Hospitality: Day 7

Weekly Truth


Today's Text: Matthew 25:35

We believe memorizing scripture is one of the best ways to carry the Word of our God with us wherever we go—to have God-breathed truth, instruction and reproof in our hearts and minds as we live unto Him each day.

This week we are committing to memory a reminder of the hospitality Christ shows to us and we, in turn, are called to show to others:

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.
– Matthew 25:35

Write this verse down – copy it twenty times if that helps! Save the image below to your phone’s lock screen so you can read these words throughout the day. We want to be a community that is intentional about scripture memorization. Will you join us?

4 Matthew 25 35

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  • I’ve learned a good way to memorize. Write the verse down and read it 7 times a day for a month, then once a week, then once a month. Seems like overload but I know my brain is often in overload and this is a practical way of letting the verse overshadow all of the other things that often take up residence in my head!

  • Maybe this can help someone, but the way I memorized a whole book in the Bible was by saying it every time I got in the car, which is about 4 times a day. I think our brains are more capable with memorization than we give them credit for. Good luck girls!

  • Christina

    I’ve only ever memorized one scripture in my entire life and hopefully after committing to this one I can say I’ve memorized two.

  • What a timely word. Right before I started bible study, I prayed about committing to memorizing scripture. I now understand that this is how we fight against strong holds and the yokes in our lives. Right on time!

  • This morning, as I often do, I had breakfast with my boyfriend’s auntie whilst she was telling me stories of her life back home in the Phillipines. Every time, I am amazed by her living example of hospitality: welcoming strangers into her home to eat, who otherwise would have had nothing. Her and her family consistently show unusual kindness. I feel so grateful that I have them in my life, as they inspire me to be generous and hospitable in all areas of my life.

  • I am new to SRT and so far love this devotional!! I am planning on teaching hospitality to my youth group girls!!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Welcome, Nichola! Praying that God would meet you here each day:)

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Sarah Roeder

    While reading day 6, I was thinking of a man in my congregation who is fantastic at quoting scripture and wishing I could do the same, but doubting my ability. Lo and behold, I came to day 7! I’m committed!

  • I just found you here ar so very happy to find you and love that you have a verse to commit to memory. I dont do this enough. Thanks fir doing what your doing!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Amy! Thanks for joining us! We are so glad you\’re here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Living for Jesus: minister Life, refresh with Living Water, invite Him into life and relationships. Live Love for Jesus…

  • Cari Spaulding

    Lord, give us eyes to see and ears to hear the needs of others, and let us respond joyfully to fulfill them.

  • Ahh so here’s my story: it is hard to try and live unselfishly, with a mindset of complete love. Today I really set my mind on trying to give up my wants and lovingly serve others. Uncommon, unusual kindness. And wow it’s hard and it requires a reset of my mindset. Am for example: I’m home on fall break this weekend. My family and I are in the living room watching a movie. We are all bundled up and comfy. And my dad goes “I want a drink” but clearly he doesn’t want to get it himself. Mindset of love: I volunteer to get it. Example #2: we are all piling into our minivan to go get dinner and no one wants to climb in the back. Mindset of uncommon kindness: I volunteer to sit in the back. So these little victories show me that it is possible. Pray for me as I continue to try and live with hospitality.

    • Cari Spaulding

      Keep up the good work Kami! Sometimes, these things come easily and naturally, while other times, we really get stretched in doing them! Either way, The Lord is proud of you.

  • Alexandra

    I put this on my desktop because I don't have a phone with a lock screen. Thank you so much to committing to daily encouragement!

  • Caitlin Anderson

    Hospitality comes from the heart. That will ring in my heart for awhile. May we open doors as we open our hearts and homes!

  • This week has been very eye-opening! I, like many of you, “thought” I was being good at being hospitable. I try to make all who enter my door feel comfortable. I need to do the same with the door to my heart! It is humbling to remember God loves and accepts me with all of my faults. The least I can do is the same for others. To show God’s love through me. Have a fabulous day, ladies!

    • Sabrina

      You’re echoing my thoughts this morning! I’ve really been spending time this week rethinking my views on hospitality. Loving this study! Have a blessed Sunday ladies!!

  • I’m terrible at taking time to memorize scripture. Thank you for the challenge!

  • Jessica @ Inspire To Simple

    Really being struck today with the thought that hospitality to those with in our home is just as vital as hospitality towards those who do not live with us. Maybe even more important to live at home with our family what we seek to practice towards others. Important, but I often find, exponentially more difficult.

