Hosea 2014: Day 10

He is true king and creator


Today's Text: Hosea 8:1-14, Mark 2:13-17

Text: Hosea 8:1-14, Mark 2:13-17

With their silver and gold they made idols for their own destruction.
– Hosea 8:4b

How fickle my heart and how fickle my mind…where you invest your love, you invest your life.
Mumford & Sons, “Awake My Soul”

I wonder what God thinks about where I spend my time.
I wonder what He thinks about all the crafts, clothes and recipes I pin on Pinterest. The minutes I burn on the elliptical.
The celebrity magazines I flip through at the grocery store.
The times I check my Facebook feed, my Twitter and my email to see who “likes” me today.

I know I’m not alone in this cycle. We wear ourselves out. We wear Him out.

We can read it in His Word, what He thinks about these things we make kings.

“They set up kings without my consent, they choose princes without my approval. With their silver and gold, they make idols for themselves to their own destruction.” (Hosea 8:4, NIV, emphasis added)

Like a parent who has been disobeyed time and time again, His anger burns (Hosea 8:5, NIV). I picture God watching us toiling away at all the things that don’t matter, wasting our time, wasting our efforts on building our own kingdoms instead of His. And He is both angry and sorrowful, asking, “When will they ever learn?”

Sisters, I ask you:
When will we stop sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind?
When will we stop tending the stalks that grow no grain?
When will we stop being swallowed up by our idolatry?

Let’s make each other accountable for those things that we make kings instead of our True King.
Let’s call each other out for the empty kingdoms we build, instead of building the Kingdom of our Creator.
Let’s pray for the return of our Savior, who came not to call the righteous, but to call the sinners. (Mark 2:17, NIV)

He’s willing to take a seat at the table with us. We need only set His place, invest our love, and invest our lives.

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  • A helpful challenge to me particularly just having come back from the gym. How easily my own physicals can be more important to me than God!

  • A great and beautiful study. However, the lyrics to the Mumford and Sons song is wrong. It’s supposed to be “how fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes.” I did love that y’all inserted these lyrics however. One of my favorite bands. Thanks for the good words.

  • So good.

  • Amoreena

    So applicable and convicting! Love this challenge and reminder.

  • God, I want to recognize your love and lordship in my life each day at every little crossroad that comes my way. Please help me to choose you.

  • God, break my idols. Even the ones that look good on the outside, but really they have replaced you. Break them, Lord! I only want you. I want to invest and sow in what is eternal and what will reap eternal glory for you! As much as it hurts Lord, keep peeling away the layers of me so I can get more of You.

  • A Francis Chan sermon talked about life as a metaphor on a balance beam. It was like Hosea in how he described how safe we like to live as Christians. How much have I really challenged myself to go and be courageous and love the sick? I stay in my own bubble and my own world. If my own world is in check, I’m doing pretty well. But I forget to think of those suffering because they don’t know the word, and through my selfishness I am not even wanting to go to them. I see sin and I judge forgetting that I am just as bad. I am graduating college this month and making a new journey to who knows where, but maybe that’ll stretch me to go to those I don’t know simply because i won’t have my bubble anymore.

  • Wow. This hit right to the core of my being.

  • Juanita DJ Camarillo

    Abba, I pray for my heart because you have given me people to love. Good people and people who are not easy to deal with are in my life. Give me love, grace, and patience for all. Help me love them not for myself and not even for them but for you who love them and is trying to reach their sick hearts. Father, help me be a light so others may see that you are capable of Healing completely, and not just physical maladies, but broken hearts and tattered spirits. You are our Comforter. May your light reach through us to heal and call the broken to you. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

  • Hosea continues to break me. I hold on to many things without even realizing. Today I surrender my idol of an idealized, this-is-how-my-life-should-look, future. The beautiful future that I wanted God to create for my own glory. My honesty cannot be hidden and my heart is humbled. It is impossible for me to wholeheartedly seek God knowing its for my own kingdom.
    Lord, any kingdom I would want for myself would be empty. Forgive me for seeking my own more than your Kingdom. Thank you for working on changing this heart of mine.

  • This is such truth. One potential nuance I want to correct in the devotional: we cannot wear God out. (I take the point, really, but I spent 7 years believing I had worn him out. Want to save someone else the heartache!) He is everlasting, unchanging, impossibly good. There will never come a time when a repentant heart is met with anything but crazy grace and a new beginning. Praise Jesus.

  • Alayna G

    Ouch! It hurts when I reflect on how much time I spend browsing through social media feeds like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. These have become my idols. I wonder just how much time I’ve wasted when I could be spending time knowing God.
    Confession: sometimes I even stare at my apps with the sole purpose to waste time.
    I’m so thankful He came to save the sinner.

    • Melea

      Oh, you are not alone, Alayna. I disgust myself with how much time I spend on the apps on my phone. Constantly asking for forgiveness. When will I stop chasing the wind? Ugh.

      • Molly J

        That’s the part of the study that also hit me hard. Praying I’m more mindful with my time for now on.

  • Love. Its quite the concept. It’s supposed to be unconditional. It’s supposed to be universal. It’s supposed to be a reflection of our Creator. But in our culture, it has become this romantic feeling that comes and goes with the wind. It’s temporal in our lives. We don’t really love anyone forever. That is why we are all like Gomer and Israel. We can love God for a time, but then suddenly He is not so appealing. Therefore, we move on to the next thing that captures our attention.
    How can we love earnestly and without ceasing? How can we make our love both genuine and eternal?
    I don’t really have answers to those questions. All I can say is look at God and who He is in your life and love should flow naturally. And then pursue. We can’t give up in our pursuit of Him. Sometimes it’s gonna be hard, but we have to cling to Him. We have to chase after Him with all that we are.

    That’s what I’m gonna strive for today and the next day and the day after that and hopefully my entire life. Pray for me.

  • Molly Grunewald

    I have ‘where you invest your love you invest your life’ tattooed on my rib cage. Reading this today totally reassured me that I love that piece of ink.

  • Arlyne VanHook

    I’m so thankful for this ministry! Thank you She Reads Truth and for being obedient to such an amazing calling! Bringing many closer to His heart.

  • Mistre1972

    Well that was just like a 'two by four' right between the eyes! Especially the thought about where and on what I spend my time. As a sewist, just yesterday a sister at church came up to me to show me her dress and exclaimed, "I have a new project for you!" Cutest little denim peasant dress with her initials monogrammed on her left thigh in pink. She paid $75 for it! She told me that she had at least 10 ladies compliment her dress. I told her that I could surely make it for less…it was so simple! I've made plenty for my Grands. So what do I do? Spend most of the afternoon yesterday between services and after services searching the internet looking for adult patterns for peasant tops and dresses! That's not all…during services when we were praying, my mind kept drifting back to that 'cute little denim peasant dress with the pink monogram on the left thigh in pink'. My new "king". I woke up this morning and my usual first thoughts are prayerful but my new 'king' was bombarding my thoughts and telling me to get in my sewing room to look @ patterns…not sit here and do my devotional. Sometimes we think that things that are "sinful" become our god or our king…not always…it's whatever we put before our True God! Thank you, LORD for the wake up call and help me to be sensitive to your Holy Spirit's leading in matters of how I spend my time.

