of financial blows. Almost lost our home and at the last minute we were spared. My car air broke. Heat and cooling. I started feeling my desire to vent and complain and then was prompted to how much better off I am to even be driving a vehicle that only has and air problem. I’m rejoicing today for a roof over my head, a car that drives and healthy kids. God is faithful. I want to choose rejoicing over worry.

  • Christin

    This study is perfect. My roommates and I are going through it together and today’s study broke through barriers we have had between us. we are all on different places in life-dating, single, steady jobs, looking for employment, ect., and there has been bitterness built up as we have been asking why God gave to one and not the other. The statement about being the god of our circumstances really hit home because of that.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Christin, that's such a hard place to be in! So thankful for His truth that washes over all of us, in all circumstance and seasons. Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • how do you decide which studies are free in the app? As a busy mom I love the that the app is easy to get to and that I can set a reminder. I was really excited to do this one but know I won’t be as regular having to go to the website. I can’t pay. :(

    • Danielle

      Hey Laura! One thing I do is have an icon on my home screen that takes me directly to the website. I just click it and it takes me to the daily Devo. It helps me since I see it every time I open my phone. And it’s super easy to get to the homepage.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Laura! The in-app purchases allow us to update and maintain the app. We absolutely don't want this to keep anyone from engaging in God's Word daily, which is why some of the plans are free, and why they remain free at We will always keep a few of the older plans for free on the app, but every now and then we like to care for our community by making a new plan free, like the Hymns Plan! Danielle's suggestion of keeping the icon on your phone homepage is a great one. Regardless of method, we hope you'll continue to join us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • This is EXACTLY what I needed today. God knows what He is doing and He spoke to me through this so wonderfully today. I will be thankful for who He is!! Great are You, Lord!

  • God’s will is not a problem to be solved. Something I knew, but something I desperately needed to be reminded of as I am in a wild time of transition and what seems like a total loss of direction.

  • i love these verses. I love the constant reminded of giving thanks in EVERYTHING, even the hardest things. I feel like it can be so hard to not naturally turn towards God in the hard times because all we want to do is be sad and just be in that moment, but if we turn towards God and give Him praise even in the hard times, that is showing him that we trust Him. Even in the hard times we must trust and KNOW that everything in our life happens for a reason, and even if it may be a hard reason, God knows what he's doing and will always come thru for us, but we must TRUST Him. I always tell myself that the hard times only make us stronger because it makes us turn towards God and make us seek new and more wisdom from him, therefore making us a stronger Christian. I feel like if nothing hard ever happened in our life, we would have no major reason to seek God for his wisdom because we would have our lives all figured out. God wants us to come to Him and seek him, because we certainly don't have our lives all figured out!
    Just a great start to this study and I am so excited for the next couple weeks of this and preparing my heart and all our hearts for Thanksgiving!

  • Rebecca Lescay

    Loved this and needed this!!! Rejoice in The Lord!!! I am looking forward to the rest of this study!! <3

    • Taime'

      God gave me an Image while I was reading just now Rebecca Lescay, I believe it is for you. I saw a person trying to lift a very large rock or burden. In order to lift the great mass the person needed a huge stick, log or lever.
      Consider for a moment that the person is you Rebecca, the great rock is your decisions causing anxiety…
      God is not the big stick but he has given you a virtual forest of logs/levers to choose from!
      Look closely at each log in the pile and find the truth engraved upon it “the joy of The Lord is my strength” another reads “call unto me and I will answer thee” yet another “my hope comes from The Lord creator of heaven and earth”. You see Rebecca, God in his sovereign will has placed the truths for moving every burden, circumstance and or event in life available to you. He gives you the choice to choose the log, stick or lever to use. All his choices are good because he prepared them for you! He has even equipped you with the Holy Spirit (picture if you will H.S. dressed in carhartt jeans and a rugged flannel waiting at your side to lift that tree sized log of truth over your rock sized faith to create the fulcrum to easily move the monstrous megalithic burdens you face!
      I pray this imagery points you to the ready provision of God your Savior. When anxiety “rolls” in choose a truth log and let Holy Spirit remove it from your path. for you!

    • Taime'

      Rebecca Lescay, please excuse the confusion in my posts. I am in app and had to Savanna’s post. Somehow lost my reply position and posted to your name! Then when I tried to repost correctly I got the names wrong! So here now I am trusting God that both Savannah and Rebecca L. needed this image that God gave me. Blessings for your day sisters.

  • What a perfect reminder of God's love. Rejoice, give thanks in all things and at all times.

  • Mandy Leigh

    So excited for this new study! God is so good, and I can already feel Him speaking to my heart. He gives us so much and asks for so little – what an amazing God!

  • Thank you for reminding me that the news I’m expecting in a couple months is not in my power. That I follow God’s path for me and whatever comes my direction, to praise Him and thank Him for all my opportunities that present themselves. Bless this community of friends

  • Hearing that my will as His daughter is to actively rejoice in Him and all that is going in my life changed it all for me! So often I see His will for me as my title as a teacher and when I have days that don’t go as planned, I feel disappointed. But now knowing that how I respond to those situations is my will and to reflect upon what I can do better the next day is how he uses my profession to lead me to Him. Can’t wait for the rest of the study!

