Hebrews: Day 7

Food for the soul


Today's Text: Hebrews 5:11-6:20

Text: Hebrews 5:11-14, 6:1-20

“Therefore let us move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity…”
– Hebrews 6:1, NIV

“Holding back from such (spiritual) learning, perhaps with a false humility of ‘I’m not good at understanding these things’ when we really mean ‘I can’t be bothered to try’, is a way of saying that we want to remain spiritual babies.”
- NT Wright

When my son passed away at 3 weeks old last August, my faith was shaken to the core. Yet, in the midst of the anger, confusion, and feelings of betrayal, there was also the desperation of clinging to the only One who could make peace with this all. I wanted to understand just a little more of the plan through the pain, although I’ll never know it all this side of heaven.

In the midst of the longing was a hesitation and questioning of why? Why would I need to read the Bible, pray for wisdom, study His Word? I’d been through the delivery and loss of three of my children and came out believing in God — wasn’t that enough?

Oh, friends. As I look back now, I shudder to think how close Satan came to taking me on a detour from the Truth to my own self righteousness.

Thankfully, it is God’s grip on me — not my feeble grip on Him — that keeps me safe in the fold of His love. Nancy Guthrie says it well: “If your faith is real, you will not fall away. Not because you are strong or because your faith is strong but because God has his firm grip on you and he will not let go. You will remain in him because you are his forever.”

As Christians, we need to be in the Word. Often. We need godly men and women to teach us. We need to get on our knees and pray that God would reveal more of Himself and His plan through our study of His Word. Not because we have to, but because we want to. When you love someone, you want to get to know them. This is how it is with our Creator.

God’s relationship with us deepens and unfolds through the Bible.

There are times studying the Bible makes my head spin, or ignites anger over something my humanity feels God should not have allowed. I often leave feeling convicted or challenged. This is good! These feelings mean that God is at work in my life and my relationship with Him is growing, no matter how slowly it may seem.

We need to be know God’s Word so we can to stand firm in adversity and recognize our sin. We need to read His promises and remember that our hope in Him is sure and steadfast. We need scripture to help us move forward in the faith, knowing we are anchored to the One who will not change.

Praise God that we are able to seek and find His face through His Word!




  • Lindsey

    Diana – I have no idea if you read these posts. And I know the study was put out months ago, but I’m going through it now and was touched with your courage to share about your loss. Thank you. I’m thankful we can share joy and sorrow together as sisters in Christ. I have never lost a child or even had a child. But just wanted to say thank you for opening up your heart.

  • Love the quote from NT Wright

  • Grace Anne

    This is a great reminder to know how important reading scripture is in knowing who God is. I lead a bible study today with two junior high girls and immediately sent this to them. Hopefully they are able to learn, with a little push, how important knowing God is and how his unfailing unconditional love surrounds them everywhere they go.

  • savoieneal

    I will make sure that I can as I train myself to desire it more than other things that surround me. Our God has been my desire through it all but I am so prone to distraction and self pity. The battle is on and I am so glad to know Jesus is the victorious One who loves me, weaknesses and all.
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  • Lauren S

    I truly love this passage. It is so comforting to know that when we are weak God keeps his stronghold on us. Our faith is secure when we put our faith in Him. I’m so thankful for my anchor in Christ ⚓️

  • Far too often I find myself choosing things of the world over time spent growing my relationship with God through His Word. I become satisfied with milk, instead of solid food. During those times it feels like work to open the Bible up again – not something I want to do – but once I do, I am always revived, and convicted. I am encouraged that God’s grip on me never changes, but don’t want to use that as an excuse to be lazy. God, would you make my heart a soft land that drinks in and loves your Word, and as a result produces a crop that is useful for the building of Your kingdom and the glory of Your name?

  • “Land that drinks in the rain often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed receives the blessing of God.” I love this, because as a Christian not yet on solid food, I would see this as a promise to satisfy the needs of me as the farmer. Why not? It says here that I’m doing all the work. And yet in all reality I’m drinking in the truths of God for the benefit of His work for all nations to bring themselves and thus their worship to Him. The blessing is that it gets to pass through my lips, be seen by my eyes, be heard with my ears, and be received by my faith and His grip on me, not mine on Him. AND it gets better. “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.” The waters can rise as I drink in truth because I’m anchored in Him, an intermingling of a promise and an oath allows me into the inner sanctuary. He swore by himself with none high than He. I am His forever love and He delights in me as I delight in Him. Not because of my delight but simultaneous delight being one with Christ.

