1 & 2 Peter: Day 5

Longing for God


Today's Text: 1 Peter 2:1-3, Psalm 42:1-2, 1 Corinthians 3:1-2

Text: 1 Peter 2:1-3, Psalm 42:1-2, 1 Corinthians 3:1-2

Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation
– 1 Peter 2:2

We must have been terrified as newborns. Thank goodness none of us remember that stage in our own journey, crying and frightened and wondering why on earth everyone keeps making noises at us. In the midst of these first months, the only thing we know is to cry out. Our needs are basic: comfort, food, sleep. Most of the time those are on repeat, over and over until we are ready to take on something new and challenging.

Would you believe that God wants us to be that baby? He wants the wailing, the screams, the incessant longing to be held and rocked and fed. He wants us to rely as desperately on Him as an infant for its mother.

When we read today’s scripture, we see Peter encouraging believers to “crave spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation.” He relates us to a baby, knowing that newborns are completely dependent on their parents for nourishment.

In our lives, we need to arrive at a point where we cry out for our God and His Word, where we feel empty and alone if we stray from Him. As we study the Bible and commune with each other, there should be a greater need for that in our souls. If we allow our spiritual nourishment to cease or lack, the other things Peter mentions begin to creep in.

Unkind speech

These become easier to fall into when we are separated from our Father and the nourishing truth of His Word. Sin feeds on what we think we need instead of what we actually need: God. Sin makes us sick, but God knows exactly what we need, down to the depths of our souls.

The Word of our Lord gives life. Do you crave it, long for it? As you taste and find “the Lord to be good” (1 Peter 2:3), does your soul ache for more than just milk? Are you willing to move from the fumbling, crying stages into maturity? Whatever our spiritual age, we can turn to Scripture for life-giving sustenance and find it, again and again. Praise God that He is always there waiting for us, no matter what stage we are in.


  • Ya I’m at fault for complicating life way too much. To return to Gods word. To return to Father. He desires relationship more than anything. He doesn’t want my rituals. Render heart not garment. Thank you God for always being a good Father cause it’s in the very nature of who you are!

  • “Sin feeds on what we think we need.” This concept blows me away. So much growing to do!

  • Hillary Henderson

    I’m beginning this as my pastor begins a series on 1 Peter, and it’s striking me. It’s exactly what I needed to hear!

    • Lyndsey Sweeney

      :) my LTG (accountability group) is doing this study together because our church just started 1 Peter. Are you in Austin? Hope in Exile with the Austin Stone?

  • Managed IT Services

    I love this post so much. The world tells us too many times that we need to have it all together, to be independent and need no one but ourselves but that isn't how God created us. We were designed to need him and I love how our lives can transform when we learn it's okay to cry out to God, about anything. That we don't need to "have it all together" we just need to go to him, at any stage of spiritual maturity.

  • My prayer is that this longing for you God becomes engulfing. Like a fire waiting to ignite all I can ever hope for this need for you isn’t in just one area of my life. But becomes my entire life bi want to know your heart.

  • Continue to hunger and the thirst for more of you, inspire me so I may inspire others. Thank you lord!

  • I pray lord that you would make me and all of these women here more hungry for your word and your presence! Reveal to us deeper things in your word, speak to us our names, demonstrate your love. Give us eyes to see what is good and what is evil. I pray against the enemy who would like to kill steal and destroy. With you we have abundant life! Help me and us to trust you more. I love you and I’m so thankful for your Church.

  • Wow…that’s all I’ve got is wow! It is hard to admit that without daily fellowship with God these unattractive ways (jealousy, bitterness, unkind words) have creeped into my heart and life. I am thankful that God is so merciful and this is how He sets me on the path that I need to be on…gentle conviction and not outright shame. Lord, I need you. Every minute I need you and I repent for having the audacity to think I was getting along fine just being too busy.

  • This resonates so much with me know. Especially since I have spent the past three hours of the night trying to console my almost three week old. I am so much like him. I need to cry out to God. He is what I need. He is my comforter. My provider.

