Hosea 2014: Day 4

He knows what’s coming


Today's Text: Hosea 3:1-5, Romans 5:6-8

Text: Hosea 3:1-5, Romans 5:6-8

And the Lord said to me, “Go again, love a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress, even as the Lord loves the children of Israel, though they turn to other gods…”
– Hosea 3:1

God never said the right thing would be the easy thing.

It’s not always easy to get our quiet time in with the Lord each morning when we could really use an extra hour of sleep.
It’s not always easy for us to respond with grace when the lady in front of us in the express lane has exactly 37 items (yes, we counted) and has swiped her credit card with the magnetic strip pointing out six times (admittedly, also counted).
It’s most definitely not easy to forgive (and even harder to love) someone who has betrayed our trust and hurt us deeply.

I can only imagine what Hosea must have been thinking when God commanded him to not just let his adulterous wife back in his life, but to actually go get her and love her again. But God doesn’t just command Hosea, He encourages him with an “if I can do it, you can do it too.”

“Love her as the Lord loves the Israelites, though they turn to other gods and love the sacred raisin cakes.” (Hosea 3:1, NIV)

He’s been in Hosea’s shoes. He’s loved the unlovable. He’s loved those who have abandoned him. He’s loved those that worship and give their best to the things of this world. Quite simply, He’s loved us. At our very worst and our very best.

God never said the right thing would be the easy thing.

The Israelites didn’t get off scot free for their sins, and neither do we. We feel the consequences, the emptiness and the futility of living without a King. And while He’ll have grace for us as we struggle to lie in the beds we’ve made, it’s out of His deep love for us, that He won’t let himself take away the punishment.

And despite all of our transgressions, He loves us anyway. And He knows what’s coming.

It’s hard to fathom how He does it. It’s hard to understand why. We can understand someone dying for a person worth dying for, and we can understand how someone good and noble could inspire us to selfless sacrifice. “But God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him.” (Romans 5:8, MSG).

God never said the right thing would be the easy thing.

Yet He asks us to do it anyway, He promises to redeem us, and He loves us all the while.



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  • To be honest I don’t think we are supposed to identify with Hosea in this chapter, we are Gomer, the unfaithful who is being loved.

  • Today’s ENTIRE devo was an example of God’s perfect timing in my life. The relevancy of this to my current situation is unfathomable. Thank you, Lord, for never failing to tell me what I need to here. For never leaving me in the dark. You are the light. Thank you for unfailing and relentless love when I am the Gomer to Your Hosea, when I am unfaithful as the Israelites were.

  • Tailor Tanner

    Ladies, I have a prayer request; since being home from school this summer an exboyfriend that I feel I will always love, has made his intentions very clear to peruse me again. I have a year left before I graduate and am unsure of how to move forward. We’ve agreed to stay intentional in getting to know each other again, but I’ve let him know I’m not ready to exclusively be in a relationship with him. I do feel there is a time of singleness the Lord still wants me in, yet I am encouraged in how we could serve the Lord together. This old boyfriend, was very hurtful in the past, but has seemed to mature…I am afraid to trust him, and be hurt again…I am afraid to move on without the Lords full consent. Please pray I obey and know clearly how to move forward. Thanks ladies!

  • Katie Dellinger

    I really needed to hear this. If Christ can forgive and still love, then I can forgive and still love. Yes, easier said than done, but Iii know that time will be the greatest healer. knothat

  • Give your best NOW so you won’t be ashamed in old age finally handing over the messy life you have left. Give Him your best Now! I’ve always loved God but been disobedient.. Now at 70….I’m finally beat, what I have left to offer Him is an embarrassment!

    • Tina

      Its not embarrassing to Christ, Susan. You are the reason why He did it all.

    • Gracie

      Praise God you have all eternity to serve and worship him! Leave the past behind, and go forward forgiven and free!

    • Kim

      It’s never too late to trust in His mercy! We don’t deserve a thing He gives us but He delights in showing mercy. We all are disobedient to some extent and are utterly dependent upon His mercy. Know that He is a merciful God, gracious, kind, and good! You need only to run to Him and trust!

  • “But God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him.” (Romans 5:8, MSG).


  • Who pays for what already belongs to them!? This is what blows me away about Gods love!!! And then over 700 years later God paid for us through Jesus, even though He is the One that gave us life! We ALREADY belonged to Him too! Because of that, I know longer live in a brothel, and my heart belongs to a King! ❤️

    This is the first study I paid for on She reads Truth bc I got an iTunes card for Christmas. I never wanted to pay for one before but the price of $1.99 is more than worth it! Thank you guys!

  • I am a student in college, and I at first felt so close to God and I was going to church and attending Christian events and conferences. But acouple weeks ago I wavered and fell into some really bad things. I’ve become addicted to hanging out with the wrong crowd, which has led me to start drinking, smoking marijuana, and staying out all night. I turned my back and I’ve never felt so alone. Today I decided to come back to this lesson that I started and I was reminded that God loves us no matter what. He gives such amazing love to undeserving people. I have never felt so unworthy of His love, but here I am. I’m turning myself around and He’s going to help me. I’m still struggling with the smoking but I am so ready for change. Doing the right thing isn’t easy, it’s hard to stay away from these worldly things. But I am positive that through Him I can come out of this.

    • Courtney

      Yes God can help you out of this, sure as day… Just keep your faith in Him, and lean on Him more than ever… He loves you, and He wants you… I hope you are getting stronger as the days go by…. Keep at it girl… Keep at it

    • Maria

      How are you doing Sara? I have been where you are and I am praying for you.

    • Stevie

      “The Monster” http://www.watermark.org/message/3033

      Sara! I encourage you to listen to this podcast. I’ve been in your shoes and this message changed me life. He is changing lives everyday. Believe in that. Have hope in Him. You are so loved!

  • Sharon Moreno

    It’s never easy doing the right thing and sometimes it hard understanding what is the right thing. I pray everyday that I can show mercy and love to all that has caused me pain, even for myself. The lord has showed me so much love and forgiveness in my times of need that I have reach rock bottom, caused by my own hand. I will forever be thankful for that time of hurt because it has open my eyes to my mistakes my sins and how the lord has loved me through it all and guided me through it. He has taught my heart how to love all and to show them the same light and love he showed me even though I made mistakes.

  • I guess my question and struggle is – sure, we are called to forgive, 7 times 70 times. As many times as we need to. I understand that. What I have a hard time with is figuring out what to do after. If someone hurts you deeply over and over, and you forgive them, does that mean you’re supposed to trust them and/or let them back into your life? Or do you forgive them and move on like nothing happened? In my admittedly limited life experience, it hasn’t been good for me in the long run to let people back into my inner circle who have proven themselves untrustworthy. But does that mean I’m not truly loving them? Any wisdom on that would be much appreciated.

    • Emily

      Hi Ciana – my preacher recently did a really great sermon on this and we have a recording online. I would really encourage you to check it out. Hope it helps! https://player.vimeo.com/video/141409284

    • Sharon Moreno

      Hi Ciana,
      As Gods children we are to be the light and love in the world. We are to forgive those who hurt us and to lift them up to the Lord in prayer. I don’t think we need to let them back into our inner circle but we are too forgive them, and still love them and pray that the hurt they caused us stops with us and dosent continue onto someone else. I am firm believer that we should be thankful for the struggle and hurt in life’s because that’s what helps us grow personally and In our faith. We have to have trust in the Lord for all the good and bad we come across in our lives. And love all no matter what just like how God loves all his children no matter how hurt they may have caused or continue too. Hope this helps.

  • Samantha Edwards

    I constantly wonder why I need to forgive, or why I need to do the right thing, especially when it doesn't make sense or it helps someone who hurt me. I was talking to mentor about it and said that I didn't want to forgive someone who hurt me because they keep hurting others and they don't see their fault in what they're doing. But it is important to remember that that's how God feels about us. We don't usually see what we are doing as wrong until after, and we aren't always working on getting better. But He still forgave us "while we were still sinners". We need to forgive others because God forgave us, the least deserving. We need to do the hard thing if it is right because God does the right thing always, even when it is hard. He demonstrates his own love by sending his son to die for us. And meanwhile, we find it hard to forgive or to love?

  • It’s so important to remember that I myself have betrayed God many many times. He knows what I felt like when my husband get me. Is comforting to know God “gets it.” His heart was breaking for me.

