Sermon on the Mount 2014: Day 1

A law that heals: the Sermon on the Mount


Today's Text: Matthew 4:12-5:1, Romans 8:1-6

Text: Matthew 4:12-5:1, Romans 8:1-6

“And he went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people.”
– Matthew 4:23

“…the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.”
- Matthew 4:16

As we set the scene for Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount, we find Him in the early stages of His ministry. We see Him call the disciples. We see them begin to travel alongside Jesus as He heals and preaches and heals some more. And we see people flock to Him, in both curiosity and loyalty, as news of the Healer spread. If you heard of a man walking around your city “healing every disease and every affliction among the people,” wouldn’t you run find Him, too?  

“They brought him all the sick, those afflicted with various diseases and pains, those oppressed by demons, epileptics, and paralytics, and he healed them.” (Matt. 4:24, ESV, emphasis mine)

Pause your reading for a full minute and think about what it must have been like to be among that crowd . . .

Incredible, right? Part of me wonders if Jesus could have just healed folks until the cows came home and called it a day for His ministry. Heal hundreds of people with the touch of a hand? DONE. (I put a bandaid on my daughter’s toe last night. Does that count?)

As amazing as it was, physical healing wasn’t all they needed from Jesus. It wasn’t the only reason—or even the main reason—that He came. Just like us, they needed a cure that reached down deep into the heart, into the very soul of their being. Jesus knew freedom was coming and it started right there, with Him. And so He climbed the mountain and began to preach.

God’s people had received teaching from a mountain before. The mount was Sinai and the unsuspecting (and reluctant!) preacher was Moses. The law revealed their sin—our sin—in no uncertain terms. But this time was different. Jesus wasn’t presenting the law as they knew it, a list of outward rules to be followed. He addressed the heart.

Jesus spoke of an outer reality (our world and our actions) in terms of an inner reality (our hearts and the gospel).

Those dots had never been connected before. This was revolutionary stuff!

On that mount—with the people gathered close and His disciples gathered closer—Jesus preached a religion that was not about doing, but about being.

He transformed the law from a back-breaker to a freedom-maker.

Moses had presented the law all those many years before, and the people did—and do—fall miserably short. Jesus Christ came to fulfill the law—down to the letter!—so that we might gain His reward (Matt. 5:17, Rom. 5:17). The reward was freedom. Freedom from sin, freedom from self. Freedom from hopelessness and death. Freedom from rule-based religion. Freedom to love and be loved by a holy and merciful God.

Let’s lean in close these next few weeks as we listen to the words of our Savior from His Sermon on the Mount. Let’s sink into the red-letter text and ask God to reveal Himself to us in a new way. Let’s pray for a new understanding of the depth of our sinfulness and the riches of His Grace.



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  • Hannah Byler

    Finally getting back to my morning devotions! I enjoyed this mornings so much and learned so much! I ask for prayer that I would keep having a desire to keep doing morning and evening devotions!

  • Diving back in to this study, I did it the summer of 2015 also, before Romans kicks off. Thankful for this solid instruction that still applies in our lives today!

  • So amazing to think about the freedom we have!!!!! Jesus died so we could live!!

  • Kasidee

    I just returned from a mission trip to Baja, Mexico. Would you all pray for me as I return to a normal life that I would keep my focus on Jesus Christ and the plan that he has for my life? Thanks so much!

  • The crowds must have been desperate to get to Jesus because of how sin affects us inside and out in him there was hope and life and more importantly love that accepted them as they were not the judgement of the back breaking law where God was far off.

  • Audrey Swedell

    It would have been amazing to be in that crowd! God is good!

  • Would you guys pray for me? I’m struggling with making spending time with God a priority.

    • Stormye Puffer

      Carley, praying for you, friend. Asking the Lord to grow your affections for Him and that spending time with Him and in His Word would quench a thirst within you. Grateful for you!

  • Bayli Harney

    Never thought about the parallel between the Law being given on Mt Sinai and Jesus presenting a new covenant in the sermon on the mount. Just another reminder that in the chaos of the world, when things seem random, that God really has a plan ☺

  • Paige Petron

    Let live in faith, not religion. Come as you are, a sinner who is imperfect and put your love and trust in Christ Jesus, who is perfect and fully God. Living in faith is important because we house the holy spirt, given to us from God, so that we may be in communication and so that it may guide us. Faith isn’t just reading the living word, but seeking God’s hand. Seeking His perfect plan for our lives.

  • Ashlee Vandemark

    “Christ transformed the law from back-breaker to freedom-maker” absolutely LOVE that!!!

  • Chloe Stenberg

    It is so interesting because this verse is a hard verse for everyone because we all want to live in the flesh, ourselves. So often we want to do what the world is doing and we have the spirit to guide and protect us.

  • Bride Of Christ

    “The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light.”

    Being a person who used to suffer from depression, I forced myself to stay in darkness. I would lock myself in my room and remove all light. I knew deep down I was sinful, dirty, and disgusting. But what I thought would make it better only made it worse. There was no hope. Until Hope came to me. And since meeting Jesus, the King of Hope, I only live in the light.

    “There is now no more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

    The Holy Spirit now uses my testimony to bring others into the light because of the Light I have within me.

    “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

    It’s a beautiful miracle God has allowed me to be. Thank You Lord for never giving up on me.

    I love You.

  • Alexandria

    For Christmas this year, my church focused on John 1:1 and Jesus being the light sent in from darkness. The mention of light in Matthew 4:16 shows the set up and excitement of what is to come with the sermons on the Mount and all that Jesus will do for us – saving us.

  • Ollie Brist

    With the Sermon on the Mount, a change is seen from the laws of the OT to a new, freeing, loving form of law found in Christ.

  • Christ gave us freedom from shame, burden, worry, fear, and above all freedom to be unconditionally loved and accepted by God. He gave us a new identity!!!! I finally understand!

  • Doing with a joyful heart is pleasing unto the Lord but spending time with the Lord makes him ecstatic!

  • This is perfect for me at the moment. I’ve been “doing” so much and not “being” I can’t wait to get more of this.

  • I really needed this right now!

  • Serea Williams

    Perfect timing!!! I so needed to hear this.

  • Melanie M.

    Totally needed to read this! Needed this tonight. :)

  • Herminia

    I was looking for a study based on Jesus’ words. This is perfect❤️

  • Excited to start this devotional!

  • Debbie Alexander

    Excited to be starting this devotional. Looking forward to what God has to say and learning to live in more freedom and peace.

  • Michaela

    This is my first plan on this app and I can already tell that it we’ll help me grow closer to god

  • Connie Randazzo

    Oh to live life in complete freedom in Christ -first time SRT
    I do not have time for a women’s Bible study tight now but ache to read /meditate on Gods word everyday
    Thanks for this blog ❤️

  • This is my first SRT plan and I am enjoying it already. I chose this one because in the fall our church’s Women of the Word is doing a study on the Sermon on the Mount. I am trying to get prior exposure to the truths of this teaching so I am better able to glean all God has for me from it. Also reading Matthew Henry’s commentary to broaden my learning. But I have to say that I absolutely LOVE that Jesus sat down to teach the people…a true picture of Immanuel, God with us:)

  • Lauren Lightbody

    Thrilled to begin my first devotional plan and stick to it to see where God leads me

  • My daughter and I are doing this plan together. Can’t wait to see what we learn.

  • Hannah Townsend

    I’m really excited to dive into this plan and truly go in depth to learn about the freedom God set before us!

  • Angela R.

    To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the spirt is life and peace- my take away and thought for the day!

  • Excited to jump into this series and see where He leads me

  • Samantha Doisy

    I’m very excited about this series!!

  • Just found this and loving it already!

  • Love this series!

  • Awesome introduction! Can’t wait for the Sermon on the Mount to be fully revealed :) . Romans 8:1-6 is such a beautiful reminder, culminating later in vs38-39!

  • The flesh cannot satisfy the spirit

  • Caroline

    can’t wait to jump into this one and fully understand the sermon on the mount. today was a great intro. now praying that my heart is ready to grasp this completely. love srt!!!!!

  • I’m so excited to get a more in-depth look at the sermon on the mount! Loving this app so far!

  • Emily Grace

    I’m glad i found this devotional. After reading a while, praying more, and trusting in him more than i used to, i feel like a TRUE follower of God

  • Jennifer

    I completely agree! The word “immediately” in those passages describing how the disciples just got up and followed Jesus shows such incredible faith. Even though the disciples were just men and messed up time and time again, their amazing faith cannot be denied. And that kind of faith is what we should strive to have!

  • I think it is so amazing that the disciples left everything. For me, I am a stuff gal. If Jesus had come to me, I think I would have been like, “hold on! Let me go get my things!”- no- these men left it all- family and belongings- to follow a strange man who would later change everything!

  • “He transformed the law from a back-breaker into a freedom-maker.” YES.

  • Tamara B

    I thought, (knowing what we know now, that Jesus is the messiah) I would certainly follow
    Him. Then I thought what I would do if someone, just now would be healing people. I would be too sceptical. I would think of him being sectarian. I dont want to be pulled away from Christ, and the ‘right’ belief, so I probably wouldn’t accept another point of view.. Sounds an awefull lot like the Pharisee! So I might want to start working on that… :(

    • Jackie McCool

      I think that a lot of that would come through prayer. If someone came around now we would have to pray and ask God what it meant. He would give ususdirectiondirection

  • To be in that crowd! I would love to think I would marvel over the miracle of it all, but I know my medically trained, science minded brain would question all of it… Not unlike I have a million times today. I see walking miracles every day in the cancer center where I work, and the only explanation is God. I can’t wait to dig in deeper and read more about this sermon on the Mount

  • I love the Romans passage explaining that the law of sin and death had certain requirements and Jesus satisfied those requirements so we can live in the law of the Spirit. All aspects of the world have laws. Like illness. Certain illnesses always have a specific outcome but miracles are possible because we live by laws of the Spirit rather than the flesh. The thinking point to imagine being in the crowd of people Jesus was healing really hit this home. If I were in the crowd, I’d be too skeptical to approach Jesus for healing. I’d be thinking too much about the laws of physics and the inevitability of my illness’ prognosis. It is the law of the Spirit that allows miraculous healing.

  • It was interesting that two of the men left their fathers. I wonder what their fathers reaction was to this. Was he excited? Did he think his sons were out of their minds? I hope as a mother, I encourage my son and daughter to drop their nets and run to Jesus. Even if it means leaving me behind…

    • Holly

      Agreed. One thing that struck me the most about the text was how the men were willing to leave their homes, their jobs and security, and their families to follow Christ.

  • It’s amazing to think how Simon (Peter) and Andrew and the other disciples immediately left their nets and went to follow Jesus!! I would hope that I would be that obedient when Jesus calls, that I would drop everything and follow him!! It must have been so amazing to have seen him perform all those miracles and tell of Gods unfailing love, oh I would have loved to have been there at his feet!!!

  • Clarissa Parulian

    Love came down, rescued me, love came down and set me free…. I am yours, I am forever YOURS

    Yes God. Your truth is fire and it’s all consuming! I will follow your call, today, tomorrow, because you have chosen us by heart and called us off boats to follow you daily.

  • Kira Knapp

    One of the the ways that I like to convince myself that I OBVIOUSLY know better than God is through his rules. I’ve always thought that rules in religions placed a divide between Heavenly Father and the obedient mortal children, but this gave me a beautiful new take on it. Just what I needed. So excited for this.

  • Michelle

    Grasping the freedom in Christ is truly the essence of our faith. If only that were the clearest and most visible part to those on the outside

  • Eleanor Deas

    This isn’t necessarily what the
    devotional was about, but this part stuck
    out to me:
    The mount was Sinai and the unsuspecting (and reluctant!) preacher was Moses.
    I think we should all be a little more like
    Moses. When we feel like there’s a point in
    life with friends or family were we could share a word of God, we should step out and try to do so. Even when we feel like we shouldn’t, but we know we should, we should be a little more like Moses and preach it anyway.

  • I’m interested as I move forward looking at the Sinai experience and match it with the experience here. For some reason I have in my mind that all of the Ten Commandments are addressed from the perspective of the heart. Also, more wholisticly. I’m very interested to track this as I study and to see what things are totally new. I have never thought of reading the two together, but I am very excited for this new perspective. Thank you! I know it will be transforming for me.

  • Thinking a lot about the contrast between the two “mountain experiences” i.e. mt Sinai and the sermon on the mount, and the contrast between the two. In the first instance, God because of His holiness was only able to speak to one prophet like a “voice from the sky” sort of thing. He was giving the law to Moses for the people. But on the sermon on the mount, God in the form of Jesus comes down to earth and sits with His people, talking to them and explains things of the heart to them. He is telling them of a high standard to live by BUT- Through Jesus Himself!!!- this is fulfilled perfectly and we can be near to God. Reading this, I feel like God must be a poet having planned out such a beautiful mirror in the form of the two mountains! We are so so blessed.

  • Lorene Lee

    “Jesus Christ came to fulfill the law—down to the letter!—so that we might gain His reward (Matt. 5:17, Rom. 5:17). ”
    Interesting how it says that we MIGHT gain His reward. Because God has given us freedom to choose, He gives us the opportunity to receive His gift of salvation. Does it mean everyone is going to accept it? No. But He will continue to give them that opportunity to until the heart has been completely hardened.

  • Michelle

    Changing our outer reality to an inner reality, Jesus changing the law to the freedom found in Him…amazing and powerful!!

  • The fact that Jesus himself could heal us one by one by hand is incredible to me, I I feel that if we all seek him and fully give him our souls and allow him to really teach us we are able to feel him , get to know him and soon be able to share our knowledge and love for the Lord with others

    Loving this study so far . .

  • “Im longer a slave of fear, I am a child of God” I love this study already!

  • i love that Jesus brought physical healing… but more importantly: Jesus is concerned about our hearts. what a gift.

  • Christ transformed the law from a back-breaker to a FREEDOM maker! So thankful for the grace and love and peace He so richly gives us through this relationship with Him!

  • Just so amazing!

  • Such a wonderful reminder of Gods Love and Grace over us as sinners. We are totally and completely made new in Him and what a relief because I would never want to stay the person I was before Jesus! PTL!❤️

  • Abigail Gouldsbarry

    I loved this!! Can’t wait for the next few weeks!!

