Ruth 2014: Day 12

#SheSharesTruth: named by God


Today's Text: Ruth 1:19-22

Happy Friday, friends! Can you believe we’re almost through with our study of the book of Ruth?! We have loved every minute of it. The discussion in the comments, and the way you are sharing and listening and speaking truth to one another has been an incredible thing to watch. Thank you for loving each other so well! Back on Day 4 of our study of Ruth, we read how Naomi renamed herself “Bitter” in light of the difficult circumstances and grief she experienced. Here are two quick excerpts from the Day 4 devotional:

Naomi could not see past her circumstances. The hand was dealt, the credits were rolling. Naomi believed with her head that her God was sovereign, but she was too soul-weary to believe with her heart. And so she calls it. Game over. Name changed…  She couldn’t imagine the bitterness becoming beauty, but her sovereign God could….

We are not named by our circumstances. We are named by our good God.

Today’s #SheSharesTruth assignment is this:

Is there a discrepancy between the names by which Jesus calls you and the names you give yourself? Are there circumstances in your life to which you are giving undue power, power that rightfully—and in reality!—belongs to our sovereign God alone?  Sister, who names you today—your God or your circumstances?  She Shares Truth

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**Please share our heart, Sisters. Our desire is not for this to be a time of comparison or sizing up writing abilities or spiritual maturity. Eloquence and insight are lovely, but we know that is not the thing our God calls us to. So, let’s not call each other to that either! If you feel ill-equipped—GOOD! If you feel like you have so much to learn—GREAT. SO DO WE! Every single time we sit down to write. And if we don’t, are hearts are not in the right place. Let this be a safe place to learn and share and love each other WELL. 4

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  • i am not what others view me as, i am a daughter of the most powerful king who says I am worth sacrificing His son for:)

  • Comparing myself to others is a daily struggle. I look at social media and those around me, thinking that others are better at marriage, parenting, work, finances, and even their relationship with God. I look at my circumstances and name myself “Not Enough”. But that’s not true. My Savior has made me more than enough. He has promised to give me abundant life, and He follows through on that promise daily. I’m just too blinded at times to see it. I’m blinded when I turn my focus away from Him. In the words of one of my favorite hymns, today I will “turn (my) eyes upon Jesus. Look full in his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.” My name is Lisa and I am loved by Lord Jesus.

  • God calls me Be Loved

  • I call myself abandoned and lonely because of my circumstances when in the eyes of my God I am redeemed and cherished. I resolve to see past my limited,shallow vision of myself and look through my Fathers eyes that see me as His precious child… Worthy of His grace.

  • You are mine good daughter. I have given you a heart to love. You are strong with a tendency to see the beauty in things. You are an example of joy to your daughter. You trust in me even when it’s difficult.
    At times you are prideful and controlling, but with your gaze upon me we steady the ship.

  • Pamela Jo

    Sometimes I call myself fat, uninteresting, undesirable.
    Jesus calls me beloved, lovely, gracious, lover of Gods Word, friend of the friendless, worthy.

  • I too as some of you have expressed, allow my circumstances define who I am. I feel like such a loser sometimes. I actually think no one likes me or finds me interesting. I feel used because I’m always the “go to” person if there is a need to be met. But that’s about it. I’m a very outgoing positive person, but I have given self labels. I need to remind myself that God loves me and He sees me as His precious daughter who adores me. I know these are lies of the evil one and I just have to rebuke them daily.


    I read this this morning and decided to take the blog challenge.

  • I tend to let my circumstances define who I am,
    In those moments. I let my past tell me I am unlovable, self centered and useless. I tell myself I am lazy, ugly and depressing for anyone to be friends with me. But God calls me, loved, a gem Precious child, a masterpiece and fearfully and wonderfully made!

  • Nadia Aldaco

    God knows your name… my difficulty is saying… “I’ll never learn”.. “I’ll never change”… and that’s why this or that… I see that even though Naomi’s bitter heart… God still made a beautiful life.. and changed it all… Did Naomi ever complain again in her life?… maybe not, but maybe yes… God was always writing her story… all the way to the lineage of Jesus! Hallelujah! He does the same in our life… he’s wrote your story too!

  • I get so caught up in my circumstances. I say I am unlovable because the man I love and thought loved me broke off our relationship. God calls me completely lovable because He created me. I’m trying to accept the fact that I truly am loved, that heartbreak is just another bend in the road. God loves me no matter what!

  • My circumstances call me anxious, moody, fearful, and tired. But they also call me sarcastic, light hearted, gentle, and fun. But none of those names matter (at least I try to remind myself that). Because Gods names for me are daughter, beloved, redeemed, loved, treasure, and so much more. It’s just some days, that’s harder to remember than others.

  • Kaleigh Clark

    I let my circumstances name me as lazy And unworthy. If my isn’t so so and I’m not on my schedule to the exact minute then I down myself. I know in Gods eyes I am loved and cherished and worthy. I am blessed to have a home, baby and husband to come home to and get off schedule with. I am blessed to have a messy home also. When I fall short in life with whatever it may be I need to learn to move on from it instead of dwell.

  • Laura Laywell

    I let my circumstances name me as tired and ineffective. I let myself name me as unattractive for my husband and let myself believe I am beyond grace. God names me as His beautiful and cherished daughter, whom He has extended grace beyond grace to and whom He wants to love Him and seek Him.

  • Lexi Modge

    My circumstance… Well I’m a college student. I go with the flow and am pulled in each and every direction. I know Christ should be my center… But I struggle to let it be so.
    So my names… My circumstance calls me, I call me: fun, easygoing, tired; call me messy, unworthy, unintelligent… Is it that none of this matters? That it only matters that my Heavenly Father, He calls me daughter, calls me wonderful, calls me His. And that means that my life will be filled with His joy…
    Is that it..?


  • Regarding my circumstances and my marriage hanging by a tiny bit of thread. My circumstances tell me that I have been hurt, abused, treated unfairly, not worth happiness, lied to and so on. God wants to tell me that I am loved, I am not alone, I am victorious, I am a survivor. Where there is hurt, God is showing me that there’s hope. Gods showing me that there’s peace where there was once confusion. One day at a time, one step at a time.

  • My circumstances at the moment are pretty grim. My circumstances call me insane, backslidden, unforgiving, unfaithful, unloving, worthless, and selfish. My circumstances tell a lot of lies. My Jesus tells me I am precious, that my children are treasures to be treated as such, and that faithfulness sometimes means doing the hardest thing imaginable despite the trembling. My Jesus speaks love, peace and truth over me. My Jesus says forgiving is not the same as tolerating. My Jesus is my defence and my redeemer. My circumstances scream devastation and pain, but my Jesus speaks life and hope and joy. Even now. Especially now.

  • I have caught the busy disease. Spinning over here and spinning over there, all the while getting little accomplished. Lately I find myself trying to please people more than the Lord and that always gets me into trouble. I can never quite measure up to the expectation with people. I do okay but not the excellence I desire. So I strive some more, hop back on the treadmill and run and run but get no where. It can be extremely exhausting. But God. When I finally take the time to soak Him up and dive in the word, like today, He reminds me who I am. Enough. I am enough. He has a plan and purpose for me and my life and it isn’t the treadmill (Praise Jesus)! It’s a life with direction and fulfillment in Him. No more spinning, only soaking and seeking and walking in who He is says I am!

  • As the mother of three children under five, I name myself weary. I name myself tired. I name myself beleaguered and empty, giving more than I have in me every day, and still failing to raise my children properly. Yet the Lord names me blessed. He names me important. He names me strong and filled up, and calls me to be honored by the duties I perform, and mandates me to perform them joyfully with gratitude for all that I have. Like Ruth, I know in my head that God is sovereign and has blessed me tremendously, but I often forget in my heart. I pray that God’s generosity becomes clear to me in every form it takes, and that I respond with joy and thanksgiving.

  • To me I’m in between I allow God to name my circumstances but most of the time only when it’s convenient. I found myself recently saying that I’m unworthy to share the gospel because I have made too many mistakes doing it in the past. I also recently started valuing myself based off of particular people’s opinions in my life when I know that Gods opinion is the only one I should be seeking. The Lord is sovereign and I need to make sure that he holds that place in my life!!

  • Phylicia

    I call myself a failure, not good enough, not far enough..but God tells me “you’re right where I want and need you to be,” he tells me I created you, you’re always going to be more than good enough..

  • I call myself ill-equipped. Unlovely, not good enough, and so many other harsh names that I don’t want to write out. God calls me loved even though I can be unlovely. HE equips me when I feel useless. Every good thing comes from Him. I need to constantly be leaning on Him and communing with Him. I am nothing without my God.

