Hospitality: Day 13

Welcome to the Table


Today's Text: Luke 22:14-20, Revelation 3:20

Text: Luke 22:14-20, Revelation 3:20

And he took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”
– Luke 22:19, ESV

Something you may not know about our dear Raechel Myers—one of her goals in life is to possess a ridiculously long dining room table. No, really. We’re talking record-setting table length, you guys. When dreaming up her ideal floorplan, Raechel will be quick to insist that the perfect dining room must accommodate such a monstrous beauty, with room enough for as many people as she’d like to sit around it, thankyouverymuch. I love this about her.

The hosting part of hospitality comes naturally to Rae, and I’m thankful to have been on the receiving end of her giftedness more than once. As someone who struggles with all the “to-do’s” of hospitality, it does my heart good to enter into a space where I have been joyfully anticipated and unreservedly welcomed. But even Raechel would tell you—as we’ve learned in this study over the past two weeks—

Hospitality is not just about the table. It’s about the people. It’s about the Gospel.

We’ve said that Jesus is the Ultimate Inviter. And what He invites us to is not just a gathering, not just a meal, but a whole new life.

The Gospel is life-giving. Hospitality is actively seeking to share that life with others. It is taking the gift of new life we have in Christ and giving it away with both careful intention and unabashed enthusiasm.

As followers of Jesus, it is our privilege, our responsibility, our JOY to invite people to the Gospel. When Jesus gathered His disciples for their Last Supper together, just a short time before His death, He invited them to remember. Remember Who He is. Remember what He had done and what He was going to do. Remember that their Why in this life had forever changed. And the symbols Jesus used at the table that day? Bread. Wine. He is the Bread of Life. He is our sustenance. He was broken for us so we might live.

Jesus welcomes us to His table for a life of holy communion with Him. He joyfully anticipates us and unreservedly welcomes us. In turn, we welcome others—all others!—to more than just the dining room table of our dreams. We welcome them to the table of our Savior.

This is the Table that changes lives.
This is the Table that offers forgiveness and acceptance and unconditional love.
This is the Table surrounded with beggars-turned-brothers and sisters of the Risen One, Christ the Lord.

That’s us, friends! We are the ones who have been welcomed, and that is why we welcome.

As we take all we’ve learned about hospitality in God’s Word and apply it to our hearts and lives, may we remember the Why of our invitation. May we remember Who is truly extending the invitation to those around us. Let’s not just invite people to the table. Let’s invite them to Jesus.


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  • Thank you for this amazing study I have truly enjoyed each and every quit time. It has taught me that you don’t have to have perfection to have people over you just have to have a loving and willing heart!

  • One of the most challenging studies I’ve done. One I’ll prob pick up and do a few times. I find loving this way so hard but I love that God is working in me though. Gotta get bigger!

  • Thank you for this study. A lot of good reminders of the informants of hospitality and what it truly is about. I am convicted by my lack of loving others and allowing God to work through my to welcome others.

  • Amazing study! I found this at the perfect time and have really changed some things in my life. No longer letting Pinterest define what I should be or do or look like, and sharing my heart instead of my perfectly clean home. This study encouraged me to allow others to come into my mess so I can love them.

  • Thank you so much for this study. God is stirring my heart to minister and show love to other stay at home moms like me. I’ve always been insecure about inviting people into my “mess” and my “space” but I know God has called me to invite people in. Thank you for the scriptures and the reflection that show God’s heart. Now it’s my turn to make the most of every opportunity. That is why I’m still alive right? It’s because God has a purpose for me and he’s not done using me.

    • Judith, NI

      Amen Hannah, your words could be mine today as I’ve finished these readings x

  • I have been so blessed by this refreshing and insightful study. I long to be a blessing to others in bolder, more beautiful and meaningful ways. Thank you for all the time and effort in this wonderful series.

  • This has been such a great encouragement to me and I would like to say thank you so much. It has really helped me to look at hospitality in a new way.

  • I have loved this study! I’m a little sad for it to come to an end.

  • Once again, God has used SRT to change my heart and home. I am constantly reminding The Lord that this house is wayyy too small for my growing family and praying for him to move us to my “dream home.” I told Him the main reason for this is so I could entertain more. As I have read and prayed through this study I realized my heart would no more be hospitable in a grand home then it is in this home. My heart was not hospitable, it was full of good intentions and excuses. Now, I’m throwing the doors open and inviting people into my life to meet with their savior. This has been a heart change beyond words! Thank you!