  • Loved this! I needed this today. Can't wait for the rest of the study!

  • Egypt Valley Ave

    WOW! So excited to praise God during this study as I not only FEEL thankful, but GIVE thanks. The notes have begun and even so, what a blessing to read through the comments and jot down more nuggets from amazing ladies that have worded things so beautifully.

  • Savannah

    Im in college and recently I have been struggling with anxiety. And I hate it so much. The decisions I have to make are overwhelming! But I believe in a sovereign God who knows all and loves me. I don’t believe that if I’m loving Him and serving Him I’ll do anything to put me outside of His will. Yet still it’s something I struggle with.

    I will be praying for you all and I ask you pray for me too! I love studying with you all. :) xx

    • Baylee

      Praying for you Savannah! I struggle with anxiety too, but I have learned God is good, always, and He sees you ❤️ take care!

    • Taime'

      God gave me this imagery while reading this morning. Savannah, I believe it is for you. I saw a person trying to lift a very large rock or burden. In order to lift the great mass the person needed a huge stick or lever.
      Consider for a moment that the person is you Rebecca, the great rock is your decisions causing anxiety…
      God is not the big stick but he has given you a virtual forest of sticks/levers to choose from!
      Look closely at each log in the pile and find the truth engraved upon it “the joy of The Lord is my strength” another reads “call unto me and I will answer thee” yet another “my hope comes from The Lord creator of heaven and earth”. You see Rebecca, God in his sovereign will has placed the truths for moving every burden, circumstance and or event in life available to you. He gives you the choice to choose the log, stick or lever to use. All his choices are good because he prepared them for you! He has even equipped you with the Holy Spirit (picture if you will H.S. dressed in carhartt jeans and a rugged flannel waiting at your side to lift that tree sized log of truth over your rock sized faith to create the fulcrum to easily move the monstrous megalithic burdens you face!
      I pray this imagery points you to the ready provision of God your Savior. When anxiety “rolls” in choose a truth log and let Holy Spirit remove it from your path.

    • BethanyB

      Praying for you Savannah. I went through a breakdown with severe anxiety in 2012. I’m on the other side now and can say have hope. Walk through what you are afraid of don’t avoid it. That you are here seeking God shows you are making good choices and good habits that will trickle down and effect other areas of your life. Body, mind, spirit. Take care of those. Make choices that you feel God is calling you to make not choices for other people’s approval. If things are overwhelming limit your options to choose from. Remember to that sometimes there isn’t a black and white right or wrong answer that God is just looking for us to move and make decisions and trust him. Recount his faithfulness. Remember it. Write it share it. Then when you are in the thick of it you can say he brought me through before I can trust him. Hugs.

    • Taime'

      Savannah please excuse the confusion in my posts. I am in app and have clumsily tried to reply to your post then some how responded to Rebecca when I tried to repost correctly I got the names wrong! So here now I am trusting God that both Savannah and Rebecca L. needed this image that God gave me.

  • "As we learn to trust the bigness of our God and the sureness of His Sovereignty, we find His will is not as much a path as it is a way of walking"

    SO GOOD. Thank you for writing. This community is such a blessing. :) <3

  • Stephanie

    “God’s will is not a problem to be solved.

    God’s Word tells me His faithfulness does not depend on my wisdom. (Lamentations 3:22-24)
God’s Word tells me His grace does not depend on my performance. (Ephesians 2:8-9)
God’s Word tells me that whatever shape my life takes, His steadfastness and goodness trump whatever is going on around me. (Psalm 136)”

    Such a powerful God we serve! This was a wonderful reminder that when we hand it all to Christ, He is faithful to bring us through it.

  • so happy to have this! what better way to prepare our hearts for Thanksgiving!

  • Vintage Gwen

    So, so good!

  • I am a planner and a problem-solver. And I needed this today. What a great reminder that I can (and should) be thanking God in every situation, planned or unplanned, solved or unsolved. He is good no matter the circumstance. And He is bigger than anything I face. Thank you for this call to remember to give thanks in all circumstances.

  • Shannon_ms

    Wow. I really needed to hear this! Last week I found myself worrying every day about my future career and some events I have coming up in life. But I do not need to worry about any of that because "Whatever shape my life takes, His steadfastness and goodness trump whatever is going on around me"!
    Thank you for this post!

  • This was a great intro! Several years ago, an older friend said something to me when I was agonizing over the will of God that has never left me.

    "If you trust God with your decisions, then you must also trust that if you make the wrong one, that He is sovereign enough to turn you around and help you make the right one."

    That freed me up to make decisions as I felt He was leading me, and not agonize that it was "wrong." He has and will continue to guide my life.

    • Jeni

      ❤️ that reminder! Thank you for sharing that wisdom with us!