  • Kristi Caruana

    my circumstances have always named me whenever I feel distant from God.
    it is something I am working to overcome by surrendering my entire life to my Lord and Savior, and He has worked in my spirit in such amazing ways. I can’t even begin to comprehend how or why He is so good to me, but He never fails to amaze me. today I have vowed to myself to recognize what names me today, if it isn’t the loving and life-saving Word of God then I am going to make sure that by the end of the day it is. I know that Satan has always used this vulnerability against me, but I’m putting an end to it today!
    this devotional is exactly what I needed to hear today. remember sisters, “We are not named by our circumstances, we at enamel by our good God.”
    stay strong in Him, always. my heart is with you all and I will be praying for each and every one of you.
    – Kristi, FL

  • Happygirlx2

    My answer is, Yes there is a discrepancy. I call myself unworthy and unforgiven. Many of you that know about my past know that I have not always been the best person. I’ve done things that I regret. I’ve said unforgivable things. I’ve asked for forgiveness and accepted Christ but yet I feel unworthy and unable to forgive myself therefore feeling unforgiven. No matter how many good things I do I still remember the bad things and believe that I cannot be worthy or forgiven. Well, I’m calling myself out today. I am calling myself what God calls me. I am WORTHY and FORGIVEN. #SHEREADSTRUTH

    • Kristi Caruana

      You are so worthy!!! Praying for you today, stand strong in Him!

    • Elena

      Happy Girl be happy! Our past can not define us, only God can! Worth does not come from neither good or bad deeds! You are worthy because you are Gods child! Keep smiling, keep believing! You are worth more!

  • I call myself broken and unworthy. We’ve been trying to start a family for a long time and each time it doesn’t work I call myself these things. But I know that I am not named for my circumstances but instead I am names by my loving Father: whole and worthy, daughter and beloved. I vow to live out the names given to me by my God rather than the ones I give myself in difficult situations.

  • I call myself confused and lost, not put together and not quite there yet, God calls me you are right where I need you. God has a plan for me and my life, but like Naomi I believe it in my head but unfortunately not my heart. Everyday I pray God helps me to let go of my life and give it all to him 100% and to trust my journey.

  • I call myself average..but God our Heavenly Father calls me a masterpiece…I may not drive a hummer or wear Burberry clothing but I was called to be a nurse amongst all of life’s ups and downs and it is truly a calling to do such a thing and I am so thankful that God placed that calling on my life ❤️

  • I call myself fat, and depressed I am allowing myself to be consumed by my circumstances that are not really as bad as I make them out to be and letting myself be unhappy with how my life has turned out because it is not the way that I would have chosen it to go therefore I have allowed myself to fall into a routine of sadness and depression without allowing myself to see all the good that I have in my life

  • Nichole Prescott

    I call myself invisible and unlovable. I often feel unseen and have recently ended a relationship that I thought would lead to marriage but due to him feeling he was unsure of me and didn’t know why he was in the relationship I ended it. I can say that for the first time in my life I love myself enough to walk away from a relationship. I’ve also struggled with anxiety for the past few months which has resulted in more invisibility but it has drawn me closer to God than ever before! God is doing a great work and a great shifting in my life. I can now say there is beauty in the dark times as long as God is walking with me and holding my hand through it. I am looking forward to the good times ahead the redemption.

  • Erin Carroll

    I call myself a lousy mother, not worthy of self care, that I’m just hear. I know God sees more. God calls me the perfect mother for my daughter, that it’s ok to care about self, that I’m hear because He loves me. I get so caught up in the past that I struggle to turn the page, to see the story He has written for me. Even though I have suffered greatly in the past and have learned to lean on Him, I have a tendency to forget. Lord, please be with me and all these amazing women as we try to remember that we are not our circumstances, we are Yours!!!!

  • I call myself fat, i tell myself I can’t get it together. I’m not good enough. But that’s not the truth from Jesus. He calls me beloved daughter, mother, friend, and called by Him. Forgiven. Father God, help me to remember the truths which you give me. Help me to live and speak in truth.

  • I call myself fat, unsightly, weak willed. I know God calls me His daughter, loved, fearfully and wonderfully made. I fail in what seems moment by moment. I feel unworthy and sad. Lord, help me to see myself as You do and to walk in the blessed path You have prepared for me.

  • WorkInProgress

    I am Disappointment, Unworthy, Impure, Unlovable… I so often- too often feel this way. I break my own heart with my self destructive thoughts, and in my ugly, selfish thoughts, I break Gods heart as well.
    Yet, He still loves me. He still picks me back up, dusts me off, and makes my path straight. No matter how undeserving I am. It never ceases to amaze me how He lights even my darkest of hours.
    I deeply, painfully relate to Naomi feeling spent, like I cannot go on anymore, there is simply nothing left for me.
    Yet, there God is, breaking me slowly, to rebuild me in his image, whispering that I am wonderfully and powerfully made and I am worthy of His love.
    Lord, please keep whispering and leading me… My worldly heart so desperately NEEDS to hear you again and again and know I am worth something.

  • Stephanie

    I definitely give in to society’s names for me, and a lot of times I even alter my actions in order to fit in to what I think others expect of me. Not that society’s expectations of me are necessarily bad all the time, but it just shows how my identity is not rooted in God’s name for me. Society calls me awkward, shy, anxious, afraid to speak my mind, academic, but God calls me beloved, bold, known, understood.

  • Ashley M

    There have definitely been times in life that I have let circumstance dictate the reflection staring back at me. But in this moment I am so confident in who god has called me to be. Though there are moments of fear and doubt, I’ve seen who God has named me to be. I’m embracing it and racing towards it daily. I’m just thankful for his grace.

  • There are several directions my thoughts and feelings go with this passage. I sometimes still feel like a lost sheep. I am glad I have been broken and carried by my savior back home. I need this when I can’t figure out how to get back on my own.
    I am at rest. Resting in the arms of my savior. Taking His yoke is quite easier when it compares to the worlds burdens. Now…now I’m ready to do more. I feel God calling to break through all the worldlyness, self seeking, and comforting life I have here in America. I want to live and serve as called. It’s time to do more and live like others depend on hearing the truth and seeing Jesus love.
    (Luke 15, Matthew 11:28-30, Acts 2:42-47)

  • Hannah Feinsod

    So as an 19 year old girl living in the society we live in today the names that I give to myself are cruel. Due to circumstance that I have gone through I have named myself similar to how Naomi did. What I’ve learned as walking closer to God is that he sees us for us, He will ALWAYS love and cherish us for we are his children. WE are the children of the great almighty and He will always love us. I am named by our Father NOT of these worldly things. #SheReadsTruth

  • Confiding and taking refuge in Jesus who is our refuge, knight and tower. The name that I want to give myself lately is flounder. But that is not how Jesus sees me. He sees me through the eyes of his beloved son Jesus. He sees me through the cross. How could he ever get over that and look beyond the cross to love me who was crucifying him. The intensity of his love is overwhelming and mystifying and at times hard to accept. We don’t live shackles my shame or fear anymore, so why am I holding onto those chains. You are free, you are loved, you are forgiven my daughter. Sink in my ocean of grace. Know me for all that I am have always been and forever will be.

    • Juliefay

      This is beautiful. Truth. I love how Naomi didn’t believe but Ruth did for Naomi. Then Naomi could hope again! She was empowered by her daughter in laws faith. You may call yourself flounder- but he is the fisherman who has caught you on purpose. (I was thinking the little mermaid flounder)…. Beautiful words Stephanie!

  • My mind often likes to ask “where is your identity?” My heart knows I am a child of the King, one of His adopted daughters, brought into the Kingdom graciously and lovingly. My identity should rest in Him! Yet oh it’s so hard: feeling like I live in the shadows of others, feeling dumb, not beautiful, unequipped. But my God is GOOD. He is sovereign and His love covers my iniquities. Thank you Lord for the reminder of your goodness and grace. You have called me by name….and I know that name is not “dumbo, ugly, or under qualified one” but “my precious beautiful daughter whom I love”

  • Kasey Summers

    I’ve let a couple circumstances in my life have too much power and consume too much of my life lately. And I’m letting it go. Right now. And when they flare up again, I’ll lay them down again and again and again. Done with the junk. Clinging. Focusing on the name my God has given me and the purpose he has given me. Focus. I was just writing a blog yesterday and talking about the importance of focusing and refocusing your heart and then the devotional before this talked about that! I love it! Have to remind myself of God’s goodness constantly!! Focus! Focus! Focus on the gospel!

