Ruth 2014: Day 9

Waiting as obedience


Today's Text: Ruth 3:14-18

Text: Ruth 3:14-18

“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.” – William Carey

Many times in life I feel called by God, strongly, to pursue something. I start it with bold excitement, my heart ready and willing. And I think, This is it! The moment life changes because I said Yes!

Then inevitably, a bend in that straight road I envisioned makes me think, But wait, I said yes. I was obedient. Why is this still hard?

We see in Ruth the same scenario. She has been obedient to her mother-in-law Naomi in many ways, but especially so where Boaz is concerned. Ruth has truly put herself out there in trust—everything is leading up to this moment.

What a surprise to hear that she will need to wait until Boaz finds the nearer redeemer (kin) and ask if he will marry Ruth, as was the custom.

We don’t know if Ruth is frustrated here, but I am frustrated for her. This is the point where I’d throw in the towel, with a spiral of, “Well, it’s all over. I’ll be married to some man I’ve never met, these past few months were a waste, and I’ve got barley and a sore back to show for last night. Perfect.”

Naomi, who has gone from calling herself “Bitter” to believing again, is the beacon of hope in this process. She says to Ruth, “Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out…” (Ruth 3:18a)

Wait, and then wait again. Isn’t this the very essence of life? Nowhere are we promised an easy time because we obey or reach what we think is the answer. Waiting seems to make up a good portion of our lives. Do you trust that God truly does have “plans to give you a hope and a future”? (Jer. 29:11, NIV)

This doesn’t mean that things turn out exactly the way we think they should. Had Boaz come back and told Ruth he wasn’t able to marry her, God’s plan would have gone ahead of hers. He would have come through, provided for her, remembered His promise.

In your waiting place, cling to the hope that never once has our God left our story unfinished and unredeemed. It may not look how we expected but, as with Ruth and Naomi, our story is His story—it was then and it will be in years to come. We are only to wait, to trust, to obey.



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  • ed sheeran 2017

    I’d always want to be update on new blog posts on this site, bookmarked ! .

  • ‘Why is it still hard’ yep I have asked myself my same questions over and over again…’wait my daughter..’ So tender, so reassuring and so personal…my daughter wait.

  • Latoya Holman

    As I was approached by this message…it really Blessed because over and over I’m always hearing God tell me this in His still voice! I absolutely knew this was Him making it plain for me to see that everything is in His timing and just know that all things are working for the good just as it did in the story of Ruth. I am now I’m my waiting season and yes it is really tough, and yes the enemy has tried and tempted me over and over! But now by seeing God’s message written through this message that God wants me to wait and it’s for my Good!!! So Yes I will wait on the Lord and be of good courage!!! Thank you for confirming God’s word to me!!! Obedience is better than sacrifice!!!

  • As I read yesterday’s passage, I couldn’t help but smile and feel like I was reading an old Bible setting romance novel and it made me smile. But this has the lesson God has been working with me on for years. Waiting. I’m terrible at at it, and it is such a necessary quality in this life.

  • I have just come across this via a pin from this post on Pinterest! So crazy because I feel of late that God has has been telling me to wait…Wait for direction for next year (as to what career to take and where to get a job) and what I’m to do with my life. It’s so hard to accept the fact that I have to wait, but because I know that God’s thoughts are higher than mine and His ways are best I trusting Him to help me do this! Naturally I am a planned, organized girl who doesn’t like waiting – but God is doing a NEW thing, as He constantly is doing in all of us! Coming across this post has really encouraged me. Thanks so much x [Acacia, 17, New Zealand].

    • Melissa

      I know God has an awesome plan for your life Acacia! and he will provide an awesome job for you. He will reward you and bless you for your faith and for waiting on Him; on His will. You just wait and see :)
      The verse that helps me a lot when I am in a waiting situation is Psalm 27:4:
      “Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen you heart”
      We must not lose hope or courage because in the midst of it all God is doing something amazing and beautiful in each of our lives <3 :)
      [Priscila, 20, California]

    • Heidi

      I just found it via a pin as well (I love shereadstruth, but haven’t yet done the Ruth study), and it encouraged me too! :) May you have sweet peace and patience in your waiting…God IS doing a NEW thing!

  • I am a very impatient person, yet, I believed so strongly in God's will for my marriage that I waited patiently for 13 years for my husband to come home. At the end, he chose someone else and it broke my heart and any confidence I had left. I had prayed so hard and did not want to break the covenant I made with God through my marriage vows 27 years ago. At the end, he chose to go a different path. The only thing that has kept me together is the belief that God has a "hope and a future" for me and my two children. I keep reading Ruth and know/believe that God has a Boaz for my life. Doubts, uncertainty, years of loneliness and years of waiting assail my soul and I despair thinking "when?, Lord!; When?".

    I think in all these years, he has prepared me to be dependent on him! Even during those years that my husband and I were separated, faith and hope kept me together.

    • Amanda Fischer

      What an amazing testament. God’s blessings to you!!

    • Cathy

      Your comment is 7 months ago but it struck me. I’m having turmoil in my marriage and I’ve tried everything. I leave it in Gods hands now. It is hard and lonely and sad. Staying focused on the path God has laid out. I believe he is preparing me for something greater than I could imagine!

  • In your waiting place, cling to the hope that never once has our God left our story unfinished and unredeemed.

    We all new to remember this when we feel deserted and lonely.

  • Oh yes. You just put a highlighter over what I’ve been glancing over. That’s Amazing!!! There is no greater joy. Even if its joy in long suffering. Glad that we get to be par takers in Gods story!! The timetable for such a time as this. It always has been and always will be all about Him!!

  • Juliefay

    The waiting on a man she only knew about through her mother in law and a good reputation had to be faith… When was the last time you wanted to marry someone because of what someone else said about them and how they treated you on one occasion? Older… Unmarried… Blah blah blah. That is strong faith…not faith in a man but faith in God through every situation and obedience to what he tells us to do no matter how bizarre! His story 24/7:)

  • Kasey Summers

    Promise Keeper is our God! He promised to fulfill His purpose for us! He is love!!

  • Exactly what I needed this morning. I’m about to go home from college for the next two months, which is always hard for me. My hometown was a terrible place for me and though I know the Lord has a plan for my summer I am often filled with fear about how horribly wrong my summer could turn out. But Isaiah does say to wait on the Lord and He will renew our strength. There will be bends ahead, but the Lord will guide me through them all.

  • BusyMomPaige

    God knows better than us. I constantly need to be reminded of this!

  • Hillary Husband

    This is such a relevant message for me right now. I’m going through a complicated point in a relationship and it seems like even aside from that I’m doing a lot of “waiting”. The past six years have been full of illness, loss, and heartache in which I have clung to the hope that God’s plan is good. I have been so concerned about the bitterness and fear that’s been entering my heart.. What a refreshing reminder.