  • Thank you for this study. It has challenged my thinkingand I’ve soaked it up deeply.

  • This has been such a great study for me – challenging, encouraging, eye opening – thanks you ladies for obeying God's callings on your lives and sharing with us.

  • "He is our bread of life. he is our sustanance. he was broken for us so we might live."

    "Jesus welcomes us to his table for a life of holy communion with him. He joyfully anticipates us and unreservedly welcomes us. In turn, we welcome others! to more than just the dining room table of our dreams, we welcome them to the table of our savior!" LOVE THIS!!!

  • Choose Happy

    Love this! What a great reminder that the "why" of our life is forever changed with Jesus!

  • klumsden1221

    "The Gospel is life-giving. Hospitality is actively seeking to share that life with others." So succinct and wise. I've got to memorize this as a helper to direct my eyes outward, into my community!

  • Kate Noelle

    It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the details of hosting. This series has been such a great reminder of the purpose of hospitality.

  • Mariah M.

    "The Gospel is life-giving. Hospitality is actively seeking to share that life with others."
    I have never, ever seen that about hospitality before. That's incredible. You don't have to have a fancy dinner with way-over-cost materials to be hospitable. You have to be open and willing and actively seeking to share the life that God has given to you with others.
    Thank you so much Amanda and all at SRT! I've learned so so much through this series.

  • I just lost everything that I typed in this new app., so I’ll just say this. We are never too old to learn to be more like Christ–I’m eager to to let my guard down, let my pride down and be useful for His kingdom.

  • I’m entering my tenth year as a front desk manager at a hotel. This series has spoken to me on so many levels personally and professionally. How many guests coming into my hotel needing to have oil and wine poured into their wounds? And how many times have I just done my “job” and not put myself out there and let Jesus minister through me? Oh for eyes to see…
    Thank you for Always pointing me to Him!

  • pickettje

    The Gospel is life-giving. Hospitality is actively seeking to share that life with others. It is taking the gift of new life we have in Christ and giving it away with both careful intention and unabashed enthusiasm.

    So thankful to find this study ending on the truth and beauty of the Gospel. I pray that I might go to bed tired with figuratively dirty hands and sore muscles because of the good work that Jesus is inviting and empowering me to do so that others might know Jesus and have eternal life through Him!

  • We somewhat studied this a couple days ago, but again, let us not get too busy for Jesus. Even if our busyness is good, let us not forget to spend time with the one who put us here in the first place.

  • Samantha

    This is such a fitting message to read and study as we speed quickly into the Holiday hosting season.
    Hosting people, welcoming them, opening up to them can be very difficult and very stressful. We host groups of people that we love, in celebration of Someone we love or in thankfulness, but it can still be a very uncomfortable, off-putting scenario. Realigning the purpose and message behind opening our homes and interrupting our lives is game-changing. Suddenly, what felt difficult has a two-fold purpose. We celebrate and we share the Gospel.
    I've already shared this study and it's message with a friend who had already started to stress out about the over-booked holiday season. We have the best gift to share, if only we'll allow the hospitality of our heart to open up to those around us.
    Thank you for this study, SRT. It was a perfectly timed reminder.

  • Kendall_S

    what i've learned about hospitality:

    my heart has to be right first with God before i can love others rightly

    it's not the same thing as entertaining

    to love others well will often mean that it is inconvenient, messy, and/or exhausting

    being inviting is a noble quality – and often rare

    i'm often "anxious and troubled about many things" when "only one thing is necessary"

    hospitality will look different for each of us as we use the gifts God has blessed us with

    if my obituary reads "she displayed unusual kindness to all she met" that would be a wonderful legacy to leave

    • Cari Jo

      Kendall, I love this. “she displayed unusual kindness to all she met.” I think this is one of my new life goals… something to rehearse in my head over and over and over.

    • Allie

      Beautifully summed up. I love the idea that it's not the same as entertaining. I get them confused at times. Thanks for the reminder.