  • Elizabeth Patti

    This is something that my pastor touched on a few weeks ago. God doesn’t call us by the name of what we are but we CAN be through Him. In my life I have been frequently left behind- by an ex, my father, friends. I often felt unloved and abandoned. But He has given me a home. He calls me His beloved daughter, I belong in His house.

  • The name I give myself is anxious worrier. I worry constantly about things that are completely out of my control or that are impossible. It consumes me and I let those emotions and circumstances control me instead of letting God be in control. I worry about my job, looks, weight, hopeful marriage, etc and the list continues. I pray I can stop be anxious and stop worrying and let God be in control, NOT my circumstances!

  • It still amazes me that God provides ways to get His message to us at just the right time. I have been struggling the past few days terribly by believing these lies I tell myself- “You’re fat, ugly, no one will marry you, you will never have a family of your own…” The list goes on an on and ladies it has been eating away at my soul these past few days. I’m so thankful that God has allowed me to read this exactly when I need it! These are lies!! I am His, and I am loved. I have wept more trying to conquer these demons of lies and deceit, but I am praising God for showing me His truth in my life! This is something I need to remind myself of constantly. So thankful for this study!

  • Brittani

    Unwanted. Used up. Rejected. Unworthy. Pathetic. I struggled with these names on a daily basis. I’ve prayed that the Lord would help me feel more loved than I ever have in my life and to fall more deeply in love with Him.

    • Houseofhabekott

      And he will sister! Pray that he would fill those holes in your heart- feeling unwanted, etc. his love is truly the only thing that fixes our every emotional need. We just have to ask :)

  • Kaci Bowerman

    I’ve always been a perfectionist, I’ve always been my greatest enemy and I’ve always put more pressure on myself that anyone else. And time and time again I find that I continually fail and I am weak– these circumstances name me as imperfect and not good enough. But as I look upon the Father He smiles at me and tells me that I am perfect in His eyes not because of my works but because He sees His own son and all that He has done in me. He looks at me and sees worthy and priceless. And what’s even more incredible is that in my weakness HE is made stronger!

  • Tori Sills

    Unworthy. Impatient. Lost. Restless. Those are just a few to describe my feelings of late. Life has taken many unexpected turns here recently and it has been so hard to rely on the ONLY One who knows every part my life plan. I have to constantly remind myself that my Father has a plan for me, He is just and forgiving when I seek forgiveness. Above all He loves like no other and through that amazing love I find peace (or striving towards it haha).

  • oath

  • Tonilynn

    He calls me to step out of the boat and go and I call myself average, ordinary, not qualified. He calls me Daughter, beloved, made in His imagine, equipped. He gives me courage, boldness, and faith to take that step. Thank you Jesus for trusting me with the plan you have for my life.

  • The name I give myself is Hard to Love. I can be rude sometimes and easily annoyed and this causes me to hurt other people. I mean well, and my heart is good but I struggle to let God shine through me every day. He is worthy and just, so day by day I pray that he strengthens me and shines through me so I can minister.

  • Marissa425

    The name I give myself is Infertile. Going through fertility treatments and at my last appointment, diagnosed with yet another hurdle keeping me from motherhood. I downloaded this study to try to find some peace, some strength and to help me deal with my feelings of inadequacy, of failure and of hopelessness. And it has helped a lot. It has helped me to refocus on God and his plan for me but it’s still hard. It’s still a heart wrenching journey, but I know that I am not alone and I am loved. I’m just still infertile.

    • Emily

      Praying for you!!! The blog Mix and Match Mama is a Christian blog and she shares her previous struggles of infertility. Maybe look there for some joy and encouragement.

  • Misslissasu

    My names I give myself are damaged, insecure, fearful, unworthy. But god says I am restored, healed, whole, confident in Him, victorious, overcomer, and that I was made worthy by the blood. Now to get that old mindset gone and accept the names God has for me! I have some work to do!

  • Worldly. That’s what I think my name would be right now based on my circumstances. Time and time again I let myself be consumed by friendships, relationships, school work, and work and allow God to take a back seat. It’s really causes a distance between God and I, or at least I feel this way. I feel like I’m trying really hard to believe and yet the Devil is really trying me and allowing me to feel like maybe God isn’t real and maybe I only believe this because I was born into a Godly family. Wrestling with the Devil is trying, but God names me Forgiven, Daughter, and Grace. Thankful for that

  • Rikki Alexandria

    Scared. I let fear control my life in a lot of ways. I know God didn’t give a spirit of fear though and I’m taking control of my thoughts and it helps. It’s something I learned and I have to unlearn that and learn to be bold. I remind myself daily that I need to be courageous and pray for everything. I can’t pray AND worry.

  • I did this study so I could be patient like Ruth. I did it so i could read spiritual truths about someone who trusted God to give her dream life (husband, children, home) as much as my heart wants to be able to be patient… I’m constantly reminding God that “heyyyy I am still here. Still not married! I love you Jesus” so my name is impatience. But I feel like I am getting better. I have a great peace and I know that God will use my patience and loyalty just like he used Ruth’s

  • My name is bitter, like Naomi. I have prayed a prayer for twenty years and have seen others blessed with it. I try not to be, but it is hard and something I am working on.

  • Kayleigh

    I would say that the name I give myself is guilty yet the name God gives me is forgiven. When I do something and feel shame I put on the name of guilty and forget the Grace that is given to me and can not be taken away.

  • I’m sharing my thoughts on my blog. Feel free to read, share, and please comment

  • Failure, alone, unclean, not good enough, but in Christ I am saved, never alone, and deemed worthwhile by the One True King.

  • I name myself based on my shame of past mistakes and decisions… But God named me… and calls me forgiven. Why is that so hard to accept?

  • My name is fat and insecure. I know God sees me as beautiful and so does my husband. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to accept.

  • Nellie Ratliff

    My name is insecure, perfectionist, unworthy. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do things right and to be the best at everything, which is unrealistic and exhausting. I also struggle with comparing myself to other women, which is equally exhausting and leads to discontentment. But, God says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and His works are WONDERFUL! (Psalm 139:14) How encouraging to know that my Heavenly Father created me just as He wanted me to be, and in His eyes I am perfect. I can let go of the insecurities and see myself as beautiful even when I’m feeling frumpy. I can quit comparing myself to others and find joy in the fact that I am perfect in the eyes of God, my Creator.

  • Mary Beth McCauley

    The names I give myself are failure, mediocre, and unimportant. But to Christ I am enough and I am valued.

  • “Praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead.”

  • My name is unworthy. Wether it is of good health or real love I constantly feel unworthy because I am often brought down. I feel. low with nothing at all like Naomi. I pray that I can realize that I am worth saving in my Lord’s eyes. I am loved by the King of Kings.

  • My name is people pleaser, do it all, perfectionist. I was married a year ago and my husband and I purchased our home in May. I am a nanny to a little boy who I have been with since he was a newborn and he’s now two. I constantly need to be the best wife, Whether that means the coolest, cleanest, best cook, fittest, I need to be them all. My house needs to be kept clean and decorated superbly. I want to be the best nanny I can. When I lose my patience, I beat myself up for it. Also, the family of the little boy I nanny for just lost their 6 day old daughter to a rare chromosomal defect and so I constantly am trying to play psychologist to the mom and battle my own emotions as well.
    God, you are in control of everything and thank you because I know I cannot do this!
    You are the only judge of me and I’m pretty sure you don’t care what my house looks like. You don’t care how many friends I have. While I am trying to take care of other things you are waving your hands in the air begging me to let You take care of me. Here I am Lord!!! Wrap your arms around me and let me know that I am your’s no matter what.

    • Rebekah

      My name is failure to others, always have to be right, perfectionist. I hate to be wrong and I hate to be called out on it. I am constantly battling with myself and trying to fix things, people, wrong doing. I am constantly battling with my self to let go and give it to God.
      God you are the king of all kings and you see no wrong, no failures, to you I am already perfect and you love me for everything I am.

  • My name is insecure. With a toddler and newborn, I feel a constant struggle with feeling “good enough” as a mom. Even my husband is unable to give me the security that what I’m doing is my best and that I am loved for it. I pray God can give me that sense of security I desperately seek.

  • My names for myself are fat, unwanted, overlooked. But God calls me beautiful, desirable and noteworthy. A good reminder this morning.

  • My head with what my heart knows*

  • My names for myself are Stuck. Unworthy. Annoying. A burden. I live with depression and the constant worry of who I will bug next or what wrong turn I will make, literally or figuratively. This thorn of depression may remain in my side, but I know my God is for me and loves me. I know he made me a courageous conqueror. I know he made me lovely royalty, a co-heir with Christ. Oh, that my heart would agree with what my head knows to be true!!