  • Mamaherdman

    So glad that God gas a grip on me!

  • What a wonderful lesson. When we realize that it is not in our earthly attempts that we reach God, but in His pursuit of us, we are free.

  • Stephanie

    This entry is so symbolic for me in what is happening in my life. God was calling me all summer to become a more mature Christian and I was ignoring it because I was too “busy” with my new baby and family vacations. In the last few weeks though I have been reminded of how much I need to be in the word in order to get closer to him and my period of having just milk is over, just like it is for my daughter as I prepare to give her food for the 1st time this weekend. It just shows me that my relationship with Him should be ever changing and maturing, just like our kids change and mature everyday.

  • Nancy Gutherie’s quote is great. Comforting & true.

  • Greater things are yet to come!!! Hanging on to that truth, and so glad He holds me tighter than I can imagine. Thank you.

  • kaysepratt

    12 We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.

    So convicted by this verse this morning.

  • Strong anger

    Thank you Diana Stone for your awesome writing. Keep going and always we expecting good thing from you.

  • is everyone reading this the same way i am–that the things in this list are elementary teachings of Christ that we need to move beyond?: (6:1-2) faith in God, instruction about cleansing rites, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. if so, that makes me feel SO immature. here i thought i was eating real food, and yet i’m reading about what the milk consists of, and it seems somewhat solid to me. anyone interested in discussing this further?

    • Kati

      Hi I was wondering the same thing as I read that verse but I’m not sure how to read it….not sure if that’s the list or not

  • Jeri_Taira

    Hi there. Which Nancy Guthrie book is this from?

  • Good word.

  • Gema Muniz

    Reading this post brough tears to my eyes, after having two miscarriages I have finally been able to carry a baby for eleven months. Every day I pray and thank God for the life of my baby and eventhough I've had a miscarriage before I can't imagine how it feels to loose a child after three weeks after birth. Is so true that our faith is never strong enough, but how great is it that we have a God that loves us so much that he never lets us go and no matter how many times we ask why? he just simply responds with a because I love you. I ask for God to wrap me up with his love today and everyday reminding me that he has a firm grip on me and he will never let go. That he is in control and that we need to stay faithful. God bless all of you sisters.

  • Oh, Diana, my prayers are with you this month as you celebrate a painful birthday. What faith and courage you’ve been forced to muster–it draws me to yesterday’s devotional, that Jesus remained obedient through weeping and prayers, urgent calls to his God. Because he knows, he can comfort you. I pray that he does, that the joy of The Lord is your strength, that he’s your refuge. Thank you for sharing.

  • Wow…I just want you all to know that these comments are such a blessing to me. The honesty and transparency is amazing and I’m grateful to be able to pray over the requests and to hear what God is teaching others through this study. I’m so thankful that his grip on me is firm and relentless.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Shanda! We\’re so glad you\’re here! Blessings to you today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Today is 20 years since I lost my dad in an accident. Growing up, I always questioned "why me God." At 17, I gave my full heart and understanding to the Lord knowing that my dads passing has a significant meaning….but every now again, I would fall off and let go from his grip…then wiggle back in. Today marks 20 years and as an adult I find it more important to continue to study, understand meditate in Gods word everyday. Thank you for this wonderful post! It spoke to my heart. ^_^

  • There are many moments when I feel so lost at what I read in the Bible. It leads me to feeling helpless because this is God's word, and is there something wrong with my faith if I don't understand His word? This post shook me to the core. I uttered a breath of relief as I read the comments that prove I am not the only one! While reading I also recalled moments in my life when I began to pick up what I had laid at His feet a few moments before. God's grip on me has kept me from trying to deal with hardship on my own. And what a relief it has been.

  • Ashley S.

    I LOVE this because my pastor is currently teaching on living a faith filled life & the main point is studying & learning the Word! In order to grow in faith we must know the Word & live by it!