  • I have completely had to experience this when my husband betrayed me this year. I was devastated and so lost, yet I clearly heard God telling me to forgive him because Jesus forgave me when I’ve done some pretty terrible things as well. My husband was shocked and in awe at the grace I showed him and is now a different man working to be a better leader. He’s also become a leader for a group of men struggling with the same things. It’s so amazing to see how God can take ugly things and make them beautiful again.

  • I ask God to help me be as forgiving as Hosea. The right thing is not always easy- forgiving those that have hurt us is so hard- but God can give us the grace to do this and move on.

    • Brooke

      I think a lot of people (including myself) have such a hard time forgiving people because if you say I forgive you, your actually saying what you did was ok… And that’s not true… What you did is NOT ok, but I still love you as Christ loves you, and He told me to forgive you because I need to be forgiven.

    • Brooke

      Whoops Sorry didn’t mean to reply to you lol

  • God never said the right thing would be the easy thing. Amazing. Why has this thought never occurred to me before? It isn’t always easy to not yell at the driver that cuts you off in morning traffic or to not cave into the need of male attention when you want to so badly. But the feeling of pride I have afterwards and the feeling of pride from God makes doing the right thing worth it.

  • FinaSanders

    This specific passage today has just pricked my heart and encouraged me in a way I needed. The Gospel is demonstrated through loving the unlovely. What a hard thing to do, but if God forgave me and loved me why does it have to be so hard to do it to those who’ve hurt you.
    I am encouraged because God sees my heart. He knows my hurt and continues to pour grace into my life. Though I’m weak, fragile, and very self centered He has continued to love me despite me.

  • Samantha

    My husband had an affair. Several actually. One lead me to be diagnosed with an std that could lead to cancer. I wanted to leave him so badly but I had no where to go and it seemed every attempt I made to figure out how to leave was met with obstacle after obstacle. How could God put me in that situation with out a way out. But, He never left me alone. He made his presence very real and personal to me. With devotional a like today’s He show me that He loved me when I was and am unlovable and calls me to demonstrate His love in the same way. The sins committed against me are small compared to my sin in the presence of a Holy God, yet He offered forgiveness and redemption and unconditional love to me and I can do no less then offer the same. It is a struggle but that God for his help and grace.

    • FinaSanders

      Wow Samantha, that is truly inspiring and very encouraging to see what The Lord is showing you through His word. Loving is so hard especially when it requires forgiving someone you loved and hurt you. But God truly does demonstrate ultimate love through the cross.

  • Savannah

    This concept is just so outrageous and hard for me to understand. That his love covers us. That we are so loved by Him despite our turning away. It is incredible.

  • Today’s devotional was exactly what I needed. He never said the right thing would be the easy thing. Thank you for putting His Word out there today. God Bless!

  • Michelle

    I chose to do this study because I needed to hear the hard truth. And to be dramatically humbled. I have struggled with infidelity for a long time. I grew up in the church, my parents divorced when I was 18 because of an affair, and yet my sinful desire for male attention in the wrong way has seriously hurt others and my relationship with God. I am blessed to have a husband who loves me unconditionally, even though I wronged him as well before we were married, and wants to help me through my struggle. Prayers, would be greatly appreciated.

    • Tabitha

      Hey Michelle, praying for you today. Thanks for your honesty & transparency. There is research that shows Infidelity impacts lots of chemicals in the brain and can be addictive. But Christ has overcome the world, and so infidelity is nothing for him to overcome as well…and he’s living in you and I’m believing he’ll set
      you free!

    • Nina

      Praying for you Michelle

    • Sarah

      Praying Michelle, thanks for being real. May we all stay connected to the vine. We are over comers only through him not by our might ❤️

  • Shauna Free

    I love this lesson! And it reminds me of 1 Cor 10:13 where God says that he will never give us anything that we can’t handle, that he will always give us a way to escape from our sin. We have a faithful God that loves his unfaithful children relentlessly and I’m so thankful for that!

  • Juanita DJ Camarillo

    Confession is my theme of the day. James 5:16

  • Laura Kate

    There is so much power in today’s lesson! Even though He often gives us time to reach contrition on our own and feel the consequences of our choices, God never ever fails to rescue us and redeem us and bring us home. He is right there whenever we come to Him, with a heart so full of love that no record of the number of transgressions exists in that moment. He gives and He forgives equally and without reserve. How beautiful.

  • Alayna G

    How can God use me as an example of his enduring love for his people? It might be painful. I can’t handle that kind of pain but I’m thankful I know a God who can take whatever pain comes and turn it into something usable for His Kingdom.
    So I (reluctantly and fearfully) ask Him to use me.

  • He loved me when I was useless to Him.

  • God, thank you for being so intentional in loving us well as we constantly commit adultery on you day after day after day. Your love is unlike ANY other as you continue to pursue us with your love and NEVER withhold your love from us no matter how big or often the offense.

    May we be intentional and look for ways that we can show others this kind of love as it only comes from you. “You never said the right thing would be the easy thing”, may we rest in your love, your abilities, and your steadfastness as we love others today. ❤️

  • Jennifer LaPrees

    God help me forgive the way you have forgiven me. Show me how to let go of this pain of betrayal. I don’t know how you do it! I feel so helpless. I want to walk in freedom and give freedom of forgiveness to the one who had hurt me. I just don’t know how.

  • Jasmine Mullen

    I am loving this study like none other. I keep asking The Lord to reveal the “raisin cakes in my life so that I can remove them. He is so faithful in loving is when we refuse to love Him, and when we turn from Him. It just makes me so pumped when I think about the truly unconditional love of our Father.

  • I don’t think that there is anything more materialistic than raisin cakes. The Israelites loved their raisin cakes and so do we. But here’s what we are called to do…give up those gross raisin cakes and take complete possession of our God. He is offering us a free gift and we can take that. Now moving into the day to day walk of a Christian we can and need to give up the raisin cakes in our lives , whether it’s relationships, school, family, possessions. We have to give it up. But like we were talking about earlier in this series, we need to replace those idols with God! He needs to be the item of our worship. And yes we are going to continually screw up but that’s okay. Because we see here in this passage that HE STILL LOVES US. There is nothing we can do to make him stop loving us. So get rid of the raisin cakes, start loving Him, accept your failures, but learn from them, and LOVE HIM AGAIN. At least that’s my goal and plan.

  • Wow…to think we worship “raisen cakes” over the Mighty God….yet he still pursues us while we are running away. My heart aches for breaking my Father’s heart, yet is filled with joy in knowing the love that he has poured out for me. Oh, how he loves us!

  • This is my first SRT study and I’m really struggling because I am currently going through a divorce. My husband lied his way into my life and as soon as we were behind closed doors, became abusive. I stayed, seeking the help I knew we needed through counseling. I stayed until I gave everything I had and reading the book of Hosea is very hard because the enemy is right there, whispering in my ear filling me with the guilt that I have been struggling with. But God doesn’t bring forth guilt, He brings forth conviction and I will not shy away from His word and His call because it makes me feel uncomfortable. I am forgiving my ex-husband daily and I can honestly say that I love him as God calls us to love everyone. It is a constant and continual process. I am blessed beyond recognition, Father thank you for your undying, unfailing love. You will never forsake us. Bring us through our trials with grace and humility!

  • Our church is going through a time of incredible pau a and turmoil that has its roots in many places – sins, mistakes,’human fragility, and the works of the enemy. The world is watching and what it sees is not good. Yet the truth is that body of Christ has a history of sinfulness because it is made up of sinners. So thankful that no matter what our sin, Jesus is greater and he loves us as we are and continues to call us to himself so lean how to repent and change. Glory to be to our great God whose grace is enough!

  • A shiver ran up my spine as I read “even as the Lord loves the children of Israel, though they turn to other gods and love cakes of raisins” in verse 1. On my best days, I still can’t love anywhere close to how the Lord does. As I try to crumble my pride today, I sit in thankful humility of just how gracious our Heavenly Father is.

  • Katie Nossick

    Crazy encouragement! Thanks

  • Mary Trenda

    This study brought me to tears. Holy Spirit just revealed all my idols and I’m so overwhelmed by God’s love for me. I hope you ladies feel it too.

  • Wow! I just started this study of Hosea and I am floored. I end up in tears with each day! God loves us so very much, but oh how we can hurt Him with our pettiness, selfishness, and continued falling away from Him. Why do I do that? I am so blessed by God's mercy and grace but so undeserving.

    I have read numerous comments from each day and I can see how God loves us women. We are so passionate! And to think, that our God designed us to be exactly that. Women are passionate, loving, and deep. So sad that we allow our enemy to sneak into our lives! That being said, women are strong! We have to be! And we CAN defeat the constant beating from satan. Our God is powerful and in Him, we are too!