  • Right now my name is defeated. As a mom my main goal in life is to raise my children up according to the way God intended. I pray for patience during behavior issues with my toddler and I lose my temper. I feel defeated when I look at the mess my house is in after each day. I am trying to remind myself daily that the Lord loves me where I am. This study has definitely reminded me of God’s redemption in our lives.

  • Hello, my name is insecure. I love working out and eating healthy, I really do. I try my best to bring all of it to the glory of God. But, it’s so exhausting fighting with that insecurity that I’m not toned enough. I compare myself to other people physically constantly and its becoming emotionally draining. God is really working on my heart and I’ve gotten better but it’s still SO hard. I’ve always struggled with comparison in that aspect. In the view of body/physical and in the view of ambition wise and where I’m going with my life. It’s hard, but we are given strength through these difficulties and brought to restoration! Jesus, thank You for this reminder. I am Yours and You are mine. You all are great and so encouraging!

    • Anisha

      This is such a good simple confession. I’d never have said it out if I were you but you did it. Must be liberating

  • My name has been many things depending on my role or who you ask, but Courageous is my prayer for a new name- Courageous Mother, Courageous Wife, Daughter, Boss, Friend. Courageous Kylee. COURAGE to be my true self & worship God in my every action & deed- it’s essential to who I am but it’s so easy to mask around new friends or even family members who don’t believe. Courageous Witness, flame for Jesus. I pray that “Courageous” would come before the names of every woman and girl who has written her heart out in the comments above me- may their Courage go before them & pave the way for new lives to come to Christ. And courage for me to finally share the message with my own brother, who hates God but doesn’t know him.

  • This study has been filled with great reminders for me. God always seems to find a way to place things in our lives at just the right moments.

  • Darrington

    This exercise couldn’t come at a better time! I have a stomach condition that causes episodes of pain and pushes gas up my esophagus which makes me feel like I’m choking. I’ve gotten to where I know I’m not going to choke, but a few days ago I had an episode while driving on the highway and it led to a panic attack (which made it worse). I couldn’t keep driving….I was paralyzed with fear. My husband had to come pick me up. I was so embarrassed and ashamed! BUT- things like this will happen in life and God (and my family) loves me no matter what. He doesn’t want me to feel embarrassed or ashamed. He wants me to turn to Him for strength and renewal. I shouldn’t let circumstances define me as weak or scared- God is there in my weakness. I’m so thankful!

    • LaWonda

      I am praying for you

    • Kylee

      My name has been many things depending on my role or who you ask, but Courageous is my prayer for a new name- Courageous Mother, Courageous Wife, Daughter, Boss, Friend. Courageous Kylee. COURAGE to be my true self & worship God in my every action & deed- it’s essential to who I am but it’s so easy to mask around new friends or even family members who don’t believe. Courageous Witness, flame for Jesus. I pray that “Courageous” would come before the names of every woman and girl who has written her heart out in the comments above me- may their Courage go before them & pave the way for new lives to come to Christ. And courage for me to finally share the message with my own brother, who hates God but doesn’t know him.

    • Kylee

      Oh Darrington sorry for the accidental reply down there!!! I am PRAYING for you right now, for healing from our Father who is faithful!

  • I grew up in the church but never believed in God until I graduated high school. Everything changed. I struggled with my faith and dedication to Christ. I had no friends who loved God and I was easily swept into the wrong scene. I was insecure and broken. I felt ugly and dirty all the time. I would go months without church or talking to God. But regardless I know he never left my side. And now, I’ve grown so much in my faith, God has removed people from my life that pulled me away from him and replaced them with friends who bring me closer. He has shown me that I AM NOT my circumstances. That I am his daughter, and I am beautiful, and I am loved. That he cherishes me and has a plan for me way better than the one I had for myself.

  • My name, Elisa, means consecrated to God, how beautiful is that?! Before I was born God knew, He led my parents to give me a name that forever dedicates me to Him. When I was being formed He already unconditionally loved every single part of Me and wanted a relationship with me. And that’s how He feels about each and every single one of you my precious sisters! Doesn’t that make you feel so special?! We are princesses in a royal family that will reign for eternity. How amazing and special is that?!

  • Britani Hendrix

    Right now, at this point in my life my name is Britani this I know but my circumstances are causing me to feel like I have multiple names. Failure( not completely but in one aspect of my life) , not good enough, Bad temper, and Bad communicator. I know that GOD did not create me to be any of those things and in my heart I know that truthfully I’m not. There are most certainly a few areas I want to change and I have been really praying hard these last few months that GOD would soften my heart and come in and change me to be better in the areas in which I ask. Although he has put me in waiting I have been trying my best to put my faith and hope into this time cause I’m really trying to believe in his promises that he wants the best for me. I desire what GOD sees as best for only me. I’m really looking forward to it. I want to be able to look back on this time and truly appreciate GOD for the things he does for me in my life in Jesus name AMEN

  • Thank you, shanna!

  • Hi, my name is broken. I know with my head that i am saved, new in christ, and redeemed. But it’s hard for my heart to soak it in. I still feel sick to my stomach when I drive by old places where my sin took place. I want those ghosts to stop haunting me, but I don’t know what to do. I know God is bigger, God can move mountains. I am so thankful for HIS promise.

    • Shanna

      Katy I am with you girl! Praying for you.

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Oh, sister. We are all so broken. You are not alone. But our story does not end there – YOUR story does not end with your brokenness. Jesus secured our living hope! If the cross is sufficient – which praise God, it is! – then those ghosts have no power over you, friend. When they show up, speak the name of Jesus. Remember that you are His and you are whole in Him. Your name IS redeemed! You are not defined by your past, no matter how painful it is. You are defined by your Creator who made you, who loves you, who bought you back from slavery of sin and shame to live a free life in grace and hope and light. Praying for you even now – trusting God to meet you exactly where you are. Keep reading His Word. Much love to you. xo, Amanda

  • I have anxiety that comes in and grows like kudzu around my heart and it’s so hard to see past it. It comes in without me knowing, then all of a sudden I realize it’s taken over my life the past 3 months. But, I am NOT anxiety, because I am named by God – I am a daughter of the one true King! What a blessing it is to know that that’s true. Great way to begin to tackle eliminating this anxiety.

  • It can be difficult for me to see past the daily struggles of my life, but I have to keep my reminding that God is bigger than any problem I could have, whom shall I fear? He LOVES us ladies, good or bad. Don’t tell God about your problems, tell your problems about God!!!

  • I think for me it is hard to see how God names me. I know He deeply loves me and covers me with His grace and sees me as His child. I grew up in church and was saved when I was 4 years old, I knew all the Bibles stories and was church everytime the doors were open. My dad was a deacon in the church, a Sunday school teacher & a respected man in our church so I was expected to act accordingly. I moved out after high school and fell into a really bad lifestyle and fell completely away from my faith. Last January I rededicated my life to Christ and have slowly begun to accept Gods grace in my life.. it’s a hard pill to swallow because I know I don’t deserve it.. so anyways I still see myself as dirty and grungy and undeserving.. but God sees me as His beloved & His child! God is working on my heart and He’s come a long way but He still has a lot more to do in my life. How thankful I am for a forgiving God who accepts me just as I am! No matter the circumstance, I am still His & He never leaves me, EVER.. that’s pretty amazing. So I’m working on seeing myself the way that He sees me.. baby steps!

  • ‘We are not named by our circumstances, but by our good God.’ Thank you, Jesus for this reminder today! Life’s circumstances may bring me down, but I’m blessed to know that they don’t ‘name’ me. My circumstances are not who I am…merely something I’m going through/dealing with…they are temporary. My God is not temporary. He’s good. He’s always there. He loves me…and is greater than any circumstance I may face! Praise God!!

  • At the age of 23 I was just dealt some of the hardest circumstances. Today’s post came at the exact perfect time. I am giving my worries, fears & circumstance to God. I am choosing to live in such a weigh to inspire others. This app has become my escape. I am now feeling closer to God than I ever have.

  • Reading Ruth has given me strength not to dwell on my circumstances. I m putting my trust in God and His plan for me. He will prevail

  • Jennifer Powers

    This devotion could not have come at a more perfect time I grew up in the ministry and now I am a wife if a minister so you find yourself in a constant give mode without much time to receive or even feel like you deserve to take the time to full back up. And recent several friends in the ministry 3 of our closest have moved away so I find myself feeling so lonely and in turn has caused me to feel all of the sudden so unneeded and ill equipped for what my heart desires to do! This is such an encouragement to remember I keep pushing to do my best to show others how I am more determined than ever to again Become confident in my redeemer and realize he is all I need!