  • Thank you for those honest and encouraging words. I’ve been feeling lost lately and I appreciate the reminder to seek Him in the Word. Thank you!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thanks for joining us, Kayla! Praying that He would continue to meet you in His Word each day!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • LaurenC_

    Today's scripture and some helpful comments both yesterday and today from fellow sisters has really shown a light for me after yesterday's anxiety. God has better things in store for my future, He is not unjust, He will not forget me. He reminds me to "imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised" (v.12). When I feel anxious, I can simply rest in His peace… that is enough… I don't have to keep working and fighting to understand; I can rest and wait, trusting that the answers will come. Then to read the devotion from Diana, who has experienced more heartache than most of us will ever know, reminding us that God has a strong grip on us no matter what we go through and no matter how we respond, it moves me so much. His grip on us is what really matters and we should trust it… in the midst of such uncertainty and wondering in my life, I know I don't have to wonder if God is there, if He hears me, if He'll guide me, if He'll show me where He wants me to go. He won't let us go. We are His forever.

    • Kelly H

      I have similar thoughts with my depression. Glad that we are both fighting and keeping the word of God in our lives while we battle our illnesses.

    • Candacejo

      He has better things in store…it is just a SEASON, Lauren. Praying right now for you and Kelly H in Jesus' name!

  • Wow thank you Diana for this devotion. It really hit me today. It made me realize how much god LOVES us. I love this line of the devotion "It is God's grip on me, not my feeble grip on Him, that keeps me safe in the fold of His love". WOW. How encouraging is that?! This summer, my faith has grown tremendously.. Thanks to SheReadsTruth and all the books i've read. I totally agree with Nancy Guthrie in the devotion. It's so true. If our faith is strong, God will not let go. <3

  • PRAYER WARRIORS, I need you! My husband has checked out emotionally and spiritually and has stopped his duties of husband. Pray my strength in this time. Also I found out that he is hitting the fence of something he has conquered in the past by looking at things online that aren’t necessarily “bad” but he knows it encourages his flesh and past behavior. Please pray with me!! He is An amazing man of god who has believed the lies of the enemy and prayer is the only way to bring him back to gods feet.

    • Kathryn

      Hi TG, I just want you to know that your comment touched me and that I said a prayer for you and your husband. I will continue to as I think about it. Stay strong for your husband. As you said, the best thing you can do is pray. Pray pray pray. My husband and I have been through some hard storms that sound similar to what you have mentioned. I remember the desperation and the deep, deep ache for him to return to walking rightly with God. My heart goes out to you. Your comment also reminded me that I need to be vigilant in prayer for my husband and our marriage. Things are well with us now, but Satan is always seeking to destroy us.

    • Candacejo

      I am praying this morning, TG. God is able!! Jesus, I bind this spirit of lust and complacency in Your name and loose the spirit of righteousness, peace and joy that comes from the Holy Spirit. Help this man, who belongs to You, to awaken from sleep and see his need of You. Bring him back to his duties as a husband, the spiritual head of the household. Bring peace back into their home and let them put You first in everything they do. Give TG strength through this difficult season and help her not to give up. We thank You, believe You and trust You to bring it to past. In Jesus' Name! Amen.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Praying with you, sweet sister! May you and your relationship be filled with God\’s presence and healing. So much love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Wow. Thank you. Thank you for your words and your vulnerability. I am so thankful that Christ has ME. I spend so much time doubting and wondering if 'I am okay", if I am "good enough"-and that is not the point. This reading gave me pause-gave me realization. Christ paid it all. Time to stop resting on my weakness and instead resting in His strength and truth.

  • I’ve been feeling spiritually weak. There is a peace knowing he holds me; no visa-versa

  • Today’s study was so on point for me. “Not my feeble grip on Him” hit me right between the eyes. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to cling to Him, my grip is so weak. It it Him that holds me because I am forever His!! Praise God for His never ending love for us.

  • tanyamthurnau

    Wow! I don't even know where to start with this one. I'll just say that these words were incredibly powerful and beautiful to read this morning! Thank you!

  • Sisters prayer would be greatly appreciated. I took matters into me own hands and pursued a guy because I was just simply tired of being single. When I approached him and it went well, he is a believer and just seems to be an overall cool person. All I could think of and my demeanor was, see God I have been asking you this for so long and look how easy I found him. It wasn't that hard. I was just so angry, entitled,insecure, and tired of waiting,, But the whole time I was talking to him I just didn't feel at peace and at rest with it. For months and months I have been praying for his will over mine, then I got frustrated choose my will over his. God has been so faithful through my rebellion, he corrected my heart and That young man and I no longer talk because both agree the timing just wasn't right, every day is still a struggle because this desire still remains prevalent. I just really really hoped I would be married by now. I am 21 by the way. Prayer that I would believe that God is in control and he loves me. Encouragement to make it through these days much needed too please and thank you.