    Thank you for this site and this study on Hosea. It's exactly what I needed at this time in my life!

  • How important! To be totally conscious of our need of God's grace. Although His love is infinite and beyond understanding, we repeatedly see it. How can I live this life that He gave me without trying to please Him? (At least I should try) Not to gain points with God, just for thankfulness and love.
    Like a song says, His grace is nothing more than scandalous! (Unspoken-band)
    Thanks for this devotion, it is always encouraging to read She Reads Truth.

  • Laura Beth

    I appreciate that you had the guts to mention discipline and suffering consequences for sins in this one. I feel too often like we, as modern day Christians, (often coming from fundamentalist, “brimstone and fire” backgrounds), focus too much on “forgiven and free” and we gloss over the fact that, though we are most certainly forgiven and free, we DO have earthly consequences that WILL make us uncomfortable. But of course, I am also glad for the reminder that he won’t take away those consequence because he loves us. And we will be refined in the end. Wonderful post!

  • Lindsay Bacon

    Lord, help me keep my eyes on you and to follow your lead with all my trust. Your plan is the best plan no matter how hard it seems.
    And praying for you ErinLaRue as well as the other women in similar situations. May you be gracious and loving just as our Lord has been with us.

  • My prayers are with you ErinLaRue – also w a dear friend of mine in a similar situation. I pray the Holy Spirit will minister to both my sisters and to my brothers who have turned away from their wives. May the Lord’s grace and mercy fill each of you.

  • Brittany H

    Lord strip me from the empty idols of this world. Help me to worship you, my king and creator! Thank you for your unending love that always brings me back to you!

  • Prayers for you ErinLaRue. I pray that God shows you faith and hope in him while go through this difficult time in your life. God loves you so much!

  • ErinLaRue

    I needed this today. God never said the right thing would be easy… I’m dealing with my unfaithful husband not loving me and wanting a divorce today. I felt like I had done enough in simply not agreeing to it, but now I see I need to fight even harder. I need to love him more. I need to have grace. Thank you.

  • Oh my. I cried reading this. It all makes so much sense now. He loves us. Our God loves us so much while we constantly turn to sin and go against him. He loved us while being unfaithful. Wow. I have been struggling so much with giving my time to the Lord. The devil cuts in so much and i try so hard to push him out and out. I can feel him trying to pull me away from Gods reading at this moment! Just a feeling of stress and fear. I am ready to feel contentness in my heart with NO worry of anyone cutting in my time with my God.

    • SheReadsTruth

      YES, Molly! Wow, thank you for sharing with us. I\’m so glad God has shown you His love and I\’m praying that He continues to provide pockets of time for you to spend with him! We love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • So many of the above posts make me think of the songs I’ve been listening to over & over again this past week: Steffany Gretzinger ‘s latest is called The Undoing, and God’s unconditional, unfailing love just comes pouring out of it!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thanks for mentioning it, Lori! I\’ll definitely have to check that out. We love having you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Marcia

      Love this song! I just bought her cd!! Such a blessing!

  • God loves the sinner. I am such a sinner. I have been dealing with some sort of mind game where my mind wanders into crazy thoughts and it’s causing me to drawback socially. I am hurting and want to walk back into his arms of undying love and protection. My heart is giving way to fear and it feels so unhealthy.

    • SheReadsTruth

      He loves you SO much, friend! Praying that He would show you that today. You are not alone! Asking for healing of your heart and comfort to your mind! Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • God never said the right thing would be easy. This reminded me of a story that I was reading in Extreme Devotion from The Voice of the Martyrs. A man was being tortured for his faith and God spoke to him. "You said you'd do anything for me", God Whispered to his heart. "Did you mean it?".

  • And…this is powerful. I’ve been struggling with a deep betrayal. I need these words to sink in and take effect. I need my love to grow up. I need strength in doing so. Ladies, please pray for me. I have three examples in this post: Hosea, God toward Israel, and Christ. He’s not kidding. I must love those hardest to love. If I am to appreciate his love, my response must be to love as HE does. Help me, Father.

    • Tanya

      Praying for you <3

    • Alyce

      This is my struggle today, and everyday too. Such deep hurt by the one person who is supposed to love and protect me, to fight for me, but instead let their own demons win. It hurts so much and God is the only one who can help heal me, restore me. I pray that we both lean into Him instead of running away and trying to bury our hurt and look for happiness and wholeness through our idols and such. Oh Lord, being your deep healing, help us to let You heal us, to love us.

      • Nikki Smith

        Oh, Alyce. I feel your pain through your words. Bless you! Deep hurt is the hardest. This study has pricked my heart for days!! As in Hosea, my husband was unfaithful to me. As you said, his demons won. It’s three years later, and though our marriage and relationship are fully restored and better than ever, the hurt remains. I do pray we ALL continue to lean on him. Saying a quick prayer for you and your deep hurt.

  • That version of Romans 5:8 honestly brought me to tears. “But God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him.” (Romans 5:8, MSG). Literally while he gained nothing in saving us, he still did it. While we could do nothing to repay him and before we even wanted to, he gave up himself for us.

    • Maggie

      I know I agree! It’s almost too much to fathom at times! I often get very emotional because I think “if I were less bad would it have hurt him even just a tiny bit less?” I feel so guilty! I really am a thorn in his side!

  • Haley Ryan

    I’m a little late reading this devo but I must tell you…it put me to tears!! Sometimes I know that I (and I’m sure along with some of the rest of us) forget how much he so deeply and limitlessly loves us! He loves each repentant return to Him. Even on the day we feel like we have done everything wrong He remains faithful & is ready to redeem us. That is TRUE love. Of which we will never find on this Earth until His return. This study is so great & helpful in this season of my life!

  • V. Elliott

    “God never said the right thing would be easy.” I have found that in life the difficult tasks develop character and perseverance.

  • SeekerofTruth

    Loved the line about how God extends grace to us when we struggle in the beds we’ve made, and how he loves us enough not to withdraw the consequences or punishment. This is a good reminder of the all encompassing love of God that we can’t begin to fully understand. Sometimes love is ugly and hard and includes consequences for poor choices. Thanks for the reminder. God is good!!

  • Amy Williams

    That line in the commentary, “it’s most definitely not easy to forgive (and even harder to love) someone who has betrayed our trust and hurt us deeply” that is where I am at (again) in my marriage to my husband who deals with sexual addiction. The pain and the hurt can be so deep. But as we walk together in his path towards seeking freedom I am so thankful for reminders of God’s bold love to rescue us and redeem us through his precious Son. How can I not forgive too? And while it is painful to try and trust….I must put my hope in HIM who is always faithful and always trustworthy. Not my husband. “God never said the right thing would be the easy thing”

    • Lauren

      Amy, it’s so encouraging to read your words. I have just found out that my husband has been struggling with pornography again for a year after I thought he had conquered it two years ago. It all came to light in a devastating way, but somehow God gave me such grace towards him. I am so thankful to know that I am not alone in this battle to love and trust him fully, despite the pain his actions have caused me. I love that you said y’all are walking together on a path to freedom. That is such a beautiful reminder of the commitment he needs from me to conquer this again. I will join with you in prayer for your husband, and I know that one day we will have marriages other people long for. Keep fighting. It’s worth it.

      • Elisabeth Price

        Praying for you Lauren and Amy! For courage, for assurance, for wisdom and strength.

      • Amy

        Lauren thank you for your prayers and for opening up. Sounds like we are in similar places. I can feel so powerless in this struggle of his, but then I realize i am the one that wants to change him, forgetting God is working and is the one who changes hearts, not me. But I am comforted that when I am weak HE is strong. His Power is made perfect in my weakness. Praise God because I often feel weak an powerless. I will pray for your marriage as well. God bless!

  • Ashley S.

    THIS is a great example of walking by faith & believing fully in God. Whenever you’re put outside your comfort zone things may just be hard for you. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to start living for God, not the world. Is it easy? NO But I know it’ll be worth it!

  • Charlotte

    Exactly what it blogged about yesterday before I did the Bible Study. This concept is one that we don’t hear enough in this walk of faith. Trying to let The Lord search my heart to cleanse me from these thoughts that think he should make it easier for me. As I sit in my house, with my kids all tucked in their beds, and all with full bellies, I need to let him fill my soul. I find that is the area I quickly put up guards and find myself on a slippery slope of self.

  • Czarina Kaye

    "He’s loved those that worship and give their best to the things of this world."
    Mercy! I never would have pegged myself for one who worships the world, but Lord knows, my "best" things (time, money, thoughts, plans) go to the world so easily. What an eye-opener.
    God I pray that you guide me with how I use my "best." I want my best to go to You alone, and to glorify Your name!