  • Kristen Mendonca

    My name is Kristen. My name means bearer of Christ. I know my name was giving to me for reason. My mom had told me she was going to name me differently. It’s a struggle on a day to day to show the love of God at times because my emotions get in they way. I so sensitive at times that frustrates me. I just continue to pray because lately it has been very difficult at my job. Actually since I’ve been doing this study on Ruth. It’s open my eyes on so many different things. I have read the book multiple times yet I see it in a new light!!! Thank you so much for listening.

  • I find myself comparing my body image and stage of life to other women I know. I feel less attractive, less desirable, and overall behind because I’m nowhere near getting married and having children. But God is “enthralled by my beauty” because I am created in His image. My God cares for the sparrows, and cares even more for me. I have to remind myself daily that God has created me exactly the way I am for a purpose. And in His timing, He will fulfill that purpose.

    • SheReadsTruth

      He absolutely will fulfill His promises, Hayley! Praying that you see how beautiful you are in God\’s eyes today and everyday. Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Denessa Antoine

      Hello Hayley. I find it so interesting that the moment I slid over to view and posts my response, yours was the first one I read. I know exactly how you feel because I feel the same way. I always call myself ugly and unattractive because I am not married and don’t have any children either. I’ve lost sight and focus of who I am in Christ and I’m trying to find my way back. I’ll pray your strength and you pray mine. We are wonderfully and fearfully made. Write this and tape it to your mirror so that you see it every time you look in it.

  • Jesus asks us Who He is — Know this & Live it: He is our Savior & He is the Son of the Living God! xo

  • Alison Lightsey

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this bible study on Ruth so far and look so forward to continuing!! Everyday I read hits home with me and my walk with God but today completely jumped in my lap and I felt like God placed me in this bible study for this day!! The last year of my life has been full of battles my mother was diagnosed with leukemia which God has healed her, my family and I were in a tornado which did some major damage to our town we live, and after seven years of marriage I am now a pastors wife (which is a blessing but makes me nervous at the age of 27). This has all happened while I have been finishing RN school which has placed me with major anxiety!! I had allowed that to consume my life I continue to call upon God for help with it daily but he has already brought me so much farther than I could even think about getting myself. A lot of times our valleys make the victories God has in store for us so much sweeter!! I have let all these things label me when I believe they have been put here to bring me closer to my amazing God and become a stronger Christian.

    • Sarah

      I agree that our valleys make the victories God has in store so much sweeter…if only we can hang in through the difficulties. I am encouraged to see how you want to allow God to be the one who names you–defines who you are instead of all of life’s hardships and challenges. It sounds like you have been through so much but you still continue to look to God for strength and perseverance knowing that you are His and not controlled by your circumstances. I am praying for His strength in you today.

  • Madison Rouse

    Ahhh hits right at home. Love it, everything is in God’s hands!

    • SheReadsTruth

      So grateful for that truth, Madison! Thanks for joining us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • This is so true. I don’t know why it’s so hard to grasp that I am not my circumstance. It’s such a beautiful truth that needs to be said day after day. What a wonderful reminder of who I am in Christ.

  • I, as well, am guilty of allowing my circumstances (and feelings) name me. I don’t even remember how or what I stumbled upon on through Instagram that thus led me to #shereadstruth, but I have been doing daily readings. The story of Ruth struck a cord. I pray that His word is written on my heart and in my head, and that I am reformed. I pray to let go and let God. Today, and every day, I am named by Christ. I pray for patience to help me understand and gain knowledge in knowing this truth.

  • Trisha Elaine

    I definitely let my situations/feelings name me!! Gah. This is such a beautiful study and reminder of who I am in Christ!!! #shereadstruth

  • Amanda McClelland

    I wrote my post a little late but wanted to add it here in case anyone carried to read it!

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  • This story from the book of Ruth is such a good reminder to live by the Truth, not by what circumstances or emotions tell me. God is so good to not let us continue living as “less than” who He says I am.

    Sometimes I look into my unknown future as a college senior and have little hope. I’ve had dreams deferred in my life, and I guess in a sense I’ve stopped letting my heart dream for and believe on God’s promises. I’ve let events and outcomes of the past dictate how I choose to see the future. It’s really a hopeless way to live life- because without the promises of God being my foundation, there is no place for hope to grow.

    Although I can’t relate to the horrible pain of losing a husband and two sons, I can relate to the process Naomi went through when she let events in her life dictate who she “called” herself. When I was a freshman in college, I started my first semester bright-eyed and expectant to make friends and have deep fellowship and community with fellow students.

    Sadly, those connections never really happened, and I spent my next few semesters of college at another campus and still never made deep friendships with people. I wanted to be in a close-knit community of Christ followers, but no matter how hard I tried to connect, I just never really connected with people who were hungry for fellowship. After about two years of this, I was tired and I was DONE. Done with expending energy socializing and going to events and having meaningless conversations with people that didn’t want to go deep!

    For a while I really gave up hope that God wanted me to have fellowship with believers.

    Then, one day on a walk, I just poured out my heart to God. I let myself finally realize and express all the disappointment I had held in for so long. I laid it all before God and let myself be upset…

    Then the coolest thing happened. God started to fill me with contentment. He started to show me all of his blessing I had overlooked. I was so focused on what I didn’t have, that I couldn’t see the things He had given me to be a steward of. I started to dream again of what could be. But even more important than that, I started to find contentment in God. I started to steward the few relationship I did have.

    Slowly, God started to nudge me toward a church community group at one of my favorite churches. This time, I wasn’t banking on making friends. I just consistently started attending the group and developed some awesome relationships over time. I’m currently being discipled by one of the older girls in the group. It has been so cool to see God surpass my expectations. I went from hopeless to hopeful, discontent to fulfilled, all because God cared enough to carry the sadness, teach me about stewardship, and ultimately find satisfaction in Him.

    Only He can fill you and me to overflowing.

  • Just in writing this my mind goes straight to comparing myself. Will I write something as captivating and truthful as the rest of you? That right there is one of the names I call myself..”not as good.” (You should hear my last name with it-yikes

  • As I started thinking about this and writing down the names that I call myself and my reasons for doing so, Matthew West's song "Hello, My Name Is" popped into my head. As I pulled up the lyrics and read them, God allowed me to see that all these names (failure, afraid, lazy, odd woman out, unattractive) are lies from the enemy that I have chosen to believe. But no more. I have a choice and I'm choosing NOT to believe them anymore.

    "I am no longer defined by all the wreckage behind
    The one who makes all things new has proven it's true"

    From now on when someone asks me who I am, I can boldly say, "Hello, my name is child of the one true King."

    Here's a link to the song:
    Powerful lyrics and a reminder of who we are and whose we are in Christ.

  • Andrea K.

    This is my first post on a #SheSharesTruth, though I've been participating in the studies four almost six months. But this prompt spoke especially to me! The name Ruhamah is seen throughout the Bible and it means "the one that I love." Outrageously enough, one night during worship on a high school retreat, I felt God speak that name onto my heart. I had recently read it somewhere but it didn't really hold any significance with me. I felt as if God was pressing down on my shoulders, calling me Ruhamah. And some part of me really hopes/believes that He calls me that. It came to me at a time in my life when I needed to remember that my worth is measured only by the blood of Jesus, and in that circumstance, I was overwhelmed by the love of my God.
    So thankful for this community and the rich blessing it brings to my life. xoxo

    • Onfaith

      Thank you for sharing! I am certain God calls you "the one that I love"…Ruhamah! ~ B

  • Katherine

    This topic and I are having a divine appointment. I am in my second year of teaching middle school, and I was enjoying summer after a successful and amazing year with my students. I really felt joy and a sense of accomplishment, and it truly was a blessing for me. Then, at the beginning of this week, I found out that my students results from testing were not as wonderful as I had hoped. I tend to be my worst critic, so this was devastating news to me. I felt like a failure – like this whole year was a complete waste. What did I do wrong? I must not be good. I'm a terrible teacher, and so on. That night, I get on to read the post of the day, and it says YOU ARE NOT NAMED BY YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. I was letting my mind and spirit just crumble into pieces without concentrating on the fact that God has me in the palm of His hand. There will (and have been) many times where I will come up short, but those times and stumbles are not the sum of who I am. I am a child of God.

