Sermon on the Mount 2014: Day 14

Judge not (no really, don’t)


Today's Text: Matthew 7:1-6

Text: Matthew 7:1-6

“Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”
– Matthew 7:3

This passage hurts! Ouch! As I studied it, I kept wanting to look away because it is so convicting. I am the worst judger. I am Judgsy McJudgepants. I think judgement is like a sport in our culture, and I am totally winning. Oh man. But brave Matthew Henry gently reminds:

“…not that there are any sins little, for there is no little God to sin against…”

So here we are, at Judgers Anonymous.

First, “Judge not.” We just don’t have the authority to judge our brothers and sisters. And, frankly, our own judgments can be based on our jealousy and stink. And we definitely can’t judge the state of another by any single act. Think if you were judged based on your lowest moment. Uhhh, I can think of a few right now.

Because honestly, we are apt to give ourselves way more indulgence than other people.  Think of the last time you had a fight. You only wanted something completely reasonable, right? And the other people were just out of control, right? I’m afraid I give myself so much more leeway than I give others.

And the second part, “That you not be judged.” You will receive a greater condemnation if you are dealing out the judgement (James 3:1). I mean, what would become of us if God were as harsh in judging us as we are in judging others? If He is a sweet river of forgiveness, what business do I have blowing holes in everybody’s boat as they float down the river?

We bicker with our people over small faults while we allow ourselves large ones. We are like the Pharisees who rebuked the disciples for eating with dirty hands, but they encouraged men who held their own parents in contempt.

Jesus does, however, approve gentle discernment. After all, we are subject to one another (James 3:1).Since we simply can’t know the eternal state of another, we are called to lovingly counsel and encourage.

How can you say to your brother, “Let me reform you,” but take no care to reform yourself?  It’s absurd.

The knowledge of our own sin should make us careful in reproving others. We are in the exact same position as those we are reproving.

Nonetheless, God calls sinners to rebuke sinners. Humbly. Gracefully. Justly.


  • Also sisters…
    I am struggling. I am in a community college because I did not feel led to anywhere else. I do not have the desire of going away to college. I go to school and work. As much as I hate to say it, it is pulling me from my relationship with Jesus. I feel bored and like my life is worthless when I’m at home because I live the boring life of school,work,home. It is hard for me to be extremely involved in my church because it is a half hour drive and I spend so much money on gas as it is with little pay checks. I know I don’t understand God’s plan. And I know I need to stay faithful to him. I just feel there needs to be more to my life right now (and what I mean by that is serving Jesus). The “life” is go to college, graduate in 4 years and get a job. I just can’t fathom me living this boring life for 4 years. I can imagine being married and moving and serving Jesus then but only because I’ll have more of an opportunity because my boyfriend is going to be a pastor. What am I doing for myself? Myself for Jesus. (If that makes sense). Do I sit and wait? Do I take time off or less classes at school to focus on studying the word and what God wants for my life? I just feel that life is because of Jesus. Why am I putting all this time into earthly things?

    • Kay

      College can be a trying time. It can be lonely and stressful and maybe confusing. God has plans for you. God can and will use you even if it is not directly in ministry. Continue to seek Him. Stay involved in church and plugged in with friends that encourage you to grow. Get involved with something outside of your routine where you serve and that you enjoy. Take heart. He is with you

    • Tamasen

      I know what that’s like – I’m in my 6th year of college, and I’ve been suffering from “senioritis” since day #1! Your post caught my eye, as I am also a half hour drive from church! I am also married (2.5 years now Remember, where you are is your mission field. You can serve Jesus in college – be a light to your classmates! I encourage you to pray about college, stay where you are for now unless you feel God calling you elsewhere. College has been really tough, but I know God has a perfect plan, and He has a perfect plan for you too!

  • This hit me hard. I was just laying in bed with my sister last night as we told each other things that we don’t like about each other/things that annoy us. Sharing judgements about one another. How awful is that? We should of been encouraging each other instead. It is so hard to get caught up in judgement. Instead of saying it and gossiping of it, we should pray and give it to Jesus. Jesus help me to not judge others but instead tell you and pray for them to become more like you and help me be more loving to others. I am trying to study the fruits of the spirit and this is a big part of loving.

  • I think it’s important to note that jesus doesn’t say, “just forget about that speck- can’t you see you have a log??” But that once the log is removed we can see better to remove the speck from our brothers eye. If we see our brother or sister in Christ sinning, we arnt told to just turn a blind eye to it. But, that person will take our honest rebuke a lot better if he/she sees we are willing to admit when we are in error and giving that log up to God to remove. Then we can trust the Holy Spirit to speak truth to others through us, because we already let him speak to us about our own sin and error.

  • Alexandria

    Judgement is something I know I struggle with. Whenever I feel like I’m making way with not judging to often, I seem to do a wave of judgement.

    I like the quotation from Matt Henry about there not being any little sins, for we have a big God. It really sticks with me!

  • Kimberly

    I definitely struggle too. Judgment and pride. I like to think I know why people do the things they do and then I become angry about the assumed reason and action. Sometimes my head feels like a jumbled mess of pride and judgment when I am in certain situations. I know that I desperately need His grace and others do just as much…so I pray that God would help me and all of us love each other and give the same grace we receive from him.

  • Angela R.

    I struggle!

  • Good word. Leaves a bit of conviction. Lord guard my thoughts and my mouth.

  • Shesabookworm

    I think that we as females generally tend to judge people. But none of us not one knows exactly what another person is going through. They might be in a good time or a bad. You never know. We always judge people by first impressions but looks can be deceiving. We should not judge others because we are NOT all knowing.

  • Rebecca Doss

    I had no idea I needed to hear this today. I’ve been complaining about my job because I don’t feel appreciated but the very people I don’t like at my job are the ones that complain about being there. Looks like I’m being the very person I don’t like.

  • I have placed a small cross on the windowsill above my sink and on the cross is the word “grace”, it is so important for me to remember that Jesus died on the cross and showed me grace so that when I die I will be with him in heaven, I have to show others the grace he has shown me and not judge but show his love. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, not judge your neighbor or envy your neighbor… But alas I need his help every day, thank you God for forgiving my sins, help me to lead others to you by showing them the father’s love!!

    • Barbie

      Love this! When I stand and wash dishes, I get so negative and judge mental. I’m going to look for a cross like this too–thanks for sharing!

    • LighthouseOfVision

      Love this too! I just received a cross to hang, I’ll have to place mine there above sink too!! God Bless you all abundantly!