  • Katherine

    Oh, how I needed to hear this! I can love despite the hurt and betrayal I have felt because Jesus loves me despite mine toward him! The right thing will NOT always be the easy thing, but I must be committed to what God has called me to do: to love without limits.

  • Brendasan01

    This just amazes me that The Lord asks Hosea to take his wife again, just like He will take back Israel. The Lord has so much compassion on us and loves us so! Thank you Lord for loving a sinner like me.

  • loveHimso

    God never said that the right thing would be an easy thing…..most of the time I can say, it is NOT easy and definitely does NOT feel good ( as I sit here alone, starting my life all over again, pondering my future) . Sometimes the right thing is foolish to others whom are not privy to your directions from God. It may look foolish on the outside, but God is working. God has a better plan than we could ever imagine for ourselves. Tried life my way, this time God's way…..Ephesians 3:20

  • According to the notes in my Bible- Hosea 3:3-5
    Gomer would not be allowed conjugal relations for "many days" with any man including Hosea. As a further element of the picture of Gods dealinga with his covenant people during the present age (now-2014) Israel would exist without her existing political and religious (both true and false) relations until Messiah returns at the second advent to set up his millennial reign cf.(Ezekial 40-48, Zech 12-14)

  • Realizing that the right thing isn’t always the easy thing is a hard thing to really get through. I need to lay down my desired & perceptions of things & have more grace & love. Just like we are all so unworthy & God has loved us with an unconditional love. Lord, be my help, my strength.

  • Yes, Praise The Lord! “He knows what’s coming” He declared the end from the beginning…amen!

  • Kelsey T

    Words can’t describe how much I needed to read the book of Hosea and be a part of this study right now. In my marriage, I am Gomer. I betrayed my vows to my husband, and yet the first things out of my husband’s mouth when he found out were “I forgive you”. It stopped me in my tracks. I expected yelling, screaming, cursing, etc. Anything but forgiveness. Despite the broken marriage, my husband has professed his commitment and love towards me, as Christ loves the church. What an incredible person he is. Yes, it’s been hard. Extremely hard. The hardest and most painful thing I’ve ever gone through. And it’s going to take a long time to heal our marriage and get back to a good place. Yet there is so much beauty to be found in this pain. I am learning what it TRULY means to be redeemed. That God is rebuking and loving all at the same time, and despite my awful sinful nature, he loves me just the same. I am so thankful for Hosea’s story. It’s given me hope during a dark and painful time. God lead me to this study at the time I needed it most.

    • Jane J.

      Kelsey this is so inspiring to read! I’m saying a prayer for you, your husband and your marriage. God is so very good and He is faithful! I am currently believing God for the restoration of my marriage. Your story is a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing it.

      • Kelsey T

        Thank you, Jane! I truly pray my story is one that can help and encourage others. I appreciate your prayers :).

    • Kendall_S

      Kelsey – Rejoicing with you in the celebration of repentance and restoration!! I know this joy firsthand as well. So proud of you for sharing and so encouraged by your commitment to your marriage. God can make all things new and your testimony will surely be a blessing to many couples God brings across your path!

      • Kelsey T

        Thank you, Kendall! Your words made my night. There is so much negativity in sin that bits of encouragement is such a breathe of fresh air.

    • Jill

      Kelsey, praising God for your honesty. Thank you for sharing your story of hope and forgiveness!

    • loveHimso

      God bless you sister and your family

  • "They will come trembling to the Lord and to his blessings in the last days." (Hosea 3:5). I'm worried that this is just a sign that their remorse and conviction is too little too late. I know God gives and gives and is ever forgiving, but at what point do we live in a world where we succumb to evil and conform to disobedience to a point where He just lets us go? "They will live many days without king or prince…" (Hosea 3:4). I don't want to live in a world that God has let us go. I don't read this verse as a personal transcription. I take this verse as a global warning.

  • I’m new to this wonderful community but I am so touched by all the support everyone has for one another as I’m reading through the comments. It’s so precious that we have a sisterhood in Christ all over the place! And by the way this Hosea study is incredibly encouraging every day. It’s just the kind of devotional I’ve been praying for. Lots of love <3

  • Cari Spaulding

    It’s so impressive how Hosea goes to buy back his unfaithful wife without question. Lord, give me the faith and strength to follow your commands without questioning. It is also humbling to see that this is how our Savior “buys” us back, time after time without question. Thank you Jesus.

  • Megan Sisk

    This is my first study with SheReadsTruth and I’m in awe! Jesus is speaking to me so specifically and I just marvel at how he love me.

    I am so thankful for the reminder that grace and forgiveness do not come from the work that I do but it comes from Him. I am reminded that grace is always there to catch me when I mess up (which I know I do).

    One thing I love most about Jesus is he is a gentleman. He never forces anything on me, but instead invites me into his love and grace.

    Jesus thank you for truth today!

    • CourtneyStorti

      I love this Megan- Jesus as a gentleman always inviting us into grace and truth without pushing. Beautiful.

  • Suelong88

    I have such a hard time thinking in the spiritual sometimes. What keeps coming to my mind today is getting my house in order. Way too much clutter, stuff, garbage taking up way too much space. It's hard to breathe in there sometimes; literally and figuratively. How much do I show my love to my family? Sure, I say it all the time, but my actions don't show it at all.

    Lord, help me to be the wife, mother, homemaker you've created me to be.


  • Kendall_S

    Lord, You redeemed me when I was weak. When I lacked moral strength. When I was enticed by all that is ungodly. This is love. Your love for me. I am unendingly thankful for Your character and holiness. Keep me humble and looking only to you.

    My hard, right thing? Displaying a quiet and gentle spirit that radiants His glory and love to all I meet (especially my husband and little ones) May seem like small beans to some….but for this drama-loving, over-analyzing, temper-flaring-to-easily mama it would mean everything to the peace and joy in our home.

    • Allie Murphy

      Thank you for your words. I have used them for my own response as prayer when I had no words of my own for such a weighty passage.

    • Allie Murphy

      Oh and…. My hard right thing? Faithful belief. Unending commitment to what The Lord wills of me. Oh Lord teach me commitment like the commitment you have given Hosea to love such a hard person! And thank you for loving such a hard person like me! Amen

  • Gema Muniz

    This spoke directly to my heart this morning. Many times in my walk with God I have wanted to throw in the towel. I must agree, it is never easy to do the right thing, or say the right thing, or even live the right way. This fallen world is so filled with lies, obscenity, and bad influences that the easy way out many times is to do the wrong thing. Or at least the world and Satan wants you to believe this. As Christians we are called to be different and always do the right thing, even though at times we feel we can do so much better by simply giving in to this world’s way of living. But in this moment of weakness I thank God for reminding me that being his daughter is the best life I can ever live. No matter what struggle or situation I'm in at the moment, the best way to live is the way he has called us to live. God bless you sisters so thankful for this reminder today.

    Hi Gals, Have you ever heard the term "blood diamond"? What movie, or images does that conjure up for you? When I think of the film by the same name, I recall the countless lives, resources and fortunes that were wasted in pursuit of this one large and rare lump of coal!
    This morning when I went to prepare my k-offee, I noticed something on the kitchen counter. It was one of those inexpensive battery operated lights you can stick up under the cabinets to shed a little more light. I picked it up and tried to turn it on but it didn't work. So I figured the batteries were dead. I removed the three old batteries, went out to the garage, found three new AAA batteries, and put them in the light. It still didn't work! Frustrated, I took the "good" batteries out, stored them back in the garage and pitched the light in the garbage!
    Then I sat down and read today's SRT.
    How high a price has my Lord paid for me, "his little light", "his blood diamond", to be transformed from and unfaithful lump of coal or dime store flashlight, into his brilliant "BLOOD LIGHT"! You see God looks forward to our potential, "while we are yet sinners". He doesn't see a lump of coal to be burned for the baking of one "rai-SIN cake"! God chooses the "lump of coal", "dime store flashlight" me and fills me with beauty and power to become his brilliant "BLOOD LIGHT" in the world!
    I keep wanting to go pull that light out of the trash.

    Lord, forgive me for the disposable way I have cast the Gomers in my life aside. Lord cause me too remember my own adulterous and dark condition, in orders to praise you for many times you have brought me back into your marvelous light.Show me situations and people, where and to whom, have I not chosen to share your forgiveness and unrelenting love. Cause me to see in others the Holy reflection of you. Convict me with what ever pressure you choose to transform me into a brilliant reflection of you. "Create in me a clean heart oh God", free of adulterous worship, disposable judgements, raisin cake diets and unforgiveness. Carve your name upon my heart just as lovers carve their initials on a tree. " Renew a steadfast (faithful) spirit within me." Amen.