    • Elisabeth

      Emily, Thank you for sharing that truth. I am a college student and I tend to freeze when I have to make a decision about my education and career because I worry that there will be no coming back from that decision. I am working on trusting God more and more and realizing I am not making these decisions on my own. I am definitely going to write that quote down! Thanks :)

  • Malaine Mayfield

    I am so excited for this study. This has already spoken so much to my heart and spirit. I always have all these questions and sometimes I forget to just trust God and know that He is leading me. I don’t have to have it figured out, I just have to trust the Creator and follow Him.

  • God''s will is less a path and more a way of walking. Beautiful, nourishing words. Thank you!

    • HilaryRushford

      Dee that line struck me as well! A focus on being present instead of future which is exactly what I’m struggling with right now. Rich.

    • BethanyB


  • elkunkel

    What an amazing word! And a fabulous way to restart my Monday. I was just lamenting the mess I made of making coffee this morning. And worrying about too many things this morning… To read this word and be reminded that in everything (even a coffee disaster this morning!) HE is good, always so so good. I needed this word and I cannot wait to continue this study! To God be the glory! :)

    • HilaryRushford

      El, you’re so right in how I stress about things that feel big but really don’t matter in the big big picture. I’ve done it already today. Thanks for helping me see that, lady.

  • Sarah Knight

    “God’s will is not a problem to be solved.” Such a true and profound statement! Unraveling God’s will for our lives is the most challenging, heart-stretching, trusting journey we will walk while one this earth. “Not my will, but Your will.” That’s the hardest lesson to learn. I’m so so so thankful for this series & community. Today is my first day, and I know that She Reads Truth is an answer to prayer and God’s gentle nudge to get me back into studying His word.

    • HilaryRushford

      Sarah it’s my first day too + I’m feeling so grateful to have found this! I’m so out of the habit of study + craving to regain that in my life.

  • Cimone Heisner

    I just joined this group and I have read a few different plans and love them so far, thank you! This day about thankfulness could not have been more on the spot for my life currently. I know that the steps I am taking are the right ones for my family's future but I am scared of what is to come later when the decision is left up to my husband. He does not have a close relationship with Him and I pray that he does and that my husband opens up his heat and mind more and more everyday to His word and direction. This passage was a friendly reminder that there is rejoice in this circumstance that is hard to see or want to do. Sometimes I just want to sulk and not move on and make it even worse than what it is…there is no need to do that to myself, or to God.

    • Emily

      Keep praying! God can change hearts and families. I've seen it happen before. It became apparent to me that when my sweet husband and I were discussing engagement, that he was not in a close relationship with the Lord. I prayed my heart out, and man the circumstances that wrought change outright SUCKED. But 2 years later, he probably has a more consistent, personal walk with Jesus than I do. He hears us. Hold tight, friend :)

  • PrimroseMarie

    If God is good (He is), and all things come from God (they do), then all things must be good! What divine reassurance that is. Anything that leads me to think otherwise is simply due to me falling into a worldly mindset. I’m very much looking forward to these upcoming days to actively practice mindfulness by centering my self in gratitude. Let’s live out this season of thanksgiving together!

  • This is my first time to do a study of this kind and I am sure the Lord led me here! I am convicted this morning that, rather than seeking His will for my life, I plow ahead and try to make things work out the way I want them to. Of course, this seldom works out well!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Laura, welcome to our community! We are so grateful to have you and excited to see what God teaches us through this study!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Beth Warner

    I’m so excited to start this study. Psalms 136: “whatever shape my life takes,Gods steadfastness and goodness Trumps it all”. Oh how I love that and need that!! Coming up on 2 years of cancer that doesn’t want to go away, lots of chemo,but knowing my God is in control of it all. He’s using it for his glory, so much good has come from it already. Even though it’s hard to rejoice when I feel yucky, I will because I know He’s with me. Have a wonderful day ladies.

  • Julieann Parr

    This hit home today. I have been battling with “God please reveal to me your will for my life” Waiting for him to show me each step has been so difficult. God thank you for revealing this to me today and please keep me trusting in you.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Praying with you, friend. Trusting that His plan is better than we could ask for or imagine! Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • This study is perfect timing for me. Two weeks ago tomorrow, I lost my job due to budget cuts. So now, I have no job and no direction of where to turn to next. I have been praying for the Lord to swing open doors of the direction He would have me take, but been frustrated as my job applications aren’t going anywhere.

    But today’s study cleared up a lot for me! “It is not up to you to be the god of your circumstances. It is for you to give thanks to the One who is larger than your circumstances.” Woah. God is in ultimate control of my situation, and I am to rejoice, pray, and give thanks, whether I have a job or don’t have a job. He is not surprised by my job loss. He has a plan for it all, I just need to raise my hands and praise Him for always being the steadfast, good God that He is!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Praying with you, sweet friend. Trusting that His plan for you is great and praising Him in the waiting! Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Sandra in Phx

    Always be joyful. Pray continually, and give thanks whatever happens. That is what God wants for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

    I knew starting this study would be hard. I knew that there were going to be challenges right from the beginning…and I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the challenges started as soon as I finished reading today's study…and yet, my heart sank.