  • This particular passage is coming at the right moment for me. My boyfriend and I are going through a hard time. I love him tremendously, but he is consistently frustrated with his working life and in turn, takes a lot of his frustrations out on me. He shuts down and goes into his “cave” often. It’s so difficult remaining positive in these moments. It’s even more so when you’re dealing with a stubborn man. EVEN moreso when you, yourself become discouraged and have has angry moments when you can’t even find the words to pray for the situation or the man you love. It is then that I believe God expects you to pray, trust, believe and WAIT. I’m praying for strength and courage in those moments to be obedient to God’s will.

    • Sharon

      Wow, Sharon, it's like I wrote this ( and my name is Sharon). I also am in a relationship with a stubborn closed off man who rarely says how he feels. It's hard to know how to pray for our relationship. We dated a couple years ago then split for a short time, and are back together. I waited for him to reignite the relationship and he had…but now it is stale and I don't know how to proceed. I've been praying hard for patience, trust, faith and guidance. I feel like I'm not being heard. I hope your situation has improved :-)

  • Being a military spouse we have the saying, “hurry up and wait!” And oh how that has been my season of life the past few weeks. We are told we are moving and to get ready, we do and we wait longer, then we get the green light and then wait some more. Oye! A lesson in patience or learning to significantly rely on The Lord. Maybe both. :)

    • Brianna

      I hear you ! I’m a military spouse myself so learning to wait has been something I’ve grown familiar with

  • Heather Narraway

    I love how I have read this book before a few times but I just read words, here I am able to see and understand what an amazing book this is! It reminds me of a fairy tale in a sense

  • Wonderful insight!!! My favorite section says: “In your waiting place, cling to the hope that never once has our God left our story unfinished and unredeemed. It may not look how we expected but, as with Ruth and Naomi, our story is His story—it was then and it will be in years to come. “

  • This is so what I needed to read today! I know God’s plans are bigger than mine and that His timing is perfect. The reminder comes today as I know that I am not pregnant and so badly want to be.

  • Becky Goerend

    Yes. God’s time is better than ours!

  • Woman Growing In faith

    I needed to be reminded of this. Lord, thank you for the promises that will never return void. Give me the patience to wait. I trust you Lord!

  • Madison Rouse

    Needed this! Waiting for things to come can be hard. But it is all a part of trusting God

  • Cassie Lynch

    What’s beautiful is in her waiting she can be sure that she will have a husband. Boaz promises if not this other man then you will have me.
    In the same way as we wait we can trust that if not what we originally anticipated, we will still receive what is best.
    We know that as we wait, the perfect result is coming and we don’t have to wait in uncertainty or fear.

  • Brittany J. Turner

    I’m waiting to see God’s promise come true. Holding tight and waiting.

  • Thanks for sharing! It is wonderful indeed. I love the story and the insight you shared in the article, inspiring indeed!

  • lord help me wait in you….thanks for the gentle reminder of this this morning. I love the book of Ruth.

  • Yes I am two days behind… :)

    I feel like I’ve had to wait for everything in my life- husband, kids, etc… And yet everytime, each situation turned out awesome so you’d think I would welcome the waiting.

    Here I am again, this time waiting on God’s healing after suffering for two years with a chronic disease. Now it appears I have been misdiagnosed and healing is on the horizon. I still can’t quite believe it, and remain a bit skeptical and ashamed that I wrestled with God over this for two years.

    Praise God for the waiting, that refines us as gold!

  • Abby McDonald

    Wow, I have been away from SRT for a while doing other studies, but I am so enjoying this Ruth study and this particular chapter is so timely for me. I have experienced this waiting many times, and in the past it has caused me to question and doubt whether I was following what I believed to be God's calling. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that obedience doesn't always mean immediate gratification or an easy road.

  • Hesaved83


    Such beautiful words of encouragement. Thank you, sister in Christ!

  • Hesaved83


    I pray you and your family finds comfort, strength and peace. Dear Father, I ask that Your will be done in this precious family’s life, may You hold them close to Your bosom and give them clarity during times of confusion. Lord, You are the Great Physician please heal, Matthew’s whole body. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • “Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out…"

    Reflecting on the lives of the Godly men and women in Scripture and in history, this act of waiting is not a new or unique act God calls His people to. Waiting requires patience, which is a discipline. Sometimes it seems so much easier to just act and try to cause change to happen in our circumstances or even in the people around us. Personally, I have been struggling with this concept of waiting to see how God works things out in my dad's life. Waiting for that day when he sees and desires to live following the life of Christ by the grace of God. No matter how many times I try to hint or persuade him to change, nothing seems to be happening. But God has been tugging at my heart. He is teaching ME, changing ME into a more patient person trusting HIM to do what only He can do when He sees it best to do it.

    Thing is, in the process of waiting, in the process of seemingly no progress or action, God is right there working something greater than we could imagine or expect. Waiting is one of God's avenues of growing us in His image and after His own heart. He is so patient in waiting for us to seek after Him, to know Him deeper, to love Him wholeheartedly! He has been waiting for us since He knew of our existence at the beginning of time…that's years upon years ago! Oh teach my heart to wait so patiently and graciously as You wait, Lord!

  • HealingMatthew

    I have spent the last 13 months waiting. I am tired of waiting. I'm tired of waiting for my son to heal… for him to sit up on his own, or talk, or reach for a toy, or take a bottle, roll over, crawl… he can't do any of it, I knew in my heart that God had big plans for him.. I knew this before he was born.. so when he almost died shortly after birth, I was so confused. How was this part of God's big plan for him? But then God has performed miracle after miracle on our little Matthew. His surviving. His not being in a vegetative state, breathing on his own, coming home, moving, tracking, smiling, growing, eating a tiny bit by mouth…. they all fly in the face of what was predicted for him. And yet, still I wait for God to 'make him whole' again. I feel like it will happen… but I have to wait. I'm not sure that Matthew will ever catch up developmentally, but I'm confident that God has plans for him to do so much more than he's doing.. so VERY much more than the doctors predicted he would ever do. And so we wait.. we wait for his illusive liver transplant and for his healing. In the meantime, we try to be patient. Knowing that we are waiting for God to do SOMETHING before this transplant can occur.. that there is something in the works that He needs to do before we can take our next step. It is sometimes painful to wait. Heart wrenching to see him passed by, by babies much younger than him. But, we hold on to the hope, the faith, that God has big plans for Matthew. God is working it all out.

    I am thankful for this beautiful reminder that we are waiting for God to do something FOR us. He has it all worked out.

  • "Many times in life I feel called by God, strongly, to pursue something. I start it with bold excitement, my heart ready and willing. And I think, This is it! The moment life changes because I said Yes!
    Then inevitably, a bend in that straight road I envisioned makes me think, But wait, I said yes. I was obedient. Why is this still hard?
    …Wait, and then wait again. Isn’t this the very essence of life? Nowhere are we promised an easy time because we obey or reach what we think is the answer. Waiting seems to make up a good portion of our lives. Do you trust that God truly does have “plans to give you a hope and a future”? (Jer. 29:11, NIV)
    This doesn’t mean that things turn out exactly the way we think they should. Had Boaz come back and told Ruth he wasn’t able to marry her, God’s plan would have gone ahead of hers. He would have come through, provided for her, remembered His promise."