  • So timely here for me. I am late AGAIN on doing this study and have let life distract and “keep me” from doing it. So here I am… Several days “overdue” and it’s just what I needed to hear. My husband and I are soon to close on our first home in the coming weeks. You better believe I have been on Pinterest more than Facebook lately. Not sure which is the greater of those two evils… Hoarding a covetous stash of home ideas or being reminded by a newsfeed that other people may have it better than you. :( I have been getting frustrated at my little ones lately for lack of sleep, interrupting, not listening, etc…. And the fruit of that lack of discipline of staying in the word daily is that frustration. Wow. Humbled and irritated at my sin nature here. Ridiculous how easy it is sometimes to just… Walk away from God. Needed this ON TIME reminder today. Excellent.

  • Kingpruitt

    Not even an hour before starting this study, i was researching and planning to buy a louis vuitton agenda book. Mind you this was day two of youtubing and webstalking. Then when i started this study the feeling of wanting no… NEEDING this planner ran out of me. Some times we all need a reminder of what really matters and whats just worldly.

  • M.Nicole

    Wow! This one really hit home and I have to ask myself who are my "kings" and "lovers"????? SMH The desire, need and willingness to do better truly has to align for me on a REGULAR basis. And I think it's important to note Matthew (Levi) immediate obedience to Christ. Jesus told Matthew to follow him and he did so IMMEDIATELY. No hesitation. I know for me, that my "kings" and "lovers" are front and center too often because of my lack of obedience. This study has been profound and rightfully convicting. Thank you.

  • “He’s willing to take a seat at the table, we need only to set His place. ” I loce this!!

  • Jennifer

    Powerful, thought provoking post! “Let’s make each other accountable for those things that we make kings instead of our True King.” Thank you for shining light on this.

  • Danielle Snider

    I am a little behind on this study so am reading this one on Monday morning…. ends up being the perfect time. What in the world am I doing with all my time on facebook and instagram? The line "who will like me today" hits too hard. Why do I care? Why do I waste so much time and energy on these things? Hoping a little social media "fast" will help realign things and destroy these idols I have created in my life. THank you for this word and thanks to all the women who have already commented that they are in the same boat that I am. An online community is a unique and beautiful thing.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Danielle! Thanks for joining us today! I agree that social media is such a distraction! Praying for you during your fast!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Hayley Tew

    I am so thankful for this passage. It hit home today and as I go into a new week I am going to keep myself accountable and spend some extra time with my true King.

  • This brought back all the reminders of sin in my life. Tears., repentance, change and joy for Jesus. Now I'm praying the Holy Spirit will remind me in the moment of my needed correction and change.

  • Jeri_Taira

    I’ve been out of the social network loop while I’m resting and recovering. I see more and more what I can do without. This helps so much. I’ve been praying for God’s guidance in encouraging others without ‘building empty kingdoms”. Meanwhile, Toby Mac’s ‘Me Without You’ has been singing over me. How awesome a Father we have. I soulfully needed these words today.

  • I love SRT has truly helped me to start prioritizing my daily quiet time! So many hours I would waste on Pinterest, FB, candy crush, etc. I often was convicted while I would find myself COMPLETELY lost in online world, that I could be spending time with my creator. However, I took an active step towards getting it all back in line and now I look forward to my quiet time! I feel off if I start just a few minutes late. Thank you so much SRT for creating such a wonderful place for women to focus on our Heavenly Father!!

  • Wow! Yes! I love that line, “for they sow he wind, and they reap the whirlwind.” We plant nonsense and get chaos. That’s what I get from that line. And I do just that! Often. Too often. The nonsense I plant? You name it; I probably have planted it. Mostly, I plant a nonsensical dependence on the consolation of a particular friend and her opinion of me. Sisters, pray I may release myself from the chaos I get when I deal in that nonsense. He same unchanging, good, merciful, and gentle God holds her just as he holds me. That’s the end of the story. That’s the whole story. If I plant that kind of sense, I just might get peace. Pray. I’ll pray too.

  • Abigail Wright

    This speaks to me so much! This is exactly what God has been bringing up in my heart. Idolatry. And I’m learning to always keeps my focus on Him. Thank you Lord, for loving me so much.

  • Ashley S.

    I enjoyed this piece b/c we all must make time for God in our lives! It’s so easy to become caught up with everyday goings that we lose sight of what’s important! This is a lesson I’m learning daily!

  • This can be a tough one to swallow. It’s hard to stop or limit some of the things you really enjoy. But when you realize that by enjoying them more than enjoying time with God, you’re making that an idol- ouch! I wasn’t thinking of it like that until I read this. Thankful that we have a God that loves us so much that He never gives up on us! Thank you Lord for pursuing me time and time again!!

  • ButterflyBre

    He wants to be with me, unfaithful me. He's waiting for me to set HIS place. HE relentlessly pursues me to lead, love me. Time and time again HE comes after me.Thank you Lord! I'm going to invest my love and life in YOU. Keep me from setting up idols.

  • Sue Zierden

    From Gospel Treason, by Brad Bigney…An idol is anything or anyone that captures our hearts, minds, and affections more than God. Romans 1:21, 25 states it so clearly. "Although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened…..who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator." So many of the things that become idols to me are good things, things that God wants for me, but when they get in the way of Him being first in my life, and when I look to these "things" to satisfy me rather than God, I have become just like Gomer. So thankful for this study in Hosea. Search my heart Oh God.

  • Ruth Polson

    Yeah…talk about a wake up call….and what a much needed reminder for me and for my life

  • Tawni Sattler

    Wow. Good stuff.

    It's 1:30 am and I'm beat, but I couldn't go to sleep until I read that "one post" or that "one devotion" or that "one verse" that God was going to speak to me through. It's been a great day, don't get me wrong, but it ended in an odd way. Our life group started a study on Revelation this evening, and we had a special guest come to "teach". While the guest's theology was sound, the way he delivered his "lesson" was a bit degrading, as if we were all lost and clueless — like we were not doing a good job of being "smart" Christians.