    • Jean

      What a wonderful “object lesson” your story of the broken light is. Thank you for sharing, it really brought today’s reading into focus for me!

  • This. I needed this. To be reminded that a forgiving spirit is what I need to strive for.

  • Elisabeth Price

    Our reading this morning reminded me of the patient love God has shown me. I feel very humbled. I pray, sisters, that God will continue to grown in us all humility that overflows into grace toward others.

  • Rosemary Hernandez

    Amen… Very powerful!!!!

  • Mandi O'Connor

    This is exactly what I needed today. Lord, give me patience and your eyes for others.

  • Christine

    Thank you! I think this example is much more difficult to live out towards others than receive. Acceptance of other’s without judgement is key.

  • Love the unlovable. See that I am unlovable. And see that a change has been made. I was once living in poor choices-as Gomer and Israel did-but that is not me now. But I keep returning to that identity, thinking that it defines me. No. May I truly believe that the love of God is that which defines me. I am unlovable. I am broken. And Christ died for me. What beautiful truth. What a wonderful study.

  • Stephenie

    This is sometimes so difficult to do. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to learn. I’ve needed guidance, without knowing it. My heart has been so hurt by some of the people that I loved dearly. Over the past 4 years I’ve told myself that it was okay to not speak to them. I kept wondering to myself how I would ever get past their betrayal. But, God works in our lives for a reason. If he can forgive me for all of my betrayals of his love, I will need to find a way to forgive and love them again…which isn’t easy for me to even type. I’m not sure how I’ll get there, but realizing God’s love and forgiveness even for those who betrayed his love, is a first step in understanding a path to get to the destination.

    • Elisabeth Price

      Such a difficult issue to wrestle with! sounds like God coming through the back door, like was mentioned yesterday. :) I went through a similar thing with my dad. I felt intensely betrayed and heartbroken but reading through Hosea (among other things) reminded me of all the things I had been forgiven for myself. Praying for you dear sister!

  • I am so thankful for this SRT community and the way God is speaking through these women. Each day so far in this study I am amazed by its relevance to my life… It is as if the devo author is reading my post from the day before then writing about it. Yesterday I asked God to show me a purpose and to help me live it wholeheartedly, even if it was hard. Then, today, that’s what this devotional was about. I’m now listening God!!! Haha

    • Beth Starkey

      Love this. :)

    • SheReadsTruth

      Jenn, we are so thankful that God is teaching you amazing things! We love having you!

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I almost skipped over this SRT study because I have lived through divorce as a result of my husband’s unfaithfulness. I used to always think I was the type of Christian who could forgive and move past if this happened in my marriage . But then it DID happen… And there wasn’t an immediate repentance and a desire to stop his other relationship and be with me that followed. While I tried to stay and work on things, I came to the point where I knew I could not trust him to not do this again – with her or anyone else, so our marriage ended. And now before the divorce is even final, he is engaged to her. Sometimes I struggle with not being “Hosea-enough” and other times, I feel like God knows I tried. Anyone else struggle with this?

    • SheReadsTruth

      Jill, know that I am praying for you right now. I\’m asking that God would provide you with clarity and comfort during this season. He knows your hurt, and I\’m so thankful He is drawing you closer to Him! You\’re not alone, and we are so glad you\’re part of this community.

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

      • Jill

        Thank you, Kaitlin, for your prayers. I think it’s so great that you respond to each woman! We appreciate your thoughts and encouragement.

    • Taime'

      Oh my beloved sister Jill, I've read through nearly two pages of comments to arrive with you at this God appointed post! Thank you for being transparent with your pain and asking this question. It has been 24yrs since my marriage of eleven years ended. We had been married very young and quickly had two precious children. We had both made professions of faith as children ourselves, were active in our church (his father the pastor, my father a deacon) and our children were enrolled in christian school. At the time, I was employed as interim principal for that same church school. Making his father our pastor and my direct supervisor.
      When I became aware of the adultery, I was devastated! We had unintentionally, unknowingly and ill advisedly made infidelity the "only out" to our marriage vows. We, no. I had often looked with reproach at other women going through divorce and stated, "we married for life", "the only way out of this marriage is adultery and I'm not about to do that". Well Jill, "that" did happen. Possibly, countless times in my mind through the years.I compared my husband with other "more Godly" men, better providers, more romantic, more helpful, better dressed, better mannered or just other men. Did I ever flirt, or engage in unfaithful physical behavior? Of course not. Absolutely No. But, I did not support him with my prayers and my thought life was full of comparisons to other "sacred raisin cakes" I saw around me.
      I can not speak of his thought life or his heart. Those things are between he, and the Lord. With prompting from myself and questioning from my father, his physical infidelity came to light. Of course, I wanted to know why and how he could act in that manner and the last night we slept together was full of yelled accusations, tears, flimsy apologies and unsuccessful comforts. I could no longer trust him and consequently felt that I no longer knew him. We separated right away and though I prayed from my place of brokenness, nakedness and grief, divorce seemed to be a righteous next step. Yes, we went through the motions of talking to our children, to his parents and to mine. However, there was never a moment when I said to him, I want you in my life because you are the man God chose for me and though you have sinned against me I forgive. He did not ask to be forgiven. He should not have had to ask.
      Jill, if there is one thing that I know I did not handle in a manner that pleased God it was my response to his infidelity! Regret, is not a sufficient term. Yes, I was crushed by his infidelity! I felt as if I had been stripped of my clothing and that my skin had been removed exposing every nerve, muscle and neuron to the unbearable movement of air passing over me. But Jill, there was another who had been adulterated against! He had been stripped of his clothing, he had been beaten until his skin was stripped from his back exposing the sinew, muscle and nerve! Then he carried the world's infidelity and specifically, my self righteous unforgiveness to the cross! On that cross, he forgave me and then he allowed himself to be divorced from God the father and the Holy Spirit. He took my unforgiveness to the very depths of hell. For three days, he bore the adulterous sin of humanity for all time. But, then he rose again from the dead so that your husband Jill, his fiance, my ex husband, myself, our children, the entire world would accept his forgiveness and begin, not a legal marriage, but a covenant love relationship for eternity with him. I was then and I am now a follower of Christ. Christ was, is and forever be the only forgiver of this adulterous creation! How can we be Christ-like without being forgiving?
      To paraphrase the word;" Lord, you forgave me. Help my unforgiveness".

      • Faith

        Thank you for sharing :)

      • Jill

        Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I struggled much during this time and still continue to work through. God’s word is good, counseling is good, and the wisdom and support of Christian sisters are so much appreciated!

    • Onfaith

      Jill, I want you to know that I am praying for clarity for you. That the Lord lay answer where you have questions, where He comforts you in your concerns and that He heals any brokenness you feel in this. The depth of confusion and hurt in your circumstance is intense and I pray relief into it. Light in the darkness and bridges over rough water. I pray for your husband's heart, that he begin to see what God needs him to, that God provide such peace to you, that not an ounce of you compares, questions yourself or causes you to think to the woman involved. I pray compassion for yourself, that God provide you an understanding to yourself, grace for your heart and that He lifts any weight you carry.

      I will add that prior to a "newness" my marriage was fraught with muck Jill. The times I was "Hosea-like" are significantly outnumbered by the times my behavior and words were not. But this I know, God wept where I wept, He cheered where I cheered and He lifted me, when I didn't think I could get up again. He doesn't just KNOW you tried, He watched you and was with you as you did. While He mourns your loss Jill, while He weeps for you and your husband and your marriage, He knows. He doesn't want you living in the moments you second guess, sure He wants you to learn from them, but He doesn't want you believing that your focus on them changes anything. That's enemy stuff. There is no step by step instruction manual for how to handle infidelity, and no matter how many books you read or counselors you see, it is a personal journey that is riddled with pebble after pebble of momentary feelings of defeat, but LOOK AHEAD sister…..your path in that journey is bare and there is light ahead. I am praying that this part of your journey be lined with unending beauty, lots of shade for sweet rest and that peaceful, gentle breeze of God's voice whispering His love to you as you walk! Many hugs my sister! ~ B

      • Jill

        B, I cannot begin to tell you how much your loving words mean to me. Thank you for reaching out and caring for your heart so well today.