  • Catherine

    I loved this scripture this morning. I did not realize the full meaning of the verse until I read the context though. In Matthew 25, Jesus is discerning his followers from those who have turned their hearts from him. He says, "Then the King will say to those on his right, 'Come you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…" – Matthew 25:34-35 (NIV). He goes on a lists a few other hospitable actions, but the point is that we are followers of Jesus if we serve others. At first, I thought this was about Jesus' actions, but this verse is about our calling. I am called to feed the hungry, quench the thirst of the thirsty, and welcome the stranger. Another interesting tidbit: I did a quick word study on hungry, thirsty, and stranger. In addition to the basic meanings of these words, the greek roots also had a definition for each about being lost/in need.

    Through this God has convicted me! In order to follow him, I need to serve others' physical needs as well as spiritual through sharing God's love. I am praying that God changes my heart so I can obey his command and love others like He loves us. Thank you God for your example of Hospitality!

    • Erin

      Wow! Thanks for diving even deeper. May He soften our hearts to be ready and willing in each circumstance!

    • BrookeAHarris

      Context illuminates the beauty of these words! Thank you for sharing!

  • I love today’s weekly truth. I love being able to read this from my phone. Have a blessed Sunday Sisters :)

  • annsjournal

    The scriptures shared in this study have pierced my heart! Even though many of them I’ve read dozens , even hundreds of times before this week they have come alive to me with fresh insight and deeper meaning! Oh how living and active his word is!!! I serve an amazing God!

    • Lacey Barnwell

      Me too! In fact, we were studying 2 Timothy in church this morning and I noticed when people were being hospitable in the verses

  • Caroline

    Today's Scripture illuminates the essence of what we need to embrace. I agree with Julia. I am going to need our God's help with this. His grace is sufficient. His timing is perfect. He Is Able.

  • Elaine Allen

    Loving hospitality. There is a typo in the verse citation on the picture with the pineapple today

  • Party Of Seven

    Good Morning Sisters Loved by God! Please join me in prayer today as my family opens our home to our youth group beginning tonight and continuing every Sunday night to have in depth convo about inviting Jesus into out every moments and falling madly in love with Him! We are in desperate need of spiritual growth, leadership and fire so rain down on us Lord!!

  • Kendall_S

    my paraphrase of matthew 25:35

    i was desparate for spiritual cleansing and God met me in my sin,
    i needed the living water and He gave me drink that restored my soul,
    i was misguided and blinded in my sin and He called me by name and welcomed me back to Himself.

  • Candacejo

    Enjoying this all so much. Never, ever too old to learn!

    I wrote a post this week titled, "Use things, not people. Love people, not things." Hospitality is truly a matter of the heart and I pray I would have that type of love for everyone…not just those that benefit me.

    Love connecting with all of you…such a blessing!!

  • I think the biggest AHA! for me this past week has been that hospitality is a posture of the heart. That it is about loving people. REALLY loving them, whether we want to or not. Whether it's "convenient" or not. Whether it's easy. Or not. Because JESUS loves us. No matter what. I thought I was hospitable. I thought I was doing a good job at this. But, I am not. My heart is closed and unwelcome to many. Never mind strangers, even people close to me. GOD is showing me this. He is asking me to open my heart and to love + welcome those I have shut out. I'm going to need His help with this. Praying that the Holy Spirit will guide me to walk humbly and to love freely. To fling my arms wide, and welcome ALL with a loving heart.

    • paula

      So good. Thank you. xo

    • stinav96

      The Spirit has been stirring in my heart, as well, this week. I echo your prayer, Julia. Your post has really spoken to me this morning. Thank you for sharing.

    • Catherine

      I understand where you are coming from. I thought I did a good job at welcoming people and serving them, but God is showing me that my heart is closed to many too. I can feel him working inside me though and moving me through these scriptures. I pray that I can adopt a heart and mindset like our Lord!

      • Beth Warner

        I can join this group too. You think you’re doing such a good job and Bam!!! There it is right in your face. Thank you Julia for saying what many of us have felt. Enjoy your day ladies.

  • Natalija

    First time reading on my phone…. So happy.

  • The ultimate in hospitality….to welcome from the heart….the stranger that could.. might ….and possibly is….our Savior….Jesus Christ….

    Happy Sunday…Sister's..May every BLESSING be yours today….with love,

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