    I don't know where I'm going with this yet…

    Anyway my husband and I came home at 11:00pm and had a long discussion about judgment and heaven and sin and ego and idolatry and selfishness, and we felt depleted. We both felt like the lecture we had at our life group was more harmful than it was good, because we came home and were just short of arguing over theological questions that don't even really matter in the end. Our conversation surely did not please God, and when I finally figured *that* out and suggested we just stop the discussion, my husband felt the same way. Somehow instead of leaving our life group hopeful and excited about Christ's coming, we felt like somehow we were being challenged to "be better Christians", and I don't mean that in a good way. I mean that in a "works above grace" way.

    I couldn't sleep though until I felt some sort of peace. And since I hadn't had time to read today's study from SRT yet I figured I'd do it now… and God loves me. :) I don't know how to tie it all together — I can't explain how God took a deflated soul and built it back up through SRT and Hosea, a book *generally* unrelated to Revelation, but He did it.

    And now I can sleep. xo

  • This is JUST what I needed, this summer break from university was long, so I really got into Instagram and Twitter and so on…and just around the same time I really began to notice how much I focused on how good I looked to others in terms of pictures, I would spend minutes taking the perfect snap, comparing myself to other women who are probably doing the same thing. My prayer over the past week or so was God help me be myself, help me be who you want me to be, help me not to want to be like others, help me see me and find me beautiful not just in how I look but soooo many other reasons, help me concentrate during lectures instead of taking my phone out to constantly refresh my feeds…. I've just had this idea weighing on me to get rid of my 'social media lifestyle' I just didn't think it would be possible, but this post!!! I feel God is just saying DO IT NOW!! This is a step I have to take…

  • Hosea 8:5
    How long will they be incapable of purity?

    This totally jumped out at me as I read today’s devotion. Whenever reading in the word about our adulterous behaviors I am so impacted. I think of the pain a heart goes through when there is infidelity in a marriage and that is exactly what we do in our relationship with the Lord with our idols. We are far from having a pure heart towards Him. I know first hand that He loves us so much and is a jealous God. He created our hearts to be occupied by Him and will go through great lengths to make that clear to us. I pray that God open our ears, eyes and hearts to the idols in our lives and that we surrender them to Him. Believe me sisters, this will save us from so much hurt and heartbreak. May God continue to speak to us through this wonderful study.

  • Hosea 8:2-4 speaks about how Israel was calling out to God but not following through on their actions. It easy to talk the talk but it's harder to walk the walk when it comes to putting God and His Kingdom at the center of my life. I also notice that when the Israelites set up their kings and princes, they did so without first consulting God, which is what led them astray. I agree that things in moderation can lead to good and even fruitful things as long as you ask God and pray and seek Him first.

  • Gema Muniz

    This spoke directly to me today. Eventhough being pregnant is a blessing, I've had a very difficult pregnancy. On a dialy basis I struggle to get through the day, dealing with the morning sickness and the tiredness that kicks in during my middle of the day. All of these physical and inner emotions have really affected my time with God. At times when I decide to read my bible I fall asleep half way through, I feel like I physically cannot focus and have my time with God without being interrupted. I pray for God to provide me with the energy I need to focus, as well as to kill the flesh and not give in to my physical wants vs. my spiritual needs. It saddens me to know that a blessing like a baby is not allowing me to have the intimacy with God the way I used to. Ladies I ask for you to please pray for me, to help me learn how to manage my time wisely and to learn how to deal with all these physical changes I'm going through during without allowing it to have an impact on my time with God. God bless you all and thank you.

    • Kelsey T

      Praying for you, dear Gema. I’m pregnant as well, and have had SO many moments of feeling completely overwhelming with the physical hardships of pregnancy. I pray that God brings you rest and peace both mentally and physically.

  • Amen

  • It seems the Word is ringing truth for all of us today. Praise God for his word. Let it truly sink in for us all,and spread to our families,and communities,work etc.

  • Tracykcarson

    Omph! Every single time I read a devotional with this emphasis my heart is always convicted about my social media use. My heart is ultimately so wounded from childhood that I fear my entire adult life will be spent looking for attention and praise from everyone except The Lord. Social media is so dangerous for me. I am hearing The Lord and going to let this sink in, even though it hurts and it’s painful.

  • DVineSpeaks

    Lord have mercy……I am so guilty of neglect sometimes not in my time spent on Social Media because I use it for edifying my relationship with God and for business BUT there are some that don't use it correctly. I find that what's dear to our hearts comes out in everything that we do and say. I think it is so wonderful when God allows us to get that nudge that says hey my daughter you're getting a little to caught up. We need to remember always that God desires to have an intimate relationship with us….to reveal His purpose for our lives and it's our responsibility as a Child of God to take that time for our relationship to become TRULY RELATIONAL IN OUR EVERYDAY LIVES. Let's ask ourselves how and to whom am I sharing this great message with on today. How are we taking this call to action and getting on our knees praying for the nation, our family, friends, pastors, churches and those working to make a difference in the world. We mush love like God loves so much so that this book of Hosea should have us weeping daily as we become more in tuned with the pain that God witnessed as these people turned their backs on Him knowingly. I thank God for this devotional and very much so for the commentary that made the scriptures that much more relatable to our lives.

    Be blessed today Sisters in Christ.


  • Beth Starkey

    I have been struggling with my perspective on food, on where I stand at work and where I believe I should stand, putting myself before my husband… Pride in general. These things I confess and release to God. I will no longer sow wind. I will serve and be faithful in the small things that God wants for me right now. Serving for HIS kingdom. Not my own. Life’s too short not to truly live, focused on the bigger picture. Thank you God for your discipline!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Beth, it sounds like God is doing some wonderful things in your heart! Thank you for sharing with us today! We love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Thankful that I had this devotional to read this afternoon. It hurts so much to realize how trivial my day to day stuff is and how much time I spend doing it! (Vs how much time I spend with God) I wanna love Him. Live for Him and stay focused but it is so difficult.

  • Amber Chanel

    Wow….wow…I heard a quote last night during a prayer service. He said we get more God when we give him more room in out lives. When we give him more of ourselves. I keep getting stuck in my journey with The Lord. It hits a point where I have to start giving up myself and put God first over the frivolous things that run my everyday life.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Amber, this is such a great reminder! Thank you for sharing that quote. Praying that for you today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I think we all felt the sting from this one!

    • SheReadsTruth

      YES! Definitely. Thanks for joining us today, Renee! We love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Elle Griffin

    I spent the whole morning wasting time, idling away on the internet. In truth though, I was doing good things. I planned a party with girlfriends, downloaded new sheet music for my harp, signed up for voice lessons. Sometimes I forget I need these little things, that it's part if enjoying the life God created. That it's part of what's most important in life. And yet because these things are not "my business" it feels as though I'm wasting time. But this morning you've reminded me that sometimes my business IS my idol. That sometimes I spend way to much time on it and not enough time with Him. And time with Him means spending time with my friends, playing my harp, and singing for the fun of it, because that's who God created me to be. Not just a business women, but a woman in love (with God.)