  • Love this

  • To think of the Lord as a groom to us – the unfaithful bride – is heart wrenching. As Gomer wanders from the husband she vowed to love, she trades in being a treasured wife for a fleeting feeling that leaves her with a pitifully small value. She devalued herself, trading in the blessed role of wife for a cheap thrill. Hosea buys her back for so little. Ugh. How often have I traded in what He has planned for me to chase some momentary distraction? Praise Him for being so faithful and loving me – us – despite ourselves. What an amazing God we serve! Grateful. Humbled.

  • kristin riley

    I remember reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers so many years ago and being so pulled into the story of Hosea and Gomer. Confused by Gods plan and yet, feeling a familiarity in the story of love and grace. Not knowing the dark paths I would choose to take before feeling the warmth of God’s hand on my back again. Looking back now, I see the Lord’s great grace in my life over and over. I think back to that young woman that was me wondering why God loved the way He did. Now I know, because one day, though I can never earn it or deserve it, HE. LOVES. ME.

    And, now recently, after the birth of my firstborn son, I can catch a teeny tiny glimpse of God’s love and sacrifice.

    Thank God that HE knows what comes next!!!


    • Elisabeth Price

      Kristin, so true! It’s always incredible to look back on those moments that felt confusing to us, then to see how God was truly at work in our lives during that time. I’ve felt that way recently but thank you for the reminder that God is at work even when we don’t necessarily see it. :)

  • Seeing that Hosea not only forgave his wife, but went back to give it a second chance; is it “wrong” to not give that second chance even though forgiveness was given?

  • When they were young my children never understood time outs, or other consequences for bad behaviors and it was not always easy for me to in force them, but someone told me early in my parenting that, "he who corrects is also he who loves without limits.". Because I loved my children I corrected them. These five verses reminds me that my God loves me beyond any thing I can imagine. He went to the cross for me and bought me with a great price, but He wants my obedience and therefore he also corrects. Thank you Father God for your unfailing love to this unworthy woman and for reminding me that you expect obedience from me.

  • "Even though" are words that stood out to me. "go love your wife even though she commits adultery" and "the Lord still loves Israel, even though the people have turned to other gods.." (Hosea 3:1).

    Things are not always fair, and we don't always agree with them, but we are called to love and forgive "even though." Lord, let me meet my "even though" moments with your love, mercy and strength.

  • I have read Hosea many times, but reading it with SRT has opened it up to me and made me see it with new eyes. It leaves me breathless knowing how many times I have been unfaithful to Him, and he keeps drawing me back with love. Thank you for this study. It has made me look at my heart and repent of things that should not be there.

  • Rhonda Elder

    “I used to think Jesus motivated us with ultimatums,
    but now I know He pursues us in love.”

    Excerpt From: Goff, Bob. “Love Does.”

    I’m reading this and amazed how it flows with Hosea.

  • Amy Dann

    Something The Lord brought to mind for me this morning is how I am so unworthy of love, but Christ gives his love to me and renews his mercies every morning. And on the flip side of that, is me trying to love and pursue God. It seems an easy thought – he is love, truth, wisdom, kindness, grace, peace, joy and so much more- but I can’t love him with even an ounce of the love that he deserves. The scripture reference in Romans is true, it is a difficult thing to wrap our minds around dying and sacrificing for even the best man of all at times. But how much greater is God’s love and I can pursue him so much more now that he has loved me!

  • ofDustandWonder

    This is such a two sided learning situation. One the one side, I am Gomer: full of shame, regret and the expectation of abandonment, but instead I find a loving embrace and forgiveness. So beautiful and humbling. One the other side, I am Hosea: asked by God to go after those who have hurt me and embrace them with forgiveness. Both of these are beautiful and challenging, shame and pride seek to win me over and steal my joy. How thankful am I to serve a God who does the impossible, that even if I feel like both or either of the aforementioned things is impossible, he is capable.

    I have to make a humorous side note about the "sacred raisin cakes". One year at summer camp I found that passage (I had to have been like 12 at the time) and thought it was hilariously random! Even when my counselor explained that it was probably a food of pagan worship (and I got that), it's still not a term you expect to see in scripture. :) My entire cabin made a joke out of it all summer.

  • What an awesome God, to love like that! How blessed I am, and how unworthy. The things He asks me to do that seem hard to me are so little in comparison with the hard things He has done for me. Lord, help me to show I love you by staying close and, in your power, doing the hard things you ask.

  • Whilst living without our physical King we must remain faithful. His love compels us to stay close to Him. Reviewing my time in my current job I haven’t been the most faithful employee but God assured me that I can redeem myself – not to earn His favour but because I have His love. It won’t be easy to get into a new routine but with Him all things are possible

  • Lauren2024

    Raisin Cakes and Sacred Stones:
    These are two “random things” that also stood out to me today.

    First Raisin Cakes. Raisin cakes… This is so silly… This reminds me of day one of the study. We settle for silly raisin cakes when we were created to worship The living God! What are the raisin cakes in my life? What am I settling on?

    And then the sacred stones in verse 4. This reminds me of when Joshua built the alter of 12 stones Joshua 4:4-7 as the Israelites were about to go into the promise land. They were instructed to not forget what God had done and how he delivered them from Egypt and through the dessert. The stone alter was built to help the Israelites remember and acknowledge God’s intervention and help from generation to generation. They could look to a monument of his faithfulness.

    I know in my life those monuments are so important and helpful. When I face difficulties I can look to “past monuments” of God’s faithfulness. They help me remember God has always come through and he is enough. The thought of having no “sacred stones” is so sad to me. How hopeless life feels when we do not remember what God has done.

    • kristin riley

      Thank you for that awesome observation! Why am I settling for the minute and temporary pleasure of a “raisin cake” when I have EVERYTHING waiting for me?!?!?

  • nafisara

    Lord knows! We go back and forth every morning for that extra hour!!! LOL tossing and turning and all that! Whew! Thank you Heavenly Father for your unfailing, unconditional love. Help me to love like you!!!

  • Caroline

    God is so good. He graciously lived and died to teach us how to live with Him forever as He reminds us to forgive each other at least 70 x 7 times daily. This study today helps me walk this out. I'll be visiting with someone I've practiced this with and our time together is so FUN! May you all find the same joy in obedience.

  • “despite all of our transgressions, He loves us anyway. And He knows what’s coming.”
    Completely convicted & humbled here; The Lord loves me in spite of my past sins; and loves me even though he knows what’s coming with me; the whining, complaining, unfaithful, sinner. But am I allowing Him to speak that truth to me? So many times I attempt to “earn” His love & trust back – Gomer was paid for, multiple times, & loved by Hosea & The Lord! Oh that I would love others (especially my spouse) even when I know I’m going to be hurt! He loves me, He loves me, He loves me!

  • Dori McCormick

    “Redeeming Love” is a book that keeps coming back into my life. It is a novel about Hoses and Homer that will both break and mend your heart. I am going to read it AGAIN, this time understanding that is it also about MY adultery towards God.

  • MonicaFrancine

    Wow, I am more blessed by this study everyday. Humbling,

  • My footnote on Hosea 3:2 says that the amount Hosea paid for Gomer was “pitifully small.” He was the only one who thought she was worth anything. And he didn’t stop at buying her back; he obeyed God and truly loved her. The connection between Hosea’s attitude toward Gomer and God’s attitude toward me just blew my mind this morning. God didn’t “get” anything from saving me. I am a sinner, and I don’t deserve being saved. But God went above and beyond simply saving me. He loves me more than I can imagine and so much more than I deserve. The world may say I’m unworthy, and I am because of my sinful nature. But God says I have value, and He proved this by redeeming me. Wow! I’m SO thankful that my worth is determined by Him.

    • Vivian

      That is so, so true! I thank God every day for NOT giving me that which I deserve (for my sin) but for giving me that which I do not deserve. It is so wonderful to be loved relentlessly.

  • "We feel the consequences, the emptiness and the futility of living without a King. And while He’ll have grace for us as we struggle to lie in the beds we’ve made, it’s out of His deep love for us, that He won’t let himself take away the punishment.

    And despite all of our transgressions, He loves us anyway. And He knows what’s coming."

    Wow! As a parent myself, I make a lot of parent/child connections to God, and this is one I don't think I ever realized– that He will give us grace as we deal with the messes we make, but He won't take them away. And for good reason. He loves us. We live in a fallen world. We need to learn from those messes. As we clean them up though, He is with us. My kids are young, and I know how hard it is to just want to replace a toy they break or lose just to make them happy, but then they don't learn responsibility. I want God so badly to take away some of the messes I've made (debt still carrying over from some spend-crazy college credit cards and student loans comes to mind), but I'm learning through that process. He's teaching me and loving me through the clean-up stages instead of sending a winning lottery ticket my way, which wouldn't necessarily teach me anything. I never thought of it like that.

