Hospitality, Grace Days & What’s Next


Happy Sunday, friends!

We officially wrapped our study of Biblical Hospitality yesterday. Raise your hand if it managed to be the “gospel sucker-punch” you expected? Goodness, it was a much-needed perspective shift for me in so many ways. I feel like I’ve looked at friends, strangers and family with completely new eyes these last two weeks!

I have some housekeeping “hey girl, hey!” things to share with you on this Grace Day, but before I do, I thought it would be nice to include the graphic from the inside of the Hospitality Study Pack with everyone here. We created this in collaboration with the lovely Ashlee Proffitt, and though we have learned this and more in the past two weeks, it has some great takeaways worth sharing.



Here it is as a lock screen, too. Just in case you want it! (Find more sizes specific to your device on the iOS and Android apps!)


And now onto other matters of business:

  • Tomorrow we begin a new study! It’s just 5-days and 5 Hymns (with a healthy dose of Scripture, of course). I won’t tell you what the 5 hymns are (I love surprises!), but I will tell you that they’re some of our favorites, and likely some of yours, too.
  • Two fun things about the Hymns study:
    • On Tuesday we will have the pleasure of inviting Ellie Holcomb to be our guest writer. Her insights—particularly in the areas of Christ and music—have encouraged us over and over again. We can’t wait to have her!
    • We love hymn lyrics (obviously). So we partnered with Wells Collins, a crazy-talented hand-letterer we met recently, to create a series of 5 prints, 1 for each day of the plan. We’ll also make the set of 5 prints available at a slightly  discounted price at the end of the week! Just something fun and pretty, because we know y’all love fun and pretty.
  • NEXT Monday we begin our Thanksgiving plan: “In Everything Give Thanks”. Not much to say about this now, except plan to join us! It will be an incredible time of thanks in all things. You never need a study pack to participate, but if you enjoy this additional tool, we still have some available here. (All Thanksgiving materials designed by the lovely 1canoe2)
  • ADVENT begins Sunday, November 30th - girls, this study is our favorite of the year for sure. “O Come Let Us Adore Him” is intentionally a little less female-specific, so you can follow along with a group of friends or family and not feel weird when we address you all as “sisters” ;) Let’s all come together for a time of less activity, more adoring. 
  • Advent journals are still in process at the printer (they’re so much larger than the usual study journals, so they’re taking a lot longer to reach our eager hands), but should begin shipping by the end of the week. Still in PLENTY of time to join us at the end of the month!
  • Finally, a secret little prize for those of you who read all the way to the end: treat yourselves to $6 off an Advent Study Pack with code OURTREAT (ends TONIGHT!). Love you guys! Shhhh!

And that’s all. Praying for a quiet, refreshing, restorative Sabbath for each of you today.






  • Feel free to email me [email protected] if you have any ideas.

  • Will you be offering a free version of the advent study or maybe even a discounted version because I want nothing more than to join in on this community; however, I cannot afford to purchase the $40 plan. I just want the journal so that I can follow along on a daily basis in a tangible way. I understand that you post on your website every day; however, I do my study time at work with no access to Internet (it’s the only free time I get on a daily basis) and I really need a written version of anything to follow along. I want so bad to participate; however, due to unfortunate medical expenses and other costs I do not have even a spare cent to spend on this study. I would be more than willing to skip a month of one of my medical bills in order to donate $10 (that’s all I can afford

  • This is such a cool concept! I'll be following along…

  • Brittany

    I also tried using the discount code with no luck

  • hophuntermichigan

    I also tried to use the discount code for the advent study pack and it did not work.

  • I just had the same problem with the discount code.

  • Lori Waters

    Has anyone ordered the advent study pack today and tried using the discount code? I typed it in a few times but it’s not working?

  • I'm so excited to start the new study with you all. It will be my first with SRT. I have one quick question…will the Advent study be a good study to do with my kids (9 & 5)? Or, should we find something else to do with them? Thanks so much!!

  • I'm only on day 4 of this series but I need to share with you all that I started it late (Wednesday of this week) and I kid you not – 3 hours after starting it, God threw an opportunity to host a Tiawanese woman for two months to my husband and I. We've taken the challenge (language barrier and gospel sharing opportunity and all!) and I cannot wait to see how God uses us over the next few months.

  • This study was such an unexpected blessing! Thank you for making this available & for making everything so beautiful.

  • Quick question! Would y'all be able to give a price range for the hymn prints (separately and the whole set together) trying to decide if I can swing both the hymn prints (which I know I'll just love, I'm a hymn girl!) and the thanksgiving pack. Thanks guys,y'all are great :)

  • I have a question… I ordered advent and give thanks together bc they were both supposed to start shipping November 1… Am I going to get them on time to start the give thanks study?

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Hi Sarah – Email orders at shereadstruth dot com, and Laura will take care of you! xo, Amanda

  • Thank you for the enlightening study of Hospitality. Loved it. Helped me think in a new way. Thank you, Thank you!!

  • I love the #SRT community. My only regret is coming late to the party. So thankful for all you do to encourage women in The Word.

  • jerrahlee

    This has been an awesome study. My heart and perspective are changed! I will be coming back to this study from time to time for reminders and encouragement. Thank-you SRT team for giving up so much time and energy to give me a place for devotions everyday! Your writings have encouraged me and I appreciate the time you take choosing Scripture for us to read and feel convicted by. I'm praying that your team continues to feel close to Christ and that you have an abundance of joy in the busy months ahead!

  • Catherine_K_L

    I loved the Hospitality lessons and I am just champin' at the bit for the Give Thanks and especially for my Advent book to arrive! Thank you SRT, you have helped my relationship with Jesus grow and you are so instrumental in helping me pursue a deeper faith. God bless all you wonderful ladies!

  • Really challenged by this study! It changed my views and of being more hospitable in my home and not jus to strangers- it’s easy for me to welcome in and show grace to others…I too often lose it or am short with those already here! Thank you for this wonderful perspective change through gospel examples. (Also super excited for the upcoming studies- hymns!! Thanksgiving!! Advent!!!!! Gah! Love it)

  • This study really touched me. I’m having a really rough year as a teacher. This study helped me to view my kiddos in a different way. Hospitality is important in the classroom, too.

    • jerrahlee

      I'm a teacher too! I've thought about my kids a lot during this study. I've been thinking and praying about how each of my kids can come in to my room feeling safe and loved. For some, it's easy. For others, the ones who test my patience, who struggle, who don't care to be in my class, who have no desire in their heart to change… They are the difficult ones. How to teach, guide and discipline, all the while being full of love towards them. It's tough, I hear you!

  • I really enjoyed this study. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks for fixing the type in the app!

  • Syudy was pure Awesomeness! God bless you all. Anticipating all these nd will be inviting friends. Requesting prayer for Chosen Generation, a youth ministry to be launched at the end of this month. Praying for the Lord's favour and moving upon the lives of this generation.

    Have an awesome Sunday!

  • Molly Bunton

    every little bit of this makes me so happy! thanks for faithfully encouraging us to dive deep into the Word and to grow as a community. looking forward to all three of these studies so much!

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