    Lord, I am weary of the challenges and I desperately WANT to give You thanks in EVERYTHING. Please help me get there because right now, it feeling like much too much. Amen

  • Thank you! My husband and I are in the midst of deciding where he should take a job. It's between two states and they both seem like great options, but we just have no idea. This was such an important reminder to me that it is about following Jesus and not discovering some hidden path to Michigan or Ohio. Thanks :)

    • SheReadsTruth

      Love this, Kate. Praying for you during your time of transition, trusting His plan is great!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • “God’s will is not a problem to be solved” Oh AMEN!! This alone was enough to make my heart rejoice today. Great post!


  • Michelle P.

    Thanks for this series. I have never needed to hear this more than this morning. Yesterday I lost the second baby of my premature twins born 3 weeks ago. My heart is broken at the loss of both my daughters, but yesterday I thanked The Lord while I held her for the last time. We don’t know the purpose of the plan, but we know to give thanks.

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Oh, Michelle. My heart breaks with you. I am so sorry for your loss. The picture of you thanking the Lord for your sweet girl, knowing she would be gone soon – my friend, that is the power of the Gospel in you. You are living the heart of this series, and I pray that God’s grace will keep you close so that you can continue to feel Him ever-so-near as you grieve and He grieves with you. Thank you for sharing today. So glad you’re in our community. Much love, Amanda

    • Beckey

      My heart is breaking for you this morning. May God surround you with His strength, love, and comforting presence during this difficult time.


    • Miranda

      What a testimony to these verses we just read! Thank you for sharing your suffering and living out your faith in the midst of sorrow. My family and my dear friend doing this study with me are praying for you and your family during this unimaginable time. God bless you for your faithfulness and may many come to know Christ through you.

    • Geri

      My heart breaks for you. You are so very strong – Prayers for your family!

    • Beth Warner

      Oh I’m so sorry Michelle. Praying for peace and comfort for you today.

    • Judy

      Bless you.

    • Shelley

      Oh sweet Michelle, I am so very sorry for your unimaginable loss. I will be praying for you that our sweet God will supply all you need to get through your loss and grief–minute by minute.

      Thank you for sharing your faith with us. This is what it truly means to be thankful in Him. Our Father will reveal His plan to you in His timing.

      Love and sympathy to you. ❤️

    • Jenny

      I'm so sorry for your loss…and grateful for your testimony. I am praying for you & your family.

    • tina

      Michelle, I am so very sorry for your loss….my heart truly aches for you….praying God's amazing peace that surpasses all understanding is yours…and that His arms are wrapped around you…
      Thank you for sharing….God be with you, Michelle…Love and

    • Ali Martinez

      Michelle, I found your comment because I was looking for another mama who is experiencing what I have. In June our son, Caleb, was born prematurely and lived for 42 hours. This is not how I ever imagined his first Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I am so thankful that God allowed us to have the time that we did with him. Every day, God has given us the strength to get out of bed and continue serving Him, even through our grief and pain. I will be praying for you and your family as your hearts continue to heal. “Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5) What a beautiful morning that will be, when we hold our sweet babies again.

  • Had so many "take away(s)" from today's reading! Sharing some of them…

    Psalm 105:16-17 blew me away!

    "He called for a famine on the land of Canaan, cutting off its food supply. Then he sent someone to Egypt ahead of them— Joseph, who was sold as a slave."

    — The Lord already had a plan before He even allowed the famine! He already sent Joseph years before! This made me realize, that in whatever suffering, challenges, waiting seasons that I am experiencing right now, GOD IS SOVEREIGN! and like Joseph, all of these trials are connected to a bigger picture! Therefore, I can give thanks in everything!


    — Search for the Lord and for his strength (I needed this today! His strength!) ; continually seek him.
    — Remember the wonders he has performed, his miracles… (Never stop counting His everyday blessings!)

  • Thank you for this timely study. I lost my husband to suicide 5 months ago. As me and my children face these first holidays without him it is very tough to see the big picture. I am determined to trust the big picture and give thanks even in this circumstance. I think I will also start a thankful journal. This will not define us but will be a part of our story.

    • Leenda324

      Bless you and your kiddos.

    • Sarah Martin

      Oh Stacy! My heart is breaking for you. You inspire me with your faith and determination to not allow this "to define us but will be part of our story." I'm praying right now for an abundance of peace and comfort and wisdom for you. Hugs!!

    • Jeni

      Praying with you Stacy! May God’s peace fall on you and your family… And may His Spirit comfort and strengthen your hearts. Love from a Sister in Christ! ❤️

    • SheReadsTruth

      Stacy! I'm so glad you decided to join us for this study. Inspired by your strength and bravery, and thankful for His steadfast presence. Praying continual peace and comfort for you during the holidays. Know that you're not alone in your sorrow. Love and hugs to you, friend!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Wow. I found myself praising Him as I read throughout this whole post: "God’s will is not a problem to be solved." Thank goodness!