    Doing right things is hard and in a lot of ways those right things are counter-cultural. However, I find so much comfort in knowing that God knows how they'll end up.

  • This is simply breath taking. O how He loves us, two songs came to mind, All the ways He loves us and How He loves us by Moriah Peters. "From the sun coming up, till the sun going down, every breath we breathe in and breath out, blessings are given, as we are living for Jesus. He's the beginning and He is the end, He will be faithful again and again, we give Him praise for all the ways He loves us." He is indeed faithful, so much that we are unable to understand.
    It was lastnight that I read Hosea 3 and I was in awe of the Father's love for us, I still am. It hurts to know that often times we take it for granted, being unappreciative because we know it's always there. Let us put that aside this morning, and be grateful with every breath within us. Let Him know despite us not understanding His love and why He loves us, we are grateful as we wouldn't be here without it. Lord we love you, we adore you, no one above you, no one before you. Thank You for your unfailing love, even though we dont deserve it. https://m.facebook.com/greenkimone

    Have an amazing weekend ladies.

  • joanne Sher

    The whole thought that He empathized with Hosea really struck me. He asks us to do what He has already done – what He continues to do. Lord, help me love, and make sacrifices for, the unlovable, as You do daily.

  • This was hard to read and even harder still to sit here and process. Loving the unlovable is NOT easy. I have a huge deal of bitterness and anger towards my dad for things that just continue to build up and multiply the more I think about it. He hasn't made any efforts to meet his first grandson who will be a year old in December and he hasn't made any efforts in our relationship. I only hear from him when he needs something and he totally avoids confrontation and actually talking to me about these issues. I've been praying a lot about letting go of the bitterness and for God to show me how to love him because I just don't want to. This mornings read was hard, but so very needed. Pray for me as God works on my heart and helps me learn how to forgive my dad. If God can do it, I can too, right!?

    • Sarah Martin

      Ashley. Wow. You are doing the right thing: to allow God to help you let go of bitterness. I know from experience that bitterness toward someone that hurt us only effects our hearts. It only keeps us in despair…not necessarily the one who we have the bitterness towards. I'm praying for you right now. God will bless your obedience to forgive!!! Hugs!

    • Pam

      Ashley, I'm in a very similar situation with my mother. She has hurt my three children, husband and I very deeply with her words and actions. And then ignored what she did and the consequences that it has caused. Until I read today's passage and your note I was unaware that I had not truly forgiven her, but instead harbor great bitterness towards her. Thank you for helping me see that saying I have forgiven her to God and actually doing so are not the same. I am a work in progress and I need to work on this!

  • Ashley Long

    This was hard to read and even harder still to sit here and process. Loving the unlovable is NOT easy. I have a huge deal of bitterness and anger towards my dad for things that just continue to build up and multiply the more I think about it. He hasn't made any efforts to meet his first grandson who will be a year old in December and he hasn't made any efforts in our relationship. I only hear from him when he needs something and he totally avoids confrontation and actually talking to me about these issues. I've been praying a lot about letting go of the bitterness and for God to show me how to love him because I just don't want to. This mornings read was hard, but so very needed. Pray for me as God works on my heart and helps me learn how to forgive my dad. If God can do it, I can too, right!?

    • shereadstruth

      Ashley, I'm so thankful for your honesty. God is doing incredible things in your heart as He leads you to be more like Him. I can't WAIT to continue to hear about what He's teaching you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Candacejo

    "And while He’ll have grace for us as we struggle to lie in the beds we’ve made, it’s out of His deep love for us, that He won’t let himself take away the punishment."

    This jumped out at me today…that while there is forgiveness there are also consequences sometimes for our mistakes and sins. And it is out of His LOVE for us that He doesn't take those away! He is pruning, molding, making us into the child of God that He knows He can use to reach others.

    Thankful for mercy in my sin and failures.

    Blessed Friday my friends! ♥

  • "…it's out of His deep love for us that He won't let Himself take away the punishment." These words ring so true this morning. So often, I find myself in situations that I want to try to pray myself out of. But here is the Truth! He loves me enough to allow me to deal with the consequences, in hopes that I may keep myself out of the same situation in the future. How stubborn I am! I rarely learn my lesson but He doesn't condemn me. He allows me to work through my own natural consequences, while never leaving my side, so that I may see that His way is better than my way. Father, give me the strength and the desire to follow You, even when it's hard. And thank You for Your sweet comfort and grace as I work through the consequences of my actions. You are so good to me.

  • The right thing is never easy. . . how often do we make excuses to do it our way instead of God's Right Way. . . how often do we lose that chance for sharing a testimony because God's Right Way seems to difficult . . . how often do I just ignore the right way to do things my way . . .

    Hosea was humiliated, betrayed, cheated on, yet when God said forgive her bring her back into your home, he paid the price and brought her home. God paid the ultimate price for me and my sins with his son, yet how often do I return to my old ways . . .

    Definitely something to ponder.

  • Such a touching and eye opening book. Yesterdays passage had me thinking all day about how I was being "unfaithful" to God and how I could change that in my life. Now today this one looks to keep my mind running too. I love when I am studying and God opens my eyes to something I need to learn or work on in my life. No sometimes those things are not easy but in the end they make me a better and stronger person in the Lord…..And that's one of my hearts desires….

    Have a blessed day ladies…..xoxo

  • The right thing is never the easy thing….and it seems the more you love God and try to do right thing there are more situations in life that pose this question: "do you love Me? Will you still love me and obey Me and love others even if…..? " anyone else know what I mean?! :)

    Yes, Lord what else can I do? This has to be my answer…..and Hosea's. He was chosen by God to be an example. He did what was right even though I'm sure his heart was shattered because he loved Him more than anything here on earth. He trusted God and His plan. Even though it looked crazy! And unthinkable! We must do the same……:)

  • Michelle

    It takes a real depth of forgiveness and courage to take an adulterer back. I’m always amazed when it happens. I don’t know if I could do it. But since I know what I am forgiven of by God, I am deeply compelled to show that forgiveness to others. I didn’t have that before Jesus. Not even a little bit.

  • Hosea amazes me. He has to not only accept his cheating wife back, but pay for her a large sum AND he does this without being harsh to her. He tells her that he will live with her. Hosea, more or less, renews his covenant with her, his promise TO her. Wow, just wow, He actually confirms that he will stay with her, He won't leave her. Just as God says to us, He won't leave us either. I know when I have felt betrayed I've needed time to reconcile with the situation, the person, to reconcile my thoughts or words. It's not easy to let go of hardships or betrayals, yet that is exactly what God instructs Hosea to do and he does it, brilliantly. I think this was one of those Matthew 25:21 situations….."Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let's celebrate together!"

    I can only imagine the love and heart God had for Hosea in this. I know it pained Him to see Hosea go through this, but I also know that He delighted in Hosea's obedience, definitely invited him to "celebrate together", and welcomed him into heaven with an extra pat on the back. Oh to be Hosea, to just do as God asks, without fit, without question, to have words of grace and a heart that immediately forgives. I also imagine that Gomer must have been so humbled by this great expression of love, by Hosea's commitment to her….how she must have loved him because of this. The beauty of a love so filled with grace and forgiveness! God is unrelenting in this with us. How grateful I am that in my harlotry God never ceases, He binds me to Him each time and embraces in an unwavering passion for my heart! ~ B

  • These words have been playing through my head all morning … “How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure, that He should give His only son to make a wretch His treasure.” Blown away by Christ’s sacrifice for me. I am an undeserving wretch, but He has made me His treasure. Praise God!

  • Thank u Jesus….. b blessed sisters

  • Zuri Stackhouse

    My My My…well the things we need to hear are never the things we want to hear. Its much easier to be upset with someone for breaking the line of trust……but we must forgive them. God forgave us…over and over and over again but one bad thing happens and we write people off without a second thought. How naive are we…..Thank you for today messages…..

    • Christy Milam

      I am having this issue with a sister right now. and today this slapped me just a little bit. I love how god uses the smallest things to bring something so big to light.

