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Good morning, girls!

I am writing from the hotel restaurant in Dallas. I just had a happy omelette (I’m an omelette girl, especially if I can have a little jam on the side), some hash browns drowned in syrup, and a strong cup of coffee. Yep, I just told you what I had for breakfast—we’re close like that.

Amanda and I spent the last two days in Dallas at the Logos Women in Mistry Summit. The Logos team trained us on their Bible software (not going to lie – I teared up when I saw the interactive Bible timeline) and we sat at the feet of an incredible handful of women who lead the way in pointing the world to the Word of God.

Man, that was a good trip. We learned a ton about how to better point each other and  Y’ALL to Christ, and we left so encouraged by the faithful women who have gone before us, now cheering us on as we lead the next generation. We’re so humbly thankful!

kay arthur

(This is the lovely Kay Arthur. You guys, she sat the two of us down and asked us questions and encouraged us for nearly an hour. So available and so passionate about the Word of God—I want to be that, too!)

So. That’s where we’ve been. We wanted to tell you because we hope it encourages you to know that, as we lead this ministry, we are seeking counsel and education and resources and—most importantly—The Lord Himself. We spent a lot of time in prayer this weekend—on our faces asking for discernment, wisdom and obedience.

We are also so excited to tell you that, following our study of Hebrews, we will be digging deep into the Old Testament book of Hosea. We’re learning so much as we prepare this study for you, and the Holy Spirit is at work already in our own lives through this little, minor-prophet book.

As you know, one fun part of preparing a new study is partnering with a new She Reads Truth Artist and making a great resource! For Hosea, we collaborated with Patrick Laurent at Quiet Boy Studio (his wife Maya is a fellow SRT-er and we are so inspired by his talent!).

2014-08-05 14.25.25

Patrick worked with us over the past few weeks to create a really special study pack for Hosea. And since the book of Hosea begins with a wedding, our study pack begins with a WEDDING INVITATION!

2014-08-05 16.44.33

2014-08-05 16.41.01 HOSEA bundle preview

The back, inside cover benediction involves this lovely silhouette of a woman bearing the exhortation:

“Whoever is wise, let him understand these things;
whoever is discerning, let him know them;
for the ways of the LORD are right, and the upright walk in them”
Hosea 14:9, ESV

2014-08-05 16.49.27

2014-08-05 16.50.41

There are also two lovely 8×10 prints and two 2″x3″ scripture memory cards included with this study – which Patrick blew out of the park and we think you’ll love a lot.  2014-08-05 16.57.02

2014-08-05 17.03.31 copy

New this time: We have been listening to your feedback! Many of you have requested that we include writing prompts, reflection questions and prayer direction in the study guides, and we agree—such a great idea! We’ve included that in the pages of this guide and we hope they will only serve to draw you closer to truth.

Hosea study guides are available now in the She Reads Truth Shop. As a treat, if you order by Sunday night, use the code “SHARE” we’ll tuck a 3-pack of scripture memory cards into your order! Add them to you your cart, and the cost will be taken off at checkout.

We hope you really love these gorgeous resources, friend. But we also hope you know that —Study Packs or not— we want YOU here and we look forward to going through this study with you!

And finally… because y’all loved today’s Hebrews devotional and image and asked that it be made into a lock screen, we did just that! We are so thankful for you, friends. So thankful.

The She Reads Truth Team

4 hebrews 3 8

  • Are any of these still available?

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  • I hope this will help me

  • I just downloaded this app and it looks AMAZING!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!

  • Oh Snap. What I don't get to see from the app is the announcements. :( And whaaatttt!? Y'all were in Dallas? You mean there was a coffee possibility? It.must.happen.soon! :)

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Shelly! From the main menu on the app, you can see the announcements by clicking on the \”news\” section! Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • i love hearing about your awesome time at summit.
    yall absolutely keep hitting the ball out of the park sister!
    beautiful study
    beautiful hearts

  • Hi SRT! I've been away for quite a while following a different study! :) I've always wanted to dig deeper in the Book of Hosea! :) May I ask when is it going to start? :) I've missed you all! :)

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, sweet sister! The Hosea study is starting August 25! We have missed you so much and can\’t wait for you to join us again!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Hello SRT-ers! I have discovered yourinisyru through Pinterest and I am so happy I did. I am looking for guidance in starting my own women’s ministry with a friend and we are so excited to be listening to the call of God. I look forward to catching up and I hope to get some personal feedback on your journey of building this ministry! xo – Jessika

  • Yes, Christina, Redeeming Love is also my favorite fictional book. Looking forward to the Hosea study.

  • stinav96

    A beautiful study pack, and I'm loving the lock screen! Thank you!

  • I am truly thankful and blessed to be under this ministry. I have learned and grown so much from studying the Word of GOD. So in Love with this beautiful study pack! Thank you so much for the beautiful lock home & lock screens! Continually praying for you ladies! ♥

  • Christina

    I’m loving the Hebrews study and I’m super excited for the Hosea study. It’s such a beautiful book of the bible showing God’s unbelievable love for us. Also, one of my favorite fictional books is based off of the book of Hosea. It’s called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and it is certainly worth the read.

  • Amanda b

    :( I ordered my Hosea pack to early I should of waited so I could of got the extra scripture memory cards . Still excited for the study thou :)

  • Savannah Lea

    SOO excited to be doing Hosea next!! I am loving Hebrews so much tho! Cannot wait for tomorrows reading<333

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