  • This spoke to me. Rather than judge with
    “Righteous” anger I need to extend grace. Thank God for grace!

  • Masha Yarborough

    Wow, the lord definitely talked to me about this, I judge so often and forget so often that it’s wrong. Thank you Jesus for reminding me :)

  • Priscilla

    Oh it can be so hard not to judge… Lord, help me.

  • ….”there but for the grace of God go I”… A phrase that I want to keep stuck in my head!

  • This message was just as convicting to me!! Here lately it I notice that I am calling out the speck in my husband’s eye and totally missing mine! I pray God will change this in me!!!

  • I don’t think there is a single person in this earth that does not judge other people. Even the holiest of people judge those who aren’t as holy as them. It’s second nature. We judge others to keep from thinking and judging our own faults. We don’t want our faults to be seen or noticed so we look at others and take the focus off of us, when we need to be solely focusing on ourselves. God is the only judge. Now it says that we can have some discernment, for example, if someone we know is not such a good person and we know that being around that person can cause us to get in trouble or for something bad to happen, then yes, we can judge them and know not to be around that person. In other words if a person is going to some how affect us in a negative way, we can judge that we should stay away from them.

  • Elizabeth

    That quote from Matthew Henry is so convicting, yet so simple. It is so applicable and makes you think about what you are doing when you sin against God.

  • Shelby Meyerrose

    I’m at my grandma’s house… Right before I went to go read this, I was severely judging my sister in several ways. I think God is trying to tell me something.

  • I found myself reading this while judging my husband on his way of driving our kids to school. And getting annoyed because I think he should know the route by now, even though he hardly makes the drive. Ugh. I have a lot of work to do on this one.

  • Brilliant post, something I think all of us can work on and be humble in God’s presence

  • Such a great post! I’m still working on this.

  • Ainsley Ross

    This is such a good post!! I know I definitely need to work on or judging others.

  • Amber_Ps139

    So so so so good

  • Mrs. Daniels

    Thanks be to the Lord for His mercy towards us when wrath was deserved. But He did judge harshly-it was all poured out on Jesus. We are all sinners in the same boat saved by the lamb, not the sacrificial Lamb.

  • Just what I needed!

  • Waynette

    Why are we blowing holes in others boats that are flowing down the same river with us in God’s river of forgiveness! That was awesome!

  • Wow ww! I think my mind was just blown. Now that’s a reason to rejoice and praise God for his judgement! And that is so the heart of God! Thanks Julie for taking the time to write that today and paint that picture. Perfect love casts out fear.

  • I often think of someone having the last say over someone in reference to judgement. They know what the person has done and the consequential punishment that follows. God does this! We are mirrors of each other…It is constantly humbling thing. As we are on this battle field together, I have found it the most encouraging thing to remember how I stand in front if His throne…guilty …but Jesus is right next to me with my punishment on his back and his hands…blood pouring onto me so that I am now judged ‘redeemed!! Child of mine!’ This is you whom my son died for!’ Maybe when we confront each other it is less of a ‘judgement’ position and more of reminding each other of our identities in Him…that we are alive and that we are free. That is wonderful.

  • I really appreciate this, it’s definitely something I need to work through in my own heart. I also appreciate Hali’s comment above about lovingly judging the church. Such a hard line to walk. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Mrs.Walton

    I was just saying to a friend I can’t stand out judgy I can sometimes be. I have got to try harder to break this of myself.

  • This is what God is doing for me!! Revealing my own heart and sins so that I can see the log not only in my own eyes, but in my brother’s as well! God has such a beautiful heart of love!

  • Courtney

    I often judge out of envy. Or to feel better about my own choices; I need to let this go and appreciate where my treasure is.

  • I realized that the people that irritate me the most, that I feel the need to judge the most, were people that were the most like me. There's something in that …..

    • Ambrowright

      Oh my! You are so right!

    • Kylee

      So so right! I judge the ones closest to me when they most resemble… my behavior. And the things I’m judging them for are cut from the same tree as the PLANK in my eye. Thankful for a community of sisters here who comment out of love.

  • “We don’t have the authority to judge others” love this statement!! It will definitely help me think twice before opening my mouth about another person.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Love that, Brenna! Thanks for the reminder!! We love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Holy wow. This is so so hard. I am the queen of judgement. I’m all about giving myself tons of grace but much slower to give other people that same amount of grace. I’ve been trying to simply do one of two things when I feel like judging: 1. Put myself in THEIR shoes. What was their day like? Why might they be doing/saying these things. To realize maybe this is their lowest moment and let’s be real, we all have them. 2. To pick one POSITIVE thing I see about this person or what they are doing and recognize that instead. It’s hard and I fail daily but I’m trying! I have also noticed how the people I am around or with make it worse. Sometimes they bring out the yuck in me and encourage my judging. Woof. Hard stuff. Thankful for a God who gives me more grace than I ever deserve. Praying for those I may have hurt by judging them.

    • SheReadsTruth

      I LOVE this, Anna! Thank you so much for sharing. I\’ll definitely keep these tips in mind!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Your first sentence about “not having the authority to judge non-believers” isn’t congruent with the entirety of scripture. God takes sin within the church very seriously (1 Corinthians 5 “purge the evil from among you…). I DO think you’re correct that we should be gentle, hesitant and obviously seek to remove our own sin before jumping on everyone else; however just because you are human and sinful it doesn’t discredit you from lovingly (for this is true love not allowing someone to continue in sin) confronting them (after seeking The Lord, counsel, making sure you aren’t struggling with the same thing…etcetera). We are not called to judge those who don’t have the Holy Spirit, but “don’t judge” is the favorite verse of believers to take out of context. I believe God wants us to be cautious and discerning in our judgment because we are sinful, but to also take sin seriously. It hurts when others call out my blind spots, but it’s necessary if you truly love someone . We don’t need to be a people of strict rules (grace) but neither do we need to be a people who never judge sin in our midst. We need to be less sensitive to criticism of ourselves and learn to practice judging one another within the church in a healthy way. Peace.

    “I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people— 10 not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. 11 But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one. 12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church[b] whom you are to judge? 13 God judges[c] those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”

  • I might win at judging too :-( not much to be proud of there!

    I love the imagery of the gentle river of forgiveness, but judgment being like trying to blow up another boat…dumb.