    Yes. Yes. I needed this tonight. As I pray and fast for those girls in Nigeria, I still believe that the Lord will rescue them with all of me; He's promised much, but as of late I've been hit with the hard reality that it won't happen when or how I want it to. I feel I'm waiting for so much… but as I was reading this devo, I started crying and freaking out. I had to remind myself to be HERE, in the present, instead. The Lord wants to use me here. I'll come back later to comment, but can you pray for me, ladies? That my faith would not fail, that I'd give all to Him, that I wouldn't be afraid, but would rely solely on Him to come through and keep me faithful in a multitude of situations? It's so appreciated… I love you girls. Thank you. The Lord will come through. I TRUST HIM. He IS GOOD. Praise you, father God.
    Be blessed this evening, ladies. Love you. Comment with prayer requests! Be blessed!

  • LaurenC_

    "Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out." Ruth 3:18

    "In your waiting place, cling to the hope that never once has our God left our story unfinished and unredeemed. It may not look how we expected but, as with Ruth and Naomi, our story is His story—it was then and it will be in years to come. We are only to wait, to trust, to obey."

    What beautiful words. Lord, help me to be obedient, to wait, to trust, to make myself useful for Your Kingdom while I wait. Let me not give up hope.

  • The song blessed me,it's so easy to start to grumble when answers don't come for a long time. I am sure Ruth grew through her waiting season,for that is Gods purpose for us

  • Michelle Wigand

    I'm awful at waiting. I want things not now but N O W (and most of the time yesterday). It's so thematic in my life we have a piece of art up in our house to remind us that the waiting is fruitful and we are not forgotten. As I think about all the different times of waiting in my life they are such a beautiful picture of God's love and plan. Why do I demand less of Him and want the N O W instead of the beautiful growth that comes through the waiting? IDK?

    Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens; your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds Psalm 36:5

  • angel[a]

    I suck at waiting. Real bad. Especially when I have zero control over what's happening. My heads starts to pound, and I get knots in my stomach. I know I need to be more like Ruth. I need to be more content with what I can control and more trusting of God's bigger plan for me. But it's scary, and it's hard to give up control and be more open to a different path, a different timing, a different truth. I need to turn my anxiety back over to God because he can transform it from something small, broken, and petty into something patient, beautiful, and obedient–something greater than I could have done on my own.

  • jackiepcross

    Waiting can be one of the most challenging things for us to do. We tend to not be a patient and want things right now but good things come to those who wait, right?
    God has been more than patient us throughout the years. If we could be a little more patient, a little more open, a little more understanding, and most important more obedient we will be greatly rewarded in the end.
    Modeling our lives after Ruth's is something we should strive for.

  • gotstyles

    This message is right on time. I graduated college December 2013 & I've been working part-time at a job that I used to love & now cannot stand. It is a job not in my field & a job that I'm not content. I applied for jobs as a flight attendant, because that's what I wanted to do, but I got rejected after several interviews. I submitted to God's will & I'm still at my job, now in search for another job.

    I'm currently stuck between going back to school & waiting for a flight attendant opening. It is hard because I'm at a job that I don't want to be at & it is wearing thin, but i know that I must wait on His word & everything will happen as it is supposed to happen.

    This is not my story, it is His story.

    I must wait, trust, and obey Him.

    I am praying that the Holy Spirit talks to me & leads me in the right direction.

  • Yes and as I have been waiting for the love of my life to pull his head out of the sand and let us start our lives together, I always have to tell myself wait….God still has learning for both of us…God has a bigger better plan and when God is ready for us to be together, His time, that will be when the time is right. And it may not even be him that is His will for me, but I have prayed and prayed if he isnt the man for me then please please take him out of my heart. And here he still sits. My love for him stronger than ever. So I sit and wait for my Boaz. And when He is ready, I know God will deliver him to me.

  • While many of you are younger women and waiting for things that will impact your lives greatly, there are things that even we older women find ourselves waiting on. I am preparing to retire, my husband can retire in 4 years, and he just lost his job. He has been in hospital finance for over 30 years, and it is not a good time to be in healthcare. He is such a hard, loyal worker, and deeply cares for the people who work under his guidance. For various reasons, completely out of his control, he has had to change positions 4 times over the past 10 years. Companies bought out, staff reductions, you name it the reasons are there. He has just received an interim position and it is 5 hours away. I want my husband home with me, yet I only get to see him 2 nights a week. I want to scream at God and say why ( and I have), we have worked so hard over the past 32 years, why can't these last few years be just a little bit easier? Then, I turn off the pity party, and remember that he has a job, he is not fighting in Iraq or anything, we are healthy, our children are healthy, a grandbaby on the way, and we have a God who has ALWAYS provided for us. I AM BLESSED beyond what I deserve.
    I pray that God will give me the strength to Wait for as He works things out for us in his time and in His way.

    Have a great day ladies!

    • jessicalisel

      Hi shelia,

      What an encouragement you are to me! You are a Titus elder women who displays faith and wisdom. I am praying for you and your husband. May The Lord help you to be content, thankful and joyful in your trial. Xxxx

  • Wow, this devotion was like an answered prayer for me. I am starting college this fall and I am full of questions. I feel like God is calling me to work in the business part of the nonprofit world and help the hungry/homeless. I have a passion for business and feeding people. I feel like God has provided me oppurtunities to pursue this calling, but I am still not sure. Right now, I am definitely in a transition period. I am ready to start this next chapter in my life, but also anxious. I’m bot sure what God has in store for me. Lately, I have been praying for wisdom and discernment so I can figure out my calling and serve his kingdom. I was getting frustrated because I wanted a clear cut answer! This morning, God answered by telling me to wait and be patient. I do believe he has great things in store for me, but right now is a waiting season. I look foward to college and finding out what my true calling is! Sisters, pray that I am patient during this season and pray that I recognize my calling when God shows it to me. Give me the courage and strength to take on anything he asks me to do and to fight the temptations not to follow him!

  • I don't want to wait. Just being honest, but I really don't want to wait. I want to start our family, buy a house, get out of the military, I want all of that now. Not later. Patience in the little things in life I am good with, but when it comes to the big moments I have none. I know that I should wait. I know that God's timing is not my own, and that He has not forgotten me just because to me it seems like it is taking forever for answered prayers. But I really struggle sometimes that my life is not where I want it. Where I want it. I want to turn my life into one that is obedient and submissive to Him, but some days are easier than others.

