Grace Days


Dear Sisters, what a time this has been!

Together we’ve approached our Bibles reverently, confidently, regularly and broadly.

We’ve engaged with God’s word intentionally, emotionally, intellectually, as a guide and as a whole story.

And friends, we’ve shared back and forth how we can apply what we’ve learned responsibly and permanently – not being “hearers only” of the Word, but once we’ve opened our Bibles and met with our Creator, we now get to close our Guidebooks and walk forth in the knowledge and understanding of the Author.

We get to be doers of the Word! Doers who return to the guidebook daily, always seeking, ever learning, always growing.

You guys, we’re learning together that if “she reads Truth” in the morning, the rest of her day can be lived in freedom as a thirst-quenched daughter who is fresh from an encounter with her God—with the God of the Universe.

From these sacred encounters we will likely go forward into days and lives that assault us with all sorts of lies, but we have begun our days in TRUTH. And I know you know, the Truth sets us FREE! On the Truth we can stand firm.

Tomorrow, friends, we will jump right into the Introduction to our next study of 1&2 Peter. We’ll call today our Grace Day, in case you missed one of the devotionals from the previous plan and want to catch up. (We can all use a Grace Day or two, can’t we?)

We are so looking forward to approaching Peter’s letters to the Church as newly-equipped truth-seekers!

Join us tomorrow? And please, feel free to use the graphic below to invite a friend to join us!

All our love,
Raechel, Amanda and the She Reads Truth Team


  • Caitlin Spinner

    this is a beautiful and blessed app

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  • Mariestync

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  • Luz Martinez

    Do these studies from the book of Peter need to be payed for???

  • Adrienne Agee

    I just got the app literally 30 minutes ago, and I am so excited to be a part of this!!

  • I’m new here today as well!
    So excited to be a part of this new app and study!

  • Rachel Mashburn

    I don’t understand exactly what is in the study pack. I would’ve liked to order one for this study, but I think it’s too late. Maybe next time? I just don’t want to miss out! :)

  • Marti Pack

    I’m not finding where I can add 1 & 2 Peter to my bookshelf for purchase. Will it be available tomorrow for me to participate?

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Marti, it’s now live! New plans/posts go up at midnight EST. Glad you’re joining us!

  • Sheri Tredway

    PLEASE add an app for Android users.

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Hi Sheri – It’s already been developed and is almost ready to undergo testing. Hang in there a few more weeks!

  • Am new to this but what I read I love it I can't wait til I get off from work come home to read.but have a question is it a workbook that goes with the study?

  • LaurenC_

    “From these sacred encounters we will likely go forward into days and lives that assault us with all sorts of lies, but we have begun our days in TRUTH. And I know you know, the Truth sets us FREE! On the Truth we can stand firm.” Yep, this has been my day, well this was the end of my day… assaulted by the enemy and his lies. BUT! I will not give in. I will stand firm in Truth and I will not believe those snarky lies . I will praise our Lord and extend His grace. I will choose to rest in the power of Truth. What a whirlwind September has been for me, making the drastic shift from a relaxing, peaceful summer to a full-throttle start to work for the school year. Looking forward to October, fall leaves, fall food ❤️slowing down the pace at work, devoting myself to the Word, and the new study in Peter!

    • tina

      Hey, dear friend…..thought I'd send a hug, some love and blessings your way….praying all is well with you……XXX Funny just as I put my kisses on the page the song …It is well with my soul came to mind….I shall find the words and vet back to you….

      When peace like a river bartender my way, when sorrow like the seas bullies roll, whatever my lot, thou ( Oh Lord) hast taught me to say…It is well…it is well…it is well with my Soul… God bless you…XXX

  • Savannah

    I've noticed in your Instagram posts that you've mentioned pay what you can printable resources. Where can I access these?

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Hi Savannah. The printable was a special “community care” resource we provided for the Open Your Bible reading plan that we just wrapped up (but that is available for you to read any time on the app and the site!). You can find the link to the printable at the bottom of Day 1 of that plan. Thanks for joining us!

  • I just (finally) got a smart phone and found you while looking for a bible app. I am SO excited to get going tomorrow and can I just say that I never knew how motivated I would be by the aesthetics of an app? Everything you’ve done is just so… pretty! God bless you guys!

  • Presley Amos

    So excited for this study tomorrow!