    If anything, I’d like to be like a lighthouse or a tugboat- something to help people along that sweet river!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thanks for sharing, Laura! I love the lighthouse or tugboat imagery! We love having you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I really like how she said that judging has become a part of our culture. I think this is very true of us. Maybe that is why so many of us are discontent with our lives and so many of us fall into self- depreciating moods.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Very true, Keelin! Thanks for sharing-we love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I hate admitting how much i judge, but I do. Facebook becomes like a judgment parade for me. Among other things. Letting this soak in.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Holly! You\’re right-I think social media makes judging easier than it has ever been! Praying that we will view others from a love-shaped lens! Love to you today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • BAM!!!! That one hit hard. Rightfully so but OUCH! ;)

    • SheReadsTruth

      Haha, Bina! Thanks for joining us today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Caroline

    What a great reality check!

  • MommaWilson

    Feel like I’m coming late to the party, ;) I’m loving this plan….these words really touch my heart this morning. “Since we simply can’t know the eternal state of another, we are called to lovingly counsel and encourage.”
    Thank you for making the app & plan available!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, sweet sister! So glad you\’re joining us today! There\’s no such thing as being late to the party;) Excited to have you with us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Wow, I needed to read this today. Thank you!

  • This – If He is a sweet river of forgiveness, what business do I have blowing holes in everybody’s boat as they float down the river – made me laugh out loud before 6am! Yes indeed I needed this reality check!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Haha-me too, Casie! So thankful you\’re joining us today!!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • It's hard to remember on a day to day basis that every single person is different. We are all different for a reason. God doesn't want us all the same, we each have a different purpose for our life, different talents, different characteristics and personalities. God made us who we are, the circumstances God has out us through has individually formed us. We have no right to judge others based on how God made them and what they've been through. Judging a person is basically a direct insult to God. I feel that judgement is ultimately what leads people away from Jesus because they see Christians who judge, we need to remember that we are to accept everyone as they are.

    Lord forgive me. Judgement is not my job but yours. Help me to see and love others as Jesus does. Help me to have an accepting attitude towards others.

  • sweetdes2014

    Thank you Lord for this constant reminder. I'm not totally there but I must admit that I'm more sensitive to it. I heard a preacher say that you can somewhat measure your Christian growth by the sensitivity you have towards sin. God continue to show me my judging moments…

  • cljcullen

    This passage is so convicting…and I really appreciate the well written devotional today. It's given me a lot to think about as I've gone about a busy day. In John 16:8, Jesus says that he will convict he world concerning sin, righteousness, and judgement. I never understood what in the world 'convicting concerning righteousness' could possibly mean until I heard a sermon discussing our SELF righteousness. aaaaahhhh, now I get it. And most of my 'judgement' of others comes from square in the middle of my self-righteous heart. I judge others unfavorably (focus on their 'specks') in order to be able to esteem myself higher (ignoring my 'logs'). Lord, forgive me and open my eyes!! As others have mentioned, as believers, we are certainly called, within the relationships God has blessed us with, to exhort and admonish one another. This can be confusing, at least for me. One guideline I've tried to apply (shared with me by my pastor) has been that we should always be seeking to do the most loving thing. If we see a brother or sister sinning (unrepentant sin…there is no need for us to run to them with our tally of the numbers of specific acts of repentant sin we've personally observed or heard about in their lives!!!), it isn't loving to ignore that. They NEED to know, for their own benefit, just like David needed Nathan to call him out after he'd sinned with Bathsheba. But we should do so only after searching our own hearts, and with humility, ready to hear from our brothers/sisters about our own unrecognized sin, too. And our goal should be their repentance and restoration…not to 'one up' them, humiliate them, or prove that we're 'better' than they are.

  • loveHimso

    Gosh…I struggled with this for many years as a self righteous Christian. I judged anyone who didn't think like me or act like I think they should. I had something to say about everybody and everything! Most of the time I didn't say it but I was thinking. Don't you just love God, he has a way of chiseling away the junk to mold you into the image of Him. I still find myself at times having difficulty with this and then I am reminded of the mess I was when I gave my life to Him. As Christians, we need to show each other a loving God who is willing to walk with us even in our mess.
    if someone says, "I love God," and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.…I John 4:20

  • Steph_Lilac

    "If He is a sweet river of forgiveness, what business do I have blowing holes in everybody’s boat as they float down the river?" This causes me to chuckle as I see myself screaming "fire the cannons of judgement on that ship!" The Lord has tumbled and cracked over my head the gift of being non judgemental. We really have no idea what people are going through. This huge plank in my eye needs to be sawed down by the Master Craftsman before I can open my mouth to speak. Lord, please grant us your humble spirit.

  • 780albertagirl

    Thanks for this post SRT. That verse in Matthew is what helps to remind me of when I am being totally judgmental. It reminds me to stop and evaluate why I am being so judgmental and in that time of pause it helps me to see the situation and person with a clearer mind. Yes, let's gently help each other with whatever is in our eyes.

  • Non intentional judgment, but judgment nonetheless.
    Your words really caught my attention Tina.
    How readly satan presents us with a critical/judgmental thought.
    Lord, may my thoughts be pleasing to you. Let me see thru Your eyes,, beyond outward appearance & actions.

  • If He is a sweet river of forgiveness, what business do I have blowing holes in everybody’s boat as they float down the river?

    SO good!!! Struggling with a couple of people in particular with this…one is someone who is never leaving my life (hello in-law) and the other is someone I simply need to help paddle down the river.

  • DVineSpeaks

    I've been dealing with this subject privately for a few years now and this lesson with THIS question got me. How can you say to your brother, " Let me reform you" but take no care to reform yourself?

    Thank you for putting this question into the format of this lesson as it was the catalyst of my TRUE BREAKTHROUGH. I worked in the public almost 25 yrs 15 of those in the medical field in some capacity and you see, hear and experience all types of issues and I thank God for building my character to love all of His people because as I walked into a Ministerial postion in my church it has been this last 2 years that have really challenged me.

    People will say anything to you to break you, tear you down, cause you to loose face, or whatever else may motivate unfavorable acts against you. BUT through it all I had to pray for God to help me and the first thing I was shown was that I was too judgmental and I'm not a person to distance myself from people I've learned professionally you can't do that. My issue has been that I allowed everyone in and not being careful who I allowed in and it almost tore my relationship with my youngest daughter apart (SEE EVEN THE ENEMY CAN COME IN LIKE A TRUSTED FRIEND WHEN YOU BECOME DISTRACTED) God showed me that there are some folks that we have to give back to Him because He's the ONLY ONE able to change, mend the heart that was broken and now operates in hurting others.