    • Gillian

      Praying for you

    • Kitzeal

      I pursued and married a man at 21 quickly and without even knowing the biblical qualities to look for in a husband, or what I was expected to do as a wife. I can tell you Gods mercy keeps us together, but we STRUGGLED. Read your bible, have a literal list of what God wants and then wait! I’m sorry if I’m sharing too much, or being not compassionate, (trust me I feel you!) we as a couple moved churches and have been blessed and helped by a faithful pastor and his wife who helped us point towards being a God honouring couple

    • Onfaith

      Kitzeal's idea of having a literal list is a great place to start. My compassion for my husband took over and didn't allow me to see properly things I should have when we were dating. Things I should have waited for God to work out in him, no matter how long it took. I know the desire to begin your life, to not be alone, to want it all now….it's hard to be patient. Rest assured that God has something so amazing planned. He knows what you need more than you do and if you can focus your energies and desires to have a loving husband to the One in your life who can give you that now, trust me, you can't go wrong.

      I will be prayerful that God provides a closeness for you that you've never had before. One that leaves you so in touch with Him, that men won't be able to come near you without personally knowing God first. That He gather you up as His bride and prepare you for the life He has planned for you. That He provide such patience and peace in you that your mind and heart are held steadfast and strong in His will for your life Jus! Many prayers and hugs! ~ B

  • Brooke K.

    Diana, I cried for you and your family last August. My heart ached and I remember asking God "why?!" To see your name on this post makes it all the more beautiful. I love the image of God's hand grasping ours, no matter how we struggle to get away sometimes….He hangs on. So thankful that His grip is stronger than mine. So grateful that we "have this hope as an anchor for the soul."

  • There is a stained glass window in the sanctuary of the church I grew up attending. It depicts Jesus tending to a flock of sheep and he is holding one a little lamb. My sister told me that our aunt once told her: to picture yourself as that lamb whenever you are afraid. Brenna is right – it's amazing (and scary) how quickly life can go from "everything is fine" to a total mess. This post has reminded me of that stained glass picture, the faith of my childhood, and how thankful I am that Jesus is holding on to me with a firm and unshakeable grip…no matter how lost I feel. "…for when I am weak, He is strong" 2 Corinthians 2:10

    • LaurenC_

      Thank you for sharing this, Gillian. What a beautiful thing to picture, that we are that little lamb in Jesus' arms, when we are most afraid. This helps me so much today. Thank you.

  • This devotion really hit home for me this morning. It is amazing how satan can loosen our grip and foundation with Christ and things can unfold more quickly than we can imagine. In the midst of the mess of life, temptation and our emotions, we cannot afford to hold fast to anything except for the word. I’ve gone elsewhere looking for fulfillment, answers and comfort but pressing into the word and having discipling relationships will be crucial to the strength and firmness of our foundation, especially when we need it most.

  • So blessed that His grip on me isn't depedent on my actions or even my faith and that there is no where He can't reach. This song came to mind. http://youtu.be/7GsNC99pYag

    • SheReadsTruth

      Love that song, Melani! Thanks for sharing it!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Diana, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I pray that you will continue to be comforted and strengthened by the Almighty. Your words today really hit home for so many of us I think, who try so hard to hang on when it's really about God holding on to us. I pray that today we feel His presence holding us close. Blessings to all my SRT sisters today!

  • camillecarr

    Wow. First off, my condolences to Diana,

    I'm 19 now, but when I was about 12/13 my parents told me my father was moving out and they were getting a divorce. As a daddy's girl, this was like a death in the family. After about a year, my parents finally decided to put me in counseling. I went every Thursday for 3 years. And I am grateful to say that it has done wonders. As I was going through all of this, my faith walk became very stagnant. My mother still dragged me to church twice a week so I didn't really notice. I was doing what any good Christian girl would do: going to church, singing the songs, standing up and sitting down when I was supposed to.

    When I went to college, it hit me just as complacent I was in my marriage to God. And I dove back in feet first. I got baptized for the first time ever. I read my Bible (and SheReadsTruth) on a daily basis. I learn and grow and pray and talk to Him daily, all the time.