    "..His faithfulness does not depend on my wisdom.
    ..His grace does not depend on my performance.
    ..whatever shape my life takes, His steadfastness and goodness trump whatever is going on around me."

    I passed a church sign the other day that said, "Thanksgiving is not a day, it's a lifestyle."

    "It is not up to you to be the god of your circumstances. It is for you to give thanks to the One who is larger than your circumstances." – I've been working on being thankful for a long time, it seems, and I really believe it is a big problem-solver to so much in my life – feeling burned out, tired, done.. But it seems so hard for me to do most of the time. It's really not, once you get in the habit of it, and that's what I think God is nudging me towards lately.

    So, this study is right on time! Thank you, Amanda, for this post. What a great introduction!

  • This morning has been such a blessing to me, and honestly, it has answered on of my biggest prayers!

    I have had a series of situations come up in the last 6 months with my husband…unfortunately, we are not doing well. At all. The past 2 weeks I have really struggled with what to do. What words should I say, what actions should I take (if any at all), what is my next step, etc. My brain is wired in such I way that I felt like I needed an organized, concrete plan, something I could write down in bullet points and carry out from there. I attended a church service several nights ago, and I took home with me ONE phrase that has been my prayer ever since. "Pray ONLY for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out." When I heard that, it struck my heart because "the plan" I had been trying desperately to come up with was what I was trying to pray for…trying to solve the puzzle of my life. So then, I switched gears…that night. I stopped praying for all of the question marks and began praying that God would reveal to me His will, and eventually I would pray for Him to help me carry it out.

    Well…this morning, God answered me prayers by leading me SRT! It's as plain as day, it's black/white, it's concrete, it's simple, and it's found right in the middle of God's Word!

    Rejoice always.
    Pray without ceasing.
    Give thanks in all circumstances.
    THIS is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus.
    (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

    I almost feel dumb and can't believe I have missed this. My ONLY job is to rejoice, pray, and give thanks. The Bible clearly states that if I am doing these things, than I am living in His will. Thank you God for revealing Your perfect will for me. Now, that I have my plan and my bullet points, may God give me the power to carry these things out!

    THANK YOU SRT for lighting the way as I seek the Lord each morning! I am thankful for all that you do!

  • nafisara

    Amen I so needed this!!! Thank you Amanda!! Its like you wrote this exactly from my heart!! I'm excited for this study.

  • I must say, that's not how I was expecting the first day to go- but I'm so SO thankful for it. I am currently in college Amanda's shoes, facing a lot of big question marks. I have to realize that God has already placed an exclamation mark down- to praise Him in all circumstances. It's freeing to not have to figure it all ourselves, amen? Often times we try to do that annnnnd it doesn't work the way we originally though.
    Our circumstances may be big, but our God is bigger.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Love this, friend. I am so joyful thinking about the exclamation point God has placed on our circumstances! Praise be to Him.

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • "It is not up to you to be the god of your circumstances. It is for you to give thanks to the One who is larger than your circumstances."

    WOW! WOW! WOW! My heart is feeling convicted this morning of how often I try to control my circumstances, forgetting who is really in control. I am excited to actively rest in my Daddy's Arms with you sisters of the next few days, what a powerful way to start my morning!

  • Bethanyrbn

    As the rain pours may you flood my soul Lord!

  • “His will is not as much of a path as it is a way of walking.” • I adore this concept. It’s so easy to get swept into a mindset of following the rules because we were raised with so many rules, work has so many rules, etc. but Christ reminds us that in Him we are not of this world. His love is greater than the highs and lows. I cannot wait for the rest of this study.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Love this too, Janice! So thankful for this truth. We love having you in our community, friend!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Oh… do I need this in my life.. Learn the art of Active Rejoicing.. this is going to be awesome!!

  • LaurieEW

    Forgiveness, Healing, and Time. While in the valley we cannot see the top of the mountains. As I look at some of the comments, I remember begin there myself. It Is hard to rejoice in our trials, but as we look back at the ones our Lord has brought us through we can 8rejoice, and say "Thank you God for bringing me through."

    • SheReadsTruth

      Laurie, thank you so much for that encouragement. It spoke straight to my heart this morning!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Traci84

      Amen! Your words really spoke to my soul. I will rejoice in God bringing me through!

  • Ashleigh

    I need this plan! The past few months have been…trying. Searching for a new job, ending a long-time relationship, graduate school and health issues. Sometimes it feels like God has forgotten you’re waiting, especially when others are being blessed with exactly what you’ve asked for, and in faith you’ve prayed with them as they’ve prayed with you. But, He is good! I am blessed beyond what I deserve. I remind myself of that daily.

  • This is so timely for me and my family! I'm 5 months pregnant, we have a 2 year old and after 6 months on the market, our house just went under contract and we need to be out in less than 30 days. No home to move into yet. However, God is good. All these circumstances are things we've prayed for, yet would not have chosen this timing. But God provides. We have gracious friends who are letting us live with them until we find a home and others letting us store stuff in their basement to reduce the $$ we have to shell out for storage. I've been asked if I'm stressed about our housing situation and while at times the circumstances produce some stress, I'm confident that the Lord will provide the right home for us at the right time. He is faithful!