    True we never know the real motives of others until sometimes it's too late the damage is already done or we in our own perception have misprecieved the situation. For me this has been my MO for the last few years and since I had my surgery in March 2014 I have been isolated because of my restrictions and it's like these people became angry because I'm no longer available to be crushed by their words and situations that they kept trying to include me in. So as I was apologizing to the last person that wronged me God gave me this and I've ran with it every since. If you can stand before God on Judgement Day and He say okay to what you're trying to get me to accept then fine with me BUT if you know in your heart that God won't accept it don't expect me to either. I had to become selfish in a way about my journey to get to heaven. At some point we have to pick up our own cross and follow Christ and that means freeing ourselves of malice, spite, unforgiveness, mole hills and mountains of contemp that keeps us from loving inspite of. Don't think that it's easy it's not but if YOU profess to be a true believer we must forgive we don't have to bed fellows with them BUT I do know that for me it's a matter or life and death that I show LOVE at all time not to loose my witness.


  • xoLeahNicole


    What a great devotion and follow up. I just love reading through the comments on the devotion every day; I feel like they add so much to my understanding and devotion. Thank you all for that.

    I am one of those people who, before reading through the comments, felt like I pretty much was not overly judgemental. But then, as I kept reading, I thought about how often I have that internal commentary of judgement going on. ZING! Right through the heart. That is me, keeping it in, but all the while having negative, judgey thoughts about everything from what friends say on social media, right down to strangers passing me on the street.

    I have come a good way, but I have so much further to go. I am just so thankful that God hasn't given up on me!

  • Michaelahyatt

    Good morning ladies!

    I really enjoyed today's post and can totally relate. Judging others is so easy to do, but almost always comes out of feelings of insecurity or jealousy. I can wholeheartedly attest to this.

    As I was reading and reflecting I couldn't help but think about God's gift of intuition. As women, I believe it's essential that we learn to walk and understand there fine line of sinful judgement that Jesus warns against, and the ability to trust our hearts or "gut feeling" if you will, about a person that could potentially cause us harm. I personally have a difficult time with this because I don't want to seem rude or hurt someone's feelings. It's eye opening to me how easy and quick I am to judge others on a superficial level but how guilty I feel when listening to my intuition to potentially protect myself from physical and emotional danger. Having recently learned more about violence toward women and how essential our intuition (God whispering to us is how I like to think of it!) can be to our physical and emotional safety, I felt it an important topic to bring up. I feel that I am barely scratching the surface here and would love to hear others' thoughts and opinions!

    Blessings, sisters!

  • Savannah Grace

    At 18 years old, I suppose that makes me one of the younger ones in this loving community, but I just wanted to post a comment of thanks to all of you She Reads Truthers out there. The past few years, I have been desperately searching and praying for a devotional group where I feel like I truly belonged, and I am overjoyed to say that my prayers have certainly been answered with She Reads Truth! Despite my age, I feel like I can relate to all of you beautiful women out there who share the same desires that I have – to build one another up in Christ through our words and actions, and all the while praising the loving Father that brought us all together here!

    In the past, I looked and tried every devotional method out there, but none of them seemed to fit quite right with me. And then I discovered She Reads Truth about a year ago through the You Version Bible app, which led me to their official website. Now, I can't wait for my devotion and Bible reading every morning! I have the privilege of taking part in a devotion that is targeted at women (as I am still working to become the woman God wants me to be), and it has just struck a chord of praise in me that God led me here. Here, with all of you lovely fellow believers, I feel at home. I can read your comments and relate and pray for each one of you, every morning, and I praise my God – OUR God, for that.

    So, I thank each and every one of you again, and I especially thank the founders of She Reads Truth for following God's will for their lives in creating this community. I plan to stick around for a long time! :) I pray that God blesses you all on this beautiful day that he has made for us!

    • Candacejo

      Beautiful, Savannah Grace. I am on the opposite spectrum in this group, or feel like I am! :) I will be 53 Sunday so sometimes cannot relate to everything that the others do. But we can ALL relate to the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ and that is what brings us together! We need the young voice and the older. We need the BODY. Blessings to you, dear sister, I am also grateful!

  • How does vs 6 fit in?

    'Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.'

    • Britt C

      I believe it’s a new grammatical paragraph, but that verse speaks of discernment in telling people of the gospel.

  • submissive

    In John 7:24 the bible teaches us that we are suppose to make righteous judgements. We are to judge righteously. But before we judge we are to make sure that there is no sin in our lives, if there is than we must repent from the current sin. We are our brothers keeper and if we see them falling in a ditch will allow them? This is why there is so much error in the body of christ(church) because there is no righteous judgements being made. There is adultery running rampant in the church and everyone is silent about it. Until that day comes when our Righteous God will come and make Righteous Judgements then we will all see how much error we are really in…so yes we are to make Righteous Judgement as the Lord commands us.

  • ofDustandWonder

    Yes, our culture is so rampant with this one. So much that I think we fall into a trap of believing it's "normal" or okay. I learned from a very young age the sting of false judgement and have since tried very hard to refrain from comment unless I can understand the entire context at hand. Many times we can't, and that's when we are called to give grace or hold our tongues. I'm glad gentle discernment is also mentioned here though, because we need it to create balance. We are called to love and accept, but also to speak truth and not be deceived– this is quite a tightrope walk. It's easy to err on either side, but with the Holy Spirit we can manage it.

  • I have found that there can be a freedom in not judging others. I don't have to form opinion on the latest scandal or gossip. Because it isn't up to me to judge people I can step out of the debates and Facebook status wars. I don't even have to become involved. It is refreshing!

  • hazelmaddie

    Ouch, ouch, ouch. I can be very judgmental. It started in middle school. I remember God showing me that people are not the bad stereotypes I think they are. So I stop judging one person, then judge another. I’m so thankful I have a gracious God who continues to teach and reform me. And I’m trying to see people through his eyes and taking the plank out of my own eyes. This will be a long journey! But I can do it through the grace of God.

  • Stephanie Rawcliffe Photography

    Convict me, Jesus! More than often I leave my lenses of love laying on the night stand. The lenses that I put on while I am reading the Word but take off when I go to sleep. I had an upbringing that molded a humble attitude within me and a heart of thankfulness for our abundant blessings. I learned the judging part from society as I stepped into my teenage years. Satan lurks quietly and slips in like a thief in the night. I thank God for a mother of faith who instilled biblical principles during my upbringing that consistently convicted me. I could find myself feeling worthy of being a judge, sometimes subconsciously, but there was that nudging sense of "no, no". It's so hard to be a human, ha!

  • Reminded of the adulterous woman…Jesus nips this…anf I think who can pick up the stone and throw it…

  • yikes.. i've got a lot of praying to do! Lord, help me to see others the way you see them–with love, compassion and mercy.