  • ❤️

  • Annie George

    Rm2 :4 comes to my mind when I read todays word. The kindness of God brings about repentance. God woos us to Obedience so that we Respond to His directions with love and Not obligation.

    • Liz Zimmerman

      Thank you Annie! I needed to be reminded how sweet it is to obey–that those who love Him obey Him.

  • Ashleigh

    Love it!! I’m going to read that again today ❤️

  • I’m new to She Reads Truth but I loved that the stories of Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John were included because I so admire their courage to drop everything they were doing and immediately follow Christ to become “fishers of men.” I think that’s so beautiful and really shows the inspiring power of his truth and love.

  • I just got this app. I love it so much so far!!! I’ve read these chapters before, but I didn’t get nearly as much out of then as I did this morning. I love it!!! His law TRULY heals!!!!

  • Jesus’ message was revolutionary! It’s no longer about the rules, instead, “He came to fulfill the law that we could gain His reward”. It’s so hard to live by, because it’s completely radical. I believe it in my head, but my heart is so stubborn. I’m so grateful for this reminder and imagine myself in that crowd. Jesus, help me experience this powerful, life-changing freedom you offer!

  • I have such renewed faith lately. With so many things in my life being challenging right now I’ve completely worn myself out trying to fix it. I’ve now given these situations to God and I’m just focusing on all I have in my life to be grateful for. This series already feels powerful and transforming. I’m excited! This is my first day using the app and I love it! God bless you guys

  • Christ fulfilled the law completely. He became what we failed to become. Wow… Great start to a series!!

  • Jenn Staib

    Wow. Love this app.

  • Have been so overwhelmed lately with financial difficulties w my family, that I just feel so lost. still, I’m thankful that I found Jesus, and that I have Him to carry my burdens with. I am free from all these baggages in Him. Thank you Lord Jesus :’)

  • Lord, I believe You lead me to this devotional app, I believe that You will transform my heart, and help me to live in the Spirit. I know it all starts with a true relationship with Jesus and not just knowledge, I have knowledge, I need a heart change, please change this wicked heart of mine and make me the woman You created me to be. In Jesus Name I pray.

  • Dorothea Lander

    So many good thoughts on this study–glad my daughter showed it to me! I was stuck by reading that Jesus started His ministry of healing with the call to “repent.” It seems like we don’t hear these words much anymore in sermons or blogs, yet those are the first “red letter words,” Jesus’ command. Think I’ll mediate on that today. Could I be asking for and expecting all sorts of healings from Jesus, but I’ve skipped over the first words out of His mouth? If the disciples missed so many obvious teachings (like that He would have to die–spoken very often) have I been missing this first step myself?

  • I’m excited to read this!! God’s freedom is once and for all!

  • My friend just told me about this app. This is my first study using She Reads Truth and I am so excited to get back to doing daily devotionals!

  • I’m so excited to start this, I can’t wait to see what God will do in my life as I delve deeper into his word

  • Lauren | The Thinking Closet

    It has been years since studying the sermon on the mount. Already I know this is what I need. God continues to impress on me the changes he makes within our hearts as top priority. “When I trust Jesus, it changes me” was the theme in Sunday School this past month. Looking forward to seeing what changes He has in store!

  • My pastor preached Sunday about we as Christians and the salt of the earth that we need to Preserve the Truth!

  • Matthew 4:16 sounds like America today. The Christians are the light but they don’t shine brightly. We let others take over without a fight.
    Love the shared statement!!!

  • “Jesus preached a religion that was not about doing, but about being.” What a statement of freedom!

  • It’s so amazing to see how relevant these passages are to my life right now. Trying to discern a calling can be incredibly tricky when you’re waiting on Jesus, but these scriptures today were just affirmation to continue to pray for God to prepare my heart to share the Gospel in the darkest of places. God is so good!

  • It’s so awesome to think about how Jesus didn’t come to start a new religion, he came to show us God’s love ❤️ He didn’t push someone away beside he was tired or hungry or filthy, he just gave God’s beautiful love!!!!

  • Mackenzie Spears

    “He transformed the law from back-breaker to freedom-maker.” ❤️

  • Griffimama

    Love the perspective of freedom in this. As a Christian who had read this many times, never thought of it this way. I like many people have had chains of bondage broken, only to put them back on and climb right back into that prison cell. Claiming freedom today!

    • Caroline

      I totally understand being freed of the broken bondage only to climb right back into the condemning walls of prison. As I was reading this even, I was internally struggling with whether or not God could really forgive me…and then I opened my eyes to what I was reading and had a moment of victory! I’m with you….claiming freedom and victory over all sin and condemnation today!

  • I’m so thankful that Jesus did it all…

  • Physical healing wasn’t the only reason- or even the main reason he came. I appreciated that point. Today I see a lot of people meeting earthly needs and yet neglecting souls. Jesus never did that. He never lost sight of the mission: to make disciples. We must not loose sight either. I’m new here, but I can already tell I’m going to enjoy She Reads Truth. It may be just what this new mom needs to reestablish her devotion time. Thanks!

    • ally

      mm thanks for your insights krys. that’s exactly it, people don’t neglect their bodies but do their souls and in times of need only demand that God heals physically. Jesus came to restore us spiritually with God and the physical hearings just pointed to what was to come in Jesus’ death and resurrection :) Amen

  • Michaela Joy

    Imagining what it was like to be I. That crowd was slightly overwhelming because I have a pretty good glimpse of what that was like. On my missions trip this past summer, God worked through the prayers of me and my team members to heal a blind/lame man…right before our eyes. It was so awesome, overwhelming, and is one of those things that you can’t describe. If that was my reaction for just one man. I can’t imagine what it would be like to see that happen over and over again to hundreds of people.

  • Melyelaine

    So thankful that someone told me about this app. I’m excited for what God is gonna teach me as I hear from Him through this plan!

  • Macy White

    More than anything I wonder if I were there, would I be a believer or a skeptic. Would I see Jesus and think “savior” or would I see him and think “fake”. Now I pray in my life that each day I choose to think “savior” and on the mountain or in that horrific valley I still choose my savior.

    • Kim

      I wrote this same thing down in my journal as I reflected on what it would be like to be in that crowd. Would I have faith even after seeing with my own eyes or would I doubt the genuine Savior? It’s our first reaction to say of course we would believe – but really – would we?

  • Allie Weber

    If only more people understood that Jesus has paid the price for our sins so God isn’t some mean guy who punishes us for doing wrong, but rather a Father who wants to best for us and loves us unconditionally!!

  • Thankful for the reminder that Jesus didn’t come to abolish the law, but to transform it into something beautiful! #hemakesallthingsnew

  • I’m just now joining the SRT community! This is my first study. I’m excited to dive in. As a current youth pastor, I’m in need of some personal rejuvenation. I also loved picturing myself a part of the crowd. Honestly, I probably would have been freaked out by someone healing a bunch of people, but mostly mesmerized. I think we should all be mesmerized by the grace and love of God.

  • What hit me most was how much of a game changer Jesus was. People were following for years and years without knowing of this amazing person to come. They tried and failed and tried and failed as we do every day- but they did not have the “thank God for grace” card to play like we do. He gave them a reason to follow these rules- He gave them heart and passion and love for the Creator. He haves us all new life- before He was a sacrifice. Because without love and passion for Christ.. What are we doing?

  • Jesus healed all. He didn’t ask them to pass a test first, to meet certain requirements, or to be of a certain righteousness. He healed everyone and that is so amazing and truly expresses His love. I pray in His name that I may be able to express unconditional, nondiscriminatory love like that.

  • Savannah Kirkman

    So many people with many different backgrounds whether it was physically, mentally, or spiritually running to God might have been overwhelming; moreover, it was probably one of the best sights ever. God’s love was shining through and He healed so many people. He is so good to us and always will be. He loves us and that is such an amazing thing to have in life: God’s love.

  • GiannaBeata

    It’s so beautiful to see the ultimate sacrifice of One’s only Son to set us free. Laying down perfection so we could live in Him, in peace and life. God is so gracious and kind to us. He gave up His beloved Son so we could all live in freedom from sin. :)))))))

  • It’s interesting that even though the Bible teaches us to store up our treasures in heaven, and to keep our eyes on things spiritual, and not of this world, that Jesus spent so much time healing peoples’ physical afflictions. Yet after most of the healings he emphasized that their faith had healed them, or he told them that their sins were forgiven. Another thought while reading this devotion, was about the cruel and horrible death that Jesus endured for our sakes. The wages of sin is death. But why did it have to be torture, and so cruel? Do you think maybe it was to show us how horrible sin is and how detestable it is to our God? And that by paying the price for our sins in this manner, it would more accurately show exactly the cost. Points to ponder.

  • Samantha

    I loved to pause and think about what it would be like to be among that crowd; a crowd full of people in all different states, physically, mentally, and spiritually. And Jesus loved each and every one of them. And that’s still the way it is today. I pray that people can see that and not be ashamed of who they are or their past. They are loved. It’s just truly amazing that no matter where you are in life you are loved by a gracious and merciful king :)

  • The fact that Jesus healed that crowd of people. All those people! I mean I can’t imagine seeing such a thing like that. There are so many sick people in this world. The other thing was how the men were fishing and Jesus told them to come and they went with no hesitation. Did they even know who this man was? If that happened in today’s time, I think Jesus would’ve been cursed if the men didn’t know who He was. How I would have loved to live during this time, to see the miracle of His works first hand. I see his works today, but to have been able to see Him actually do it, in person, just…wow.

    • Tamara B

      Wasn’t it common for Rabi’s to ask people to follow him? They might have known Him, and be happy to be chosen to follow Him?!

  • I’m diving into the SRT devotionals for the first time and I’m glad God lead me to start with this one. It was needed at this time in my life. I’ve been wanting to see Christ so much in the whole bible. My prayer I wrote down was that God reveal all the places and ways Christ fulfilled the law. I can’t wait to see what He shows me!

  • The author of this devotional asks the reader to pause and think about the crowd that followed Jesus. The first thoughts that came to mind were ” a big crowd, probably stinky, and very eager to be healed by Jesus.” When I thought of this, I immediately felt a twinge of guilt and a burden for the lost people searching for Jesus’ healing. These people may not literally be following Jesus to the mountain, but they are searching for answers for their troubled souls. I am often so guilty of keeping Jesus’ healing, the gospel, to myself instead of sharing it with others. I pray that I will be more willing and open to share the message of Jesus’ healing with the crowd, whether it be one or many.

  • Thank Jesus for the gift of Himself!

  • Audra praying for you and your family.

  • Jesus Christ came to fulfill the law—down to the letter!—so that we might gain His reward

    God, being a perfect God, required that all must be holy, because he is holy. But because of sin, we have fallen short, and that is why, through great love, he sent his son, who was also perfect to connect us. By being fully God, he was perfect and could fulfill his law. Because he was also man, he was able to relate to us, and the broken relationship between man and God was repaired . Dying on the cross broke the barrier between law and sin, God and man. What an awesome realization to come to! That even though we are unworthy, we are found worthy in the presence of God BECAUSE of Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself for us. You know, I’ve been reading my bible, but with no plan in mind. Every day I would choose a random chapter and read it and pray. But I feel like I wasn’t going deep enough I wanted something more. I was searching the App Store for bible study apps, and after a lot of scrolling I found this app. I was unsure, but after this devotional and these amazing, God inspired comments, I am so blessed and in awe of God because of how he led me to this community. I pray that I would be transformed throughout this plan, and through prayer and encouragement by you ladies, if you’re willing. God bless you all, especially the founders of the app who through Jesus have changed so many. May all glory go to God forever and ever.

  • I loved how it’s about being! Having a living breathing faith. Without Jesus we would have never reached our promise given to us by God❤️

  • Laura Albers

    What a great way to start this plan. God has spoken through this and us.

  • Brittany

    I have been struggling with temptation of a sin and this last verse speaks so loudly to me. Instead of trying to struggle with temptation, I ran to God’s Word. “For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” This is so true! I began reading and praying and the temptation immediately left me. Praise God, through whom we can overcome all things, and all temptation from the Devil!

    • Brittany Williams

      Wow! This really encouraged me. This is truly is a Testimony. It encouraged me and reminded me that God can help me with any and every temptation. (:

  • When I paused to think of what it would be like to see Jesus healing all those people , I am reminded of how compassionate and loving he is of ALL people, regardless of their ability or status.

  • I so desperately want to feel his freedom rather than just having the head knowledge!

    • Liz

      I always feel the freedom most in tough situations. The next time that it is totally justified for you to be angry or upset with someone, try to rest in the freedom you have to LOVE them. Then when you are thanking God, the freedom you feel is incredible!

    • Katy

      Being able to feel his freedom is a total act of trust and faith. It is hard to wrap our mind around, but it comes down to just believing. Praying you find his freedom.

  • Halie Cooler

    It so amazing to see what God can do like pulling me out of a very very dark time in My life and made me new in him.

  • Ivy Woodham

    It is so amazing and wonderful that Christ set us free from our sin and took the punishment that I deserved. To me there are not words to describe how beautiful Christ’s live for us is. He died for me,so I could have life. Only the most loving,caring God would come down in human form and sacrifice Himself for us. He gives us grace even when we sin because of his great love for us. We cannot even fully understand His love. I think that Jesus healing people truly shows who He really is and illustrates that He is the Way, the Truth,and the Life.

  • Today’s my first day using the app. I’m trying to read my Bible consistently and have always struggled with that.

    • Ivy Woodham

      I also really struggle with that. It is so cool to know that we have a God who will help us with anything we need. It is also really nice to know that I am not alone and that other people struggle with the same thing!

  • Sarah Clark

    I am encouraged so much by Matt 4:23 that says Jesus healed EVERY disease and EVERY affliction, not just the ones that the “important people” thought worthy of healing. We so often pick and choose who to help based on our own notion of who is worthy… But Jesus says everyone is worthy because we are all covered by His cross

  • Kelly Wales

    This is exciting and so important. When we share Jesus we need this to be at the root of our hearts. Make him famous. Teach that he is the way not A Way of Doing things, but of being with him in all things. This is the starting point – love. So many people shy away from Christianity because they believe they have already failed it before they even open their hearts. Yes doing the “right” things is a great way to go about life. But we are not in it for us, we are here to gather others for Jesus, and we will never do everything “right.” They key to giving others grace is to remember to give it to ourselves every once in a while.