    • LaurieEW

      Will be praying for your family, trust and obey. Thanking God along with you for these Friends he gave to you.

  • A lovely way to start. I know from my own experiences that hard and humbling times make me a better person. I am in quite some uncertainty with my career right now. I want to thank God now for what I know will bring about growth and goodness in the future.

  • I love love love this post today. So excited for this study- I can tell it is going to be exactly what I need. Work is hard and so stressful I've broken 2 crowns in the last month from grinding my teeth in my sleep due to stress! And my husband and I are starting the process of buying a house (so exciting, but stressful too!). I have a lot of questions about what the next year of my life is going to look like. But….

    "God's will is not a problem to be solved." As a person who hates math, what a relief! ☺️ His will is not an equation, where both sides are equal, and if he does something for me I have to work to figure out a way to make it balance again. It's not an algebraic expression, where I have to sit around trying to solve for x, to figure out all the variables, what each one is worth, and somehow make it all come out with the correct answer. No, his will is the way I walk on the path. I can do that. I can walk. I can study. I can try each day to be more like him. I can hide myself in his shadow, and let him show me the answers, solve the problems, and light the path for me, so that we can walk together.

    Praying blessings and open hearts for my SRT sisters this week. Happy Monday!

    • Andrea Myane

      Love your metaphor of the algebraic equation! Thanks for sharing.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Beautiful, Amy! Rejoicing with you that His will is not a math equation :) So glad you're joining us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Thank you! Perfectly timed reminder for me today to be thankful in all circumstances. Being a single mum has it’s challenges at times and the last two days I’ve been really heavy with the weight of it, but oh I am so thankful that my children are healthy and happy and that I have been gifted with this amazing mission field of raising them to be a godly man and woman after Him. God is the ultimate silver lining in my life!

  • Catherine_K_L

    This statement flew towards me "It is not up to you to be the god of your circumstances. It is for you to give thanks to the One who is larger than your circumstances." This scripture has always been very dear to me and has helped me through many seasons of undesirable circumstances: Philippians 4:6-7 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with THANKSGIVING, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Even though I believe deep in my heart that God is always good, I have to consciously remember to be ACTIVELY RESTING in God's goodness, thanking Him for His goodness and faithfulness. God doesn't waste anything, He uses tough times to reveal Himself to us, shape us, and prepare us for the blessings to come. When I'm in the middle of overwhelming circumstances, I have to remember to actively rest in Him, and remember He has equipped me to what He has called me to do.

  • Thank you so much for this beautiful, life giving post. After a lifetime to chasing God’s will and agonizing if my every choice was in his plan for me, you just released me and gave me freedom. Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit use you in my life today to help set this captive free!

    • Judy

      I felt the same way after reading the devotional. "Oh
      , so that's what God's will for me is" has released me and I am rejoicing. I never bought that "it's Gods will" Christians say, when bad things happen to us.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Praising with you, Kylie! So thankful to hear what God's doing in your life! Sweet freedom!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • LaurenC_

      So true. Amanda's statement – "God's will is not a problem to be solved." – was a major aha moment for me. The way my mind is wired, I'm a thinker and a problem solver. After so much confusion and heartache in my life, things not going the way I thought they should, I realize now that I have always approached chasing God's will, as you say, as another problem to be solved. Another question I needed to answer; but really, it's not up to me to answer it. This is so amazing and so freeing. What a blessing Amanda's words are, straight from God's lips through her fingers to our eyes and hearts. Praise God!

  • "Circumstances are big but God is bigger!" Yes He is and I praise Him for that!

  • I needed to read this. I’m constantly asking god to help me figure out his plan for me. But really I must trust him and give thanks for what I have NOW.

  • Allyson Snowden

    Like all of you I am so excited about this study! This is the first I’ve bought a study pack….I have been trying to Actively Rejoice for the last week. I started a gratitude journal as I was/am reading “one thousand gifts.” It’s made me slow down and see all the gifts and give thanksgiving!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Allyson, we are so happy you're with us! And joining with a study pack! I love the thought of "actively rejoicing." Thanks for sharing your heart with us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • What a relief that God gives us permission (more than that-he TELLS us) to stop worrying and stop trying to control everything! I can take a break from all that and just rest, knowing that He is in control.

    • SheReadsTruth

      SUCH a relief, Laresa! Grateful for that truth today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • This is so, so good!!! When I live a life of thanksgiving, words of praise for the Lord will flow from my mouth as I acknowledge His goodness. We spend so much time trying to know God's will, but His will is not a mysterious hidden secret. His will is spelled out for us right here.

    Rejoice always!
    Pray without ceasing!
    Give thanks in all circumstances!

    I love this line from today…"As we learn to trust the bigness of our God and the sureness of His sovereignty, we find His will is not as much a path as it is a way of walking."