  • KatSmith1026

    So I've been reading the New Testament throughout 2014, and with this study will be the second time that both of these reading plans have lined up! The last time this happened was when we were in Hebrews. I just love the times when so many ways that I access and read Scripture intersect to present one message to me – through this site, my personal reading, sermons, church services, and small groups. I've said it once and I've said it too many times to count, but I'm utterly grateful for this community, this resource, this accountability and structure to my quiet times. It's been a beautiful 2 years (nearly!) of my time in this community and each day I'm more and more thankful for each of you!

  • I cannot wait to start this study tomorrow. I am new to the site & happy to have found this. Thank you.

  • I’m new too! Can’t wait!

  • PoppiesJill

    I’m also new and grateful for the community. Very much looking forward to learning from all of you lovely ladies!

  • Caroline

    Thank you. I have been encouraged to learn more in the Word and approach it from many angles.

  • So happy to have found this resource to connect me to God’s Word. I am however wondering if the new posts could be put up any earlier each day. I am in Europe, 6 hours ahead of EST, so that means it’s usually afternoon before I can get my study, which sometimes means the kids are home, which makes it difficult. Just a thought for those of us who start our day a little earlier. Thanks for all you do!

  • Kat Hansen

    I just wanted to say thank you for creating this app. I have always struggle with being disciplined in my spiritual life but the tools you equip us with here (daily reading, app reminders, scripture lockscreens) have drastically changed that for me. I am reading the bible more consistently and being thoroughly blessed because of it. God sent me this SRT app at a very difficult time in my life where my youngest child is going through a series of three heart open heart surgeries. He gets his second one on Oct.7 next week at only 4 months old. I was in such a desperate place for The Lord and this app has been my tool to drawn me close to Him. I can’t say thank you enough. I wish I knew who you all were so I could give you big hugs!!

    • Shannon Roe

      Kat, praying for you and your son right now. May you be filled with peace that passes all understanding as you fix your eyes in Him. Oh how He loves you and your son. May you rest in His truth today.

    • JessicaLoves___

      Likewise praying for you and your youngest, Kat. I’m pregnant with my first and can only imagine how difficult a time this must be. But I know God will prevail. Have a blessed day!

    • Sharon


      I am a pediatric critical care nurse and I have seen first hand and cared for many children like yours, requiring multiple intricate surgeries. I will keep your precious baby in my prayers.

      I pray that the Lord will guide the surgeons’ hands as they create new pathways to strengthen your baby’s heart. I pray that your precious son will have peace and rest after his surgery so not to stress the healing of his heart. I pray that he will continue to grow and be surrounded by the love of his family. I pray that the Lord will give you and your family great peace as you continue on this journey. And I also hope you have sweet nurses to provide tender care to your sweet babe and comfort to you! I pray that the Lord will give you rest, so that you do not grow weary.

      In His Holy name.

    • Brandi

      Kay, praying for your sweet son and you as you go through this!

  • Carolyn J

    I'm so excited! This study and this community has been amazing. I don't often post but I read the comments and say some of the prayers the sisters share. I actually kept up with this study live, until I got a day behind last week. It has been amazing studying daily and learning to apply his Truth to my daily life, and to start my day in z right place, with my God. I actually wake up early to study my Bible! Never would have thought this would be me. And I'm loving it! I have one more day to finish, then I can't wait to see what Peter has to show me!

  • Alesha Blessed

    I’m so excited for this plan! I’ve been inductively studying 1st Peter already, so this will be a perfect way to continue that!

  • if “she reads Truth” in the morning, the rest of her day can be lived in freedom as a thirst-quenched daughter who is fresh from an encounter with her God—with the God of the Universe. —- Love this!!!! :)

    Thank you SRT, I have enjoyed this study so much! :) Thank you sisters, I rarely comment because I do my study 12hrs behind, but I thank all of you for all of your insights! Excited for 1st and 2nd Peter! God bless everyone! :)

    Sharing my journal pages here:

  • Devin Berglund

    I’m also new! Totally excited!!

  • I’m new to this! Can’t wait!

    • NicolaL

      Hi Brooke!! You are so welcome :-) Have a wonderful monday and see you back here tomorrow xx

    • shereadstruth

      So glad you're here with us, Brooke! You are so welcome here – there's plenty of grace to go around!

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