  • Today I almost want to name myself by my circumstances. I felt/feel so much pressure and stress on myself that I can’t think about anything else. I’ve cried literally 3 times in the last hour and coming to read my “mini sermon”, as I call them, was exactly what I needed. By now I know that when I come to a breakdown I will soon come to a breakthrough. It’s just that breakdown that’s hard to get through! But I know God names me and not my circumstances so I will continue my fasting and praying and trust that God will continue to see me through.

    • Onfaith

      God will see you through. I will be praying that He sees you out of your circumstances soon and that He'll provide many opportunities for you to see He is with you! ~ B

  • Ashleigh

    Well, I’ve got quite the reputation (I’m proud of it, for the most part – I don’t find these traits poor ones even remotely) for being quite honest and extremely sassy and sarcastic. I’ve been called plenty of other things that are less than flattering, but I think those are the most common. Anyway, I guess I am saying that yes, I am those things… But you know something else? And not many people I know read his so I’m not ruining my rep too much – I’m actually really nice. I’m loyal, friendly, loving and a fantastic listener. My boyfriend even tells me I’m sweet – I don’t buy that one. I’ve been through a few things that could have made me bitter and angry with The Lord but I haven’t allowed that yet. But I am also not allowing myself to live by the name He has given me, heck, I’m not even sure what that name is yet, but by the name I give myself, by the name that I have been given by my circumstances.

    I’m a good person, I think, most of the time, maybe it’s time I started acting like it and paying more attention to the name The Lord has given me.

  • I work with youth. I absolutely love it. I want them to know and to grow with God. I want them to be passionate about seeking Him. But when I look at it, I want the same thing for myself. I truly believe that we cannot lead anyone somewhere that we are not willing to go ourselves. All of the wants and desires that I have for my students are things that I personally struggle with. I know that God has big plans for my future and I know that in order to do fulfill those plans and dreams that He’s given me, I must build my relationship with Him. But it’s one of the biggest struggles that I face daily. I forget, or I justify not spending time with Him because I have so much stuff to get done, I allow my own mind to talk me out of doing the right thing. I know that in order to live the life that I want to live, fully and completely sold out to God, it’s as simple as spending time with Him. But for some reason, it never seems so simple to me. I get so frustrated with myself because I am not living up to what I want to live up to, and I know the consequences of not, but it still is not enough to motivate me and that makes me feel even worse! I don’t know what else to do.

  • The raising of the little people is tough stuff and some days I fell very ill equipped for it. Today was one of those days, rather the finish to one of those weeks. Earlier today I was convinced I was failing at raising selfless, well focused children. This just began to compound on the lack of tasks I can successfully accomplish each day; laundry, cleaning, dinner, etc, etc, etc! I was feeling low. The enemy knows what he was doing and before I knew I had thoughts running through my head that made me feel less! THEN this! I finally had the time to sit and read today's post! It was as if God himself was whispering in my ear…."You are my child, my beautiful daughter, righteous, redeemed, treasured! I am with you!" All the troubles I've encountered over the years, God has never been inept in reminding me who I am. So thankful for this study. And especially so today! ~ B

  • Names….we carry so many every day…I have many names for each day…, widow, daughter, teacher, leader, helper, singer, friend—I am also called forgiven, redeemed, saved, serving, sanctified, separated and a child of the King!!!! As many names and titles we carry, only the one God blesses us with should matter…although our many names make up pieces of who we are its what they all add up to that mean anything. Like a great big math problem (oh dear the teacher in me is coming out in the summer from withdrawl…LOL). But the good news is our math problem isn't completed yet…God can still add more names to our stories as we learned through our lessons here in Ruth, the end is not yet come, so keep serving Him and obeying his will and follow where God leads, even when it seems unsure and unknown because who knows what's waiting in your barley field that will bring glory and honor to the God who holds us and our stories in the palm of his hands. Thank you SRT for this great study, it has been awesome and can't wait for more!!!!!

  • Amy Lenhard

    Hello I am hoping this website. Continues to help me buildup my faith. Right now I am doing much better than I am but at times still a little upset by different circumstances. I am trying to continuously pray.

  • simplyloveandgrace

    This has been so fun reading all of your comments and blog posts!! I feel like we are at a big slumber party swapping stories!! It's great to get to know such a beautiful community of beautiful women!! :D

  • Thank you ladies for all of your posts – such a blessing to read! This year has been a year of examining my identity. I've been forced to ask myself where my treasure lies because there my heart is also (Matthew 6). Is it in my job, friends, family, accomplishments, how I look, relationship status, and the list goes on…or is it in Christ. It's taken me a while to truly understand what it means to find my identity in Christ, but I think I'm finally beginning to understand who I am to Him – His daughter, beloved, forgiven, redeemed. There is so much freedom in that! Still a lot to learn… :)

  • Just made a new post on my blog in response to this devotional. Absolutely loved reading this. Names are so crucial. And it helps to cement for me why delving into my word continues to be so important to my growth with God. How can I know the names He has for me if I don't read His Word where He tells me all the names He has that He calls me regularly? It also blows my mind, because for me, when I'm talking to God I always feel like He is distant from me and that He strictly calls me by my name, but I now realize that God uses names like precious, and beautiful and talks to me in a gentle tone. His love is so great and it really changes everything.

    Check out my post here on my blog:

  • teammcdow

    Hey sisters! Such a beautiful message we've been following! This really resounded to me – looking deeper into my name – that God chose my name and to really understand what it means. Secondly – to not be defined by my circumstances and get lost in hopelessness – to know that it's His Will for my life – not mine – but that He will make it my Dream – my journey – my love – my legacy. And thirdly – as I shared with a girl struggling in my small group that there are so many painful things I've gone through that I am so grateful for now! In the darkness I had hope and now I rejoice for the lessons learned in the darkness because they shaped me and have allowed me to share with so many others and to help give them hope! Read more of my blog here: This is profound: "Who we become and what we appreciate often come from some of the darkest days of our life!"

  • Gema Muniz

    Ladies thank you for al of your posts. They were such a blessing to me this morning. They really allowed me to place my faith back on God and stop trying control of the circumstances I find myself in right now. God bless you all!

  • GUILTY. All too often I allow my circumstances to take charge of my life, and I forget to talk to God about them. If I do, it's usually much later in the game, and it's more of a cry of desperation and a call for last-minute backup. The situation ranges from anything between a bad weather forecast to searching for the perfect boy to allowing myself to become overwhelmed about the future, especially as I tackle my room and get ready to move to another city! I ALWAYS let my mind take over instead of being present and praying and trusting God. Of course, I know He has a plan, and I trust that plan, but it is all too simple and automatic to fall into my own wandering, and sometimes destructive, thoughts.
    I need to switch this, though, and make God my autopilot (and full-time pilot, for that matter) instead of my mind, in every aspect of my life, no matter how trivial. The names in the devotion remind me of that, soothing my soul and spreading a peaceful smile across my face.
    "Blessed. Forgiven. Beloved. Redeemed." These are the names I must embrace and carry with me daily.

    • teammcdow

      Beautiful! I hope you are encouraged – washed over with peace & comfort and blessings beyond measure! I can relate with the moving aspect… it can be hard but all in all we know that He has a hope & a future for us & has been there before us! Jer 29:11! ;)

  • There are a couple circumstances in my life that I am letting have power over me. They sometimes keep me up at night and as always God stepped in today with today's devotional because He is tired of me letting this wear me down and eat me up inside. He wants me to let it go and give it to Him and today I am doing that. I am sick and tired of carrying these burdens and giving them the control. Only God is in control. Thank you as always SRT. Every day is an awe inspiring lesson. You don't know how much you have blessed and enriched my ife by helping me to learn God's word and how to apply it to my every day life. It has truly changed me for the better.

  • Thank you for your always inspiring and incredible posts. I love this so so so much. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

  • Hello, swift kick in the butt. I needed this today. The opportunity to step back and assess my circumstances and their relationship to my self-worth.
    Because according to my current circumstances — which I am admittedly allowing to define me — I am the new lady in town, job-less, car-less, home-less come August (temp housing situation), and ultimately the wife who needs to pull all this together (working Husband). All of these circumstances that we (my Husband and I) chose when deciding that we needed to move back Home (or at least in the general vicinity.) And it feels like A LOT, which naturally uprooting one's life and resettling is in fact A LOT of change and transition.
    So choosing to give myself some grace today, and seeing these circumstances for what they are — simply circumstances, part of life. They do not define me because I know (in my head and hopefully my heart soon!) that God has ALL of this because He always does. And in these times, He is God, He is good, and He gives me grace, oh so much grace.
    So today and hopefully everyday, I will choose to define myself as Grateful, Hopeful, Worthy, Patient, and Faithful. I don't necessarily feel these at the moment, but I can choose to believe them. Also ladies, I would appreciate your prayers for peace in this resettling process and trusting God's perfect plan always. Thanks. :)

    • teammcdow

      Wow – it seems like a lot of us are in a place of moving to a new city right now! We can be in prayer for each other. I get the new-lady in town, home-less part for sure. It just happened a few months ago and now we're moving again. Crazy! I love your sense of humor, though, Beverly! I've heard the that longest road to travel is from head to heart. Beautiful words in how you described yourself. I picture you standing in front of the mirror – with a big smile – shouting them joyously to yourself.. with a little giggle and then walking away with an extra pep in your step! ;) Have a beautiful day, Faithful Beverly!

