For Such A Time As This (a giveaway!)


“Women in the Word of God every day” is the heartbeat of She Reads Truth. It is our mission and vision all in one. So, it’s our joy today to share with you a book from our friend Angie Smith that extends this invitation to the youngest “she’s”—your daughters.

Angie has a genuine heart for the Lord and His Word as evidenced in everything she writes. For Such A Time As This is no exception.

We had the privilege of catching up with Angie this week to chat about this very special project (illustrated by the lovely Breezy Brookshire!) that brings stories of women in the Bible to young girls. We hope you’ll read through to the end so that her words may inspire you the way they have us. (This is #praisehands territory, you guys.)


SRT: What inspired you to write For Such a Time as This? What is your prayer for this book and the girls who read it?

Angie: As a mom to four daughters, I have always wanted to find a product like this. I’ve looked and looked but haven’t found something specific to girls with the kind of detail that I longed for. I wanted a resource that was Biblically accurate and interesting for my kids, but also invited deeper conversation, and I hope I’ve provided that in For Such A Time As This.

In addition to the stories themselves, there are sections that follow each story and include memory verses, aspects of God’s character, and even ways that parents can pray over their children. My prayer is that the book will bring these characters to life and be a launchpad for parents and their daughters to dig deeper into the Word of God.


SRT: Which woman’s story in the Bible do you identify with most? What was it like to rewrite her story for your daughters?

Angie: That’s a hard question! For some reason, the first person who comes to mind is Rahab. As a woman who hadn’t lived a “godly” lifestyle, she recognizes the God who brings spies to her home. Against what would have been considered her better judgment, she protects them and aligns herself with the one true God. The beauty of stories like this is that we can see God’s hand as He redeems her past, giving her a son (Boaz) who would become one of the most respected men in the Old Testament.

To be honest, I cried while writing this story and many of the others. It was just very emotional to consider the affection of God and to realize that this God, the same God who put the stars in place, not only wrote all of the stories in this book but also the stories of those reading them. The perspective was humbling and beautiful, and it gave me a fresh sense of gratitude that He would allow me to be a part of any of it.


SRT: The She Reads Truth community is a beautifully diverse group of women from around the world. What would you say to us today about the importance of women’s stories in God’s Word and the importance of our own stories?

Angie: It’s easy to miss the big picture because we are so caught up in our own details. We can only see this tiny piece of God’s scroll, and the reality is that all of the seemingly mundane events in our lives are written in a much bigger story. When we read about these women and we have the benefit of hindsight, we are reminded that our lives hold the same weight that theirs did, and that we are chosen, loved, and redeemed. I’ve long believed that one of the Devil’s best tricks is to convince us that we’re “unredeemable,” and as we turn the pages of God’s Word, the letters jump off the page and form one spectacular and life-changing sentence: “You were bought at a price for a purpose for such a time as this.” Who can comprehend a love like that?

I pray that the grown women who read these stories will be reminded of these truths along with younger girls. Like Esther, we make choices every day about the legacy we leave and the way our lives will change the course of history. I pray that the women who read these words will gain a glimpse of the way their Father loves them, and that they will walk into their destinies with unshakeable faith. We only see a minuscule part of God’s glorious scroll, but I pray that this book is a reminder that it stretches into eternity… and that our names are written on it. May we make every single moment an offering to the God who allowed it to be so.


Angie and B&H Publishing have generously offered signed copies of For Such A Time As This to ten members of the She Reads Truth community. Enter below for a chance to win. On entry per “She”. Giveaway ends Sunday night!

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Enjoy your Grace Days between reading plans, and meet us back here Monday, October 27th, as we begin a brand new study on Hospitality!


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