  • This really hit home for me this morning, of all mornings. I spent a small portion of last night weeping, yes weeping, about something that happened on social media that hurt my heart. Sure, I know I am also hormonal but this morning I realized that it does not matter. Being so invested and validated through social media was not what I was created for. So grateful for this community and the moments of peace and quiet I have to be able to read these words.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hannah, thank you so much for sharing your heart with us today. I\’m praying that God fills your mind with His truth and how He views you! Love to you, sister!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • meetthedawn

    I don't know about y'all, but today's lesson most definitely hit home for me…especially as I read it right after perusing Instagram & Facebook. I was having a conversation with the girls in my Bible Study last night about our weekends back home in the Midwest where we are from and how much simpler life is away form the hustle & bustle of Dallas where we currently reside. We agreed that this city can be so unhealthy because of the materialist, feeling of never measuring up, etc. We said that while home, we rarely checked our social media sites, but when we are down here it's that longing for more, those idols that take away time from the Lord, etc. I am not at all saying that geography causes us to do this, it was just interesting. He is enough, He is the only thing that truly ever fills me up. Fix our eyes on unmovable things {Heaven & God} because movable things will leave us disappointed {Jennie Allen quote}. Encouraging us all today to put those phones down & be in the present. XO, Abby

  • yes! yes! yes! thank you GOD for putting everybody including me back in our place!!! He is such a loving GOD that still wants us back even when we stray! Wow!! I'm not worthy..

  • This message was so convicting for me! I put SO much energy into pursuing whatever my idol of the day is. Right now, that means obsessing over eating well, exercise and sitting in my discontent with my physical appearance. And the time/energy I put into that definitely pushes my pursuit of God down the priority list. I pray that God will help me refocus my priorities, to awake my soul! (love the Mumford references!)

    • SheReadsTruth

      That sure is convicting, Allison! It\’s so easy to overlook idols and view them as \”good\” or \”necessary\” things. Praying with you, sister! We love having you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Leeanna

      Wow! Thank you Allison! You brought another light to this post for me. I am with you sister! Let’s look to Jesus!

  • I read this and I agree. Of course I agree, it’s truth. It’s right. But then I want us to talk about HOW. Because knowing what we’re called to do is one things. It’s a whole other thing to actually do it. And I wish I knew how.
    Cause I’m very good at building my own things and pursuing the desires I have and making castles out of double taps. Yet I want to please God. I want Him to be first. I feel like these words lack the “so what now” factor and I want to know what’s next. How do we give up our castles and idols? How do we know what they are? What should we be doing with our time?

    • Andrea

      Nadine, I believe it's an individual working of the Holy Spirit within us because we have different issues (idols) and are in various stages of Spiritual maturity. It comes from our relationship with God through Jesus Christ, ask Him (James 1:5-6) and His Holy Spirit will guide you. I hope this helps you & I'm praying The Lord reveals how He wants you to apply this to your life, in Jesus name. Amen! :)

  • Stephanie Cherry

    Thank you for your words.

  • Such a good word today! God's been speaking to me about what I value, what makes me ME. Is it love for others? Or is it love for him?

    Yesterday, I copied down this quote by St. Augustine and taped it to my bedroom mirror. It seems fitting to share with today's reading:

    "But my sin was this, that I looked for pleasure, beauty, and truth not in Him but in myself and His other creatures, and the search led me instead to pain, confusion, and error."
    -St. Augustine of Hippo, in Confessions

    I want to find pleasure, beauty & truth in Christ – where the search brings joy, fulfillment & peace.

    • Sarah T

      Wow! What an amazing quote! And so reflective of my sin. I pray to know that when I turn to Christ, I will have peace, clarity, and all that is good!

    • Kate Wagner

      Love this!! Sometimes you just need to hear what your heart is feeling on paper. Awesome quote. Thanks for sharing.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Wow, what a quote! That\’s hitting home for sure. Thanks for sharing, Traci! We love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I make many things idols. And I am in a season of life which is incredibly odd. I work from home, my husband is in med school, and we are in a new city. I have started teaching Sunday School and volunteering in town, but it is easy to feel isolated. I am so thankful to God for all that we have and all that He is, and I find myself just seeking-social media is definitely a way that I work to feel validated. I pray to plant roots-to find supportive friends who will push me to love Christ. I pray to lose myself-so glad that this study exists.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, friend! Wow, I can definitely relate to those feelings of isolation. They can be so tough, especially when the enemy tries to whisper lies at the same time! Looking back, God was there and grew my faith so much during those seasons, and I\’m praying the same for you! Also asking for sweet community and supportive friends for you! We are so happy you\’re here in this community, too! Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • The past couple of days I have spent HOURS perusing patterns on Etsy, pouring over fabrics on another website, and rolling over and over in my head what my design style should be for a new wardrobe. Then this morning, in my quiet time, I was reminded of the verse in Matthew " “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?" But I'm not worried about it, was my thought response. "Preoccupied" is what I heard in return. Ah! Yes…that I am. So of course my prayer is to redirect my attention to the work and worship that is pleasing to Him. Then I come here, and your post puts an exclamation mark on the message. One need not be chasing after something for it to be an idol, one need only be distracted by it. Lord, keep my gaze on you! <3

  • How interesting, my self talk the past few days has been about how I can get on FB, Twitter,email, watch TV, blogs, Pinterest, check messages, etc., but I do not pick up my Bible with the enthusiasm and that's if I pick up my Bible. So this was a real confirmation of these things on my heart that I have been praying about and I need to implement a time frame for technology and put in to practice self control.
    One other comment, as I was writing the above paragraph, I thought, I'm my own idol. All of the techie things point back to me. Am I important ? How many FB friends do I have? Do I have messages? If I pin enough things will I be followed?

    • SheReadsTruth

      Sharon, I wholeheartedly resonate with all of these words! Today\’s reading really revealed where my heart is, and the things you mentioned about technology are especially convicting! I\’m thankful for the reminder of truth He brought us today! Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Sarah Pennington

    “When will we stop tending the stalks that grow no grain?”

    This line strikes me with particular strength. It really echoes my present self – a girl who just works to gets by, who doesn’t focus on the things that my soul really needs. For example, I’ve really felt lately as if God is calling me back to writing, encouraging me to begin reading and penning words again, but I’ve been so absorbed in trying to move into a new apartment, trying to get into the swing of classes, trying to make sure my resume is perfect that I forget to live and to nurture my soul. I’ve had a poor religious experience growing up, so the past year has really been about reconnecting myself with God, and I’m slowly starting to see and relent to the ways he’s beginning to reconnect me with life.