    But I know that God is always with me, and that He knows my struggles and pains, and He has not forgotten me. He hears my prayers and my cries, and He holds me. He has saved me for no reason, and I long to truly be His alone.

  • ShelbyDee

    "Never once has God left our stories unfinished and unredeemed." So so needed to remember this today. In Richard Stearn's book "Unfinished" he writes about Got the author and how authors don't create unnecessary characters. It's so easy to forget sometimes that we have a unique purpose in this bigger story. Just like Ruth. But oh how hard the waiting in the middle can be when we can't see the bigger picture.

  • mazmagi54 (Peggy)

    Blessed Tues. morning SRT sisters …

    After reading the end of chapter 3 of Ruth (again), this wonderful, thought provoking devotional and comments, praying over each one as I read along … I left quietly today, thinking I had nothing to offer of significant relevance because, of course, waiting has been the place that I have the hardest difficulty and probably the place when I'm weakest and fail (or fall) often … by not "waiting in obedience" and impulsively going it on my own, ahead of God, because I can't wait, haven't learned to wait, forget to wait, fail to wait, head off on my own plan rather than ask God and wait for His … far too often has caused me the biggest consequences (and we're not just speaking about "waiting for a man" in my case, but I'm sure it was in my early years, too, I can sympathize) … yep, I'm not to good about waiting or obedience. If things aren't happening, then I move ahead making them happen … (not so much any more, and oh my, how I wish I could say it's because I learned to wait, listen or obey … I am sure that I trust(ed) God …or do my actions speak louder than my words?

    So, not thinking I had anything of value to share on this topic … I went about reading other stuff and tended to my day when I came across an article in Christianity Today (which is not a normal place I venture but happened on today) "A Field Guide for Suffering"… (which I'm not … but I read on in interest anyways)… because I'm sure I have been in a spiritual desert (as the author Marlena Graves is writing about) … and I read the following, which I think we can relate to and apply to our "waiting in obedience"

    "… Graves understands that because the desert strips us of everything, it forces us to stand naked before God, without the jobs, relationships, and resources that normally camouflage our weaknesses and prop us up. Our vulnerability will either lead us toward idols, which temporarily alleviate our suffering but ultimately disintegrate us—or toward God, who brings integration and reveals our true self."

    "…Quite miraculously, during her many desert sojourns, Graves has made wise choices that have allowed both her faith in God and her identity as a child of God to prosper…. "

    Marlena Graves:" I often feel so small and inadequate when I'm in the desert. My life has been such that I've had to depend on God for daily provision—I cannot truly flourish in my own strength. Expressing these needs to God and to others reminds me of my dependence on Him and Christ's beloved community for my daily bread. God's grace comes to me through Christ's body. I'm like the paralytic in Mark 2: I'm not going to make it without help."

    Is this not what SRT and this community is for us? (it is for me)

    So let us turn to the Lord, Our God for help, "while we wait" … learn to wait … be content as we wait … and cling to Him (as Grave writes and I have learned the hard way: "…the desert land is fertile ground for spiritual activity, transformation, and renewal."

    Father God, lead us through the valleys or the deserts to the place that You desire to grow us and learn from our waiting that You are at work … change me,teach me, strengthen me and show me how to wait and trust You, obey You and learn from Ruth (and Naomi) the blessings that You never leave me "unfinished or unredeemed" and You are about completing our story, my story as part of His Story … and may I always give Jesus, as Lord over my life, every decision and choice, being led by Your Holy Spirit to better live intentionally for You and with You, not ahead of You or behind … Thank You for waiting for me and loving me despite my stubborness in not waiting and moving ahead! Forgive me and have mercy. I love You! I praise You and today, I come away from reading Your Word in Ruth and here, refreshed, knowing that You restore me with hope and the grace to wait … in Jesus' precious name … I am redeemed, forgiven, accepted and ever so blessed … and grateful with You as the Author and Finisher of my faith … that You will not leave any stone unturned until we fully surrender completely to You and Your will … You are more than enough! You are Conqueror and King! You are My Redeemer and Lord! You are so faithful and true to Your Promises! Thank You!

  • The song blessed me,it's so easy to start to grumble when answers don't come for a long time. I am sure Ruth grew through her waiting season,for that is Gods purpose for us, more than the dreams fulfillment or the relationship being restored.
    When my final 5 year check up from stage 4 cancer gave me the wonderful news that I didn't need another appt. I was excstatic!
    But as I walked out to my car,I was caught with the GRACE and MERCy The Lord had given me through those very scary 5 years of surgeries, and treatments.
    sometimes, the answer isn't healing or restoration,but something far more precious than what we thought we needed, HIS PRESENCE!!

  • How amazing to watch Naomi in this story. She lives out Titus 2's older woman, for all who just walked through Titus here. It seems to me she clearly sought her God and listened to Him, living out her maturity, discernment, and wisdom. Fifty plus years in, I can bear witness that "never once" has God left my story hanging. My life in many ways is nothing like I would have thought it would be, in many ways richer, fuller, and definitely harder. For those of us who have lived more years, verse 18 is a key message I am thankful to be reminded of that we can and are to deliver…wait, daughters…God has all that we are in and facing and He will not leave our stories "unfinished and unredeemed." As Paul wrote in Philippians, "He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion".

  • Michelle

    Sweetdes, your words really spoke to me this morning. “I’ve learned during the wait time that God is not just preparing the road that I must travel, He is also making sure that I’m equipped for the trip.” How true! And how often we forget this in our impatience!

    Thank you for this study, SRT! It has touched my heart so deeply! Every morning I find myself welling up, overwhelmed by the beauty of this story, which I’ve always loved but never dug in so deeply! It’s been an amazing blessing. My type A self has trouble waiting, being obedient and content in the waiting…Thank you!!!

    • Kaitlin

      Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us today. It's such a blessing to share the joy we find in this story. We love having you here!!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • pinkcupcakesandcardio

    Great message today!!
    Loved the quote from William Carey! I graduated from William Carey University in Mississippi and I am very familiar with that quote! :D
    One thing I've learned about waiting is yes, it can be very tough but the longer the wait, the sweeter the reward. I have found that out first hand. The Lord blesses you for your patience, your trust and your obedience. One of the big things I'm still waiting on is children. My husband and I have been for four years now. And let me tell you, it's going to be the sweetest blessing and reward yet for us!
    Have a great and blessed day ladies!!!

  • wiscogurl

    Verse 18 hit me like a ton of bricks: "Just be patient, my daughter, until we hear what happens. The man won't rest until he has settled things today." I must be honest, the single life is tough. I can't keep my mailbox from overflowing with wedding and baby shower invitations. I can't seem to completely avoid all the beautiful social media posts with friends and their significant others on vacation or simply out to dinner. I can count on more than two hands how many times I've gone to see a movie, ate dinner, or went for a walk by myself. I've gone on bad dates and allowed myself to just go for the experience – even if I know in my heart he's not what God has for me (*cough* bad idea). I feel I have been extremely patient (for the last 5 years). It's like going hard on a diet/exercise plan but never losing any weight. Soon you're bound to throw your hands up and shove the Godiva chocolates in your mouth! lol

    And still God is telling me to wait… It's hard but I know one day I will be so thankful that He took His time. I'm reminded of this poem by Rudyard Kipling I used to recite called "If."

