The Last 4 Plans of 2014!


[Psst—Be sure to read to the end for the scoop on our Advent preorder special!]

Can y’all believe it’s the last 3 months of the year?!

(Also, can we talk about what an incredible year 2014 has been?? God has dealt so graciously with this community—so generously! We are so thankful!)

Girls, we are geeked about the way we are going to close out 2014 – with 4 incredible, God-seeking, Truth-finding studies for our community! Rather than releasing each of them one at at time, we want to give you the full picture of our devotional and study pack schedule now so you can make plans to join us, gather friends to join you, and get excited about what the Lord has in store for His daughters in the She Reads Truth community over the next 3 months!

So, without further ado, here’s the plan:


October 27 – November 8: Hospitality

We’re all super excited about this plan, which we have affectionately been referring to as a “gospel sucker punch.” We have such a skewed, Pinterest-driven concept of hospitality in our generation and culture right now—this plan brings the concept of Biblical hospitality back to the original, welcoming posture of the heart (not just the home!) made possible in Jesus.

This plan was written in collaboration with our friends at Allume and features guest writing by Logan Wolfram, Sarah Mae and Annie F. Downs. Seriously, you’re going to love it. 


For the Hospitality study pack, we partnered with fellow SRT-er Ashlee Proffitt to create a thoughtful, lovely collection just for you.

Available to order TODAY, Hospitality study packs will begin shipping October 13th.
The Hospitality reading plan & devotionals will be available for free on the site, as usual.

Hospitality study bundle


November 10-14: A week of Hymns

This will be a quiet five days of music and truth before the holidays are upon us. We will look at lyrics from five of our teams’s most beloved hymns and the scriptures that inspired them. We love to worship our God in song, and this is going to be a sweet time for our community to enjoy together. There will be no study pack for this week, but you can look forward to some gorgeous hymn-lyric prints!




November 17-28: “In Everything Give Thanks”

This plan is appropriate at any time of year, but it is especially lovely as it hugs the Thanksgiving festivities on the calendar and helps us live out 1 Thessalonians 5:18: “In everything give thanks.”


We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to collaborate with one of Raechel’s favorite artist teams to design this study pack – Carrie and Beth at 1 Canoe 2! Everything about this study pack—from the prints, to the cover, to the beautiful and simple “gratitude list” on the inside cover—is thoughtfully put together for the She Reads Truth community to work through as individuals or with a group of girlfriends. 

Available for preorder beginning TODAY, Thanksgiving study packs will ship by November 1.
The Thanksgiving reading plan & devotionals will be available for free on the site, as usual.

Thanksgiving study bundle



Nov 30- Dec 27: “O Come Let Us Adore Him”

Our favorite plan of the year! Beginning the 1st Sunday of Advent, we will travel together on a carefully laid out journey through the prophecies and promises of Christ, from Genesis to Revelation. When we created this plan, we were literally fist pumping and applauding our God as His great redemption story unfolded before our eyes. We cannot wait begin this with you as a community on November 30th!


Our Advent Study Pack is like nothing we’ve ever done before. It’s 8×10, perfect bound (like a book!) with over 100 pages of full-color lovely. We partnered with Arin Guthe of True Cotton Art to make something really special – a keepsake for you (and can absolutely be used as a family book, too!).
Inside the book you will find:

** Full scripture readings for every day—right there in the book!
** Christmas carol lyrics thoughtfully chosen to relate with the study
** Festive recipes shared from:
Jenna Beaugh of Eat.Live.Run
Shauna Niequist from her upcoming book Savor
And the kitchen of our own Raechel Myers
** Lovely artwork by True Cotton Art
** No extra Advent activities. Because we think you’ve got enough to do, and we want to help you guard your time from busyness

Advent study bundle

And now for that preorder special we promised…

During the preorder period ONLY, Advent Study Packs are discounted to $35!
That means you get the Advent book + 2 scripture prints + 2 scripture cards for just $5 more than the book-only price!

(Bulk study pack prices are discounted for preorders, too!)