  • What a validation of where I have felt God's leading. I have been taking a sabbatical from Facebook. I began it a week and a half ago. I was seeing that the negative posts and the passive aggressive comments were making me sad and angry. I work at a church. Our whole staff has decided to take the sabbatical. I have found in my week and a half thus far that I have not missed it. I have found my time better used reading and actually talking to people. I have found that my attitude is better and I am able to serve others with a better heart. It is not clouded or hardened by what I read on Facebook. I serve an awesome God but was letting the world get in the way. I am trying to always keep him in the forefront. (I am still on Instagram as my adult daughter live far from me and seeing their pictures of what they are up to bring joy and praise to my heart). I am so much more healthy both spiritually and emotionally when my first thing in the morning opened is my Bible and not the social media in the morning. Thank you God for your never ending patience with me.

  • Been feeling convicted about this very thing for weeks now! Your study today hit the nail on the head. I took Facebook off my phone ( I don't use twitter and rarely use Instagram) and am truly going to refocus. Lord, please help me to refocus my energies in the right direction. Help me to spend the time with you and to let down the perfectionism mantle I cling to.
    Ladies, take this study seriously bc I know I am not alone.

    • SheReadsTruth

      You are definitely not alone, Gina! Thankful for the great ways God is redirecting your heart to better focus on Him! We love having you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • How many times am I just like these people in Hosea's time? I say "my god I know you". Yet I look in all the wrong places for my needs to be met. What good does it do for me to say, "my God I know you, if I cannot say, my God I love you, I want to serve you, I want you to take control of every part of my life. Oh Lord once again my prayer is as David prayed in Psalms 27, " One thing I ask of you Lord, this I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him."

  • It's actually "how fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes"

  • Meredith

    Oh, how I’ve loved each day of this study! But today’s was oh, so convicting. Praising The Lord for his continues patience with me. And I am so ready to purge myself of all these silly idols. How useless and pointless. My wonderful savior beckons is all! What a lovely sight to think of him pursuing us, calling out my name and coming to me. Idols are fleeting. My God remains forever and ever!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thanks for sharing such beautiful words, Meredith! Thankful for these truths. We love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Michelle W

    I've had a couple kids over the last three years. It changed me in a lot of ways. Especially using social media to remain connected to friends. I crossed a line years ago of average use. Last night feeling the Lords whispering conviction I delegated my FB app. It sounds so dumb but I'm excited and then I read this when I woke up this morning well I am even more excited and sure. Thank you Jesus! You are jealous for me. You pursue me. Thank you for wanting more of me. I want more of you. Do you want me to delete IG too? Let me know. I know you will.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Michelle, I love that God gave you clarity this morning! So thankful for that. We love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • heather michelle

    My heart is riddled with idols… success, security, praise from others. And these idols have so many outlets, so many ways I worship myself throughout the day. Yesterday, a friend asked me if I saw obedience to Christ in her life and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I did see it in her life, but I wasn't sure she would see it in mine. Every day, I make so many decisions based on fear or comfort or self-worship rather than a desire to obey and honor my Savior. Thankfully, Jesus came to save the sick! So grateful for conviction AND grace this morning! Love you ladies!

    • RachelB

      Heather, what a humbling relationship to be graced with, having a friend who wants to be accountable to The Lord. Although uncomfortable, it is a blessing to be in the position of scrutinizing your own intentions and the actions they produce!
      Best wishes in your desire to shine the Light.

  • I am thankful for this post- I needed to hear it! I know God is pressing upon my heart to make such changes, and this post was another confirmation. Praying for all of us ladies to be obedient and faithful to his call, and to utilize our time to seek His desires.

  • Candacejo

    I agree with Kristi too, it is a battle waged in the heart. We all struggle with it and in these last days I believe this is the enemy's tool: Distraction and Busyness. That distraction has definitely come through social media but yet we realize it is just a tool and it is how we use that tool that defines us or destroys us. It is a time stealer and a time waster! It is a battle that takes place every day and I do not always win. I recognize it, now Lord, give me strength to control it. In Jesus' name.

  • Kristi James

    These things mentioned can definitely be idolatrous, but the issue is our hearts, not the things themselves! That being said, I definitely try to get my little “approval” bumps” all day long. I’m learning that disengaging from that will be a lifelong battle, but because it leads me to a place where I can see plainly that “I need thee every hour,” I’m ok (thankful, even) with that:)

  • My conviction is part social media part relationships. I’ve known for months that i was putting my husband before God. Well, my husband left me just two days ago. I put my attention in the wrong place and The Lord brought me back to Him. Though my heart is aching, I also know I’m closer to God and that’s where I really need to be.
    Praise you Jesus for loving me unconditionally. Forgive me for worshipping false idols and setting anything above you. Holy Spirit speak to my heart and take control of my every thought and action that I may glorify God in all my ways.
    In Jesu name,

    • Onfaith

      Oh Sareal, my heart aches for you in this. Having experienced this myself I know, firsthand, the plethora of emotions you may feel and know it no easy season to navigate. Praying peace into this place for you, for clarity in God's messages for you. Conviction of the areas that need recommitting for both you and your husband, for reconcilliation, for hope where it may be waining. I pray comfort for your distress, a complete knowledge in God's love for you. For a closeness beyond any you've had with Him, that He allow you to know Him as husband. I pray that God protect your heart from the lies of the enemy, that He give you a strength, sound mind and testimony in this process. I pray life in this dark season Sareal! With you sister! ~ B

    • Lea

      I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I also went through it, and although it broke me, God used it to bring me to Him. I'm praying for you, sister. God sees you & works for the good of those who love Him!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Praying with you, sister! Asking that He would meet you in your hurt and do immeasurably more in your heart and relationships. So much love to you, friend!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • The crazy thing about idolatry, I’ve learned, is that we take something that is GOOD and make it ULTIMATE. Whatever an idol actually is, isn’t always a bad thing in and of itself. We can make something good, like family, friends, food, beauty into an idol. But when we take that good thing (say, food) and make it the ultimate thing we chase in our lives, that’s when it becomes an idol and needs to be removed.

    • Kristi James


    • lisalouneu

      Exactly! And I have so many of these – food, exercise, internet. All good for me (in moderation and the right context). But it’s a fine line between giving God glory for these and using them to his benefit and going out of control and thinking how they benefit ME! I’m trying!