    But I doubt that I would be here if it weren't for that divorce, for that depression, for the issues I still face because of that. Today this study just made me really thankful that even when I had both hands pushing God away, He clung even closer to me. I am grateful that once we commit to Him, He never lets us go, no matter how much we would rather that be the case at the time.

    Ladies, the jest of this is, to hang on to Him as much as you can. And know that when you can't, He's holding on to you anyway and you are going to be just fine.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Camille, I'm praising Him for your beautiful story of redemption today! I love that He really does work all things for good! Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Diana,
    The lose you experienced feels unthinkable as a mother! I am so sorry for your pain. It seems unjust that God allows these sudden deaths in the lives of His believers.
    Your faith is remarkable. Your words: "Thankfully, it is God’s grip on me — not my feeble grip on Him — that keeps me safe in the fold of His love" ring true in my heart as well! I am thankful God is holding on to me because all too often I would have lost my grip on Him!
    I am so so grateful for this SRT community that allows me a daily focused devotion to dive deeper into God's word every single day! Thank you ladies and thank you God for allowing them the courage to share their truths with us so we may also grow in you!!!

  • This today… I don’t even know where to begin. After my beloved father died last year, I was drifting. He was my dad and I was his caregiver during his cancer battle. It was so hard to go through all that only to loose him in the end. I was numb and could not feel my connection with God– yet I felt Him with me– if that makes sense. I was on the verge of distancing myself from God and it is only by His Grip that I didn’t. It’s been a process of admitting to my anger and asking God to forgive me for feeling that. Yet it was necessary to admit it. This study as well as getting in The Word have helped tremendously.

    • Achara

      Maria, I am very sorry for your loss. Thank you for being transparent and sharing your faith walk. My prayers are with you today.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Maria, thank you for sharing your story with us today. And wow, what a beautiful picture of His grip! I am so sorry for your loss and will be praying for you. May you always find refuge in His Word!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Thankful it’s God’s redeeming and powerful grip that saves and not my own.

  • Caroline

    I needed today's pulsing reminder of God's hold on me. My faith has been so weak yet I am determined to not let it die from the neglect I became used to…I will be in the Word as much as I can today, tomorrow….I will make sure that I can as I train myself to desire it more than other things that surround me. Our God has been my desire through it all but I am so prone to distraction and self pity. The battle is on and I am so glad to know Jesus is the victorious One who loves me, weaknesses and all.

  • This is such profound truth. "Thankfully, it is God’s grip on me — not my feeble grip on Him — that keeps me safe in the fold of His love." To endure is one thing, to come out of it with even stronger faith, another. God's grip is such a priceless gift. Often times, my 9 year old will become so enraged and tearful that the only thing I can do is hold her. She'll often push me away from the act, but if I don't give up and persist in my hold and wrap my arms securely around her, eventually her shoulders and firmness subdue and she falls, limp in my arms, accepting my affection. There are days that my heart fails and I do give up, it's so hard to continue to be pushed away, but there is always another opportunity to renew my commitment to her. The adoration I have for a father whose heart never fails can't truly be explained. How many times have I been my daughter? How many times have I pushed Him away out of fear or anger, how many times have I shouted at Him and not wanted to receive His comfort, even for a moment? Yet, His love is so persistent, He never gives up!! My love and indebtedness to such Grace and profoundness can not be measured.

    While there are emotions my daughter struggles to understand on this earth, she has a spiritual wisdom and compassion that is inexplicable. I always felt God was close to her at birth and her ability to love Him reconfirms that. I will tell you an image He blessed me with for her years ago. Like most, she has her own way of doing things and is often resistant to my way. One day, I was sincerely frustrated over her inability to get moving when I asked and she would respond, "One more minute?", God stopped me in my tracks and played a movie for me. He allowed me to see that what we *see*, isn't always the important part and sometimes, we need to sit back and be willing to see the spiritual side of what's happening, even in other's disobedience. Born in a horrific way, she came into this world lifeless. It took 8 long minutes to bring her back to us, and while I've spent time asking "why?", God presented that she was with Him. He showed me that they were dancing together. He was holding her hands and the two of them were swinging in lovely circles together and each time He would whisper to her that it was time for her to go, she would smile and say, "One more minute" and because of His love of her, He would dance with her one more minute. I was so worried about what that 8 minutes looked like on this side, I never considered what she was gaining in it, even as a wee babe. God's grip on us is amazing and I must always remember that there is more to what's going on than what I see here on earth!