  • Elizabeth

    Such a great message. In our society it's so tough to not be judgy – or to put it in another word – which we forget is the same – is to "compare!" we're taught that it's okay to compare! Having grown up in the arts and then as an Opera Singer it's amazing how widely accepted it is to point out all the faults another person has and then to offer constructive criticism as if we have it all together ourselves. Really, it's all about aesthetic beauty – each person has their own interpretation! God made us each uniquely and individually beautiful and guess what? We all are made in HIs Image so therefore even some of the things we consider flaws may very well be some of the things that are most beautiful about us. We are conditioned to compare and judge in today's society. Will it change? Probably not, but all we can do is work on ourselves and pray that our Lord and Savior will reveal to us what He would have us do. Praying for strength and humility and that we would give Him all the glory by keeping Him the center of our lives.

    Christ's Example of Humility: Phil 2:1-18 – its breathtakingly beautiful

  • Bree Beal

    Jesus tells us to examine our own behavior and conduct instead of judging others with the habits we have ourselves. It's easy to magnify the faults of others without examining my own. But that's not what God is asking me to do. Judgment belongs to the Lord…period. When I judge, I no longer reflect the light of Christ. I have to look at myself first and leave the other person in God's hands.

    Lord, You are the only one with the right to judge. Forgive me for my judgmental ways. Help me to look at me first and may I be a clear reflection of Your light that lives in me. Thank You Lord for Your grace and love that is in my life. In Jesus Name! Amen.

  • Whenever I read this verse I think of righteousness, for we have NO righteousness of our own, so we have no right to condemn anyone else either. Remember, God said our righteousness is as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) In John 7:23-24 Jesus tells the people (aka the hypocrites that were accusing Him) to not judge according to appearance but judge righteous judgement. Oh how careful we have to be before we jump the gun and judge by what WE see first…we don't know all the details of every person's being, we are not God and don't know all He knows….we should always reflect first on our OWN hearts before we start to look into someone else's for only God has the authority to look on another's heart. Oh Lord, how short I fall when I take it upon myself to trust i know better than you, let me keep my eyes on my OWN heart and my OWN faults and just show others to you by living a Godly example. May you all have a wonderful, blessed day today!

  • Elizabeth

    This was the New Testament reading yesterday to our study on Romans in church. (I love how God re-in forces things in our lives and gives us sweet wisdom everywhere we turn!) We were going through Romans 14 which really emphasizes being a community of grace among believers. According to John 17- if we don’t get this grace and unity right- this sends a bad message to the world! I have met way too many people that feel “Christians just judge.” Is that the message we are giving to the world by the way we treat each other?!? I guess yes… and I am guilty. Period.

    A great quote from Steve Martin that was shared was,” Before you critize anyone, walk a mile in his shoe. That way, when you do critize him, you’ll be a mile away and have his shoe.”

    I think it’s important to consider that this is not a blanket statement. We ARE asked to call people out and lovingly rebuke when there is sin. Righteous judging is loving with truth. We can and should admonish one another with truth from Gods word in order to not become a lukewarm community and lose our spiritual discernment. But…

    As believers we are surrounded by essentials to the faith and non-essentials. Romans 14:6 is an example taking about non-essentials -those that eat meat, they do so unto The Lord and those that do not eat meat do so unto The Lord. A lot of our disputes and opinions are NON-ESSENTIALS!

    This study on Romans 14 has helped me see and understand this passage in Matthew in a new way. It’s like a new litmus test for me for “judging.” Am I admonishing others with Gods truth in love or am I chastising a non-essential that will bring harm to the world by showing disunity with my brothers and sisters?

    A real helpful quote from a 17th century theologian that I have loved was this-

    “In essentials- unity.
    In non-essentials- liberty.
    In everything- charity.”

    Let’s send a message to the world that we are a community of grace and actually show grace in the non-essentials to each other:)

  • OUCH!! How many of us are nursing some sore soul toes aftet reading this?? *raises hand*
    Love the Matthew Henry qoute!! I think often as Christians we try to justify our judgey-ness by playing the comparison game… "sure, I'm a sinner too. But I would never do THAT"

  • joanne sher

    So easy to give ourselves way too much leeway in our sins (do it all the time), and condemn others for those same sins. Do you want to be judged the same way others are judged by you? Uh – no. Lord help me!

  • Oooh boy, this stings…A LOT.

    Like some of you who have already posted, I grew up in a very judgmental church–they were to the point that anyone who believed differently was "deceived." Fortunately, my parents were not as stringent, but that kind of made us the "fringe." Why we stayed in that church for 15 years is a long story. After I left there in my early 20's, I started to see that even though I had seen some of that church's "logs" and veered away from those, I still had some of my own trees to deal with.

    And, 16 years later, they are STILL not completely uprooted!! They keep showing up every so often, like the "suckers" a tree stump will send out in a last ditch effort to regrow.

    I'm not sure if I should be happy that at least these aren't showing up as often, or to the same degree, or in the same areas. But then I realize that God has seen ALL of them from eternity's perspective, which I think means that He sees them all simultaneously. And He still showers me with love, grace, and mercy. And He showers everyone else that way too.

    Lord, help me realize how desperately I need you. Remove the scales from my eyes so I can see not just the outward who and what of other people, but also their inward who and why. Break up the dam that keeps your grace and love from flowing out of me to others.

  • Lindar324

    Judgsy McJudgepants — yes those pants fit me. Made me giggle but oh yes, so true.

  • Convicting an area I already knew needed convicting, ugh! I realized awhile back that I default to judgement as a defense mechanism. It had/has become such a habit, I hadn't a clue I do it. I spent my life movng around as a kid, still have as an adult. Having to always meet new people and grow new relationships was hard, it still is. Even more as an adult. I've always walked into situations with a little more notice. I become acutely aware of how people respond to me and out of fear of rejection and previous hurts, I find I'm quick to judge or criticize them away. That way, I don't have to risk getting too close. It's caused me to put walls up and not allow me to get to know perfectly wonderful people. It's crazy, the cycle. Even just this past year, walking into a simple PTO meeting was so hard; everyone talking to one another, hugging, joking, as if they've known each other their entire lives and then there's me…..the already introvert, used to going it alone, who can give & has given speeches in rooms full of people, but to speak indivually to all of them, well that, THAT'S the hard part. Then it starts, I'll try, I'll smile, introduce myself and the reception is limited, my mind starts going. My spiritual gift is compassion, so my actual default is to give people the benefit of the doubt, but after so long this just happens. It's so hard to flip the switch. I judge as a way of dealing with the hurt of not being one with others. I have no issue with those in sour places; the homeless, the hurting, the addicts, what have you. It's natural for me to show love for them, to pray for them. But those that seem to have it all together, a whole different story. It sucks. Big. I've mentally begun trying to be aware and change, it's just really, REALLY hard. I've further noticed that my 16 year old, who has also moved her entire life, is the same way. I do not want this for her. I desire that she walks into a situation with confidence & security in The Lord, that she just beams and commits to compassion and patience. That she allow her true self to be seen and accept. I'm also trusting that God will help me get there myself! ~ B

    • Elizabeth

      Praying for you and your daughter today!