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

    • mazmagi54 (Peggy)

      Oh yes … thank you for sharing Kipling's poem … "IF" … (used often at graduation) but how appropriate to this …

      "And- which is more- you'll be a godly woman, daughter of the King Himself" (my paraphrased ending)

      Thanks wiscogurl! (you made me chuckle and I can recall this time in my early 20s/30s too)… Wait and hold on (even when it's tough, hard, seemingly disheartening and impossible … and so long in coming) … "it's gonna be worth it" :0)

  • Diane – this is a beautifully written devotional! Yes so true for me as well – I think the next new thing is my "it" and I dive in head first! Only to fizzle out quickly and doubt God's true calling for me. I need to channel more of Ruth's patience and dedication!
    Being a Christian does not make life easier but we are surrounded by fellow believers who lift each other in prayer and companionship.
    To the SRT founders – you have embodied this principle to the furthest degree by bringing us all together over the word of God! Thank you, sincerely – thank you!!!

  • Thank you Ruth for sharing John Walker’s music with us. What perfect worship music to close out today’s message! Kind of wraps it up, seals the deal in my heart for today.

  • WOW! I sure would love to know if Ruth was really as patient as God's Word portrays her to be….did she whine after her many hard days of labor in those barley fields? Did she argue with Naomi on the night she was to go lay (just lay and wait yet again) at Boaz's feet…Did she lose hope when Naomi a third time told her to sit still and wait for the man to come to them??? I know how my impatient, fleshly self would DO react when God sometimes says "Wait and sit still till I have finished"…As women (least I know I'm this way) we want to pick up all our pieces and put the puzzle together OURSELF!!!…But Oh to be patient and obedient, yes that is going to be my petition prayer….Wait on the Lord….Let God (the AUTHOR AND FINISHER of our faith be the writer of our stories!!!!!) thanks be to God He's not finished with our stories yet!!!! So I shall sit back and relax and let God hold the pen in my life and I just obediently follow his lead and watch HIM write my story!!!!

    Everyone have a wonderful, beautiful, blessed day loving and serving God!!!!

    Thank you SRT, love these devotions!!!!

  • Two encouraging thoughts come to mind as I read today’s passage.

    1) God is with us In our waiting just as when he is with us at the time of our answered prayer. While Ruth is waiting, God is at work FOR her. He is working things out on her behalf, to benefit her. I wonder, would our “waiting” be easier if we understood that one thing? That God is working FOR US.

    2) God created us for relationship; relationship with him first and foremost, and relationship with others. His greatest desire is to be in relationship with us; he sent his son to die on the cross to prove that to us. As we wait, he desires that we lean into him, continue trusting him for the word or instruction he’s already given us, and grow in relationship with him – love him for who he is, not for what he can do for us or give to us. Much like it is in our relationship with our own children; we want them to love us not because we give them the things they want or ask for, but because they value us and our role in their life. And don’t we come to value that as we experience God’s love in practical and intimate ways over time?

    Dear Lord, may we wait in faith knowing that you are working out matters that concern us, FOR us, on our behalf. And while we wait for you to work out your will in our lives may we not sit idle, but instead trust you for the outcome while we grow deeper in the knowledge of who you are, that your love for us is a love that brings goodness into our lives and your will to completion. In Jesus’ name; amen.

  • Love today’s message! I instantly thought of this song by John Waller – While I’m Waiting

    I spent sometime this morning praying and worshipping. Praying for each one of you SRT ladies that you would continue to serve and worship Him even if the waiting is hard. I’ve never posted here before but just wanted to share with you ladies! Music is really special to me and I always love when God reminds me of a worship song that fits so closely with a message.

    • mazmagi54 (Peggy)

      Amen! Perfect! Beautiful!

      Thank you Ruth … I couldn't agree more! So glad that you shared this and posted! :0) welcome …

    • Onfaith

      Oh my goodness, does that song take me back. Such a good one! Thanks for sharing! ~ B

  • Thankfully our God is the author of all life, and He can finish His story any way He chooses. We have the role of trusting, honoring, obeying — we bring glory to God, that is why He created us! "everyone who is called by My name, and whom I have created for My glory, whom I have formed even whom I have made." Isaiah 43:7 (NASB) Ruth is learning to display His glory — she is making known to us His glory and showing us how to Praise the Almighty — even in the waiting!

  • leenda324

    Janet I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic attacks almost my entire life. If you can take hold of this promise in 2 Timothy 2:17: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.”

    I’ve clung to that many times when I thought I was unraveling. No shame going to the doc (Zoloft is my friend!) but know that The Lord has you in the palm of His hand. xo

  • I spent the first 14 years of my now (as of next week – yay!) 20 year marriage waiting on God to save my husband! Hardest thing I'd ever done. And believe me there were moments, many, that I was ready to throw my hands up and be done with the waiting. Moments I'd wrongly taken up my own plans. In my heart, though, I knew God wanted me to remain, so I trudged on and went about my way *knowing* God would accomplish what I'd asked. And He did in big ways. It didn't come easy and there were so many bumps, but being patient and obedient was the only way I knew I'd find true joy.

    I once had a friend ask if I'd prayed for patience over the years, because God was persistent in giving me opportunities to refine it?! I chuckled and thought, "Wait!?, how much is this FOR my refinement, not just my husband's?"……God is so good, if we remain in Him and seek Him, he will never leave us where we are. He will always bring our Boaz, whether as Him, a new spouse or our spouse turned anew! His heart is for us, and if all we have to do is wait….we've got the easy part! ~ B

    • Kaitlin

      This is beautiful, sister! What an incredible story of redemption and patience. Thanks for sharing and encouraging my heart and our community today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Songbird


      Thank you so much for sharing. I can sooo relate to your experience, although I'm hoping I don't have to wait 14 years! :) I am a pastor's wife and we have raised our children in church and with the teaching of the Bible being the most important thing in our lives, however our son has chosen another path, denying the existence of "one" God and turning his back on the Christian faith. He is such an awesome, kind, giving young man, yet he seems so lost. I've told him many times that I believe strongly that he will not find the peace and happiness he is looking for until he surrenders to Christ.

      I am not someone who has ever had much patience, whether it is standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for test results, or simply sitting at a restaurant needing my ice tea glass filled, so your comment, "Wait!?, how much is this FOR my refinement, not just my husband's?" really hit home with me. In the past few months, I feel as if God as been continually encouraging me to TRUST Him with ALL of my life, with every circumstance, every problem, every decision, every relationship, and most importantly, with my son. I truly believe God created my son for His purpose and I trust that "He who began a good work in him, will see it through to completion", yet the waiting (and fear of it not happening) is so very difficult. I find myself regularly talking to God and just saying, "God, I trust you…with my son, with my husband, with our finances, with my job, with our church… with my life."