  • unspeakablejoymccoy

    Like Rachael, I've wanted to get one of those large tables. I love the reminder of inviting people to Jesus. This study has been a great reminder of so many things. I need to open up more to others, sharing the Gospel, and not worrying so much about making things just right. My brother-in-law is working with Leadership Las Vegas which is sponsored by the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. He put together this video on homelessness in Las Vegas. So often, we get set in our comfortable ways, not realizing that we need to be hospitable to the unlovable, the poor, and the lonely. We have more than enough pairs of shoes and coats. And yet, we have trouble putting aside money to help the less unfortunate. If you get a chance, check out his video at:

    Blessings, Carrie

  • Maris Pedersen

    This study is so life giving and convicting, it’s beautiful! As I sit here and ponder I think about how I personally love to prepare a place for people and create a sweet time. Well then if i, who is so prone to wander can do this, how much more does our Father delight in preparing a place for us? He’s the ultimate host and has so sweetly prepared and been preparing a place for us to come.

    • Nicola L

      What a really lovely thought!!
      That is just the cherry on the amazing cake of this week. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Katie B.

    Oh ladies, this is all just too much. As some of you will remember, I posted just a few days ago asking for your help praying that I would be able to forgive my husband and the woman he had an affair with. I felt God convicting me to show that woman true hospitality and was conflicted and struggling with it in my heart. In the few days since then, I have gained so much clarity. I do need to learn to forgive that woman and eventually show her hospitality, but I think that the person God was truly calling me to love on and minister to was my husband. I had spent the week thinking that I had forgiven him, bc I had allowed him back in my house, but hadn’t noticed the walls I built up around my heart. I shut him out emotionally and spiritually. I told him that he was going to have to work for my forgiveness and I was punishing him. This was never about that girl, and the more I’ve read in this series the more my eyes have been opened. Last night, I realized just how much I was trying to make my husband suffer for what he did, and how evil that was. God calls me to lay down my right to revenge and to forgive as he does. Hospitality begins in my own home, opening the doors of my heart to the most important person in my life, my husband. Thank you all for your support and I would ask for your continued prayer for my family and my marriage. God, help me every day to turn my heart from hostility to hospitality so that I may love as you loved, so that I may forgive as you forgave. Amen.

    • Kendall_S

      Katie – so encouraged by your post – thank you for sharing :)

      • Katie B.

        Thank you so much! The support I have received from you girls really does mean the world to me!

    • Nicola L

      Wow. What a huge example of how God's call to love others can be so hard. You're amazing for staying close to God and committing now to hearing His heart. Not easy. At all.
      I am praying that you keep finding time to get up close to God and let him sooth your heart and keep it soft. He is definitely able to keep your heart safe.
      Katie I would come give you a hug if I could! Yes I say Amen to your prayer that you would turn from hostility to hospitality and would be able to love and forgive as Jesus makes you able.
      Take care xx

      • Katie B.

        Nicola, I would gladly accept that hug if I could! I don’t have many friends (we moved to a new state recently) so I’m so glad I can pour out my heart here, with my sisters.

    • Sarah

      Beautiful prayer reflective of the love of Christ. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

    • Sarah R

      Katie! This is my life as well. We are 5 months out from disclosure, and it is hard. The hardest, actually. I’ll be praying for your strength! Just continue choosing forgiveness, grace, and hospitality toward your husband every morning, and Jesus will work wonders!

    • Sarah R

      I just re-read that, and it was a bit cheerful. Maybe too cheerful? But it’s true :) God spoke to me yesterday, and said, “every time you want to look back, in to the past, look for me instead, and I promise, you will find me.” Maybe you can be encouraged by that too!

      • Katie B.

        Oh Sarah,thank you for your words of encouragement, sister. I am so sorry that you found yourself in that situation. It its not anything that I would ever wish on anyone. Every day now it is getting easier to look him in the eyes and see the boy I feel in love with. I lost him for a while, and it was like he wasn’t my husband anymore, but its getting easier every day to fall in love again. Praise be to God,the mender of all thatwas once broken.

        • Sarah R

          I can so relate. I have journal entries from during his affair, praying that he would come back to me, that he would open up to me and tell me what was wrong. His physical appearance even changed. He truly stopped being my husband for a while. I smiled to read that every day you are finding love for him! I’m not there yet. I’ll go 3-4 days feeling that way, and then like a week totally weakened by what has happened and having the hardest time looking forward. But I praise God in my trials, because he will deliver me from this, and I could never go back to how life was before, knowing what I know now.

          • Katie B.

            Sarah, I am truly encouraged by your strength and am thankful for your testimony. Last night, at a social event I attended with my husband, I saw the woman he had his affair with. I was graceful during the event. I smiled, was polite, and mingled. Everyone was very supportive of me, but I still came home and cried. Facing that girl and not being able to unleash my pain and anger on her was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I am thankful to God forgiving me the strength to get through that.please continue to pray for me sisters,as the road to recovery is a long one. Sending my love to you, dear Sarah !