  • Clarivel Ann

    Just a few minutes ago I realized that I’d started letting jealousy and bitterness creep into my heart again. And I was hit with the truth that just because I spent time in the Word this morning does not necessarily mean I’ve stayed in the Word throughout the day. Thanks for the warning, she reads truth.

  • Love this. The idea that we should be constantly wailing, screaming, longing for the Lord is so foreign to the world and to our own nature. But it's what I needed today. I need to cry out to God and invite Him into my every situation, problem and moment. I need to be completely dependent on Him. It's comforting to know I can be. I don't have to do this on my own.

  • Thank you for this study. It is so needed and a blessing for so many women.
    "Sin feeds on what we think we need instead of what we actually need: God."

  • Brandie Lane

    What a truth! I’m so thankful for his word and the gift of the Holy Spirit in my life. God please don’t let me waste either of those!

  • Jodie Wilt

    I feel so discourage if I don’t get my bible reading done so glad I found this group it helps me to focus

  • sweetdes2014

    I'm so glad that we have the word of God! I don't know where I would be without it.

  • Mandy Leigh

    I definitely feel alone and empty if I go a few days without reading the bible and indulging in God’s word.

  • I love these plans. So life changing.

  • Goodness. Thank you.

  • Holly Turlington

    So good! Thank you!

  • Amen!!!

  • Sin feeds on what we think we need instead of what we actually need.
    I’ve been so convicted lately because, I see those “desperate times” in which I have the opportunity to go to Jesus or take matters into my own hands. And wow.. I see how much I tend to think I need to take matters into my own hands. So dumb because when I sit and compare my actions to what Christ has already done for me… Why and for what do I think that what I’m doing ” for myself and the sake of my circumstance” is better than God’s plan?
    What an encouraging and challenging passage to CLING to Jesus during times in which I am in desperate need. Praise God for His faithfulness and love for even when I choose to take matters into my own hands and fall on my face, He welcomes me with open arms.

  • Our Pastor said: "If a baby doesn't long for milk, something is wrong… it might be that the baby is either sick or dead."

  • What a wonderful reminder of the need to be in God’s Word. How can we grow as Christians if we don’t learn more about our Savior?
    Thank you Lord for your reminders.

  • Franni_P

    2 My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
    When can I go and meet with God? – I love spending time in God’s presence. This study of Peter helps me to further understand God’s love for us.

  • Christina

    An important truth to remember though is that while we do begin our relationship in Christ as spiritual infants, we are also meant to grow and mature in Him. We still long for Him and His Word but in a new way with deeper understanding. The post today had us read 1 Cor 3:1-2 which was a bit out of context. You need to read at least until verse 3, “for you are still of the flesh. For while there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not of the flesh and behaving only in a human way?” This goes along with what Diana said that Peter warned about “other things” that would creep in if we lacked our spiritual nourishment. And our spiritual nourishment that comes from God’s Word starts off like milk to us but then takes the form of the “solid food” that Paul wrote about in 1 Cor.

  • So true. If we are without the word the evil things start to creep in. I'm a culprit of it just like anyone else. We only make it through this life by relying on the Lord's guidance as he leads us.

  • Kasey Tuggle

    So very thankful that the word of God gives life!! I had a bad attitude today.. Normally I read my bible in the morning, but today I didn’t until just now. I had a good day running errands with my mom and watching football with my family, but all day I had a terrible attitude. After reading my Bible and spending time with my Savior, I’m realizing it’s because I didn’t start my day off right with my Savior! I need him at the beginning of my day, at the end, and all through out it. I have to constantly remind myself of the goodness of the Gospel or my attitude is set on selfishness and not on the great privilege I have for cling for Christ!!! Getting to live to make much of Jesus is the greatest privilege anyone could ever have! Wow! The fact that God would use such a sinner like me to glorify him, blows my mind!!!

  • Good stuff

  • chelseasaner

    "Praise God that He is always there waiting for us, no matter what stage we are in." Love this.