No code needed; discounts are already reflected in the shop.
Prices will go back to normal on November 1.
Enjoy this bonus as our early Christmas gift to you!

Advent materials are available for preorder today and will begin shipping November 1.
The Advent reading plan & devotionals will be available for free on the site, as usual.


IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: Orders containing more than one product will ship when all products are ready. If you’d like a specific product to ship ASAP, we recommend placing a separate order for that product. (For example, if you order Hospitality and Advent today, place separate orders so that Hospitality will ship next week and arrive in time for the study!) Multiple-product orders will ship once all products are ready. Refer to the ship date within each product description in the shop for specific dates.

  • Any news on the art packs for the hymn study? I’m so excited for it! I’m not musically inclined but hymns… Oh hymns make my heart sing with joy for the Lord! I can’t wait for the art packs to hang around the house!

  • Stephanie

    I feel silly I am confused. Could someone please explain the components both physical and app related?

  • Didnt I read in the news update that there would be printables for the study? I am not finding a link. Can someone help me?

    • Caroline

      There isn’t any printables. That was just for the open your bible study plan

  • I am so confused. Can someone help? The same bible studies that are on this app can be bought in actual books? If you buy the books do you even need the app anymore as far as bible study goes? Or does the book only include space to journal and the actual devotional bible study is on the app? I need a detailed explanation please anyone? Also is the 24 to 40 dollar bible studies books worth the money?

    • Caroline

      The books have guided questions and areas for journaling. The devotional part is an app. The book itself is $16 but you can buy a study pack that has scripture cards and prints in it. I have had the books before and they are worth the money.

  • Kendall_S

    Would love to know how all you creative SRT girls display/use the beautiful prints we get in our study packs….looking for some ideas to keep God's Word in front of my eyes! Love to all of you! :)

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Hi Kendall! I our office we have a group of 4 plain, brown clipboards hanging on the wall — an easy and cute way to display the prints and switch them out at will. We even hang some straight on the wall with washi tape! Also, cute frames from Target. :) xo, Amanda

  • I’m new to the app. How do I start with Bible study or what’s good to study first?

    • Kendall_S

      Hey Jami! I'm only on my 4th study with SRT but you can do whatever you fancy! Just pick a plan and start…they are all back logged on the app…some you have to pay for on the app but all are free on the website. Or you can jump into a study already in progress. We are working through 1st and 2nd Peter right now and Hospitality begins soon. I really loved the Open Your Bible study which is short enough that you could work it in before joining "live" with the Hospitality study. Either way, hope you have fun and are blessed!!

  • Elizabeth

    The advent study books are SO beautifully exquisite! Wow! Will there ever be a discount code for them? As a broke college student, I'll take any discount I can get- and I'd love to participate in this study with one of your beautifully designed books in hand. :)

  • wiscogurl

    Is there a discount price available if we bundle purchase all four remaining studies?

  • Can’t wait! Any idea when the hymn prints will be available?

  • I am so excited about these upcoming studies!!!

  • I can’t tell you how excited I am about these topics! Biblical hospitality (versus southern hospitality) is a topic I haven’t dwelt much on. Thankfulness and hymns have got me pumped! And the Advent…I’m teary eyed in anticipation. I can hardly think of more exciting topics! Thanks for the teaser! (Though it’s near unbearable.)

  • Sarah Martin

    Awesome!!!!! Such a great plan. YOu ladies do things with such excellence and all for God's glory. I love the title of the Advent Study.

  • Hi SheReadsTruth- Quick question…. I know the Advent study guide will be left open, but I am totally LOVING the little extra questions/prompts. Can I coun't on that in the Hospitality, Give Thanks and other study guides in the future?

  • Hannah Shaw

    When does the preorder period end?

  • I am a bit confused, I can only see the Advent Book not the study pack. Am I missing the link for the Advent Study Pack?

  • Looks amazing!!! Trying to patiently wait on app news for android!! *Crosses Fingers*

  • jenadams87

    Ahhhh I'm so excited!