      • Kylee

        WOW, Sarah- “Every time you want to look back, look for me instead”! I love that, writing your whole quote on my chalkboard!! Thank you for sharing. And I pray for your continued strength – He is mighty to save in any situation!

        • Sarah R

          Thank you Kylee, He is a great redeemer, that’s for sure! I am awestruck at how He is carrying me through this, handling my current life because I just simply cannot handle what I’ve been given to live with. To have complete trust in Him is life altering.

    • Kim

      Katie, I too have experienced this. May I encourage you that during this most painful season, I was the closest that I have ever been to the Lord. He became my every breath. And know, Katie that there will come a day when you will no longer be in the pain, but looking back on it & at what God has done in you. Praying right now for you from Australia!

  • Kristin Joy Russo

    I have a love/hate thing going with this study. haha There has never been a SRT study that God hasn’t used to speak to my heart but this Hospitality study is really turning my heart inside out. Unexpected interruptions have always thrown me into a spin. I’ve often thought “how rude”. But I see that it is me who is being rude by holding so tightly to my secure environment that I miss the opportunity God is giving me to care and love on others in Jesus name.

  • petitioning prayer

    This study on hospitality warmed my heart. And gave me so much pause. I ask for prayers from this community. I came to Christ again after getting married. Love of Christ and faith is not something shared between my spouse and myself. I have a community of friends and an identity which I created during those years in which I shunned Christ. I pray for strength. For boldness and wisdom. I pray to love others well and push past the fear and doubts which encircle my heart. Thank you for a place where all can gather, where all can share, and where all can learn. Thank you for your prayers, and thank you, Christ, for your gift to us all.

    • Kristin Joy Russo

      Beautiful prayer! If 2 or more agree! Amen!

    • JessicaLoves___

      I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you some days. I am definitely praying that you will have great strength, boldness, wisdom and love when interacting with those who knew and loved the old you. May you draw them to Him through your love and hospitality.

  • This study has totally changed my heart and mind about Hospitality. God's Way is and always has been so much better than my way. I find myself looking not only at ways I can truly be hospitable in my home, but in my work, in my church, in my family, anywhere for that matter. God's hospitality was along the river banks, in the streets, along dusty roads . . . and to the weak, the lost, the lonely, the depressed, the homeless, the sinner. . . and I pray that with all I have learned, I will not miss the opportunities he provides me to show kindness, love, and hospitality in my boat and in other's boats.
    Thank you ladies for this study and for the many women who have taught me through your comments and life stories. What a wonderful Thanksgiving season it is going to be.

  • Beth Warner

    I’ve learned so much this study. Thank you again ladies. I will never think of hospitality in the same way. Love it!!

  • Jenny Raymond

    Yesterday morning I got together with other mom friends for a homeschool science class.
    While the hosting mom and I were waiting on others to arrive we talked about sharing the gospel and how Satan gives those last ditch arrows of doubt – the “I’m not trained” and “what if I mess it up” and “I’m bad with words” type excuses come to mind and bring fear. Inevitably if we know Him, are in Him, and spend time in His word, we are fully prepared to give witness to all He has done FOR US. That fear isn’t from God.
    Minutes later I got an amazing object lesson as another mom and I watched her lead the class that she had just claimed she was so unprepared for that she nearly canceled that morning… It was beautiful. She taught it perfectly. There were no hesitations, amazing hands on examples of friction, and perfect explanations for the age range of the properties at work.
    Here’s the thing: that mom was a science teacher. She is the coolest science geek I know. She practically breathes the complexities of God’s creation with glee and understanding. She was, and is, utterly prepared even on the fly… Just like we are in sharing the gospel.

    God, may the words that come out of my mouth be Your words. May they tumble effortlessly by your Sprit in the moments of invitation and need. May I continue to abide with you, so that I am continually and utterly prepared to share You. Amen.

  • Caroline

    Amanda, illuminating the Gospel as the reason for Hospitality is oxygen amid the perfumes of the rest of it all. Because of Jesus, we ARE changed and as we communicate daily with Him, His truth and life will breathe through our lives. Remember Him, oh remember Him who loves, cares for and leads us through this busy place. May He bless you all in the abundance of His mercy and joy.

  • jenadams87

    Sad to see this Hospitality study end. It has really challenged me and encouraged me. I just want to have everyone over- with a really long dinning table- to sit around and talk about the beauty of God-designed hospitality.