  • While thinking about being in the crowd, I found myself wishing for my own spiritual healing. I always feel like I am a dollar short in my faith life. But God graciously revealed to me how far I’ve come, how many miracles He’s already worked, how much healing He’s already performed. It’s so easy to forget the Light has already come.

  • I love verse 16 – people sitting in darkness saw a great light, and those who were sitting in the land and shadow of death, upon them a light dawned. May we know this light and may it shine in and through our lives. May We walk in the Spirit each and every moment of every day. The kingdom of heaven is upon us. Love this study! Change my heart oh God.

  • My best guess is that he was preaching about love. Unimaginable love from a father that wants to forgive your every sin. That we were living in a world that was broken but the good news was that brokenness could end, God could fix the brokenness and his love was unconditional.

  • Interesting observation, Jen, curious to see what others have to say.

  • So this is what I’ve been thinking about: It says that Jesus preached the good news – to me the phrase ‘the good news’ usually means Jesus death and resurrection for our sins, but Jesus wasn’t preaching that (he only revealed that to his closest followers in his last days) so … what was he preaching and how should that affect how/what we preach?

    • Brigitte Taylor

      I think the good news proclaimed on the sermon on the mount was that we no longer carried the burden of healing ourselves or making ourselves clean and presentable for righteousness. Jesus seemed to be saying and showing that he intended to heal us in the midst of our brokenness through relationship (he didn’t just say “let them be healed” but spoke to them and physically touched even the lepers in order to bring about transformation). It is only through intimate connection with Christ that our inner-then our outer- lives can be transformed. So it is freedom because we can be in relationship with God without carrying the burden or the pride of our own self-righteousness.

      • Brigitte Taylor

        This post may be a little late and out of context for you now but your question invited God to speak some things into my life that I needed to hear today so I thought I’d respond. Thanks for your question (:

  • Angela D

    Praying for you and your family…Happy Mother’s Day

  • I love reading of His healing. my son is 8 years old waiting for a second heart transplant. this encourages me each time I read more and more of healing.

  • Lauren Womack

    I have long wished for Christians to fully embrace The Sermon on the Mount.
    Through the years, it has been strangely absent in various denominations. Very encouraging to see it honored in this space so beautifully!!! Glory to God in the highest.

  • Madison Lee

    I would’ve loved to have been there to see someone so kind and warm. I can only imagine what meeting the only perfect being to ever walk the planet would feel like. Aren’t we lucky that he wants to spend the rest of eternity with us? I am so blessed!

  • Kayla B.

    Just picturing the scene of God healing the people on the streets gave me chills. The power that our God has is so real!! If he is able to do all those things, why do we doubt his ability to alter the situations in our lives?

  • I do agree that we aren’t saved by acts; however if we aren’t “doing”, we aren’t being like Jesus. We are all called to spread the word of God as Jesus did. We need to share the good news, give back to God through our church, and by giving our time to those who need us and ultimately Jesus through our compassion and love. Jesus said that whatever we do to one another we also do unto him. That is the doing part of our faith.

  • I’m looking forward to hearing the Master speak to me throughout these next few weeks. My prayer is that I will be in awe of His word as if I were there on the mountainside hearing His life changing message for the first time.

  • It’s beautiful to love and be loved by God.

  • Ainsley Ross

    Jesus preached a religion that was not about doing, but about being.
    That’s so true. It should be a daily reminder to us that we need to be acting like He would.

  • I’m so glad for that “Jesus preached a religion that was not about doing, but about being.” Line. Sometimes I need to remind myself that It’s not about doing everything right, it’s about loving jesus with all my heart.

  • Oh how often I let my flesh reign over my mind instead of the Spirit! Thank you so much for this app and breathing His word into my life!

  • The author challenges us to imagine what it would have been like to be part of that crowd…….To be honest I am afraid that I would NOT have run after him, wrestling for a ring side seat…. I am afraid my self sufficiency might have led me to remain at home.
    Ultimately I would have missed potential salvation, deliverance and healing.
    It is so hard to imagine the scene because I have lived my whole life with it as someone else’s story.
    Dear Lord, Help me receive these words as a child, unadulterated by past sermons preached or bible studies completed. I want to receive them as if I was sitting on a hot,dusty hill in Galilee listening to them for the first time.

    • Kelli

      I thought the same thing… Not sure I would have run to him. Thank you for your words and prayer to “receive these words as a child”.

  • I really like the comparison of Moses and Jesus. I’ve never thought of it that way! The laws Moses was given was a head thing, but the law Jesus gave was a heart thing!

  • ❤️

  • I have made it a point to memorize the entire sermon on the mount during this devo! I don’t just want to study it, but make it a permanent reminder of His love and grace. Ready… Set… Who’s with me?

    • Crystal

      Good idea!! I’m in!!

    • Jennifer R.

      My church just started a new series that's centering on The Sermon on the Mount. My pastor actually memorized the entire thing, all 3 chapters, and recited it during his sermon on Sunday. It was so amazing. I will definitely applaud you or anyone else who can achieve that. He challenged all of us to memorize Matthew 5:1-12 and I'm currently working on that, maybe I'll memorize the whole thing while I'm at it! I was so excited to see there is a past plan on here that coincides with what I'm learning about in church that I couldn't wait to do it! :)

  • I’ve never really studied the sermon on the mount and I’m really looking forward to learning so much more!

  • Wendy Godfrey

    Thank you to the younger women who actually helped me to this study. I'm a seasoned Christian but just a toddler on the computer. I've realized that it reminds me that many are young in their faith and to have patience and understanding for exactly where they are in their own walk. What a wonderful opportunity to know God in a more personal way than to study the words of Jesus. There is always more to learn no matter how many times you've read scripture. God Bless

  • Sara Heald

    Thank you Jesus for your ultimate sacrifice. As I began reading this study, I prayed that God would speak to me and open my heart up. I have just recently become a new Christian and am learning many things. Thank you God for your forgiveness of my sins.

  • “God was 1000 steps away, and his Son took the 999 steps to us so that we may take just 1 to Him” All we have to do is choose to “just be” in Him

  • Mrs. Daniels

    The doing undoes me. I know He has good works prepared in advance for me to fulfill but so much joy can be robbed or given away by me as I strive to fulfill my own version of living as a law keeper. This leads to despair in me usually, starts off as pride. I pray to rest in the law keeping of my Savior and be filled with the joy of trusting and knowing Him.

  • Lilly Hopkins

    “But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. I will sing to the Lord because he is good to me.” Psalms 13:5-6

  • Sarah Barbour

    “On that mount—with the people gathered close and His disciples gathered closer—Jesus preached a religion that was not about doing, but about being.” So many times we get caught up doing that we forget to just BE… “Be still and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10

    • Katelan

      I must agree with you. We get so caught up in appearances and doing what we are suppose to that we forget to “just be” and the reasoning behind why we do the rituals. I will sit on the Mount with my heart open and renew my walk with God.

    • Albina

      Sarah, thank you for that reminder! It’s hard to remember when you caught up with things every day, but when the realization comes, it’s so humbling and awe-inspiring because the Lord delights not just in our doing, but more in our BEING. God bless ya!

  • Lilly Hopkins

    Hi I’m new to this and I was wondering is anyone here is 10-12 here?

  • Just joined this group because my best friend loves it so much and always talks about it! So far just with reading this one devotion I already feel like I’m becoming closer to Jesus:)

  • “He transformed the law from a back-breaker to a freedom-maker.” Love these words. Too many of us break ourselves trying to live up to the Christian standard we set. Instead we should find freedom in our relationship with Christ.

  • Jessica Lynn

    God gave us the law as a way to righteousness. Neither Israel nor we today can quite overcome the temptations that seem to stick to us no matter what era we live in. So God sent Jesus to show us how we can live in right relationship, intimate relationship with our Father – through the work of the Spirit and the grace of God.
    The relationality of our God blows me away, but with every breath I want to experience that depth of divine intimacy.

  • “because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.” i think these are truly amazing and important words to remember

  • Tahlia-Jane

    Yeah, our God is a releasing God, he is not confined within our conditions, boarders and man made religious facades. These scriptures remind me that we can get so caught up in the appearance of righteousness to others around us, ourselves and God who surpasses all understanding and sees straight through to the heart. It brings me peace to know that all God wants is my heart to be beating for him. And only him.

  • I don’t feel that well and just reading this makes me happy and feel good

  • Madi Shull

    We need to remember Jesus abundant grace for us. For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came about through Jesus Christ. ~ John 1:17. This verse reminds us that Moses gave us the law but Jesus gave us grace, Hope and trust!

  • I really needed the reminder today that the Spirit brings peace. Praise God.

  • Trying to remember it’s about being and not the doing!

  • Savannah Robinson

    Right when I’m getting too caught up in life, I have these reminders on God’s love and actions He performed to make my life. Now just want to focus on sharing His light as I go about my day!

  • Crystal Lynn Winklepleck

    The law has not been abolished, but fulfilled by the blood of the lamb. Today I will remember that he does not require me to do, but to be. !!!!

  • Melinda Weaver

    Our God is an AWESOME God!

  • It’s so amazing how looking back on mistakes and experiences that gods amazing grace, his freedom, has saved me time and time again. When I get discouraged in trying more and more to remember ALL of the times God has proven to save me.

  • Madelene Datinginoo

    I’ve been going through temptations and this happened. I’m so grateful for God’s relentless and overflowing grace. I continue to fail but His love never does. I’m in awe, God!!!

  • Ireland Strong

    Amazing is our God! I just love how on the first we touch in the omniscience of God. We don’t think of our outside life and our internal pain as our hearts for Jesus and His word. Really needed to hear that this morning, when we don’t know what to do He does and that is so amazing.

  • Our God is so great. I’m standing in awe.

  • Our God is so amazing right? LOVE this text

  • Savannah

    I think that it can be really freeing to remember that being a Christian isn’t about being completely perfect 100% of the time. The heart comes first, and the actions will follow

  • I pray that we all own up to our sin and know that God sent HIS son because He knew we couldn’t bare it on our own! Sin has NO control! We have freedom!

  • Audrey Parker

    The last part hit me about seeing how great our sin was and then how God completely blotter it out. Even though we hear the wages of sin is death a lot, I don’t think we really get the severity of our crime and how essential it was for Jesus to lay down His life for us.

  • I pray that I can open my heart to spiritual healing and give God thanks for my day and the people in my day. I tend to struggle with day to day, I’m too focused on looking into the future when I should be enjoying the moment that I’m in. My prayer is that I give God thanks every day for the moment I’m in right now.

  • Amanda Mastrapa

    We serve an amazing God. It’s wonderful to know that the desire of God is to heal our souls, remind us of the hope found in Him and also remind us that we truly are free now. God is so good to us, I pray that this study would open my eyes and bring to light some of the things in my life I need to change, God bless!

  • Waynette

    I think I focus too much on needing physical healing and forget to pray for spiritual healing. Anger in my heart towards God that I need to surrender to Him and know that He is only good to me.

  • So many people are turned off to religion because of the laws they aren’t willing to give up their sin for in order to follow. I’m excited for this study because Jesus made way to cleanse our hearts so that we will have a wanting desire to cling to him and follow his law

  • Mrs.Walton

    I hope to someday travel there and walk where Christ walked.

  • Christina Warren

    This struck a chord with me. I am a teacher and mother of a small child. I am also the type of person who tends to stress the little things. I never do anything half way, so when it comes to my faith, I tend to get wrapped up in minutiae. With the pressures and all things there are to get done at school and home, so often my relationship with God becomes another to do list. It is so refreshing to read that God is not worried about that to-do list.

    • Gina Gutierrez

      Amen! I am on that exact boat! Just this morning I was thinking to myself. This is so typical of me to go back to my former way (I was catholic) and feel like I have to check things off because I HAVE to do them. Then my heart is lost in it and the freedom Jesus rewarded us with is gone. I am loving being able to get to my study because I’m craving to know more. So excited for tomorrow’s date. I feel like I’m meeting a friend for coffee!

  • Jillana Fridenstine

    What a blessing this devotional is! I enjoy opening up Gods word every morning and being refreshed!

  • Jennifer

    I didn’t think of it before with Moses and Jesus teaching on the mountain and how that connects. God works in a pattern:)

  • Victoria

    I know this is not relevant to the devotion but how do you add a picture next to your name

    • Wendy Nicole

      Victoria mine just popped up there. Must be through my Apple account or blog. Not really sure.

    • Maureen

      Victoria I believe the photo comes from the messenger app in Facebook. Because it’s identical to that.

  • Victoria

    I love this devotion already and I am on the first day. It’s exactly what I needed to hear.

  • Hailee Greene

    So excited about this. I’m on a social media fast and good truth like this is exactly what I needed!

  • As a twenty-something in Bible college, it’s difficult to keep up with personal devotion while attending chapel 5 times a week, going to church Wednesday nights, and going to service Sunday morning and Sunday night. Plus, there’s Bible classes on a daily basis. Long story short, I’m so excited to begin this new devotional.

  • Jordan Stansel

    I am so excited to get reconnected with my faith. I had let go of it for a few years but am ready to find it again. I am a teenager who needs to get out of her head and into christ :)

  • Oh I’m so excited for this lesson! I’m so grateful to my sister in law for teaching me about this app!

  • I’m excited for this lesson, I love the sermon on the mount. I often struggle with trying to do things to earn God’s love but I want my heart to be fully changed inside.

    • Georgia

      He’s always loved you and always will. You don’t have to earn it :]

  • Joyner Horn

    This is awesome! So glad to have joined this amazing group of women.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Welcome, Joyner! We are so thankful to have you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Ambrowright

    I’m right behind your girls! Just started this morning!

  • Cassandra Pettry

    I took that minute to imagine what it would be like to have Jesus in my town healing people. I first thought of all the things I would love to have healed in me. What would lifebe like if my struggles were removed? What if the people my life touched would be healed of their struggles? Would we still share our lives? I think about all the love and support I have due to my struggles in life because I reach out for help. Would I become a healer to?

  • In your presence Lord, there is such peace. Thankful I found this app. I can not wait to see what the next 19 days of this devotional have in store for my walk with Christ!

  • Mollyanne Rhodes

    I think as Christians it’s so easy to forget how great and awesome it was for Jesus to come, to make us free. I think this is a great reminder and I can’t wait to go further into study!