  • I ordered last night & either this wasn’t posted or I didn’t see it (not for lack of looking! I checked periodically throughout the day. love what y’all are doing here.) – can they ship separately? so that hospitality will arrive on time? it didn’t occur to me to order separately (& pay shipping twice?). I couldn’t get the contact button to work…hope asking here gets to y’all. again, thanks for all your doing – these look great!

    • shereadstruth

      Hey Kirby! Just email [email protected]
      If you want hospitality to ship before your order is complete (like, when Advent or Thanksgiving and Advent are due to ship Nov 1) – yes, you'll have to pay to have them shipped separately! Our goal was to give everyone as much notice as possible since the last part of the year can be hectic. Hope this helps, friend! xoxo-R

  • HYMNS! you girls are the best! <3

  • Samantha S.

    Ahhh!!! I’m so excited! I just preordered the Advent study pack! So looking forward to it!

  • Just ordered!!!!

  • LaurenC_

    LOVE the Thanksgiving artwork! I like the keepsake nature of the Advent study and the supplemental parts – recipes! Yay! I’m also looking forward to the week of hymns. Just what I’ll need to prepare my mind to be still and quiet and get ready for Advent.

  • katsmith1026

    If we're placing separate orders for each pack, that means I should add one to my cart, pay, then add another, pay, & the last, & pay … right?

    • jodimccoy

      I believe so–that's what I did! : )

    • shereadstruth

      Hey Kat! I think you're pretty safe to order Thanksgiving and Advent together since they're both ready to ship at the same time. Mostly, if you want Hospitality, order that separately! xo-R

      • katsmith1026

        Thanks! I just ordered the Hospitality pack – what a beauty! I'll have to wait until the end of the month to get the Thanksgiving & Advent packs – one of the downfalls of only getting paid once a month!

  • Excited for the upcoming plans! :) Thank you SRT! :)

  • I can't wait!

  • Caroline

    Will the advent study pack have questions like the most recent ones?

    • shereadstruth

      Hi, friend! We really weighed that decision and decided to leave the space non-specific because everyone likes to do it differently. It's simply space for reflection – whether you want to pray or study or journal about your advent season, we decided that's what we would want personally and hope that is a good decision for our beloved community as well!
      So thankful for you, Caroline! xoxo-R

      • Caroline

        I actually prefer it with the guided questions. I think I might skip on this one and use my birthday money to maybe get a different one

  • Kendall_S

    Thank you so much for the heads up!! I'm always so excited to see where we are going nextI Lots of love to you SRT gals!!!! :)

    • shereadstruth

      Yay!!! It's so fun for us to let y'all in on what we're planning! You are so important to us!! xo-R

  • So I probably shouldn't do the bundle with hospitality and thanksgiving? Because then they won't ship until November 1?

    • shereadstruth

      Correct – and I don't believe they're available that way in the shop! You should be safe! xoxo-R

  • shereadstruth

    Hey Theresa! Sorry for the confusion – Advent Books are $30, or you can get the Advent Study PACK for $35! (Just for October!) xoxo-Raechel

  • Yeah!! So excited. I'm confused though: are The advent study packs currently $30 or $35? It's listed as two different prices in the shop.

  • Caroline

    The advent one is so gorgeous! I wish I had the money to get the advent study pack.

    • Kris

      Send your address and I will buy it as a gift for you.

      [email protected]

      • rachellaurenparbs

        This is a lovely example of a Christ-centered community! Thank you Kris for inspiring me to spread love like this.

      • Caroline

        So I didn’t see this until tonight and I emailed you tonight. I wish there was a way to get notifications when someone has replied

        • Amanda Bible Williams

          Caroline – Check the settings in your Intense Debate account (that’s the comment system we use on the site/app). I think you can set notifications to get an email when someone replies. xo

      • Caroline

        It says that it’s turned on. I reset it just in case. I would love if the app would eventually have notifications

    • Emily Wegner

      Preach sister! I have been blessed with the free open your bible one and I wish I could have one. Student loans, bills, and bus fare… Sometimes I don't know when I'll be not in debt. I'm happy we at least get the study online for free

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