    I've noticed as I grow in my faith how natural it becomes to seek God in all trials- no matter how small. As a new wife, my goal has been to strengthen my personal relationship with Jesus, so our marriage has this foundation in Christ and our future children will have parents who have real relationships with Jesus. As a new teacher in the public school system, I want to be able to really understand how I can shine God's light in a secular environment where I am not allowed to teach these children about Jesus. I hope that developing my own faith will allow me to be able to show Jesus without being able to teach about Jesus.

    I've been a Christian for most of my life- but to actually long and cry out for Jesus' voice… this is something new that has developed since I've begun truly trying to understand the bible. I've always wondered what was lacking in my relationship with Jesus- like why doesn't it feel as authentic as other people? I'm beginning to understand that reading His word is so ESSENTIAL! I've heard this nearly my entire life- yet I never really grasped how important it truly truly is. PRAISE GOD for opening my eyes. Thank you for this bible study!

  • Sareal424

    I desperately need to cling to Christ the way a baby clings to its mother! And,
    This might sound strange, but I feel this is giving me permission to “let go and let God”. I know I trust the Lord because I have peace but I still hold onto fear like a dirty old security blanket.
    Help me Father to crave your spiritual milk, so I can grow in my salvation! Amen.

  • Leenda324

    Awesome analogy

  • Laura Landry

    I’ve been quite convicted lately of this: I say I believe that God is enough for me, and yet my life doesn’t look like He is truly enough for me. I spend my life putting in just a little of Jesus, and then cramming in all the other things I think I need to feel “ok.” I’m always nesting – making an attempt to turn this world into a more comfortable home and yet, unsurprisingly, I reach this point when I realize that there is still discontent in my heart. Of course! I’m not created for this home. And while I tarry on this earth the only thing that can sustain me is to feast on God’s Word in His presence. He gives us a small glimpse of the communion with Him in which we were created to live eternally when we take that milk, and then He lovingly takes us deeper. Praise Him!

    • Maggie

      I love this and I know that I do this too! So often, I find myself thinking I can do it! I can make here more comfortable; and in fact sometimes I get so comfortable I wouldn’t want to leave! How crazy is that! What an AMAZING GOD We have to not only put up with us but LOVE us through those times! He knows we are scared, and he doesn’t mind! So blessed!

  • Wow this does speak to me where I am. It's a different perspective that my crying out, my feeling of needing more of God, needing to know he is there and looking (everywhere) for him is very much- no exactly like- an inconsolable baby. No mother will ignore her child, so maybe God will not ignore me.

    • ClaireB

      Thought about you when I read this. Of one thing I am certain….. GOD DOES EVER IGNORE YOU. It feels like it sometimes but there is a plan there somewhere I promise.

    • chelseasaner

      Yes! Did ya get those God goosy bumps when you read this too?! haha. Girl, we are all in this together. So many ups and downs in our spiritual journey. SO many seasons of questioning, wondering, doubt, but those moments that give us glimmers of hope- that is what keeps us going! I will pray that you hear God's voice speaking to you! I know you will!

  • We should rid ourselves of these vile and worldly things because we have heard the goodness of God and his Word. I pray to cry out in dependence-to turn to God in good and bad times-to rely upon His strength and provision and love. I don't always at all, but I pray to turn to Him in thanksgiving and praise and in times of need. Thankful for this study.

  • We grow up thinking we need our independence, struggling to define ourselves and exert our own personhood. We want to be “grown up” believing we should need some things less. It’s a beautiful thing to learn of and be content with our constant need for God. How freeing!

  • Rhonda Elder

    Great word!

  • katsmith1026

    Good morning sisters – what a blessing this community is each day! Reading today's devotional I was reminded of two songs. The links are below – I pray they bless you as they have me this morning – both of these songs becoming my prayers for myself and for you ladies. Blessings and grace over you weekends, dear ones!
    Matt Maher, Lord I Need You – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuvfMDhTyMA
    Shane & Shane, Yearn – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b2M93tjzF0

  • I’m once again so grateful for this group of women. I write this today as a woman broken…but I thank God for this word. A reminder that in my brokeness is when He can do His best work in my life. I’m crying out for His wisdom and guidance and healing. I’m a broken woman today and my heart is aching but I cannot lose faith in the One who has not left me or forsaken me. Right now I find it hard to see Him in my pain but I have to believe He is here.