  • This is just what I needed to read this morning! Thanks for this great lesson!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thanks for joining us, Brenda! We love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • JessicaLoves___

    I think it's easy to blame TV, Facebook, etc., demonizing those outlets, instead of recognizing our role in making them our idols. Before these advances in technology, i.e. even back to the days written about in Hosea, God's people always found something to put before him. I think the FB example just shows how easy it is to focus our energy in the wrong places, wasting valuable time on things that don't matter or that might tear us down. But the Lord can build us up to resist whatever lures us away from him (for some people it's something completely different than the technology we have blamed here – for me it's often work, but right now I'm making setting up the nursery for our first child my priority). We must recognize instead that many of the things that distract us from Him are not bad things, when focused on in the right perspective and proportion. We must make sure we hold on to Him and not those things. It gets back to the cookie jar illustration (or the jelly bean demonstration, as my father did this Sunday). When we stick our hand in the jar with the jelly beans and try to hold on to them, our hand gets stuck. We are too attached to the worldly reward — so attached, we may not even be able to enjoy it. But if we just let go of what we're holding on to, God will let us stick our fingers in the jar and take a few jelly beans at a time. The jelly beans are not bad, and God's not trying to keep them from us. He just doesn't want us to hold on to them. We are to hold on only to Him and receive his rewards in the doses that are healthy for us.

    • Gina

      Such a great response Jessica and you are right our idols can be anything.
      Congrats on your first baby!!

    • Diane

      Well said Jessica! We humans can always find something to focus on rather than God. I am as guilty as the next gal! But God has also used things like the internet and Facebook to bless me. Take SRT, for example. :) I am better able to keep in touch with family member who live far away…and I have met many Godly women via social media. It gets out of hand when I let it get out of hand (and I do that many times) I need to discipline myself to seek God and pursue Him with much more fervor than I pursue the next crafting Pin or online recipe! I appreciate this word today…it has re-opened my eyes!

    • Gema Muniz

      Love this, thanks for sharing with us sister. God bless…

  • Kendall_S

    I transgress His covenant and rebel against His law.

    I spurn the good.

    I sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

    I forget my Maker.

    Lord, forgive my tendency to put that which is fleeting and has no eternal value ahead of you. Show me what is taking my thoughts, time and focus away from you. Thank you for coming for a sinner like me.

  • So, so convicting this morning. I made my list of things I put before God and I'm ashamed to say, it's quite long. I've been making it a point to get up before my kids so I can get on SRT and, just this last week, have made it more of a priority to leave my phone upstairs until after breakfast (at least). I still find myself mentally thinking about the updates on Facebook and Instagram, making my list of things that need to be done, all before I open my Bible. I think it's time to take it a step farther and suspend my accounts on social media, at least for a little while. Nothing like hearing straight from God that it's going to cause my destruction to make you really get the lead out and stop procrastinating, huh?

    Lord, help me to put You first in all things. I use the internet as a crutch to keep me from interacting with Your people in real time – help me to overcome my anxieties, to overcome my fears of rejection, and put myself among Your people.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thank you for that prayer, Chrissy! Joining you in asking that He cleanse our hearts and point us to what is most glorifying to Him. Love to you today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • What a convicting post. I've heard it said several times that if you want to see where you truly invest your time and resources, just examine your checkbook (or bank statement or receipts), and your calendar.

    I know I've struggled a lot in the past with both social media (letting it consume me, allowing it to make me jealous and judgmental of the lives of others) and shopping (not making wise choices financially and being consumed by wanting to own certain material things). Rest has also been an idol for me– not in the sense that it is bad, but in the sense that I've become entitled when it comes to having time to rest, time for me, and when I don't get that time I get upset, angry, and consumed.

    I'm praying today that I will be able to step away from social media and shopping when they do become idols. I also pray that I can be positive and help build God's kingdom through my presence on social media. I pray that these things will no longer consume me, or anyone else struggling with these idols. And I pray for energy and strength and to not covet or idolize rest. That rest would just come naturally and be enjoyable. I don't want that entitled feeling with it.

    Praying for all of you too as you work to destroy your idols and return to our Savior with me. :-)

  • I use things like social media and mindless tv to relax after a long day of teaching kindergarten. And it sort of works except that I don't feel any better when I get into bed. My goal for the rest of the week is to lean on Him, to read, to pray, to journal after work instead of numbing my mind with worthless (albeit interesting and slightly addictive…which may be the problem in and of itself) media. Sometimes it feels very hard to serve and focus on Him in a media-obsessed world. It's easier to obsess over and covet the lives of others than it is to work on making my own life more meaningful. And sometimes I'm just. so. tired. But He does promise to give rest to the weary. We'll see how this goes :)

    • Audrye

      Good luck Katie!! I know it’s so easy and comforting to watch tv instead, especially when you’re tired. But I’ll be praying for you to experience rest in him :) it will be good.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Praying for you as you start these new habits, Katie! We love having you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Lord, let this be something we actually do instead of just talk about! Let us take action, delete apps, leave phones on our purses when we come home, turn off devices. Let us spend our time with family, and community, and You Lord. God we don't want this to be another time we feel convinced and yet remain unchanged. God help us with this. Be our King. Remind us throughout our day to truly see the stalks we are tending that grow no grain. Fill our hearts with you Lord.

    • stinav96

      Amen, Amy! I don't have Instagram, and I only use Twitter to retweet giveaways from time to time, but I removed Facebook from my phone's home screen, and I closed it out on my computer. It is distracting, and I am not sure when I will check it again, but putting feet to the faith that says something is wrong in our current way of doing things is a must! I'm praying this group of ladies can keep each other accountable to tear down vain idols in our lives!

    • dnmppolitico

      I turned off a lot of the notifications on my phone and it really helped with this. I also downloaded one of those time management extensions for my browser where I set a limit on access to sites like Facebook during work hours (if you go over the limit the internet stops working). These two things have helped to check me when I know I'm using Social Media as an escape/avoidance/more an idol than a tool. I'm living like its 1999 ;) when I get to it (your email, text, social media post) I'll get to it and respond. Until then I focus on the things I need to focus on, like time with God and my work.

      Thanks for sharing Amy! You are so right! Actions speak louder than words!

  • Jessie Wheatley

    This sense of idolatry has been so heavy on my heart lately. I have struggled with loving my body for what it is for such a long time and I am beginning to find liberation from the chains that hold me down in my own kingdom that I have built. So blessed to have this community to help open my eyes to the truths in His word and the promises of God that will bring me joy and happiness. Thank you so much sisters <3

  • I hadn't thought of social media being an idol.
    But know that I look at how I use it, I can see this is definitely true. I have deleted my Facebook because I realized I spent way to much time on there, yet I still find myself spending minutes, maybe even hours on other forms of social media. The lyric, "where you invest your love, you invest your life" hits home to me. By spending seconds, minutes, hours on different forms of social media, I am saying to God that he is not first in my life. How frustrated must He still feel today when His people have created idols of their own and "worship" them instead of worshipping the one true God.
    I still wonder though how we can break this pattern and allow God to become and remain our one, true God. What would look different in my life if I didn't waste so much time on things that are not bringing glory to God. It's not very easy to be glorifying God when I am scrolling through Twitter feeds and Instagram posts. Rather than truly wasting my time, I should be seeking God whenever I can.
    Please Lord let these words become truth and allow me to become truly more and more like you, and banish all of the idols I have put before you.