  • Caroline

    Love this so much

  • Modest__Behaviour

    my first time here and yes how amazing is His grace.! :) Can’t wait to dive deeper into this study and gain wisdom & revelation!

  • I just finished my first devotional with this app. Let me tell you that it’s been the best way to start my day. I am so eager to dive into His words, and be more intentional about my devotions. Glory be to God and I hope that I can give this time daily to Him, through this learning and praying.

  • The sweetness of imaging being in the presence of Jesus makes me excited for what’s to come in this study!

  • Jennifer Lane

    As I turn my physical needs over to the Lord, he always provides. But I feel the Holy Spirit reminding me that that’s not my main need or needs. I have to daily turn my heart towards loving Him and knowing Him. He’s already met that need on the cross. I love Him and I want our relationship to grow. I’m thankful for this study and app.

    • Samm H

      What a good reminder! The daily turn of the heart is a choice we make whether we realize it or not.

  • Samm Hawes

    Thankful for the sweet moment to ponder what it would have been like to be in that crowd and know still that the Jesus of that moment is the same Jesus in this moment. He is healer. He is redeemer. He is here and He is coming!!!!

  • Time to have a renewing of the mind I think! X

  • Jesus our healer and everlasting life giver! Why wouldn’t I invite, take, plead, drag others to Him! Oh Lord you are so patient with me! Ready for the next 19 days!

  • Here we go! Jesus, move in me!

  • So excited to see what God has in store in this season!!

  • What a wonderful revolutionary God we have. I needed to dig into God’s word and this is exactly where i needed to start! He meets us where we are at and calls us higher – all the time with love and grace. I am so excited to be refilled everyday with his love and encouragement!

    • Suzanne

      Lorna, I feel the same and am looking forward reading along side other woman searching after God’s heart.

  • What a refreshment to the heart, thinking about Jesus the Healer! He was then, and is now, and it gives my heart which has been so weary and burdened, hope. Hope to think of Jesus’ incredible power and the delightful freedom only He can offer. So looking forward to this journey!

  • Daughter Of Light & Truth

    In the world that appearance makes people right and clean, Jesus was revolutionary. Jesus has remove the scar tissue in my heart and life and show me the freedom that I can have in him, no condemnation. This is truly my identity.

  • When it talks about Jesus going around and healing all the afflictions and diseases. I can’t help to think how dirty that must have been. How raw that is. No protection barriers like gowns or gloves or masks. Just his bare hands on dirty smelly filth, bringing restoration.

  • Caroline Vincent

    The theme of these readings has been something that has been present in my life a lot here lately. Jesus’ ways do not restrict us; they free us. Because of Him we are no longer enslaved by sin. But this is only true if we not only follow the letter of the law, but also the spirit of the law (like the reading says). I encourage everyone after reading today’s devotional, to read Gal 5:1-6 as a reminder to follow the law with our hearts not just our actions. God bless everyone!

  • Freda Terpstra

    love it

  • I love this. Although we do need to remember the law, often, people use it and lose sight of the real meaning in our faith which is our personal relationship with God. Without God we are nothing, and through God we are given everything. He’s the best friend anyone can ever ask for.

  • Amanda Palacios

    As I sat and pondered what it would be like, truly there was doubt. Who is this guy that thinks he can just come in and trick all of us like this. Though, as my husband drags me toward the cheering crowd I am filled with a sense of peace and wholeness. Being healed was just an opportunity for this crowd to be in the presence of the Lord. And in the presence of the Lord we find freedom. Sometimes it’s not the healing that we need to experience but just to sit in his presence. Seek after the journey with him rather than the destination. Thank you Lord for calling us into the depths with you and not forsaking us . Thank you for addressing the one wound that always seems to break, our hearts. May our hearts break for those who don’t know you and lead us to share the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth. But for bowl, let’s start with out neighbors.

  • Thank you, we do need to be reminded that we have a relationship not a religion!

  • Love this!!!

  • Clarivel Ann

    I am so guilty of forgetting to simply BE His, as I keep myself busy with the DOING part of being a Christian. This was truth that I needed to be reminded of today.

  • Alyssa Huntt

    I love verse 16 and how it quotes Psalms, pulling history together to show it was all pointing to the new reality of love in Jesus. Love love love it.

  • Where do you find things when you download them? It says bookshelf but I don’t have anything on my iPhone called bookshelf.

    • Julie Fuller

      You just click on “plans” and it’s the first ones that show up. It says purchased plans…

  • So excited about digging into this devotional. Praying that over the next nineteen days God will indeed reveal himself to me in a deeper and more personal way

  • Thank you! It worked!!!

  • Roseann you might’ve accidentally downloaded the free trial only !!

  • I downloaded the sermon on the mount for free but can’t seem to retrieve plans . I only get Day 1

  • What I love most about Jesus is his willingness to be around the sick and desperate and corrupt. That he has a passion for us that is un-relentless and never ending. I’ve really been working on being more Christ like and I often feel like I’m unworthy of his love, but then moments like this remind me that God loves me at my worst he seeks me at my weakest and I am redeemed in him :)

  • Sometimes I feel like the Devil attacks us by stealing our energy which then blinds us to see how God is working. I know God can do anything. Should we pray for healing from tiredness?

    • Anna Rivers

      Katie, in Isaiah Jesus devotes a whole chapter about giving rest to the weary and those that have no strength. I makes many references in the Psalms to strengthening His children’s bones and frames. I think it is good and often required to pray for healing from tiredness; mental, physical, and emotional all for under this category.

  • Just installled this app and started the sermon on the mount study. so grateful to have found this community!

  • These words leave me wordless. Everyday I fight to DO instead of just to be. Thank you. This was perfect for me today.

  • Lily Freeman

    Needed this tonight. So many things that we desire in the flesh can stand in front of the ultimate light and peace Our Father wants to give us. It feels so amazing just to know that the freedom He brought and the divine, intimate relationships we share with Him are our ultimate reward.

  • MalTucker

    Thankful for Gods word and love and the fact that in it, through him, we are saved. Hopeful. Freed. And healed.
    Lord, I pray that as your people draw nearer to you they will understand and feel the freedom and healing that you bring to them: free and heal them from their sins, their ailments, insecurities, depressions, addictions, and whatever weighs them down. Let them know that in knowing you they will feel lighter and areas of their life being mended. You speak and bring love in to all areas of our lives. We praise you, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • Wow. I am pretty much speechless after reading this and feeling it fill my heart.

    • SheReadsTruth

      So happy to hear that God used this to fill your heart, Amanda! We love having you in our community!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Rachel Arnold

    This was so refreshing. Hearing that Jesus heals and brings freedom – and that he obeyed the law in its totality so we could be free from it and gain His reward is all mind blowing. This is rich stuff . I pray it sinks into my heart as I’ve been so numb for quite some time. I want to know God’s deep and enduring love for me again.

    • Amy

      I will pray for you Rachel! I feel the same way. It’s such a beautiful and true message

    • Sarah «» ND

      Praying for you Rachel! Numbness is such a tough thing to break through. But God will do it for you, all you have to do is step back & watch Him work. :)

  • Kat Hansen

    Has no idea that mount Sinai was where Jesus taught the sermon on the mount, same place as Moaes. It is so confirming that he is our savior.

  • mirthandmercy

    So powerful to be reminded that Jesus came to give us freedom, from the law and through the law to be more than followers of the law. “On that mount—with the people gathered close and His disciples gathered closer—Jesus preached a religion that was not about doing, but about being. He transformed the law from a back-breaker to a freedom-maker.” Yes!! Amen!!

  • Jari Spry

    Joyful immediate obedience… Follow The Lord, the Light.

  • Kerri Zynen

    So excited to start this new reading! It has already taught me of so much and reminded me of so much after one day. Jesus provided words that help us still today to connect those dots between our faith and our behavior, which is so important. Never thought of this sermon like that before, I’m excited!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Kerri! Welcome to our community! We are so happy you\’re with us! Praying for you as you study the Sermon on the Mount!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I’m Starting MY 20 Day Journey through Sermon On The Mount-:D!! God Bless Everyone!!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Yay, Renee! We love having you! Praying for you during this study!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Shelley Childers

    I have really been struggling lately with showing love to others at my job. I work at a ministry that provides services for the homeless, and sometimes I get so caught up in our rules, that I forget the whole point of our non-profit is to love and show Jesus’s love! This was such a great reminder that rules are good, and they are there for a reason and need to be followed, but showing and living out love and grace is so much more important, and that’s what the people around us need to see! Thanks for the reminder!

  • Thank you! Loved this. I also like another She Reads woman had tears in my eyes when I followed your encouragement to pause to Selah and reflect on what it might have been like to be amongst the crowd as Jesus poured out His healing power… Just beautiful and we are so blessed

  • Jess Lynn Joy

    What blows my is that all Jesus had to say was “you fish for fish, I fish for men. Follow me”, and they followed Him. This is amazing to me because these guys were doing their everyday stuff, but when Jesus called, they answered. This is a beautiful picture of what God does in all our lives on a daily basis. We’re usually going about out normal stuff and routine, but he is always calling. We don’t have to chase after Him. He has already scooped us up.

  • Elizabeth

    Beth, I love your insight, comparing the chance of being healed to the absolute healing of the gospel… Beautiful!

  • Beth Biggers

    As I paused and reflected on what it would be like to be in that crowd, tears came to my eyes as I pictured myself…my family….vying for time with Jesus in a crowd as big as a city…for the chance to beg Him for healing. Healing of my husband’a chronic illness. Deliverance from my Postpartum Depression….and I felt certain I would never make it to the front of the line. But oh the Gospel! I am at the front of the line, aren’t I? And better yet, not only CAN He heal physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, not only am I at “the front of the line,” but He wants to sit with me, talk with me, adventure with me. Lovely :-)

  • Love this app- it is such a great way to keep me accountable and to remind me to stay in the word even as life is about to get really busy with school starting up! I can’t wait to dig deeper into the sermon on the mount! :)

    • SheReadsTruth

      We love having you, Theresa! Thanks for joining us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Lisa Landers

    I just found this app and I’m super excited to go through the sermon on the mount! The Lord has been speaking to me about having boldness and freedom in Him and letting that overflow into others through healing and serving. Perfect timing to go into this :)

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much for posting today! We are so excited to have you and are so glad to hear what God is teaching you through the Sermon on the Mount! Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • babyweedah

    When it says that Jesus spoke of an outer reality in terms of an inner reality, I think of how our heads know the truth of God’s word, but we have to let it speak to our hearts as well. Very powerful reading!

  • If I would’ve been in the crowds back then I know I would’ve been extremely skeptical! How awesome it must have been though to physically be able to see and touch Him. Praise God today I can see and touch him anyway! I’m so thankful for Christ who brings so much freedom! I love She Reads Truth devotional so much!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thanks for joining us, Shannon! I\’m so thankful for this reminder of truth this morning!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Sarah Harmon

    What fills my heart( and should be an example to us) is that before Jesus even began the sermon on the mount he healed. Although it’s not very likely that you will see me walking through Nashville healing the locals of cancer, I find that you have to meet someone’s needs “where they are ” (at whatever level God has blessed you to do so) before you can speak truth into their life. So offer new shoes for your coworkers worn out pair! Buy lunch for the new girl. Asses where people are meet them there then speak truth!

    • SheReadsTruth

      I love that, Sarah! Thanks for sharing wisdom and encouragement with us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Courtney Jane Holt

    Today I have realized the importance of receiving freedom in The Lord, which heals and cures my heart. Gods grace is so rich. I’m sinking deep into His word. Thanks to She Reads Truth for helping me be able to study with other women of God around the world. I’m very thankful. My heart is refreshed.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Courtney, I am doing a little praise dance right now! So thankful for God reminding you of the beauty of freedom and for refreshing your heart. We love having you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Emily Caroline

    Thanks be to God for our freedom in Him! I am thrilled u found this app!!!! Thank you!!

  • Such a great reminder….We are FREE in Christ!!! exactly what I needed this morning!! I am so excited to dig into the rest of this study! Praying that God will work in my heart..

    • SheReadsTruth

      I\’m so thankful for that truth, Deanna! Praying for you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Reading this over a patient tonight. Thank you for the encouraging words of healing and life!!!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Praying alongside you, Em! Thanks for joining us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • In my mind, I set the scene up of being at a concert.. Say to see Justin Timberlake and all the thousands of people around and how I would be literally FIGHTING to get to even see him. This is how I imagine I’d be in the day of Jesus. Fighting to get to Him, not letting anyone get in the way of me getting to Jesus. Then i was hit with the realization that I am doing that today. I thought of all the things vying for my attention … Relationships, work, school, idols.. “the crowd”…And how I have to {fight} to get to Jesus… To get to healing. Cause at the heart of Jesus is healing & oh how my soul longs for it every single day.

  • Alicia Snowden

    Looking forward to my morning devotions with this app!

  • Even if I did not have a sickness or disease I think I would have travelled to be among the crowd just to be in Jesus presence.

  • Anna Laura

    I just found out this app today and i’m really happy! When i saw this plan i knew that i have to read this because i’m sure that it will give me strength during this hard time i’m in now. I’m really grafeful that there are still women who loves jesus and live for Him! May God bless you!

  • WOW what it would be like to be amongst that crowd!(:

    • SheReadsTruth

      I know! Such a beautiful image. Thanks for joining us, Celeste!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I’m new to this devotional/app, and I’m so happy I found it. I was recently diagnosed with MS (I’m 25), and it’s been a scary/unsure time for my husband and I, as we try to sort through this change. This devotional might be just what I need right now. :)

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Kayla! So thankful you\’re here! I\’m so sorry to hear that. Praying that God would meet you right where you are and provide strength and peace during this change. Looking forward to seeing you here again! Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • So thankful for the freedom I have in Christ!

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    Just finished Day 1 of Sermon on the Mount. Excited for more!

  • Thank you She Reads Truth for providing these amazing studies. As a woman in ministry it’s so easy for me to go into information absorption mode when going through the Scriptures. You’re resources have been a great source of personal reflection for me, especially as I am now walking through a difficult period in my life with new knowledge that I have a significant chronic disease. Thank you for the work you do for the sole purpose to glorify God and show women around the world who He is.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, sweet sister! Thank you for your kind words. We are so glad to hear God is using She Reads Truth to bless and encourage you! We love having you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Oh to have that soul-drenching touch of love. To fill my dry and cracked brittle heart. I am so weary; exhausted from trying to this myself.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Praying for that soul-drenching touch of love for you today, Alyce! Thanks for joining us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • “…and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.”