    • SheReadsTruth

      Love this, Monica! I am thankful for the reminder that His will is not a hidden secret! Thrilled you're joining us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • "In EVERYTHING give thanks:for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." (emphasis mine) Sometimes I forget to give thanks for everything… Being thankful for the good things in life are easy but to be thankful for those unanswered prayers or those not so pleasant circumstances that come up can be a little harder, but God knows what he is doing and he is there for us though it all. Thank you Jesus for EVERYTHING! xoxo

  • iheartvegetables

    It's such a relief to change the way I think about God's will, and stop trying to "solve the formula". I love this!

  • Clinging to these today…
    God’s Word tells me His faithfulness does not depend on my wisdom. (Lamentations 3:22-24)
God’s Word tells me His grace does not depend on my performance. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

    I’m pregnant with #4 and feeling like I’m failing my current three. Totally overwhelmed with the amount of patience and energy I need to get through the days. These words jumped out to me this morning.

    • Brandi

      He's got this sister. Praying that you will find rest in Him today and that He will enable you to enjoy this season in your life, knowing He is your strength and that it is His will that those babies have you as mom! What an awesome gift! I remember feeling the same way you do! I had a very strong willed toddler and it seemed that some days all I did was tell her "no", "stop" ,"get that out if your mouth", etc. I'm smiling now, but was crying then, so I can sympathize! Will be praying for you and your family today!

    • Nancy

      I loved those bits of scripture as well! So much to soak in.

    • gingerparks

      I hit thumbs down and I meant thumbs up,sister. Sorry about that.

  • Rejoice, pray, and give thanks in all circumstances…I love this scripture from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Coming before The King to celebrate goodness, get direction and display our gratitude for all that we undeservingly have. Excited to walk in faith through this giving thanks plan! May our hearts be changed!

  • Oh, Amanda, there is so much to love and treasure in this post. Don’t even know where to start. THANK YOU!

  • "It is not up to you to be the god of your circumstances. It is for you to give thanks to the One who is larger than your circumstances."
    Wowza!! I am asking God to meet me (us) here as we begin this study together. Rejoice. Pray. Give thanks. Repeat. Amen.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Rejoicing, praying, giving thanks, and repeating with you, friend! Grateful you're here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • stinav96

    I have to echo the idea of what an uncommon and unusual concept it is to give thanks for the hard things. The fact that the psalmist attributes hardships to God Himself (HE called for a famine on the land, v. 16; HE sent Joseph before Israel, sold as a slave, v. 17; for a time, the word of the Lord tested Joseph, v. 19; HE turned the hearts of the Egyptians to hate his people and deal craftily with them, v. 25…. HE brought forth His people with joy, v. 43) tells me that wrongs suffered, hardships experienced, injustices performed against me are for my good. They will show forth His goodness, His faithfulness, His grace, His steadfastness. He is God no matter what the circumstances. He does not change. Even through the use of pain, He has my good and His glory in mind. What a fabulous beginning to this thanksgiving series!

  • Sarah L.

    So excited for this study. It’s so easy to give thanks for the good things and not the hard and difficult things. One of my prayers for today is to be thankful for all of it. His will is evident in all of it, so I will be thankful for it.

  • I am going to be sharing this study with my kiddos, not only are we in conversations of contentment, but thanksgiving. In addition, my junior in high school is working hard on figuring out her future. This is great timing for us all.

    Have to add that I love the line, "God's will is not a problem to be solved". We spend so much time trying to rationalize, figure out and piece together, we just spin our wheels in frustration and end up spent from the wear. It's a terrible place to find oneself. I remember meeting a man at my Dad's funeral. He was the last man to see my Dad alive. He hugged my sisters and I, crying profoundly, convinced that if he'd either kept my Dad in his office longer, didn't take him to lunch or insisted he stay for dessert that my Dad would have come home safely. I was so touched by the man's pain, quick to tell him it was in God's will that my father be in the place he was. The timing was God's not ours. I thanked him for his genuine sympathy and tried to console him as best I could, but was told months later that he was so depressed over the whole thing it had significantly complicated his work, his marriage, his life. He'd spent so much time believing he was responsible, trying to figure it out, certain that *HE* could've been the change, that he was missing out on life, on God. Of course, I'd have those moments of similar thinking myself; one more minute could've been all the difference, truly…..but I immediately remember that God took my father home, I don't need to understand the timing, I could see God's hand in it from the get go. I need always to remain, even in my sorrow, thankful for the 28 years I had with an amazing man and thankful my father loved Jesus, thankful that I will see him again one day, thankful for the many memories, the care and keeping and thankful that I don't have to figure it all out …. Praise God, because in EVERYTHING HE IS GOOD! ~ B

    • Candacejo

      Beautiful story, B. So sorry for your great loss but love and appreciate your perspective. God is always in control. ♥

    • Molly W

      Oh, how I loved reading your words. My father passed away earlier than my timing would've ever chosen, but I have to keep reminding myself, as you said – God's will, not mine. God's timing,not mine. We are lucky to have been blessed with our fathers as long as we were!