    • Sarah

      Jane, thank you for your honesty! Thank you for being real about pain and brokenness. I believe that God is with you, and I am so glad that you are here!

    • Kelsey T

      I too, am a broken woman. There’s so much heart ache in this life, and there are seasons where it’s just almost too much to handle. I’ll be praying for you, Jane. That God uses your brokenness to create something beautiful, and that your pain now will one day be a part of your amazing story.

  • Marti Pack

    What an amazing blessing this study is. I look forward to this every morning….it makes me crave the spirit of God because it bring about community & relationship not only with our Heavenly Father, but with one another. Love reading what God shows each one of us! Have an amazing weekend my friends!

  • Beth Warner

    I realize everyday just how much I depend and lean on The Lord. I’m so glad that he wants me to do that. Thank you Father.

  • Love this image. Lord, may my need for You be as desperate as a baby’s – may I realize I am just as helpless without You!

  • This makes me think of my own parents and how I've never really outgrown my need for them. I still wanted my mom when I was sick in college. My dad helped me balance my checkbook when I got my first real job. I still call my mom daily and often ask her advice when my kids are sick or struggling. My dad still comes to help when we are landscaping or remodeling in the basement or doing work on the cars.

    I'll never outgrow God. I'll always need Him. And He will always be there to meet me where I am, even though there are times when I'm stubborn and think I can go it alone. I'm so thankful to Peter for this reminder.

    • Abbey

      Ah, that is so good. I feel the same way about my parents, particularly about my mom since I am now a mom myself. How much more should we need our Father in heaven!

  • My husband and I were just talking about how while there are many similarities between earthly parenting and God’s parenting, there is one huge difference: we raise our kids to be independent from us, and God is constantly teaching us dependence on Him, as an ultimate ongoing goal.

  • faithfullyfollowingchrist

    This reminds me to de totally dependent on Christ! Nothing in my own power can amount to that which is obtained with and through Him. Thank you for the fantastic look at today's reading! It is one of my favorites so far in the study!

  • Good morning. Hope everyone is blessed. Just a quick note of correction if we don’t mind. Beneath the heading, The Word of God gives life, the scripture reference shidve been 1 Peter 2:3. Thank you.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  • Chelsea Crosby

    This touched me deeply this morning, for it voices what my heart has been feeling. With a baby at home it is so easy for me to see that I have that same helplessness and vulnerability in my walk with the Lord right now. I have been so discouraged by this change in my walk and I admit I have sought nourishment in things other than the Word. How little they satisfy! Like giving a starving baby a rattle! A momentary distraction that does NOTHING to satisfy the real need. This feels like an awakening, as He draws me back. I am starting this morning with hope and thankfulness!

    • Emily

      Chelsea, well said! I have a baby at home as well, so today’s reading really got to me, too! Saying a special prayer for you this morning, sister! :)

    • Kasie

      " A Momentary distraction that does nothing to satify the real need" AMEN. i couldn't have said it better,

      The futile emptiness of trying to be happy apart from god…
      how often i do the same thing. i'll be praying for you.

  • How blessed we are to have spiritual fathers such as Peter, teaching us. I find myself aching for God more and more. But then if I let too many days go by without being in his word, the world creeps back in and drags me back to hypocrisy, jelousy, malice. May I crave his word every day of my life.

  • This really struck me today, " sin feeds on what we think we need instead of what we actually need:God". Wow, that gives me enough to chew on all day!

    • Kendall_S

      me too Barbara….wrote that one down in my Bible beside this passage from 1 Peter…..