  • OH MY WORD!!!! Today’s devotional slapped me right in my flesh….I need to stop making things, comments, people, circumstances, decisions, etc..more important than my true King-Jesus!! My perspective must be based on the Word not on my feelings. Thank you Lord for guiding me through this new season of my faith, study time and focus on what saith you and not me!!

  • brookekiernan

    My coworker was telling me how she doesn't have cable or a computer at home and instead, just reads all night. I was shocked! (especially because she is a very talented graphic designer, whose job absolutely requires a computer!)

    I felt so inspired by her that last night, I didn't open my laptop and instead, went on a bike ride with my boyfriend, baked cookies, did the dishes and went to bed much earlier than usual.

    So much of my anxiety is because of social media. It's terrible. I need to remember that none of that stuff truly matters. He is all I need and His peace is all I ever want to know.

    • Jenny Raymond

      That IS inspiring! It sounds like you had a very refreshing evening.

    • SheReadsTruth

      That is inspiring, Brooke! It\’s amazing how much more you can accomplish and relax without those distractions! I think I\’ll start doing that too. Thanks for sharing!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Kellie

      Thank you for sharing that!

    • Nikki

      That does sound inspiring! I keep toying with the idea of getting rid of cable at home. I spend far too much of my free time watching TV and playing on social media. I enjoy reading (I always have), but I honestly feel like I'm missing something when I'm not doing those things. Sounds quite silly now that I'm writing it out.

  • longlivehappy

    Wow. This hits me hard. Just last night I could not get to sleep because I saw a couple of disturbing images on Facebook that I could not get put of my brain. I just wanted to sleep but every time I closed my eyes I saw that discussing (albeit false) thing. Ugh. I made a decision to use Facebook way less last night and especially not right before bed. I am praying I will use this time to spend in His presence rather than that of the world.

    • dnmppolitico

      I actually downloaded their messaging app for a similar reason. It allows me to stay connected with those who I know on FB but without the images and status updates that can change my mood – directly & indirectly. I also turned off the notifications for the app so that I check it when I have a moment instead of reacting when messages come in…maybe this can help you too :)

    • Nikki

      I actually just deleted my Facebook for similar reasons. At first I tried to clean up whose news feed I would follow. And then I saw something and read comments that I just couldn't deal with and I immediately deleted it. Sad thing is, God had been urging me to delete it for a while now anyway. But I kept trying to make….adjustments so that I could stay on.

  • God, please help me to make the most of my time. I'm currently in a transitional season of being in-between jobs, as they say, while my life seemingly feels on hold. Recently moving back cross country, doing contract work with a past organization, choosing not to continue working with past organization, but instead taking that leap into the unknown… and now time – my old friend. I have a lot of it. It is scary – the unknown and having too much time. But I like to think that is also courageous.
    Anyone else been in a similar season – waiting for what is next – career-wise in my case – and hoping it comes soon – those finances could sure use some quick action? How did you spend your time? How did you continue to have unswerving hope?
    In the meantime, I will continue to pray that God will help me make the most of 'this' time, to make it His time. To trust Him and His bigger picture. And maybe that is the overarching theme, to return to Him – more deeply, wholeheartedly – during this time. To give Him my time.

    • Mikele

      My dear Beverly I have been where you are and it was truly a test for me but the one thing that kept me going was knowing that I was God’s child and like a loving earthly father he would always provide for me. I was having a Job experience, lost car, job, relationship, money so I read the Book of Job. All the while I could hear God saying “you can praise me when you had it all, are you going to praise me now that you have nothing? Are you going to walk your talk?” Well praise Him I did!!! So I say to you praise Him through your “Job experience”, keep busy by volunteering somewhere to keep your skills sharpened and know that as God’s favored daughter He will see you through. God bless you!

      • Beverly

        Thank you for sharing your story, Mikele. What a wonderful reminder to praise Him through this time, and not forget whose I am! I think I also will read through the book of Job. I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement. :)

    • Jamie H

      Hi Beverly! One of the best ways to grow your relationship with God is to do His work. Believe me, when you are relying on the Holy Spirit to guide you in all things..what to say, what to hear, to know when you need to just sit and listen…you will feel His presence and learn to rely completely on it. Spend time in prayer and ask God to show you where He needs you. In my case, I am a mentor at a pregnancy resource center. I encounter some very tough situations, but I also have the awesome opportunity of showing our clients God's love and grace and mercy. There is no greater gift that you can give someone than to show them Jesus.

      I will pray with you, that God provides (and you know He will!;) and that He will place you where you may be closest to Him. It is so hard to be in a "Job experience" as another commentor put it, and I will pray that He brings you overwhelming comfort and peace. Don't let the "job experience" be your mountain, rather look up to God and ask Him to guide you up and have you enjoy the scenery along the way.

      With much love,
      Jamie H

      • Beverly

        Hi Jamie, thank you for writing this truth. Prayer is something that is extra challenging for me during this time. But I know that it is also the time I need to spend most in prayer. I know that I need to align my heart with His Spirit, and trust. These times are so bittersweet. Truly grateful for your prayers and thoughtful insights.

  • Today was so convicting for me. I spend so much time striving for perfection. I want to be seen as a perfect wife, perfect mother, good cook, successful businesswoman, spotless house. I put so much effort in trying to accomplish that. This passage made me realize that striving for perfection is what my personal idol is. How different would my life be if I spent my time furthering my relationship with God or ministering to others? I often feel like I will be a failure if I'm not perfect. But this passage from Mark reminds me that that is ok because of Jesus. His live and grace and forgiveness cover my imperfections.

    Thank you for this study. It has really opened my eyes.

    • Nikki

      Jaime I know the feeling! God had a little chat with me about striving for perfection just the other day. I'll share this with you…it's ok if you're not because the reality is you will never be. Striving for perfection has less to do with a personal desire to do things right and more of a desire to please or impress others. God loves you anyway and he sees you trying. :-)

  • Alice Barnes

    The Internet is like the tree of good and evil. It has so many helpful things and so much evil. We must use it in a godly way. One of the Fruit of the Spirit is self control so as I yield to the Holy Spirit I will approach social media ell balanced. Thanks for the great lesson today.

  • joanne Sher

    So convicting. Lord, help me to make You king. To stop wasting time building things that don’t benefit You.