      • Onfaith

        Songbird – I will be praying for you and your son. I can only imagine what it must feel like to carry the burden of a child's redemption. I will tell you the biggest thing God revealed in those seasons is entirely what your feeling now….trust. I remember one day being so distraught over a situation in our marriage and asking God what He needed ME to do….and I heard immediately two things; to get out of the way and to do nothing……

        I know that might sound strange, but it made complete sense. My compassion for my husband and desire for his redemption took over so many opportunities that God could have spoken so directly to my husband on….instead of my husband hearing God….he was always hearing me. It was a rude awakening. I thought I was being loving in my kindness, compassion and love of my husband….but I was "being Jesus" instead of letting him "have Jesus".

        Keep trusting God with your son. He knows, even better than you, what your son needs, he made him after all. He knows his wirings, his thinking, his troubles. Just press on and show an abundance of love. Your son will see Jesus in that and you will be doing God's work. And remember something I am sure you know well, most of the greatest prophets knew the darkest moments…..perhaps your son's return will be so profound, he'll be an instrument of change for others! Sister, I will regularly be praying for you. ~ B

    • megan w

      This gives me such hope! We have been married only two years but I am waiting for God to save my husband. Some days it is really difficult and other days I know that this is God's hands. I don't want to wait, but I know that it is on God's timeline not my own. Thank you for sharing your story!!

      • Onfaith

        Megan W, It is so difficult isn't it? Some days, I'm guessing, You just want to fast forward to your "future" so you don't feel so in limbo at times. Like you can see what God has planned, but it's just so out of reach. As the years would pass, I would often wonder if the time was just wasted time and if God would provide redemption for my husband's heart and my hurts……when I would begin to doubt that I or "it" mattered to God, He was always ready to show me that He cared in amazing and miraculous ways. As I began to rely on God entirely as the leader of my heart, I really began to notice that the days, months and years, didn't seem so long. With my eye on a heavenly husband who courted me in my troubles, my heart became filled with a joy that made waiting so much easier. I was filled with such excitement as I anticipated the next thing God was going to do for me….the next way He would show me He loved me and was with me.

        I will be praying for great miracles for you. God has great plans for marriage. I'll remain hopeful that He will be relentless in His heavenly pursuit of you as His bride while you await the redemptive heart of your earthly beloved. ~ B

    • LaurenC_

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. Your story is a real blessing and inspiration to me. Although my circumstances are not quite the same as yours, I feel encouraged to dig deeper into my patience and trust that God is at work in me and my relationship. Thank you!

      • Onfaith

        LaurenC – Thank you for your kind words. I will absolutely be including you in prayer. ~ B

  • Tina, Steph, Bianca & any other single women on here I find comfort knowing that I’m not alone. I can definitely relate to your feelings. The Lord keeps telling me to “Wait and that He’s declared the end from the beginning.” Every married person tells me “Seek His first His Kingdom…” (Matthew 6:33). I really need prayers for patience in this area, Help me, Lord!!!

  • God is so good. Each day this study has come closer and closer in my heart, speaking exactly what I need to hear and be reminded of. "Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out" Oh God, instill these words on my anxious heart!

  • This study speaks to me more each day. I am a testimony of one currently waiting in obedience, for God to finish the work He has started in my life and to establish the plans He has for me. Lord I pray I will never give up nor give in but to cling to you, my eternal hope.

    In your waiting place, cling to the hope that never once has our God left our story unfinished and unredeemed. It may not look how we expected but, as with Ruth and Naomi, our story is His story—it was then and it will be in years to come. We are only to wait, to trust, to obey.

    Thank You Lord for your word that comforts my soul. Lord I love You.

    • Sarah Martin

      I love this prayer. I love the faith you have in waiting in obedience and knowing that His ways are best. Thank you for sharing!

  • LaurieEW

    Wait, doesn't mean idle. A waiter or waitress tries to please our every need and want, they refill our glasses even before they are empty. Do I wait on the Lord the same way, or do I sit idle and wait for "my plans" to happen?

    • Kaitlin

      Love this thought, Laurie! Definitely something to ponder today. Thanks for sharing!!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Shelia

      I love this analogy. Too many times we think that all we have to do is say, well I prayed about it, so I will just sit here till God decides to do what i ask . . .

  • “Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out…” (Ruth 3:18a)

    "never once has our God left our story unfinished and unredeemed. It may not look how we expected but, as with Ruth and Naomi, our story is His story.."

    How true these are for me. I'm reminded this morning how much God has rewarded my patience and obedience.

    About 3 years ago, my marriage seemed over. My husband left and started filing paperwork for a divorce. My whole world was shaken, I was a complete mess. I wasn't a Christian yet, and I found myself in church, just so desperate for God. I sought out a small connect group of sisters and prayed, bawled, prayed some more.. for months. Gosh, I could have given up so many times during those worst months of my life.. but I felt so strongly that God wanted me to keep up the good fight–for my lost husband, for my lost family. I could not believe God sought me, an unbeliever up until that time. He comforted me, gave me strength and revealed his love to me in ways I could not describe with words.

    I never expected this to happen to ME and MY marriage, but without it, I would not have met my Savior. Without it, I would not know true love, and I would not know faithfulness.

    I guess when I finally figured out that HE should be my love and my rock, God redeemed my story. So suddenly, my husband was convicted and came back. He sought help for depression. We renewed our vows later that year and then were blessed with my son who will be 2 soon.

    God is so faithful! When we wait and are obedient, as hard as it is, he rewards us with so much more than we could ever ask for! Be blessed during this season of waiting.. seek him with all your heart! :)

    • Catherine_K_L

      What a beautiful story of God's mercy, grace, redemption and faithfulness!

    • Sarah Martin

      This is an amazing story! I love how God uses everything in our life for His glory. You have a powerful testimony. Thank you for sharing!

    • Diane

      This is such a timely testimony,Bless you for sharing!!

    • tina

      Lea, what an awesome testimony of our God and his faithfulness to those who hold fast to Him and his truth….it truly wArms my heart to hear such stories of God s ove mercy, grace oh and redemption….
      God bless what you have now with all things good, all things amazing that can only come from Him….Be happy….with love and blessings….xxx

  • mconway60

    I will lift you up, Janet! Praying for you as you wait in the Lord; knowing you can trust Him. Scripture tells us often to wait in the Lord – It seems to characterize the Christian life. But we are also promised His presence ALWAYS. His faithfulness comes like the dawn. Psalm 130: 5-6 says,
    5 I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits,
    and in his word I put my hope.
    6 I wait for the Lord
    more than watchmen wait for the morning,
    more than watchmen wait for the morning.
    May you wait patiently as the Lord works His will in your life!!