    This really spoke to me this morning. I suffered a miscarriage 2 months ago and even though God has comforted me in so many ways I still feel that I live “in the shadow of that death” on some days or even in some moments.

    I am going to take those lines literally today and believe that a new light truly does shine on me today. Jesus did not come so that I could live in death’s shadow, but rather for me to be able to. live in the light of His hope!

  • Jesus came for more than just physical healing, he came to heal our hearts and set us free. Clinging to this truth today. Lord, show me with whom I can share today about how you set us free from sin!

  • Chloe Allen

    I have a skin disease that causes my skin to peel off when it has any sort of friction applied. My hands where I write and my feet where my shoes touch them look like I have leprosy. To imagine one day, Christ will take my hands in His and wipe away these sores and heal these scars. It’s incredible to think about.

  • “A gospel not about doing but being”
    So good.

    I also loved when she wrote “take a full minute and think about what it would have been like”..

    So I did. I sat for full minute and imagined. Jesus healed “all” of them.. He didn’t pick and choose. He have his time to ALL of them because he loves!!

    Man. So beautiful.

  • It is so hard to imagine what emotions you would’ve felt its just amazing

  • Jenzafrenza

    I was thinking when I paused to imagine myself as a crowd member.. What I wouldn’t give to run to Jesus holding my sweet friend’s hand who is 5 with rheumatoid arthritis, and in the other hand holding my father in law’s hand who is dying from Lymes Disease.. And watch Jesus’ gentle hands heal them both… It would be amazing. The image of it my heart can hardly handle.. But then as I kept reading I realized that the healing of the physical is nothing compared to the healing of our hearts in Christ. Both my friend and father in law love Jesus, and that is all I could ever want and ask for in this life. I have a new reason to praise Him today, and I can’t wait to read more of this lesson.

    • SheReadsTruth

      I love that image, friend! Thankful He heals us in so many ways for His glory. Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I am in need of a deep emotional healing one that I am afraid that I’m trying to bury but instead I want to wait on Gods perfect timing.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Toniann, I\’m so thankful for you and your willingness to wait on The Lord. I can relate to being in a place of deep hurt but it brings me joy to remember that God doesn\’t want to leave you in this place-He wants to heal you! We love having you here, sister!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I am such a perfectionist.. But it’s so lovely to hear that with Jesus in my life, I can wake up and not only accept grace but accept the freedom that he offers as well. I’m so grateful to serve a Lord who says to stop doing, but just be. Just be His child and just be hungry for Him everyday. Thank you, Jesus for defeating death so that we can live through you!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thanks for this beautiful reminder today, Morgan! I\’m SO thankful for new mercies each morning. We love having you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I never thought of Sinai and this sermon alongside each other but it makes so much sense now. In some ways Jesus’ version is much harder, and yet so much preferable. Thank you God that we’ve seen your great light!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Amen, Bethany! Love that His way is always better. Thanks for joining us today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • God is good! Thank you Lord Jesus for your wonderful truth and the life that it brings to our souls. I’m leaning in to be transformed by your word. God bless all of you ladies as you do the same!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Amen, Ashley! Blessings to you today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I started to read this section of scripture on my own and them found this. Grateful
    For this!

    • SheReadsTruth

      So happy you\’re here, Lori!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Jenni.elizabeth

    Although I think the author was just being funny with the band-aid comment, it made me think about how really, that’s the best we’ve got. Our efforts to save ourselves or even to heal ourselves are like a band-aid over a mortal wound. Only Jesus truly healed.

  • Just downloaded this a few minutes ago. So glad I did! I just got back from church camp a couple of days ago and just lost my “best friend” due to a fight. And I also broke up with my boyfriend earlier this summer. They were my Jericho. My wall that needed to be torn down in order for me to get closer to God. Now I have no excuses.

    • Lilly

      that’s incredible that you understand they were your Jericho. A lot of times I have a tough time trying to figure out what Gods plan is for the situation. Thumbs up!!

      • Grace

        I agree with Lilly. Excited for your growth Cami! Praying for you both.

    • Lilly

      love starting this series!! it is already amazing!! first series with shereadstruth and I am already impressed!!

    • SheReadsTruth

      So glad you\’re with us, Cami! Praying for you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Stephanie

    I struggle so much with the LAW being that I’m from a very legalistic background. It’s something I fight daily and continually but lately I feel I’ve been able to slowly understand and embrace my freedom in Christ instead of my to-do list for Him. Sisters, pray I continue to address my heart instead of a list of rules.

    • SheReadsTruth

      That\’s beautiful, Stephanie! Holding you up in prayer!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Christi Herron

    This has made my day. Just starting and love that I get to be a part of such an empowering community of women!

  • So happy to have this community. I’m praying Jesus reveals my sin and helps be realize again the seriousness of sin and the bounty of his grace.

  • Sarah Moen

    I am so excited to have become a part of this Christian community. At my church camp, we just got done studying the disciples during their recruitment and their lives after Jesus left for his heavenly kingdom. I am so excited to dwell more in Jesus’ Word through the course of this devotion.

  • Rachel Silva

    “They brought him all the sick, those afflicted with various diseases and pains, those oppressed by demons, epileptics, and paralytics, and he healed them.”

    What a picture of shalom and whole-ness that Jesus was and is in the midst of extreme chaos and brokenness. This image is beautiful and compelling and offered to each of us.

  • Sbarrett22

    This is PERFECT- I love that we can be freed from sin and of ourselves. Because Jesus made be sacrifice for us and died for our sins so we could live in freedom. We must work at this every day- dying to ourselves and clinging onto God’s words and His promises.

  • This my first time joining SheReadsTruth and I couldn’t be more excited to be apart. I think that this is the perfect first read for me as well! It is true to form Jesus as I know Him! Calling on all those who are in need of healing! Showing others that there is more to life than their current state of distress! The fact is most people want more in this life and Jesus is the way to a more abundant life if you are willing to seek Him. All those people had to leave the familiarity of their homes to get to The Mount and hear His Word! In a similar way today God always requires us to leave our comfortable inward state and stretch for more!

  • miriamherm

    I’m so interested in this idea that Moses presented a religion of strict rules that, if followed, equal salvation and Christ presents no rules? Just salvation? Is that right?

    • Lindsay

      That’s right! Jesus pulled the “trump card” and made the impossible possible. We cannot honestly uphold the law with our own strengths. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross made salvation available to us regardless of the sin that made our souls too “sick” to be considered righteous. BUT even though Jesus is willing to pour His grace and mercy on us as needed, He later tells us to not mistreat this blessing as if it is an excuse or “get out of jail free card” that allows us to sin and not see the repercussions. Jesus freed us from the law, but out of gratitude for the no-strings-attached salvation He’s willing to give us just by believing in Him and allowing Him to be the leader of our lives, we should do our best to take our representation of Him seriously and strive to live a life worthy of being called a part of His family.

  • Stephanie

    So excited to start my first study with y’all!!! I’m already in love!

  • So excited about starting this study(my first one with she reads truth). God keeps bringing sermon on the mount across path. I am excited to finally stop and listen

  • I believe it’s Paul that talks about how faith without works is dead(I could be wrong about who said it) but then also in the bible it talks about how you shouldn’t focus on what you do but what you believe and your faith. So I’m confused, of faith without works is dead but we shouldn’t really focus on works what are we supposed to do?

    • Lindsay

      Such a relevant and common question, Rose. My first intentional reminder to myself when scripture seems to contradict itself is this… God is not a God of confusion and He won’t contradict Himself, so I need to pray that God will help me understand this concept so that I can apply it in my life. He loves revealing His truth!
      My understanding of the “faith without works is dead” actually goes hand-in-hand with the principle of being and not focusing on doing. How? Because if we are so focused on BEING who Christ wants us to be by “renewing our mind” to stop acting what comes naturally and start filling our minds with scripture and God’s truths, the DOING will become the outflow of our BEING.
      On the other hand, you cannot focus on just DOING the right things and hope that you excel, because you WILL miss the mark and ultimately grow exhausted from trying to do something that isn’t you. I hope that makes sense!

      All in all, focus on filling your heart with the truths of God’s Word, truly believing them with all of your heart and mind. Eventually, what you think on will become the beliefs that are committed to your heart, then your beliefs will be the fuel that causes your actions, and the outcome of your actions will be the DOING that you never focused on. The DOING will happen naturally as you focus on the BEING.

  • Tayler McGinnis

    Truly a blessing to be reading this tonight!

  • miriamherm

    What do you mean when you say “freedom from a rule-based religion”?

    • Sequoi Phipps

      I believe she means that Christ set us free from the strict/law-based religion presented by Moses. Essentially freedom from the rules that outlined our sin; we are now free from the binds of sin, new in Christ, and can strive for life rather than tiptoe around sin

  • Amanda Palacios

    5 Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. 6 The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.

    I LOVE this! Even now it is so easy to set your mind on what the flesh desires, even if it’s good stuff. But how much more freedom comes when you are focused on HIM & what our Spirit desires. Simply truth, but totally hit home today. My spirit desires intimacy with my Lord and depth. Why bot deliver on the need?

  • Hayley Tew

    I am new to this app, but I already LOVE it! I’m so happy to join such strong women who can help move me along, and let God reach deep in my soul as he allows me to maybe help you too! Today’s reading made me step back and look at my life. Am I living freely? Am I emanating Jesus throughout my daily interactions? Do I love people as Jesus loves me? I’ll be the first to say I can do better, and I will. I have many personal struggles, as I’m sure many of you do, but today I am choosing to trust God and if today I have a rough time, I am going to pause and put myself in Galilee, right in front of Jesus and LISTEN to Him. He will guide us through EVERYTHING ladies, because he truly loves every part of our being.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Hayley! We are so happy you\’re with us! Thank you for sharing your heart today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Julianna Foster

    Absolutely needed to read this today. I’ve been going through a period of spiritual dryness and reading this and studying this sermon is just what I needed to hear, to ask questions, to realize that He is here with me.

    • Anna Elaine

      I feel like I’m in the same boat. Spiritual dryness is hard, and pretty embarrassing. But I know that it’s for a good reason and it happens and that God is still with us.
      And I agree, reading this today has been a blessing already.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Thanks for joining us, Julianna! We love having you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Love finding this app – looking forward to being refreshed as a read through this plan, His words bring life. Xoxo

    • SheReadsTruth

      So happy you\’re here, Rebecca! Love to you today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Regina Corley

    At once they left their nets and followed him. — just like that. May I be that quick to recognize my Savior when I meet him.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Amen, Regina! Praying that for all of us today! We love having you here!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Kasia D'Auria

    Needing peace and healing for my troubled heart right now. Looking forward to this study!

  • Temprance Nevels

    Rededicating my life to Christ. This is a great message to start on.

  • Going through a time of need for physical healing now, this spoke to me that Jesus came to do that but was really focusing on changing our hearts- complete healing. Such a wonderful distinction and am excited for my first SRT study!

  • Just started this. Loving it already.

  • Elisabeth

    From a back breaker to a freedom maker. Oh my heart rings and thuds with this truth. Amen.

  • Just started today. Going through the Sermon on the Mount!!! Thank you

  • Beautiful. So thankful for this teaching and app!

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  • Love this app! Thank you for presenting God’s word to me this morning as I nursed my baby girl. Really…so great for this mom of three to be able to study His teaching on my iPhone. Yes! Let’s lean in to God’s word as our minds are governed by the Holy Spirit. Thanks SRT team. #freedommaker

  • Samantha

    Super thankful for this app/ devotion. :-)

  • Wonderful tid bit with such big truths for a busy mom like me! Praise God that He is a Healer to His Sheepies :-)

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      Amen, Sarah! So happy you joined us today!

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  • Just started this study today after finishing Ruth…love the app and am thankful for this new look at Jesus’ words!!!

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    Just started the app today I grew up in church and would not trade anything for that but I am so glad when I decided to become settled in Christ for me not because of my raising but because of my personal walk and that requires a daily dedication to talk with God and I am so thankful for an app that encourages that and gives a desire for more!!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing with us today. We are so excited to have you with us!

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  • Just downloaded the app and beginning my first devotion on it! Is there a way to mark days finished as “done?”

  • Taylor Beck

    Wow, reading this was absolutely incredible. Jesus was definitely a radical and revolutionary.

  • I am so amazed at how perfect God’s plan is. The Old Law was set into place to set his people apart and Jesus was always going to fulfill that law and promise. It gives me goosebumps!! Praise The Lord , that he’s the master of all and I am not

  • MrsStauffer

    I love this app! Totally worth the wait. Thanks ladies ❤️

  • Jesus is so awesome. I’m so thankful that we are given freedom through Him. May you all experience His love and goodness today.

  • I Praise God for the SRT team and the blessing they bring to so many of our lives! I’m grateful for this app that I believe will make it much easier for me to take time to get in the word, everyday. It’s awesome!

  • Excited to get back on board in my bible reading- so many thing vie for my attention and so many times a day doin fall short. the reminder that though I will never be good enough to follow the law HE has fulfilled it is amazing and a wonderful blessing.

  • I am a young woman who has just begun to understand her walk with Christ and everything he is about and I must say that I love this app and how it brings me closer to Gods Word and understanding what he wants of me

  • Dana Kei Stimson

    I’m thankful for a God that connects our outside world to our hearts…That he knows our deceitful hearts better than we do ourselves and helps us clean up our physical, emotional, and spiritual messes.

  • Emily Skeletal

    Very grateful today for this reminder. I am truly struggling with a failing military relationship. I need to remember that Christ is all I need, in good times and bad. And that he truly can heal me of this broken-hearted hurt. To love someone so much and see how lost they are, unwilling to see the chance at a life of peace and joy, unwilling to accept help, breaks my spirit. But reminds me of how God must feel for us. For we were all once lost, but then we were found. And all things are possible through God. If any are willing, I’d sincerely appreciate prayer for my boyfriend who is in the military. Sin and temptation of the world around him being so far from me has hardened his heart and driven a wedge not only between us, but between him and God. If you feel led, please pray that God can soften our hearts and help us to not just survive but to thrive. I feel so driven to not given up on him, even as he wrongs me and makes me feel so alone. I feel that God has a plan for this. Please pray he works wonders and gives me the strength to cope alone whether this is God’s plan or not. And to others, never take for granted relationships God has put in your life within close proximity to your world. I have never dealt with anything harder than to love someone who you only see a few times a year. It has been a test of my faith, and God knows my heart needs prayer to trust in his plan for me. Thank you friends, and I am blessed to have this community!