    • Elly

      …thanks onfaith. I'm a military wife, so I can totally relate with u at many different levels. I have recognized my judgmental ways in the past, and never been fond of them… Who is?!? Right?!? But I love the connections and how you put it all into words… We just signed the paperwork for 4 more years in the military, and that will turn into 6 more years after school and payback…by that time, add on 2 more years and Lord-willing my husband will be able to retire from the military…my oldest child will be 11 years old. It has been on my heart to pray for my kids as we live this life of moving every two years…and I really appreciate reading your perspective as I think about how I want to pray for myself and children through out the next…DECADE! Whoa. Gulp… Thank you!

      • Onfaith

        I will be praying for you as you think to how to pray for yourself and your family. The military is so hard on families, but such an amazing integral part of our country, I am so thankful for the sacrifices you guys make for the rest if us. My father was a navy man and after was a horticulturist….we moved on average every 3-4 years. Now, married, between my career and my husband's we've moved every 18 months to 2 years. We are praying that this stop is the last one until retirement. Woohoo, retirement! ;)

        Know, that while I would've loved a "home", moving around has allowed me to experience some wonderful things and I wouldn't change those for the world. I see my daughter as so much more willing to experience things and be ok with change, she is flexible, open minded & understands life a bit more than her counterparts. Not to mention, moving has allowed us to grow much closer to one another too! All benefits. So as you pray, know that your little people will be perfectly alright and that You have lots of prayers coming from a fellow, unexpected somewhat vagabond! :) ~ B

    • Beverly

      B, your words always speak familiarity to my own heart. I’ve moved four times in the last two years (two moves were cross country). Also an introvert and during my best times a giver of compassion, I can SO relate. I’ve seen and felt all too deeply the hurts when my compassion is taken for granted or trampled upon. And so to not get hurt again, I tend to wall up and judge myself (!) harshly. (I don’t yet have kids to get me out there so intentionally around others.) My judgements have even went so far as entitlement (yuck!)
      All this to say, I understand and it’s hard looking at these broken, ugly areas of myself. But lately, I’ve finally accepted that I am a sensitive person. I had judged others sensitivities for so long, that of course it was my own battle in the end. But I’m also becoming aware that my sensitivity can be a weakness (anxiety, judgement, entitlement) OR a strength (compassion, empathy, love). I’m learning as with many of my quirks that it takes a rethinking, capturing my thoughts and making them obedient to Him. He makes my weaknesses into strengths.

  • I remember reading 1 Pet 2:23 when I was going through a particularly difficult time (Jesus did not retaliate against those who persecuted him) and I remember thinking "I want you to judge (her) by the highest standard! I don't want her to have lenience after the way she has treated me!"

    And then the thought came to me… "be careful what you ask… I will judge you by the same standard."


    Yep, we minimize our part,mour involvement, our contribution to conflict. Lord, help me see my sins and focus on the rafter in my own eye.

  • The Message puts it this way…

    "Playing a holier-than-thou part instead of just living you part."

  • I’m finding many nuggets in this bible passage and devotional. I am the chief of judgment. I've struggled with judgmentalism throughout my Christian walk, I've prayed for deliverance of this beastly characteristic, but like a dandelion root–it appears to be so deep. This when I have to take the five year approach, and look back and see if there is progress in this area. I can't look from day to day, or I'd surely lose my joy in the Lord. But yes there is progress, but not instantly delivery from such a HUGE sin. I am so thankful that the Lord LOVES me and has covered all this past, present and future sins of my propensity to be judgmental.

    Just yesterday, I caught myself doing it, and my mind quickly turned me and my own plank in the eye. I was thankful for the quick rebuke, but truthfully, I would have been more pleased without my, had I stopped right then and there and THANKED the Lord for allowing me to hear the Spirit so quickly. I think I patted myself on the back for catching myself so quickly.

    Yesterday I was definitely ready to judge the single act. Thank you for the reminder that I certainly wouldn't want someone to judge me based on my lowest moment!

    Makes me think of the refrain from Marvelous grace of our loving Lord:
    Grace, grace, God’s grace,
    Grace that will pardon and cleanse within,
    Grace, grace, God’s grace,
    Grace that is greater than all our sin.

    Thank you Lord for your grace in our lives.

  • For you will be treated as you treat others.

    OUCH is right! God's word always comes to me at just the right time. Something I have been struggling with just this weekend. Well, always.
    I'm humbled. I realize my NEED for binding Satan and loosing the Holy Spirit over me today- through Him I can actually get this part right.

  • This is such a hard scripture to digest and sit on. I am guilty of judging others. However, I have been working really hard to not be so judgmental towards others. It is VERY hard. I have family members that judge very harshly and try so hard to cover up their own "dirt" just in case they get called out. To me, judging, in the wrong way that causes bicker and discord, is so not worth my time anymore. If we would put as much effort into rebuking sinners in a Godly fashion that does not bring condemnation, wow imagine how far we can go! I think its so easy to judge others before looking at our own hearts. It helps us not to deal with what is inside us. From working in the public for so long now I have really needed to learn not to judge others harshly, but to shower them in love. Now I'm not saying that I will give up my "moral boundaries" to love others. There are some things I just do not agree with. But it doesn't mean that I won't love.
    I have been judged harshly myself. I grew up in church and my parents have helped serve in various ministries and have helped plant churches. Lord only knows how much judgment there is within a church walls, unfortunately. But after some healing and a maturing spirit, and going through my own things to give me an eyeful of what it is really like on the other side of Gods grace, I have made it my mission to not judge harshly. You just don't know somebody's background or how they have become who they are.