  • No He doesn't…
    No He doesn't…

    I was walking my. BIG dog( on a lead), with my grandson, a couple of days ago, when from nowhere a small dog appeared, no lead we carried on walking, but this little dog insisted on sniffing around my dog….she didn't like it, so she growled at him, the little dog took no notice, she growled a little louder…at this point I see the bigger picture of if this little dog does not go away, there could be consequences…I start to look Round for an owner…not a person in sight, prepared to own it…I start shouting for an owner…but nothing, whilst all this was going on, the little dog had got mine quite angry to the point of 'let me at 'Em….I hold on tighter to her lead, while still shouting for an owner to reveal themselves….nothing…in all this somehow my dogs lead has now come off her neck, and as she goes for the little dog, I grab hold her, and tell her to stay….this she does, thankfully, because at this point, I am on the ground, and boiling with rage, fear, and ready to kill the owners of that dog…the owners arrive, and I was greeted with…what's all the noise about…..I am sure you can guess my reaction as I sat on the ground, fuming….they were not words I knew, that left my mouth, in response, they were not loving words, nor were they words of friendship, or even peace…they were horrible and so so unlike me….I have never liked alterations, and here I was….having been place in this position….they tried to explain that it was a pub dog and therefore it runs free in the pub close by….they apologised, while telling me in their undertone…shut up…you are affecting our trade…I was mad….needless to say…it didn't end well…I stormed off mumbling I was going to report them….my sadness was my grandson had witnessed it all….that broke my heart….I apologized to Him, and and explained that sometimes grandma's have moments…and this was mine…what else could I do….. but I also realised, I had, just right there hurt the Lord, my God….
    For the last couple of days….God has placed on my heart to go and apologize to the couple, that although it was not the best of situations, my conduct was wrong…..the words that left my mouth were not God words….and although…. it might have been 'righteous anger' …I need now to be the better man, the person God created me to be….I need to approach them in Love and Forgiveness, …Peace….Grace, as He has afforded me each and every day….

    ..No,… God never said it would be easy, doing the right thing….

    No He didn't..

    Forgive me Lord, for not handling the situation well….Forgive me for not looking to you, in that moment , but most importantly, Lord, forgive me my sin of not trusting you ….

    Thank you Lord, for your protection in that situation, it sure could have been far worse….Thank you Lord that Missy, my dog, large though she is, has a heart of gold and obedience….Thank you Lord, for the opportunity , soon after to apologize to my grandson….Lord, I thank you now, for the conviction this morning, through this post that says it so clearly….go and apologize…Thank you Lord, that even through my wrong doing, YOU still want the best for me, YOU still love me enough to guide me on the right path….YOU have my back and YOU walk with me …Thank you Lord God, for all you continue to work and do in me ….Thank you Lord…..And Lord I pray your presence with me as I go and do this….that you will give me the right words to say, and your peace, as you did Simon Peter, when he faced the court….Lord, in the One who gave it all that I might have life's name, Jesus,i pray….Amen..

    Pray for me sisters….

    I pray the Lord be kind and gracious to you, and I pray He look upon you with favour, and give you peace…I love you guys… God .Bless you…..xxx

    • ~ B

      Hosea amazes me. He has to not only accept his cheating wife back, but pay for her a large sum AND he does this without being harsh to her. He tells her that he will live with her. Hosea, more or less, renews his covenant with her, his promise TO her. Wow, just wow, He actually confirms that he will stay with her, He won’t leave her. Just as God says to us, He won’t leave us either. I know when I have felt betrayed I’ve needed time to reconcile with the situation, the person, to reconcile my thoughts or words. It’s not easy to let go of hardships or betrayals, yet that is exactly what God instructs Hosea to do and he does it, brilliantly. I think this was one of those Matthew 25:21 situations…..”Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!”

      I can only imagine the love and heart God had for Hosea in this. I know it pained Him to see Hosea go through this, but I also know that He delighted in Hosea’s obedience, definitely invited him to “celebrate together”, and welcomed him into heaven with an extra pat on the back. Oh to be Hosea, to just do as God asks, without fit, without question, to have words of grace and a heart that immediately forgives. I also imagine that Gomer must have been so humbled by this great expression of love, by Hosea’s commitment to her….how she must have loved him because of this. The beauty of a love so filled with grace and forgiveness! God is unrelenting in this with us. How grateful I am that in my harlotry God never ceases, He binds me to Him each time and embraces in an unwavering passion for my heart! ~ B

      • Onfaith

        Ok, so that was supposed to be a comment…not a reply just yet….and it didn't have me logged in as it normally does, soooo, I'm not able to delete it. A little wonky with me still …. but then that is me. Sorry Tina!

        On a side note, I wanted to say, your humility in this situation is beautiful. I think it so easy to think to a response or a comment that was done in jest and feel remorse, but to leave it at that. Your heart to apologize to your grandson and seek forgiveness from this couple is such an example of doing hard things. I will praying that your heart is softened so that you are able to approach the situation as you'd wish and that you are received graciously and with curiosity too! ~ B

      • Morgan

        Though I've read Hosea before, I was struck by the fact that he had to purchase Gomer, implying she had become a slave. Brought to mind how I become enslaved to sin, but Paul tells me in Romans 6:18 I am no longer a slave to sin but to righteousness. Yes! A slave to righteousness because the price has been paid for my freedom!

    • GracenJoy

      Praying for you Tina. As the owner of a big dog who is super cute but afraid of people, I get it. I am amazed at how many people want to just come up and pet her even while she is clearly showing signs she is not comfortable with it. However there are also a lot of people who get it and ask and take no for an answer. I try to focus on that.

      Praying for you and Missy.

    • Kel

      You are human, and like the rest of us you will continue to make mistakes. God knows this. The best part of it is that you realize the mistake immediately and ask for forgiveness, and apologize to the ones affected. Before, if this had been me, the situation would have marinated in my mind for days or weeks with righteous indignation. This is how we know we've grown in Christ when we handle such circumstances with humility.

      Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you!

    • Kellie

      Tina THANK YOU for sharing that. I can soooooo relate.

    • Candacejo

      I am praying for you this morning (your afternoon!) that God will give you more grace to handle this situation and be the peacemaker God has made you to be. We ALL have sinned and fallen short!!! But thanks be to God…He giveth more grace! This may all have happened for a reason to be a witness to this couple. You just never know.

      Go in peace. ♥

    • Mbuz

      Praying for you sister! I've been in both situations-with both the dog and having to go back to apologize or confess something- and just know God is gracious and will give you the words!

    • liz

      Good morning Tina. I was blessed by this, and thank you for sharing. In doing the hard, but the right thing, God is also honored. Perhaps He is using you, and this situation, to speak to this couple about His love and grace. I love that He never wastes our bad moments, but turns them around for good. Have a beautiful day!

    • Jenny Raymond

      Oh, that God may bless you in your obedience! If you are able, take your grandson with you when you apologize, it may leave a lasting impression of humility on his heart!

    • Brandi

      I need to be more like Missy – a heart of obedience. That too would keep me out of lots of trouble! Thank you so much for your honesty!

    • tina

      Dear, dear wonderful Sister's, thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers and encouragement in this matter…I had never felt so covered as I drove to the couple's pub….I walked in with a bit of shakes, still praying…asked to see them…to be told they were away for 2 weeks!!!!. So now I wait…but thank you for having my back in prayer….Blessings and Love to you all…Tina..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kari @ ADamnGoodRead

    So convicted. It seems petty, but there has been some unrest in a relationship with a sister in Christ. She wasn’t aware of it and it had been distressing me so I finally brought my offense to her. She was so gracious, but not I still just feel like a wreck. I think I’m not realizing that I had some unforgiveness on my heart. I feel really ashamed that because many times relationship become a little messy and here I am think to myself how I would like to jump ship. But, God sees my mess and wants me anyway. So convicted that, even if just in my thought life, I haven’t been extending the same grace to those in my life. #heartcheck

    • Gema Muniz

      Amen sister, is so great when God speaks to us. He allows us to be cleansed of anything that is not allowing us to live lifes that fully glorify him. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

  • I was telling myself just yesterday night " God you know this is not easy" and this morning look what I found here…… Straight response from God. God bless the people behind this….. And will continue to use you guys.
    And it's just beyond understanding how God keeps loving us when we have failed so many times…

    • Millicent

      Same here! God is funny that way. God Bless you Ay.D!

    • shereadstruth

      I love it when that happens! So thankful for everything God is teaching you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • lynda clarke

    Wow this study has really made me take a look at me. Thank you go for all your insight into this book. There are so many th Huns in my life that come to mind in thy is study. I know God loves me. And I'm thankful for the study of Hosea.

    • shereadstruth

      Thank you for joining us, Lynda! We are so excited to hear what God's teaching you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Loving the new set up by the way. It feels fresh.

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