  • TheresaMMeacham

    I've found more and more that the object of my focus and my energy is what will grow. I love the message in that we need to be like children, craving the Word and the Spirit of the Lord. How comforting to know that when we crave these things, we seek them, and when we seek them, that is what will grow inside of us. For so long I thought I could rid my life of these traces of malice and evil by "finding" them and focusing on not engaging in them by self will and hard prayer. All along, Jesus is calling us transform by focusing so much on the good, the pure, the holy that there's no room for evil. Thankful for your reminder and call to seek Him with my whole heart, and how beautiful to know that He will shape my heart in the process!

  • melindawatters

    This study of Peter is meeting me where I am at on so many levels. Today's passage was just what I needed to hear:

    Be rid of All traces of malice/evil – jealousy/envy/grudges, deceit/insincerity, slander, hypocrisy/ pretense.

    Crave, long/ thirst/ yearn for PURE spiritual milk ( what am I craving in the day to day and where does it lead me?)

    What I crave turns into what I produce in action and in words.

    Today I crave and thirst for my Living God knowing He is GOOD and will quench my thirst and satisfy my aching stomach.
    I will grow into the experience of living out my salvation.

    Thank you God for your goodness and for keeping me on track!

    • TheresaMMeacham

      I can so relate to this! Love your insight- "What I crave turns into what I produce in action and in words." Thanks for your wisdom, Melinda!

  • Good Morning….

    I have 2 sons and they are both over 6'2" ….I breast fed them both for over a year….they grew, I shrunk…I often said to them, when they were younger, and growing all over the place….it was because I fed them….couldn't tell them that now as they tower and, often, I am hidden in pictures with them….you know I am there cos there are 6 legs in the picture.(lol) I love them so….my boys…

    Seriously though, as I read the devotional, I had this picture of sitting comfortably, with a precious babe in arms suckling…and as I see them now, how they have grown into well proportioned, healthy and fit young men…..I can see the benefits of my feeding them…If I could be as well proportioned , well nourished, well fit and healthy in and from my bible reading and time spent with the Lord….I am sure I would be over 20foot tall!!! Funny, or maybe not, as I wrote that line…I saw a picture of me touching the heavens….Wow, my light humour, turned into a picture from God …..Thank you Lord God…for that image….Ah, to reach the heavens….through the knowledge, the reading, the searching, the holding on to and absorbing, like a sponge, God's good and life transforming, life changing, life enhancing, enriching, satisfying, life providing, Word…We need food….to feed our bodies…..But Gods Word….God's Word feeds our souls…feeds us in the places food, ordinary food, could never reach….right there where the connection between God and us is found, right there where our souls suddenly find home, with love so strong, so binding, you never want to leave….

    I want me some of that….every day of my life here….I WANT to touch heaven, every day, I want to 'be home' every moment of my life, I want God's Word etched on my heart…for all my days…..

    Lord God, here I am, speak, for your servant is listening….

    Sisters, praying God's grace and favour over you all today…..with love, as always…Tina. xxx

    • melindawatters

      Beautiful Tina! I love your image growing up to reah out and touch the heavens. Fits right in to this scripture. Thank you for sharing!

    • Libby

      I always love your writings Tina! So open and beautiful!
      I pray you have an awesome weekend!

    • AisforAshleyKay

      Beautiful. I love this. ❤️

    • faithfullyfollowingchrist

      Beautifully said. I love this, " God's word feeds our souls. Feeds us in the places food, ordinary food, could never reach" !

    • Courtney Nelson

      Amen Tina! Thanks for sharing. May we all experience the living God today in the exciting as well as in the mundane.

    • Rhonda Elder

      Love this!

  • Carlee Stratton

    *I love this post so much. The world tells us too many times that we need to have it all together, to be independent and need no one but ourselves but that isn’t how God created us. We were designed to need him and I love how our lives can transform when we learn it’s okay to cry out to God, about anything. That we don’t need to “have it all together” we just need to go to him, at any stage of spiritual maturity.

  • Carlee Stratton

    I love this post so much. The world tells us and too many times that we need to have it all together, to be independent and need

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