    • Emily Anne

      Just prayed for you! I was in a long distance relationship with my now husband while he was in the military, and I understand the struggle it can be! Continue to pray for your boyfriend! Pray for integrity and strength. Encourage him to find a bible study group or church to become a part of so that he has solid friends and accountability around him. I know it made all the difference for my husband. Your relationship with Christ is most important in all this, so stay strong in the Lord and follow him, and entrust your boyfriend to Christ as well and continue to pray for his heart. Hang in there!
      — Emily

      • Emily Skeletal

        Thank you so much!! That is so incredibly encouraging to hear! I am so glad your husband had a positive experience finding those type of friendships, and I would love to chat about your experiences/advice. if you are willing my email is [email protected], and I would love to continue this encouragement. It is so rare to find sisters in Christ who have the same military struggle!

  • So thankful for this devo! We are made to enjoy Christ’s benefits – hallelujah!

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  • A wonderful start !

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    I’m just loving the pictures! I feel like I stepped into another world on a Jesus date!

  • First time trying this app-so far I love it. Can’t wait to dig deeper into this devotion. Wouldn’t it be great if we all just left the worldly things as soon as Jesus tells us “Follow me”, like his disciples were so eager to do?

    • Angie

      I completely agree. We need to be like the disciples and be quick to follow out Lord’s word and instruction and not the instructions of man. Although so hard to do but so important.

  • RaChelle Iles

    Great start to this study. Excited to dig into it!

  • JasmineDeer

    Jesus proclaims freedom from sin! He came to complete what the law only began to do. The law was meant to show us the depth of our sin! Jesus came to proclaim that through faith in Him we could be free from that! By observing the law no one can be freed from sin. It is only through the love and faith in Jesus that we can be free from it!! Can’t wait to do day 2

  • God is teaching me the “being” part right now, after a very busy season of “doing”. Leaning into HIM through it and growing through it. Loving what I’m learning.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Amen! I love that, Monica! Excited to hear what God is teaching you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Laura Brownstein

    I’m so thankful for this app! I just had my fourth child 2 months ago and I can read the devotionals on this app while nursing my baby! With four children 6 and under, it’s hard to find time right now to sit and get into a Bible study. This app makes it a lot easier. Thank you!!

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  • I am excited to be on here and that I found his App. God always seeks and calls us..

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    This message is so true and it is indeed a law that heals. Just starting my plan today I hope God gives me the grace and enablement to follow through and learn incredible things.

  • I started The Sermon on the Mount today, and I already love it! I have fallen back recently, not giving God the time and effort he more than deserves, but this devotion has set me back on track and I can’t wait to dwell back into the word! Thank you for sharing this devotion and being a blessing! God bless :)

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Hilary! So glad to hear that God is using this study to speak to your heart. We love having you here and are excited for all you will learn through the Sermon on the Mount!

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      We\’re so excited you started this study today! Thank you for joining us in delighting in truth this morning! We love having you here.

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    Jesus came not just to fulfill the law entirely, but to fulfill love entirely. So that we, as sons and daughters of the living God, and brothers and sisters in Christ,may follow in his footprints and dwell in a world where “law and love” live in harmony.

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  • 19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” 20 At once they left their nets and followed him.” Loved this!

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    The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. How powerful when they asked to stop reading for a full moment and really think about what it would have been like to be that crowd of people who heard about this great man who can heal and make miracles happen if that man was in my town in my street today I would come running to have a look to have been there I mean it had to have been pretty powerful!

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    the people living in darkness
    have seen a great light;
    on those living in the land of the shadow of death
    a light has dawned

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    We all need that because time is ticking , it will be good if we know the word before leaving this earth

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    This thought came to me over and over again while reading through this. So good!!!

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      I agree! Sometimes we glibly read how He heals but as I sat in my chair thinking I thought of how excited and hopeful and joyful people must have been!! Believe me I would have flocked to Him too!! it motivated me to pray which is always a great thing!

      • SheReadsTruth

        What a great image! I love thinking about how excited, hopeful and joyful I would be! Thank you for sharing!


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      Thanks for sharing, Rachel! So glad you\’re here to engage in truth with us. We love having you and are so excited you\’re using the app!!

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  • These passages remind me to have courage as I walk in obedience with the Lord. He has already paved the way but is asking us to step out and trust him. What great comments and insights from women in the Word!

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    This app is just what I needed. God is working through you ladies and accomplishing marvellous things. I paused for a minute when reading the devotional, I thought – really thought – about how that crowd felt and what I would have done and I realized that I would have without hesitation left everything and gone, taken myself and my son for healing BUT I don’t on a daily basis even though Jesus is here and offers so much more. 10 minutes in and you opened my eyes.

    • Trina

      I feel the same way!!! I know that He is with me and all I have to do is trust and believe He will take care of my every need!!! This was an eye opener for me, in that one minute I could see myself crying out to Him as my Savior to Free me from every doubt, hopelessness, pain, heartache, and every sin I’ve ever committed!!! He’s made me Free indeed with His love alone

  • I’m excited to see what God reveals to me and my friends through this devotional! How blessed are we that He loves us so much that he fulfilled the law and is accessible anytime we call?!! Praise God! Time to get to work BEING instead of doing! -Be blessed

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    Encouraged by this devotional. Being.

  • Ashley Storm

    Same. I try so hard to be the perfect example at times, when it’s Jesus working through my imperfections that impacts the world… Relying on the spirit over self…
    Convicting: Romans 8:6… The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.

  • Who am I being today that will show others the love of Jesus? Not…..what am I doing and thinking others should do. Love that idea.

    • Mallory

      Love that, Maggie. Seems like the doing part is constantly on my radar, but being takes much more effort and reliance on The Lord.

  • So so good. Enjoying it already, it’s “Not about doing but about being” is speaking directly to the new man. Love it.

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    In that 1minute I tried to imagine all the responses and one I thought, ” was who was a “bandwagon” we and who was someone whose jaw truly dropped, eyes were opened and hearts changed.” I also wondered where I would fall in the spectrum?? If I saw some crazy healing today? Would I love it for a day and be amazed like a power balance band or would allow it to pull on my inner curiosity ??

  • Love how by Jesus reaching out and healing people physically, he was opening doors and hearts to heal people spiritually. Love it. :)

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  • Amen… I have been struggling a lot lately in my faith – questioning, wondering a lot… I am really looking forward to getting into this study – praying that this time in the word and being in community with all of my sisters in Christ here would draw me near to Him again.

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      So glad you’re here, Ali. May God bless you as you seek him. xo

  • Tiah Cotoni

    What peace and joy your word brings, Lord! Freedom from myself. There are so many things about myself I want to change, thank YOU for sending your spirit to work in me. All I have to do is want to change. I don’t have to try. Your Holy Spirit will give me the experiences, prompts, and desire to do your will; changing my heart, renewing my mind all the way through, making me more like your son. That way, you get ALL the glory!!

  • This was so refreshing. Thank you Lord for healing my heart and my soul.

  • I needed this reminder today in the worst way! Thankful that in Jesus I am free from condemnation, too, free to love and be loved.

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  • SusieMM413
  • Recently my church did an outdoor outreach at a skatepark. When the altar call took place people began to flood in with desire to be saved from their sin. I was blown away at the amount of people that came- I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to see a man healing and touching lives and not want to be apart of that..his magnetic spirit

  • Sally Shake

    In the minute of pause, It came to me that standing in the crowd would have meant witnessing a physical and spiritual purification. What started as a mass of unhealthy, contagious, infected peoples transformed into a group of clean, happy and grateful souls. Praise The Lord for his joy in our healing!

  • I guess I never made the connection between the sermon on the mount and freedom. I saw it as a series of stories but missed the big picture of what Jesus was trying to accomplish.

    • Cristina Guzman

      I agree! I thought that was just too cool to see that connection

  • Jordan Smith

    My thought is, had we been there in that time what would we have thought? Would we have believed he was the Son of God? Or some magician? Or a crazy religious man? Or a false prophet? Because I’m sure many people thought those things of Him. But being able to look back and ready history through the eyes of Jesus is unreal.

  • I pray today to live a life of the Spirit and abandon the way the flesh! Such a beautiful Bible study, thank you!

  • The nonbeliever does not trust what they cannot see. But that is where faith steps in. People established their faith first in the trust of the physical healing because that is all that they knew. Once the internal healing began, faith was able to grow within them. With the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. That’s all it takes. It all starts with a little faith. #fromfaithcomesfreedom

  • Apileofashes

    I feel like I have to do all the time and these words reminded me to just be. Fall in love with Jesus and let the rest lie where it falls. #freedom

  • Cynthia Coppinger

    My heart longs to be free from the effects of sin. My sin and sin committed against me and those I love. So grateful for this devotional. God knew when I would be ready for healing and his timing is so perfect!

  • Kimberly Keith

    I feel like some people are so quick to pray for people who need physical healing; healing like The Lord did in the crowds. But are we as quick to pray for the spiritual freeing healing that each soul demands? I know I have far to go.

  • So excited about this app! What a wonderful way to read & study the Bible each day. Thank you!

  • I need this and prayers to start new.

    • Sally Shake

      I’m right there with you, Amy. I’m feeling the lord’s gentle welcoming and I pray you are too :)

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  • I just happened to stumble upon this app and then this free study. I am so excited and enter in expecting God to heal and speak. I am amazed at all of your responses and am thankful for you all. May God bless you richly.

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  • I am so excited to begin this study. I have felt so distant for so long and I am excited beyond words to see God move and open my heart back up. I am praying that this study will allow me to open up to others and learn more about the amazing God we serve.

    • Toni

      Maggie – I feel so much the same way. My heart aches to be ABLE to let go of the things I cling to that fall under “the flesh” – I miss having the peace, the close relationship I had with God before I decided what “I” wanted and couldn’t bear to look up to His face knowing what I wouldn’t let go of. I still haven’t let go, but I’m starting to want to, and this community as well as just purposefully being back in the word- as hypocritical and pained as it can make me feel- is like new life. I hope you find that, too…I’m glad there are so many on this journey.

  • Bridgette

    On that mount—with the people gathered close and His disciples gathered closer—Jesus preached a religion that was not about doing, but about being.

    Wow! Never really thought about our faith like this! Christianity isn’t a book of rules you follow, it’s a part of who you are! Ready to grow closer to God over the next couple weeks!

  • Kaitlyn Crocker

    Matt. 4:24 thoughts… I wonder if I’ve ever missed healing power of God and seeing Him move because I didn’t want to be in a crowd full of sick people. Pride would tell us we’re not really as sick or diseased as someone else, but it’s that very lie we must realize to be a lie so we don’t exclude ourselves from the very places we need to be.

  • TamarRachel

    As someone who suffers from chronic pain, this really hit home. Christ healed the people of their pains and diseases to lead them to spiritual healing. Wow. Somehow, my physical pain is welcome today.

  • chandlerjo

    blessed by this study.

  • I never realized that the process of freedom began here… he began working on their bodies so that their hearts would be ready too. I always pictured salvation as a quick event, but God works on us from the beginning til we’re fully ready to accept the rest.

    • Lauren Forrest

      Seriously…how beautiful for our Father to take his time with us!

  • Janna Carroll

    I’m 22 years old and I was raised in a Christian family- which I am so thankful for- but sometimes that can create the “I’m a good Christian girl” complex. I’ve spent at least 15 of my 17 years of being a Christian with a mind set of “I can’t do those things because I’m a good Christian girl.” The Lord has really been teaching me the power of His freedom! I loves today’s scriptures because it shows me that nothing that I do can bring me peace and joy. It is ONLY by God’s love, grace, and Christ’s sacrifice that I have the freedom to be me- a redeemed sinner, desperate for the grace of her Father! Thank you Jesus for Freedom!

    • Lauren

      Janna, read “Grace for the Good Girl” by Emily Freeman if you have not already. It is such a blessing of a book and absolutely changed my life.

      • Cori

        I am going to definitely try and read this! Thanks for the recommendation:)

  • Overwhelmed by the abundance of His Grace!

  • Deb McCarty

    Often I fail to notice those things/people/circumstances I have been granted freedom from! Lord, help to remember and be thankful.

  • As I paused to examine how I would have felt in that crowd, hope was the deep desire. Hope that all is not lost. Hope that he could heal my deep brokenness. I forget that to understand the freedom I need to cling to that hope or else I won’t understand the freedom Jesus gave us.

  • So thankful for His reward of freedom!

  • Kimberly

    When we were asked to pause and think about what it must have been to be part of the crowd seeing Jesus heal others, I thought of something so simple but it smacked me in the face! If I stood among the crowd, I would hear people in the background questioning Jesus’ abilities. Their would be those who would be looking for the catch, the trick if you will. But, then there would be those who would jump out of the crowd and ask to be healed. Those people, probably having the same doubts as the others doing the questioning, had reached a point in their sickness that they had nothing to lose. They didn’t care at that point what others would say or what they looked like. They had reached an all time humbling low and only had one place to turn. Just like that, we have to reach that humbling low to be able to jump out and use our faith and ask to be saved!

    • Alison S

      It’s often those lows that bring us (me) closer to God — and I believe that’s why God allows us to get to those lows! So we can be reminded of our need to be dependent on Him alone. Great revelation!

  • Awesome this is just what i need

  • Stephie D

    “healing EVERY disease and EVERY affliction among the people” – forgive us father when we question our circumstances and believe they are bigger they are bigger and stronger than you! Amen x

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    Loving this app. So glad I heard about this e-ministry effort; God has really used it to show amazing things! When God-centered focus and good design collide, amazing things happen. God bless you ladies!!

  • Freedom to be who Christ wants us to be rather than where we would be following our sin nature

  • Meralis Hood

    “The mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.” (Romans 8:6) It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the “doing.” Especially when it feels that all I see as a wife & mother are all the “undone” things around me. I pray that I learn to be in His presence and be a fountain, not a drain, of that life and peace for my family.

  • HeatherBoersma

    It’s been amazing to watch the She Reads Truth journey. God has done a great thing!