  • Good Morning! Awesome study again. I am able to see God and His heart more clearly with each study. So glad I was able to join this group. Really grateful to the SRT team and you lovely ladies here. Lord may I apply all that I've learned just as you've done to me. Without fear or condition, just welcome all others because you have welcomed me, not just a table but to You O Lord.

  • So very powerful – and such a great reminder. Help my hospitality to be less about the table and more about the Gospel, Lord!

  • Oh Amanda!!! I'm going to dry out my highlighter from this devo today! YES YES YES! .."joyfully anticipated, unreservedly welcomed." An invitation to open our hearts, to love, to follow His example, to welcome a new life. Can I get a AMEN?!!!?!!! Thank you JESUS for inviting me to your table. Thank you for Your grace & mercy. Thank you for redemption. Guide me, Holy Spirit, that I may walk in Your way, and prepare my table!!! (but especially my heart).

    • cricket

      Love this… and love the reminder that The Lord calls us to His table and that We are "joyfully anticipated, unreservedly welcomed." This warmed my heart, too!

  • I pray that I will always have the heart to open my home, table, and heart to each and everyone. To be able to show this hospitality we have been studying about to everyone I met. Have a wonderful day ladies. xoxo

  • good morning ladies this post is to let all you wonderful ladies know that something happened to me….I have been contacted from one the ladies for SRT by email saying that she is very sick an she needed me to send her my personal info so when she dies the money that she have would be handed over to me an she said that God told her to contact me well some things just didn't sound right to me for one the 1st message that she sent me came up as scam and that was enough for me to pump my brakes….I have her infro looked up and it was under scams…I don't get in to many groups like this an I finally finds one that I njoy and this happens…she even copied on of my messages that I posted and sent it to me…well im saying this just b aware of ppl that says God told them this or that make sure you have that close relationship with God I thank God for his spirit of discernment…an no I didn't fall for that I knew what was going on cause I have a friend who fell for it and lost everything..1 Peter 5:8 he is always around just know him every body see the money and just going for it and not praying to God for direction once again I thank God for showing me….love u ladies and be blessed on today

    • Elaine Allen

      Sad that this happened to you Kesha. Thank you for the reminder

    • Candacejo

      Scammers will scam anywhere, won't they?! Wow. So happy you didn't fall for that Kesha. May the Lord convict their hearts.

    • Kimone

      Good Morning. Glory to God you didnt. I prayed for financial breakthrough and from that time I have been receiving all kinds of emails about people being directed to me by God and they want to give such amount to me. Millions of dollars and I was like are you serious, but I know it wasnt God. Havent received any lately. Continue to be on your guard ladies. The net isnt 100 percent safe. Someone will find your information somewhere cuz people are intentionally searching. Let us continue to pray for direcrion and discernment.

    • Nicola L

      Kesha I'm so sad that happened to you… you say that you don't join many groups and yet you enjoy it here…. can I just send a hug from one 'she' to another, I hope that doesn't leave you feeling off about this group, you're so so welcome here and loved.
      Take care xx

    • Judy

      My husband works abroad. He tells me if he is approached and the first words from someone are "God sent me to you" , he knows it is a scam. Very sad but it is true.

  • . Let’s not just invite people to the table. Let’s invite them to Jesus…..
    . Let’s not just invite people to the table. Let’s invite them to Jesus…..

    .Amanda Bible,….., Now you've got me, ..stabbed right through the heart, .now I'm in deep deep trouble….now, the scared and fear-ful person emerges…..

    I LOVE JESUS, I truly do…..but as Meatloaf once sang……No, please don't ask me to do that, or 2 out of three ain't bad…..I can do all things except…..
    Ask me to do anything, tell me to do anything,…. yet telling the old old, story of Jesus and His love…is my stumbling block…my frozen moment….
    I.would love to shout from the roof tops, about my Saviour, I would love to share of my own accord, the love of Jesus, and what He has done, given, bought for us, I would love to be able to tell…..
    I have just now, literally, been convicted by the Spirit….I have just been reminded that I made a statement regarding 1 Corinthians yesterday…and that I need to remember them in the context of my sharing and inviting the Good News of my Saviour…Jesus Christ…