  • joanne sher

    Waiting is nobody’s favorite thing to do. But it is where we best practice our trust, I think. And knowing – really knowing – He is in control can make it a wait full of anticipation rather than dread. I am a lousy waiter – and did I ever need this reminder!

    • Brendasan01

      Well said! I love what you said about waiting with anticipation rather than dread. Awesome! I too need this reminder.

  • This passage spoke to me in a different way. I struggle with anxiety. I think I really have an anxiety disorder and I'm planning to talk to a doctor. But today I am starting a new job that I've been in school for four years for, and I am paralyzed by fear. Yet through this passage I feel like God is saying – Wait! Don't decide that you can't do this job or that you will hate it or that you made the wrong decision. Wait and see how it turns out! And remember that even if it is terrible, I love you and will never change how I feel about you. Ladies, I would very much value some prayers today!

    • LaurieEW

      Pray that your new job goes well, all that you can do is your very best. Do it as onto the Lord.

    • LauraBernice

      Praying for you this morning! I pray for God to give you his peace and for your mind/heart/ears/eyes to be receptive from His nudgings today about what to do. He walks right beside you.

    • Catherine_K_L

      Janet my prayer for you today is that you will feel at peace. If you can, meditate on Philippians 4:6-7 "…6Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Every time you feel that anxiety creep up your throat, calm yourself with this verse and the promise it delivers. Don't miss the part that says to pray about it all and tell God all about it (He knows it, anyways) and the part about thanksgiving….go ahead and thank him for bringing you through to the other side….and doing it with peace in your heart. God is always faithful, and He wants the best for your life. I'll be thinking of you often today. Be courageous! Don't forget to smile and BREATHE! :)

    • Abby

      I'm so sorry – I think I might have hit the thumbs down by accident! Praying you would know God's peace!

    • Amanda Williams

      Hi Janet. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone in your struggle with anxiety. It is a struggle of mine as well. God has shown me a new level of His faithfulness through my anxiety, and I pray the same will be true for you. It is a scary feeling, but you are not alone, Sister. The peace of Christ to you. xoxo

  • This is so applicable to me right now. My husband and I are trying to sell our house and buy another one, which at the outset of this process we thought would be quick (we live in a relatively "hot" real estate market). Not so, it's been over a month with our home on the market and no homes with much potential in the town we're hoping to move to. The Lord has definitely been teaching me how to wait and I love this reminder from Ruth.

    • Claire

      Hi Katie, I will pray for you as remember well the frustrations and patience required when we moved at tje end of last year. The house we fell in love with sold just days before we had an offer on ours (uk so different system if your in the us) we then had to choose a different house and I couldn’t help the feeling of 2nd best. It took a long time to be happy where we are even after all the waiting but I know God has a plan and already getting to know 2 sets of neighbours well and hopefully will be able to show them Gods love soon. Things work out just not in the way we always expect or plan!

  • Wait. Move, wait, move, wait. This is the dance of my life these days. It’s interesting (and so comforting!) how Ruth’s action was followed by the wait. This is life, right? I used to think that waiting was just… waiting. But I see much more clearly these days that there is always an action — sometimes big & bold, sometimes small & seemingly insignificant — preceding that wait.
    Praying for courage to keep taking action. And patience to trust ‘the wait’ for God’s perfect provision rather than rushing into what I think needs to happen. God’s plan is always, always good and far better than I could ever imagine.
    Remembering His goodness & faithfulness today. (Because honestly, this dance becomes exhausting when I lose focus.)

  • As kids we seem to be told to wait. Wait for everything. To go play, to wait on dinner, wait til morning. As i'm always telling mine to wait til i get something finished before we can do something else. As i was reading this this morning it made me realize even now that i really do the same thing. My kids think stuff should be ready as soon as they decide they want it and i've told them time and time again,…give me just a minute, be patient… and after to days study I need to take my own advice and start giving God a minute and be patient…. we always want to rush ahead of God and that is probably, in my case anyways, because i think the answer is taking to long and i don't want to wait. Isaiah 40:31 (KJV) says…"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength:they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint." My prayer for us all today will be to wait upon the Lord, in what ever season we are in, that we will wait for his timing for it is perfect..
    love and prayers SRT sisters <3

  • sweetdes2014

    Wait….what a tough word. Sometimes I'd rather just hear the "no" instead of waiting. But I must say that I've learned during the wait time that God is not just preparing the road that I must travel, He is also making sure that I'm equipped for the trip.

    As I waited for my Boaz all my close circle of girlfriends were getting married and I was always a maid of honor or a bridesmaid. It got to the point that I felt like the girl in the movie 27 dresses…. Then I began to realize that God was making me into the woman that my Boaz was praying for. I'm so glad that I sat and waited for God to work out His plan …. My Boaz (Darryl) and I will celebrate 34 years of marriage this year. I'm so glad I waited to see how the matter was going to turn out.

    Be encouraged my sisters …..Wait…. He has the matter in His hands

    • Kaitlin

      I'm so glad you stopped by, sweet sister! Your story is so encouraging and a true testament to God's better story. Thank you for your words and for lifting up our community today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Kyla

      "Wait….what a tough word. Sometimes I'd rather just hear the "no" instead of waiting. But I must say that I've learned during the wait time that God is not just preparing the road that I must travel, He is also making sure that I'm equipped for the trip." Oh how this hit home for me today in my season of waiting. Thank you for posting today.

    • tina

      SweetDes, I am encouraged by your comment….I especially like…then I realised that God was making me into the woman that my Boaz was praying for…….I like that a lot…Thank you….

      Congratulations on your 34 years with Darryl, and Lord, I pray 34 more….filled with love , laughter, joy….God bless you SweetDes…xxx

  • Wait! Trust! Obey! I so wish this devo could’ve been published Saturday! I traveled to NYC from Chicago for a wedding (waiting for my plane to board now) and I’ve felt extremely insecure and inadequate at times being that I’m approaching 30 and single and the majority of people at the wedding were coupled up. Verse 18 stood out to me this morning. When Naomi instructs Ruth to ‘….Sit still….’ Whew! That’s so powerful! Just a reminder on how God is crazy faithful! I’m so grateful to have the SRT community to lean on through the difficult times. The devos helped me a lot during my trip!

    • Kaitlin

      Hi Bianca, I can definitely relate to these feelings. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so thankful that God is taking us through this season, and I'm so excited to see how He moves through our waiting. We love having you here!

      XOXO-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Have a great day ladies! Tina, I’m always, always touched by your comments! This morning I feel led to pray for you and your Boaz! ❤️

    • tina

      Libby, thank you…..I need all the prayer I can get….lol…but seriously ….Thank you… I know He is out there, because God promises us a future we dream of…right…? Bless you Libby, and thanks again for your prayers….xxx

  • , “Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out…” (Ruth 3:18a….