  • As I continue on this reading plan, I ask that God opens my heart to receive it and not only to receive it but to embrace it. I pray for all you ladies that together we may be a force of change in the world for God! I pray for each and everyone of you , that your walk with Christ grows stronger and stronger each day !

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    Loved the moment of thinking what it was really like to be in that crowd- longing for healing- not for myself but my child. I could immediately relate to those people. What a desperate feeling. Our little guy has had two surgeries to remove a brain tumor. Each time I give him over to The Lord for healing. I know He is the ultimate healer. I want to long after Jesus that way everyday.

  • Teneqha Ford

    Thank you for this app

  • Thank you for the new App! Love this time with Jesus!

  • This app is almost as beautiful as the scriptures we’re looking at! Love it. Someone I know said today, ‘Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s the glorious announcement that religion is not required for us to be One with God'; I love that thought – Jesus has fulfilled the legal/religious side of things so that our faith can be just about relationship, being with Him and (as a consequence) becoming more like Him. He’s given us the access and authority we need to see healing in our own communities and that is SO exciting!

  • During the reflection I had this vivid image of a man bound to a wheelchair in my church and just Jesus touching him and him walking with him and it was very beautiful, he wasn’t broken anymore! I don’t have to be broken anymore Jesus heals the inside now so currently so present, my anxiety about my body doesn’t have to rule over my life. Jesus does.

  • LaPorcha M.

    Love this app, thank you and God bless!

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  • I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time! Can’t wait to see what The Lord teaches me through this!!

  • The freedom we receive in Christ is monumental! Freedom to wage war against sin and our sin nature!

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  • What a gift to stumble across this evening!!! I pray our ears are ready to hear and our hearts are ready to fall more in Love with Our God

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  • So excited for this app! Can’t wait to dive in!

  • Julie Ledford

    Romans 8:6 just struck me and about knocked me down tonight. “Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires, but those who live according to the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” I am learning that I have been living “according to the flesh” and have had my mind set on what the flesh desires. Recognition, material possessions, power, self-love, physical beauty, comfort, and I could go on all night. But how refreshing to be reminded of how pointless and fleeting those things are, and that I can REST in the good news of Jesus. Quite literally, REST, from striving after all these things. And find my worth and satisfaction and joy in what He has already accomplished on my behalf.

  • Yes! This app is an answer to prayers!

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    This! I’m just in love! Isn’t living in 2014 so exciting?! We now use technology to stay accountable to digging in the word and connect with others reading the same text!

  • This devotional read was a blessing and very timely as I just prayed for clarity and reaffirmation of my faith.

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    Loving the app how do you add a photo for your name? Can we do that??

  • Dear SRT – the words that speak to me most today are those that say He healed those in severe pain. Oh how I needed to hear that Scripture today! Similarly to the SRT reader above, I had surgery in January that has left me in considerable ongoing physical pain. But oh for the depths of the riches of the mercies of God! His grace abounds further than my leg and back. His grace abounds to my greatest pain, sorrow and hurt. His grace abounds to cover my sin, and to bring me into the knowledge of Himself. ‘And can it be, that I should gain, an interest in the Saviour’s blood? Died He for me, WHO CAUSED HIS PAIN, for me who Him to death pursued?’

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  • I didn’t think it would work on my iPad yet. This is wonderful. A true gift.

  • The app is making shereadstruth so much better to stay involved

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    Jesus, I love you.

  • rachelpittenger

    Does anyone know exactly how many days this study goes for? I'm working on "organizing" and planning the next season in my devotional life. Thanks, Rachel

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Hi Rachel! The last day of the Sermon on the Mount study on the site is July 20 (but the plan will stay up on the site long after that so you can have time to finish if you’re behind). And, for planning purposes, the Justice reading plan will run from July 22 – August 3. Glad you’re here!

  • Emily Tate

    It is kind of amusing, but in my never-ending attempt to find an analogy for everything in the world (a super-annoying trait. Sorry.) this made me think of weight loss programs. You know, like the gospel so frequently does.

    Through college and grad school, I gained a lot of weight. Like every American girl out there, I tried multiple diets, the most notable one being Weight Watchers. WW is a great program and has helped a lot of people lose a lot of weight. But for me, I couldn’t do it. It felt very restrictive. You have Points, and each food has Points and you can only eat up until your points are gone, but then you go over or you don’t drink enough water or get your 2 servings of healthy oils (what the heck?). Or you can work out for activity points which you can eat some of but shouldn’t eat all of them…

    Reminds me a bit of “If a man dies his brother should marry his wife and their child has the first name of the original husband unless it is the 22nd day of the 14th month and the sun is over the horizon.” (Okay, that may not have been the actual law, but a lot of Deuteronomy feels like that!)

    Then one day at work, I was introduced to a weight loss program called Naturally Slim. Naturally Slim threw out all the rules and focused on a simple principle: Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re not.

    That’s it. Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re not. I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. Seriously.

    Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Love your neighbor as yourself. Simple. That’s the freedom that Jesus is bringing. No more need to sacrifice a goat or count your Points. Just live by a simple principle. And the sermon He’s about to preach on this mountain is going to set the whole thing in motion. So cool.

  • So happy to be joining in (a day behind)! This is my first study with SRT! For some reason Day 1 has reminded me of the song “I am Free”– “and I’ll live in the awesome light of your love, cause I know that I am free”. Praise God for his grace.

  • these words move my heart so much! my Jesus, oh my Jesus, brought us sweet freedom.
    'Freedom from sin, freedom from self. Freedom from hopelessness and death. Freedom from rule-based religion. Freedom to love and be loved by a holy and merciful God.'

  • "He addressed the heart." Lord, I pray that you will open the doors to my heart.

  • Courtney

    I loved Romans 8:5-6 ♥️

  • I love that Jesus was teaching about Freedom. So often we believe freedom to be something that is deserved or bargained for but the reality is that freedom comes from simply “being.”
    Being in God’s presence, being reliant on Him, being in love with Him.
    I am thankful for the freedom that Jesus spoke about on the mount & gives to us everyday!
    I’m looking forward to diving into this study & becoming free.

  • Praying for your grandmother, Simplyloveandgrace. That God would heal her and she leans on Him for strength. Lean on Him for strength, Simplyloveandgrace.

  • My full minute moment. The crowd was probably doubting that they would see him. They probably doubted that he could do what had been rumored across the land. Some probably even went just to say I told you he wasn't real. Some went to in fact be healed. Some went unbiased, just flowing with the crowd. But one thing about them all. They left different than when they came because they SAW the miracles. They experienced the blessings. They could do nothing but believe. I wonder how fast would it spread if they had social media? I wonder how fast it would spread for us? Would we pass it by as just another act? Would we blame it on luck? Would we pay to get healed? Would we fight to get to him, after what we saw was found to be true? I wonder. I wonder.

  • kaylawhite1012

    Gosh, it just makes me so happy to get into this. :)

  • "On that mount—with the people gathered close and His disciples gathered closer—Jesus preached a religion that was not about doing, but about being." So much, I am reminded that the Lord is not as interested in what we do as in who we are. Jesus, show me who to be: show me how to be more like You. Praise You for that, Father God! Amen!

    • CarrieLynne31

      "So much, I am reminded that the Lord is not as interested in what we do as in who we are."

      Lord, So often I worry about whether I am " doing enough." Instead, I need to remember that it's not about what I am doing but who I am. Whether I am taking care of children and wondering if my doing is enough or wondering if I'm doing enough as a wife, help me to remember to put You first in my life so I can be who you want me to be. Amen.

      Thank you for this reminder today, AnnaLee! Have a wonderful week! Blessings, Carrie

    • Janee White

      Wouldn’t it be great to go back and be a part of that crowd Anna Lee? You and me – listening to the voice of God – witnessing miracle after miracle – healing after healing. Watching the chains of our bondage fall from our wrists and ankles – and our backs straightened from the yoke being lifted. You, me, and Jesus.

      Let’s go…

      • AnnaLee

        Amen, Janee… let's go. May we ever be acknowledging and honoring the Lord's close presence with us we continue on here. I love you, friend. Let's come near to Him now.

  • ChristieB

    I am hoping through this study of the Sermon on the Mount that I may become more like Christ – God's wish for us. I want to saturate my mind with "the Truth" so that I may know Him!!! I am excited for heaven and if I know Him, then I know I will be with Him for all eternity! I hope to become more mature in my faith by participating in this study.

  • A friend told me about this website tonight and I’m so glad to have found this! I’ve been looking for a Bible study option and I’m starting to get into daily devotionals and reading. So excited to dig into this study and learn so much! Ready for some healing and restoration.

  • maeveaquino

    I am so in need of this study right now..I absolutely love that last prayer for a new understanding of the depth of our sinfulness and the RICHES of His GRACE. I am in a place right now where nothing seems constant and I feel like I keep waiting for something my life to move on to where my life will finally feel fulfilled, but what I need to so desperately understand is that God and his mercy and faithfulness are ALWAYS constant, no matter what my heart is feeling. I'm so excited to dive into this study and to hear what God has to say to me in this season of my life!

  • I’m so happy I came across this website when I did, I’ve been really trying to read my bible everyday, not just a small verse in a daily devotional book. I was raised catholic, and pushed myself away from God a lot when I was a teenager/early 20’s even telling people I didn’t believe any of it. I attended the funeral of a family member last summer and was so deeply moved by the sermon, the testimony from so many people, and remembering her life I craved to go back to church. A friend from work invited me to go one Sunday with her and her family to a non denominational church whose mission is “to help de-churched skeptics live like Jesus forever”. I loved it so much there I was a total nerd and listened to old sermons podcasts to catch up. I bought my first bible in the church bookstore and randomly picked up a bookmark with the beatitudes as an impulse purchase. I bought a handful of books from c.s. Lewis and The case for Christ and googled how I should read the bible and where to start and really tried to just go for it but I’ve found myself only trying one a week then once a month and getting away from it. I’m having a very hard time letting go of all the feelings of shame from how I used to be (partying, drinking, sleeping around). Yes I was raised catholic, but growing up I was never around bible studies or journaling or daily prayer or analyzing scripture and I have to say I’m having a hard time, I’m jealous of the journals I see posted on Instagram and how you ladies know other scripture that relates to the story, and talk the talk when it comes to scripture. The church I go to is pretty big, and even though I volunteer with their food pantry frequently I’m not having the best of luck finding my place in the community there, so I am very relieved to have found this community even if it is online. I guess I wanted to get that off my chest and maybe ask you ladies to pray for me? I have loved reading the comments with the Ruth study, and hopefully I can put my two cents in here and there with the sermon on the mount.

    • Ginger

      Your Daddy God loves you just the way you are. He knows all about you. He sent Jesus to restore our relationship with Him. Now you can go forward not comparing who you where, how you lived, or how little you know of the Word. He meets you where you are today. Just as he met all those who sought Him out then. Come as you are and let Jesus reign. Your Father will teach you what He has for you to learn. You have a willing and humble heart. Lay it at His feet and soak up all He has for you. Trust me. We all have much to learn. Read Philippians 1:6. We are being matured until we meet Him. Stand tall and seek Him. Soak up all you can from His Word. You are a daughter of the King! Praise God!

  • lovehimso

    Jesus called and IMMEDIATELY they followed! Wow. What would my life in past and present if I ( we) just obeyed. Gosh can you imagine picking up everything, without calling back home, checking with our friends ( making sure we are making the right decision). I pray for a new level of obedience. God bless you sisters!

  • Sarah @ Feeeding the Brain and Body

    I am new to She Reads Truth and I am so excited to have found it just in time for the start of this study. I am really looking forward to sharing the word with a lovely community and expanding my knowledge on the sermon on the mount!

    Download “For Once In My Life” Ringtone
    “For Once In My Life”

    For once in my life I have someone who needs me
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    For once, unafraid, I can go where life leads me
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    For once I can touch what my heart used to dream of
    Long before I knew
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    Would make my dreams come true

    For once in my life I won’t let sorrow hurt me
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    For once, I have something I know won’t desert me
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    For Once In My Life

    For once in my life
    I have God who wants me
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    For once I know He
    Has loved me
    Long before to Him I came
    Touched by His grace
    My life will never be the same

    For once my heart filled
    With His grace and love only
    For once in my life
    Never will I be lonely
    As I lean into His arms where
    I am healed

    For once in my life
    I won’t let these trials shake me
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    Now unafraid I can go
    Where He leads me
    By His power I am now strong

  • This is something powerful. I held my breath as I read it. My heart beat slowed down. I think I truly received these words today. Looking forward to this study. I think I need to go journal now, as I feel this great inner peace after reading.

  • Phyllis T.

    I write these thoughts with tears in my eyes because Jesus didn't hesitate to go to Galilee and pick up the proclamation of Salvation knowing what his end would be. I take this very personal because I'm going through a issue with my health and was so upset and angry by what I was told on yesterday that I couldn't even think straight I was yelling and crying out to God as my Mother was driving not caring that people were looking in the car because I'm suffering physically and metally in pain constantly every day for the past almost 3 years even after my surgery in March 2014.

    I'm sharing that to say this later on last night 2 Corinthians 12:9 KJV And he said unto me, my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therfore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. I was made so humbled by this gentle lashing as I realized I acted a fool (of sorts) See I prayed and submitted myself to the Will of God as He saw fit for my life in 2012 and everything in my life changed.

    How does that tie into this first lesson. Jesus was in the flesh yet he hesitated not to go and began the hard work knowing that everyday would not be great, that what he was taking on would cause his flesh to suffer BUT that he did it willingly for all of us even to THIS DAY. So yes in applying this WORD to myself I had to ask myself am I ready to take your Son's place and go out and preach the Gospel, Pray in the Spirit healing all manor of diseases, cast out demons? I am willing but has my flesh or my lack of unwavering faith finally come to stand in my way. This walk is real, with real souls hanging in the balance I want to be counted worthy of my vocation in Christ Jesus Am I completely FREE or am I standing in the way? I pray for others, I encourage others, I give to others BUT is that enough??????

    Come to my blog for my prayer on today.

    • z-girl

      Wow! That brought tears to my eyes. God bless you for your testimony. I pray for your continued strength in the Lord and that you will continue to be a blessing to others.

      • Phyllis T.

        Thanks so much and yes please continue to pray with me as I have a big decision to make and no clue what direction to go in.

  • The sermon on the Mount is such an important part of our Christian walk.i and ready for more.