    Diane, I am fairly new to SRT and I am unfamiliar with your story, but my heart aches for what you've endured and I am thankful for your honesty in this posting. Praying that God continues to grant you peace and allows you to feel His grip on you! ~ B

    • Steph_Lilac

      Wooooooow!! Such a profound testimony!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Gema Muniz

      Thank you for sharing sister, is so amazing how God works in each of our lives and use our personal testimonies to build others up. God bless you!

  • I love the quote at the end. When we go through painful things, our grip is often very feeble. Pain is real and sometimes all we can do is call on God through our tears and ask for the Holy Spirit toake intercession. I’m so sorry for your loss. We have never suffered that type of loss, but we have never been able to become pregnant. There were times when we truly did give up and times we turned to God. Those were the times we found comfort.

    • Gema Muniz

      Amen! he always comforts us no matter what. Don't give up sister if it's his will he will provide you with the wonderful gift of baring a child. I have dealt with two miscarriages and just currently have been blessed with the opportunity to carry a child for eleven weeks. I know is just the beginning, but I feel so blessed and I don't allow my insecurities and worries get to me. I'm leaving it up to God and faithfully waiting to have a successful pregnancy along with bringing a healthy baby to this world. Sister don't ever give up, because God never gives up on us. God bless!

  • Amanda McClelland

    Wow how powerful is that image of God gripping me. It really needed that! :)

  • jeniamarie

    God's Grip. The thought of him holding on to me when I'm at the end of my rope is humbling. It's in those moments when I know in my heart that I am the one he loves.

  • Sorry to hear of your loss Sabrina. Cling to God for comfort.

  • Ashley C Denson


  • joanne sher

    Thank you, diana, for sharing. For giving us a real-life picture of God’s hold on us. So thankful it isn’t up to me!

  • "We need to know God’s Word so we can to stand firm in adversity and recognize our sin. We need to read His promises and remember that our hope in Him is sure and steadfast. We need scripture to help us move forward in the faith, knowing we are anchored to the One who will not change." AMEN!!

    What an encouragement it has been to read the Scripture passage, to read this post, and to read all of your honest insights! It is truly such a struggle at times to remember that it is not our strength that will get us through our race with perseverance, but rather it is God's strength. It is HIS grip on me and my life that has led me through the highs and lows, the times I praised Him, and even through the times I doubted Him. Were it up to me, surely I would've let go and drifted away from the Truth. But oh, what grace God has shown me in preserving me and holding me so tightly to keep me from "going off the deep end." Many times I've gotten angry and frustrated and impatient with God's plan, and many times I was tempted to try life without Him because it seemed so much easier! No, I haven't gone through perhaps as much pain as losing a child, or experiencing poverty, or even experiencing something as deeply wounding as betrayal. But yet there have been moments in my family life, in my social life, in school and in thinking of the future where I have found myself ungrateful, discontent, and essentially, stripped of the joy and fullness of life I read about in the Bible and long for desperately. Was it God that was too far out of my reach? Not at all!! It was me: my pride, my self-sufficiency, my self-righteousness, and self-pity that was distancing myself away from my Anchor. Yet here I am, held fiercely in God's gracious arms! How wonderful it is to know that God is a God of His word. He keeps every promise He makes. He holds on even more tightly when my grip starts slipping away. He certainly is the Author and Perfecter/Finisher of our faith.

    Dear SRT sisters, let us truly dive in and devour God's words and promises as though our life depended on it….because it does!! Praying for the SRT community this morning!

  • Perfect timing — God's Word is so LIVING and BREATHING and able to move us right when we need refreshing! Thank you Lord for Your secure grip!

  • KatSmith1026

    As I was wrapping up today’s reading this song came to mind & I wanted to share with you. I love the thought of being in God’s grip, knowing He has a firm hold on me – what a weight that has been lifted!

    • KatSmith1026

      Two verses in Jeremiah also come to mind as I read the last lines of Diana’s writings for today:
      You will seek Me & find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart. || Jeremiah 29:13
      Call to Me & I will answer you, & will tell you great & hidden things that you have not know. || Jeremiah 33:3
      Blessings over your days, dear sisters!