  • Catherine_K_L

    Oh Father God, please help me not waste my time on things that don't matter. Please help me not squander the blessings that today brings. Keep my eyes focused on your Kingdom and things that matter for eternity. Please reveal to me when I begin to sow the wind out of habit, so that I can refocus on things that bring glory to you. Amen

  • Rhonda Elder

    11 “Though Ephraim built many altars for sin offerings,
    these have become altars for sinning.

    This verse really made me pause and replay.

    • stinav96

      I thought this was an interesting verse, as well, Rhonda. I'm still working through it. What did you come away with from this? It seems obvious that altars built for the purpose of sinning would become just what they were built to be. What else?

      • esthergail

        I also paused when I read that verse. But giving it some thought – ‘altars built for sin offerings’ – where they would place their offerings to be cleansed of their sin. Instead of coming to the altar to be cleansed, they used the altars for the purpose of sinning.

        • emily b

          Right, estergail, I have to agree — Israel is following God's command to sacrifice sin offerings but they use the altars to sin instead. Like in verse 13, Israel is going through the motions of the law, but God isn't accepting it (also similar to Isaiah 58)

          This is so often true in my life… going through the motions, without truly investing in my walk with Christ. I've downloaded the wallpaper from SRT of Micah 6:8 to remind myself that walking humbly before and with God is so much more than just taking the steps… it's the heart with which I take them. Which can be so much easier said than done!

      • Liz

        I think vs. 11 means that Ephriam built alters for sin offerings, then (because of this) they themselves (these) became alters for sinning.

        Translated, we become the vessel of sin due to our idolatry.

    • lisalouneu

      After reading this post I immediately thought of church – a building for worshipping God with other like minded believers. And how this alter or place to repent your sins and rejoice in Jesus and all that God has done for us is also a place where sins take place (judging others – by what they wear, how they act, where they sit, how much they give, how often they come; pettiness; gossiping). As I attend I want to leave all of these sins outside (or better yet, rid myself of them – but that is not likely to happen I the very near future, although I AM trying). I want to hear God’s word, smile, pace the peace and truly be at peace! I tend to be a rambler (with words; written and spoken) and am not sure of my exact point here. This thought just struck me and I felt I had to share.

  • This chastisement and warning are for me! Please forgive me! Lord, guide my steps and let me listen and respond to your love. You know my heart and my weak flesh. Let me flee from these things that I let capture my attention and to You, my heart’s true desire! How I praise you for your unrelenting love for me!

  • Lord thank You, this is so me this morning. Ive been reading about idolatry and we often stick to the conclusion that it's the worship of foreign gods, but it includes anything we give our time and effort, the stuffs we cherish while putting God aside. Lord i ask that you help me to focus on You and put these aside for they will only lead to my destruction. Help me to do things that brings glory to Your name Lord. Thank You for speaking to Your servant this morning, for that i just want to bless you.

    Good Morning Ladies, have a blessed day.

  • Michelle

    This is why I’m so so glad I am saved by grace! I am a sinner. I need a Savior. I’m so grateful the Lord loves me anyway. ❤️

    • Rhonda Elder

      Michelle, amen. How did you set up your profile picture? I’m not seeing it in settings.

      • SheReadsTruth

        Hi, Rhonda! If you register your email address at Gravatar.com, your image will show up anytime you comment with that address online! Hope that helps!

        xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • tina

      Michelle, so am I….Amen….Thank you ….x

    • Barbara

      The big thing here is ,His mercy is new every morning .Great is His faithfulness! We have a new day to try again to serve Him again,to give Him our all in all, to say great is your faithfulness Oh God,Great is Your faithfulness!

  • So convicting! I had, in the past year, become enraged over the use of technology in our home. I've seen how it has replaced interaction with one another and where we once may have had conversation, technology has reduced our responses to "uh huh". I've witnessed my 16 year old go, in one day, from a happy, eager kid to a sad, depressed and lonely kid, emotionally weighing her life to another's. It became an escape for all of us from reality, a guide for "relaxing", which was really an okay to be lazy and ill-focused. It was and has been enough to drive me crazy. If I rant about it, see it's destruction of attitude and heart, if I know that we walk away, so often, no better for what we've read or seen….then how must God feel?

    Just last night, I posted a call for recommendations of a new physician in our neighborhood forum on FB and someone chimed in with his harsh opinion to my question, which turned it into a debate and attack on "you people". I addressed it, kindly and directly, and the response I received was a condemning one, in which I felt I could hear his laughing and boasting through the web. It was insulting and judgmental and left me feeling "off". I realize that he seemed to be looking for a fight, and understand that he may be someone without the same securities I have, which left me understanding where it was coming from, but it is still pinging in my brain. A friend was kind enough to text me last night when she noticed his comments and helped me laugh through it. I'm thankful for her concern over my heart in it, it helped give a little light and love in a somewhat dark situation.

    Oh the woes we have created for ourselves in our advancements. It makes me sad to wonder where we will be in years to come……"reaping the tornado". Prayerful over my time spent on social media, online or in any capacity that isn't immediately drawing me closer to God. Prayerful for my interaction with others and for those who may be entrapped by the snares created by this means of escape. Thank you for the post, further convicting me of my time, of what's most important, convicting me of what i seek through social media, and reminding me, just where to focus my energies. Thank you so much for this! ~ B

    • Jenny Raymond

      Oh, sister, I understand! Similar situations here. Just last night I taught our young adults at church and spoke about seeking approval of sinners – related to a verse at the end of Romans 1. It has hit home for me as well, when I care about who unfollows me when I post something about God and my faith in Him. Lifting you up this morning.

  • I was just sitting here at work thinking I don’t spend enough time with God n my word like I should be….when I’m home bored with nothing to do I ( like so many others) pick up my fone to see what lol have posted on fb…instagram when that’s the time to feed on God’s word… the buck stops here today…Happy Thursday All

    • tanirose

      i am with you, Makesha!!!! like today's writer said..let's hold each other accountable! at the VERY LEAST when we feel that need to 'occupy' some down time, as we are reaching for the word instead of our digital devices…lets lift our SRT sisters up at the same time!!!

  • Jennifer chinyere

    This message is so important, especially today with the increase in use of social media, not only do we make TV shows, our partners, friends, our jobs or degrees our kings, but we make social media our kings – twitter, Instagram. When you spend more time making other things your king, you get weary. Recently I decided to take a step back from all of those things, to give my self time to remember who the one true King is. Really love this word today !

  • Britni Paige

    This really hit home. Today I was sitting on my phone feeling completely useless, selfish and like a wasted so much time just to keep up with what everyone is doing, and how many likes I got on pictures. Well this was a wake up call! I feel encouraged to stop wasting time on things that do not help build Jesus’ kingdom. And to begin to look to God instead of the Facebook and Instagram world!

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