  • Lord, as I begin this study today, I'm feeling quite disconnected. It's so easy for me to take my daily time in Your word and make it a chore. Would You make this study be different? I don't want to just read the words but I want to feel them in my heart. I don't want to just study the text, but I want it to seep into me. I want to wrestle with the words and what they mean in my life. I want to soak it in and I want it to transform me. I want it to become the lens that I look at the world through, and Jesus, I ask that You tune my heart so that I may know the heights of Your love and the depths of Your peace!

    "Because through Christ Jesus, the law of the Spirit who GIVES LIFE has set me free from the law of sin and death!" -Romans 8:2

    • Nadine

      Beautiful prayer. I think God honours the honest prayers of a heart seeking Him.

  • Elizabeth

    "To Set the mind on the Spirit is life and Peace!" – Romans 1:6

    Wow – isn't that freeing? July 1 marks a whole new beginning of something in my life and I am so excited to be in this community with you all! The Lord is showing me to give my life to Him daily – to bring his Word from my head allllll the way down to my heart! Because ladies as we all know it's not about doing but being!

    Lord, let your words be with us today.. listen to our hearts and may your Spirit let your words sink deep into every crevice of our hearts and let us be filled with your bountiful love!

  • Is it just me, or does this happen to everyone: You start a Bible study with a teaching that somehow coincides with the sermon you just heard on Sunday? Obviously I am supposed to be learning something here. What has started out as two distinctly different subjects has ended up with overlapping truths. Sunday’s sermon was about relationship with God. Today’s Bible Study is about, well, relationship with God.

    I realize that today’s devotion is about the Law of Moses and fulfillment of that Law through Jesus, but I cannot help but think there would be no freedom from the Law without true relationship with Christ. I keep circling back to Matt 5:1 where Jesus has gone to the mountain and “His disciples came to Him.”

    His disciples were there, hanging out with Him, on the mountain. I don’t think I spend nearly enough time hanging out with Jesus. Of course, if I spend more time with Jesus, I could more fully embrace “lov[ing] and be[ing] loved by a holy and merciful God” (SRT).

    • Elizabeth

      I love what you wrote today! Yes, that happens to me all the time – sermon, small group & devotional all coming together! Isn't that amazing.. then I remember it's not coincidence – it's divine, & it's His word! =) Ah, we can rejoice in that He makes Himself known!

      I kept circling circling back to that too. even read it out loud! What a precious time we have right now to be enveloped by His word and spend as much time with Him as we want! Sister, I pray that you would be filled with the spirt of longing for time with Him and that you'd be delighted in each moment with Him – not wanting to leave and eager to get back to your quiet time with Him!

  • This is my first SRT study! I look forward to studying with all you wonderful ladies :) It is amazing to think that just as these people sat down at the feet of Jesus to listen to him talk, we are essentially doing the same thing thousands of years later!

  • Ruth Rouchard

    This is going to be so great! May God change us all as we sit at his feet and receive this message afresh and anew for this season! I can hardly wait!

  • ofDustandWonder

    This exact concept is what I so often wish some of my loved ones and friends would get– that Jesus came to break bonds, that religiosity is not what He was about. Reading this is partially quenching for me, and part sorrowful– because of all the people I know who don't see the distinction. Oh Father, won't you let the scales fall off and hearts thaw. If only I could lead them by the hand to watch Him heal and perform miracles, that would do the trick! :) I supposed that's why we are filled with the Spirit though, so we can go out and continue His works ourselves. I need to do more of that.

  • Lord grant me ears that hear and an understanding heart that I may glean all that you want me to from this study.

  • Excited to be taught from Jesus Himself! I'm ready. Xo

  • Stephanie Rawcliffe Photography

    This is good, this is so good! Thank you.

  • KTJoy11913

    SRT was a God-send. I have been looking for an in depth study for women online for a while now and can not wait to dig into the Sermon on the Mount series! What a privilege and joy to connect with fellow Christ followers in such a positive way!

  • If you read a little more before that, John the Baptist – or Thunder in the Desert- is teaching & baptizing when he notices Pharisees and Sadducees among the crowd. They are there to experience the new "it" thing. John tells them that this water isn't going to do anything for them, that "It's your life that must change, not your skin! What counts is your life, is it green and blossoming? Because if it's deadwood it goes on the fire." (MSG)

  • simplyloveandgrace

    I'm very excited to dig deep into this sermon!!!
    I do have a request for my #shereadstruth sisters. If you would, please say a prayer for my grandmother. I found out yesterday that after 9 years her cancer has returned. I'm standing strong in His word knowing that she will beat this again. She is terrified and upset but the good news is they caught it early. Please pray for peace and healing for her and wisdom for me to minister to her. Thank you so much sisters.

    • Kaitlin

      Sweet sister, praying with you! I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Asking for peace, healing, wisdom-and joy and rest! Love to you today!

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • nicolestormann

    So excited and blessed to be a part of this. I've done many SRT studies but have never participated in the online community! Can't wait to meet some beautiful sister's in Christ as we study this together! My prayer today is that we may use only life-giving words, that we would be a people who seek justice, mercy and peace and that we would grow to understand just how scandalous Jesus' sacrifice was so that we may have FREEDOM! So fitting to be talking about freedom while America is getting ready to celebrate a different kind of freedom. So thankful that Jesus frees the whole person!

    • Kaitlin

      Nicole, I'm so glad you posted today! Thanks for introducing yourself! We are so excited to share this study with you and love having you here.

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I'm especially excited to begin this study of The Sermon on the Mount. Having been blessed to visit Israel in March, we spent some time on the Mount of Beatitudes. I can see in my mind where Jesus likely would have been seated with His disciples when He spoke these words. It was one of the most remarkable places we visited. Our pastor taught from these verses while we were there. The whole scene comes to life in my mind.

    I'm praying this study brings me into a deeper understanding and practical application of what it means to be spiritually minded. I long to know more of Jesus, to no longer live a carnal, fleshy life. I'm all in. I'm surrounded by family members who profess to know God but live in the flesh, at times it's difficult to tell they know God at all. The temptation to conform can be strong, but I have determined to remain faithful to my Lord, even if that offends those I love.

    "I have decided to follow Jesus,
    No turning back, no turning back.
    Though none go with me,
    Still I will follow,
    No turning back, no turning back."

    • CarrieLynne31

      Thank you, Jill. Your words hit the spot for me. I have caved in to others in the past by conforming to their worldly thinking. Thanks for the song. What a great one to sing when times are tempting to do what I shouldn't. And wow, that must have been amazing to see in Israel. What an experience! Blessings, Carrie

  • Glory to God for he is always near us, I cannot wait to learn more about you Lord as you show us the way in your living word.
    These past saturday as I was out with my family I lost wallet, it was gone in a matter of seconds all of my identification all of my material belonging in there. I called out to God and I felt like he was telling me to trust in him for security not money. As I pray God gave me a peace that surpasses understanding. When I finally arrived home and was able to turn on my phone I received and email of a man that had found my wallet and wanted to give it back. Sister if that isnt the works of the Lord I dont know what is!! he takes care of the simplest thing in a way to say "I care" "I am here". May the Lord bless us all as we lean on him and not on our own understanding.

  • “And he went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people.”
    – Matthew 4:23

    Where Jesus proclaims The Gospel… There is healing. :)

    In just a quick word search. Where the gospel is, there is also healing.

    The word become flesh and dwelt among us… To heal us. And He is among us today. And He is healing us today. And He is wooing us to the mountain today, for freedom.

    Our Independence Day came 2,000 years ago on a cross. Without fanfare, or firework, or a parade.

    Yet it brought a freedom that causes praise, burns a fire in hearts and feet to dance!!

  • Freedom! What a timely application of God's word as our country begins a celebration of its own freedom! While our freedoms in the USA are asounding and individually focused. Freedom from God allows us to truly live without fear, full of hope and security that in all things he is walking along side us!

    I can't wait to dive deeper into this study!

  • Good Morning SRT ladies….WOW what a great start to what's going to be such an awesome study!!!! Love diving into the WORD and meditating on what Jesus was teaching then and NOW! Thank you for all the time and effort that goes into these lessons and this group, just so we get to sit back, relax, read and surround ourselves with God's word and how it changes our lives every time we open it!! Everyone have a blessed day!!!

  • What a blessings to be apart for a women’s bible study.I pray that the Lord will give me new eyes to see new ears to hear and a new mind to understand His purpose for leading me here. The comments are so great to read after an amazing study. God bless you all and I can’t wait for more of God’s work to be fulfilled!

  • Last night as I hung out with an old friend, I literally could not stop gushing about how excited I was for this study! I can feel my heart is ready for his healing, and I am so excited that we started with his ministry beginnings first to set the stage (excellent move, ladies!).
    His ministry, the kingdom of heaven (which according to my notes was changed from kingdom of God to be more sensitive to Matthew’s primarily Jewish crowd who didn’t write out the word God), was these actions. To heal, to preach and teach. I had to turn to myself and ask, when and how am I doing these things? I want to be a full member of God’s kingdom! It is so good to be reminded of what he judged as valuable with his short time on this earth.

    • Kaitlin

      Renee, we can't stop gushing, either! So excited to learn these beautiful truths with you!

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • AnnaLee

      "It is so good to be reminded of what he judged as valuable with his short time on this earth." AMEN to that, Renee! Lord, show us what is TRULY important in Your eyes during this study! Amen!

    • Jodi Jones

      Soooo happy to have this devotion at my finger tips!! I believe many of us or Christians in General very much live by the law still today! We miss the part (the gospel) of what it means to be FREE in Christ!! I know I still stumble over this all the time! What it truly means to be free in Christ! It is not an A+B = blessings equation. We have freedom to come broken and messed up right to His feasting table! What a gift…what a blessing….what hope!!! My prayer is for Him to heal the parts of my heart that desperately need Him!!

  • I’m amazed at the level of dehydration the people suffered. As believers we are to be so salty with the word and Christ likeness that those around us become thirsty for God. There are people who flock to believers that need healing in the soul, we must be ready to share the message of life that brings freedom.
    Lacey- I love your post about satisfaction. Satisfaction is conditional and temporary. God does not address the temporary He comes to bring lifelong eternal change.

  • What a powerful morning for me. I sat and imagined what it would have been like to be in that crowd, expectant that Jesus would do a great thing. I felt convicted–Jesus made it so that I can STILL draw near to him, expectant that he will do great things and healing in my life.

    I'm sometimes mocked for being a Christian. Friends and even family will ask why i'm suddenly so "religious." They want "freedom" to do as they please and think God will hold them back from this. I loved when Amanda wrote "Freedom from rule-based religion. Freedom to love and be loved by a holy and merciful God." I will always fall short if I had to follow rules. But Jesus made it to where He loves me unconditionally, with mercy, just as I am. I pray that I can share that message with my friends and family.

    • Kaitlin

      Lea, I can relate so much to your story. I am so thankful our freedom found in Christ! Praying for your joy in this freedom to shine through to your loved ones. Love having you here!
      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • CarrieLynne31

      Lea, I know how it feels to be mocked for your beliefs. Keep on living out your faith and you never know. You just may be the one who brings another person to Christ. I will say a prayer for you! Blessings, Carrie

  • This is my first She Reads Truth study and I am so grateful for the opportunity to join this community and dig deeper into the Word. What a privledge it is to have HIS words recorded so that we can go to them and gain a better insight into His true nature and what He designed to be as our's. I pray that as we read of the initial moments of our Lord's ministry that the ministry of our hearts would become in tune with His. Let us be filled by His word so that we, too, may go out and become fishers of men!

    • Kaitlin

      Welcome, Bree! We are so excited to share this study with you! Such a privilege. Praying with you, sister!

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • It really amazes me how Jesus has always exceeded expectations. I would imagine that many of the people would have been satisfied with the physical healing – that would have been enough. But He does so much MORE! His reward for our hearts, freedom, is so much better than physical healing. I'm so glad He doesn't stop when we would be satisfied.

  • Brittany

    In Matt. verse 14, what stood out to me was Jesus was fulfilling what was spoken in the past through Isaiah. By that verse we can trust Jesus to do what God promised us in the past.
    Also I’m always amazed how Peter, Andrew, James and John IMMEDIATELY followed Jesus when He called them. They didn’t ask any questions and they didn’t care about who they left behind. Wish we could be more like that in our walk, just trust God to lead our lives without questioning.

  • I have really been struggling lately with hearing Gods voice! I am so blessed that he led me to this study this morning.

    Oh God let me hear you, open my eyes and heart.

    • Kaitlin

      Praying with you, sister! So glad we can share this study and allow God to move in our hearts!

      XO-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Michelle

    Good morning my beautiful SRT sisters! Looking forward to another wonderful word from God through the devotions and all of you! Have a blessed day!! xoxo

  • Matthew 4:23 Right here we are told what kind of preaching we should be hearing. The proclamation of the gospel! Oh I pray that God would continue to build us all up, to continue to hold true to His historical gospel, so that His kingdom may spread.

  • Praise, praise! So excited to dig in to this study and be taught by Jesus himself, the one who gives freedom. In light of the Hobby Lobby decision yesterday and the lies and confusion being propagated by the enemy, how ironic that we begin this study today. The world wants freedom to do as it pleases, which isn't freedom at all. It runs away from the one who would give the freedom it seeks., Jesus. Let us let HIS light so shine through us that they will be drawn to Jesus!

  • “On the mount Jesus preached a religion that was NOT about doing but about being”. Wow those words resonate so hard on my heart right now. I’m always so caught up in doing the right things and doing what Christ wants me to do that I forget to be what He wants me to be. It reminds me of the a sermon my pastor have which asked this question “what abouty life appears that I truly know Jesus?”. We should be a walking billboard for Jesus. Not by what we are doing but by what we are being. We can have actions all day long but if we do not be what Christ wants us to be, we will never fulfill His will. I want to be everything and more for Him. I want His name written on my heart. The Lord is certainly putting me through trying times. Recovering from a stroke, dealing with a possible MS diagnosis, taking a HUGE paycut while I’m out on disability leave, and asking why… Why me? But this trying time has also had me yearning for Jesus more than ever. Wanting Him so close to me, reassuring me that I will make it through this.

    I’m so excited for this study! Having She Reads Truth in my life truly has been an amazing blessing! Sisters let us learn what Jests wants us to be and let us fulfill it in His name!!! Have