    I am reminded of a sermon that my Pastor just preached a couple weeks ago. He was sharing the story of the woman who anointed Jesus feet with oil and washed them with her hair when he was visiting with the Pharisees. When this lady, whom obviously has a bad reputation and has found forgiveness and Christ's mercy, was crying and anointing Jesus feet, Simon the Pharisee was appalled that Jesus would even allow such a woman to touch him. Simon was only looking at the woman as she was in that time and place. He failed to look at her in a way that allowed him to see her story, to see how in the world she became to be this woman, this prostitute most likely. Instead he judged her for her label… for what she was in the now. How many times are we guilty of this??? Before we start to judge someone harshly, with the wrong intentions, we need to remember there is another side to every story.

    Lord, let us see with spiritual eyes and allow your Holy Spirit work within us so we may learn not to judge others. Help us to become Godly woman who have gentle words and who are humble, but yet know how to rebuke justly in a Godly way. Allow our hearts to be pure and understand that everyone has a story and we need to learn to love others despite their flaws. Father I pray that you will work within our hearts at whatever it may be that we are hiding or harboring. Bring those areas into light and work within us so we may live a life that is pleasing to you! I pray you keep our minds pure and dwell on Holy thoughts and of ways we can love on other people that would be a reflection of you. Thank you God for this devotion that is something that needs to be reminded to us because we are all human and none of us in perfect. Let our minds dwell on this today and help us to catch ourselves when we begin to judge others. Bless this day in your name, Amen.

  • Lakeisha

    Awesome Words this morning. These words found me in need of mercy and grace. I had to repent this morning.

    Wow, God's Word is always amazing! So humbling and soul searching……….I must meditate on these words all day today on purpose!

  • Emily Thomas

    Oh man. This one smarts!! I am so guilty of this with my family. I know I’m supposed to correct my kiddos but I do acknowledge my serious tendency to make mountains out of molehills.

    Lord, enable me to quit “blowing holes in the boats of others” as they float down Your streams of grace.

  • EllynDubberly

    A very humbling passage and devotion. Thanks, Ladies for boldly speaking truth! The image of a LOG in my eye takes me back to Matthew 6:22-23. Lord, give me healthy eyes. Open my eyes to see You in the people that I am so quick to judge. Forgive me for the many times I have scrutinized the splinters of others whilst having a log hanging out of my own eye. Thank you for such beautiful, practical, and humbling imagery to teach me! Amen

  • portraitsbyhelenjoy

    At first I've felt "good" about how unjudgy I am. I feel like I just love on everyone and I welcome and love people who mess up and do obvious wrong. But after praying and trying to open up my heart and asking God to replace my pride with humility I just was flooded with how judgmental I am of spiritual people (open bible verse writing on FB, go on a million short term missions trips, bragging about every good thing people).
    I judge them. I judge the motive behind their flamboyant Chrisitianity.
    I feel like I am the perfect amount of Christian. Not too judge, not too crazy and annoying.
    And people flash through my mind.
    It hurts to even write it out but I feel like I can judge away at them. They don't need love like all those other people who have drug problems or are raving alcoholics.
    Just writing it out exposes how sinful my heart is. Maybe if I spent a little bit of the time I spend judging them, I could love them, maybe feel free to love God more openly and without thought of what others think. And most likely these people need love too.
    Praying for God to change my heart.

    • Lakeisha

      I love your transparency, it has truly blessed me this morning and helped me see my own sinfulness. WOW!!!! So amazing is our Lord!

    • Ariel

      Wow, this is so right on!! I am guilty of this in my past. And from time to time I catch myself falling back into that mindset (especially when I am on facebook!). But after really digging deep and praying to God I came to realize that I was jealous. I was jealous of these other peoples opportunity to be doing things for God in a way I wasn't able to. Also I realized that I can't judge them based on where they are at in their lives. Everyone is in a different season and on a different path. How wrong was it for me to be judging someone else when they are just doing what they feel God is calling them to do? My perspective was that they were feeding on "milk" still and I was already feasting on the "meat'. God really moved in my heart and really opened my eyes to this type of judging I was doing. I have gotten SO much better, but I am still a work in progress. I'm not where I should be, but I'm not where I was! Praying for your open heart and revelation!!

    • Afua1957

      Thank God for this revelation and your willingness to share, sis. This has opened up my heart to the kind of judging that I do. I never once thought about it as "judging" the "flamboyant Christians." But you're absolutely right! Thank you!

    • Crissy

      I love your openness. I see myself in what you said…and I just prayed to God to show me the ways that I judge. Wow, god worked quickly on that one.

  • stinav96

    Verse six is the one that always intrigues me (after I've stopped thinking about all the times I've picked at a speck in someone's eye while harboring a log in my own). "Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces." (NASB) Who of us determines who is a "dog" ("a man of impure mind" according to or a "swine"? It seems like an oxymoron to me. But then, maybe it is based on long, loving interaction with an individual that allows one to see the way his/her heart is bent to know when that holy pearl of gospel wisdom is simply going to be trampled and thrown out as profane. Any thoughts? Thanks, ladies!

    • Twil545

      This one also throws me for a loop. I just googled "what does matthew 7:6 mean" and found this on "We are not to judge others, for we are guilty of the same things they are. Reserving judgment, however, does not prevent us from discerning those who would accept, or at least respect, the gospel from those who would ridicule, mock, and trample it, and then turn on us and abuse us."

      It makes sense but the juxtaposition still has me a bit confused. ?

      • stinav96

        Thank you for that! I definitely need prayer for the Lord to keep me humble enough to know the difference between "discernment" and "judgment." It seems to be a fine line! Thank you, again!

  • hyperactivelu

    Thank you for sharing your story Tina!

  • Judging……that has got to be the worst….before you know it …you've judged….perhaps not intentionally…..but nonetheless you have….from the appearance of a person to the way they talk, to how they eat, to the way they walk…..we judge….sometimes we've judged before we realize we've done it… .our opening words, 'what does he think he looks like' our opening thoughts( Good Lord, no, I'm not working with her!) the look on our face are usually the giveaway of judging or being judgemental…..
    Back in the day when I was younger than I am today, I knew of a lad, who was 'bad'….He took drugs…..when he used to walk through our neighbourhood, I would keep an eye on him….from my kitchen window…..One day, my children were being picked on, by some bigger kids whilst they played out, this bad' person was passing as this was going on, he stopped, rescued my children from what could have gotten ugly and brought them back to me….The judge……my point…..I had judged this lad, because he was known as ' bad' , but actually I was the one in the wrong….I had judged him, found him guilty, before I'd even spoken to Him!!!!
    Yes, he took drugs, and I wouldn't't want him influencing my children…. but the thing is…..there's good in every one…there is a verse in the bible that says ,'what evil father, when his child asks him for bread would go e him a stone'…..This 'bad boy'who took drugs had a heart….a God given heart…choices had made him a drug user, not his heart….He used that heart that day to save my children from trouble……
    I saw him recently, in the last couple of years….he is married to a nurse, and has two children…..his life has turned around…..He looked happier, looked different, had a peace about him…..He had changed…!
    Don't pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults, …..unless of course you want the same treatment…The Message says….