    These were my words…'If I have all this, and do not share it….in Love…in Faith, …in hope ….WHAT do I have…but nothing…I gain nothing, and I am for sure a rubbish sounding gong….' Ouch,….
    So back to the start….and the earlier days of our challenging, and life changing and thinking study….I have pretty much ticked the boxes of not only inviting people I know and love to tea, of showing the love of Jesus to those who are strangers, of moving from hostility to hospitality, of expecting the unexpected, of welcoming the interruption…now it's crunch time…so I have all of these ticked, but…and the BIGGEST BUT…ever coming here, if I don't share, if I don't share the love of Jesus, if I don't tell 'the old story' the story of Love, Grace, Mercy…if I don't share Jesus, if I don't invite my friends, my brothers, my sister's to Jesus….what have I got…what do I have…but nothing…I am just a rubbish sounding gong…I hid my lamp under the bed, I will be one of those that shouts..'Lord Lord…and be rebuked because ..'when did I share my Savior' (paraphrased)..
    Lord, show me, teach me,.direct in how to shake off this fear that grips me at the thought of speaking of your Love, of the Good News…of YOU.. I look to you Lord, and hold fast to your promise that you will guide me, and order my steps…i love you Lord, and I thank you that I am yours and YOU Lord are mine….Thank you so….Amen..

    Sister's, I am knowing a great deal of Peace this morning, but could I solicit your prayers, as today marks 10 years of my daughter's passing, …we have a memorial service at 12, and then special family and friends time in a restaurant, then onto the hill where she is buried to send off Chinese lanterns with messages on, just as it goes dark…a full and I am sure emotional day…tears roll freely as I write…Thank you for your constant love and support…

    With love and a thankful heart for you all….God bless your day, whatever you do, wherever you go…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • BarbaraH

      Dear Tina, this is me too. I confess the same fear you are confessing, and follow you in your prayer. I am so ashamed of my fear of telling the old, old story. Only Jesus can help me, us, to get through this barrier.
      Having said that, it is quite obvious that your whole life, your every action, is shouting of Jesus and His love!
      May God be cherishing and upholding and healing you today as you remember your daughter.

    • Taime'

      Tina I am praying that this wonderful peace The Lord has given you wil continue through the morning bubble into effervescence at noon and be shared with others in the evening comes! May you light the lantern symbolically remembering that Jesus is the light for the world. You the ready bridesmaid are shining brightly this morning! As you will all day in grace.

    • Jaime

      Tina- I am praying for God to wrap you up in love and peace today.

      Your thoughts on sharing Jesus mirror my own. I can feel myself hesitate when the opportunity arises and then the opportunity is gone. My prayer today was the same as the prayer you shared today. I pray for all of us to overcome this fear and to be inspired by Holy Spirit when the time comes so we can share in a loving and effective way.

    • Candacejo

      Praying for you my friend on this special day…may your mind be flooded with beautiful memories of happy times together. Praying the Lord will comfort you and your family and bring you even closer to one another. ♥♥♥♥

    • Sabrina

      ah, Tina, you echoed my thoughts today. I, too, have been ticking the boxes lately, but the actual sharing of the gospel I always let my shyness or worry of what others will say stop me. Lord I pray that all of these sweet sisters (and me) will be so filled with your love and grace that we bubble over with it and we are not afraid to share the gospel with those around us. I also pray for Tina this morning, Father. You know what she is going through today. Hold her so very close to You today, and give her Your strength and Your peace. I pray these things in our precious Savior Jesus’ name.

    • Catherine_K_L

      I will be thinking of you today, sweet Tina. May the joy of The Lord shine through you as you remember your beautiful daughter not only today, but in your everyday. I understand your conviction regarding sharing our Savior and have been there myself, before. We know that God brings us through trials and tough times and I have found it is easiest to share my Savior and what He has done for me from those perspectives. God will place people before you with similar circumstances for you to share how he has brought you through your grief, and how you are able to find peace, comfort and joy despite the broken heart from the loss of your precious child. This is what testimony is. It is sharing with others what He has done for you. Let your light shine and share The Lord with your own story and God will use that to draw those who hear to Himself. They will see God's love in your hospitable, compassionate, grateful heart and will want that for themselves. All we have to do is share, and the Holy Spirit does the rest. I have found that when I do this, my own broken heart moves closer to healing and wholeness. I hope you find encouragement in these words and find your own steps towards that healing in your memorial service today. Much love to you, XOXO

  • TheresaMMeacham

    Ahh such a great reminder!! Too often I think hospitality looks like me as a maid as opposed to a missionary! All about Jesus and welcoming others to his feast.
    Thank you for the encouragement!!!

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