    • SheReadsTruth

      LOVE that, Kat! I'll be listening to this for the rest of the day! Thanks for sharing!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Wow today's lesson hit home. I often feel that I am not quite grasping what Gods word says as I read it. I have often just wanted to give up. This summer, I had extra time in the mornings to spend some quality time in His word, praying daily for a hunger for his world. He has given that to me, and days when I don't start the day with him, it just seems to be a mess. I bought some concordances at the recommendation of my pastor, and dug my heels in deep. I am staying with this, and I know God will give me knowledge of his word for this day and tomorrow I come back for more. Have a Blessed Day ladies!

  • This might be my favorite SRT devotional yet. ❤️ Continually praying for you and your family Diana and so grateful you are able to share your story with us.

  • Thank God that it is his firm grip that keeps holding on…. When I am weak, He is strong…. And it seems to often I am weak… I read his word and study but when I don't fully understand I feel like I am failing him and at learning all I need to know to continually grow. I will sometimes feel that If I am not strong enough in God and his word then my family will suffer too. I want be able to point them in the direction I so long and pray for them to go. But this opened my eyes a little today to see….In time I will know all I need to know and when a question arises or problems come our way God has a hold of me and I am in his Big Strong Hand…. He will not let go….

    Thank you Diana for this post and your honesty…. We all struggle with doubt, confusion, anger, and questioning why at some point in our lives but admitting it so others can see they are not alone is not very easy to do… Much love and Prayers for you and your family as always…

    Have a blessed day….xoxo

  • When I think about growing into spiritual maturity, two roadblocks come to mind- pride and fear. The perfectionist, Type-A person in me is sometimes too proud to admit that I still have a lot of room to grow. That I'm not fully mature yet and won't be here on Earth. But that shouldn't keep me from growing anyway. That's not an excuse to not try.

    And then there is fear. The fear that if I commit to growing spiritually mature that God will require something huge of me- like giving up something I stubbornly don't want to give up or challenging me to do something I don't want to do. And maybe He will. But I have to remember that He's holding onto me and He wants good things for me. Whatever He asks of me as I grow is worth it because My hope is in Him and He is my anchor.

    Pride and fear shouldn't keep me from growing in relationship with my Creator. This summer I've been really challenged to be daily in His word and to step up my prayer life. Basically I've been challenged to grow. It's been humbling and inspiring and I've learned I have nothing to fear about the growth process.

    • Christy

      Growing pains! Just as in our body, muscles must tear and get so sore before they grow, same happens in our spiritual life. God is pulling us and stretching us, and though it does hurt and it IS hard, it is the only way to grow!

      I can see myself so much through the words and struggles you shared, Melody. I find myself often at the roadblocks of pride and fear. Praying for us both that by God's grace and grip we will continue to step forward and heavenward as He gets us through every roadblock.

      • Melody

        Thank you! Praying for us as well. Great analogy with the growing pains. Thank you for sharing.

    • Rebecca

      Melody! Thank you for your wisdom & openness: I am SO right with you on pride & fear! Too many times I rely on my own strength, and too many times I want the credit! It’s not about me! It’s all about what He does through me! The more I get to know The Lord, the more my heart aligns with His, and I want what He wants! His desire is to bless me – not deny or restrict me, but strengthen my knowledge to bring me even closer to Him.
      Thank you for sharing & reminding me of this truth! Much needed!

  • Reading comments through tears this morning. So thankful that His grip on us will not loose. Tightly He holds us.

  • Awesome, awesome words Diana. I have adored you and your strength from afar for a long time now. I lost my son at 31 weeks pregnant and my husband and I held his little body for 12 hours straight- it was just my boys, me, and God in that tiny hospital room. Though I couldn’t see it then, I see it now and I’m so grateful for how He held me when I could barely muster a prayer. Much love to you in the midst of today’s trials- I hope you know how much you mean to us! Xoxo

    • SheReadsTruth

      KayLee, what a beautiful testament of faith. To experience all that you have and still be in a position of thanksgiving is something I am praising God for today! Thanks for sharing your story-it's more encouraging than you could ever know!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • It is God’s firm grip on me that has kept me from talking a detour to satan…..TRUTH!! There are things we experience to show us how close Jesus is to us; in the most difficult times He’s holding on to us when we’ve let go. Glory!!! I tell my husband I feel like I’m still drinking milk, when I can graduate to chewing meat. Then it dawned on me, I’m still developing my relationship with Christ daily. In some areas I still need teaching and in other areas I don’t. I am so grateful for this study and all of you. Praying God’s healing upon Amanda and Sabrina!!