      • Beverly

        Thanks so much for the encouragement, Elizabeth! You totally made me smile. :) Good luck to you too!

  • Mariah Murphy

    Wow- this is a really good question. Often times I struggle with thinking that I can't do something, or can't through something. If something is really difficult, I automatically believe that I am incapable of doing it. I often call myself a failure. But I remember what the Bible says in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Praise God! No matter if life's road gets so tough that you feel like you can't walk any longer, you can lean on Christ who will strengthen you!
    Thank you for these wonderful devotionals, She Reads Truth! They have helped to encourage strengthen my faith!

  • It is so refreshing to see that I'm not the only one struggling with this! Names can build you up or drag you down. As this is something I'd been struggling with anyways, I'm unsure how much encouragement anyone will pull from my post, but I shared my heart.
    Thank you ladies for sharing your own thoughts!

  • Rachel Nordgren


    Ah, Ruth has been so good. I'm excited to read everyone's thoughts!!

    I'm #22 above or

  • I started this study about half way through after a friend pinned a link on Pinterest. I got caught up on the reading . It was perfect timing for what I am going thru. I have always had trouble calling my self by circumstances. I try to just keep remembering I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).I pray every morning to hears God's voice in this that I am going thru. For him to lead me and guide me. I had to leave my job to take care of my 10 y/o special needs son (single mom) I am getting pulled toward doing trying taking a job that I have doubts will be the best for my son (even if I could arrange child care) once school starts again out of fear . So I sit and wait praying I chose the right path

  • katietthomas

    Good morning, ladies! I was pretty excited to read this week's questions, as I had recently written about an experience at church with my women's group that covered identity. I've shared it at #15 as 'Who Sits in Your Chair?' Weird title, but it'll make sense if you read it!
    I'm looking forward to reading some stories and I thank you all for your hearts!

  • (I haven’t posted on my blog is a year, but I will get my thoughts up there today…hopefully! ;) )

    I just found She Reads Truth this week and man..I have been SO blessed by it! I’m going to be brutally open and honest right now because it may just help someone else.

    When I was 16 years old I had an abortion. At the time I was not a Christian but I still felt my decision was morally wrong. I suffered for years with my guilt. I turned to drugs, alcohol and sex instead of God because I always thought who could love someone like me. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I became a Christian. I was hanging out with a friend of mine who I grew up with and she always took me to church on Wednesdays and Sundays. I kept trying to stay away from her because I was afraid to bring her down with me. But thanks be to God that He kept pursuing her heart to pursue mine. I accepted Christ Halloween night. :) But it didn’t get any easier for me. I still struggled with my guilt on a daily basis. Once I graduated, I went on a mission trip where I met my future husband. We fell in love fast and married two years later. To say our marriage was rocky is an understatement. I still felt so controlled by my past that it was tearing up my marriage. I knew that I had “given” my life to Christ but I never truly did. I was so afraid to let go of what I did that it nearly destroyed everything for me. But thank God He never gave up on me!! I don’t hide behind my past anymore. I gave it all to Him!! My really wonderful friend Brittany once wrote me a letter and put this quote in it, (it’s not word from word but you will get the point) ” don’t put your past behind you because it’s so easy to bring back around. Put your past behind God because you will have to go through Him first to get to it”. That has always stuck with me! There are days when certain things remind me of my past and I start to feel sad, guilt, selfish, hateful but that’s not who I am anymore. I’m a new creature in Christ and HE is who names me now!!

    Sorry this was so long. I hope it blesses someone today.

    • Tiffany

      Thank you. I am blessed.

    • Barb

      Great quote from your friend. Thanks for sharing and praise be to God, who forgives us and blesses us daily!

    • Kaitlin

      Ashley, you have blessed us so much today with your vulnerability and encouragement. You are truly living a story of redemption and I am so thankful! Welcome to our community, we love having you here!!

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Debby

      I am blessed and encouraged. Thank you for sharing!

  • Christina

    This is my first time sharing on a SheSharesTruth post. I have had many times where my name for myself did not match up with God’s name for me. I usually named myself not-good-enough. As a college student, I’m at that stage where I’m trying to figure out what the rest of my life is going to look like. I often find myself comparing my abilities, accomplishments, and goals to others and constantly feeling like I don’t match up. Just the other day I was talking with my boyfriend and I asked if he ever feels like the things he deems himself good at, he’s not even that great at? His response was so encouraging. He said “Of course I sometimes feel like that but who we are is not based on what we can do and have done. Who we are is based on who created us.” We are God’s and He created us for His purpose. Our skills are just right for His plans. Even if we don’t feel like we’re the best at what we do, God created us exactly for this purpose. As long as we serve and love God to the best of our ability, He gets the glory! What better purpose could we have for our lives?

    I have a job interview today and I’m going to be reminding myself that I am God’s daughter. He wants what is best for me whether or not I land this job.

    • Brandi

      Awesome! Thank you for sharing sweet sister. Praying for you and for your job int!

    • stinav96

      I'm getting this a day late, but I'd love to hear how your job interview went! Thank you for sharing! Trusting the Lord to give you wisdom as you transition out of college life!

  • Courtney

    I have really enjoyed this study. This morning I am going through a difficult situation and I feel so defeated. The post this morning reminded that God has great plans for me and that I just need to wait and be patient for his answer to my problem. He didn’t let Ruth and Naomi down and He has certainly never let me down before either! #shereadstruth #shesharestruth

    • Kaitlin

      Hi Courtney,
      Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I'm praying that God would equip you with his strength and resilience today in your times of difficulty. I loved your reminder that he has never let us down and your steadfast trust in Him. We love having you here! Be encouraged today:)

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I agree this study was right on time, Zuri, and I needed it to center me daily. My given name, Claire, means: " luminous, simple, and strong, one of those special names that is familiar yet distinctive, feminine but not frilly." Also, "The name Claire is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Claire is: From the feminine form of the Latin adjective 'clarus' meaning bright or clear."
    Pretty accurate descriptions… how did my parents know? Anyway, Jesus would have called me Martha and told me to be more like Mary! My daily struggle to be Mary and not Martha, well not Martha all the time. We do need some Martha to keep things going but blended with Mary to learn of our Lord.
    This study has put me in a reflective, striving for peaceful place, to not worry so much and rest in the timing of the Lord. VERY hard for me but through a miracle happening in the life of a friend's illness and the fruition of a long time project to move my parents closer I am seeing the truth in this once Neglected by ME, Book of Ruth.

  • I still struggle a lot with names I give myself, rather than names I know God calls me. Sometimes it's easy to feel sorry for yourself and believe all the lies the enemy puts into your head. "Poor me, I am friendless, ugly, and the worst mother," are some of the names I give myself. Praise God that "I am not named by my circumstance." No matter what I'm going through, I am loved; I am known BY NAME by God. How amazing is that!?

    I have been blessed by the study here and the community. What a great place to worship God together! I have stuck through the study when I usually get lazy.. waking up early with my husband every day as he leaves for work, and then having my quiet time with the Lord before the kids wake up. This time makes such a difference in not only my day, but in my heart. I'm loving God more and more each day! So thank you, sisters, for being a blessing here! I'm so excited to start "Sermon on the Mount" with you all in a few days! :)

    • Kaitlin

      Hi, Lea! I loved what you said, "No matter what I'm going through, I am loved." We love having you here and have been equally blessed by you joining our community and following along each morning. Hope to see you for Sermon on the Mount! :)

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • stinav96

      Good morning, Lea! I just wanted to encourage you this morning, and let you know that your kids probably think you are the greatest, most perfect mom ever…. That is, if they are still young, right? :) We all know teenagers have us figured out! I say that because I was admitting to my own kids yesterday that I am not a perfect mom, that I know I do things wrong where they are concerned, but that I love them very much. I don't want them growing up thinking that I never recognized my faults as a mom. Their response? "You're a perfect mom!" I absolutely don't deserve such a name. But I'm thankful for the mercy, grace, and love God shows me through them. I tend to believe that no matter how imperfect we are/were, that we are the best parents God could ever give our kids, simply because He made them ours. He is the one who gave them to us in the first place. And He knows what He is doing! :) I don't take such grace lightly. Lord, make me what my kids need. Help me to be closer to what they think I am. Praying for you this morning, sweet mama!