    I'm claiming those words today …..they are so for me…..

    , “Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out…” How I want everything yesterday….lol… I lost my daughter, the following year my husband left home, two years later both sons left home, one for uni, the other to begin a family of his own…..So here I am….alone….with the dog for company… a space of 3/4 years the nest was empty…Now what!!?…..I have been praying for a Boaz….for I guess about 5 years….but If I were honest these last few years more seriously…. I am not getting any younger,….I even joined a dating site…I am sooo looking forward to ending the contract at the end of this month….anyway I digress…. this waiting game is hard…..I think for me, in all seriousness, each day is another day alone….another day without a companion to share with, to love, and who will adore me, to walk hand in hand with( how I miss that. ) to come home to….my happy list goes on…,

    “Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out…” waiting is hard…..but as Diane reminded us, the Lord has PROMISED us a hope and a future…. and I hold on to that promise each day… Boaz is out there…..I've just got to believe …..we will have years to grow old together..
    .In your waiting place, cling to the hope that never once has our God left our story unfinished and unredeemed. …..these are beautiful words Diane…..and I am claiming these too, if that's ok….I am going to write them on my chalkboard to linger for a while, so they sink in….i often say…my life is over, who will want me now, my thinking is , I'm old… story has not been left unfinished and unredeemed……Thank you Lord….Thank you Diane for bringing me these words today….
    I will wait….I will wait on my God, and His promise that the plan and purpose He has for me is perfect….as was Ruth's story….praise God….

    Happy Tuesday sister's….this is a day the Lord has made…let us rejoice and be glad in it…. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Claire

      Praying for you Tina, hope you feel peace soon. Just to say God brought my husband into my life at just the right time (through a christian dating website!) Will be praying for you to feel content x

      • tina

        Thank you Claire…..I think I am content….just wonder from time to time….is this it….? Feels like I should be sharing, loving, giving….etc…Thank you for you prayers….bless you and I hope you also are waiting patiently …..

    • Steph_Lilac

      Tina, I'm waiting for my Boaz too and have surrendered my love life completely into the hands of God. The waiting game is difficult but I'm content to wait and see how the matter turns out. I'll pray that God endows us with patience until our season of waiting is fulfilled. Have a blessed day my Sister and as always thank you for sharing your heart, it always touches so many.

      • tina

        Steph, isn't it hard….tell me!!!! I unfortunately am feeling 'grown up' and still growing…but you are right patience …and waiting on the Lord is absolutely the right thing to do….in faith….in love….in prayer…

        God bless you too, my sister….and thank you for your encouragement and love…..Love…Tina. xxx

    • Leslie

      You are such a gift to this community. I will pray for God to bless you with the desires of your heart! And wait expectantly for you to meet your Boaz! Thank you for your words of encouragement and faith.
      Have a wonderful day!

      • tina

        Leslie, what lovely comments to come home to find….Thank you…Thank you for the confidence you have and your prayers….waiting…..patiently….lol…God bless you Leslie and thanks again for your kind words…

    • Michelle

      Tina, I always look forward to your comments. I will keep you and the desires of your heart in my prayers.

      • tina

        Michelle, it truly is a great 'welcome home' to find these great messages of Love , friendship and prayers for the desires of my heart….what a blessing this community is….Thank you….I would also like to thank you, Michelle, for your encouragement and kind words about looking forward to my comments….that's amazing……Lord, thank you for Michelle and the person she is in YOU, thank you for her kind heart and encouraging words….Thank you Lord that she took the time to encourage me….in your great and wonderful name Jesus amen…Blessings, xxx

    • Rachel Nordgren

      Tina, you brighten the heck out of my day all the time. Thank you :) Praying for you and for the desires of your heart…praying that if God's will is for your Boaz to come, that it would happen in His timing. Praying that if it is not His will, He would show you why.

      • tina

        Rachel, I had to smile when I read your comment…it's funny, I never really thought of myself or my writing as anything special….But God…through this community of women is showing me who I am to Him, to the community, to myself….and I Thank you Rachel for your part in this….bless you dear heart for your prayers and love…

    • Brendasan01


      I pray The Lord gives you the desires of your heart. He hears your prayers and is faithful and will never leave you. God bless you my dear sister!


    • Debbie Young

      Tina – Not sure if you are the same Tina who offered such heart-felt encouragement to me on a post I wrote a couple of months ago, but God bless you! Life can be cruel and unfair…because of sin and free will…this is something that I am still coming to terms with. But through it all, God has been so close…I know it and I know you do too…even when we feel so small and lost. Waiting is difficult, but we know we can trust the One whose love for us will never end!_Thank you for sharing so openly:)

    • Vee

      I haven't partook in a 'She reads truth" study for such a LONNNNNG time now, and still receive the emails. So I receive THIS study and I was going to delete the email, I actually had it highlighted to delete (without having read it) until I saw " Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out"!!! WOWOW!!!!!! All week God has been giving me different verses and scriptures, and THIS was the incing on the cake!

      Praise GOD!!!

      I too, am awaiting Boaz, or confirmation of him, and patience were non existent that week, so I was deleting the usual emails and saw that line! Thank You Jesus! SO Lord I continually welcome Your fruit of the Spirit lonnnnnnnnnng suffering.. .it WILL come to pass and You will always come through in Your amazing time!

  • Amen! The seasons of waiting is so hard! The enemy turns up the heat and tries to discourage us…But God, is always victorious!!!

  • CarrieLynne31

    " Nowhere are we promised an easy time because we obey or reach what we think is the answer. " Thank you, Diana, for your words today.

    So often our waiting consumes us to the point of it overcoming our minds. In my shoes, as a military spouse, I wait for the next move. Or I wait for the upcoming deployment to start and then to end. As a mother, I wait for my children's health problems to improve. As a wife/daughter/friend, I wait for this or that to happen. In general, I wait for this day to come or that thing to happen. Wait, wait, wait. Oh golly!

    Phil. 4:6,7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition,; with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    • Kaitlin

      CarrieLynne, thank you for sharing. I know these feelings of waiting so well. I'm so thankful for sisters in this community to stand next to during each waiting season. Praying for you today!

      xo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

    • Whitney

      Thank you for the Phil 4.6-7 reference! Very appropriate!

  • I love this! Ruth was one faithful lady, so often we run out of patience, feel frustrated that our plans do not work out how we wanted. She sits, she waits and she trusts. Throughout it Naomi is there to help her see that God is still at work and encourages her to keep waiting. I feel like this passage ends on a cliff hanger (even though I know how it ends…) and am so tempted to read on but today I’m going to stop. To sit at Gods feet and listen. To hear what great thing God has planned if only I am willing to say yes right now. (Love the “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.” – William Carey quote !)

    • Kaitlin

      Hi Claire! Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us. It definitely takes some self control to not read ahead! :) Inspired by your steadfast trust in God and willingness to say "yes!" to Him.

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

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