    Lord thank you for this reminder that although we are human, being like you would save us an awful lot if trouble…..and therefore, Lord, I boldly pray that our humanness' be humbled, humbled that we see the log in our own eye..and work on that rather than see the speck in another, and think ourselves better….The knowledge of our own sin should make us careful in reproving others. We are in the exact same position as those we are reproving……help us Lord to remember that each and every day ….Thank you Lord…Thank you…

    Blessed Monday Sisters…..with love…xxx

  • camillecarr

    I really love this passage. Ever since I read it, even as a young person, it always stuck with me. And it makes total sense. And we see it all the time. It is so easy to point out all the things wrong with other people and their lives. But, in reality, we have so many things wrong with ourselves.

    I've always taken this passage to heart and I can honestly say that I don't judge people. I get convicted way too quickly. I may not agree with the actions of another, but I continue to love and think of them in high regards. I've hung out with some people who would be considered the bottom of the barrel, but I still spent time with them because their sin isn't greater than mine just because it is different.

    Personally, I think to judge others is to say that we are more of something than they are. And I know that I am lacking. As an individual, God has His hands full with me. I am thankful for the time and effort He puts in to loving and reforming me. But because I recognize all the work He has to do in me, I don't even speculate the work He has to do in someone else.

    For me, it is easier to just focus on my own problems because that is what God calls me to concern myself with. It is not my place to run up behind every person and list out their transgressions. He can do that on His own. To judge is God's job and He really doesn't need our help in His occupation.

    • AnnaLee

      "He can do that on His own. To judge is God's job and He really doesn't need our help in His occupation." I feel like that notion, not trusting God to be able to do His occupation– being GOD, being judge, being protector, provider, lover, etc.– is what entices us into sin most. It's the most common lie ever told, the first one ever told: that we, as humans, must step up and "compensate" for what God "lacks." The world doesn't rest on our shoulders. It never has, and it never will. Very relieving, but so hard to remember sometimes. This was a breath of fresh air, and I praise the Lord for it. Thank you, Camille. :) God bless you throughout this week, as you continually look to Him, knowing that He can (and WILL) fulfill His EVERY occupation– the occupation of being God of your life– perfectly.

  • Candacejo

    Judging a person doesn't define who THEY are…it defines who YOU are.

    Oh, me, oh, my! I am so guilty of this….but, "…The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7 NIV.

    As Rebecca said so beautifully, The verse in Matthew 7 doesn’t say we cannot judge whether sinful behavior is actually sinful or not. It is saying we had better be ready to be judged by the same standard of judgment. And that could hurt, alot.

    "Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” Colossians 3:12-14 ESV.

    He is sooooo merciful to me, how can I not be in return? Judge not, or I will be judged, and it might not be pretty. Put on love.

    • Abby

      So true that our judgements say more about us than the person we're judging. I often find the things I'm judging are the things I'm most insecure about in myself!

      • Candacejo

        Abby, that nearly knocked me down! What I am most insecure about in myself…wow. I see ME in this statement…I have much to chew on. Blessings, sister.♥

    • AnnaLee

      "Judge not, or I will be judged, and it might not be pretty. Put on love." I love that. Praise God for you, Nannette. May the Lord continually show you what putting on love truly means in all situations. May you take off every bit of sinful clothing as He shows you what they are, and may you embrace the newness of His royal robes for you. Love you. Have a beautiful evening. :)

      • Candacejo

        Your prayer brought tears to me this morning…it is morning here, ha. But it was a pleasure to wake up to. I needed it and will be praying it today. Blessings, AnnaLee! ♥

  • CarrieLynne31

    So often I'm quick to judge someone else, shaking my head and fingers at them. I'm guilty of thinking others have the worst of intentions instead of good intentions too. And lo and behold, I end up being judgmental about it.

    At the same time, I've been in situations where I really did want to lovingly bring attention to someone about something they were doing. Sometimes, my words have been accepted or heard by them. Sometimes, they listen and that is it. Sometimes, I've had them get angry and assume I'm placing judgment on them. It's a tough thing to do.

    Lord, I am so guilty of so many things. And yet, I often find other's faults before my own. Forgive me for judging others that which is for you to do. And Lord, when I do want to approach someone about something, I pray that I do so at the right place and time for it to be done. I don't want to speak harsh words or come across judgmental. Instead, I ask that you give me words of wisdom, kindness, humility, and grace. Help those situations be a time of encouragement so that person will be led back to you. Thank you, Lord, for forgiving me time and time again. Amen.

    • Brandi

      Amen and amen.

    • Chrissy

      Amen CarrieLynne! It's a tough balance to strike (like most aspects of Biblical Christianity). I'm typically very non-confrontational so I've been known to silently judge and never lovingly counsel. It's a double negative for me, I suppose – I don't do either of the things Jesus commands of us when witnessing sin.

      I pray that the Lord would open my eyes to my own sins so as to eliminate my judging attitude AND that He would give me the gentle discernment to speak out when witnessing sin, coming to Him in prayer beforehand so that I may speak with the right words and that the other person's heart would be softened to the truth.

      • AnnaLee

        Amen Chrissy. I am the same way. So often, I find myself getting silently self-righteous, allowing that judgment and self-righteousness to build walls and a higher ground around me when it comes to other people, creating no room for any of Christ's love, counsel, or truth to pour into a person's life. All judgment does is isolate us, ultimately; we think it makes us feel "holier", but at what cost? Being self-righteous, silently bitter at the world, and alone? (That's what I've been for TOO LONG. Forgive me, Father.) How often have I been the person who will "shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people's faces" while "[I myself] do not enter, [not] letting those enter who are trying to" (Matthew 23:13)? Much conviction. Change my heart, Lord. Change me.

        Lord, like my dear sister Chrissy here, open my eyes to my own sins, so that I may run to You for forgiveness and remain hungry for you & humble as you call me to love others. Never let me forget the depths of sin You've rescued me from, or the heights to which I've been before, so that I may want to climb higher and higher always.

    • DVineSpeaks

      Your honesty is awesome and wonderful to see. This is hard for all of us if we're truly honest about it. Be Blessed my Sister in Christ

    • Leigh

      Love this prayer!

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