  • Everyone's words above are so encouraging. All of you are showing love and support for one another. This is what God wants us to do when our circumstances seem overwhelming. He has given us other resources just as he gave Naomi a resource; i.e., Ruth and her relationship with God. We have resources too: our relationships, our honest prayers, love, strength, wisdom….to name a few. I find myself praying and singing to God when the present time is challenging. It's impossible to be bitter when you're singing praises and seeking God's presence.

    • Lea

      Michele, you're right–it IS impossible to be bitter when you're worshipping. When I start feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I turn on my Pandora station.. my favorite right now is the "10,000 reasons" station! Even with kids running around, and a pile of laundry looming in front of me, I can find some peace while singing to our Lord :)

  • Phyllis T.

    Here's my thoughts today. Be blessed http://knitgirlll06-alittlepieceofheaven.blogspot

  • Good Morning ladies. This study of Ruth has been right on time. Especially today's message of definition of our current situation. It may just be me but I find myself in Naomi's bitter stage a little to often. I know God can do all things but I still feel as though something from my past is preventing my current blessings. Or even the case that God is not moving on my time….how silly am I. After reading and rereading the devotionals so far and reading your comments I am reminded that God is always there. I reminded that if continue to stay the course and focus on Gods word EVERYTHING will be ok.

    Yesterday I found this scripture and it really had me shouting in my apartment before work:“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. Pay attention to him and listen to what he says. Do not rebel against him; he will not forgive your rebellion, since my Name is in him. If you listen carefully to what he says and do all that I say, I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you.

    “I will send my terror ahead of you and throw into confusion every nation you encounter. I will make all your enemies turn their backs and run. I will send the hornet ahead of you to drive the Hivites, Canaanites and Hittites out of your way. But I will not drive them out in a single year, because the land would become desolate and the wild animals too numerous for you. Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land. (Exodus 23:20-22, 27-30 NIV)

    God is greater than anything. Stay the course

    Love you ladies!

    • Lea

      Zuri–thanks for sharing that scripture! I needed to read that this morning.. "I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and bring you to the place I have prepared.." Very comforting in my circumstance!

    • Diane

      those are some pretty powerful words of scripture .They will carry you ,arm you better than any worldly weapons! I have been where you are,just hearing words of failure ,words of death, not life. But Jesus says I have come to give them life, and more abundantly. May you see this abundance as you walk out into today.
      You are a blessing.

    • stinav96

      Wow! Thank you for sharing this passage, Zuri! You know what strikes me about it? This: "But I will not drive them out in a single year, because the land would become desolate and the wild animals too numerous for you. Little by little I will drive them out before you…." Is that not the answer to so many of our times of waiting?!!? Seriously, this just struck me between the eyes!!! God doesn't do things in our timing, nor does He do things all at once so many times, because the results would be catastrophic! A wasteland would be left where life is currently keeping the wildness at bay. We couldn't handle the new blessing if it were handed to us in our timing! He gives us time to "increase" and grow into those "pleasant places" that have been mentioned in Psalms. Thanks for sharing so that the Holy Spirit could speak to my heart and apply the Word to me this morning!

  • Named by my Father

    My earthly father named me, christian and surname. I take that as a privilege. I bear that name today, for it is what identifies me. However this name can not or never be compared to the names, my Heavenly Father has called me: blessed, redeemed, favored, loved, fearful, wonderful, heir, conqueror and best of all a SON!

    I possess high self esteem therefore despite what or who I'm faced with, I never be little myself. Such circumstances never gets the upper hand so as to define or identify me. I tend to get emotional for a while, but I later remind myself who and whose I am.

    Im those emotional moments, authority or power is given to the situation which rightfully belongs to God. For that O Lord I ask your forgiveness. May I look to you first when things get rough, knowing that in you I am more than a conqueror and in seeking you O Lord as the one who is potentate and sovereign, I will be delivered. Lord take authority over every situation and circumstances in my life right now in Jesus name. Amen

    #SheSharesTruth #SheSharesTruth

    Also you can check out my instagram page @kimmie_righteous

  • I have so loved this study! I have learned that nothing defined us or names us but God. No matter what we may have been through, or have done in the past, that isn’t who we are anymore. We are daughters of the King! Beloved! Beautiful in God’s eyes! Also, Naomi and Ruth have shown me that while we wait, wait with extreme faith. That the end of our story will be so much greater if we wait in faith. Know that God’s ending is so much more awesome than anything we can ever imagine. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant with our second child for awhile now, and waiting is hard, but this story just encouraged me to wait in happiness, faith, and know that God never leaves anything unfinished. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Love to all of you ladies out there, and prayers to all of you as we all seek the TRUTH that God has for us!

    • Kaitlin

      Hi, Heather! I'm so glad you loved this study-it's one of my favorites, too! I'm thankful God used this study in your waiting place and am praying for your Heavenly perspective to continue and bring you peace!

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

      • Grace

        Hi Heather,

        I know it's been a while since you posted. But my heart is so grateful for your words today. God has used you to encourage my heart today – thank you. Like you we have been trying to conceive our second child and after going through an early loss back in January we are still waiting. I love what you said that you've learned through this study of Ruth & Naomi that while we wait we should wait w/ extreme faith. I also find I'm constantly reminding myself to be content while waiting; that we have been blessed w/ a beautiful daughter and I have so enjoyed every second of being her Mommy. I don't want my desire for another child to rob me of any joy I can have today of being an engaged and loving parent. I'll be praying for you Heather. May God bless you greatly for the faith you have in your heart.


  • Christle

    I am so blessed by you all! I've been following SRT for about a year and have remained silent until now. I am learning so much from you all and this community has really blessed my life. Be encouraged sisters!

    • Rachel Nordgren

      Christle! Hello!! It's always so fun when people comment for the first time :) Don't stay silent!

    • Kaitlin

      Hi, Christle! Thanks so much for introducing yourself. We love having you here and are so excited you commented for the first time. I hope we see you around again soon:)

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Way to go – you have followed God's command of being bold! I read your blog post and loved it – you have quite a way with the written word, Sister :). I chuckled out loud at "Mrs. Strange Dude"! Keep being faithful to God and please remember … those who are offended are offended by God – not you as a person – and He can handle anything!!

    • Christina L.

      Thanks for your sweet words DDiab! I figured I'd try stepping out in faith. Glad I could make you smile. You've returned the favor. :)

  • Christina L.

    This is literally the first time I've written about faith in depth on my blog. I'm a little scared about how it will be received.

    • Jordyn Brazil

      Don't be! It was so great, sister, and I was super encouraged by your words!!

    • CarrieLynne31

      Your blog post was great! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Carrie

    • Michelle

      Christina, I loved your blog! great job!! I could relate to the *Sigh Sit Still :) we always feel like we must 'do' something and we just need to have hope and wait. xoxo

    • Kaitlin

      Christina, how exciting! It is SO great. Praying that your words would shine His light to those who read them. It's a brave step, and we are all behind you! Thanks for sharing!

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • teammcdow

      Me too! But – I decided to be BOLD & Courageous for the Lord!! Blessings to you for you have been faithful!

    • Georgia

      Your blog is wonderful, this one and the few others I have read through! Don't ever stop writing, you really do have a talent :-)

    • JessicaLoves___

      Thanks for sharing, Christina! There's definitely a difference in hoping for things and being hopeful. Great point!

  • Misty Howse

    I Love this– Women, we are to love each other well. It is time we stopped the comparisons of "my worst feature to her best feature!" Knowing who you are in Christ means knowing who He is and how He feels about us. The more we hear it, the more we share it and the more we believe it. We must believe it so we can tell our daughters, our students, the down-trodden and hopeless. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy–so when our self-talk and name-calling is all we focus on, the enemy is winning. Our Redeemer is so much greater! Let's focus on HIM and why HE created us–ask "What do I do today?" and "What is your name for me, Father? He says, "You are My Beloved". "My daughter" "My precious one" "My friend". His names are lovely and beautiful–He created us–why would we ever think any less?!

    • CarrieLynne31

      Misty, Oh that comparison game. It gets the worst of me sometimes. The way God thinks of us is so much better than what we think of ourselves sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

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