      • Onfaith

        Molly, we are so lucky. Fantastic earthly fathers are replaceable only by our Heavenly Father, huh? So incredibly thankful that I've been so fortunate to know both. Prayers for you on the days you're missing your Dad. Know you have a sister understanding those moments, even 15 years later. ~ B

  • Thank you, this perspective is especially helpful for me right now in my life. I feel like God timed this to meet my need this morning. Thank you for being a faithful messenger. God is truly so good!

    • SheReadsTruth

      He IS, Chris! So thankful you're joining us for this study!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • We often give thanks only for something that is good. We are thankful for relationships when all is well. This mornings devotion challenged me to start giving thanks and praise to God for the rough spots in my marriage. I believe that it is His will for me to have these rough spots for many reasons: to learn to be happy in all circumstances, continually pray for my husband and our marriage, and be thankful to my Lord for wanting me to go through these times to draw me closer to him through prayer. Our God is awesome!

    • Ashy

      Your post touched me. I could have written those exact words! I want to work on my gratitude. I know my struggles in marriage can be used to being me closer to God if I will just trust Him and stop trying to be my own god. He has got this! He wants me to trust Him with it but I struggle with trying to “fix” things myself. Which doesn’t work! I have to keep giving it to Him and remember to praise Him through every storm as strongly as I praise Him through the sunny days!

  • TheresaMMeacham

    Excited for this study and to grow in gratitude! Thank you for the reminder that "In ALL things, He is GOOD"…what simple, but profound words! What if we truly believed that? lived that? I know it would change my own outlook and actions! Excited to get started! :)
    Blessings to you all!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Love that, Theresa! It truly would make all the difference if I lived that daily. Thanks for the challenge! :)

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

      • TheresaMMeacham

        Thanks Kaitlin! A challenge for myself as well :) Glad we're all in this together! Have a great day!!

  • Natalija

    It is so easy to get discouraged with circumstances. Life seems so complicated some times. I am going to make these three things my lifeline in the next few weeks. Print it out and post it in several places. Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing.Give thanks in all circumstances.

  • Ps. Is anyone having problems with the app (android?) Read it through the day 1 sample but the bit above just has the circle swirling where it normally says add to bookcase? Just me? Will try again later. ..

    • Margriet

      I’m experiencing the same problem…. So I just went to the site. I hope I can use the app later on today. #shereadstruth ladies, is there anything you can do to get this problem out of the way? Thanks <3

    • amie lindsay

      Same response on my android as well! SUCH a great app. My favorite! :)

    • stinav96

      Yes, same experience on my Android, and I just downloaded the updates. Thankful for the web site! :)

    • shereadstruth

      Hi friends! Technical glitch on our side. Should be fixed now, so keep trying and the plan should appear shortly. Thanks! xo

  • this study has come at a perfect time. I feel I’m so ready to give God the glory for every part of my life. I want to learn once again to give thanks at all times ( even when sleep deprived and exhausted with my little one). Learning and accepting that God will work through all our choices to bring about his plan and his will I find so comforting.

  • Hey, thanks for this. I’ve spent so long treating God’s will as a mystery to be solved, trying to find clues in the smallest of things. There are still big decisions where we need to seek God to know what’s right, but so often out of those simple things that keep us rooted into God that makes all the difference. Rejoicing and praying and being thankful. Let’s do it!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Oh, I just love this, Becca. Rejoicing with you, friend!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Alicia

      Yes this is exactly how I have been feeling! such a good word.

  • Candacejo

    Beautiful. I have always felt that wherever we find ourselves, in our walk with God, unless we are flat-out disobeying Him, we ARE in His will!

    His will, His desire, is just what you said, walking with Him, sharing Him, loving Him, being like Him. When it is time to move to a different "WILL", He will open that door, you will walk through. You will be in tune with the Maker because He is first in your life.

    Being sensitive to the moving of the Spirit, pursuing Him daily, are all part of His will. Just as the scripture said, Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks….we will be about His will!

    Worrying about the next BIG thing God has for us causes us to lose focus of the here and now…THAT is His will…the here and now….until He moves us somewhere else.

    Love this series already! Blessed Monday, sisters. ♥

    • Jennifer Caldwell

      What an amazing view! Thank you for that! Something I’ve been struggling with lately.

    • Misce

      Love this! :)

    • Leenda324


    • Shelia

      I love your statement "Worrying about the next BIG thing God has for us causes us to lose focus of the here and now…THAT is His will…the here and now….until He moves us somewhere else." This strongly affects our joy and contentment in our daily lives when we lose our focus.

    • seahorselane

      Wow! Worrying about the next BIG thing… I can't even tell you how well you've described me right there.. I'm so thankful for this study and the comments section :) And thankful He brought bringing wisdom and truth right in front of me today. God has met me right where I am and I need to meet him with rejoicing, praying, and thanking Him. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    • Taime'

      Love “the here and now” will of God! Isn’t this exactly what is meant by being in but not of the world! We are in the world because we are in his will which has placed us in the world!

    • Kuerra Huffman

      I love this amen

  • Getting so pumped for this study!!! #howbigisourGod

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