  • Thankfully, it is God’s grip on me — not my feeble grip on Him — that keeps me safe in the fold of His love. Nancy Guthrie says it well: “If your faith is real, you will not fall away. Not because you are strong or because your faith is strong but because God has his firm grip on you and he will not let go. You will remain in him because you are his forever.”….

    God just reminded me of the time I would rant and rave at Him in my local church, asking why…..one day totally exhausted, I fell asleep sitting on the pew….I had a dream/ picture, I was holding on to God with all I had, so so tightly…..and I was saying to Him, "I will hold on even if you try to shake me off, I will still hold on…." The reply was so clear…" No Tina, even if You let go, I will still hold on to you…" I have tears as I recall that day and the days prior, I was not seriously walking with the Lord then, I was lost, frightened, confused, and yet He showed me, in my confusion, a clear picture, of the Love He had for me….the lost, the prodigal, the sinner…me….
    Thank you for saving me./for showing me..what can I say…you shed your blood for me../you showed your love for me…a sinner called by name, thank you Lord God for that day and the vision you gave me….I began that day a new walk, a walk that involved YOU, thank you Lord,that although we may not understand, and may often ask why, YOU hold fast to us, keeping us safe and comforted in your love and arms….Thank you Lord God that we grow in your love, that we, if we live in your love and Word, find your peace that surpasses ALL understanding….that we are able to function, live, even find joy, in those and things around us, thank you Lord God, that my feeble attempt at holding onto YOU is not what defines me, but that Your holding on to me is what defines me….I am yours and YOU Lord God are my Father in heaven….my comfort, my strength, my anchor…Thank you Lord God …Thank you for everything…Thank you for the reminder…..Amen…x

    Diane, sending you a big hug and love at this sad time of memory…..holding you and your family up in prayer….I pray you know Gods peace and closeness today and the days to come…x

    Sister's, May the Lord who has us all in His hands, bless you today, whatever you are doing…with love, always…Tina..xxx

    . You will remain in him because you are his forever.”….

    • Onfaith

      That is a beautiful picture Tina! "Even if you try to shake me off, I will still hold on." I can only imagine the way you felt after receiving such an image. Whoa how God loves us! ~ B

  • Thanks Diana, I love reading your blog and pray for you regularly. Right now it felt so ironic to read the passage today whilst breastfeeding my 1 month old baby. I pray every day for him to grow up to be strong both physically and in faith. We need to pray the same for ourselves! I also love that it isn’t for us to trust our grip on God but to know he holds us close and never lets us go. What an amazing God!

  • Candacejo

    Diana, we have all prayed for you this past year. We have all hurt with you although I cannot imagine the depth of your pain. One thing I have always thought God understood is when we asked, "Why?" Some day we may better understand it. Until then…we hold His hand, that grip you talked of so beautifully. HE never lets go. ♥

  • I am blown away. I’ve been reading shereadstruth for almost 9 months now and I’ve felt I haven’t gained an adequate understanding of everything I should know. Hello… I don’t need to! Reading through today finally calmed me down. There are something I won’t know for a long, long time, but I’m still growing with Him. This message hit home today and I am so thankful for it. Thank you!!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Laura! So glad God encouraged you through today's post! I am thankful for a God so big that our understanding barely skims the surface of His greatness! Praying for you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Amazing. I to lost a son who was only 3 weeks old. Through that time I was confused, anger, sad, mad amongst other feelings. I had no idea what God was preparing me for. Thank you Father so much for your word. By it we have life. Thank you :-)

    • Candacejo

      So sorry to hear of your great loss too, Sabrina. Only God can bring the comfort and strength needed for such a time. We do the praying. God bless you, friend. ♥

    • tina

      Sabrina, holding you and yours up in prayer to the Lord God who has us all in His hands, but in His arms, he has those of us that need Him, and his comforting arms the most….God be with you, my sister,…xxx

    • Onfaith

      Sabrina, I lack adequate words in expression to you. To encounter what you have and come out thanking our Father for life in His word is beautiful beyond compare. Thank you for your willingness to share. Praying that God continue to provide a peace and preparation for what He has for you. ~ B

    • Sabrina

      Sabrina, I pray for you this morning. I agree with onfaith, to have been through what you have and still be able to thank God is so inspiring. I pray His Spirit of peace and comfort be upon you always. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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